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The RV
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subjects: mother/daughter, kidnapping, weapons, rape, drugging, torture, pregnant, forced pregnancy, death by natural causes and suicide.

Stranded. In an isolated highway in Oklahoma on a soon to be hot summer day of all times. Forty-two year old Gabriel (Gabby) and her twenty year old daughter Jeannette sat next to Gabby's car that has broken down on the highway. They have plenty of water, yet their bodies are beginning to sweat in the treeless terrain.

Gabby was taking her daughter to a university in Arizona and the car engine light went on soon before it just stopped. Jeannette is her only daughter born from a rape years before she met her husband. They had two boys before he died in a car accident. Jeannette had her own concerns. More than a month ago her boyfriend got into her pants. She did not want him to fuck her, but at the same time she never really tried to stop him. She later found out that she is pregnant, and when she told her boyfriend he dumped her. At least she can get an abortion at the university with out her mother knowing about it. Jeannette cannot study to be a nurse and take care of an unwanted brat at the same time.

Jeannette is wearing a white sundress, and her mother is wearing a light beige blouse with a knee length skirt. The heat has already caused her mother to unbutton it down to her bra line. Jeannette got up to get some more water and she seen headlights approaching. "Mom! There's a semi or a bus approaching! Gabby got up quickly and buttoned up her blouse. Both women stepped to the edge of the road and waved at the approaching vehicle which is a large black Winnebago motor home.

The driver of the motor home is a lone man. From the life insurance of his late wife and both of his parents, he could live in the motor home for the rest of his life. But, he also purchased an isolated cabin within the deep forest of Oregon. The RV is a means to get away from it all.

Yet, he is definitely not the type of person the two women would want to stop for them. Because in the past four years he has rape three women already. The first one was a 19-year old co-worker that wanted to see the brand new motor home. She went inside, off of the employers property, and she never came out after being hit on the back of the head by the RV owner. Even after being bound and gagged, the teenager fought with all of her might as her clothing was being ripped off and as she was being raped. Her attacker had to hit her multiple times before he finished fucking her and choked her to death as he raped her. The body was dumped in a nearby cornfield and located at harvest time.

The next one was a 23-year old who he picked up while she was hitch hiking. He could tell soon after that she was on drugs and raped multiple times. She had no money for the trip, so the owner blackmailed her for the cost of driving her 200 miles. She willingly permitted him to screw her however and wherever he wanted to enter her. She left the RV unharmed and he never seen or heard of her again.
The last was a black teenager who came back from her prom still in her dress. He picked her up because she had a huge argument with her date, and the date just threw her out of his car in the middle of no where early in the morning. The RV owner learned from the first rape and took methods to easily control the negro. She bawled more than fought as her body was being ravaged by the white man. Before the next morning her body was hidden in a drainage pipe about a mile where her boyfriend dumped her. Her very decomposed body was found months later, and her boyfriend is now spending life in jail.

Now, the driver seen the two women waving for his help. It will be the last mistake they make in their life! He has been through this twice already of giving a ride to the unfortunate. One just need to be a gentleman until they step all the way into the trap. His handgun is hidden in a drawer near the entrance with handcuff's.

Both women are relieved that the motor home stopped. The side door only took a few steps to get to. Gabby spoke to her daughter, "I will do the talking. Do not step into the RV with any invitation. I don't want to do anything that will make things worse for us." By the time they got there the sturdy door opened up for them. Both of the women seen a man a little younger than Gabby. He is not overly overweight, yet his height and his build looked intimidating. As planned Gabby spoke up. "Thank-you for stopping. My car broke down at the worst of possible times. Do you have a Ham radio or a smartphone? We cannot get any signal with ours.

Mark looked at the broken down vehicle. "A PT Cruiser. Yep, those can be a pain in the ass at bad times." He turned back to look at the women. The younger one is holding her legs tight with an expression that she needed to go. "Unfortunately, we are in a dark zone for any smartphones. The towns in the area all use land lines for communication. The closest town is fifty miles in front of us and that is your best bet for any communication to your husband or family … The young woman interrupted his statement, "I'm sorry for interrupting. But, may I used you RV's toilet please!" Gabby turned her head to Jeannette and gave her a dirty look.

Mark laughed slightly, "Of course. Forgive me for not being a gentleman. They rest room is just past the curved couch." Mark moved out of the way, and Gabby stepped in first, keeping herself between Mark and her eldest child. Jeannette walked quickly to the restroom. "How long have you been out here waiting?" Gabby sat down on a love seat. The cold air from the a/c felt real good. "We've been here at least three hours! She just could not use the restroom in the open. There is no way you can get a hold of anyone." Mark handed her his smart phone to prove that in fact that he could not even get out.

"The best I can do is give you and your daughter a ride to the next town. You can stay here, but it also a bad place with illegal aliens passing through here at night. Some of them are not that friendly especially to women who are stranded. If you understand my meaning. Gabby did not like that ideal. Even though the stranger seems safe enough, she still remembered older gentlemen she met twenty-one years ago as she sunbathed alone in the forest. She remembered everything. The knife on her neck and the man's dick between her thigh and bikini bottom and her vagina seeping with fluids! She decided to take the risk with this person. "Can we get the luggage out of my car?" Jeannette came out and heard her mother. With her baby within her it is causing her to piss more often. A ride in a nice and comfortable a/c cooled RV is a god send!

