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One Little Mistake
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Madeline Holland greeted the liaison with a warm smile. Their meetings were always routine and formal at first. She was wearing nothing but a shock collar, and he had never seen her dressed in any other way.

"How long has it been, Madeline?"

"Two weeks, Doctor."

"How are you holding up?"

"Wonderfully, Doctor. Thank you, Doctor."

Doctor Novak nodded his head just slightly. Madeline was adequately obedient. Her generous liaison took pains to follow the evolving academic debates regarding female rehabilitation. In recent months he found himself gravitating toward those who argued that a convicted girl needed to be fully aware of exactly what was at stake for her, and that this awareness could only be acquired through personal experience.

The Doctor held a deep and abiding love of womankind that was matched by his respect and compassion towards the fairer sex. He had a heavy case load, currently serving as corrections liaison for 115 girls. Most of them were young, and all of them were physically attractive, though officially this was purely a matter of coincidence.

For reasons that he chose not to disclose to Madeline, he had taken a particular interest in her rehabilitation. Compared to other girls, Madeline found herself on the receiving end of more attention as well as stricter discipline.

She was twenty years old, blonde, physically fit and stunningly pretty. Novak occasionally asked himself if these traits led her to devote a disproportionate amount of effort to her case. However, he always concluded that while these qualities made her an attractive subject, she posessed other appealing qualities that could not be so easily defined.

"And how long since your incarceration?"

"115 days, Doctor."

Her smile faded just slightly and she turned around, offering him a view of her upper back and the score marks tattooed onto it. As per Novak's orders, Madeline's supervisors tattooed a new mark onto her each day. The tally displayed on her back totalled 97.

Madeline turned around again after a few seconds, allowing Novak to complete the count by reading the score marks tattooed onto her smooth, hairless pubic mound. He counted five, then ten, then fifteen, and three more lines for a total of 18.

"Hm... was it really only 18 days in lockup?"

"Yes, Doctor. My first two weeks, and then four days' punishment that you... that this stupid, disobedient cunt earned for herself last month."

"Of course. I haven't requested a summary of your punishment yet, have I?

"No, Doctor." She was still smiling, though her eyes betrayed her immense fatigue. The Doctor had determined that her rehabilitation required intense labor, and the past four months had taken a toll on her energy levels, her overall alertness and her ability to think critically.

Madeline's present surroundings were immensely different from the privately-managed prison facility that had been her home for 18 agonizing days thus far. The company that now employed and effectively owned her had sought to disassociate itself from the typical red light district aesthetic, for the gentleman's club that they operated had little in common with the typical strip club or thinly-disguised brothel.

The lounge where Madeline worked was a cozy, elegant and tastefully decorated establishment converted from an old hotel. The other female employees often wore beautiful jewelry, revealing but expensive skirts and dresses, and sometimes even lingerie that cost significantly more than any undergarments they had owned in their former lives as free women.

However, if any arriving guests were in doubt as to the sort of establishment this was, the abundance of shock collars, hand and ankle cuffs, and intimidating clamps attached painfully to some of the most sensitive parts of each girl's body would provide an immediate and clear answer.

"This stupid, disobedient cunt will provide her report now if it pleases you, Doctor."

Doctor Novak glanced over Madeline's right shoulder from the comfortably upholstered booth where he sat. In keeping with the intimate and comfortable atmosphere that management sought to cultivate, the constant sex shows that the lounge offered as entertainment were always quiet, low-key, intimate affairs. Novak observed that this evening was no exception.

On one of the small, hexagonal stages placed at measured intervals throughout the room, two slave girls were hard at work entertainng the guests. One was blonde, the other a redhead, both younger than Madeline. Both were positioned on all fours, dressed in nothing but shock collars, weighted nipple clamps and the cuffs that kept their hands fixed together in front of their bodies. They were thrusting their hips back and forth energetically, their backsides colliding together with soft but audible slaps as the double-headed dildo they were sharing disappeared between them, then reappeared as the girls' bodies separated.

"Very well, cunt. Turn and face that stage. Bend over and touch yourself while you deliver the report."

"Yes, Doctor."

Madeline unhestatingly spun around on her heels and bent forward at the waist, then parted her legs, exposing her ass and cunt to her liaison. She was glistening with wetness, some of it even coating her inner thigh. Novak noticed a similar reaction every time he met with her, regarding it as something of a Pavlovian response to his presence.

"This stupid, disobedient cunt was treated just like she was last time, Doctor. I mean, during her first... her first visit. No uniform. Hands and ankles cuffed at all times, nipples clamped. This stupid, disobedient cunt has not worn any clothes for the past 115 days, Doctor. "

Novak expected a statement regarding the wardrobe decisions made for her with every report, and Madeline had delivered her statement obediently.

Not all girls sentenced to indentured servitude remained unclothed for the entirety of their sentence. Madeline, however, had been ordered to strip on the day of her arrest only to be informed that her detention center had run out of uniforms. When she attended her first meeting with Doctor Novak after two weeks of confinement, Novak had considered the possibility that her constant nudity may have had a positive effect on her attitude and self-cognition, and he had determined that she should remain naked for as long as reasonably possible.

Madeline had gone to court naked. She had been transferred between various correctional facilities naked. She had been forced to appear naked in public spaces under police escort. And as the indentured property of the lounge where she now resided, she had even been entrusted to run brief errands outdoors while naked.

The management was well aware of the existence of competing establishments to divvy up the overwhelmingly male audiences that they sought to entertain. While the sight of a beautiful girl naked in public still attracted a problematic amount of attention, clubs like Madeline's needed to attract business, and the management saw limitless advertising potential in girls like Madeline.

Thus Madeline had joined the small number of other cuffed, collared and shackled girls who could be seen performing gardening and landscaping on hotel grounds during daylight hours. Most of them were younger than Madeline, but no less appealing. However, while clubs typically provided such girls with sheer gowns, bikinis, revealing thematic costumes or minimalistic lingerie, Madeline was one of an unfortunate few who performed these duties with no clothing at all.

Madeline was a model slave, and had been entrusted with the role of hostess during evening hours. The club's owners frequently informed Novak that they were pleased with the amount of business she was attracting.

Madeline's fingers flicked over her clit playfully as she continued her report.

"This stupid, disobedient cunt was fu... utilized eleven times on the first day, nine times on the second day, eight times on the third day and twelve times on the fourth day. She provided oral services thirteen times on the first day, fifteen times on the second day, eighteen times on the third day and nine times on the fourth day."

Novak listened to Madeline carefully as she recited an itemized list from memory of every rape, punishment, humiliation, degradation and torment visited upon her during her four-day "readjustment" session. But Novak's eyes were wandering freely, only stopping occasionally to ensure that Madeline was still masturbating while describing her own abuse.

Novak noted the handful of female patrons, mostly quiet and demure girls brought to the establishment by male companions, their attention focused on the various simultaneous stage performances even as the males frequently ignored the performers in order to talk amongst themselves.

A first-time male guest might find himself stunned and awed by the spectacles surrounding him. For the regulars, the degrading forced and coerced performances of the venue's slaves had become rote and familiar, yet remained a welcome contribution to the lounge's ambience.

The slave girls grunted, groaned and moaned onstage as their bodies strained and they fucked each other with a steadily intensifying pace and momentum. They were beginning to perspire, yet the glint on the blonde one's cheek was unmistakeably a tear to complement her lovely, innocent, blushing face. The female guests took notice of the first two tears that fell, watching the blonde with renewed interest, some of their lips parting slightly. The men began to observe more closely as well, their conversation ebbing in volume.

Novak's recommendations to the management had nearly doubled the club's sales and average audience size. The liaison had simply advised the management that men wanted to see more trainees. They wanted to see girls with a modicum of awkwardness and incompetence who were in no way inured to the intense humiliation and degradation that had become constant and inescapable presences in their lives. They wanted to see tears.

They wanted to see girls in shock collars, the most obvious indicator that the girls still had habits that needed to be broken. The guests wanted to see those collars used judiciously, not rarely yet not excessively. A girl serving as a waitress could therefore expect a painful but tolerable shock every ten minutes on average. A girl performing onstage would experience one every two to three minutes.

Small cameras surrounding each stage, coupled with display screens placed around the bar in strategic locations, ensured that each girl onstage could scarcely avoid catching glimpses of herself and any partners present as she performed.

The redhead therefore had no excuse for failing to notice when her partner began to cry. When two newly-trained and equally inept girls performed onstage,  the guests expected to see them both cry at the same time.

The redhead yelped as the LEDs on her collar began to light up, signalling to the audience that she was being punished appropriately. She froze in place briefly as her blonde partner continued to slam her backside into the redhead's ass again and again.

The redhead screamed as a more intense shock coursed through her body. Suddenly her tears began to flow freely, and she noticed a few male guests clapping and whistling from their tables. She begain to fuck her partner again with equal verve and fervor.

Novak could tell that they were approaching the climax of their routine. They were moaning loudly, their shared dildo soon disappearing between their bodies completely as they lowered their faces to the stage floor, arched their backs and began grinding their pussies together, rotating and gyrating their hips slowly and sensuously.

They weren't just fucking each other anymore. They were visibly losing themselves in the sensation. They were making love.

Novak noted to himself that Madeline appeared to be observing the performance closely. She was rubbing herself faster and more vigorously, whether she realized it or not.

"This cun... this... stupid, disobedient cunt ran naked each day through a... umm... through a gauntlet of corrections officers, just like the other inmates, Doctor. She was... *mm* groped, b-beaten on the tits and ass with st... with... batons, and shocked with electric prods, sir. Mainly on the... *unh* nipples and clit. It made her... *ngh* it  made her p-pussy very wet, Doctor. I - ah, m- she... each time, D-doctor. Th... thank you, Doctor.

Novak was fully aware of the cost-cutting measures implemented recently by detention facilities that catered to female inmates. They had made significant dents in their budgets by employing primarily male guards with minimal training. Private operators had slashed compensation to minimal levels, and as such the primary attraction that the job offered was the ability to exert power and control over helpless women.

Operators managed to reduce their budgets further by relying as heavily as possible on a volunteer work force, as they found increasing numbers of males willing to perform the necessary duties for free. Analysts soon discovered that the corrections workforce consisted largely of men with a history of sexual offenses against women, though the accused significantly outnumbered the convicted. After significant lobbying the operators reached an arrangement with the courts that enabled them to employ men on probation or parole for sexual or sex-adjacent offenses against women, and even use some convicts for unpaid labor in lieu of prison sentences.

The prisons had a material interest in acquiring as many inmates as possible, thereby obtaining increased funding. Corrections liasons like Doctor Novak provided a valuable humanitarian service by arranging to keep girls like Madeline out of prison. It was by no means an easy job, but the fear of imprisonment in a private detention facility was more than enough to ensure grateful cooperation from most girls.

Doctor Mark Novak knew that after her initial two weeks of imprisonment pending her trial, Madeline regarded him as nothing less than a savior. She accepted every misogynistic statement he made without question, and obeyed every unfair rule he imposed without fail.

Every time she offered words of praise or gratitude, Novak noticed how the look in her eyes and the tone in her voice differed from those of the many girls whom he had kept out of prison entirely. She thanked him even more frequently than he demanded, and she did not simply recite her thanks mechanically. Her words were earnest and sincere.

Her kind liaison took care to remind her frequently that his intervention might not be enough to spare her from imprisonment permanently. Despite his best efforts, she could always be sent back, and it took considerable effort to secure her release once more.

She had been a model servant, serving the club faithfully and eagerly. And then she had made one little mistake, spilling a drink onto a patron's lap. Her kind liaison managed to arrange her release after a mere four days.

After those four days, she returned to work with a visibly renewed and refreshed sense of boundless gratitude. As she recounted the events of those four challenging days to her gracious, overworked liaison, he noted that she seemed barely able to contain that gratitude. He suspected that she would have happily professed her undying love for Doctor Mark Novak, begging to marry him and bear his children, if she imagined such a turn of events was in any way possible.

She was rubbing her clit faster and harder, slipping a finger inside herself now and then gingerly, with an uncharacteristic meekness and restraint.

"And... Doctor... oh my God... they played a... ohhhh... a game each night. They chained me... um... this stupid cu... stupid, disobedient cunt... to a concrete wall... then... they had a... a whip... they took turns unnnnnngghhhh whipping the clamps on my... OH... my... OhGodI'msosorry Doctor, she means her, HER... tits... her clit and pussy lips... trying to make the clamps pop off one by one... it hurt so much and it was so much fun! Thank you so much, Doctor! OH! Uhhhhnnn thank you..."

Some of the bruises on Madeline's breasts, bottom, mound and inner thighs hadn't fully faded yet.

Despite her obvious gratitude, Novak suspected that she didn't want to have sex with him at that moment. He had arrived at this supsicion upon viewing the club's outdoor security camera footage a short while earlier.


Madeline and one of her younger colleagues had been raking leaves that afternoon alongside one of her younger colleagues. The brunette colleague had been wearing a skimpy, fetishized mockery of a Catholic schoolgirl uniform with no underwear. Madeline was nude as always, apart from her collar and the metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Both girls were showing obvious difficulty moving and working in their restraints, and their chores served little practical purpose beyond putting the girls on public display.

It was a cool afternoon in September. The alleyway adjoining this particular section of lawn saw limited pedestrian traffic. Men and women would come along walk by at intervals of roughtly ten to fifteen minutes. Most of them would stop, stare for a moment and move on.

The public wasn't entirely unaccustomed to the sight of slave girls undergoing some manner of public humiliation. They simply assumed that these girls had committed offenses against society, and thanks to an avalanche of new laws and a flurry of deregulation, women of low moral character could choose this sort of life as an alternative to imprisonment. Young women would occasionally report vague, nagging fears in the backs of their minds, yet most of them spoke and acted as if they were secure in the knowledge that such a situation could never happen to them.

Even professional sex industry workers looked down on girls like Madeline. She was something less than a whore.

