Author Topic: Wrong Semester In Uganda (interracial, forced orgasm, oral, anal, deflowering)  (Read 12949 times)

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Last instalment was very good, keep it up!

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Thanks, blondiecath!

This attack on the Britons' accommodation building is the heart of this story; it's the big climax! I love these scenes where all the pretty girls get their clothes ripped off!  >:D

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Thanks, blondiecath!

This attack on the Britons' accommodation building is the heart of this story; it's the big climax! I love these scenes where all the pretty girls get their clothes ripped off!  >:D
😂 Why yes, you obviously do! And are masterfully putting this into words, sentences and incredibly good Stories. Merit from me. By the way, my favourite is Miss Black. She has a lot to learn, and I am very eagerly awaiting her education to make her an eager fucktoy…  :emot_thedrool.gif: :sign_a+: :sign_terrific:
If she can‘t breathe, she can‘t scream !

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Thanks, blondiecath!

This attack on the Britons' accommodation building is the heart of this story; it's the big climax! I love these scenes where all the pretty girls get their clothes ripped off!  >:D
😂 Why yes, you obviously do! And are masterfully putting this into words, sentences and incredibly good Stories. Merit from me. By the way, my favourite is Miss Black. She has a lot to learn, and I am very eagerly awaiting her education to make her an eager fucktoy…  :emot_thedrool.gif: :sign_a+: :sign_terrific:

Wow! Thanks for the feedback Rainbow! It's highly appreciated, believe me!

My own favorites are Audrey and Yashma, and I've had a lot of fun depicting Jenny's rape (next chapter). But yes, I have ideas for the special education of Miss Black! I don't want to throw spoilers, but the troops have busted in the place at 9:30 PM so they have a full evening and night to "educate" their lovely captives!

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Chapter 10 --- Jenny's Broken Tennis Dream And Sungh's Deflowering

(Click pic to enlarge)

Jenny's life changed forever in three minutes.

One moment she was the quiet, nerdy and worry-free girl whose dainty hands formed "GANGBANG" on that Scrabble board, the next she was grabbed by Ugandan soldiers in camouflage fatigues who utterly overpowered her and pinned her on the floor, near the table where she confusedly saw Kim and Miss Black getting pinned on by crazy-faced black men!

Their jeers and anti-leftist slurs deafened her panicked mind.

Jenny tried to fight them off, but it was no use; one man was jeering on top of her face and firmly holding her small wrists crossed together above her long light-brown hair while a very large man lifted her slender hips off the floor and ragingly grabbed and pulled her bedtime shorts right off her long legs and off her bare feet.

"Nooooooo! Stop! I'm a British subject! I'm a British subject! I'm a British subject! ..." Jenny frantically screamed and repeated as she wildly shook her glasses-wearing face between the top-man's ebony arms while her little hands formed girly fists as she vainly tried to wrestle free from these men, whom she never thought capable of attacking a white girl. Realizing she could get gang-raped by Ugandan men, she became wet, but she was too shocked and terrified to be conscious of this taboo thing called forced arousal.

"I'm a British subject! I'm a British subject! I'm a British subject! ..."
"Hey white girl! I like your legs!"
"Here, leftist bitch! Look at my big chocolate dick! Just for you babe!"
"Oh shit, this one's going to be a great fuck!"

For a fleeting moment, Jenny's lilac-coloured panties danced amid the tumult of jeers, hands and lust-filled gazes... Then, the large soldier grabbed the front, feeling the mound of her cunt, before brutally yanking them away; the fabric stretched and offered an opening view on Jenny's delicate cunt hair, which formed an inviting duvet in a more or less regular triangle of brown carpet, which was suddenly revealed in plain sight as her panties were snapped broken, signaling the end of Jenny's innocence!

The teen girl shrieked and started wailing and crying, her black-rimmed glasses forming a blur as she kept shaking her head in frantic panic amid the disheveled mass of her long light-brown hair, which an invading hand had untied loose.

"Let's go, Major! Show this white cunt what it's like to get bucked by Ugandan men!" one soldier said to the big man who just tore off Jenny's panties.

"Hey cutie! I love your pretty face!"

"And her glasses too! These glasses are perfect for receiving Ugandan cum! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Amid the general confusion, amid the men's jeering and laughter, amid the shrill screams of her classmates sharing her fate, Jenny lost her virginity to Major Nabwire.

The big, overweight man savagely forced her legs open; she found the contrast impossible to believe between her pure-white thighs and his coal-black hands, and that unthinkable contact filled her with shame because her own body was reacting with vaginal fluids to receive the upcoming intrusion.

Soon, the Major had his dick out; a big and grotesquely massive slab that looked like a huge piece of black liquorice that had turned into hard flesh! A powerful musk hit the rich girl's nostrils; her body sent more fluids into her womanhood as her small breasts began swelling under her bra and t-shirt. Her terrified mind felt a confused sense of curiosity as she looked wide-eyed at his big Ugandan dick...

Jenny couldn't believe that THING could go inside her!

But it did, extremely painfully. Major Nabwire had coated his big cock with his saliva, but he heard Jenny's shrill litany of suffering as he powerfully pushed himself inside her surprisingly wet pussy...


Then, Jenny's walls yielded and the Major was suddenly all the way inside her! He uttered loud roars of victory as he grabbed Jenny's hips and began urgently raping her with her hips clean off the floor, just powerfully ramming her into his kneeling figure in repeat motions, like a possessed man, enjoying every second of this grunt fest...

She was in a slanting angle with her face down as she kept frantically shaking her head and screaming "Noooooooo! Noooooo! Nooooooooooooo!" with her shrill voice and tears streaming down her reddened cheeks.

The man holding her little fists above her head kept laughing as he contemplated her inverted cunt and the pristine shapes of her athletic hips and tummy, the hem of her t-shirt forming a moving line of folded snow near the base of her tenniswoman's perky breasts --- Jenny had been a young tennis sensation at the national level until a horse-riding accident shattered her dreams of playing at Wimbledon.

They didn't bother removing her white t-shirt before deflowering the sobbing Briton girl! The moving shapes of her perky breasts under the t-shirt were not the result of tennis strokes; the Major holding her hips off the floor kept urgently raping her, grunting with immense delight from his wide and dark sweaty face.

While the big man was shaking and impaling her, Jenny became suddenly aware that the searing pain was giving way to a growing sensation of surging pleasure; in a panic of shamed pride and riddled by profound disbelief tainted by a weird sense of fascination, Jenny realized, amid her confused horror, that she was headed for a forced orgasm!

She took the Major's explosion of cum with forced moans and a shudder of disgust; she was shocked at the prodigious amount of sperm she felt sticking its hot, slimy glove inside her violated walls.

The Major was nearly flattened by the incredible relief as he shot his load and groaned his delight as he cupped Jenny's clothed breasts and thrusted himself as deep as he could to enjoy this finale to the very last drop! Aaarrhhhh! What a fucking rush! Raping these cute Briton students was so much fun!

Jenny moaned even louder as she was pinned under the next man, a tall and lanky Lieutenant who raped her in nervous, urgent dickthrusts...


As her violated body exploded in a galaxy of all-female supernovas, Jenny forgot herself and wrapped her tall legs around the thin Lieutenant, who kept urgently plowing her conquered cunt. Jenny's mind was hijacked by a wild fantasy of black men gang-fucking her on the clay court at Roland-Garros with the crowd cheering and more men coming down to partake.

The Ugandan Lieutenant soon roared his own bliss, only to be replaced by a muscular soldier who had stripped himself naked.

The sight of his fit physique of ebony male glory forced Jenny's womanhood into a new arousal while her swollen breasts kept pushing inside her unscathed bra!

While the third man began raping her, the man holding her wrists on top of her felt she was getting very tired and was no longer resisting. He took advantage of this to let her wrists go and grab her Lacoste t-shirt, which he powerfully ripped open, before grabbing her white bra and yanking it upward and away, leaving Jenny's pair of swollen boobs in full moving display!

