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Difficult Choices
« on: March 24, 2023, 04:15:13 PM »
The following story contains graphic and sexually explicit content.
This is a work of fiction. No characters in it are meant to resemble any real persons.
If you do not wish to read such stories, please stop now.

Difficult Choices

The discharge flooded her mouth without warning and Abby coughed reflexively as the jiz hit the back of her tongue. Being on her back, with her head hanging off the edge of the bed, the sticky fluid oozed through her teeth as Michael fucked her face. She accidentally made herself gag in a failed effort to swallow rather than spew cum into her own face. But she couldn’t stop coughing and sent a sizable wad of cum straight through her nose.
Spluttering, Abby shoved Michael away and rolled over onto her stomach. “God damn it, can’t believe I did that!” Abby blew her nose on his sheets, not caring about the mess. He could deal with the clean up since it was mostly his fault!
Michael laughed and held his cock, aiming it at Abby’s face, but the last of his cum just dribbled weakly out of the tip, the main explosiveness of his climax having been spent.
“Sorry babe, you’re WAY too good at that, I couldn’t hold back!”
Abby’s frustration faded as she peered upward at her boyfriend. She started to laugh at herself while squeezing her nose to expel more of the thick cum. “What the fuck have you been eating? This is so weird.”
“I dunno, had Thai for dinner yesterday, why? Is it spicy?”
Abby sat up and then flopped down backwards onto the pillows, looking up at the ceiling. “kinda tastes like peanuts?”
“Peanut sauce!” Michael declared triumphantly, “You can really taste that?!”
Abby smacked her lips and swallowed, “I think so?”
Michael sat down beside her, his back against the wall where a headboard would have been if he’d had one. Abby leaned over and cuddled against his chest. The air was filled with the humid scent of sex and the midday sun peeking through the cracks in the miniblinds gave the afternoon a lazy, muggy feel. Michael’s place was spartan but clean, unlike so many other men’s apartments Abby had been to. He didn’t have much in the way of decorations and it gave off a very male vibe, but Abby felt comfortable there all the same.
“You wanna get some lunch?” Michael asked.
Abby sighed contentedly, “yeah, I could eat... get this taste out of my mouth.”
“What are you in the mood for?”
“I don’t know.”
Michael rolled his eyes, but then pinched at Abby’s nipples playfully. “You always say, ‘I don’t know’!”
Abby swatted at his hands, “Careful! Careful!!! they’re sore now!”
“I’ll stop when you tell me what you want for lunch!”
Abby gripped his wrists, trying to push them away, “I don’t know!!!” she squealed playfully.
“Choose something!” Michael moved to tickle her armpits.
Abby shrieked and turned over, pulling the sheets up to shield herself, “I don’t care, you decide!”
Michael sighed, “fine, let’s go to the steak place, just have an early dinner.”
“uhmm, I can’t, I’ve got a client at four.”
Michael shook his head but decided to let it go. He was in a pretty good mood after the impromptu romp. “Fast food then?”
“That’s fine.” Abby stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up before getting dressed.

Abby was an average “girl next door” type. She had long straight black hair, a full face with prominent cheeks, and an energetic personality. She had enough meat on her bones to be pleasantly curvey while still looking like she’d be right at home climbing a rock wall at the gym. At 24 years old, she was fiercely independent, outgoing, and personable.
She put on a baggy gray hoodie with sleeves that flapped as they extended over her hands and jeans with converse sneakers. Yet as much as she dressed in plain attire, she could not slough off the adorable aura she radiated.

After a slightly rushed meal of burgers and fries, Abby looked at her watch and sighed.
“Ok, I really got to go. I’ll need time to prepare for the client.”
“Ever the professional.” Michael stuffed the last of the fries into his mouth. They hugged and kissed goodbye outside the burger joint. “You want a ride back to your place?”
“No, it’s only a ten minute walk, I’ll be fine.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I’m sure. I like the fresh air anyway.”
“Alright, I’ll text you later... uh, have a good... meeting.”
Abby rolled her eyes and blew him a kiss as he walked to his truck.

I wonder how long it will last with Michael? she thought as she watched him drive off and waved goodbye. Abby had not always done well at maintaining relationships. Finding a balance between her work life and her personal life had been difficult. Abby had to admit to herself that she was smitten with Michael, but the ever present specter of fear looming in the back of her mind would not subside completely. You know it’s only a matter of time, her inner voice taunted.
“Shut up! I don’t care!” Abby quipped out loud, declaring it with as much confidence as she could muster. But she already knew that was a dirty lie. She did care. Much more than she wanted to admit.

Abby got home an hour before her ‘client meeting’. She tidied up the place and took a quick shower, dried and combed out her hair, then pulled up her calendar notes. Ah, yes, she remembered, Mr. Stevens. Abby entered her walk-in closet naked and her fingers walked across the hangers of clothing until she found the right outfit. Schoolgirl with goth makeup was Mr. Stevens’s request for this evening. Most of her clients had consistent requests, but Mr. Stevens had chosen a different outfit and personality for each visit so far. She pulled out two slightly different versions of the skimpy costume and returned to her bedroom where she held them up in front of her body one after the other while looking in a full length mirror.
After a couple of back and forths, she tossed one aside. “Yeah he should be pleased with this one.” She made a pouty face, shook her head and tried again, pouting a little more innocently before smiling to herself. “This job is too easy!” she laughed.