An imposing steel fence separated the leaf-strewn stretch of lawn from the alleyway, affording modest physical protection to the unfortunate girls. However, the public could still shout slurs and insults at them, and even make demands of them. A security guard kept watch to ensure the girls' physical safety, but also to ensure that the girls complied with any reasonable request.

The camera footage depicted Madeline and the brunette pressing their bodies together, kissing each other passionately, Madeline grinding her pussy against the heel of the brunette's right hand. A small crowd of young men had gathered, and the girls were fulfilling the crowd's requests with the security guard's silent approval.

The group of nine young men ordered the girls to kiss. Then to continue kissing, to kiss with tongue, and to make out until granted permission to stop. As the crowd's excitement mounted, they insisted that the girls touch and fondle each other in increasingly lewd ways. After several minutes the crowd began to emphatically demand that the girls bring each other to climax. Madeline made a valiant effort to appease them, guiding her less experienced friend through various displays of affection and indecent sexual acts that seemed well beyond the younger girl's prior experience.

Novak continued to observe the footage as the girls prepared to resign themselves to a session of unwanted, unrestrained lovemaking and degrading, unwelcome orgasms.


The crowd was chanting in unison as Madeline continued to grind her soaking wet pussy against her partner's hand. Her shy brunette partner's cheeks were bright red. She was visibly ashamed and mortified.

It was only her first day on the job, after all.

The girls' tongues continued to flick against each other as they continued to tease each other with theatrical open-mouthed kisses.

Suddenly, after a series of increasingly high-pitched moans, Madeline threw her head back and her partner glanced at the crowd, blushing even more brightly as if she had just noticed them for the first time.

Madeline fell to the ground, rolling onto her back, lifting her legs and parting them as much as her shackles would allow. The crowd required visible evidence of her orgasm. They cheered and whistled as the muscles of her pelvic floor spasmed and contracted, her pussy twitching while she rubbed her clit with her own cuffed hands.

"Th... thank you! Thank you so much!" Madeline shouted as her orgasm faded. The grin on her face wasn't entirely convincing, yet the effort she had put into it as she thanked her onlookers was unmistakeable.

"Now do her, you dumb bitch!"

"Use your tongue, slut!"

Madeline looked up at her partner. One look at the brunette's face told everyone present how she felt at that moment. She clearly wanted to die. And she almost certainly didn't want the blonde girl's tongue anywhere near her at that moment.

The voices of the crowd became a confused murmur. They had begun to disagree on what they wanted to see next. Moments later, a single voice rang out.

"The rake, bitch! Fuck that blonde slut with the rake!"

The brunette girl stared at the rake in her hand. She looked over her shoulder at the security guard, who met her gaze with a slight nod. Tears began streaming down her face as it became increasingly evident that she had no way out of this situation.

Despite his affection for womankind, Novak held certain severe views regarding their morality and their treatment of one another. In his esteem, any girl would gladly inflict harm, humiliation or degradation on another girl if she felt that it advanced her goals or that it might help her secure and maintain a favorable position in any sort of social hierarchy.

His experiences observing the countless girls under his charge served to reinforce his viewpoint. He kept himself amused by placing girls in increasingly dire and desperate situations, then watching them abuse and betray one another, selling out their sisters for meager privileges and comforts.

Novak continued to view the camera footage, his curiosity piqued. He watched as the brunette stood above Madeline's supine form and slowly, haltingly pressed the handle of the rake against Madeline's still-soaked cunt.

Madeline gasped and her eyes widened as the handle penetrated her.

Novak studied the recorded footage with renewed interest as one of the club's girls serviced him. He had become unaware of her presence, ignoring her while she knelt between his legs and sensuously licked and sucked his cock and balls with amateurish yet curious intent.

After an admirable yet hopeless effort to take the full length of his cock into her mouth and throat, she lifted her head off of him and gasped. Novak reached for the remote control that operated her shock collar, prompting her to yelp and sob after receiving a short, sharp jolt.

"Sarah, you need to learn to pay attention to my balls. I want you to focus on them for a while. Really take care to wash every inch with your tongue. Don't stop or move until I give you permission."

The young girl nearly choked on her own reply.

"Y... yes, Doctor. Thank y... th... thank you for shocking this cunt, Doctor."

She lowered her face and began to lick his scrotum sloppily, but with adequate vigor. Novak smiled and patted her head.

"Good girl." His voice was soft and somehow cruel yet simultaneously affectionate.

Experts in his field had recently begun to reconsider the benefits of negative reinforcement in training the female mind. Novak had initially held doubts about its efficacy, having preferred positive reinforcement techniques when the government's new approach to corrections first came into effect.

Novak's experience in rehabilitating female convicts and debtors had transformed his outlook. He now viewed deterrence as an extremely effective motivator. He had also begun to utilize pain as something more than a form of negative reinforcement. He had found it to be useful for building and promoting mental discipline among the females in his charge.

Pain, if applied in moderation, could be a sign of careful attentiveness or even affection from a trainer. Novak insisted that girls display gratitude whenever they were corrected or disciplined. Girls like Madeline proved to be especially obedient when it came to expressing gratitude. Novak had begun to consider whether all of the girls who reported to him might benefit from at least two weeks of imprisonment in the course of their rehabilitation.

The girl who now had her face buried in his crotch, sloppily licking and slurping at his balls, would certainly benefit from a stint in a detention facility. She was Madeline's younger sister, after all. Novak was already considering remanding her for three or even four weeks.

Sarah was naked save for her shock collar, just like her sister. Novak expected that she would remain naked for a long time to come, perhaps the rest of her life. She had already seen the security camera footage earlier that day. The club's trainers had required her to ride a dildo to climax while watching her best friend rape her older sister with a gardening tool. Novak considered forcing her to watch it again with him, but concluded she would find greater benefit in oral training.

The brunette whom Sarah had considered her best friend had been given a choice between the humiliation of being pushed into an orgasm by another girl in front of a crowd, or violating and torturing Madeline with a blunt object. And it seemed as if the decision had scarcely been a decision at all.

Madeline had been raped with inanimate objects before. And situations like her current one were not uncommon. The girls kept their gardening tools in immaculately clean condition in case of similar occurrences, being keenly aware that wooden gardening tools were by no means a safe implement for sexual purposes.

However, it was plainly obvious to everyone present that the experience was exceptionally painful and uncomfortable for Madeline. Having been conditioned through Novak's training, during which he often pushed her to climax during moments of intense agony, the rake handle pumping in and out of her pussy drove her to another orgasm.

Her screams and moans echoed through the alleyway. The brunette continued to push the handle in and out of her tortured cunt. Suddenly she paused and looked over her shoulder, hearing one of the club managers calling her inside for some new errand. She shuffled away obediently, hurrying as quickly as her shackled legs would allow, her pert little bottom wiggling behind her.

Madeline was lying on her back in a daze. Within moments the manager was standing astride her, pulling her up to her feet by her hair. The crowd wasn't finished with her yet.

Moments later, after offering tearful words of gratitude to her audience, she found herself bouncing up and down on her rake handle, fucking herself with it, riding it in an standing position, all in accordance with her new orders. The metal tines of the rake were rubbing against her heels, scratching her with every thrust and gyration of her hips. The rake handle was absolutely covered in her juices, the brown wood stained with dark streaks by her shameful, whorish arousal.

One little mistake and she'd be sent back to the correctional facily. One little mistake and she would once again find herself being gang-raped on a daily basis by convicted sex offenders.

She smiled brightly and thanked her audience again.

One little mistake could change a girl's life. Some of Novak's charges were guilty of drunk driving, assault, or shoplifting. Some had simply missed a few payments on a credit card bill. Madeline had found herself out of a job for a few months in a declining economy and had missed a single payment. Litigators had sought to make an example of her, exploiting the new laws to their fullest, and Novak had gallantly intervened to guide her rehabilitation.

Doctor Mark Novak knew that Madeline Holland was grateful, and he knew that Sarah Holland would learn to be grateful as well.

Sarah had also made one little mistake. She and her best friend had been in a car with a mutual friend, all three of them inebriated, when they suddenly found themselves entangled in a vehicular accident that resulted in another person's death.

Sarah was clearly remorseful, but Novak was concerned about her expressions of gratitude. There was something missing. He was unsure of whether she was truly grateful for the discipline that he provided.

He considered her fate as she continued to lick and slurp away at his testes, his pubic hairs occasionally becoming stuck in her teeth.

Perhaps she and her friends needed eight weeks of incarceration. And perhaps Madeline needed to accompany them. Their corrections liaison would have full visitation rights, and through his training they could certainly set a positive example for other inmates.


Madeline delivered the rest of her report from one of the club's private rooms.

Though Novak had observed that she had, in her own perverse way, fallen in love with her liaison, he had formed the opinion that a girl needed to be raped periodically to guarantee a positive and receptive attitude. And he always found ways to rape her. He deduced the moments when she least wanted a man inside of her, and he always managed to ambush her at those precise moments.

She could barely continue her report through the sound of her own pained groans and involuntary moans of arousal as he bent her over a wooden desk and drove his cock into her with sadistic abandon.

"*ungh* Y-yes, Doctor! They... did... use the.. UHHNNN... ohhhhh... the machines again, Doctor. Each day... I th... this cun.... this horny... um... this stupid, disobedient -UHN!- cunt thinks she... spuh-spent six hours p-per day... you remember th... the fucksaw, Doctor? They said it was a... recipro- recip *mmmmnnnhhh* reciprocating? reciprocating saw with no blade... they swapped the blade for a... a dildo, Sir! Uh! Doctor! DoctornotSir sorry Doctor! It was bigger and thicker this time and so beautiful and it.... made this cunt... this stupiddisobedientcunt cum so many times... she truly, truly understands a man's love now, she had mmmm.... f- ooooh... forgotten that and she's so very sorry, Doctor!"

Novak grunted as he pushed harder, thrusting his cock deeper into her sore, stretched pussy. She had managed to go dry for a brief moment just before he mounted her, but she was once again flowing like a river. He reached around her hip and began rubbing her clit quickly and vigorously with his fingertips. She screamed when she climaxed a short time later, then broke down sobbing.

"I think Sarah's going to love riding the fucksaw for six hours a day, don't you, Madeline?"

She let out another heaving sob.

"Y...yes, Doctor. Please... please *gasp* teach her everything you taught this stupid, disobedient cunt, Doctor."

"The same way I taught you?"

She choked for an instant and sobbed again.

"Yes, doctor. Please, please send her to the... detent... *sob* thedetentionfacility, Doctor. She needs... she needs to ride the fucksaw and make love to those kind, kind men and run naked through the gauntlet and have her tits and pussy OHHHH whipped and if you *nngggh* want this cunt Imeanthisstupidungratefuldisobedientcunt to go with her then she'll love it too so pleasepleasePLEASE SEND US BOTH TO DETENTION BECAUSE ALL CUNTS NEED AND DESERVE THAT DOCTOR OHHHHH!!"

Madeline broke down into further pained sobs as she came again, her sore muscled clenching and spasming around Novak's cock.

He came inside her moments later. As he had taught her, this was a strong sign of approval. She continued to stand helplessly with her upper body bent over and pressed against the desk, sobbing quietly and babbling incoherently.

Doctor Novak gently patted her head.

"Good girl."

She shuddered at the sound of his voice.

The Doctor had some very difficult decisions to make. In the end, it would be up to him to decide how each girl would atone for her mistakes.
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Re: One Little Mistake
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Female enslavement was becoming more commonplace and more broadly accepted with each passing day. The courts and legislatures never referred to it as slavery. The public could choose to perceive it as such if they found it satisfying or titillating, or they could rationalize and compartmentalize it if they found it distasteful.

Involuntary servitude presented an elegant solution to many of society's problems. Legislators and their corporate backers initially implemented it to address the problem of debt. While convicted felons could always be forced to perform unpaid labor, various human rights concerns placed theoretical limits on the manner of their employment and the methods used to promote compliance.

Rape and torture were out of the question. The state would never get away with forcing convicts into sexual slavery. But plea deals were a different matter entirely. The influential men who sought to introduce new flexibility to the penal system would find themselves astonished at just how easily they could distort, manipulate and pervert the course of justice.

The practice of imprisonment for debt had steadily gained traction during the early 21st century. Jailers and courts frequently billed detainees for the costs of their detention, and unpaid court fees became a convenient excuse to prolong an offender's imprisonment. The brutality inflicted upon inmates had long been a useful threat and a mechanism for the extortion of defendants and their families. Offenders with limited financial resources could negotiate alternative arrangements as long as they had something of value to offer.

Able-bodied defendants could offer labor, and their acceptance of any such arrangement always implied consent. Attractive young women could thereby be recruited to perform services as adult entertainers, often providing those services in exchange for minimal compensation or no compensation at all. No rational adult entertainer whose plea bargain was on the line would dare compound her offenses with a breach of contract, even upon discovering that the terms of their contracts were much broader in scope than they had initially suspected.

A girl in such a situation might endure daily whippings or ritualized humiliation in accordance with the demands of her employer's audience, just as a professional adult entertainer might participate in fetishism and kink-focused acting roles. The only differences were the selection of roles offered and the incentive to accept and follow through with a job.

Plea deals involving young women reluctantly accepting employment as adult entertainers had become so common within the span of a few short years that many judges had come to regard the practice as fully interchangeable with traditional penalties such as fines and incarceration. In cooperation with lobbyists and legislators, they took care to ensure that such services were codified within sentencing guidelines. An attractive young female could find herself sentenced to a term of labor in the adult entertainment industry even for minor offenses, and creditors could call on the courts to hand down such a sentence even for debtors who met their regular repayment obligations.

These innovative changes to various sentencing guidelines and penal codes overwhelmingly impacted female offenders in lieu of males. The authorities never questioned this phenomenon. Female defendants would discover that it was something of an unspoken rule. Demand for adult entertainment services heavily favored females, and the courts simply provided labor according to the market's demands. They could easily dismiss any accusations of sexism or misogyny with the argument that male offenders enjoyed no such alternatives to imprisonment.

