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The Graduation Party Invitation (MMM/F)
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The Graduation Party Invitation
By Mr.Drew

On my way home from my job as a lifeguard at the local pool, I stopped at the end of the driveway to get the mail.

Mom would not be home for hours yet and dad would never be home again.

Dad was a long-haul truck driver and when a driver of a pickup truck fell asleep at the wheel and veered into dad’s lane, the resultant crash killed my dad too. Additionally killing the family of 5 in the SUV and the two old men in the pickup that dad’s semi-truck crushed when it went off the bridge where the initial accident happened.

Yes, life sucks sometimes. I try to look past that.

Hmmm, what is this? I wonder what this is addressed to me, a heavy gauge paper envelope, greeting card size. An invitation?

I set aside the rest of the mail and worked the flap open. The card inside was embossed, heavy paper inscribed with an elegant font.

You are cordially invited
A graduation celebration
For our daughter Constance Rainne McGwire

It also listed a date and time that I won’t be showing.

Hmmm, Rainne is my best friend, and this invitation is a surprise because I thought that she was not going to be back from her trip to France for the exchange program. The trip was setup thought our government class and was a contest with all the schools in our district. She was one of the 5 students that made the cut on the test scores and the essay that she wrote.

The date listed is a week before she is supposed to be home.

I flipped the card over, there was more on the back:

Please don’t discuss this party with anyone, it is a surprise party, and we don’t want Constance to find out about it beforehand. Her mother will be bringing her from the airport after we all get the community center prepared.
We look forward to sharing our daughter’s special night will you.
Thomas and Sylvia McGwire
P.S. the AC in the community center is broken and does not look to be repaired before the party, please wear cool clothing as we don’t know how hot it will be that evening.

Ok, so it’s a surprise party. That makes more sense. I guess the week of sightseeing was canceled so they were coming back early.

I grabbed my cell phone and called the #2 favorite contact, Rainne’s land line. #1 was her cell phone that I was not supposed to call unless it was an emergency, she did not have international calling on her cell plan so it would be very expensive.

“Hello?” Rainne’s dad, Thomas answered.

“Hello, Mr. McGwire. Its Andi Smith. I don’t know if I was supposed to RSVP or not, but I would love to come to the party. Do you know how many people will be at the party?”

“Oh, Hi Andi. The house has been quiet without you and Constance around for the last several weeks, I guess I need to get used to it now that the two of you will be going off to college in the fall.”

“Yes, I miss her too.”

“Good to hear that you will be able to attend the party. There will probably be about 30 people all together. I don’t know if you saw or not, but the AC is out and it’s been so hot already this year I want to make sure everyone knows to dress light, to help stay cool. We are going to bring fans, but it gets so stuffy in there in the summer, that’s why we had the AC installed. It’s really too bad the broken part is on back order.”

“So, t-shirt and shorts?”

“Yes, that sounds good. I just looked at the extended forecast and it’s calling for it to be in the upper 90’s that day. Sucks but that’s the day the flight arrives.”

“Oh, that sounds like we will be hot a sweaty all right, maybe I should bring my water bottle too.”

“No need, we will have water and other adult beverages available.”

“Mr. McGwire, I’m not old enough to drink.”

“Well, I want to be a modern dad. Plus, I know you and Constance got smashed the night of Ricky’s birthday party last month.”

“So much for being sneaky.”

“Well, we probably would not have found out if she wasn’t up for an hour at 2AM puking it all out.”

“I told her not to do that last shot with Ricky. If I wasn’t there to save her, she probably would have been letting Ricky fuck her all night. Oops, sorry. TMI.”

“It’s alright Andi, honestly I suspected as much and the only reason her mother let her go was that she knew that you would take care of her.”

“Thank you, Mr. McGwire. She is my best friend.”

“True, so true. So, see you Saturday night?”

“Yes, I would not miss it.”

“Don’t tell anyone, I know that if the wrong people find out they will ruin the surprise for Constance and I don’t want that to happen, I worked so hard on this party.”

“I’ll keep it to myself.”

“You should call me Tom now that you are an adult, and Mr. McGwire just makes me feel old.”

“OK, Tom. I’ll see you Saturday.”

I was in my beat up crappy old Toyota Corolla driving down the dirt road to the Community Center. I was in a crop top and loose terry shorts because it was fucking 99 degrees out and I was damn near dripping in sweat even though I took a shower right before I left.

My hair was in a ponytail to keep it off my neck and it was just too hot to put on makeup.

I pulled into the gravel parking lot and shut off my car. The temperature inside the car immediately went up like 20 degrees. The AC in my car didn’t do much anymore, but apparently it still did something.

One of the other dads from school was sitting on his tailgate with a sweating beer, so I gave him a wave.

“Hi Andi. Everyone is inside, we only expect a few more. Go on inside.”

I opened the door with a squeak and went in. All the lights were off, and the windows were blacked out with something making it very dark. Yup, surprise party.

I jumped when I felt the hand on my shoulder just as the door closed.

“Relax, it’s only me” I heard Mr. McGwire, ah, Tom, say.

“Crap, you scared me Mr…Ah, Tom.”

“Sorry sweety” he said and flicked on a small lantern. “Sit down please, I would like to show you something and then have a short discussion.”

“Ah, sure.”

I sat at the small table in the entry way, he sat across and handed me a card, similar to the invitation. I looked at him, one eyebrow raised.

“Well, ready for it beautiful.”

That’s kinda flirty coming from my best friend’s father. I glanced down at the card and felt my stomach drop. It read:

Sorry, but this is not a party for Constance.
It’s a party for you, well, for us really.
We are all fathers from the school, some of us you know some you don’t, but we all know you.
We have watched you play basketball; we have watched you play volleyball.
We have admired you at the pool in your Baywatch red one piece,
blowing the whistle at out misbehaving kids.
We want the opportunity to watch you blow something else.

I looked up at Tom, pale and afraid now.

“Andi, you are pale as a ghost. It’s fucking sneaky and perverted, no doubt but I was a friend of your dad too. Relax, sweetheart. Finish reading. Don’t worry, I’m here to make sure that if you chose not to participate that you are able to leave freely. Finish reading, it will be your decision, but I hope you say yes. My cock wants you to say yes.”

Why did him saying cock and that he wants to fuck me get me excited? I mean he is not bad to look at and most of the dads around here are farmers, not many are fat slobs. I swallowed had and went back to the card.

We are offering you the opportunity to trade for a full ride scholarship. We know your situation. We know that your mom is working hard to meet expenses even with your father’s insurance paying off most of the debts. We also know that you missed the cutoff for all the low-income scholarships and grants.
You would be trading your body for schooling and the possibility to graduate entirely debt free, something few students now get to enjoy. That in itself is a leg up on your future. Many who graduate now are burdened with debt for 20-30 years just to pay off school, much less a car or home.
The details are as follows:
Give us your pussy to fill with cum and we will cover your tuition.
Give us your mouth and swallow what we give you and we will cover a full meal plan.
Give us your ass to fill with cum and we will pay your dorm costs.
Give us your body to make ‘air-tight’ and we will give you $200 a week in spending money for anything else.
We would expect from you:
Three times per semester you would be available to us for an uninterrupted period of 24-72 hours.
Three times over the summer break you would be available 24-72 hours.
We would provide transportation, food, drink and lodging for each adventure. You will be fed, cared for and pampered when we are not using you during our adventures.
Many of the men will want/like you to role play their daughter while fucking you, this is optional and you can decline.
You at all times have the right and ability to say NO. To something specific or to it all.
If you chose to ‘walk away’ anything you have ‘earned’ to that point will be yours free and clear.
If you party with us until you graduate we will give you a new car of our choosing.
You will be expected to maintain a 3.0 average to continue this arrangement. This should not be difficult for you based on your high school transcript.
You will have up to five years to graduate. Take as many or as few classes as you wish as long as your class load keeps you on track to graduate within the 5-year period.
We hope you will say YES to the arrangement and party with us. We have been hard and dripping for you since Tom proposed the arrangement and worked out all the financials of the deal. Many of us have had dirty thoughts about you far longer than that.

Now I was flabbergasted, amazed, turned-on and shocked.

I knew that most of the boys in my class and many of the younger ones too, or older ones in past years, would give their left nut to pull me under the bleachers and fuck the shit out of me.

Something that I may or may not have done with one, or three of them.

Not at the same time, perverts!

It may not have always been under the bleachers either. OK, I’m not a virgin. I have been fucked in both holes at least once, though again, not at the same time. I have sucked and I have swallowed.

I may have let someone, no names, cum on my face and possibly take a picture of it. Probably not a good decision, but I’m sure I am not the first, nor the last to do it.

But could I do this? Did I even want to?

The financial aspect was certainly tempting, basically full ride scholarship plus benefits.

Damit, Financial benefits, fucking perverts!

Though to be honest with you and myself, the other benefits were temptation too.

Damn it.

Damn my dripping excited pussy.

I looked up at Tom to find him studying my face intently, and now that I thought about it, I had ‘felt’ him watching me the entire time. Could he read me like a book. I was damn near sisters with his daughter, he probably could.

Could he tell I was leaning toward ‘yes’?

His mouth curled up into a naughty smile as he waited. Why was the chair wet? Fuck, was I wet? So, wet I was leaking on the chair?

Fuck I was.

Was I going to let my cunt decide to do this?

“Dummy, your brain said yes to the ‘scholarship’ 10 minutes ago” my argumentative side yelled at me.

So, if financially I was already a yes, and my cunt was yes, then who was going to say no?

“If I say yes, does that make me a whore and a prostitute?” I asked Tom.

“On paper you will be the recipient of Greg Smith and Friends Memorial Scholarship for Exemplary students. You were the only one who applied. Technically however, yes, probably. Does that make it better or worse?”

Greg Smith was Toms grandfather, Rainne’s great grandfather. I remember meeting him once before he died, it was bout 6th grade.
“I’m not sure.”

My head was swimming. The implications, the consequences, could I make this choice. Fuck it was so hot in here, I could hardly breathe. Then I heard a sharp intake of breath and realized that I felt marginally cooler.

I looked and Tom again only to see that his mouth had dropped open like he was trying to catch flies.

Then I looked at my hand. Fuck, my shirt was in my hand, and I was not wearing a bra as it was so hot I figured there was no way my nipples would harden under my shirt.

I was topless in from of my best friend’s father.

Then I heard the sound of zipper teeth unlocking one another, looking up I watched Tom unzip his shorts and pull out a cock that was larger than any that I had seen in person to that point. It was not huge, but it was hard and red and dripping, just like the note card said.

I was barely aware that as I watched him gently stroke his hand up and down that cock that I stood and dropped my shorts, followed by the transparent, tiny panties that I used to be wearing.

I was now naked in front of my best friend’s father, someone I have known nearly since kindergarten.

I was like a visitor in my own body as I listened to my own voice say “Take off those shorts, let me see you.”

“Fuck me, you are a god damn angel” Tom said as he both gawked at me and move to obey.

“If I am damned by god wouldn’t that make me a devil?”

“With a perfect little body like that, no you are an angel, a gift from god to mankind. But I won’t count it against you if you ACT like a devil and suck me off.”

It was still as if I was not in control of my own body as I felt myself move forward and drop to my knees between his legs and moved his fingers off the shaft, replacing them with my own.

This I knew, I have sucked cock before. I have enjoyed the feeling of power and control, being in a submissive position, kneeling between his legs, but fully in control of his pleasure.

I realized my own moisture was leaking down my thighs as I dropped my mouth over that cock and tasted the salty, slightly bitter fluid that was leaking out of it like a faucet with a leaky washer.

“Oh god! Your touch is magic, forbidden and naughty. I have imagined this for so long. I have blown countless loads using my hands and imagining this exact thing but fuck, you feel so much better.”

“Mmmmm” I said pulling off him, “Are you going to cum for me daddy?”

“FUCKKKKKKK!” he cried out and shot all over my face before I could even get him back into my mouth.

I dove down on that spurting cock as deep as I could, honestly, I kinda slipped and fell forward and the hard throbbing cock choked me briefly spurting cum into my sinuses before popping down my throat making me heave on it repeatedly.

I felt Tom grab the back of my head and press me hard into his groin.

“Fucking take that cum, Abbi, take it all, drink it down baby. Fuck I have waited so long to do this to you, you hot dirty whore!”

I don’t know why, but those words, yelled at me while I was gaging and choking on his cock, cum going right down my throat, it made me cum. I could not fucking believe it as I shook in orgasm as I simultaneously felt my face reddening from absence of air.

I shook on my knees, orgasm and light fading, accepting the cock and the cum down my throat, relaxing into Toms groin.

“Oh Abbi, so good, so fucking good little girl” he called out, nearly crying from sensual overload.

I was feeling wobbly and sort of collapsed to the side as the world started to fade as the cock kept twitching in my throat.

“Hey, McG, dude. You have to let her breathe, the rest of us don’t want to fuck her cold dead body.”

“Shit, shit, shit” Tom said as he shot one last dribble down my throat and gently pried my face off his cock by my pony tail. “Fuck, I could not stop cuming. She sucks better even than she looks.”

“I find that had to believe” said the guy that was siting on his tailgate in the parking lot, “she is the hottest senior at the school, has been for years.”
“I have to admit that she is hotter than my own Constance, I don’t know why but you are right.”

“Rainne is very fuckable too, buddy. I would not throw her out of my bed for eating crackers.”

“That phrase is older than both of us, but still true. Abbi, are you OK? I think you have cum running out of your nose.”

“Yes, my head and belly are full of it. You blew like Mt. St. Helens.”

“Abbi, I thought you were sexy before but seeing you naked on the floor with cum dripping out of your nose. It would be so hot if you let me jack off and add to it.”

“Go for it stud. I have a feeling this is just the beginning” I said and then sneezed, spraying cum everywhere.

“Fuck you sexy little bitch, you got cum all over my pants so here, take mine on your face!”

He blasted my face in about 30 seconds, cuming all over both eyes.

“You covered my eyes completely you dirty old man.”

“I’m not that old.”

“You are old enough to be Krista’s father.”

“So you do know who I am.”

“I do, should I tell Krista that you plastered my face?”

“Please no.”

“I gather that is going to be a stipulation of my ‘scholarship’?”

“Well, it would be hard to fund if the nature of the arrangement got out.” Tom said, “also I have this for you. Some of the fathers want to remain anonymous for now. That may not be possible in the future, should you chose to continue, but for now…”

He held out a black silk scarf meant to cover my eyes.

“Go for it, stud” I said and sucked his softening cock into my mouth when he moved close enough.

“Damn it, fuck you feel good, but I have to wait for my next turn.”

I made a pouty face that made Mr. Nelson, who just came over my face laugh.

“Don’t pout, sexy girl. You will have all the cock you can handle in a few minutes.”

