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Mei: Evolution (Chapter 5)
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Plot. An Asian woman is forced to have a pregnant-looking belly, her ass permanently plugged, have all her pubic hair removed, and only wear slutty panties.

Chapter 5 of the Mei series

POV. Work of fiction.

The morning sun seeped through the thin curtains, casting stripes of gold across the room and waking Mei from her slumber. As her eyes blinked open, they were dark and heavy from sleep. Awakening, her first awareness was of the pressure deep within her; the silicone butt plug was a constant presence in her distended anus. It was a feeling of both humiliation and exhilaration, a potent symbol of her surrender.

The need to re-lube the plug pierced her thoughts. Any material in her body required upkeep, a dance to keep the friction just on the right side of stimulating. As she mused over this, her arousal flared. The thought of the cool lube against her sensitive hole, enhancing the large plug's presence, caused a tremor of anticipation to ripple through her.

She lifted her arms in a slow stretch. Her large breasts jiggled gently in the confines of her shelf bra, their full weight drawing the eye. Their augmentation, once daunting, was now only an accentuation of her allure.

Her fingers trailed lower, lightly stroking the firm roundness of her faux pregnant belly. Each touch of her drastically altered belly was a potent reminder of her desirable transformation. Despite the humiliation tinged with acute discomfort, her helpless situation made and her touch sent a pulse of pleasure through her, making her pussy throb under the thin fabric of her thong.

Below her falsely swollen belly, her micro thong with baby-pink polka dots almost vanished. It was ridiculously tiny, barely concealing her hairless pussy beneath. The thin barrier failed to contain the swollen labia, the contours of her intimate area flirting with exposure.

Her plugged anus, nestled behind her petite thong, was another reminder of her surrender and capitulation to her partner's whims. The simple thought sent a tingle of excitement down her spine, her muscles tightening around the embedded plug.

Beside her, her partner stirred from his sleep, the bed sheets rustling against his body as he woke. He was the man who had turned her into this stunning object, the one who manipulated her size and drove her pleasure. His awakening cock twitched, proving his potency and the rush he gained from her willing subjugation.


Rising into consciousness, Mei's partner stretched languidly, his body brushing against hers, the early morning light casting long shadows on their entwined forms. A groan of arousal echoed in the quiet room as he registered his raging erection, a hard and insistent presence jutting against the fabric of his boxers. He could still faintly smell their mingling scents, the lingering fragrance of last night's wild intimacy causing his cock to throb with renewed anticipation. As his half-lidded gaze flitted to the round swell of Mei's belly, the pseudo-pregnant sight rendered him helplessly aroused.

"Your belly..." he muttered, his voice thick with both sleep and arousal. His callused hand slid over the tight round dome of her belly that projected starkly between them. "So beautifully full..."

Mei's belly was a monumental spectacle, its swollen enormity creating an arresting silhouette. It was as large and round as if she were full-term with twins, yet this was not the product of procreation but of meticulous silicone injections. The morning light hit her belly just so, illuminating every inch of the sleek and stretched skin, creating a distinctive and alluring sheen.

The round presence of her belly's bulge started from just below her breasts, rising out from her otherwise petite frame in a smooth arc to reach its apex, before receding back towards her body. It was an imposing sight—a grand edifice that commanded immediate attention. Her belly's spherical shape was uniform, its sheer size an engrossing spectacle of artificially-induced desire.

"Feels good..." Mei mumbled, she rolled her hips towards his hand instinctively, a cat leaning into a fond caress. "Good…to be made your..." her voice trailed off, unable to complete the sentence, her feelings teetering on a paradoxical edge. Her words were a sensual drawl laced with drowsiness, yet her arousal was palpable.

His thumb moved in mesmerizing circles around her navel, the center point of her distended belly. As if pulled by gravity or by the intensity of their shared arousal, his hand drifted lower, past the vast expanse of her belly. His fingers encountered the minimal strip of her micro thong, a scant barrier between his hand and her arousal-soaked mound.

He let out a low, approving hum. "Always ready for me..." His fingers traced the plump outline of her pussy lips beneath the fabric, the delicate texture in stark contrast with his rough palms. The play of sleepiness, arousal, and mutual desire coursed between them unabated, a morning ritual neither wanted to disrupt.

"Such a well-trained pussy..." He coarsely praised, his fingers boldly probing the edges of her panties to touch her. "You've been trained quite well..." He commented gruffly. She tensed, her breath hitching as his fingers dipped beneath the fabric, encountering her slick arousal. All pretense of modesty discarded, his fingers traced the slick wetness of her absolutely hairless pussy. The prominent hardness throbbed against her thigh in silent agreement.

At the same time, his other hand hadn't abandoned its exploration of her belly. The stupendous curve was fascinating, a glorious roundness that defied nature yet enthralled them completely. His palms pressed against the firm roundness, feeling her artificial gravidity beneath his touch. The belly was overwhelming in its size, redefining the horizon of her body, as protruding as if she was heavily pregnant, a visual spectacle of their shared desire.

"You've made me this way," Mei purred, her voice thick with arousal. "You made me your good, pregnant-looking slut. Wet and bare for you." She was the epitome of provocation, a vivid object of desire in her willing surrender. His touch on her belly continued to elicit a swell of moisture from between her pussy lips, illustrating her words with visceral proof.

Despite the rampant arousal humming between them, the call of the spectacular summer day outside was too tempting to ignore. "Wake up," Mei gasped, gently disengaging from his probing touch. "Let's enjoy the day..."