Mark nodded his head, "I will help you get things out of you car and store them in an empty storage compartment to the side." Mark noticed that the license plate is a Register Nurse specialty plate. All three worked to get the luggage out, and were back in the RV within five minutes. The two women sat down together on the love seat after the door is closed. The trap has been sprung as Mark opened the drawer and pulled out a loaded handgun. He pointed it directly at the two women. Gabby had her head down at the time, but Jeannette spotted the danger right away. "My … MOM!" Gabby looked up and froze. The gun is pointing right at her head.

Mark voice was unafraid and stern, "You have two choices. Do as you are told and live, or resist and fight that will lead to one or both of you dead." An angry tone is a reply from Gabby as she stood between the gun and her daughter. She wasn't ever going to be raped again – even if it means her death. "Get up and stay behind me Jeannette. YOU … listen to me. My daughter and myself are going to step out of here, and you are going to let us go. If you are not going to let us go then you will have to kill both of us. Let's get out of here ..."
Gabby's eyes are locked onto Mark's as she kept her daughter behind her. So far so good. She is frightened terribly of being shot and she knows that at this range the bullet will go through her and her daughter. Killing them both. She noticed that Mark exchanged hands on the gun as Jeannette stepped down the first step. Perhaps they have a chance. The hope is short lived though as Mark's right hand quickly came up and gripped Gabby's small neck as he slammed her against the side wall. The gun turned on her daughter. "Get your ass back on the couch, or it will just be your mom and myself." Mark growled at her as he kept a tight grip on her mother. Jeannette done as he ordered while pleading for her mom.

Gabby has both of her hands onto the tightening grip on her neck, but it is becoming more and more difficult to breath as she is gasping for air and choking. "PLEASE STOP IT! YOU ARE HURTING HER!" Mark smiled as Gabby's eyes started to roll upward. "As you can tell bitch I still have control of the situation. Consider your options. I can kill you.  Your daughter will always remember seeing you die." Jeannette, got up and screamed at Mark. "PLEASE! I BEG YOU NOT TO KILL MY MOM!" Mark pistol whipped the young woman's forehead. She screamed in pain and fell down onto the deck of the motor home. Soon after he threw Gabby to the couch.
Gabby is trying to both catch her breath and reach for her crying daughter. But Mark roughly twisted her so that her body is facing belly down onto the couch. Gabby's arms are pulled harshly behind her back to be secured by handcuffs that were hidden in the same drawer the gun was in.

As soon as he finished her, Mark pinned Jeannette belly down on the deck by sitting on top of her. Like her mother, the wrists are cuffed behind her by a second pair of handcuffs before her body is dragged onto the couch next to her mother (who turned around).
The gun is on the steps that led to the outside and Mark picked it up. He stood to the side of Gabby. She wanted to say something to him, but she knew she was beaten. She lost this battle. She failed her daughter and she feared that both of them will be raped – just as she was over twenty years ago. She never reported the rape then. She looked at their attacker who has the gun now pointed at her head. She stared at him trying not to show the intense fear that is building in her. "You have courage woman and you also have plenty of stupidity. The bad news is that you and your daughter could have escaped after all." Mark pulled the trigger. Both women jumped at the sound of a loud click. The gun did not have a bullet in the chamber.

"I need to drive away from this location in case another vehicle, or worse a cop drives by and see me parked next to you car. I tell by your cars plate that you are a nurse. I LOVE nurses. I'll come back here to you within a few hours, and when I do then one of you will have your clothing torn off and get raped on top of that table there so the other can see that rape and hear the cries. But then who will it be? The mother or her daughter? The other one will also be raped later on." Mark left them and went to the drivers seat. He activated a live camera pointed at the women so that he can keep an eye on them. Both girls watched the world moving, but with the darkened windows no one will be able to see the situation that they are in.

The two are silent other than sorrowful wails from pain and from the situation they are in. Jeannette looked up to the camera and she seen that it was on by the lighted red dot. "How are we going to get out of this mom?" She asked silently without looking at her. At first Gabby did not answer. She was too angry with herself.

"I …. I'm sorry sweetheart. I'm sorry that I got you into this. I don't know how to get out of this nightmare. I …. I should have learned from the past. Now, because I did not listen to my instinct I am going to get raped again. But, I'm going to do everything I can to prevent you from being raped!" Jeannette looked at her in shock and surprise, "Mom …. I don't see how this can be your fault! He acted so much like a gentleman at first. You never told me that you were …."

Gabby lifted her head and seen the dark bruise that is forming on her daughters forehead. At least it isn't bleeding too much. "It happened a long time ago. Before you were born. You have asked me about your biological father honey, and I have asked you not to look into it. Because …. you are the result of that rape, and I am so damn proud to be your mother! Now … it is happening again!
I wanted to forget about that rape. Your beautiful face and the path you took to follow my footsteps makes me so damn proud! We are so alike. Your step father and me only had boys. You are MY special little girl!

I'm so afraid for you now honey. You and I usually follow the same time of the month of our periods. Your dad decided to have himself disconnected before he died, so I never been surgically altered to not have any more children. My period, as I suspect yours as well, should be next week. You know what that means." Gabby looked at her daughter. She can tell something else is going on in her thoughts. "Please talk to me sweetheart!"

Jeannette did not want to tell her mom about her pregnancy, but now …. how to say it. "I know mom. It means that if he rapes you then you may well get pregnant by him, and that is part of the reason that you don't want me to get raped because I could get pregnant too. I'm so sorry mom that I did not tell you." A guarded tone came from Gabby, "Tell me what?" Jeanette broke into tears, "I'm already ten weeks pregnant. I was going to abort once I got to school so that you will never know. Now …. this. I guess God is punishing me for my decision for the abortion."