The jury was still out on whether I was fully on bord with becoming a whore for half the community, but fuck my dirty little cunt was sloppy. If I tried to rub one out it would probably get frothy like I had rabies down there. Ok, so my body was on board with the promised cock fest.

Tom was tying my blindfold tight.

“Tom, you didn’t wipe off the cum.”

“The blindfold should soak it up. Let’s get your sexy naked ass in the other room and get the fucking started. We are going to fill you so full of cum you are going to look like you fell in a vat of cool whip.”

That made me giggle.

“Can I have a beer before we start?”

“You heard her. Someone get our naked sexy little whore a beer and we can get started on the fucking.”

“What you are not even going to try to turn me on first?” I said, teasing, as I slammed down the beer.

“Honey” someone called out, “If you get any more turned on you are going to slip. We can all see how wet you are.”

I could now see some light sources, so I assume I was fully in view of many of the men in the community. Men who had watched me play volleyball and basketball for years, possibly. Men I knew and men I possibly didn’t know.

Fuck, would I ever be able to show my face again? If it wasn’t so fucking hot, I would have shivered as a chill ran down my back.
I was about to get fucked, seriously fucked. Fucked by horny teased men.

“Somebody is getting stage fright, look at that sexy body shake”

“Damn Tom, is that cum all over her face? Get started without us?”

“That’s not all me, blame Kraig, the sexy little whore swallowed most of mine she was so excited to get started. Fucking slut deepthroated me. First time, fuck it felt great. I’m ashamed to say her sexy 18 year old throat got me off in less than half a minute.”

“Fuck dude, that’s about 25 seconds longer than I would have lasted.” Someone called out to laughter.

“How do you want her first?” Tom asked.

Most called out “knees” but there where a few calls for “back” and one deep distinctive voice called for “Head down ass up doggy…and a bottle of lube.”
Fuck! My principle is here and wants for ass rape me right off the bat. Fuck!

Well, he is cute enough. His daughter graduated 5 years before me and I knew them both because she came back for two years to coach JV volleyball. The problem in my mind anyway was the guy is 6’5” and ALWAYS has a massive bulge in his pants. It never changes size so the consensus around school was that he is either hard all the time every day, or the dude is fucking massive and that’s his soft state.

That was the last I had to ponder anything for a while as I was pressed to my knees on some kind of mat or cushion and presented with cocks from all angles. Rubbing the hair on the back of my head. Someone must have grabbed my pony tail and was jacking off with it as my head was occasionally jerked back. I had a hard dripping cock in each hand and several poking and slapping at my face.

“Can we form a line or something? I can’t see, so I cant suck if the cocks are moving around constantly.”

“Our pretty little whore has a point, a stiff one, one in each hand in fact” that caused another round of laughter.

“She has a good idea. Form a line. She can service three of us at a time, four if someone wants to mess with that cute fucking pony tail, but be polite to the guy in her mouth and don’t yank on her head, she might accidentally bite and we wouldn’t want that now would we.” Tomas said, taking control again. I thnk this was all his doing.

“I won’t bite unless asked as long as no one pulls my hair or hits me with a cock in my mouth.”

“So, if you don’t have a cock in your mouth we can pull your hair and hit you?”

More laughter.

“I don’t see why not, within reason, I plan to earn my ‘scholarship’.”

“I wish my wife had her attitude; I wouldn’t have to grovel all the time.”

“If you have to beg, you are doing something wrong Mr. Harcourt. If you give her the attention and orgasms she deserves she will be begging you.” I commented. Sherry from my class is his daughter, her tight ass was on my volleyball team.

“Why should I take an 18 year old about to be fucked like a whore’s word for that.”

“Because she is most likely right Brock, maybe she has something to teach you, she has always been on the ‘A’ honor roll after all.” Principle Alijoki commented. He had always been nice to me even if I more than one caught him staring at my ass.

On the other hand, that seemed to be a common theme with anyone who had a cock and a few who don’t, like Principle Alijoki’s daughter, Angela, who had coached me in volleyball, and spent a fair amount of time studying my posterior in practice, though she was all business doing our matches.
“Does she swallow” someone I thought I recognized asked.

That made Tom laugh. “Fuck, she swallowed my whole cock so she didn’t have the option.”

“I overhear my son Greg talking on the phone when he thought he was home alone and according to that conversation she does.”

“Spitters are quitters” I called out after pulling off the cock in my mouth, “And Abbi Smith is not a quitter, Mr. Mannola” So I recognized another one of my men.

I recognized by feel Toms cock in my mouth next so I looked up at him (could not see him, blindfold remember) “Were you telling the truth when you said thirty guests? Was that including me?”

“You deserve an answer to that I suppose as we did make it hard for you to see us to count but yes, 30 men not including you, little miss cum dump.”
“Thank you for answering my question, and I guess that last bit is an accurate description of my job tonight. You going to dump in my throat again Mr. Tom? Does this make you my pimp?”

“What a naughty little slut” someone called out.

“Let’s go with Manager and Financial Advisor” the last was his actual title, he worked for a company that provided that service.

I pulled his cock out of my throat and after a breath responded, “Then Mr. Manager, I want a gold necklace that says, ‘Adult Performer’ and a choker that says ‘whore’ so I have one for every day and one for our gatherings.”

“So, you plan to go through with this? All the way?”


“30 men of various sized in all your holes? Going for the spending money too?

I was unable to answer with his cock pumping cum down my throat.

I think it was about 45 minutes later when I thought that each of the 30 had cum in my mouth or on my face. I knew that my face was dripping, and I am certain it was not all sweat, though there was a fair about of that too. My stomach had a sloshy feel to it, but I was too fucking turned on to give it much thought.

Next, still blindfolded I was laid on my back on a nice soft honest to God bed. Here I figured that I would be laid down right on the dirty old linoleum floor of the community center. The bed was a nice touch, though I had no idea how they got it there and how they would get it out unnoticed.
Now I was fucked missionary. I have no reference to know for how long but I came with the first penetration and then about every third after.
I called for water or beer every so often and was given what I asked for with minimal delay each time.

I think that 6 came inside me this round, so many were holding out for more fun.

About halfway through they started feeding me fruit. Strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and raspberries, I think. Some just sensually fed me the fruit, rubbing in on my lips and tongue before letting me chew and swallow. Then someone started wiping the fruit on my face and chest. Scooping up the cum I think, before feeding it to me.

That resulted in several comments like “Look at her swallow.”

There were a handful of the men that liked to caress my throat as I swallowed, like they were in awe of the action my throat made as I swallowed. Some after that started caressing my face too, that was very sensual when done correctly. Well both the throat and the face.

When that round was finished, I was sat up as they took turns caressing my breasts and my back as someone fed me meat and cheese cubes, again slow and sensual.

I was starting to feel like at least some of these men were using this as a masterclass in loving a woman and I felt cared for and loved, not so much like a whore.

Then I thought about the provision for the spending money, that is when I was going to feel like a whore, I thought.

Then I was moved into doggy on the bed.

“Now both lower holes are available for this round” Thomas explained, “Now I should not have to tell you that anyone who choses ass had better take it slow and gentle. This young lady who is being so generous with her body in exchange for us opening our wallets to give her a bright future, is still my daughters best friend. I will tell you that I will fuck up anyone who hurts her, just as if she were my actual daughter.”

There were some murmurs from the crowd from that.

“I concur and will back him up. Regardless of the fact that her body could have been designed by the devil to tempt us to the dark side, I happen to know that the young woman who inhabits this body is a very sweet and caring person. She has a bright future ahead of her and I will not let any of you let her feel like this is a rape. Understood?” That was Principle Alijoki speaking.

Tom cleared his throat, “As for rape, simulated role play at least, is a possibility for a future event or possibly individual outings. They are fully voluntary and have no bearing on our financial agreement in any way except possibly for the car when she graduates, assuming we treat her well enough to continue that far.”

“She has been worth every penny so far.”

Shit that was Randolph Campton, Rainne’s grandfather on her mother’s side.

“Ain’t that the truth Randy, a sweet sexy little morsel. I want that asshole bad, but I know how to do it right. The wife made sure I knew that I have one chance to hurt her when fucking her ass and I will have to look elsewhere for sex. So, I got to the point I can make her cum twice before is blow up her ass.”

Fuck! That was Gerald McGwire, Rainne’s other grandfather. And he was talking about ass fucking his sweet little wife. Who would have thought.

He continued, “I would suggest that I and anyone else who has a lot of ass fucking experience go first in that hole, so we can open her up gently and make it better for her. Some sluts bodies can’t take anal without pain, so we need to try to be gentle or it will be “Hole closed for business.”

“Good plan” Tom answered, “Objections? No, ok, who besides Gerry counts themselves an anal expert? And Joe, I know how bad you want to bugger her tight little volleyball asshole, you are going last dude, just in case you accidentally kill her.”

Oh fuck, that’s right. Principal Joe wants my asshole, he alluded to that when we were getting started and it sounds like the ‘he was soft but very large’ opinion is the correct one. Does that mean that he hasn’t even put it in me yet?

“Ah, Principle Alijoki, Sir?”

“Yes Miss Smith, Abbi?”

“Have I even touched your cock yet?”

Someone called out “I can hear the fear in her voice.”

“No, I did cum on your face though, your very pretty face. I will admit, I was able to keep my lust out of school until the first time I saw my daughter watching your ass in volleyball practice, I was a goner after that. I would have to go home and rub one out every time I caught you in a game or at practice. Even after that I could hardly wait for my wife to come home and fuck her. You broke me, you sexy little thing.”

“I’m sorry that I teased you, even if I was not aware that I was doing it. Please may I feel what I will be taking up my ass later?”

Several gasps around the room.

“You have no idea what you are saying Abbi” said someone who I thought might be Kerry Savijoki – Callie’s father.

Callie, who played on the varsity team, basketball and volleyball, the last two years even though she was a freshman the first year. She was by far our best player in both sports. Her father was average hight and looked to be only average build. His wife, who played for Duke in college towered over him and easily outweighed him. She was like 6’4” and obviously that’s where Callie got her 6’2” height from.

One by one I was learning who my benefactors were.

“Yes, you may feel me” Joe said, suddenly right before me. I sat up and felt for his cock. At first, I thought it was his leg.

“Look at her face, she is terrified and excited at the same time, fucking glorious. We have to video it if she lets Big Joe ass fuck her, it would be a crime not to.” That had to be Michael McGwire, Rainne’s uncle, one of her father’s brothers.

I was feeling the cock with both hands. It was like a fucking coffee mug, so hard in the middle but soft on the outside and the precum was pouring out the massive flared head.

“If this thing goes even head deep in my poor little asshole, you have permission to record it and even post it on PornHub so long as you can’t tell who I am and I get to approve the video first. This thing is like a fucking telephone pole.”

“Are you serious Abbi, you want us to record it?”

“Yes, uncle Michael, if this goes in my ass I wasn’t a record of it. If could be the greatest accomplishment of my life.”

“You fucking got that right. I would lock my wife in the basement if I ever caught her feeling big cock the way you are dirty little girl.” Not sure yet who that is but it tickles a memory in my brain.

“No, I am not a little girl” I snapped sharply at him, “I am a young woman. As of today, I am a paid whore, but I will not be called names in that tone of voice…or I will tell your wife and Della that you fucked me, Mr. Aapro, Ted.”

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. My wife always tells me I need to watch my tone.”

“Apology accepted” I called out to laughter that quickly died out to silence as I forced the huge head of Joe’s cock into my mouth, stretching my lips painfully.

But I got it in, and took it as deep as I could, which seemed to be about 4 inches, far less than half. Fuck!

“God damn, look at her take that cock in her mouth. It looks like her lips are about to split open.”

“Fuck you are good Miss Smith. That’s the first mouth I have been in since I was 12 and I talked the babysitter into blowing me. She was a sweet little piece, let me tell you but she would not let me fuck her, she was terrified of it even then. She loved sucking out my juicy surprise as she called it though. I was heartbroken when mom decided I was old enough to be home alone. Fuck, I actually cried.”

He bent to my ear and whispered to me, “Would you believe my luck, I eventually married her younger sister. She gave me a good luck hand job at my wedding reception. Even so I got my wife pregnant with Angela that very night.”

“Is that true Principal Joe?”

“Every word.”

“How does your wife take this, she is tiny.”

“I promised her never to tell. However, if you really what to know you should ask her.”

“She knows?”

“She does. I told her right away when I got infatuated with you years ago. She approved of this, though the guys don’t know that I shared this with her, and she would appreciate it if it stays that way.”

“Yes, sir. I won’t tell.”

He stood up.

“What do you think, Miss Smith? Will it fit?”

“Joe, I don’t know, I can’t even imagine it, but I’m not going to say no until I tried it, not a quitter.”

“It’s ok to say no, I know that I am a freak of nature.”

“Nope, not going to say no, not until I try it.”

“You are exceptionally stubborn, and I thought smart. Now I’m not so sure, but I pray that it fits. I think I will get an early look at heaven if we get even the head in.”

He bent to my ear again, “My wife will be your number one fan on PornHub if you get that far, I will be a close second, though most of the views will probably be both of us watching together, she can’t get me in there and it’s not from a lack of trying.

“Alright, enough whispering over there, I want to get my cock into that tasty tidbit again.”

“Relax Mr. Shahan. Are you fucking me or Kami, in your mind that is.”

“Even blindfolded this slut is too fucking smart for her own good.”

“I could have told you that, had you asked” Joe said taking away my toy, but not before I forced it into my mouth once more and licked as much of the head as I could.

“Get back on our knees, Abbi slut.”

“Yes, daddy, are you going to fuck your little Kami in the puss or the ass? Which one daddy?” I teased Mr. Shahan, shaking my ass at him. He just growled in response and roughly slammed into my pussy and grabbed my ponytail and started fucking me hard.

“Yes, daddy, fuck me daddy, fuck me hard and make me cum daddy, fuck your little Kami!”

“Fucking bitch, take my hot cum, I hope you get pregnant you hot slut!”

Less than a minute and I had him filling my little pussy with his cum. I’m so naughty, more than I ever realized.

Then it was a blur again. Fucked, and fucked and fucked.

The first few anal fucks were slow, and I was able to take them just fine. It was not my FIRST time after all, well maybe second…and now I don’t even know how many.

I orgasmed and orgasmed until the room was spinning and I had to call for a hold and some food.

“Can you eat a hamburger with the blindfold on?” Tom asked as I lay curled in a ball on the bed, still shaking with overstimulation.

“I can try, shouldn’t be too hard as long as you don’t care if I make a mess.”

“Doll, you are already a mess, I wouldn’t worry about a little ketchup.”

