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Asteroid Hell
« on: June 10, 2024, 04:34:15 PM »
Alex stood on the 3rd floor of the mall known as the food court ,  Pizza hut , Burger king. , McDonald's ,  and all other brand's of fast food establishments ,  just about to take a juicy bite of and egg burger ..

Suddenly the whole of the mall  started shaking ,  he watched in horror as all the window's and doors were blown in  ,  outside  car's and passing traffic was blown  into the air .

In the lower levels of the mall ,  people were running around screaming    ,  covered in blood , arm's and leg's missing , mother's and father's gripping hold of their children ..

Alex  almost threw up  as he was dragging a young child behind him  unaware that the child had no head. .
People dragged themselves across the ground , leg's and arm's ripped off , 
A heavy wind entered into the mall . People were sent flying up into the air as far as the 10th  floor above , then dropping back to the ground floor .
Alex felt himself thrown backwards ,  it felt as if  a huge hand had thumped him in the chest. .
He hit what he thought was the back wall ,  but suddenly  he went back further , the elevator doors had opened ,  his leg's were trapped by the closing doors , then they automatically stopped .
He had no idea when he passed out ,  but when he looked through the elevator doors it looked dark  outside ..

He could hear screaming and moaning  , pleading and begging for help. 
His T shirt had been ripped from his body ,  he looked down and his jeans were shredded  ,  one of his trainer's was completely missing ,  cuts and scratches covered his body.   
At only 18 ,  Alex began sobbing ,  he was trapped ,  it seemed everyone around him were either dead.or dying  ,  so badly injured they wouldn't be able to help him ..
He suddenly heard a thump he looked up ,   a man had fallen  his hand
was grasping the handrail ,  his other arm as missing below the elbow ,   he could see the man's lips moving asking for  help.   

Alex couldn't actually hear the man ,  his ears were both thumping.
Suddenly  watched as the man's finger's opened and then he was gone...

Then the light faded ,  he looked up and saw a woman. ,  her T shirt like his had been torn from he body  ,  he tried turning his head away  as he saw she only had on a pair of panties ,  her arm's and leg's like his were covered in  cuts and scratches ,   but what scared him the most was a large kitchen knife in her hand  ...

 ".Hey calm down ,  it's only for protection ,   can you move at all ?
"  No the doors won't open , and I think my right arm is broken , I can hardly hear you "..
She disappeared ,  in seconds she was back ,  she pushed the elevator doors open as far as she could and then wedged a fire axe in the opening ...

She knelt beside ,  he felt her breasts pressing against his arm ,  .
"  Its not broken just dislocated. ,  I can fix that  ,   I used to be in the marines as a combat soldier cum medic  . .

She started to  remove his belt , then pulled his jeans apart , he  felt her
hand reach down a cup his ball's , her hand grabbed his cock ..

 " Well everything is ok down there ".
 ,  she then inspected the rest of his body.

" Just scratches and a few cuts ,  nothing serious that I can't take care of ..

She turned her back to him .

 "  Can you check me over , I got a pain under my shoulder blade ,it hurts like hell , but I can reach it ".

Alex's eye's opened wide ,  a large splinter of glass was embedded just under her shoulder blade ...

" You've. got a big piece of glass in your back  ,  shall I pull it out. " .

 "No ,  if you do that I'll bleed out ,   

"  Come on we've got to go and find a pharmacy ,  and somewhere to get some clothes  , food and drink. ".

The mall was full of dying and the dead , Alex saw the body of the man who had fallen. ,  he looked at him , lowered his head and said sorry ..

In the pharmacy , the woman ,searched around , putting  things in a large carrier bag. ,   

" How are we going to pay for them " .

 "We're not look around you  ".
People were filling shopping trolleys ,  T V  , Computers camera's , in the jewellery shops the shelves were being stripped bare ...

" Come on , he felt the woman grab his hand , they were in a clothes store ,  grab some clothes ,  trainers ,  look for North Face or Timber land brands ,   vortex gloves , sleeping bags , and Four many tents ..

When she saw what they had collected she nodded , "  Grab on of those , she pointed at a shopping trolley ,    they filled the trolley ,  .

