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Rape Whore
« on: September 30, 2022, 10:00:26 PM »
‘Birthdays are supposed to be fun’ I think as I prep myself for yet another cam session. I even gotta work on my 20th birthday to help pay off dad’s debt. ‘Gosh, I can’t wait until I save up enough to get my own apartment so I don’t have to do this anymore.’ I begin to prep my things for the show. Make sure my toys and lube are handy and I have the cuffs ready to go. ‘The kinky ones are willing to pay more and it’s not too bad if I cuff my hands in front of myself’ I always do the edgier shows these days because they pay a bit more and I can save more. I check my camera position and make sure I have a comfy spot to sit and a bottle of water handy. “Hydrate or dydrate” I can hear my friends saying in my head.

Finally ready for my show, I let myself relax until start time. Sitting back in my chair, slowly masturbating a little — they like it when I’m wet from the start. I start to slowly rub my clit, pulling up a little porn to help me along. I keep going, mostly just teasing myself until I have about ten minutes until the show starts. I sit up again, turning on the cam and getting it linked with the website where I did my shows — thinking idly about how crazy it was that this started with a few sexy pictures on Insta, but evolved when my father’s creditors realized what a following I had and how much money I could make, and forced my father to make me perform to help pay back his debts.

The light showing the camera was on started slowly blinking and I checked my appearance before going live — I liked showing some of the prep work sometimes. I lean back and put on the cuffs, closing one, then the other around slender wrists, but they’re not closed very tightly at all, so that I could probably slip them off if I pressed my fingers together tightly so that the tips were practically stacked, like taking off a bangle. I picked up a roll of duct tape from the staging table beside me and tore off a piece, placing it over my mouth. I bring my feet up on the chair, spreading my legs for the audience. I timed things almost perfectly and have just a few minutes to wait before I start, typing up a few replies to the chat and thanking my subscribers for joining before it’s time to start.

Right on time, I push my chair back from the desk so my pussy is in better view and start slowly rubbing it, still wearing my panties, moaning a little into the tape over my mouth, keeping an eye on chat to see if anyone had any issues with video/audio quality, or wanted me to do anything else — some of my regulars liked me to show my toes on camera. ‘Fucking creeps’ I thought. I continued rubbing myself just a little longer, before grabbing a dildo off the staging table and lubing it up, then pushing my panties to the side, teasing my slit with it, dropping lower just for a second and just teasing my tight, virgin asshole slightly, before my face twists into a worried expression and I whimper from behind my tape, shaking my head, making it like a pretense that I’m about to be raped and begging for it not to go in my ass, but really someone had suggested in chat — along with a tip — for me to do, which I did take requests that way but this was such a laughably small amount of money that I just teased at the idea for the person, who went by AssholeTamer35, before sending a command in chat, just a simple “!$” for the bot to tell people that if they gift GENEROUSLY I might do something they ask of me.

Immediately a message comes through, on the text-to-speech feature that allowed me to hear chat, along with a tip: MrCocky Tipped $200, MrCocky said “you should use the dildo or your fingers to wipe your pussy juice on your face like a good little whore” so I did, pausing a moment to bring the dildo up, sliding the shaft down my cheek, leaving a trail of pussy juice behind. I haven’t even finished, before another message reads “MrCocky Tipped $350. MrCocky said “slap yourself with it, slut” so I slap myself in the face with the rubber cock, before sliding it back inside me.

Sliding my panties to the side, and starting to tease my pussy again, I run it slowly up and down making almost a figure-eight around my clit and the opening to my pussy. Slowly but surely, I slide the dildo into my pussy,  instinctively my head drops back and a moan escapes my lips — though stifled by the gag. I start slowly pumping the lubed dildo in and out of my pussy, forcing my head back up and my eyes open, looking at the camera wide-eyed. Pumping slightly faster, panting into my tape gag, the other cuffed hand moving to rub my clit, just barely able to keep doing so as my other wrist keeps tugging the cuff as I play with the dildo in my pussy.

“!$” HelperBot says: “please remember to leave tips for Emma. If you tip well enough and make a suggestion, she might even do it live for you!

I go to town on myself, thrusting the rubber phallus in and out of my hole, moaning out for the audience now and again, between faked-whimpers. I was pleasuring myself, so it felt good, but the audience liked it more if I pretended I didn’t — like it that is — and I got higher tips. Just as I thought that, another message dinged. “SirSpark tipped $1000. SirSpark said. Take off your soaked panties, then sit back down, and stuff the panties into your pussy. Play with your clit a little more, so your pussy gets nice and sloppy all over your panties, then pull them out, take the tape off, and stuff your panties into your mouth, then put another piece of tape on.”

Ding! “SirSpark said: no wait, I want to see them dangle from between your pretty little lips. Forget the tape for now.

‘Creeps’ I thought again, though since he tipped so much I feel like I have to do as he asks of me, at least for this request. Standing up, I make a show of shimmying my panties down my hips, stepping out of them, then sitting back down. I sit back again in the chair and put my feet up on the edge, pausing a moment to steel myself, before I stuff my panties bit by bit into my pussy, feeling it slowly fill as I push them inside a little at a time, the soft cotton almost feeling like it’s scraping the walls of my pussy as it sops up the moisture.

I whimper into the tape, then when my pussy is stuffed-full, with just a little hanging out from between my ‘curtains’ as it were, before my cuffed hands drift up to my clit again, rubbing it until I’m softly moaning. My pussy being so full making them not-so-soft moans after not too long. I give it a few minutes, until I am sufficiently sloppy, per the message, then pull them slowly out.

I bring them slowly up to my lips, blushing hard, as I start stuffing them in, tasting my wetness on my own panties – I’d tasted myself before, so it wasn’t that, just the fact that I was stuffing my own panties into my mouth. Once I only had a little left, I let it dangle between my lips like the second message said.

The panties were a lot more stifling than the tape. They muffled my moans and whimpers and all the noises I was making a little more, and I had to exaggerate just a little to make sure I was heard by my audience. I picked up the dildo again, adding a little more lube now that it’s been sitting out – the air drying up the water-based lube that was necessary for toys. I tease at my pussy again, going back to the figure 8’s and moaning, finding I’m a little turned on playing with my pussy, with my mouth stuffed with my own soaked panties.

Ding! “AssholeTamer35 tipped $100. AssholeTamer35 said: I’m giving you more. Stick it in your ass, whore.”

He was getting angrier and kept sending messages but still wasn’t sending enough money for me to try that. I wasn’t ruling it out, but not for that. I have standards. He’d sent me a whopping total of $150 over two requests, having doubled the amount when I turned the request down the first time.

“!$” HelperBot says: “please remember to leave tips for Emma. If you tip well enough and make a suggestion, she might even do it live for you!”

This time the bot was even more obviously a direct reply to Mr. Asshole.

I tease my pussy with the dildo again, sliding it in with a moan, though still stifled by my panties, my back also arching against my chair involuntarily. I slide the dildo in and out, taking long, slow strokes and really fucking myself deep with it.

Pussy now visibly and audibly wet, really starting to get into it before my computer sounds again.

Ding! “AssholeTamer35 says: fucking come on bitch! At least show your ass on camera.”

I had been considering kicking him out, but he did keep sending tips – even if they were small – and I was so over paying my dad’s gambling debts, I was willing to put up with the name calling for those tips. I figured I would throw him a bone, and maybe he would tip enough that I’d try anal. I put my feet down and sit up, shaking my tits a little for the camera. They were fairly sizeable, and just jiggly enough to be a turn on. If my horniness weren’t already evident, it would be now, my nipples swollen and hard to match my slick little bean.

