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Key Words: Interracial, Oral, Violent, Anal (some), Forced Orgasm

Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please leave now. We don't advocate rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a work of literary fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more.

All characters involved in sexual acts are 18 years old and up. My use of the word "teenage" or "teenager", "maid" or "young maid" always refer to a character who is 18+ years old.

This story is a sequel to "A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores, incest)"

It is in the same universe as "The Christmas Banquet"


Chapter 1 --- Terrible Things Happening in Rhineland

Adèle, reading her mail in her bath =

Adèle dancing after learning that the Great War is over =

Paris. January 1919.

Adèle Blanc-Sec was reading her mail in her bath as usual. Since the Great War had come to an end on November 11, she had been in a cheerful mood. When she had learned about it, she was at the museum. The good news had made her dance with joy!

She had even allowed the young mailman to fuck her. It had been a lot better than she had anticipated; he had taken her on her kitchen table like a savage beast! She had clearly underestimated him. But he wanted more; he wanted her to become his wife, and she didn't want to get tied up in such a way. Traditional-thinking people didn't like her much.

She was reading a letter from Commandant Michel Bourseault, who had often tipped her to some nice scoops when she was a reporter writing accounts on life in the trenches. She had been repeatedly told that this was no place for a woman, but she always carried on.

The letter was about some truly horrific tales about atrocities that occupying French troops were committing in Germany, especially in Rhineland, and it mostly involved Senegalese and Moroccan soldiers.

She was deeply appalled when she read the summary accounts --- A German farmer had his wife and teenage daughters raped in front of him by 25 Moroccan soldiers, before being himself forced to copulate with his own daughter... The manor of a noble family, brutally sacked by a full company of Senegalese Tirailleurs on Christmas Eve when the Count had been receiving a great many guests; a night of horror! Another noble house near a village had met the same fate... A nun cloister where every woman was savagely molested, this time by Moroccan soldiers...

This went on and on. It was even surmised that these evil soldiers were led by French officers, which was so unbelievable that it sounded calumnious. He needed a reporter over there to give a true account of what was true or false. Due to the obvious dangers involved, especially for a woman, Commandant Bourseault would perfectly understand that she declined the assignment as this was more something fit for a man. She was free, and in fact welcome not to reply.

Adèle immediately got up from her bath and quickly got dressed again. Two days later, she was on a train, on her way from Paris to Sarrebruck, from where she'd meet with the Commandant himself and he'd escort her to Dahn, where a Count's ancestral manor had been sacked on Christmas Eve, and in fact the entire village had been pillaged and looted by a Moroccan Battalion the following day --- the local folks already called this event "Weihnachtsvergewaltigungen" (the Christmas Rapes).

Commandant Michel Bourseault met her at Sarrebruck. He had planned to take her to Dahn by road using his own official car, but January being a winter month, it snowed heavily on that day and they were compelled to make the trip on horseback. Adèle Blanc-Sec rode under escort along with the Commandant, who had been a perfect gentleman to her since they had met. In fact, he was so neutral with her that she was beginning to wonder if he wasn't into men. She realized with a shock that this made her feel attracted to him.

As Adèle rode beside him, she took a closer look. He was a tall, handsome man around forty years old. He rode while contemplating the firs, all white and buried under heavy coats of snow.

The six soldiers forming the escort and the young officer leading them were almost always looking at Adèle, a very attractive woman they felt was in her late twenties, or perhaps thirty. Without the Commandant being there, these men would have been a potential security concern for Adèle, for they were sometimes riding in very remote settings, and this ridiculously young-looking Lieutenant didn't give her the impression of someone capable of keeping his men from misbehaving. What's more, they were spending the night in some remote hamlet.

The lovely adventuress began thinking... What if! She had never been with several men at once, and perhaps she might love it. She looked at these escorting soldiers. They had obviously been handpicked by the Commandant --- Each of them was a tall young man, strong and very capable as a fighter, and probably also as a lover... A man's man! As she rode on, she felt the gently rocking saddle between her legs and began picturing herself riding one of these men! She soon felt herself going soaking wet! Ooohhh... This would be GOOD!!! And she finished having her period only two days before. The timing couldn't have been better.

Her cheeks blushed as she imagined herself naked and bouncing on the man who rode in front of her, a little off to her right. Then she looked at the young officer.

The Lieutenant must have been 22 years old, the minimal believable age for his rank; his face was so innocent-looking! He looked like some school boy who had found an officer's uniform and had decided to parade in it.

"Make no mistake Adèle! Lieutenant Berthier is 26 years old, and he's one of the most seasoned veterans I know of. He's been through the most hellish hells from the Marne in '14 all the way to the German's final push a few months ago. He's lost most of his friends. And he's a bachelor. If Miss so desires, I can formally introduce you. The companionship of a woman would do him good, and he has a nice softer side too."

The Commandant had spoken, as if he read in her thoughts. He had clearly followed her gazes as she was sizing up his men. "Not a man to underestimate", Adèle thought.

"Mon commandant, I mean no offence, but I was wondering... Are these loyal men at my command too?" Adèle asked. (Mon commandant = Sir Commandant)

"Well... I guess they are, as long as you're not asking anything unreasonable from them! You know, all of them except one are married. They look good, don't they?"

The commandant said it in a somewhat amused tone. Adèle remained winter calm, but she was soaking wet between her legs.
"I have eyes to see what's reasonable and what isn't. Their own eyes tell me more than if they spoke."

Then she hesitated a little bit, before making her mind and surprising herself with what she said...

"Mon commandant, you can tell your men that I'm very cold at night in winter and I'll need them to provide me with some heat!"

On that, she spurred her horse and left the Commandant some 10 yards behind. She was now riding next to the Lieutenant. She introduced herself. They began to speak. He soon invited her for dinner for when they'd be at their resting hamlet.

"Mhhh... I like your offer, mon Lieutenant. I accept, but under one condition!"
"Name it, Mademoiselle!"
"You will have to share my company with your own men! And that includes my bedroom after dinner!"

The Lieutenant almost fell from his horse as he heard these words he could never imagine would come from such a ladylike woman. He wouldn't have been more stunned if he had just seen the ghost of Napoléon Bonaparte!

"Mademoiselle! You... You must be joking Milady!"
"Well... We'll see! But if you come, then your men come with you. Please do! You won't be disappointed!" She smiled at him with playful eyes as she finished the sentence.

She left the transfixed officer with these words and resumed her riding beside the Commandant.

The rest of the way to the small Dorf was done in silence. Adèle joined the Commandant in contemplating the snow-covered trees. The landscape was truly beautiful. Trees. Hilly mountains... Some church and a couple of roofs in the distance. All under snow, under a snow-heavy sky.

Adèle was breathing hard. She felt highly aroused from thinking of what would happen if the Lieutenant took her to her word. Was she going to get gang-fucked? Probably not. But playing with fire got her so smoking hot! Each of these six soldiers looked like he could make her melt in his arms, but taking all of them at once... Oh GOD! She tried to picture herself, naked and orgasming in their arms while each would be taking his turn... She liked being roughed up, and this was why the meek-looking postman had surprised her so pleasantly.