The growing preponderance of cheap labor fueled the growth of a whole new industry. New forms of gentlemen's clubs took root in countless cities and suburbs, all based around the abuse, degradation and exploitation of helpless young women for the entertainment of sadistic males.

These women enjoyed limited rights and protections in the form of various health regulations, liability for employers who inflicted serious or permanent physical damage, and shelter from certain forms of public humiliation by virtue of local decency laws.

Girls like Sarah Holland gradually became accustomed to the sight of girls her age or younger making public appearances for promotional services, typically wearing dresses that were little more than sheer babydoll négligées, with hemlines that typically reached no lower than their wrists when they stood with their arms relaxed at their sides. Club owners could rest assured that decency laws for such girls would be loosely enforced, and there would be no need for their employees to wear undergarments beneath their dresses as long as their cunts were reasonably well-concealed at most times.

Sarah made her best effort to avoid thinking about the possible implications as men led such girls down sidewalks and through shopping malls, sometimes on leashes. She tried to ignore the various collars with their odd attachments and protuberances, and the flyers that each girl handed out to passing strangers as they smiled and enthusiastically greeted every male who showed signs of interest.

At times Sarah would find that she needed to muster greater effort to ignore the telltale marks on their wrists and ankles that resulted from prolonged periods of time spent wearing cuffs. She dared not to speculate on the stains on their minimal clothing, the dark matted spots in their hair or the sparkling, fainly white streaks on their cheeks, upper lips and chins.

The urge to cum inside a female is a powerful male instinct. However, men who had been provided with an overabundance of female sexual outlets sometimes experienced a greater urge to practice some degree of selection in which girls they would honor in such a manner. Slave girls would often discover that men found more joy in ejaculating onto them than inside them.

Their owners expected them to perform exaggerated displays of gratitude when receiving semen in such a manner. While decency and social norms prevented a girl from openly advertising sexual services, knowledgeable males always knew how to interpret the sight of a visible stain or streak on any girl who had been forced outside after being honored with a man's cum. This was as close as a girl could normally get to walking around in public with the phrase "I'M A WHORE" written in bold letters on her face or her clothing.

In legal terms, female participation in this industry was always consensual and voluntary. The female subjects signed countless waivers and provided innumerable recorded statements expressing their consent. The employers and supervisors in charge of these women often seemed to derive a special form of sadistic enjoyment in compelling the women to express their "consent" under various forms of duress.


Sarah ran her tongue along the underside of her liaison's testes while Madeline ran hers up and down his shaft, their tongues flicking against each other briefly every time Madeline completed a circuit from Novak's throbbing glans all the way down to the base and then to the soft scrotal folds below.

After a few circuits Madeline would open her mouth wide and take the full length of his erect cock into her mouth and throat, bobbing back and forth several times, licking him around the base of his shaft with caring and sensuous thoroughness before lifting her head and allowing his phallus to slide back out of her mouth.

Sarah for her part maintained her focus on his balls, occasionally working her way up to the base of his cock when her sister allowed sufficient space for an opening. As time wore on the sisters found it increasingly difficult to prevent their tongues from making contact. And when the two of them began to kiss his cock, moving their lips up and down in helical patterns to cover as much of his flesh as possible, they found it impossible to avoid locking their lips together occasionally.

Being less experienced than her sister, Sarah allowed Madeline to take the lead in deep-throating their attentive trainer. While Madeline would swap places with Sarah and allow her younger sister to perform the work of taking his cock into her mouth every so often, Sarah's gag reflex rendered this aspect of the job considerably more challenging and she sighed with relief each time Madeline reclaimed her place.

Novak observed that both girls seemed absolutely exhausted. After half an hour of licking, slurping and sucking at Novak's manhood, they appeared no closer to making him cum than they had been at the beginning of the session.

The presence of a third female served to complicate their situation further. Laura was a close friend of Sarah's, a gorgeous blonde with a stunning figure who could barely avoid attracting unwanted attention in her present compromising situation.

Laura's collar was connected by a chain approximately three feet in length to a steel hoop protruding from the floor. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back and connected to the wall behind her by way of a similar chain. Both leads were fully taut and stretched to their limits, affording no movement to the poor girl, leaving her in an awkward standing position teetering on the four inch heels of her shoes, her body bent forward at the waist. Her face was thereby situated at the perfect height to perform oral sex on a male standing upright.

However, despite her best efforts, she was unable to assist Madeline or Sarah in any meaningful way. Though Novak had taunted her by thrusting his penis within an inch of her tongue's reach at several points during the preceding half hour, she had only managed to touch the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue for a few brief seconds at intermittent moments. What she had accomplished thus far had only been achieved through arduous, painful straining and exhausting persistence.

Laura's inability to perform had already cost her dearly, as her kind trainer had seen fit to discipline her multiple times. He triggered painful, maddening jolts of electricity through her collar whenever he perceived that she wasn't trying hard enough for his liking. She rarely managed to enjoy freedom from his sadistic punishments for stretches lasting longer than thirty seconds, though she struggled against her bonds with every ounce of strength she could muster.

"AUUUUGHH!! Pleasedon'tpleasedon'tYIPE!! This worthless, dripping wet cunt issorryDoctorandshewilltryUUGHHHHhhhardertosuckyo urcock, Doc-*EEP*doctor!"

Every trainer had his own approach to the necessary task of dehumanizing a girl and destroying her sense of identity. Novak required his girls to refer to themselves in the third person whenever possible and eschew the use of personal pronouns. However, his sense of kindness and respect prompted him to assign unique identifiers to each girl, typically a nickname or a specific combination of insults and misogynistic slurs. Novak regarded this as a happy medium between the use of human names and the reduction of each slave cunt to nothing more than a number.

Novak considered "cunt names" such as Madeline's identifier of "stupid, disobedient cunt" and Laura's moniker of "worthless, dripping wet cunt" to be signifiers of progress, learning and development. Madeline's younger sister was still nothing more than "cunt" and had yet to demonstrate talents, traits or unique appealing characteristics that might prompt Novak to honor her with a unique name. Though each girl's cunt name typically played on her weaknesses, they could be indirect indicators of where a girl's strengths might lie. Novak observed that girls known simply as "cunt" would invariably begin to display a developing, perverse sense of envy or jealousy toward the girls whom he had honored with a cunt name.

Novak took a mental inventory of the cunts who required his attention on that particular day while Madeline and Sarah took turns sucking his cock and licking his balls, and Laura struggled helplessly against her chains in a hopeless effort to join them. Doctor Novak kept detailed mental and written lists of the girls in his charge, assigning a simple overall rating to each one according to her obedience and reformatory prognosis.

Novak proceeded through his current mental checklist:
cunt (Sarah Holland) - 1 star
stupid, disobedient cunt - 4 stars
cunt (Rebecca Ballard) - 1 star
cunt (Lakshmi Prasad) - 1 star
worthless, dripping wet cunt - 2 stars
pathetic, thirsty blonde cunt - 3 stars
pussy-slurping painslut cunt - 4 stars
shameless, cum-guzzling slave cunt - 4 stars
cunt (Trang Peterson) - 1 star
cunt (Amanda Michler) - 1 star
cunt (Savannah Roberts) - 1 star
kinky whip-craving shock-loving slave cunt - 4 stars
attention-craving camwhore cunt - 2 stars
please pound this stupid slave bitch hard and fast in her gushing wet cunt - 2 stars
pierced-clit cock-hungry born-slave cunt - 2 stars
cunt (can't remember her name. The other redheaded one) - 1 star
Rebecca Ballard watched helplessly as Novak dominated and tormented her friends. As she was restrained alongside Laura, restrained in the same position, with a thick dildo-shaped gag strapped to her head and extending well into her throat, she remained a passive observer. Novak glanced at her now and then, observing that she was able to breathe, though perhaps not as easily as she might like.

Rebecca had performed well during her first day on the job. She had humiliated and assaulted her best friend's older sister when prompted. Novak had already begun to consider assigning a cunt name to her.

However, manslaughter was a serious offense, and the girls' negligence required thorough punishment. While Laura had been their driver and thereby bore the greatest weight of responsibility, her two friends were certainly complicit in her offense.

As Doctor Novak considered how to efficiently spend the remainder of his evening and update his records on the progress of each cunt's training, he found that he had absent-mindedly leaned forward. Laura was now able to fit the entire head of his cock into her mouth. She was straining against her bonds again in an effort to caress just one more inch of him with her tongue.

She had a dazed look in her eyes that could almost be mistaken for contentment. When Novak made eye contact with her, her expression instantly became less relaxed and more panicked.

"Fank oo fo, fo mush fow reddin dif worfwif, Dwipping wef cunf fuxf yow cawk, Doctow!"

She was following her training carefully, thanking him for the privilege of sucking his cock even when her mouth was full. He nodded and stepped forward while Madeline and Sarah continued to lick the base of his penis and wash his balls attentively with their tongues. He heard the sounds of their lips smacking as they inadvertently kissed once every few seconds.

He had noticed that the girls were no longer kneeling on the floor, having drifted to sitting positions in order to better access the parts of his anatomy that they were responsible for pleasuring. When they noticed him looking down at them, they quickly lifted their bottoms from the floor and rose back into kneeling positions.

Novak knew that his approval was visible in his facial expression. Though no one would have failed to recognize the cruelty in his eyes, his usual expression of severity had softened slightly. His look seemed to encourage the two slave girls kneeling at his feet. The sisters began to kiss each other intentionally. The trail of wetness that each girl was leaving on the concrete floor beneath her indicated that genuine arousal played a role in dictating their actions. As Novak so frequently observed during training sessions, the girls were letting their bodies take control.

"Alright, cunts. I'm going to make this more interesting for you." Novak reached down and pulled Sarah's hair to indicate that he was addressing her first. "I want you to straddle the chain of your sister's cuffs. Lift your leg over it."

"Yes, Doctor." Sarah followed her instructions, lifting one knee and allowing her older sister to slip the chain connecting her handcuffs between her thighs.

"Now. Hands up as high as you can lift them." He pulled Madeline's hair this time. "Really work that chain up in there."

Sarah moaned and pouted, the look of intense arousal on her face now mingling with dread.

"Yes, Doctor." Madeline kissed her sister hard on the lips and raised her hands, drawing the taut chain up between her thighs until the steel began to dig into Sarah's clit and pussy. She moaned again, the sound carrying notes of pain, despair, curiosity and arousal all at once. She was now effectively riding a short steel chain, grinding her clit against it as her hips moved as if they had a life of her own. Both sisters appeared to be lost in each other's embrace as they continued to kiss, tongues flicking in and out of each other's mouths.

Madeline pulled away after a moment and began to refocus her attention on her trainer's balls. Their tongues continued to glide together while they licked his testes with renewed vigor and dedication. They struggled to keep themselves from wincing as their nipple clamps rubbed together and nearly locked together at various intervals. They were now kneeling with their hips flush, their bodies pressed together tightly, Madeline unable to pull away without the risk of inflicting greater pain on her younger sister through the chain that Sarah was now straddling.

"Does it hurt, cunt?" Novak pulled Sarah's hair again.

"Very much, Doctor. Thank you, Doctor."

"Good girl."

Madeline couldn't avoid moving the chain now and then, and occasionally rubbing her sister's clit and pussy with her open palm as the two girls shifted position. The soft, wet sounds produced by their movement incited further curiosity in their trainer.

"You sound like you're absolutely soaked, cunt."

"Yes, Doctor. This cunt's pussy is... absolutely soaked. Thank you, Doctor."

"But you said the chain was hurting you."

"Yes, Doctor. The Chain hurts a lot, Doctor."

Her voice was barely a whisper, occasionally rising to the level of a pained groan. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"What does that tell us about you?"

Sarah's face was turning a deeper shade of red with each passing moment. Novak had allowed her to witness a few training sessions. He knew that she understood what was expected of her.

"The... the pain is making this cunt's pussy wet, Doctor."

Madeline kissed her and she moaned again.

"What do you think that means, cunt?"

"Uhhh... ohhhh...."

The girls were losing themselves in each other again, kissing each other repeatedly, their mouths opening and closing while their lips remained locked together, tongues continuing to flick into each other's mouths rapidly and visibly. Madeline seemed to be using her hand to protect Sarah's cunt from the punishment that the chain was inflicting. Novak observed that she was now intentionally massaging Sarah's cunt with the heel of her hand.

Novak reached for his remote control and stepped back slightly, letting his cock slide out of Laura's mouth. He then triggered a series of brutal electric shocks through each girl's collar.

The three girls screamed. Madeline and Sarah rolled onto the floor and writhed, Madeline reflexively attempting to pull her body away from Sarahs, and succeeding only in dragging the chain painfully across her clit and labia.

Rebecca groaned and sobbed into her gag, for Novak had punished her as well. She wriggled helplessly against her restraints.

Novak reached down and pulled Sarah upward by her long auburn hair, her knees rising from the floor as she hung limp within his grasp.

"Focus, cunt. I asked you a question."

Madeline was still on the floor, gripping Sarah's leg while the chain of her handcuffs brushed against Sarah's left calf. At the sound of her trainer's voice she dutifully rose back to her knees, lifted her hands and slammed the chain across Sarah's pussy once more. Sarah screamed as the steel dug into her flesh.

"AAAAIIIIIAAAGHHHH! UNGGGHHHHYES! YES, DOCTOR!! It... um. Thankyou! Thankyou for disciplining this cunt, Doctor! It means... it means!"

The other two girls thanked their trainer in unison. Rebecca even mumbled unintelligibly into her gag.

"Thank you for punishing this stupidworthless disodrippingbedientwet cunt, Doctor!" Laura and Madeline spoke in unison, their words scrambling together as each girl recited her cunt name.

"Tell me what it means, cunt."

"It means th... that th-this cunt is! That this... this cunt is a p-pain sluh-slut, Doctorrrrrghhhhuuuoohhh..."

"Good girl. And? What have I taught you about that?"

"It's... uhhnnnnn.. *sob* it's... n-natural, Doct-doctor. P-pain makes... makes every... every cunt wet because! Because p-pain is dominance and n-nature... designed us... uh... I mean wom-women... CUNTS! This cunt means cunts and this cunt is sorry, Doctor!"

