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Family Movie Night (underage / incest)
« on: December 29, 2020, 10:20:20 AM »
I’m really not sure where this story belongs. I wrote it originally in extreme, but I don’t believe it belongs in there due to a lack of extreme limits not being crossed. There are underage / incest themes, but please enjoy and let me know if you know if there is a separate grouping I should post this in. There are three more parts following part I that I can add in here that is currently in the EXTREME section.

Part I

It was a normal Friday night for the Jordan family, they had their nephew Brandon over who had just recently turned 15. He was a few months younger than their oldest son Billy, so they've grown up together and bonded very well as kids. Billy's little sister Brittany lucky enough to be born just 2 years after Billy, so she was a fresh 13 just starting puberty after the boys. She also grew up with the boys and it made it very easy for their parents to raise 2 kids at the same time around the same age. Brittany always looked up to Billy and Brandon and was always jealous of when they did anything without her, you could say her curiosity always lead her into the same situations they got in. Friday nights also meant movie night at the Jordan residence. It was Brittany's turn to choose a movie, nobody would've ever expected with how the night would evolve into a night of debauchery. A new kind of family bonding.

Amanda just got out of the shower and was walking into the living room talking out loud. "Brittany, what movie did you end up choosing! I'll tell the boys to get in here while I go make some snacks!" She looked up and saw Brittany on the couch sitting close to her father Tom. Happy at the thought of the family bonding so well on Friday nights, she looked up to see what movie was playing and to her surprise she saw Tom streaming porn from his phone onto the tv screen. "What the fuck are you doing Tom! Our daughter is sitting right next to you, turn that off! Brittany, close your eyes!"

"Honey...calm down, Brittany chose this. Let me fill you in. She came to me when you told her to choose a movie and told me the boys have been watching some stuff and she was curious when she first saw it. She showed me the website they were on and what they were searching on the computer. I told her its completely normal to be curious about this stuff and she said she wanted this to be what we watched on movie night. It's weird, but I kinda started getting excited while she was showing me the videos and thought this might be educational for the kids, maybe even spice up our bedroom activities after the show if you know what I mean. Go tell the boys the show has already started. After all, it's because of them she chose this."

Shocked and confused, Amanda always listened to her husband and tried to tell herself this was only educational. She yelled for the boys to come down to the living room. Watching her husband and daughter next to each other on the couch watching porn kind of got her excited also thinking about a short movie night and a good bedroom session with Tom afterwards. She sat on the couch opposite of Tom and their daughter to make sure there was room for the boys, they would have to sit next to her. She wasn't sure how this wouldn't be awkward. The boys ran in the room yelling "What's on the boob tube tonight" while laughing at their own immaturity. "Holy shit! Are we really watching porn tonight! This is awesome!" Amanda just realized their nephew would end up going back to her sister Sara's house tomorrow.

"Oh my gosh! maybe we should turn this off since Brandon is over."
"It's all good Aunt Amanda, you wouldn't believe how cool mom is ever since she divorced dad last year. She won't mind."

Tom and Brittany weren't even listening and kept the porn streaming on the screen. Brittany was cuddled up with her dad and pulled the blanket over them as he put his arm over her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. The boys sat down on either side of Amanda and got comfortable next to her, snuggling a little closer than usual. Amanda didn't mind how close the boys were snuggled, and then Brandon reached up and put his hand on his aunts breast as the moaning got louder on the t.v.

"Whoa Brandon! What are you doing?! You can't touch me there!"

"Why not?" Brandon asked confused. "Mom let's me touch hers, she usually pulls her tits out though! I thought you were cool like her. I know Billy likes them too! Mom loves when we both play with them."

"Billy! You've seen your aunts breasts?!" Amanda exclaimed to her son.

"Yeah mom, Aunt Sara has hot tits, probably better than yours because I've never seen them. Why do you think I'm always trying to go over there? She lets me and Brandon play and suck on them while she plays with herself. She likes watching us jerk off while we play with her tits. She said she's so lonely now and enjoys the attention."