Gabby stared at her daughter in shock and disbelief. "You're pregnant? Whose the father!" Jeannette knew of her mother's belief that abortion is murder. But this is getting bad enough. "I'm sorry! At first I did not want to be fucked, but I enjoyed it! John … I told him about it and he left me! What in hell am I supposed to do!"

She seen that her mother is angry, but her mother closed her eyes and whispered something. Gabby calmed herself down. Exploding at her daughter is not going to solve the issue they are facing now. "God is not punishing you. We'll discuss this after we are free …. and we will be free! This just gives me extra reason to protect you and my grandchild that you will NOT abort. Understand me?"

Jeannette nodded. Perhaps she should've mentioned this before. Her mom was always wise. On the other hand Gabby just didn't know. She did not want to lie to her daughter, but she did not know if they will be released unharmed. She silently prayed that they will be. She continued to speak with her daughter of all the good times they had through the years, while all the time constantly assuring her that things will work out for the better – even though she does not believe it herself.

Up front in the drivers seat Mark is very pleased of what he captured. He has already decided that the mother will be the first one to get fucked, and he will enjoy her daughter all night. His destination is a turnoff that leads to an old abandoned mine. But until then he has to follow the traffic laws to stop from being pulled over. The camera that is on the women is being controlled by Mark with the motor home using a smart drive device that permits it to steer and drive on its own power. He adjusts the camera so he can try to get a closer look at their cleavage. The mother's blouse has been buttoned all the way up so that her mature breasts are well hidden, but her daughter is wearing a low cut and bra less sundress of which her nipples are visible. "Soon my young bitch. Soon I will see you naked body in all of its glory." The time has arrived as the turnoff came into view. The women in back felt the motor home slow down and felt the rough road they turned into. Gabby spoke quietly, "It's time honey. Whatever happens …. I have and will always love you." The two felt the RV make a stop and both watched the driver walk towards them.

Gabby used all of her courage to stand-up to the driver, "I want to make an offer to you before you rape one of us, and don't think of using words because that is exactly what you are going to do!" Mark gently touched Gabby's brunette hair before his hand went down to her neck and the collar of her blouse. He ripped it open, and she didn't even flinch to his aggression.

Gabby continued, "I am not afraid of you. I've been raped before, and I can handle you! However, you already won. Rapists want power and sex. You gained power over us, and I am willing you hand to you complete control of my body. I will do whatever you order me to do, and I will accept whatever you give me, whatever pain you put on me, even death itself – if you keep your hands off of my daughter." Mark sneered at her.

"I have my doubts to your word. More than likely you are just waiting for a chance to escape with your daughter. You will never get that chance. I heard what your daughter said about being pregnant. If you break your word then your daughter and grandchild will pay for your negligence – that is my part of the agreement. You will accept my offer or the agreement or your suggestion is void." Tears seeped from Gabby's eyes. He knows … the bastard knows about Jeannette. She has no other choice. Either she find a chance to kill him and escape, or both she and her daughter will die. She nodded at him and mentally prepared for what hell that she will be going through.
Mark stepped around Gabby with the key to her handcuffs. "Remember, you will do everything that I say as you agreed." She felt the handcuffs fall off of her wrists, before the rest of her blouse is ripped off of her back. She rubbed her sore wrists as her attacker stood behind her. She never seen or expected the powerful thrust of his closed fist onto the base of her back as she fell down in pain. She heard her young daughter screaming to her. Mark sat down and watched her whither from the pain of the thrust. "Get up off of the floor." With the extreme pain enveloping her back, Gabby managed to do as he said. She expected him to remove the rest of her clothing by now and raping her. As she turned to face the attacker, he threw a large section of rope to her and the key to your Jeanette’s hand cuff’s. "Unlock your daughters cuffs, then use this to tie your daughters wrists to the bar above the window, as she has been sitting on her ass far too long. You can let her go after you get fucked."

Gabby is about to say something but she bit her tongue as she helped her daughter up. She whispered into her daughters ear, "I must do as he says. He is bound to make a mistake sometime." Jeannette raised her arms willingly to let her mother tie the wrists to the bar. As her mother finished, she seen the attacker stand up. Her mother turned fast around and met him face-to-face. "So, are you ready to show me how much of a man you are by raping me?" The reply was a hard slap across the face, and he replied "Speak only when you are spoken to. For that mistake you will remove your daughter's panties."

Mark lifted Jeanette's sundress in front of her mother. "Do it bitch or the agreement will be short lived." Gabby wanted to say something. The sharp sting on her face is a genuine reminder. Why does he want the underwear of her daughter removed? Is he going to break the agreement anyhow? There is no way of knowing, but she must keep the agreement herself in order to try to find a weakness. Her daughter begged her to go ahead and do it as well. Yet, she felt so ashamed in removing the panties.

Mark has his eyes onto the womanhood of the younger woman. The surrounding region has a week of black hair stubble surrounding a bikini line. Gabby breath a sigh of relief when her daughters dress is let go and covered her private area. "You wanted to show off your body to the horny guys before your pregnant bulge showed more? Apparently you forgotten, or did not care, that a horny guy got you pregnant." Jeannette blushed from that comment. Mark continued, "Yet from what your mom said earlier, you bulge and your tits will be getting bigger in the next coming months so forget about your bikini body. You chose not to fight and now you are paying the price. Unfortunately, your mom cannot fight because of you. She's a coward – just like she was when she was originally raped. Scared in not reporting it to the police.

"I am curious "mommy". What did you tell your parents when they found out you were pregnant?" Mark guided her to the couch and sat next to her. The rape would be no fun if she is anticipating it. "Are you acting like your parents when they found out that you were pregnant from a rape? Or, did you tell them that you were raped?"

