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Endure it
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New poster but long time reader decided to make my first story. Incredibly rough draft slapped it together in  a few days. Story of forced bi and an exaggerated retelling of how i was forced into a bi situation many years ago.

All the characters in this story are at least 18 years old

 Samantha and I have been dating for 3 years. She is an inch taller than me at 5'9 and weighs the same as me, 155 pounds. I was never the athletic guy in school, but I have always been attractive, just not the strongest-looking guy in the room by any means. She was perfect, however. She has a perfect pear shaped body that i absolutely adore. She was the girl of my dreams, and I had chased her all through high school, but for some reason she gave me a chance after we reconnected a few years later, and we have been happy ever since. One day when we were hanging out at our house, Samantha asked if I had smoked weed since high school and said she wanted to start doing it with me again. I haven't done anything like that since high school, and I have a job at the courthouse that would definitely not be cool with me smoking. But my dad is the judge of the neighboring small town, so I'm decently well connected. I should be fine, I thought.

I had met a guy named Deven; he was a lot older than me; he's got to be in his 30s now, and he was about 6'1, much bigger than me, while I was working in high school. I used to buy weed from him. So I reach out and see if he still sells. I was a little reluctant when I found out Deven lives in a bad area in a trailer park known for crime. Deven texted me, saying to meet at his house in the trailer park by 7 p.m. no later, and it sounded very serious. Samantha had to come with me because we had just gone out to eat. When we pulled up, I was surprised at how much random broken down, half-taken apart cars and scrap metal was everywhere and wondered why no one was stealing it in such a bad area. I didn't want Samantha to be in the car alone, so she came inside.

When we go inside, it is filthy. There are beer cans everywhere and cigarette butts overflowing every ash tray on site, and their trash can smells like food has been rotting for weeks. There is also body odor. Somehow, over all the other smells, I could clearly smell Devens strong body odor and not just armpit odor.,. I could smell his nasty ball sweat and ass crack from the front door. It has a very strong smell, like he and his friends were just used to the smell. Deven is immediately pissed that I brought someone else with me.

Deven says, "Only one person comes inside to lower the number of people going in, and don’t wear a fucking suit and tie around here. Are you stupid? Want people to think dumb shit?”

“I only want a few grams; it should last us awhile," I say hastily. He gets angry again.

"I'm not going to sell you one or two grams at a time. What the fuck is this dude?" Deven says.

I realize I have never seen this of him, and it was very scary and imposing. You could tell that even his close friends had overheard it and knew that he was the top dog in the house.

“I will buy more next time; this was a spur-of-the moment thing,” I said (I was just agreeing with him at this point; I was fucking terrified and out of my element).

“It will be 100 bucks for 2.5 grams then." ridiculous price What a fucking asshole, but I could feel my legs shaking uncontrollably.. not bad, but you could probably notice if you were looking, and of course the one person that noticed is Samantha, as I briefly caught her eyes nervously before looking back to Deven.

I said, "Awesome, I'll take it." I knew that was the most insane price I've ever heard for weed, but I wanted out of the situation and hoped Samantha wasn't aware of how much I was willingly getting scammed.

I've always been good at reading people's body language or facial expressions, and the look on her face when she realized that I was not in control of the situation and that I was a scared child looking for a way out shocked me. I will never forget that look on her face. Fear mixed with shame. She knew.

It didn't take long for Deven to notice the awkwardness.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, bro?" he says, laughing. "It's not like I'm going to beat you up; I'm just saying use your head next time.”

On the drive home, I could tell Samantha was trying to keep the conversation light to try and make both of us feel better than we did, but it was the fact that I knew she was having to do that that ate at me inside. What could I say? I will protect you next time. I knew I couldn't let her come with me again if I ever went back.

Weeks go by, and surprisingly, things feel amazing. Smoking weed again with Samantha made us feel like we were kids again. We started hiking and doing the things we thought we didn't have time for before, and I felt us getting closer. After we ran out of weed, we felt like we didn't need it any more, but we thought, Why deny ourselves one of life's pleasures? I will go there alone this time to meet with Deven and buy a lot of it so I don't have to see him very often. We both smiled in excitement.