"You think my sister has better tits than me?!" Amanda asked half angry, then also wondered why she cared so much. Her sister and her were very competitive growing up and Sara was always just a little better at everything then her. She was not going to be outdone. And if family nights now included porn, and the boys have already seen and played with her sisters breasts, then why not. "Fuck it, you think your aunt has nice tits, look at these babies!" She takes her shirt off and undoes her bra and lays back on the couch so the boys can get a good look at her huge DDD tits with large areolas and gumdrop nipples. The boys jaws dropped as their hands went straight to each tit that was on their side.

"Mom! Your tits ARE better than aunt Sara's!" Billy said right before he plunged his mouth on her right nipple.

"Aunt Amanda, holy shit! These are going to be so much funner than moms, she's going to be so jealous when I tell her!" Brandon said right before his mouth plunged onto her left nipple.

Amanda felt a sense of accomplishment and excitement come over her as the boys went to town on both her tits. She actually couldn't wait for Sara to hear from the boys that she has nicer tits. She looked at the boys pants and realized they both had huge boners about to rip out of them. "Hey boys, you want to pull those cocks out and jerk off like you do with Aunt Sara?" The boys immediately ripped their pants and underwear off and threw them onto the living room floor and started stroking their hard ons. "Brittany, do you see what you started? This is what happens when you hang out with boys, this is what they always want."

Tom and Brittany looked over and both their jaws dropped. "Mom! Not fair, I want to have big tits like you and the girls in the videos, the boys will like me better!"

"Honey, yours will get bigger as you get older. Also, not everything is about a woman's breasts, there's a lot of things a woman can do for a man to make him happy. Since tonight is going to be educational, why don't you show me what puberty has done to your breasts so far. I can tell their bigger than they used to be already, we had to start buying you bras last year." Tom said to his daughter. Brittany blushed and took off her shirt and bra, revealing to the family her nice, firm, and perky B cup breasts. "See baby girl, those are beautiful!"

Amanda looked over at her daughters tits and remembered when she was younger and had the same size. "Girl, I used to have tits just like yours and the boys still wanted a piece of them. And oh my gosh it feels sooo good when someone sucks on your nipples, let your dad show you, just like your brother is doing to me. Tom, I know you have to be hard, why don't you show her your cock so she can learn what they feel like. I'm about to show the boys what a real woman can do, unlike my sister Sara."

Tom started pulling his pants off as everyone started getting completely naked and returning to their previous positions. He grabbed both his daughters tits and started taking turns sucking on each nipple, remembering to be gentle because she's never been touched before. The sensation was overwhelming for her and her eyes darted straight to her dads huge hard dick. "Dad, your dick is bigger then Billys, like the guys in the movie."

Tom snickered "It's normal baby, the boys dicks are still growing just like your tits. You want to touch it? Your mom is touching theirs." They both looked over and Amanda by this time had grabbed both the boys dicks and were stroking them, lubing them up with their own young pre cum. Brittany reached down and put both her hands on her dads cock and felt her heartbeat racing. This was the first time she was truly horny. Having something smaller to play with made Tom extremely horny as well. "Honey, do you want to taste it? Just like in the videos?" She nodded with excitement, she felt like a woman right out of the movie that was on the television. He laid back and put his hand on the back of her neck and slowly lowered her closer to his cock. She kept both hands on it and stuck her tongue out. She touched the tip of his head with her tongue and slowly started wrapping her lips around it. It was too big for her to take it all in so she slowly started sucking the head into her mouth. Tom looked over at Amanda and they made eye contact and smiled and nodded. Amanda got off the couch and dropped to her knees and told the boys to stand in front of her. She immediately took one at a time all the way down, she was good at deepthroating because of her husbands size. She would stroke one while swallowing the other. She went back and forth and could feel all the pre cum pouring out of their cocks. She felt like a whore and it felt so empowering knowing her husband was watching while their daughter was sucking him off. The whole time she just thought about how jealous her sister was going to be of her and wished she could be there to watch her make the boys choose her as their favorite.

