Author Topic: A Stripper's Special Hell, Part II: Candy's Metamorphosis - Rape, Snuff, Torture  (Read 1445 times)

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A Stripper's Special Hell, Part II: Candy's Metamorphosis - Torture, Rape, Kidnapping, Snuff, Pattaya
By HerWetNightmare

It is six months after the events in A Stripper's Special Hell (, when Candice, a beautiful 18 year old stripper, was kidnapped, raped, beaten, and tortured after she tried to blackmail a wealthy and powerful man.  Extreme steps were taken to guarantee that no one would come looking for her, including the rape and murder of her mother. Since then Candy has come to know a new life of rape, brutality, prostitution, terror, addiction, degradation, and servitude at the hands of the man who kidnapped her.  She is desirable flesh caught in his vast and violent empire catering to the extreme and depraved tastes of men wealthy and powerful enough to afford the unique services that he offers.  He is Lord of the Hell Candy now occupies. He is also the man who she has been manipulated into loving more than life itself.

After this long, most girls who fall into this world have died at the hands of a wealthy sadist, been sold into slavery, or met a similar fate.  Candy has come close to suffering such a fate on more than one occasion, but remains not only because of her beauty and erotic talents, but because she shows hints that she could be something more.

Now the time has come to decide what her future will hold.


"Good morning Candice.  How is my little stripper whore doing today?  I was just thinking about your mother recently.  In retrospect it might have been fun to keep her around instead of killing her.  A client inquired about a very particular fantasy.  He wants to rape, torture and debase a hot MILF for a week or so, then flay her alive while she is impaled on his cock.  I had to tell him that we didn't have what he was looking for in stock at the moment.  Your mother would have been perfect!"

The girl was lying in her bed, nude but for red 7 inch strappy heels that she was never to be without.  She smiled at me and returned a passionate kiss, then responded, "But it was so hot the way you killed her, Sir!  I cum every time that you play the video for me.  Could we do that now, Sir, you fuck me while we watch you snuff my Mommy? Are you going to fuck me this morning, Sir?  Please, Sir.  Please fuck me.  You know how much I love you.  Please, Sir?"

I continued the kiss, reached down, teased her nipple gently, stroked her clit... then shoved a dildo shaped high extreme voltage and current taser deep into her cunt and hit the button!  She screamed loudly and her body convulsed violently. She curled up to a fetal position as if trying to escape the high voltage shock.  I hit the button again, then yelled directly into her face.

"YOU WORTHLESS UNGRATEFUL WHORE!  Do you really think that I'm going to fuck you just because your needy holes want cock???  Who the fuck do you think that you are, bitch???  Jesus Christ, you'd think I'd learn!  I'm too fucking lax with you, pigshit!  Give you a nice room.  Give you pretty things.  Let you kiss me and drink my piss.  And how do you pay my kindness?  By being a needy ungrateful entitled little piece of shit whore who thinks that she has the right to ask me to fuck her!!!  Jesus, bitch.  'Wah wah fuck me wah wah I'm a cwy baby I want Sir's big cock pwease pwetty pwease.' Then I gently correct your error with the taser and instead of taking the punishment and learning from it, you scream and actually try to pull away! Fuck, you are a waste of air.  Tell me again why I didn't kill you months ago?"

I hit the button on the taser again.  She tried not to react, but the current flowing through her body could not be controlled. I pulled the taser out of her cunt and pushed the two prongs directly on her clit. The discharge, almost twice as powerful as that used by law enforcement, burnt her flesh and left her convulsing on the bed, unable to breathe.  I hit her with it again.  And one more.  Then on to her asshole, her nipples, her neck, back in her cunt...  Each time I waited until the convulsions from the previous jolt had almost passed before shocking her again.  I made sure that she was in constant pain and had no control over her body, while screaming at her the entire time.

"You worthless fucking piece of shit whore!  God damn it, Candy!  Do you think that I want to do this to you???  Why do you make me do this to you, Candy???  I treat you so well, and all you have to show me is disrespect!  If I hadn't found you you'd still be living in a butt fuck town sleeping in a shitty apartment, hoping that you could make enough money to keep your landlord from throwing you out on the street.  Is that where you want to be, Candy?  Do you want me to throw you out on the street, where you deserve to be?  Maybe you'd pick up some manners.  What do you say, bitch?  Do I need to make you go live on the streets and freelance to try to support that Fentanyl habit of yours, cunt?  Your greedy little holes would never be able to milk enough cock to make up for what I give you for fucking free!!"

I kept it up for ten minutes before her bladder and bowels finally emptied themselves onto her bed.  I laughed at her, then tossed the taser aside, took off my belt, and beat her brutally with that for another 20 minutes or so.  When she cried I beat her harder and told her to shut the fuck up and take her medicine.  "This is the only way a stupid pig like you will ever learn, cunt!" When was silent I'd ask her what she had to say for herself.  She'd answer something like, "I'm so sorry, Sir.  I'm so worthless.  I deserve this."  So I'd beat her harder for that and scream, "Do you think anybody gives a shit that you are sorry???  Do you think that anybody doesn't already know that you are a sorry ungrateful worthless excuse for a used up whore???"

So it went, with me throwing anything that she said or did back at her, and using it as a reason to punish her ever more severely. It was all "for her own good" because "that is the only way a stupid ungrateful bitch like her would ever learn."  Finally when I had finished with my fun, I pointed toward the door of her room.  She knew what it meant and was terrified, but didn't utter a sound as she got off the bed and crawled toward the door on her hands and knees.

I followed along using a cattle prod to keep her moving as she crawled down two flights of stairs, across a large elegantly furnished living area, down another flight of stairs into the basement, and finally into a cell-like room with a filthy cot and a collection of BDSM paraphernalia on the dirty brick wall.  There were cameras mounted around the room and a large monitor hanging on the wall.  The screen showed a site on the Dark Web with a title reading, "24 Hour Live Show beginning in 10 minutes  .003 BTC per ticket."  There were already 50 viewers, even though the notification about the show had only gone out a few minutes ago. 

Viewers knew what to expect on this channel, and were happy to have it to watch either by themselves or with whatever companionship they could "arrange" for the next while.  I knew from market research that executive secretaries were being raped in C Suites the world over during these webcasts.  This wasn't as extreme as some of the channels that I run.  This was not a channel catering to tastes for mutilation and snuff.  I did run shows like that, but this show was for an abuse and degradation channel where girls were raped, beaten and defiled until they probably wished they were dead.  Viewers were allowed to submit requests, either for things to be done to a girl, or for things she would do to herself.  Failure to comply fully with a request that was chosen and passed on to a girl would mean an additional hour in the box. Needless to say, very inventive audience members and sadistic keepers tried to outdo themselves coming up with demands that would prolong the show.  Want to keep a girl in the box for a while longer?  Tell her to squat down and fuck herself on the prongs of a red hot andiron. In all likelihood you just got yourself an extra hour with the little cunt to do your worst.

I turned to the two large Black men already in the room and gave them specific instructions.  "There are two other teams who can rotate in as needed.  Use them. I don't want to hear about any big black cocks going soft. Make sure that for the next 24 hours she constantly has either a cock or something large and painful in her ass.  No meat hooks, knives, ripped out piercings, broken teeth, or other permanent disfiguration.  She'll be selling herself shortly after you finish with her.  Beyond that, do your worst.  You can tie her up if you like, but this one usually puts on a better show when it's more forcible rape than BDSM.  Sorry that she's already caked with shit. She had a bit of difficulty with sphincter control.  I'm sure that she's going to end up covered in shit anyway, but you can hose her off first if you like.  I don't see that she needs more than piss to drink or cum and shit to eat.  Air is a luxury she should frequently have to do without.  She will start screaming for drugs in a few hours.  Let her.  Fentanyl withdrawal does wonders for heightening the sensation of pain, but be sure and keep her coked up so she doesn't pass out on you.  Keep her alive, though.  No ODs, and check her vitals every so often. Give her a fix if she needs it to keep her awake and her heart beating.  Let her die and I'll dock you a month's pay!  I trust that when I come back tomorrow I will find her lavishly decorated with welts and bruises and her gaping holes dripping cum, blood, and filth.  A bonus for every orgasm you force out of her despite herself."

Then I turned again to Candy, who was cowering in the corner, arms wrapped around her legs, looking at the floor.  I took her chin gently in my hand, tilted it up toward me, and gave her a sad smile.  "Why do you keep making me do this to you, Candy?  I keep letting myself have such high hopes for you.  I was thinking that it might be time for you to start playing a role in recruitment, but then you had to go and disappoint me by being disrespectful.  You know that I can't let that pass.  If I let you get away with that even once, it would just undermine all that we have tried to accomplish. Tell me you'll try to learn your lesson this time, dear.  Give me a reason to hope that I wasn't wrong to save you from the mess you'd gotten yourself into.  If it weren't for me, you'd be dead, Candy.  You know that.  The only reason Bob didn't kill you is because I made him promise not to.  If you were on the streets in LA your life wouldn't be worth a dime.  You owe me your life.  It's that simple.  And quite a life it is.  Nice things.  A nice place to live.  My affection.  And yet you repay me with disrespect.  It makes me sad. Why?  Why do you make me do this to you, Candy?"

