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Author Topic: Most men ... will rape a woman if they feel they could get away with it  (Read 306 times)

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From this article https://thoughtcatalog.com/chris-haven/2014/02/heres-how-porn-makes-you-a-rapist/:

Most men who consume alot of porn will rape a woman if they feel they could get away with it.

In a study, 356 male students were asked: “If you could be assured that no one would know and that you could in no way be punished for engaging in the following acts, how likely, if at all, would you be to commit such acts?” (Briere and Malamuth, 1983). Among the sexual acts listed were the two of interest to these researchers: “forcing a female to do something she really didn’t want to do” and “rape” (Briere and Malamuth, 1983). Sixty percent of the sample indicated that under the right circumstances, there was some likelihood that they would rape,use force, or do both.

Here’s more:

In a study of high school males, 50‰ of those interviewed believed it acceptable “for a guy to hold a girl down and force her to have sexual intercourse in instances such as when ‘she gets him sexually excited’ or ‘she says she’s going to have sex with him and then changes her mind’” (Goodchilds and Zellman, 1984).

Say what? These studies were conducted over 30 years ago. Can you imagine what kids think today now that the average age of exposure to pornography is 8-years-old?

The No. 1 reason why most men are not running around raping every women they fancy is social inhibition. If society was to fall apart in 2014, the rape that would follow would be the most endemic in the history of the world- thanks to pornography.

I admit a twinge as I read this. I think he is right - I think every man I know would use an opportunity like this to commit as many rapes as possible. Is he right?
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This is pretty unlikely. There were studies done but they should be taken very lightly. The respondents may have said what they don't mean just because they thought it was cool. I mean come on, high school guys shooting their mouth off about sex? And even if they meant it, there's no way to gauge if they would actually follow through given the chance. Surveys have to be treated very carefully, and with such a loaded topic I would be wary of taking it at face value.

As for that site, it looks like a lot of hysteria. Oh, it was so bad then and so much worse now because of naked pictures. I see causal connections wherever it suits me!
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