Ding! “MissMayhem tipped $150. MissMayhem said: Slap your tits for us.”

I gave the camera a little wink before slapping my tits some, continuing on where I was before, in getting up and turning around, shaking my ass a little before I climb back onto my chair on my knees, resting my head on the back, turned just enough that my face can be seen, panties still sticking out of my stuffed mouth, my cuffed hands coming up, straining against the cuff along my side, to give my ass a little smack, spreading my cheeks a little so that the camera – and my audience – can see both my tight little holes. Bringing my hands back down, I dip down between my legs with them and spread my pussy lips open, rubbing it a little before picking the dildo up and sliding it back into my pussy, fucking myself this way for a while.

Ding! “AssholeTamer35 says: did I say you could stop bitch?” I roll my eyes, playing it off as pleasure from fucking myself with the dildo.

Ding! “SadistToyOwner85 tipped $200. ToyOwner85 says: Leave the dildo hanging out of your cunt and slap your pussy! Make sure to get the lips and your clit. Don’t fucking drop it.”

I stop thrusting, hips grinding, instinctively moving toward my hands for more stimulation, leaving the dildo hanging crudely out of my slit, I tense the inner walls of my pussy to keep it more or less in place and start slapping at my pussy. With my hands bound, I can only do so much, but still trying my best, making sure to get my clit and the lips of my pussy, mostly slapping my mons, yelping into the gag as I do.

Ding! “SadistToyOwner85 says: yeah, did you like that, doll?”

I continue to slap myself a little longer, the dildo nearly sliding out of my pussy before I go back to pumping it in and out. Finding myself growing quickly closer to orgasm, I groan into the panties in my mouth, noting that I can still taste – and smell – my own pussy on them. I swap cameras over to the one aimed at the mirror on the floor, sticking the dildo down by the suction cup at the bottom, before I get down on all fours, ass facing the camera, and back up so that the head is just touching my pussy. I lean forward so that my chest is on the mirror, the glass of it cold against my nipples, and start stroking the dildo as if it’s a real cock, then I raise back up and start to slowly ease myself down on it, starting to ride the dildo a little.

Ding! “PetTrainer106 tipped $1000. Pet_Trainer106 says: turn around so we can see your face. Ride the dildo and pant and whine for us like a dog.”

Slowing down and turning around without the rubber cock ever leaving my pussy, I sit back on my heels, bring my hands up to my chest, folded down to make a shape like a paw, furrow my brows a little bit and start whining, panting while I ride the dildo

Ding! “Pet_Trainer106 says: take the panties out of your mouth, let us hear you for the bitch you are!”

I tug the panties slowly out of my mouth, starting to moan and pant again, juices dripping down to the mirror beneath me. I pant with my tongue out, letting a little drool drip onto my tits for effect.

Ding! “SadistToyOwner85 tipped $1000. SadistToyOwner85 says: Rub that drool into your tits, slap ‘em around a little, then rub that needy little cunt and tell us how much you love being raped and how you love having cock in your hungry little holes.”

I blush a little, rubbing my own saliva into my tits, before giving them a few little slaps, hands dipping down to my pussy and I start rubbing it, bouncing up and down on the dildo, juices coating the insides of my thighs and the mirror beneath me. “ohhhhhh” I moan first. “Thank you for showing me my purpose. I love getting raped in my holes with your big cock!” I say, bouncing, rubbing my clit, letting myself drool a little more.

I can hear chat going wild, calling me all sorts of degrading names and saying I’m a cum-drunk little sex doll.

I can’t hold back any more and start to spasm, spraying my juices all over the mirror beneath me, cumming around the dildo in my pussy, crying out in my orgasm as I shudder, not even noticing as someone uses that as an opportunity to slide silently into the room behind me, slipping into my closet to remain unseen but close. I finish cumming, smiling for the camera.

Ding! “MissMayhem tipped $500. MissMayhem says: good job, Sarah, now thank us for that orgasm and clean up your mess. With your tongue.”

I could hear messages in chat about legs in the background, but I barely registered them in the high of my orgasm, thinking it must be just some clothes or something in my background.

“Thank you all for joining me, and thank you for the orgasm!” I say, still grinning, as I slide off the dildo, it exits my pussy with a slick pop, and I go down on it with my mouth, sliding my lips and tongue over it, cleaning my juices, then I move the dildo out of the way and start lapping at the puddles of my own cum on the mirror.

I’m almost finished, when my hair is snatched from behind, a gloved hand over my face, hot breath on my ear as a deep voice whispers “Don’t fucking scream” the hand gripping my hair lets go and produces a knife, shining in the light of my own flash lamp. I whimper at the sight of it and slowly nod. The mysterious figure behind me starts speaking again. “In a moment, I’m going to let go of you. I want you to switch over to the camera that’s by your bed. Try anything stupid and I’ll have to fucking cut you. I don’t want to have to hurt you, Sophie, but I will.” he says, using my name and making chills run down my spine. I was already aware that he knew me, because he worked for the company my father owed debt to, but I didn’t know he knew me that well. I had used a fake name online. I went by SaraSweetness. I nod again and he lets go of me, pointing the knife in my general direction as I walk over to my computer and swap the cameras to the one beside my bed.

“Good now get the key to your cuffs and get over there.” Says the muscular, masked man behind me.

I can hear chat talking about how hot this is, thinking it’s all a part of the show. I consider yelling for help to the audience, but it’s almost as if he can sense it, as he’s in front of me in an instant, the tip of the knife against my belly. “One flick of this knife and you’ll be in a world of hurt, and maybe I won’t kill you, maybe I’ll just take all that money you made tonight. That’s what, $4500 you made tonight… think how much longer you’ll have to do this if all that is gone. Don’t you wanna pay off daddy’s debt so you don’t have to do this anymore?” He asked, condescendingly, with a smirk that was even evident with the mask.

My eyes dart around, looking for a way to escape as his body looms over mine. He steps closer and I can feel his boner through his pants against me and I jump back. He laughs, having startled me. “Give me the key to your cuffs.” I look at him wide-eyed, slowly handing it over, thinking it can’t be too bad if he’s taking off my cuffs.

He inserts the key into one cuff and turns it, letting it fall open, pausing just for a moment before rapidly turning me around, not letting me have a chance to think as he pulls my arms behind me, cinching the one cuff closed tighter, and closing the other around my currently-naked wrist. He pulls up on my arms using the chain that runs between them, wrenching my arms painfully behind me, making me bend over as I yelp, using the newfound leverage to lead me around, backing me up, and pushing me over to the center of the end of my bed.

His fingers entwine again into the hair at the back of my head, pulling me back against him, knife against my throat keeping me from wiggling. “Be a good little slut for me tonight and maybe I won’t take your money." He snarled into my ear, pushing me forward onto my knees on the bed, face and chest pressed into the mattress, my ass still high in the air. He paused a moment to unzip himself and I started to weep.

“P-please let me go!” I cried.

“Aw, now I’m sure you know that I’m not gonna do that…” he said, mockingly, trailing off and starting to rub himself. “I’m sure you’re going to be such a good little slut for me that this is all going to be over before you know it. Just take me like you do that rubber one every fucking night and we’ll be golden.”