Abby had herself in the outfit with makeup done mere moments before Mr. Stevens arrived. She had also smoked a clove cigarette purely for the scent and taste she’d have when Mr. Stevens kissed her. It was those little details that set her apart as an escort, and why she was more expensive than so many others.
Stevens was clearly happy after he walked in and she gave him the kiss. Abby led him into the living room where he sat down in the easy chair and waited while Abby made him his drink. With refreshment in hand and the stress already seeming to melt from his posture, Abby sat down across from him. She made sure her cleavage was presented properly and seductively crossed her legs with a wink.
“Now then Mr. Stevens, what can I do for you today?”
“Well Delilah,” he said. Abby used a different name with each of her clients. “I was hoping for something a bit more adventurous today.”
“Oh? Feeling especially naughty are we?”
“You could say that.” He looked her up and down, marveling at her outfit. He hissed in air through his teeth, “God you look perfect.”
“Oh, I’m flawed in just the right ways,” she said with a coy glance away from him.
“What flaws would those be?” Mr. Stevens was enjoying the playfulness already.
“Don’t you know how broken I am? How much I need your... guiding hand?”
“You poor thing, didn’t get enough attention from daddy?”
Abby stood and moved to sit on her client’s lap, wiggling her but as she sat down. “Not enough of the right kind, and too much of the wrong.”
“Oh dear, that’s a disastrous combination.”
With mock innocent eyes Abby, or Delilah, peered into the face of her client. “Would you be my new daddy?”
“What makes you think I’d be better than your old one?” he grinned wickedly.
“What makes you think I want you to be?”
Mr. Stevens dropped his drink and grabbed Abby by the hair on the back of her head. He kissed her hard, shoving his tongue into her mouth.
Abby moaned and sucked on his tongue until he withdrew it. She licked her lips. “Daddy! You are in a more aggressive mood today.”
“I just don’t feel like holding back anymore, darling.” He gripped her under the chin, holding her lower jaw with surprising strength.
“Ohhh,” Abby moaned in the voice of her Delilah persona, thrusting her chest forward, “Are you going to punish me, daddy?”
Mr. Sevens grabbed at the low cut collar of her schoolgirl outfit, fingers delving into her cleavage. He jerked it aside, pulling the buttons apart with a series of popping sounds.
“AAHH!!” Delilah gasped.
Mr. Stevens kissed his schoolgirl again and groped greedily at her tits, pushing his fingers beneath her black lace bra. “Maybe daddy has a new punishment for you!”
“mmMMMmmm,” Deliah squealed playfully.

The rest of the session was enjoyable for both of them, although Mr. Stevens repeatedly pushed the limits for the type of session he’d paid for. It was clear he wanted more of a BDSM experience, attempting to spank her harder than was allowed for a normal session. Abby was skillful in reminding him of the rules without breaking character, cooing at him in her submissive Delilah voice, “Oh no Daddy... if you spank me any harder, I’m afraid it’s going to cost you!” It worked, and didn’t seem to put much of a damper on his mood. He managed to finish, but the hunger in his eyes as she kissed him goodbye at the door spoke volumes.
Abby bit her lip and raised a mildly surprised eyebrow seconds after he’d left. “I guess it’s good to leave ‘em wanting more,” she said to herself. Before getting back into the shower, she sat at her laptop and made a note in Mr. Stevens’s file to offer him the BDSM package next time, as a subtle way to remind him of the rules.

Abby turned on the shower to warm it up while she brushed her teeth. Her phone buzzed while she still had a mouth full of foaming minty flavor. She looked at the screen, it was from Michael.

How was the client meeting? Did you close the deal?

He always checked up on her after a session, which was both sweet and a little irritating. She wasn’t quite used to this new phenomena of a boyfriend being protective, but also somehow supportive of her whoring at the same time. She didn’t know how to trust it. It made her feel dangerously warm and accepted for who she was, but her instinctive reaction was defensive.

It was fine. Not as if he was my first client ever.
And you don’t have to use code words, it’s not like my being an escort is exactly top secret.

Crap. That came out a little bitchy. She quickly typed some more, holding the toothbrush in her mouth while toothpaste dribbled down her chin.

Sorry. We had good sex. His cock’s a bit too big for comfort so I struggled a little and I think he could tell, but he enjoyed himself and wanted more. He might go the BDSM rate next time if I’m lucky.

No sooner had she sent it before she regretted it again. Shit! Now that sounds emasculating. She frowned. The shower was pouring forth welcoming steam which only made Abby feel even more sticky and sweaty. She just wanted to get in and wash the cum out of her twat, but now she had to deal with a potentially butthurt boyfriend. She let out a resigned sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose.
He responded.

Hey, that’s great! More $$$ right? ;D
Sorry he was a bit big, but your tight cooch is part of what makes you better than the rest! Maybe do some kegels exercises? That’s the pussy work out, right? Anyway I’ll stop bugging ya and let you get some rest. Love you babe! <3 <3 <3
Oh! Let me know if you want to do dinner tomorrow.

Abby blinked. Was he really ok with her comment that accidentally implied her client was bigger than him? Was he being passive aggressive? It didn’t sound like it. Did he just use the L word?! The toothbrush clattered in the sink as her jaw dropped.

Yeah, dinner would be great! I’m getting in the shower. I’ll see you later.
Love you too!

She hit send. Wait! Bad idea. I shouldn't have said ‘Love you too’! Oh shit oh shit oh shit!
She got into the shower and tried to put it out of her mind as a meaningless accident. It’s just something people say all the time right? It didn’t really mean anything. But the excited twisting in her tummy wouldn’t let her pretend she didn’t have some big feelings developing.
No one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.

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Re: Difficult Choices
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The urge to call Michael and try to clarify if he’d meant to say “I love you”, as in really meaning capital L “Love” or just as a nicety, was powerful the next day. She’d not gotten much sleep and even in the throes of sexual humping with her two o’clock client, she couldn’t stop thinking about Michael and how she would even ask him about it. After she was done with the client and dressed in her normal clothes to go out to dinner, she found herself becoming more and more of a basket case.
“This is stupid!” she finally shouted to herself while tying her shoes. “You’re a God damned, high end, professional escort! You know how to approach awkward topics with men. This is no different!”

Her phone rang. It was Michael. She suddenly felt like she wouldn’t be able to stomach food for the rest of her life.
“Michael, hey.” She answered the phone with what she hoped was a calm voice.
“Hi babe, listen. I’m sorry for the short notice, but something’s come up.” The sounds of power tools and large diesel trucks could be heard in the background. Michael was speaking loudly to talk over the noise. “I can’t make dinner tonight.”
“Harry, you know, one of the other forklift guys? He called in sick again and the boss wants me to stay on and do another shift.”
“Oh. Well, uh, that’s ok.”
A grinding sound followed by a loud metallic crash drowned out what Michael was saying for a moment “... really sorry, I’d tell them no, but Harry’s covered for me before so I really owe him.”
Is Micheal seriously blowing me off now, after saying “I love you”?! Have I been obsessing over nothing?!
“Um, ok?” She swallowed and forced the words out, “I actually had something I wanted to ask you about...”
“Thanks babe, I hope you don’t think I’m just blowing you off. I’d much rather be with you tonight, believe me! Let me make it up to you Saturday. I’ll take you to the sushi place, you know, the nice one.”
Now she didn’t know what to think. Sushi was her favorite, but this felt weird.
“Um, ok.”
“You’re awesome, babe! I love you so much! I can’t wait to see you Saturday!”
The pit in her stomach returned and she felt like she’d instantly borken out in a cold sweat. “I... love you too.”
“I gotta run, but what was it you wanted to ask me?”
“No... nothing... nothing important.”
“Ok, I’ll call you later. Bye!”
Abby tried to sound normal. “Bye!”