Jenny's suddenly exposed breasts ellicited lewd comments from the nearby men...

"Oh yeah! This cute nerdy Brit got some really nice titties!"
"Jesus! She's so white! A real cute snobbish tart!"
"Oh God! Look at her pale nipples! First time I'm seeing this for real... Wow!"

The naked Ugandan soldier raped her missionary style and gave her all he had! Jenny screamed another forced orgasm in their arms as she felt her breasts freely moving under all these male gazes. No man had ever seen her topless until this fateful evening. Her shattered mind kept picturing her getting gang-raped by lowlifes at Roland-Garros.

She severely admonished herself for not resisting enough; she tried to wrestle, but she felt bruised all over her body and way too exhausted to offer a pointless resistance. She then saw in her mind the picture of her all-time idol, Martina Hingis --- just as the Swiss legend was at Roland-Garros as an 18-year-old veteran when she lost the finals to Steffi Graf in 1999.

In Jenny's fantasy, the 18-year-old Martina Hingis also got stripped naked by lust-crazy black men, who savagely ripped her tennis outfit and made the prestigious brands of her sponsors worthless as they uncovered her athletic body right down to her lovely feet, discovering and exploring Martina's amazing beauty under the Parisian sun! They all took their turns inside Hingis while calling her a snobbish tart! Forcing Martina's angry protests into loud orgasmic groans as the clay sand of Roland-Garros covered the soles of her feet and her sweaty buttocks and back as she received African cumshots!

Jenny mentally held Hingis's hand as she kept being Africanized. The imaginary presence of Martina Hingis gave Jenny some strength. She tried hard to imagine the clay of Roland-Garros under her, and Hingis holding her hand, as the Ugandan soldier kept hammering her like a steady piston that soon let the spunk powerfully flow in a liberating burst of male relief! All this under the noisy jeers from the beer-drinking troops.

After the ebony muscleman had filled her up, Jenny let them flip her over and place her on all fours, where she was bucked doggy style by the fourth man as the men kept catcalling her and commenting on her gorgeous butt, which was tight and athletic with baby-skin curves, and her silky-pale skin offered a rich and fascinating complexion. Anyone who had seen Martina Hingis in 1999 would readily acknowledge that Jenny's figure was remarkably similar to Hingis's at the same age.

The fourth man screamed his infinite bliss as he exploded and shot a massive geyser of cum, with the final bolt landing on her lower back, which was covered by her front-opened t-shirt. The next man was none other than Major Nabwire, who forced a new orgasm out of her while her knees were getting painfully bruised from remaining on all fours on the hard floor.

After the Major had shot his second cum bomb inside her, Jenny was mercifully placed lying down flat on her stomach, but as the Lieutenant laid himself down on her butt, Jenny screamed and begged as she felt the man's hard cock pushing her back door!

As the wicked officer's dick entered her rectum and forced it open, the sodomized girl screamed so loud that she was heard outside, right to the next building, where a group of French students was being similarly raided.

Outside, the entire campus was raided by an entire brigade! The government had decided to unleash the worst and teach these leftist students a long, lasting lesson on how the world worked.

The idealistic British students now had their accomodation building surrounded by several military trucks and more were coming! Their virgin fuckholes were now Ugandan turf!

Inside, Yashna was still on the couch, kneeling amd firmly held on all fours, her red pajamas in shredded ruins under the invading soldier's boots, as she was being raped from behind by a well-endowed Corporal who had the time of his life as he found impossible to comprehend the mystic beauty of Yashna's light-bronze butt of Eurasian splendour!

Her mind-boggling curves of teenage firmness were enough to fully justify marrying Yashna in spite of her life-ending shame. Even a proud and famous celebrity such as young Martina Hingis would have been forced to secretly admit, only to herself, that Yashna's butt was even more gorgeous than hers!

As she felt her rapist's ebony hands painfully holding her waist and his dick more painfully ramming itself back and forth inside her, while other hands kept groping her hair, her butt and her overhanging breasts, Yashna firmly reminded herself that she would never, ever say a word about THIS.

If her Pakistanese parents learned about this gang-rape at the hands of black men, they would cast her out and forget about her very existence! They would wipe her name in order to wipe the shame.

Yashna's current rapist, a middle-aged warrant officer, spilled frothing slobber down his loose mouth as he uttered a sickening growl and the cute Eurasian girl received another massive dose of Ugandan cum! A new man --- this one a recruit about her age --- took over and added to her already infinite shame.

Only two paces away, Sungh was being pinned and bent over amid a pack of beer-drinking men who kept taking each their turn inside her tight Korean pussy! They kept spilling banana beer on her immaculate butt while she was constantly raped doggy style where she stood!

Their hands and dick thrusts kept shaking her while she kept whimpering and protesting...

"My f... father will... hghh... prosecute... ywhh... you!" Sungh kept saying as she took one cum load after another!

She had been repeating this, amid her cries and her forced moans, ever since she was seized by the troops and had all her clothes urgently ripped off her nubile charms, which were now ensuring a steady and reliable stiffness in the jungle-black rods that the host State was liberally providing her with!

The soldier presently raping Sungh was a giant who stood behind her with his tree-trunk legs widely spread out as he kept pounding her with his gargantuan dick while repeatedly driving her heart-shaped butt into him!

The petite student kept emitting high-pitched groans in sounds only an Asian girl could make while the gorilla man behind her blissfully violated her vaginal tightness, until he felt he was just about to cum, at which point he pulled out of her and played his eleven-inch long boomerang-shaped dick until he let out a thundering roar and liberally spewed a thick load on her teenage butt!

"My f... father... He'll pross... ecute..." Sungh repeated amid her deep shudder of disgust at herself, for she felt a secret sense of arousal from being destroyed by such a formidable stud, who had just coated her pristine ass with rich African cream!

The next man, naked from the waist down, his shoulder sleeves displaying the three black diamonds of his rank (Captain), took his own turn, his second turn inside Sungh, who was already getting used to the bent-over position and the feeling of being utterly filled by Ugandan dicks.

A soldier threatened to cut her ears off if she didn't open her mouth for him. When she did, her mouth was instantly filled by a hard slab of Ugandan dick that tasted foul, yet offered something like a powerful leathery musk added to it. The man repeated his threat, forbidding her to even think of biting him! The terrified girl let him rape her face while she was being slammed from behind with piston-like steadiness!

The savage jeers and grunts around her summarized her predicament; Sungh felt weirdly relieved that her rapes had not been as physically painful as she had feared, for her vagina was very flexible. Little did she know that the next man would rape her asshole and teach her the true meaning of pain.

Sungh, the daughter of a prominent lawyer, had come to Uganda to discover Africa while making a difference. Her trip was a resounding success that echoed throughout the jam-packed livingroom as loads of soldierly cum were shot deep inside her mouth and deep inside her cunt!

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Chapter 11 --- Miss Black Gets It!

From the moment she was grabbed and glued in a bent-over position on the table where she had been playing Scrabble with pupils, Miss Black had been screaming her outrage!

"This is unacceptable! Ahhhrrr Noooo! Stop this! You have no right! Leave my students alone! Unnngghh... Hhhhhng... I'll... I'll call the Embassy! I'll... call... Embasss... ssy! ..."

She was only successful in making the Ugandan soldiers laugh out loud as they began taking their turns in raping her doggystyle, urgently, while still wearing their berets. With a strong imprint of Scrabble letters on her left cheek, Miss Black was utterly slammed on that table, feeling the vigorous pounding from a young soldier's dick along with his commanding grip on her waist while she was forced to watch Kim's small breasts jiggling under the ceiling lights as her young Asian pupil was getting gang-raped right next to her, on the same table.

Miss Black heard Kim's shrill screams of pain and distress; Kim was being deflowered! Miss Black felt an evil sense of satisfaction mixed with her motherly pity for the girl; Miss Black harboured some secret jealousy for these teenage beauties because she was herself past 30 and felt old and ugly in comparison.

