Author Topic: Auctioned off to crazy women  (Read 3763 times)

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Auctioned off to crazy women
« on: July 10, 2022, 09:47:08 PM »
I did not wake up so much as I started remembering things. What had faded into oblivion just a minute before now stuck with me. I realized someone had blocked out my formation of long-term memories for some time, but for how long I couldn’t even guess. I’d been grocery shopping. Now I was standing naked and handcuffed in a row of other naked and handcuffed men while women walked past, examining us like meat. A woman was forcing my mouth open to look at my teeth. My ankles were also chained. I had no clue what had happened.

My cock was hard. Brutally hard, verging on painfully hard. I’d been drugged, it had to be. As I stood there in shock and frustration, with woman after woman poking at my body, my cock just stayed bone rigid.

“Hey! Face forward, prick!” some woman snapped, slapping my face hard. I stared at her and she glared back. “You eyeballing me, you piece of shit?” she asked, then punched my gut, hard enough to hurt. And with my hands chained behind my back, well, there was no returning it. She leered at me. She was quite attractive, but looked at me with nothing but contempt. “Open that mouth, boy!” she said. Slowly I did so, again, and she shone a light in to look around. “Eat pussy much? Huh?”

“No,” I said. She slapped me hard.

“Rotten answer, you prick. Selfish piece of crap. Turn around. Bend over! Spread your ass and let’s see what’s going on down there!” I couldn’t run and I couldn’t fight. I could have refused, but it was clear that the women were freely allowed to beat on the men at will. There had to have been a hundred of us in that long line, and many hundreds of women there to look at us. So I turned and bent over, pulling my buttocks apart so this evil bitch could examine my anus.

“Take it up the shitter much?” she asked.

“No.” I said. She chuckled.

“Should have practiced with little fleshy ones first. Wait till you see the plastic and rubber ones waiting for you. I think I’m going to buy you, you arrogant turd. Say goodbye to dignity, asshole.” She walked away. I didn’t know how to react. I just had to stand there and take it, and take it more from the next woman, and the one after that, and after that. I couldn’t do anything. I was totally helpless!

I had to just stand there as the women examined us. Examined me. They groped and poked and slapped me all over, spitting on me and saying mean things. I should have endured it better. No one was shooting me or attacking me with a hammer. But after again and again with the petty assaults and insults I was ready to break down. This was just so wrong.

A woman’s voice came over the loudspeaker. “Next up, pain tests. Ten minutes to pain tests.” Suddenly we were being herded, hobbling along with our shortened ankle chains towards a large staging area where I ended up with my feet chained a couple feet apart to the floor and my hands cuffed together up against a pole in the floor. I was bent over a bit so my ass stuck out, as did all the other men in the line.

“Alright, we shall begin. A reminder to all male scum that you are well motivated not to call a stop too early. Once you stop, you can’t restart, but there are penalties if you don’t last. Begin the whipping.” A stern young redhead was standing behind me with a riding crop and she began to thrash my ass with all her strength and enthusiasm. I began screaming almost right away as did all the other helpless men there. I didn’t like the warning. I tried to stay quiet. One by one, some of the men broke down crying and begging it to stop. And it did for each one of them. But soon enough they looked even more stricken as they looked forward to a punishment or fate I didn’t know about. Behind me, meanwhile, thousands of women watched and cheered our torture.

When it was down to about half of us, I realized the sections of floor under us could rotate. Suddenly I was spun around, now facing out, my hands still up above me, but now I was leaning backward with my cock thrust outward. And the women continued to flog us! Mine continued bringing the crop down on my cock and nuts. My screams of pain grew louder as I screamed and screamed in agony with my cock and balls whipped.

And then suddenly I was cumming. And it was stronger than any orgasm I’d ever had in my life. I cringed and gasped as my balls shot ropes of milky cum out my cock and all over the stage in front of me while all those women watched and cheered it with wild abandon. “And we have our first squirter, ladies!” the woman on the PA announced. “Number PSN4096, a newbie to the slave ranks, has just creamed massively all over the stage for us.” I saw myself up on the jumbotron, close up, my cock spurting gobs and gobs of cum again in slow motion. “And of course a special award to his torturess, Angie, for getting him to spurt. Well done, Angie.” The girl hitting me smiled and waved to the crowd, then resumed whipping my genitals with barely a pause.