Saturday was an excruciating two days away. Abby did her best to distract herself from obsessing over her relationship status with Michael by booking extra clients. She normally didn’t like to take more than two a day, but she booked three for Thursday and four on Friday. The clients on her standby list were thrilled, but although Abby managed to physically exhaust herself, she was still riding an emotional rollercoaster of her own making. When feeling up, she daydreamed about kissing Michael, looking into his eyes and telling him she loved him with all her heart. When feeling down, she imagined breaking up with him, telling him it was hopeless because jealousy always wins.

It was a fitful night of sleep for Abby before Saturday morning. She dreamt of living with Michael in a happy, committed relationship, but where she continued to enjoy the work she loved and the lifestyle she’d fought so hard to attain, all with his full support and encouragement. But then she dreamed of Michael secretly having an affair and accusing her of being a hypocrite when she got upset. He told her that she should be grateful he put up with her behavior and that he only married a whore like her out of pity.
Abby felt like she was losing her mind and hated herself for being unable to stop obsessing over something that Michael probably hadn’t even given a second thought to. I’m supposed to be an expert at navigating people’s emotions! Why am I losing it over something so small?

The doorbell rang at 11:00am. She didn’t have any clients scheduled. Abby put on a white robe and checked the door cam. A man in a business suit with sunglasses and carrying a briefcase stood on her doorstep.
He looked like a lawyer, or rather what smarmy lawyers on daytime dramas look like.
Abby sat up straight and put on her kind, but not so kind as to be a pushover, voice. “Hello, this is Maggie, can I help you?” Maggie was the name on her lease agreement and the one she used for anything that required a mailing address.
“Good morning, I have a letter for Miss Abby.”
“I’m afraid there’s no one here by that name.”
“This is a letter that Miss Abby will not want to ignore, I assure you.”
Is he a process server? Not a very smart one if he is.
“Who is the letter from?”
“It’s from Mr. Stevens. I do hope you... or Miss Abby, does not choose to refuse it.”
Who is this guy? Abby knew better than to accept mail in her real name which could be used as proof of her residence. But he didn’t sound like a lawyer to her, and she knew if the police were coming to arrest her, this wasn’t how they’d do it.
“One moment please.”
Abby checked herself in the mirror next to the door quickly and picked up the can of mace she kept discreetly hidden there. She held the can behind her back as she opened the door.
“Thank you.” The man said, then proceeded to open his briefcase and retrieve a large eggshell envelope sealed with gold flecked red wax and adorned with carefully handwritten calligraphy on the front. He held it out to her.

Miss Abby
Please open at your earliest convenience

Abby eyed the fancy envelope. “As I said, there is no one here by that name.”
“Regardless, my instructions are to deliver this envelope to this address at this time.” He held it out a little farther.
Abby hesitated, but took the envelope from him.
“Good day, Miss... Maggie.” The mysterious man turned and retreated back to his BMW parked on the street.
Abby watched him drive away before returning to her kitchen table.

Feeling the texture of the paper, it was clearly not some cheap ordinary envelope from Office Max. She pried open the wax seal and withdrew an equally elegant looking paper invitation with the same calligraphy handwriting.

Miss Abby

Please forgive me for addressing you by your proper name, but I felt to do otherwise would be dishonest. As you have no doubt guessed, I undertook the effort to investigate your true identity. Do not let this revelation cause you any distress, I assure you I have no ill intentions.

I have been quite impressed with your skill and enthusiasm for your line of work. I respect a woman who knows what she wants to do with her life and is willing to overcome the numerous barriers put up in our society to prevent those such as yourself from achieving success in your chosen profession. In fact there are more resources and opportunities I can offer that would assist in the advancement of your ambitions.

I would like to invite you to a party at my house this evening to explain further.
You may consider it a client visit if you wish, but no special preparation on your part is required. I will, of course, compensate you at your out of house rate, plus a sizable bonus for the late notice, should you decide to come.

I look forward to enjoying your sparkling presence soon,
Mr. Stevens

A car will arrive at your residence by 9:00pm this evening to bring you to the party, and we will return you home after the event is finished.

The air around her went chill while Abby read and re-read the letter several times. Is this some kind of prank? The image of a mansion filled with feathered mask wearing attendants, à la Eyes Wide Shut, filled her mind. But such things weren’t real. Sure there were sex clubs where people dressed up like that to play out the fantasy; but a cabal of rich people honestly creating some kind of sex worker’s paradise because they respected women like her? No.

Abby set the letter down and watched her humble fish tank where her two betas lazily drifted around. The little treasure chest lid opened and closed as it caught and released tiny bubbles from the air pump. The tropical fish were the closest she was ever likely to get to having a dream house in the Bahamas.
Who the hell is this Mr. Stevens?
The whole thing sounded scetchy as fuck, but in reality, rich people didn’t need to kidnap escorts if they wanted someone to abuse. Wealth attracts bimbos without any effort, and Mr. Stevens was certainly making an effort here.

It was not good practice to do too much background research into her clients, as this could make them nervous. But Abby was no fool and did enough to cover herself for safety, making sure none of her clients were serial killers or undercover cops. Mr. Stevens had visited her half a dozen times now and looked like he was going to become a regular. She knew he was an executive at a company which provided staffing for private jets, but beyond a basic confirmation of his identity, she didn’t know much about him.

