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My Wife's Cabin Nightmare
« on: February 09, 2023, 01:48:41 PM »
It's been a few weeks since my wife lost her sexfight against a monstrous woman named Sugar. She really did a number on my wife, fucking her with a strap-on and beating her mercilessly in front of me, with my friends secretly watching a video feed. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen, watching my wife reduced to a sobbing mess begging for mercy.My friend CJ seems to have had something awakened in him when seeing my sexy wife being raped and tortured by a bigger, stronger woman.

Can’t blame him - she’s 5’7’’ of pure sex appeal, 140 pounds of perfect curves and thick thighs, C-cup tits, a round ass, sexy feet and luscious long brown hair. CJ came to me afterward and asked if it would be possible to let him have a go at her, to destroy her, break her down, humiliate and dominate her. I shocked both of us when I happily agreed.

I sit in front of my 70 inch hi-def monitor watching & listening to my wife lounging around our secluded lake house, while I’m secretly down the road in my van. She thinks I sent her there to recover from her previous beatdown, but I’ve actually filled the place with hidden cameras and microphones, and given CJ the address and door code. He should be arriving at any moment, and his timing couldn’t be better.

Wifey is in her typically slutty loungewear; walking around our cabin in a flimsy, skimpy silk camisole, with tiny crisscrossing shoulder straps. She's wearing nothing but a red g-string thong on the bottom - a tiny patch of satin covering her pussy, with a barely-there string going around her hips and between the buttcheeks, her entire ass and sexy thighs on full display. She’s barefoot, with her toenails freshly painted white. She’s dressed perfectly for the occasion. Her brunette hair is up in a sexy messy bun.

My heart is pounding as my exterior camera sees CJ’s car pull up to the house. Wifey is laying on the couch reading when CJ bangs the door open, and she jumps up with a startled yelp. CJ is a hulking beast of a guy, 6’2’’, 250 lbs, and he’s wearing a ski mask. “Who the fuck are you!? Get out of my house right now!” Screams my wife. CJ just laughs at her menacingly and advances. My wife, maybe just out of pure desperation, charges CJ. “I told you to get out, fucker!” Wifey swings at CJ, but he catches her fist, and immediately spins her around, wrenching her arm up behind her back.

My wife lets out a cry as he violently twists her arm, gripping her chin and growling in her ear “bad move honey. You’re FUCKED”. She lets out a shuddering sob of fear, already flashing back to her last beatdown. “please, just leave me alone” she whimpers.“Not yet, slut.” CJ growls throwing her to the floor.My wife lets out a gasp as CJ kicks her in the stomach with a booted foot, driving all the air out of her lungs. Wifey’s body involuntarily curls around CJ’s leg, shuddering and sobbing already. CJ laughs, and stomps on her knee with his other foot, she lets out a scream and roll away from him, curling in a ball and clutching at her leg. Bad move, as CJ kicks her right in the spine, causing my wife to arch her back and SHRIEK in agony “AIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!”. She looks incredibly hot like that, and I’m already getting hard.

Grabbing her brown hair, CJ pulls my wife to her feet, forcing her to stand on her tiptoes, sobbing and clutching at his hands.SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! CJ starts relentlessly slapping her in the face, knocking her head back and forth. “AHH! OWW!! AHHHH!! FUCKING STOP IT!” My wife pleads frantically, her face reddening and tears already running down her cheeks “No shot bitch, I’m just getting started with you”. Wifey is sobbing in pain, fear and desperation, knowing she has absolutely no way out of this nightmare situation.“On your knees slut. NOW!” CJ roughly pushes my crying wife to her knees, pulling his cock out in the process.“Start sucking, girl. And I better not feel any teeth”. Tearfully, timidly, my wife complies, taking his cock between her lips and slowly sliding it down her throat. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying watching this. The cameras are placed perfectly.

CJ growls with pleasure, holding my wife’s messybun in his fist as she slides his massive cock in and out of her throat, slowly. Suddenly, my wife’s hand comes up and grabs him by the balls, using her nails to dig in as CJ screams in shock and pain. Taking his cock out of her mouth, she punches him in the stomach and gets up, making a run for the door. Huge, huge huge mistake on her part. CJ is crazy, so even I’m not sure what he’s about to do to her.

CJ roars and grabs her by the hair again, wrenching her away from the door as she cries out in desperation and despair, kicking and struggling. CJ hisses through his teeth “You’ll regret that you little whore” She’s struggling and whimpering, but lets out a scream as CJ suddenly tasers her in the back. She drops to the floor convulsing and sobbing, as CJ zaps her several more times with the taser. Putting a knee on the back of her head, CJ traps my wife on her stomach, and roughly handcuffs her wrists behind her back. “PLEASE, NO I’M SORRY, NOT THIS! PLEASE I’LL BEHAVE, DON’T CUFF ME!!” My wife must be flashing back to her time in Sugar’s dungeon, the poor woman. CJ lifts up her sexy, pedicured foot and presses the taser to her sole, causing a shriek of agony louder than anything I’ve heard today to rip from my wife’s throat.