With a final affectionate stroke over her belly's peak, they decided to postpone their arousal and attend to the day waiting outside. The prospect of soaking in the sun's glow, and each other's company was too compelling, a promise of sensual pleasure extended, not discarded. And yet, the lingering heat of their morning encounter clung to them, a tantalising reminder of what awaited when they completed their day.


With a soft, lingering kiss, Mei and her partner separated, the promise of the day ahead calling them out of bed. Mei gracefully shifted to the edge of the bed, her large belly obscuring her view of her feet but adding an edge to her erotic appeal. As her feet touched the cool floor, she gave a slight grunt as she used her arms to leverage herself up and off the bed, her artificially gravid silhouette competing with the brightness of the morning sun streaming in from the window.

She swayed upright, hands instinctively cradling her belly. With each step towards the bathroom, her movements became less fluid, hindered by the considerable size of her gravid abdomen. A distinct waddle overtook her gait, accentuated by the jiggling of her swollen belly. The pull of her distended abdomen was significant, the pendulous sway acting as a constant reminder of her fetishized form.

Stepping into the shower, Mei felt the hot water rush over her. It flowed over the dizzying curves of her large breasts, then split to navigate her oversized belly. Further down, the water hit her bare pussy before spilling down her thighs.

The process of washing her lower body had become an arduous yet erotic task due to her inflated belly. She spread her legs wider, squatting slightly, which sent the warm water straight onto her smooth pussy. The sensation of the water's touch drew an involuntarily shiver of anticipation from deep within her.

As she lowered herself further, squatting closer to the shower floor, she felt the butt plug lodged within her ass shift. The sensation was unmistakably arousing, as the plug teased the tender rim of her backside, threatening to slide out from the added pressure of her squatting position.

As Mei turned to wash her back, her large belly scraped against the cool wall. The daily shower had become a sexually charged event, her body sensually reacting to every simple task. Water cascading, fingers deftly soaping her skin, ass plugged, she enjoyed her nakedness, every inch of her body a testament to her sexual allure.


Fresh from the shower, Mei ventured back into the bedroom, clad only in a plush bath towel. Confronted by her open dresser, she stood before the expansive collection of risqué lingerie she amassed over time - each piece designed to showcase her body in the most salacious manner.

A parade of cheeky thongs, miniscule g-strings, and scandalously small bras in a rainbow of colors and textures, each more tantalizing than the last, beckoned her scrutiny. Her fingers, slow and deliberate, skimmed over the display, her mind absently cataloging the memories each piece evoked in her - the charged encounters, the look in her partner's eyes, and the pulsating arousal within her hairless pussy.

Today, her eyes were drawn to a particularly bold ensemble, a ruby red micro thong. Scant fabric and delicate threads finely crafted to provide the barest illusion of modesty. The thong's design was a work of minimalistic genius, crafted exactly to serve Mei's purpose — nearly nonexistent in the front, reduced to a thin string that was meant to nestle snugly in the crevice of her ass, an alluring secret just beneath the fabric, a butt plug wedged in its place. The thong's crotch barely more than a whisper of fabric, just enough coverage to tempt and tease, to frame the bare, smooth beauty of her pussy.

Beside it sat the bra, an audacious garment that pushed the limits of the term ‘underwear’. Made to barely serve its supposed function, the bra was all open cups and enticing peek-a-boo cut-outs - its voluptuous curves designed to cradle her surgically enhanced H-cup breasts. The plunging neckline and barely-there coverage seemed to scream 'look at me', a siren call of lust and submission that was impossible to ignore.

As she held up the barely-there pieces, she imagined her partner's reaction, the hungry look in his eyes. The imagined touch of his gaze made her shiver in anticipation, the thought of his hand cupping her wet pussy through those tokens of fabric sparking a tingling warmth in her belly. Mei knew then that she would wear these today, the ruby red micro thong and open-cup bra, an alluring scarlet siren for her partner’s pleasure.


Before she could change into the chosen underwear, she turned to her partner. "Could you...?" she asked, her voice laced with tangible anticipation.

Bending forward was more of a challenge than it used to be. Mei's round belly protruded drastically, forcing her to adjust her stance. She braced her hands on the dresser, her pregnant-like midsection an obstacle between her and the surface. As she spread her legs and arched her back, she presented her well-used, hairless ass to her partner.

With a low whistle of appreciation, her partner knelt behind her. "You're always so ready for me," he murmured, his fingers wrapped around the flared base of her butt plug. With a gentle tug, the plug slid free, leaving a gaping void in its wake. Mei's sphincter stretched open, then relaxed, winking at him from its vulnerable position.

After cleaning the plug with warm water and a cloth, he coated it in slick lube. His fingertips traced the familiar contours of the toy, each ridge and curve carefully noted.

"Push it back in," Mei breathed out, her tone rife with anticipation. She pushed back against his hand, her actions signaling her clear consent.

With a nod, he guided the plug towards its home. The plug head rested against her open hole, ready to dive back in. With a deep inhale, she braced herself against the forthcoming pressure.

He pushed the lubed plug into her ass, watching as her body enveloped the piece. Her sphincter stretched around the intruding object, embracing its familiar girth.

The sight of her submissive, spread-open ass accommodating the plug, juxtaposed with the sight of her large belly, was a sight intended to ignite both scandal and fascination.  "Good girl," he praised, patting her round belly as a reward.