And what about Michael? She couldn’t just cancel their dinner plans at the last minute without it looking like she was being passive aggressive, retaliating for his cancellation of their previous date.
Oh God I’m overthinking everything aren’t I?!
There was a simple way to work this out. The car wouldn’t be arriving to pick her up until 9:00pm. That gave her plenty of time to go to dinner with Michael and explain the unusual invitation. She could even show him the letter as proof that she’s not simply cutting the date short for no reason. And if Michael got jealous or upset, well...
It wouldn’t be the first time I lost a boyfriend that way. Better to do it now before I really fall in love.
But somewhere deep in her heart, she knew it was already too late for that.

Michael came to pick her up at 7:00pm and Abby ran out to his beat up Ford F-150 holding her purse over her head to shield herself from the light drizzle that had started a half hour earlier.
Michael had changed into his nice jeans that didn’t have any wear holes and an honest to goodness clean button up shirt. And he’s wearing cologne! What the hell?
Abby had changed into a simple but tight fitting black dress with a knee length skirt that had some swish to it, and did a decent job creating a bit of cleavage. Paired with black boots that could pass in polite society, but bordered on the realm of “fuck me boots,” she felt ready for both her date with Michael and the subsequent mystery party.

The sushi restaurant was packed. A popular place, especially on a Saturday night, it was adorned with modern Japanese pop culture posters and classic iconography. Fancy modern lighting illuminated the individual tables and a snaking bar with a conveyer that brought small plates of sushi around for patrons to snatch up.
Abby stepped forward into the bar, looking for a couple of available stools as they normally did, but Michael took her hand and pulled her back towards the restaurant’s small reception podium.
“Reservation for Michael.”
The greeter checked her tablet and walked them back to one of the teppanyaki grills.
“What’s going on...?” Abby asked.
“I just wanted to give my girl a little nicer night out for a change,” Michael said with a mischievous grin.
“You know it’s not my birthday, right?” Abby eyed him suspiciously.
Michael pulled out her chair like a gentleman and then sat down next to her once she’d gotten settled.
The chef approached and started up the grill, getting his tools ready and handing them their menus. The chefs at the other grills were doing the same, but surrounded by eight patrons each.
“Must be our lucky night, we got a grill to ourselves!” Abby said, looking over at the others. Their chef winked at her. “Wait a minute...”
“Yeah, super lucky!” Michael said with a smile.
“Oh my God, you got us a private sitting?! Michael!” Abby’s heart melted, but now she felt guilty for planning to cut the date short. “You didn’t have to do that.”
“Maybe not, but it’s good to treat ourselves once in a while, don’t you think?”

The chef performed a set of tricks, twirling the cooking spatulas in the air and cutting up appetizers with flair. He set up the classic onion volcano and made jokes while pulling the ingredients for the dishes they’d ordered.
Abby was enjoying herself, but time was running out for her to tell Michael about the party she’d been invited to. The grandiose date did not lend itself well to any sort of casual segue where Abby could pull out the letter and say, ‘Oh by the way, I got this funny note earlier.’

While the chef cooked their main course, Michael took Abby’s hand and kissed her cheek.
“I know this is all sort of cheesy, but I wanted to do something nice for you, and you know I’m not really good at this kind of stuff, so... I just went with something I knew was one of your favorites.”
“It’s not cheesy! It’s really sweet.”
“I’m sorry if I’ve been kind of distant lately, work has just been, well, good and bad.”
“No, I understand. My work can get kinda overwhelming too.”
Michael smiled, “Do tell.”
Abby wrinkled her nose in an adorable look of admonishment. “You know I don’t spill the details.”
Michael snapped his fingers feigning disappointment. “Ah shucks, thought I had you that time.”
“Would you really want to hear the details anyway? I mean, most guys just want to pretend I sit at home all day doing nothing until they show up.”
“I’m not most guys.”
Abby shook her head and squeezed his hand, “How? I mean, you’ve never seemed jealous or turned possessive, you’re really just... OK with... what I do?”
“uhhh, yep. I’m OK with it. As long as you’re happy.”
“Michael... I’d want you to tell me if you...” Abby could see the teppanyaki chef out of the corner of her eye, trying hard to ignore their conversation. “I just want you to be honest with me.”
“I am being honest, Abby. I’ve never felt this way about anyone. It’s more than just the great, uh...” He glanced at the chef who was smiling down at the frying food on the grill in front of him. “... time we spend together. I’ve really fallen madly in lo...”
“Stop!” Abby looked at him earnestly. “Do you really mean it? Is it... is this...?”
“I love you, Abby. I love you. I don’t know when it happened, but it’s more than just some passing feeling. And I hope you feel the same way.”
“Michael, it’s hard for me... this job I do. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do, but it... it ruins relationships.”
“It doesn’t have to. Not with me. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

Abby had to look away from the adoration on his face, it was too much. She turned away and took a deep breath before pulling out the handwritten letter with the broken wax seal from her purse. “Michael, I have to get back to my place by ...”
But when she turned back around, Michal was not sitting beside her. He was down on one knee, taking a small velvet jewelry box out of his pocket.
“Actually things have been a lot more good than bad at work. I’ve been promoted, with a good sized raise. I feel like it’s a sign everything's coming together. I know we’ve only been dating for about six months, but Abby... will you...”
He noticed the letter and smiled, taking it from her before Abby had the wherewithal to pull it back.

Michael read the letter while Abby looked on, frozen in shock. The chef put their plates in front of them with delicious aromas coming from the piles of fried noodles before bowing and walking away as quickly and politely as possible.
“Who is this, Mr. Stevens?” Michael looked like he didn’t trust the letter one bit.
“He’s a client, I’ve seen him a few times.” Abby wanted to crawl into a hole and die. “Michael, I...”
“Do you trust him?”
“I don’t know?” Abby shrugged. “He’s the one who I thought might go BDSM rate.”
“When were you going to tell me about this?”
“As soon as I could. I just got the letter this afternoon! I didn’t know you were going to... I mean...”
Abby burst forth in tears and ran, snatching up her purse, leaving Michael there with a confused and uncertain look on his face, holding the velvet box in one hand and the fancy invitation in the other.

The rain had picked up and Abby was completely soaked through in minutes as she ran down the darkening streets in no particular direction, wiping the rain and tears from her eyes.
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

No one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.