The escorting soldiers kept eye-raping Adèle from time to time. She looked glamorous and aristocratic on her white horse, wearing her long green coat with a fur hat. She wore leather gloves; her hands were small and delicate, indicating her feet were equally dainty. But she looked so cold and distant! To these men from the rank and file, she looked like some superior being from another world, a world they didn't have access to.

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Thanks! I've watched the movie in its French original version. The scene where she gets captured in the Egyptian tomb shows how ridiculous it can get when a director wants to keep his movie in the General public section. Adèle is captured by five or six Egyptian soldiers with rifles; they are in a very secluded place... And they don't gang-rape her?! I had a raging erection as I pictured in my mind the fun they would have in stripping her naked and taking their pleasure inside her; in a more realistic setting, they would have drowned her in their cum!

This actress is gorgeous! Only French women have this little je-ne-sais-quoi on top of their classic beauty. When I read "perky breasts", I think of Adèle Blanc-Sec!
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Chapter 2 --- Adèle and her Soldiers

Adèle kept riding along with the escorting soldiers the rest of the day without incident. With all the foreign troops occupying the country, the roads were a little less than safe. In fact, a group of soldiers, even French ones, without officers and NCOs to properly discipline them, could easily become something closer to a group of brigands. Adèle thought of this. The risk aroused her even more; she felt her breasts swelling inside her bra at the thought of horny soldiers ripping her clothes off. There was something primal and savage in this and it filled her with excitement! Adèle, a sophisticated Parisian woman, stripped naked and enjoyed by African soldiers! The picture immensely aroused her.

She was a very independent woman, but there were times when she wanted a man, a REAL man, to rough her up and overwhelm her with savage urgency! The risk made her horny, but at the same time she absolutely didn't want this to happen for real. In the course of her adventurous life, Adèle Blanc-Sec had had many close calls. She had groups of men holding her at gunpoint and in a position of power allowing them to do all they wanted with her; she'd always somehow escaped as if some all-powerful god was watching over her and making sure she never got hurt. Her insane luck completely baffled her mind.

Adèle, being very inquisitive by nature, was so curious to test the limits that she became more and more daring, to see when and where her luck would finally run out. She didn't want the unthinkable to happen, yet she was too fascinated and kept flirting with danger. After each close call, she'd fap hard or find some suitable man and have sex; then she'd run the fantasy in her mind... Her luck running out and the men ripping her clothes off and then each of them taking his turn --- Mounting her and filling her up with his jism and screaming his delight as he does so! Those were the most powerful orgasms she'd have! Masturbating could get just as powerful as sex; different, but powerful all the same.

She kept on riding along with the men with an air of aloofness. Yet her thoughts kept coming back at these big strong men riding near her. Each one had something she longed for under his powder-blue regulation uniform.

When the sun was an orange light near the snow-white horizon, they were approaching the hamlet. A lone rider came to meet them. He briefly spoke with the Commandant and quickly left for the village, not without taking a long look at Adèle. There was an abbey of nuns close by. The Abbess was inviting them over for the night. Refusing would have been insulting, and besides, this abbey offered good food, a comfortable bed and perhaps more.

Adèle was disappointed by this new development. She had planned to do all she could at the inn to make sure at least some of the men would come and visit her during the night, and now... But then she smiled. She had an idea! And this plan couldn't fail! Unless the Commandant was a saintly man.

Even worse, the Abbess turned out to be a beauty. At this moment, with what she had in mind, Adèle didn't want to have competition. But she had, and serious competition at that! The men were all eyes for the Abbess! And many of her nuns were quite young and beautiful. There were also a couple of innocent-faced novices --- young maids wearing a full-white gown.

They were received in the great hall. Under normal circumstances, men were not allowed inside, but due to the presence of foreign troops roaming about the country, things were different. And the Abbess had an uncanny skill in finding a reason to allow men inside. Over the eight years she had been there, some nuns had become pregnant and delivered a baby to be raised in the nearby hamlet. She had a son herself, from a Uhlan officer who had been most pleased with her warm hospitality.

Adèle started noticing some weird behaviour from the nuns toward the soldiers. Whenever the Abbess was looking the other way, some of the veil-wearing girls were smiling and flirting with the men! Adèle even saw one of them raising her crucifix and making a lewd licking motion at it while looking straight at the Lieutenant!

The Abbess greeted Adèle coldly. On the other hand, she kept smiling at the Commandant, who remained entirely neutral to her flirting game. Adèle chuckled inwardly; didn't she realize this man was probably homosexual? Her tongue was itching; she was dying to make a remark to that effect. It was so funny! The Abbess only had eyes for the tall, handsome Commandant. And he just kept talking about the weather!

In the refectory, a young nun was kneeling in the centre of the room and reading the Gospel aloud. Her kneeling figure gave the men quite a show as they ate! They could perfectly make out her girly curves as she kept reading; she seemed oblivious of the male attention she was getting.

The Commandant was talking with the Abbess, who was quickly growing bored with him. He kept talking about military affairs. Adèle quietly ate at his right, sitting next to the Lieutenant, who started as she put her hand on his thigh. She whispered something in his ear and kept eating her soup and loaf of bread. She drank water while the Abbess drank wine.

The soldiers being tired, they politely thanked the Abbess and retired to their rooms. The men would sleep in an entirely different part of the building, and Adèle would share a room with two novices. Adèle knew things would be interesting during that night. She would make sure to be up and watch how quiet a night this would be!

She presently sat at a school desk and wrote something on a paper. She smiled inwardly as she tried to picture the Lieutenant's face when he'd read this the next morning!

Two hours later, Adèle left the two novice girls sleeping and quietly exited the room. Barefoot in her night gown, Adèle walked very silently along the dark hallway. She began chuckling. Everything was so quiet! It was clear that everybody was in his/her room and sleeping.

Then she heard some feeble voice sounds coming from somewhere farther. Adèle didn't want to go that far, as this would be risky. Who knows? Perhaps a soldier or two would be up and lurking in a corner, waiting for some prey; and even one of these soldiers would be too strong for her. But she was too curious. The pitter-patter of her dainty feet gently caressed the tiled floor as she silently walked further down the hallway, passed a corner to the left... Now she heard better. It was the Abbess. She sounded angry.

Adèle went to her door and gently pressed her ear. She smiled as she heard... She looked through the key hole and smiled even more as she saw the frustrated expression on her face!

"Oh! Why?! Why?! None of these men is coming to see me! Why?! I'm not that old yet!" As she said this, the Abbess went to her mirror and took a close look at her reflection. She was gorgeous. Even Adèle, a heterosexual woman, noticed. Without her veil and coif, the Abbess's hair flowed down to the small of her back in a black silky curtain, catching the tawny firelights of her room. She wore her nightgown.

