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Condo from hell part 1
« on: November 15, 2022, 10:20:54 AM »
he Condo From Hell

   “So, this is the place where the hot flight attendants live.”
   “Yep, I am telling you that they are ripe for picking.  Five hot chicks who come and go a lot.”
   “Well, we will have to make sure that we can secure them good.  There are a lot of people in the neighborhood.  I mean one outcry and we are done.”
   “Listen, man, have I ever gotten us caught.  I mean, remember the coeds a few months ago.”
   “Yeah, they were nice.  I guess the ones we sent to the guy in Yemen loves them.”
   “And we didn’t get caught.  In fact, the boys haven’t a clue as to who we are and never will.  Saw to that with destroying the evidence before we left.”
   “So, are we ready to roll?”
   “Let’s go and grab out little kit.  Since there are a lot more this time, we  might need to go to the storage unit and gather some more rope, tape and sex toys.  This is going to be one hell of a good cunt games.”
   The two men crush their cigarettes out and hop into their car.  The car drives quietly out of the beachfront development and heads away from the row of condos that line the well-lit street.
   The two men are named Harry Dulas and Tony Giaddis.  They are serial killers or more specifically half serial killers and half sex traffickers.  The two men both seemingly successful businessmen have been going around the Los Angeles area invading homes, imprisoning young women and then after some sadistic games divide them up.  Half they succeed in shipping off to the Middle East to become sex slaves and the other half are brutally murdered, left for the authorities to investigate.  Since neither man has ever been in the system, their DNA and fingerprints can not be traced.  Besides they blow up their victims so there isn’t much left to see.
   Harry is 28 and the owner of a gun shop.  He is a former USC football player and that is where he met Tony who is 27 and black.  He was a linebacker and Harry, kicker.  So, they are not the stereotypical serial killers but they both love to rape women and they stumbled upon this condo by accident when Harry saw one of the flight attendants shopping at a Costco.  She had long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and looked to be the same age.  They picked their victims closely matching their age but they have ranged in age from 50 to 16.     145083023    4082332225
   Ella Sorensen was a beautiful blonde 26-year-old flight attendant from Sweden.  Ella worked for United Airlines and usually made the Atlantic flights.  But today Ella had a rare day off since her flight was switched so another woman could have a long week off later.  With some of her other roommates on a plane and Anna and her kid sister out at the mall, Ella had a lot of free time. 
   She had just worked out and was wearing workout halter top and tight pants.  Harry and Tony knocked on the door.  They were posing as police detectives.  When Ella opened the door the men almost lost it.  She had some large breasts and they were barely inside her top.
   “Can I help you?”
   “Yes, ma’am,  there has been a rash of break-ins in the area and we are canvassing the area to see if anyone has seen anyone strange looking in the area.”
   Ella seemed very concerned as the two men stood in the door.  Harry wanted to get in quickly so no one sees them. 
   “Can we come in and show you some sketches.  Maybe you have seen them.”
   Ella hesitated not really feeling comfortable with these two “detectives” even though they shown their badges.
   “I-I don’t think we saw anyone and I really have to get dressed.  So  I don’t have the time.”
   That was it.  Tony couldn’t wait any longer.   He pushes Ella back inside and follows her in.
He clasps his huge black hand over her mouth as Harry closes the door.  The home invasion horror has now begun.
   “Hurry up and get her arms secure.  We have to get ready for the others.”
   Ella fought like crazy knowing her life depended on it but these two ex-football players were too strong.  She was thrown on face first on the sofa with her head buried in pillows as Harry grabbed her arms, twisted them behind her back and tied them together with rope.   Harry and Tony are pros at this so it doesn’t take them very long to bind Ella with rope. 
   As soon as her hands were bound, Tony rolled her over onto her back.  Ella goes to scream but he stuffs a wadded up cloth in her mouth and then the sound of tape being ripped off.  She can’t dislodge the cloth as Tony plasters a couple of pieces of tape across her mouth.  The young blonde with her in a ponytail can’t stop the onslaught.  She knows that they will probably hurt her badly but she can’t stop them.
   Harry sits her up and her left breast has popped out of her top.  The guys aren’t even looking just yet.  Harry ties her ankles together with another piece of rope while Tony is rolling tape around her knees.  In less than three minutes, the home invasion had occurred and their first captive is secure.
   Ella is pushed over onto her side as Harry and Tony get ready for the rest of the flight attendants who will come home over the next couple of hours.
   “Wow, this one is hot.  And you know what bitch, we ain’t here to rob you guys.”
   Tony ran his hand through Ella’s blonde hair and then noticed her breast out.  He had to squeeze it.  It felt really nice.  He can’t wait to get her in bed but first they had to get ready for the others.
   “These are nice but I got work to do.  I will see both of these later.”
   “Come on, man.  Don’t spoil the surprise for her.”
   Tony and Harry go to the back door where they placed their bag of goodies.  Harry carried it into the living room where Ella lay terrified. She was in pain because the ropes were tied extremely tight.
   Molly Ellis has been a flight attendant for American Airlines for 10 years.  At 32, she is the oldest of the roommates so the others look at her as a kind of house mother.  She pays the bills and lends advice to the younger ones.  Molly had never been married though she told people that she was married to her profession.  She loved to fly and see the world.  The attractive woman had brownish blonde hair that she wore to her shoulders, wore glasses which she said made her more mature looking.  Molly was the one who would be most liking to stay cool under pressure. 
   She couldn’t wait to get back to the condo, take a warm bath and take a nap.  She had just gotten in from Paris and the transatlantic flight always made her tired- you know jetlag and all.  Molly wore the traditional flight attendant uniform-navy blue jacket,  a button up white blouse, blue skirt and flat shoes.  She did have her tie on but immediately took it off when she got in the car to travel home.   She knew that Ella and Anna were home along with Anna’s 15-year-old sister, Asher.    The other two, Lilly and Kate will be in from their flight to LA soon.  It will be unusual for the five roommates to be home at the same time but Ella will fly out tomorrow for London so it will short lived.
   Molly pulls into the garage at the rear of the condos.  The girls share the large garage area with the other three condos that surround theirs.  That is what makes the events of this day and night so incredible.  No one heard anything from their condo all night long.  She got out and walked toward the back door. 
   Harry and Tony saw her car turn and go up the short driveway to the rear garage.  They left Ella struggling on the sofa and positioned themselves near the back door.  Molly never had a chance.  Tony grabbed her with his big paw of a hand, clasping it tightly over her mouth with one hand and pressing  knife firmly against her throat with the other. 
   “Not one fuckin’ sound, lady, or else you get it and so does your roommate, understand.”
   In panic, Molly nodded her head that she would do as ordered.   Harry comes over and crams a wadded up cloth in her mouth as soon as Tony releases it.  Molly makes a horrible face since the cloth was actually a pair of dirty panties from a hamper upstairs.  Who knows whose they were but they were awful.  Several pieces of duct tape was put across her mouth as and Molly was led into the living room where she saw Ella for the first time.  The older attendant was forced to sit beside Ella as Harry bound her legs at the knees and ankles. 
   “You’re putting hot looking, bitch.  Kind of stuffy in here.  Let’s see what you have under that jacket and blouse.”
   Harry smiles as he pulls Molly’s jacket off of her shoulders and then rips her blouse opens exposing her white bra holding her medium sized ( 36C) boobs.  He rubs her nipples through her bra as Molly whimpers.
   “We are going to have fun here.  Can’t wait until the rest of your roomies get here.”