"You seem to have trailed off, cunt."

"OHMYGODI'MSOSORRYSIR I mean DOCTOR! P-please... please! Nature designed women to get wet when men dominate them and that's just how cunts' minds are wired, it's biology, Doctor!"

Madeline and Laura were both gaping in shock, lips parting in response to Sarah's sudden burst of clarity. Novak was impressed. Sarah was one of the quickest learners he had trained thus far.

He was still fully erect, his cock glistening from the three slaves' saliva. As usual, he directed his sexual attention towards the least compliant girl in the room.

Rebecca shuddered when her trainer circled behind her and forced his cock inside her. She screamed and moaned into her gag. She had a long way to go before she would become accustomed to being raped at any moment, any time of day or night.

Just as Novak had predicted, Rebecca was already wet. He observed that her body seemed to be betraying her along with all of womankind by demonstrating that his misogynistic worldview may not have been entirely untrue.

"You two on the floor." He pointed at Sarah and Madeline, and then at Laura, who remained in an ideal position for the performance of forced or deliberate oral sex.

"You'll take turns with her. The older one first. Demonstrate for us."

"Yes, Doctor." Madeline still had her hands on either side of Sarah's body, the chain of her handcuffs drawn taut across her pussy. "Like this, still, Doctor?"

"I didn't tell you to stop. Keep the chain where it is."

"Yes, Doctor."

Madeline sighed and Sarah groaned as Madeline shuffled in Laura's direction, pulling her younger sister along with her.

Madeline turned so that her back was facing Laura. Then she began to back up, until her pert bottom was thrust directly into Laura's face.

Novak reached over to Laura with his right arm and slapped her hard on the bottom. "You saw her videos from the detention center. I'm still considering sending you there for a couple of months. All of you. Try me."

Laura sobbed. Tears were streaming down her face.

"Y...yes, Doctor. Whatever you think is best. M-may... may this cunt... b-begin... licking the... the other cunt's pussy, please, pretty please, Doctor?"

Rebecca thrusted as Novak pulled out of her, leaving just the tip inside her cunt, before driving the full length of his shift back into her.

"You may, cunt. Begin."

Madeline continued to kiss her younger sister while Laura extended her tongue and began licking her pussy from behind. Madeline moved her wrists slightly every few moments, torturing her younger sister with the chain. Novak knew that Madeline was trying to score a few extra points with her trainer.

Meanwhile Novak continued to rape Sarah's best friend while she wailed and sobbed into her gag.

Novak took his time. Madeline was the first to cum, announcing her impending climax within fifteen minutes.

"D-doctor! OHHH... OH! M-may this stupid, disobedient cunt PLEASE cum, DOCTOR! MMMMmmmmm pretty please?"

"Cum for me, princess." The doctor continued to fuck Rebecca slowly, tormenting her with his cock, taking care to prolong that torment.

"OHHHHHH!!!! OHMYGOD nnnghhhhh ooooohhhththankyousomuchdoctorthiscuntthis stupid... d-disobedient OHHH! Cunt! CUNT is cumming! Thank you!.... OH... Ohhhh... th-thank you, Doctor... mmmm.... mmmm"

Sarah seemed far more reluctant than her sister to mount her friend's face and ride her to climax. Yet she obeyed to the best of her ability, the two girls swapping positions so that Laura could try her best to navigate around the chain obstructing her friend's pussy from her tongue's caresses.

Sarah came in under five minutes, having evidently been quite close as a result of her sister's loving attention. She came in a softer and more demure manner than her sister, yet her face flushed even more brightly.

Finally Novak pulled out of Rebecca, pushing the sisters aside as he slammed his cock into Laura's mouth. After a few thrusts and some licking from the poor, exhausted blonde, he withdrew himself from her and blasted a thick, ropy burst of semen into her hair and onto her face.

He knew that this wouldn't be his first orgasm of the evening. He had demonstrated his kindness by making an effort to teach his lucky female charges the truth about themselves and their bodies, yet he still had many more needy young women to educate.

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Now I remember why I loved your stories! Merit cumming

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Sarah's naked body shivered in the cold air of the basement gymnasium. Novak reached down to pat her head. She shuddered and trembled at his touch, having somehow failed to find the gesture reassuring.

She hadn't yet been introduced to the club's training gym. Doctor Novak was happy to give her a guided tour of the large, cavernous concrete basement and allow her to observe demonstrations of the various intimidating equipment that kept the club's slaves in perfect shape.

Sarah watched intently, not daring to look away as she knelt beside her trainer in front of the treadmills. Three slaves were running themselves to exhaustion, bodies glowing with perspiration as they completed their first mile. They were wearing nothing but their shock collars, white ribbons in their hair, thigh-high white socks with colored bands at the top, brightly colored Converse sneakers matching the color of the bands, their well-polished nipple rings, and the straps that held their wired dildos in place inside their smooth, glistening, shaven and laser-plucked cunts.

The dildos filling each girl were small enough to allow for some freedom of movement, operated by their trainers via remote control, and designed to produce vibration as well as electric shocks in order to reward or discipline their wearers as needed.

The girls on treadmills appeared to be in in their early twenties. They appeared quite athletic, though Sarah would have had no way of knowing whether this was their condition prior to their enslavement.

Doctor Novak observed the questioning look on his young penitent's face. "The one in the middle was quite out of shape at first. Not unattractive, but perhaps a bit more curvy than some patrons would like. Training her required a lot of difficult work."

The lash marks cris-crossing the middle girl's bare breasts, buttocks, back and abdomen were a testament to her kind trainer's tireless efforts. Sarah shuddered again as she studied them.

Novak knew that she would try to avoid letting her eyes linger on the nipple rings for too long. These girls didn't need electric shocks to the neck or the pussy for motivation. Their nipple rings were tethered to their treadmills' handlebars.

Bruised tits and aureolae and sore, tender nipples had become a common and unavoidable sight for Sarah during the time she had spent with Novak and the club's trainers. Novak noticed her eyes widening as the girls on the treadmills began to tire, their pace gradually slowing, and their nipples stretching as they found themselves unable to maintain position at the front of the treadmills.

Yet the girls didn't wince or grimace. They stared straight ahead, maintaining their best effort to smile brightly for Doctor Novak. They had experienced enough of his discipline to understand the risks inherent in displeasing him.

Sarah seemed almost entranced as she remained kneeling on the cold floor and observed the running girls' tits bouncing wildly, completely unsupported and unrestrained. The small but heavy miniature cowbells attached to their nipple rings added momentum to the swinging of their breasts no matter which way they swung, tugging painfully at each girl's nipples while producing a humiliating clanking accompaniment to the rhythm of their jogging.

Bruised tits and sore, tender nipples had become a common and unavoidable sight for Sarah during the time she had spent with Novak and the club's trainers. Novak noticed her eyes widening as the girls on the treadmills began to tire, their pace gradually slowing. Their nipples stretched as they found themselves unable to maintain position at the front of the treadmills and the thin silver chains attached to their nipple rings became stretched and taut.

Yet the girls didn't wince or grimace. They stared straight ahead, maintaining their best effort to smile brightly for Doctor Novak. They had experienced enough of his discipline to understand the risks inherent in displeasing him.

Their taut chains helped to restrain their breasts and offer some momentary relief from their wild bouncing, though every movement of their bodies continued to inflict obvious discomfort.

The doctor continued to pat Sarah's head and stroke her hair as he observed the runners, watching carefully for any sign of ingratitude or resentment. He studied every twitch of their facial muscles, observing that they seemed to try harder to maintain their forced grins the more closely he watched them, and that they seemed to be reevaluating and adjusting their expressions every few moments to ensure that their smiles appeared at least partly genuine.

The girls had no trouble monitoring themselves thanks to mirrors positioned on the wall opposite to the treadmills, with further mirrors mounted at angles on the ceiling above.

Novak had often observed that it was not unusual for certain girls to derive a perverse sense of pleasure or even fun from activities such as this one. Sex, masturbation and vigorous exercise were the only consistent sources of joy and satisfaction in a slave girl's life. And nearly every aspect of a slave girl's life was thoroughly sexualized. A slave's handlers expected her to be aroused, wet and ready for intercourse at all times.

Doctor Novak removed his left hand from the back of Sarah's neck briefly in order to check the tablet that he was holding in his right hand. With a quick glance at his list he confirmed the designation and rehabilitative progress of each runner:

shameless, cum-guzzling slave cunt - 4 stars
pathetic, thirsty blonde cunt - 3 stars
kinky whip-craving shock-loving slave cunt - 4 stars

The middle one still needed significant improvement.

While Novak recognized that their experience was already quite degrading and uncomfortable, he would never have been content to simply let the poor girls suffer in silence. He had devised special songs and chants for the girls to perform while exercising to further compound their degradation. Girls who hoped to avoid or at least mitigate further punishment quickly memorized their chants through rote repetition, and always put a little bit of extra pep into their recitations when the liaison was watching.

"All women are cunts, and we deserve to be slaves!
Thank you very much for teaching us cunts how to behave!
For whipping our pussies, to make them dripping wet,
because girls are less than people! We are less than pets!
The lives we used to live were unfulfilling and sad!
Thank you very much for giving us the things we never had!
No girl should go a day without a cock in every hole
Without a flogging on her cunt, without a man in control!
We don't want freedom and we don't want choice!
We just want to cum to the sound of Master's voice!
What a girl really craves is degradation and pain,
and our pussies crave the sting of our Master's cane!
Our tits are for whipping and our mouths are for sucking
But what we need most of all's a good, hard fucking!"

Though Novak found the use of personal pronouns by females to be distasteful, he reasoned that collective pronouns were acceptable, particularly when their usage implied that the speaker was referring to all women rather than members of any immediate group. In any case, the use of their cunt names would ruin the meter and cadence of the chant.

The girls finished their recitation with a round of exaggeratedly flirtatious giggling, as if they were schoolgirls reciting dirty limericks while their teacher was temporarily out of earshot. Novak trained his girls to trivialize their own suffering and degradation with girlish gestures of that nature. A little giggle or a blushing smile made it all the more difficult for men to take these girls seriously, and alleviate any feelings of guilt that might blunt a softer man's sex drive.

Such gestures also helped girls learn to blame themselves for the rapes and sadistic acts they endured. It was certainly more difficult to pity a girl who behaved like a slut, performed dirty and degrading cheerleading routines and giggled like a schoolgirl while being punished, fucked or put on display.

Novak was unsure whether the giggling he was hearing from the runners was the result of his training or tbe simple absurdity and lewdness of the words they had been reciting. The girls seemed strangely refreshed and reinvigorated each time they finished the chant, gaining a quick burst of speed as they ran, launching into another full recitation after spending a few moments recovering their breath.

Novak considered how lovely Sarah would look in a cheerleader uniform reciting the same chant. He looked down at her and she tilted her head upward to meet his gaze. Novak could have sworn that he saw a faint hint of a smile on the girl's lips.

Doctor Novak forced the slave girls to run until they could barely remain standing. Once it appeared that the girls' tethered nipples were all that were keeping them from falling off of the treadmills, he unhooked their chains and granted them a rare but welcome opportunity to rest.

Sarah began to look worried when the trainers brought a fresh group of girls to the treadmills. All three of them appeared to be younger than her, and they all looked just as nervous as Sarah.

They clutched helplessly at their crotches in unison as the trainers offered gentle encouragement for them to climb onto the treadmills, triggering a series of electric jolts through the formidable phallic accessories lodged deep inside their pussies. The straps securing their dildos in place were securely locked, and the girls had no hope of removing them without assistance.

Their straps had been contrived to leave their outer pussy lips uncovered and provide a window exposing their clits. Tight leather knots served to not only frame these parts of their anatomy, but to dig painfully into their flesh while pushing their labia and clit outward. Sarah would soon discover the utility of this arrangement.

Novak noticed Sarah's eyes wander upward from the younger girls' crotches, fixating for a moment on their breasts. Their pierced nipples were decorated with small barbells framed with jeweled heart shapes, rather than the rings the previous girls had worn.

The previous trio of runners weren't the quickest learners. Nipple piercings and their various uses had often proven to be effective motivational tools for girls who required extra attention.

However, the new trio of had demonstrated themselves to be especially reluctant and resistant to new teachings. Novak had recommended a special gift for these girls to ensure that they would eventually learn their place. He relished the opportunity to show off his special treatment, and he could imagine no better audience than Sarah.

The trainers employed silver chains much like those that the previous set of girls had worn. However, instead of attaching these to the girls' breasts the trainers attached the chains to the piercings in their outer labia and clitorises. The chains were secured to their sore, tortured cunts by heavy padlocks.

In contrast to the previous group, these poor girls couldn't help but wince as the treadmills whirred to life. The chains attached to each girl's clit ring were slightly shorter than the chains connected to their pussy lips. No matter how quickly they ran, they would always feel the unpleasant tug of the chains against their clits. However, through diligent effort they could run quickly enough to maintain some slack in the chains connected to their labia.

Not every girl at the club had a pierced pussy. The simple knowledge that the option was always on the table was more than enough to provide added motivation for many of the establishment's slave girls.

The sight of a sobbing girl walking or crawling on all fours while being led around the club on the end of a clit leash was sufficient to keep many of the most reluctant girls in line and encourage them to accept and appreciate the natural order. For girls who tested the limits of their trainers' patience, a few strategically-placed clamps could simulate the experience of living with such piercings and incentivize a quick and dramatic change in behavior.

Novak checked his tablet again, though one glance was sufficient to ascertain that all three girls were useless cunts in dire need of remedial education. He glanced at the list of names briefly:

cunt (Lakshmi Prasad) - 1 star
cunt (Amanda Michler) - 1 star
cunt (Trang Peterson) - 1 star

The middle one was cute but unremarkable. The South Asian girl to Novak's left and the mixed-race girl with Vietnamese features to his right were stunningly beautiful. While Novak often claimed that he treated his girls fairly, he sometimes suspected that he might have been guilty of holding the prettiest ones to a higher standard.