Gabby stared into nothingness as her thoughts went back over twenty years. Mark continued, "No. I can tell by the look in your face. You never told them the truth. You lied! Your daughter had more courage in telling you the truth, then you did in telling your parents."
That did it. He could see her facial expressions of anguish. Her eyes are wide from the shock of her past. Tears are streaming downward. Just a little bit more to take her away from the present then she will be raped … again. Gabby broke down as her memories haunted her. "I told my mom about the rape, but Dad … he always felt that women who were raped were being punished by God. He would have removed me as his daughter!"

"I had no choice. Mom told me not to tell him of the rape. It was my fault! I should have NEVER sunbathed topless and alone in the forest! I had no choice … the rapist had a knife on my neck all the time! The bastard … he never even removed my bikini panties. He rammed his dick between the panties and my leg! I was a god damn virgin and I got pregnant by him! He took my ID, and warned me not to report the rape – or else he would come back and kill me.

"I told Dad that it was my boyfriend … he was to be my fiancee' after school. Dad told me to dump him or I would lose my inheritance!" She broke down in front of her daughter as she bawled and leaned back on the couch back. Each wail caused her still brassier covered breast shake, and seeing that made him more harder. Her first rapist did slipped into a pantie covered bald pussy, but this time she will have no clothing on at all when she get raped by him. And, in front of her daughter! The eyes of Gabby are closed tightly from the tears, and she never seen Mark cover her her body and forcibly place his lips over hers while ripping off the bra

Gabby mind is still in the past when she felt the lips being forced on her and her bra being torn off. She uncontrollably started to fight him. Jeannette seen one of her mother's breasts as she is pushed down onto the couch, and Mark got up off of her and removed his shirt as he stared down upon her naked breast. Gabby is still gone in the past thinking of the original rapist, and as Mark got off of her to undo his pants Gabby mind started to return. She tried to move away, partly thinking that it is her first rapist and her mind is brought back as Mark grabbed her skirt and panties together and pulled off completely. She seen Mark's naked body over her with a fully erect dick.
From Mark's point of view he is seeing the full glory of the older woman's body. A fully covered pussy with a thick coat of black hair, and c-cup breasts with large dark nipples surrounded by wide lighter colored areola. Gabby whispered softly, "Not here in front of my daughter please. Take me to the bedroom for the fuck." The answer came as the rapist lifted and spread her legs. His large finger rubbing her cunt and probing into her hole that leads into the temporary nest of unborn. Gabby turned her head towards Jeannette as the bastard towered over her and pushed his thing deep into her. Tears streamed from her eyes as he slowly rocked into her. Her face grimaced and her eyes closed tightly partly from humiliation and partly from pain as it was the first time she got screwed in over five years.

Mark is grinning as he is increasing the strength of the thrusts and watching the breasts sway with each inward thrust. Gabby's legs spread more wide as the rapist laid down on top of her. She knew that at least the forced screwing will be ending soon as the rapist is plugging into her faster and harder. She did not feel the explosion of semen going inside, but she can tell by the ass hole's reaction that it has happened. She prayed to her God that she is not ovulating now. If she is ovulating, and if both of them live after this rape, she will keep the child and give it up to adoption. But this time she will report what happened, and she will follow it through until the bastard gets to jail.

She breathed a sigh of relief as the weight is taken off of her. She rolled into a fetal position and felt fluids dripping out of her pussy, and she could not hold her torment of sorrow any longer as she bawled. Mark stood naked in front of Jeannette, "It won't be the last fuck your mom will get from me." Jeannette answered with a very angry tone. "YOU BASTARD! SHE TOLD YOU SHE WAS RAPED BEFORE AND YOU HAD TO FORCE TO LIVE THROUGH IT!" Mark only grinned as he went to the kitchenette to get some beer, "Don't forget. She chose to be raped rather than you, and I am planning to fuck her more times before you two will be released."

Looking back at Gabby, Mark continued, "Do you need to take a pee bitch?" Gabby lifted her head to look at him. He was next to the restroom. She nodded her head. Mark replied by raising his hand toward the restroom, and as Gabby walked near him Mark stopped her and handed her a plastic cup. "Place a sample of you pee into one of the cups on the counter and leave it on the sink." Gabby gave him a questionable glance and Mark answered, "I'm sure you want to know if you are ovulating now or soon since I will be fucking you the rest of the day."

He stood outside of the open bathroom door as Gabby relieved herself after giving a sample. "You can stand next to your daughter and comfort her after she watched you get raped. Do not untie her yet." As Gabby went to Jeannette after picking up her panties and skirt and putting them on, Mark used a test strip on the sample and waited a few minutes. The test result is positive. He threw the sample and the results away before stepping over to Gabby, handing her a tee shirt to cover her cheat, and finally handcuffing her wrist to a seat near to her daughter. "You might have well sit down and relax. I'll be driving for about two hours before I pull over and fuck you again. Your daughter will be free to sit when that time comes."

Soon after the RV is on the highway Jeannette spoke to her mother – even though she is getting uncomfortable standing in place. Gabby looked at her with teary eyes, "I'm okay. He didn't hurt me physically. Emotionally I'm a wreck. Did he touch you while I was on the toilet?" Her daughter shook her head. "No, he didn't. But, I do not believe him in saying that he will keep the agreement you two made. I'm sorry mom, but I fear that he is going to rape me as well sometime."