Picking up her panties, a tiny scrap of tantalizing red fabric, Mei shot her partner a devilish grin. "Look at what your pregnant-looking slut is wearing today," she purred, her fingers gripping the thin material.

He watched with rapt attention as she stepped into the panties, her taut, pregnant-looking belly casting a huge shadow over her lower body. Her movements were slow, deliberate and painfully erotic. She pulled up the panties, the thin strip of fabric diving right between her bare pussy lips, barely concealing the plump swell.

Expertly, she adjusted the garment to fit her, her fingertips running over the sleek fabric that barely covered her pubic mound. The strap of the thong slipped over the base of her plug, sitting snug between her ass cheeks. The sight was filthy — the obscenely stretched belly, the plugged ass, and the barely-there panties all painted a picture of raw sexual indulgence.

Her partner gulped visibly, his words stuck in his throat as he marveled at the sight before him. Astonishingly round with her artificial pregnancy, Mei was objectified to perfection. Her large belly being an extravagant contrast to the minimal fabric of the thong, she was an epitome of their shared fetish.

Grasping the bold, red bra next, Mei's eyes met her partner's. The sight of her holding the bra ramped up their shared anticipation, setting their pulses racing.

Slipping into the bra, every cup was designed to barely contain her abundant breasts, set against the backdrop of her swollen belly. The bra snuggly molded to her body, each underwire supporting her H-cup breasts, lifting them high, on full display. The cut-outs in the design exposed her dark nipples, drawing attention to her hardened peaks amidst the sea of creamy flesh.

Once the bra was securely fastened, Mei adjusted her breasts, ensuring they sat comfortably within the open cups. Her enticing cleavage flaunted openly from the plunging neckline, highlighting her surgically enhanced assets. Her hand traced the underwire, the feeling of it pressing against her breasts, igniting a spark of desire within her.

"Do I make a good pregnant-looking slut?" Mei asked, stepping toward him. Her belly bobbed with each step - a taunting reminder of the decadent perversion they reveled in. His gaze flicked from her barely covered pussy to the bulge of her belly, and he finally managed a strangled, "Yes."


"We're going out," her partner said, his voice thick with wanton desire. The visible bulge in his pants made it clear his arousal was spiked, fuelled by the sight of her dolled-up body.

Mei's eyes shimmered with anticipation as she toyed with her wardrobe. Every outfit was an opportunity, each one with the potential to tease her partner further. She assessed her choices with a predator's cunning, her heart pounding in exciting arousal.

Her choice was a body-hugging summer dress, colored a scorching sunset orange. It barely skimmed her thighs and was designed to mold onto her figure, the thin fabric just enough to tease yet cover her scantily dressed body. The dress would emphasize her distended belly, the silicone-enhanced dome suggestive of a full-term pregnancy, drastic yet engaging.

Slipping into the dress was an erotic performance, every movement accentuating her body. The sight was a visual feast: her swelling breasts, barely sheathed, and the indistinct outline of her thong, brushing against her hairless, eager pussy.

"A bite to eat on the way," suggested her partner, his eyes flaring with rampant approval as his gaze caressed her fully dressed body. The morning was only just starting, but the carnal cravings were already surging between them—the promise of an illicit adventure in the nature preserve adding an irresistible spice to the day. His primal appetite was entirely focused on Mei, her choice of attire driving his imagination wild with the possibilities the day held.


Under the warm sunlight, Mei sauntered through park, her partner's hand firmly clasping hers. The light summer dress she wore clung close to her curvy form, tracing the proud protrusion of her belly, a near-perfect mimicry of full-term pregnancy. It was not the curve of a baby, but of carefully administered silicone injections, that proudly asserted itself as they walked.

The dress fluttering wildly with each step she took. It cloaked the tantalizing secret she held close – the micro thong that hugged the contour of her pussy, already moist with mounting arousal, and the butt plug nestled securely within her ass. Every step sent a shiver of delight through her, a delicate dance of fabric against skin.

Blushing deeply, Mei reveled in the thrill of parading her publicly-packed hole. The sheer audacity of their game filled her with a burning arousal, a delightful cocktail of embarrassment and desire. She adored this sensation, savored it—the revealing outline of her soaked underwear barely concealed beneath the soft fabric of her dress, the weighty sway of her silicone-bloated belly hinting at being with child.

Finding an opportune moment, her partner's hands slid down the curve of her dress, halting at the hem. The fabric lifted, rustling against itself as it rose higher, revealing what lay beneath.

Her belly appeared in full view, a provocative spectacle. The summery dress was hiked up, leaving her large, rounded abdomen starkly exposed. The dress was powerless against her belly's magnified size, rendering her as impactful as a woman heavily pregnant with twins. This bulge, however, was a creation of repeated silicone injections rather than true pregnancy. The crafted roundness of her abdomen was a potent emblem of their shared fascination and erotic attraction to the full, pregnant aesthetic.

With her belly now on display, attention was drawn lower. The micro-thong, a thin strip of fabric clinging damply to her laser-hair removed pussy, clung to every contour, every swell of her mound. Translucent with her arousal, it barely concealed the hardness of her engorged clit, the strip of cloth darkened considerably as the soaked fabric drank in her desire.

Turning her around, her partner was greeted by the sight of her plugged ass. The hidden pleasures of their games, revealed so brazenly, drove him to gently swat her bare cheeks. The sharp yet brief impact sank into her soft mounds, amplifying her consciousness of the butt plug nestled deep within her.

