Author Topic: A Circuit in the Cellar (MMf, f electrical torture, f snuff, descriptive)  (Read 3560 times)

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I wrote this story based on the prologue of a lengthy vanilla story I found on the internet years ago, by an unknown author. I was intrigued by the scene, so now, many years later, I have written this more detailed and darker story.


A Circuit in the Cellar

The warehouse basement was cool but dry. Air conditioning could be heard in the background. The woman was bound to the wall in chains with leather clasps at her wrists and ankles, spread out like an "X". She was naked... in her early forties, shapely, her facial bones hinting at good breeding. Her breasts were nicely shaped, her areolae a few shades darker than her pale skin. Her nipples were flaccid, bruised, showing signs of her abuse... her arms stretched up above her head, pulling her breasts taut against her chest... her legs spread, her pudendum shaved, her swollen labia protruding prominently from her crotch. There was a sheen of perspiration all over her body, her head hanging down on her chest... her eyes glazed, looking at the floor. In the corner of the concrete floor was a grating, and a hosepipe. The cellar smelled of her – her cunt, her piss, her fear.

The two Men were stripped to the waist, seated at a table, cold beers from the cooler leaving wet circles on the wooden top. The first of the men was South African, around sixty; the other, clearly a subordinate, was an American in his mid-twenties, and had a prominent bulge in his trousers. He only knew the girl's name, Kate, but he was in a high state of excitement at what they were doing to her, especially when the electricity surged through her body…

"Well, let’s give her a bit more." The older man had just removed the thick cylindrical probe from her vagina. He was greasing it up with some conductive paste, not that she needed any more lubrication, but he felt it made the electricity that much more effective. Finished with the probe, he rose and walked toward her. He lifted her head by her left ear and looked into her eyes. "Come on, cunt... you know why this is happening." He passed the probe through her line of sight, and her eyes followed it, mesmerised. The older man carefully held the phallic shaped copper probe by the rubberised handle, the red insulated wire trailing from its base back to the table. He ran the glistening metal against her nipples and they stiffened, jutting out as if inviting what was coming.

He turned to the younger man. "Give the box a couple of cranks." The man at the table cranked the handle on the box in front of him, slowly, and the woman strained against her bonds as the older man alternated the blunt copper tip between her nipples. The current worked its way from the copper phallus, through her nipples, and found its way  out through the chains that held her in place on the wall. Her nipples swelled and throbbed like ripe grapes in response to the bite of the electricity, and the woman's screams filled the cellar.

"Aaaaaagghghhh... Oooooohhhhh! Stop... Pleeeeease... Stooooop." The young man cranked the box again, furiously this time, and the sound of the machine was drowned out by the woman's screams as she arched up against the wall, thrusting her breasts upwards in a parody of orgasm.

The South African gave the cut-off sign. Sweat was pouring off the woman, dribbling down her rib cage, her sides, and between her breasts. Her entire body was quivering.  The younger man was beside himself with arousal, her nakedness and helplessness fuelling his sense of Male power. Of course, it was tinged with uncertainty, but the dispassionate, assured manner of his boss bolstered his confidence. The older man was aware that his assistant was completely in sexual thrall – would do anything to the girl if told to.

The girl focused her eyes on them as she recovered her breath. She knew the older man, Michel, but had never seen the American before. Maybe the older man had called him Steve?

Michel was reaming the long, thick probe back into her vagina and in the background she could see Steve pull the little box closer to him. It was an old military field telephone magneto, with long red and black wires attached to the terminals, which then plugged into the various probes and clamps the older man had been using. Steve was massaging his cock, anticipating cranking on the box again. He was incredibly turned on watching the South African hurt her. His lust was palpable, and the woman was sure they were going to fuck her before they were done. There was a saw horse over by the other wall and she could see herself eventually being bent over it while the men took their pleasure with her. Then what? She had no idea.

She was wet from where she had pissed herself, but slick with her girl-filth too – her body responded involuntarily to the pain and stimulation, despite her fear. The slightly curved probe slid up into her abused vagina, very deep, the copper tip pressing snugly against her cervix, and Michel checked the connection to the probe before taping the rubber handle to her thigh. He methodically inspected the black wire connecting her chains to the magneto box. No matter how much she lurched and tugged at her bonds, the probe would stay in her, the conductive paste ensuring that the voltage would pass unimpeded from the menacing copper dildo to all her inner female organs without sparking or burning her.