She could hardly be heard through her sobs.  She had come to believe and accept every word of what I had just said, and my rejection and displeasure terrified her more than the day long brutal rape she was about to endure.

"I'm sorry I disappointed you, Sir.  You are my world, Sir.  Thank you for teaching me, Sir, teaching me in the only way a stupid whore like me can learn.  I deserve this, Sir.  I need this, Sir."

Of course, regardless of how she had greeted me that morning the outcome would have been the same.  Preparations had already been made for her abuse.  As always the cruel punishment was arbitrary and unpredictable.  Last month she had greeted me in much the same way, and I had praised her. I took her to the beach, out to a fancy meal, bought her sexy clothes, then took her to my bed and fucked her like a lover. She was in heaven.  You would have thought her world had become a heart-shaped Hallmark card.  Now the same behavior under the same circumstances had cost her a day of torture not with me, but at the hands of some huge rough Black guys with foot long cocks who viewed destroying tiny little White girls as fine sport.

Candy relies on me for everything, and is convinced that she owes me her very life.  She also lives in constant fear not only of the violence that comes so easily to me, but of the thought that I might throw her out on the street and she would never see me again. Just being in the same room with her sent her heart racing with a mixture of terror and desire.  The psychologist's recipe for breaking and owning a girl calls for intermittent abuse, which she believes she deserves for her behavior and lack of gratitude, and intermittent kindness, which she takes as proof that I really do care for her.  Ask her and she would call the resulting emotional turmoil the deepest true love and devotion she could ever imagine feeling. Over the six months since I kidnapped her from the club where she was stripping at the time I had become her sun, moon and stars.

I am keeping her at an estate located in the hills above Jomtien, Thailand, not far south of Pattaya.  Hers is a guilded cage. She does not want for anything material, including both clothing which meets my approval, and drugs to which she has become thoroughly addicted.  Her room has a patio that looks out over the beaches lining Jomtien and Pattaya Bays.

Thailand was an obvious choice for Candy's reprogramming.  If you have ever been to Pattaya I don't need to tell you why. Candy is a natural exhibitionist, and I didn't want her to lose that, so she spent five nights a week dancing at a club on Soi 6. In the U.S., stripping meant getting men to max out their credit cards by wiggling your ass at them.  But Pattaya is different. In Pattaya "dancing at a club" really meant that she spent most of her time 5 nights a week letting Farang men feel her up and buy her overpriced drinks then taking them upstairs "short time."  "Short time" is local slang for an hour of sex.  Stage dancers far less hot than she usually charge more, but I don't let her charge more than 1500 ฿. Adding in the 1000 ฿ "bar fine" that adds up to about $75 US.  If you want her in the ass that's a few Baht more.  She wasn't just a whore.  I made sure that she was a cheap whore. 

After getting the shit beaten out of her during a 24 hour webcast audience directed torture and rape show she wouldn't be worth putting on a dance stage for a while.  Until the bruises were gone she'd work as a bar girl.  That means that instead of dancing on a stage she would be on the street out in front of a bar trying to get men to buy her drinks and then either fuck her upstairs or take her to their hotel rooms. What men didn't know is that when they chatted up Candy they had hit the jackpot.  Any time she was working a bar she had strict instructions to accept any offered price, including free, and once she was alone with a man she was not allowed to say "no" to anything.  There are always guys looking for a girl who "likes it rough," and would be drawn to Candy's bruises, welts, and black eye like moths to a flame. Put all of that together and Candy knew that getting slapped around and forcibly raped would be a nightly thing until she healed enough to go back to dancing on stage.

I also had fun fucking with her head while the marks healed.  I'd comment on the bruises, ask her if she got off on being beaten to a pulp, then tell her repeatedly that she was so ugly and gross that I didn't think she'd ever be able to get me hard again. I would tell her that her ungrateful misbehavior made her as ugly on the inside as her body was on the outside. I let her know repeatedly that I was an inch away from throwing her out and giving her room to a girl who deserved it.  To add teeth to that threat, most mornings when she got back from being raped all night for pocket change she found me in her bed fucking some other girl.  I would make her bring us food and drinks, fetch toys, run baths, give the girls I was fucking massages and similar tasks. Then I would make her sit in the corner of the room and just watch us fuck.  Sometimes she would masturbate.  Other times she did not.  I didn't pay her a moment's attention.  When I was done with my whore du jour, we would leave her a torn up bed that was damp from cum and piss and sweat and that smelled like me and sex.

When she was finally able to dance again I simply ignored her for two weeks.  By the end of that time she was panicked and desperate to somehow recapture my attention and affection. The stage was set for awakening new levels of darkness and corruption in my helpless, hapless little toy.

Recall that when our paths crossed Candy was petite, busty, gorgeous, and far too full of herself for her own good.  She came to my attention when she tried to blackmail a very wealthy and well connected man with photos of a VIP room blow job.  My contract with said gentleman was in the high six figures, and included making the difficulty go away, providing him with an opportunity to take his lust and ire out on her firm nubile flesh, then making certain that she never become a problem for him again.

Let's face it.  As long as there have been powerful men, there have been powerful men who were stupid enough to allow themselves to be compromised by their dalliances. The object lesson of the story is that when doing your cock's bidding behind someone's back, you are a lot more likely to get away with it if you think with your brain and not with your balls or ego.  If the guy in question had spoken with me first instead of propositioning a stripper he would have gotten a hell of a lot more than a blow job for a small fraction of his final price, and never had to worry about the missus finding out.

I have made a very good life for myself, in part by dealing with such inconveniences with extreme prejudice.  But that is only a part of my business model.  In addition to contracted kidnappings I acquire beautiful young women in a variety of ways.  I use them to make available services and experiences not found in even the most heinous of sexual black markets.  As you've gathered by now I produce pornography to suit the tastes of men whose lives would be ruined if those tastes were known.  I supply trafficking and white slavery rings with prime meat that few can safely acquire any other way.  The list goes on.  Basically, if you want to do something to one or more sexually appealing young women, no matter how depraved, cruel, inhuman, sadistic, or just downright fucked up, I can make it happen, then clean up the mess when you are done.

All of these services come at a very high price to my clientele, who by the nature of the enterprise rely upon my discretion.  For $10 million I'll set you up for a month with two girls to your specification in a secluded mountain compound with a fully equipped Medieval dungeon, along with a way to contact me when it's time to collect the bodies. If you haven't gotten it out of your system after that, for a discounted fee of $8 million I'll bring up two more girls and give you another month.  It's amazing how many men take me up on the bonus month.  Just don't let a girl escape or try to contact the external world in any way, and don't disclose what happened to anyone else without my expressed permission.  If you do your wife and daughter are likely to find themselves my guests in the near future, with you forced to be the one who shows them a good time.

Unsurprisingly, many of my clients are powerful men with political and government connections.  On the rare occasion when someone gets curious about a missing woman, body parts found in a shallow grave, or a true snuff film turning up on 4chan, a word from me and any investigation goes away.  Many of my clients pay regular and very tidy fees to make certain that their secrets remain safe with me.  Strict confidentiality is a subscription service. That might sound like blackmail, but blackmail doesn't capture the flavor of those arrangements.  It is more correct to say that I cater to extreme tastes that cannot be safely satisfied in any other way;  my clients are more than happy with and can afford retainers adequate to indefinitely support my lavish standard of living.  I deliver what I promise.  I don't break confidences.  And as long as you don't try to fuck me over, you have nothing to worry about from me.

And if you do try to fuck me over?  That only happened once.  After dealing with the threat itself I showed the gentleman in question a video that made it very clear that he would never see his college aged twin daughters again.  It took them a very, very long time to die, and he watched every last minute of the process. He had two other daughters who were just as lovely.  He watched them being raped to death tied to a chair right there in the room with them.  I made certain that word of his misfortune circulated widely among my clients and other associates.  Six months later he turned up dead himself. The news reported it as a well known man dying from autoerotic asphyxiation.  Subsequent investigation of his business revealed that tens of millions of dollars had been embezzled, then sent overseas to untraceable foreign bank accounts.  What remained of his family found themselves on the street, facing possible criminal charges and endless lawsuits from his investors.

In Oceans 11, Reuben says of Terry Benedict, "He'll kill you.  Then he'll go to work on you."  That's me, and everyone knows it.  Like I said, there was only one time someone tried to fuck me over.  I don't anticipate that it will happen again.

I suppose that I need to say a word or two about Jeffrey Epstein, lest you imagine that there is some similarity between my operation and the clown car he ran.  Yes, Epstein had tons of cash, but he was a social climbing idiot.  You won't catch me showing up at public events and presenting underage whores to members of the British Royal Family while the paparazzi flash away.  I don't hang out at gaudy, tasteless travesties like Mar-A-Lago or rub elbows with indiscrete narcissistic lunatics like Donald Trump.  My name is not found on the letterhead of any charitable organizations. Epstein may as well have stood up, waved a flag, and screamed, "Arrest me, I'm a pervert!"