Gabby did not answer right away. She did not know the answer, but her gut instinct agrees with her daughter. And, since they know what the guy looks like and his vehicle what will he do after he finishes with the rapes? Is he going to kill both of them? Why the fucking ovulation test, and why did he not say what the result was. Is this a stupid mind game he is playing with her? What if …
"I have the same fear sweetheart. If he does then he will pay for it. But, it may cost us our lives as well if I fail." Jeannette started to cry. "Mom, let's not even think about that! You survived a rape and you gave birth to me. I am very hurt that you got raped again, and from what he said it will happen again. But … even if he breaks his promise and rapes me, I will handle the rape because you shown me strength! I don't want to die. I don't want to watch you die or have you watch me die. You and I can get through this! Besides, I need you when I have my child." Gabby nodded her head. "Agreed sweetheart. We'll just pray and hope he keeps his word and not rape you."
Mark is quite pleased with himself. Finding two women and one who is pregnant, and the other who soon will become pregnant. All he had to do is to keep them under control. Two or days of travel to get home and he can put the women in the cellar and keep them alive until they have the children. He can sell the children on the Black Market, and sell the women to slave traders. He's been driving for about two hours and his eyes are on the fuel gauge. He will need to get some soon, but he will need to silence the women with duct tape before he gets any fuel. An interstate is about ten miles away, and he seen a spot that he can pull over behind an abandoned restaurant.

Gabby and Jeannette felt the RV pull over. Jeannette is in intense pain after having to stand over an extended time with her arms above her head. She managed to place her left knee on the edge of a piece of furniture with a small amount of relief. Her mother is too far away to help her stand. Yet, she looked forward all the time and not meeting the eyes of her mother's rapist as he walked past her. Jeannette did look toward Gabby as she heard the unlocking of the handcuffs. "Untie your daughter. She has been standing long enough, then the both of you sit on the floor next to the bathroom."

Gabby went to her daughter quickly and released the knot. She had to grab her daughter quickly before she fell down to the floor and helped her walk to the location that they were ordered to, where they both sat down and hugged each other. Mark sat down at the table. He directed Gabby to sit next to him, of which she reluctantly did so. At least her daughter is now sitting and out of pain. Gabby locked her eyes on her daughter all the time – at least up until she was ordered to look at the rapist.

"I can tell that you hate me. That is good. Keep the hate in you for the moment you let it go will be the end for you and only you. You are beginning to stink from our fucking. Enjoy the smell for a few more hours before you are allowed to shower." Mark lifted her face to kiss her, but instinctively Gabby pulled away only to have her dark shoulder length hair grabbed and her lips are forced to press onto the dry lips of her assailant.

Her hands went up to try to get him to release her but she struggled more as her face is forced forward for the unwanted kiss. Soon after, as her lips are being ravaged, she felt her left breast being groped through the tee shirt. So, she is going to be raped again and if she tries to keep fighting then he will go after her daughter. She chose to stop fighting and instead put her arms down and let him do what he wants to do. Surprisingly, the grip on her hair got released and she began to breath easier as his shitty lips are removed. Gabby looked toward her crying daughter as she felt the tee shirt being lifted to reveal her naked breasts again – unlike last time though she felt the lips and tongue of her attacker gently suckle them.

She closed her eyes in a vain attempt to ignore the physical pleasure that is forming with the unwanted ravaging, and also feeling humiliated over her body as her large brown nipples harden. The attacker moved away, only to drag her with him and he forced her to bend over onto the table. Her hands held her up as she seen her daughter. "Close your eyes honey. You don't need to see ..." Gabby gasped as her panties went down and again she felt the hard dick go into her pussy.

It did not last long this time. The way the rapist acted told Gabby that she got filled with his shit again. Gabby is pushed to her daughter without the panties this time. Jeannette is given a roll of duct tape. "Cover both you and your mother's mouths with this." Jeannette did what she was told, even though she wanted to get up and scratch his eyes out! Next, she followed more instructions in locking her mom's wrists behind her back, and the same is done to her.

"I need to get a tank full of fuel. If I hear one peep from either of you then BOTH of you will get punished." Mark turned on classical music at a very high volume soon after he drove away from the restaurant and onto the truck stop. This is one point that Mark anxiety went up. The pumps already had three trucks filling, and he knew it takes about ten minutes to fill both of his tanks. What if his prisoners make noise or somehow get attention? Even though safety requires that he stays at the pump as the tank gets filled, Mark chose to step back into the RV to make sure his guests are behaving.

But before Mark stepped in the college student Jeannette rose to her feet. All she had to do is get to the door and perhaps someone will spot her. Yet, her mother stopped her before she made the first step. Gabby looked at her with a fearful look slowing shaking her head.
Unlike her daughter, Gabby felt that it is far safer not to try to escape or get help. She indeed may get raped multiple times again. However, it is worth the price to live.

Jeannette reluctantly agreed to her mother's command and sat down again next to her. The driver seen the two prisoners as he stepped in. Both women stared at him in return. Mark went back out and seen that the fuel tank is full. He switched to fuel the other tank and went back inside. Both women were still where they were. A few minutes later the RV was filled up with diesel fuel. The fuel is paid at the pump by a Credit Card, and Mark went back inside directly and closed the door behind him. "It's good that both of you obeyed me. For your reward Gabby I will not fuck you again until at least tonight, perhaps longer, but you definitively need a shower of which you will have a little after sunset in a few hours."

He moved towards them, "I'm going to drive through a nearby city before I pull over and let you two women go free. Free to move around in a locked bedroom that is." Mark left the two and went directly to the drivers seat and, as promised, he found a private place to pull over and let the women into the master bedroom one at a time. He told them know that there are no weapons in the bedroom, and no way to contact any help.