The South African took his time settling down at the table, taking the box from Steve. She watched him fearfully as he tested the circuit by slowly turning the handle a half turn, feeling the sharp tingle deep in her cunt already. Then he sped up, the current surged through her womb and she could hear herself screaming but it sounded far, far away. Her head was bouncing against the wall behind her. She could feel the rough cement against her back and buttocks and the electricity kept flowing, her legs jerking around. She voided herself and then passed into unconsciousness.

"Is she… ok?"

The older man was hosing the mess on the floor to the drain in the corner of the cellar. "Yeah... she can take a fair bit more."  He chuckled, "Well... Let's get the show on the road. I thought you might like to fuck her while she’s jerking around. I guarantee it will be the fuck of a lifetime. Give me a hand."

Michel watched Steve as he got up from the table. Jesus! The guy had a raging hard-on in his pants. Michel was aroused too, but this was work. The two of them took the woman off the wall and strapped her to the saw horse. Kate groaned as she recovered consciousness, struggling only weakly. The South African was busy attaching clamps to her nipples and plugging the black wires to them, while the young man was tightening the straps around her wrists.

The American was tremendously turned on watching the older man using his fingers, deftly working a different probe, a simple egg-shaped billet of aluminium with no handle, far up into this helpless woman’s cunt, tucking it against the entrance to her womb. Michel stepped away from the woman’s behind and Steve could see her cunt still gaping and the red wire coming out of it. His cock throbbed.

"Put this on and stick it in her arse, Steve. she'll take you to the moon, my friend." Steve was already unbuttoning his jeans as the older man held out the large ribbed insulating sheath, a heavy duty condom. Michel was tempted - maybe, just maybe, he'd have a piece of her, too? If she lived through it?  Michel sat at the table and watched Steve step onto a packing case behind her and work his fat, hard, rubberised cock into the defenceless woman’s anus. He let the American thrust a few times and then cranked the little black box a couple of turns.

The girl jerked taut against her bonds. She could feel the fat cock stuffing her rectum, and her heart skipping as it became part of the electrical circuit. She was jerking around like she was out of control. Her screams filled the cellar. She tried to look behind her to see who was fucking her arse, then the voltage went up and she bellowed out an agonised cry.

Steve couldn't believe how tight this woman’s rectum was. He could feel it through the rubber dick he was wearing. He was ramming it to her, trying to hurt her. Had her hips in his hands, spreading her cheeks apart... Watching his hard cock rip in and out of her anus, the abused muscle clinging obscenely to the shaft. Michel was varying the cranking speed, making her tight rear passage contract and spasm rhythmically around the slab of rubber and meat the younger man had buried in her, her screams turning him on to no end. Every few moments Steve could feel the tingle of the electricity against his hands on her hips.

Michel decided he would have to stick to the plan. The bitch wasn't going to last much longer. He'd seen it all before and done it all before, a long, long time ago, in Angola. He steeled himself, turned the voltage up to the max and started cranking the box like a crazy man.

"Come on, my friend...Fuck her!" He yelled as he watched the man standing on the packing crate, furiously fucking her like an animal. The sweat was starting to roll down Steve's back and the woman was out of control, as the electricity flowed continuously between her womb and her nipples.  Non-stop yelling and screaming, begging him to stop. At least that's what he thought, as all she was really making was a lot of noise. But, loud noise at that. Michel cranked faster and the woman was now coming up off the saw horse, the man behind her trying to keep his rubberised cock plugged into her anus.

With one loud, pain filled wail the two of them reached the apex of life and death, light and dark. Steve started cumming, his semen dribbling down her inner thighs onto the packing crate. The woman voided herself again, messily. Michel slowed the cranking as he heard the yelling of the man overcome the screams of the woman, the current surging through her finally proving too much for her heart to cope with…


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Re: A Circuit in the Cellar (MMf, f electrical torture, f snuff, descriptive)
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Ouhhh. Thats a hard one. But a good one.  >:D
If she can‘t breathe, she can‘t scream !

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Re: A Circuit in the Cellar (MMf, f electrical torture, f snuff, descriptive)
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Wow, that was intense.

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Re: A Circuit in the Cellar (MMf, f electrical torture, f snuff, descriptive)
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We don't know what she was like before she had an electrode shoved deep inside her, but from her description I bet Kate was a spoiled bitch.

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Re: A Circuit in the Cellar (MMf, f electrical torture, f snuff, descriptive)
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What an amazing story. I look forward to reading more from you!