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The Book of Subversion
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The following story contains graphic and sexually explicit content, including depictions of rape and abuse.
Rape and assault are serious crimes and the author does not condone such actions in real life.
This is a work of fiction. No characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.
If you do not wish to read such stories, please stop now.

The Book of Subversion

Jaxley’s legs gave out. She’d been holding them closed for several minutes, but her professor’s persistence and unexpectedly powerful arms won out. He pushed down on her left cheek with the palm of his hand, forcing her face into the pillow and turning it away from him as he wedged himself between her legs. He still wore his uniform jacket but had removed his pants and Jaxley could feel his cock probing at her pussy despite how she squirmed.
Jaxley was eighteen, a freshman at Arcadia University, one of the leading private schools for the magical arts, and she was no weakling. But Claxon was proving to be unexpectedly strong, able to hold her down without much trouble seemingly without any magic.
Yet, far more disturbing for her was how good it felt, despite the friction and strain, once he’d forced himself into her. She fought it, but her genitals were on fire with pleasure beyond anything she’d experienced through her experimentations with masturbation. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see his face grimace and contort with his own pleasure, seeming to enjoy the struggle as Jaxley strained to push him away. When he began to cum, she couldn’t help herself gasping and moaning out loud as it suddenly felt even more extraordinarily erotic. The sensation of feeling him pump his seed deep inside her body terrified her, but her pussy gushed with excitement. More and more cum filled her, and it wasn’t stopping. He yelled, grunting aggressively as he thrust with each thick jet of cum bursting inside her. On and on it went, for an impossibly long duration. Jaxley could feel her stomach bulging with the build up of cum, a hot soup swirling in her belly, each spurt of cum stronger than the last. Professor Claxon held her slender arms tighter, bruising her wrists in an iron grip with one hand, and his fingers on her forehead dug into her scalp. His thumb hooked into the corner of her mouth as his hips thrusted harder and harder. The head of his cock became wedged tight against her cervix and began injecting cum directly into her womb and she was powerless to stop it. It was becoming painful, her body filled with so much cum, his cock seemingly so thick it continued to plug her pussy not letting a single drop escape while it forced ever deeper inside her.
Yet she shook with a continuous orgasm that would not dissipate. The sensation at her clit was overpowering. While the pain of his clawing and thrusting grew rapidly, it was outpaced by the increasing pleasure of the sex, feeling more unbelievably, impossibly good every second. She screamed incoherently, convulsing like a seizure was running through her while she climaxed, once, twice, over and over, non stop. It was an orgasm expanding without end. Jaxley wailed and sobbed in desperation, “NO MORE PLEASE!!!”

Her roommates shook her awake and Jaxley sat up, eyes bugging out, searching the dorm room which seemed entirely foreign for half a moment. She was drenched in sweat and starting to break out in goosebumps in the cold air of the candlelit room. She could feel even more dampness between her legs. She’d cum so hard, she’d squirted. The faces of her roommates looked worried and frightened. Jaxley realized she was panting like she’d just sprinted all the way across campus.
Lacey took Jaxley’s hand and stroked it gently. “Come on now, deep breaths, slow it down... It was just a bad dream.”
Miriam came up to sit on the other side of the bed and stroked Jaxley’s hair, using a hand cloth to wipe her brow. “It’s ok, Jax, you’re awake now,” she looked over her shoulder to Wentisia who was standing at the foot of the bed wringing her hands. “Get her a nightgown or something for Goddess sake!”
Wentisa jumped and looked around frantically.
Miriam and Wentisia were also eighteen, the required minimum age to attend the university, but Lacey was nineteen, her birthday having come a month after the start of the school year.
“Over there,” said Lacey, directing Wentisia to Jaxley’s wardrobe. She then pulled the bed sheet up to cover Jaxley’s chest. Lacey had assumed something of a motherly role within the group of roommates. She had long straight black hair, always left freely flowing, and a strong build but not overly muscular.
Jaxley, starting to come back to reality, tucked the sheet under her arms. She had more of an hourglass figure than Lacey with slightly wider hips and auburn hair, but otherwise the two of them were very similar. Feeling less embarrassed about her nudity than the fact that she was once again being comforted by her roommates after having a sexual nightmare, she looked at Lacey with panicked eyes.
“Did I... say anything?”
Lacey shook her head and fluffed up Jaxley’s pillows to have her sit back against the headboard. “No, you did scream pretty loud this time though,” she said.
“But I, um, I didn’t say anything, right?”
“What are you afraid you said?” Miriam asked with a smirk. Miriam was prone to being sarcastic. With extremely curly light red hair that bounced around playfully, her Irish roots were clear in her freckled face and mild accent.
“No, nothing!” Jaxley replied too quickly.
“That’s none of our business,” said Lacey, “Jaxie, don’t feel bad. You were having a nightmare, even if you said something, it wouldn't mean anything because it was... just. a. nightmare. Right?”
“Didn’t sound like a nightmare to me,” said Miriam looking into Jaxley’s eyes. “Who was he?” she teased.
“I... uh....” Jaxley put her face in her hands.
“Stop it Miriam!” said Lacey.
“Was it that new boy, Harken? He was totally checking you out in the dining hall the other day is all I’m saying.” Miriam got up and retreated back to her own bed.
“Don’t listen to her, she’s just trying to make light of the situation, but I’m starting to get worried. Have you ever had dreams like this before?” said Lacey.
“No, nothing like these,” Jaxley said feeling hopeless.
“Do you remember anything about them?”
Jaxley began to tear up.
“Hey, hey, it’s alright, probably best you don’t remember then, yeah?” Lacey wiped the tears away.
“Right... you’re right... best I don’t remember,” said Jaxley.
“Lie down and try to get back to sleep. We should all get back to sleep!” Lacey stood and kissed Jaxley on the forehead. “Come on now Wentisia, she doesn’t need her gown afterall, just go back to bed.”
Wentisia was a thin, frail looking waif. Extremely pale skin and white-blond hair that defied control made her look ghostly even in warm lighting. She caught Jaxley’s eye for a moment, and before turning away, Jaxley thought there was a knowing look in her eyes. “Good night,” she said sheepishly, “I hope you don’t have any more nightmares.”
“Yeah, send them my way,” Miriam joked, “I could use a good ‘nightmare,’” she said using finger quotes.
Wintesa looked at Mirium like she’d just wished for death, but didn’t say anything and slinked back to her own bed.
“Alright, enough of that, we all need a good night’s rest before classes tomorrow, so lights out.” Lacey got into her bed and snapped her fingers, extinguishing all the candles in the room.
Jaxley pushed the covers off of herself, still feeling wet and sticky. She felt between her legs where the soggy mess of her climax remained and did what she could to use her sheets to wipe herself up quietly. Three times now she’d had to secretly wash her sheets due to these dreams, and they were getting worse. What was she going to do?

Professor Claxon was one of the university’s most senior instructors, having taught the intricacies of written magic for nearly 40 years. While spoken spells and incantations were the most widely used in daily life and thus the focus of most classwork, they had their limitations. The wording had to be short enough to speak quickly and the entire spell had to be held in the mind of the caster for the duration of the speaking. This worked well enough for most simple tasks, but for more complex and subtle needs, a spell needed to be written down.
Claxon was the Inscriptions department head. His lecture hall and adjacent office were lined with entire books dedicated to the formation of complex individual spells. There were spell books that could manifest entire households complete with furniture, books that could animate a kitchen to cook entire seven course meals, and even books which enchanted sports equipment and clothing to play soccer matches against one another. Inscription, the practice of writing out and combining smaller, simple spells in an elegant and purposeful way to make such books, was the work of only a handful of experts around the world, and it was into those exalted ranks that Jaxley wanted to ascend. There was simply no way for her to avoid Claxon while still following her dreams.