When I texted him, I must have been feeling extra great that day because I asked for more than I expected. 3 oz.

"Damn! "Maybe you do have some balls, lmao." Evan deven text back, "Ill give you a good price since you want to get a big boy weight of $1200." I knew I was still getting scammed, but at least the prices were starting to get better, and I knew 3 oz would last me and my sister for months.

I make sure to dress down, looking as casual as I know how to, and drive to the bank to get the cash. Making sure things went much smoother this time around. When I pull up, there is just one other car; last time there was like 5, so I felt a lot better about it and hoped there wouldn't be many people inside. I knocked on the door and didn't get an answer. I thought I heard faint voices talking inside, but I wasn't sure. I knocked again and still didn't get anything, so I thought I'd try and call him again. As I go to pick up my phone, I see a light come on from the far window. And I definitely hear Evan now; he doesn't sound the happiest. Talking about being low on money. I think hey, I got 1200 dollars in cash. Im sure he is happy to see me at least, so I try and move around the trailer to see if I can get his attention, but I can't see anything. There are overgrown weeds and just random stuff everywhere, so I decide I'm going to do what I can to reach the window and give it a gentle knock.

When I went to step through the tall grass, I thought I was stepping down on a piece of wood or something. It turns out it was a metal piece connecting the back of the air conditioner, and it made a very loud snap sound, and I heard it start to shut off and slow to a stop. I knew I just broke it, but did he notice? Should I tell him? Does he even know I'm outside? My first instinct in my scared brain was to get back to the car and think. I start hurrying over, hoping no one hears it, but I only make it a few steps, and Deven rips open the front door of the trailer.

"What the fuck was that, and what are you doing?" Deven says, and I turn around and see this angry guy with his shirt off and just in a pair of jeans and work boots. He was decently overweight at this time, but you could tell he was strong. I realized I never saw him without a hat on either, and he was balding pretty badly and was missing some teeth, I guess from what looked like chewing tobacco. Nasty stained teeth and overall just unkempt. He was covered in dark black hair that ran all the way up from the bottom of his stomach over his shoulders and connected to his back, as well as scruffy, patchy facial hair. Ofcourse this all added to how imposing he was. When I locked eyes with him, I froze in place. He walked over to me with fiery anger on his face and grabbed me by the back of my neck with one hand. His hand felt like hard sandpaper. His hands were made by someone who has lived a hard life. I don't think he meant for it to hurt, but I was in so much pain when he squeezed my neck and dragged me forcibly towards the house. My body just followed like it had submitted before my mind did.

"First of all, I fucking told you not to bring unwanted attention and dumb shit here and to use your head. And the very next time you do this shit? You break my fucking air conditioner in the middle of this heatwave and try to run away? Absolutely not. A man wouldn't be peeking in my windows, and a man definitely wouldn't try and run from the mess he made. That is the action of a little bitch. Are you a little bitch boy??"Deven screamed right in my face, with his hand still on the back of my neck.

It was so humiliating to know I was in no position to do anything but answer his questions.

"No man, im sor," I tried to say, but Deven punched me in the stomach harder than I've ever been hit in my life, and I had no time to brace for it. My whole body shut down and folded forward. I couldn't catch my breath and was drooling everywhere, but I didn't care. I just wanted this pain to go away.

"Shut the fuck up about the fact that you felt the need to answer; that was all I needed to know, bitch," he said.

I dont know why, but every moment, even the silence I spend around him, every single second that goes by, I feel less of a man. Deven says, "You owe me a lot of money for a new AC. Give me the $1200 you brought for weed. Thats a  start."  said, "Ok, I."  Before Icould get it out, he already reached in the back of my pants, grabbed my wallet, and threw it on the couch.

"You don't get it, do you?" Devin says.

You fucked with the wrong person, and I wasn't in a good place to begin with. I will probably be back in prison real soon for some other bullshit.

"Get on your knees and unbutton my jeans," he says.

I was so confused and surprised that those words even came out of his mouth. What the fuck does that mean? Get on my knees and unbutton his jeans.