I ate the hamburger, delicious, or I was starving, or both. Then I slowly drank a beer while chatting with Joe about his daughter Angela and how her college career went. I learned that she graduated in 4 and a half years and was lucky enough to turn her internship into a job with an Internet Marketing company. She had a tiny studio apartment but was able to make large payments on her student loans so she was right where she wanted to be right now.

After finishing my beer, I had another yummy hamburger and another beer (burrrrrrrrp! Ahh, better), several of the men offered to give me a sponge bath, well, they could not find any clean sponges, so would a washcloth bath work?

“Yes, please.”

For the next bit of time (someone said 54 minutes) I was given the most thorough washing I have ever received. I was washed everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Think IN my asshole and IN my vagina. I have never before that I am aware of had someone else brush my teeth, but they did that too.
With each area there seemed to be five to six people who wanted to verify I was clean there, fortunately they were very gentle, or I would have been skinless by the time they all finished with me.

Then I was pushed over and eaten alive. Literally eaten, well, licked, but it’s usually called eaten when it’s your cunt or asshole that’s being tended to.
Resulting of corse in several more orgasms, each orgasm meaning that someone else needed to verify the work done before. I was informed that this took an additional hour and 45 minutes and resulted in me ebing a quivering mess again.

“Ahh, I have to pee please.”

“It’s going to seem a little bit odd, but you can pee in my mouth.”

I know that voice…

“You are Harmony’s father, Kirt Vakala. I always thought you were a little sus. I have never tried this but I’m willing if it spins your cursor. How do you want this.”

“We can’t fool you at all can we” Tom said from my right.

“I will lay on the floor, and you can sit on my face and feed me your golden juice.”

“I’m going to guess that you think, fantasize really, about this every time Harmony excuses herself to the restroom.”

“Ahhh, yes, her, my wife and her sister.”

“Harmony’s sister or your wife’s?”


“So, who is your favorite fantasy partner.”

“That’s easy if shameful, Harmony, her tiny tight little ass really turns me on. But I don’t want to bone her, I just want to worship on her juice.”

“Volleyball will give you a hot tight ass. So does your wife indulge your fetish?”

“I have been afraid to tell her about it.”

“So, you never even asked her to pee for you?”

“I love her too much, I’m afraid I will lose her. That she will think I am too twisted.”

“I would encourage you to be open and honest with her. Is it a deal breaker if she says no?”

“I love her regardless.”

“Tell her, life is short and unpredictable. I know that the hard way. Now, open up toilet boy, let your little Harmony pee in your mouth. I need you to drink it all, don’t spill any or little tight ass Harmony will not pee for you anymore.”

“Yes, mistress Harmony. Your toilet slave is ready for his gift.”

I watched the poor little fraidy cat get harder and harder as I drained my bladder directly into his mouth. To be fair he practically sucked it right out of me. He didn’t stop until I fed him some orgasmic squirt too as my eyes crossed and I nearly passed out form the orgasm.

The whole experience was what exorcism must feel like, the evil drained out replaced by incredible pleasure. I was floating by the time he was finished and luckily someone caught me before I fell and hit my head on the floor.

It wasn’t Kirt either, he was nearly passed out too, his own cum covering him from groin to chin. Looking down I noticed that he got some on my stomach too, must have been the first explosion.

“You ok Abbi?” hmm, another voice I knew. Kevin McGwire, one of Rainne’s uncles.

“Hi Kevin. Please tell me, is Rainne’s entire male family here? I know I have guessed at least three others.”

“I told them the only chance we had was not to speak. I said “She’s just too fucking smart, she will know”, honestly I don’t care, you will find out if you keep it up. That’s the other thing I told them, if we can’t trust her how can we propose this in the first place."

"You really said all that about me?"

"I spend a fair amount of time with my brother, and in extension, we were around the same places a lot. Between perving on you and Rainne too for that matter, don’t tell him, please.”

“Kevin, I think he probably knows and either approves or trust the both of you.”

“You are probably right, little miss ‘A’ honor roll. You want to know something else that I told them.”

“Sure, why not. You make a very comfy chair, even if you are a bit to warm and sweaty.”

“Sweetness, I’m not the only one who is hot and sweaty. So, I told my brother and the rest that were at the planning meeting, ‘Abbi is clever and determined. Be cautious in this, if she sets her mind to it she will burn us to the ground like taking a flamethrower to a dry patch of thistles in August.”
I laughed at that but had to ask, “So how long has this ‘planning’ been going on?”

“Since the Christmas before last, so around 18 months.” Tom said offering me another beer.

“Getting me ready for Kirt again?”

“Just offering you a drink, that kind of thing is not my cup of tea. If he gets off on it, as long as he’s not asking my wife and daughters to do it, he’s good. How was it?”

“It was surprisingly erotic once I started, I was squeamish at first, I have never even considered anything like that before. By the end, fuck, he was amazing with his tongue. There was some connection in my brain with the emptying of my bladder and the orgasm that soon followed that actually made it amazing.”

“Wow, that does sound like you enjoyed it, he obviously did. I have never seen a man orgasm without physical stimulation, though I have read about it happening in online literature.”


“OK, porn stories.”

So, Tom, tell me, you came up with this idea at Christmas just out of the blue? Wait, I was at your house on Christmas to give Rainne her gift, both this year and the past one.”

“Yes, yes you were. Do you remember your Christmas dress from the year in question?”

“Ahmm, yes. Red dress with gold snowflakes and white cutout tights also with snowflakes. Red strappy heels and a Santa had with a bell on. Mom said it was probably ‘a little old for you’ but it was the last gift my dad bought for me before the accident, even if I didn’t get it until after he was dead. How could I not wear it in his honor.”

“You are an amazing girl and a great daughter, and I should know. I told your dad more than one that I felt like you were my daughter too, you were here so much, eating with us, traveling with us. You have always been part of our family.” Tom said.

“That was always how I saw it too” Kevin added from behind me, he was still holding me possessively in his lap.

“I always wondered where you were when I saw Constance without you, you were so often a pair, yes we all considered you part of the family.”

That was Gerald, Rainne’s grandfather, Thomas, Kenvin and Michael’s father.

“I always thought of you as my niece too, until that dress. That fucking ‘fuck me’ dress. You were a vision in that dress, hot enough to give a dead man a hardon. My mistake was saying so out loud.”

That was Michael, the third bother. So, I was getting fucked by the entire family.

“Yes” Tom continued, “he commented on your fuckability and Constance was in hearing range. This was just after you left, she still wears the slippers you gave her that year by the way, and she told us…”

Michael cut in, “She told us you were a sexy and sensual young woman and that I should fuck her, you.”

“She did, about me?”

“She did” Michael answered, “Then I put my foot further into my mouth and said ‘she couldn’t handle me’ and she laughed in my face. So I said ‘what?’ she came back with and I quote ‘Bullshit, Uncle Mike, she could fuck you and 30 of your friends and when you all were limp and used she would ask ‘is that all you’ve got?’”

“No way, really, she said that about me?”

“She did, so I called bullshit on her” Michael added before being interrupted by Tom.

“She did and then she said and this is a quote too, as best I can remember: ‘I bet you my college fund from great grandpa that she would fuck 30 of you into the ground and walk away with her head high and a big shit eating grin on her face knowing that she bested you all.”

Michael jumped in again: “Then she smiled and winked at us and walked over to talk to her mother and my wife and I thought I was fucked and would be getting a divorce summons in the morning but nothing else was ever said about it again until Tom brought it up again the next Christmas and we seriously discussed the plan.”

Tom: “I couldn’t stop thinking about what Constance said so I asked her about it after new year’s, one evening when we happened to be home alone. She said she wasn’t kidding and that you had more sexual energy and drive than even you knew. Turn her crank and she would fuck you all to death.”
Again, I could not believe what I was hearing. Was my friend really this sassy and was I really this slutty?

“Then about a week later she told me that I should ask Gerald to arrange for you to get a scholarship out of my grandfather’s fund and pointed out that there was plenty of money available for another and it would still have plenty left for the next generation. With what happened to her father it would be a good thing to do.” Tom continued.

“So, he did talk to me about it.” Gerald said, “And she is correct. There is funding for more kids in this generation without depleting the legacy portion. I didn’t think that you would take it though, you would not accept a handout. Michael had confessed to me about putting his foot in his mouth in front of Constance and fearing his wife would divorce him, so I knew about her challenge. Tom here thought about it for a few minutes and I could see the evil glint in his eye but I could still hardly believe what he proposed, but it made my cock hard, particularly when he showed me a picture of you in the dress in question, standing next to Constance, looking like a fashion model or a Hollywood starlet.”

“And it went from there to today, slowly expanding from my two brothers and my father to the 30 we have today. Technically we are still one short of Constance’s bet, but I think that Principal Joe could count for two.” Tom finished.

“God yes, he should count for at least two” I said, “So is this out of the Legacy fund? Am I steeling from your family and future grandchildren?”
“See, I fucking told you she would not take it.” Gerald pointed out.

“You were right dad, so it’s a good thing we established a secondary fund to be filled by the 30 signatories to the fund, each and every one of the men here are paying out of pocket into the fund. They had two options, a large lump sum or a yearly fee, one is actually on a monthly payment plan but over half are fully invested right now and hoping to be invited to your graduation party. The actual public one. We may or may not be planning a private one too.”

Being half drunk and nearly 100% fucked out, I ran some loose calculations.

“I’m half drunk and more than half fucked but that seems to me to be bout $4,000 each. That’s a lot of money for a few nights for sex. Fuck, I’m officially a prostitute now.”

“That’s one way to look at it. Another is to look at it as a community taking care of one of their own. Every one of these guys knew your father and or your mother in one way or another. You guys got shafted by the insurance companies. There should have been enough from the settlement for you to fund this yourself. Several of us looked at the policies and the settlement as it was written. Lawyers were contacted. They all said that you got screwed, both you and your mother, but it would cost more in litigation that you would end up with, yes, you would win, but the lawyers would get all the new money. So, we came up with another way.”

Tom took over from his father: “All the wives know about the scholarship. Each was onboard for it. Most don’t know about our devious plan to get into your pants as a benefit. Also, as a way to convince you that you ‘earned’ the money.”

“Damn it Tom, you weren’t supposed to tell her, now she has the leverage to walk away, get all the funding and leave us with our dick hanging out.” Michael scolded his brother.

“Fuck it. I could not live with myself if I didn’t tell her. I don’t just say that I feel like she’s another daughter.” Tom responded.

“So you are a dirty incestuous fuck who came in all three of your ‘daughters’ hot holes? You were more than happy to blow your seed straight down her throat twice and now you are blowing it for the rest of us.” Michael accused. I guess he really liked fucking me and wanted it to continue.

I untied my silk blindfold and found that it was painfully glued to my face and my eyes.

“Fuck, damnit. Someone please help me with this it’s fucking glued to my face and my eyelids. Fuck my eyebrows too. Damnit am I gonna have a bald face when I get this off.”

“I guess you were right Abbi, I should have wiped off your face before putting on the blindfold. I was just so turned on my you that I could not think straight.” Tom said.

“Well get it off and leave me my eyelashes and my eyebrows and I will CONSIDER forgiving you for that, as for the rest, I want to look you all in the eye.” I growled at them.

There was some turning around.

Kevin, still holding me, managed to stand and take me with him and he sat us on the bed, still wrapped around me like a security blanket.

The way he was holding me and not letting go did make me feel loved and protected. Even when the dirty truth of it all was coming out he never loosened his embrace or tried to pull away.

Then I felt the washcloths were back, soaking my blindfold and washing me all over again. They must have had two buckets or something of water, one was warm, and one was cool. They washed me with the warm one and then used the cool one to cool my body in the sweltering room.

Simply the cooling effect made my brain work better and I calmed down and could think rationally again.

“Is this going to identify anyone that doesn’t want to be identified?” I asked, remembering part of the reason for the blindfold.

“No” Tom said, “its only my family. Everyone else has already gone home for the night, we were going to stay with you for the rest of the night and the activity was going to resume in the morning.”

“We are here too.”

That was Randolf Campton, Rainne’s mothers’ father.

“Do you mean uncle Alex and uncle Eddie too, Grandpa Randy?” I asked.

“Yes” Eddie said.

“I’m here too,” said Alex.

“I have always wondered, who was the Van Halen fan?”

“My departed wife Connie, she just loved the band, drug me all over the country to their concerts. Not that I ever complained, I mean they are a great band, but the best part was she always fucked me like I was one of the ones onstage after every concert. Those were the only days she was my three hole slut.”

“Fuck, Dad, TMI” Alex said.

“I did not need to know that about mom, now I will never be able to listen to ‘Hot for Teacher’ ever again” Eddie added.

Connie was a teacher, I had her for 3rd grade, that was a few years before the cancer got her.

It was then that Gerald peeled the blindfold off leaving me most of my facial hair and most of my skin. One of my eyelids felt peeled off, but my fingers reassured me that it was still in place and a glance at them showed no gushing blood.

I got my first good look around the room, though most was still nothing more than shadows.

The front of the room, the side closest to the entry/coat room, was setup as a sort of stage. There was an area rug and the queen size bed with the blood red sheet. Jus the fitted sheet was on the bed but I did see a table in the lighter shadows that looked to hold pillows, the other sheet and possibly a blanket, but it was still too fucking hot in her to even think about a blanket.

I heard thunder.

Good, a storm might serve to break this heat wave at least for a day or so.

The bed and a portion of the rug seemed to be spot lit so that everything that happened there was visible, the rest of the room was dark but for a dim light coming from where it knew the kitchen and serving area to be.

At least they hadn’t taken the bulbs out of the glowing red EXIT signs.

Three rows of folding chairs made up the audience corresponding to the slighted stage.

I unfolded Kevins arms from my midsection and twisted around to give him a soft kiss on the cheek to show my gratitude for his comforting me. Oh, and saving me from faceplanting on the floor.

“Kevin, can you and the others please sit in the first row of chairs?”

“Yes, ma’am” he said. The others simply moved to chairs.

Thomas, my best friends father ended up in the middle of the seven men.

His father, Gerald, to the right of him followed by his brothers, Kevin and Michael.

His wife’s father Randolph on his left, followed by his two sons, Rainne’s other uncles, Eddie and Alex.

I studied them in silence.

Kevin, Tom and Gerald would meet my gaze, the others looked at their lap or their fingers.

Gerald had and “I told you so” look on his face.

Kevin looked concerned for me, matching how his arms felt around my middle, I could still feel the ghost of them around me by the way.

Tom looked somewhat ashamed at what he had done, but also confident that he had done the right thing by telling me that I was free and had a simple way out. I just had to walk and the wives would assure that the money was delivered as promised.

On the other hand, I did not know for sure what the official scholarship the wives knew about provided.

I knew that Rainne’s scholarship provided for her tuitions, meal plan and housing. I think her or her parents still needed to cover books and other living expenses.