The appraising expression from her partner as he ran a hand over the contours of her belly, the subtle shift of his gaze to her soaked pussy, inspired a thrill of excitement. Mei squirmed on the spot, the muscles between her thighs clenching at the arousal.

"Such a good little slut you are, Mei," he said, words a throaty blend of command and conclusion. The satisfaction lacing his tone couldn't be missed; a well-deserved praise that elicited a breathy moan from her.

As she was turned to face him, he let go of the dress; it fell back into place, covering up her exposed body. The thin cloth of the dress gently rubbed against her sensitive belly. Little indications—the lipstick-smudged grin on her face, the unsteady inhale of breath she took—gave away her level of excitement, an arousal she was not allowed to satiate. Promptly, they continued their stroll, carrying on with their shared, intoxicating game; a tease that knew no immediate end.


Mei eased onto their bed following their return from a sun-drenched walk in the park. Freshly undressed, she wore nothing more than a skimpy micro thong and a bra, the minimal fabric a stark contrast to her flushed and sweat-glossed skin. Her large silicone-injected belly gleamed, its gravid profile seemingly larger and more pronounced in the intimacy of their shared space.

Across the expanse of the room, her partner, having just slipped into more casual attire, stopped near the bedside to gaze upon her. His gaze swept over her flushed form, lingering on the tantalizing swell of her artificially enhanced breasts constrained barely by her bra, eventually wandering to the inviting roundness of her buttock, barely covered by the sheer thong.

The shadow each fake breast cast on her engorged belly highlighted the obscene roundness of her stomach and the contrast between her gravid girth and the slender cut of her micro-thong that lay nestled between her legs. As her legs parted unconsciously, the thong rode up against the contours of her hairless pussy, its delicate fabric marred by her growing arousal.

Her plump pussy glistened beneath the thin fabric barrier, enticingly visible through the semi-transparent material. As if attuned to the gaze upon it, her pussy throbbed against the confining restrictions of her thong, aching for the direct touch that the intrusive fabric denied. A slight wet spot on the thong underscored Mei's eager anticipation.

Meanwhile, her partner's cock strained against the confines of his shorts, his arousal clearly visible under the casual attire. The head of his cock bulged against the fabric, hinting at his full size beneath.


A sinister smirk stretched across his face as he looked down on Mei, stretched out enticingly on the bed. "Your breasts are substantial, but think of the possibilities if they were even larger," he casually remarked, the tips of his fingers skimming the pronounced curves of her already oversized chest, boldly tweaking a fully-erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

A fiery blush ignited her cheeks, and a whimpering whimper rolled off her lips as she wriggled beneath him, feeling the eager pulse between her thighs. "They're... already so large… exceedingly large," Mei stammered out, but the excited lilt in her voice betrayed her alleged reluctance.

“Yet they could still be bigger,” he persisted while his gaze wandered from her chest to her swollen abdomen. Traces of her desire seeped into her microscopic thong, a silent testament to her mounting excitement. He extended a hand and slid it over the stretched surface of her silicone-laden belly, barely able to conceal his yearning to see it inflate further into a distorted imitation of a pregnant womb. “Your belly, so ripe and round. It's still not as inflated as I'd like. I crave to see it about to burst.”

His audacious declaration painted an irresistibly provocative image in her mind. Could she actually push the boundaries and appear as if she was heavily pregnant with more than twins? Verge on looking grotesquely pregnant with an absurdly rotund belly? This tantalizing mental image sent an electrifying thrill through her body.

"And imagine when we're finished, your belly swelling until it's a massive sphere. You'll be almost incapable of walking," he issued a tantalizing promise with a lascivious glint in his eyes.

Mei moaned unabashedly in response to his words, her mind a riot of scandalous thoughts featuring her obscenely inflated body. She gasped, an erotic image rendering her breathless — a barren womb, bloated as though heavy with multiples. Her excitement flared to extremes at this thought, a crescendo that was nearly unbearable, her body reacting fervently to his indelicate suggestions. The already drenched thong was soaked as her anticipation reached its peak.

"I...I want it," she admitted eventually, squirming beneath his scrutinizing gaze, her words barely a whisper but filled with raw yearning. "I be your grotesquely pregnant plaything."

With a firm hand resting on her artificially distended belly, he confirmed his intentions - leaving no room for doubt or ambiguity. "Once we're done, your skin will feel like it’s stretched to the max, and sex? Brace yourself for the back position, because your expansive gut won't allow room for much else. You'll look and feel the part- a grotesquely pregnant slut."


Languishing around in bed, Mei was consumed by a feverish desire to be even more vulnerable and powerless. She imagined her belly swelling, growing increasingly significant, basking in the absolute helplessness it instilled within her.

Visualizing her future, she envisaged herself incapacitated, solely at the mercy of her partner and their acquaintances. Her formerly athletic, slender physique would be subordinated to becoming merely a vessel, bound and inert, rendered defenceless by her overbearing belly. As she grew, her own feet would be eclipsed by her ballooning figure, creating a sense of removal and magnifying her feelings of vulnerability and submission.

These thoughts flooded Mei with an insatiable lust, a fervent yearning to become solely an object of zealous desire. She pictured herself, forced to become a receptacle of their cravings. Her overstretched anus, unrecognizable from its prior state, plugged, and her permanently smooth ample pussy naked and primed for exploitation. The thought of her body being used and objectified extensively fueled her stimulation.

