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« on: October 07, 2023, 06:52:44 PM »
Just wanted to say hi  ::):

I am from India.

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Re: Greetings
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Hi Namita,

Welcome! You'll meet plenty of people here who have similar fantasies. There are sections and threads where you can discuss what turns you on, etc. As for me, I'm most often posting and reading chapters in the Gang-Rape section. Some stories of mine happen in the Java Sea, and one is located in India -- US tourists run into some trouble in a remote village.

Roxxon is an amazing writer from UK. In "Rich Schoolgirls and Lowlife Thugs" the main character is a Pakistani girl living in England. You can feel the girl's humiliation from being used by black men, but Interracial isn't everyone's cup of tea. If it is, then you're at the right place!

This is a free space where you can discuss your kinks without worries of being judged. Have fun!

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Re: Greetings
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Thank you for the kind welcome.  ::):

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Re: Greetings
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We have had some wonderful Indian women come by here. Hope we can chat!

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Re: Greetings
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Welcome aboard, Namita.
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