"Listen, I can get you the 7 grand in 3 days. Please don't do this, man." I plead shakily, knowing full well that I sounded pathetic.

"I know you will," Deven said before punching me in the face and dropping me to the ground.

I had never been hit in the face before, and it was so strange. I didnt feel much pain, but I knew I was hurt. I couldn't get my legs under me. I felt Deven's hand on my forehead from above, and no more than a second later, my head raised up and I felt another heavy hit smash into my face. I wanted to just curl up in a ball, but before I could even come to a stop after the jarring second hit, I felt him pick me up to my knees from my shirt. I was a blubbering mess of snot, spit, and a little blood.

"Please don'"I started to say, but the look he gave me made me genuinely scared for my life, so I paused and that seemed to be enough for him. Deven then grabbed the back of my head with both hands and jammed my face into his crotch. To say he was not being gentle is an understatement. His sweaty, hairy stomach that hung over his jeans and belt was rubbing on the top of my face and head, covering me in sweat. I could feel him trying to position my face to jam the head of his hard cock against it through his jeans. But with the zipper and material, all that was happening was that my face was getting slightly cut by the zipper, and it hurt so much more than his fist.

He said, "Thats it, bitch, now take my jeans and underwear off." I knew he was serious, and I knew I either had to defend myself or submit to him and hope I could figure out the situation after.

I started untying his work boots that were mangled, and I had seen better days. It took me a little bit to figure out how to untie them; I had never laced up tall work boots like that. The first boot comes off finally and i it is so much heavier than i expected. His feet smell so bad that i instictively start trying to breath out of my mouth. Wrestle the second boot off and a wave of nausea hits me, but I tried to hide it. His socks were wet and skin tight old and raggedy and it was surprisingly hard to slip them off his feet. I started undoing his belt and taking his jeans off, and the second I pulled them down past his cock, I am hit with a strong smell of body odor and ball sweat. I paused for a bit because it was almost hard to even look in that direction; it was like my body was trying to get away from it.


Deven snapped his fingers and said, "Hurry up."

When I went to pull his underwear down, I was surprised at how wet they were..soaked in sweat completely. As I was sliding them down his thick, hairy legs, trying not to breathe in two beads of sweat that must have rolled down his chest and belly, he hit me on the forehead.

"Am I too sweaty and smelly for you, city boy?" "It's going to get much worse, so you might want to get to a little happy place in your mind." deven said.

Right after I slipped Devin's last foot out of the underwear, I felt one hand grab the back of my head, and the other grabbed under my chin and forced my face up and under his balls. My body reeled as I tried to pull away, but I was nowhere near as strong as Deven, and the more I struggled, it just made him squeeze my neck tighter. I felt like he could snap my neck with one hand. He felt me relax a little bit.

"Good," he said. "Now open your mouth and start tonguing my asshole."

The second I heard him say it, I could have thrown up. He was dead serious again. I had no choice. He would absolutely beat me until I submitted. What is he going to do to me? I thought.. I open my mouth and start push my tongue into his hairy, sweaty ass cheeks as he jerks my head back, making me look up at him.

Deven lets out an evil mocking laugh: "You are a greedy little bitch boy after all.. willingly licking another man's asshole and enjoying it.. opening your mouth and willingly receiving the filth of another man without objection.

I realized in that moment, looking up at him, that I probably did look like a greedy whore waiting to be used. I was on my knees, looking up in front of a man, with my mouth wide open and my tongue out. as I start to pull my tongue back to get a word in. Anything to try and save some dignity Deven laughs and says


As he turns around, he shoves my tongue right into his asshole. And he starts roughly running it up and down the full length of his ass crack. Anger and humiliation were peaking in my mind. Did this guy really think I was enjoying licking his shitty, sweaty asshole? God all i could think about as his hands worked my head up and down was the stupid look on his face.. he thinks hes better than me.

At the beginning, his hair was so thick and coarse that it was almost painful on my face, and it couldn't have been very enjoyable for him, but thankfully he noticed.