Adèle almost made a sound of surprise as she saw her undoing the front of her white gown and letting it fall to her feet. Then she saw the Abbess's naked figure standing in front of her mirror. She knew that any man in his right mind would have rushed at her and taken her like a possessed demon if he had been alone with her in this room. The Abbess looked like a raven-haired goddess. Adèle felt inferior to her in beauty; she felt that if the two of them stood naked side by side, the vast majority of men would choose the Abbess over her. But... she had outsmarted her!

The Abbess kept cursing and swearing (God forbid) at her forced loneliness. She just couldn't understand why it was that none of these soldiers came to visit her. Then, at last, she climbed on her writing table and laid herself down on top of it. She began masturbating while softly whispering her fantasy. She was saying that the abbey had been overrun by a mob of angry villagers, and now many of them were taking their turns inside her.

Adèle left the Abbess in her private moaning state and she went back to sleep.

Next morning, at breakfast, she gave her written message to the Lieutenant. "Wait until we're gone to read it!" she said with a devilish smile as she handed him the small note. The Lieutenant took the paper and kept looking at Adèle. He loved making eye contact with her. Adèle had some secret charm radiating from her entire being, and this was especially true of her eyes. She had a je-ne-sais-quoi that made her a lot more desirable and fuckable than a simply beautiful woman such as the Abbess, at least to him. And he knew his soldiers well enough to know they shared his opinion on this sensual topic. As he ate breakfast he had a raging erection and kept enjoying Adèle's perfume coming from his left.

When they left, Adèle took her leave from the Abbess...
"I thank you for your kind hospitality, Lady Abbess, and I wish to tell you that I've slept like a baby. The night was so quiet!"

She spoke these last words with such a playful irony in her voice that the Abbess's face blushed with contained anger!
"Oh You..."

As she walked away toward her saddled horse, Adèle turned back to her...
"But don't worry. I'll make sure we stay here on our way back, and this time..."

She left her with that. She was having so much fun at her expense!


They had passed the hamlet and had been riding for three hours. As opposed to the previous day, the sky was clear with the sun shining bright above them, blinding them with the winter whiteness and forcing them to look high at the far-away landscape.

Near a farm, they stumbled on a group of twelve Moroccan soldiers, who were led by a white Sergeant. The Sergeant saluted the Commandant, but the Moroccan troops were visibly holding themselves in check in front of the six tall escorting soldiers who kept a stern face on them and their hands on their pistols, ready to draw and shoot at the first sign of hostility.

These leather-brown faced Moroccans kept intensely looking at Adèle, who felt their collective gaze mentally undressing her. She felt the tension and became wet down there. Once more, her breasts became swoler under her garments. She also sensed they were safe thanks to the escorting soldiers. But without them... Her thoughts made her eager to pleasure herself. For the time being, she'd have to make do with the saddle's rocking motion between her legs.

Later, after they had a quick lunch. The Lieutenant had a quick word with the Commandant, who then led the men into a smaller trail that branched out from the main path.

"Why are we going this way?" Adèle asked casually as she rode beside him like the day before.
"Oh! There's a nice old church dating back to the 12th century. It's not far at all. I thought you would have liked to see it. There are two gisants in it." (gisant = a recumbent sculpture of a deceased knight, lord or king, or a noble lady, shown usually with arms crossed over the chest.)

"Oh yes! Of course. And there's no danger in it either. With such a fine escort of gentlemen, I am perfectly safe!"
"Yes you are, Mademoiselle!"

They reached the old church. It was a small church with semi-circular arches; a typical work of Romanesque architecture, dating back shortly before it developed into the Gothic style.

They all dismounted to let the horse rest. There was a nearby pond with some unfrozen running water from a stream, where the horses would be able to drink. The weather wasn't all that cold. It was cold enough for a breathing cloud to form near Adèle's mouth, but certainly not biting cold. Adèle looked at the landscape around her. They were lost in the middle of a hilly forest. It was quite remote. Not a soul was stirring around them. There were some sparrows and a few crows.

Adèle stood near the church, smoking a cigarette. She was watching the arches and their subtle plays of lights and shadows on the granite walls.

A pair of strong hands grabbed her! Adèle was almost lifted off her feet and half-dragged, half-carried to the wall and then pinned against it; she felt a hand cupping one of her breasts through her winter coat. It was the Lieutenant. Another soldier was holding her. If she recalled right, his name was Simon.

"Wh... What are you doing?! Nooo!! Let me go!!!... Commandant!!! Tell your men to let me go! AT ONCE!!!" She spoke the last word with anger in her voice.

The Commandant said nothing. He stood by along the other men as he watched the Lieutenant and Simon who began assaulting Adèle's clothes.

"NOOO!!! STOP THIS!! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!"

The frienzed pair of blue-uniformed men urgently ripped her coat open, sending buttons flying down on the wet snow, while Adèle was wriggling and writhing in their grip, trying to kick them as Simon presently began tearing her blouse open. She bolted and for a moment, her cleavage escaped more exposure, but the two men were way too strong and fierce! The Lieutenant encouraged Simon...

"Vas-y Simon ! Déshabille-moi cette belle petite aventurière ! J'ai tellement envie de voir ses seins !" (Let's go Simon! Undress this cute little adventuress! I've been dreaming about her breasts!)

"Non ! Arrêtez ! Vous n'avez pas le droit ! Non !" (No! Stop! You have no right! No!)

The Lieutenant went behind Adèle and firmly restrained her arms. This time Simon got a better hold on Adèle's blouse. He grabbed the delicate fabric in his fierce hands, and the sound of ripping fabric filled the quiet place as Adèle shrieked in terror while her blouse was brutally forced open. Then, the frenzied soldier violently grabbed her bra between her mounds and pulled hard! The fabric was stretched thin away from her chest, then it snapped broken and Adèle's perky breasts bounced back in full view! They were now freely moving along with her desperate struggle, revealing her intimate paleness between the white curtains of her destroyed blouse.

Simon stooped down and began kissing Adèle's small nipples. She kicked him, narrowly missing his grown. Simon stood tall and slapped her. He then pushed the remnants of her blouse farther to the sides in order to have a better view on her naked breasts.

Both men switched positions. Now Simon was holding Adèle's arms and kissing her neck while the Lieutenant was in front of her and gleefully sucking her breasts. Her skin felt both cold and silky in the wintery air. Adèle felt her body very strongly responding. All of a sudden, the cold breeze was directly on her breasts! The Lieutenant's mouth and tongue on her nipple felt like a burning furnace of lust, sharply contrasting with the cold.  She felt all the gazes on her! Every man present was looking at her girly splendour!

Adèle felt her breasts quickly swelling under the Lieutenant's hand and mouth. She fought hard to repress her nascent moans. Her cunt was flooded with juices, in preparation to receive these men's tribute to her sophisticated beauty.

She began bawling as the Lieutenant violently tucked up her dress and ragingly pulled her winter leggings down. The Lieutenant motioned at two soldiers, who ran and knelt down; they swiftly removed Adèle's small boot, before the Lieutenant peeled the leggings off her legs and feet! She was gorgeous!