I am the opposite of that. I live under the radar.  My holdings are spread out across nations around the world, each managed by accountants and investment managers who see only tiny pieces of the whole. None of those even know my name, and don't want to know the nature of my business. The shell companies that I use cannot be linked either to each other or to any enterprise with which I am publicly associated. The countries where I operate have three things in common: (1) a US passport allows one to travel about freely, (2) local officials stay bought, especially when bribes come from local criminal organizations known for trafficking and violence, and (3) they are home to many particularly beautiful, vulnerable and preferably petite women. Each holding has a local manager who is responsible for operations and security.  They have all been vetted very, very carefully.  They are extremely capable and intelligent.  They are paid very well.  And they all have the sorts of vulnerabilities that leave them far more concerned about me than anything a law enforcement agency might do to them. As I mentioned above, anyone who has dealings with me understands that given a choice between suicide and fucking with me, suicide is the right answer.

Epstein on the other hand...  Of course they caught him!  And once they caught him the only question was who among his wealthy, powerful, vulnerable friends would get to him first.  Did Epstein really hang himself?  Was it all just a problem with poor oversight at New York State prisons?  Right.  Go ahead.  Pull the other one.

Officially I run a modest IT consulting firm that provides security services. The firm is 100% legit, employs two dozen first rate coders with good benefits and a retirement plan, and produces sufficient above board income to pay for a nice home in the US Virgin Islands. I pay my taxes on time, and don't do business with anyone who has their fingers in shady pies.  The business also provides me with perfect cover for consulting trips that take me all over the world.

Which brings us back to Thailand and Candy.  She was in her room getting ready to go dance at the club.  She was stunning.  I have to give the girl credit.  She understands dressing and making herself up to be a sexy slut the way that Yo Yo Ma understands playing the cello.  I came up behind her as she was doing a final check in front of a full length mirror.  I moved up against her, nibbled her neck, reached around, and lightly brushed my fingers over the hard nipples pushing out through the diaphanous fabric of her wrap around top.  Then I brought my left hand up to her neck, holding it firmly but not aggressively.  With my right hand I traced a path lightly down her body, the touch barely a breath against her skin, and whispered in her ear.

"Look at that girl in the mirror.  I think that she's a slut.  What do you think?"

She shuddered slightly at my touch, and quietly answered, "Yes Sir.  I think the girl in the mirror is a hopeless, nasty, cum hungry slut, Sir."

I slid my knee between her legs, parting them slightly, then pulled up the front of her tight short skirt, exposing the gap at the top of her legs and the curved perfectly smooth lips of her naked vulva.  I brushed the lips very very lightly, ending with the barest of touches to her clit.

"What do you suppose she is thinking right now?  Hmmm?"  I nibbled her ear.

"Oh Sir... I don't know if she can think.  She looks frozen, Sir, afraid to think or move because it might shatter the perfection of the moment."

"I see.  So perhaps the man should guide her hand for her."  I took her hand in mine and brought it behind her, placing her palm against the rock hard bulge in my pants. "There.  What do you suppose she is thinking now."

She gently caressed my cock through my pants, slowly moving her hand along the length of my shaft, then cupping my balls.  "Oh, Sir... I think she must be very wet, Sir.  I think she loves the man very much.  I think that the feel of him in her hand is so wonderful that she wants to cry.  I also think she is afraid to ask the man to take her because she does not want to be disrespectful. But she wants him to take her.  I think that feeling him there is making her knees weak with desire to show him how much she loves him, Sir."

I slightly tightened my grip on her neck, released her hand, leaving it holding my cock, and reached back between her legs.  When I used a finger to part her inner lips she squeezed her thighs and dripped thick smooth cream on my finger and palm.  I moved my finger up slowly, taking forever, then finally and oh so lightly brushed my slick fingertip along the bottom of her throbbing clit.  Her knees buckled slightly, and I had to help support her by pulling her back against me.

"How much do you think she loves him, Candy?  What would she do to show him that she loves him?"

Candy gasped.  "Oh god, Sir.  Look at her eyes, Sir.  Look at the passion and the need and the love in her eyes.  I think that she would do anything to show him how much she loves him.  I think that she would do whatever he asked, Sir.  Her eyes say that he is her world, Sir.  She will never be worthy of him, Sir, but I don't think there is anything she wouldn't to show him her devotion."

"What would the girl do if she knew the man needed to piss, Candy?  Is she such a nasty slut that she wants to drink his piss just to taste him?  Is she such a sick filthy whore that she would beg him to use her as his urinal?  Would she gulp down his thick foul smelling piss like it is ambrosia, all to show him there are no limits to her devotion?"

Tears of joy were running down her cheeks.  "Oh god, Sir... I am your urinal.  I am whatever you want me to be.  Oh fuck, Sir... drinking your piss from your cock... I don't deserve such a gift Sir.  How I love you Sir.  How the girl... how she... how I... Oh fuck...  fuck..."

I took her clit between my finger and thumb and rolled it slightly.  She cried out, bit her lip, panted, and made a very visible effort to hold back the orgasm that was already trying to take her.  I whispered in her ear again.

"No, Candy.  Not yet.  I need to piss."

She pushed her ass back against my crotch, then slowly squatted lower, sliding her body sensuously along my front.  When she was all the way down she turned and pushed back up, cupping her breasts in her hand, pinching her own nipples, and brushing them back and forth over the bulge in my pants.  Finally when she felt my urgency she put her lips against the bulge and licked through my pants as she unbuckled my belt. With her hands behind me cupping my ass she took my zipper in her teeth and slowly pulled it down.  A slight tug to my waist band and my pants slid down my legs.  She helped me step out of them, then turned her attention to the task at hand.

My bladder was about to explode.  I needed desperately to piss, but my cock was so hard and throbbing that the piss wouldn't flow.  She clearly enjoyed teasing me, stroking my balls and using the tip of her tongue along the head and sensitive underside of my cock.  Finally she settled back on her heels, put her hands submissively behind her back, placed her open mouth just at the head of my cock, and quietly looked up at me.

I stood there for some time, lightly brushing fingers through her hair, my cock still too hard to allow the piss to flow.  Only after I had relaxed and focused on my breath for a minute or two did my urine finally begin to flow, slowly at first, then picking up speed and volume.

Candy responded by taking me in her mouth, gently massaging my cock with her tongue, and gulping down the thick yellow piss as quickly and smoothly as she could. In porn films they typically show a man pissing into a woman's open mouth, letting her swallow some but spill the rest.  That is because they are performing for the camera. But when it is just two people, there are few things as sensual and intimate as a woman taking a man's cock in her mouth, closing her lips, and draining his bladder dry, sucking and swallowing as the stream flows directly into her throat.

As the stream ebbed I grabbed her hair and pulled her further down onto my cock, then began to fuck her face.  Slowly at first I slid my cock down deeper with each stroke, finally pushing all the way down her throat, pressing my balls against her chin.  I held her there as she tried to breathe around me.  It is a bit sad that she has had her gag reflex throat fucked out of her. At the same time it felt lovely as she slid her tongue out and licked my balls while still struggling to breathe. When I finally pulled my cock out of her throat she gasped for air, but before she could complete the breath I drove my cock back into her throat and again held it there.  Sooner this time I pulled it out and drove it back in, reaching around and hitting the back of her head hard to push her further down still.  Out and in.  Then again, picking up the pace, until what had started as her sensuously swallowing my piss became a brutal throat fucking.

I had not cum that day, and could easily have blown a load then and there, put instead I pulled her off of my cock and slapped her around for a minute or so.  I pulled her back into a standing position, then grabbed her with one hand on her throat and the other on the back of her neck.  I squeezed hard, roughly shoving my open hand harder into her neck, holding her there with the hand behind, cutting off the flow of blood to her brain.  I looked directly into her eyes.  She returned the gaze, eyes still filled with passion and love, until her eyes rolled back into her head.

Still holding her by the neck I dragged her to the bed and threw her on her back with her head hanging off of the side. I slapped her back and forth until she regained consciousness, confused at where she was, body jerking.  When I was sure she was in control enough not to bite me I drove my cock back into her throat.  With her head hanging like that it was a straight push.  I ripped open her whore's top, grabbed her tits, and used them to keep her sliding across the bed as I drove myself into her throat using my full weight.

She could not breathe as I raped her throat.  Now it was air that she needed desperately, but I kept it up until she panicked and began to struggle for her life. When she finally reached up with her hands to try to push me back I grabbed her arms, pinned them to the bed, and pushed even harder.  It took another minute before she stopped struggling and again passed out.  When she came to I had rolled her over onto her front, pulled off her skirt, and was pounding her ass with my cock. I fucked her brutally, and she began to moan with ecstasy, crying out.

"Oh fuck... ugh... ugh... fuck... Sir... oh shit... thank... ugh... ohhh... thank you... thank you Sir... use me... yes... use me Sir.  I am yours to use... God yes... yes... Jesus... I love... love you... ugh... love you so much...  yes... oh Sir... Sir... ohhhh... oh Sir...  OHHH... May I Sir?  Please, may I?"

I pulled out, flipped her over, and threw her all the way onto the bed.  I climbed between her legs, and pulled them up high and wide.  She wrapped them around me and pulled me to her as I drove my cock into her cunt.  I resumed my brutal pace, and watched as her face contorted in agony as she struggled to keep from cumming.

"Go ahead, bitch.  Cum like the little piece of shit whore that you were born to be!"