With that, he pulls up on the chain between the handcuffs, holding me cruelly in the air by my arms wrenched behind me, shoulders having to bear more weight than they’re used to. I can hear him snicker and moan at my cries of pain and I get a small burst of anger. “Fuck you, asshole!” I shout.

“I mean… I can, if you want me to….” he says, tauntingly, placing the tip of his cock near my virgin anus but not pressing in just yet.

“NO! Not there! Please not there” I plead.

“Say what you mean then, babygirl” I shudder at the name, sounding sweet, like a boyfriend, rather than the person who’s about to rape me.

“Wh-what do you mean?” I ask, confused.

“Tell me what you want, and be specific!” he growls, smacking my ass for emphasis. I yelp out at the smacks and start to tear up again.

“W-who are you? Why are you doing this?” I ask, voice shaking.

“Who are you, why are you doing this?” he repeats in a mocking tone. “Let’s just say I work for the guys your daddy owes money to, and they asked me to watch your stream every night and make sure you’re earning us back the money he owes. It’s not important who I am, what’s important is I told you to do something and you’re wasting time asking FUCKING QUESTIONS!” he shouted, startling me.

“I-I don’t know what you mean. I want you to leave.” I say, my voice shaking, knowing in my heart of hearts that won’t work, but hoping it might.

“Aw, you’re just confused baby, let me help. See, if I leave, I hurt you first and take all your money. So, tell me what you really want. Tell me you want me in that pretty pussy if you don’t want me to fuck your ass.” He said and I choked out more sobs.

“P-please don’t fuck me in the ass.” Another slap to the ass.

“Now, I’m pretty sure – don’t get me wrong, I could be wrong now – but I’m pretty sure that’s not what I told you to say.” He yelled, punctuating each of the last eight words with another hard smack of my ass, making me cry out, yelp, and squirm, but he just holds me in place with my wrists held up in the air. “Now fucking say it right.” he said and I could feel him hardening behind me from slapping my ass.

‘Fucking sicko’ I thought, grumbling to myself a little, before muttering the words “please put your cock in my pretty pussy, I need it” treating it like I’m just playing out another fantasy for one of my cam customers.

“Ohh that’s a good girl” he said, sliding his cock into me, moaning at my warmth and the leftover wetness from my play session. He starts rocking his hips, to slide in and out of me, holding my cuffs in one hand, and the other holding my hip and pulling me back into him. He puts my arms down and leans in close, our bodies pressed together. “God, you’re so good baby.” He whispers, close to my ear, sending chills down my spine and my stomach turns, hearing my rapist talk to me like a lover. “Fuck you’re so fucking nice wrapped around my cock babe” every time he whispers, breath hot against my ear, I shudder.

He fucks me slowly, taking an agonizingly long time, whispering in my ear like a boyfriend or lover would, at the same time as he rapes me, giving my body sweet caresses and tender kisses. Under any other circumstances it might be nice.

“God I’m going to fucking hate sharing you later.” he mutters.

“Sharing?!” I ask, indignantly.

“Yeah, I gotta partner in uh…. Mmmmm…. The organization your daddy owes mon-money to. Wants to get a slice of your pie too if you know what I’m saying”

“Oh god please no. J-just take what you want and leave!”

“Aw I can’t do that though, honey, no, your dad’s debt is too close to being paid off and we…” he trails off into a grunt, before continuing “we can’t keep making it look like he owes more than he does because, well, it’ll look kinda sus, but you’re just too cute to let go. We know you want to be done with all this and move away.”

I start to cry as soon as he says that the debt had been drawn out, made to look like there was more than there really was to keep me camming. “Aw don’t cry princess, it’s only been a few months since the debt really should have been paid off!” he says like it should be comforting.

After all this, he starts thrusting more rapidly, nearing his orgasm, pulling me out of my thoughts. I cry out “pl-please don’t cum in my pussy!” but it falls on deaf ears as he just continues thrusting, pushing through to his orgasm, until he spurts deep inside me with a groan and a shudder, collapsing onto me for a short cuddle – caressing me more, whispering into my ear how I was SUCH a good girl and how I felt so nice, my ‘pretty, little pussy’ wrapped around him, squeezing him tight. He takes a few deep breaths to relax from the orgasm and pulls out, letting a little cum drip out of my pussy as he grabs my camera tripod and moves it so that the shot grabs my ass and pussy leaking cum.

Satisfied he’s gotten enough footage of that, he moves the camera back to where it was, grabs my water bottle, and comes back over to me, flips me over, my arms getting squashed between me and the bed. He climbs on top of me on my belly, pulling a small bag with a pill in it out of his back pocket. “Open wide, dear, time for you to take your medicine.” I shut my mouth tight and purse my lips and he shrugs, stopping my nose with his fingers, making it impossible for me to breathe, and just waits for my body’s natural instincts to take over, my mouth opening for gulps of air. He uses it as an opportunity to pop the pill in my mouth, followed by some water from my bottle. “Swallow it.” and I do, seeing as I don’t really have any other choice, pinned beneath you, bound as I am with nowhere to go.

“What was that?”

“A benzo. You’re gonna take a little nap. But while we wait for that to work, I think you can clean me off. If I feel any teeth at all, you’ll regret it.” he says, flashing the knife at me where I can see it again. I slowly nod in agreement. “Tell me you want it.”

“Please can I clean your cock off with my mouth?”

“Oooh polite even! Of course, babe.” he says, getting up slightly to come up near my face on the bed, pushing his cock into my mouth, his cum mixed with my own from my earlier session. My mouth is open as wide as it can be, not wanting him to use that knife on me. He thrusts in my mouth a few times then pulls out, satisfied with the cleaning job. He gets up and sets about binding me further, stuffing my panties back into my mouth, still damp from earlier with my pussy juice, and wraps several layers of tape around my head. Then he moves lower and wraps a few more layers around my knees and ankles.

The world is just starting to get a bit swimmy and grey around the edges when he finishes up, and comes toward me with the black sack that he used to hold his ‘supplies’ and a pair of ear plugs. He puts the ear plugs in my ears and the sack over my head, securing it in place, before I’m vaguely aware of the sound of my camera shutting down and the stream ending, and being carried out to the trunk of a car, before I completely black out.


When I awaken, groggy, still with the hood on and earplugs in, I feel a shooting pain in my shoulders that jars me immediately awake, and I realize I’m no longer at home nor even in the trunk of a car, but my bound wrists are pulled up painfully behind me. I stir, thrashing around as much as the bindings will allow, shrieking into the panties in my mouth as I unintentionally put more strain on my shoulders.

I wonder how long I’ve been like this when I feel someone grab the hood and yank it off, blinding me with the light of the room, which I realize is dim once my eyes have had time to adjust. A man stands before me and the only reason I can tell it’s a different person is the build is slightly different, though equally as large and imposing. Large, calloused hands stroke my body on the way to my ears, pulling out the earplugs.

“Good, you’re awake.” he said, giving my cheek a little slap. I start screaming into my panties, hoping someone will hear. “Scream all you like, no one is going to hear you – not all the way out here.” I start to sob, realizing the hopelessness of the situation. “God, you’re so much cuter when you cry. I’m gonna make you do a whole lot more of that. I won’t lie to you, I’m going to make you hurt, little toy.” Body shaking with sobs as he refers to me as a toy – something made to be played with, maybe even broken.

