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Maisie And Mumsy
« on: November 17, 2023, 09:54:51 AM »
This one was inspired from a short novella i read recently and the following scenario in my opinion fit perfectly with two members here after a little tinkering!

Six bloody pence for a week to stay in the two rooms I let out to her and her daughter. Hell I even cut the amount by letting her daughter clean the attic  and other flats of the tenants I have. Well today there wasn’t going to be a repeat of the last two visits for the rent, today I would get me  money or they would be out on their arses  in the streets.

Outside Apartment 2d (And not a better letter to dignify what lives behind the door, One a dame and the other a dolly!) I heard voices saying things about a deal they had. I pounded sharply on the door and suddenly the voices stop.

"Quit your bloody games, I heard you in there earlier!” My fist returning to strike the door with solid blows,  shaking the thin piece of wood that acted like a door. “It’s Saturday night and you know me rules, pay yer rent or get out!”

Along both sides of the hall containing six rooms, other doors opened a bit. Eyes came around the edge of the door and immediately closed when the pepper deemed It wasn’t their door the pounding came too. 2d opened the door and a haggard looking woman of her mid forties stood in the opening.

“Here now what’s all the pounding for?”

I turned me complete attention to her, taking in the shabby dirty thing she called a shirt, just being held closed by the cloth being held in her left fist. I ignored the urge to see if I could see what was behind the bunched shirt.  “It’s Saturday, Do You Have Me Money?” Louder than what was necessary, but then I wanted all to know why I was here.

She started to say, when I brushed her aside and entered the mess she lived in. A quick look around saw a table that had a leg shorter than the other three, two chairs with holes in the seat, a coach with holes and cus in the fabric holding the shape of it together. But what caught me eye was a curly red haired beauty  with only a thread bear towel wrapped around her upper portions. From what I could tell by a view between the back of a chair and the wall was neked as the day she was born.

There was a red tuft of hair at the zenith of the V of her legs. I would have gotten a close view but the one i believed to be her mother cried out.

“Leave me Maisie alone you brute!” She had both hands flailing at me back as if trying to hit me with a feather duster. With both hands hitting me, her shirt came open and afforded me glimpses of what passes for breasts from females who don’t wash or dress properly.

“I’ll get your money but you ain’t to lay a paw on me Maisie”

I club her about the head with the back of me right arm, driving her to a sprawl on the floor. “Listen woman, yer rent is due and I’m not leaving here until I get something for it!”

She rolled onto her right side and eventually made it to her feet with the help of Maisie who was now fully neked beside her mother. Their heads were so close together that the only way I knew they were talking was Maisie gasping at what was said. Upon being back upright, Maisie left her mother’s side  and went into the second room, returning with a moth eaten rag that might pass for a coat.

“Mumsy, Are you sure that I’ll be…

“Hush child, just do what Messer Dalwain says and you’ll be fine!” Taking the coat from her and making her way to the front door.  “Messer Dawlin, Maise is going to pay you the rent, I’ll be away while she does!” Putting on the coat and leaving a confused me and a trembling Maisie alone.

No sooner was the door closed than Maisie looked at me. “Mumsie said I was to pay you the rent but I don’t have no money!”

I noticed that she was still neked as a jaybird and for one of such a young age that she had a chest on her that most females here in London would have killed for. An idea came into my head, if neither of them had any money then maybe Maisie would be using that body to pay the rent. Only one way to find out.

“No money then you and your old bag can get out of me place, I’m not giving anyone charity or a place to stay for free!”

Trembling harder, Maisie turned pleading eyes onto my face “But if We’ve no money what am I supposed to pay with?”

I walked closer to Maisie “Oh I have an idea of what you can pay with!” There was no hiding the look of lust I had in me eyes when looking at the neked Maisie. I reached out and took her left arm in my hand and began the walk that would lead us to the second room.

“Sir mumsy said she would disown me if I ever went into her room with a man!” Trying like a mushy noodle to pull away from me. “She said that I’m not ready to do things!”

“Your mumsy ain’t here and I’m not leaving until I get something for me rent!” That was when Maisie slowly shook her left arm up and pointed a wavering finger towards a broken wooden screen that stood before a drape that hung to the floor.

“There sir is where I make my bed!”

She led me there, just far enough out front that I could see the flesh of her arse, shake with movement. Behind the screen I faintly heard the rasping of wood being scraped over more wood. Seems to me that ole mumsy may have returned!

“Get your arse on the bed and spread your legs wide apart!”

Maisie did what I said as I took off my leather patched pants. I could have sworn that I heard movement from the other side of the curtain. Just in case I decided to play it up for the benefit of whoever it was.

