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Just Another Day At The Office
« on: November 10, 2022, 07:41:12 PM »
The following story contains graphic and sexually explicit content, including depictions of rape and abuse.
Rape and assault are serious crimes and the author does not condone such actions in real life.
This is a work of fiction. No characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.
If you do not wish to read such stories, please stop now.

Just Another Day At The Office

Dale had worked for the company at the corporate office headquarters for over eight years. He wasn’t a high level executive, but he did his job well, reviewing files and making sure his little corner of the auditing process went smoothly. The building was divided into a cubicle area where about two thirds of the employees worked, with the remaining area reserved as offices for the higher ups and meeting rooms. There was also a basement that housed their long term file storage that was divided into several rooms isolated from one another to minimize damage in the event of flood or fire. It was unofficially referred to as the dungeon.
The dress code was kept to office casual, with blue jeans allowed on Fridays. It was that kind of place. Most of the female employees wore pantsuits or business dress attire, but Sadie liked to push the envelope with her more flowy skirts and excessive cleavage. Her coworkers could tell whenever she didn’t wear a bra, and while people tended to gossip or roll their eyes at her lackadaisical attitude towards the dress code, no one had made an official complaint to her supervisor. Sadie was twenty six years old, with auburn hair and brown eyes, a kind face, and a tendency to overshare in conversation. Dale had developed something of a schoolboy crush on her since she started working there six months earlier.
This morning, he gazed at her empty cube, located across from his, and daydreamed about sitting in her chair and waiting for her to come sit on his lap. They’d kiss and he’d tease at the buttons on her blouse. She’d playfully swat his hands away as he tickled her, but he’d eventually manage to open a couple of those buttons and get his hand inside to feel those soft, tantalizing beauties, thumbing her nipples and listening to her moan quietly in his ear. She’d lift her skirt up for him and push his hand between her thighs and nibble at his earlobe while his fingers teased at her sensitive spots.
“Good morning there!” Sadie exclaimed cheerfully as she waved a hand in front of Dale’s face.
“Oh Good morning!” he replied and subtly moved his hands to cover the bulge of his erection.
Sadie sat down at her desk and dropped her purse on the floor before swiveling to face her computer and turn it on, giving Dale a quick look at her legs which were more exposed than usual by her lightweight (and very short) yellow sundress.
“So?” Asked Sadie, “What were you daydreaming about, then?”
“Oh nothing, just still a bit tired this morning I guess.”
“uh huh... what’s her name?” Sadie glanced at him with a mischievous smile. “I know that look. You were thinking of a girl, who is it?”
Dale shook his head feeling a little called out, but he also enjoyed talking with Sadie. She was the only one in the office that talked to people in a non-sanitized way. “It’s no one, just a girl I’ve had my eye on for a while, but... it doesn’t matter, it’s just a silly fantasy. I’m never gonna have a chance with her.”
“Not with that attitude!” she joked, “but seriously Dale, you should get out and find someone, be bold! Cease the day! Don’t take no for an answer! You know... all that crap.” Sadie clicked around on her computer. “Oh Jesus, another archive dump?”
Dale looked at his monitor, “looks like it, you want a hand with all that?”
“No, it’s fine, I’ll get it, just tell them to stop closing out client files all at once. Half of these could have been done a couple of weeks ago.”
Dale let himself stare just a few seconds more at her figure, then adjusted his erection in his pants so it was less prone to tenting and turned around to face his own computer and focus on his work.