He slaps my cheek lightly several times, then one hard one, making me shriek into the gag. “Now, my associate told me what a nice, pretty pussy you have. I think I should see for myself” he says, starting to circle and inspect me, probing with the same rough, calloused fingers that he ran up my body earlier. “Not bad for a rape whore.” I choke out some sobs, before I start snotting a little and realize that if I keep on crying, my nose will stop up and I won’t be able to breathe. “Aw, don’t worry, I’ll make sure you can breathe while you cry for me” he says, ripping the tape off of my face and head, inch-by-painful-inch. He pulls my panties out of my mouth and discards them to the side. He moves behind me for a moment, before returning bearing a ring gag, holding it up to my lips.

“Open wide, rape whore.”

I close my mouth, shaking my head. He grabs me by the jaw and forces fingers into the sides, prying my jaw open enough to shove in the ring gag and wiggle it into place between my teeth. He secures it behind my head and steps back to look at me, satisfied with his work.

He steps behind me again, only this time, the agonizing pain in my shoulders is slightly relieved as my arms drop slowly down behind me. He lets down the rope that attaches to my cuffs and runs through a pulley in the ceiling, letting it go a little slack. In an instant, before I even have time to react, he’s immediately behind me, holding my shoulders and trying to push me down. I resist, pushing back against him, but his foot comes up and kicks me in the back of the knees, his grip on my shoulders keeping me from totally falling, he just guides me to my knees. I try to scramble to my feet when he turns away, but he’s back on me in an instant, and suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my side, knocking the wind out of me, as I groan in pain. He’d punched me.

“Fucking get on your knees and stay there." He said, gripping my shoulders again and preparing to kick me, but I just drop to my knees. A little more roughly than I’d like but it’s all I can manage with my legs still taped together. I sit back on my heels, grateful for the relief to my shoulders – brief though it is as, when he disappears again, he takes up the slack in the rope and pulls my arms up painfully behind me, relishing in the shriek I let out when he pulls it up just a bit too far with a sadistic chuckle. He lets it down just a bit so it’s just painful and not excruciating.

He comes around in front of me and undoes his trousers, letting them fall to the floor, and starting to stroke his hard-on right in front of my face. I now understand why the ring gag is so large, as it seems like he’ll barely fit. I only just think of that, as he thrusts into my mouth, growing even harder in my mouth, as he slides in and out along my tongue. I glare up at him.

“Ohhh your mouth is wonderful, little rape whore, I can only imagine your other holes” he says, using my forced-open mouth like a living FleshLight. Thrusting into my mouth just a few more times, before he stands me up and disappears again, pulling the rope taut before coming back to me, coming around front, brandishing a knife and twisting it so it shines in the light, inspecting the sharpness. I start shaking with sobs. He caresses my cheek with the knife, letting me feel how sharp it is, then he uses it to pick up a tear off of my cheek, giving it a little lick, careful not to cut himself with his own blade. His cock twitches as he tastes my tear.

“Aw, don’t worry, rape whore, I’m not going to kill you yet, you just might wish you were dead by the time I’m finished.” He chuckles evilly again, grabbing a nearby spreader bar, before kneeling down in front of me and slicing open the tape keeping my legs together. He secures my ankles into the cuffs at each end of the spreader bar, my feet being parted enough that I can no longer touch the floor and I just dangle, my shoulders screaming at me.

“Huh, I think we’ll save your ass for another time, rape whore, and I’ll get a sampling of that pussy instead” he says, disappearing behind me, and before I know it, I feel him rubbing the head of his cock along my slit, and without warning, he brutally thrusts inside me, burying himself to the hilt, making me scream, in stark contrast to the other man who, apart from the initial assault, was loving and gentle.

He reaches around in front of me and starts roughly squeezing at my tits, pinching and pulling at my nipples until I cry out and then some. His thrusting is brutal and wracks me, straining my shoulders further. I scream and cry, but it’s to no avail as he just laughs at me. He grunts like an animal, thrusting in and out of me, burying his cock to the hilt in my pussy with each brutal thrust - I’m sure he’s tearing me up - until he finally groans, cumming in my pussy. He holds himself there long enough to totally drain his cock, before he slides out. “Jesus, rape whore, that IS one lovely pussy.” he says, my face going red. He pulls out and watches his cum drip from my pussy for a moment, then snaps a few pics, muttering something about how much they’ll go for online.

I can hear him moaning and stroking himself after the camera clicks. He lets my arms down again. “knees” he says simply, and I get down on my knees, not wanting to be punched again or kicked. He comes around in front of me and roughly grabs a fistful of hair, sliding all the way into my mouth in one fell swoop, making me gag and choke on it. I pull against the cuffs, body desperately wanting to push him away out of instinct to breathe, but he just holds himself deep in my throat for a moment, before he begins thrusting in and out of my mouth, his cock tasting of his cum and my own pussy.

“Y’know, I could go for that sweet pussy again, or get me a sample of that tight little asshole” he says, thrusting deeply into my mouth again.

“Uh-uhhh” I say into the gag and his cock, looking up with pleading eyes, trying to move and swirl my tongue on his cock to maybe get him to stay in my mouth.

“Ohhhhh what a good little rape whore. This is all you’re good for, isn’t it? Nod your head if you agree. I whimper, but don’t nod. He suddenly pulls out of my mouth and slaps me roughly across the face. “I SAID fucking NOD if you AGREE, WHORE” he says, slapping me across the face one way and then the other, to accentuate the words, and I start to cry. I slowly nod.

“Good rape whore” he says, and starts fucking my face again. “Ohhhhh rape whores such as yourself are good for nothing except being a warm set of holes to fuck. You’re only marginally better than a Fleshlight, rape whore, y’know that?” he says, before pulling out and brutally smacking me again. A little blood drips out of my mouth from the rough treatment, tears dripping down my cheeks. “I fuckin’ asked you a question, rape whore, answer it!” he shouts, and I nod again, choking out sobs.

“I know what to do with you”, he says, disappearing behind me and coming back with a gun, pointing it at me. “I’m gonna take that gag off, and then you’re gonna suck this gun, and you better get it good and wet, because your spit’s all the fucking lube you’ll get when I shove this into your pussy. Then you can beg me not to kill you, rape whore.” he says, reaching behind me to undo the gag straps. As soon as he has it out, he pushes the gun into my mouth. I choke out more sobs, starting to suckle on the barrel of the gun, getting it wet with my saliva. He doesn’t let me get it super wet before he pulls it out, moving around behind me. He lets the rope loose a little further and comes back over to me, pushing my face down into the dirt, my ass still in the air.

“God, if you convince me not to kill you, I’m going to have to take that ass next, rape whore. Now, call me Sir, tell me you’re a rape whore who deserves nothing but cock in all her holes, and beg for your life. I’m sure you can figure out the rest. Add a little embellishment if you really want to convince me” he says, with a menacing snicker, starting to thrust the barrel of the gun into my pussy. I choke out sobs as I try to speak.

“I… I’m a filthy rape whore, Sir, I’m deserve nothing but cocks stuffing me all– all the time. Thank you f-for showing me my true purpose in life, Suh-Sir. Please don’t k—k–” I choke out more sobs. “Please don’t kill me Sir, please allow this rape whore to—tuh–to continue to service cocks and fulfill her life’s purpose.”
“Good.” He says, continuing after a moment, pausing with the gun in my pussy like he’s going to take it out. “But not good enough.” I realize I feel something warm trickle down my leg- I’ve lost control of my bladder in my fear. I start to scream just as the sound of a gunshot rings through the small abandoned warehouse they have me in.