On it went. A few other men came on stage, but like with me, it got them no reprieve, just extra shame. The whipping went on and on. I screamed and struggled frantically, but I grasped that the promise of more pain was no incentive to beg for mercy. And then it happened again. I had another orgasm, with less fluid but still quite visible. Now the bells rang out and I ended up on the big screen again. “Oh my, our new boy PSN4096 really enjoys this, ladies. Keep that in mind at bidding time.”

When about a quarter of us were left they stopped the process. They had their information and that was it. As for me, and the rest of the men, that was just too bad, all the pain we’d been hit with.

Apparently, it was now auction time. We were lined up by a stage and one by one taken up for a fast auction to the big crowds of women. I was fairly near to the front, and soon found myself paraded on the state for all to see, gagged to keep me quiet. “Alright, here’s our happy boy from the pain show. He’s not here willingly and he’s brand new, so buy him before he gets a clue what’s happening to him. Start at one hundred dollars. That’s a C-note, ladies, to permanently own this piece of male meat. No limits.” I just stood there, petrified trying to keep tears from forming as I was bid up to eight hundred dollars and sold to someone I didn’t see. They pulled me down and continued.

Just minutes later I was in a side cabin off to the edge of the park grounds where they did the transaction and I saw my buyer. Or buyers? I wasn’t sure what was going down. There were two and then three women there, the last of which was Angie, the girl that whipped me to cumming twice.

“Too late to bid,” the sales girl said to her as she came in.

“Oh, she’s a friend of ours,” said one of the other two, a cute chunky blonde. She was hard not to look at, being highly alluring, but it was the last one that surprised me. She was skinny, in her twenties like the others, with straight dark blonde hair. She was also in a fancy electric wheelchair, and I’m not doctor but it didn’t look like she’d been in an accident. She almost certainly had one of those genetic things. She wasn’t moving much, but she was following the conversation and eying me.

“Okay, then who is the buyer?” the woman asked.

“She is,” the blonde said about the wheelchair girl.


“Mine or hers?”

“I guess both. We just need to know who’s taking him.”

“Petrie, that’s me. And the owner is Chloe.”

“Alright, just make a payment and he’s your property.”

“Hey!” I finally shouted, but into the gag, so the word was lost. Angie turned and slapped my face.

“Shut the fuck up!” she yelled. Then she grabbed my balls, wrapping her fingers around them. “Unless you want me to crush these like oranges in a juicer!”

“Looks like you’ve got an ornery one,” the woman said. “Okay, Chloe, you know own the male. Have fun with him.”

“Thank you,” Chloe said with some difficulty. “Let’s get him out of here.”

They pulled me out, still sporting a massive hard on, walking me across the parking lot while chatting excitedly about what they wanted to do with me. We went to a van, obviously wheelchair accessible. Angie pulled me into the back and chained me to the van wall by my neck and hands while Petrie helped Chloe in. Soon we were on the road.

“Well now, you’ve got one. No one will miss him and you can do anything you want,” Petrie said to Chloe. “Just tell us what you feel like.”

“I want to fuck him first,” Chloe said slowly. “When we get home.”

We drove, me in silence because of the gag. The women just made chit chat. But at the house, Angie pulled me out into the garage and into the house, going downstairs into a sex dungeon. She had me chained spread eagled on the bed before Petrie and Chloe got there. I was staring up at myself in a big ceiling-mounted mirror. She took my gag off too. “Don’t mouth off, you piece of shit,” she warned me.

“Why are you doing this?” I begged. “What did I ever do to you?”

“Fuck off,” she said. Soon enough the other two arrived. Chloe looked at me hard. I wasn’t sure how she was going to rape me. I was helpless and rock hard, but the woman could hardly move. But they had planned on that, obviously. Petrie helped get Chloe partially unhooked from everything, and then helped her get undressed. She was a hottie, even if she was in a busted body, and obviously didn’t wish to hide herself. Angie helped as they held her up, her crotch over my cock.

“Remember, it’s all your action,” Petrie said. “We’ll just support you. You rape him yourself.”