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Re: Difficult Choices
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The black BMW from earlier was waiting in front of her house again as the Uber driver dropped her off. Abby checked her phone. It was 9:20pm. She stooped a bit, peering through the heavy rain, trying to see into the car as she walked around at a safe distance.
She didn’t have to wait long before a door opened and the smarmy looking not-a-lawyer came out holding an umbrella. Abby wouldn’t have let him approach so close except for the promise of shelter from the downpour.
“Miss Maggie, will you be joining us this evening?” He sounded alarmed at her appearance, but kept to business.
“I, uh. I’m sorry, I’ve had some misfortune this evening. A previous appointment didn’t... quite go as planned.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.” The man spoke loudly against the sound of the washing sheets of rain.
Abby also spoke up to be heard better, “Please tell Mr. Stevens that I can’t...” Something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. Michael’s F-150 was parked at the end of the block being pelted by the rain, but Michael did not appear to be inside. “On second thought, might I have a chance to change before we go?”
“I’m afraid not, miss.” The man said. “We need to leave right away if we’re to make it in time.”
Looking around, Abby didn’t see Michael anywhere but he had to be closeby, looking for her. He didn’t have a key to her house, but if his truck was there, it was only a matter of time before he saw she was home. “Alright,” she said, “let’s go.”

In the back seat of the stranger’s car, she did her best to wring water from the delicate fabric of her dress. She asked the driver if he had any towels, but he did not. “We’ll be able to get you something once we arrive,” he assured her, and turned up the heat to help her feel more comfortable.
Wherever they were going was farther away than Abby expected. By the time they turned into a gated community, Abby was damp rather than drenched, but still quite wet. She checked her makeup. It was a little off, but not terrible. She did what she could with the small compact and eyeliner pencil from her purse. Good thing I splurge on quality makeup or I’d be a complete disaster right now.
As the car approached the front driveway circle of a large house Abby put her mind into work mode. As far as she was concerned, she was still Delilah to Mr. Stevens. She never acted as herself with a client.

A woman with short hair, obviously a member of the house staff, wearing black slacks, a button up white shirt and black tie, came out with an umbrella to open the car door. She had a low profile headset on with an earpiece and mic.
“Good evening miss,” she said without the slightest flinch as Abby emerged with her dress sticking to her legs. “May I see your invitation?”
Oh fuck! She’d left it with Michael.
“It’s alright, Bethany, this is Mr. Stevens’s special guest.”
“Oh, of course!” Bethany leaned down to look at the driver. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was you Mr. Garvan.” She stood up and smiled kindly at Abby. “Come with me Miss Abby.”
Suppressing the urge to tell this concierge her name was Delilah, Abby nodded and followed her into the house. As soon as they entered, the staff member who opened the door handed her a heated, fluffy white towel.
The entry was brilliant in white marble with a dark mahogany staircase curving up to the left and ground floor hallways leading off to both right and left.
“We were informed you had encountered some difficulty this evening,” Bethany motioned for her to walk towards the right hallway. Please feel free to refresh yourself in the powder room. I can then take you to Mr. Stevens. He is quite looking forward to your arrival.”
Maintaining a slight degree of arrogance in accordance with her Delilah persona, but mostly to keep her own emotional state intact, Abby went to the powder room without a word.

Fancy houses and butler staff might have impressed other chicks, but Abby had been to big houses owned by wealthy men before. It took more than gauche displays of status to impress her. Yet she was happily surprised by the accommodations of the so-called powder room.
Inside, there were nice toilet facilities and sinks of course, but there was also a selection of perfumes and makeup, as well as condoms and lubricants. In a carpeted back area, through a large door, a staff member sat wearing the same white shirt and tie as Bethany, but with a black pencil skirt.
“You must be Abby,” the woman came forward and inspected the soaked dress. “Would you like to change into something else? We can have this cleaned and returned to you when you leave.” The woman looked Abby up and down, sizing her up before walking back to her station where she opened up an extensive walk-in closet with various dresses and other outfits. “We should have several options in your size.”
“What? ... What is this?” Abby’s haughty Delilah demeanor cracked a little.
“I’ll let Mr. Stevens explain that, but for now, if you’d like to undress, I can show you some options.”

Twenty minutes later, Abby emerged from the powder room looking like a new woman. Feeling dry and warm again was a boost to her mental state. With the advice of the powder room’s attendant, Abby chose a black sleeveless leather and latex dress with a zipper down the middle that could be left lowered just enough to show ample cleavage, but still hold her girls together firmly. It had a short flared skirt and a mandarin collar, giving her an appearance of strength and control.
Bethany escorted Abby through the house and out a back entrance that led onto a waterfront terrace that would have been small for a public venue, but was grand for a private residence. It overlooked the sizeable river which flowed through the city before emptying into the sea a few miles away. Stings of lights overhead illuminated the terrace and a pathway with subtle ground lights wound its way down to a dock where an impressive yacht was moored.

A party was underway attended by about twenty guests, or rather, eight men in expensive suits and around a dozen escorts. The women spanned a spectrum of height, hair color, bust size, and ethnicity, all wearing titillating outfits of various styles. A tall blond sipping champagne with hair braided down her back was wearing a tight red dress reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit’s outfit. A redhead with freckles and an undercut hairstyle was dancing by herself in the middle of the terrace. Her chest was strapped down very tightly in a top that looked like gauze bandages, giving her a nearly flat chest. Together with baggy black pants sprouting spikes at the waist and chains, she was pure punk. Near the DJ a Japanese girl who looked like she came right out of an anime was wearing a school uniform with a stuffed dinosaur backpack in full on kawaii cuteness.

Each escort had her own  unique style and a different form of sex appeal. The powder room being so well prepared was starting to make sense. Bethany led Abby to the bar where Mr. Stevens was observing the party, but standing apart. When he saw Abby approach, he stepped forward and took her by the hand, looking her up and down with obvious approval.
“Thank you Bethany, please see to the Dalliance and make sure everything is ready for the selections.”
“Yes sir, Mr. Stevens,” Bethany said, then turned and started speaking into her headset as she left.