Jaxley was, of course, no idiot. She’d passed her highschool exams with top marks, and unlike the majority of students at Arcadia, she was there on a merit scholarship. So, she had immediately considered the possibility that Claxon was using magic to infiltrate her dreams and commit a kind of telepathic rape. Magic being used for criminal purposes, including sexual assault, was not unheard of, but one needed far more evidence than some bad dreams to bring such accusations, let alone against a distinguished and respected professor.
As painful and embarrassing as the memories of those dreams were for her, Jaxley spent her evening hours in the library scribbling down every detail she could remember. If the nightmares were the result of a magical attack, there should be more consistency and structure to them than normal dreaming. But like so many dreams, most of the details evaporated from her memory mere moments after waking up. Her folder was becoming filled with random minutiae of little relevance and small sketches of what she could remember.
Jaxley stared at her useless notes spread out before her in the flickering light of the candles. In a fit of frustration, she scratched out the notes with her pen so hard that she tore into the papers; then with a grunt, swept them at the wicker waste bin across the table from her where the pages scattered like leaves falling in autumn. The little outburst broke the silence of the library and the handful of students nearby looked up, startled. Jaxley gave them a weak smile and rose to collect the papers she’d tossed.
As she knelt by the bin picking up the pages, which were still ultimately her only evidence, she saw Wentisia peeking around the bookshelves, watching her. The two of them had never really connected despite being dorm mates. They had only one class together, Intro to Manifestation, which was a standard core requirement, but Jaxley suspected Wentisia didn’t really connect with anyone. As soon as their eyes met, Wentisia disappeared down the aisle. Jaxley was about to dismiss it as typical behavior from the wisp of a girl who was skittish even about normal things, let alone outbursts from an unstable roommate who kept frightening her in the middle of the night. But the look in her eyes in that moment before she turned and left didn’t feel like her typical social anxiety. In fact, as Jaxley thought back to the other night, she was certain she’d seen the same almost knowing look in Wentisia’s eyes. She’d simply been too shaken in the moment to recognize it. Dropping the crumpled bits of notes, Jaxley jumped to her feet and ran as calmly as possible to look down the aisle Wentisia had just disappeared into. She was in time to see the end of Wentisia’s white scarf flitter away around the corner at the far end. Hurriedly, Jaxley followed.
“Wenny! Wenny!” she loud-whispered at the girl’s back as it retreated almost as quickly. “Wentisia! Wait, please!”
Rounding another aisle of book shelves, Wentisia finally stopped and peered back around it.
Doing her best to act casual, Jaxley walked quickly, glancing around to make sure no one else was within earshot.
“Thanks, you uh... you sure do walk fast don’t you?” Jaxley forced a smile. “I wanted to ask you, I mean...” Jaxley’s mind came up blank. What was she going to say? ‘Do you know anything about who’s been raping me in my dreams?’ it would be absurd. “Uh... did you write down which chapter we were supposed to read in Manifest?”
It took the white-blond girl a heartbeat to relax. “Oh, yes, yes I did. It was um... chapter seven, fungus, I think.”
“Fungus! Of course, I knew it was something to do with plants.”
“They’re not really plants at all.”
“Fungi. They’re not plants like trees or grass.”
“Right, yes. Totally different. Listen!” Jaxley jumped right to it before the girl could run away again. “I uh, I wanted to say I’m sorry. About the other night. Waking everyone up like that. I feel so stupid, I don’t know what...”
“It’s not your fault.”
“Thanks, I mean I know that, but still,” Jaxley looked down at her feet.
“They’re really bad aren’t they?”
“Yeah, they um...” It was suddenly impossible to find words to describe the dreams. But Wentisia looked at her with such understanding it was palpable. “You know what it’s like don’t you?”
Wentisia’s jaw trembled, and she nodded curtly.
“Then it’s not just bad dreams is it?” Jaxley stating it out loud was the first time she felt confident that it was true.
Quiet tears ran down Wentisia’s face, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” she whispered and hid her face behind the corner of the bookshelf.
“Wenny, what are you sorry for? It’s not your fault!”
“I knew. I knew the first night you had a nightmare that what had happened to me was happening to you. I should have said something. I should have...”
Jaxley hugged her awkward roommate and shed a few tears herself. “No, honey, no no. It’s ok, you don’t have to be sorry for anything. I should have been honest with all of you about what was happening from the start!”
The two young women consoled one another, finding a modicum of comfort in simply knowing that they were no longer alone, and that they were not imagining things. Someone at Arcadia University was attacking them.

They spent the remaining hour before the library was closed going over what each of them could remember from their nightmares. Wentisia had been assaulted in a grove of cherry trees, the branches growing and twisting to entrap her arms and legs, before Claxon had his way with her while she was imobile. Wentisia had also experienced the humiliation of enjoying the encounter against her will. She had woken up without making any noise only because Claxon had gagged her with fistfuls of cherry blossoms in her dream. Wentisia was so embarrassed by the intensity of it that she didn’t dare mention the experience to anyone. It was two nights later, when Jaxley had her first nightmare, that Wentisia suspected they’d experienced something similar, but she couldn’t be sure.
Since then, Wentisia had been doing her own research on dream magic, but it was going slowly. Purely mental magics, such as mind reading or causing a subject to have visions was an advanced proficiency and usually required proximity to the subject and line of sight. Claxon was nowhere near them at the time of the assaults as far as they knew, but he was also one of the most talented and capable wizards in the entire school; and the normal limitations on spells often did not apply to written magics, which were his specialty. All told, they had few leads and little they could be sure of.
They finally returned to their dorm room close to eleven o’clock.
“I was about to send out a search party!” said Lacey as she put down the book she was reading.
“What? For us?” asked Jaxley.
“Not for you, for Wenny!” laughed Miriam. “She’s never out this late!”
“Well I didn’t figure you’d both be together,” said Lacey. There was a brief pause. “What? It’s not like you two ever hung out together before!”
Wentisia went to her bed, eyes on the floor, and pulled out her dressing screen to change into her nightgown.
“Nice,” said Miriam.
“What?” Lacey looked at Miriam and Jaxley, “Wenny, I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just obvious you don’t really have uh, I mean, you like to spend time alone. That’s all.” She looked back at her other two roommates, “There’s nothing wrong with that!”
The other girls got undressed and into bed without further discussion. Lacey snapped out all but the bedside candles as usual and resumed reading her book. Wentisia crept into bed and blew out her candle right away. Miriam made a few notes in her planner, blew out her candle a few minutes later, and closed her eyes.
But going to sleep had become fraught with tension for Jaxley and Wentisia. Jaxley blew out her candle and laid back. The two young women watched one another in the light of Lacey’s candle, knowing how the other was feeling. Jaxley let out an irritated sigh and Wentisia let out a quieter one of her own in solidarity. The minutes passed by slowly, but neither of them could get to sleep, nor did they want to. Half an hour later, the two of them were the only ones still awake. Lacey had fallen asleep with her book open on her chest. Jaxley snapped and Lacey's candle flickered. She tried it again, but still couldn't manage it. Wentisia snapped and the flame snuffed out.
“Thanks,” Jaxley whispered.
Wentisia acknowledged with a soft “mm hmm.”
As their eyes adjusted to the dim moonlight that managed to make it through the sheer curtains over Lacey’s bed, the stacks of books on desks, the piles of clothes, and the hanging wall decorations in the room took on new shapes. Half seen in shadow, the safe, ordinary clutter seemed to come alive with ill intent.
Jaxley’s body heat was finally warming up her comforter to the point of coziness, but her mind was still far too agitated to sleep. Wentisia tossed to and fro across the room from her. Miriam began to snore and it was only because the sound drew Jaxley’s attention that she saw it. A heavy sulfurous smoke crept from under their door, near Miriam’s bed. It billowed upward in seconds as if blown in from outside and seemed to drift with a nonexistent draft covering the entire floor of their dorm room in a dense haze. Wentisia was lying on her side, looking towards the window and hadn’t noticed it. Jaxley sat up to shout for the others to wake, but the room filled with the smog-like vapor before she could yell. Her quick inhale became the last clean air she was able to get before the room was engulfed. Jaxley held her breath. The smog was too thick to see anything. In a few moments, Miriam’s snoring ceased and with the heightened senses that a rush of adrenaline grants, Jaxley could hear each of her roommates breathing deeply in a drug induced sleep.
Jaxley groped for the wand at her bedside frantically trying to think of what to do. They had recently been studying how to manipulate the basic elements in Manifestation and Jaxley used her last breath to speak the incantation for multiplying an amount of clean air around her head. A bubble of clear air formed in front of her face and she gasped, refilling her now burning lungs. The smog was quick to infiltrate the new pocket of air however, and it was all Jaxley could do to manifest a fresh breath every few seconds. Even then, she was still inhaling some of the thick smog each time and felt more dizzy with each breath. After a few minutes, Jaxley was slurring her words and the spell no longer worked. Jaxley slumped down back onto her pillows and fought to keep her eyes open, but her head began to nod and she knew that soon, she wouldn’t be able to stay awake any longer.