The two women tried to relax in the bedroom. The only door out is locked from the other side. As their kidnapper told them there is no weapons of any type in there, not even a loose chair to hit the monster's head with! Nor is there any windows to look outside or any clocks to watch the time. All that they knew for sure is that he will get the mother out a little after sunset so that she can have a shower.
Mark is less than an hour from the first range of mountains and it is too dangerous to drive through them at night, but he found a good spot to pull over for the night. A spot that he parked overnight before, and where there is no danger of anyone disturbing him as he sleeps. He closed the curtains to the RV and made sure the two entrance doors are locked. Next, he grabbed his handgun and unlocked the bedroom door and seen the girls huddled in the far corner holding each other. "Both of you come on out." He ordered them.

Gabby gently rubbed her daughter's arm, "It will be okay. I'm just going to step in the shower quickly and then come out to you." Gabby stood between Mark and Jeannette and removed her clothing. "So, you are just going to stand there like a god damned pervert and watch me shower? Now, if you would, please get out of my fucking way so I can clean out this shit that you put in me!" As she moved forward she was stopped before she got into the shower. "Anything else you want to say bitch?" She stared at him with intense anger within her brown eyes, "It won't make a fucking difference if I do."

His reply to her is an instant hard slap across the face again. She shrieked in pain as she collided with the shower wall and fell onto the floor and she started to cry from the pain. "STOP IT!" yelled Jeannette.

Jeannette is within arms length of Mark as he grabbed her on her mid left arm and pushed her into the shower next to her mom. "Remove your fucking dress and shower with your mom." The college girl is shocked at the mere suggestion that she should she shower with another fully matured woman. "What? "You said ...", Mark stopped her mid sentence. "I TOLD you to remove your fucking dress! Either you do it, or I will rip it off myself and you will have nothing to where when the both of you are released tomorrow evening once we reach Oregon."

"Oregon?" Jeannette started to think that her worse fears are going to happen – what if being released means they are going to get killed? Yet her thinking was too long as she felt a very aggressive jerk on the top of her dress and the sound of ripping fabric. By the time she reacted her tan lined c-cup breasts are already exposed.

Jeannette screamed at the top of her lungs as she tried to stop her dress from being torn off as the aggressor pulled the ripped material down to her waist. Then she lost her balance as he very aggressively pulled outward, causing Jeanette to fall backward on top of her already hurting mother. Her once beautiful and light sundress is now in tatters, and with her panties removed earlier her tanned body is fully nude. She rolled off of her mother covering her breasts with one arm and her pussy with her hand.

"So, you want to fuck around with me then?" Mark ordered her college girl to step to the far side of the shower, as he pulled her mother up and slammed her belly first to the outside wall. As Gabby cried in pain and anguish she once again felt her arms being forced behind her back only to be handcuffed. Then, she is also forced to join within the small shower stall with her daughter.

Since your mom is now unable to clean herself then you will clean her body for her." Mark turned on the water to the shower and closed the see through glass door. "Lather your mom's body up and make sure her pussy and her breasts are extra soapy." The spray of the shower hid the tears from the young woman. Gabby seen the reluctance of her daughter as she spoke quietly, "Do what he says. I do not see any wash cloths or shower balls so just use your hands. I won't hold it against you sweetie."

Gabby felt the pleasant sensations of her daughters soft hands as she soaped up her c-cup breasts and as she gently cleaned out her vagina. She knew that her daughter was not trying to get her aroused, but with the gentle washing that she was doing Gabby did all that she could to stop from being aroused. Eventually the bastard told Jeannette to do the same to her body, and once she was done they she is to embrace her mother's body with hers and rub the two pairs of breasts together.

Gabby seen an opportunity to speak quietly as she nodded her head. As both women are embraced in a soapy and slippery hug, Jeannette became embarrassed as she felt her nipples and her mothers nipples harden! Her mother's voice brought her attention as Gabby whispered into the ear. "It's okay sweetie. He has gone too far. Keep doing what he said and listen to me." Mark was enjoying seeing the sexual shows of the two women rubbing their breasts together with the soap, and did not hear enough of Gabby's whispers to pay attention.

"Tomorrow will be our last day in this hell. We will either kill this bastard, or he will kill us tomorrow. With the mountains and forests in Oregon I do not suspect he is going to let us leave alive. I will need your help in killing him. One of us needs to grab his gun while the other is attacking him with no mercy. Do you understand what I am saying." Jeannette did not answer at first, but she knew her mom is right as she answered in her mom's ear. "Yes." is her only reply.

Mark had them continue the sexual soapy show for several minutes before having them rinse off and come out. He unlocked the handcuffs from Gabby's wrists and had them dry themselves before taking them into the master bedroom still in the nude. Jeannette is covering herself with her arms as her mother stared at Mark in utter anger. "So, now what? Do you want me to lay down on the bed with my legs wide open so you can rape me again? Here, you do not even need to tell me." That is exactly what Gabby done for him as she laid down on her back opened her thighs, with her legs bent up as she waited to be raped.

But Mark did not do anything this time. "No, thanks for the offer though. I have a lot of driving tonight to get to where I want to be tomorrow afternoon. You two women can sleep in here tonight without any fear of me. The toilet is available for you to use in the corner, but the door will be locked from the outside. Tomorrow is a big day when both of you will be free of this RV, after of course I rape BOTH of you." Gabby got up fast.