But she needed not to worry so much about her looks! The soldier banging her from behind showed every bit as much enthusiasm as if he was enjoying a teenage student, if not more, while his mates kept saying she had a very fuckable butt! Miss Black heard his thundering groan of fulfilled lust and felt his young hands clutching her waist for dear life as he spewed his full load inside her! "UURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHH!" Her body sort of liked receiving this young stud; it had been more than two years since she last had sex, and it had been a disappointment.

She kept protesting as a new soldier forcefully entered his black dick inside her vaginal depths and began pounding her like a berzerker on the creaking table!

"No... Stop this... Nhhhhhgh... nghh, nghhh, nghhh... This is outrageous! You have no right! I'll call the Embassy! This is unacceptable! Unacc... nghh, nghhh, nghhh... acceptable... No... This... outraggg mmmhhhFFFFFFFFFFFFFF..."

Miss Black was silenced by a big black dick that a well-built Corporal just shoved into her ajar mouth after forcibly dragging her to the very edge of the table and turning her head so she had her face to his crotch! He thus offered her her very first taste of Ugandan cock!

"Shut up, your royal highness, and suck my dick! And you'll watch your cute young pupil here lose a nipple under a knife if you give me teeth, so be a good Miss and suck dick!" Men jeered and mocked her as he said this.

The Corporal then grabbed her head and began face-raping her! Miss Black's bobbing head had four Scrabble letters that had stuck to her left cheek from when that side of her face was roughly pinned on the tabletop. The four letters formed a word that made the Corporal burst out in laughter. There was an S, an L, a U and a T, in that order.

"Yeah... Yeah... British slut... That's good! Yearrhhh... Yaarhhh... Ahrr yes! You're a good British slut! Aahrr yeah... I'm going to cum soon! ..."

The pleasured Corporal immensely enjoyed Miss Black's sealed mouth and her tongue that kept massaging his throbbing dick as he kept pushing her face against his crotch while his mate kept pounding her from behind, holding her wrists and pulling her arms as far behind her as he could for added penetrative power...

This soldier kept powerfully slamming her again, again and again on the creaking table while watching Kim getting gangbanged with her little hands aimlessly whirling around while a soldier restrained her upper arms as she was taking a man's cum deep inside her destroyed virginity... Her shrill screams were as loud as they were pointless. The next man was already raping her...

Miss Black felt her rapist's dick twitching inside her and felt him slamming himself on her as he screamed his relief and unloaded a prodigious amount of Ugandan creamy thickness inside her British vagina, giving her a more personal experience of cultural diversity...
"Aahrr Yeah RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGHHH!!! Ohhh... The leftist bitch is a great fuck!"

Almost at the same time, the big black piece of human liquorice twitched inside her musk-filled mouth and the Corporal urgently pulled out and blasted his load all over her face and hair!

Miss Black shuddered as she heard his sickening growl and she felt like she was going to die from disgust as the first shot of cum landed with a hot imprint on her left cheek, and it was followed by a second shot that turned out to be the main one! Miss Black was showered with spunk all over the left side of her face and was also left with thick spots of messy slime in her dark hair!

The Corporal and the soldier were promptly replaced by a fresh pair of jeering soldiers, and Miss Black's ordeal began anew, except this time, the tailing man chose to rape her ass!

Miss Black's pretty blue eyes positively widened to the size of small porcelain saucers as she was introduced to the realm of anal pain! She shrieked in muffled agony against the slab of Ugandan flesh that was filling her cock-sucking mouth! This was 50 times worse than a vaginal rape!

Soldiers around her were chanting...
"White slut! White slut! She goes black! She goes black! White slut! White slut..."

Someone poured banana beer on her cum-smeared face as she was being spit-roasted on that heavily used table, where Kim was being shaken with ruthless abandon while Jenny was on the nearby floor, being missionary-styled by a massive dick while being forced to orgasm and wrapping her tenniswoman's legs around her Ugandan rapist... Miss Black distantly heard Kim's high-pitched whimpers and Jenny's deep groans amid all the tumult of jeers, screaming and animalistic grunting. She was a well-bred, politically correct woman, but there were limits to her inclusivity; she would never have considered dating a non-white man.

Her tight asshole and her dainty mouth were now forced to include Ugandan dicks! All she could do was groaning in agonizing pain with her mouth filled with the meat of her face rapist and praying that her ass rapist would soon conclude! In other words, she was being spit-roasted!

Miss Black's prayer was answered; she felt a sensation of deep warmth inside her sore ass and heard the man blissfully relieving himself! "Fuck, this is a black man's cum!" she thought in utter disgust.

Then, the man raping her face pushed his crotch hard against her nose and shot thick ropes of jizz inside Miss Black's throat! He stayed there, so she was forced to swallow the sludge. The taste was horrible!

Then, Miss Black was roughly flipped over and placed face up on the table with her fleshy butt plump on the Scrabble board. Her skirt and panties were slid away from her lower legs and feet and ragingly discarded while her white tank-top was put to shreds and urgently yanked away along with her bra, leaving her movie-star breasts in a full, perky display of flashing white flesh and light-brown nipples between the grey curtains of her pointless cardigan.

Restrained by the upper arms the same way as Kim, except she was facing the opposite direction, Miss Black saw a masked man who wedged himself between her spread-out legs. His figure was vaguely familiar to her. Little did she know that it was none other than Mr. Mbabazi, the program director, who perfectly remembered the way she had barged into his office and acted like the entitled leftist bitch she was!

Mr. Mbabazi raped Miss Black with unfathomable satisfaction for several minutes, until he pulled out and said...
"I'm not going to waste my spunk inside a cheap tart like you!"

He then motioned to the pack of men who were using little Kim, who had just received a steaming cumload inside her pussy. They let Mr. Mbabazi settle himself between Kim's petite legs. Mr. Mbabazi had often looked the other way when the military had done not-so-saintly stuff and he had powerful connections.

Miss Black felt sick in her soul as she watched the masked man raping Kim's virginal body.The man uttered beastly grunts as he urgently pounded the Asian teenage girl, and he very soon exploded inside her tight pussy!

"Ahh yeah! Yes yes yes yes yes yes... Aahhrrr! The little student! The little student! I'm having heRRRRRRRRHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRGGH AAARRRGH!!! Oh fuck she's good..."

Kim bitterly cried as she received the masked man's load; she could tell he was more than twice her age and being raped by him felt so gross! At least, being raped by the young soldiers was more age-appropriate!

Miss Black shuddered as a teenage recruit introduced his youthful prick inside her; she didn't shudder because this man was so much younger than her --- her body actually felt turned on from feeling his touch and his young gaze on her. No, she shuddered because she recognized the program director's voice; the man who had just raped Kim was that Mr. Bobaz... whatever his name was! How could he!

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As soon as Mr. Mbabazi had unlocked the front door, the dorm's large living room had been brutally invaded by a horde of lust-crazed soldiers whose black faces were alight with grinning teeth as they quickly submitted and tied up the nine teenage lads who were present.

Most of the girls, who had been sitting on a sofa or on the carpeted floor and watching that old Jacky Chan movie, had screamed with shrill terror as they saw the Ugandan troops storming in!

Before they knew what hit them, they were grabbed and assaulted by overzealous admirers. Some of the girls were raped on the spot! Others were taken to individual bedrooms, then used too!

The male students, powerless and defeated as they were, watched their female classmates falling into black hands; many grew a hard-on as they heard the girls screaming, the men jeering and t-shirts emitting sharp ripping sounds as the screaming captives had their bra, then their boobs brutally exposed for all to see and enjoy their free-moving mounds of British flesh!

Most of these male students had never had sex in their young lives. They suddenly got to watch girls getting forcibly stripped naked!

Panties got grabbed and ripped off by black hands, leaving the panicked display of a cunt, shaved clean, lightly hairy or heavily forested... "The carpet matches the drapes!" a soldier would jest when a blonde's bush happened to be a sweet golden triangle!

Yashma's heavy triangle of black forest had soldiers nearly fighting for who was going first! Two British boys experienced a raging erection upon seeing Yashma's black silkiness between her olive-skin thighs! If they had not been tied up with their hands behind them, they would have masturbated hard as they watched her being blacked!