What I was offered covered far more than that, including the $200 per week for incidentals. Something about a car when I graduated, but I think, probably Rainne could expect that from her parents too.

My mom, that would be a stretch, we could barely keep my crappy but dependable Toyota running and gassed up.

Did I care about any of this? This security blanket that I knew nothing about a few hours ago.

Something that was inspired by things my best friend said about me.

The way that it was told Rainne was supportive of me and proud of my supposed talents. That I could take on 31 men and fuck them all out before giving up and then walk off with my head high.

Rainne knew of all my sexual exploits. She knew I fucked, both at school and other places, including her own room once while she hid in the closet. That I sucked and swallowed on a fairly regular basis. That I took it in the ass after prom, but not from my date, who I had fucked 30 minutes prior.

Maybe I already was a slut.

I would be hard pressed to convince anyone that I was not confident in my appeal and that I was a sexual, sensual being. Yes, I liked to suck and fuck and all the dirty things that went along with it.

None compared to today, however.

I was sore, like after the ‘first round of a volleyball tournament sore’, but maybe in some different places.

How did I feel about what I had done? Did I feel different? Used? Like a whore or a prostitute?

No, not used, not like I sold my soul or my body.

I felt safe the entire time. I felt cared for and even loved some of the time.

Shit, I felt better than after some of my prior experiences. In hindsight I am sure some of those boys just fucked me for the bragging rights of having tagged the hottest slut in school.

Yes, I did actually hear that on in the halls once. That was not a good feeling, I felt used hearing that.

This felt different.

“So, I guess I need to say something here” I said looking from one to the next. All seven finally looked at me.

“How do each of you feel about fucking me, no wait, first how many of you blew a load in all three of my holes?”

All seven raised their hands, meekly at first but then looking around and seeing that they were not alone held them high and with confidence.

“OK, not sure what to think about that?”

“You should feel flattered” Randy said, “That’s the first time I have come three times from fucking someone for more than 30 years, possibly ever. Shit, I usually can’t even get stiff three times in a row.”

Several others nodded agreement and I felt myself blush.

“So, you all were able to fuck me three or more times because I’m a hot sexy bitch?”

“For one you are only a bitch when you explicitly want to be, the rest of the time you are sweeter than most of out daughters and their friends.”

“As for hot and sexy, we would all be sweating with you sitting there all casually naked and hot, even if it was 30 degrees cooler in here.”

“So, I’m not just a piece of fuck meat or a dirty cum dump.”

“I can’t speak for everyone obviously” Gerald said, “But if I were ever to say anything like that to you I would consider it to be role play and if you took it any other way I would expect you to slap the shit out of me.”

“Like you did to that 6th grade boy who insulted Iris and her mother when you were both in 5th grade, he was twice your size and mean as a rattlesnake and you made him cower in the corner with just your open palm and your personality.” Tom said.

“Fuck, all the grade school teachers were smiling about that incident for years after. You were, no, are a legend at the grade school. Shit my youngest asked me if it was true this past school year, so the grade school kids still talk about it.” Kevin told us.

I had forgotten all about that and had no idea that it made an impression on anyone. The main thing I remembered was that mom, dad and I got called into the principal’s office to apologize for fighting and the kids dad took one look at me and grabbed his son by the collar and marched him out without saying a word.

I don’t recall that the kid said a single word to anyone not in his class for the rest of the year and they transferred out to the district before the next school year.

“I forgot all about that. Iris just looked like she was going to cry and that made me mad.”

“Isn’t Iris the 6-foot starting forward on the basketball team last year and several before that?” Randy asked.

They all had kids and or grandkids in the district, but only Tom had one in my grade level.

“Yes, that is Iris” I said.

“Wasn’t she like already 5’8” in fifth grade or something like that?”

“Yes, she was always tall.” I said.

“And wasn’t she the one who finished that game at the state tournament with a broken nose and tape all over her face?”

“Yes, I remember that.”

“Do you remember how she got the broken nose.”

They were all participating in this conversation, and I recalled that the entire family was at most of our games every year.

“Just that the 6’4” center from the other team took a swing at her and was disqualified from the tournament and sent home.”

Tom looked piercingly at me. “She didn’t swing at Iris, she swung at you after you drained that three pointer on her. Iris stepped into the punch to save you from it. I don’t think that she brushed off that incident in 5th grade as quick as you did, but that’s just who you always have been. The single reason I felt confident to go forward with this plan is that I knew that you could handle it emotionally and not get scarred by having 30 me take you on at once.”
“Wait, Iris took that punch for me? No one ever said anything to me.”

“No, the whole team was screaming about to the refs and anyone who would listen, the coach almost had an aneurysm, but the only thing you cared about was Iris’s nose. You would not go back out on the court until Iris was taped up and said she was ok to play, you tried to get her to sit out the rest but she would not listen.”

I sat there naked and stunned. They looked like a row of bobble heads, all nodding at me.

“Well, fuck. I need to thank Iris for that then. I had no idea.”

Tom continued, “I spoke to her father shortly after and he told me her siblings asked her why she stepped into the punch instead of away from it. Her answer was ‘I didn’t think about it I was simply protecting my friend and teammate, same as she would do for me.”


It was quiet for a while; I had some new information to digest, and it distracted me.

“So” Eddie asked, “As I see it you have three general options. You can walk on us and

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Re: The Graduation Party Invitation (MMM/F)
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Quite a thoroughly thought out scenario and setup.

It does look like you hit the size limit for the post though. The entire story did not get posted! Can you post the rest that got cut off?
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Re: The Graduation Party Invitation (MMM/F)
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 ;D Oops. Better fix that...

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Re: The Graduation Party Invitation (MMM/F)
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Here's the rest of the first part...almost got it all. ::):

“So” Eddie asked, “As I see it you have three general options. You can walk on us and take the scholarship anyway and you would be within your rights to do so. You and turn us in to our wives and families, which would probably be the same as going to the cops. Or…”

“Or I could honor the terms I agreed to, incomplete as they may have been.”

“Hey, that’s not entirely true…” Tom started, and I gave him ‘The Look’.

He seemed to shrink a size or two, like a cartoon character, “OK, it was party true” he finished.

“Ok, so all the cards on the table, what was the plan for the rest of the night before Tom spilled the beans?”

Randy answered, “We were going to make you airtight until you said uncle and then one of us was going to stay and cuddle and keep you safe until morning when everyone showed up, we agreed to return between 8 and 9AM.”

“And just to be clear, airtight is defined as a cock in each of the woman’s three main orifices, Ass, pussy and mouth?”


I smirked at them. Kevin gave me a raised eyebrow.

I leaned back on one elbow and stretched out my legs then slowly spread them as far as was comfortable and reached for my moist center with my free hand and spread my lips, exposing my most intimate places.

I raised my knees to make sure my asshole was visible too.

Both holes where still most, dripping probably as I was still full of cum.

I watched them, they were mesmerized, only Kevin and Tom looking at my face to see me smile.

At my smile their two cock’s firmed up nicely. The other 5 were not flaccid either, not by any definition.

I cleared my throat and all eyes snapped to my face.

“Boys, I don’t remember saying ‘uncle’ yet” I said low and sultry.

They looked like Pavlov’s dogs when the bell rang.

“No boys, those hard cocks can’t make me air tight from way over there.”

That got them moving.

Should I tell you the rest of my story?

Abbi Smith, Future freshman college student.

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Re: The Graduation Party Invitation (MMM/F)
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I love the premise of this story! A very enjoyable read! Thank you MrDrew.

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Re: The Graduation Party Invitation (MMM/F)
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Part 2

I could hear the pounding rain on the roof of the community center. The thunder must have passed though because I have not heard it in a while. Then a thought struck me.

“Take me outside and fuck me in the rain.”

“What. Why?”

“I have always thought the rain felt sensual, when its warm enough out, and I think its warm enough.”

“She may be right on both counts.”

That’s how I ended up, soon after, on my knees in the pouring rain getting ass fucked in a grassy puddle, just barely in the shadows of the streetlight outside the community center.

Then I was flipped over on top of one man, his cock shoved up my ass, another on top of me and a third feeding me his cock while it rained on my face, forcing me to keep my eyes closed as I was sandwich fucked.

It had to have dropped to the mid 80’s but it was still warm enough that I was not chilled as I had the stuffing fucked out of me. Or maybe fucked into me would be more accurate.

We tried several more positions and variations.

Alex and Eddie double fucked me in my cunt, that stretched me almost enough to cry. They tried to repeat the act up my ass, but without lube and in the rain they soon gave up on that idea, not being able to force it in without causing me to howl. Afraid of alerting a neighbor, though in the pouring rain I thought that was unlikely I was perfectly happy to move on to something else instead.

Kevin thought it was funny to hold my face in the puddle until I fought to be free so I could breathe. He did that to me several times as various people fucked my clenching ass.

“It feels damn good when she is drowning, she clenches on my cock so nice, fuck I’m gonna cum!”

After the next time one of them came up my drowning ass, Tom called a stop to that.

“Let’s not kill her, we want to do this more in the future, right?”

That statement seemed to cool the desire to drown me in the front yard of the community center and we went back inside soon after. All that could be found to dry off were several rolls of paper towels and some paper napkins, but they made do, and the fucking resumed in the still hot and stuffy room.

Between the heat and the brutal fucking, not to mention them trying to drown me, I was feeling weak and thoroughly fucked up.

Sometime later I was riding my best friends’ fathers’ cock, his brother was fucking me up the ass. His other brother had his cock jammed down my throat as I struggled to hold still while being air-tight.

“God damn, the little slut sure can take cock” Michael McGwire complimented me as he popped his cock out of my mouth.

Panting for breath I responded, “Thank you I try.”

“You do WAY more than try, doll” Thomas McGwire, my best friend’s father commented.

“Fuck Abbi, this ass is way to good for all the fucking you already took tonight” the third brother, Kevin said.

“Give it to her hard boys, there are four more of us waiting to plug the dirty whore” commanded their father, Gerald.

I took a deep breath as Michael used his grip on my ponytail to guide his cock back down my throat and the hard pounding resumed. Kevin, in my ass, was doing most of the work on his own and my ass was paying the price. His harsh fucking was rocking me forward, pulling me partly off Toms cock and shoving Michael down my throat.

When Keving pulled mostly out of my ass, my body rocked back on my knees, forcing Tom deep in my dripping cunt and Michael let his cock retreat out of my throat. As long as Michael allowed it I was able to grab a quick pull of air before Keving pounded me again, repeating the cycle.

I was the tie rod in this steam locomotive fuck of all my holes, pumping back and forth on the other two as Kevin provided the steam.

Now where the hell did that analogy come from? I guess my brain needed a distraction from the fucking, from the impending orgasm that threated to send me to the black again. These brothers, all old enough to be my father, in fact were all friends of my father, sure knew how to fuck the orgasms right out of me.

Or should that be ‘into me’?

I shuddered through the intense orgasm and would have collapsed into a pile of quivering jelly had not Michael been holding my ponytail, Kevin my hips, and Tom propping me up with a tight grip on my tits, that also prevented them from slapping in response to Kevins harsh fucking.

“Fuck, she is cuming again. It’s like 10,000 volts are passing through her she is shaking so hard.”

“Fuck, yes! I’m filling her again” Tom announced and the fresh spread of liquid warmth in my cunt fed my continuing orgasm as Kevin again upped the speed and force of his fucking my ass.

“Take me, swallow me, my cute little girl. Take it all down your pretty little throat” Michael announced as he now held my head tight to his groin as he did indeed pour his offering of hot cum down my gullet. The lack of air having the side effect of prolonging my orgasmic tumble.

The three brothers gripped me so hard that the black encroaching on my conscience was now ringed in a red haze as Keven reported, “I’m filling her ass again. Fuck I never knew I could cum so many times in one night!”

He was the first to collapse off me, falling panting to the bed beside me, his cock leaving my ass with a squelch followed by the burbling gush of air and cum being released from my vacated bowels.

“Fuck that was good” he commented.

Michael yanked himself out of my throat so fast that he nearly made me puke up his cum on his brother trapped below me. Tom, that third brother, let me down to his chest. Not caring that I was covered in sweat and cum and probably other fluids, hugged me tight, still twitching deep inside me.

“Don’t move yet Abbi, sweetheart. My cock is so sensitive I might scream, just let me hold you for a while” Tom asked.

“Don’t take too long dude” Alex growled, “We want our next turns too.”

“Give me a moment to pull my spirit back into my body, please.” I begged, panting from the ride. And fuck, had I ever been ridden this time. This was the hardest, most brutal fuck I had taken so far tonight. I was nearly fucked out, well, that was true for the last several hours…

“You two have until I finish this beer, then its Campton fuck time” announced Eddie Campton, Alex’s brother and Randolph’s sons.

I had those three, Rainne’s uncles on her mother’s side and her grandfather, left. Plus, Gerald, her other grandfather.

“How is my pretty little whore doing?” Tom asked as he gently stroked my back and sides as I lay boneless on his chest, feeling him slowly shrink out of me, a tsunami of cum waiting to drain out of me when the dam of his cock got small enough to allow it past.

“I think I have had several years’ worth of my life fucked out of me, though the several years’ worth of orgasms forced out of me might make it worth it” I answered softly.

“Well, you’re almost done for tonight, or rather this morning. I am done cuming for tonight. When these last four finish Michael and me will be staying with you tonight. Everyone else is going home for a few hours and probably a hit or two of Viagra.

“Fuck, just what I need. More artificially enhanced cocks to tear me apart.” I moaned sarcastically.

Michael was close enough to hear, if his laughter was any indication.

“Pretty little whore, you are loving the attention.”

“That would appear to be true” I said coyly, “Who’s next and where do you want me?”

“She’s got good stamina” Gearald commented.

“That she does, probably from all the sports.”

“On your knees over this chair” Alex answered my question.

“We are going to run a train on you baby, an express ATM train to Spurtsville” Eddie said.

“Spurtsville?” Randolf asked.

“As in ‘spurting cum’.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Nonstop train to Spurtsville with stops in anal pounding, face fucking and throat cum.”

“How can it be nonstop with three stops” I asked taking position with my knees on the seat of the chair, upper body hanging over the back.

“Ok, we will not be stopping, but rather passing through anal pounding, face fucking and throat cuming.”

‘That makes more sense” I managed to get out before a hard cock was fed to me and a second was pushed up my tender asshole.

A few minutes later when “Switch” was called out, I was able to glance behind me to see a short line of masturbating men standing behind me waiting for their ride. Alex, who was down my throat, walked around and rejoined the line. I noticed that both Michael and Kevin had also joined the line even thought they both just came in me.

Randolph moved around me from fucking my ass to fucking my face.

“I have never done a train like this or done ATM, this is so fucking dirty. How does your ass taste whore?”