The Lieutenant's erection was stallion-hard! Once the leggings were discarded, he urgently ripped her panties off. He pushed her long dress all the way up so he could get a real good look at her cunt. Adèle had a velvety patch of dark hair forming a perfect triangle pointing down at her entrance. Her coral-coloured folds were perfectly visible.

"AAaaahhhh... NAAAAAAaaahhhh!! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Adèle screamed as the Lieutenant, his eyes crazy with lust, was unzipping his uniform trousers. Then a loud voice stopped him.

"STOP! LIEUTENANT! HOLD IT RIGHT NOW! THAT'S FAR ENOUGH!" the Commandant had spoken. All action stopped.

Adèle: "?!?"


Adèle: "WHAT?!?!"

She couldn't believe her ears. After all, the Commandant did like her in this way. What do you know?! Her sense of satisfied curiosity made her briefly forget the terrible predicament she was in. At last, her luck had ran out! She was weirdly curious to know how their dicks would feel inside her.

Adèle was alone with these eight men in a remote place. There was nothing that could be done to prevent it... She was going to be gang-raped! Here. By her own escorting soldiers. At this ancient church in the middle of the woods, with their horses quietly drinking at the pond.

Adèle's half-naked body bolted as the Commandant urgently presented his surprisingly large dick and pushed his cock at her entrance, with the Lieutenant and Simon firmly restraining her. Since she was so wet, the Commandant readily penetrated Adèle! He uttered a triumphant roar and started raping her!

"Aaahhh!! NO!! NO!!!... NO!!!!... NO!!!!... NO!!!!!..."

Adèle kept repeatedly screaming "NO!" and violently shook her head from side to side; her fur hat fell to the ground and her chocoloate-brown hair flowed down in warm locks, kissed by the sunlight, while her body was utterly shaken and rocked between the officer and Simon as the Commandant kept pounding her and enjoying her vaginal tightness.

The four other soldiers looked on with wild anticipation in their eyes. They were all going to have their turn inside her! None of them could believe they were about to fuck such a sophisticated woman from Paris!

The Commandant made the rape last as long as he could, contemplating Adèle as she kept shaking her head and screaming "NO!" repeatedly while he kept repeatedly banging her. He loved how her breasts wildly jiggled amid her torn garments, a confused pair of moving orbs with her lovely little nipples brightly lighted under the sun --- her erotic beauty highlighted by the moving confusiong of her destroyed blouse and the flapping heaviness of her wide-open green coat. This was so DELICIOUS! She may then report it and complain, but... OH GOD! This was so Amazing GOOD!!!

Sensing he was about to ejaculate, the Commandant took a firmer hold of Adèle's alluring thighs and greatly intensified his banging to a frantic pace. He looked into her bobbing face as he grunted with increasing force, his breath forming an ever-renewed cloud of intense heat out of his mouth. Then he finally exploded, filling the place with his scream of bliss and calling her Mademoiselle Blanc-Sec as he spewed a massive load inside her!

Adèle felt weirdly flattered from eliciting such an intense response from this handsome man! She felt ashamed of it, but she had been herself quite close to orgasming when the Commandant concluded her initial session of forced sex. Her mind was racing with confusion and stung her with a deep sense of debasement, but her body clearly longed for the next man's dick.

Presently, the Lieutenant moved in between her legs to take possession of her. Simon was still firmly holding her from behind, looking down on her magnificent breasts from above her shoulder, and whispering to her ear, telling her how beautiful she was, telling her that he and all the other men had been dreaming of this since the moment they had first seen her! She almost felt flattered. Her cheeks blushed from the intense distress mixed with savage arousal.

As he inserted his granite-hard dick inside Adèle's cum-dripping pussy, and not minding sloppy seconds, the Lieutenant exclaimed his joy in a triumphant loud cheer...

Then the Lieutenant began raping Adèle Blanc-Sec, firmly holding her moving thighs and watching the lovely sight of her breasts jiggling under the wintery sun, her nipples standing hard and straight with subtle goosebumps from the chilling air. A plume of condensation came out of Adèle's mouth, constantly renewed, as she began moaning loud!

The Lieutenant raped Adèle with obvious delight, groaning and grunting like a rutting baboon. Her moaning intensified. She was no longer resisting. Simon took advantage of this and began cupping and gently kneading her breasts from behind. Suddenly, Adèle let out a loud, detonating moan followed with a series of extremely high-pitched groans that resonated through the place in chaotic intervals, making the horses start and turning their ears in her direction.

Adèle (getting gang-banged): "OH MON DIEU!!! OH MON DIEU!!! OH MON DIEU!!! AAAAA OUI!!!! ... OUI!!! ... .... OUI!!! .... OUI!!!... aaaaaaaaah OUI !!! C'EST BON !!! ... MES BEAUX SOLDATS !!! OUI !!!! OOOOHHHH... Ooohhh... Ooohhh...... aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAAAaaahhhh nnnnhhh nnnnhhh nnnnnnnn nnnnnhh... nnnnnnnnnnhhh ooohhhh!!!!" (Oh mon Dieu = Oh my God) (Mes beaux soldats = My handsome soldiers)

The Lieutenant: "AH OUI ! AH OUI ! JE LA VIOLE !!! AHHH C'EST BON !!! AHH C'EST BON !!! AHHHH !!! ADÈLE EST VIOLÉE !!! AH OUI!!! OUI !!! OUI !!! OUI!!!!"

The Lieutenant kept screaming "OUI!!!" repeatedly while Adèle had reverted to shouting "No!" in leitmotiv amid her moaning. The powerful pounding and rocking motion was overwhelming her and shaking her known universe upside down!

Then came the final explosion! The Lieutenant screamed his joy in a big final OUI (YES) as he relieved himself with unfathomable delight! Adèle felt his hot jism flooding her soldier-taken vagina.

His legs became all wobbly! He knew that Adèle Blanc-Sec was going to be "une vraie bonne baise" (a really good fuck), but he had NO IDEA this was going to be this good! 

Now Adèle was out-of-control aroused! Her secret sexual self came out in its full capacity and she knew there was no stopping this. Now she was to be gang-fucked by the rank and file! All six of them! All French studs!

She was going to love every second of it! The Lieutenant had been as good as his word. He had told all the men the night before that she was going to let them gang-fuck her somewhere in the countryside. This was why no one came to visit the Abbess. The soldiers had been keeping their full loads of spunk just for her! This was the most beautiful compliment she ever got from men!

She found this so elating! Finally, she was getting gang-fucked for real! What a ride!

The paper Adèle had given the Lieutenant said this...

You and your men... Take me to some secluded spot, make a pretense. Then you'll jump on me and I'll scream, protest and resist just as if it was a rape. You can take your pleasure inside me. Just don't go too rough at first. You can rip off my clothes and give me one of your spare uniforms after. I don't like anal sex, but you can take me elsewhere all you want! You can also kiss and cuddle during and after; I won't complain!
All yours! A.