Girls frantically shook their heads and shouted "No! No! Nooo!" as the jeering and grinning troops were shredding and tearing their light clothes and uncovering their pure-white skin! The taboo was hitting these well-bred girls in the face amid that forest of black men in camouflage fatigues!

Bridget freaked out and let out a shrill scream of terrified panic when she saw these uniformed black-faced invaders rushing in! Her shrill shriek almost shattered the glass of Seven-Up she was holding.

Two Corporals grabbed and lifted her --- one holding her ankles together, the other holding her by the armpits --- while a tall and broad-shouldered Warrant Officer snatched the half-drank glass from her hand.

The bare-legs girl was taken to a coffee table, where she had her face splattered with Seven-Up as the Warrant Officer poured the liquid on her and tossed the empty glass away, before force-kissing her and licking her sweet face!

"Ahh yeah! You taste good, white girl! What's your name?"

Bridget didn't answer; she barely heard him anyway, as there was so many loud noises around her. She was frozen with fear and terror!

"Never mind!" the 40-year-old Warrant Officer said as he grabbed Bridget's tank-top and ripped it open with strength and power that further terrified Bridget.

"This is not possible! This cannot be!" thought Bridget. "White men are evil! Black men are good! This is not politically correct! Black men don't rape! It's a white man's myth!" The leftest girl said to herself within her mind as she felt the Warrant Officer's heavy hand grabbing her tank-top and ripping it clean off her nubile torso, leaving her pastel-pink bra to stand a doomed watch on her perky boobs!

"Black men don't rape! It's a white man's myth! Black men don't r... Naaoooooo!" Bridget said aloud, trying hard to stick to her leftist's credo as the large Ugandan hand made short work of her pastel bra; her nubile breasts now freely danced as she desperately pleaded and begged as the Corporals pinned her on the coffee table.

The Warrant Officer grabbed her legs by the ankles and slickly yanked her panties off her hips with a loud snapping sound.

"Black men don't rape! It's a white man's myth! Black men don't rape! It's a white man's myth! ..." Bridget kept repeating like a litany as she shook her lovely head under the men's jeers.

Bridget saw the Warrant Officer's dick emerging from his camouflaged trousers. It was huge! It had a large mushroomy glans and was bulging with veins all over its dark-mahogany surface. It had nothing to do with her boyfriend's prick, which was tiny and childish-looking in comparison. She had actually never allowed it inside her; she had kept him happy with college-girl blowjobs and only allowed him to shoot his cum on her breasts.

How on earth was she going to take that thing inside her? It then occurred to Bridget that she was indeed going to be raped by this black man, and not only him, but these two others as well! She felt something breaking inside her as she realized that she was going to get deflowered! Tears started streaming down her silent, terrified face. This was going to hurt! But black men?

"Black men don't rape! It's a white man's myth! Black men don't rape! It's a white man's myth! ..."

The lovely girl with pigtails kept repeating these words aloud as the Warrant Officer's king-size cock was already pushing her folds to snuggly enter her womanhood!

The Corporals urged him on as he strained to push his hard cock inside the Briton girl. They were holding her in place while the Warrant Officer kept her legs propped up and her feet next to his face while he pushed his dick deeper inside the terror-frozen girl.

The wide-faced Warrant Officer started raping little Bridget with unfathomable contentment; she was so ungodly tight! Warrant Officer Lumumbo had a daughter about the same age, and he had sometimes caught himself wishing he could enjoy her incredibly firm body; no woman could rival a teenage girl when it came to body firmness and smoothness!

He watched the white girl's perky breasts jiggling so beautifully as she was firmly pinned and raped by him on that coffee table, right near where another group was gang-raping a Pakistani-looking girl with gorgeous long raven hair; the burly Warrant Officer took note of this and decided that he would rape this Paki girl next, but then he gave his undivided attention to the teen girl he was presently ravishing; she was clearly a virgin from the way she felt!

He felt his huge dick gloriously expanding and hardening inside the Briton girl, while Bridget was frantically shaking her head from side to side, finding herself utterly surrounded and pinned by grinning Ugandese soldiers!

"No! No! No! You can't! You can't! Black men don't rape! Black men don't rape! No... It's a myth! A white man's... ahhh, no... myth!" Bridget kept saying in her cockney accent as she was wildly shaken by her rape on that coffee table, her lovely features distorted by her pain as she was so brutally deflowered, her head bobbing and her breasts jiggling and often getting cupped and kneaded by the soldiers holding her in place for her huge rapist, whose big black grinning face was her worst nightmare!

"Here! Take this, you fucking racist slut! Take this! And this! HRRR! HRRRR! HRRRR... You fucking racist bitch! Oh YEah! Yeah! ohhrrr... You're a fucking good fuck little bitch! HRRR! HRRRR! HRRRR..."

The large Warrant Officer stopped talking and began seriously panting as he greatly intensified his pace, lifting Bridget's butt off the coffee table and slamming her petite body in oblivion as he felt his climax drawing near; Bridget was gone, she lost control of her body as her squeals of virgin's pain and shock gave way to moans and whimpers; she was finding out that her body liked it real rough!

"Hey, listen to this, Gonza," the first soldier told his buddy holding her other arm, "the little racist bitch likes it rough! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Yeah, deep down they all root for a hard black dick! We're doing her a favour! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Warrant Officer Lumumbo was presently a rutting beast whose only purpose was to inpregnate this little racist bitch with a black baby! This would teach her a good lesson! She ought to know that black men had a right to rape too! And they could do it a lot better and harder than these puppy-dog-faced white boys!

He then further pushed his rhythm right into an utter rape frenzy! The girl was moaning loud and whimperiing like crazy as he kept ramming his huge dick inside her with savage abandon, holding nothing back, his mouth wide open and panting in his primal copulating urge!

"Ahhhh nnooaaahhh... Black... dn't rp!" Bridget uttered between her loud whimpers as she felt the upcoming climax surging and forcing itself on her! She realized her body loved being so roughly shaken with a big hard dick ramming her pussy! Her politically correct mind was also being raped by her own body! She felt her small breasts swelling from being touched and looked at by these Ugandan soldiers!

Then she heard the whole living room uttering a savage scream as she felt something hot and liquid suddenly erupting inside her womanhood! His cum! No! He had cummed inside her!

Warrant Officer Lumumbo couldn't believe it when he powerfully exploded inside the little foreign student! What an amazing fuck!

A Corporal took his place, very eagerly, and with his equally eager dick he began taking his own turn inside Bridget, grunting with delight as he raped her deliciously tight pussy while watching her teenage breasts moving along with her bobbing head with her small girly fists clenched where his fellow Corporal was holding her wrists! This little racist bitch was going to remember her time in Uganda!

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A couple of hours earlier, upstairs...

There was only one reason Karen had come to that shithole country in Africa. That reason had a name... Matt.

The Briton preppy girl was too proud to admit, even to herself, that she was genuinely in love with Matt. She liked to manipulate and play with him. She used her sexual assets to control him. She would give him her cleavage with almost a hint of her nipple so he would agree to come with her at her dad's functions and be seen at her arm. Matt hated that upper-class circus.

But Matt hung on; he loved kissing Karen, and he was curious for more; he had yet to see her in the nude.

Karen didn't feel ready for sex, and she felt it was overrated. For Karen, there was nothing that beat a long hot shower while fantasizing she was attacked in the London Underground and gang-raped by Muslim migrants who all screamed, "Allah-u akhbar!" as they took their turns inside her and raped her into sweet oblivion. She sometimes thought of allowing Matt to eat her pussy, so she would run that fantasy in her head as he'd pleasure her, but she felt such stuff was too vulgar for her.

However, when she saw that migrant girl, Yashma, being made a move on by Matt, she knew she had to do something.

Now, she was alone with Matt in a locked bedroom. She felt very nervous, but managed not to show it and remained in control. They were kissing. Matt was hers.

