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Writer(Commissions Open)
« on: June 13, 2022, 09:07:24 PM »
So, I'm a hobbyst writer. I majorly write my own universe's stories and I have a full book already written(just need to translate it to english).
I have a whole category with stories( along with one here.(those can also be found here:
Started up a patreon to support me on writing. It's all explained in my page(
And, I also have a Discord server, in which I'll put my content soon(

I hope to get some support on writing, as it's one thing I love to do.
Here is a list of content I'm promising for Patreon:

Commission Rules
1. +18 only, no underage characters.
2. 1700 words max.
3. Themes: Gang Rape, One on One, Supernatural and Science Fiction.
4. Delivery in 7 days.
5. Celebrities allowed as characters.
6. Price: 5$

Commission Process:
Step 1: Send me a PM here with what you want.
Step 2: I'll reply with the nearest date I have available.
Step 3: Expect a PM from me stating that I'll start on your commission. We can work out a way to pay as I start on it.
Step 4: Upon finishing the first draft, I'll send you a preview PDF file through ProtonDrive(a secure solution for temporary storage).
Step 5: Check the preview file. If you want any changes, PM me and I'll change the story accordingly and send you the final file through ProtonDrive.
ATTENTION: Upon receiving the final file, there will be no more changes. Also, the final file will be available for 7 days after the upload, so download it before it gets deleted.
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