I realize after a moment that I’m not, in fact, dead, and just hear the man laughing behind me. “Jesus, that was good, rape whore, I just wanted to scare you, I didn’t think you’d piss yourself, ha! The first gun was a fake, dumbass. It’s a goddamn prop. It doesn’t even have a trigger. I told you you’d wish you were dead by the time I’m finished with you. I ain’t even had that sweet ass o’ yours yet.” He uses the moment that I take to process everything and squats behind me, spitting a couple times, once, I assume into his hand, and one wad of spit lands directly on my virgin asshole. Before I know it, he’s pressing at my rosebud with the tip of his cock.

“P-please” I begged, wanting to ask for him to please not put it in my ass – I’d been saving my ass for my boyfriend, and planned to let him fuck me there for his birthday, as a surprise. I’d even planned to put a bow on my ass cheek and be waiting on my hands and knees for him when he came into the room. But, his birthday wasn’t for another month, and this was now.

“Please what, rape whore?” he asked, smirking, knowing I wouldn’t dare deny him, given what just happened. Kneeling in my own puddle of piss, my thighs still damp with it, I sob some more.

“Please r-rape my a-aa-asshole, Sir” barely getting the words out as I sobbed, snotting all over the floor as the puddle of piss started to run farther, reaching my tits.

“Well since you asked so nicely, of course I’ll pound this tight little asshole, rape whore.” he said, forcing the tip of his cock into my ass with a moan, making me cry out. “FUCK, your ass is so tight, rape whore, how many cocks have you taken in it? In your answer, I want you to refer to yourself as rape whore.”

“R—Rape whore hasn’t had any cocks in its ass b-before, Sir” I tremble, my ass being stretched around his massive member as he sinks deeper into me.

“Your asshole is virgin? I can’t fucking believe it, ha. As sexy as your ass is, you’re a fucking tease parading around this virgin little pucker. Do you know how much more money you could’ve been making if you’d have fucked your ass on stream? Jesus, rape whore. I knew you were stupid but I thought you were more slutty than stupid.” He started thrusting harder as he went on his speech, making me groan and cry out. I wanted desperately to pull away, but couldn’t. He gripped my hips for leverage to pull me onto him with every brutal thrust, bottoming out in my ass every time.

I can’t help it and I start to squirm and cry, trying to get his penis out of my little butt. It feels like he’s ripping me in two as he pounds into me, one hand coming off my hips and tangling into my hair, the other hand slapping my ass as he groans, balls slapping my pussy with each thrust also. Roughly fucking my ass, my screams and cries only seem to encourage him.

He slows down for a moment, only to put a collar on me, locking it into place, before going back to the brutal thrusting. Thankfully, or maybe not thankfully, he grows nearer to his orgasm, his grunts becoming more frequent, and the thrusts start coming with wild abandon. He lets go of my hair and slaps my ass with both hands, gripping my ass cheeks hard, to slide all the way in, spasming deep in my ass, before pulling out almost as roughly as he had entered me, as soon as he finishes. He grips my hair and pulls me to my knees again, shifting my position and I think he’s about to make me suck him. Seeing streaks of red and a little brown, my stomach churns, but he just kicks my hip, sending me tumbling to the floor in the largest portion of my puddle of piss. He shoves my face into it, grinding my cheek into the ground, admonishing me like a dog. “Look at what you did.” he laughs cruelly, hooking a carabiner to a loop in the collar around my neck, and to a loop in the floor. “sleep well, rape whore. He says, leaving the room without turning the lights out, and, using some unseen control panel or something, he pipes loud music into the room.

I close my eyes and try to sleep, but with the wetness on the ground, the general coolness about the air in the warehouse, the lights, and thrumming music, it just doesn’t come to me. What seems like an eternity later, Mr. Nice comes in. I’d decided during the night that since I didn’t know any names, they were Mr. Nice and Mr. Pain. Exhausted and weeping, I barely notice him as he comes over to me and unclips my collar from the hook in the ground.

“Good morning, Sophie” he says, not waiting for a response before he scoops me up in his arms, cradling my shoulders in one arm and my knees in the other, he carries me off to another section of the building. This section has been remodeled, clearly by whoever these people were, to be a bathroom with a large, walk-in shower. He sets me on my feet, before turning on the water, letting it warm before he directs me into it. There are shelves nearby, with what looks like one of those cheap, three-in-one bottles of soap from the dollar store, the kind you can use as shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I start to shower, grateful to be able to wash off all the piss from the night before, not even noticing that Mr. Nice is getting naked, before he steps in with me, getting wet and squirting some of the soap into his hands before he starts lathering me up with it. I have to say it feels nice, even with the gratuitous lingering at my tits, pussy and ass to grope and fondle.

“Your body is so nice, baby, I love how creamy and smooth your skin is” he says, and I blush.

“Thank you, Sir” I mutter, without even thinking it, before my eyes go wide and my hand clasps over my mouth, I think ‘ what the fuck am I saying?!’ as he gives a soft chuckle.

“Aw, Sophie, I knew you’d be such a good girl for us” he said. Satisfied with his cleaning job as he washed me, he turned me around, facing the wall and pushed me into it. Stepping into me and grabbing a bottle of lube off the shelf, I hadn’t even noticed he was hard until his cock was pressed at my asshole. He squirted some lube out onto my ass, sliding in a finger to spread it around. I groaned a little into the wall, my asshole still abused and hurting from last night. “Just relax, baby, I want to make you feel good.

Thinking about the night before, wondering how anal can feel good, before he pulls out his finger and starts slowly pushing in his cock, his other hand coming around and starting to rub at my pussy. I want so badly to push him away, but, I’m worried he’ll report back to Mr. Pain if I do, I just accept what’s happening with a small grunt. “push out like you’re going to the bathroom, it’ll make it easier” he says, taking a moment to nibble on my ear.

Wanting this to be a less painful experience than last night, even if just by a little bit, I take his advice. It does make it a little easier. He continues to rub at my clit and slowly, gently slide in and out of my ass. His other hand snakes around my body to caress a breast, teasing a nipple. Before I know it, a soft moan escapes my lips. Realizing what’s happened, I gasp. Another soft chuckle from him. “That’s it, princess, relax and enjoy it. You have such a juicy peach.” he said, referring to the supple curvature of my ass as he strokes all over my body with the hand that was just playing with my tit.

He slowly slides in and out of me, his fingers and gentle attention eliciting moans from deep within me. My face goes red. ‘I’m enjoying my own goddamn rape’ I think to myself, a horrified look on my face, as my hips subconsciously grind back into the man filling my ass as he thrusts behind me. He continues to fondle my body as he thrusts, until he groans and fills my ass. Finished cumming, he pulls out and turns me around, kneeling down, turning his attention to my pussy. He begins eating me out, moaning about how good I taste, tongue lapping at my soft folds. He pulls away for a moment to say “You’re so wet for me, Soph. Do you like this?”

“I…. I don’t know” I blurt out, not wanting to admit that I do, in fact, like his attentions.

“Yes you do, baby, I can feel and taste how wet you are.” He goes back to eating me out, driving me inexorably toward orgasm. I whine, trying to push it off, but he’s just too good at it, and, body pressed against the wall of the shower, I have a shaking orgasm.

“God, you’re so beautiful when you cum, princess.” he says, standing back up, stroking me all over. He leans in to give me a kiss, and, without even realizing it, I start returning the kiss, tasting my own sweet juices on his lips.