Breathing deeply, Jaxley snapped her head up a final time just as the smog cleared the room. Obviously responding to a magical force, the sickly yellow smoke reversed its earlier advancement and curled itself back down and out under the bedroom door. Jaxley inhaled fresh cold air again and suppressed a sense of nausea as her head began to clear.
Before she could rise to check on her roommates, the bedroom door opened and the silhouette of Professor Claxon stood looming. With a quietly muttered spell and a curt flick of his wand, the comforter on Jaxley’s bed began to squeeze around her body, holding her down. She tried to scream, but instead, only an abundance of saliva erupted from her throat with the stinging aftertaste of sulfur. She choked it back down, but every time she attempted to speak or utter any sound, her mouth flooded with saliva.
She watched helplessly in the dark as the figure of Claxon entered the room and turned its back on her, making its way to Wentisia who lay fast asleep. Claxon shifted a leather messenger bag forward on his body and withdrew a thick leather bound tome. Tapping it with his wand, it hovered in the air and opened for his perusal. Casually moving his wand again, the bedsheets and covers rolled off of Wentisia and her nightgown’s laces untied. More subtle wandwork had her body hovering a few inches in the air and her nightgown slipped off of her body. Wentisia’s pale, freckled skin practically glowed in the moonlight. Her white-blond hair drifted lazily in the magic of the hovering spell. Her arms spread out to her sides. Goosebumps spread across her skin and her pale pink nipples hardened in the cool air, but she did not wake.
Claxon leered over her body and touched a finger to her clavicle, drawing it slowly down her cleavage, between her breasts, over her bellybutton, then pressed it into the fold of her vagina before bringing it to his tongue.
Claxon turned to his book and flipped several pages before beginning his cast. Reading from the book, he muttered the spells in a rhythmic chanting, keeping his tone even and well paced. The book turned its own pages as he read. Wentisia’s body rotated side to side and she flinched, grimacing as the spell unfolded. Claxon continued to read from the book as he reached his hand out once more between her legs and pushed two fingers into her vagina. Wentisia moaned and spread her legs apart. Claxon pressed harder, burying his two middle fingers completely in her flesh. Wentisia’s hips rocked gently up and down in a fucking motion. Claxon withdrew his now glistening fingers and ran them up her body much as he’d done before, but continued up her neck, over her chin, and put them into her mouth. Wentisia sucked on his fingers and moaned, licking between them and sighing in lustful delight.
He came to the end of his chant and a faint point of light hovered in the air between Claxon’s and Wentisia’s foreheads. The book closed itself and he put it back into his messenger bag. As the point of light grew to the brightness of a candle flame, Claxon undressed and let Wentisia’s body come to rest back down on her bed. Wentisia was moaning more frequently now, her body twitching and jerking as she dreamed. Claxon mounted her and with a soft grunt and a quiet moist noise, he penetrated her. As the young woman beneath him dreamed, Claxon began to fuck her. Moving his hips slowly at first, pulling her legs up to gain more penetration, and then faster as he got into the pleasure of it. His own soft exhales of delight matched her moans and yelps.
Jaxley wept, watching her friend be violated, feeling helpless. The comforter was still firmly holding her in place and anything she uttered above a quiet deep breath would threaten to drown her in her own spit. But she still had hold of her wand and Claxon, it seemed, was unaware that she was still conscious.
Focusing her mind on the spell was hard with the slap, slap, slapping sound of Claxon’s body thrusting against Wentisia, but it was the only chance she had. Curling her free hand inward so that the back of her hand was pushing up against the comforter, Jaxley managed to gain enough space under the covers to snap her fingers. She pressed her middle finger against her thumb as hard as she could and doing her best to ignore the moaning and bed creaking from Wentisia, she let it flick against the palm of her hand. The muffled thump of her snap caused a brief spark in the wick of her own bedside candle, but it didn’t ignite. Jaxley pushed her hand up against the covers again and strained to snap as loudly as possible, but once more a dull thump resulted in nothing substantial. Letting go of her wand, Jaxley used both hands on her third attempt, and grunted loudly with the exertion! Two clear, albeit quieted snaps erupted from under her covers. Saliva gushed out of her mouth and poured over her chin, but the spell had worked. All the candles in the room burst into flame flooding the room in light!
Jaxley coughed and spit up trying to clear her throat, but the coughing itself only caused more saliva to pour forth. But she’d accomplished her goal. Claxon leapt up off of his victim, his wand in his hand instantly and it took only a second for him to center his attention on Jaxley.
He pointed his wand at the bedroom door, which swung shut quietly, then he snapped his own fingers re-extinguishing all of the candles but Jaxley’s.
As she spluttered and spit forth saliva, Claxon approached her calmly. Something of a silver fox, Claxon was in good shape, his body not muscular, but well kept. His chest and legs were hairy and he sported a nest of curly pubic hair out of which his sizeable erect penis, dripping with the evidence of Wentisia’s arousal, stood out.
The spark of light between him and Wentisia had vanished but Jaxley’s petite roommate continued to moan and writhe in her bed. She rocked back and forth, legs apart, arms flailing as she fought off unknown imaginary forces.
“I’m impressed,” Claxon said in his lecturer’s voice. “Pyrotechnics was not a segment you excelled in if I recall. Doing that,” he gestured around at the now cold candles, “under duress, quite a performance from a freshman.”
Jaxley struggled to breathe. Her eyes now watering terribly, it was becoming impossible to get a breath without inhaling gobs of spit.
“Oh, I’m afraid that little spell has but one remedy. A little twist for my own amusement, you see.” Claxon walked up onto Jaxley’s bed and knelt down over her chest. Looking down at her frothing mouth, he pointed his cock at her lips, “my semen.” Pushing himself into her mouth he explained as though he were giving a speech at the front of his classroom, “You’ll need to make me cum, then swallow my seed. It’s the only way to stop the saliva manifestation.”
Jaxley whimpered as the hard fleshy cock, tasting of Wentisia’s pussy, entered her mouth.
“I like more sucking than licking, just a little tip,” said Claxon with a fatherly grin.
Bound under the enchanted bedding and crying in desperation, Jaxley sucked as Claxon pumped himself in out of her mouth and combed his fingers through her hair, lovingly. Behind them, Wentisia’s moans grew louder and more frequent.
“Suck harder my dear,” chided Claxon, “I don’t know how much longer poor Wenny there can hold out before her mind breaks.”
Jaxley sucked in slimy air through her nose managing to stave off unconsciousness while Claxon pushed his cock down into her throat. He humped quicker as Jaxley's jaw strained to suck as hard as she could. “Oh yes... you’re doing fine my darling!” Claxon began to sigh happily. Jaxley’s strength began to give out as the gushing saliva seemed to only get worse. “You’re almost there honey! Don’t give up now!” Claxon grabbed a fistful of her hair and forcefully fucked her throat, smashing his pelvis into her nose repeatedly while panting out, “ahh ahhh, ahhhhh,” until he tensed up and Jaxley could feel the cum pulsing through his urethra against her tongue.
Swallowing painfully, Jaxley wondered how long it would take for the spell to lift. When Claxon was spent, he withdrew himself and climbed down off of the bed. Gurgling and spluttering, Jaxley looked at the professor and waited for the effects of the spell to dissipate. Claxon squeezed his dick, wiping the copious amount of spit off of himself before looking over to the young woman that he’d just forced his semen into. “Oh yes, sorry,” he tapped his wand to her throat and uttered a complex sounding foreign language spell. The saliva stopped gushing and Jaxley gasped fresh air once more!
Claxon chuckled, “I do apologize, that the whole thing about needing my semen to cure the spell,” he shook his head as he laughed at his own joke, “I just made that up.”
Jaxley wept. It hardly mattered, she’d been raped, again, and there was nothing she could do about it.
“Well, you can’t blame me, you were being a very naughty girl now, weren’t you?”
Claxon cast an eye over the still sleeping Miriam and Lacey. “Pitty I don’t have the energy for all of you tonight. I’m not as young as I once was!” He looked back at Jaxley, “I should probably think about retiring soon, don’t you think?” He grinned, “Move out to the coast, somewhere warm... with lots of young coeds frolicking on the beach in tiny bikinis. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?”
Wentisia screamed, flailing madly, lifting her ass up in the air, her pussy deep red, swollen and gushing as she climaxed. Gentle streams of squirt ran down her legs and butt crack to drip into a small puddle beneath her.
“Oh! Now isn’t that a sight!” said Claxon. “But sadly, it does signal that my departure is imminent.” Claxon leaned over Jaxley and kissed her forehead. “Until next time, sweetie!”
Wentisia’s body shook, flopping up and down like a fish out of water while she wailed, “Fuck me! Fuck me!! HARDER!! HARDER!!! MORE!!! YES! FUCK ME!!!”