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Chapter 3 --- A Campfire in a Medieval Chapel

"Oh... Mademoiselle ! Vous avez de si beaux seins ! Ooohhh..." (Oh... Milady! Your breasts are gorgeous! Ooohhh...) Simon spoke these words in a wildly ecstatic tone as he was down on top of her and worshipping her breasts, tasting her nipples as he spoke.

"Chut ! Ne dites rien ! Allez soldat ! Violez-moi ! C'est votre tour, Simon !" (Ssh! Don't say a word sir! Come on, soldier! Rape me! Take your turn, Simon!) Adèle Blanc-Sec replied, feeling the soldier's wet fire all over her breasts. She felt all these men's gazes over her half-naked figure. She started feeling cold, but she wanted this Simon to mount her outdoors, right beside the chapel wall. The soldiers were silently contemplating her; all was quiet; she heard the horses some distance away.

She hoped there weren't going to be any Moroccan soldiers showing up on the scene. As things stood, these men were sitting ducks to a surprise attack. Moroccan soldiers were perfectly capable of being such brigands. But ooohhh... The fantasy of herself getting gang-raped by African men put her body ablaze with new fires of arousal.

When Simon stopped sucking her breasts and powerfully entered his cock inside her tight pussy, Adèle Blanc-Sec blissfully let him rock her body on the green blanket that was normally used as her winter cloak. She wrapped her legs around the tall French soldier, put her arms around him and death-gripped his powder-blue uniform. She was encircling him while he was savagely mounting her, exhaling his grunts in the nape of her neck. She felt the fire of his breath, the blissful hammering of his dick and the cold breeze on her bare feet as she crossed ankles on top of his moving butt.

Adèle Blanc-Sec pictured herself as being captured by Moroccan soldiers. Her clothes urgently ripped off. Herself, even more urgently gang-raped! She imagined all these frantic African men taking their turns and each plunging his throbbing dick between her spread-out legs! She felt her climax approaching as Simon kept banging her...

Then it came... "OOOH MON DIEU !!! ... MON DIEU !!!... MON DIEU !!!" Adèle kept shouting "Mon Dieu !!!" (Oh my God!!!) as the millions of timebombs detonated throughout her body, with the strongest explosions inside her womanhood and her two boobs, as her nipples kept being brushed by Simon's uniform; the soldier kept banging her, supporting his weight on his elbows to avoid choking her under his 90-kg frame.

Adèle experienced another orgasm, even more powerful! "MON DIEU !!! AAAAHHH C'EST BON !!! OUI !!! OUI !!! OUI... DANS MES BRAS !!!" (C'EST BON = IT FEELS GOOD) (DANS MES BRAS = COME INTO MY ARMS)

Simon kept hammering Adèle! He was starting to wonder if he was ever going to ejaculate, then he started running a fantasy. He remembered a haughty woman from his village. She was perhaps 30 years old when he left for the War. She never stopped teasing men that she profoundly despised. She was the Baron's wife and insisted on being called "Madame la Baronne". His fantasy was simple --- he came in the village with a platoon of soldiers, all armed with rifles. They took her out of her manor and all raped her on the village square! Everyone cheered! Local men joined in!

As he pictured the Baroness lying down Eve-naked on the village square, with loads of cum spilling out of her mouth, ass and pussy, Simon finally got passed the no-return point! He buried his face into Adèle's hair and growled a long, unintelligible growl as he relieved himself! As he mumbled "Madame... la Bar... onne..." he felt Adèle's gloved fingers caressing his blond hair as he finished emptying his load inside Adèle Blanc-Sec. He kissed her very tenderly and gently caressed her cheek before leaving. She was so lovely!



Adèle was quickly carried inside the ancient church. Soldiers started a campfire to provide some heating. They took Adèle's mantle off her arms and spread it out like a blanket. Then they took off all her remaining clothes and gently laid her down Eve-naked, their eyes wildly contemplating her Parisian nakedness bathed by the golden campfire light.

The two youngest soldiers were out fetching the horses; they took them inside the church with them to keep them from potential robbers. The two officers volunteered to keep watch outdoors; they would smoke a cigarette together.

Near Adèle, the three next-in-line soldiers --- Léon, Louis and Bertrand --- recalled one another their years of seniority. Léon and Louis had both volunteered in August 1914, while Bertrand had been conscripted two years later. Léon's face lighted up with exhilaration as he won the heads or tails coin flip. The two recruits from 1918 would come last after Bertrand.

Léon laid himself down next to Adèle and started kissing her. He kept kissing her and took a complete tour of her body, giving the most attention to her navel and then her cunt. Then he kindly asked her to turn around and kneel on all fours.


The sudden sight of Adèle's white butt caused Léon's dick to become granite-hard just as fast as Medusa could turn a man into stone. All men present experienced a similar change. They hardly could have even imagined such a gorgeous female butt, let alone see one in the flesh. Perhaps only the late Mata Hari could rival Adèle Blanc-Sec in rear-end perfection.

Léon realized his mistake as his hands made contact with Adèle's magically slim waist; her torso looked even slimmer and narrower against her curvy butt. He knew that he wasn't going to last very long, and there lay his mistake. Next time he'd take her lying sideways, so he could hold her breasts from behind while he fucked her. But now it was too late, so he went with it and fucked her doggystyle, experiencing unfathomable elation as he stallioned her!

Adèle loved this! She was a vaginal woman; she could orgasm through intercourse alone. This was the first time she was getting fucked in this position since her last vacation in Egypt; Patmosis was an amazing and caring lover, in spite of being a parchment-dry mummy. Every love affair comes with its problems. Patmosis's hands were perhaps on the dry side, but he hard a hard dick, thick-shafted, that could endure a full night of delights and give her biblical-scale orgasms! Adèle knew orgasms, then she knew ORGASMS in the arms of Patmosis!

Léon was blissfully mounting Adèle near the campfire that cast giant shadows against the chapel's inner arches, while she kept whispering "Patmosis" very low, so only herself could hear. At any rate, Léon was groaning and grunting his pleasure. Before long, the granite arched echoed with his final shout of fulfilled lust as he dumped his steaming jizz!


As she said this, Adèle rhythmically kicked her feet behind her, skillfully showcasing her erotic charms as she was kneeling on all fours, leading male gazes into thinking they were contemplating a teenage girl! She had indeed as much dainty grace as a maid, yet there was something more! She had the alluring charms of a woman who fully owned her sexuality. The men who had already relieved themselves inside her decided right there that they were going to take a second turn!

Being next in line, Louis rushed at her, knelt behind her and began kissing and licking her feet with fervent devotion.

"HA! HA! HA! HA! Aaaaahhh... Ça chatouille ! Ah ah... Allons, ce n'est pas une sainte relique !" (HA! HA! HA! HA! Aaaaahhh... It's tickling! Ah ah... Now come, this isn't a holy relic!)

Louis finally mounted her in the same way as Léon. This time, Adèle hit her stride. She felt like a mare being mounted by a stallion! With each stroke, she was purposefully moving herself back into him and his impaling dick; she loved this! Her moaning got louder. Louis was closing his eyes to avoid the constant sight of her butt in a vain hope of lasting longer, but Adèle's derriere filled the field of vision in his mind and it got even worse! With this, he also recalled her feet and then he suddenly became stiff behind her and powerfully erupted with a steaming load of spunk!