“I used my hands on his hips to push him away long enough to answer, “At this point, it tastes like 30 men’s cum”

“That’s fair” he reported as he resumed pumping my face.


An indeterminate time later they were done, at least with the train. Kevin, Alex and Eddie came in my mouth, and I swallowed everything offered. My stomach felt like it was sloshing, but that could have been from the beer as much as the cum. I was rather drunk too, or so I thought. Michael, swapping from where he last came, filled my asshole this time.

“God, I love your ass, bitch. Take another load.” He announced.

“I love all of her, every hair and every hole.”

“No shit, she’s great.”

“Best fuck of my life.”

“I won’t tell your wife.”

“Please don’t”

“We should tell your daughter instead.”

“Fuck you.”

“No, fuck her.”

“Guys, you already did that, several times each” I answered, crushing the empty beer can I had just finished.

“You look like a cum glazed doughnut.”

“Thank you, just what every girl wants to hear.”

That got me some laughs and the Van Halen’s (Alex and Eddie), left for the night, taking Kevin with them.

“Grandpa, you are still hard.”

“Sweetheart, Randy and I want to make love to you for this last cum tonight.”

“Dude, its almost 3AM, its morning.” Randy commented.

“Shut it. I want it quiet so I can love this angel” Gerald said.

“A cum angel” Randy said.

“I’m going to ignore that comment, as I am going to ignore all the cum filling and covering my little almost granddaughter.”

He helped me to the bed and before he lay me down gave me a deep kiss that, exhausted as I was, still made my toes curl.

With a moan from me he lay me down in traditional missionary position and spread my legs.

“So beautiful. The more you are used, the more your beauty shines through, my little angel.”

“Thank you, you are making me feel like an angel, Gerry.”

“As you should remember, despite the nasty things we say to you in the heat of the moment, we all resect you and most of us do think you are an angel. Its just a bonus that you do everything that most of our wives either won’t do or don’t do anymore.”

He lay between my legs and gently entered me and lay down on me. My legs, seemingly in a natural response curled around his hips and my ankles locked behind his ass and he rocked inside me. Propped up on one elbow he used his dominant right hand to caress my face, smoothing my hair aside. He traced my features, finger running down my neck and collar bone to caress my breast and nipples.

“So fucking beautiful. Better than the paper centerfolds when porn was in monthly magazines. So much sweeter, hotter and at the same time nasty. Your personality and spunk make you nearly every mans dream. Don’t ever forget it baby.” He said, all the time gently rocking me, sawing in and out, teasing my clit and spinning me slowly to the top of Mt. Orgasm in the CUNTry of Abbi.

I will have to try to remember that one, it my brain does not melt in the meantime.

He was a master of making love. If I could, I would write his wife a letter thanking her for training him to be able to do this. If not her, someone in his past had trained him well.

We came together, shaking, eyes locked.

“That felt like my honeymoon” he complimented me.

“If that’s the case, your wife is one lucky woman. Make sure you do this with her too, next time you get the chance.”

 He kissed me on the lips and then on the forehead, both filled with love. “I will do that, honey, thank you. See you in a few hours.”

“Sleep well” I wished him as he lifted off and out of me. I was dribbling on the bed, I could feel it run across my sore asshole, making it twitch.

“Fuck, I’m going to sleep like the dead, I’m fucked out, but I know what, and who I will be dreaming about” he said with a wink.

Who would have thought that I could still blush after being fucked half to death by 30 men, but it did. I felt my ears heat.

“So cute” Randy said, “Still the cute little blushing teenager under all the cum, you are a treasure girl. I hope all these horny young men realize the treasure they discovered.”

“Do you mean the young men, all old enough to be my father?”

“Yup, those ones. The stupid young ones. They are not as seasoned as Gerry and I. We know a treasure when we see one. I can safely say I have never fucked someone this full of cum before” he said slipping into me, displacing more cum to dribble down my ass crack, “But dam you feel good on my old cock.”

“That cock feels pretty darn good, too. Do me gentle please, I’m mostly done in.”

“Count on it baby. I can’t believe you are still going; my wife would have been done about 7 hours ago, even when we were approximately your age.”

“I would say lots of practice, but I would be lying. I guess we can go with the answer given before, it’s the conditioning from the sports.”

“I will have to covertly compliment your coaches on their stamina training.”

“Leave my name out of it, please.”

“I was planning on it, but think how naughty it will be, talking to your former coaches and thinking about seeing you like this and all the things you did. I may just cum in my pants.”

“Am I really that hot? I still don’t believe it.”

“That’s part of what makes you so extra hot. It’s not sexy, in person anyway, when a woman is too aware of her own hotness. It makes them conceited, you don’t have that, never have. Please stay that way honey.”

He was different than Gerry. Where Gerry was all admiring glances and soft caresses, Randy was possessive. He got in the same position initially and my legs responded the same way, around his back. But from there he held me, gently at first, but as the passion increased and he got closer he possessed me.

I don’t know how to explain it really. He has the same number of limbs, arms, hands as the rest but he just enveloped me. I felt held, protected, loved. Squeezed, but somehow, even as he gripped me tighter and tighter, I could still breathe. Well until I couldn’t and exploded in silent shivering orgasm.

It was crazy. Even with all the orgasms I had, was forced to have, gentle or rough, this one was different, not better really, but different. I was enveloped, floating in a cocoon of safety, just sort of floating on the gentle rhythm, then it snuck up on me and I was exploding.

But it was all silent and inside me. I mean they had forced violent, loud, even screaming orgasms out of me but this one just WAS.” He and I where all that was in the room and even with my eyes closed I could feel him. Then he was flooding me and I floated around the room before landing gently back on the bed.

Hot, sweaty, filled and covered with cum.

“Fuck, I am so hot right now. Please get off me, it was lovely, but I feel like I’m melting.”

“No shit, you are very hot, my little princess whore” Thomas commented.

“Not what I meant at all, dummy” I responded and he laughed at me. I smiled back.

“As you wish my princess” Randy pulled off me and Tom was ready with a cool wet cloth, wiping me down, cooling me.

“Thank you, I really needed that.”

“You’re welcome” Tom said, “I figured you were going to need that, you were rutting pressed together tighter than two magnets for almost 30 minutes.”



“Fuck, no wonder.”

“Abbi Smith, lovely little girl. That was amazing. I hope it was good for you too.” Randy said, getting dressed to leave.

“It was, it was amazing. 30 minutes, I had no idea.”

“I didn’t either, but I was so into FEELING you that I lost all concept of time and just floated around the room with you until the end.”

“That’s weird. I felt like I was floating too. Thank you, Grandpa Randolph. I know a secret though.”

“You are thanking me, fuck that’s rich. Best fuck ever and she’s thanking me. Wow. So, what is your secret?”

“You were making love to Rainne in your mind. I saw the look in your eye just before you got too close for looking and we switched to feeling.”

He looked crushed, and blushed. Then he looked at his son-in-law.

“It’s ok. I would be a hypocrite if I got on your case for a thought that MAY have passed through my mind more than once tonight.”

Gerry’s gaze slid back to mine, switching from relief back to fear at meeting my eyes.

I laughed and he relaxed.

“It’s all good. I know that you were talking to me and then your thoughts blurred, then you were thinking of her. I have seen that look in your eyes before, particularly when we were in bikinis or skimpy clothes. It’s hard not to want her. She’s fucking hot too.”

“That’s very understanding of you, Abbi. More mature than you have any right to be, more forgiving too.”

“I might not have been so forgiving if it had been just you and I all night, but I got gang-banged pretty hard, and quite thoroughly. But I still understand. I have to admit that I have thought about making out with her too, but she is too good a friend to risk being rejected over simple exploration.”

“You keep thinking that Abbi” Tom said.

The way he said it brought my eyes to him, only to find him giving me a weird grin, like he had a secret that he was not going to tell me.

“Don’t even ask. My lips are sealed.”

What the hell was he talking about, then his cool cloth rubbed across my nipple making me shudder and it wiped my mind. I was too far gone to get excited again, but it sure felt nice. Everything he was doing felt nice and was relaxing me.

I was about a nanometer from sleep when Michael shook me awake and just about carried me to the rest room to pee. Then he made me take two aspirins and a big glass of water before taking me back to the bed.
Randy was gone, as was everyone else. Tom was just finishing putting a new, clean mattress pad and fitted sheet on the bed. I was laid in the middle of the bed and the two of them returned to the cool cloth ministrations of my exhausted body.

I was asleep before I even realized I was falling asleep.


I was dreaming of sex. Uncountable men devoured me over and over. Then I was realizing that I was sore all over and someone was eating me out. Damn, they are good too.

Then I orgasmed!

Fuck, I don’t orgasm in my dreams.

My eyes popped open to the ceiling of the community center. Looking down, Michael was between my legs with a firm grip around my hips.

“That’s quite a way to wake up, thank you.” I said panting for air.

“My pleasure, my princess.”

I giggled at that. Fuck, giggling, what am I thirteen again?

“Michael, I am sore all over this morning, will you help me stretch?”

“With my cock?”

“No, dipshit. Like exercise stretching. My muscles are sore, and I want to loosen up.”

“Yes, I can do that, but it would be more fun to stretch you with my cock. I gave you a wakeup cum remember…”

“Dude, relax. You will get plenty of chances to sample my holes but I’m not going to participate much if I don’t stretch my entire body, not just my cock holes.”

“That’s rather blunt, Miss Smith” Principal Alijoki said as he entered from the coat room.

“Well, I’m going to have to stretch a lot for you, Joe of the meat missile jumbo XXL cock.”

He laughed at my comment, “That you will my dear, that you will. I will do morning muscle stretches with you Abbi.”

So, Joe and I started doing stretches and yoga poses. Michael and Tom joined me and before I knew what was happening most of the 30 men were stretching with me. Individually at first but, as I was still completely naked, they soon started ‘helping me’. That started with Vance Asu, Shelby’s father. Shelby is two years behind me in school and a nice girl. Her father is a personal trainer, so I got some real productive stretching done before he and the rest of the perverts started feeling me up and the stretching devolved into a massage and then just getting felt up. I was getting hot, both in temperature and excitement.

It's hard not to get turned on when 60 hands are feeling you up (not all at once, that would be logistically impossible, but damn it they did try).

“Time for our little princess to have her breakfast and then we can get right to the business at hand” Tom announced.

Someone added, “Feed the slut so the fucking can get started.”

Kraig Nelson, father of Krista, who was in my grade, presented me a covered plate that was almost hot on the bottom. Removing the lid, I found a plate filled with hashbrowns and a cheese covered omelet. The plate was taken away from me and I was escorted to one of the tables that had been moved to the perimeter of the room to make way for out fuck stage and the bed.

I was seated on a metal chair that felt cold against my hot lady parts. At first it caused a shiver in me but as it warmed slightly from my body heat the cool smooth metal felt soothing to my overheated parts. Mainly my swollen labia that were now juicing on the seat.

I was going to leave a snail trail on this chair when I was done.

Tom poured me a large glass of orange juice from a carton and handed it to me. I drank deep before setting it down on the table beside the glass of ice water someone else just placed there.

The omelet was delicious, provided by Kraig, who I think lived closest to the community center. The outside was covered in melted cheddar cheese, a sprinkle of diced tomatoes all covered with a dusting of salt and pepper. Tiny whisps of steam were released as I cut into it. The inside was stuffed with more diced tomatoes, bacon bits, diced ham, and chopped multicolored peppers.

“Who made this excellent omelet?”

“Krista made it, she thought it was for her grandfather.”

“Well, it is very good, thank you, and thank her if you can come up with a plausible tale. I’m feeling guilty about taking his food.”

“No worries, Abbi. He’s on board with it. He knows what is happening and he wishes he could still get an erection, but his heart condition prevents it. You would kill him for sure, his heart is not strong enough to handle your hotness.”

“That’s too bad. He was always nice to me.”

“That’s what he said. He told me to apologize for having lusty thoughts every time he met you. He also said that dying in your arms would be a dream of his. He lost his wife many years ago before you admonish him for that.”

Someone else commented, “That’s the way I want to go too.” That got a round of laughs before he finished “But not today.” More laughter.

“Me too, but only if it’s the 1,000th time I’m doing her.”

“Somebody is greedy” I commented between bites of the included hashbrowns. They were not as crispy as fresh, they did have to survive the trip over here on the covered place, but still tasted very good. The perfect ratio of butter and salt. Yum!

“We are all greedy when it comes to wanting you doll” Grandpa Randy said.

“That’s for damn sure” another commented.

“I’m getting a better return on my investment in her education than I expect from my own daughter.”

“I certainly hope so, fucking pervert” I teased.

“Ah, ah, ah…that’s not exactly what I meant.

“Yes, it was dude, and I’d fuck her too.”

“You leave my Della out of this” demanded Ted Aapro, who commented about the investment.

“I don’t think that you can make that assertion as you fuck with one of her classmates along with several other fathers.” I admonished.

“Point, but still…”

“Dude, do you still get hard for Abbi?” Damian Mannola, Gregs father from the grade below me, asked. He continued after Ted nodded, “So don’t judge the rest of us for getting a hard on for your hot daughter.

“Question gentlemen” I asked pushing away my now empty plate, “Why me? What criteria made you chose to proposition me to be fucked to death for a free ride to college?”

Tom answered, “We discussed that, well several of us pondered that exact question. In fact, you were not everyone’s first choice.”

“Awww” I said feigning disappointment, “that does not make a girl feel very complimented.”

“Don’t take it that way. You we uniformly, mostly, everyone’s second choice, those that didn’t list you first that is. And before you start, no one chose their own daughter as first choice, though a few daring souls wrote in their own daughter as their second choice or further down the list.”

Principal Alijoki interjected. “We made a list of all the females in your class who were of age and we each had to rank them. For the most part it split like we all knew it would, particularly the regular drinking buddies all knew who wanted to fuck whom, daughters or not.”

“As for you specifically” Grandpa Gerry said, “in addition to being the majority choice, you are uniformly thought to be a good person, worthy of a reward. You get along with everyone and stand up for the underdog. You have a need and have lost your own father in a tragic accident, so we all decided to be your lusty adopted fathers, so to speak.”

Tom jumped back in, “We also agreed that with your sense of fairness, you would keep any bargain we made and would not ‘tell on us’, again, so to speak.”

“Dirty teen loving perverts” I accused smiling.

“You will get no arguments from us on that score.”

“May I use the restroom sirs?” I asked trying for a demure schoolgirl pose.

“Fuck you are cute when you act all innocent, you don’t need permission, but feel free to keep up the acting.”
“Who said I’m acting now, maybe the ‘innocent schoolgirl’ is who I am and the ‘dirty fuck doll whore’ is the act.” I pointed out just before closing the restroom door.

