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The Stories of Doghead_2000
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Story List & Links

Click on the  green link under each stories name to be taken to its story page.

EROTIC (Mild No Sex) Stories

Creation of Woman


T’was The Night Before Christmas

Office Break

The Cleaner

Making The Maid

Fly Me

Hitching a Ride


Forest Run

Off Parade

New Teacher

The Great Millennium Viagra Attack

Utopian School  -  Part One

Utopian School  -  Part Two

1894 Victorian London

The Finishing School

Special Day Out

Old Soldiers Tale

Deposit Before Withdrawal

Privates On Parade

The Cheerleaders Game – Part One

The Cheerleaders Game – Part Two

Model Holiday – Part One

Model Holiday – Part Two

Model Holiday – Part Three

Long Leg’s Of The Law

Jail Time Fun

The Highwayman


Settlers Down

Wolf Whistles

Southern Discomfort

Robot Sex Attack

Safari Treat

Highland Clearance

Barbarian Town

Three Go Camping

Private Flight

Pirates Voyage Home

Wagon Train West

Viking Raid

Special Women’s Day


Goodnight Bastille

Bank Robbery Calamity – Part One

Bank Robbery Calamity – Part Two

Bank Robbery Calamity – Part Three

Bank Robbery Calamity – Part Four

The Point Of The Crusade

The Revolting Duke

The Convent

Panz-Her Division

The Princess Bride

The Stagecoach

Nurse That If You Can

Trapped In The Revolution

Village Clean Up

The Rescue Hut – Part One

The Rescue Hut – Part Two

The Rescue Hut – Part Three

Science Fiction Stories

Time Stop

Supergirl Gets It Good

Resistance Was Futile

Supernatural Rape

Tomb Invader


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Re: The Stories of Doghead_2000
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Latest Updates

1st March 2024

A new story in the Gang Rape section.

Forest Run