A few hours later a wall of file boxes began to form around Sadie’s cube, files that were destined to be stored in the basement.
“You sure you don’t need any help with those?” Dale asked again.
“Nope, this is my job, I got it!” Sadie hefted two boxes at once, teetered and then put them down, choosing to take only one box at a time instead. “No problem! I’ll get my steps in today at least.” She walked off towards the heavy door that led to the basement staircase, which had been adorned with a D&D poster of a medieval dungeon.
After several trips back and forth, Sadie was looking a little tired, but soldiered on until only three boxes remained. As she picked up the third to last one with a small grunt, Dale noticed how she now had a slight glisten of sweat which made her look even more alluring. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she once more disappeared through the basement door. But then, after the usual few minutes it took for her to return with no sign of her, Dale wondered what could be keeping her down in the dungeon.
He looked around, wondering if anyone else had noticed her absence, but everyone was busy typing or talking on the phone. Nobody seemed to realize she had been gone too long. Dale got up and made his way to the basement door. It was hard to open, heavy, and could not be propped open as a fire safety measure. His footsteps on the steel staircase echoed very quickly in the small space and the fluorescent lights were a bit too bright giving the staircase and the hallway at the bottom a sterile feeling.
There was no sign of Sadie, but only one of the many doors along the hall was open. He inhaled a breath, about to call out for Sadie, when he heard her unmistakable sweet little voice, barely audible.
“For God’s sake!” She was yelling, “Someone has to be able to hear me! HELLO!!!!”
Dale walked to the doorway and peered around the frame with a puzzled look on his face. There, he saw one of the most bizarre scenes he’d ever encountered. Sadie was bent over a reviewing table with one of the upper shelving units having collapsed on top of her, making an odd kind of wood and steel sandwich with Sadie as the meat in the middle. Dozens of file boxes, which were on the shelving unit when it buckled, were now piled all around and on top of Sadie in disarray like a pile of stone rubble from a cave in. Her lower body, still exposed outside of the pile of boxes, wiggled and her feet kicked in the air as she struggled.
Sadie grunted and strained, but the balls of her feet barely touched the ground. “I cannot believe this! CAN NO ONE HEAR ME? GOD DAMN IT?!” she shouted.
Dale chuckled and walked into the room. He picked up a box and set it aside.
“Is someone there? Thank GOD! Get me out of this!” Sadie’s relief was clear in her voice.
Dale shook his head laughing to himself as he reached for a second box, but he couldn’t stop his eyes from ogling Sadie’s perfect shapely ass. He glanced back over his shoulder as if afraid someone else would be there to see, then carefully lifted the hem of her skirt to look up it, hoping she wouldn't be able to tell.
Sadie flinched, “who is that? Mark?... Jason?... c’mon stop it!”
Well, Dale thought to himself, so much for that idea. At least she didn’t know it was him...
Dale stood frozen for a moment. The words echoed in his mind: She didn’t know it was him! In a burst of uncharacteristic spontaneity Dale pushed her skirt up all the way over her hips and was rewarded with the incredible sight of Sadie’s ass in a pair of white thong panties. He couldn’t believe it.
“Would you stop it? You pervert! Get me out of here already!” Sadie screamed.
Dale’s tongue traced his upper lip as he thought about it. He could feel his heart pounding, the adrenaline coursing. A moment like this was a freak accident, a million to one coincidence. The sort of thing that only happened in cheesy pornos. Would he take advantage of the opportunity or do the right thing? She’d know he lifted her skirt, but he could take the heat and admit to that. He was just being funny in the moment before he realized how terribly inappropriate it was, that’s all. He turned and walked swiftly back up the stairs to get some help. But as he took a hold of the door’s handle, he turned the deadbolt lock instead. It felt like he was watching someone else control his actions, as if the excitement of the moment had overtaken his conscious mind. He walked back down the stairs, entered the room where Sadie’s pale, vulnerable rear end poked out of the file boxes and took off his pants.