Principle Alijoki met me at the door when I came out. Everyone had lost their clothes in the time I was peeing and washing my face and some other cleaning I could manage with the given facilities.

“I think, my dear, he said, you are in truth somewhere between the two extremes and that its all an act. An act you can get away with on either extreme because of your solid base in the middle of the spectrum. Plus, the simple fact that you are an amazing woman.”

He had me blushing again, more so when most of the 30 men present were also nodding at me.

“You are even hotter when you blush” Michael said to me.

“So how am I on the menu this morning?”

“We have an outline, if you are agreeable to it.” Tom said, being marginally in command.


“Throat fucking to orgasm, you swallow it all to keep relatively clean.”

“Your orgasms I assume, and?”

“We run a train on your pussy in any requested position.”

“That should give me a few orgasms of my own, then?”

“Then we run a train on your ass as long as we can hold out and we blow a second load into you…”

A shiver of fear and excitement ran through me. “And the finale?”

“What makes you think there is more?”

“Because you haven’t mentioned the ‘Massive Meat Missile of Ass Destruction’ or the recording session that is to accompany it.”

“Fuck, we can’t get anything past her, can we.”

“Not a chance, she’s sharp as a tack and twice as sexy as a porn star.”

“Damn strait, our personal porn star whore.”

“Only when she’s ‘on the clock’ boys. Don’t forget that. The rest of the time she is a perfect co-ed princess.”
“We treat her just like we would treat our own daughters.”

“But not the ones who said they wanted to fuck them.”

“Well, there is that.”

Inside I was laughing at the banter. When stiff and hard most of them tended to act like I was not even there and I kinda turned me on. I certainly fit the ‘bought and paid for whore’ persona that came far to easily to me for my own comfort. However, that was a long ponder for another time.

I crawled onto the bed and hung my head over one corner as the conversation around me continued to try to find the perfect summary of how to treat me ‘off the clock’ and it almost had me giggling again.

“Men, boys, I think our little whore is trying to send us a message.”

I was on my back, head hanging upside-down over the edge. Legs spread wide, fingers of both hands manipulating my dripping opening and my stiff clit. I moved one hand to pinch a nipple.

“Daddies, is this a good position for phase one?”

“FUCK YES!” was the chorus that went around the room accompanied by cheers.

I was throat fucked, ponded red and flushed all over my body. I was choked, almost out, with cock over and over. I felt like I had nut sack shaped bruise on my forehead. My lips were sore and puffy and my omelet and has browns were floating in a sea of sperm by the time all thirty were finished filling my mouth, throat and stomach.

I almost puked several times, but I really wanted to keep Krista’s delicious food where it was as I was confident it would not taste as good coming out as it had going in. Not to mention the extra sauce it now had.

Travis, whose daughter Iris got her nose broken in the basketball game, seemed to have a fetish for my nose. He actually pulled out of my throat and came up my nose as my head hung over the bed. No literally, he shot his cum into and up my nose. Cum stinging in my sinuses as it settled. After face fucking me until he was limp, cum puddle in my sinuses the entire time, then he made me sit up and suck the cum down my throat like clearing mucus by sucking air repeatedly through my nose until most of the cum disgustingly slithered down my throat like a load of snot from a bad head cold. Yuck!

Joe’s meat missile only went head deep into my mouth and I jacked him off into my mouth and he fucking nearly drown me in cum. Most of the others shot right down my throat so swallowing was not an option with them, but upside-down as I was I struggled to swallow Joes mighty load without losing all the ‘treasure’ I had already consumed.

Damn it, It was all mine now and I was not going to puke out Krista’s delicious omelet!

We moved on to the pussy reaming. Doggy, missionary, against the wall, both facing the wall and with my back to it. A few of the stronger men took me ‘floating’ I called it. They held me by my ass, legs wrapped around them as they bounced me on their cock. Travis again was the oddball, he wanted me in what I think is called ‘pile driver’.

Upside-down, head and shoulders on the floor, back braced against the bed as he drove down into me. My legs waved around as he pounded into me, all the blood rushing to my head. Then the big shit repeated his earlier trick, pulling out and sliding down my front only to jamb his piss slit into my nostril again, filling my sinus cavity with burning cum again.

This time though he had convinced several others to do the same. Most were trying not to cum this round to save themselves for my ass, but he found five cohorts to blow me a load.

So, here I was upside-down, eyes watering as 6 full loads if cum swam around like schools of fucking fish in my sinuses. He was on an evil mission of torment this time, the dirty shit. I was told not to suck the cum out of my nose until I was told to. Fucked on my back for a good 15 minutes by several rotating men as the cum worked into every book and cranny of my head.

Then Travis was propped against the wall and I was carried over and impaled on his cock as he held my head looking me in the eyes. Hands firmly, but at the same time gently, enveloped my head, locking out gazes.

“Don’t suck it down, let it drain naturally. Please, Abbi. Let the cum leak out your nose and down your throat. Let the cum run like blood down your throat until it stops. Then we’re both going to cum, I am going to get you to cum hard.” Travis instructed in a soft but dirty, commanding voice.

I was shivering with the dirtiness of the command. Wondering, imagining the obscene thoughts running through his mind. It was obvious to me that this fetish had something to do with Iris’s broken nose and the blood that was gushing out her nose at the ball game.

“Just don’t get your little Iris preganat daddy” I teased, trying to turn some of this back to him.

“Dirty fucking slut, you are so nasty. How did you know?”

“Just a guess, daddy” I teased, “Make little Isis cum for you. Cum in me, naughty, dirty daddy.”

I remember that I was holding Iris in a similar position, head in hands, but I was kneeling between her legs as I held her head in my hands, I was watching her eyes for concussion symptoms and Iris was trying to stanch the bleeding with a fist full of tissues someone and offered her.

I also remember her struggling to swallow repeatedly as tears dripped out of her eyes.

Similar tears ran from my eyes now as I fought not to gag on the slime dripping and slithering out of my sinuses and tickling down the back of my throat as I swallowed it. He moved one hand to my neck, gripping but not squeezing, feeling my neck swallow repeatedly.

His other hand dropped between us to strum my clit until, as he promised we both came together. Now he was gripping my neck tightly, choking me. It was intense but quiet when we came together as my eyesight faded and I could feel his warmth flood into me down below.

“Take my cum Iris, you naughty little tease. Take it all, take everything I have wanted to give you for the last several years. Take it you sexy slut, become my whore, dirty, teasing bitch. You and that fucking red bikini, I just want to rip it off you and strangle you with it while I cum in you, bitch!” Travis growled under his breath. I don’t think that he even realized it was out loud.

 He sighed a deep sigh of contentment and released, I collapsed into him, wrapping my arms around him, panting for air.

“Daddy, I thought you liked my red string bikini, please don’t kill me” I said softly, clining to him.

“Fuck, I said that all out loud?”

“Yes, I had no idea you wanted me so bad, daddy. I try to be a good daughter, I don’t want to me a bitch or a whore to you. Do you still love me?”

“Fuck, Im sorry Abbi. I was out of control.”

“You think?”

“Yes, the evil side of me comes out when I get too sexually excited. Something I try to control around Iris. You seem to be able to tear down my defenses though.”

“Iris is sweet and sexy. You really should not strangle her.”

“Yes, almost as sweet as you are love. I have a choking fetish, not a killing one. I would need to be very turned on and very drunk to make a move on Iris, and I hope that I never do. Will you keep my secret, secrets?”

“Yes, it’s mutual, Mr. McDevitt. How would I explain how I found it out? She is very sexy though, and I think she looks very fuckable in that tiny little red bikini. I’m kinda surprised she lets you see her in it.”

“That started recently, after she heard me make a comment under my breath about a movie we were watching. I called the lead actress fuckable. She was wearing a tiny bikini, the actress, when I commented.
We had an aggressive conversation, one that left me frustrated with myself. After that, every time the sun is out and my wife isn’t home, she walks around in that bikini and tans. She even makes sure to bend over in front of me, and fuck, that ass, that porn star ass…”

“She is teasing you?”

“I THINK she is trying to teach me a lesson about how sexualization degrades the target, but in reality, she is just making me want to fuck her, fuck her hard and long. I understand her point but I’m too proud to admit it to her, so instead she is making me want to rape her until she can’t walk.”

“Anything else you want to confess?”

“Her nose, all cute and sweet. I just want to fill her head with my cum until she is full and it slides down her throat like blood from her broken nose.”

“I kinda figured that one out by myself, does it help that you got to act that one out?”

“Yes, I think so, but fuck that was hot. The faces you were making, just wow!”

“Travis, Mr. McDevitt, I think that you need to either sit down a talk to Iris, tell her exactly what you told me. Or you need to seek counseling. Your train of thought worries me.”

“You are very smart. I will, I think, talk to Iris. Just to be transparent I will tell her to talk to you about it too. That way you will know I talked to her.” He looked at my face and added, “No, I will not tell her about you, about this, only that you advised me to come clean to her. I will say that I felt I could trust you for advise and you told me to go directly to her.

“That sounds like a good idea. I look forward to having a good conversation with Iris about this. I think the two of you will be better for the discussion. She is a smart sexy girl. A good girl.”

“That’s very true Abbi. You are a good girl too.”

His cock, that had started to shrink after he came in me was hard again.

“I’m so sorry about Iris’s nose” I said.

He laughed in response and the combination of his still hard cock inside me wiggling and his rubbing against me made me climax again, intense enough to make me suck in a harsh breath, pulling some more cum out of my nose and then we were both laughing in each other’s arms, still joined as man and woman, both of us leaking tears.

Then the dirty perv was filling me with more cum.

Then, in the afterglow of that second orgasm, the tone and direction of the conversation changed.

“That is so you Abigail Smith. Apologizing to me for my daughter stepping in to defend her friend from a dirty, blindside fist. Apologizing to me for fostering the devotion of a true friend from my daughter. Iris would do anything you asked her to. If you asked her to help bury a body, she would grab a shovel and ask how deep. If you told her you wanted to kill someone, she would ask who and when.”

He hugged me so tight I could not breathe, but that was not the point. No, the point was to get as close to me as possible, to touch my soul it seemed.

“I can never express my true thanks and feelings to you. Iris struggled in school, she was bullied by many boys, even some girls, not just the one you ‘fixed’.”

“Don’t you mean ‘knocked on his ass’?” Joe said, “From everything I heard, he had that and more coming. I was not there, but I heard all the stories.”

“That day” Travis said, holding me by the head again, lovingly this time, pushed me back so I could see the tears in his eyes. “That day, she changed. You inspired something, woke something in her. She was changed. And you gained a lifelong friend.”

“I think” he continued, “that having someone younger, by a few months, and smaller, both in weight and height, stand up and fight for her forced her to realize she should fight for herself too, that is someone else cared enough to stand up for her she should too.”

He stopped to sob hard and both Tom and Michael put a hand on each of his shoulders.

“The divorce was hard on Iris. She was convinced that it was her fault and that her mother did not love her and I was miserable because she broke up my relationship with my ex-wife. Which was complete and utter bullshit, she was the only reason we were together as long as we were. Iris felt worthless and then the bullying started, and she practically encouraged it because it fed into her self-hatred.”

He stopped and took several deep breaths and wiped his eyes. He held my head again.

“Thank you, Abigal Smith. Thank you for being you, for saving my daughter. Fuck you saved me and my wife too. Without the change in Iris, we could not have rebuilt out own relationship. Even though we are both remarried, we are best friends now. My current wife hangs out at her house for coffee. That one single compassionate gesture performed for a near stranger…you changed lives. Simply from you just being you. Thank you.”

Joe was suddenly behind me. Well maybe I was just not aware of him being there until he put his hand on my back, gently and in friendship, not to feel me up like had been going on for the last few…hours?

“Abbi, this is how the community feels about you. It makes it all the more terrible and dirty what we are doing to you. I just hope that our evil sexual desire is balanced out with the help we are providing you. You are the one student that I can say no one has ever complained to me about. Not a parent, not a teacher, not even another student.”

“That just makes it hotter for you all, doesn’t it?” I asked softly.

“Sharp as a fresh razor” Joe said.

“That she is, Travis said, “and she is absolutely right. The contrast between the angel that she is and how we are defiling her is so fucking hot it burns.”

“It’s hot for me too, don’t tell, please. I cum so much, I didn’t know it was possible to cum this much.”

“We will keep your secret, though its plain for anyone who cares to notice that you are getting off on your “whore persona” at least as much as the rest of us are.” Joe said.

“We are all tied together now” Tom said, “We have your back, just as iris does.”

“Lunch is served” someone called out.

“Good timing, this got too emotional.” Travis said, “I was probably about to embarrass myself and ask you to marry me.”

“You are already married, Travis.”

“I know, but you would be a catch worth a third divorce. Fuck, Abbi, I’m just going to say it. Baby, you are worth more than all of us here put together. Don’t forget. You a can come to me for anything. I will help Iris dig that hole for the dead body.” He finished and we disentangled, his cum leaking out of me and tickling down my thigh as I stood wobbling.

Joe steadied me, “Probably the last thing you would want right now, but we have brats and beans and a fruit salad.”

I giggled again, what the fuck is up with all the giggling?

“I could go for a nice thick juicy sausage right now.” I winked at him suggestively, “I’m suddenly very hungry.” I said with a saucy wink.

“Naughty girl” Tom said.

“I would not want her to be any other way, she is perfection” Joe said.


I was getting my ass pounded in doggy again.

“Oh, fuck that’s deep” I called out.

I had lost track of how long I had been getting my ass plowed but it had to be in hours, not minutes. My hole was both numb and sore, but I kept having regular orgasmic explosions anyway.

I was fucked in all the same positions as my pussy fucking. Doggy, Mish, standing, laying, prone.

Prone, no what one was something else. That position, particularly if he, or someone else held my hands immobile, made me feel used, made me feel abused, made me feel like a whore. It also made the orgasms forced out of me in that position mind melting. Giving up all control like that, to be totally dominated in the most taboo hole. Mind fucking melting.

Sorry where was I?

Oh yes, ass fucked for hours, nearly to stupidity, or possibly past it. Numb and sensitive at the same time. Another load pumped brutally up my already filled asshole. Sperm crusted all around my formerly tight and cute little asshole, now blown open by 30 guys…No that’s wrong, 29 guys. I was missing Joe, my ultimate destruction.

Someone clapped his hands, “It’s time. Time for Abbi’s final anal destruction before she is released today. Get your camera phones going, we have permission from her to record her taking the telephone pole cock from hell up her tiny little asshole.”

“Now that’s a lie” I said, “I feel like you could drive a school bus up there right now and I would not feel it.” Shit that was a lie too, I could feel every pulse of my heartbeat in the tormented tissues of my anal pipe. The wide-open part was not, I could feel a light breeze up there every time someone behind me moved. Fuck I could feel the cum slither around back there too, almost like a living being.

