Author Topic: Girl who doesn't exist reports being raped aka the MarmitaGate Scandal  (Read 1083 times)

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This report has several parts and was the subject of a 50 minutes long video in a YouTube channel(Tragicomico). This is not a story, all will be backed up by evidence.
Also, this report will be a kind of direct translation from the found evidence.
Sit back and relax because this is pretty long.
*This part is a direct translation of her tweets, almost line by line.*
Back in september, there was a thread of tweets created by a brazilian girl called Taynara Motta. She was one of the coordinators of a project named Alimentando Necessidades(Feeding Needs). Her project was giving packed lunches to people in need.

Taynara Motta, a girl from Blumenau, Santa Catarina, was invited to a party in São Paulo. Her friend, Carol(fake name), invited her.

She left everything with her project friend Duda Poleza and went home.

At home, Tay asked her mother, who said no first, thinking something would happen to the girl.

It was long since she saw this friend, last time she saw Carol was before the pandemic.

Carol insisted that Tay could sleep in her house.

After Tay spoke a lot to her mother, asking to go, her mother relented.

She went to the bus terminal(terminals that transport people between cities through buses) and to her friend's hometown she went.

According to Taynara, hell froze over when she arrived there.

Carol had given her an address, and Tay went to the address with Uber(Ubers are pretty popular here).

Then, she arrived at a supermarket, which the Uber said that was the address.

Tay called Carol on the phone and Carol asked her to buy some ice, as Carol would send a few friends to pick up Tay.

Taynara became a little annoyed, as Carol told her to wait in the parking lot(below the supermarket).

She waited and waited, until 8:55PM, when Carol's friends came to pick up Tay.

Five men in a 5 person car, and, according to her, all of them were drunk.

She asked where they were going and was asked to sit on someone's lap.

Of course, she didn't accept and they became angry and told her to get an uber.

She was annoyed, as she could have used an Uber at 7:30PM(the time she arrived at the market).

She complained a bit about the guys and such, saying that they made her wait almost 1h30m.

Tay told her mother, who wanted to pick her up, but she said it was not necessary and it was just a momentaneous thing.

She arrived at Carol's at 9:20PM. Carol told her to store her things in a spare bedroom and Tay took the time to change clothes for the party.

She got changed and went to the barbecue area(some houses here have areas for barbecues) and a birthday party was going on.

According to Tay, everyone was very drunk and also, there were only her, Carol and one of the guys' girlfriend as females.
Fifteen guys and three girls.

Even so, she tried to relax and Carol was already tipsy. But it was a long time they didn't see each other and Carol said they needed to talk about things.

Something rang in her mind that it wasn't a good idea, but she shook off the feeling and tried to enjoy.

She was then called to play Truco(a really famous card game here in Brazil, which can cause a lot of noise depending on who is playing).

While Tay played, Carol gave her a plate with barbecued meat and a glass.

She asked her friend what was in the glass and was told it was the "birthday girl's drink".

It was the last thing she vividly remembered about the night(she faded into unconsciousness, as I can tell from her tweet).

She woke up in the next day at five or six in the morning, in the bedroom she left her things. And, as she saw upon waking up, she had other clothes on.

Tay rose up and had a headache, her heart was beating fast and a scare came. Her panties were wet, which she suspected she may have had her period.

She scrambled for her phone, but couldn't find it.

She went back to the party and Carol was there. Tried to speak to her friend but the friend ignored her. She felt like her soul/spirit had left her body and no one could hear her.

She woke up again(which I think she was dreaming in the above lines) and her mother was there. Her mother got the address from Carol's mother(who was in São Paulo spending the weekend).

Her mother was worried, of course.

She told her mother everything that transpired and her mother suggested to get a rape kit.

According to the health professional she went to, they saw that she had sex. There were no signs of rape, because, apparently, she didn't resist.

She had the toxicology exam and the report(medical report), which showed signs of hidrocodon and fenciclidin(two doping drugs).

Her report ends there, and there were people sharing their stories.
You can find the whole report here. The report is in portuguese. Please use the translate feature to read. Also, please do not engage in any of her tweets, as it may cause more harm than good.

*This part is the data I obtained from the Tragicomico video. I don't know how to find the investigation page. But I'll link the video at the end.*
A team called OP - OSINT Project started investigating this case and went to the instagram to find Taynara.

They started with the Feeding Needs project and tried to find Taynara among the ones followed by the profile. But, no clues. No Taynara or Taynara Motta showed up. But, one clue stood out, Duda Poleza showed up among the ones followed by the project profile.

With the clue, they scrubbed Duda's profile and there was not a single mention of Taynara among the followed or followers.

Even with those clues, the OSINT members thought that she may have deleted her instagram profile or something like that.

Next thing OSINT did was search through Santa Catarina's citizen database and found one Tainara Mota, not a Taynara Motta.

They sent a WhatsApp message to Tainara, who informed them she wasn't who they were searching for, saying that she was not part of a project like that. They thanked her for the information and went on with their investigation.

They then sent a link to Tainara, which contained a IP tracker. And they learned she lived in a city 35km away from Blumenau.

They looked through her social profiles, which contained no mention of Duda Poleza or Feeding Needs.

After that, they decided to use reverse image search on Taynara(from Twitter)'s images and found a girl named Larissa, who was the girl in the pictures Taynara used. Suspicions about it being a fake increased among the OSINT team members.

They found some videos in the Feeding Needs instagram profile, which one seemed to be from Taynara.

Apart from Taynara's video being dark, it showed a kind of deformed face(deformed because of large than normal lips), which the team thought it was because the use of instagram filters.

Next thing was a 1 cent PIX(a bank system to easily send and receive money in Brazil, started in 2020 by Bolsonaro) sent to the Absorbing Needs(which was related to tampons, one of Duda Polaza's projects with Taynara) and another to Feeding Needs.

The first one ended up in Duda's mother's bank account(I think Duda was a minor when the project started) and the second one in Duda's bank account.

The final thing was investigating the photos of packed lunch deliveries they made.

According to EXIF metadata, all the project's existing pictures pointed to being taken in 2021. And one showed a place which was headed by Duda's stepfather, a restaurant that also made packed lunches, and

Blumenau News went to talk to Duda's father and he told them that he helped his stepdaughter with the project.

But, Duda was never found again, and the dossier(OSINT document about this) says that she may have run away.

And Taynara's case was declared a fake.
Tragicomico Video. Use the subtitles to understand the video.

Woo, this took longer than I thought. This case shook Santa Catarina and Brazil itself. It had LOTS of retweets.
This case was known as the MarmitaGate, or Packed Lunch Scam.