“Oh yeah,” Chloe said with a smile. She was somewhat leaning over me, a cowgirl position more or less, albeit with two women holding her up, and some tubes still in her. But she had some movement, and she awkwardly but persistently wrapped her pussy over my cock and slid it down.

It was hardly a violent rape, but I didn’t want to be there, abused by these bitches. I couldn’t act, though. The chains were strong. They held her up and in place, but she shakily thrust her pelvis up and down my shaft. She was wet and gasping, which itself seemed to worry Petrie, but they kept at it. She fucked me slowly, but persistently. And then she came. I swore it would kill her, but no. She kept going, cumming around me. She was even a squirter, soaking my cock and balls with her juices, but then she kept on going. “More,” she gasped. They kept her up easily. She couldn’t have weighed more than eighty pounds, and they were strong. Angie was quite athletic, and Petrie was pudgier but clearly could lift things.

Over and over Chloe raped me. It went on for almost an hour. I didn’t manage to cum at all! It was too slow. Chloe had to have cum five or six times, maybe more. She finally stopped them.

“That was so good!” Chloe gasped as Petrie positioned her back in the chair. She remained naked. “Let’s torture him now!”

“How?” Angie asked.

“Whipping! I want to whip him!”

“No, stop it!” I cried, but Angie punched my gut.

“When are you going to learn, asshole? Shut the fuck up!”

I was ready to fight, but Angie sure knew what she was doing, and I never had the chance. She transferred me from the bed to hanging upside down and spread eagled without ever having my hands fully free. I didn’t see how Chloe was going to do anything. She could only barely move her arms, and they trembled a lot when she did.

I soon found out. Angie stood in front of me with a big, nasty whip that I knew caused a lot of pain. I knew because I’d used it on girls a lot. Always with permission, though! Angie held it, but Chloe used one hand to control a laser pointer. I looked up and partially saw her aiming it at my body. “Okay, say when,” Angiel said.

Chloe moved the pointer. “Hit him,” she said. Angie swung and the whip hit my cock. I screamed in agony. It was still raging hard. “Now,” Chloe said again. Angie swung, and the whip hit me again, now on my leg.

And that was their method. Chloe aimed, I don’t know how well, and Angie whipped me, I don’t know how accurately. But she hit me all over. They turned me around from time to time, whipping my ass and backside as well as my front. I just screamed and thrashed about, in real pain. I couldn’t help it. There was no build-up. Just agony.

It went on and on. Petrie helped Chloe stroke herself watching and aiming, while Angie seemed to love every minute of it. “Let him down,” Chloe finally said. Angie quickly lowered me down. I laid crying on the cold floor.

“Crawl over to me, slave,” Chloe said. I couldn’t take any more pain, so I crawled over. She was seated forward in her chair with her legs spread. “Now beg me for mercy.”

“Please, please!” I begged. “Stop hurting me! I’ll do what you want.”

“I want you to hurt!”

“Oh god, no, please!”

“Drink my piss,” she said. “Now!”

I nodded. “Yes, I’ll drink it!” They obviously expected me to crawl further forward. I pressed my mouth to her pussy.

“Now,” Chloe said. Petrie did something. Turned a valve? Chloe had so much hooked up to her I couldn’t guess what condition she had, but soon a gusher of piss flowed from her crotch into my mouth.

“Drink it! Don’t spill anything!” Chloe gasped. Speaking was obviously still difficult, but I got the message. I pressed my lips to her and sucked in her piss as it came out, swallowing it. I drank her piss as all three watched. The stream came to a stop.

“Lick me off!” I licked her. I found her clit and thrust my tongue up into her acrid crotch to get her off. “Whip his ass!” she said. Suddenly the whip hit my ass. “Make him spread his legs. Whip the anus!”

I cried out as Angie kicked my legs apart and then whipped me right on the spread butthole, all the while as I went down on my tormentor. I screamed and licked until she was satisfied.

“I need a break,” Chloe finally said. “Put him away. Put a collar on him and cuff his hands to it. Then stick a butt plug in his ass, a big one. And put him in the hole.”

