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Nurse dormitory part 3
« on: November 13, 2022, 12:29:05 PM »
Before the house stand grey Cadilac devile 1988 in which were 5 nurses this were:

Helen O'lary 35 y.o.
Talll with aurbrum hair wich had shoulderleigh
She was very atractive  and saxy with big brest and long legs.
She was diworced and had one daughter
2. Elleine Rosnowski 30. polish orgin tall  sholtherleigh blonde hair long legs
3. Nancy Taylor 35.blonde very aractive
4. Linda Swanson 40 Y.O. Shoulderleigh graing hair but still very atractive
5. Stacy Rooney 32. blonde very atractive
 The women wore thair nurse uniforms contained with blue blueses and 3white trausers .
 They came to the hotel with smething urgent. When Shongua saw Helen by  the door she ask one of  her men: Grb the oldbag and bring her here!They allow Nancy get dressed ad open the door „What do you heve to me?” ask Nancy Helen she wsas instructed to be a good girl and not rise alarm, othrwise she and the other girs will die. „I have a papers to sign” come in  as soon Hellen cam in the large black hand cowered her mouth and the berrel of the gun to her tample. Be a good girl and do as you are told and you gonna live anderstand? Her eyes went big and she noded What 's your name cow?
He..Helen aswered scary to the daeth Helen are you oloane?
No there is five of us! Bring them in here! Ordered  Shagua Nancy.
And you! You kneal down and hads behind your head she ordered Helen Helen knield down as ordered wondering what happening as soon  her friend came in they've got the same treatment and soon all five new victims was kneeling on the floor hands behind thar heads. There was not time for „trying” the new captives so they was jasttaped up hands and foods and like rest of captives were forced jump gangsters van. After long drive thru the dirty streets of Chicago they reeched th old storehouse on the age of the city. There were a tall blonde woman there was famous Wanda Prunella wiśniewski famous boss of swite slavery mob and her lover Martha Gwendolina Degiert. II'm glad you showed up told Wanda i see 
You have fome nicehoul Of course it will be 20K
TenK! Shouted Wanda
The gangsters reeched for th gun the mexican problem run for 10 minutes but finaly black gangsters gave up seing detemination in Wanda's ayes went back to their quater.
The prisoners wer forced t jump around room ake ambarased questions which fond out thatHelen fntazied about her own daughter and Rosnowski was a closed lesbian both women became persona dogs of Wiśniewska. Othe unftunat nurs 5 swedesch and 11 americans were shipped to reach shaik for misey live in harem trausers. The older nurses Wanda kept for herslf. The Helen's car heve been rought to strehouse for another heist, but thisis other story.
To be continued.