Jaxley’s head snapped up. She had fallen asleep after all. Her comforter was loose and warm. She was not covered in her own saliva, and Wentisia was still in her nightgown, still under her own covers, unmoving. But she was yelling.
“Fuck me!! Harder!! FUCK ME!!!” Wentisia screamed and then sat bolt upright.
Lacey snapped the candles into life and looked around at Jaxley.
“Oh Goddess not again!” Miriam stirred and sat up, rubbing her eyes. She looked over at Jaxley as well.
Jaxley shook her head at Lacey and Miriam, then jumped out of bed, not even pausing to put on her robe. She rushed over to Wentisia’s bedside where the girl looked even more pale if that was possible.
Wentisia’s eyes darted around the room like a trapped wild animal. Jaxley hugged Wentisia to her chest and rocked her back and forth. “It’s over, it’s over. You’re safe now.”
“What the hell is going on?” Miram dropped her usual sarcasm and looked over to Lacey who just shrugged, looking equally confused.
“It’s over. You’re safe. You’re safe,” repeated Jaxley. She looked up to the other roommates, “Get dressed, we have something to tell you. We may all be in danger.”

They sat in a circle in the center of the floor, all except Wentisia, who remained in her bed, sitting up, hugging her knees and clutching a blanket around herself. They’d stripped her bed of its soiled sheets while Jaxley explained the types of dreams they’d been having, but now, Wentisia just stared out of the window at the stars.
“I’m sorry, there’s just no way,” Lacey shook her head, “You have to be mistaken, or there’s something else going on.”
“They’ve both had the dreams Lacey, what else do you think it is?” said Miriam.
“We know how crazy it sounds, believe me,” said Jaxley, “but this can’t be a coincidence. Not only have Wenny and I both had the same kind of dreams involving Claxon, but now we’ve both had the same dream about him on the same night!”
“But did you?” said Lacy. “Wentisia hasn’t actually said what her dream was about.”
“Wenny?” asked Miriam, getting up to go sit by her side. “It would help us if you could say what did happen to you... in the dream.”
Wentisia wiped a tear away, but only stared out of the window.
“It was traumatic, that’s all we need to know,” said Jaxley.
Lacey was still unconvinced, “That’s not all we need to know! Look, Claxon has been teaching here for most of his life. If he’s been... doing things, don’t you think anyone would have noticed before now?”
“Maybe he just started!” Jaxley pushed back.
“At, what is he now? He’s got to be in his late sixties, hasn’t he?” said Miriam.
Lacey continued the argument, “and even if he was doing this, do you really think he’d be stupid enough to leave you with the memory of it? I mean if he can do the things you’ve said, he could probably wipe your minds of it all too, could’t he?”
“Look, I don’t have all the answers! But four times now I’ve been raped, RAPED, in my dreams by professor Claxon. I won’t just ignore it! I can’t!”
Miriam patted Wentisia on the back and went back to her place on the floor. “No one is saying you should ignore it Jax, but...”
Lacey tried to look sympathetic, “but we don’t know what is really happening. We need more information. I know the man, he’s stuck up, but I can’t believe he’d do this. For all we know you could both be suffering from some illness, or a side effect of some magic gone wrong.”
Jaxley wasn’t having any of it. “You’re just defending him because your rich daddy got you a sweet connection to be his assistant!”
“Don’t you start with that ‘rich daddy’ ... nonesense! I’ve earned my place here, damn it! I don’t need everyone looking at me like I’m only here because my family bought a wing of the building.”
Miriam’s eyes popped, “your family really did buy a wing of the place?!”
“Oh yeah!” said Jaxley, “They’ve got clout!”
“Can we please get back to the point!” Lacey was stuggling to contain her aggrivation, “This is not about my family!”
“Sounds like it is to me,” said Miriam.
“Stay out of this!” snapped Lacey.
“It was a minotaur...” Wentisia’s small voice broke. She cleared her throat and looked down at the faces of the other girls sitting on the floor. “In my dream, Claxon put me in a... a dungeon, with a minotaur.” She paused expecting to be spoken over as she always was, but her roommates waited patiently. “I can’t remember everything, but he was so big, so big. He cornered me and he ripped my dress off and, and then... I couldn’t stop him. His breath, right against my face,” Wentisia closed her eyes and held her hand up next to her cheek. “He, pushed his tongue in my mouth. But it was like, a dog’s tongue, like a big dog.”
She looked at her roommates. Jaxley’s face was kind and empathetic, Miriam looked horrified, and Lacey looked at the floor, glancing up with pity.
Wentisia continued, “but I... I wanted more. In the dream, it felt so good. And Claxon was watching. I wanted him to watch. I needed him to see me... with the minotaur.” Wentisia’s face was full of disgust. “He just picked me up. Like it was nothing. Like I was some toy and he, he...” Wentisia stared out the window again, fresh tears falling, “He, began having sex with me, and it, it hurt. He was so big, it was, he had... it was like a horse... thing.”
“Goddess! Wenny...” Miriam whispered, putting a hand over her mouth.
“But I’d never felt so... aroused?” Wentisia wiped more tears away. “But it wasn’t enough. It felt so good, and Claxon was watching us, and I... I wanted more and more and the minotaur, he did it harder and harder and, deeper. Until I thought I was going to die, but I didn’t care. I just wanted Claxon to see me being... being...” Wentisia began to weep. “And it felt SO gooood! And I knew I would die, but I didn’t care! It didn’t matter. And then Claxon WAS the minotaur and I would die to make him feel as good as I did.”
Miriam was now crying too, and Lacey looked defeated.
Jaxley fixed her with a stare, “We have to do something.”
“Fine,” Lacey looked at Miriam and then up at Wentisia, “Fine! I agree, yes we need to do something, but let’s not do anything rash.”
Miriam stood up, outraged, and paced “She doesn’t want to do anything rash! Rash! No, no no no! Of course not. We won’t do anything rash, I’m just gonna kill him, that’s all!”
“Shut up!” Lacey got to her feet too, arms crossed.
“What? You think we should just go up to big ‘ol professor Claxey and ask him nicely: ‘oh, sorry to bother you mister important big man, but did you mind rape my friend last night, and like also four other times? Just asking, no biggie!’”
“Don’t be stupid, Miriam, it’s not a good look on you!” said Lacey.
“Shut up both of you!” Jaxley looked up at them, commanding their respect without standing up. “I hate to admit it, but Lacey’s right.”
Miriam looked whiplashed, “What?”
“We don’t have anything! We have two freshmen girls who’ve had a few bad dreams, that’s it! That’s all! I wish it wasn’t true, but Lacey is only saying what everyone else will eventually say too if we come forward now. That there must be some other explanation. We need proof!”
“What kind of proof?” Miriam asked.
Jaxley looked up at Lacey, “You know what we need to get. You work with him, you’re his teaching assistant, you can get it.”
Lacey looked down thinking hard, “First of all I’m not his TA! I’m a glorified gofer. And second, no I can’t get it. It’s not that easy, are you crazy?”
Jaxley wasn't about to take no for an answer. “Then we’ll figure it out whatever it takes, but, can. you. get. it?”
Lacey sighed, “I don’t see that we have a choice. But I’ll need help.”
“What are we getting?” Miriam looked thoroughly confused.
“The book,” said Lacey, “the one he used tonight. We need to get Claxon’s personal tome.”