Tom slid his finger to his daughters pussy and slid one in, she squeeled a little and jumped. "It's okay baby, it's going to hurt a little at first, but lets get you prepared to take something this size" as he looks at his dick. Her eyes widen and she nods. She takes the finger and he slowly works it back and forth until she gets used to it. He uses his other hand to play with her cute teen tits. Amanda realizes that there is no limit tonight on how far they might go so she starts using her hands to play with herself. She knows her fingers aren't going to be enough though.

"Brandon...I want you to do something for me. I'm going to lay on my back and I want you to stick your cock into my pussy just like you've seen in the videos you watch. It'll be natural once you're in there. Don't worry Billy, my mouth will still be open for you to have fun with." She gets up and lays back on the couch and opens her legs. The boys look at each other and smile as Brandon lines his cock up with his aunts pussy and slides it right in. Amanda moans right before Billy hops on the couch and plunges his cock back into her mouth. She loved how eager the boys were to enjoy her and how easy it was for her to take both of them because they were smaller than her husband. She also loved the energy and rhythm they had while sliding in and out of her at the same time. It must've been because of how well the boys have bonded growing up, almost like twins with how they thought and fucked.

"Yo bro! Look at her tits bounce, my moms such a hot fucking slut! Fuck her harder, fuck her like a whore!" Brandon started fucking harder as he was cheered on by his cousin. Amanda's tits were bouncing all the way up to her face as her son was slapping them and fucking her face. Brittany saw how much fun they were having and wanted to show the boys what she could do.

"Hey boys, you like whores? Watch this!" She shouted to the boys. She whispered to her dad that she was going to sit on his cock and for him to be gentle but to put on a good show for the boys. She got up and put both legs around her dad and slowly lowered herself onto her dads hard cock. It was way harder to get in then his fingers she thought. It hurt but she didn't want to look like she couldn't handle it in front of the boys. Her dad whispered that she's going to probably bleed a little bit. She nodded and held back the pain and acted like it was the best thing she had ever felt and started moaning like the girls in the movie. She heard enough from the boys and the movie to know what they wanted to see and hear at this point. " like watching a whore get fucked? Look at this whore getting fucked. Do you see my cute tits in his face, he gets to suck on them while I ride his cock. Billy...don't you want to fuck more then just one mouth tonight? I'm sure dad wouldn't mind if you came over here and put that nice cock in my mouth and played with my tits. Maybe next movie night we can invite Aunt Sara, so ya'll have more tits to fuck and suck. We can be a family of whores for you boys."

Just like that, Brittany became the life of the party. Nobody would have guessed that she could talk like that. At this point Tom was so horny from his daughters filthy mouth he pointed at Billy and told him to fill that pretty little whore mouth up with his cock. He grabbed his daughter by her hips and took control of the fucking and started fucking her harder. She just started screaming from pleasure and pain right before her brother was standing on the couch next to them and grabbed her head and stuck it on his cock and started face fucking her. Amanda looked over and was so turned on by what she saw that she used one hand to play with her clit and used the other to squeeze her nipples for Brandon.

"I'm cumming!!!" Brandon exclaimed as he blew his load and kept thrusting into Amanda. Amanda started thrusting her pelvis and started cumming on her nephews cock.
"I'm cumming too!!!" She shouted while they kept thrusting into each other.

The sounds of the duo cumming in the same room made both Tom and Billy ready to blow. "Brittany I'm going to cum!" Billy shouted while looking down at his cock buried in her throat. She pulled it out and started jerking it off as it started releasing ropes of cum on her freshly new teen tits.

"Baby girl I'm going to fill you up!" Tom moaned as he started shooting loads of cum into his daughters pussy and held her hips down while thrusting as hard as he could into her insides. He could feel her quivering and moaning as she came from his explosion.