Mei's mind wandered to the historical domination of women, the thought of subjugation at their captor’s hand, and she found this added to her sexual excitement. She started to see herself as molded by evolution, specifically bred for the aim of fulfilling masculine desires. This idea soaked her with anticipation, her thoughts invasively focused on being merely an instrument for her partner's satisfaction.

The recurring contemplations stirred her arousal. She could practically feel the burgeoning weight of her expanded belly, accompanied by a profound sense of debility. The mere thought of her belly growing uncontrollably aroused her immeasurably, her desire mounting at an intoxicating pace. And with every pulse of desire; an inner wave washed over her, bringing her closer to climax.

Inevitably, her desire overcame her. Mei's body trembled with pleasure as she surrendered to a powerful, raw climactic release, utterly overwhelmed by her fantasy of being no more than a hedonistic object. Her mind was teeming with visions of her partner and their friends exploiting her powerless state, sparking a determination to convert such visions into reality.

As the euphoria of her release ebbed, Mei recognized a deeper craving; to be utterly under her partner's domination. She yearned to be subjected, to be entirely a plaything for his amusement. Harmonizing this urge, she grasped her relentless commitment to actualizing her desires.

Lying there, slick with sweat and catching her breath, Mei's mind already explored the panorama of her fantasies. Plots of novel methods to surrender herself entirely to her partner's dominion colored her thoughts.


Mei straddled her partner, her large belly bouncing rhythmically with each movement. Her slutty panties were pushed aside, giving him instant access. Her bare pussy was dripping with arousal, squelching audibly each time she pivoted her hips.

"Tell me, Mei," her partner whispered huskily, his voice laced with a tantalizing promise. He spanked her bare ass, causing her to gasp and squirm on his cock. "Tell me what you want."

"I-I..." She stuttered, lost deep in sub space, her thoughts clouded by the sweet pleasure. His large, hard cock filled her, leaving barely any room to accommodate the butt plug lodged snugly in her ass.

"No more stalling, Mei. Tell me, now." The command was punctuated by another hard spank on her ass.

"I want..." She started, her voice shy and quiet, and swallowed hard, only becoming more aroused. "I want... my belly, my belly to be..."

"To be what, Mei?" His voice was patient, but the edge of dominance remained.

"Larger..." She moaned out, her body trembling with arousal. His cock inside her twitched at her admission, causing a jolt of pleasure to course through her.

"How large, Mei?"

"So... so large, I-can't-see-my-feet no matter how hard I try… So large…" She panted out, her arousal reaching fever pitch. She imagined the swell of her belly growing, pushing out further and further.

Staring deeply into Mei's eyes, her partner raised his hand, and another spank landed sharply against her ass, jolting her further onto his cock. The sensation caused a gush of wetness to seep from her pussy, drenching his cock further.

“ big, Mei?” he asked again, his voice a whispered command, “Tell big do you want your belly to grow?”

His words washed over her, setting her nerves on fire. Her heart pounded in her chest. Legs sprawled wide across his, bare pussy stretched wide around his cock, Mei began to describe her ultimate submissive fantasy. “ large...” She gasped. A fresh jolt of arousal hit her and she found it hard to concentrate on words.

“That...My round...So-so large...I can't walk…” She was panting, gasping, her words trailing off in moans. Each thrust of his rock-hard cock sends shocks of pleasure racing through her, intensifying her arousal, bringing her closer to the edge.

"Is that so?" her partner questioned, leaning on the pillow behind him, taking in the view of Mei bouncing on his cock, her belly shaking with each move.

“Yes…” Her admission was barely a whisper. She wanted to feel that complete loss of control, to be bedridden, her belly swollen and heavy.

He grabbed the base of the plug lodged in her ass and gave a firm push. The shot of pleasure made her gasp, causing her hips to roll atop him, her pussy contracted around his large cock. Another wave of wetness spilled over him, eliciting a satisfied groan from her partner.

“Tell me, Mei,” he commanded again, his hand swooping down to spank her ass once more, “Just how large? Picture it for me…”

Mei could barely think as he continued to spank her, each slap causing her pussy to gush. “S-so...So large...Like...Like a...” She panted, stammered, " or...more...inside..." She finally muttered out.

"I want you so large, you're bedridden." He responded, peppering her neck with possessive kisses, a constant reminder of exactly to whom she belonged.

Her response was meek, a frail whisper swallowed by their heavy breathing. "I-I want to grow... so large that... that I..." An overwhelming sense of embarrassment flooded her, she bowed her head, her hair cascading down and veiling her blush.

He suddenly reached down and spanked her ass, harder this time. She let out a soft whimper, her pussy gushing around his thick cock. His relentless thrusts stirred the butt plug inside her, creating a delicious friction that sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

"I didn't hear you," he stated quietly, curiosity gleaming in his eyes as he lifted her chin to meet his gaze.

"C-can't move... or walk... or see... my feet." She gasped out, admitting her most submissive, vulnerable fantasy of becoming a massive, bedridden pregnant-looking slut to him.

Her words spurred him on, and he fucked her with renewed strength and vigor. The sensual motion of her overgrown belly, bouncing with each thrust was an incredible sight. His large cock rammed into her, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

"You, my dear Mei..." He breathed groaning into her ear, "You don't seem to have a choice, do you?"

"N-no..." She whimpered, her voice lost in the sea of pleasure. "Your... your pregnant-looking s-slut."

"Oh, you are loving every single moment of this, aren't you?" He murmured, his large hand groping her ass, teasing the plug lodged deeply into her.

