Author Topic: Marine life has evolved dolphin gangs that ravage females…  (Read 57 times)

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Hey folks, take a moment and peep this out.  Did u know dolphins can remain awake like 5 days by using half-brain then cycle to other half?  They rove in gangs and target females they keep for group as dolphin sex slave…

Don’t take my word for it:

If u research there is more to learn but I will leave it there as food for thought.

I considered trying to write some fiction with this in mind but it sorta seemed too daunting to engineer plot/characters, anthropomorphic imagination, I know some way to make it amusing at one level yet dark  ::)

Weird eh?


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Re: Marine life has evolved dolphin gangs that ravage females…
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Who says that animals are the better humans?
Otherwise: There may be some left thinking high bout our species
 but at the end we are just animals, a parasit, if you compare the desciption for it in wikipedia

Wonder what fiction that may be?
A gang of dolphins captures Miss Molly while diving? Could be indeed amusing.

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