They all fell back on the couches they were just fucking on and sat in silence and awe for a few minutes. Amanda just realized something extremely important. "Honey, we didn't use any protection tonight!" The thought of both girls getting pregnant from this fuckfest at first scared them as they all just stared at each other. But nearly at the same time, smiles came across their faces and they started snickering and laughing at the thought of it. "Brittany...were you serious about inviting Sara over next time?" Brittany nodded while playing with the cum on her tits. "I think we should, a little friendly competition would be good between sisters. We could even set up some games to make it funner. There would be 3 holes for each guy also." Brittany started wondering about 3 holes, then quickly realized at what a man could really do to a woman. Brittany agreed that would be a great idea. Of course all the boys were super happy about that, more tits to suck and fuck and cum on.

"Then we're all in agreement! Brittany gets to choose what we watch every movie night!" Tom says as they all start laughing and nodding. "Look at that! The video is over, it says a related video is next. A little more hardcore though, 'Anal Whores take a Cum Bath'...want me to hit play?" The family all looks at each other and the girls notice the cocks in the room are still rock hard and twitching. "Fuck yes!" Everyone says at the same time.
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Re: Family Movie Night (underage / incest)
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2020, 10:22:32 AM »
Part II - Introducing Aunt Sara

The Jordan family finally ended their first incestuous family movie night in the early hours of the morning, after Tom and the boys were completely drained and Amanda and her daughter laid in the middle of the living room completely exhausted...with cum draining from all of their holes. Brittany cuddled up with her father and they both fell fast asleep in each others arms. Amanda took the boys to her bedroom and they all laid in the king size bed together and talked to each other about all the different things they experienced that night until they passed out. The following morning, Amanda went downstairs to find her husband Tom and their daughter still cuddling in the living room passed out. She decided to start making breakfast for the family as everyone started waking from their sex crazed slumber. Everyone was still naked as they made their way to the kitchen table to start eating breakfast. Brittany sat on her dads lap at the table as the boys sat across from each other smirking and taking glances at Amanda's huge tits just sitting out on the table for the whole world to see. Amanda has never been happier to see the whole family so happy to be together, and she also loved the attention from the boys.

"Brandon...after breakfast I have to take you back to your moms house. I'd appreciate if you didn't tell her our new way of doing things around here. I know she lets you and Billy play with her tits, but that's a little different then what happened last night."

"I thought we talked about her coming over here next time to join us though!" Brandon exclaimed, kind of sad at the thought of his mom missing out on a night like before.

"You'd be okay with your mom fucking and sucking with us? I know we had fun last night and talked real dirty, but there's no going back once we add someone to movie night."

"I would love Aunt Sara to join us mom!" Brittany exclaimed "I would love for you two to show me tricks with the boys."

"I agree!" Said Billy "Ya'll both have big tits, and I really want to watch ya'll fighting over our dicks! I bet she has a tighter pussy mom, she's only had 1 kid."

"Hey! Fine then...Brandon, you can invite her to the next movie night, but let's surprise her. Don't tell her what we plan on doing. Now let's finish breakfast so we can get going." Amanda was already jealous and started playing with her tits for the boys to get their attention again so they would focus on her instead of her sister.

"Mom, can I stay with him this week since school is out? I won't say anything either." Billy asked, hoping to see more of his aunt.

"Sure, I'll let her know ya'll are both staying over there and she can bring you back next Friday for movie night."

After breakfast, Amanda packed up the boys and drove them to her sisters house. Tom stayed home with Brittany and they masturbated each other to porn that Brittany picked out for them to watch together. The next week was filled with daddy/daughter time while Amanda would take turns helping, joining, and even filming their new sexual relationship with their daughter. At Aunt Sara's house on the other hand, the boys immediately talked her into pulling her tits out for them again so they could jerk off on them more. After having full on sex with Amanda though, they tried to figure out how to have more fun with Sara. They coaxed her into grabbing their cocks and jerking them off so they each had both their hands free to rub on her body. The boys decided to show the porn they were watching to Sara to see her reaction. Sara knew where this was going and didn't want it to go too far so she said she would show them what oral sex felt like so they would be prepared how to treat girls their own age when they begin having sex. The boys spent the rest of the week getting blow jobs and hand jobs from Aunt Sara. Sara had no idea that this was preparing for movie night with the rest of the family.