Matt stopped kissing her and said, "Karen, there's something I need to tell y..."

Karen put her hand on his mouth. "Tut, tut tut! No words! And there's something I want to show you!"

As she spoke, the outwardly graceful brunette took a step back and nervously smiled at her boyfriend as she took off her Navy-blue varsity jacket, discarding it on the nearby bed. Before Matt could do or say anything, Karen's dainty fingers were unbuttoning her white blouse, revealing more and more of her young cleavage with each button she undid.

Matt could tell she had been planning this. He knew her all too well. She must have a reason for doing this. Karen never did anything without something being in it for her. And this was what he was so tired of! Matt knew that with a girl like Yashma, everything would be more spontaneous and sincere. Yashma would be a much better fit for him.

He resolutely took a step back and gently took Karen's wrists, stopping her hands as she was just about to open her blouse for him.

"No, Karen. This is too late for this."

"Wh... What do you mean, it's too late? We're only 18, both of us!"

"Yes, and I don't want to spend my life with a girl like you. We don't belong to each other. This is what I wanted to tell..."

"But, your father is friends with my father! We're from the same neighbourhood and went to the same college together We do belong to each other. Please, let go of my hands!"

"All right, but then I'm leaving and going back downstairs."

"And watch the movie with that Pakistan migrant slut? Is that what you're dumping me for?"

Did she just say this? Upon hearing those words, Matt knew he was making the right decision. He felt sorry for whoever would end up with Karen.

The tall lad was just about to open the door and walk out of the room when he heard a sudden commotion downstairs with all girls screaming at once and the sounds of a great many heavy boots and men shouting and cursing and saying, "Now, sweet Britons! We're going to teach you a lesson!"

Matt opened the door.

He did so just in time to see a bunch of black men as they ran upstairs toward him. They were all tall and well built; they were soldiers wearing black field boots and camouflage fatigues. They had nightsticks and were all looking dead at him from under the rim of their berets, all with hatred in their eyes and the fiercest resolve in their hard features.

Matt locked the door again and turned to Karen, who was frozen with fear.

"Karen, we must flee through the window!" he said as she picked up and promptly put her varsity jacket back on, unknowingly showing some of her breasts between the loose play of her open blouse as she moved.

Matt saw one of her nipples, and he remained standing in shock. This was the first time in his life he saw that tip of a girly boob in the real flesh and not on a computer screen.

The door was smashed open and it hit him directly on the back as the Ugandan troops stormed inside the bedroom and immediately grabbed Karen as she hugged herself in her Nave-blue jacket, as if it were a magical cloak that would keep her from harm.

They grabbed her and began running their hands through her long brown hair, while two soldiers were beating up Matt with punches in his ribs, a whack from a nightstick on his head and some good boot stomping after he was down on his ass with his back pinned in the corner of the room.

"Look what we got here! So, you were having some fun, eh?" the leader, a tall Sergeant said.

"Don't worry, kid, we're here to show you how real men do it!" a Corporal told Matt, who slumped to his side, half unconscious.

"Let go of me! Let go of me! My father's an attorney!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Say that again, little Angel?"

"Oh, God! She looks sweet! Can't wait till I see her cunt!"

"I'm Sergeant Kabugho, and we're here to beat up and rape student! Nyyrrrhhhh!!!"

As he grunted, the big Sergeant pushed the unbuttoned sides of Karen's blouse while her body shivered in panic. She desperately tried to free her arms, but laughing soldiers were firmly restraining her and outraging her white skin by holding her wrists.

"Nooo!!! Don't touch me, negroes!" Karen snarled in a raging voice, her raging tone giving a striking contrast to the soft curves of her exposed breasts that garnered lewd catcalls and whistles from the Sergeant and his squad.


"Do you see what I see? Those are really some girl's boobs! Wow!"

"She wasn't even wearing a bra, the slut!"

"White girls are all negro-loving sluts! Hey babe! I got a big something for ye!"

The Sergeant loved that priceless moment when the girl's pale boobs were facing his gorilla's face. He personally loved seeing himself as such when he dominated a white girl with his big, strong face. He had raped only two white girls before, and he felt it was far too few.

Sergeant Kabugho revelled in the girl's panic and the sound of her raging voice as she swore at his men. He plunged his face between her tits and licked her cleavage, letting her Briton girl's scents invade his flat and wide nostrils as she shrieked with deafening force, sounding like they were putting a red-hot iron rod inside her cunt.


"Scream on, British slut! No one's going to save you here!"
"Welcome to Africa, white bitch!"

Sergeant Kabugho's fat lips were like a suction cup pulling her nipple as he engulfed the tip of her left breast while cupping the other one with his weightlifter's callused hand. Karen kept shrieking, and shrieking, then shrieking some more as she tried to dispel her fate through the force of her voice, which soon broke and turned hoarse.

"Come on, Sergeant, lick those British titties!"
"Let's rape her now!" a soldier named Bale hollered.
"That's what we're here for!" added another one.
"Strip that girl naked!"
"Take a good look, young man! You'll see how African men do it!"

"I'm sure her boyfriend will love to watch this. All white boyfriends dream of seeing their girl gang-fucked by negroes. We're doing him a favour!"
"Well said, Bale!"

With a groan of deeply felt satisfaction, Sergeant Kabugho pulled down Karen's ivory-white khaki-style trousers, feeling the growth of his erection as he uncovered her alluring legs.

She felt all those savage gazes on her revealed beauty, and kept shrieking in panic between two laughing Ugandans who began to lick her face as they kept her arms in check. "Milady's not going anywhere! Milady is being entertained tonight!"

Sergeant Kabugho committed the sight to his memory as he grabbed Karen's Union Jack panties and ripped them off with a loud tribal war cry, "uuUHHLULULULULULULULULUUUUUUU!!!"

"Uganda! U-ganda!" shouted the nearest soldiers upon seeing the dancing display of Karen's sex as she writhed her legs and desperately fought to escape their collective hold, with her pulled-down trousers imprisoning her knees. She looked like a giant eel in the form of a pretty girl; she was fished and trying to escape a net.

"Look at that lovely strip of hair! What a slut!"

"Oh, God! We're having this tonight! So white!"

"Hey Milady, I love your cunt!"

"U-ganda! U-ganda!"

"Noo, please don't do this! I'm virgin! Don't do this I'm going to suck all your cigars but please don't do this my father would kill me, and I can suck you all off and I tell ya I'm a good-good girl but please-please-please don't rape me!"

"You can do all of that later, honey! But right now, my dick's hard and you're here! Hey boys, let's take her on that bed!"
"Yes, Sergeant!"
"The easiest order to obey, Sergeant!"

"NNNAAOOOO!!! NAAAOOO, noo, no, nooo, nnnaaoooooo!!!" Karen protested with her now-hoarse voice, tears flowing down her face as she kept writhing like and eel and they lifted her off her feet...

They dumped her on the bed, where she was promptly overwhelmed under a forest of dark brown hands that ripped her blouse and shredded it into oblivion, leaving only some white tatters on her arms as testimony to the preppy girl she used to be. The more of her they saw, the hornier the Ugandans got.

Sergeant Kabugho ragingly pulled her trousers away from her feet, causing her slip-on shoes to vanish in the process, leaving her feet bare and moving in chaos at the end of her writhing legs as she kept groaning and raging in her vain struggles amid the jeering men.

The large Sergeant got on top of her, his torso pushing at her knees as she kept her legs glued together. He slapped her, but she used her legs to push him away with a force he didn't give her credit for.

"Yeah! She's a fighter!" the Sergeant exclaimed. "Well, bitch, do what you will, what's going to happen now is inevitable, so you better just relax and let us do our thing! Why delay the inevitable? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"We're all coming for you, Briton girl!"

"That will teach you not to protest in the street!"

"The bedroom is the place for you to protest. And you're doing a great job, honey!"

"NOOOO! PLEASE, NO, I'M VIRGIN! NOT THIS! NOT THIS!" she half-groaned, half shouted.