Sadie had gone quiet when she heard the footsteps leaving, and when they returned, she sounded hopeful. “Thanks, just... just be careful moving the boxes, will ya? and could someone cover my ass? I swear to God, who lifted my skirt?”
Dale kept quiet and traced a finger along the back of her thigh, slowly going up and tracing the inside of one ass cheek.
“Hey! Hey! Stop that!” Sadie kicked, but Dale was in no danger. He smiled and took a handful of ass flesh and squeezed it playfully. “God damn you!” Sadie protested.
Dale hooked his fingers on the waistband of her thong and pulled it down along her kicking legs until it was around her ankles. There, he twisted it and tied a knot to bind her. Sadie continued to protest with cussing and promises of vengeance, but Dale could not stop smiling. It was all too perfect.
His rock hard erection was begging for a taste of Sadie’s sweet pussy. Dale put his palm against her pussy mound and hooked his middle finger up into her hole and grinned as Sadie bucked and squirmed, shouting death threats. Her hole was moist, deep inside, and he worked his finger in and out until he was able to draw out some wetness to her inner lips. He sucked on his finger and smelled the potent scent of her cunt, then knelt down and licked along her pussy slit, slobbering saliva into her ass crack and pushing a thumb into her tight little butt hole.
“OooWWW!! FUCK YOU! GOD DAMN IT!!” Sadie screamed.
Dale could feel her ass tighten around his thumb, pinching the flesh of his fat digit below the knuckle. Leaving his thumb inside her, he stood and positioned his cock against her pussy opening and with a combination of thrusting his hips and pulling her into him with his thumb up her ass, he shoved his cock into Sadie.
“NO NOOO!!! OUCH!!! NOOO!! Please stop it! Please!!! You, you... don’t do this! please!!!” Sadie’s anger turned to fear as the helplessness began to set in. She begged for him to pull out.
Sadie was incredibly tight, much tighter than he’d ever dreamed. Even with her wetness and his saliva, he could feel the friction of skin against tender skin as he forced his cock deeper into her body. “aahhhahhh OwWW!!” Sadie cried out, her body shuddering.
Dale withdrew his thumb from her rear and used both hands to grip her hips, then thrust hard into her. “OowWWWW!!! OUCH!!” Sadie wailed as his cock slammed forward hard, bottoming out. He could feel what must be her cervix against the head of his cock. His eyes lost focus as he enjoyed the sensation. With a great effort, Sadie thrashed, a final desperate attempt to get free. It brought Dale back to the moment, and he moaned in pleasure as he felt her cunt constricting against him.
With an almost angry thrust he impaled himself again into her, this time feeling his cock shove against her cervix, pushing it up into her body as he got the last half inch of himself into her, pressing his balls against her labia.
“Please stop it, please please please...” Sadie begged almost in tears as her body twitched beneath him.
Dale had had a few lovers, but he never imagined it could feel like this. She was so tight, so slick; her body made such a lovely soft squelching noise as he pumped himself in and out, feeling her body get more wet with each humping motion. He got into a rhythm, in and out at a decent pace. Minutes slipped by and his legs and ass began to feel the strain of all the reps as if he were at the gym using a new piece of equipment designed to give a leg and core workout. But his cock demanded more, so his other muscles would just have to suffer. He began to sweat, wiping his brown with his sleeve as necessary he continued his violation of her body.
Sadie’s threats and protests quieted down as the minutes passed and her fatigued body could no longer resist. With her arms twisted in odd positions, she had no leverage against the pile of boxes and shelving. She simpered, having no choice but to endure whatever the stranger behind her wanted to do with her. The initial pain had subsided and as the man’s cock stretched her hole and grazed her clitoris, she couldn’t stop herself from getting wetter as his cock continued to pound away. Unable to get away from it, the tingling sensation of her genitals every time he ground his hips forward against her was undeniably getting more pleasant, too pleasant, too quickly. She gasped and shook as the unwanted ecstacy grew into something her intellect could not ignore, and her anger could not drown out.
While Sadie’s moans transformed from pain and rage into fear and then pleasure, Dale adjusted his position to accommodate his own body’s needs in order to maintain his fucking motions. He could feel her getting wetter and smiled to himself, knowing that this might be the end of his life as he knew it, and choosing to continue, not willing to give up the chance at fulfilling such a fantasy.
Sadies moans got louder and more erotic. “Oh ohhh... Oh God OH GOD!! OH FUCK OH FUCK!!!” until she was screaming incoherently in the throws of passion.
Dale leaned forward as much as the collapsed detritus would allow and started pounding forward as hard and as quickly as his body would let him.
Sadie screamed and panted hard in response. “FUCK FUCK Ohhhhh FUCK!!! Please please please PLEASE!!!! aaAAHHH! ohhhhh GOD!!!”
Dale couldn’t tell if she was begging for more or begging for him to stop.
His balls slapped forward against her folds with each thrust and his hips clapped against her ass. He began to grunt and moan desperately himself and just as he felt the burst of climax about to erupt, Sadie wailed and a trembling shudder shook her entire body. Dale felt her cum hard, squirting as she convulsed and her pussy clenched hard nearly ejecting his cock, but he held fast, ramming himself into her all the more and bursting forth with his own generous blast of cum. Pulse after pulse he came, feeling her squirt drench his balls and reveling in her wails of desperate, reluctantly enthusiastic climax.
His energy spent, Dale panted, taking in huge gasps of air, smiling as he looked down at himself and enjoyed the sight of his cock penetrating the impossibly tight and quivering Sadie while she whimpered “oh God... Oh God... oh God...”

