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TBST#6: The Sex Doll(drone, laboratory, stuck)
« on: August 20, 2022, 01:51:44 PM »
Hello, everyone. After a long while, here is another story. This is a direct sequel from The Frozen Beauty(Sexy Tales #4).


Late night in Buckinstone Ridge. A young man named Felipe Blake learned about a laboratory that was owned by Buckinstone Ridge Technologies. And, he decided to learn what is inside it.

He was dressed in a sneaking suit he made himself. It was composed by a black sweatshirt with a hood and black sweatpants and sneakers. The suit covered him thorougly, as he needed to hide in the shadows in case the laboratory was dark. Also, he wore a smartglass, which had all the features he needed for such a endeavor.

In order to not compromise his movements, both the sweatshirt and sweatpants were thin, to give him more ability and were also tighter than normal.

Since the young man also had black hair, it would be easy to hide in the shadows.

So, he decided to set out and go there. A dark moon shined by the time he went out. The laboratory was on the western area of the city, so, he moved down his hood and took a bus, ultimately ending up about five miles away.

Walking the five miles, he put his hood up and activated the night vision feature on his smartglass, as the night was quite dark.

After a while of walking, he reached a building. The building had some light, and a main door, which was closed.

As he saw, there was no one around the building. He tapped a button on a keypad beside the door and tried a few combinations, before he got the correct one.

The door opened and he entered the laboratory.

Entering the laboratory, Felipe saw that it had some light, so he disabled his night vision. as it would bring in too much light. A night vision system doesn't work well in a bright room.

From there, he found two hallways, one left and one right. Papers were sprawled on the floor, and the main reception counter was empty. He went to the left one first and found one door that was partially opened.

Curious, he went in, trying to find something about the laboratory. A few computers were on, but not much else. And, he tried logging on them and there was a warning about a breach in security.

The warning just said that something invaded their internal network, but the issue was hastily dealt with by the intrusion system.

Other than that, nothing else was found by him.

Meanwhile, in the laboratory core, a drone was patrolling the room, looking around a few security systems that were still active. Sometimes, it also flew by a black cage, checking on its inhabitant.

The black cage was inhabited by a girl named Nathalia. She was naked, completely exposed and also stuck in superglue, as it was called by the drone.

The glue was stuck all over the girl's body, from her feet up to her upper lip, close to her nose. And she was frozen standing with her arms down on her sides.

"Hmmmph...", she moaned, with her glued lips. "I can't say anything, my lips are glued shut. All I can do is moan and moan. What did I get myself into?", the thought came into her mind, not being able to speak or move an inch.

Nathi had been captured two months before, when she was doped and then thrown into the superglue vat.

The drone that was patrolling the room was the one responsible for her capture. Also, it took advantage of the girl, as it had raped her before and kept her for constantly making use when it wanted to.

"Hmmmph...", moaned Nathi, again.

Another thing the drone did was apply a formula it called a tear supressor, which would prevent her eyes from tearing up.

Felipe left the room he was in and entered the next one, which was the security office. Inside the office, there were computers on and papers were scattered on the floor, like the other rooms. Also, there were some shelves with weapons and the computers displayed camera feeds from all over the place.

He noticed a dart passing by his head. "Damn, a dart! What the heck is inside these?", he thought, before seeing on the monitor that the room's security was breached and the computer asked for a code.

While dodging the darts, Felipe moved around the room, trying to search for the code. Then, he saw a yellow book.

"Hm, must be there.", he thought, opening it. Flipping around it, he saw several security memos, nothing he needed at the moment, while the darts zipped by.

Felipe was trained in dodging, that's basically how he managed to dodge the darts.

He passed through pages and pages, until he found some kind of code and tried that one on the computer. He inputted the code and the darts stopped.

"Oof, finally! I can relax a bit now!", he said to himself, after disabling the dart security system.

He left the room and went more into the hallway, ending up at a elevator shaft.

At an elevator shaft, he saw the door was open, and also noticed that he was high up after looking down.

He held himself in some protruding surfaces and went down, little by little, so he wouldn't get himself hurt.

"Hm, there must be something valuable down there. Maybe they are keeping a huge project there? Who knows.", he thought, while holding himself in the elevator shaft's platforms.

While he didn't get a map of the laboratory, he had a feeling something important was down there.

He went down a little more, until a platform required him to turn around to the other side. He did so and continued down, until he reached the remains of a destroyed elevator.

"Holy crap! Must have been a high fall to be destroyed like this!", he said to himself, as he saw the destroyed elevator, which was broken into pieces. He could barely see what was what on the remains.

The young man jumped down to the floor and left the shaft.

After leaving the shaft, the young Blake arrived at a place known as the fourth basement floor, which was the lowest floor in the laboratory, and also the most secured, as he learned.

"This must be where the research was going on.", he thought as he walked around.

He walked a bit, until he heard a noise coming from the ceiling.

A reflector light then fell from the ceiling, crashing onto the floor.

"Holy heck, that was close.", he thought, after he dodged the falling light.

The light broke into pieces after falling, spreading glass all over the floor.

Back at the core, Nathalia heard the noise and moaned to get the drone's attention.

"Hmmmph...", she moaned, after the noise rang through the core.

"Oh, that? Must be a loose reflector light! This is a really old building, things like that are a common incident! I don't think there is anyone in the hallway!", said the drone, after hearing the crashing noise.

The quadcopter then went back to doing its thing, while looking around for possible issues in the room and checking the cage it is keeping its damsel in.

Walking around the hallway, Felipe noticed that it's really long and a little dim.

Every few steps, a reflector fell from the ceiling, scaring the young man.