Miriam read from a text in an isolated corner of the library while the other girls hovered over her. “When some wizards reach a level of expertise and knowledge so advanced and varied that keeping it all fresh in memory becomes cumbersome, many choose to utilize a personal tome. A cross between a diary and cookbook of cherished magical recipes you’ve perfected and tweaked over the course of your lifetime, a personal tome is both a powerful tool and a liability. While it will enable you to routinely use highly specialized magics quickly and efficiently, a tome may also lay bare much of your closest held secrets and feelings. Because of this, any wizard who decides to keep one, is also advised to keep it well protected. Other concerns to be aware of when creating your own personal tome are becoming too dependent on it and...”
“What do they mean by ‘well protected’?” Wentisia asked.
“Just what it sounds like,” said Lacey. “You know that leather messenger bag that Claxon carries? It’s not just for school papers. I’ve been watching him, he keeps it on his person at all times.”
“And I’ll bet it has some pretty serious guardian spells on it too,” said Jaxley.
Their basic plan was to use the same strategy Claxon had used on them. Wait until he was asleep, keep him asleep, and then take the book. Once they had it, getting it open and inspecting it would be an unknown challenge, but one that they could work at their own pace.

Back at their dorm room, sitting in a circle on the floor again, they brainstormed ideas.
“What about getting into his quarters from outside, like a window?” Jaxley offered.
Lacey shook her head, “there’s bars on the windows.”
“Are you sure? I scoped them out this afternoon. I didn’t see any bars.”
“Aesthetic enchantment, you can’t see them from the outside, but they’re there. I’m telling you, the Inscription wing is fortified way more than people realize. And Claxon’s quarters, specifically, have even further protections, probably more than he’ll even tell me.”
“But why?” Miriam looked at a map Lacey had drawn of Claxon’s quarters.
“He says it’s to prevent students from meddling with their grades and assignments, but I think the truth is that some of the research he’s done is highly competitive. He’s paranoid about someone else stealing his work and getting the credit.”
“So we get him someplace away from his quarters,” Jaxley pressed on.
Miriam spoke up, “he’s old, he must take a nap in the teacher’s lounge or someplace like that, doesn’t he?”
Again Lacey shook her head. “He takes a regular break between classes at 3:30 in the lounge, yes, but he always drinks a special, strong tea to keep alert. The kitchens supply him directly with it.”
“Damn,” Miriam sounded as frustrated as the rest of them.
“No, no wait, that’s perfect!” Jaxley got excited, “we just need to doctor his tea! He sleeps, we get the tome, and then we get it open!”

It took several more days before they were ready to execute the heist. Lacey, using her insider position as his assistant, made note of exactly how professor Claxon retrieved his personal tome from his bag. Miriam found a way to gain access to the special tea by volunteering to help in the kitchens under the pretense of wanting to learn more about cooking magic for a possible career as a chef. Jaxley worked on stealth magics to enter the teachers lounge unnoticed and practiced the procedure for opening Claxon’s bag. Wentisia was to act as look out and divert anyone attempting to enter the teacher’s lounge while Jaxley was inside.

By the appointed day, each of them felt confident of success, despite the knots twisting in their stomachs. If they were caught, they risked not only expulsion and potential criminal charges, but more importantly, they would have blown their best opportunity to expose professor Claxon and put a stop to his terrible assaults.
At breakfast the girls sat eating together in silence, none of them having slept much the night before. The school day morning proceeded as usual, seeming to drag on forever as the seconds ticked by, but 3:00 in the afternoon came before they knew it and it was time for action. Miriam rushed off to the kitchens to make sure she could be there to prepare Claxon’s tea before someone else got to it. Wentisia set herself up to “study” in one of the smaller empty classrooms where she could keep an eye on the hallway with the entrance to the teacher’s lounge. Jaxley accompanied her with a change of enchanted clothes she would use to enter the lounge, and Lacey was with professor Claxon performing her duties as his assistant.

In the classroom, Wentisia leaned out of the doorway and looked left to right. “It’s clear.”
Jaxley quickly stripped, laying her school clothes on one of the desks and pulled a pair of plain brown slacks and a black long sleeve shirt out of her bag. She shivered more with nerves than with the cool air as she put them on. Wentisia sat down and angled her desk to look out of the doorway at the lounge’s door across the hall. She nervously tapped her fingers on a book open in front of her when something caught her eye.
“Where did these clothes come from?” she whispered to herself. She stood and looked down on Jaxley’s school uniform.
“Those are just mine,” said Jaxley as she tied her plain brown sneakers.
“What the?!” Wentisia spun around and looked at Jaxley in surprise. It took her a moment to focus on Jaxley’s face, but then she began to relax. “Oh goddess! Those clothes enchants are pretty good. I totally forgot you were even here!”
“Well that’s promising, hopefully they’ll work just as well in the lounge.” Jaxley put her hair back in a loose ponytail and put on a plain black ball cap. “Is the hallway still clear?”
“AAhh!” Wentisia jumped and looked at Jaxley in shock. “OH GODDESS!” she shook her fists in frustration, “yes... it’s still clear, you better go!”