"What do you mean! I done exactly what you wanted me to do! Why are you breaking the agreement we made!" Mark pointed his finger at Gabby, "Because YOU broke the agreement originally! Use your brain woman. The first time I raped you earlier today. I told you before only to speak after you are spoken to. You have broke that rule far too many times. The first when you begged me not to rape you in front of your daughter. The fault is yours. Your pregnant daughter will be raped tomorrow, and who knows you might be pregnant as well since the ovulation test showed positive results." Gabby's anger is not hard to miss. Mark just grinned while backed up and stepped out of the room. Both women heard the lock clicking from the outside.

Gabby tried to open the locked door and banged on it. "That answers the only question. He's going to rape you. You are an adult sweetie and I am not going to tell you what to do. But, I suspect that he is not going to let us live. We know what he looks like and since he said tomorrow is our last day here … well. It's either him or us."

Jeannette walked around the room thinking. "If we can make him think that he broke our spirit and we don't fight - there is a time I think we can attack." Her mother came to her. "Go on. Tell me what you are thinking." Jeannette sat on the bed, "I noticed every time that when …. he raped you … he closes his eyes just before he comes. I think that he so preoccupied into cumming ..." Gabby finished for her, "That he will be distracted for a moment! That's good that you seen that. I always had my eyes closed. That is when one of us can strike back!" Jeannette has tears in her eyes. "But, mom if I fail." Her mother touched her daughters bare shoulder, "Then you do not need to. When he rapes me again it will be his last, and if I fail then he will may kill me instead. But, I have to try! For the both of us."

Her daughter whispered, "I'll do it. I'll act like I ashamed as he rapes me and not look at him. If I find something hard then when he gets to that point I'll keep hitting him until he is down." Her mother mentioned the same thing

Hours have past as the RV was moving. It is hard waiting. Jeannette found a mini-fridge that is stocked with beer and hard liquor. "Too bad we can't hide these when he rapes us. One good hard smash on his head with this whiskey would do it." She opens the bottle and takes a swig out of it and coughs. Her mother is looking at her with surprise. "I'm sorry mom, but I really need a drink now!" Her mother grinned, "Then I need some too! Just don't take too much that you are too drunk to fight him." Her daughter giggled, "Don't forget mom, I am pregnant and I watch how much I drink."

"Both of the women drank moderately completely blind to the fact that something was added to the Whiskey that will make them temporary incapacitated. Only Gabby figured out too late, "Honey, does your body feel funny like you took some narcotic medication?" Jeannette's head is spinning, "Yes, I don't understand why." Gabby held her own head, "Jesus … no. The Whiskey is DRUGGED!" Gabby got off the bed only to fall on the floor before exclaiming, "It's a neurological drug." Her daughter tried to get up to help her mother, but her legs went out underneath her and she collapsed on the bed. "Mom! I can't move!"

"We failed sweetie. He planned this! We won't be able to do anything to him as long as this drug is in our bodies!" And Gabby is right as she tried to move her arms and legs with no avail. Both of the women though felt the RV slowing down and pulling over. Jeannette whimpered in fear, "Please don't come back here! Just sleep out there like you said you would."

Jeanette fears are confirmed as Mark unlocked the bedroom door and stepped in. "I kept watch over you two by a hidden camera. I see that you found my whiskey, but don't worry the effects of the drug will wear off in about an hour. Enough time to tell you of my plans actual for you.

"I was never planning to let you go. But both of you are far too pretty just to eliminate and let the wild animals have you for their lunch. No, you are both worth far more with more than likely both of you being pregnant. I plan to keep you alive as living incubators. The black market pays good money for newborn babies to sell to couples who has no children."

Jeannette started to cry from terror and fear. "You should be glad that your mom is a nurse. As she will be helping you deliver your child in a little over six months, and you can assist her when she delivers our child." Mark went to the bed and moved Jeannette higher onto the pillows. Then he lifted her mother off of the floor and put her on the bed below her daughter, and placed her in a leaning sideways direction so that her face is looking directly at her daughters vagina! Gabby soon found out why as the rapist opened her daughters thighs and climbed on on of her. She seen his wide dick forced into her daughter's Jeannette's pussy. Even as her daughter screamed from the forced entry there was NOTHING that Gabby could do.

Gabby has tears streaming from her eyes as she heard the screams from her daughter as she was being raped, but she couldn’t force herself watching her daughter get fucked hard. Eventually, the rapist got off of her daughter and Gabby opened her eyes to see the semen oozing out of her daughter's womanhood. Gabby soon felt her own thighs being spread apart as she laid on her belly. Whether she screamed or accepted the rape doesn't matter anymore since the rapist is going to hold them hostage as "living incubators" or more like sex slaves! She yelled as loud as she could for help, however the yelling turned to screams as she soon found out that the forced entry is an anal rape.

Only the semen and her daughters own natural lubricant let the rapists wide dick slide into her tight hole.  But, even with those the dick felt like it was tearing her part!  But, with the drug still in full control, the only thing she could do was to lay there and take the pain.
Gabby is completely sobbing now. This was the first time she was ever fucked in the ass. She felt her wrists and ankles once again being bound. After being secured she is thrown on the bed next to her daughter who is in shock from the rape. Jeannette did not say a word as she is also being bounded. "When we get to my cabin tomorrow morning I will rape the both of you again. But this time I may fuck the college brat inside her ass, mommy!"

