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Sebastian’s World
« on: August 30, 2023, 05:13:13 AM »
My first go at a science fiction story or rather what I believe is science fiction enough to be in this section. Any suggestions of where it should go or if it doesn’t belong here I’ll take on board.

It’s about alternate realities, worlds, gateways, and advanced tech so bare with it and hope you enjoy reading as much as I have writing.

The first chapter is merely based in my home country England, and is purely character explanation and building.

Now onto the story, that’s taken me a year to finally get out onto the forum
Enjoy xxxx

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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On The Way To Sebastian’s House

It wasn’t too far to Sebastian’s  house. A 20 minute train ride along the suburban track. Along the passing track you could see into people’s gardens and judge their garden tidiness or the amount or lack of garden possessions.  That’s what Bryony liked doing. Judging strangers was one of her pastime outside school studies, their appearance, their cars, how they held hands with their partner, to their parenting skills. Bryony liked summing up others to sum up her own life. Her mind wandered, until her brother Jacob brought her back to reality.
“ I hope Auntie Melanie isn’t there” He referred to the unliked unmarried middle aged sibling to their father and their cousin Sebastian’s dad too. Not to mention her daughter and their cousin Candice, who they pretended not to know if in public.
“She will be, she’ll bring Grandad too, and you know how that will go down? Bryony could guess what way it would go when, her rather, overtly old fashioned father of their dad, would come up with racist and bigoted remarks that no one else would get away with.

Jacob nodded. Thinking of the old man, who once shouted at him for saying that fish and chips came from a different country and not England.
“I wonder if Seb’s friends will be there. Sebastian their cousin, was mostly known as a loner. A bookworm, gamer, collector of miniatures. His redeeming quality was that his family was more than well off . His father, a magistrate, and his mother, a university lecturer. Therefore they, lived in a home that was idyllic from the outside. Hence the train ride away from the suburbs of South London, to a picturesque village in sleepy leafy England.
“Has he got many?” Bryony snorted. Though Jacob wasn’t completely  unlike his cousin. He an avid gamer himself, that kept a somewhat bond between him and his younger cousin. In the gift bag he carried was several games, he was sure Sebastian didn’t have. Though it was hard to buy a present for the man who had “everything”.

Bryony was a bookworm herself. In her last year in school, and already 18, she was perusing her own ambitions to get to Oxford or Cambridge. Perhaps even abroad. Her young keen eyes were on politics and her disdain for the current way of things in Britain spurred her on to fantasize about being the “game changer” in British history, the lady who cared. Though she decided she wouldn’t be calling herself “a lady”. She was smart and the apple of her parent’s eye. Jacob was the son and already a success having finished his first year in university studying computer science in London. He was interested in computers from a young age and was able to do basic coding by age 10. Standing next to his cousin Sebastian he was always the apprentice, as Sebastian could do thing with a screen, a processor and mouse, that were thought impossible. He was envious of Sebastian, but respected him all the same and shared many interests .

“ He has that girl, Nisha” Jacob responded to his sister about the Indian girl who was suspected to be more than “just a friend” to Seb. He’d met her twice and she seemed very much like Seb. All the digital intellectual boxes ticked and a Warhammer player herself. Though Nisha had affirmed to Jacob that they were just friends who met in a local role playing game group. Jacob was still at the stage that a boy and girl couldn’t spend hours in each other’s homes without having some sort of sexual connection.
“Oh yes I’ve yet to  meet her, I saw her profile on Facebook, she looks quite pretty……for Seb!” Bryony said with a touch of snobbery that she herself was trying to erase but failed time and time again.
“Creeping on social media” laughed Jacob at his sister. “Do you girls have anything better to do”
“Short answer…” Giggled Bryony. Then as to affirm her lack of activities she took her phone and looked at Sebastian’s Facebook profile.
“Who’s this?” She passed her phone to her brother to a photograph of a recent local school fundraising event that Seb had posted. Standing one side next to him was a tall blonde girl with natural sallow skin, and an explosive white smile on her. On the other side holding a collection bucket was a shorter brown haired girl with blonde highlights. She had a cheeky grin and a bubbly face.
Jacob’s eyes widened and then narrowed at them.
“Oh yes, that’s Riley, she’s from the States. She’s moved here a year ago  and I thought you’ve met Emmy before , referring to the bubbly girl. Emmys nice, in a sort of safe way” Jacob said. Jacob had met Emmy one afternoon in Bluewater with Seb and Nisha, and rather fancied her but standing in the same picture as Riley, slightly killed off that attraction.
“No I’ve never met them, she’s a proper bombshell that Riley one isn’t she. What’s she doing with Seb?” Bryony was almost indignant.
“It’s a school event. She had to be there silly” Jacob said. He knew Bryony didn’t like pretty girls or rather girls that she gauged prettier than herself. He laughed to himself. “She won’t be there, Emmy is probably going to be though. He hoped.
“Oh Jacob you can tell more from picture than words themselves, Seb made sure he  was photographed with her look at the way he’s standing? ” Bryony added but Jacob had lost interest and just shrugged.

The train stopped at a station and out of the grey murkiness of a typical British  autumn Saturday. Stepped on a petite olive skinned girl with long black hair.
“Nisha” Jacob waved and the girl smiled back at him. She carried a gift bag. She was going to sit in the vacant seats across from where the siblings were. She smiled at Jacob. He gestured to her. “Sit down, this my sister Bryony” Bryony smiled at her  as Nisha nodded respectfully towards her.
“Bryony, I’ve heard so much about you, Sebastian’s always on about you! All good of course” Nisha said with sincerity.

“And I have heard about you, you are from a gaming group! How exciting” Bryony liked the idea of RPGs but never thought of herself as that nerdy to plunge into them.
“Your outfit  is lovely” Nisha said, again with sincerity and respect. Bryony did dress well for the occasion, sporting a navy long sleeved blouse and a short but classy cheddar colored skirt. She felt she couldn’t say the same about Nisha’s drab grey dress pared with black leggings and matching flat shoes. She just automatically returned the complement.

“So it’s going to be a good day!” Nisha said smiling. “Sebastian’s texted me already saying his Aunt Mel and Candice are there” She laughed. “And your grandad”. Nisha had a warm personality and infectious smile. She hoped Seb would have been into her. She seemed lovely. Bryony already liked her.
“Oh we must  apologize about him, if Seb hasn’t already” Bryony smirked.
She could only imagine the prejudice comments he’d make towards the Indian girl who seemed as English as her.
“Oh they’ve met already and he liked her” Jacob spoke. “He said the Indians are ok, it’s the Pakistanis he can’t stand and all…….well Muslims…..” He trailed off quietly.
“So being from a Hindu family helped my case” Nisha joked. “That and my father was good at cricket”
Jacob grimaced at the thought of his grandad, Auntie Melanie, and Candice. Candice was 20, and was just everything their family was against. He was told Melanie was flighty back in the day and while his father, and Sebastian’s done well and pushed themselves to success. Melanie didn’t. She got hooked up with, undesirable men, one being the father of Candice and it ended, before she could finish college, leaving her 6 months pregnant with Candice who despite being loved and nurtured for, with all the family support, she didn’t stand a chance with a mother like hers who settled for a local job in a betting shop and fell in and out of love with potential stepdads during the 20 years of Candice’s life.

Their grandad though who always held a special spot for his only daughter, was her only lifeline and the passing of his wife and their mother, and declining  health, got her out of her council house and into his quiet cul de sac, and looking after him became her job. As for Candice she now resided the her mother’s council house and worked in a taxi office and among Britain’s underclass. She thought she was doing ok, but her snapchats and ending social media drama posts, only proved she was going the same way as her mother.