Roughly, CJ drags my wife off the floor, and drapes her over the arm of the couch, with her back bent in half, and her head hanging upside down off the couch. She’s fully hysterically crying now, begging him, offering him bribes, all in vain. My breath catches in my chest realizing what he’s about to do.My wife dangles helplessly, feet kicking on the couch as CJ brutally grabs her by the ears, and jams his cock into her throat again as her head hangs upside down. With no way to defend herself, wifey can only helplessly gag, squirm, and cry as CJ goes nuts, SAVAGELY FUCKING her throat, pumping in and out fast and hard, his balls banging off her forehead, her throat expanding with his cock jackhammering it.On one thrust he buries himself to the hilt, his balls on her nose, and stays there for a FULL MINUTE, as we both enjoy watching her whole body convulse and squirm for breath.

Mercifully, he pulls out, and she gasps for air, with deep shuddering sobs.“PLEASE, OK I GET IT, PLEASE STOP PLEASE!!” She begs tearfully, looking at him from her helpless upside down position. “It could have been over you beautiful fucking SLUT, but you had to make it personal. We’ve got a while to go!” CJ yells at her sadistically.

I’m stroking myself to the video feed at this point. CJ grabs her by the ears again, and resumes fucking wifey’s throat. Now as he jackhammers her, CJ notices Wifey’s big nipples poking through the silk of her camisole, pointing right at him. He grabs both nipples between his thumbs & index fingers, brutally pinches as hard as he can, and SAVAGELY yanks upward.Needless to say, this is agony for my wife. “MMMMMGHGHGHHGHFHHHHHFHHHFFFFFFFFHFHHHHFHFFF!!!!” She screams in her throat around his cock, eyes shut tight, tears streaming down her face, her whole body quivering, her white toes curling and flexing frantically as he practically pulls her nipples off. The vibration of wifey’s scream is the last straw, and CJ blasts rope after rope of cum straight down her throat.He finally pulls out, and wifey sputters and chokes between sobs and gasps, his cum having shot all the way down her throat with no chance to spit it out. He roughly pulls her upright, her messy bun gone and hair flowing freely, and throws my wife off the couch on to the floor like a piece of trash.

She brings her knees up to her chest and rolls on her side, still handcuffed, trying to curl up in a ball as she cries miserably, broken.

CJ laughs. “Stupid bitch. You just had to attack me TWICE. Who do you think you are? You know you can’t fight. Remember what happened against Sugar?” My wife looks up from the floor in shock, “HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?!” “Easy, I was there.” My wife’s never met CJ, so there’s no way for her to know he’s my friend. “WHAT THE FUCK?? HOW?!.” Her anger is overcoming her pain and fear suddenly. I do love how much spirit my wife has sometimes.“Special invite only, very discreet. Can’t tell ya honey. Sorry. And don’t ask again.” “Fuck you!” My wife spits at his foot. CJ slaps her back to the floor and puts his boot on her head, squishing her face into the floor as she starts to cry again.

CJ leans down into his boot and growls at her. "Ready for more?" CJ sits my wife up. Glaring into her tear streaked face. “You know what comes next you little skank. Want to do it the easy way or the hard way?" She glares back, spitting into his face.CJ sighs and rolls his eyes, backhanding my wife back to the floor, where she lays, whimpering.

Rolling her onto her stomach, CJ slowly slides his hand past her g-string thong, while she thrashes and tries to squirm. away. Finding my wife's clit, he cruelly pinches it between 2 fingers, a WAIL of agony forcing it's way out of her abused throat. “I can do this all day bitch.” CJ snarls as he continues to squeeze her clit. “NO PLEASE NO NO STOP STOP PLEASE LET GO!!!” Wifey begs frantically, her beautiful white toes pushing into the floor desperately trying to squirm away. "You slut. I think you like this!" CJ removes his fingers from wifey's pussy, his fingers covered in her juices. "Look how wet you are!"

He yanks my sobbing wife back into a sitting position, forcing his pussy-juice covered fingers into her mouth, until she's gagging on them. "CLEAN MY FINGERS OFF, SLUT". My beaten wife submissively obeys, sucking her own wetness off of her attackers fingers, still crying in pain and humiliation.“Here’s the deal, girl. I’m gonna fuck you in the ass, and your husband is going to come in here and fuck you in the throat while I do it. You show him what a good little screamer you are, and I’ll consider leaving."

He punctuates this with another vicious pinch of her nipples.“AAAJHHHHH FUCK OK OK OK!!” Wifey screams out through her tears. I pull the van into the driveway and walk in.