 " We need to hide it ,  Alex pointed to an office door  ,

The Office door opened  ,   another door opened in the back ,  they pushed it inside ,  Alex  locked it  , they went out of the office and licked the door behind them. ..
 ". Come ,she grabbed his hand and pulled him back up to the next level  ,  back into the pharmacy , she grabbed more goods ,put them in a carrier bag ,  she then pulled him to the furniture part of the mall ,  dozens of people were on the bed , the dead and the dying  .

They came to a security door  , the woman messed about with the lock , it opened up and they stepped inside , she closed the door behind her and checked it was fully locked ...

" Ok Alex your going to have to help me , "

She started pulling stood of surgical tape from a large roll ,  then have him a bottle of surgical spirit ...

 "  Alex your going to have to pull out the glass ,  pour the spirit all over the cuts ,  then ,  press the wound together and apply the tape ,  do you understand , but you have to be quick "..

She rolled over , 

"  Ok do it now " .

Alex pulled out the splinter of glass ,poured the spirit over her wound ,  squeezed the cut together and applied the tape ...

 "  Can you see any blood ,  he looked down ,..

 " No  just a little around the plaster . "

 " Ok Alex wipe away any traces of blood and we'll check again in a minute , in the meantime we need to clean our cuts and scratches. "..

Alex struggled his right arm hung down by his side .

She looked at him and told him to sit with his back against the wall .

" This will hurt , but it's got to be done
 Suddenly her hand pulled his arm outwards then pushed forwards  ,  he screamed out loud the pain was excruciatingly painful .
She put his arm in a sling  , it will be fine in a day or two  , we need to eat , drink and get some sleep. ..

 ". I can't I've got to go home , my Mom and Dad and brothers  and sisters will be looking for me ".

". Alex , where do you live " .
 " Appleton  not far from here why ".
" Alex nearly the whole of Wisconsin is destroyed ,  hardly a building is left standing , it reached the boarders of Michigan 
 the asteroid was as big a a whole block , it's destroyed an area as big as Luxemburg  for now we need to keep safe. ,   

Alex cried uncontrollably ,  it can't be , they said that all the super powers  got together ,  they used all the missiles they had to blow the asteroid off the collision course ..

 "Alex they did , but all it did was knock it off its orbit  it was supposed to hit mid Atlantic .

" All we can do is rest and we'll check things out in the morning ....

  Alex stirred ,  the woman was asleep ,  he looked around the warehouse seeing if he could find anything useful ..

She was awake when he got back ,  they'd both  got a couple of pairs jeans ,  and a few shirts a good ..

 " Lets go out and check around,  they moved the beds from the door and walked back into the mall ...

It was  quiet and deserted of life ,  they  fetched the trolley and went outside ,  the sky was yellow ,  they couldn't see the sun , but felt it's heat .....

They both looked around at the total devastation ,  flattened blocks , cars smashed up people laying dead all around them .
They saw numerous buildings and cars still burning. ,,  in the distance they heard gun shots.

 " Alex turned to the woman ,  thanks thanks for staying with me , what's your name. ?

 " She smiled at him ,  Anya ,  and thanks for looking after me as well ,  you probably just saved my life. She kissed him in the cheek and he blushed ..

 "  Please , please,  Is like to go home , maybe  it's ok ,  I just need to know. ".

". She looked at him. , do you think it's a good idea ,  are you sure your ready ,  it could be very painful ." .

 "  Yes I must ,  I need to know. "..

" Ok let's find some transport if we can ".

Most of the vehicles didn't work even though some looked in perfect condition,  then Anya looked at her watch , it had stopped ,  she pulled out her cell phone it had no signal , looking around no street lights ,no traffic lights ,  no neon lights flashing , absolutely nothing was working ...
" Alex spoke up , it was also a large electrical  surge , it's burnt any thing that has micro or silicon chips ,  emergency generators will soon run out  ,  we need to find an old car ,  nothing modern ..

They walked around pushing the trolley ,  suddenly Anya stopped,  stay here don't leave the trolley..

When she returned she was carrying 3 hunting rifles, a good few pistols ,  boxes of ammunition ,  hunting knives and a couple of high powered cross bows ,   .

She smiled and out then in the trolley. .

 "  Back up , " Do you know how to shoot ?

 "Alex nodded  I go hunting with my Dad , he then broke down , and my brother's "..
Anya  comforted him for a while ,we need to keep moving ...