A two bottle of cheap rose a night, a new tinder a week sort of woman. She appeared with more fake tan, dyed bright blonde hair, and even faker lashes and nails. The fact she looked more and more like her mum, didn’t say much for either of them. With Melanie being on social media as much as her daughter. Her latest boast was she was going to Turkey to get a breast lift. Candice’s boasts were she was looking at starting an OnlyFans. Bryony shuddered at the thought.
“I’ve never met Candice……but I feel like I know her…..” Nisha said her smile fading to a cringe.
“Well! You’ll  know her by the end of the day, very well and like us, you’ll learn to avoid her!” Jacob shook his head. It was like she was from a different world and in the way of social gaps in England, she was.

Nisha looked at Jacob with a cheeky grin. “Emmy, will be there” She said with a knowing, that Bryony didn’t miss.
“Oh right Emmy!” Bryony teased Jacob’s reddened face. Jacob said nothing.
“You fancy her……” Bryony enjoyed making Jacob uncomfortable. Nisha giggled. “And I think she fancies you Jacob! She’s a lovely girl. She’s just joined our gaming group. She’s a star! What she doesn’t know about Harry Potter and Star Trek isn’t worth knowing!” Nisha seemed to be selling Emmy’s qualities  for Bryony’s approval.

“You should really join our group” Nisha said to Jacob whose red face had subsided. “You too Bryony, it’s not as nerdy as you may think”
Bryony just nodded politely. Jacob mumbled. “Well with college and studies I won’t have time”

“Not even if Emmys there…..and we do sometimes do Zoom games!” Nisha suggested. He just shrugged. “I’ll see”
The train stopped again at a a station and it was their stop.
“Oh gosh, Candice we are going to have to listen to Candice and her dippy mother” Bryony almost groaned.
“And our racist grandad” Jacob smirked.
“It will be fun, look at the positive, we are all here for Seb!” Nisha walked ahead onto the platform.

Sebastian’s house was a short walk from the well kept red brick train station. They strolled up some metal steps and across the footbridge over the tracks.
“So who else will be there?” Bryony asked after checking her make up on the reverse camera of her phone.
“Well Declan and his fiancée, Hannah” Nisha said walking slowly. “Declan’s in our game group, usually the DM (dungeon master) he’s a manager in CEX. (used game and electric store). Already has a mortgage. He’s only 25, he’s cool” Nisha was selling him as well as she was selling Emmy.
“And Hannah?” Asked Bryony.
“She runs her own online crystal shop! I’ve only met her once but she’s cool. They are having a Viking wedding, isn’t that just awesome.
“He’s never mentioned Declan to me” Jacob seemed abrupt, then realized that Nisha probably knew more about his cousin than him.

“Well Jacob, you are away a lot, maybe you should get back into Sebastian’s circle” Nisha said with a warmness. “ He misses you, ya know”.
“Well since our parents and his had a falling out it’s been tough keeping closer contact, but let’s not go into it now, they don’t want to take it out on Seb and we have a card from them too”. Jacob knew Nisha most likely knew that his parents and his uncle and aunts didn’t talk anymore. He wasn’t even sure why but it was at a family event several years ago. However the children were still very much part of their uncles and aunts lives. Even though Sebastian hadn’t set foot in Jacobs and Bryony’s house in that time.

They arrived at the large house at the end of the leafy autumn cladded lane. Behind freshly painted black steel gates which a buzzer had to be used to contact the occupants. Jacob done the talking.
“His Aunt Eleanor ( Sebastian’s mother) answered and with a shrill “welcome” the gates opened and they walked up the long  immaculate driveway to the red front door of the house. Beside the house was a red brick garage extension where two large sedans resided and a white brand new Range Rover was parked in front of them.

“This house always amazes me” Bryony said admiring the garden, even in grey autumn dampness it was impressive.
Though there was a celebration inside. No one could tell from the outside. Not so much as a balloon was displayed. It wasn’t Sebastian’s way or his parents. They rang the doorbell and a large well dressed man opened it. It was their uncle and Seb’s father, Nicholas who gave Jacob a strong handshake and each of the girls a warm hug.

He ushered them in and then the birthday celebrations were evident.
A well laid table of canopés and glasses of champagne were present, along with a non alcoholic sparkling wine. Sebastian himself didn’t drink though that could change once he was of age, but Nisha didn’t and she took one of the sparkling wines, with a pleasant thank you, as Eleanor  greeted them all with hugs and kisses. Complementing the girl’s outfits. Looking very extravagant herself  in a long grand green pleated dress fit for a high end country wedding and not a late teenager’s birthday party.
“Take the champagne” she gestured Bryony and Jacob, you are both over 18 and so is everyone here now, Sebastian being the last one to turn it!” She sighed.
“How is your mother and father?” She asked Jacob. “They are good, they sent this card for Sebastian” He passed her the card. “Oh that’s very decent of them” Eleanor never let on any animosity towards the family. “Tell them thank you from me will you?”

“Where is Seb?” Jacob asked looking around. He saw into the large sitting room. Seb’s father talking to a well dressed though overweight ginger haired  man with a long foxy beard and matching man bun . He wore a tartan suit with a green dickie bow tie. Next to him was a pale tall hazel haired lady with a fetching orange long floaty dress and lacy patterned floral black  tights( pantyhose). She wore a wooden looking engagement ring .

“That must Declan and Hannah, how the hell did he pull her?” Jacob thought with bewildered envy. Then sitting cross legged on a large beige leather sofa was Melanie who gave him a cheesy wave. She held a glass of white wine in her hand and wore a brown short dress with matching suede knee high boots which was expected. Next to her was Candice who resembled a Las Vegas night club worker. In a bright pink body-con dress that was riding high, her thigh tattoo of a lioness on full display. She had brown Roman sandals which were already undone, and her long blonde
hair extensions flowed down. She held a bottle of Coors light and gave Jacob and Bryony the same fluttery wave as her mother. They both couldn’t have looked more out of place.
Sitting on an armchair in his crisp white shirt and grey flannel trousers trying to eat a vol au vent was his grandad who looked maddened just by being alive. He nodded gruffly to the newcomers and then ushered Melanie over to him to take his empty plate.

“Seb upstairs?” Asked Jacob to Eleanor as Nisha talked to Bryony. “Yes he’s above, he’s finishing making a video for us all” She laughed. “Something only he’d do” laughed Jacob. “You can go up to him if you want. He’s barely been around the guests and we are waiting for 3 more. Emmy, Riley and Lucas”
“Riley? Lucas?” Jacob asked surprised. The latter name was more shocking. Seb had only mentioned a boy named Lucas in disdain and with hostility as the boy who bullied him the most during school. Why on earth would he invite him? More to the point why was Riley going?, She  looked far too beautiful and popular to be there, and why hadn’t Seb mentioned any of it to Jacob in his WhatsApp’s? Maybe Nisha was right, he needed to get back into Seb’s circle as it was just beginning become interesting.

Then his mind focused to Emmy. He had fancied the girl after the one time he met her and never got the courage to add her on his friend list or even make anymore contact but that would change. He also wanted to see this Riley, and see if she lived up to the photograph on Facebook. It looked to be a very interesting birthday party. He put down the champagne, he didn’t like it anyway, and went up to Seb’s room.

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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First- Welcome back to the pages of the "U"

Second- Love the way you have started your newest story. Nothing better than a character driven story and you Miss a master at that type of story! This reader can hardly wait to get into the main chunk of the story.

Merit to be awarded from me when allowed!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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I love this! I love the premise, I love the characters and I just love the endless possibilities of where this could go! I'm a huge fan of both temporal and quantum realities and all that can happen with them and I'm sure that with you at the helm of this deep and amazing story we will get something that can be talked about and bring some light to what is normally an underappreciated section of RU.
I think the way you have set up the characters is great and as always you give them a back story that makes us care about them and not see them just as two dimensional beings waiting to have bad things happen to them. I'm sure that there will be one or two that will draw me to them and feel their plight more so I'm very interested in seeing where you take this. It is such a part of your writing style of world building and I hope that my merit helps to continue to build the story.