Shit! It was living. Now that was a weird revelation in my melted oxygen starved brain. I had billions, trillions of living sperm swimming inside every orifice.

Wait, had anyone dripped cum in my ears?

That’s it, mommy, your daughter has gone stark raving mad…

My voice had been small but firm from my position , the classic position of submission. Face down ass up, legs spread, what could you expect.

“Open up Abbi baby. Spread those tight ass cheeks, let our cameras document your beautiful gape before even that is destroyed.”

I moved to obey, pilling myself wide, exposing my shame…

“Touch me” Joe said, resting his cock on one ass cheek, near my hand. “Then tell me if you still want to try.”
Time to fully commit to my exposure, my shame…

“Joe” I said, caressing the cock that my hand would not fit around, “Joe, there is no try, only do or do not. Complete my destruction. If I’m going to die today, its going to be with your cock balls deep in my ass, fuck me until I can taste you.”

“Brave girl” someone said.

“I feel like if we had hats on, we should take them off and put them over our hearts.”

“That cock is as big as her fucking arm.”

“It’s shaped like a cock, but that thing is unnatural. I’m afraid from here.”

My mind was completely broken at this point because how else could I be getting excited from this commentary and I KNEW how big his cock was, I had had the head in both my mouth, a few times, and my pussy, once. In both, it would fit no further.

“Fuck my ass Joe, make me the first to take you to the balls in her ass.”

“As you wish, it’s been nice knowing you, Abbi. Here I come.” Joe announced solemnly.

There was a uniform gasp, from not only me it seemed, as the cock head touched my hole.
I would later see that even blown open and gaping from hours of ass fucking, once that cock head pressed against my hole, It looked virgin.

He pressed. I cried out, “Wait, wait…does anyone have any hard liquor?”

“Yes, I have some cinnamon whiskey.”

Fuck it had to be cinnamon flavored.

“Poor out a shot and a half, not a drop more.” I commanded, “Joe, work some more lube on that cock, get it extra slick for me.”

“Yes, ma’am”

“OK, I have your shot, sit up.”

“No, give me the bottle.”


He handed me the bottle and I took a burning mouthful and choked it down. It left a trail of fire from my lips to my stomach. I forced myself to take a second pull from the bottle, then I let my face fall back on the mattress.

“Now pour the shot directly into my ass” I commanded.

“Oh shit, cinnamon whiskey right in the ass, fuck that is going to burn her out. It was called ‘Fireball’ for a reason.”

“Won’t that poison her?”

“Not that amount.” Tomas said.

Joe explained, as a former science teacher, I half expected he would:
“Alcohol in the rectum is almost the same as drinking it only faster. It’s also easier to die from alcohol poisoning because the bodys natural response to poison, which is to vomit, is bypassed. And I would expect it would not hurt less to light it on fire in her ass than it will feel taking the cinnamon whiskey, multiplied by 12, from all the abrasions she has from you all abusing her passage with your needy cocks.”

“Amen”, I said, “Poor it and fuck me to death.”

He did.

Poor it that is, and my world exploded in burning pain. I could feel it trickle down my passage and pool against one of the internal barriers. A river of flaming pain. Then the river of pain from the swallow merged with the one from my ass and I got light headed.

The alcohol hit my system in a nauseating slap. Joe, or someone steadied me, or I would have fallen over.
I felt my thoughts slur and slide. My body relaxed with a long sigh.

“Look at her hole open up. It’s inviting him in.”

“Get her face, fuck, look, she is smashed. That did not take long.”

“I’m getting her expressions.”

“Me too”

“I count 6 filming the hole.”

“Everybody on this side move back, lets get a wide shot on this side, the one with her face.”

“Hey Joe. In the immortal words of Whitesnake, Slide it in!” I slurred.

In watching the videos, my mouth seemed to be echoing my anal ring. The more of him that penetrated me, the wider my mouth opened until when the head of that cock finally popped in, my mouth resembled one of those melting screaming face masks from the movies.


“Look, fuck, he’s actually got the head in!”

“Is she bleeding, I can’t see from here?”

“Not that I can see, she looks intact so far.”

“Probably will never close again though.”

“Fuck look at the size of that, even the visual makes my ass clench in fear.”

“Yeah, no shit.”

“Not yet, it will probably all slide out when he pulls out.”

“You’re gross.”

“It’s just nature.”

“Fuck, shut up, listen to the sounds she’s making.”

I had no idea. My mind was melting. I was not being fucked with a cock, it was a rod of nuclear fuel, hot and killing my tissue as it passed. I could feel each millimeter slide in, my ass trying to eat itself, to pull my ass cheeks in with the ‘cock’.


Joe stoped his advance and I could feel lube cooling my cheeks, it felt like a whole bottle, I hope he saved some, there was a lot of cock to go.

“She can’t even talk”

“You would not do any better, filled with cock and whiskey, fuck you would probably be dead already.”
“My wife would be already dead, or I would be.”

“If I proposed this to my wife, she would make me take the cock before she left with my kids and all my assets, so it wouldn’t matter that I was already dead.”

“Look how much is left yet.”

“Yeah, but think how much she already took, she already has almost as much length as I have and its not close to halfway yet.”

“I bet she can’t take it all, any takers?”

“Fool” Thomas said, his and Joe the only voices I could differentiate right now. “This is Abigail Smith you are talking about. If you have an inclination to bet against her doing anything she says she will, get smart and just give the money directly to her, none of you other assholes really need it anyway.”

Joe, laughed as he resumed is pressure on my hole, “Yes, what he said. Remember who hit the half court three pointer to get us into state last year?”


That made Joe and several others laugh, it was me that hit the buzzer beater, but it was all luck, not skill.
“She would tell you it was luck, but it was not, it was just Abbi wanting something so bad.” Tomas said apparently reading my mind.

Joes’ laughter was doing fucking amazing things to me clit, my clit. Wait was it my clit? Fuck! The rumbles and twitches of his laughter were being transmitted right to my clit, yes, fuck it is my clit, from the solid log in my ass and his firm grip on my hips.


“Fuck, she’s cuming just from having half that cock in her ass.”

“No” Tom said, “It’s the laughing, it’s turning him into a giant vibrator.”

I love Tom, but how the fuck was he reading my mind…swirled in my head like the water at the end of a bath as it heads down the drain.

The vacuum of that orgasm pulled on my consciousness, threatening to drown me, but a resumption of pressure and the resultant sliding in of the plug of cock in my ass brought me painfully back.

“oooooooooooo” moaned uncontrollably out of me as Joe stretched deeper and deeper, threating to tear me inside out. I felt like each millimeter of cock forced more of my blood to pool in my head. I was sure I was crying blood by now.

I was both hollowed out and unbelievably stuffed at the same time.

“You are doing great, my little Abigail. This is more cock than I have ever had up an ass before. Fuck you feel great little one. Take my cock you machoistic little whore.” He started sweetly but ended with a growl, his lust rising with each additional bit of penetration.

“God, look at that, he’s over half way in now.”

I came again inn a swirl of pain and confused pleasure, never fuller than right now, sure that at every moment it would be my last and I would split open like a molting snake and simply spill out all over the bed.
“Fuck, look at her face. Her eyes are wide open, as is her mouth, but all you can see is the whites. She looks like a demon.”

I was cuming, I could care less right now.

“Look, he’s all the way in.”

He was, I could feel his balls nestled in my labia, his pelvis on my ass cheeks.

My eyes closed and when I opened them, I was staring right into a camera phone that was about a foot from my face.

“Her eyes are back! But she looks demented!”

“FUCK ME!” I snarled, lost in the confusion of pain, fullness and pleasure.

It is very safe to assume I never felt anything like this before in my life. My body and mind struggled to interpret the signals being reported by my senses.

My anal track was screaming in white hot pain, something to the effect of “What the fuck are you doing, we are dying, this is tearing us apart! Make it stop!”

My clit was like the red light on to of a transmission antenna, blinking its presence and warning of the epic oncoming orgasm that also threatened to kill me.

My mind was giving up on trying to separate the feelings it was receiving and defaulting to the settings used most recently. That setting was “ORGASM” frequent, intense and overwhelming.

Now there was a new sensation. Someone was spanking me.

I struggled to understand. Was Joe not in the way? How could anyone spank me while he was ass fucking me all the way to my throat. Fuck, I could taste the cum.

“Dumb slut, that’s either the cum from your nose, or you burped up some of the cum 30+ loads you swallowed” said a splintered part of my mind.

“Shut the fuck up, read the signals from her bowels, he is fucking her all the way to her throat, its going to spray out her noes this time instead of going in her nose” suggested another.

“SHUT UP AND FUCK ME IM CUMING” I shouted, not aware enough to realize that I screamed that out loud, or rather something that sounded similar but slurred and demented.

“How can she cum with so much pain in her ass?” “Well, she is cuming, you tell me.” They were arguing now, my newly split personalities.


“She has lost her mind, no one has been saying anything” someone commented.

“How about you take that cock in your ass and see if you make sense.”

“She is so beautiful; she is coming so hard.”

“It’s like she is glowing.”

“Give it to her good, Joe.”

“Yeah, Joe. Make her take it, make her feel it.”

“Dude, that little girl in never going to forget this.”

“Yes, if she lives through it.”

“That cock makes her look so fucking small.”

I was completely unaware of anything that was not happening inside me. My insides were being blended together like a pestle and mortar. I’ll leave you to figure that one out because all thinking was shutting down as my awareness pulled in tighter and tighter.

All my muscles shut down and I went limp. I have to think that I even stopped breathing as Joe followed my body down to prone on the bed. I think his fucking was pushing air in and out of my lungs, rather that any action of my body or my totally shorted out central nervous system.

Total failure imminent, was the warning.

I could see the white light of a nuclear missile approaching and engulfing me as the cock that was tearing my insides out started swelling, followed by twitching and then a new sensation, deeper than anything I had ever previously been aware of. A warmth spreading within me.

Hot and liquid.

Filling me deep, deep inside.

My blood, I’m torn, gone, dying. This is the end; I’ve been fucked to death. Then the red puddle in my mind went white with the orgasm that engulfed me, burned me, ate me, consumed me.

“Not Blood, cum. Hot white life giving cum…” was my last conscious thought. I passed out.

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Re: The Graduation Party Invitation (MMM/F F/F)
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“Her pulse is steadier now.”

“Her color is back now too.”

“God forgive me, I thought I actually fucked the poor darling to death. But fuck what an intense cum. I think I even filled her with my soul, I came so much. I actually FEEL lighter, like I lost weight or something. And don’t forget, that was AFTER draining a full load into her mouth.”

“I think she is waking up; her eyes are moving now.”

“Could be REM sleep.”

I opened my eyes to Tom and Joe, each holding one hand.

“Welcome back beautiful girl” Tom said with a wide smile.

“Wow, baby, just wow. I always thought you would be unbelievable, but wow. I have no words” Joe said.


“Yes” they both answered.

“Was I a good girl, did I take all of you?”

That resulted in a loud celebration. Clapping, yelling, stomping. Almost like a county bar or a concert when the band comes back for the encore.

“That’s all for you baby. Everyone is impressed with how good you are, so yes, you were a very good girl” Tom told me close to my ear.

“Help me up please”

Tom and Joe each took an arm and helped me to get up off the bed. After a few moments and a passing wave of dizziness I was able to stand on my own.

I was sore pretty much everywhere and looking down I saw I was flakey with dried cum nearly everywhere around my waist and thighs.

Michael moved directly in front of me, winked, and went down to his knees.

Joe and Tom did the same to either side of me and the other 27 men followed resulting in a group of thirty men kneeling before my naked cum crusted, shaky body, my knees threated to collapse.

At least I could not see any blood, then I felt most of my body start to blush with embarrassment.

What a whore! I fucked all these men for the promise of future money, a whore on credit. Did that make it better or worse. Fuck, I had agreed to be posted online too. And once you are online you are online forever, no take backs. I was fucked, literally and figuratively.

I wanted to die of embarrassment.

Then Michael said 8 simple words that changed everything.

“All hail our princess Abigal, we love her.”

The mood swing made me cry. And I almost fell over.

Then the others all repeated the same words: “All hail our princess Abigal, we love her.”

Then they miss my breakdown because they all bent all the way over and pressed their foreheads to the floor before me.

My god. They said Princess and now they are kneeling. They were treating me like a princess in a movie, not a dirty whore that had been fucked to within an inch, no a millimeter of her life.

I felt the room spin and I started to topple over.

Tom noticed and was able to pop up and catch me before I fell.

As Tom held me up, each man came up to me, knelt on one knee and said “Thank you, Princess.”

Michael was first, followed by Kevin.

Then Gerald, Eddie, Alex, Randolph, Brock, Ted, Lewis, Kirt, Jarrod, Kraig and Travis.

All members of Rainne’s family or fathers of others in my class, each thanking me.

Then came Damian, Gene, Kerry, Elmeri, Barry, Tom Suuronen, Greg, Evan, Toni and Chance.

These are all fathers of kids at school that ware younger than me, each proud of me.

Now Eli, Theo, Vance, Lucas and Royce. Fathers of kids that graduated before me, now in awe of me.

Last to kneel was Joe Alijoki, who was my principal at school and is also the father of my first coach for volleyball, Angela. She graduated 5 years before me and I always looked up to her, only to find that she might have been checking out my own ass the entire time.

To be fair her ass got plenty of glances from me too when she was wearing her tight shorts of yoga pants.
Joe took both of my hands and kissed them in turn.

”Fucking amazing, that’s all I can say. I look forward to watching us on PornHub with my wife.”

Everyone else had left now, just the three of us.

“Oh god, my head is spinning.”

“How is your ass?”

“Ahhh”, I thought for a moment. “Good, I think. I feel kinda numb really. Stretched for sure but not sore.”

“That’s the numbing lube Joe used on you” Tom said.

“He used numbing lube! I thought I was dying, and he used numbing lube? I probably am already dead but just numb to it…in a few minutes I’ll wake up with flames licking at my ankles, chained up in  a dungeon in hell.”

“Abbi, if I have any influence, you will end up in heaven, just like you gave us for the last ummm..” he looked at the clock on the wall, “27 hours or so.”

“What? That would make it…” I calculated in my head, it was slow going I was so disoriented, “10 PM or later.”

“Correct.” Thomas said, looking at his cell phone after hearing it chime the reception of a new message.

“Joe, help me get some stuff out of the car for Abbi, please?”

“Sure, Abbi, will you be ok alone for a few minutes?”

“Help me lay back down and I should be fine.” I said softly, not really wanting to be left alone. I felt…fragile. Used.

They lay me down and Joe gave me a soft kiss on the forehead, “Don’t worry Abbi, you will be taken care of, tonight and in the future.”

