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« on: January 02, 2024, 12:52:58 AM »
Hi I'm the new guy and still exploring also I'm a tech dumbass so all the talk about kik and other places available on the web is way beyond my understanding.  Question what are these merits I see on other profiles. How do you get them how do I give them and what are they good for? Thx mikail

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Re: Nyx
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Hello Mikail,

Regarding merits/demerits...  What are they?  Well, from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition


Superior quality or worth; excellence.
"a proposal of some merit; an ill-advised plan without merit."

A quality deserving praise or approval; virtue.
"a store having the merit of being open late."

Demonstrated ability or achievement.
"promotions based on merit alone."

Merits are a way for your fellow members to indicate that a post that you've made was superior.  It's a way of showing their approval.  Conversely, demerits are a way of showing disapproval.

If you see a post from a person with a lot of merits you might reasonably assume that individual is well thought of here at ravishu. 

As far as what they're good for... well, nothing really, it's just a reflection of how they're thought of.

I hope that helps.