An hour later it is completely dark and Mark still had a few hours before he will pull over near Oregon to sleep.  The camera in the bedroom showed Mark that his two slaves were whispering.  But, he did hear them agree on something.  The two are working together even with all the threats and assault he done on them. More control is needed … more pain is needed.  And, he knew exactly what he needed to take care of the task as he placed a call to someone he knew that design very unique dominant collars. 
Mark contacted the gentleman and the business is concluded over the phone in a matter of minutes.  About a half of an hour before mark planned to pull over to sleep, he would stop at the mountain view point where a package will be left in a rotten tree trunk.
When he got to the observation point Mark observed the women on the camera to make sure they did not get loose.  The mother managed to roll off of the bed and onto the floor, but with the binds, she still cannot escape.  Mark left the RV and found the package.  Then he went back into the master bedroom where both of the women stared at him with their eyes soaked in tears.  Gabby tried to back away and fought and screamed the best that she could as Mark secured the wide collar around her neck.  Then, proceeded to do the same to Jeannette.

“I’m aware of your plans to try to escape. The plans may be also have the intent to kill me.  That is not going to happen.  The collars that both of you are wearing can send a jolt of electrical pain into your body.  I’ll give you an example of a five second low power jolt.”  After Mark activated the switched, both of the women screamed in agony and their bodies wretched from the muscles tightening up.  After the five seconds both of the women are hyper-ventilating as their bodies relaxed.  Mark continued, “The second level is a lot more painful and will surely cause burns on the neck and may cause you to lose unconsciousness.  The third level, will cause brain damage and you would be nothing but a vegetable if its on for more than ten seconds.  This is something that you two will need to consider.  I have a few hours to drive before I pull over to sleep for the night, and you mommy will join me in bed.  Before, we leave though both of you have the opportunity to use the restroom.” 

Mark removed the binds and Jeannette was the first one to go to the pot.  Mark quietly spoke to Gabby, “Keep this shit up and you will be begging me to kill your daughter as this collars tears her apart while you watch.  But, she will never die. She just may get what she wants with the child in her gets aborted though.  I hate to see her reaction when her dead kid gets ejected from her pussy though.”  Gabby stared at him, “You’re a monster!”  Jeannette came out of the bathroom.  Mark took Gabby’s upper arm and guided her to the room, “Consider what is best for you and your daughter bitch.”

After she is finished relieving herself, both of the women are left in the Master bedroom with the door electronically locked.  Both of them tried to best to comfort each other.  Gabby came to the realization that the only way that Jeannette would be free of this nightmare now if she dies.  The kidnapper wants to keep her alive for his own demonize wants, and Gabby doesn’t have the heart to murder her.  Neither of them sensed the passing of the hours of driving.  No windows that told them the time of the day it was.  The only thing that both of them realized is when the RV came to a stop.  Mark came back into the room a few minutes later holding a pair of handcuff's.  The two women held on to each other tightly as they sat on the corner of the bed and the wall.  They watched the kidnapper open a side panel in the wall and lowered a single bed.

 He pointed at the daughter. “You, come over at lay down on this bed.”  For a moment Jeannette did not move, but the showing of the shock controller and the memory of the “low” shock gave her the reason to move.  Jeannette went ahead and laid on her back, thinking that she was going to be raped again.  However, the only thing that the kidnapper did is to use the handcuff on her right ankle and attached the other end to a bar that supported the bed from the wall.  He removed his clothing and turned off the light.  The light of a digital clock is enough to see that the kidnapper was forcing her mom to lay down and sleep.

Yet, they were not sleeping all night.  She heard indistinguishable whispers coming from the kidnapper and her mother’s whimpering as he once again raped her within an hour later.  He done the same thing again in the middle of the night.  The morning came soon enough, and both were allowed to use the restroom again.  Before the kidnapper drove off, he gave both of the women their tattered clothing (without the underwear) and told them to wear them.

Two hours later the kidnapper reached his home in Oregon that is tucked away hidden in a deep forest.  Both women are forced to leave the RV and move down into an old cellar that was partially finished with plumbing fixtures.  It was there that Gabby is forced to watch her daughter get anal raped as Mark promised he would.  After a few nights, the two were forced to build their own twin bed that the kidnapper bought.  Mark, at first, fed them and eventually the mother was forced to cook for all three.

Mark’s job as an at home computer technician kept him there all the time.  When he had visitors, they would not know of the women because one time about two months later when he had guests coming Gabby tried to scream for help not knowing they had not arrived yet.  The scream was answered by a longer than usual mid level shock from the collar.  Unfortunately for Mark, the electrical punishment caused Gabby to have a miscarriage of his child.  Jeannette is still in her late second trimester.  Both women were raped at least twice a week.  But, the electrical shock that ran through Gabby’s body permanently damaged her uterus.

At last, Jeannette went into labor in February.  Gabby is there for her and helped her the best way that she could when her water broke.  Mark listened to the screams of agony and watched the two.  Gabby begged him to send some kind of help as the baby was breach.  Help never arrived.  Finally, Jeannette gave birth to a daughter after over ten hours of hard labor, but the child came out still born as it died during the delivery.  Neither Gabby nor Jeannette had time to grieve as complications arose with Jeannette.  Without the proper medical care she also died while in Gabby’s arms.

Mark came down as Gabby wailed in despair.  He left her with a handgun with a single bullet without saying a word.  He knew of the possibility that both women would die one way or another.  They were becoming too much of a burden anyway.  After about an hour he heard a single gun shot from the cellar.  The hidden camera confirmed that Gabby laid dead from a self inflicted gun shot.

Mark placed all three bodies into two separate bags and transported them to a rocky cliff a few miles from his home.  Unknown to him a Forest Ranger is watching him from a distance, and see Mark throw the bags of what he figured was garbage down the cliff.  He took down the plate number of the truck, and after Mark left the scene the Ranger went down to the bottom of the cliff so that she can record the trash and fine the person.

She called for back-up as soon as she opened the bag containing a nude Jeannette and her still born.  Mark was arrested before sunset.