Finishing the kiss, he turns off the water and leads me back out to the main room, where Mr. Pain is already waiting. I start to panic and recoil. “Please, no, not him, I’ll do whatever you want. Don’t let him hurt me.” looking to Mr. Nice, pleading with him.

“aw, little rape whore is afraid of me. How cute.” says Mr. Pain, condescendingly. “But, anything, you say?”

“yes. Yes. I…. Rape whore will do anything you want, just please don’t hurt m– it.” I plead, body still aching from yesterday, all over.

“Okay, be our little company rape whore. We can even mark you as such.”

“…. sure, fine, okay I’ll do it! Fill rape whore with cock all the time and… and whore it out as you please. Just don’t hurt me!” I beg, seeing all the toys along the wall for the first time, and they all look like they’re made to cause pain. Frightened, I’ll agree to anything right now.

“Alright, prep her.” He says, to Mr. Nice, who grabs me by the arm and leads me over to a table, getting me to climb onto it on all fours, and binding me into place with cold shackles affixed to it, clipping my collar to a ring at the head of the table so that my chin just hung off of it, and bringing a bar up beneath my hips. It has a rounded y-shape, and he affixes another half-circle to the top of it, locking my hips into place. I squirm against it, but the restraints are solid, holding me into place. There’s a chair in front of me, where Mr. Pain comes and sits, holding a pair of pliers and an old wire hanger. Mr. Nice disappears, I suppose into another room. Once finished, Mr. Pain shows me the final project, an ‘RW’ with a big circle around it. ‘oh, god’ I think ‘they’re going to brand me’. My eyes go wide and I start squirming with renewed vigor against the restraints.

“Now, now, rape whore, you said you’d do anything.” he says, menacingly. “Didn’t you mean it?”

“I… I said I’d do anything if you don’t hurt me anymore, I think this counts as ‘hurt’!” I say, unable to stop myself from shouting, as I start to sob. He smiles at me cruelly.

“And I never agreed I would stop, rape whore. You just said you would do anything and I told my partner to get you prepped” he laughs. “Such a stupid rape whore, I bet you’ll learn a good lesson here about specificity.” he places the makeshift branding iron between my teeth, gripping my chin with the other hand and closing my jaw on the wire between my lips. “Hold this for me. I need to go start a fire. Don’t fucking drop it.” I squirm and cry some more as he disappears behind me. Within minutes, a warm glow fills the room, and a slight heat emanates from where he was standing. He mutters something about it being beautiful the way the fire swirls and dances. He comes back to me, pulling the wire from my mouth and setting it aside. He slides a hood over my head, and with a ‘zzzzzip’ secures it into place, the unmistakable sound of a zip tie closing, wrapped around my throat.

I shriek and start to plead, barely hearing Mr. Nice coming back into the room. “Good, you got what I asked for” says Mr. Pain, a sadistic smile evident in his voice. I can hear clinking that sounds like ice, but assume it’s just a drink. A few minutes later, footsteps approach behind me.

“Plllleeeeaaassseeeee…” I say, through my tears.

“Okay…. You asked for it.” he says, audibly smirking.

“No! No, that’s not what I—-” cut off by my shrieks as he presses the wire into my ass and it feels like it’s searing in pain, making me squirm violently against the restraints, the metal of them cutting into my skin painfully, but not worse than the pain in my ass. After a few moments, I realize that the wire is not in fact hot, but very cold. He’d tricked me. In the moment when it first touches you, it’s almost impossible to tell whether something is very cold or searingly hot, especially if you can’t see it. Blinded by the hood, sense of touch heightened by the loss of sight, he fucking tricked me. He laughs behind me and explains how certain things were all for show, and that I should really be careful what I say and promise.


Stunned, too shocked to speak, I barely notice as I’m moved, grunting and moaning as they repeatedly rape me, taking turns in each of my holes, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm as I shriek. I obediently suck and fuck both of them…. All of them. I realize before too long that they’ve brought in additional men, agreed on price with them, and let them rape me for cash.


It’s been months since they let me go, Mr. Pain having decided he was bored having a broken toy. Immediately, my streams started getting more and more depraved – I’d do anything for tips, anything to feel something – but it wasn’t enough. I eventually started whoring myself out, letting sleazy men pay me to take what they wanted from my body. It still wasn’t enough. Eventually I started dressing in skimpy outfits, going into seedy areas of town at night, hoping someone would rape me in a back alley. I went out every night, looking for what I needed.

What I craved.
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Re: Rape Whore
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An absorbing story :emot_thedrool.gif:
Loved how Mr. Pain tricked her.
Thank you for sharing, merit
your fan
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Re: Rape Whore
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Excellent story, great setup and delivery.
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Re: Rape Whore
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And this ladies and gentlemen is a perfect reason why i have always said the pinkwarkitten14 is a must read author here.

Absolute brilliance to take a web show and turn it into a real life extension. Wondering how much money is being paid off or added to to keep her under their thumbs!

just graphically written to prove that someone might actually be doing an one line sex show. That leads so perfectly well into a proven blackmail/rape story to engross the readers into reading right to the end!

Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Rape Whore
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Why thank you, I'm glad you all enjoyed it :)
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Re: Rape Whore
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Great story and a merit from me!
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Re: Rape Whore
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It’s been a good year or more, now, since I was let go, and started going out night after mindless night, searching for my own rape. Most nights were boring, barely seeming like more than prostitution that’s a little kinky and not for money (though, some of the men gave me money anyway, I guess feeling bad after the fact, even though I told them I didn’t want it). Some though, some surprised me, at how depraved people could be. Some wanted sex with a sleeping or drugged partner, others wanted to abuse me, choke me out, I can’t count now how many times I’ve been brought near to death, but I don’t care. It almost surprises me sometimes how it makes my pussy drip, the experiences I think of now, when I rub myself to get off….. Thinking about myself dripping cum from all my holes, when just a year ago, I wouldn’t even put a dildo in my ass. About how many different objects I’ve had shoved inside me when I used to think panties in my holes were weird. I laugh, thinking about how ‘innocent’ I used to be, even when I was doing what I was doing, compared to now, and compared to most of the world.

Fetish clubs were places I frequented, when I was looking for a tame evening, which, these days, wasn’t often. I’d even gotten myself kicked out of a few, insisting that I didn’t want limits or safewords, and talking about what a whore I was for rape, trying to talk people into my own lifestyle. Talking about my own real-life ‘trauma’. That’s what it had been called, trauma, but I looked at it as more of an eye-opening experience, teaching me my place in life, and what I needed to be happy.
Now, I liked it when men degraded and humiliated me, used all of my holes. ‘I hope tonight is a good night’ I think to myself, putting on skimpy clothes and layers of cheap makeup that will run when I start to sweat or cry. I pack the eyeliner and lipstick into my back when I’m done – some of the men like it when I refresh it for them, or else they like to use it to write on my body.

Stepping out for the night, I decide to head down to the warehouse district – I’d heard there had been some gang activity in the area, and a few women got raped. I’d seen them all over the news, crying and talking about how it was the worst night of their lives. Liars.