“Thanks, Joe”

“Be right back” Tom said as they both exited the building with a squeak of the door.

In the ensuing quiet I could hear the building gran as it released some of the heat of the day to the night sky. It was not as hot as yesterday, but I was still gross and crusty. I could not tell really but I’m quite sure that I stank.

I needed a shower and food and about 12 hours of sleep. And a massage. And someone to hold me, I don’t know if I will ever be able to sleep alone again after this.

There was a hollowness to me, in my soul, not just my tormented ass.

Then the nail in my emotional coffin. I heard one, then a second car door slam. Then the car started and crunched away down the gravel road.

I felt my soul shrivel up like a raisin.

I was, no am a whore. Bought and pair for. Unwanted now that they were all satisfied. Discarded, left alone. No food. No idea where my clothes, keys and purse were.

I wanted to cry, curl up in a ball and cry.

An abandoned, used whore. Left alone, discarded like trash.

The world spun and coalesced into a sour pit in my stomach and I curled around it, going fetal like a newborn.

Curled around myself and my pain I sobbed, hard. Then I cried out a sound of my soul dying. My life over.
In my misery I missed the squeak of the door and the mad scamper of feet that followed the mournful sound of my pain to its source.

The source of the scurrying lept on the bed and curled around me and rocked and soothed me.

The cooing voice said, “it’s ok Abbi, I’m here, what can I do, what’s wrong?” over and over until I finally surfaced enough to respond with the sole thought that I could process.

Who could comfort me in my despair? My mom.

“Mom?” I sobbed.

“No love, its Rainne.”

“Rainne, you are back?”

“Yes, I’m back. I got in this morning, about 11. Now tell me what’s wrong.”

“They…left me…used me…and left me…”

“No, no, no” she soothed, petting my hair and wrapped around me like a blanket. “This is my fault, I sent them home, told them I would take it from here. I didn’t think you would feel abandon.”


“Yes, really. What can I do? How can I help you, sweety?”

“I don’t understand, why are you here?”

“Home? The trip was over.”

“No, here, the community center. With me, I don’t want you to see me like this.” I said now struggling to get a way.

“I don’t want you to see me like this” I repeated, curling back up around the one pillow on the bed.

“Abbi, wait, no. Don’t run away. Let me explain.”

“Explain what? Don’t you want to know why I’m covered in cum and sobbing? I’m a dirty used up whore! I sold myself off and this is my life now. I’m a whore. I’m going to be on PornHub soon taking the biggest cock in the known world up my asshole. I’m just a whore and a dirty slut. Please go away.” I was sobbing again, hyperventilating.

“Now, now, calm down Abbi. Breathe, slow, deep breaths…good, better” she soothed as my breathing steadied at her command. She resumed rubbing my back.

If I could feel the crusty cum under her hands, I’m sure she can feel it too.

“Stop, I’m dirty, you don’t want to touch me.”

“No, sweety, you are wrong, I do want to touch you. I always have. I think I always will.”

“What, I don’t understand.”

“Here relax, please” she soothed again, pulling gently on my limbs to turn me over and rolling me over.
This time I calmed and let her; she was my best friend. If I couldn’t trust her I was doomed. She got me settled on my side facing her on one edge of the pillow, she took the other and held my hands, like we had done countless times before, but never before was I covered in dried cum and naked.

“I have seen you naked before” she said, sensing my thoughts. She could do that. She knew how to read me, often with scarry accuracy.

“Yes, in the locker room, in the changing room at the pool, but not in bed and not covered in cum.”

“It’s dark enough in here now that I can’t really tell for either.”

“But surely you could feel the died cum when you were rubbing my back?”

“Don’t call me Shirley” she said, quoting the old line from the ‘Airplane!’ movie. “Yes, I could, I thought it felt sexy.”


“I should probably start at the beginning, like I wanted to. You threw me though with your meltdown, but I understand now, I didn’t think you would feel abandoned so quickly.”

“I hear two car doors close and the car drive away…I thought…” I felt tears tug and my eyes again.

“No, I’m here baby, Abbi. I’m here. I’m not leaving without you. If I had used my brain, or thought that you could hear the car…”

“It was so quiet…”

“I know now. I should have told them to wait two minutes, THEN leave. I’m so sorry.”

“I still don’t understand. Why are you here at all?”

“OK, now I can get back to my script.”


“Well, not really a script, but a I practiced what I wanted to say…its all my fault…no, that not the right word…it was my plan.”


“Yes, I told my dad…”

“Wait, stop. I remember, you overheard something at a Christmas party and my red dress….”

“Yes. That. Gorgeous. Sexy. Red. Dress. You darn near burned my eyes out with that dress, and what was in it obviously, otherwise it’s just cloth…”

“Wait, what?”

“You keep saying that. How about you shut up” she gently placed a finger over my lips and let me explain. Ok?”

“Ok, I will try to let you finish and ask questions at the end but I’m so confused.”

“I can understand. This is not going how I imagined it going.”

I could not resist, “And how did you imagine it going?”

“So, Abbi, you want the deets now, not the small talk.” She placed her finger over my lips again, “No, shhh. You promised. Now I will answer you and maybe we can go backwards.”

“I imagined” Rainne explained, “That I could come in and find you, vibrant, sexy and covered in cum, fucked out and raw. I would go to you and take your hot sexy body in my arms and kiss you like I wanted to marry you. You would respond and I would end up licking my fathers and the other fathers cum out of your hot center and you would orgasm for me like I have imagined in almost every masturbatory fantasy I have had since your red bikini at the pool when we were 12.”

“ahhh…” I said.

Finger caressing my lips she said, “Let that sink in for a minute...”

With a squeak and a jerk, the abused machinery of my mind started to work again and the puzzle of random facts started to build a picture in my mind.

“You dad and uncles said it was your idea, sort of” I started.

“Your dad made a weird comment when I told someone, I can’t recall who, that I was attracted to you but never acted on it because you were too important to me…he said I shouldn’t be so sure and then wouldn’t tell me what he meant” went my second piece.

“The red Bikini, the one that the lifeguard made me take off and wear my old one. It was very tiny I recall, was it sexy, is that why they made me take it off? I assumed that I looked ridiculous and that’s why they made me change.” That was the third piece.

“You didn’t see that every male older that 11 got a tiny or huge hard on depending partly on their age?”


“Abbi, sweet. So much blood dropped to their groins so fast that I could almost fucking hear it rushing. Then I turned and saw what had caused it and my own heart stopped for at least 10 seconds. I didn’t realize you were gone until you came back. I hadn’t moved and I’m not sure I even breathed. When I realized you were back, I watched the boys, and the men too. They were all still steeling glances at you and most of their cocks were still hard. You know what?”


“I was so jealous, I wanted to punch them all and tape their eyes shut.”

“I thought you were acting funny that day… and you wanted to leave almost right away. We did leave much sooner than I wanted. You said you were sick.”

“I was sick. Sick with jealousy. Sick with anger that they were all perving on you, you were my friend, not theirs. You were MINE!”

The light went off over my dumb ass head and she could see it in my eyes. She smiled at me, really smiled for the first time since she found me here.

“I was in love and lust with you since that day. I did not act on it because I was afraid to lose you, you were, are, too important to me.”

The gears in my mind that were starting to move again got jammed up and were again slow to resume function.

“What does the last two days have to do with that?” I asked dumbly. Right then 2+2 was 427.

“I came up with this plan, slowly as pieces of an idea came into my mind. I wanted us to go to school and live together, then if I could not have you for myself I could watch over you, take care of you, love you from a distance.

“I wanted us to get an apartment but there was the rule about freshman having to live in the dorm unless they lived in town with their parents already. I knew that you planned to commute, and could not afford the residence fees, possibly not the dining fees either. I kept hearing dad’s friends and my male relatives comment about you. How smart, cute and fucking hot you are.

“For a while it made me mad. Then it made me think. I didn’t think you liked girls, but maybe. I did know you liked men, boys really. You shared your conquests with me, and it made me feel so dirty to imagine it was me. Not in your place, but in their place.

“And my mind somehow came up with this idea that if I could get you a scholarship, I could achieve at least some of my goals. I admit, I gently steered my uncles, my father and even my grandfathers in the direction that you could be bought with a scholarship.

“I knew you would not accept a ‘gift’ of a scholarship from granddad’s family education trust, even though there was plenty of money available. I am next on the list of trustees, so they made sure, granddad specifically, that I knew how to manage it and keep it solvent.

“I even asked, offered you one, and as expected you had fifty reasons why you could not accept, that you would be taking away from my family and you would not do it.”

“I don’t remember fifty reasons…” I interjected.

“Shut it” she placed that sexy finger on my lips again and this time my nether region responded, and I started getting wet, well wetter. I was still filled with cum.

“You refused my first offer, so I kept working on the second. I was too good. They got too onboard with the idea and fucking ran a race with it. When I heard that they had lined up 30 men for the ‘contract’, at first, I was furious. I wanted to kill them all.

“After all, you were MINE! However, after I jilled my self bloody. Yes, I was fucking bleeding. That’s how bad I wanted you, how hot I got imagining you being a whore. I pretended I was sick and didn’t leave my room for almost three days. Only to hunt for more batteries for my toys. I didn’t come out until all the batteries I could find were dead and the rechargeable ones would not charge fast enough.

“I was so worn out and pale by then that mom sent me back to bed and sat with me until she was sure I was sleeping. I suspect now that she knew, she could SMELL me in the room. I didn’t realize at the time, but it must have smelled similar to how this room smells right now, only the female exclusive version…”


“Yes, Abbi?”

“Shut up.” I reached over and kissed her. Softly at first, tentative.

Don’t forget, I wanted her too, but I was holding back, partly taking out my frustration on the guys that I was ‘using’.

We kissed for many minutes but did not move any closer and honestly the kisses were still fairly chaste.

“What was that Abbi?” she asked when I pulled back to breathe.

“Remember you were telling me about your thoughts when I shared my exploits with you?”

“Yes…” she answered, now it was her turn to be tentative.

“I was imagining that I was with you in my stories. I had to be very careful to always say “cock” or “penis” and not “sexy hot juicy cunt.”

“Wait, what?” ahh, role reversal, so satisfying on so many levels.

This time when I reached out to kiss her, I pounced instead. Knocking her on her back and landing softly, seated across her hips and I trapped her face in my hands and kissed her like she was my last meal.

She kissed back but let me control her until she started to try to work her way lower.

“No, stop.” I said and he looked up at me, eyes full of want and need.

“Ok” she almost shriveled up, thinking I was refusing her. No, far from it.

“No, dear girl, I don’t mean what you are thinking. What did you have planned for after you confessed your love to me?”

“ahhh, I ahhhhh…”

“Take a breath, order your thoughts.”

We breathed together for about five big deep breaths before she blew hers out”

“Ok, I’m ok now. My plan was to dress you, put you in my car. Take you home to my bedroom. Wash you gently in my shower and then take you to bed with me and hold you until we fell asleep. Then in the morning, when everyone else was gone for the day, I planned to ravish you until we both could not move.”

“Hmmm” I purred at her, and I felt her clench under me. “You left out food. I missed supper, I was passed out from Joe’s ass fucking.”

“Joe?” she squeaked. “Who was right?” she asked breathlessly.

“He is fucking ginormus! I could only take the head into my mouth and pussy and these both hurt.”

“You, you could only take the head? Little miss deepthroat?”

“Yep, jus the head.”

“So, you were passed out from???”

“Taking him balls deep into my ass” I whispered into her ear. I could feel her shiver and clench.

“You dirty slut, you didn’t. All the way, and it would not even fit in your mouth.”

“Yes. All... the… way. Right to the balls. I could feel them on my pussy lips.”

“Fuck that’s too hot. I wish I could have seen your sexy body take that cock.”

“Two things. One, it’s WHORE, not SLUT. They are paying me…to be your roommate I guess” I said with a dirty smile.

“Can’t you be both? A slut and a whore? I don’t want to have to pay you, but I will.”

I kissed her.

“You are always getting me for free as long as I get the same in return.”

This time she pulled my head to her lips and tried to eat me alive. I guess that was the right thing to say.
When we came up for air she asked, “You forgot about item number two.”

“Well, some sexy little slut distracted me.” She smiled at that, “Number two was, your father and his dirty band of 18-year-old-teen fuckers recorded my final anal destruction and plan to post it on PornHub. Want to watch it with me when they post it?”

“Are you teasing me?” she squirmed with excitement under me.

“Not a chance”, I whispered into her ear again, ending it with a few nibbles that, by her moans, made her cream her shorts. I planned to find out soon.

“So” I said climbing off her, “you brought me clothes?”

“Yes, I had a bag, I must have dropped it somewhere when I heard you crying.”

She brought me bike shorts and a workout bra. They were brand new but fir me perfectly, so I knew she bought them for me. We are not the same size.

“New plan. I’m taking control of this part.” I said.


“First you are taking me to town in your snazzy car with the working AC.”

“Is yours broke again?”

“Yes, the AC is weak as the men that left tonight after I drained them all dry, and they worshiped me.”

“Now that sounds like a story I want to hear some time soon, but we are going to town in my car and…”

“And you are taking me to the Taco Bell drive through and we are ordering about enough food to feed half the football team. For some reason” I stopped and winked at her, “I am famished.”

“Ok, AND…”

“And then I am going to eat it, then you are driving me to lookout park and I am going to strip you and eat you like a buffet on the picnic table under the tree at the top of the hill.”

“The moon is out tonight.”

“All the better to see you cum, Rainne, my dear.”

She shivered at the thought.

“So hot, I have wanted to hear you say that for so, so long.”

“I have wanted to say it but I was afraid. You mean too much to me for a fling.”

“It’s not going to be a fling on my end.”

“Mine either. Do you know what happens after your orgasmic trip round the moon?”

“I can guess, but it will be better if you tell me.”

“Then I will let you, how did you put it? ‘You would end up licking your fathers and the other fathers cum out of my hot center and I would orgasm for you like you have imagined in almost every masturbatory fantasy you had since my red bikini at the pool when we were 12’.”

“Fuck, that’s so hot, you remembered every word.”

“I remember everything you say, and I love watching your sexy mouth say it” was my response.

We did everything in my outline, leaving her car littered with taco bell wrappers and many, many napkins.
I ate about three meals worth of food, but I was still hungry… for her.

Then we left her car littered with used clothing, some soaked with female juice, some with male stains, and after screaming out our lust at the moon from the picnic table, we drive back to her house naked. It was 4:23 when we made it, clean now, well of body, after a joint shower/make out session, into her big bed.

We slept until hunger woke us in the afternoon.

She cooked for me, we ate, then returned to her bed and ate more.

I remember thinking, just before I fell asleep in her arms, that it was going to be one exciting summer.

And the four or five years after al well.

The end?