In the kitchens, Miriam’s hands shook as she reached for her apron. She forced herself to take two deep breaths and then walked as casually as she knew how to the cabinet where Claxon’s special tea was kept. She greeted the full time kitchen staff who were busy monitoring the enchanted knives and utensils as they prepared for the evening meal. With the chopping sound of vegetables being cut up behind her, Miriam took down the tea and a pot, but added only half the normal amount of tea into it. She then magically manifested boiled water poured it in to steep.

Meanwhile, Lacey was shuffling a stack of papers from a quiz professor Claxon had given his second year class. The students left the lecture hall in a trickle as they finished the test, some looking calm and unworried, some looking pained and full of dread.
“Seems like a lot of them don’t feel too confident after this one...” Lacey said. She glanced over at Claxon who was working at his desk. “sir,” she added.
“This quiz tends to separate the wheat from the chaff as it were,” he looked down his nose at his papers while he worked. “I like to give a bit of a push at this point in the class. The ones who will ultimately succeed will have scroed at least an 85%, the rest, well...” he looked up at Lacey, “best they figure out now that they’re not cut out for it rather than waste their time.”
“Of course sir.” Lacy stacked the papers along with her other books and picked them up. The last student left the room, looking despondent after having overheard Claxon’s last comment.
“Alright, let’s go,” Claxon rose and walked off toward the exit without looking back to see if Lacey was managing to keep up.

Jaxley poked her head out of the classroom doorway and confirmed there was no one there before tiptoeing to the teacher’s lounge. She put her hand on the knob, half expecting alarms to go off, and opened the door slowly. Inside, two professors sat at a small table eating a late lunch while they graded papers. They looked up when the door closed, but then they went right back to their work, not seeming to notice Jaxley at all. The room was cozy, partially divided into a small kitchenette with snacks and drinks and a more comfortable lounge with couches, easy chairs, and a fireplace at the far end. Jaxley had been told what to expect and made her way as unobtrusively as possible to the far end of the fireplace and leaned casually against the wall to wait.

Miriam placed the teapot on a tray with a cup and saucer, a miniature carafe of cream, and a sugar bowl. She picked it up and spun around, nearling knocking the whole thing out of her hands when she bumpped into Mrs. Lents, the head of the kitchens.
“Whatch yourself there dearie!” the portly woman said as she waved her wand to retrieve a pile of mushrooms and then maniuplated a pair of knives to dice them.
“Yes, ma’am, sorry!” Miriam’s pulse quickened.
“That the tea for professor Claxon then, is it?”
“Um, yes ma’am.”
“Give it to Gladas there, she’ll deliver it. GLADAS!!!”
“Oh it’s no problem, I can take it!”
“I need you to get the chickens out for tonight and start cutting them up.”
Gladas hurried over and took the tray with both hands.
“Oh but it’s really no trouble. I’ll be right back.” She did not let go of the tray.
“Gladas needs to make the rounds to collect the used dishes, and anyhow, they really don’t like letting students into the lounge, you understand.”
Gladus tugged the tray out of Miriam’s hands and turned to leave, giving her an annoyed look.
Miriam nearly had a heart attack. “Wait!” she shouted before Gladas had left the kitchens. Miriam raced over to the tray, withrawing the tiny jar of sleeping agent from her pocket as discretely as possible. “I uhhh... I think I forgot to add the tea! I might have just put hot water in the pot!” She lifted the lid of the teapot and made a show of leaning over it to waft the steam towards her face. “ohhhh good, it’s fine, I... ahh... ahhh” Miriam made an exaggerated expression of preparing to sneeze and then let loose right into Gladas’s face. “AAHHH CHOOO!!!” At the same time, she poured the sleeping agent into the teapot. “Oh my Goddess! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!!!”
Gladas reeled and blinked like mad, but holding the tray, she couldn’t do anything else.
Miriam pocketed the empty jar and used her wand to retrieve a dishcloth, dabbing it all over Gladas’s face.
Gladas reeled back again away from Miriam. “Yes, that’s, that’s fine! It’s FINE!” she shouted. She set the tray down and jerked the rag out of Miriam’s hands to wipe off her own face.
Miriam peered up at her sheepishly until Gladas had recovered. “Well then... better deliver that tea before it gets cold!” Miriam smiled big and shoved the tray into Glada’s stomach, “I’ve got to cut up some chickens. See you later!”

Wentisia heard the footsteps and voices of professor Claxon and Lacey approach from the hall and hid herself against the wall next to her classroom’s doorway as they entered the teachers lounge.
Inside, Claxon went directly to his usual chair near the fireplace. Jaxley stood still as he passed less than three feet from her without any sign he’d seen her. Claxon shifted his messenger bag and sat with it wedged beside him. He waved Lacey over impatiently. “Let’s have the quizes, I’ll grade them now. No sense waiting and having half the class beating down my door to find out how they did.”
“Yes sir,” Lacey shifted the books and papers in her arms to hand him the stack of quizzes. She stood beside his chair like a footman, casting glances around, trying to locate Jaxley. Her eyes hesitated beside the fireplace where she knew Jaxley should be, but it took an effort of concentration before she was able to make eye contact with her cohort. The two girls waited patiently while Claxon leaned forward over the small coffee table marking the exams.

Outside in the hallway, Wentisia held her breath, wondering how long it would take for the whole frightening business to be over. An irritated looking kitchen worker that Wentisia had never seen before came rushing down the hallway.
“Oh Goddess, no please!” Wentisia had prayed she wouldn't need to distract anyone, but the fewer people in the lounge the better for their plans. She stepped out right in front of the teacher’s lounge and braced herself.
Gladas approached the door and looked at Wentisia.
Wentisia stood and stared off down the hallway, acting like she didn’t see Gladas.
Gladas cleared her throat and moved to push past Wentisia.
Wentisia fidgeted a few inches to block her way.
“‘scuse me dear, you’re blocking the doorway,” Gladas said gruffly.
“Oh?! Am I?” Wentisia looked at the door as if she’d never seen a door before, “Oh! Ummm, no see, I’m afraid the door isn’t working right now.”
“What you mean the door ain’t working?”
Wentisia shrugged, “It’s um, broken?” She clasped her hands together in front of her thighs to keep them from trembling.
Gladas looked at her like she was insane. “Oohhh Kaaay... listen I don’t have time for this, let me deliver this tea, or you’ll have to take it up with professor Claxon.”
Wentisia looked down at the tray in Gladas’s hands and her eyes widened. “wha... where’s um... I mean I thought... isn’t Miriam bringing the tea?”
“No!” Gladas’s eyes flared, “Miriam aint ‘bringing the tea,’” she mocked Wintesia’s soprano voice, “she’s got work to do. You wanna meet up with your little girlfriend, you do it on your time. Now, you gonna let me in or not?”
Wentisia bowed sheepishly and let Gladas pass, “sorry, I uh...” and then skittered down the hallway.