Every thrust, every spank, and every humiliating and objectifying word whispering sweet and dirty promises, he elicited a fresh wave of arousal from her. The wet sounds of her pussy around his cock grew louder and filthier, each slap of their bodies echoing the lewdness of their act.

"Just as I demand..." He groaned, "Everything...Forcing you...Just how I want."

Jolt after jolt of sharp delight ran through her body, transforming into a heated surge as she announced her impending climax. A loud, satisfied moan spilled from her lips as she reached her peak, her muscles contracting violently around his thick cock. Her juices coated him as she squirted, her body reacting to their filthily erotic session.

"Four... or more." She mumbled in pleasure, her body trembling from the impact of her raw orgasm. His command hurled her to the crest of ecstasy, and she fell over the precipice, her release washing over her like a tumultuous wave, shattering her in its wake.


Mei and her partner lay closely spooning each other in their bed, their bodies still glowing from the aftereffects of their lovemaking. Mei was a picture of sensual decadence, her soaked thong clinging to her intimately, the evidence of her arousal trickling down her thighs.

Riding the high of their shared satisfaction, Mei heaved a blissful sigh. She revelled in the sensation of her partner’s strong arms wrapped around her enlarged belly. Their recent discussions about her physique resurfaced, causing her to whisper amidst the stillness.

“I really do want it... I want to have a belly so big, I look perpetually pregnant with triplets... or even quadruplets."

An audibly sharp inhale from behind her told her her partner had heard. He considered her admission, his rigid cock pressed against against her buttocks.

“How will you keep fit, Mei?" he eventually voiced his worry. "Mobility will inevitably be a challenge with such an enormous belly.”

Mei shrugged off his concerns easily. “Guess I'll just be used then," she responded nonchalantly.

Her partner remained silent for a moment, before answering in a steady voice. “I still want you to keep your figure, even with your belly. I don’t want this to limit our presence in public.”

Pulling him closer to her in response, Mei mulled over his words. He let a few silent moments pass before cautiously proposing a solution: “What if you take up lap swimming? It might help keep you toned despite your size. Besides, I can imagine how fetching you’d look in a micro bikini."

"Oh, and there's another option," he finally murmured, his low voice reverberating against her skin. She tilted her head back, looking at him with curious eyes as his calloused fingers traced the curve of her hipbone, dropping lower to graze the soaked fabric of her thong.

"Keep your magnificant body in shape by riding my cock," he proposed, a naughty glint in his eyes. "Your heart will stay thumping steadily. Plus, the sight of your belly bouncing while you ride me... There's nothing quite like it. You look beautiful, sexy, utterly delicious," he affirmed, caressing her thigh.


A few weeks later found Mei quietly waiting for her partner to speak, her heart thudding with restless anticipation. She'd been waiting for this moment, for these words, her body tingling with an intense yearning.

"Mei," he begins, his tone tinted with a promise of pleasure. "It's time."

She had a hunch about what he was going to say, her pussy quivering in delicious expectation. His smile was both knowing and approving. His eyes were drawn to her false swollen belly, looking as round and full as a woman carrying twins.

His eyes swept over her gorgeously distended belly. The silicone-inflated illusion of pregnancy, mimicking a full-term carrying of twins, commanded the room's attention. "Now," his finger brushes over her stomach, skin stretched taut over the pronounced roundness, "we are going to expand your belly even further."

Her pussy clenches at his words, moisture dampening the baby blue fabric of her micro thong. She can feel the sensual wetness soak into the provocative panties she'd donned. The fabric is almost non-existent, institutionalizing their shared celebration of objectification, and her bare pussy is starting to throb at the prospect.

"Expand... yes..." Her reply is beaten by her rapid pulse, excitement flooding her voice. The thought of her round belly becoming even more gravid is exhilarating, sending shocks of pleasure straight to her pussy and erect nipples.

He nods, his gaze ardent and desirous. "Bigger, Mei. Even more round. I want to look at you and see triplets… or maybe even quadruplets."  he breathes, his own arousal evident in the gruffness of his voice.

The boldness of his demand sends a wave of titillating thrill through Mei. Her belly, already a perfect sphere hinting at the voluptuousness of a twin pregnancy, now stirred visions of even more pronounced roundness. The image spinning in her mind involved an even larger belly screaming with the illusion of multiple lives within, an uber-pregnant body for every voyeuristic gaze.

Her nipples hardened further, begging for attention. Her pussy strained against the thin material of her slutty underwear, throbbed tandem with her wet slit. She could hardly keep herself together, the anticipation of the impending fullness was already driving her wild.


Mei lay on the bed, her body sprawled out in complete submission. Completely naked, without the cover of even the skimpiest of undergarments, she was exposed and vulnerable. Her belly rose before her, round and smooth like a ripe melon, shimmering with a glossy sheen. It appeared like that of a woman towards the end of a twin pregnancy—so round it would seem, nearly to burst any moment. Unconcealed and on full display, her hairless pussy and the bare circumference of her plugged anus lay bare for her partner’s eyes.

Beside the bed, her partner prepared the apparatus. A one-way valve was connected to the implanted bag inside Mei's womb. A container filled with silicone, mounted on an upright pole, stood ready for the impending task—ready to create the illusion of an even more advanced pregnancy, possibly even triplets, or quadruplets.

Her partner, drowning in desire, looked upon Mei and her splendid exposed form. "Are you ready, Mei?" they asked, their voice thick with eager anticipation.