Adèle had been just on the verge of Cloud Nine, so she moved her head further down as if she was kissing the floor, in order to give the men the full display of her protruding butt and powerfully suggest this position. This drove Bertrand insane!

Bertrand rushed at her and soon began fucking her with savage delight and unrestrained abandon! Before long, the church was filled with Adèle's loud verbal expression of pleasure. She moaned louder and louder, began repeatedly shouting "OH MON DIEU ! ... OH MON DIEU !!! ... OUI !!! ... OUI !!! ... OUIIII !!!..." and then she detonated verbally, physically and spiritually. Jérôme and Lucien, the younger soldiers, felt immensely elated as they witnessed this. They were next!

Bertrand pounded Adèle with frantic abandon, then he further increased his pace to a blurry frenzy as he screamed out his joy and kept banging her throughout a long-lasting ejaculation! The sound deeply resonated throughout the stone arches. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHRRRR!!!"

Then came Jérôme and Lucien, who began arguing about who was taking her first; they had been drafted the same day. Simon quickly settled this; Jérôme was first as per alphabetical order. Coin flipping was for seasoned soldiers only. 

Adèle was brought up to her feet and bent over a gisant. The naked woman apologized to the sleeping knight...

Then she took the 19-year-old soldiers, both of them, as they very gleefully mounted her doggystyle and filled her up with their farm boy's sperm! Adèle Blanc-Sec experienced new orgasms in this position. This was the position she had pictured herself in when soldiers had surprised and captured her in Egypt back in 1912. This had been yet another close call, but she had almost hoped her escape attempt would fail and then...

While Jérôme and Lucien took their pleasure, Adèle Blanc-Sec imagined these Egyptian soldiers stripping her out of her safari-style clothes before gang-raping her doggystyle as they'd have restrained her bent over some antique sarcophagus! She screamed out of pure bliss when she orgasmed. Three times over! Ohhh... These soldiers were such studs!

The fact that these two soldiers were so much younger than her greatly aroused the 32-year-old woman. It was a good thing she finally allowed herself to be used in such a way, since her youthful beauty would eventually fade and such young studs would no longer look at her the way they did now. The time would come when only Patmosis would want her. Love with a mummy came with its own advantages.

Adèle became aware of older hands holding her waist. She recognized the Commandant's voice. Commandant Michel Bourseault took his delight inside the lovely journalist he had been dreaming to fuck over the last couple of years. "ENFIN !!! ENFIN !!! ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRRR!!!" (AT LAST!!! AT LAST!!! ... ...) He shouted when he exploded in a geyser of cum! Each of several gobs shot out of his pulsating dick and left him with a comforting feeling of warmth.

Then her cum-dripping entrance was taken over by the Lieutenant. The orgy was in full swing and there was no stopping it! The Lieutenant finished, then came Simon, again, and then the rest of these able-bodied soldiers took once more their blissful delight inside this Parisian strong-minded woman they were escorting and protecting. Now all social distances were abolished! All barriers were crushed! They all rammed their dicks inside her and utterly filled her up as she was kept bent over the gisant.

The neighbouring gisant was female. The campfire light casted dark, lurking shadows on the lady's stony face. One could have sworn she looked jealous and angry as the church was filled with the soldiers' grunts and growls mixed with Adèle's endless whimpers and cries of delight. Her breasts were pressed on the stone knight's face for this entire time.

They would spend the night there. The soldiers would worship and pleasure Adèle, acting as her dominating servant knights until the wee hours. Some of them would feel guilt as their eyes fell on their wedding ring, but then they would keep gently caressing Adèle's brown hair as she'd give fellatio to each and everyone of them, swallowing all their loads. She also complied with a special request from the Commandant and allowed him to cum on her feet. The gisants reminded them that you only live once.

Simon would never forget the sight of Adèle's breasts jiggling up and down, her small nipples catching the campfire light, as she smiled down on him while riding his cock until he even forgot who he was.

It was "une vraie bonne partie de jambes en l'air"!

(It was a real good fuck!)

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Chapter 4 --- Mutiny! The Senegalese Are Coming!

The following morning found Adèle riding her horse, quietly smiling and letting a forceful cocktail of happy feelings run up and down her body, from the memories of soldiers kissing and massaging her bare feet and caressing every inch of her naked body, all the way to Simon's loving hands playing with her hair. Simon was her favourite. She of course would never tell this to anyone, not even Simon himself, but it was true; there was something about the way Simon touched her that had her melting in his arms! When her hands took his dick and felt the amazing softness of his male skin, Adèle had felt she could have pleasured him for hours on end!

Adèle Blanc-Sec delightfully felt the saddle gently rocking between her legs as she rode along with her escorting soldiers toward Dahn. Her vagina was a bit sore, but it had been so AMAZING to spend a night of passion alone with these eight men! EIGHT! And each man a stud who had mounted her like a true stallion! Who would believe her? She had trouble even believing herself. Did she dream?!

As for the soldiers, they rode with a profound sense of elation. From time to time, they'd watch Adèle as she rode, looking so feminine in spite of the spare uniform she was now wearing. "I've fucked her?! Yes, I've fucked her! Wow! Who would believe me?" most of them thought. They hoped to do this again, the sooner the better.

Yet the Commandant reminded them of their duty. By mid-morning, their hormones had calmed down a bit, and the escorting soldiers kept a keen eye for anything out of the ordinary. They only met some countrymen and passed by scattered farms. Whenever they came by some vantage point, the Commandant himself would go up there and scan the horizon with his binoculars.

It was around eleven in the morning; they were nearing the village of Dahn when they saw two distinct plumes of dark smoke on the Eastern horizon. It looked like some houses were on fire. Then they spotted two riders coming at them; they turned out to be French horsemen; they were in great alarm, constantly looking behind them. It was a young Sub-Lieutenant and a 50-year-old Maréchal-des-logis-chef* (* a Senior Sergeant in the French Cavalry).

Adèle was riding next to the Commandant when these two cavalrymen reached them. Both men had dirty uniforms and faces that clearly indicated that they did not shave that morning. They kept looking behind them as in fear of some pursuing enemy.

They were bringing terrible news. An entire Battalion of Senegalese soldiers had mutinied! They were on a killing and looting rampage! Some Alpine-corps Lieutenant was leading them. Rumors had it that that this officer had gone crazy and was growing increasingly powerful and dangerous. From the platoon he had begun with, he had managed to rally a full battalion! And they were coming this way!

There wasn't a moment to lose!

The Commandant turned back and started riding toward the convent again. At the first farm they rode into, he stopped to warn the family and found no telephone in that house. Nobody even had electric power in the entire countryside! It was still very much like in the 19th century in these parts. They needed to call Sarrebruck and alert the General! He sent the Lieutenant ahead of them with Léon. They were to quickly ride to the nearest village and telegraph from there.