Instantly her mouth opened in a silent "Ohhh" and she let the orgasm take her.  But as it did I again grabbed her throat, squeezing the carotid arteries.  She was already holding her breath as she bared down, and as the orgasm reached it's peak she passed out, her body shuddering violently.  I slapped her until she came to and resumed my pace.  She had no control this time, and after a few seconds the orgasm began to take her again.  I repeated what I had done, strangling her as the orgasm neared its peak, and again she lost consciousness as she came.  When she woke again a few seconds later I could see in her eyes that she had no awareness of where she was, but the confusion was mixed with overwhelming pleasure.  Her orgasm continued, rapidly taking her, and again I choked her out as it hit in full force.  Each time as she passed out her legs squeezed and her vagina became a vice, urging me on as I fucked her more and more brutally.

The cycle went on.  I have no idea how many times I choked her out, but she had become nothing but a mindless animal in the throws of a mix of terror and ecstasy.  Finally I felt my own orgasm taking hold and came in great floods deep in her cunt.  My orgasm went on and on as I shook her by the throat, intoxicated by the way she continued to twitch.  Finally my orgasm passed.  I released her throat and collapsed on top of her, breathing hard from the exertion, and relaxed into the afterglow.  She twitched all over as she came back around, and slowly found herself again.  Without a word she put her arms around me and buried her face in my neck, breathing in my scent.

We lay like that for a time, until I roused enough to roll over onto my back and she tucked herself up against me.  Laying there together as though we were lovers I felt her lightly brushing her fingertips over my chest.  I smiled to myself, knowing that she was overwhelmed   by powerful emotions, losing herself in her love and devotion.  Tomorrow I would put that devotion to the test.

When I woke her up the next morning she was still in the tatters of the top I had ripped open the night before. I had already showered and dressed. The remains of a hearty breakfast sat on a tray on the table.  I served the girl her morning's protein with my cock, gave her her morning fix with a shot between the toes, then left her to a small plate with a modest portion of fruit, a roll, and a pitcher containing my strong first-of-the-day piss.

Nodding at the table I gave her simple instructions.  "Eat, shower, then make yourself up.  Wear a bikini.  Sexy, revealing, but acceptable to wear on the beach. Wedge platform sandals, again suitable for walking on the beach.  Be downstairs in an hour.  We're going hunting."

At night Beach Road in Pattaya is lined with freelancers, the local term for prostitutes who are not owned/employed by bars or clubs.  They are not typically prime meat.  The most attractive freelancers find clients on the ThaiFriendly app.  The street freelancers are cheap and typically more willing to be used in nastier ways than other girls.  But that is not what we were there for. 

During the day, Pattaya beach is just another beach, frequented by both tourists and Thai girls, including those who work in Bangkok and make the trip to Pattaya Beach to get away.  It is not the most spectacular beach along the northern Gulf of Thailand, but given Pattaya's party atmosphere it is not a bad place to spot sexy women.  My driver dropped us off on the south end of the beach near Walking Street.  We walked north hand in hand, marking us as a typical Farang who had hired a girlfriend for his stay.  In other words we blended right in.  As we walked I explained what we were there for.

"Candy, I want you to point out sexy girls while we walk.  I want to find out what kind of eye you have for potential prey.  You know the kinds of woman who attract my attention, and you also know the city well enough to pick out girls who might disappear without too much of a fuss.  Best to find a small group; three would be ideal.  We are looking for the kind of girls who you might hang with, and who might accept an invitation to go party with you if you promised them good coke and X."

It took Candy a moment to respond.  "Yes, Sir.  But Sir, I feel a little funny about approaching girls, knowing the kinds of things you will do to them.  I understand. I love you, and this is what you do, what you did for me.  But... it might be difficult.  Right now they are just girls with lives and friends..."

I stopped abruptly.  We were in public, and a beating would have attracted the wrong kind of attention.  I had expected this, though. It's hardly surprising that a piece of used submissive meat would have second thoughts about serving me as a sexual predator.

I looked at her sternly, showing my disappointment.  "Be careful, Candy.  Last night you said that you love me and would do anything for me.  Am I correct that all of that was a lie?  Were you lying to me, Candy?  Are you really that fucking ungrateful?  I am giving you a chance to serve me as few girls are allowed to do.  And you are trying to back away?  Fuck.  You don't give a shit about pleasing me."

Hard fear showed on her face.  She had dreamed of the night we just spent together, but had never really imagined that it would happen.  Now she couldn't help but dream that I might actually care for her.  She had let herself hope that out of all the girls who came and went at the compound that she might be special.  Had she just thrown all of that away?  She quickly responded, backtracking.

"I'm sorry Sir.  Of course I will serve you in any way!  Of course I will do as you say!  I was only thinking out loud, Sir.  It is just that this is new for me.  Girls are yours to take if you want them.  I know that.  It is the order of things, Sir.  They are yours to do with as you will!  I love you, Sir, so much.  I was just...  My silly feelings don't matter here. Thank you, Sir, for giving me the chance to grow!  I'm sorry, Sir!  I'm so sorry!  I won't question you again, Sir. Please, Sir...  Please, Sir..."

She was in tears, visibly shaking.  I might have called her a worthless, stupid, piece of shit, ungrateful bitch, reinforcing her terror.  Instead I stood quietly, waiting for her to process.  It was important that she see what was to come not as coercion, but as choice.  She would not be forced to lure beautiful, vital women so I might use them, sell them, sacrifice them, destroy them.  Rather she, Candy, the person, would choose to do those things.  I allowed her the perception of agency, so that when she the time came for her to participate in sending these women to Hell, she would have to accept that she did so of her own free will.

Candy was not unintelligent, and I had chosen a different path for her than for most of the women who find themselves in my world.  Instead of  turning her into a piece of broken, brain dead, used cunt meat, I had groomed her to be a filthy, depraved, masochistic, but self aware piece of used cunt meat.  She cowered for a few moments, then took a breath and calmed herself.  Finally she looked back at me with a new... what?  Maturity, perhaps?

In that moment I spoke to her strategically, manipulating her by engaging her as a true person. "When you came to me it was not because you had blackmailed a man.  It was because instead of simply taking his money you chose to humiliate him, to humiliate his wife, and to damage his family.  You paid a price for that.  Never have you come closer to death than you did at his hands.  The only reason that he didn't kill you is that he feared me.  But that does not change the fact that cruelty and deception come easily to you, and give you pleasure.  They did then, just as they do now."

Even though we were in public I casually slid my hand into the bottom of her bikini and curled my fingers up into her cunt.  She whimpered.  When I pulled the fingers out I held them up for her to see.  They glistened with her cream.  She looked at the fingers and the truth they gave to my words.  Then without further bidding she took the fingers in her mouth and slowly licked and sucked them clean, savoring the taste of the evil that was clearly a part of her.

When she had finished she looked at me not just with terror and adoration, but with a new kind of respect.  "You see me as what I am.  I exist to serve and please you in whatever way you would have me do so.  You honor me, Sir."

I took her hand and we resumed our walk northward.  She scanned the beach, looking for girls who I would take pleasure in defiling and destroying.

It was an uncharacteristically beautiful, sunny day for this time of year, offering a break from the monsoon.  The beach was crowded with groups of all types, from families to freelancers sunning themselves, making themselves available should any men care to ask.  Candy attracted more than her share of lustful glances, but as she was with me, no one approached to solicit her services.  She pointed out a number of young women, but I kept walking, noting things that she had missed that made them unsuitable.  In some instances they were simply not hot enough or were too old to bother with.  In other instances it looked like they might have some degree of wealth, or might be waiting for a boyfriend to return.  We were looking for girls who would not be immediately missed, and that no one of importance would come looking for.  There was no reason to settle for prey that was less than ideal.

I didn't really think we would find victims worth taking so quickly, but when we reached Central Road, Candy pointed out a promising group of three girls lying on towels, giggling and passing around a joint.  They were speaking English rather than Thai, which is a plus. Two of the girls had Thai accents, while the third sounded like she was fresh in from Malibu.  Valley girls are uncommon in Pattaya.  Perhaps she was a student or just on vacation, but my guess was local friends in Bangkok had brought her to Pattaya to show her the infamous sex tourism capital of the world.

I wonder sometimes what the good God fearing folk of the Midwestern United States would say if they knew that the same squeaky clean companies that run wholesome family friendly establishments in their cloistered vanilla worlds also happily and knowingly cater to whores and whore mongers.  Take Holiday Inn, for example.  There is a Holiday Inn located among Pattaya's most active red light districts.  The hotel is "guest friendly." That means that they are perfectly happy if you bring "unregistered guests," AKA whores to your room, so long as the girl leaves her National ID card at the front desk.  Alas, they want to be sure that she's at least 18.  When you arrive, step up to the counter with her. No need to be embarrassed. They know what you are there for. Half the rooms in the hotel have local girls spreading their legs for Farang cock. They will make a note of the room number where she will be getting fucked.  When she leaves, before they give her ID card back they will call your room and confirm that all is well. Mostly that means they will call to be sure she hasn't stolen anything.

The first girl is free, but if you want to party with more than one girl at a time they will probably add $10 to your tab to pay for the extra towels.