“Now then,” Mr. Stevens took another look at Abby, “I’m so pleased you decided to join us, but I understand you had some difficulty earlier this evening?”
Abby looked around. “You’re very well informed on my activities, especially given how much attention all this must require...” Abby waited, but Mr. Stevens did not take the bait to talk about himself and waited patiently for her to answer his question. “But yes... Let’s just say I just got a little more wet on a date than I was expecting,” Abby deflected the inquiry.
Mr. Stevens let it drop. “I trust the powder room was sufficient to get you dry once more?”
“I have to admit, that is impressive.” Looking around at the other girls, she continued, “I suppose you need a resource like that when you’re supplying such... specialized flight crews for your clients.”
“Precisely. There are a handful of companies that recruit competent pilots and flight attendants to meet the needs of the private jet owning elite, but we’re the only ones who offer... such a wide selection of options.”
Abby focused on a black girl wearing a loose flowing tie dye top, tight jeans, platform heels, and sporting a medium afro hairdo. “She looks like she’d be useful in an unplanned water landing scenario.”
“She actually saved a client's life last year, giving CPR mid-flight.”
“You’re joking?”
“Not at all. Delilah, why do you imagine I invited you here?”
Abby huffed defeatedly. “You may as well call me Abby, I’m clearly not here as your escort tonight, am I?”
Mr. Stevens raised an eyebrow, “Would you like to be?”
Abby smirked, “Why don’t you tell me why I’m here first, then we’ll see.”

Mr. Stevens directed them to a table where they could watch the guests and the escorts interact without being too obvious about it. A staff member brought them some drinks.
“As I was saying, our company provides a variety of options for in-flight entertainment, as it were. But as I’m sure you’re aware, the caliber of clients we work with hardly need our help finding mere companionship for a trip. All the women here share a unique set of traits.”
“They all know CPR?”
Mr. Stevens ignored the jab. “Each of them are fully trained as flight attendants, which is to say, they’re far more capable than most people realize. They know first aid, crisis management, are trained in technical functions of the aircraft, and for our purposes are also fully certified bartenders. But that’s not exactly what I’m talking about.”
“Then what are you talking about?”
“They are all strong, independent women, with intelligent and intuitive minds... who had all chosen to engage in sex work before we recruited them. I think you’d like them. I was going to introduce you to them before the clients arrived, but you’ll have to meet them properly at a later time.”
“Ahhh, so you want me as part of your little, mile-high club?”
Mr. Stevens smiled. “No.”
Mr. Stevens paused, looking over all the girls flirting with the clients. “When I first pitched the idea to my superiors that we should find women who were already high end sex workers to train as flight crew, they didn’t see the point. They were of the opinion that instead of trying to make employees out of prostitutes, we could more cheaply contract with an escort service to provide companionship when needed. Keep the two job spheres separate.”
“Seems reasonable.”
“And that’s how we’d been operating for some time. But there is something fundamentally different about the experience of having a crew that will spontaneously provide any service during a flight, than simply dragging another person along on the trip like so much luggage.”
Abby nodded, “I can see your point. So you convinced them to let you find a bunch of girls who were already escorts and convinced them to sign on?”
“Not as easy a task as you make it sound, but yes.”
“So what’s changed? Is the company not happy with the results?”
Mr. Stevens chuckled and took a sip of his drink, “Just the opposite, I’m afraid.”
“They want you to recruit more?”
“A lot more.”
“So what’s the problem?”
Mr. Stevens inhaled and spoke carefully. “Not to put too fine a point on it, but women such as yourself are diamonds in the rough. Young, attractive women, who are smart and motivated, driven to excel, and who love sex work? There just aren’t enough of you.”
Abby raised her glass, “I’ll drink to that.”
“Which is why I’m changing strategies. There are far more young, attractive, capable women, who are already flight attendants who might also enjoy the sex work, but have never explored the possibility.”
Abby rolled her eyes, “There’s a lot more to it than simply spreading your legs.”
“I know. That’s why I want you to train them.”
“Excuse me?!” Abby nearly choked on her drink.

Over by the DJ, Bethany picked up a microphone. The music paused and she addressed the partygoers. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Dalliance is ready for the main event! Please make your way down to the dock and we’ll depart shortly!”
Whoops and shouts of approval came as the music resumed and the girls organized a kind of conga line where the men could feel up the girls as they danced their way to the ship.
Mr. Stevens rose, straightened his jacket and held out his hand, “Come. Let me show you how this little operation works, and you can think about my offer.”

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Re: Difficult Choices
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The Dalliance pulled away from the dock and steamed lazily up the river, slowly passing the backdrop of city lights as the party continued on the open deck of the luxury craft.
The dozen escorts stood against the railings on either side of the ship, each with a small table and logbook next to them. Mr. Stevens, and Abby on his arm, were the last to board and the last to walk up to the deck. A few waiters milled about with horderves and champagne. The clients ate and drank while admiring the escort flight attendants, going up to the logbooks of the ones they fancied the most.
“It’s a silent auction?!” Abby said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“A bit cliche, I admit, but it’s exciting for the clients and ensures we get top dollar for our efforts. They bid on the girls they like best as well as the outfits. Those who win get priority scheduling with their prefered girl in their prefered persona for the coming year. The other, lower tier clients who didn’t earn an invitation to this event, can still book who they like of course, but the men here get first pick.”
Abby chuckled, “Unbelievable.”
“You don’t approve?”
“I guess it just seems a little odd.”
“Any more odd than what you do on a daily basis?”
“I guess not.” Abby thought about her closet back home with its own variety of outfits and personalities she assumed.

After half an hour, Bethany appeared followed by men pushing a large carnival style prize wheel and a portable stripper pole. As the workers set up and secured the pole in the center of the deck, Bethany addressed the clients once more, her voice amplified through her headset to the speakers.
“Gentlemen I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves!” She smiled at them like a barker at the state fair. “But I hope you haven’t blown your... budgets, just yet because there’s more fun coming your way!”
More staff brought out chairs for the clients to sit down and observe.
“If you haven’t yet made your choice, or wanted to see the girls in action before you bid, now’s your chance!”
The DJ hit the small audience with pumping music and Bethany stepped aside as the workers finished with the pole and returned below decks.
One of the escorts walked forward and took position at the pole as Bethany introduced her, “Please join me in welcoming our newest addition to the team, Merida!”
The pale freckled redhead with bouncing curly hair took to the pole like an expert. She was wearing a bright green bikini with sandals and a large floppy straw hat, as though she were on tropical vacation. She spun around the pole doing dance tricks and climbed up enough to turn upside down whereupon her hat fell off, letting her hair cascade down. When she turned upright again, her hair flowed over her shoulders, hiding her body partially as she wiggled herself out of her top. When she was back on her feet, she teasingly tossed her hair, giving glimpses of her lithe body while she danced. Finally, she slid her bottoms off and used them to tie her hair back into a fiery mane, giving everyone a good view of what they were bidding on. She ended her dance leaning on the pole, looking over her shoulder.