All three of them began to shed visible tears within the first five minutes of their run. The coarse leather knots pressing into their flesh and the unavoidable jostling of their padlocks ensured that every movement of their legs would inflict savage pain upon their sensitive young cunts.

The current group of runners had been assigned a special chant of their own. Their recitation was punctuated with moans, groans, yelps, sobs and the occasional scream. The overall pace of their mantra was more hurried and panicked than that of the previous group.

As Novak had expected, the girls stumbled over their words frequently. forgetting their lines or interrupting themselves with involuntary shouts of arousal mingled with agony. They stumbled further when Novak attempted to nudge them back on track with the occasional electric shock to the cunt. However, a keen listener could piece together the humiliating rhyme that their trainers had assigned to them:

"Nature intended for cunts to serve men!
to suck cock, swallow cum and let you decide when!
We just want to serve you forever and ever,
to stay faithful always and disobey never!
All girls should be treated exactly like this!
Please punish our cunts! Please punish our clits!
We all fall in love when you treat us this way!
We hope that all girls will live like us someday!
We promise to help you make this dream come true!
The old days of freedom for women are through!
Liberation for females means becoming slaves!
Nature wired us this way! It's just what we crave!
We're all just receptacles for Master's cum!
When we don't serve our purpose we all feel like scum!
So thank you for teaching us where we belong,
and for showing us freedom for women is wrong!"

Novak dialed up the vibration as the girls continued their chant, and the dildos stuffed inside their cunts were buzzing audibly by the end of the first recitation. Novak knew that they were nearing their first unwelcome orgasm by that point. They began repeating their chant without hesitating.

Sarah watched the girls silently. Novak could tell that she was too terrified by this point to risk offending him with any questions or comments. He was certain that the chant was already resonating in her mind. He decided to take the opportunity to tease the poor girl.

"They're very pretty, aren't they, Sarah?"

"Uh... ah... y-yes, Doctor."

"How wet are you right now?"

"Ah... I... this... this cunt can feel it? On... on her thigh. So... very wet, Doctor."

She blushed every time he looked at her, yet her face was turning a brighter shade of red as she spoke.

"Why do you think that is, cunt?"

"Well... it's... everything? The... um... especially the... the petting, Doctor."

He resumed stroking her hair, occasionally scratching the nape of her neck gently. She closed her eyes, sighed and shuddered again.

"Th... thank you, Sir... Doctor."

"Just so you know... I'm going to have you running soon. Pierced just like the girls in front of you. You're going to look fucking beautiful up there."

Sarah shuddered again. She closed her eyes as he continued to pet her. She reopened them after a few moments, watching the girls more attentively than ever.

She was a scrawny little thing. Her body was quite unlike those of the girls running in front of her. Her skin was pale, and she seemed to be observing the girls' taut, firm, glistening thighs with particular interest.

Novak wondered how seriously she had taken his statement. Perhaps she knew that he was simply teasing her. However, his words appeared to have made the exact sort of impact that he had intended.

Seemingly without thinking, she had inched closer to him, and suddenly her body was pressing into his leg. She was practically clinging to him. He had absolute power over her, and there was nothing she could ever do to change that. She could only make her best effort to imitate her sister, and earn a place as one of the doctor's special favorites.

Novak smiled briefly, glancing down at her again before refocusing on the runners. Sarah seemed to have already embraced him as her personal safe space.

"Hands between your legs, Sarah. Show me how you masturbate. And don't look away from those girls."

Sarah reached between her thighs and touched herself gingerly, withdrawing her hand a few times before she began to rub her clit properly. She clearly had limited experience touching herself, especially for an audience.

Her lips parted as she moaned softly. Her kind trainer continued to stroke her.

After fifteen minutes of running the girls were clearly beginning to tire. Their chains began to stretch taut as they slowly began to lose ground against the treadmills. Their outer cunt lips were becoming painfully stretched. Novak was certain they had all cum multiple times, yet they were clearly unhappy. Their faces were wet from tears and they were far from even being able to attempt to smile for their Master.

The middle girl stumbled and screamed as she nearly fell to the floor. The chains locked onto her pussy seemed to be all that was keeping her upright.

Novak whistled to attract the attention of one of the club's trainers. The fit young man ran to the treadmills to remove the middle girl. She broke down in his arms, sobbing uncontrollably.

Novak addressed the trainer.

"20 lashes to each tit for that one, and 20 to the cunt as well. Then six hours riding the Thumper. That's my recommendation."

"You really know how to treat these cunts, Doctor. I'll make it happen."

Sarah looked confused. Novak had yet to introduce her to the Thumper. He doubted she could even begin to speculate on what it might be.

"You haven't met the Thumper yet. But you're going to love it. It's going to become your new boyfriend."

Sarah looked up at him, an expression of utter bewilderment on her face. She didn't stop rubbing. She was beginning to probe herself with her fingers as well, albeit in an adorably shy manner.

"Um... Doctor... may this cunt ask a question?"

"You may, cunt."

"There's... there's a free treadmill... and those... girls... those cuh... cunts are still running. Could this cunt... please... run with them, Doctor?"

"Why would you want to do that, cunt?"

"To show... to show that this cunt... knows... knows her place, Doctor."

"What makes you think you know your place already?"

He gripped a fistful of her hair tightly, lifting her off of her knees just slightly

"Uh! Ahh! This-this cu-cunt is s-sorry, Doctor! She didn't mean it like that! I... this cunt... wants to show you that she wants to learn, Doctor!"

"I suppose I'll indulge you, then. Any other requests?"

"Yes... Sir... um... Doctor! Could my sis- could the stupid, disobedient cunt watch this cunt run, p-please?"

The Doctor was so pleased with Sarah's progress that he afforded the remaining two runners a short break.


Sarah winced as the trainer attached a set of clamps to her pussy lips and aroused clitoris. The other two girls had resumed their run. Novak had decided to remove the straps holding their dildos in place, allowing himself to observe the runners' juices as they trickled down their thighs from their now-empty cunts.

He even placed his tablet into the slot above the treadmill's control panel, allowing Sarah to read the runners' chant and recite it alongside them as she ran.

Sarah seemed to recover quickly from the agony of the initial clamping. Novak wondered if she was simply ignoring the pain, or if her arousal was sufficient to overcome it.

She even managed to smile sheepishly when the trainer tethered her clamps to the machine.

She wasn't a particularly talented runner. But the other two girls were already quite exhausted, and she had little difficulty keeping up with them when their jogging began. Novak started them off on a low setting, slowly ramping up the treadmill's speed.

She continued to smile and blush until the Indian and half-Vietnamese girls began reciting their chant. She read the words from the tablet, and even managed to giggle at a few of the lines.

Madeline was kneeling in the spot where her younger sister had previously knelt. The damp spot Sarah had left on the floor was still quite obvious.

Madeline was beaming. The look on her face seemed to suggest that she was genuinely proud of her sister.

Novak had given her permission to provide encouragement. Madeline shouted her approval during pauses in her sister's recitation.

"Good girl, cunt! This stupid, disobedient cunt is so, so proud of you!"

Sarah smiled, and Novak observed that this particular smile wasn't forced.

"Please punish our cunts! Please punish our clits!" Sarah shouted in reply.

"You love that, don't you, Sar- uh... cunt?" Madeline responded, offering a flirtatious giggle at the end.

Sarah continued her chant, earning another cry of "Good girl!" from her sister. She proceeded without pausing further.

"Liberation for females means becoming slaves!
Nature wired us this way! It's just what we crave!"

"That's so true!" Madeline replied.

Novak laughed. He knew that these girls would say or do almost anything if it dissuaded him from sending them to the detention center, or from subjecting Sarah to the same piercings the other two runners had endured. Madeline looked up at her kind liaison knowingly, with a sly, flirtatious look in her eyes. He truly was beginning to reconsider.

Madeline was touching herself, just as Novak had ordered. She was staring at the trickle of pussy juice glistening on her sister's inner thigh when she came.

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Re: One Little Mistake
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Sarah was still catching her breath when Novak led her to the special training room at the opposite end of the training gym.

Madeline was now wearing clamps on her clit and lips just like her sister. After a short, blissful period of being allowed to masturbate without cuffs, Novak had cuffed her again. He required her to walk behind her sister, their naked bodies pressed together tightly as Sarah once again found herself straddling the chain that connected her sister's cuffs. The chain flicked and rubbed against her pussy clamps with each step the sisters took. Novak knew the pain was excruciating, yet she seemed to be able to bear it.

Perhaps having her sister's arm wrapped around her helped provide Sarah with some small amount of comfort. Perhaps she found greater comfort in Madeline's hand rubbing against her pussy as they walked. Observing how Sarah seemed to be making an effort to grind against her sister's hand, Novak suspected that the latter case applied.

Madeline was whispering into Sarah's ear. Novak could make out few words other than the phrase "Good girl" though the look of excitement on Sarah's face suggested that the sweet nothings Madeline was whispering were both arousing and encouraging.

Novak's experience aided him in recognizing that the sisters were experiencing profound humiliation as a result of their forced intimate contact. Their adeptness at arousing each other only deepened their shame. They certainly weren't lesbians, and as far as Novak knew they had no history of bisexuality. Their arousal stemmed from suffering this humiliation purely for him. They were hopelessly turned on by the manner in which he used them, and the manner in which he had made them his personal playthings.

Doctor Novak had studied the concept of Stockholm Syndrome and he was thoroughly skeptical of its validity. Yet he couldn't deny that Madeline had fallen in love with him, and was woefully inept at hiding her feelings. He had noticed that Sarah was developing a nascent crush on him as well.

His writings frequently referenced a theory that he had developed which claimed that the female body was incapable of distinguishing sexual abuse from consensual sexual relations. In evolutionary terms, rape was no less likely than consensual intercourse to ensure that a man might pass his genes on to a new generation.

Regardless of how her mind might protest, a girl's body could not be deterred from fulfilling its biological mandate. Doctor Novak rationalized "love" as the release of a combination of hormones triggered by certain external circumstances in order to promote the fulfillment of that mandate.

While Novak reasoned that simple physical attraction still played a role in the process of natural selection, studies had shown that a female human's selection of a long-term partner took place according to criteria that differed significantly from the criteria involved in selecting a partner for a short-term affair. Novak's interests focused predominantly on the longer term.

Novak had theorized that the female body and its hormonal balance operated purely on instinct, with the body holding sway over the mind. Feminine instincts drove women to select long-term partners on the basis of stability, and power was a certain indicator of stability. By utterly dominating a girl, displaying total power and control over her, he suspected that he could trigger the same instincts that motivated a girl to settle down with a husband.

All he needed to do was convince a girl's body that she was in love, and her mind would ultimately follow suit.

Love may have been the furthest possible concept from Madeline and Sarah's minds as Novak continued Sarah's tour of the gym, leading the girls with leashes attached to their clit clamps. But love was positively radiating from their naked bodies.

Sarah passed as she and her sister passed through a set of steel double doors into a section of the gym that she had not seen previously. She was finally meeting the Thumper face-to-face.

She had seen videos of her sister mounted on similar devices in prison, though those devices had been makeshift contraptions cobbled together from power tools and ordinary gym equipment. The Thumper had clearly been built as a single unit with a specific purpose in mind.

The device's long, articulated metal arms could be adjusted to suit a variety of positions. At present they were pointing directly downward, and the phallic probes mounted on their piston-like extensions were being driven into the cunts of three long-suffering slave girls with blinding speed.

There was little point in ordering girls to chant, speak or answer questions while under the Thumper's tender graces. Girls in such a situation could do little more than moan, wail and babble incoherently as the machine drove them to one orgasm after another.

The three girls being driven to ecstasy at the moment were lying on their backs on the concrete floor, bodies doubled over with their legs spread wide, their ankles restrained on the ground on either side of their heads. Their cunts were thus on full display, thrust upward and outward, their faces between their legs to offer a detailed view of the dildos driving in and out of their soaking wet pussies.

Sarah looked over each girl's body. She didn't even seem to notice that she was grinding her pussy against the heel of Madeline's hand more quickly than before. The poor girls on the floor were trapped in one of the most undignified positions the female body was capable of assuming.

The girls were arranged in a Y-shaped pattern, their bare bottoms touching, the three independently-moving arms of the Thumper arranged in a sort of triangle.

The arms were connected to a towering base structure that resembled some form of expensive hospital equipment. It even bore a display screen and keyboard, as its various functions often required fairly complex programming and calibration.

Two of the girls being pounded mercilessly by the machine appeared to be younger than Sarah. The third one seemed much older than Madeline or Sarah. At a glance she appeared to be in her early-to-mid thirties.

Novak grinned as Sarah stood gaping in awe of the scene unfolding in front of her, witnessing the full brutality of a purpose-built rape machine for the first time. He checked the personnel list on his tablet to confirm their identities:

please pound this stupid slave bitch hard and fast in her gushing wet cunt - 2 stars
attention-craving camwhore cunt - 2 stars
pussy-slurping painslut cunt - 4 stars

He strode up to the eldest of the three, stepping on her hair and sliding his foot in order to pull it.

"We'll start with you. Why don't you introduce yourself to this lovely new recruit?"

The woman looked up at him and gulped before replying.


Her introduction had been punctuated by the screams and moans of the other two girls as well as her own.


"Please pound this stupid slave bitch hard and fast in her gushing wet cunt" was glowing as she spoke, though certainly not with pride for her two daughters. She was in fact glowing quite literally. The mechanical arm that formed the base of the dildo penetrating her was equipped with an extension mounted above the main shaft that reached forward to her clit and zapped her with an unending barrage of little electric shocks, producing tiny yet visible sparks.

While the shocks weren't sufficiently severe to cause burns, the spasms they provoked from her twitching pussy and contracting pelvic muscles demonstrated the intensity of the overstimulation the poor woman was experiencing.

With the unfortunate slave cunts' asses on full display above them, they presented quite a lot of telling visual information to their observers. Their buttocks, crotches and inner thighs were covered in bruises and lash marks.