Anyway, the point is that if you Google "Holiday Inn reservations," the link promises "Family Friendly Hotels Worldwide."  The reality is that Holiday Inn is an active participant in the Thailand sex trade with official policies making it a safe and convenient place for guests to fuck the shit out of Thai girl whores.  Or Thai ladyboys, for that matter.  Not my thing, but no one will think twice if that's the side you bat for.  As for the girls themselves, you can use a sweet twenty-something as a cock sleeve for an hour or so for about $50.  Hotter girls cost more, but the hottest whore you find will still cost you far less than anything in the US that you would let anywhere near your cock.

I mention Holiday Inn only because of their overall squeaky clean reputation, but they are not alone.  The same is true of countless companies.  Walk down Soi 6 and you can have your pick of literally hundreds of scantily clad bar girls who want nothing more than to spread their legs for you.  When you've found your piece of ass for the night, pop out onto Beach Road, turn right and grab a burger at McDonalds, or walk a little further and eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.  After you've had some protein and chatted up your whore, another hundred yards or so and there you are at the entrance of a hotel that looks straight out of someplace like downtown Tulsa, but that makes its money as a play room for miles of open air bordello.

You say that you don't like Holiday Inn? Turn the other direction and you can get the same service at the Hilton.  Along the way grab a steak at Sizzler, and maybe bop over to the DQ on First Road for a Blizzard. Looking to share a pizza while you recover before your second pop? Domino's delivers.  Don't ask me why, but there is even a Hooters.  Want to know a company involved in the sex trade?  Open the Yellow Pages and stick a pin anywhere in the hotel or travel listings. Bingo.

Yes, there's a Holiday Inn and a Hilton in Pattaya.  Yes, they will be happy when you bring a whore back to your room.  BUT DON'T STAY THERE!  PLEASE!  Support the local economy.  Foreign hotels also overcharge.  The locally owned hotels are both better and less expensive.  For example, Page 10 Hotel on Soi 10 has a really good restaurant downstairs, and nice rooms for $50 a night.  You can pay for a nightly sexy petite piece of Thai ass in your bed with what you save on the room. And for Christ sake, don't eat at the fucking Hard Rock!  For a few bucks you can get far more delicious food from a street vendor.  Each one only fixes a few things, and if they weren't good they wouldn't be in business.  The best fried noodles I ever had cost me $3 from a vendor in an alley off of Walking Street.  If you want something fancier, check out 3 Mermaids up on the hill.  They have cozy tables with wicker love seats and large webbed hammocks where you can curl up and finger fuck your very impressed and grateful whore while you enjoy a gorgeous view of the bay.  It might be possible to spend $100 for a meal there if you order an extra entrée or two and buy lots of drinks. She'll feel like royalty. 

I mention all of this only to make the point that there are more things in the world than are dreamt of in a rube's philosophy.  Be flexible on dates and you might find that you can be on the ground at Suvarnabhumi airport for a little over $1,000.  Don't take your wife or girlfriend along, unless of course she is very open minded and likes pussy as much as you do.  But if you do take a girl to share the local meat with, don't leave her on the beach.  Remember that I'm watching.

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  When we reached Central Road, Candy spotted two hot Thai girls and their Valley girl friend stretched out on towels sunbathing, giggling, and smoking weed.  I nodded, then walked the 50 feet or so in their direction and stretched out on a beach chair that was close enough that I could just overhear parts of the conversation.

Despite her initial hesitation, Candy easily took to her new role.  She waited a few minutes to avoid the impression that we were together, then walked up and introduced herself.  She said that she'd been bopping around SE Asia on Daddy's money and was looking for cool girls to hang with.  There was a lot of talk about hot guys, the local party scene, and places to go next.  It turned out that these three girls had met each other clubbing in Phuket about a week earlier, wound up in a bed together, then decided to ditch the guys they were with and see the country.  Candy said, "Perfect!," and within about half an hour was part of the crew.  The three were especially happy for Candy to join because they were on shoe string budgets and were mostly staying at hostels. Candy, on the other hand, clearly had a bank roll.

These girls were a find.  Not only were they hot, they were also nasty.  They had given themselves nicknames that fit their current missions in life.  Valley girl was "Vaj."  She was a busty blonde with curvy hips wearing a sheer yellow microkini with a teardrop top and G string bottom. The thong back disappeared completely between the cheeks of her firm bubble ass, leaving her with a sexy whale tail that underlined a cute but simple Squealer-font tramp stamp that read "Dirty Girl."  The tiny patch of fabric covering her pussy was all but nonexistent; when she raised up on her knees it pulled up tight, tucking inside her outer lips.  She did not seem to mind.

Vaj stood about 5'6", which left her towering over her two Thai friends. Both Thai girls wore only slightly more modest side tie bikinis with triangle tops.  The girl who immediately caught my eye brought to mind the Bob Sager lyrics, "She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes; And points all her own sitting way up high; Way up firm and high." She looked to be the edgiest of the lot, with a fierce colorful dragon tattoo breathing fire across her upper right breast, then wrapping around her back with the tail following the curve of her hip, tucking in along the side of her vulva, then tapering away as it wrapped around her upper thigh.  Their nickname for her was High, which they explained was really hǐi, the Thai word for cunt.  And since she was usually fucked up on something, the name fit.

Sumsum looked like a typical Thai bar girl, more cute than voluptuous, but not a girl you would kick out of bed for eating crackers. She was skinny and had nice but smaller tits, a more Asian face, and hair that was died purple. Her nickname came from a Thai word that loosely translates as "filthy slut."  Both Thai girls carried 5 row ha taew tattoos on their shoulders.  Ha taew tattoos, which are ubiquitous in Thailand, are Buddhist blessings meant to keep enemies away, bring good fortune, and remove bad karma.

So much for the effectiveness of tattoos of Buddhist blessings.

Candy had learned many things while working as the most heavily tipped stripper at a club known for its hot girls, not the least of which was how to use seduction to get what she was after. When High asked if anybody had any more coke, Candy looked directly at her, slid a hand inside her bikini top, played with her own nipple for a moment, then pulled out a small vial. She did not break eye contact as she tapped some coke out onto the back of her hand and snorted it. Then instead of passing the vial to High she lay back and sprinkled a couple of lines on her tight abdomen, closed her eyes, and went back to playing with hard nipples poking out through the fabric of the tiny cloth triangles. High did not waste a moment, eagerly bending down and breathing in the powder off of Candy's body, then licking her fingers, running them over Candy's abs to pick up the remains, and rubbing it into her gums.

Candy smiled at High, then looked at Sumsum and poured two lines along the inside curve of her hip, just above the string of her bikini. She sensually tightened her ass and lifted her thighs up off the towel, squeezing and pinching her nipples more aggressively.  Lust showed on Sumsum's face as she smiled, bent forward, and slowly ran her tongue down Candy's stomach, sniffing in the coke as she reached it.  Then she used her lips and tongue to tease Candy as she licked up the last of the white powder.

Candy remained like that for a moment, breathing deeply, clearly aroused, before she lowered her hips and looked at Vaj.  Vaj was mesmerized, perhaps unaware that she was already playing with her own nipple.  This time Candy spread her legs, knees in the air, and poured two generous portions of cocaine to either side of the crotch of her bikini bottoms. Then she used her fingernails to slowly draw the powder out along the valleys where inner thighs flowed into the outer lips of her vulva.  Vaj licked her lips before laying down with her head between Candy's open legs, sliding her hands under Candy's ass and lifting her slightly so that she directly faced the girl's spread cunt.  Vaj extended her tongue and licked upward along the thin tight fabric covering Candy's taint, finishing with a series of teasing flicks of her clit. Candy breathed in deep and shuddered. When Candy released the breath, Vaj tipped her head to one side and moved back down, inhaling the drug while still drawing her tongue along the patch of fabric.  She repeated the process on the other side, then used the tip of her tongue to explore Candy's inner thighs, licking up the remainder of the coke.  She didn't stop there, though. Instead, Candy reached down and pulled the girl's head deeper against her.  Vaj placed her open mouth over the top of the cleft of Candy's vulva, and went to work with her tongue.  Candy spread her arms and pushed her fingers down into the sand, balling her hands into tight fists and holding on.  The other girls joined in, Sumsum  using her fingertips to lightly explore the curves of Candy's body while High lay beside Candy and began to kiss her passionately. It took only a half a minute or so before Candy tensed, tilted her head back, bit her lip, curled her toes, lifted her upper body, and let out a soft whimpering moan. 

The sight of four beautiful, scantily clad young women having a sensuous impromptu lesbian encounter on a public beach was gloriously erotic.  Candy is a vocal girl, and I can only imagine the effort that it took not to let out a scream that would have turned the heads of everyone along the full length of the beach. Those who were close enough to notice were unable to look away from the show.  One young man sitting near me had slipped his hand into his companion's bikini bottom and she had slipped her hand into his swimsuit, both working eagerly to please the other.  After Candy's orgasm passed Vaj sat back up, looked around in a daze, and was met by spontaneous and appreciative applause.  Realizing what had just happened, the four girls all blushed furiously. Even though she was still recovering from her orgasm, Candy seized the moment.  She stood up and in theatrical fashion bowed several times to the audience like a diva accepting a curtain call. Then all four girls burst out laughing.