“Sounds good to me,” Angie said. She quickly collared and cuffed me, then shoved me over to ram a big plug up my ass. I screamed as it went in, tearing me apart for all I knew. Then she dragged me by my feet to a small opening in the wall, a steel door two feet tall and wide. Angie opened it and pushed me headfirst into it. The room beyond was a coffin. There were only the two feet up and across, and I had to bend my legs to get all the way in. I heard laughter before the door shut hard, locking me into silent darkness.

I screamed into the darkness, but it was hopeless. I was theirs until they released me or killed me. So I laid there, in agony, for a lot of hours until the door opened back up again. Angie yanked me out and strung me up, this time right side up but still spread eagled, standing on the floor. Now all three of them were naked, which gave me no pleasure despite their hotness.

“Please stop!” I cried.

“No! Hang weights from his balls and them cattle prod him!”

“No!” I screamed, but Angie got to work, with Petrie helping.

“Damage or no damage?” Petrie asked.

“No damage. For now,” Chloe replied. Petrie nodded and wrapped some cord around my nutsack, with my balls anchoring it. Then she dangled some heavy weights off them, pulling so hard I cried out in agony.

“Nooo!” I screamed. But Angie stepped in and jabbed my cock with the prod. Now a blast of electrical shot shot through my cock. She hit it again and again, making sure to zap the very tip of my cock head.

“Pierce his nipples!” Chloe said eagerly, though she still had to struggle to speak. Petrie took care of that, swabbing them with alcohol and then jabbing the needles through my flesh. “We’re taking pictures of all this, right?” she asked.

“Yes, we sure are,” Petrie replied.

“Let’s put them on the internet, without our faces showing. Include his real name so if he survives it everyone will know who he is.”

“Right now?” Angie asked.

“No, later,” Chloe said.

“No, please!” I begged. “Just let me leave! Please!”

“Stop begging. It just demeans you, big strong man,” Chloe mocked. “I want to fuck him, right where he is. Can we do that?”

“I think so,” Angie said.

“Yeah, let’s see what we can manage.”

It didn’t take them long. They left me where I was and held Chloe up to me with her legs wrapped around me, her cunt to my cock. As before, they left the actual thrusting to her. She controlled the movement. She raped me, though it was again fairly slow. Only this time my cock was covered in little cuts from all the whipping, and her cunt was like acid on it. I cried out, trying to thrash around until Angie punched my face.

Slowly she raped me, cumming herself several times. I had nothing. Only my public cock whipping had let me even cum. I wondered if the bitches had drugged me. It hurt to much to think much. I just stood there, taking her cunt until she decided she was done. They lowered her back into her chair, trembling, as Petrie hooked her back up.

“How you feeling?” Petrie asked.

“Tired,” Chloe said. “I need a breather. Would you two like to fuck him?”

“Sure!” Angie said.

“Yeah, that’s cool. Angie can go first,” Petrie said. Chloe shakily nodded.

“Can I put him on the bed?” Angie asked.

“Whatever you want,” Chloe said.

I was hurting too much and too scared of Angie to fight back. She took me down and chained me to the bed as before. I still had the cord tying my balls with the weights, though now they sat on the bed. The plug was still in my anus. The needles were still in my nipples. But Angie just mounted me with gusto, riding my cock and pressing down on the needles in my chest as she fucked me hard. Her pussy rubbed on my wounds, making me cry out. I couldn’t stand the pain, but I had to stand the pain. It was never ending.

Angie had at me for a long time, cumming a bunch before she gave up and let Petrie have me. While Angie was tall and lithe, Petrie was kind of pudgy, but much to my liking. She had soft parts and big breasts, and I was unusually drawn to them, even though she was conventionally the least attractive of the three. Petrie was about to start but she stopped.

“We’ve got six doses of the cum drug,” she said. “I really want to make him cum. Is it cool if I use one?”

Chloe laughed, making herself cough. “You softie, Petrie. Okay, go ahead. Let your boy shoot his jizz.”

Petrie smiled as she got a hypo out and jabbed my balls with it. The right one felt like it was on fire. “Oh, this will hurt a little,” she said after she jabbed me. I felt my cock get even harder and my balls ached with the strain.