The clients and other escorts cheered and clapped. Bethany came forward again, fanning herself with her hand, “So hot! I can’t believe it! Whoever wins this tight little ass better have the stamina to keep up!” She looked to Mr. Steves, “We do have portable defibrillators on each plane, right, sir?”
Mr. Stevens nodded with a smile as the clients laughed.
Bethany continued, “so if you think you’ve got what it takes, gentlemen...” Bethany grinned wickedly, “It’s time for the prize wheel. Tickets go in now!”
Two staff women in the pencil skirt uniforms walked among the clients collecting tickets and put them into a rotating barrel.
“What’s happening? I thought this was an auction.” Abby said.
“Along with their invitations, the clients each receive a dozen tickets for the prize wheel. After each girl dances, the clients have the opportunity to win something more intimate, a kind of ‘try before you buy’. They can choose to put in as many tickets as they like for each girl, and additional tickets can be purchased for a nominal fee.”
Bethany turned the crank, spinning the barrel and withdrew the winning ticket.
“The first spin on the prize wheel goes to... Mr. Corbin! Congratulations!”
Cheers and also groans of disappointment from the clients who lost came forth as Mr. Corbin jumped up and ran to the wheel.
Bethany put it to its starting position. “Now then Mr. Corbin, give it a spin!” The client quickly eyed the possible prizes before giving it a strong tug, sending it into a speedy whirl, clacking loudly. Sections of the wheel were labeled with items such as handjob, french kiss, blowjob, finger a hole, fucking, and even anal sex. Everyone held their breath as the clattering of the wheel slowed until it came to rest on the wedge labeled ‘deep throat’.
Gasps and yelps of excitement erupted. Bethany called out the prize for all to hear, “What a way to start the night! Mr. Corbin, you lucky bastard! Client choice of course, you can either receive your prize here, or below in a private room. Which would you like, sir?”
Merida walked over to her prizewinner who stuck out his tongue like a frat boy and raised his arms in triumph to his fellow clients. The others clapped as Merida got to her knees and loosened his belt. She proceeded to withdraw his cock and suck on it until it was hard before taking more and more of it into her mouth. With audience excitement building, Merida gurgled and slurped her way to swallowing his entire shaft. Mr. Corbin took hold of her ponytail and rocked his hips into her face, shoving his cock down her throat until his balls hit her chin. His eyes rolled back and he proceeded to face fuck her to the shouts of encouragement from everyone else on the deck. As Mr. Corbin’s face turned red and he grit his teeth, a chant of “Swallow! Swallow! Swallow!” arose from the crowd until he wailed out a warbling grunt. Cries of triumph and applause accompanied the wet gurgle and gulping sounds as Merida took his load.

Bethany let Mr. Corbin fully release before stepping in to keep the event moving along. She handed Merida a towel to wipe the slobber off her face and chest, then had everyone give the new girl a final round of applause before she returned to her space against the rail, now fully nude and flush in the face.
The party continued with Bethany introducing each girl who had their own music and prepared dance routine followed by a turn with the prize wheel. Some of them giving handjobs, some of them kneeling to suck cock, and some of them bending over to take it up the ass. Each girl would then return to their place and remain naked for the rest of the evening.
When half the girls had danced and taken their turn giving out a prize, Bethany called for a break so the men could refresh their drinks, purchase more tickets for the prize wheel, and most importantly, up their bids on the logbooks.

Abby watched it all with gripped fascination. “I don’t know what I was expecting this evening, but I didn’t imagine anything like this!”
“In a good way, or have I completely misjudged you?”
“... In a good way,” Abby could feel the bass beat of the music in her chest and it made her want to dance. The sex in the air and uninhibited freedom to be as slutty as she felt was arousing. “Do you really think you can get women who’ve never been paid for sex in their lives to do all of this?”
“I think so, if they have the right mentor, someone they can trust and who can teach them not only how to dance and flirt and fuck, but also how to enjoy it for them themselves.”
“What you’re talking about would be a full time job. I doubt I’d have time for any of my own clients. You’re asking me to completely change my whole life!” Abby’s thoughts went to Michael. What would he think? But the prospect was enticing. Teaching others what she knew and loved could be the most rewarding and validating experience of her life. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Watching the rest of the girls dance and seeing how her potential new colleagues handled themselves in such a professional, yet joyful way, Abby got caught up in the excitement. Several drinks in, she was up and dancing at the pole herself once all the prizes had been awarded and everyone was dancing, mingling freely. She even felt somewhat out of place as the only woman there still dressed who wasn’t a member of staff.

It didn’t take much encouragement for her feel like pulling the zipper on her borrowed outfit down enough to let her tits pop out; and no sooner has she done so than the petite japanese girl came up to her and poured champagne over her chest, sucking on Abby’s nipples and drinking up the bubbly as it frothed its way down her skin.
Abby kissed the girl on the lips and made out with her while pressing their chests together for the enjoyment of the men watching. This sparked a minor orgy as other escorts came into the fray, kissing and touching one another to show off for the clients.
Abby found herself pressed back against the stripper pole as the punk chick aggressively kissed her. It had been a long time since Abby had done anything sexual with another woman and being on display while it happened got her feeling intensely aroused. The tall blond interjected herself for a kiss, then disappeared behind Abby, but took her by the wrists, holding her arms behind the pole.
The punk chick started licking Abby’s face and nibbling at her neck while her hands reached under Abby’s skirt to jerk her panties down. Abby gasped, but was too excited to resist.
A few clients, noticing what was going on, started to form a circle around them. The japanese girl got on her knees and pulled Abby’s panties down to her ankles, then shoved her face into Abby’s crotch.
Abby jerked and squealed as the cutie’s tongue began to slip between her pussy lips. But the blond held her firm, keeping her pinned against the pole as the punk chick muffled her cries by sticking her tongue into her mouth. Abby felt another girl’s soft hands reaching from behind to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples.