Instead of sitting back down, Candy looked at the others and simply said, "I have a nice room, a big bed, a spectacular view, and more coke and sexy toys than Lindsay Lohan. Shall we?"  Without a word the other three girls started gathering up their stuff.  Candy pulled a phone out of her bag, opened up the Bolt app, then a short time later announced that a taxi was on its way.  Needless to say she had not arranged a taxi at all, but had called one of my men who was waiting with a van when the four reached the street.

I knew that Candy had promise, but was honestly stunned at the enthusiasm and initiative that she had shown. There had been no need for her to try to persuade the three gorgeous young sluts to come with her.  She knew full well that she was leading the girls into a fate quite literally worse than death, a physical, sexual and psychological hell from which they would never escape.  Just a short time ago she was shaking in horror from the thought and looking for a way out. But now she had the girls eagerly trailing behind her like groupies after a rock star. The look on her face said that she recognized the power that she had, and liked it.

There had been three other men in the back of the van ready to subdue the girls as soon as they climbed in, but I messaged them and said that only the driver was needed.  Then I messaged Candy.  "Your show. Impress me."  As soon as the van with the girls drove away, my driver pulled up and took me to the compound along a faster route than the van. I wanted to be there in plenty of time to look over events.  If things seemed like they might be going sideways I would have the girls securely captive in moments, but I was deeply curious to see what Candy's end game would be.

When the girls arrived at the estate their jaws dropped.  Yes, they knew that Candy had said that she had money, but they had expected nothing like this.  As they drove through tall gates onto the walled property they saw a three story teak mansion with traditional curved slopping roofs. The architecture was traditional, but the scale was not. At something over 35,000 square feet, "palace" was perhaps a better term than mansion.  The three newcomers' exclamations can be summarized as a collective, "HOLY FUCK!," but Candy was low key and matter of fact.  She invited them in, but instead of showing them around she kissed High, then took Vaj and Sumsum by the hands and led the three girls through the entry room, alongside a large Candy clear pool, and finally through open doors into a separate building containing a single huge suite.

This room was nothing like Candy's modest quarters. It was huge and for the most part dark.  The only light in the room illuminated a huge oval bed, easily twice King size. Candy was allowed no toys or drugs in her room.  Even touching herself without permission was cause for severe punishment. She owned no rights to her own pleasure; those belonged to me and me alone. But in this suite, normally reserved for my most special of guests, a large polished wooden table chest of draws wrapped around the head of the bed held a cornucopia of drugs, sex toys of all sorts, and a wide selection of bondage gear. Through the partially open door of a large armoire at the edge of the illuminated space there were hints of sexy and exotic clothes, leather, and a collection of spectacular heels. 

There were no windows in the room. What was not apparent to the eye was that the room had thick steel walls.  In addition to being completely soundproof, the suite was also a Faraday cage, shielding out any radio or microwave signals.  Once the girls had gotten into the van their cell phones had been scrambled, and remained so in the house. There was no digital trail to mark their disappearance. Now they were not scrambled, they were blind.  As far as the rest of the world was concerned, they had ceased to exist.  Once the door to the room closed it was as secure and impermeable as any dungeon on the planet.

Continued Below
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Candy had gotten them here; their fate was sealed.  Watching on closed circuit camera, I expected that as the door closed behind them they would freak out.  There were several men hidden in the shadows ready to step in as needed.  But these girls had not been led here by a man they distrusted.  They had come here with a hot girl their own age, who they'd done coke with and all but fucked on the beach. This was their amazing new friend Candy, the Pied Piper, and there seemed to be no end to the wonders that she had to show them.

Acting the perfect hostess, Candy walked over to the chest by the bed and cut four pairs of lines of white powder on a silver rimmed mirror.  The first two lines were for her.  They were cocaine heavily cut with harmless baking powder.  She would find the drug pleasurable but far from disorienting. The other six very generous lines were altogether different.  They were a mixture of cocaine, crystal meth, fentanyl, and MDMA, blended to melt the world into a mental cloud of euphoria, desire, and suggestibility.  She used an elegant cut glass straw for her hit, then kissed Vaj deeply before passing her the straw.

Again, I was impressed that Candy had read the situation well.  Vaj was the other foreign girl, along with Candy, and if she accepted the drug then the two Thai girls would feel that they had no choice but to follow their lead.  Vaj looked back at Candy with just a moment's hesitation, then gave in to the already powerful connection she was beginning to feel and snorted the powder.  Her eyes went a bit wide, and she shook her head slightly.  But then she smiled, looked at Candy, and whispered, "Holy fuck!"  Candy kissed Vaj again, then took the straw and handed it to High, who didn't hesitate for an instant. High looked up with an almost silly grin and said, "More, please?"  Sumsum was apparently less experienced with drugs, because when she snorted her first line she sneezed and jerked back a bit, looking confused and slightly alarmed.  But then she leaned in and did the second line.

Before I took her, Candy was a stripper and a damned good one. Here she used all of her skills as she slowly removed her bikini, teased her own nipples, stroked her clit, and then fingered her own cunt as the other girls watched. When she was fully nude she stepped forward and kissed both Sumsum and High deeply, placed one's hand into the other and gently drew them to face each other.  The two girls, beginning to feel the drugs more strongly, fell into each other, kissing and groping as they toppled into the bed.

With the two Thai girls lost in each other, Candy turned to Vaj and took her in her arms, kissing her slowly, sensuously, and letting the moment build. When Vaj started trying to press her cunt against Candy's thigh, Candy undid the other girl's top, then dropped to her knees and slid Vaj's G string down her legs and helped her step out of them.  Then she nestled up between Vaj's thighs and began to repay the girl for her earlier service.  Candy found Vaj's clit and went to work with light teasing flicks of her tongue over the tip and underside of the hard bud. After only a few moments Vaj's knees almost buckled as an orgasm started to build. Instead of pushing her over Candy pulled back, looked up, shook her finger and said, "Oh, no, not yet naughty girl. You don't get to do that until I say so." Then Candy stood, pushed Vaj backwards onto the bed, and stood there looking down on the girl with the expression of a hawk considering how best to dismember the mouse caught in its talons.

I was watching the action from a nearby room, and laughed out loud at what had happened.  This girl was a fucking natural!  I wondered what kind of cruel, sadistic, cock teasing, ball crushing dominatrix this girl might have grown up to be if I hadn't found her first!  When the day was done I would have to think carefully about how best to put her talents to use.

Instead of climbing into bed, Candy laid down two more lines on the mirror and set them down on the bed beside Vaj, then stared at the girl before using her eyes to gesture at the drugs.  Vaj looked at Candy quizzically, but then obeyed the unspoken order.  Holding the sides of her nose with one finger at a time, she leaned down and snorted a line with each nostril.  As she felt the drugs enter her system so soon after the first hit she was visibly dazed, but at the same time she squeezed her thighs together and started clenching.  She dropped her hand to her cunt to deal with what was becoming an increasingly urgent need, but Candy slapped the hand away.  "Didn't you hear me, stupid bitch?  I said you don't get to do that unless I say so!"

Vaj whimpered.  She was floating, euphoric, alive, but at the same time insane with need.  She looked at Candy and began to beg, "Please.  I want to cum! I need to cum!"

Candy looked at her with an evil smile.  "I think that what you meant to say was, please I need to cum MA'AM."

Vaj, swallowed, and in a trembling voice asked, "Please, ma'am, may I cum?  I need to cum."

Candy laughed at her and responded.  "Cum?  Fuck no, you can't cum, bitch!  I may never let you cum again unless you are a very, very good little slut.  Now, shall we have some fun?"

Candy reached over to the chest, picked up a set of strong leather cuffs, and smiled.

Looking back on events, I reevaluated what I had seen.  I had spotted Vaj's submissive tendencies, but I hadn't realized that Candy had seen them too.  Candy had been giving Vaj subtle commands since well before she spread her legs and required the other girl to eat her out on the beach.  That's what it had been, a command, just as it had been a command when she directed the other girls to gather their things and come with her,  just as it had been when she had the girls remain without explanation in a mysterious room with an illuminated bed, and just as it had been when she presented them with drugs and watched as they did what they had implicitly been told to do.  She was dominating these girls, and had been since early in the conversation on the beach.  What is more, her actions now indicated that she had known exactly what she was doing.

High and Sumsum were riding the high of the drugs, locked in a passionate 69, each pushing a large dildo into the other's cunt as they sucked on each other's clits. Meanwhile Candy tightened the cuffs around Vaj's wrists and ankles. Candy had been used in this room before and had experienced both the pleasures and especially the terror and horrors that it had to offer. She pulled clasps attached to cables out of recesses on the sides of the bed and smoothly attached them to the cuffs.  A push of a button and the cables began to retract, slowly pulling Vaj's arms and legs until she was stretched out, spread eagle. Candy then grabbed High by a handful of her hair, pulled her away from Sumsum, and pushed her face down between Vaj's legs.  This was clearly not High's first rodeo.  She slipped her hands under the other girl's ass, positioned her for best access, then eagerly dove in. Vaj was tugging on her restraints, clearly growing uneasy, but as High's tongue dipped into her flowing cunt, then lapped at her throbbing clit, Vaj moaned and surrendered to the scene.