The Sergeant grabbed Karen's shoulders and shook her with all his might, causing her head to bob against the bed in a blur of brown hair while her tits jiggled in a mad tumult of pale flesh.

" This... Sto-ooo-oopp!!!"

After shaking her like a rasher of bacon cooking on a frying pan, Sergeant Kabugho tried to force her legs open, but she held on. He loved the feel of her lower legs under his hands, and he loved even more the sight of her small feet. He let go of her legs, and she bent them and kept them together in an effort to make herself as small a target as possible, causing her cunt to be in perfect display for the troops as her slit was plainly visible below her feet. One soldier felt she reminded him of an elf queen captured by orcs after her escort was ambushed and slaughtered; he was playing the role of an orc.

The Sergeant unzipped his trousers and presented his rock-hard erection to the London preppy girl, who groaned in a hoarse  scream as she beheld his Ugandan snake head.

Holding the base of his fuck shaft, the Sergeant climbed on the bed and knelt on the mattress. He approached Karen's kept-close-together legs and grabbed her ankles, then he rubbed her toes against his distended erection, experiencing a jolt of pleasure as his cock touched Karen's feet. He was on the verge of precumming, already...

He adored doing this to a white girl. Karen was positively sobbing as the men holding her arms were now calling her a cheap tart.

Then, Sergeant Kabugho forcibly propped up her legs and kept them at bay by pushing at her calves with his left forearm, gaining a direct access to her slit, where he guided his cock using his right hand, and...

Oh God! He sank his dark snake head inside her entrance, which he found half wet.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The little tart is enjoying this!" the Sergeant said as he sank further inside the groaning girl, who bitterly cried amid the general laughter of the Ugandans, who never stopped taunting her.

Leaning into her propped-up legs, which he kept together and slanting to his left side, Sergeant Kabugho began pounding Karen, shaking her through and through with his quickly repeated thrusts as he kept contemplating the lovely display of her feet at the end of her nubile legs. Her white splendour was a very rare sight. He couldn't believe this was actually happening!


"Do you feel it, Milady? Do you feel the Africa deep inside you, Milady? This is, HRRRhh! Oh God, you're tight! This is what it's like... to... HRRrH, oh yeah! This is... What... like... Wrong side of the f... fence, OOhhrr!!"

Sergeant Kabugho went into gorilla-grunting mode and intensified the barrage of strokes that the hapless girl had no choice but to receive deep inside her shaken body, her head bobbing on the pillow between two jeering soldiers, whose berets constantly reminded her she was the victim of political and social unrest, and whose black faces constantly reminded her she was deep in Africa.

"U-GANDA! U-GANDA! U-GANDA..." the nearby soldiers uttered like a mantra.

Karen heard that chant, and this spurred the "Allahu akbar" fantasy in her mind. And she felt her arousal suddenly grow out of control as she kept her legs glued together, and savagely raped by and pinned under the heavy Sergeant, his black gorilla face feeding her sense of horror, and also feeding her secret fantasy as he made her think of a big black Muslim in the act of raping her in the Underground while other migrants were pinning her down on the ground while chanting, "Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!"

"NNNAaaOOOO!!! NAAAAOOOO!!! NNaaaAAAAAaOOOOOOOO OO aaaaaa AAAAA, aAA aahhh... Naaaoo!!!" she uttered.

She was moaning out of control. She was panicking. She wasn't going to hit a climax like that?! She mustn't!!! It was so, so... GROSS! But her body was forcing her to moan, loud and clear for all to hear, and forcing her to bend her legs so she'd see her dainty feet in close proximity to that gorilla-man's face, a sight that put more oil into the Middle-Eastern fire of her raving madness. All forced and illegal. Gross!

The big Sergeant felt her arousal, and this drove him crazy! He knew it! All white girls enjoyed being gang-fucked by real men with hard dicks! He was now sweating profusely and hard at work, with his mouth wide open and dripping frothing slobber onto her.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Uganda! Uganda! Uganda! It's coming! Ahh yeah! The white girl! White girl! I'm going to give her... Africa!" the Sergeant suddenly bellowed after a bout of intense grunting.

He passed his edge while soldiers kept chanting "U-GANDA... U-GANDA... U-GANDA..."
And also, "White girl! White girl! White girl in Africa!"


As he roared his complete and absolute victory, Sergeant Kabugho blissfully shot his ropes of hot jizz inside the sobbing Briton student. Her pussy was so amazing to rape! So tight! It was heaven! He would never forget this lovely fuck.

Matt heard the horror. His head was really hurt where the nightstick had landed. He felt nausea. A tall and slender soldier helped him to his feet and kept him standing up as he hand-cuffed him.

"Now, be quiet! If you're a good boy, we'll let you have her as well, once we're all done!" he told Matt, who felt deeply horrified, yet he grew a monstrous boner in short order, and he knew right there he wasn't going to help it. His first time wouldn't go inside Yashma.

"Yashma!!!" Matt shouted, as he realized the entire residence was being sacked and raped. His erection became painfully hard as he pictured the lovely Pakistani girl being grabbed by those black-faced troops, and her red pajama getting shred to tatters as the men uncovered the secret splendour of her juicy boobs and the secret garden of her cunt; black silky hair on olive skin, and a pair of eyes to die for!

"Yashma!! NOOO!!!" Matt shouted. Karen heard this, and it broke her inside.

The Corporal was now on top of Karen. He had her legs pressed against his shoulders, and he presently inserted his chocolate-brown cock, all veiny and throbbing, inside her rosy folds as she kept begging them to please spare her virginity. There was indeed a spot of blood on the blanket.

Moments later, Karen was once more shaken under an Ugandan military man with his African dick plowing her destroyed virginity. She shouldn't have come to this shit-hole of a place! She didn't belong there! But it was too late now! Her life was over!

But then, her body hijacked her mind once again, and her fantasy hijacked her body as the Underground Muslims materialized before her mind's eye. The fantasy returned with a vengeance. That Ugandan Corporal raping her with her legs up became a tall and well-built migrant who kept screaming, "Allahu akbar!" right at her face as he mercilessly shook her while other migrants gathered and began masturbating.

This time, Karen was forced into a sensual hurricane and was forcibly taken to a noisy Cloud Nine as the relentless thrusts kept plowing her pure-English pussy.

Matt looked at the disaster in horror, yet he experienced the most intense arousal he had ever felt in his life as he watched the soldier's brown buttocks going up in down in their urgent motions, as if the man's dick was trying to find something hidden deep inside Karen, who sounded like she was in great pain. But then, Matt suddenly realized she was moaning like crazy and hitting a jack-pot climax. Could she really get so dirty?!

Matt didn't hear anything that was happening elsewhere in the house, since Karen's hoarse screams and protests filled the bedroom along with the men's jeering and taunting. But he sensed that all the girls were being systematically raped, and very thoroughly so. Yashma...

The Corporal presently screamed at Karen's face, "Take this, you filthy Briton!" as he dumped his load and compounded her sense of loss. He filled her up, yet he left her with an empty feeling once he was out of her.

The next man grabbed her ankles and pulled her nearer to the edge of the bed. His trousers were already down and Karen screamed in shock and horror as she saw the man's prodigious size. His dark cock was a monster indeed! It was covered by a complex network of veins, its base was adorned with a hanging pair of black balls, and its head was a stupid-big fist that waited to bruise Karen's vaginal walls.

Matt went nuts as he shouted at the soldiers, telling them to leave the girl alone, and knowing they won't. They also gave him a sharp nightstick blow to his ribs to remind him where he was.

Karen's legs were finally wide open. She was still resisting. She still had to be restrained, but she was tiring.

The man with the stupid-big cock was now between her legs and on top of her at the edge of the bed. Karen shrieked, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! TOO BIG! TOO BIG!" and this told Matt the Ugandan phenomenon was inside her.

Karen was rocked under that camouflage-uniformed soldier, and in deep agony, as the man stretched her pussy with his unforgiving size.


"Shut up, you slut! Many British girls would love to be in your place, so shut up and enjoy the ride!" Sergeant Kabugho told her in a scolding tone.