It was finally Friday, Sara brought the boys over to the Jordan house. Amanda was downstairs straightening up the house, wearing nothing but a house coat.

"Hey sis, we're here...whoa girl! the boys are coming in, you might want to go put some more clothes on. Where's Tom and Britt at?"

"Oh hey! They're upstairs getting ready, why don't you go get them so we can get movie night going? Brittany is going to be choosing the movie. She did a great job last Friday, it was such a good night."

Sara went upstairs and started peeking into the rooms to try to find either Tom or her niece. She went into the master bedroom and heard the shower running in the bathroom. The bathroom door was cracked, and she couldn't help her curiosity. She was always fond of her sisters husband and was hoping to catch him in the shower. She peeked into the bathroom and saw Tom in the shower with his daughter butt ass naked in the shower with him on her knees! She almost screamed but couldn't look away. Tom's cock was everything she hoped it would be, she wanted to see more. She cracked the door open a little more and slid her hand up her skirt and into her panties. By the looks of how her niece was going to town with Tom's cock, she knew this wasn't the first time the teen girl has sucked it. Tom's moans caused her other hand to reach into her shirt and pull on her tits. She wished her son was up here to suck on them while she masturbated to the sight of her niece sucking her brother-in-laws massive cock. Sara closed her eyes and let out a moan. She opened her eyes and saw Tom looking at her. Brittany started jerking her father off and was looking at her too, but they both just smiled and motioned for her to come in.

"Oh my God Britt, what are you doing?!"

"I'm sucking my dad's cock Aunt Sara. What are you doing? Looked like you were enjoying the view. The boys said you had nice tits like moms, I'm curious to what they look like."

"What in the fuck, those little shits...I guess they do tell you everything, I should've saw that coming. But I didn't expect this for sure. I guess I can't say much. My sister is right downstairs, waiting for me to get you two down there for the movie...hurry up, she's going to kill me!"

"Mom can wait, daddy has to cum first. This'll go faster if you pull out your tits for him to look at. He says he loves my cute little titties, but I know all men can't resist big tits like yours and moms."

"Fine then...just to get his beautiful cock to cum faster. But girl, your tits are fabulous! You're just a little girl with B cup breasts...that's something to be proud of. I can't blame your daddy." Aunt Sara pulls her shirt up and unclasps her bra and leans into the shower for Tom to grab. Her tits are slightly smaller then her sisters, but a little more firm with smaller nipples. "Alright baby, keep sucking his cock so he can cum. This reminds me of when I was younger haha."

Brittany went back to sucking her dads dick. "Sara, you sucked your dads dick when you were a kid?" Tom asked while fondling his sister-in-laws tits over his daughters head.

"No...It was uncle Rick haha. That nasty old pervert was just as perverted back in the day. I bet he still coaxes little girls into playing with him. I sucked that fucker dry all the time. But I was younger than Brittany. I was flat chested as hell and started sucking him off at the ripe old age of 9 haha."

"9! Holy Shit..." Tom let go of Sara's tits as he grabbed Brittany's head and forced his cock all the way down to his balls and he started filling her throat with cum. It was too much for the teen, she started puking on her dad, but he didn't let up or pull back. He kept moaning and kept cumming deep in his daughters throat while puke was pouring out of her mouth.

"Oh baby that's hot" Sara exclaimed. "Britt, I think we found your dads weak spot, the younger the better! Okay you two, hurry up and clean up and get downstairs." She clasped her bra back and pulled her shirt down and ran out the bathroom and back downstairs. Trying to act normal, she yelled out to her sister while entering the living room. "Hey! I think Tom's getting out of the shower, they'll be down in a minute." As she looked up, she saw both Billy and Brandon sucking on her sisters tits rubbing on their cocks. "What in the fuck again..."

Amanda laughed out loud, "Did you like what you saw up there? I figured you wouldn't miss the chance to see Tom in the shower."