Mei nodded, looking up at him with a blend of excitement and anticipation. She could see his cock strain against his pants, his desire barely contained.

"Yes," Mei panted, her eyes clouded over with hypnotic submission. The thrilling prospect of the belly expansion only stoked the fires of her arousal.

In response, her partner's hand gently caressed her already stretched belly. Their throbbing cock strained against their clothing, their gaze fixed on the lascivious sight before them. "Good girl," they mused aloud, drawing a shiver of delight from Mei. "You look so beautiful, like this. I can't wait to see you even fuller."

She felt the echo of this praise between her thighs, her already wet pussy growing slicker. She braced for the beginning of the belly expansion. Her desire, now simmering on the brink of all-consuming arousal, prepared her for the next step.

There was a soft click as the one-way valve connected, the bag within her on the cusp of being filled.


Mei lay sprawled on the bed, her heavily distended belly blooming with the slow, deliberate infusion of silicone. The steady inflation technique at millimeters per hour added an excruciatingly exquisite tinge of anticipation to their sexual play. Her engorged belly glistened, a testament to her unspoken desire for extreme body modification.

Her partner sat beside her, hard cock tenting his pants, his fervor mirrored in the way his hands cradled her expanding abdomen. His fingers smoothed moisturizing lotion over her swollen skin, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from Mei.

"We're making you even more beautiful," he murmured, his words weaving arousal through the quiet room.

"I can feel it," Mei confessed, the aphrodisiac responsiveness of her body to the situation evident in her words. "Make me bigger."

His touch then strayed downwards, seeking out the junction between her thighs. His fingers found her wet, the wetness having seeped through to her thighs, evidence of her arousal. He then reached out for the Hitachi vibrator, clicking it to life. The low buzz filled the room, adding another layer to the atmosphere of laden sexuality.

His hand guided the vibrating head to her clitoris, and the sudden intense stimulation made her gasp and buck her hips. Her hand clawed at the bead beneath her, her body straining for that elusive peak of pleasure.

"Yes!" The word tore from her lips, her pussy clenching as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her orgasm came over her like a tidal wave, her abdomen flexing instinctively under its force.

Panting, her hands roved over her massively gravid belly, her fingers tracing the implausible stretch of her skin. He could tell she was feeling it—the unbearable fullness, being pushed, expanded, further and far beyond what anyone would consider normal.

As she writhed in discomfort, pushing against the refined fullness within her, she whispered one ragged word in between gasps— a single word that captured her predicament, her want, her readiness for more.


Wordlessly, her partner removed the now shriveled bag on the pole, replacing it with a fresh, fuller one. His cock was straining against his pants, the sight of Mei's ballooned belly an erotic tableau etched into his retina. He adjusted himself, his member throbbing almost impatiently, longing to join Mei in her ecstasy.

"Look at you," her partner praised her, a hand ghosting over the bulge of her belly, "Getting bigger and rounder, just like we want..."

"Please...please...I n-need..." Mei's voice broke with her thwarted need, her desperation tangible. Her body was a glowing, pulsating testament of her overwhelming desire, each breath echoing with her silent plea for release. "Please, I need you...I need more."

"My horny slut," murmured her partner, his palms tracing her swelling belly, appreciating the tautness of her skin that stretched more with every passing minute. He could feel the tension in her body, sensing her climax teetering on the edge.

"But you're not begging enough," he added, his voice dropping to a teasing drawl, intent on watching her writhe further in her heated arousal.

"N-no...please..." she whimpered, shuddering at his words. The plug nestled between her butt cheeks added to the tension, a sweet uncomfortable reminder of her unabated lustful craving.

"I...I need to cum!" She said, her voice verging on a desperate plea. Her body shook under the strain of denial, her cries growing in intensity as she begged for her release and for her stomach to bulge further.

"D-don't stop," she gasped, her words broken and breathy. "M-more...Make me… Make me bigger!"

Her body was trembling as the silicone continued its slow release into her, her belly rounded, stretched so full that it seemed as if she might burst. Her pussy glistened, practically dripping with her arousal, her fluttering walls aching for his cock with every word she spoke.


Mei's belly began to swell in earnest, her once twin-sized belly had bloated up to a triple pregnancy size, the skin stretched and glossy, the curve even more engorged and magnificent. She reveled in the sensation of the expansion, her bare pussy glistening, her breasts heaving, their oversized proportions a tantalizing sight.

From where her partner stood, he found the sight of Mei's bulging belly incredibly arousing. His hand moved of its own accord to the front of his pants, his stiff cock pulsing with need as he watched Mei squirm under her own growing arousal.

"You're my perfect pregnant-looking slut. Let's make you climax, shall we?" He growled in a voice hoarse with desire.

With unhurried movements, he reached between her spread legs, his fingers trailing up and down her slick pussy, circling her engorged clit with a practiced expertise. Mei's body shivered in response, her breath hitching as his fingers circled her pleasure hotspot, sending jolts of electrifying stimulation through her.

"Yes, yes, yes..." Mei moaned, writhing under his touch. "Do it... make your slutty pregnant whore cum..."

His fingers dipped lower, sliding effortlessly into her waiting pussy. In, out, easing in rhythmic strokes that matched the tantalizing expansion of her belly. She gasped and squirmed, her fingers digging into the bed sheet as an intense orgasm unravelled within her, every twitch and shudder amplifying her pleasure.

"More... I want more..." She begged, her voice husky and pleading, the submissive plea of a woman at her most vulnerable and her most powerful.

