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Basic Must Follow Rules
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#1: No child pornographic images will be tolerated.  IP addresses are logged. (Please note that all websites like this log IP addresses, we are just being honest and giving you fair warning in advance.)  Images that are not allowed include lollicon because the intent behind lollicon is to produce images that look real, and current law forbids real-looking pornographic images of children.

#2: By becoming a student at the university you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age, to view adult material. Please be aware that this is an Adult Forum that covers a number of areas of fantasy of a sexual nature.  You may not agree with or like the subject presented or discussed.  If you have an issue with such subjects, LEAVE.

#3: Advocating, soliciting, or bragging concerning real rape or other criminal activities is not permitted. This site is for the safe exploration of fantasies and/or for the exploration of consensual adult roleplay. We understand that there is a difference between reality and fantasy.

#4: Be civil. The golden rule applies here; Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you have an issue with a member, bring it to the attention of a Dean (Admin) or Fellow (Moderator).  

#5: Please check Departments for any specific rules or guidelines related to that area.  If you have a question, please ask a Dean (Admin) or Fellow (Moderator).

#6: Plagiarising copyrighted or another's material is grounds for censure. Rules regarding posting material of an individual artist or writer vary, but claiming something is yours that isn't is not ethical and will be viewed unfavorably by the Dean's here at the university.  Please respect the property of others.

#7:  Posting the pictures of private persons (as opposed to celebrities or models) without their permission is not allowed.  Please respect the privacy of others.

#8:  SPAM is not permitted on the board or via PM (personal messages).  If you'd like to share a link check here:

#9 Understand that when you post here you have granted Ravishment University a non-exclusive license to the content you posted, providing that you hold copyright to the content.  Accordingly, you may not remove your content without permission from the site owner.  The termination of the non-exclusive license must be agreed upon by both parties.  We make regular back-ups of our data base, and reserve the right to restore any content deleted without permission.

(This rule was made in an attempt to prevent someone in a snit from deleting their content.  The intent is not to steal content, but to get people to talk about things before content is removed.  We believe in being adults here.

If you post your stuff here and later want it removed all you have to do is talk to me.  I just don't want to find blank pages days/months after the fact.  (Like I did here)  It is very rude and disturbing.

Oh and I should mention that the law has determined (numerous lawsuits) a non-exclusive license exists for posted content.  I've just been kind and told people the reality of the situation.  ADMINS of most sites like this don't bother informing you in advance what your rights are.  I do.)

Be AWARE this is a private server.  The University Dean's, Fellow's and Staff do our best to keep this a free speech atmosphere, but we reserve the right to expel a student when we have to.  Every students history and activity on this site is logged and recorded.  It is there if legal measures have to be taken.

Dean's, Professors, Fellows and Staff
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Re: Basic Must Follow Rules
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Also, please do not post the contents of PM's for the entire board to see.  PM stands for "Private Message", and what is private should remain private.  If I see such posted the post will be deleted.
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