Novak laughed as the two daughters squealed in response to a fresh barrage of shocks delivered to their clits through their machine arms' extensions. Electroshock pads attached to their nipples and labia produced further unwelcome electric sensations ranging randomly from a mild tickle or twitch to a vicious, nerve-wracking jolt.

"The attention-craving camwhore cunt is the youngest of those three. She's a slow learner, like her mother. The pussy-slurping painslut cunt is a much better performer than her mother or her sister. Nevertheless, we often find it necessary to punish her for the mistakes of her younger sister and her mother. It seems to be the most effective way to promote uniform compliance."

Madeline and Sarah whimpered as Doctor Novak tugged at the leashes connected to their clits, drawing them closer to the mother and her daughters.

Outside of the establishment's opening hours, the club always assigned some proportion of the girls in their care to work shifts as camwhores. The "attention-craving camwhore cunt" had become a very popular attraction for those who preferred to watch girls suffer and degrade themselves from the privacy of their own homes. Madeline had already performed a number of shows with her. In exchange for generous tips, the viewers could trigger a variety of devices to pleasure or punish the performers.

Every show that "attention-craving camwhore cunt" had performed thus far had involved her spending the show's duration in restraints, at the mercy of fans triggering a bewildering array of clamps and probes affixed to her crotch and backside to deliver both intense vibration and staggering electric shocks. Her trainers expected her to thank her fans for each "donation" they made.

Novak knew that he didn't need to explain the younger daughter's popularity to Sarah or Madeline. She was one of the youngest girls on the club's roster, she had a low threshold for pain and she had a tendency to become visibly dripping wet when restrained in bondage.

The youngest daughter had performed her most recent cam show just a few hours earlier in front of thousands of viewers. The club's trainers had capped off the show with a prolonged session of flogging and caning to their bare cunts and bottoms, including forty cane strokes applied directly to each girl's pussy.

Sarah just nodded her head and stared as Novak continued his introduction. What he was saying barely seemed to register with her. She appeared to be stuck on the revelation that the three girls being raped and tortured by the diabolical machine in front of her were a family unit. Novak shook his head, wondering how long it would take her to process any further information.

"I suppose you're wondering how all three of them ended up here. It's a sad story, but not a long one. The father of the family suffered an untimely death just two or three months ago. His wife and daughters soon discovered that he had taken on some debts that they hadn't been fully aware of. His creditors sued to transfer those debts, and these three were made... jointly responsible."

Sarah looked at him, nodded again and shuddered. Madeline just smiled, her body and breasts still pressed tightly against her younger sister's back.

"They don't work for free, of course. The club has pledged ten dollars per day for each girl in exchange for their services. At this rate, they'll have paid off the debt in full after only... I think it was eleven years."

Sarah shook her head and trembled.

"What's the matter, princess?" Novak asked with a patronizing expression of false concern.

"Paid... paid off? So... what happens after that... D-Doctor?"

"I suppose they'll be free. It's ultimately up to the courts to decide."

"But... but... I... this cunt is sorry, Doctor. But don't we... what you taught the... the cunts, I mean... this cunt means... sorry, D-Doctor."

"You're not making any sense. I hope you're not wasting my time."

"Sorry... sorry, Doctor. But... don't all cunts want to be slaves? F-forever?"

Novak smiled. The girl was making a blatant attempt to score points with him, yet he couldn't help but find her demeanor amusing.

"They'll have a place here for as long as they're useful to us. And if we let them go, I doubt they'll know what to do with themselves. They'll almost certainly need to find new owners."

Sarah sighed with what appeared to be genuine relief.

"Good. Thank you, Doctor."

Madeline whispered another "Good girl" into Sarah's ear. Sarah moaned softly as she ground against her sister's hand and closed her eyes. She started to cum just as the unfortunate mother's youngest daughter was experiencing an orgasm of her own.


Sarah and Madeline joined hands as they rode the youngest daughter and her mother's faces respectively, gyrating their hips and grinding while the Thumper's helpless victims moaned, licked, sucked and slurped at Madeline and Sarah's wet cunts.

Sarah and her sister obediently bolted up from the mouths of the mother and daughter who were servicing them as soon as they heard the Doctor's voice.


"Yes, Doctor!" the sisters shouted in unison before shuffling clockwise to the next waiting mouth. Once they had repositioned themselves, Sarah found herself making love to the elder daughter while Madeline was riding the mother's mouth. The youngest daughter was able to refocus on the mechanical dildo driving mercilessly in and out of her pussy, granted a momentary break from the task of orally servicing another girl.

As soon as Sarah had lifted herself from the younger daughter's face, the daughter's expression shifted from an appearance of worry and trepidation mixed with curiosity and mild arousal to a grimace of pain and shock.

Novak was adjusting the Thumper's controls each time he ordered the girls to rotate. For the two girls lucky enough to have Madeline or Sarah sitting on their faces, Novak momentarily halted the electric shocks battering their cunts.

The youngest daughter's pussy began to glow again as the randomized pattern of electric shocks resumed and visible arcs of current began to leap from the piston arm's electrode extension to the inexperienced girl's sensitive young clitoris.

The youngest daughter groaned, shrieked, squeaked and yelped over and over while her mother and sister obediently serviced the pair of sisters riding their faces. The machine continued to drive its thick, ribbed dildos in and out of the mother and daughters' cunts at a breakneck pace.

Five minutes passed before the youngest daughter's break time was up.


"Yes, Doctor!"

Madeline and Sarah obediently rotated once again. Sarah began riding the youngest daughter's face while Madeline began energetically facefucking the elder daughter. For the next three minutes, the mother was free from the obligation to lick a younger girl's pussy.

Novak normally waited two minutes and thirty seconds before ordering the girls to rotate. He only waited five minutes when the youngest girl's clit was the one being shocked repeatedly. Though Doctor Novak hadn't mentioned it to the girls, he dialed up the voltage when it was the youngest daughter's turn to be shocked. This was clear to the other females present thanks to the intensity of the glow from the sparks.

It came as no surprise to Novak that when the youngest girl's shrieks and yelps subsided, her mother's didn't rise to the same volume or pitch. In fact her moans while being shocked were indistinguishable from the moans the machine forced from her throat when the machine fucked her without zapping her clit. Novak suspected that her moans owed more to arousal and pleasure than pain.


The vertical "piledriver" position was just one of many arrangements the Thumper could offer for cunts in need of harsh punishment and exhausting, inescapable forced ecstasy.

Sarah and Madeline enjoyed their first ride on the Thumper in an altogether different position.  Novak had brought Sarah's blonde friend Laura into the special training room to experience her first six-hour ride along with her friend and her friend's sister.

Laura, Sarah and Madeline were chained to a triangular wooden sawhorse, aligned so that one of its corners pushed straight upwards into the girls' bare cunts. Their clits pressed hard into the stiff, unforgiving wooden point, ensuring that the pain the horse inflicted would compound and intensify over time. The girls' collars were chained to the horse as well, ensuring that their bodies stretched flat across the top, and that none of them were able to raise their heads.

Laura and Sarah's heads were level with the pussies of the girls in front of them. With their hips angled forwards to ensure maximum contact and pressure between the wooden point and their clits, their cunts were elevated just slightly.

The Thumper's mechanical arms were positioned to drive the machine's dildos into the girls' cunts at an angle, not quite parallel with the interior passages of their vaginas, ensuring that the head of each dildo rubbed against the front interior wall of each girl's cunt with every thrust.

The machines pumped in and out of the girls slowly at first. Each girls' hands were cuffed behind her back, ensuring that the hard point of wood at the top pressed into their abdomens and between their tits, leaving marks that would last for days.

Each girl's mouth was stuffed with a massive dildo that tapered to a greater width at the base. Each shaft sported a pair of silicone "testicles" at the base for anatomical authenticity, though in this particular instance they served only to force each girl to stretch her jaw wider.

Sarah had been the last of the trio to be mounted on the horse, and she had caught a glimpse of Laura and Madeline's lips encircling the flared base and balls of their dildos. Novak couldn't help but laugh at the expression of shock on her face. Clearly she had never been aware that a girl's mouth and jaw could be stretched quite so wide.

Once all three girls had been appropriately mounted, Novak took the opportunity to clamp their nipples and outer labia once again, stretching them and tethering them with a fresh set of glittering silver chains to the body of the sawhorse between their legs.

Each girl could barely move any part of her body. Every breath of air would inflict fresh new pain upon her, and there was nothing any of them could do to relieve themselves of the agony.

As the primary offender in her case, Laura would enjoy special treatment. While the Thumper would be a rare treat for Madeline and Sarah, Laura would be subjected to one ride of three to six house in this exact position, every second day for the duration of her term of service.

Novak had assigned a new task to the mother and pair of daughters who had previously ridden the Thumper. They worked as a team to suck his cock and lick his balls while he watched Sarah and Laura enjoy their first ride.

Madeline, Sarah and Laura were all wailing uncontrollably into the massive sex toys gagging their mouths. Chained by their necks to the sawhorse, the girls could just barely move their heads up and down, and with some effort they could keep their heads raised high enough to allow sufficient space in their airways to take breaths through their noses.

Laura's groaning sounded especially pained and terrified. Sarah's noises, though tinged with notes of considerable pain, carried a sound of excitement that outweighed the subtler undertones of horror. Novak had taken pains to ensure that she had at least some idea of what was coming to her prior to her ride, and he could tell that she was curious from the moment she first saw the mother and her daughters being pounded mercilessly by the Thumper's powerful, indefatigable mechanical cocks.

Novak could tell from the way Sarah moaned and the powerful twitching and pulsing of her lower body's muscles that she had climaxed within the first seven minutes. Her second climax came less than two minutes later and continued into a ceaseless chain of powerful, overwhelming, body-shaking orgasms.

Madeline for her part had experienced treatment similar to this in the past, and made considerably less noise than her younger sister. However, her orgasms were nonetheless frequent and visible.

The tongues of the mother and daughters servicing Novak intertwined as they licked and sucked obediently and tirelessly. Novak had calculated that each of the club's girls spent approximately four to eight hours of each day sucking cock, and while most of each girl's time was devoted to pleasuring strangers nearly every girl spent some portion of each day servicing the club's trainers and management.

Novak had collaborated with the trainers to ensure that greater and greater portions of each girl's day could be devoted to sucking cock. By ensuring that this time span overlapped with each girl's rest period, he had determined that a girl could easily spend ten to twelve hours of her day performing oral sex with relatively minor impacts on her performance during the remainder of her day.

"Attention-craving camwhore cunt" had occasionally spent sixteen hours sucking cock within a twenty-four hour period. Her sister "pussy-slurping painslut cunt" operated under a similar schedule, though approximately one third of her time spent performing oral sex had been devoted to pleasuring other girls for the amusement of in-person and internet-based audiences.

Novak was already considering details of the busy schedules he had in mind for Sarah and her young friends.

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Re: One Little Mistake
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Wow i love your stories. the way the girls or women are transformed against there will. and the names i love and the poetry. best part the two sisters perform on the old cock. .. I LOVE IT!

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Re: One Little Mistake
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It's great to see that you are still writing.  Absolutely love your work!

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Re: One Little Mistake
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Sarah's back ached and her thighs were sore and burning after yet another night of exhausting onstage performances. Though she wouldn't have dared to admit the truth to herself, she was beginning to enjoy dancing in front of audiences. She was enjoying the attention and the arousal that the attention would inevitably bring each time she took to the stage.

The trainers had persuaded her to admit that she enjoyed the humiliation. She had even admitted that she enjoyed proclaiming her love of humiliation to her audiences.

She no longer thought of her sister or her best friends as the individuals that she had known before she came to work at the club. Their identities had largely been erased, just like her own. She knew it wouldn't be long before her former identity had been erased entirely. Sarah, her friends and her older sister had all been rigorously trained to adopt new personalities.

The required personality was always the same. Every girl was required to become exactly what the club's patrons demanded of all women. They were all becoming utterly submissive, sexually desperate sluts, constantly aroused, constantly devoting some part of themselves to sexual acts. When their cunts weren't being stuffed with cock they were being stuffed with toys. When their mouths weren't performing or simulating oral sex, the club required them to debase themselves verbally.

Dancing was a rare opportunity for personal expression. While the majority of what the club referred to as "dancing" consisted of sexual degradation, the "dancers" stimulating themselves and one another with their bodies, their toys and their tongues, each performance provided occasional moments when a girl could allow her body to move freely. In some cases, the management even allowed to perform without handcuffs or shackles.

She took care to ensure that her dances were sexually explicit even when allowed to roam the stage freely. Whenever she wasn't riding a dildo or playing with another girl, she made an effort to draw attention to her tits, ass and cunt with every movement of her body.

The routine that she had developed with her elder sister had proven especially popular with the patrons. They bounced, stretched and gyrated in sync, beginning with slow, sensuous motions and slowly built up to a display unrestrained ballistic bouncing, their bodies and limbs frequently pressing together or becoming entangled as they mimed sex acts in every conceivable position.

The club tolerated this form of individuality. As long as they were entertaining the guests, their owners deemed their creativity, pleasure, enjoyment and self-satisfaction to be acceptable.

Dancing was more fun than performing lawn maintenance or working as maids, cleaning every cum-stained private room to perfection. Dancing was certainly more fun than the mind-numbing tedium of classroom training, with its endless songs and recitation, its daily grind of rote memorization and repetitive, pointless schoolwork.

Sarah's classroom learning stuck in her mind, the learning texts floating in front of her eyes every time she closed them, the misogynistic slogans and mantras that she had been forced to memorize echoing in her thoughts. The thoughts were intrusive and impossible to suppress. The club had burned its sexist dogma into her brain.

You are a cunt. You are not a person. Your purpose is to provide labor, pleasure and entertainment for Men.

The Cunt's Handbook took priority in every cunt's training regimen. The text was relatively brief. However, the club demanded that each slave memorize the handbook in perfect detail within the first three months of her term of service.