But Petrie now mounted me and slid her slick cunt over my still lacerated cock. It hurt like blazes, but within a half-minute I felt myself spewing up into her. She didn’t stop or anything, and the continued sliding over my cock head during the refractory time just upped the distress on my cock and brain. Real pain, and now post-cum over-stimulation combined to allow my penis to torture me. She rode and rode me. She came and came, and I found myself blowing cum up into her every five minutes or so. And while the first orgasm itself had been nominally pleasurable, the second was less so. The third hurt. The fourth may as well have ruptured my balls. The fifth almost knocked me unconscious. I thought the sixth would do the job, but they just stayed that way. I couldn’t tell how much volume I was shooting into her, but Petrie seemed happy with it.

She did finally tire and stood up over me, squatting to let my jizz drain from her pussy onto my cock and balls. She smeared it around, rubbing it into my pubic hair. “There, when it dries it will be nice and crusty,” she said.

“You are so gross,” Angie said. “I don’t get health care workers at all!”

“It is getting late,” Chloe said. “I think I want to get ready for bed.”

“Of course,” Petrie said, hurrying over.

“Angie, please lock that thing up for the night. Make it unpleasant. Surprise me in the morning when I see what you did.”

Petrie took Chloe upstairs. Angie remained behind, giving me a huge grin. An evil, terrifying grin. “You’re going to be so surprised when you find out why we picked you, you disgusting jizz rag.”

I had nothing to say. She would just hit me. Soon she put a ring gag in my mouth, forcing my jaw open. Next she attached a tube to it and ran a line up to a big medical drip. It was full of yellow liquid. No surprises there. She set it to slow drip piss into my mouth. Next she put some clamps on my balls and covered my penis with alligator clips. Each one made me scream fresh as they dug in. More went onto my nipples.

I had no chance of sleeping.

Finally, she brought over some electrodes and attached them to the clamps and ran the wires to something I couldn’t see. It wasn’t hard to guess, and when the shocks began jolting me it was confirmed. “If we had more planning, I could have made this really memorable. See you in the morning.”

She left me there, but the lights stayed on. I could see myself in the mirror, broken and bloodied, but still intact for more later. I wondered how long they would keep me there. I wondered how likely I was to survive, or want to.

I was exhausted, but the pain, with the random shocks, didn’t let me sleep. I just laid there, hour after hour in a delirium of terror and agony, an object of scorn and hated lust. In time I would have to sleep, pain or no pain, but that time was probably in a few nights, not this one. So I laid listening to my own cries, watching my suffering and my cock throbbing, even cumming a few times spontaneously from the genital pain until whatever drug it was wore off. It was the longest night ever.

It had to be morning. The door opened back up and they filed in. All of them, and a new woman too. She looked like some kind of professional, in office attire. They looked to Chloe. “I sure want to fuck him again,” she said. She was dressed, but only in a slip, and they easily helped her up to mount me again, with Angie clearing off the accessories on my cock so Chloe wouldn’t be hurt by them. It was like the first time, again with pain from all the lacerations. But the drug had worn off so I wasn’t cumming. I was hard, all the time, but no cums from me. Only pain as she controlled the ride, cumming herself once, twice, a third time. It seemed to be enough, and she told them to stop now.

“So, how is our boy doing?” the new woman asked. “He doesn’t look so good.”

“We got a little carried away,” Chloe gasped.

“So I see. Well, no matter. What now?”

Everyone looked to Chloe. She was the center of it. She looked pained. “I don’t know.”

“Did you like it? Was it a good birthday present?” Angie asked.

“The best! I’ve wanted to do this to a man for years! But, I’m so tired. And I feel kind of bad for him.”

“Don’t worry about him,” Petrie said. “He can take it. What about you?”

“I know he can,” she said. “I think this has been the perfect day. Let’s stop now. I don’t think it will get better than yesterday was. And I do feel sorry for him.”

“So, kill him or release him?” Angie asked.

“Angie, knock it off,” Chloe said. “Of course we’re releasing him.” She turned to the other woman. “Okay, Jane, your turn.” I realized only then that Jane was the woman from the auction, the one who first verbally attacked me when I came out of whatever haze I’d been in.


Chloe was clearly depressed, which wasn’t hard to understand. Living on borrowed time would depress most anyone, it seemed. Especially with so little left. Petrie administered an anti-depressant, which seemed like a nice thing to do.