Candy was taking liberties as she climbed on top of Vaj's face and pressed her pussy down onto the bound girl's mouth, but I let it go on.  Candy grabbed Vaj's hair, much as a rodeo cowboy might grab a bronco's reins, and started riding her hard and rough, grinding her pussy into the other girl's mouth again and again.  Sumsum got up on her knees facing Candy and the two locked mouths in a frenzied kiss.  Candy must have sensed that if I had let her go this far she needn't stop now.  She bucked and thrashed more and more urgently until her body stiffened and she began to scream with a violent orgasm.  She almost suffocated Vaj, pressing herself hard, covering the girl's mouth and nose.  They she began gushing into the trapped slut's mouth, leaving Vaj no choice but to gulp it down as she struggled to breathe.  The panic only pushed Vaj harder toward her own release. She was on the verge when Candy lifted herself up and began to climb off the bed, then simply said, "Now."

The same two Black men who had treated Candy to her recent day-long rape and torture marathon stepped out of the shadows.  One grabbed Sumsum, pulled her arms behind her back, locked them in place with his own forearm, and brutally lifted her up off of the bed and held her with her feet dangling.  Sumsum screamed from the sudden pain as her shoulders were all but torn from their sockets.  The shock did much to clear the fog of the drug-induced haze, and she began struggling violently and shouting, "Let me go, motherfucker!"  The man put his hand over her mouth and nose tightly. When her struggling began to subside he uncovered her nose to let her breathe, but kept her silent with the hand covering her mouth.

The other man was less restrained.  He grabbed High and yanked her from between Vaj's legs.  When High began to scream he threw her to the floor and kicked her hard in the tits.  He did not seem disappointed when the first blow failed to shut her up.  It gave him an excuse to continue the abuse.  He kicked her hard, repeatedly, in her stomach, tits, cunt, ass, kidneys, and face, continuing to do so even after she had stopped screaming or fighting back.  When he finally let up the girl curled up tightly into a fetal position, lying in a pool of her own piss, blood dripping from her busted lip and sobbed.  The damage left by the blows was already starting to show.  It would not be long before she was painted in delicious black, blue, and green bruises.  Her tormenter grabbed her by the arms, yanked them behind her, and lifted her off of her feet in the same way Sumsum was being held.

When I walked into the room Candy immediately changed her demeanor. She stood with her head lowered and her hands behind her back.  I did not acknowledge her or anyone else in the room, instead walking to the bed and looking down on Vaj.  Vaj was still in a haze from the double hit of drugs and the orgasm that had just been ripped away from her.  I pulled the leather belt out of my pants and without prelude brought the buckle down brutally on Vaj's still dripping cunt.  Her scream was beautiful!  As was she as she began to struggle wildly against her bonds.

This girl had made me hard from the moment I had laid eyes on her.  Candy had seen that and delivered her to me on a silver platter.  I looked at the toys by the bed and selected a large life-like phallus and a vibrator and tossed them to Candy.  "Here you go, dear.  Make yourself comfortable.  Enjoy the show.  Do not cum without permission."

Next I spoke to the two men still holding High and Sumsum.  "Make certain that our other two guests enjoy themselves.  Dont let them look away."

I turned my attention back to Vaj, and slowly ran my hand over her body.  So lovely.  So soft.  Such warm, perfectly formed flesh.  She continued to scream and struggle, but I ignored her antics.  I took a few moments and readjusted her bonds, leaving her still on her back with her arms spread, but now her legs were pulled painfully wide, up and back, her knees pressed into the bed at the level of her tits.  Once I was satisfied with her position I undressed, neatly folded my clothes, and lay them across the back of a chair.  Then I climbed onto the bed and lay down with my head between Vaj's thighs.  I moved slowly, lightly stroking her inner thighs with my tongue, nibbling, before reaching up and taking her nipples in my fingers and rolling them lightly.  I slipped my tongue between her inner lips, and moved it up slowly, almost touching her clit, then back down again.  Vaj didn't know whether to scream in terror or moan in pleasure, but her drugged already aroused body made the choice for her.

Most men approach a clit with all the finesse of a dog lapping up a scoop of ice cream that has fallen on the floor.  In case you are wondering, that is not the way to do it.  A woman's cunt likes to be seduced.  Teased. I toyed with Vaj for several minutes, licking, nibbling, stroking.  She was squirming and begging, and when I finally lightly touched her clit with the tip of my tongue her body jerked and she cried out, "Yes! Oh fuck, yes! YES!!!!!!!"  It was then that I went to work, paying attention to every motion of her body, the way she flexed muscles, the way her breath caught, taking her closer and closer.  She was crying and screaming, begging for release, when I settled into a more rhythmic pattern, sucking her clit in between my lips and lapping at it with my tongue.  The orgasm took her hard and fast, her body bucking and pulling against her bonds.

Both Sumsum and High were moaning and crying out by now as well.  The men holding them were very very good with their fingers, and had been working on the two girls with care and attention to detail as they looked on at the powerfully erotic scene unfolding on the bed.  High, especially, was being slammed by orgasms.  She clearly had past experience with BDSM, and the earlier brutality she had endured only added to her arousal.

Vaj rode her climax as long as she could, then started panting, "That's enough... enough..."  But instead of stopping I redoubled my efforts, sucking and nibbling on her clit.  Her panting became screams.  "Too much.  That hurts.  TOO MUCH.  Fuck... STOP!"  I backed off for an instant, allowing her to think it might be over, then dove in again with fervor, driving her hard into a second orgasm.  She begged when that one began to subside. "No fuck oh oh fuck no no no no more fuck...". I continued working her clit with my lips and tongue, and also shoved two fingers up into her vagina and pressed them into her G-spot.  "NO NO NO. Fuck, too much... God no toooo muuuuuccccchhhhhh".  There was no gap between that orgasm and the next, or the next, or the next.  What had started as pleasure had become agony, and was now pure torture.  Her hypersensitive clit was on fire.  The slightest touch was too much, but the forced orgasms wouldn't stop.

When Vaj reached the point that she was passing in and out of consciousness from the unendurable stimulation I stopped for just an instant, then I bit down HARD!  She sprang fully aware and gave out a blood curdling scream as I sank my teeth into the base of her engorged clit, cutting through skin, yanking at it, jerking my head, until I tore her clit away from her body! 

Vaj passed out from the pain, but the silence was immediately filled by new sounds of pain and agony as the men who had been pleasuring High and Sumsum chose that moment to lift the girls up without warning and impale their asses on the men's 12 inch long, 3 inch diameter cocks.  My cock was throbbing with an agony of its own, so I decided that it was a good moment to follow suit. I sat up and slapped Vaj's face back and forth until she regained consciousness.  Then I spat the remains of her clit in her face, positioned myself between her thighs, and drove my own fat 9 inch shaft balls deep into her unlubricated ass. Vaj yanked, thrashed, fought, screamed.  She was no longer human.  I fucked her like that for several minutes, the room echoing with the tortured cries of the three hapless beauties.

When I felt my own orgasm starting to build I shoved my fist deep into Vaj's vagina, grabbed my cock, and starting jerking myself off violently using the soft wall of flesh between her cunt and colon as a fuck rag.

I was on the verge of exploding when Candy screamed out, loud enough to drown out everything else happening, "MAY! I! CUM! SIRRRR!?!?!?"

I looked over and saw the girl in the chair with her legs spread wide.  The dildo was buried up her ass, wedged in place by the seat of the chair as she ground away at it.  The vibrator had disappeared into her cunt entirely.  She was tearing at her clit and nipples with her fingernails as if trying to do to herself what I had done to Vaj with my teeth.  Her face was a portrait of pain, desperation, and erotic agony mixed with deep longing as she watched me and what I was doing to the prize she had brought me. 

With effort I forestalled my own orgasm, then pulled my cock and hand out of the bound girl's holes.  I moved my body up and over Vaj, putting my knees to either side of her torso, then lowered myself down and pushing my filthy cock between her gorgeous tits.  I grabbed the globes and pressed them firmly together over my cock and started tit fucking her in earnest, looking at Candy as I did.  She was as she had been before, except she had released her nipple and instead grabbed her whole tit so that she could yank it up and down as if I was tit fucking her.  Candy's face was contorted with her effort to keep from cumming.  Her eyes implored as she bit her own lip hard enough to bring forth a trickle of blood.  I smiled at her, and shook my head no.

The power of the moment was overwhelming, and I gave in to what I had wanted to do to Candy for months.  I released Vaj's tits, leaned over, and picked up a vicious looking hunting knife off of the top of the chest.  I held the knife at Vaj's throat and watched as she cried and pled for her life.  Then I took the knife and drove it hard up into the underside of her beautiful, full, firm, perfect right breast.  Before she could fully register what I had done I pulled out the knife and shoved my cock into the bloody gash and drove forward.  Fuck, it was so hot.  Looking down I watched my cock disappear into the hot slick mess again and again as I brutally raped the extra cunt that I had carved into her tit. 

I dipped my fingers down into the hot, wet blood pouring from the gash as I fucked it, then looked up at Candy and licked them clean, savoring the metallic bite of the blood on my tongue. Candy was crying with need as she used her fingernails to tear at her own tit.  I gave in and let my own lust go completely.  I held Vaj's tit in one hand to keep it in place as I raped it, then drove the knife into the girl's beautiful body.  The curve of her perfect ass.  Her thigh.  I used the serrated back of the knife to saw off her nipple. I fucked each new hole for a moment before making the next.  Then finally I settled back into the first new cunt I had made in her tit and raped it as hard as I could.  Only then did I look at Candy and nod, "yes."