Alex stopped , that should be ok , he pointed at  an old Winnebago  RV

The tried to start up ,  then smiled as the engine started , they packed everything's ok the trolley inside .
Anya checked everything , full tank of diesel , full tank of fresh water , the cupboards were packed with food.  , she recalled all the times travelling in her father's Winnebago with him for months at a time  .

About an hour later they were close to Appleton , Alex looked around  the school ,the library the fire ,and police station were gone , 
As the approached the farm there was nothing .

Alex jumped out of the cab and ran to the farmhouse ,  it was still smouldering , 

He called out at the top of his voice ,  there was no answer ,  he looked up the stairs were missing ,  an arm  hung over the top stair , burnt to a crisp ,  he screamed as he looked at his mother's rings caught in her upturned finger's "..

He fell to his knees and screamed and screamed until he passed out. .

When he woke up Anya wasn't  inside  the RV. 
He panicked then stepped outside , Anya was stood under the old oak tree ,  five mounds of earth and five crosses one in top. If each mound .
He walked over to her and stood beside her  tear's were running down her cheeks. .

" I'm so , so  sorry ,  I couldn't  retrieve  your family ,  but at least they have a resting place.  I truly did my best ".

He turned her to face him ..

" Thank you  ,  thank you so much  " .

They left the farm ,
 " Where to now ".

" Base camp ,  there are bunkers there ,  someone will be there ,  I still have my military documents and Id  card  .

They drove carefully through the streets ,  people were walking around aimlessly ,  shock and horror on their faces. .

They turned a corner to head out of town  , in the middle of the road stood four men ,  bikers  , each armed with a rifle pointing upwards ..

 "   Get out of the Bago  , and you won't be harmed "..

Anya looked at Alex  , stay here ,anything happens drive straight through them ".
He watched as Anya took a pistol and a knife and pushed them down the back of her training bottoms ..

 " Well look what we've got here boy's , nice fresh pussy  and a Bago ".
" Ok baby ,  you going to show us your puppies. " .

 Anya casually took off her top ,  Alex couldn't believe his eye's '

 " Oh yeah baby ,   you gonna come here and let's me suck on them ?
Anya put her hands on her head .

 " You not man enough to come here and get them?

The guy looked at his friends  .
 " Keep her covered any tricks kill her ".
It was obvious to Alex they hadn't seen him .

The man gave his rifle to his friend , then walked towards Anya rubbing his crotch ,
" Hey baby how about you and my friend's  having a party then you can go on your way " ..

He stepped in front of her and reached out to touch he breasts.

Suddenly Anya  pulled back her head , then thrust forwards  ,  the man went flying backwards , blood shot out of his nose .
Anya had the pistol in her hand in a second ,  the man on the left looked in shock at the hole in his chest ,  the man on the right didn't do anything , the hole in his forehead  didn't give him the chance .
Anya pulled out the knife in seconds it was in the man's throat , blood dripping from his nose all over the handle ..
 "  Stop your shit bitch or you'll have another fuck hole in your body  ,   he looked at his friends ,  I'm going to fuck you for  each of my friend's , 
 " Throw the gun over here  now and no fucking tricks  "..

Anya threw the gun towards him ,  he kicked it far out of reach .

" Now stand up and drop your pants , let's have a look at your cunt , Anya pulled them down to her knee's ,  and the panties slut ,  Anya dropped her panties ..

 "  Very nice,  I love a nice shaved pussy,  now bend down and take them off   ,it's time to party  ".

Anya bent down , 
She heard the crack of a shot ,  she looked up and the man fell backwards  blood spurting like a fountain out of his throat .

Then suddenly Alex was beside her .
Anya was shaking ,  " Its ok I got him first time. , Dad always told me to make the first shot count you might not get a second chance  "..

She threw her arms around him and began kissing him on the mouth , Alex felt her breast rubbing against his chest .

" Oh God Alex I honestly thought I was going to be raped " .

 " No one will ever hurt you I swear it ".

 They got back inside the RV  Alex got behind the wheel. 

Anya got dressed , then looked at Alex 
 " You sure you can drive this thing ?
 " Yeah , no problem ,   we had one at the farm ,  we , we ,used to  ".
Anya saw a tear in his eye .

They drove for a few hour's then  Alex pulled off the road.
" What's up " .

 "  I need to relieve myself , " ,  Good idea me too  ".

When Alex got back ,Anya was behind the wheel .

"  Go get some sleep. you've driven  enough  " .