CJ is positioning my handcuffed wife on her knees with her ass in the air. She glares at me with her cheek pressed into the floor, and I shrug and smile at her. CJ gives my wife’s beautiful ass a firm SLAP, and she yelps. “You got a good little slut here bud! Ready to help me finish this?” I nod. “Oh wait hang on, I forgot your bitch of a wife clawed my balls. Give me a sec” He grabs her thong and WEDGIES wifey impossibly hard. Her feet lift off the floor and toes curl in agony as she SHRIEKS, with the thong tearing straight up into her pussy “AAAIIIIHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK I THOUGHT WE WERE DOOAAAAAAAHHHHH NO PLEASE!!!” “Yeah bitch we’re done after I fuck you in the ass, not before. I still wanna hurt you a bit for what you did!”He lets go of her thong, as she sobs on her knees. He takes a couple steps back, and looks me dead in the eye as he does a running free kick straight into my wife’s pussy!

Her screams echo off the cabin walls as she cries hysterically, unable to go anywhere or do anything. He kicks her in the pussy again. More screams and tears escape my destroyed wife.“SHUT UP SLUT! YOU HAD THIS COMING!” He roars as he savagely kicks her again. I’m absolutely rock hard at the sight of this guy towering over my helpless wife, booting her in the pussy with no mercy and reveling in the sound of her screaming and sobbing.

A belt beating follows. My wife's screams are hoarse, and my dick is as hard as a baseball bat, watching as this guy destroys my wife's back & beautiful ass with his leather belt. CRACK!! CRACK!!! CRACKK!!!!. "AIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NOOOOOO PLEASEEEEE!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The thick, sobbing brunette can't really go anywhere, kneeling with her hands tied behind her back and her face on the floor, so all she can do is scream, cry and squirm. His strokes are leaving huge red welts on her, and her tears are literally forming a puddle on the floor around her face.

CJ rips the thong off of the hysterically crying woman as I position myself in front of her. I have no clue how she’s still conscious. I notice he is strapping something onto his own rock hard cock. My eyes widen as I realize it is a leather sleeve covered in metal studs; it just about doubles the girth of his already large dick, and adds what looks like painful texture with the studs. Noticing my eyes, my wife squirms to look at him and immediately panics even further. “NO WAIT WHAT IS THAT? I DIDN’T AGREE TO THAT WAIT PLEASE!!!….” I’m not sure why she’s begging him or talking about what she did or didn't agree to. As if he cares!CJ grins evilly as he grabs her hips and positions himself right at her tight, barely-ever-touched asshole. She and I don't normally do anal. Unfortunately for her, I let that slip to CJ. She is not gonna enjoy this. We will though.

An impossibly loud and hoarse new scream rips from wifeys throat as CJ buries his weaponized dick in her ass, and begins to SLOWLY thrust to draw out her suffering “AAHHHHIIIIIIEEEEEE!!! NOOOOOO OH MY GOD PLEASE NO MORE!!!”. CJ continues to pump inside her at an agonizingly slow pace, enjoying the shudders and agonized noises as he viciously enjoys her asshole. At one point he slides all the way out, grabs her by the hair for leverage and SHOVES himself all the way to the hilt in a massive, violent thrust. Her entire body shudders and convulses as her mouth opens wide in her loudest, hoarsest scream yet, her cheeks soaked in tears.I seize the opportunity, grab her by the ears, and shove my dick right into her open screaming mouth.

I start to fuck her throat. I’m already too horny, so I just go nuts on her. Rapidly pounding her, slamming my dick all the way in, burying her nose in my pubic hair. To her credit, she takes my dick in spite of screaming from the agony of CJ destroying her asshole. I even feel her tongue massaging my shaft! This little minx, always looking to give me what I want. I remind myself that getting involved in violent sexfights was her idea in the first place.The vibrations of her throat screaming onto my dick, her whole body convulsing and quivering, trying to escape CJ’s weaponized cock, is too much for me and I explode down her throat, gagging her on rope after rope of overexcited cum.

CJ continues to jackhammer my wife, cruelly grabbing her hips and digging his fingers in, until he finally is ready to burst, pulling out and shooting cum all over my wife’s bare back. He holds his dick to stop the flow, and steps around to shove his dick in her mouth and shoot the rest of his load down her well-used throat.Wifey's body finally betrays her, and as he pulls out, she vomits on the floor next to my feet, before collapsing on her side, quietly whimpering.

CJ undoes her cuffs, and pats me on the back. "I'm gonna go take a shower. Let me know if you're down to continue" CJ leaves me downstairs with my destroyed wife, and all I can do is think about how we need to keep going all weekend. I look at her broken, crumpled form, sobbing hysterically in the fetal position, and wonder if she could handle it...
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Re: My Wife's Cabin Nightmare
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A memorable weekend lies ahead of this happy trio! An interesting concept – but I actually thought the husband was having his wife ravaged by his friend in secret, to avoid her leaving him afterwards. But then he shows up at the site himself as one of the culprits! That didn't make much sense to me...