He turned on the night vision, as the hallway was getting darker and darker as he walked.

"Holy crap, this place is pretty dangerous.", he thought, seeing the reflectors falling as he passed by.

After a while walking in the hallway, he reached a set of double doors, and a sign above it indicated it was a kind of gallery.

Back at the core, Nathalia heard footsteps coming from outside. "Hmmmph, hmmmph!!!", she moaned, trying to struggle against the membrane that kept her still, with no success.

The membrane created by the glue held the girl firmly still, there was no way for her to get out of it.

Giving up again, she stopped moaning and waited for someone to come.

As soon as he stepped close, the double doors slid open, revealing the room to him.

A drone flew to him as soon as he entered the room.

"Uh oh! This is bad!", he said, seeing the drone flying fast at him.

The machine then started to try to hit the young Blake with its tentacles, but Felipe was fast and dodged all the attacks

"You're going hard, huh? Well, okay!", said the young man, before dodging one more tentacle and getting an opening.

He stepped back and threw a electromagnetic pulse emitter below the drone, which shut it down.

The drone crashed on the ground after receiving a huge amount of electricity coming from the emitter.

"Good, now let's see what else is in this place.", thought the guy.

"Hmmmph...", a moan was heard, coming from the cage.

"What the heck? It is coming from that cage over there!", he said, looking at a black cage that was a few steps away.

The young man then went to the cage and saw it was locked with a padlock. "Hm, maybe a hammer would break this thing?", he thought, before getting a hammer from his backpack.

He hit one, two and three times. The third time broke the padlock. The door was opened by him, revealing a beautiful and young red haired girl, who was naked and stuck.

"Oh! Hello, pretty!", he then said, approaching and touching her glued cheek.

"Hmmmph...", the red haired girl moaned, trying to convince Felipe to release her.

"I can see you have some pretty lips, and nice breasts! Did that drone do this to you?", he said, trying to chat with her and also annoy her a little.

"Hmmmph!!!", moaned Nathalia, loudly.

"Yeah, I know!", he then commented, leaving the cage and searching for some knife or something like that.

Looking around, he found a kind of knife, and also noticed a cryofreezing tube with wheels. He pulled the tube close to the cage and slid the knife below the girl's feet, freeing the girl from the ground.

Felipe, before putting the girl in the tube, picked some plastic wrapping in his backpack and a brush. He picked some glue from the superglue vat and brushed it on the soles of the girl's feet, then wrapped the plastic on her feet and sprayed some freezing substance that was used to treat some wounds.

"Now that I made a base for you, it's time to put you in the tube!", he said, picking the girl up and carefully placing her inside the cryo tube.

After that, he found an emergency ramp that led to the first floor and walked through it, pushing the cart with the tube that contained the girl.

On the first floor again, he pushed the cart outside and saw that it had a kind of tow, and a car there also had a tow.

He put the tow on the car, revved up the car and drove to an alleyway close to his home.

The young man opened his home's gate and pushed the cart inside, before closing the gate behind him.

Felipe then retrieved the girl from the tube and went upstairs with her, before going to a secondary bedroom he had.

One of the beds had a plastic, that would help in case the glue melted.

He put her on the bed and slid his hand on her unglued hair.

"Hmmmph...", she moaned, trying to ask him if he wouldn't release her.

"Hm, no need to! You're my prize for going there and beating the drone! I'll keep you here, locked inside this room!", he replied to her moans.

"Hmmmph...", she moaned again, trying to cry this time.

He turned her face down and penetrated the girl on her butthole. "It's the only open door, but still, it's okay! Despite this, I'll feed and care for you, but you won't be leaving this membrane!", he commented, continuing to thrust into her butthole.

Felipe turned her face up again and kissed her glued lips. "You have such cute lips, girl! So good that you're stuck like this! Cannot move or react, you're mine! My prize, my sex doll and my sex slave!", said the young man, before turning her face down again and thrusting.

The young Blake enjoyed the night with his sex slave and, using some information he obtained in the lab, he started to chat with her again, after turning her face up one more time.

"I learned in the laboratory that your name is Nathalia! I think that maybe I can give you a proper name, seeing your situation now! From now on, your name is now Dollthalia, part of your name and also to indicate you're a sex doll now!", he said, putting a piece of tape on her forehead and writing the name he gave her.

After sticking the tape, he kissed her glued lips again and began looking at her body, while thinking what he could do to her.

Nathalia went from being the drone's prisoner to Felipe's sex slave. Not much changed, still kept in captivity.
Well, hope you liked it. Took me a while to write this one, had it in planning two days ago and started writing yesterday. This one can also be read in my website, just login, go to the Sexy Tales page>#06.
I had to joke with her name, I like having my rapists and kidnappers joking with their victim's names. Like the drone calling Nathalia his mate
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Re: TBST#6: The Sex Doll(drone, laboratory, stuck)
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Damn tell me you plan to continue this one, say with Nathalia getting free and turning the tables on Felipe! Another interesting story in your series! Merit awarded from me !
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: TBST#6: The Sex Doll(drone, laboratory, stuck)
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Damn tell me you plan to continue this one, say with Nathalia getting free and turning the tables on Felipe! Another interesting story in your series! Merit awarded from me !
Thanks, glad you liked the story. I don't really know how I can continue it from this. The suggestion to continue ST#04 was made by you. I also had another ST#04 sequel planned, but she would get rescued by a special force and become a soldier for it instead of this one.
Thank you so much.

PS: If you have time, please check out my other stories on my website. Don't worry about ads, it's no problem if you block them. Although I do recommend that you log in.
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