On my way there, I’m stopped by a few men, who drag me into a dark alley to have their way with me, leaving me dripping with cum, one even took my panties as a trophy, letting me walk away smelling of sex, and leaking cum all down my legs. I haven’t even reached the warehouse district yet. Tonight WILL be a good night. When I’m almost there, a woman stops me, starting to ask if I’m okay, before she sees the cum dripping on my thighs, the almost-drunk smile on my face. She gives me a slight look of horror, then it turns to something different, more sinister. She pushes me against the wall and fingers me, feeling how wet I already am, she pulls out and wraps her hands around my neck, squeezing against the wall, until I pass out, while she laughs. When I wake, my face is covered in girl jizz and smells like pussy – she’d used my face to get herself off, after I had passed out. I blush, feeling myself grow wet, when I notice some weird feeling inside me, something different…. I reach down and feel around, sliding my fingers into myself with a soft moan, until I find what feels like a small wad of cash crammed into my pussy. About $100 with the words “cheap whore” written on it in large letters.

I grow even wetter and lean myself against the alley wall, spreading my legs and start to masturbate. I decide that isn’t enough and explore the alley, eventually finding myself a bottle on the ground. I wipe it off a little, but too horny to care about a little bit of dirt, I lean back against the wall and shove it into myself, starting to rub again. I rub profusely, and fuck myself with the thick end of the bottle, moaning out loudly, not caring who hears, and it isn’t long before I cry out, cumming hard on the ground, as another man passes by…. Seeing me fuck myself with a dirty bottle in the alley apparently does something for him, because before I know it, he approaches me.

“Well aren’t we a horny little slut. Little whore like you, out here at night, especially doing things like that, you’re bound to get raped. Maybe I should teach you a lesson about what happens when you’re a dirty little whore in places like this…..”
I feign a “please, no” but it must be evident that it’s fake, because he suddenly slaps me across the face.

“Please, no” he mocks me “fucking whore. We both know you’re looking for it. God, I bet you’re out here looking for sex and then you’ll go home and try to report it as rape to the police. Fucking bitch” he slaps me again, knocking me to the ground. He kicks me around in the dirt, even kneeling down to wipe some on me, before deciding he’s had his fill, and he pulls up my hips, so I’m face down, ass up on the ground, bottle still sticking crudely out of my pussy. He slides it in and out of me, laughing at me as I try to stifle both shrieks and moans, before starting to rub my clit.

“God, you are a dirty fucking whore” he says, with a chuckle, pulling the bottle out of my pussy and slapping my ass, before spreading my ass cheeks with one hand, and using the other to force the bottle between them and into my asshole, making me writhe and scream, at the flat, wide intrusion, lubed only by my own pussy juice. After a fashion, he successfully slides it into my asshole, and rapes me with it there for a while. Deciding I haven’t had enough humiliation for the night, he starts rubbing my pussy again, while he rapes my asshole with a bottle, fingering me to a ripping strong orgasm with the bottle and his own rough, calloused digits, dirty also from rubbing filth all over my body. After I’ve cum, he laughs, and decides to rape me himself, telling me how good my holes are, and how tight I am, despite the number of men I’ve probably slept with.

Eventually, he drops his load inside me, and pushes me back to the ground, telling me to stay there, and walks a few feet away, making a phone call. I can only hear a little, but I can just make out “yeah, I found us a good one. She was fucking masturbating in an alley by the warehouse district. With a bottle. Heh, yeah, a bottle I think she found on the ground or in the trash. She loves to be degraded and humiliated, makes her sopping wet, I think she’ll be perfect for our guys, yeah. I’ll bring her by in about 15 minutes. Yeah, see ya then. Bye.” before he turns back to me, and, with a wicked grin, picks me up off the ground. I don’t fight back, even as he loads me into his car, eager to see where this goes.

We reach a warehouse building, that looks empty, with the lights mostly off, save for a warm glow seeming to come from somewhere inside – probably a generator or otherwise portable light source, not anything coming from the building itself. He yanks me out of the car by my hair and leads me inside, where at least half a dozen other men stand, drawn out of their conversations to stare at me, some of them even wolf-whistle at me and make crude remarks.

“She’s a good looking whore, but she’ll need cleaning!” someone sneers. I blush a little, knowing I look horrible right now, my hair is probably a mess and my body is covered in filth and what remains of my skimpy outfit. A few other men snicker, as if that means something to them, and start to swagger toward me. I back away, intimidated by all the much larger forms around me. Suddenly, this seems like slightly less of a good idea. They take me by the arms and lead me to a separate back room, a bare-bones concrete room with a drain in the center, near to a ring in the floor. I barely have a chance to take in the surroundings of the room, before one of the men flanking me slaps a collar around my neck and takes me by the arm, leading me to the ring and the drain, and binding me there. He binds the collar close to the floor at first, forcing me to my knees so that my face is by the floor and my ass is in the air. He disappears for a moment, and I hear what sounds like an opening tube or bottle of something, like shampoo or lube. Given the position I’m in, I’d be inclined to think the latter. I brace myself for penetration, but it’s not what I expect. Instead of a cock, what I feel is larger, prickly, oh, god, it’s prickly. I start to shriek and pull against the collar and the ring in the floor, trying to figure out what’s inside me that hurts so badly, as it scrapes against my inner walls.

Both of the men snicker at my writhing form, before one says “Dirty fucking whore. You’re so filthy, we gotta scrub all that cum out with a toilet brush. Don’t worry, this one, we just use for sluts like you.” he snickers again, as I shriek and writhe and cry, trying to no avail to push myself up off the floor or avoid the pain somehow but it doesn’t stop coming. He keeps thrusting the brush in and out of me, painfully scraping my pussy. Every so often, he pulls it all the way out and scrubs my slit, making sure he parts my lips to get at my clit, reveling with laughter at my screams.

“What’s a-matter, whore, don’t like it? I’m sure it only hurts because you’re getting clean, like peroxide!” he says, pausing on the scrubbing while he fiddles with something else behind me, leaving the toilet brush sticking out of my pussy. I squirm, but realize that makes it worse, making the prickles press into me every time I shift, and I stay put, hearing a patronizing ‘good girl’ behind me when I settle and stay still. I hear the bottle of lube again and brace for more pain to come, but something small and almost phallic is braced at my asshole, before being pushed in. It keeps going, and going, for seeming like forever, before he finally stops.

“Enjoy the anal snake and you better hold all your water until we get back” he says, messing with a valve near a bag he placed above my head, one I recognize as an enema bag. Within minutes, I feel cold, abrasive water flowing into my ass. He gives my ass a little pat and I hear receding footsteps, the brush in my pussy still keeping me in place, while I take the large enema. It slowly fills my bowels, stretching my belly, until I eventually feel like I probably look pregnant. The irritating water churns my insides for what feels like forever, before they finally return. They unhook the collar from the ring in the floor and tug me so that my ass is over the drain, removing the grate over it, and I realize they want me to expel my ‘water’ into the floor. I blush hard and start to cry, moving to squat over the hole in the floor, when I feel a boot hit me in the gut, knocking me back down and making me groan, a little of the water squirting out.

“Lower your ass to the floor and shit like the dog that you are.” I start crying a little harder and move so that I’m on my knees and elbows, with my ass as close to being over the hole in the floor as I can get it.

“Take the brush out of her cunt, we don’t want her shitting all over the handle, we gotta touch that!”

“Good idea, man.” says the other man, pulling the brush out of my pussy roughly and without ceremony, then pulls out the anal snake, making me whimper and squirm. “Alright, dog, bark and do your business” he says, kicking me in the ass. I try and hold it in, for a short time, not wanting to release the contents of my ass in front of these men, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere, when the one who had pulled out the brush and kicked me previously kicks me in the ass again. “I said fucking GO, and BARK, BITCH.” he says and I yelp, at the kick, crying as I start to release what’s inside my ass into the floor, and start to bark, like a dog, until I’ve expelled all of what’s in me, the men looking pleased.

