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The New Bondage Law(aka New Transportation Law)
« on: February 27, 2023, 04:45:14 PM »
Hello, everyone. Here I come with another story. This time, it's a "BDSM" story. The following story is based on this article from DeviantArt.

It was a friday afternoon in Buckinstone Ridge. The female Apex eSports XSquad team was getting ready to go back to work after their vacation.

And, the organization boss was getting ready to pick the girls up from the airport.

The organization boss was called Nicolle Croft, a eighteen years old girl with light brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing the team's jersey(shirt), which was black with stripes, and had medium-sized breasts. Nicolle was very fond of her organization, which was working the way she wanted it to.

“So, a new year is starting, huh?”, commented Felipe, her boyfriend and the oldest child of the Blakes. Felipe was nineteen years old and had dark hair and green eyes. He was an aspiring content creator.

“Yes, it is! This time, I want to go to the airport and pick up the girls!”, she replied.

“Hm, that's nice! Ready for it?”, asked Felipe.

“Sure, let's go to the garage and get into the van! I would like you to go with me, honey!”, requested Nicolle, hugging her boyfriend.

“Oh! Of course, sweetheart!”, replied the young Blake, before both of them left the CEO lounge and went down to the garage.

The garage itself was very small, as it was made only for the building, and the building was fully rented by Nicolle for her organization. On one parking space was the van parked with the rear door open.

The van was painted in black and had a single passenger door that slid to the back. There were seven seats in the passenger area, and two seats in the cabin, with one being the driver's and the other being the navigator one.

The hired driver was Felipe's uncle, Markus Blake.

On the passenger door was the team logo printed on a vinyl sticker. The logo had the team name in a black diamond, along with “Since 75” written below the diamond.

“Okay, here we go!”, said Nicolle, opening the passenger door and getting into the van, with her boyfriend entering after her and closing the door.

“Before you get yourself a seat, I need you to kneel down on the floor, Nicolle! Do so and put your arms on your back!”, ordered Felipe, taking a leading stance regarding his girlfriend.

“What? Why?”, asked the young CEO, not understanding what her boyfriend meant.

“A new law passed, and it mandates that all females in vehicles must be properly secured before the vehicle can move! So, you should be secured before the van can leave the garage!”, explained the young boyfriend, pulling his girlfriend's arms on her back and retrieving a roll of duct tape.

“Don't do it, Felipe! I'll use the seatbelt!”, she begged.

“It's not just seatbeat, Nicolle! Don't resist!”, he hissed, while wrapping the tape on her wrists, forcing her arms into a boxtie position.

“Please stop, Felipe! Stop tying me up!”, she yelled, trying to dissuade her boyfriend from tying her up, while being pulled up to her feet by him.
He then wrapped tape above and below her breasts, with five laps on each part, before doing the same to her ankles and shins.

On each seat, there were a kind of sleeping bag, with the front being transparent on the chest and leg areas.

Felipe unzipped the bag on his girlfriend's seat and pushed her to it, before zipping it back up.

The zipper closed right at the base of the girl's neck.

“Let me go, Felipe! Stop it!”, she complained, angry.

“It's a law, Nicolle! Be quiet and obey!”, he replied.

As he did so, Felipe unwound some more tape and stuck the tab on his girlfriend's left cheek.

“No! Don't!”, yelled the young woman.

He forced her mouth to close and passed the tape on her mouth and went around the back of her head and back to the mouth, repeating this move three more times.

“Hmmmmph!!!”, moaned Nicolle, loudly, with her mouth taped up.

“That's better, Nicolle! You're properly secured now!”, replied Felipe, while applying the seatbeat on his girlfriend. “We can go now, she is secured to the seat!”, said Felipe, knocking on the dark cabin window.

In the cabin, were the driver and a navigator, who was the female team coach, Ralf.

The driver started up the van's engine and left the parking spot, on the way to the airport.

“On the way to the airport! Estimated time to arrive, thirty minutes!”, said Ralf.

Thirty bound minutes later, the van arrived at a special spot in the airport's parking lot.

Upon opening the door, Ralf turned to Markus. “Mark, please lock the passenger door as soon as Felipe closes it! Nicolle is not to be disturbed! He will knock on the door when we bring the other girls! When you hear the knock, you can unlock it!”, said the coach to the driver.

“Sure! I'll keep Nicolle locked inside!”, replied Mark to his navigator's order.

In the back, meanwhile, Felipe retrieved a small padlock from his shorts' pocket and locked it on his girlfriend's bag zipper. After using the padlock, he opened the van door, went outside and closed it behind him.

Upon hearing the door closing, Mark hit the switch to lock it.

“HMMMMPH!!!”, moaned the girl inside the van as the door closed.

Felipe and Ralf then went to the airport's hall to get the girls.

All the girls were reunited in a spot, and both guys saw them.

“Hey, girls! How was the flight?”, asked Ralf, while the guys approached the girls.

“It was okay, Ralf! No problem at all!”, said Victoria, a dark-brown haired girl with brown eyes. She was dressing a black shirt and white, knee-length shorts. Her hair was down halfway through her back.

“Where is the van?”, asked Camila, a girl with black, shoulder-length hair and brown eyes.

“Must be in the parking lot, Camila! We all know that!”, replied Dawn, who had neck-length black hair.

“You're right, Dawn! Let's go!”, commented Ralf, asking the girls to follow him.

All the girls followed Ralf, and were followed by Felipe.

When they reached the van, the young Blake knocked on the door, and subsequently slid it open.

“WHAT???”, all the girls said in unison when they saw Nicolle on one seat.

As she also said it, Victoria looked behind her and Felipe was there with a roll of tape.

One by one, the girls were bound, gagged, pushed into the van, bagged and zipped up.

A cacophony of moans took over the passenger area, as the girls grunted and moaned into their gags.

“Shut up, girls!”, yelled Felipe, making a loud bang on the roof of the van. “You'll be released when we reach the female XSquad lounge! The new transportation law mandates that all females must be restrained and remain quiet during transportation!”, he continued, before turning to his bound and gagged girlfriend. “And that counts you in, sweetheart!”, he finished, kissing his girlfriend's cheek.

Thirty more minutes later, the van arrived back to the gaming house, and the girls were put on a baggage stroller and wheeled up to the mentioned lounge, before five of them were released from the bags and untied.

“Okay, girls! Have some rest and we will start the training tomorrow!”, said Ralf.

When the girls were about to ask about Nicolle, Felipe spoke up.

“I know what you're going to ask, Victoria!”, he said to girls. “Due to previous disobedience, my sweet girlfriend here will be quarantined in the CEO office's reserved bedroom!”, the young man continued. “That means you're staying like this in the bedroom, sweetheart!”, he finished, carrying Nicolle upstairs to her office and inside the bedroom, where the young man enjoyed the day talking and caressing his cute, bound and gagged girlfriend.

Had fun writing this one. BondageScribe has some cool ideas for stories and I used one of them here. There is also an expanded version telling what happens between Felipe and Nicolle. But it's a premium story. The one above is the free DeviantArt version.
Anyway, hope you like this one. Thanks for reading. Also, I hope I put in the right category this time.
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