Gladas walked into the teacher’s lounge in a huff, stomped over to Claxon and presented him with the tray, looking down with mounted irritation at the coffee table now covered in exams with no room for the tray.
Lacey spoke up, “oh sir, your tea is here! Did you want to take a break? Here let me move those for you!” She bent down and reached out to scoop up the exams.
Claxon waved her away, “not now!” He looked up at Gladas over the rims of his glasses. “Just set it in the kitchen.”
Gladas rolled her eyes but did as she was told. She set the tray down in the kitchenette with a clank as the pot and cup rattled, then went about gathering the empty dishes for return to the kitchens.
Lacey forced herself to wait until Gladas was gone and then tried again, “I’ll just get your tea for you,” Lacey moved towards the kitchenette and poured a cup, adding the cream and sugar the way she knew Claxon liked.
“No tea,” said Claxon, not looking up from the exams.
“Sir?” Lacey’s voice spiked, “No tea? Are you sure, it... it’s just a little pick me up!”
“Don’t need it,” he said calmly.
Lacey set the cup down and looked towards the fireplace where she knew Jaxley would be even if her mind would not let her notice it.
“Yes... yes sir.” Lacey looked down at the cup, closed her eyes and set her jaw before picking it up and walking back over to professor Claxon. “I’ll just have it ready should you change your mind. OH!” Lacey feigned tripping and spilled the tea right over his head!
“Good GODDESSES girl!” he exclaimed and stood up.
Lacey quickly moved to touch his shirt and face in a deliberately incompetent effort to wipe the tea away, while also pulling the messenger bag strap over his head and tossing it beside the fireplace.
“What on earth are you doing?” cried Claxon.
“I’ll have you cleaned up in a minute sir! I... I know a spell for this!” Lacey pulled out her wand and manifested a tablecloth in the air over Claxon’s head where it fell over him and draped down as if he were in a sheet ghost costume.
The other teachers in the room gawked at the spectacle.
With all their attention on Claxon, Lacey was the only one in the room to see Jaxley as she knelt down, grabbed the messenger bag and began waving her wand in the subtle, yet intricate manner needed to open the leather satchel.
“Oh, I’m so sorry sir!” Lacey cried, yanking at the tablecloth to keep Claxon off balance.
Jaxley pried at the flap on the messenger bag, but it didn’t budge. Her heart raced, but she knew she had to remain calm. She repeated the gesture and pulled at the flap again, this time it gave way and she was able to spread open the top of the main bag compartment.
Time seemed to freeze as Jaxley looked down into the bag. Instead of the spine of a well weathered personal tome, she looked into a void, a dark space with twinkling little lights that felt infinitely deep and wide. Professor Claxon’s messenger bag was a Goddess damned BAG OF HOLDING!
Jaxley crouched behind the professor’s chair and began reaching down into the space. Book after book grazed her fingertips. She grabbed one and pulled it out. ‘Advanced structure techniques for spell tomes’ the title read. It was a text book for one of Claxon's advanced courses. She pulled out another, ‘Encyclopedia of Eastern Foul, Illustrated’ and another, ‘Travel Guide for Magical Sightseeing 1984’. Was he carrying around his ENTIRE personal library, Jaxley thought?!
Claxon managed to pull the tablecloth off of himself and fumbled to reset his glasses on his face.
“Oh professor, please forgive me!” Lacey was doing all she could to keep everyone’s attention focused on her. She backed away from Claxon and tripped over the coffee table, scatting the exams across the floor right towards the fireplace. She shrieked and pointed her wand at the flaming logs, blasting a jet of air that not only sent the papers flying more wildly, but also ejected burning embers into the room.
The two other professors leapt to their feet and ran to smother the embers as they began burning holes in the rugs.
Jaxley pulled tome after tome out of the messenger bag, each one looking more trivial than the last; ‘Philosophy of Test Writing’, ‘Recipes for One’, ‘Underground Railways of London and Paris’, but then her fingers caught a black, waxy feeling tome and she pulled it out. ‘Book of Subversion’ the spine read, although the cover had only an elaborate decorative pattern.
She opened the book to a random page and the inked lettering seemed to swirl for a moment before settling into a language that looked like nothing but scratch marks to her. As she squinted at the words, it felt as if the rest of the room grew fuzzy. Her vision was blurred badly and she could no longer smell anything. The sounds of shouting and chaos in the room was muffled and seemed to be coming from the bottom of a well, or rather that she was at the bottom of a well hearing others’ voices echo down from the surface.
Jaxley collapsed, dropped the book and scrambled to crawl away from it. The fibers of the rug beneath her felt like the tips of ten thousand needles bunched together.
Dark figures began to fly around the room, shadowy, with bat-like leather wings, but the size of dogs. They dove at her, nipping little bites before flying off again and circling around for more. Jaxley made it halfway across the room before screaming in terror as she was enveloped by the growing swarm of monsters.
The professors and Lacey had managed to put out the embers from the fire and were setting things right when Claxon’s head snapped around. “Did you hear that?”
“What? I didn’t hear anything!” Lacey said a bit too loudly.
Claxon eyed her with suspicion and uttered a spell that sounded like it was played backwards on a record. A burst of yellow light erupted from the end of his wand and circled the room twice before darting straight into Jaxley where it burst forth like a flare and then went out. For two seconds everyone saw Jaxley, curled up on the floor in her magically uninteresting clothes, curled into a ball, seeming to swat at invisible attackers.
The two other professors looked at one another.
“did you just see...?”
“Yeah, it was... um...?”
“What was I saying?”
“I thought you said something.”
“Me? no...”
And they returned to tidying up the room.
Claxon, however, looked at Lacey. “Was there just... someone...?”
Lacey shrugged and tried shoving some slightly singed exam papers back into his hands.
“Something’s not right,” Claxon waved his wand in the opening gesture and reached for his messenger bag, but noticed for the first time that it was missing. He looked at Lacey, clearly understanding that he had been betrayed. He turned to the spot on the floor where he’d seen Jaxley and blasted it with a powerful stunning spell that blinded everyone in the room.

When Jaxley awoke a stranger was touching her face. Thin but strong male fingers were prying her eyes open and then a blinding light made her flinch. She shrieked and slapped away at his hands.
“It’s alright! It’s alright!” a stranger’s voice said. A man in pale blue scrubs put away his penlight and looked up over her head, “She’s awake! Looks like she’ll be fine.”
The room jerked up and down as if they were having an earthquake and Jaxley reflexively grabbed at the metal rails running along the sides of the small bed she was on. Awareness hit quickly, she was in an ambulance. Her clothes were torn and hung on her like rags, probably so that people wouldn’t keep forgetting and overlooking her presence.
“Professor Claxon...” she looked at the EMT who was attending her.
“Don’t worry, you’re gonna be just fine. You’re lucky Claxon was there, otherwise, the staff might have been tripping over you for days before anyone figured it out.” He prepared a syringe with a clear fluid.
“No... Claxon... he... he...” Jaxley’s mind was still fuzzy.
“What were you doing in there anyway? Trying to fix a bad grade?” The EMT shook his head and squeezed the syringe into an IV line that was already in Jaxley’s arm. “Don’t worry, we’re going to take good care of you.” The kind face of the EMT faded away as Jaxley once more lost consciousness.
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Re: The Book of Subversion
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Very original, EnabranTain! I loved how Professor Claxon used his magic against the girls. Will there be more of this story?
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Re: The Book of Subversion
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Very original, EnabranTain! I loved how Professor Claxon used his magic against the girls. Will there be more of this story?