Commandant Michel Bourseault wanted to swiftly take Adèle far from harm's way, but she insisted! They needed to ride out and warn every farmhouse of the approaching danger! It was especially important to make it quick back to the nunnery ahead of time, so the Abbess would have enough notice time to evacuate the abbey.

Thus, they spent the next day going from door to door and warning the country folks about the mutinied troops headed their way. The Lieutenant and Léon were soon back among them, with very unfortunate news; the heavy snowfall, followed with severe freezing rain in some places, had damaged the telegraph lines and it had proven impossible to reach Sarrebruck! Tough break!

Time flew by as the white snowy ground got increasingly darker under their hoofs. The sun was setting and it was time to stop for the night. They spent the night at a farm with a family, on high alert with set watches.

The next dawn brought more bad news. A group of French foot soldiers ran into the farm. They told the Commandant that a large company of Senegalese mutineers were only a few kilometres away and coming their way!

"What?! So fast?!" the Commandant had replied. He had thought these ran-amok soldiers would scatter and merely pillage the nearby farms and villages. He had expected to see many new plumes of tell-tale dark burning smoke. Now he knew why there hasn't been such new signs of country horror --- These soldiers knew where they were going and were headed right there! But where was that? They were headed their way, but the path didn't lead to anything very important, except perhaps the nunnery... The nunnery!

Within minutes, the farm was vacated of all human or animal life. Riding at a trot and sometimes hitting a gallop, the soldiers and Adèle Blanc-Sec were soon back at the abbey, while the hamlet inhabitants were taking to their heels and leaving their houses and belongings. The Abbess refused to leave. She said there was a secret door in the cellar and they could all take a secret passage and go hide in a nearby forest.

The Commandant insisted. They had to leave, at once! They were only two or three hours ahead of the Senegalese troops! The Abbess told him that there was no way they could all walk on the road without these fierce African soldiers overtaking them. As a group walking the road, they'd be too slow for these quickly marching troops. Their only chance was to stay at the abbey and go into hiding using this century-old underground tunnel.

The Lieutenant, Adèle and Simon chimed in; the Abbess was right. The nuns would be defenseless on the road and quickly overtaken where even they--- eight cavalrymen --- would be utterly powerless to protect them against so many foes. Whatever they did, they were in very grave danger. Their least dangerous course of action lay in using that underground passage, hiding and waiting for help.

Once more, the Lieutenant was dispatched along with Léon, both of them being the best and fastest riders. Their mission was to reach the General and get help as soon as possible. Even if they hid in a thick forest, it would be only a matter of time before the mutinied troops located them, as they were clearly headed for the nunnery, and if they found the nest empty, they'd know that the turtledoves wouldn't have had time to flutter away very far. In other words, they were in serious trouble!

But Adèle Blanc-Sec cheered them up with her usual positive energy. She helped the Abbess by leading her nuns into packing their most valuable belongings while the Abbess went down the cellar to open the secret door.

However, something unexpected happened. Jérôme and Lucien followed the Abbess downstairs. They closed the cellar door behind them, and as soon as they found themselves alone with the 35-year-old Abbess, they jumped on her and raped her! They knew they were doing something incredibly stupid, but they felt such immense elation from their experience with Adèle that it had been stronger than them -- they HAD to know the difference between her and the Abbess! As the disrobed her, they found the Abbess was even more beautiful! But Adèle smelt slightly more paradise-like. The Abbess had fuller breasts, yet they weren't what could be called large.

Resisting at first, the Abbess had ended up giving in; it had been quite a while since her last sexual encounter with such handsome young men and she ended up greatly enjoying their loving attentions. Jérôme sucked her highly sensitive breasts with such warmth and enthusiasm that she ended up orgasming from this alone!

After more than an hour, the nuns had their things packed and headed downstairs with Adèle and the soldiers leading them. The Abbess barely had time to get dressed again before they knocked on the oddly shut door. Jérôme and Lucien opened, embarrassment painted so clearly on their faces that the Commandant instantly understood and slapped them both!

"Espèces de sales cochons de lait ! Vous êtes bons pour la Cour martiale ! Vous pouvez tous nous faire tuer !" (You filthy suckling pigs! You'll be court-martialled all right! You could get us all killed!)

Then the Abbess let out a shrill scream of despair! The underground tunnel was blocked! There had been some boulder collapse. It was difficult to tell to which extent the passage was obstructed, but one thing was clear --- The Commandant had to make a quick decision!

Since it was impossible to tell how long clearing the way would take, the Commandant ordered to quickly run out of the convent and seek hiding in the forest.

"But, mon Commandant!" said Simon. "We'll leave clear trails on the snow! They'll be upon us in no time. Our only hope is to start removing those boulders and clear the way as fast as possible! And defend this place between the six of us to make more time!"

"THERE'S SEVEN OF US!" exclaimed Adèle Blanc-Sec, showing the revolver she had had on herself the whole time. The soldiers had seen it, of course, but they had been in such a high state of excitement when they were stripping her that they had quickly forgotten. So they all looked at her weapon in genuine surprise.


This cry of despair came from one of the teenage novices who had come back up to fetch something she had forgotten. Through the window, she had seen the wave of soldiers approaching the convent.

"QUICK! QUICK! MY BOYS! EVERYBODY UP THERE AND MAKE A STAND!" barked the Commandant. Adèle followed them, leaving the Abbess and her nuns with the grim task of finding out if they'd have time to remove enough boulders to make their escape before it was too late. They didn't want to think about what would happen if they failed, but the Abbess and perhaps several of her girls felt secret arousal as they thought about them being savagely gang-fucked by horny Senegalese soldiers. The Abbess began removing rocks with shamefully swelling breasts under her chaste nun gown.

She had bizarrely felt pride upon hearing the Commandant swearing about these black devils running on winged feet! They seemed to be in such a hurry to reach the nunnery! They clearly meant to overrun the place and... The Abbess was soaking wet!


They had come just in time! The Senegalese soldiers were only 50 yards away when they quickly shattered windows and opened fire! The Commandant, firing his pistol, narrowly missed what looked like a white Sergeant who was leading them. Then Adèle Blanc-Sec fired beside him and hit him square in the belly! The traitor fell on one knee and he was being helped by a man when Simon fired and hit; the Sergeant lay down on the muddy snow as the black soldiers made a hasty retreat while sporadically returning fire. Simon and the four other soldiers fired their rifles and found their marks again.

Leaving several casualties lying down on the open ground, the numerous Senegalese soldiers --- dozens of them, at least --- ran back and took cover behind trees, about 100 yards away. Thus began the siege.

"Au moins, on leur a tué leur chef Blanc. Ça devrait les désorganiser un peu ! Mais faites attention à leurs mouvements ! Ils pourraient songer à envoyer un groupe abattre la porte de devant avec un tronc d'arbre comme bélier!"
(At least, we've killed their white leader. This should disorganize them a little! But look out for any surprise move! They could send a party beat down the front door using a tree trunk as a battering ram!)