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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Another chapter of development and letting the reader know what’s going on in the grand scheme of things. Thank you so much for the support
Enjoy xxx

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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The Birthday Boy

Bringing the gift bag of the video  games.  Jacob went up the grand long blue carpeted staircase to a row of doors and knowing which one was Seb’s he knocked. Sebastian wasn’t the sort of cousin you could just walk into. Jacob had laughed to himself about Seb’s idea of a video he’d made. Seb was eccentric beyond words, and it was just expected he’d do something like that to mark his event.
Seb answered the door. He had straight brown hair that permed at the top, resembling the early Beatle haircut of the 1960’s. He was lean and had average height much the same as Jacob, and a sharp angled face with bum fluff around his chin and lips. Wearing a rather flamboyant claret colored shirt and black jeans, he resembled a low grade cosplay of a 1960s garage rocker. Unsmiling he nodded at Jacob.

“Hey cousin, welcome to the hive” He said that all the time. No one really knew why he called his bedroom ‘a hive’. No one wanted to know.

His room was dark, though immaculate and well placed, lit dimly with a purple larva lamp. The only other illumination was the large computer monitor on his desk.
On the screen seemed to be the backdrop of a large forested land that looked strikingly beautiful.

Jacob gave Seb the bags and cards. He looked inside and grinned sharply. “Ah my man there was no need, but cheers” He elevated his voice as he spoke.
He looked at the games. “Cheers mate, good choice, and thank your parents will you? Before I do! It’s decent of them, real decent” He read the card, and pulled a voucher from it.
“Really no need” He said again.
“Yes that game is good and I’m sure your you’ll love the online mode” Jacob said.
Seb’s look of interest wained slightly. “I must get the Xbox, out again but as you can see I’ve been busy” He gestured towards his very high tech expensive looking gaming PC. On the screen the scenery background began to move, as Seb activated a touchscreen controller, it looked like a real high definition live feed of somewhere Jacob hadn’t seen.
“Is that a game?” Jacob asked in surprise.
Seb sat down at his screen, with some touches on his controller, various toolbars and options came up on the menu of the game and he changed the camera angles to a top down look. There a world was seen and he toggled around forests, mountains and cities with people going about their daily business, their clothes looked different, the vehicles looked high tech and futuristic, the world was clearly nothing like Earth. Jacob was amazed at the graphics of the program. It looked real.

“That’s incredible” Jacob said as he watched over Seb’s shoulder. “So real and lifelike, how did they even manage to make it like this, the rendering is as real as my eyes can see” Jacob said impressed. Seb focused on a large silver glassy building at what seemed the center of the city and clicked on statistics about who was in and what each character was doing. He seemed lost to Jacob’s words.
“Whats it called?” Jacob asked.
“It’s called…….Sebastian’s World……..or I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it!” Seb answered clearly preoccupied.
“So what’s the purpose? Is it a life simulator ?” Asked Jacob.
Seb shrugged. “Something like that but more……..advanced….., and more fantasy based” He carried on staring at the screen. “I can’t get over the graphics……” Jacob shook his head.
“Yeah that’s why I have a £40,000 gaming PC” Seb patted the equipment  . “So long trust fund, welcome high spec gaming!” He laughed.

The door opened and Bryony entered with Nisha and another girl. It was Emmy. She was dressed in a very fetching grey and black checkered pinafore dress that strapped over the shoulders of a tight white sweater. As it was getting colder she wore sheer black tights and flat ankle boots. She looked a cute as he remembered. Emmy gave a nervous smile and a swish of her brown blonde highlighted hair. Jacob gave her eye contact accompanied with a flirty grin. Nisha noticed and gave a knowing look.
“Happy birthday Seb…..”Began Bryony who paced over to give Seb a hug. He got up right away and halted the advance by flapping his hand away. “There’s no need for all this. What’s a birthday anyway, a day like any other day!” Seb could be modest when he wanted.
“Yes but it’s your 18th!” Bryony added and gave him a big hug. Seb looked uncomfortable. “Ok….ok…..” He patted her away. Emmy gave Jacob a glance. He looked back with “I like you” look.
She swished her hair and looked at Seb who gave her a stern look no one else spotted.
“Yes anyway thank you all, let’s not smother the birthday boy” Seb said sitting back down at his PC. Why don’t you all mingle downstairs and keep my parents happy and I’ll just finish with something here. The girls all shrugged and walked out. Emmy being last and looked back at Jacob who smiled at her and she gestured downstairs. He walked out and followed her. “Not you!” Seb said with pompous authority.

“Well er……I was just going to get a drink and chat to…….er” Jacob’s sheepishness came over him suddenly as if he was talking to a police officer. Seb nodded with a devious smirk on his face.
“I know…..I know, Emmy……” He chuckled.
“Well I……I’d thought I’d get to know her better……you see” Jacob cursed himself inside for being so speech clumsy. Emmy smirked at him playfully at the door.
“We’ll talk later in the boardroom” Seb said rather coldly as he returned to point and click on the touch pad of his PC.

The party was underway and finally more vibrance and style arrived in the form of Lucas and Riley. Lucas arrived in a stylish white fitted shirt and navy slacks and with him was Riley. Sporting a very glitzy silver and black trimmed short party dress she looked dazzling. Alongside Lucas they looked the young couple everyone wanted to be. Lucas was 6 foot and dark haired and with prominent features, and Riley was the typical American dream girl. Her strawberry blonde hair was high styled and round bright smiling face was ever beaming. She clicked over with Lucas and sporting a designer gift bag from a Bond Street menswear boutique she presented herself to Seb’s parents with a stately manner an almost curtsy,  perhaps thinking that it was usual custom in England. Lucas unknown to Seb’s parents as a many time tormentor of their son, didn’t hide his modesty and appreciation of the well decorated elaborate house. Shook hands firmly with Seb’s father and gave Eleanor a respectful yet overdone  kiss on her hand.

“What a fine place you have here Mr Stonewall”. He referred to Seb’s surname.
“Just call me Nick ” Seb’s father interjected.
“Yes a real English country house” Riley added her stunning white smile lighting up the room even more.
“Well I think a country house is being a bit over the top, it’s a nice quaint place I’ve looked after it” Nicholas  said though with unhidden pride.
“Yes Sebastian is so lucky, so where is the man of the hour?” Lucas looked around.
“Making a video for us all…’s Seb” Eleanor excused her son’s eccentric behavior.
Declan and Hannah walked over to Lucas. “I’ve heard so much about you and Riley, I didn’t really believe him…..until now” He said strangely sizing up the two newcomers.
“Well you must be one of the gaming group, I suppose it’s hard to believe in reality when you spend so much time in fantasy” Lucas said with smug firm shaking Declan’s hand. Hannah didn’t extend hers. Lucas thought the same as Jacob. Declan was punching well above his weight.
“Yeah, I’ll wonder what you’ll call fantasy by the end of the day……” Declan said adjusting his dicky bow and walked along with Hannah who gave a rather cold glance at Lucas who seemed bewildered by the comment. He turned to Jacob, Bryony and Emmy.
“Makes sense that’s Seb’s new friends” He said as Riley shook all their hands except Emmy as she already knew her from school but complemented her all the same with loud American smiling extravagance.

Jacob was cold to Lucas. “Yeah if there’s anything wrong with the picture I think it’s your presence here” Jacob said curtly.
Lucas just smirked and shook his head.
“Ok look I don’t doubt you’ve heard bad things from Seb, but we’ve moved on. He invited me right and yes maybe I was hard on him during school, but I think I helped him come out of his shell, plus he invited Riley too and I do appreciate he reached out to her when she just moved here” Lucas held Riley’s arm as she just nodded and smiled.
“Yeah Seb really helped me a lot when I came here, and I think our friendship together made Lucas see that Seb was a kind sweet boy and eased off on him too” Jacob wondered what part of America she was from. Her accent seemed very generic, the sort that would be heard on most tv shows across the Atlantic.