Oh yes! Sorry, looks like I hit the character limit and didn't realize it! I'll get the rest posted asap!
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Re: The Book of Subversion
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Jaxley returned to Arcadia University a week later once her brain no longer felt like it was swimming in formaldehyde. She could have returned a couple of days earlier, but her mother insisted on using the entire recovery period the doctors had recommended away from the school.
After everything had gone to hell in the teacher’s lounge and an official inquiry had been opened, Lacey, Miriam, and Wentisia had been cooperative, telling the police and the school board the events leading up to their attempt to acquire professor Claxon’s personal tome. The discovery of the ‘Book of Subversion’ in his possession had been ironclad proof of his guilt as far as they were concerned, although he continued to insist he was innocent while in prison. The police’s magical forensics department were still analyzing the tome, but from what they’d been able to decipher in the last week, it contained a variety of clever, yet sadistic spells, all guarded by a particularly nasty defensive spell to prevent prying eyes from reading it.
The school was abuzz with rumor and stories about professor Claxon and it seemed like everyone was telling their own tale of how the old department head had wronged them through unfair tests or impossible homework expectations. His once spotless reputation, not to mention his career, was going down in flames.
Jaxley was just happy to put it all behind her and to finally be able to get a full night’s sleep without crippling anxiety. When she entered her dorm room, Lacey, Miriam, and Wentisia had staged a little surprise welcome home party with streamers and balloons covering her bed and a huge bouquet of flowers on her nightstand. They cried and hugged one another and laughed at how ridiculous their “perfect” plan had been.
“What made us think we’d get away with it?” Miriam asked in the upbeat spirit of the moment, “I mean, it’s a miracle I even got the stuff into his tea, and then Wentisia almost sent Gladas away!”
“That’s not my fault, you were supposed to be bringing it! You told me not to let anyone else in!” Wentisia pouted. “You know how shy I am.”
“Well, turns out it wouldn’t have even mattered!” laughed Jaxley.
“Oh Goddess!” Lacey put a hand to her chest, “When he said ‘no tea today!’ I thought I was going to die!”
“You did good though, Lacey,” said Jaxley, “I mean it. You really went all in to help us, and you had the most to lose, I won’t forget it.”
“Well,” Lacey smiled and was on the verge of blushing, “who wants to work for a psychopath anyways?” Lacey said.
Miriam elbowed Wentisia gently and faked gossiped at her, “Don’t let her modesty fool ya! It ended up working out pretty well for her after all, didn’t it?” she winked at Lacey.
“What worked out?” asked Jaxley.
“You didn’t hear?” said Miriam. “Her uncle was just offered the Inscription department head position. Apparently he’s something of a bigwig in the field.”
Lacey did her best to not sound too happy about it. “So, the rich girl gets to continue as the lowly assistant for a few extra course credits. Honestly I think they just wanted everything to go back to normal as quickly as possible and pretend like Claxon never worked here.”
Miriam shuddered, “ugh... don’t even say his name.”
“Sorry,” Lacey continued, “anyway, I’d better go, my uncle will be here soon and I haven’t actually seen him for over a year. We’re supposed to have an early dinner and catch up.”
“Alright,” said Jaxley, “have a good time, and thanks again.” She hugged Lacey before she left.

The three remaining girls looked at one another, but the conversation had died down.
Wentisia’s smile faded a bit, “I’m just really glad your back. It, well... I just feel safer now you’re here.”
“We went through something terrible, but we got through it together,” said Jaxley. “It’s finally over.”
“Yeah, I mean, I know... you’re right.” Wentisia went to Jaxley’s bed and began picking up the streamers. “Here, I’ll help you get this cleaned up.”
“Wenny, it is over, you know that right?”
“I guess so, but there’s just something that’s been bugging me.”
Miriam looked to Jaxey, “She’s still not sleeping well.”
Jaxley gently turned Wentisia to face her, “What is it? We’re past being shy about telling one another anything, remember?”
“Well, it’s just, the last dream.” Wentisia said quietly.
“It was just imagery put into your head by Cla... that man. That’s all it was.”
“No, I understand that, it’s not my dream that’s been worrying me. It’s yours. In all the craziness I didn’t see it, but now I’ve had time to think. You said you saw the smoke come into the room and then Claxon came in thinking you were asleep like the rest of us, right?”
“That’s right.”
“But you don’t actually know when it was you fell asleep. We woke up and Claxon wasn’t here, meaning the entire thing, even the smoke coming into the room, might have been part of the dream, right?”
Jaxley pondered the thought, “I suppose so, but I’m not sure what it matters. He attacked us in our dreams, whether he put us to sleep with the smoke or we fell asleep naturally, I don’t see the difference.”
“But the book! The personal tome. Or the ‘Book of Subversion’ whatever it was. The whole reason we went after it in the first place is because we thought he was actually here and you saw him use the book for real!”
Miriam looked worried. “But if that was part of the dream too, then...?”
“Then,” continued Jaxley, “we were manipulated into going after it from the beginning.”
Miriam held up her hand, “Wait, stop, stop. Are we saying that professor Claxon may actually be innocent after all?”
Wentisia shrugged and wrung her hands, “I’m missing something. I have to be, don’t I?”
“But he did have the book,” said Miriam, “maybe he screwed up and revealed it to you in your dream by accident, but he DID have an evil, nasty spellbook!”
“Yeah he did,” said Jaxley, not sounding too certain. “Inside his well protected messenger bag that he had on himself at all times and that only he knew how to open.”
“Well,” said Miriam, “only himself, you, and...”
All three of them turned to look at the door where Lacey had been just moments before.
“It couldn’t be!” Miriam said.
Wentisia sighed as her friends finally came to the same conclusion she’d arrived at days earlier. “Please tell me I’m wrong. There has to be an explanation.”
Jaxley looked at Lacey’s part of the room, her bed and nightstand. “Wenny, didn’t you tell me that mental magics required the caster to be in direct line of sight with their subjects?” asked Jaxley.
Wentisia nodded, “Almost always.”
“And her uncle just happens to be an expert in Inscription magic too?” Jaxley looked at the others with a grave expression.
They nodded back.
“So... where’s the book that Lacey’s always reading at night?”
“Isn’t it on her... nightstand?” Miriam pointed to an empty space where the book usually was. “Goddess help us!”
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Re: The Book of Subversion
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2022, 03:32:30 PM »
Amazing work Tain, definitely worthy of a merit.  I love the twist on using different magics and that little move at the end with Lacey.  ::chef's kiss::
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Re: The Book of Subversion
« Reply #5 on: November 29, 2022, 07:33:07 PM »
Amazing work Tain, definitely worthy of a merit.  I love the twist on using different magics and that little move at the end with Lacey.  ::chef's kiss::

Thank you! This was a fun one to write!
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Re: The Book of Subversion
« Reply #6 on: November 29, 2022, 10:25:51 PM »
Amazing work Tain, definitely worthy of a merit.  I love the twist on using different magics and that little move at the end with Lacey.  ::chef's kiss::

Thank you! This was a fun one to write!

There's so many different directions this could go in if you decided to continue it.  Do they try to prove that Claxon was set up?  Was Lacey in on this the whole time or was her uncle using her?  Does she even know what she was doing?  What goal is the uncle trying to accomplish?  How much do the other girls have to play along?  How do the magics work in preventing these attacks?  Were the attacks on the girls just a means to an end, or were they the goal all along?  What else was in the Book of Subversion?
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Re: The Book of Subversion
« Reply #7 on: November 30, 2022, 01:26:38 AM »
All very good questions! I think I have some of the answers, but most things have not yet been decided. I hope to return to this when it’s had time to percolate for a bit.
The story started as a simple exercise and ended up being more, so I’m glad it’s peaked some interest!
No one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.

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