Her rapist proceeded to destroy all shreds of dignity she had left. Other soldiers kept chanting, "U-ganda! U-ganda... U-ganda!" They were masturbating and waiting their turn.

At one point, the rapist interrupted his pounding and firmly grabbed Karen's waist. He squarely lifted her buttocks off the bed as he rose. Then he resumed Karen's ordeal by raping her as he stood, firmly holding her slender hips and punching her clock deep between her legs as the petite girl received the onslaught with her shoulder blades pinned on the mattress and her head bobbing along with the unbridled rhythm.

"Bale the Tree Trunk always does that!" a soldier exclaimed, jealous of Bale's size as he masturbated with his own eight incher while watching the snobbish student being raped nearly upside down, just like a medieval Baroness being raped by her own peasants during a jacquerie. The social order was turned upside down.

Bale growled and let the tsunami of bliss run its course throughout his body as he stuffed the white girl with bolts upon bolts of risk-rich semen.

"Milady's going to have a baby!"

This is when Karen deeply regretted not being on the pill.

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Chapter 14 — Leftist Lesbians In Men’s Arms

Jillian’s first thought was for her girlfriend Katya and her safety when she saw the Ugandan troops storming in. There were so many of them! Too many! Way too many!

The blue-dyed-haired leftist grabbed her red-haired girlfriend and ran toward the end of the hallway and into a two-bunk bedroom, hoping the troops didn’t spot them since they were both small girls and most of their fellow students were more conventionally attractive than them, or at least this was what Jillian thought.

She soon learned she was mistaken. As she pushed Katya inside the room and was closing the door to lock it behind her, Jillian got floored by the door’s slamming as soldiers stormed in!

“White pussy here!”

“Fresh pussy!!! Fresh pussy!!! Wou-hooooo!!!”

“Look at her long red hair! What a lovely British cunt we got here!”

Katya’s shriek filled the room and pierced Jillian’s ears. She’d never forget how her girlfriend shrieked when the Ugandans grabbed her. Jillian was crushed by a searing sense of failure. She couldn’t protect her! No matter how hard she tried…

Jillian snarled at the man who grabbed and lifted her up. The tiny girl cursed at him as he tossed her on the bunk like a bag of potatoes. Katya only weighed 110 lbs and she was the “big girl” in their couple.

“Get your paws off me, you monkey-face baboons!!” Jillian snarled.

“See how racist you are, leftist cunt? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” The green-beret-wearing soldier replied in a taunting voice as he slapped her again, again and again while easily overpowering her. Jillian squealed from the pain and from her crushing sense of powerlessness, but the worst were her girlfriend’s screams…


Katya’s screams were deafening as she desperately wriggled and writhed between two well-built soldiers, whose white smiles looked terrifying amid their equally terrifying faces of dark brown skin.

Amid her shrieking terror, the leftist student realized that she would have found it less unbearable if her attackers had been white, which meant she was a racist. She shrieked even louder, enraged at herself on top of her terror. This couldn’t be happening!

“Leave my girlfriend, alone… you… Bastard! Filthy baboons!!!” Jillian snarled as her attacker had reduced her to a fighting balled-up figure, holding her crunched under him with her feet pointing high up toward the ceiling, and her knees pinned against her chest, as he mocked her while tapping her buttocks through her navy-blue jogging pants.


“Hey guys! We got a lesbian couple here!” said the soldier, while holding Jillian pinned under him with her back pressed against the bunk’s mattress. He was going to have a lot of fun with her!


“Your mom’s not here to save you, lesbian cunt, and your cute little girlfriend isn’t going to save you either! She’s going to watch!”

The soldier’s words were half-lost in the shrieking tumult of Katya’s panic as one soldier restrained her arms above her while sniffing her freshly shampooed hair, and the other one was pinning her on the bed under him, holding her waist as he spoke, his revolting face only inches from her panicked bosom, with only her thin tee-shirt protecting her tits. Katya seldom wore a bra, knowing her girlfriend loved to have easy access.

Katya tried to knee-kick her attacker, but she was completely pinned under the man; all she managed to do was brushing her thighs against his camouflage-uniformed sides, which further aroused her attacker…

“Hey guys! We got a real hot one here!” the man said as he grabbed and forcefully ripped Katya’s tee-shirt apart, basking in the girl’s shrill screams as Katya’s juicy tits suddenly materialized with an immediate hardening effect on both her assailants.

“Nice titties, lesbian bitch!”

“Oh, God! This is our lucky day! Hey little Miss! Tonight’s the night you get Africanized and de-lesbianized!”


Katya frantically shook her head left and right on the disorderly bed, drowning her assailants’ jeers with her shrill screams.

Her arms were locked on either side of her shaking head while the other man made short work of her jogging pants, which he ruthlessly pulled off her alluring legs. He swore with delight as he found out she wasn’t wearing panties and her cunt sported the loveliest strip of brownish copper hair… A red-haired girl’s cunt!

KATYA, NOOO! NOT MY SWEET LITTLE KITTEN! NO, NOOO, you’re monsters…” Jillian uttered through her clenched teeth, going mad with rage and despair as she was forced to watch.

The green-beret man was now on top of her, pinning her on her stomach and holding a sharp bowie knife against her throat.

“Now, leftist cunt! You watch! You watch it all, and you shut up your bloody leftist mouth! You watch in silence, or else we’ll cut off your girlfriend’s nipples and force you to eat them!”

Jillian obeyed.

Katya’s voice broke and her shrieks turned hoarse as the negro soldier holding her legs pushed his hand against her cunt, brutally. His fingers found her entrance and he started fingering her while the shrieking girl kept her legs glued together, writhing like a caught eel as the other man kept taunting her while holding her wrists together on top of her screaming face.

“You filthy bastards! Baboons!”

“Shut up, leftist cunt! Shut up and watch or we’ll cut off her nipples!”


Each scream from Katya was ripping Jillian’s soul apart as she was forced to watch the revolting scene where the Ugandan was fingering her shrieking girlfriend while the other man kept laughing at her.

“And guess what, Briton girl, you’re next!” her captor added, gently pressing his blade against her neck.

Jillian watched the heart-breaking scene through the veil of her tears. What was going to be left of them after THIS?

The soldier fingering Katya had a lot of fun doing this to a white girl, but he knew his mate wasn’t having as much fun next to her blurry hair and shaking face and was no doubt growing hard and impatient.

“Open up your legs for us, British lesbian!”

Katya shook her head frantically and further pressed her writhing legs together.

“Open up your legs or I’ll take this knife you see here and thrust it inside your cunt! OPEN!”

As he spoke, the angry Corporal pulled his bowie knife and showed it plainly to Katya. Jillian sobbed, with another knife on her own throat.

Katya opened her legs, wailing in a high-pitched litany of misery as the Corporal put his knife back in its sheath and unzipped his camouflage trousers.

“If you think that blade is long, check this out!” he said as he let his eight-and-a-half incher jut out in a grotesque show of his brute of a dick. Katya frantically screamed as she saw that dark brown monster.

“Yep! This is all going inside you, lesbian cunt! Right to the hilt!” the sadistic Corporal said as he knelt on the bunk and further forced Katya’s legs apart. Jillian’s soul imploded as she watched this. Nothing was ever going to be the same again! She would never be able to un-see this!

The walls shook from Katya’s shrieking as the Corporal pushed his big black cock into her entrance, which he found half-wet from his fingering.

“AAAhh-aaaAAAAAAAARRHH!!!” the satisfied Corporal uttered as he penetrated Katya and began to rape the lesbian girl, who screamed with walls-shaking despair as the uniformed Ugandan began to shake her under him, deflowering her and straining hard as he pushed further and further inside her, blasting her body with irradiating pain!

He found a savage beat and he began a ruthless barrage of dick thrusts.

The bedroom resonated with his grunting victory and Katya’s panicked shrieks as the lesbian girl shook her head in a blur of copper hair, under the jeers of the man holding her wrists together. She was assaulted with unstoppable waves of searing pain and shame, all this while her sobbing girlfriend was watching.