“Just not boyfriend material though” Lucas said quickly. “But Seb being so “sweet and kind” all the time so he must be used to being friend zoned” He laughed. “Isn’t that right Emmy?” He said as Emmy looked away. Jacob walked away with her making an excuse to mingle.
“It’s been nice meeting you and what do you think of England so far ” Bryony said to Riley ignoring Lucas who was beginning to speak for her. Bryony also knew and had sussed Lucas out as being an unbearable rugby/polo boy she knew all too well. Riley would learn that the “British jock” was a hell of a lot worse than the American one.

“They are stop bought!” The grandad  exclaimed! He seemed disgusted at the vol au vents. You’d think Eleanor would make her own or have a bloody cool hired with all the money they earn” He was as loud so all could hear him.
“It’s M&S or Waitrose Dad!” Melanie said standing over him. “It’s tots posh Innit” Candice agreed in her usual put urban language.
“Sorry Matthew, I didn’t have time to make fresh ones, but it is Waitrose as Melanie says” Eleanor was used to Matthew’s unfiltered outbursts and just patted his arm. “Will I get you something else? I did glaze the cocktail sausages myself”
“Just get me a beer or a pimms if that isn’t too much to bloody ask!” Matthew looked around with contempt at everyone.
Lucas laughed at him. “I see the crazy must have been passed on from generations” He said with the smirk that Bryony was already tired of.
“Yes MY Grandad is a bit on the frank side but at 80 he can be” She defended him all the same.
“I think he’s adorable, love the English straight to the point attitude” Riley said politely.Bryony liked her but would kill to have her legs, her waist, her hair and her such prominent features. Bryony wasn’t considered bad looking at all, but in her mirror all she saw was her imperfections.

The afternoon went on and then it came through via text , that Nisha, Emmy, Declan and Hannah had been ushered up to Sebastian’s bedroom. “Game group stuff!” Nisha said politely. Since arriving she’d seemed more preoccupied than the chatty girl she was on the train. She walked over to Emmy and pulled her away from Jacob politely . “He wants us up there I think it’s to do with some game he wants started after the party. He said it’s big and can’t wait, I kind of know what it is” Nisha said very officially.
“Look tell him I’ll be up later, I’m kind of you know…… getting on with Jacob” She flicked her hair in a clear flirty way.
“He won’t like that and you know he already is against you and his cousin. It’s his birthday Emmy, there’s plenty of time for Jacob. He’ll wait, he obviously fancies you too” Nisha was sincere.
“I’ll be up later, we’ve just exchanged numbers and Instagram etc, we are in the zone here. I know he doesn’t, he told me when asked me out a few weeks ago, and I said no. He didn’t like it but we are friends and I want to remain friends but friends only” Emmy seemed firm on it.
“He told me Emmy, he told me you gave him your number to give to Jacob and he said no, I think you maybe making things complicated today. Just see it from his point of view, he liked you, you said no. He wants you up with the group for something  and you snub him for Jacob again. He won’t like it!” Nisha seemed to be firm too.
“He told you!” Emmy was indignant.
“Seb tells me everything, we are close friends, and you should be cool with that seeing as you just want to be friends with him . I’ll pass on that you are down here with Jacob and it can wait” She left and before Emmy could say a word to her ran swiftly up the stairs.

“What was all that about? Jacob asked her.
“Oh it’s nothing, just some gaming group thing. Maybe you should join us sometime. We really do have good fun” Emmy composed herself.
“Does Seb like you?” Asked Jacob cautiously. Emmy sighed.
“Ok…..look I don’t want to make anything awkward for you and Seb, but yes he does and he never gave on my number that time we met at Bluewater because he likes me and he did ask me out. I said no we are just friends we’ve known each other for ages and keep it that was and I thought he was ok with that but I don’t know…….” She looked awkward. Jacob frowned.
“Look I won’t make this awkward if you want me to back off. I get it!” Jacob said with clear disappointment.
“No…..I really like you……” Emmy’s  bubbly face flushed. “Maybe we should go and get some air” Jacob suggested as Emmy just beamed at him and the two slid out the back door via the large kitchen.

Bryony smirked as she watched them. “I wish I had some prospect of action” She said in her thoughts. “It’s a boys 18th and there’s more girls here. Bloody Seb!” She went back to chatting with Riley who was sunk into the overreached arm of Lucas who looked as if he didn’t want her out of his sight.

Seb was as Nisha predicted, annoyed and disappointed by Emmy’s snub.
“Well I think she’s can no kiss the game group goodbye!” He said looking hurt.
“Let’s not be rash!” Declan suggested. “She’s into your cousin, but when this gets to work. Your choice of women will be infinite and they’ll all love you and worship remember that!” Declan said with a powerful ambience as he patted a small golden box that had embedded into it a glowing blue light. Nisha eyed it up curiously as she’d only seen it the week before as Declan dropped it to house. She was put out by Declan’s words. “She loved Seb as a friend, but wanted him more as a partner, her first boyfriend and last, she wanted him and his love, but all he ever offered her was friendship,and while it seems warm and unconditional it was never enough for her. If Emmy only know how much Nisha wanted to be in her shoes and have Seb’s offerings of love and affection. She resented Seb for offering it to her and began to resent Emmy more for turning it down.
“This won’t work, it can’t possibly work” She said she was in on the plan , the gaming group were except Emmy, who had been left out since her rejection of Seb.

The evidence of that was  Declan, Hannah and Riley existed,  walked and talked among them, proved that inter-dimensional travel and existence was true. She was going to be a part of it. She that morning before getting ready wrote a long letter to her mother and father explaining that she’d never be back and would never exist to them again. It saddened her but she was excited as Seb had worked on the world for years and meeting Declan who provided him the tool of making it possible showed him already that they were going to do it. She’d exist somewhere else that was created by her best friend. While Seb was about to become a God somewhere, Nisha was about to be a messenger of that God as was Hannah and Declan go back to the dimension and live back in the roles  they had.

Riley was created as the perfect woman in Seb’s eyes on a screen, then brought to life with all her history, mannerisms strengths and weaknesses created on a character sheet. Now she was alive, and part of the world for the last year, why she was set up to be with Lucas baffled her as Lucas was described with such disdain by Sebastian himself, but Seb had other plans and it didn’t just stop at him and his best friend becoming demi gods elsewhere.
He was going to bring people with him and the invites had gone out and received as merely his 18th birthday. By the evening they’d all be in Sebastian’s World.

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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Absolutely loving the interactions with each characters. Wondering if these interaction will be the same in the game world or will resentment sent in, especially between Sebastian and Jacob.  Can't wait until the world is exposed to all for their reaction!

Merit award from me when allowed!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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Now you really have my interest peaked and I'm desperately wondering where you are going to be taking us. I love character driven stories as I always say that if we dont care about the characters why should we care what happens to them? You are giving us character development and we can see where the lines in the sand are and who is against who.
This Sebastian character (or shall I call him Seb) is very interesting and I cant help but wonder how he is going to pull this off. I must say though you always have me in anticipation when there is a glowing box on display so I'm wondering how this will play into things.
I'm liking the dynamic between Seb and Jacob and that Emmy could be a instrument coming between them.
So we have Riley and Lucas who are obviously outsiders into this little gathering and have a more sordid purpose behind their being there. I'm wondering what their role will be in this brave new world that we will be visiting.
A great chapter and I'm eager to see where we go next. Lets hope this merit will take me further into Sebastian's World!