"You fucking knew, and Brittany? in the shower with her dad? You knew this shit?"

"Yep, the boys told us all about your excursions with them, so last movie night we decided to have a little fun. This is our new Friday night around here sis, you like it? Oh yeah, no clothes allowed, why are you still dressed?" Amanda asked her sister while Tom and Brittany strolled into the living room butt ass naked from the shower.

"Mom," Brittany started talking "Dad made me throw up on him, why'd he do that?"

"Oh baby girl, it's okay.." Amanda started explaining before she was interrupted by her sister.

"Oh yeah sis...your man likes them young haha. I told him about when I was younger with Uncle Rick and he grabbed your daughters face and just exploded! Speaking of Uncle Rick..." Sara kept on talking while taking her clothes off. "I can have him over within the hour." She grabbed her phone and told her niece to get on her knees and kiss her daddys cock. She took a picture of the teen kissing her dads cock and sent it as a text message to her uncle.

"What the fuck did you just do Sara?" Amanda asked almost angrily. "You're serious about Uncle Rick? I thought ya'll were close, but not that close when we were kids."

"Girl, Rick showed me his dick when I was 9...I started fucking it the next year. Oh...he never showed you did he? It makes sense, he always liked me more." A ding went off on Sara's phone with a text from her uncle. "Oh yeah, he is loving this shit and he is on his way."

"Bring it on girl! Once I'm done with these boys, I'll fuck our uncle so good he won't even remember you. I'm going to drain all the boys in here, you'll be the jealous one after tonight."

"You're on sister haha! Move over Brit, I've been wanting your dads dick for awhile. Go help your mom with your cousin until your great Uncle Rick gets here. He'll want a piece of you for sure. He likes 'em young." Sara drops to her knees while Brittany goes over to start servicing the teen boys over sucking on her mom. "Hey Tom, Rick can probably get us some real young girls for this thing. I've seen him damn near split them in two!" Tom's cock went rock hard "Yeah Uncle Rick has always hung around shady groups. After today, I'll ask for him to set us up some real fun stuff. He's gone to underground porno theaters and blasted on groups of little girls before. Brittany would fit in there, I was in that group when I was a kid. I always missed that place. Enough talk, I'm going to enjoy this thing while I can." Sara grabbed Tom's ass and forced his cock down her throat and started fucking his dick with her throat. Tom looked up to see Brittany had already put on hardcore porn on the tv screen and she was riding her brothers cock while his wife was riding his nephews cock in unison. He was in heaven. Movie night with the family just got better.

About an hour later, after they had all swapped partners at least a couple times, the women had all bent over the couch. Brittany was right in the middle of her mom and aunt. The boys all played paper/rock/scissors to see where there dicks were going. Brandon lined up behind his mom, Billy lined up behind his, and Tom was right in the middle behind his daughter. They all slapped the asses in front of them, spread them open and shoved their already lubed up cocks into the tight holes in front of them. It was a beautiful sight to behold. An incestuous anal orgy. After a few minutes of ass pounding, there was a knock at the door...Great Uncle Rick! They all looked at each other, paused, and Sara yelled "Come on in! The doors unlocked!" The boys started thrusting again. Rick walked in, grinned, pulled out a camera and took a picture.

" gotta got the best tits in the room girl!" Rick complimented as he pulled his pants down. "Now come give your great Uncle Rick some love!"
They claim they try to build a heaven, yet their heaven is populated with horrors.
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Re: Family Movie Night (underage / incest)
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2020, 10:25:07 AM »
I think I’m going to move this to consensual due to only a video being watched by the characters in Part IV has what appears to be a rape scene.
They claim they try to build a heaven, yet their heaven is populated with horrors.
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Re: Family Movie Night (underage / incest)
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I think it works quite well on this thread.
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Re: Family Movie Night (underage / incest)
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agreed ... and good work Sir ... thanks for sharing
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Re: Family Movie Night (underage / incest)
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I love your story!
There are further chapters, does anyone know where i can find them?