He started alternating between saying


or "tongue"

Of course he is an unreasonable son of a bitch, so any time he would say "spit," I had to quickly close my mouth and try and work some spit up with his ass still grinding on my face, and not even 3 seconds later he is saying "tongue," which in my rush to not fuck up usually just leads to the spit drooling out of my mouth and being mashed onto my face, hardly even making it into his ass crack. After a few minutes of his instruction, his ass crack was a soupy, filthy mess, but at least it didn't hurt anymore. How pathetic... to think the only solace in my mind was that it was starting to not hurt anymore cus enough of my spit had soaked his ass crack.

I've never been talked down to or even spanked by my parents in my life, as far as I remember. My life has always been easy. Why the fuck am I here? I would get brief glimpses of him jacking off with his other hand when my head passed down the bottom part of his ass crack, and it made me even more angry. He is getting pleasure out of my tonguing his ass. I will get my revenge on him. I have too. I thought if I could just get past this one day, I will pay him and talk to my dad and lie and say he robbed me or something. My dad has connections. I will endure it. I have to endure. God, I am so glad Samantha didn't come. If she saw me doing this, she would never see me the same. Or worse, what if he made him do it too? A few tears started to run down my face again when Deven stopped and turned around.


"Whew, 7 minutes, my legs are burning," he said, laughing. "You are a nasty mother fucker. Im sweatier than shit. Go get me a beer from the fridge, bitch boy."

As I walked to the kitchen, I hear him plop down all his weight on the couch, exhausted. There were only 8 beers in the fridge and nothing else, and it seemed like they were all different random shitty beers I had never heard of, so I asked, "Which one?"


I waited for an answer, but he didn't say anything, so I looked back at him. He looked at me like I was the dumbest person in the world.

"Just give me a fucking beer dumbass." I did feel stupid; I dont even know why I asked him, but I wasn't thinking clearly. I was pissed off, and my face was swollen, painful, and smelled like ball sweat and actual shit. My stupid t-shirt and shorts I wore to dress down were covered in slobber and god knows what else. Just endure it. The thought didn't bring me peace anymore, just more anger, but I knew I was in too far already. Stick to the plan, and maybe he will let you leave soon. I start to walk back towards him after grabbing the closest beer.

"What are you, a people pleaser?" Deven said, which made him laugh way more than he needed to, like he thought it was a funny joke.

whatever I thought.

"Now suck on my balls.. GENTLY.. like you are making love to that hot ass chick you were with last time," Deven smugly says.

mother fucker i thought to myself. Without pause, he chugged about 80% of the beer, let out a loud bellowing burp, and then laid back into the corner of the couch with his legs up a little.

"Come on, I dont need to tell you exactly what to do every second you're pissing me off."

The only problem is that I have never done this before, so I really had no idea what I was doing. I just got on my knees, which I guess was the correct choice because he rested his legs on my back and his dick and balls were already right in my face, angled up perfectly like he had done this before.

I didn't want to hear another one of his cocky commands, so I just started doing stuff to not be sitting there waiting for him. I was being extra careful to do it gently, like he asked. You could tell Deven never trims his pubic hair. It was tickling my face a lot, and it was getting in the way of my getting my mouth around his balls to actually suck on them. And sure enough, not even 15 seconds later.

"Wrap your lips around them completely. SUCK on them."

If this mother fucker knew how hard it was with the weight of his legs on my back and the massive amounts of hair in the way, he would understand that I was trying my best to do just that.

"Good," he says, and I feel from the weight of his legs that he relaxes a little bit more into the couch.

"I hope you and your girlfriend don't fuck in a super quiet room like this normally. My god, she must be bored out of her mind, Deven says, chuckling. . " want to hear you sucking and kissing on my smelly, sweaty balls. Make it  loud. Iwant to hear  it.