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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All Part Of A Masterplan

Sebastian turned back on his chair and began running a flash speed program.
“Right I think it’s all sorted. The universe  has been crafted. The weather patterns is set to random, people have free will, other worlds exist and but haven’t get made contact officially , history and lore is all set. Technology is still advancing and greatly differs between  civilizations” He sounded like he was browsing through a catalogue.

“Don’t forget the return of certain species in the coming years. Plus the continent to the West has evolving life forms  ” Declan said looking over Seb’s shoulder. “We’ll keep this existence  to your terms of language to make it a bit simpler for you, but languages will be developed due to free will.
Have the people discovered the meaning of life?
“Yes” Sebastian smirked. “The meaning of life is me, I created this and I am the one living God who has made his presence known. I can be contacted in this. I’ll actually be seen and be real to my followers”  He clicked and browsed more codes and statistics.
“And you can’t die, your lifespan is infinite . You can’t be killed or feel pain” Declan checked on some. Most players don’t ever let themselves be seen at or maybe to one of two that they deem worthy. I’ve not seen many living Gods in the simulation yet, it could be risky.” Declan seemed he knew from experience. “They mostly reside with the High Beings, and still live out amazing realities”
“I’m not sitting for infinite time just monitoring life, I want to live and be in the world I created” Sebastian was determined.

“Ok Divine One, that’s what we’ll be calling you, at the click of this we will be in the Holy City of Trendonia in the Sky chambers, and this place and everything in it is deleted” He looked around the bedroom.
Nisha shuddered. “And I’m to be the highest priestess?” She wanted to be reassured.
“Yes…..yes, you are Your Holiness, you can perform magic and is the messenger to God. You will be the most powerful mortal on the planet” Declan reassured her.
“You’ll be fine” Hannah said sincerely.

“Right are you making a back up copy of this existence” Seb asked Declan. “Yes but that’s for me to keep, I’ll bring to vault of the High Beings and it can be saved there, but you won’t be going back here, once it’s done it’s done. Earth, This  universe and everything you knew and know about here will be just a  fantasy  in your head. The reality is the one you created, and the fantasy is just this place. It’s gone, never happened and everyone save the few you’ve chosen to partake in the radius of the Rorrun are the only ones who’ll exist and ever existed, and are you sure you want them to come? And do you want them part of the lore and have new memories or bring them aware of this current  existence? I’d choose the former!” Declan tried to do the right thing.

“Yes” Nisha piped. “It’s  hard to leave as it is I need one thing or person  from this reality to keep as a memory”
“You aren’t   leaving anything behind! We are deleting them, they never happened to begin with. I’ve explained it already, this is like a game once we save over it with a new reality it’s gone forever. It will be Sebastian’s World then, and he’s set what type of world it is and what happens, but even he can’t control the future!” Declan said with a strange tone as if that part really mattered more.

So let’s get this straight, you are going to bring who’s downstairs over, but they are going to be scattered across the world?”
“Yes and Emmy can join them now, she had her chance to be among the Gods but she decided to snub that. She can go where Jacob goes, and I believe in  my world which we’ll now refer to as Garbradis the newcomers have arrived by portal in some groundbreaking top secret science experiment.
“I like it!” Said Hannah.
“So what are we going to do?” Nisha seemed so unsure at that point.
“I’m making video actually more of  a livestream and I’ll tell them a bit about it all, not that they’ll believe me. The house that we are standing in will crossover completely replicated and will be on the Southern Island of Dorma. He clicked up a map on the screen which marked the location. You, will find yourself in the Sky chambers below where I’ll be” Then we’ll see what happens. “Riley is coming there too, she’s going to be mine then, chosen by a living God to do nothing else but pleasure him”
Sebastian said darkly. Nisha rolled her eyes. “I don’t think the God should be that way, I don’t think a good God would have a woman just to pleasure him” She said clearly annoyed.
“Let’s not get into that now!” Declan interrupted them. “Come on Nisha I’m going set up the livestream on the downstairs tv and then we can begin. Though I think you should just do all this without any commentary. Once this is done it won’t make any difference anyway, they can’t stop it!” Nisha knew Declan and Hannah both knew more than a mere human’s mind could comprehend. She liked them and trusted their judgment.
“I’m not done here yet, there’s one thing I want to do before I give my piece, and I want to do it alone, send up Emmy now. I want to give her the lowdown” Seb said in a new commanding voice.

“Why? isn’t Riley going to be your lady once we crossover?” Nisha said clearly irate.
“I just want to fuck Riley, I want to be with Emmy big difference” Sebastian said with a wicked smile.” He was already lost”
Thought Nisha he had already become the God he wanted to be.

“Nisha I love you, you do know that?, I’m proving you that I do by bringing you on this project . You are as Declan, said the High Priestess, you are the most powerful person on the planet. You get to talk to your God in person every day” Sebastian rubbed her shoulder. He didn’t even try and hide his narcissism.

“So will Declan and Hannah……” She said with a gloominess of envy.
“Yes but they are Higher Beings, I can’t really tell them what to do or not to do, plus this is only possible because of them” Seb caressed her back supportingly.
“Not really much of a God then if you’ve to answer to higher powers” Nisha said with a rare sneer.
“Better than being a mere pawn in this calamity of a world. If anyone had our opportunity they’d take it. I’ve crafted this world to be a paradise, not just for me but everyone on it I mean take a look at that” He gestured to a beautiful sunset hanging over a clear calm sea. Sea creatures jumped and played among birds and it indeed looked a place of such beauty and harmony Nisha’s eyes widened.

“It’s amazing, and this won’t be a game or a simulation. This will be our reality. James Cameron may have made a good movie about similar things but I’ve made the real thing. Thanks to Declan and Hannah who decided to reach out to me and become greater friends than I ever had here save you of course” He squeezed her tightly she leaned into him as a lover would. “We can be more Sebastian” She said quietly.
“If I’m worthy to bring into this place, why am not worthy to be your soulmate….. your companion, yours…….” She whispered.

“Yeah, I think it’s evident the soul doesn’t exist now, and all those fairytales that so called God here made up to scare us all into obeying him. We know the real truth, this God expected everyone to follow him out of fear and created an illusion they were being tested, and promised a paradise yet as Declan pointed out, it’s the God who’s being tested, to see if he or she  truly worthy of sitting in the Hall of the High Beings where they’ll only experience the true form of being divine. This God or as I call it a bad player has messed it all up here, he either is very sadistic  or doesn’t care, and tries to convince his followers that’s it’s masterplan So screw him and his sadistic failure of a game, I can do a better job and I will” Anyone would think Seb had lost his mind but Nisha knew everything he said was possible now.

“Even your Hindu ancestors, my Christian ones, Muslim, Jews and so on, all just illusions of servitude, fighting each other to get closer to someone who couldn’t care less about them. Who’s so ashamed to show his face! Well that won’t be me. The people won’t have to fear a heaven or hell, they’ll live in a heaven, and when I’m deemed worthy I’ll be offered a place among the High Beings  because I done a good job!” Sebastian laughed. “Well maybe a few might experience hell…..” He said wickedly to himself.

“So in other words I live to obey you and then die, while you waltz off being divine” Nisha made a face. They could have been talking about a night out and not their complete existence and purpose.

“No silly, I’ve made this reality, if you do a wonderful job which you will,  I can make you immortal too, remember there’s magic in this world, amazing magic and you’ll have access to it”  Seb said with reassurance.