The rest of the clients rushed over and began to lose their minds at the sight, shouting out other things they wanted the escorts to do with Abby. Soon, everyone was watching as Abby got ravished by the dozen escort flight attendants, each taking their turn to make out with her, finger her, or taste her pussy.
Thrashing, but unable to break away from the pole, Abby was at their mercy. Each girl tasted delicious as they kissed, and it felt like a thousand hands were touching her all at once. They ripped the dress from her body and the blond finally let go of her wrists behind the pole. Abby fell to her knees, but she was not given her freedom just yet. The blond laid down before her with legs spread wide. Other hands pushed her face into the trimmed golden bush while others held her ass up and spanked her hard.
Abby’s entire body trembled as she felt the build up to orgasm while she licked at the blond’s clit. Then she screamed as fingers drove deep into both of her holes and it was too much to hold back anymore. Abby came, shuddering and whimpering with a climax more intense than she’d had in years.
The girls continued to take turns eating her out and fingering her, spreading her cheeks open for the clients to watch her pussy drip and Abby lost count of how many different cunts her face was rubbed in.

Mr. Stevens eventually came to her rescue once her muscles had completely given out and she could do little more than flich and yelp at the slightest lick anywhere on her skin. Leaning on his arm, she let him lead her to a chair where he gave her a glass of water which she downed hungrily.
“It seems the girls approve of you,” said Mr. Stevens.
A waiter refilled her glass and Abby drank it down again. She caught her breath and looked at Mr. Stevens with a wry smile. “Well, I just provided them with a good way to show off for the clients. I did need to earn my fee tonight after all.”
“It’s more than that. They know why you’re here. I have a feeling that was an unofficial audition, or perhaps a hazing. If you take the job, these women here will be working under you and they need someone they’re comfortable with, someone they can trust. Clearly, they feel you’ll fit in.”

Abby’s head was still swimming from drink and post climax euphoria, but she couldn’t imagine she’d feel any different once she sobered up. “When can I start?”
Lighting up in a way she’d never seen before, Mr. Stevens smiled softly at her. “How soon can you put your affairs in order and pack up?”
“Pack up?”

Bethany’s voice came over the speakers again. “Alright ladies and gentlemen, our little boat ride is coming to an end. We’ll be docking soon, place your final bids! Don’t let the one you want get away, you won’t get another chance until next year!”
The Dalliance had come full circle and the night was winding down. After the impromptu show with Abby as the unexpected center of attention, the girls returned to their spots at the railing and helped the clients still sober enough to walk, write their final bids in the logbooks.

“What do you mean ‘pack up’?” I should have known there’d be more surprises. “You can’t expect me to live at your... playboy mansion.”
“Not here, no. We’ve managed to keep this operation free from any legal trouble, but in truth, there have been more hurdles to overcome than expected. Expanding the program to the extent we want will not be feasible here. The company has secured a location in the Dutch Caribbean where the laws are more favorable to our needs. The campus is beautiful, beachfront, you won’t be disappointed.”
“The... Dutch Caribbean?!”

“Bidding is now CLOSED!” Bethany gave a hand signal to the staff now standing beside each logbook. As one, the staff ceremoniously closed the books and took them below decks. The clients clapped and staggered their way towards the exits with the help of the escorts. The ship rocked slightly as mooring lines were secured.

“I... I can’t just leave,” said Abby. “I have a life here!”
“It’s not an easy decision to make, I know, but do think seriously on it. You’re the perfect candidate, but I can’t wait too long. The first class of new recruits will be arriving there in three months. You’ll need to get moved and settled, and come up with a curriculum by then.”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Stevens I can’t do that, it’s just...”
“Why not? I know you don’t have any real family ties, and why continue to skirt the law here, always being on the verge of prosecution and possibly jail? At our campus, you’ll be free to do what you love without judgment and more importantly, without having to evade the legal system. You’ll have all the support you need and when the time comes you feel you’re ready to move on. You’ll have a sizable retirement account and financial security.”
“Mr. Stevens, it’s not that I don’t want to, I just... need some time to think about it.” Even if Michael is ok with my work, and even if he’d be ok with me taking this new job, he’s never going to want to move to the Dutch Caribbean! I couldn’t ask that of him! He has a life and family here even if I don’t!
Mr. Stevens remained confident. “Of course, but don’t take too long. If I need to find someone else or promote one of our other girls, I need to know soon.”

Abby watched the clients and the escorts disembark, waving to them from the upper deck with Mr. Stevens. When everyone had left, they made their way back up to the house. This mysterious man, who was now giving her either the chance of a lifetime or the worst mistake of her life, said his goodbyes and left her in Bethany’s charge.
A staff woman brought Abby’s dress to her. It had been cleaned and dried.

In the back of Mr. Garvan’s car, in her own clothes once more, Abby watched the headlights of the oncoming traffic whiz by. The city seemed so ordinary now.
There was a text from Michael.

How was the party? Let’s talk when you’re ready. I love you.

What am I going to do?
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Re: Difficult Choices
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Excellent story Tain, looking forward to what Abby decides.  Merit from me incoming.
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Re: Difficult Choices
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Well,  really a difficult choice  :emot_weird.gif:
tum tum tum listen to your heart...
enjoyed this very much, thank you
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Re: Difficult Choices
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Excellent story Tain, looking forward to what Abby decides.  Merit from me incoming.

Thank you lieutenant! I'm looking forward to it too, since I have no idea what Abby's going to do yet!

Well,  really a difficult choice  :emot_weird.gif:
tum tum tum listen to your heart...
enjoyed this very much, thank you

Glad you liked it.
Yeah, but what if her heart wants both?!
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Re: Difficult Choices
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Enjoying this very much. Like the characters and even as a straight woman I can appreciate the words. Excellent and my first merit to give ya

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Re: Difficult Choices
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Enjoying this very much. Like the characters and even as a straight woman I can appreciate the words. Excellent and my first merit to give ya

Thank you so much!
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