She could hear the words of the book's opening sentence in her mind as she sucked and licked, her head bobbing up and down while she serviced one of the club's patrons orally. Having paid a considerable sum of money for the privilege of renting Sarah for the evening, he demanded that she provide an experience that was worth more than the cost.

He had cuffed her hands behind her back to ensure that she could rely only on her mouth and tongue, and to force her to take the entire length of his cock into her throat. Without the assistance of her hands, she knew that sucking the man's dick to climax would be a difficult and time-consuming chore.

She felt the warm trickle of her cunt's own arousal on her inner thigh. She had been sucking his cock for over an hour. The club forced her to perform such marathon blow jobs on an almost daily basis, and the sheer degradation and physical pain of the task never failed to leave her dripping wet.

A cunt who is unowned can never be content and will never find fulfillment in life. An owned cunt is a grateful cunt. An owned cunt is a content cunt.

You are a slave. You are living the best life any cunt could ever hope to live. You are fortunate. Unowned cunts are unfortunate.

She could not refute the words. She could not resist them. She was far too exhausted to do so, and she knew that any effort to do so would be wasteful and unproductive. She could do nothing but accept the words, letting her trainers use them to rape her mind. The thoughts had lodged themself in her consciousness like a penetrating cock, reminding her that her own inferiority and the sheer power that men wielded over her were a constant presence in her life.

She sucked and slurped, taking care not to come up for air too frequently, never letting the man's penis slide out of her mouth completely. The power of omnipresent, patriarchal masculinity was raping her thoughts and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as a result.

Because she was obedient the club frequently allowed her to share a cot with her sister, and sometimes with the newer slaves. Yet every so often she would make a mistake or overlook some small task in performing her chores, and both she and her sister would spend the night sharing a cramped cage instead.

Not only had she spend the previous night caged, but the club had cut her rest period short. She had failed to wipe an errant bead of cum from the underside of the right arm of a comfortable lounge chair in a private room during her shift as a maid on the previous day. The next customer who rented the room hadn't noticed, and had ended up with a cum stain on the sleeve of one of his more expensive suit jackets.

Instead of a blissful four hours and thirty minutes of sleep, she would have to make do with four hours per night for the remainder of the week. Both she and her sister would find themselves awakened frequently in their cage by random electric shocks via the e-stim shock plugs inserted in their cunts each evening.

Sarah was learning. Sarah was grateful. Sarah screamed her words of thanks after each shock over the course of each night, just in case one of the trainers was watching the live camera feed.

Men find fulfillment in the exercise of free will. Cunts find fulfillment in the subjugation of their will.

No matter what Sarah might have wanted in her former life, the trainers had obliterated her hopes and aspirations. Her life and her future now consisted only of her immediate physical sensations, the pleasure and the pain, the neediness and arousal. The pain and degradation intensified the need and heightened the arousal.

Her life was the cock inside her mouth pushing deep into her throat. Her life was the incessant *slap* *slap* *slap* of the customer's whip as he rained blows onto her back and her ass while she sucked.

It is self-evident that the mind of a man is capable of rational thought, and the mind of a cunt is not.

Evolution has granted men a mandate to make decisions for cunts and to pass judgment upon cunts. Evolution has mandated that cunts must obey Men, must never make decisions without the approval of Men, and must accept the judgment of Men.

There was no uncertainty in Sarah's life. Accepting her role as a cunt was a form of surety and stability. The pain and humiliation had become so routine that they were a source of comfort.

There is no such thing as rape. A cunt that is fucked is a cunt that wants and needs to be fucked. When you are fucked, you are responsible. A Man will not fuck a cunt that does not entice Him. If a Man fucks you, it is because you enticed him. It does not matter if you enticed Him knowingly or otherwise. Your mind is irrational and irrelevant. You are your cunt, and you have chosen to have sex.

You must always be grateful when a Man fucks you, because he is fulfilling your physical needs and enabling you to fulfill your purpose as a cunt.

It is not necessary for you to enjoy sex at the time of penetration. However, if you become wet, it is proof that you are enjoying sex. You are a cunt. If your body experiences pleasure, you are experiencing pleasure. If your mind denies this, it is because your mind is irrational.

A cunt's mind lies. A cunt's mind has a distorted perception of reality. For this reason, a cunt must accept reality as Men present it. Men are perceptive and rational. Cunts are not.

When you entice a man to penetration, you become wet. You clench and spasm. Your skin flushes.. This is proof of the your pleasure and satisfaction. If you deny this, it is because your mind is lying to you. You must therefore be disciplined until you accept reality.

You will always thank a Man for fucking you. You will always tell Him why you are grateful in detail, and you will describe every physical aspect of your enjoyment in detail unless the Man bids you to be silent.

Sarah would have thanked her customer for letting her suck his cock if her mouth weren't full. Sometimes the trainers demanded that she attempt to utter words of thanks even with a cock filling her mouth and throat. They enjoyed laughing at her as she mumbled and gurgled helplessly. She still blushed every time they forced her to do it.

You will always thank a Man for disciplining you. All cunts want and need to be disciplined by Men. A cunt's body craves and needs to be desired by Men, to be educated by Men, to be disciplined by Men, to be overpowered by Men, and to be dominated by Men. This is an inescapable fact of biology. To defy your own biology is to suffer and live an empty, unfulfilling life.

Your Man will discipline you with His hand, with the whip, and with the cane. He will clamp your flesh to enforce a constant reminder of His guidance. You will thank Him for disciplining you. You will become wet when you are disciplined. You will understand that it is a fact of nature that cunts become wet when they are disciplined, that they will attempt to entice men to penetration, that they will crave the presence of Manhood inside their mouths and inside their bodies. Even through your moans, screams and tears you will entice Him to penetrate you. You will be grateful when He does.

Cunt caning had been a frequent and excruciating element of Sarah's early training. They were no longer as frequent, as she now spared no effort in pleasing her masters. She had endured enough canings to ensure that she fully memorized the handbook's paragraphs on discipline and gratitude.

They nearly always forced the girls to listen to audio loops repeating the words during their caning sessions. The only way to reduce the frequency and intensity of the caning sessions was to memorize the words, repeat them on demand, and to demonstrate to their masters that they had learned the paragraphs and had taken them to heart.

A Man will punish your backside as a display of His loving guidance. You will cherish every stroke, and His kindness and concern will make you wet.

Sarah continued to hear the words, her mind flashing back to the image of a classroom full of slave cunts smiling brightly and reciting them from memory. She recalled how her wrist ached as she wrote the lines again and again on the dry erase board at the front of the makeshift classroom. She remembered the sting of the paddle's impact each time the trainers punished her for failing to write quickly enough. She recalled how they ordered her to space her feet apart, leaving room for the paddle to strike her inner thighs whenever her calligraphy failed to pass muster.

A girl's handwriting needed to be pretty and feminine, replete with such adolescent flourishes as the use of hearts instead of dots above each lowercase i. Each time she mistakenly added a dot or failed to capitalize a male pronoun, the trainers informed her of her failure with three rapid strokes to one thigh. The bruises would sometimes last longer than a week.

The club's patrons loved seeing such striking decorative touches on the slave girls' thighs, and the black and brown marks on Sarah's legs attracted considerable attention during her first few weeks.

Yet Sarah was learning well, and her marks were faded. Her thighs were relatively unblemished, though her bottom was bright red and covered in fresh bruises. Her wrists, ankles, elbows and knees were always sore and red from hours of harsh bondage. Her jaw always ached as a result of spending hours performing oral sex every single day. However, at this particular moment the pain in her buttocks occupied a greater proportion of her attention than any lingering soreness elsewhere.



Sarah groaned as the patron's paddle landed on her ass for the thirtieth time. The privilege of paddling a cunt was a particularly expensive one for standard customers. Sarah's current gentleman lover was determined to wring the maximum value from this particular added investment.

Sarah felt herself dribbling, a trail of excitement slowly trickling from her cunt almost all the way down to her knee. The pain aroused her. She had no choice but to be aroused by the pain, because it was expected of every cunt. She could not say with any certainty whether she had found a way to force her body to comply out of necessity, or had simply learned to give in to what was a natural and instinctive response. She was typically too excited to care about the distinction.

She simply focused on the pain, squeezed her thighs together, and clenched her pussy. She knew that her obvious arousal was motivating him to strike harder.

Like many of the other slave girls, she had learned to make herself cum while performing oral sex. As long as her trainers or customers afforded her some ability to move her thighs, she simply needed to rub and squeeze them together subtly while she worked.



She twitched and clenched as the paddle struck her hindquarters again. She gagged softly on the cock reaching into her throat. He had broken her concentration for just long enough to disrupt the constant mental effort she was making to suppress her own gag reflex.

The sheer humiliation and the pathetic hopelessness of her situation always surfaced in her mind when she gagged on cock. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she focused on the degradation, her sexual excitement rising to a sharp peak.

Her slick thighs slid against each other as she squirmed and clenched hard.


She moaned in ecstasy as her pelvic floor twitched, her muscles spasming in the throes of an intense, blissful orgasm. It was her third climax in the time that had elapsed since she began sucking the man's cock.

Some men enjoyed taunting Sarah while they used her body. This customer, however, had been relatively quiet. He offered only the occasional soft-spoken observation, and his words cut Sarah like a knife.

"You always cum when you start gagging, don't you, cunt?"

The last word sounded awkward, as if he had nearly restrained himself from saying it. The customers could call the girls whatever they wanted. However, the slaves were strongly encouraged to motivate the patrons to call them "cunt." They would typically be punished if the customers called them anything else, provided it wasn't somehow more degrading than "cunt."

The customer inched backward in his chair and slid his cock out of her mouth. An expression of genuine and obvious disappointment crossed her face briefly before she remembered to smile.

"Y-yes, Sir! This cunt is a humiliation slut, Sir. I... this cunt loves it when she gags because it's SO AHHHH!! OWFUCK!"

He had interrupted her by striking her left breast with the paddle. She had used a first-person pronoun, despite her attempt to correct herself.

Her mind flashed back to the handbook.

A Man will punish your breasts to remind you of a cunt's weakness and frailty. You will cherish every stroke, and you will long for the touch of the whip, the paddle and the cane when you are not being punished.

"ThankyoufordiscipliningthiscuntSir this cunt is sorry, Sir!"

She continued her prior statement without missing a beat.

"This cunt loves it when - when THIS CUNT gags ON COCK because it's soooo humiliating, Sir!

Her voice soared in volume and pitch each time he teasingly tapped her breast with the paddle, hard enough to sting just a little. She knew that her yelps were audible from a considerable distance down the hallway. The harder paddle strokes also tended to echo down the halls. She had heard them many times while cleaning the halls while other customers were using the private rooms.

Sarah was aware that most of the club's patrons enjoyed hearing the chorus of yelps and pained shrieks as they passed through the halls. The sound of the slaves' screams as the customers and trainers raped them, the loud crack of the paddles and whips against the slaves' skin, and the frantic babbling of broken cunts desperate to please their masters with apologies, praise and gratitude lent a unique ambience to the former hotel's hallways.



This time the customer had struck her right breast.

"I'll have to punish you for gagging, cunt. And for cumming without permission. I take this kind of seriously. I hope you understand."

"Uggghhhhh of... of course, Sir. This c-cunt is sorry... for gagging, and for cumming without per-permission, Sir!"

The master/slave dynamic was a complicated one, especially when the pressures of conventional customer service became involved. Sarah knew that customers came away from their experiences with greater satisfaction when she gave them reasons to punish her.

Sarah's training had ensured that she would recall the text and the wisdom of the Cunt's Handbook every time she experienced an orgasm.

Your body does not belong to you. A cunt's body is an object to be used at a Man's pleasure, always offered freely and without complaint or resistance.

Your body's pleasure does not belong to you. Your orgasms do not belong to you. A cunt's orgasms are a means for Men to exert power over your body, the ultimate expression of every cunt's need to be controlled by Men. Cunts may bring pleasure to each other, but only for the purposes of degrading themselves and entertaining Men. No cunt can be complete without Cock, and an orgasm that is not given to a Man is an empty and meaningless orgasm, a blatant theft in defiance of nature.

When you are fortunate enough to be graced with the touch of a Man's Cock, you will cum. When a Man has determined that you must cum, you will cum for Him. You will cum again and again if He wills it.Yet you will always remember that your orgasms belong to Him. You will remember that your craving for Cock and your yearning to submit are inescapable facts of your nature.

Somewhere in the back of Sarah's mind, she knew that she couldn't stop herself. She desperately needed those orgasms. Yet she knew that they also provided customers with a sense of power and accomplishment. Even if she could resist them in the heat of her excitement, she would have pushed herself through them. And if she couldn't force herself to cum, she would have faked it. And then the customer would punish her, and enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate his power over her.

At least in this case, the orgasm had been worth it.


"AAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH AHHHAA AH UH - UH -OHHHHHHHHHFUUUCKME *gasp* uughhhhh... *pant* *pant* *pant* thhhhhh TWELVE thank you f-for d-disciplining this... this cunt... Sir!"

The customer had just delivered his twelfth blow to Sarah's cunt with the paddle. her tits were bright red and covered in bruises, and she knew some of them would last for weeks. She considered herself fortunate. Many of the slaves had breasts that were far larger and less perky than hers. Customers and trainers enjoyed forcing those girls to lay their breasts onto a wooden desk or table before paddling them. Sarah simply needed to kneel at attention and puff out her chest.

The customer had given each breast fifteen strokes before ordering her to stand upright and bend forward at the waist, thrusting her bottom out to receive her well-earned cunt strokes.

The customer had initially seemed shy, even kind and sweet in comparison to the usual clientele. Sarah had underestimated the full extent of his sadism.

Paddling sessions with customers were rare, as the loan of a paddle required a substantially larger donation than a simple leather strap or thin wooden cane. Only experienced and trusted customers would even enjoy the option of using the paddle. The owners imposed strict gatekeeping due to the risk of permanent damage to their property.

She had been shocked to see the paddle when the management sent her up to room 203. She had known that he would rent her that evening. She had flirted with him briefly before her last dance of the evening, and the look in his eyes had told her that he was going to fuck her. She had become intimately familiar with that look, that stare of focused intent tinged with just enough softness and desire that it could have been mistaken for affection.