Downstairs Declan announced he was setting up the smart tv in the back room for them to watch Sebastian’s video. Eleanor ushered them all in there. “He’s so quirky but he’s my son” She kept saying to reassure herself more than anyone else that it was normal.
“If I wanted to watch rubbish on the telly I’d have stayed at home” Growled the grandad. “Why can’t he just come down and talk to us like a normal person?. Nick it’s down to you, you’re his father, you should be putting a stop to all this nonsense”

Bryony was still chatting to Riley as Lucas had a rather academic conversation with Nicholas. “Well it’s the right time to invest in environmental professions, so I’ve definitely considered that in my university options” He was saying to Nicholas, who nodded inventively. He was getting well with Lucas and looked to him as a boy with a head screwed on unlike his dreamer of a son who still remained upstairs.

“So what do your parents do? What do  they here in England? I expect school was hard to adjust to, is there an option to take the SAT or what? Asked Bryony who couldn’t get much out of the American girl.
“My father passed away just before I was born” Began Riley though without any glimpse of sadness. My mother…….” She trailed off and then seemed to suppress a sneeze or a snigger. “What does it matter, no I’m not having much trouble adjusting to here, Sebastian has been so good to me as well as Lucas. Emmy too, she’s a lovely girl.
Exactly what one would think of that British warmth and proper way of acting” Riley looked around as she seemed suddenly bored of the conversation.
“And I’m not warm and proper?” Thought Bryony. She considered herself well schooled and dare she say it more up the social ladder than Emmy who seemed from new money.

Hannah walked over to Bryony. “Hi  Bryony I don’t believe we’ve met” A new conversation started. Anything was better than sitting anywhere near the irate grandad, or a fluttering Eleanor. Melanie and Candice had both just ended up taking mother and daughter selfies and continued assaulting Coors light and the wine. It was best to avoid them too.

Nisha was finally tasked to summon Emmy. She stepped out into the large garden and heard whispering giggling voices among the bushes. There she found Emmy and Jacob wrapped in an embrace and locked together mouth to mouth. Nisha smiled and then felt sad that everything about this existence was about to end wether she liked it or not  and mourned for the life she might have had there.
“Hey get a room!” She joked at them.
They both jumped and looked awkward. “Oh sorry, we were just…….” Jacob began.
“I know what you were both doing and it’s fine it’s cute, no better place than a party.
Look, Seb wants to talk to you, it’s nothing bad he just wants help with the video and maybe a photograph of us all” Nisha said making eye contact with Jacob.

“Ok, he’s starting to annoy me today and birthday or not I don’t like being annoyed!”
She said flatly. Slowly breaking her embrace and her held hands with Jacob who tried to cling to her. “I’ll be back!” She beamed with her astoundingly bubbly face. The smile and features that Jacob already felt in love with.

Nisha watched her go. “I don’t think I like this” Jacob started. “I mean I know he likes her and stopped her number making my way to her. I don’t want to ruin his day, but I’m not going to be told who I can be interested in, and meet” Nisha just hushed him. “It’s fine, you know Seb, he just does things his way. I think he got the hint off her she’s not into him that way, and anyway between you and I, he’s into Riley” She whispered. “The only reason she was  invited and of course that pillock Lucas is here”

“Of course he’s into Riley, but inviting her here knowing she’d bring her boyfriend seems a bit self loathing to me. I mean, why would you want to watch the person  you want to be with, be with someone else? Wouldn’t that drive you mad?” Jacob said as he leaned back into the bushes.
“You’ve no idea!” Nisha said quietly.
“Let’s go in, or otherwise people will wonder about us!” She laughed but it was nervous and now a coping mechanism to the uncertainty she faced. Though her relationship with her parents was never warm, she got out her phone and texted a simple “ I love you always xxxxx” to her mother and put it away.

Emmy walked into Sebastian’s room. He sat with his back to her.

“We’ve forgot about knocking now have we? I mean, you’ve made it clear you don’t want to be part of my life, or have any respect me anymore, so why would you respect my quirks either?” Even for Sebastian this was odd.
“Seb, what’s the matter, look I’m sorry for not coming up and I’m truly sorry I’m not into you that way, but please don’t be like this with me, you’ll ruin your day. I like Jacob and sorry about that but we can’t help who we like. Nisha really likes you and you give her nothing but a cold shoulder so surely you understand. Come on down and be with those who care about you and stop being so…….” She was cut off.

“So what? Being Me? Weird is it? Emmy you’ve changed and I really don’t like change. You aren’t the girl I was friends with all those years, the girl who had no problem with me carrying her school bag and giving you his shoulder to cry on when you were bullied by the girls” He still didn’t face her.
“We’ll you’ve changed too Seb, I know you like me, but it doesn’t mean you take it out on me, we are friends, always have been and always will be, don’t ruin that for me”
Emmy said indignantly.

Sebastian slowly turned and faced her.
“That’s what I really have become  to really dislike about you Emmy, all you care about is yourself. I suppose you can’t spell Emmy without “ Me and My”. He scoffed at his own joke. “And by the way it’s Sebastian, to you, only my close friends can call me Seb”

Emmy was shocked. “Sebastian just stop, stop it! You are hurting me! What are you saying we aren’t close friends anymore? I was there when you were being bullied too and who were you bullied by again? Oh yes a guy downstairs who you invited to your birthday party so I think it’s you who is a bit confused about friends and enemies” Emmy sounded much more bold than she’d liked to be.

“Well you know the saying Emmy, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, by the end of the day Riley will be eating out my hand, he had to come here being tied to her 24/7 but by the end of the day…….he’ll know his place” Sebastian was now sounding menacing. It half scared Emmy.

“What are you talking about? And why would you want Riley to eat out of your hand if you like me so much? Plus that’s kind of weird Seb even for you!” She already knew she crossed the line.
He got up and paced towards her.
“It’s Sebastian to you” He growled.
“And that’s it, I’m weird aren’t I, you’ve said it. All those years my weirdness was ok for you, you played the games and we exchanged sweet gifts and were close. Then you grew a pair of tits and got those hideous horse teeth of yours fixed and starting thinking you were something, is that it Emma Baker? He used her full title.”

Go down to Jacob, go and suck him off in the spare room, so if he’s so much better than me! Least he’s not weird like me  I suppose, but you’ll need to drop a few pounds because Jacob doesn’t like big girls, you can hide it under that dress but wait till the lights are on……”

Everything poor Emmy had been teased with at school through merciless years had no been flung at her by the one person who used to confront her. She was considered chubby in her early school years, but had spent a lot of time and energy losing weight the last year and being take down like this was too much for her bear.  Tears  began to appear at her eyes.

“You could have been part of something unimaginable Emmy” Seb didn’t care he’d ripped her heart out. “Now you’re paying the price”
“You are so cruel, you can fuck off!” Emmy was nearly hysterical.
Seb was now behind her and carefully locked the door.
“Fuck off? It’s my house, why don’t you!” He said with a smirk.
“She turned and faced him sobbing uncontrollably. “I just wanted you to have a nice birthday” She wailed. “I really wanted to be best friends and thought we were”
“Yeah, I’ve got friends, you aren’t a patch on Nisha, you never was, now that’s a girl who I respect and can call a true friend for life. She’s smart and thinks about others, looks after herself too” He jabbed her  stomach. “Can’t say the same about you” He was destroying Emmy with words.
“I hate you!” She screeched.
“Known that awhile” Seb shrugged unconcerned.
Emmy turned to leave. “I still want my present” Seb said with a sly grin.
“Why’s the door locked?. Let me out. You’ll get nothing and I’m telling Jacob too!” Emmy was still in tears.
“I’m telling Jacob!” Sebastian mocked her voice. “I’m Emmy, I think I’m amazing, and perfect, even though everyone else thinks I’m a stupid spoiled fat bitch” His mocking voice slowly turned sardonic.
“I want my present and if you don’t give it to me I’m taking it” He slid between her and the door.