“So many regrets,” Chloe said.

“No! You’re a great person!” Angie said. “Regret is for bad choices you made, not shit that happened to you! Let God have regrets, the fucker!”

“I should have tried to do more. What was I waiting for?”

“What would you want to try that you didn’t?” Jane asked.

“Oh, it’s embarrassing. I can’t, obviously, even if I was healthy. I really want to rape a man.”

“So who doesn’t?” Angie asked with a snort.

“Seriously?” Petrie asked.

“Hey, Petrie, we can’t all be little sub kittens,” Angie said.

“I know. I’m just asking,” Petrie said.

“Actually, are you serious?” Jane asked.

“Sure, I guess. I want to just, lay into a man, one time. When he doesn’t want it. I’m talking about raping and beating and torturing him, making him scream, making him cry, making him beg! Letting out every personal demon I have! It’s a fantasy, but I’d love it. I’d do anything if I could, but it’s not possible. I mean, Angie, you’re tough enough, but you’ve never actually raped a man, have you? For real?” Chloe asked.

“Hmm. No comment,” Angie said.

“Seriously, though. If there was a way, would you want to?” Jane asked.

Chloe was quiet for a while. “Yes.”

“Is there a way?” Angie asked.

“I think so. I can hypnotize a man for you.”

“How would that work?” Petrie asked.

“Find a volunteer. I’ll hypnotize him so he forgets that he volunteered. And then we just make it happen. It will be a real rape, while it happens.”

“Like a man who doesn’t go for that stuff will just volunteer?” Angie asked. “Only sub-boys will go for that, and how do you make them forget they’re subs?”

“That part is harder,” Jane admitted.

“I didn’t know hypnosis was that powerful,” Chloe said.

“That’s what we want people to think,” Jane said. “But it would work best if the man actually was not a sexual submissive.”

It may as well have been on cue. They all turned to me at once. “This making you uncomfortable, Brian?” Jane asked.

“You have to ask me that?” I asked back.

“Oh, please!” Petrie said, sitting down beside me. “I swatted his ass once. He spanked me for a half hour. God, I thought I’d never stop cumming!”

Angie made a face. Jane shrugged. And Chloe, she looked pained. And forlorn. I couldn’t believe my mouth opened at all. “Don’t you have a birthday coming up?” I asked.


Lucky Chloe, her birthday falling on the day of the metro kink society’s charity BDSM bachelorette’s auction. Every one of us was in good standing, so registration was no problem. The girls compensated for Chloe’s limitations by agreeing that everything, absolutely everything, was at her call, no questions asked. Then it was just a bunch of post-hypnotic suggestions. They worked absurdly well. Jane was right about how effective hypnosis is.

I forgot I knew them, any of them. I forgot my girlfriend. I forgot my best friend. I missed all the obvious clues that everyone at the auction was a volunteer. I forgot that I could actually opt out at will with an easy safe word, ‘safe word’. I forgot that I gave my forgotten girlfriend blanket immunity for anything she did to me. I didn’t forget that I am about zero percent sub.

Luckily, all Jane had to do was snap her fingers and it came rushing back in an instant. Damn that hypnosis shit!

“Oh wait, I changed my mind,” Chloe said. “I want another day.”

“Screw that, and safe word! Someone unchain me!” I demanded. Soon I was seated, red faced in embarrassment. They were seeing me naked. How humiliating. And where were my clothes, anyway?

“Well, that’s that,” Angie said. Chloe nodded. She looked almost sad. And who could blame her?

“Chloe,” I said. She looked to me. “Stay sharp. Next birthday, same present, but you have to be here to collect.”
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Re: Auctioned off to crazy women
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2022, 05:56:32 PM »
A very original scenario that I can easily see being changed into a revenge story by having him the doctor who failed to treat Chloe. Loved the concept of a hypnotized willing victim being used, really give a whole new feel to what science can achieve! Merit eagerly awarded from me!
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Re: Auctioned off to crazy women
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Captivating narrative :emot_thedrool.gif:
Cries out for a sequel!
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Re: Auctioned off to crazy women
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2023, 07:25:17 PM »
great story. Too bad no sequel.