It got even worse when the Corporal twitched inside her and Katya saw his pleasure-deformed face turn into a demon-like difformity. Amid the brutal pain and pounding, she instinctively felt he was going to…


His ejaculation came, forceful and unrestrainable, filling the Corporal with savage delight, filling Katya with shame and disgust.

“Please, kill me!” Jillian begged the knife-holding man, wishing he’d just cut her throat and spare her the indignity of watching the next man take his turn inside her soul-shattered girlfriend.


In the living room, some thirty Ugandans were celebrating, beating up the male students and taking their turns inside all the girls while drinking banana beer and singing patriotic songs to the glory of Uganda.

Yashma was probably their most popular pick. Soldiers were literally fighting between them for the privilege of her black carpet and the enjoyment of her olive-skin splendour.

Their commanding officer put good order to the process and established the usual rape-privilege order. He and many other men proceeded by order of ranks, from the officers to the non-commissioned officers down to the rank-and-file. The Pakistani London girl lost count as her head kept endlessly bobbing on the couch, and she mostly felt thankful her parents weren’t there to watch her shame. But some soldiers were holding iPhones and filming.


Upstairs, Karen was being punished the hard way for her snobbish ways. After her prompt and brutal undressing, the preppy girl was naked on a bunk and gang-raped with her boyfriend watching, bruised from the beating the rapists just gave him, and getting himself horny as he thought of Yashma.

In the next room, Bianca was snatched from the youngsters she was caught playing with.

The Ugandans made much fun of the already-naked teacher, telling her it was so very shameful to give herself to her young students and she ought to be punished for this, and also punished for being white. They put her face down on a bunk and proceeded to brutally rape her ass, filling her with searing pain and filling her up with a growing flow of compound semen. Bianca’s shit chute got enlarged by the powerful succession of five Ugandans, each of whom rivalizing with the others as to how brutal he could get.

Unlike Katya, the masochist girl was secretly enjoying it. Bianca moaned hard, with her rectum distended by a black dick. She felt crazy aroused from knowing her students were right there and watching. This was a great opportunity to show them what a slut she truly was.


Downstairs, red-haired Katya was now being banged by the second soldier. She was no longer screaming; her voice was utterly broken, and her head was forcefully bobbing as the Ugandan, kneeling on the creaking bed, was holding her hips up in the proper alignment and keeping her buttocks off the mattress, and like that, he gleefully took his pleasure inside the broken-in lesbian.

“Aren’t we having fun, little leftist cunt? Aren’t we? Say yes!” bellowed the knife-holding soldier, always pressing his blade against Jillian’s throat, while Katya was being ruined by two negroes, her breasts jiggling under their victorious stares. Jillian had to watch the un-watchable.

To make this even worse, Katya was whimpering louder and louder, with sounds sounding like pain, but Jillian knew her girlfriend and her world further collapsed as she realized Katya was on the verge of a forced climax!

Jillian felt some movement behind her, and she realized with horror that her captor was freeing his dick. Then, through her girlfriend’s horrific whimpering, she realized the man was quickly lowering her jogging pants and felt the air directly hit her bottom. He was about to rape her!

“Shut up, and don’t even breathe, little leftist, or else you won’t ever get your pretty girlfriend back!”

On this, the man brutally pushed his cock inside her unprepared entrance. Jillian squealed as he forced her cunt open and began to rape her, holding his bowie knife at her throat was she kept watching Katya’s rape. Jillian was frightened to death, but she didn’t feel much like resisting. If Katya was raped, then it wouldn’t be fair if she didn’t. Jillian felt a twisted sense of solidarity as the dick-happy man got acquainted with her lesbian tightness.

The tall, well-hung man raping Katya was a long laster. His tiring arms forced him to put her hips back down, and her buttocks hit the mattress. He then propped Katya’s legs up, all the way up and he pinned her legs under him, with her knees pressed against her chest, as he re-inserted himself inside her and began raping her with renewed frenzy, all this while Jillian was watching and getting raped herself from behind.

“Aren’t we having fun tonight, leftist cunt? I’m glad to see you’re open to diversity! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the Ugandan sneered as he kept ravaging Jillian’s pussy, from behind as she lay on her stomach, with his blade at her throat and his evil-grinning face right next to hers.

Through all this, Jillian watched Katya’s glorious legs and feet pointing up to the ceiling while the man on top of her was brutally forcing her to climax…

And she did! Katya climaxed in a long-winded salvo of lesbian-girl moans… The third man was cheering, holding her hands together near her head, over her fanned-out copper hair as he cheered while the bunk kept creaking.

Jillian was forced to acknowledge how smoking-hot her girlfriend was. And she herself felt more and more aroused by the forceful pounding she was receiving. This was a nightmare!


“Shut up, leftist cunt! Shut up and enjoy the view! Uuuugghh yeahhh! YEs! YEs! Yes…. AAAHHH AAA, YYYAAARRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh, your cunt is a good cum fuck pussy!”

And with her filled-up vagina, Jillian witnessed the sexual surrender of Katya, whose body was out-of-control, used feet up in the air by the brutal Ugandan whose weight kept her knees pressed against her chest while he polluted her British-girl ears with the unbridled fury of his final flourish. He grunted like a mating bear as he dumped a shitload of jizz.

The victorious rapist forced his green beret on Jillian’s blue-and-purple dyed hair. Jillian suddenly looked like a girly toy soldier. "Congratulations, leftist cunt! You’ve just been inseminated by Sergeant “Green Beret” Byaruhanga!"


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Upstairs, a squad of six strong Ugandan soldiers were keeping Matt handcuffed with his hands behind his back, and showing him how to treat a lady.

They kept Karen on her knees. Karen, in the Eve-nude outfit that marked her as properly Africanized, was far too scared to try anything, and the naked soldiers knew this. They took wonderful turns in raping her mouth. Shooting loads and painting her snobbish face with African goo was some serious fun! British girls were a fine stock. Raping them was fun, fun fun! Rince and repeat.

After all six men had taken their relief on her face or inside her mouth --- two of them forced Karen to swallow and all laughed as she gagged --- after these facial festivities, they kindly freed Matt and the Corporal put a pistol on his head and said, "Now, young man, show your girl some respect. Rape her face!"

And Matt did just that. He really, really enjoyed this, and since he didn't really like her, he made no effort to conceal it. He actually loved the notion of humiliating her to teach her a deeply felt lesson.

Karen was too exhausted to enjoy anything. Her violated mouth hurt, her distended neck hurt as Matt frantically held her head and used it as some masturbatory bowling ball with her warm brown hair acting as long drapes that followed the demented dance, with Karen making some deep gargling sounds as Matt grunted like a horny gorilla, louder and louder as he raped her face more and more urgently, getting right past the edge...

And he screamed and shouted, "AAaahhhh!!! YASHMA!!!"

This was the kicker for Karen; Matt shouted Yashma's name, making it clear he wished Karen were the pretty Pakistani girl. Matt indeed imagined he was splattering Yashma's face as he screamed his bliss. Karen wanted to bite him, but it was too late. Matt had already exited her mouth and he painted Karen's face with an incredibly massive load of heat! A lot of heated sludge and stickiness that came along with Matt's thoughts for Yashma. She got all of it on her pretty face and bitterly cried.

"Aaahhaaa... This is not fair! Not fair!!!" Karen cried out in a deafening wail.

"Don't worry little honey! You got six Ugandan studs, baby! We're here to make you feel valued. Now, please, lie down! Me and my friends want to suck your breasts and lick you everywhere while our cocks reload," the Corporal said.

"Yeah! The night's very young!" a tall and well-built Ugandan added.

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Histbuff huge fan, love the way you use images to give us insight to your characters.

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Histbuff huge fan, love the way you use images to give us insight to your characters.

Thanks! This story is a lot of fun to write. Having them spend a semester in Uganda, and troops storming dormitory in campus after a demonstration is a sure way to get Briton girls in the hands of Ugandans for a deeply felt stay in the country.
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