“I think maybe one more should do her” he says, and one stays and makes me watch, while the other goes and refills the enema bag, not caring about the temperature of the water, and adding soap to it, before returning to me and setting everything up to do it again. He chains me to the loop in the floor again, puts the brush back in my pussy and the snake back in my ass. Again the water is started, and again he disappears, while I groan in agony, soapy water filling my insides once more. At least this one doesn’t seem like quite as long, before they return, setting me back up to expel in the same fashion as before. This time, I just move to the same position as before immediately, and start barking, releasing the contents of my ass right away this time.

“Bitch can learn. Good girl” he says, sneering at me as he does. I finish up, blushing profusely, when they hoist me to my feet, one clipping my collar to a hook in the ceiling, before taking up the slack with some sort of mechanism at the wall. It’s not pulled taut enough to strangle me, but just choke me a little, and make sure I can’t really go anywhere without choking myself. They both step back and ogle my form, struggling to stay put and not strangle myself.

One steps forward, just a couple of steps in front of me, and smirks, saying “come here, choke yourself and come to me” I hesitate briefly, but he slaps me, hard across the face, the one behind me pushing at my back “Did I fucking stutter? I said choke yourself and come to me! Dumb whore. And here I was thinking you were smart or could at least be taught…. “ I hesitantly step forward and he takes my nipples between calloused fingers, pinching and pulling them roughly, as I choke, the collar being pulled back against my throat, cutting off my air supply. He laughs as I struggle to try to breathe, crying out, though it catches somewhat at the collar. “You’ll breathe when and if we fucking allow it” he sneers, the man behind me coming up and pressing my body to his, starting to rub my pussy as I’m choked out, my nipples pulled painfully forward, while the collar pulls back on my throat.

Eventually, the world goes gray at the edges, then black. I’m woken by a cold spray against my body, a plain hose, fitted with a higher-power nozzle. The water is cold and almost feels like it’s cutting me, making me dance along the floor, trying to avoid it, but I can’t, without choking myself. It’s really fucking cold, with the coldness of the water itself, plus the coolness of the room on my dripping body. I try to cover myself but it’s futile.

“arms at your sides, turn.” an order is barked at me from across the room. Not wanting to deal with what would happen if I disobey, I do so, dropping my arms to my sides and turning, so that my back faces the stream of the hose. He ‘washes’ me off, making sure to pay extra close attention to my pussy and ass, and my thighs.

After what seems like an eternity of me being sprayed with the vicious hose, my entire body dripping and shaking from the cold, the water finally stops coming and I’m freed from the hook in the ceiling. I’m brought back out into the main room, and one of the men holding me says “She’s clean” smiling as the rest of the room gives a snicker. I’m bound in the center of the room, as men and women alike start approaching me, a door opening and closing, the crowd around me getting bigger. I can hear some talking, sounding like people agreeing on who would use me first. Someone locates my bag, long discarded in the car that brought me here, and locates the lipstick and eyeliner I’d brought, and uses them to write degrading things all over my body. ‘Slut,” “whore,” “bitch,” “cunt,” “holes,” “abuse me,” and “fuck me” are all written on my body, each phrase being uttered by the person writing it, before someone uses the lipstick to draw a bullseye around my openings, and write “cock goes here” near it, with an arrow pointing to each of my holes.

Three men approach me, one sitting down in front of me and I’m moved on top of him. All three get into position and start raping my holes, filling all of me, while the people nearest to me start groping and fondling my body, some even slapping or pinching me. This continues until all three men cum, before they switch out to the next group. Some women even rape me, too, using strap-ons or forcing me to eat them out, or violating me with other objects until they’re satisfied.

I lose count of how many men use me, how many loads of cum drip out of every orifice, some dry loads coating my back, ass cheeks, face, tits. After everyone’s had a turn, my main captor informs the rest of the room that any further uses will be paid, but my torment continues, everyone exchanging money with the head honcho. Just when I think it’s about to be over, as my holes feel spent and stretched, with someone saying “aw, she’s gotten loose from all our use.”

Someone else says “doesn’t mean we’re done with her. She’s still a set of warm holes to fuck” before coming forward with the inside of three fleshlights, all with straps around them, though one has shorter straps than the other two. The one with the shortest straps is forced into my mouth and buckled behind my head, then the other two are forced into my ass and pussy, and strapped around my hips.

I groan deeply into the toy in my mouth and start to cry, exhausted, and humiliated, as they just use me to keep their toys warm, myself becoming a human sex doll. Someone says that I’m worthless except for my warm holes, which were made to be abused.

Eventually, I pass out, I assume from exhaustion, but am slapped awake, and the cycle continues. Groping and rapes, abuse, men using my holes filled with the sex toys, my body heat keeping them warm, but someone points out that the toys are tighter than me, but my holes do give them a good squeeze while they pound their little living sex toy.

When they’re all finally spent, I’m tossed to a dirty mattress, though still bound, and allowed to sleep. I’m woken up in the middle of the night repeatedly for more rapes and abuse, before morning finally comes, and I can hear my captor talking on the phone.

“yeah, I think you guys will like her. She learns quick, and she’s a total whore for degradation and abuse, she got so wet every time we humiliated her. Yeah…. Yeah, she’s a rare breed. I think she’d be a good fit for y’all. Excellent, you’ll take her? And this settles everything between us? Good. Sure, she’ll be on the way shortly.” he says, turning to the rest of the main crew, before smiling. “The Academy will take her, and they said it clears up everything, they might even owe us one, depending on how good of a whore she is.” the rest of the group smile and cheer, and men start to crowd around me, grinning, before loading me, kicking and screaming into a crate.

I end up biting someone, before they fix dildos into my orifices, and a gag into my mouth, making sure my body is totally secured into the crate, before the person who I bit pauses, and said “wait just a minute before you seal her up, guys, I think this bitch needs a little extra humiliation for the road.” he says, unzipping his pants and taking a piss on my body. “Enjoy that.” He says, and the crate is closed, my body bound inside so that I can’t move and all my holes are filled, before it is carried off, with my screaming body inside, to who knows where. I try to get some rest, but the way I’m bound it’s totally impossible, the odor of piss making me gag the longer I’m in there, until finally, my journey stops, after what feels like weeks, but couldn’t have been more than a day or so. I haven’t had anything to eat or drink in quite a while, so, thankfully, I don’t need to take care of that in the time that I’m in transit to wherever I’m going, and whatever awaits me there. I think about what the man said, ‘the Academy’ and wonder what that means, until, finally, I hear the sounds of someone prying the crate open, until I’m blinded by the light of the room, the only light I’d been getting was what filtered through the air holes that had been cut into the crate. Looking around at the bleary figures before me, feeling what seems like a room full of eyes on me as I struggle and squirm, my voice having long since given out and no longer capable of screaming, only whimpers and pathetic grunts.

The room starts to clear and I’m in what appears to be a lobby of sorts…
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Re: Rape Whore
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I'm having really bad ideas about who writes a nastier abuse story you or Bad Sammie. Christ I could just imagine what a collaboration between you two would be like! Really enjoying that she is an equal abuse sufferer. loving the additional abuse she suffers while being cleaned up before being abused even more! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Rape Whore
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Victims PoV is allways the strongest.
A powerfull sword in the hand of a talented writer.
second chapter is non less brilliant as the first.
Chapeau, merit
Eager to read what happens in the Academy
your fan
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