“Get out my way!” Emmy was reduced to more tears and distressed whimpering.
“You kind of look hot, when you are emotionally broken” Seb sneered at her.
“What the one of the last things you’d do if you knew you’d never be here again? Take everything in front of you, because there will be no consequences” He put his hands on her shoulders and then suddenly pushed her across the room.
Emmy’s distress was now joined by confusion and fear. “What are you doing? Get back from me!” She began to raise her voice. There was music downstairs and no one heard them.

Sebastian swiftly slapped her across the face. It was hard and stinging and made her yelp and become more tear filled.

“Quiet now, you’ve said your piece. Now’s the time to be quiet. I could have you at any time, but now is the time, and you said you wanted me to have a good birthday. Besides I don’t plan on leaving here a virgin. He advanced towards her and backed to his bed. He wanted her in this world before the next.

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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This is indeed a ingenious master plan that you have created here. Another wonderful chapter that is showing us Sebastian's egocentric characteristics and this comes across as a person who you don't want to cross.
Further details surrounding the transfer to this new universe are intelligently done. I like how Nisha is reacting to the situation and Declan is doing his job well serving as Sebastian's right hand man. The true reason for Riley being there is, revealed and I like the interactions with those downstairs who are not included in this little plan.
A very dark way to end the chapter with Emmy being trapped and you have done a wonderful job in making us care for her as Sebastian hurts her with words. However I feel that she is going to be hurt much more now...
Great chapter and I'm still waiting for more. A merit shall be given for this story.

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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Well talk about a perfect way to commit rape knowing you won't be caught. Wonder if Seb plans to take her along as a sex slave? Just proves you can't trust old friends to remain innocent all their life!

Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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Alternate Experiences

While the party was in full swing with music now being played from a large Bluetooth speaker, though carefully chosen songs by Eleanor which she deemed to be “in trend” yet consisted mostly of Ed Sheeran ,Adele  and Taylor Swift. The large cake designed to look like a computer was delivered earlier that day by Emmy’s mother who made them as a side hustle, and  who also left a card with a generous gift voucher, for Sebastian. Little did she know he had now cornered her only daughter and ready to pounce.

The fight was already out of Emmy. She tried to push Sebastian back but he was too strong and menacing, “You owe me this” He said with cold disdain. Then he caught her roughly by the shoulders and shoved her onto his bed. “I’ll scream Sebastian, everyone will know what you done!” She pleaded with vain sobbing negotiation. Seb looked down on her with contempt. “You scream and I’ll batter you senseless and I don’t give a damn what you tell people afterwards. Like it will make any difference to me!” He goaded her. Sebastian was never known to be violent. Even in school he was reluctant to throw a paper plane back at an offender.
He pounced over her on the bed, holding her down with his body weight. “Please get off me, please” Emmy begged one last time before, Seb began to lecherously kiss her neck. Her hands flapped and slapped his back forcing him to roughly pin one down and bite her neck cruelly causing her to shudder in pain.

“You can just enjoy this Emmy, or let me just enjoy it! You’ll be my first, make it special for me!” He panted with excitement as he held her face with his two palms forcing a kiss against her lips. She squirmed and protested with muffled wet stifled sounds as his tongue snaked its way down her mouth.
She was beaten and her struggles began to ease.

In the house it wasn’t just Sebastian who was looking for action. Riley felt Lucas’s hand wander down her backside and caress it in the way she recognized that he wanted it then and there.
“We are at a party” She whispered. “We can’t!”
“You are teasing me all evening” Lucas whispered in a cold annoyed manner.
“At least make this snooze fest worth being at. I’m only here for you anyway, and that weirdo upstairs hasn’t even bothered to show his face”
“How am I teasing?” Riley asked.

“And he’s making a video for us, it’s Sebastian, I’m here for him and you are for him too, you owe him for tormented years” She said rather poetically.
“You are teasing me looking so fit , come on out, let’s you know…….” His caresses grew stronger. More like a puppy who’d been locked outside pawing at a window.
“Oh ok, but not long…..” Riley said clearly reluctant.
“Depends on you!” Lucas said with mischief, as they slid away from the room. Eleanor noticed and didn’t challenge them, but rather smiled. “Young love” She sighed. Then she returned to the inevitable dreaded duty of making conversation with Melanie and Candice.

Up in an open unused spare room they found a bed and both collapsed on it, in deep urgent passion. Riley pausing to take her shoes off, as Lucas unbuttoned his shirt. Riley was being fussy with her hair. “I don’t want to ruin my hair and everyone will know” She said sheepishly
“I don’t care, if anyone knows or not” Lucas said throwing his shirt off.
“Young couple have sex at boring party. Not entirely outrageous is it” He began to kiss her deeply on her lips as she battled to keep her head off any pillows or bedding, leaning over to him to meet his mouth. His hands clung to hers and then she placed one of his on her dress covered breast as hers roamed his toned naked torso. They were completely lustfully oblivious to the happenings in the next room.

Emmy’s face and neck was continuing to be orally assaulted by Sebastian who also crudely gripped her sweater clad breast and squeezed with aroused anticipation. She now froze and accepted he was going to do what he was going to do. She just wanted it to be over.

Her mind was clouded as to how this man she was friends with since she was 11 was being this way to her and the angst of him just taking her there and then on his bed was too much to handle, her mind began to slip away as she felt him pull both of the shoulder straps of her pinafore dress away from each other, ripping one of the buttons off. His hand was now up her sweater and groping her breasts pulling down the front of the her bra. His tongue still forced its way into her mouth and stroked and flicked at her own one like a distressed snake trying to escape.

He removed his hand from up her top and then ran it down her body until it reached her nylon clad thighs and then grabbing the hem of her dress he hiked it up to her waist just to obscenely paw at her sex, still protected by two layers of thin fabric. “Please” Emmy protested in a muffled way as Seb withdrew from her mouth to slobber her neck again. Her hand instinctively tried to remove his hand from between her legs but he bit her neck so ferociously she cried out and all resistance was withdrawn.

Seb’s hot hard erection was pushing through his jeans and Emmy felt it against her under his weight with dread, knowing what it was and where it was going. Seb eased off her to undo his jeans and let his jumping organ out, and he did. Emmys last idea of resistance was a crude one, but one she’d performed in a park a few months earlier with a pushy date, that both pleasured him and diverted his sexual desire away from her unready sex.

 She began to rub and stroke Seb’s erection frantically looking up at the ceiling detached from being there but hoping he’d reach his goal before he’d get what he wanted. He was a self confessed virgin so she’d assumed he wouldn’t take long to lose himself to manual pleasure.
He panted heavily as she pulled at his throbbing manhood.

“See you’d come round Emmy” He puffed as he groped her with more urgency pulling her tights ( pantyhose) down and her red thong underneath sliding them down her thighs. “I hate you!” She sighed. Her hand getting tired, and then wincing as his demented fingers touched her now unprotected sex and tried to what he believed was getting her ready for him.

She was just filled with uncomfortable sensations and loathed his mouth kissing her neck and his novice fingers clawing at her dryness. He pulled her hand away from his twitching rod as precum was already oozing from it.
“I don’t want to come yet” He sighed with exertion.

He then pulled her underwear and tights down further and along with one ankle boot off one leg. Then against her futile attempt to close her legs he, prized them open with his knees and held both her hands over her head on the pillow of his bed. With his spare hand he guided his almost bursting manhood, against her sex, she felt the slimy head of his pre cum oozed jumping member, touch her delicate folds. Her eyes widened in sudden pain and discomfort as he slowly pushed his way through her dry defenses.

“Oh Emmy……..” He panted as he slowly filled her up. He was bigger than she’d thought he’d be and though she wasn’t a virgin, she hadn’t had much sexual escapades that went “all the way” either.
She winced and her lips quivered against his fierce short breaths as he plunged inside her, feeling as he was ripping her open and invading her with shame.