Dale pulled himself out, eliciting a sad little shriek from Sadie, and he watched her red, swollen pussy slowly shrink back down while its glistening folds dripped with his cum. He untied her panties and slid them back up her legs, which were now slick with her squirt, and pulled them tight up into her ass crack. He pulled her skirt back down over her butt and put his pants back on before walking out of the room and back up the stairs.
He exited the stairwell swiftly, looking around to make sure nobody saw him, then made his way to the restroom and cleaned himself up. He was back at his desk and working again for about ten minutes before anyone else in the office came by.
“Hey, have you seen Sadie?” Jason asked.
Dale swiveled in his chair, but continued to look at his monitor for a few seconds more before turning to fully face Jason. “Huh? Oh! Sadie,” he peered around Jason into her cube as if he was expecting to see her there. “No, maybe she went for a late lunch? She was taking those files down to the dungeon but I didn’t see her leave.”
“That’s odd,” Jason turned with a concerned look on his face and headed off towards the basement stairs. Less than a minute later he came back up to poke his head out of the doorway, “I need some help down here! The shelves collapsed on top of Saide!”
Dale, along with six others jumped up and ran to help their quirky coworker.

Once they’d gotten enough of the material out of the way for Sadie to get free, Jason took her hand and helped her up, “Can you stand? Do you want to sit down?”
“No, no, I’m ok, I can stand,” she looked around sheepishly at the faces of the half dozen other employees in the cramped storage room. She seemed to be looking at each one’s face with a mixture of concern and uncertainty.
“You sure you’re alright?” asked Jason, “nothing broken?”
Sadie shook her head, “I’m ok, it’s just that... while I was down here...” she scanned all the men’s faces again.
Dale did his best to look concerned for her wellbeing, and ignorant of what had happened to her. Sadie’s eyes lingered on him for a few seconds, or was that just his imagination? Was his eye twitching?
“It’s just that, while I was down here... I... I peed myself. It’s kind of embarrassing.”
“Oh Jesus, Sadie, don’t even worry about that!” said Jason, while others echoed his comments. “I mean if that’s the worst that happened to you, then Jesus, you got out of this very lucky!”
“Yeah... very lucky,” said Sadie in a flat tone of voice.

The group dispersed and went back to their jobs, chatting away about the incident and wondering how the shelving unit could have collapsed like that in the first place. Sadie was told to take her time recovering and to take the rest of the day off. Dale could feel his face burning with effort to contain his shock, panic, and excitement, trying to look like he was calmly working while Sadie packed up her belongings behind him. Had he really gotten away with it? Why didn’t she report the assault?! Would she report it later? What if she went and got a rape kit done? He’d left plenty of his DNA inside her!
“Listen, Dale?” Sadie said, suddenly standing right beside him.
“Huh? Oh!” he flinched, “hehe, sorry, you uh, you startled me.”
Sadie smirked at him and gave him a sly look. “I startled you huh?”
“Umm,” Dale tried to think of a normal thing to say.
Sadie leaned in and spoke quietly at his ear while handing him a note, “I know I said to be bold, but Jesus Dale... Here's my number, maybe next time... face to face would be better.”
Sadie slung her purse over her shoulder and walked away without looking back. Dale sat dumbfounded and could feel his erection springing to attention again as he watched her walk away.
No one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.

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Re: Just Another Day At The Office
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My god you have me the entire way. Never suspected that Sadie set herself up for an office affair. Now you have me wondering what she would have done if someone else used her while trapped down there? Loved the twist very original  which leads at another story where Dale when down and found Sadie waiting for him, You may have taken time off but that didn't dull your ability to write one hell of a story! Merit from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Just Another Day At The Office
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My god you have me the entire way. Never suspected that Sadie set herself up for an office affair. Now you have me wondering what she would have done if someone else used her while trapped down there? Loved the twist very original  which leads at another story where Dale when down and found Sadie waiting for him, You may have taken time off but that didn't dull your ability to write one hell of a story! Merit from me!

Thank you! In all honesty, it wasn't my intention to imply that Sadie had set herself up, but now I see how it looks that way and *mind blown*
This started as a quick exercise to try and do one of those "oh no, I'm suck... what are you doing step-brother?!" kind of scenarios which I had always found extra cheesey. I wanted to see if that setup could be made to seem somewhat plausable.
No one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.

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