Author Topic: Ravishment 101 by Desmond Ravenstone  (Read 35776 times)

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Re: Ravishment 101 by Desmond Ravenstone
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Reminds of a video I once saw.  One gal and one guy had another gal naked and cuffed to a metal structure.  She was in a kneeling position with straps around her wrists attached by short chains bars that ran along the length of the open framework.  There were straps around her thighs and legs.  Those straps were attached to the bars that ran along the bottom of the meal framwork. 

She had an electrode attached to each nipple, two electrode pads on her lower abdomen -- just above her hips, and four electrode pads attached to her lower back.  The electrodes were attached to rack mounted power units.  They started with very low settings and the gal became a writhing, gyrating mass of pre-orgasmic lust.  After a minute or so of low power teasing, they cranked it up a bit and she became even more animated.  Then the gal lubes up a vaginal insert and with the guy holding the victim's hips still, the gal inserts the probe and ties it in place with surgical tubing.  Now they apply power to that probe.  The victim is driven to a state of continuous orgasm.  Then, the gal and guy leave the room for almost five minutes while the victim is left in continuous orgasm, constantly convulsing.  Eventually, she becomes almost semi-conscious and her body simply continues to be wracked by spasms, twtiches and convulsions. 

When the two tormentors return, they power off the devices, remove the electrodes and allow her to lay on her back with knees bent.  She appears to be euphoric and unmoving. 

Now the original gal is joined by three other gals.  The four gals hold the victim.  The guy approaches with a cock dildo attached to an electric jig saw.  He inserts the dildo into her pussy and it strokes in and out at varying speeds as the victim quickly is brought back to a state of continuous orgasm.  He repeats this two or three times, each time using the device for about one or two minutes, bringing her to a state of continuous vaginal orgasm.

The victim lies shuddering (still in orgasm) on the table surrounded by the gals.

One gal just touches the victims lower abdomen, triggering a violent set of spasms as the victim attains continuous orgasm again

Next, a gal on either side of the victim each fondle a nipple.  Again the victim, still in continuous orgasm, shudders, shakes and spasms violently

Next, all four gals share some warm massage oil and begin to caress and stroke the victim, triggering another round of violent orgasmic responses.

Did she enjoy it?  Hate it?  We don't know.  The video ends at that point.

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Re: Ravishment 101 by Desmond Ravenstone
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Great article! Get Desmond's book at! It is well worth every penny! ;)
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Re: Ravishment 101 by Desmond Ravenstone
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Sounds like I need to find this book!

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Re: Ravishment 101 by Desmond Ravenstone
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Wonderful, thank you for sharing such a detailed piece :-)  It frightens me a bit that many of the young men I've encountered who were interested in ravisment didn't have an interest or didn't know about aftercare.

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Re: Ravishment 101 by Desmond Ravenstone
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