“So I’m sure ole mumsy has taught you the second way to pay when it’s demanded!
The look in Maisie’s eye told me she knew and it was backed up by her actions. She parted her legs a bit wider while looking up at me. “Please sir I haven’t did anything like this bef…!

“Shut up. Your mumsy said to do what I tell you to do!”

Maisie paled as I climbed up and settled between her open legs. A might thrust and I buried my hard cock into her maidenhood. She screamed and cried out “Oh god sir it’s too big!”

From the other room the sounds of a door opening and closing, but I didn’t care I was in Maisie and she was mewling in a pleasure  never before seen in this place. I used her as rough as I wanted to. In response Maisie wrapped her legs around my hips
hoping to pull me even deeper into her maidenhood.

I hadn’t fornicated anyone harder than I did Maisie, eventually finishing off inside her maidenhood. I collapsed on top of her breathing as hard as I just used her more than willing body!

“Oh Hiriam, I thought we were going to get caught  by Mumsy

Between great gulps of air I replied “I know, it was all I could do not to burst out and
say “Not did what and since when leaving room 6e!”

“Here now, I’m a lady, not some floozy!”

“Oh trust me Maisie , everyone who talks to me after your visits says you are a proper lady for Whitechapel!” climbing off the bed and attempt to dress “By the way Mr McGinty the butcher wants to know if you’ll drop by and clean his meat tomorrow afternoon?”

“Oh I do like seeing him. He always gives me a couple of links of sausages before I leave his place!”

Maisie got up and went to clean herself calling out that she was off to see young Christian over on White Wall. That made me wonder if he had a chance to nail her to the cross of a bed frame she told me he built to save some money. I pretended to leave with her, only to return and set myself up in her mother’s room.

Time passed before I heard the door open and a comment “Well it doesn’t smell like a flop house!” Movement then “The lazy sod did Maisie and didn’t have her clean up after their coupling.”

She jump back in a fright as I spoke “Why are you going to tell me that when I’m done doing you that you are going to clean up so it would look like I was never here”

“Dalwain!” Recovering fast, then turning on me “You are not supposed to be here. Just take Maisie  then leave just like we agreed on!”

“Oh trust me, I took your Maisie and left with her as I told you I would, but As I stood out in the hallway I began to wonder why old Mumsy would offer her only daughter to lose her virginity to a leech like me?”

“Oh let me guess you enjoyed taking her so much you began wondering if mumsy could top her?

It was all I could do not to burst out and tell her that I have wondered that very same thought ever since I took Maisie’s maidenhead in my abode and the various times I’ve found her alone  since then.

“Well Hiriam Dalwain never let it be said JollyJess can be topped by a wisp of a child in her twenties!” Dropping her raggedy coat and shirt under it to the floor.

My cock sprang upright even before I got behind her and reached around to feel her breasts. A conical shape that allowed my hands to cover them all at once. She had on a dark color skirt that she reached down and lifted it so she could tuck it into the waistband of the skirt, Underneath her skirt was just her, what a slutty way to go even for Whitechapel

I let go of her right breast and dropped my hand so I could begin to feel between her legs. Between  the sensations me playing with her maidenhood and my squeezing her breast and playing with her nipple, Jess was wet before I lifted her off her fet and took her towards Maisie’s bed.

“Get on the bed and spread your legs apart!”

Without any hesitation Jess obeyed what I said and as I climbed between her legs she looked up  at me “So I’m hoping you are not expecting some inexperienced thing like Maisie!”

I kept quiet and thought to myself. * I haven’t expected that in months!* I just looked down at her and thrusted fast and deep. Just like her daughter Jess mewled in pleasure as I coupled with her. But unlike her daughter Jess thrusted her hips up to meet my downwards thrust. Like a pair of wild beasts we used each other. Over and over the air was marred by her moans of pleasure that countered my grunts. Soon the very air reeked of sweat and scents of musk after we both exploded together.

Now unlike with her daughter I knew that I had a perfect way to get Maisie away from her mumsy. As we laid there Jess tucked so tight beside me, that I knew I just had to plant the seeds of doubt in Jess’s mind.

“So tell me Jess has Maisie ever told you about this Christian trying to nail her to a cross for a bed he made?”

With the last syllable out of my mouth Jess was out and off the bed, scrambling to release her skirt from her waistband. Out around the screen to find her shirt and coat, then in a huff she opened the door and slammed it behind her. As I got out of bed, I pictured Maisie coming to me for a place to stay giving me full access to her body!

Ah life was about to get interesting for them and hopefully a whole lot dirtier for me!

                                                                                                               The End
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