We both came hard, looking at each other.  I roared violently as I pumped stream after stream of cum deep into what remained of Vaj's tit.  Candy was a banshee as she sprayed, thrashing in seizures, working harder and harder to give herself even more pain to keep the ecstasy going.  There are no words.  Time ceased to have meaning.  We were trapped together in the heart of an explosion powerful enough to destroy the world.

Finally we both collapsed, Candy falling over onto her side on the chair, me dropping my weight onto the still screaming Vaj.  When Vaj finally passed out, still alive but probably not for long, the only sound left in the room was that of our heavy breathing. High and Sumsum looked on in silent terror.  The men tending them stood looking on as well, not with terror but with arousal.

After a few minutes I collected myself enough to climb out of the bed and walk over to the chair where Candy was sitting up.  The dildo still buried in her ass, she slipped off the chair onto her knees, placed her hands behind her back, and looked up at me.down.  I nodded.  She took my cock in her mouth and gently used her lips and tongue to lap up the blood and filth and cum. After she had licked my cock and balls clean she placed her open mouth around my cock and very gently massaged my balls with her hand.   Finally I relaxed enough for my bladder full of post sex piss to flow.   She sucked and swallowed greedily, struggling to keep up but managing not to spill a drop. Candy was in heaven.

When I was done I walked over and picked up a length of rope and tied it into a hangman's knot, then held it out for Candy.  She looked back at me, stood up, and smiled.  "Thank you, Sir, but may I dress first?" 

I smiled back.  "Certainly."  She nodded, then walked over to the partially open armoire and looked through its contents.  Not satisfied with what she found she opened several others until she settled on one.

I have mentioned that Candy has exquisite taste when it comes to dressing like a whore. It turns out the same is true when it's time to be the well turned out sadist.  Under the circumstances a lot of girls probably would have gone with the classical dyke dominatrix look.  Instead Candy brought together a goth punk ensemble that would put Razor Candi to shame.  She started with a sexy black leather strappy panty under skin tight low rise open crotch leather amo belt pants. Her top was a black lace whalebone underwire corset.  Seven inch black and red lace up boots added a splash of color.  Did I say she would put Razor Candi to shame?  Razor Candi wasn't fit to lick this girl's boots.

When she returned and stood in front of me I noticed she was shaking slightly.  She had gotten off on the game of luring these girls back here, dominating them sexually, and then using them to please herself. She liked that power.  She liked it a lot. The orgasm we had shared as I raped and mutilated Vaj took that to a new place, flooding her body with dopamine and norepinephrine. Together with the coke she had used that had been enough to keep her own craving temporarily at bay.  But the coke had largely worn off by now, and she was beginning to feel hints of the agony of withdrawal.  She had been forced to endure her recent day long webcast rape while Jonesing hard.  For the final six hours of the ordeal she had repeatedly begged her rapists to kill her.  As a reminder of the experience those same two men were in the room now.

She glanced with hunger at the syringe sitting on a small table. But instead of begging for the fix she took the noose and turned to look at the three girls, her gaze moving from one to the next.  She started to take a step... hesitated...

I spoke from behind her in a calm voice.  "This is the moment, Candy. Embrace all that you are. Or do not. But choose now."

She answered immediately. "The choice has long been made Sir. There is nothing I will not do to please you. This moment is more than I could hope for.  But you have shown me something else. This pleases ME, Sir. I was born to be both rape toy and executioner.  Thank you Sir for allowing me to discover that."

Candy stepped toward High, who began to struggle futilely against the man who was still holding her tightly.  She shook her head back and forth violently. Her scream conveyed the terror that was consuming her.  Her panic grew without bound as Candy stood in front of her and began to lift the noose.

Then just before placing the rope on High, Candy turned to Sumsum instead. She slid the noose over the terrified girl's head, and tightened it around her neck.  Sumsum went wild. 

"NOOOOO!!!!!  NOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE NOOOOO!  You don't have to kill me.  I do anything you want.  I fuck anyone you say.  I'm good!  Much better than other girls. It what men say!  Best whore in Bangkok.  Best whore in Phuket.  Best whore in Pattaya.  Please!!!  I show you!  I do nasty things for you!  Nastier than other girls.  Let me show you!  I kill High for you now! Let me kill worthless whore for you!"

Candy ignored Sumsum's pleas. She picked up a remote control and pressed a button. An electric winch activated overhead, and a length of cable descended from directly above where Sumsum was standing.  Candy latched the cable to the free end of the noose then pressed and held a second button.  The cable retracted until the noose began to tighten.

Sumsum continued to beg, turning now to me to save her.  "Please! You beat me up bad!  You hurt me. Rape me.  Rape my ass my ass more!  Anything. Do anything to me.  I make you so happy. Happiest man in Pattaya! I fuck your friends.  You let your friends rape me. Let friends' dogs rape me!  Don't kill me.  PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!  Please... uggg... no.... PLEASEEEEE... "

Candy removed her finger from the button when the noose had lifted Sumsum onto the balls of her feet and cut off her pointless begging.  Sumsum was thrashing and making gagging sounds as her face turned deep red.  The man holding Sumsum released her arms and she immediately grabbed at the noose and the rope above her and started trying to pull herself up. Candy tapped the button again, lifting the struggling girl to the tips of her toes.

Candy took a step back and watched for a moment before pulling her panty aside, sliding two fingers up her own cunt and fucking herself, slowly at first, then harder, faster, urgently.  She pushed the button again until the girl was hanging by her neck.  Sumsum continued to struggle, slowly losing her strength, finding it harder and harder to pull up enough to allow blood to reach her brain.  Sumsum's arms finally fell.  As she hung there by her neck her body twitched, piss flowed down her leg, and Candy exploded in another powerful orgasm.  It took about a minute for Candy to recover, and when she did she immediately hit the button that lowered Sumsum all the way to the ground.

Candy looked at the girl's body sprawled on the floor and smiled.  She walked to the chest by the bed, looked at the torture accoutrement, and picked up a heavy knotted leather cat.  She swung the flogger a few times, getting a feel for it, then walked back to where Sumsum lie and began to beat her brutally.  Candy might have been flogging a corpse, but Sumsum had not hung unconscious for longer than a minute.  After a few blows with the flogger Sumsum started to twitch and gasp, and finally opened her eyes, looking around in confusion.  Candy pressed the button to retract the winch again. Sumsum regained awareness slowly, then screamed and started kicking and clawing at the noose when it again began to tug her upwards.

Candy smiled at the struggling girl.  "The fun part is that I don't just get to kill you once.  I get to kill you over and over again.  And you'll never know if this time will be the last.  Soon you'll come to hope that it is."

The winch continued to pull upward until Sumsum was again trying to balance herself on her tiptoes so that she could breathe.  The man who had originally subdued Sumsum was still standing there.  Candy stepped over to him, took his huge cock in her hand, and started stroking him.  When he was fully hard she kissed him on the cheek and said, "She did beg to be beaten and raped in the ass again. Shall we?"  The man grabbed Sumsum and lifted her up, relieving the pressure on her neck, then shoved her ass down onto his cock hard!  Her scream of pain was cut short as the rope went tight just as she bottomed out on his cock.  He lifted her, providing a few seconds relief from the strangulation, then drove her down onto his cock again.  Candy buried the handle of the flogger up her own cunt and started fucking herself senseless watching the continuing sexual horror show.

This had always been a part of Candy. On her first night with me she came hard watching video of me strangling her mother to death while raping her in the ass.  Now here she was, flying as she held the life of a sexy, terrified girl in her hands. It was a girl who she herself had chosen and abducted. In the months she had been with me she had been tortured, raped, degraded, and abused continuously. There were many times when neither one of us knew for sure if I would let myself kill her as I came.  She fully understood what she was subjecting Sumsum and the other girls to, and reveled in it.

I stepped up behind Candy, and when her next orgasm hit I grabbed her, pulled her back against me, and pushed the needle into her jugular vein. As the drugs flowed into her the hit combined with the lust and pleasure of her orgasm.  She cried out, body shaking, fucked herself brutally, awash in carnal joy.  "Oh yes... Yes... Oh Sir... Oh thank you Sir... I love you... I love you so much... Thank you, Sir...  This... this... Sir's... this..."  Finally her head and body lolled back against me. I held her there as she gasped for breath, coming back to earth.

When she was able to stand again on her own I released her, then turned her to face me, taking her chin and tipping it up to look directly into her eyes.

"Take your time. Be cruel. Be nasty. Be creative. Indulge your own lust.  Make it entertaining. No survivors."

Her smile was gleeful and her acknowledgement brief and to the point. 

"Yes Sir! With pleasure!" 

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Enjoyed this ... especially the second half ... wondering how she will react to actually killing her first victim
It's what they're FOR! 
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well this is a dark one
dark and crude  :emot_thedrool.gif:
enjoyed it very much,
espaciallly the scene with candy performing on web
would have been nice to read detailed on her 24h-abuse with black cock.
Hope there is more to come :]
your fan
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