What the fuck is this guys deal? I thought to myself, but before even realizing it, my body was already doing it. It was like the second he said make it loud, I was smacking and slobbering loudly, much to his delight. I could hear him almost growling very low, like a wild beast. Deven reaches for a can of chewing tobacco on the table, grabs a massive wad out of it, and puts it in his cheek. Fuck, even the smell of the tobacco makes me sick. After all, I endured.

then, like an addict, he starts loading a bowl of weed like I don't exist, like his legs aren't propped up on my back, like I'm a fucking table. I've never been so humbled in my life that I could die. fifteen minutes go by of what seemingly was a cycle of him spitting a massive stream of dip spit in a can, taking a hit of weed, coughing for 30 seconds, then repeating. He sits up and says,

"Jesus Christ, you could have sucked my dick too. You know, fifteen minutes of just my balls, huh? You must have been really trying to prove your sex isn't boring, huh?" Deven said.

"I'm tired and a little drunk, so suck me off until I get home and you can go home for today. But you owe me a lot of fucking money, and I will come for it."

I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I knew my mission. Although my mouth was tired and sore and my face was a swollen, filth-soaked mess, I was acting with a new sense of urgency. I wanted to go home, and I was close. To my surprise, there was no elaborate final hooray to embarrass me he just put his hands behind his head with a cheek full of tobacco and closed his eyes. Thank God, I thought as I got to work, trying to remember all the things Samantha did for me so I could get done faster.

I kept it slobbery and wet while trying to avoid my teeth as much as I could. I cupped one of my hands on his slobbery balls, held them firmly, and swirled my mouth and hand in circles around the head and shaft of his cock for 30 seconds. After over an hour of beating me up and humiliating me in the most insane ways possible, he cumbed in my mouth after 30 short seconds.

I would never be prepared to take another man's cum in my mouth, but the fact that he did it so nonchalantly without making a sound or even moving, I just couldn’t hold it in. I pulled back.

He screamed, "Don't stop until I say so." I could have thrown up at any second as the taste of his cum lingered in my mouth, but I was seemingly minutes away from being free, so I grabbed his hairy cum-soaked cock and quickly put it back in my mouth. I could feel the ropes of cum still pumping from his throbbing cock, but I kept trying to swallow as much as I could. I felt his hands grab my head again.


“Let go,” Deven said sternly.


I wasn’t sure what he meant, and I was a little busy trying to swallow and breathe when I felt one of his hands let go of my head and push my hands off his balls and cock.


“Don’t touch me, just take it, bitch."


He started pumping my head like he was using it like a personal jack-off tool. before jamming it deep in my throat as the final rope of cum jets out. I was at my limit, and I threw up uncontrollably. cum and vomit shoot out of my nose and out of my mouth all over his cock, his legs, his stomach, and the couch. I pull away quickly and scoot back away from him.

"I'm so fucking sorry, Deven. Please don't hit me, please. I bet you."

"Go get paper towels now" he says.

I ran to the kitchen to grab the whole roll and ran back to him as fast as I could.

"Clean me up"

I was already 1 step ahead of him and was already cleaning off his dick and pubic hair. There is no way I was going to clean it all up; his pubic hair was soaked through with every bit of filth I endured. I didn't realize that I hadn't even wiped my face yet because I was so scared of him hurting me. I looked up at this sweaty, hairy, imposing guy that just abused me for over an hour and realized that I probably look so pathetic to him. His cum and my vomit are all over my face, and I am cleaning his cock and pubic hair like he is a king. I look away as the wave of embarrassment hits and wipes off my face, and I hear him chuckle. Deven stands up like I'm not in front of him on my knees, so I scoot out of his way.

"Thats enough. Im going to take a shower anyway, weirdo. I expect you to bring me $1,000 cash every Friday at 7 p.m., and if you are as eager to worship cock and ass every time, then we will just leave it at that. But if you fail to satisfy me, I wont hesitate to take your ass next time, or better yet, I'll fuck your girlfriend's ass," Deven says as he walks into the bathroom and shuts the door.


He didn’t even wait for me to leave; he just expected me to fuck off. I guess after all, that just happened, and I don’t blame him. I got up and ran to my car, and I started crying the second I pulled away from the trailer park. What was I going to tell Sam? My face is swollen, my clothes are messed up, and I smell like seven layers of filth and stink.

~~end of part 1. Want me to continue the story? let me know

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