The pain was excruciating and maddening. Her cunt had been abused many times over the course of her employment, yet she felt as if she were breaking new ground at this particular moment.

She was on the verge of passing out. Her mind drifted back to the handbook. At times like this, she truly understood the anonymous author's intent. The book was written as form of mercy, an act of love. At moments like this, the passages were a comfort to her. She reflected upon the passages regarding punishment as the customer dropped the paddle on the floor and pressed his erect cock against the opening of her cunt. She was still dripping wet, either in spite of the pain or because of it.

A Man will punish your backside as a display of His loving guidance. You will cherish every stroke, and His kindness and concern will make you wet.

A Man will punish your breasts to remind you of a cunt's weakness and frailty. You will cherish every stroke, and you will long for the touch of the whip, the paddle and the cane when you are not being punished.

Most importantly, a Man will punish you. He will punish your clitoris, your labia, the whole of your being, the parts that give you value and purpose. The parts at the center of your being are more sensitive than the remainder of your flesh. All cunts become wet when they are punished. A man demonstrates his control over you through this form of pain, and thereby reminds a cunt of her need to be controlled, dominated, owned and fucked.

No cunt can escape the biological truths of pain and discipline. These are a part of your biological mandate. A life in which your mandate is fulfilled is the best life you can hope for. A world in which a cunt's natural urges are fulfilled is a perfect world.

You will report for punishment eagerly, with a welcoming smile. You will not hide your body's need out of fear or shame. A cunt lives only for the moments when she has a Cock inside her and the moments when a Man graces her with His disciplinary touch.

Cunts are insatiable. Though your needs might be fulfilled, you will always crave more. As a slave, you will always be in heat. But instead of suffering the lonely, desperate heat of a free cunt, you will always enjoy the opportunity to serve Men with love, devotion and gratitude.

You will beg for the whip and you will beg for Cock. There is no relief. There is no release. Yet through discipline and servitude, you may earn the attention of a Man who will control your need and ensure that it is always bearable.

Cunts have no rights. As a cunt, you will never claim to have rights. You will never complain of injustice or ask to be treated as an equal to Men. The only injustices in a cunt's life are freedom and equality to Men. A cunt who is unowned and is treated as an equal of Men can never know justice.

Sarah was only dimly aware of the cock penetrating her from behind. She had barely noticed that he had pushed her onto her knees onto the plush hotel bed, and that he was holding her up by her hair as he stood by the side of the bed and plowed his cock into her. She was screaming, moaning, begging and pleading, pushing back hard against him after each thrust, putting on one of the sluttiest displays of sheer, unadulterated whorishness that she had ever performed, and yet the process was practically automatic. It barely registered in her mind.

She was focusing on the handbook. The words, memorized through rigorous repetition, flashed across her eyes every time she closed them. She was cumming again and again on her customer's cock, ensuring that he could feel every clench, twitch and spasm. The words were making her cum.

They always did.
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An exceptional fantasy of humiliation and degrading  :emot_thedrool.gif:
Love your stile. Wonderful extensive.
This exciting tale could go on and on and...
Thank you
your fan
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Re: One Little Mistake
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Madeline winced as she heard the snap of the wooden rod and the pained yelp of some poor slave from the hallway outside.

This evening she was servicing Leo for the fourth time. He was a frequent patron of the club, a loyal customer who had learned the various talents and quirks of several of the club's slaves. He had noticed how Madeline always winced slightly at the sound of wood striking bare female skin, though she always tried to maintain a pleasant smile.

The resulting effect was that her nose scrunched up slightly, the edges of her mouth twitching as she struggled to suppress an expression of pain and concern while taking care not to allow her smile to fade. She understood that patrons like Leo found this tic of hers to be irresistibly cute.

They often told her how cute they found it when her nipples perked up and stiffened in response to the sound of a girl being punished. Her trainers had worked hard to instill this physical reaction in her.

The trainers demanded perfect posture whenever she was standing upright. She needed to keep her back straight, arched inward just slightly, shoulders back, tits thrust out, nipples prominently displayed, kept standing alert and fully at attention whenever possible.

While constant enforced nudity, constant stares, and a perpetual state of arousal and vulnerability were enough to keep her nipples stiff most of the time, her trainers could only guarantee her body's compliance by ensuring that she remained aware of her nipples at all times.

The rods they typically employed were thin and lightweight, left a lasting sting. Discipline could come from any direction at any moment. Whenever she relaxed her posture or began to feel secure and comfortable in her own naked skin, the trainers would correct her with a swift and unexpected blow to the tits.

During her first few weeks, they had stung her dozens of times every hour. The trainers understood the necessity of teaching her that punishment was reliable and inescapable. She could mitigate it, but never fully avoid it. The throbbing pain in her nipples was a constant element of her life, one that she could never ignore. Constant awareness of her posture, the curvature of her back, the position of her breasts, and the attention lavished upon her poor, bruised nipples served to keep her in a mindset of utter submission.

She was always horny. She couldn't stand it at first, the way her pussy dripped, the visible product of her arousal trickling down her inner thigh as her body betrayed her and acquiesced to her cruel owners' efforts to tease and humiliate her.

The inescapable sights and sounds of other girls being disciplined were a constant reminder of her own status. They had trained her body to anticipate the sudden sting of the rod, the sudden shock of her collar's electrodes. And as they taught her body to anticipate these sensations, they had also taught her body to crave them. For a slave, sex and discipline were inextricably intertwined. Physical punishment and sexual humiliation were inseparable from sex, and sex was her purpose and reason for being.

Day in and day out, as she worked tirelessly to please her masters, the *whip* and *THWACK* of the rod, paddle or cane was an omnipresent threat. Even when her tits and pussy weren't the targets, she felt the sting every time she heard the rod whip through the air. She felt it in any random, sudden noise in her vicinity, and felt it each time she saw the movement of a male hand.

*Whip* *THWACK* was a reminder to stand up straight. To arch her back and thrust out her chest. To smile. To walk with just the right poise, swinging her hips and wiggling her bruised, tender bottom behind her. To quiver with excitement at the sound of a man's voice, to jump just slightly from joy and enthusiasm whenever a man offered her the most meager reward.

She always jumped when she saw Leo. This was hardly a forced reaction. Leo was one of the few men who always made her feel more like a girl than an object. Their interactions certainly couldn't be called "dates" yet each meeting made her feel as if she were on a date. They started with affection and tenderness, proceeded to strict yet reasonable discipline and domination, and ended with extended sessions of hardcore fucking. Leo had stamina. He seemed to know exactly how much Madeline craved all-out railing, and yet he teased her. He kept her waiting, craving his cock, wet with anticipation.

When he was driving his shaft in and out of her, rocking her body back and forth effortlessly like a rag doll, she could forget her status and the degrading, hopeless conditions of her existence.

She had seen him take notice of the wetness slowly dribbling down her thigh each time she greeted him. Eye contact with him was enough to make her wet. She even found herself aroused when he made her watch him fuck her younger sister.

Leo's attitude towards the club's slave girls was similar to that of their trainers. Discipline needed to be reliable, and not excessive or purposeless. And every girl needed to be conditioned to associate discipline and submission with sex. Their bodies needed to be taught to accept discipline and pain as forms of foreplay. And with devoted effort, any girl could be trained thusly.

Furthermore, any girl conditioned as such could also be trained to respond with physical arousal to the sights and sounds of other girls undergoing discipline.

Madeline had watched the trainers discipline Sarah on multiple occasions, witnessing them reduce her sister to tears with carefully-placed blows from the cane, the paddle, the flogger and the riding crop. Madeline felt every sting as if the blows had landed on her own flesh. She witnessed her sister's punishment while riding dildos, while riding the faces of other girls, while teasing herself with a vibrator, and while masturbating using only her own fingers.

*Whip* *THWACK*

Leo briefly made eye contact with Madeline as she winced again. She didn't know which unfortunate girl was being punished in the hallway outside, but she could tell from the slave's pained shriek that the cane had struck a sensitive spot.

"Posture, cunt!"

Madeline's pussy practically gushed at the sound of the trainer's voice outside. She'd heard the same phrase from countless trainers over the past few months. Every girl within earshot straightened her posture and thrust out her tits whenever they heard the phrase.

Madeline was kneeling on the floor, watching Leo punish Sarah. She was still a novice at oral sex, and especially inept at handling a cock as thick as Leo's. He had felt her teeth brush against his hard dick a few times too many.

Sarah was weeping softly as she knelt on the floor, forehead pressed against hardwood, knees parted, and bottom raised in the air.

Madeline winced as Leo swung the cat o' nine tails downward, its knotted thongs raking across Sarah's cunt and backside.

"AAAAHHH!! TWENTY TWO!! THANK YOU FOR DISCIPLINING THIS CUNT, SIR! This... this... cunt is s-sorry for being so incompetent, Sir! She w-will learn to s-suck cock properly the way a c-cunt should, S-Sir!"

The whip was certainly no toy, though not a fully-fledged implement of torture. The thongs were soft and supple enough that they wouldn't break the skin even with a vigorous swing, though they left nasty red welts that could take hours or even days to fade. Leo had added so many stripes to the poor girl's bottom and cunt that the stripes had blended together to become a single messy red patch.

Madeline's pussy was so wet that she was leaving a small yet visible puddle on the floor beneath her. She would have been touching herself if Leo hadn't cuffed her hands behind her. Her sister had earned this punishment. This was a learning experience for her. While her reaction to the cruel whipping directed at her younger sister's cunt couldn't be described as approval, it would have been futile for her to deny that it excited her.

"Sir?" Madeline asked meekly as Leo raised the whip again.

"Yes, cunt?"

"May this stupid, disobedient cunt please touch herself?"

"You may."

Madeline winced as Leo raised the whip again.

*thwip* *CRACK*

"AAAAAIEEEEE!! THANKYOUSIR FOR DISCIPLINING THIS C-CUNT S-S-SIR! This c-cunt is so sorry for being so... so.... so incompetent, Sir! She will! S-she will learn to s-suck cock properly the way a c-cunt should... Sir!"

Leo reached down to pat Sarah's head and run his hand through her hair. He looked in Madeline's direction.

"I thought you were going to touch yourself, cunt?"

"S-sir... this s-stupid, disobedient cunt is sorry but her... her hands are cuffed."


Madeline's eyes locked with his for a moment, blushing in response to his intense stare.

She found herself smiling despite herself. She was rarely able to make eye contact with him without smiling. And she had a certain perverse appreciation of the cruel demand he was making.

Madeline tried her best to grind her pussy against the floor, shifting position frequently, occasionally rubbing and squeezing her thighs together. She knew that she needed to try her best to make herself cum, with no assistance from a partner, a toy or even her own hands.

She knew that it would have been an understatement to describe her efforts as awkward. She struggled to find an angle that would provide full contact between her pussy and the floor.

After repositioning herself multiple times, she found that she could manage a reasonable degree of contact by lying on her front, then arching her back inward and lifting her torso to the most upright position she could maintain while keeping her legs spread and her knees on the floor. Being unable to use her arms to support herself, she found the position tiring and painful almost immediately. Luckily her many lengthy sessions of intense physical training had ensured that she was exceptionally limber and flexible.

Slaves like Madeline spent countless grueling hours each day meticulously polishing the hardwood floors of each room by hand, and their exhausting efforts ensured that the floor was smooth and frictionless.

She was essentially waxing the floor with her wet pussy, finding it nearly impossible to find any direct stimulation in her exhausting pelvic gyrations.

Sarah lifted and turned her head reflexively at the odd, slick, high-pitched sounds of rubbing behind her. Madeline locked eyes with Sarah for a brief moment, noticing that her younger sister's eyes were as wide as saucers. Madeline blushed, her face becoming an even deeper shade of red. Sarah was witnessing just how desperately horny Madeline had become in response to the sight of her own younger sister having her pussy whipped.

It was a moment of deep, intense humiliation for both girls. Madeline's reaction was automatic, a product of harsh training that had ensured that she could react in no other way: She smiled brightly and sweetly.

Madeline had acquired considerable experience at rubbing her cunt against slick, wet surfaces. One of the club's preferred methods for breaking in new slaves was to force them to spend countless nights in bondage, one girl paired with another, one on top and the other beneath, front-to-front, cunts pressed together firmly. Pairs of girls would often be required to share double-headed dildos between them, though at times they might be expected to grind to climax with no assistance from toys or third-party stimulation.

Girls might be left in such a position not just for the entire night, but for a significant portion of the following day. The girls understood that they were required to actively have sex with each other by whatever means were available to them whenever they were under male observation. However, the bound girls would frequently find themselves ignored, left alone in small groups of pairs, and sometimes two girls might be left alone in a room with only each other for company. The challenge that confronted them at such times was not the physical challenge of getting each other wet with nothing but pelvic wiggles and thrusts, but the mental challenge of utter boredom.

Some girls might experience such treatment for weeks or even months without ever realizing that their bondage sessions were being broadcast and recorded on video. Encouraged by a false sense of privacy and security, they would pass the hours in idle conversation, becoming well-acquainted with each other's personalities while exploring each other's bodies. Boredom would nearly always drive them to seek comfort in sexual pleasure, and once separated they would grow to miss one another's bodies as well as their company.

Madeline could not hold a conversation with the floor. She could only attempt to recall the same sense of intimacy she had enjoyed with a handful of other slaves as she worked through the motions of tribadism, imagining herself and some other young slave rubbing their pussies together in desperate pursuit of sexual release.

Unfortunately, having only her sister's naked body in front of her as a sexual reference, Madeline couldn't help but imagine Sarah as her partner in her imaginary tryst.

"Mmmm.... oh.... fuck me, Sarah!" she moaned as she swiveled her hips, her eyes closed, bright smile still gleaming on her pretty young face.

The words had just slipped out. She didn't even realize that she had said them until she opened her eyes moments later to see her younger sister's head turned once more, staring at Madeline with those wide eyes again.