Alex got on the bed , no sooner than his head hit the pillow he was asleep ..

When he woke up he heard voices. , Anya was driving , a guy in full military uniform  sat next to her ..

 "  So  who's the kid in the back  "
 " Adam , he's no kid ,   he saved my life ,  had a length of glass in my back ,  ok I had to tell him what to do but he did  it without any  hesitation  , then we were stopped by four bikers ,  they wanted to party with me , if you know what I mean. ,  I got three of them, the fourth had me  all lined up ,  made me throw away my gun and knife  , told me to strip ,  I bent down to take off my panties , 

Alex shot the guy in the throat  , one shot one kill  ..

So he's a friend .

 " Yeah a good friend "
 "  With benefits.,then laughed ".

Anya said nothing ,  with benefits she thought to herself ,  she'd seen him looking at her ,  she'd even looked at him ,  but he was only  18 , and she was 22 ..

Alex made himself known .

You ok Anya ?

" Yeah put the gun away ,  he's a friend ,
 Anya saw the gun in his hand in the rear view mirror .

Alex this is Adam , we served together ,  he's heading back to base camp ,  thought I'd give him a ride .

 " Believe your quite a hero ,  Sgt Palmer  ,  found a good recruit  we need anyone we can get  ".

They arrived at base camp , there were no guards in the gates.
Anya grabbed a pistol and handed it to  Adam ,  he watched as Adam checked the side arm. 
He remembered his Dad telling him  always check your weapon  make sure it's loaded but safe ..

Anya grabbed a  light machine gun  ,Alex had his gun already in his hand ..

They went further inside the camp .

Two guards  pointed their weapons at the RV , 
Adam got out , ". It's ok it's me "

They entered a large bunker ,  it must have been  30 +  feet underground ..

Alex followed Anya , she led him in a  large room ,  lined each side with bunk beds ,   he turned his head away , as he saw girl's dressed half dressed and naked  messing about.  Laughing and joking. .

Anya opened a door and pushed him inside  .

This is my  quarters you'll be ok here  .
 " You might hear a few  dirty remarks  , but that's just girls talk ".

There was a bed a double steel wardrobe and a walk in shower room ..
" Make yourself at home ,  then rest , I've got to check the girls make sure they've got all their  gear squared off , ,  then see what's happening ,I'll be back as soon as I can ok . "

He was surprised when she missed him in the lips. .

Alex showered  out on his boxer shorts then lay on the bed ..

 " I wonder if it's her boyfriend ".
" Nah I don't think so,  she wouldn't have got over losing Brett yet ".
" It's been over two years   , so maybe "

 "  I'd fuck him  ,  he looks ok ".
" You'd fuck anything with a cock " .

There was a lot of laughter and joking..

He was dozing off when Anya returned ,   

 " Hi you ok , she smiled down at him  ".
" Yeah I'm fine ,  I heard the remarks  ,  but I don't mind. "..

Anya started stripping off ,  then got in the shower ,  she came out naked not even a towel wrapped around , h He couldn't help but look at her .

She got on the bed and lay close beside him .

Alex "  Have you ever been with a girl before ".
 " Well yes and no ".
Anya giggled ,what do you mean ".

" I had a girlfriend called ,  Zoe ,  we messed about , she found a book called  " The joy of love making ".

We did almost everything  , but Zoe always said  I don't want the horse in the stable before we were married.

"  Anya giggled , " I've never heard it put that way before  " .
 ". You know you asked about benefits were ,  can I show you rather than explain ??

"  Sure no problem if it's easier  for you " .
Anya moved down the bed and tugged his boxer shorts down to his ankles.
She felt  him tense up .

 "  Relax Alex. I want to do this ,  she started licking up and down his shaft , he let out a moan , he remembered the first time Zoe had done it
 "  Oh God  , Anya moaned  ,  then took him inside her mouth. ,

 " Zoe had never done anything like that ,  Anya sucked and licked ,she looked up at him a smiled. .
Then suddenly he erupted in her mouth  ..

 " Sorry  I'm  sorry I didn't mean to do that. "

 "  It's ok ,  honestly it's ok , I expected that to happen. ".
"  We're both exhausted , ,  let's get some sleep ,next time it will be better. ".


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Re: Asteroid Hell
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a very great start, I love your story already and hope for a sequel soon ♥️