Her partner's cock throbbed with unchecked need, everything about her, from her submissive plea to her swollen belly, fuelling his desire. But right then, it was about her pleasure, and he had only just begun. He redoubled his efforts, his fingers working her over rhythmically, pushing her onto a higher plane of desire, their shared fantasy fulfilling in ways beyond their wildest dreams.


Her partner's grin widened, an embodiment of lustful triumph, as he heard Mei's pleas. Excitement brought a distinct flush to his cheeks, hard arousal evident in his boxers. The sight of her bloated belly and the desperate eagerness in her eyes, sent a wave of satisfaction coursing through him.

His hand reached out, fingers tracing over the taut outline of her engorged stomach, skin straining with the volume of the infusion though, remarkably smooth. He felt each contour, his touches bordering on reverence. Mei whimpered under his touch, the sensitive cream skin of her pregnant-looking belly tingling beneath his fingertips.

"Your plea," he murmured, his free hand returning to her drenched pussy, deft fingers tracing circles around her throbbing clit, causing her hips to buck. "Sounds so sweet."

Her lungs seemed to lack capacity to draw in air as he slightly adjusted the settings of the Hitachi. Moments later, the vibrator whirred with increased intensity against her swollen clit, ripping a gasp from her throat and wrenching her belly with another orgasm.

"You're so fucking irresistible. I love how you inflate for me, my beautiful, submissive slut," he said, his heated gaze drinking in the exquisite display of sexual surrender he was causing.

His thumb began to increase the pace, flicking her clit as pulses of pleasure once again echoed from her pussy to the rest of her body. He watched in elation as she convulsed with another hard orgasm, her second in mere minutes, her expanded belly shaking with the force of her explosive release.

The room was filled with the sound of Mei's high-pitched moans and heavy panting; her body writhing, climaxing under his touch. Google-eyed, he watched her stomach enhancing the illusion of a massively pregnant woman, her engorged belly acting as a monument to sexual excess.

"Get ready, Mei," his voice growled in her ear, his fingers still coaxing her spasming pussy. "I'm not done with you quite yet."


Her partner stroked his hard cock, the sight of her becoming even more engorged too tantalizing to be ignored. The sight of her, fully revealed and becoming impossibly more swollen, intensified his arousal. Her bursting curves, engorged belly, and wet pussy spoke to something primal within him.

As the pressure in her womb continued to build, Mei's arousal reached new extremes. The feel of the silicone stretching her tight belly skin elicited wave after wave of pleasure. Her body began to shake with the onset of orgasm, her moans harmonizing with the pump's hum. Her pussy began to convulse, and with a sudden, staggering rush, she squirted, her juices splattering onto her enlarged belly. She gasped, panting in the aftershock a of potent climax that left her even more incapacitated.

Her belly was now radically large, expanded to such a magnitude as if she carried not just twins or triplets but quadruplets. The flawless stretch of her belly skin held taut against the vast quantity of saline. Lush and gleaming, her enormity was as breathtaking as it was arousing. Inflated to fullness, her abdomen dominated her small frame.

"Look at you, Mei..." Her partner marveled, appreciation filling every syllable. He took in the sight of her, stark naked, her enormous belly standing out in stark contrast to the rest of her petite façade. "You're overflowing. It's...magnificent."

Their mutual excitement fed off her burgeoning belly. Each contour, each ripple in her skin sent carnal thrill coursing through them. Within the sacredness of their privacy, she was their testament of perverse pleasures. Every touch on her stomach was a promise made between them, a promise of the fulfilling of shared sexual desires—a promise of complete surrender.

Her partner's hand slowly roamed across her swollen belly, his anticipation mirrored in the stiff erection he fondled simultaneously. Each stroke over her distended flesh elicited waves of anticipation, lighting the path to the climax of their shared fantasy. She was his pregnant-looking darling, the embodiment of their shared salacious desire, ready and willing for the sexual crescendo they eagerly awaited.


Mei's body was sprawled on the bed, her petite form overwhelmed by the distended belly that jutted from her. Her belly held an uncanny resemblance to a woman on the brink of delivering quadruplets: broad, full, and stretched tight. Every quiver of her engorged belly served as a stark reminder of her objectified state, a spectacle to satisfy her partner's explicit desires.

Pinned under the weight of her massive abdomen, her movements were limited to her gasping breaths that rippled across her inflated belly. The helpless immobility incited by her substantial belly sent a wave of arousal rushing to her saturated pussy. Her body buzzed from the sheer eroticism of her state; every inch of her bloated belly - a constant reminder of her purpose as a satisfying visual for her partner's sexual gratification.

Her partner surveyed her, his eyes feasting on the sight of her sprawled across their bed, rendered immobile by the enormity of her inflated belly. He ran his gaze along the expanse of her stretched skin, from the shiny distended center over her womb, curving down to where it connected to the rest of her petite form. His hard cock throbbed in his grip, responding instinctively to her inflated beauty.

"You're magnificent," he murmured, his voice husky with arousal. The sight of her, vulnerable and bloated, was imprinted into his mind, castrating every ounce of control he had left. "Totally consumed by your own desires, inflated like a balloon just for me…you can't even move," he added, his words punctuated by slow strokes of his cock. His eyes never left her, absorbing the electrifying sight of her bared state - her ripe belly, her clad thighs, her wet pussy - all at his mercy. He relished her incognito state, marking his exhilarating journey towards the peak of his desire.
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