In the next room, things were of a similar urgency but rather more wanted by both parties. Lucas laid back now naked as his manhood was engulfed by the mouth of Riley who looked up at him between swift to slow sucks  of his rock hardness. She leaned over him between his own open legs.

 Her own black lacy French knickers were removed by her and placed on the bed and while she sucked him, her own hand was tightly place between her legs up her short dress. She played an almost  classic pornstar part and as she sighed and moaned from her own hand pleasure getting more and more ready to mount him, and give her man something to make the party memorable. As she moaned and gave her mouth a break, she slowly wanked his shaft as she kissed around his balls. Lucas looked like he was struggling not to erupt on her face, but as heated up as Riley was, she still thought about her hair and make up. “Want me to giddy up!” She said with even more eroticism in her  voice?

“Gosh yes……” Lucas lay in ecstasy there and then thinking he was the luckiest man alive.
She had a condom ready, and as Lucas didn’t particularly like  them, he was well taught in the nature of ‘birds and bees’ and unwanted pregnancies being made of the gravest shame and upheaval by his parents.  She opened it with her mouth with ease as if she’d had practiced the art.
Then she slid the lubricated rubber down his hardness and giving it one more fondle. Then she got up on top of him and with his helping hands guided his member to her wet entrance with ease. He stuffed her as she adjusted and she let out a short sexual sigh of satisfaction.
His hands roamed up the back of her dress to touch her perfect shaped perky  bum, as she slowly moved her body to set the pace of making love, now more to her standard than his.

He stifled moans himself as she let out soft whimpers as she got firmer and more urgent with her flexible moves. He was in the right spot to her and she was going to use it. She pulled down the front of her dress and pulled one of his hands to her more sexually sensitive breast and he responded stroking her hard nipple as his own hips bucked up to meet her.
“Oh Lucas…….” She whispered in a husky fashion. Lucas just panted trying to keep some sort of quietness to the happening.

Riley thought the bed was creaking too much, but then realized as she stopped for a second , then it was evident the next room’s bed was the one creaking. Not really caring, she went back to the moment and  continued to work herself and Lucas closer to a double climax. He gave her backside a little slap as she enjoyed it. Her inner walls clenched to the rubbered organ and her body was losing control. Not that she wanted to keep it.

In the next room, Sebastian pressed painfully inside Emmy who grunted and shuddered at every thrust he endured on her. He has lost his breath and whispered obscenities to her as she felt his body was close to doing what she dreaded most.

She felt shame that she’d helped turn him on like a chance meet at a cheap nightclub, and despite the pain, her body had adjusted to his as he took her with more ease. He let go of her hands and with his own he groped her breasts as her sweater was pulled up and her bra shoved down. He had no experience and swayed in and out of her disgustingly with no rhythm except making the bed creak loudly.  Then with one more barrage into her mouth with his frantic tongue. He growled at her called  her a slut and then he tensed up holding himself over her as he erupted inside.

She burst into tears as she felt the liquid violation spill into her body, guessing her own juices accompanied it as any pain had subsided.
“Fuck Emmy…….. that was good…..that’s what its is all about….fuck…..” He panted gazing with tired eyes down at her broken body. He remained inside her until he began to soften and then rudely pulled out of her letting his still running seed spill out on her legs dress and bedding. She shuddered and silently sobbed feeling his semen drip out of her. With a wet wipe he rubbed himself clean and threw it into a bin. Then he straightened himself up, only pausing to hear an excited female  sounding noise next door.

“It seems we aren’t the only ones having fun!” He said with a scowl and offense that how dare anyone else ruin his first time by having their own sexual adventure on top of his.
“Excuse me a moment!” He said to the broken, soaked half undressed Emmy who continued to just lie defeated and sobbing. No one noticed the small golden box connected to Seb’s computer had gone  from glowing blue to an almost dangerous looking red, as if something had made it set that way.

He opened his door and paced down the corridor then opened the door slowly to the next room and stood silently as he watched the scene in front of him.
Riley was in the state of no return and her back arched as with both hands either side of Lucas’s naked legs she came heavily, with whimpers and soft moans as she then held a hand over her own mouth to stop it. Lucas moaned too with abandon and held her bare  hips up her dress as he evidently arrived at his destination.
“Jesus Fucking Christ….”He shuddered. “ That was incredible!” He panted with whispers.
“I know….I know….”  The huskily sounded Riley sighed still gripping Lucas within her.
“Risk of being caught is such a turn on” Lucas heard the music and talking downstairs.
“Yes but what about being caught!” Seb’s voice came softly from behind Riley.
“Lucas shot up almost throwing Riley off him and the with the filled condom dangling from his subsiding erection. He hurled himself for his clothes.Riley just lay down unconcerned on the bed, her dress still around her waist, her puffy shaved sex on full view to him.
Seb looked at both of them with contempt.
“Get dressed and go down for my video, and bloody change the bed sheets……” He said no more. The sight of humiliation from Lucas was enough and the fact he now understood the whole fuss about sex, it was only natural that a couple wanted to get frisky. It would be Lucas’s last time with her and he’d might as well enjoy it” Sebastian thought wickedly.

He came back into his bedroom and glared at Emmy as she sat up still crying her hand holding a wet wipe and her thong pulled back up and half her black tights pulled back up to cover half her legs her bra and sweater back where they were supposed to be, but she was highly distressed and cried into one hand.
“Right get out I want to be alone, it’s now time to do this” Seb say at his computer, and began clicking. Emmy wriggled back into her tights and straighten her dress, but continued to sob as she held the buttonless strap of her dress.
“I’ll tell them all” She wailed. “I’ll tell them Sebastian!”
“You do just that! Brave and stunning of you!” Seb said as he wasn’t paying any attention to her.

Everyone down below saw Riley and Lucas return and some raised eyebrows. A cold glance from Nick and Eleanor. Candice gave them a tacky clap, and a cheer to Riley. Jacob who was still chatting to Nisha about trivial things would have joined in the eyeing scorn  and shock of the couple, but he was troubled. Emmy hasn’t returned and any attempt he seemed make about going to fetch her, Nisha seemed to prevent him.
“Right I’ve got the tv set ready !” Announced Declan as everyone turned to the large flatscreen standing on a large wooden tv cabinet. Jacob looked at what seemed like Seb’s bedroom and Seb sitting at his screen.
“This is a live feed!” Bryony said doubtfully. “I thought it was supposed to be a video he’d made”
All eyes were on Sebastian as he gave a rather sardonic smile at the audience and started by thanking them for coming.
No one noticed Declan, Hannah and Nisha quietly slipping away or the hapless, shook up Emmy sliding down the stairs and texting her Mum to take her home.
It was all on Sebastian now.

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Re: Sebastian’s World
« Reply #12 on: November 08, 2023, 11:29:32 AM »
I'm once again in awe over one of your chapters. The way you managed to take two forms of sex and twist them in different directions is amazing. We have Sebastian who has almost certainly lost his mind with his impending God status giving Emmy an experience that was written in a way that would have been enjoyable for both parties if in another situation. He wanted Emmy as his first and she tried her best to get him off early but it wasn't enough.
In the other room the furious sex with Riley and Lucas was very erotic and got me fizzing! There is something naughty about being caught isn't there. Great sex and I loved it!
The overarching story is what's driving me though and I'm so eager to see what happens next. We are entering a new world and I want to come along for the ride. Will a merit be enough to secure travel?

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Re: Sebastian’s World
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I have to agree with Rachel, you wrote the sex scenes as direct opposites to one another. One the erotic high of coupplation and then the ultimate self shattering defeat of a friendship. Both scenes were written as if from experience but to suit the scenario. As pointed out the thrill of getting caught mad their experience hotter to both and them actually getting caught was perfectly written!
Wondering how the collected audience will react to Emmy's state? Great place to leave the story a great cliffhanger!

Merit to be awarded when allowed!
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