Hearing their commander's advice, the four soldiers began aiming and firing at intervals, just enough to keep the enemy on their toes. Munitions were infinitely precious. Adèle and the Commandant were outside of effective pistol-firing range. Suddenly the Abbess showed up. She was holding a hunting rifle.

"It is something I sometimes use for deer hunting. Take it. And take this pouch. I only have 22 bullets left. I was never able to buy new ones during the war. It's not much, but it's better than nothing..."

Adèle took the rifle. It was a beautiful Winchester Model 1894 with lever action and a barrel that could load eight rounds. She loaded the weapon with blinding speed. Then she went at the window, took aim and fired. She saw a Senegalese soldier biting the snow.

"Très précise ! Merci ma bonne abbesse !" (Very accurate! Thank you my good Abbess!)

Such were the laconic remarks of Adèle before she fired a second round and took another Senegalese life. But then she quickly retreated as several enemy rounds came whizzing through the broken windowpane.

From downstairs, the news were grim. There were a lot more boulders blocking the way than they had first thought. The Abbess wasn't even sure it was still possible to pass. She quickly ran back downstairs, repressing her sobs of terror. It looked more and more like they were trapped.

For the time being, they were able to keep the enemy at bay, as no Senegalese soldier seemed willing to risk his life in some risky move, although the numbers were overwhelmingly on the besieger's side. They probably felt their best bet was to simply sit it out until the defenders ran out of ammunition.

The Commandant eventually learned that they were simply waiting for their officer.

"SAPERLIPOPETTE !!!" (Good Heavens!!!) the Commandant ejaculated as he saw this officer, who was wearing an Alpine-Corps uniform. "Lieutenant Bernard Faucher?!" he added, looking at him as if he had just seen a ghost. He quickly explained to Adèle that he'd had serious issues with that Lieutenant in the past. War, it seemed, killed the best and left the worst alive.

Adèle took a peek through the window, ignoring a bullet that whizzed inches away from her head.

"He's about 150 meters away! I can get him from here..."

She took a careful aim, but then she suddenly let out a yelp of terror and surprise.

"They've captured the Lieutenant and Léon!" she said, as she dropped her head in time before a volley hit the window.

The low sun was presently casting giant shadows that were quickly waning into night. Léon and the Lieutenant, hands tied up behind them, were walking in front of this Lt. Faucher, who stopped and stood near his prisoners about 120 or 130 yards away from the window, with three quarters of his figure hidden behind a tree. He called to the defenders...


Adèle Blanc-Sec took a careful aim. She was certain that they would kill the prisoners anyway, even if the Commandant surrendered. The most important thing was to kill their white officer and leave the snake without a head.

"Mon Dieu, faites que je vise juste !" (Good Lord, help me in finding my mark!)

Then, she halted her breathing, time stopped. She fired. As soon as she did, a large volley hit the window and she plunged on the floor as bullets whizzed above her. She didn't see if she had hit him. She felt she did, but she wasn't absolutely certain.

Two gunshots resonated, but this time no bullet whizzed by. Simon confirmed that they had killed the Lieutenant and Léon. Adèle Blanc-Sec broke down in tears. At that moment, she knew that she had done a big mistake the day before! She shouldn't have allowed herself to indulge in her sexual urges; now that she felt emotionally attached to these soldiers, it obscured her judgement. She felt a part of herself dying as she heard these gunshots. When Adèle had sex, she always gave the best in herself. She never did anything half-hearted.

Then she realized with dread --- No help was coming. Only night. Night and more than 200 angry Senegalese soldiers.

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Chapter 5 --- The Last Stand

The Commandant and the soldiers maintained a constant watch over the front, where the enemy were firing sporadic shots from the tree line, 100-150 yards away. As long as they kept the room dark, the wintery night gave the defenders an edge; the enemy soldiers were easier to spot against the snow, even on this new moon night, while the defenders were themselves behind a curtain of darkness.

The other sides of the convent had only slits for windows, through which defenders could fire with nearly perfect protection. During the afternoon, nuns had brought rocks upstairs to consolidate the barricade at the front door, where they had also placed heavy furniture. Fear enhanced their strength. The small back door was similarly barricaded.

Downstairs, the Abbess grew more and more hopeless. Boulders were removed only to give access to more boulders! The nuns grew tired and had to rest. The youngest nuns were used as lookouts on the sides and rear of the abbey; their keen young eyes would alert the soldiers in case of any surprise attack against the rear door.

The abbey walls were impregnable due to their medieval thickness of granite. However, very agile soldiers could climb the building from the sides and then throw ropes to allow a great number of troops to climb down on the other side and occupy the inner court. Such a move was very unlikely as long as the enemy didn't know that they were facing so few defenders --- enough troops would easily encircle them in the inner court and slaughter them. Seven armed defenders were not nearly enough. The Commandant was certain that the Lieutenant and Léon had not spoken before dying.

Adèle kept a keen eye on the small black silhouettes moving through the dark trees some 150 yards away. Whether she had shot the enemy officer or no would become apparent from the way the enemy fought. Any truly clever and cohesive action would mean she had missed him. Yet there was always the chance of facing some intelligent tribal leader among these African soldiers, who had been fighting in France long enough to be familiar with European terrain.

She thought about what she would do if she were the leader of this attacking force. In all probability, they were having dinner. She could even spot some distant low-light fires. They were heating their coffee and cooking their food at a safe distance. If it were still daytime, Adèle was a good enough shot to possibly hit them even from so far, but she had to wait the morning for this.

The Commandant agreed it was the ideal moment to eat and use the bathroom. This was going to be a very long night. The Abbess reported that there wasn't any significant progress down there in the tunnel. They would resume work as soon as they'd be rested. The Commandant pressed her on; it was their only chance of escape, and they would be very lucky to defend the place successfully through the night. They probably had only five or six hours left if they spared their remaining bullets.

He asked the Abbess if there was anything in the way of ancient missile weapons such as bows or perhaps spears. She said there was a 17th-century crossbow that hadn't been used for decades. It was still in good state except a few rusty spots, and there were some ten bolts. Adèle asked the Abbess to go fetch it. She knew how to load and use these weapons and she decided to keep it loaded and well hidden as a last-resort weapon to shoot the enemy officer with if he was still alive. She'd have only one shot.

Adèle went to help fetching food in the kitchen while the soldiers kept their nerve-racking watch. Luckily, none of the defenders had been wounded thus far. In the kitchen, Adèle stumbled into a box of Banania. On the box of chocolate powder, a Senegalese soldier in parade uniform was enjoying some milky hot chocolate while grinning in a way that Adèle found very creepy, if not outright terrifying given the predicament she was in.

If they overran the place and her luck finally dried out, were these black-faced soldiers going to wear that same grin when they would capture her along with the nuns? She had little doubt as to the fate awaiting her if they won. Such thoughts filled her with dread, grief for the soldiers who would die and also some shameful measure of deep fascination as to how it would feel to find herself in the arms of such savages, to feel their hands on her exposed breasts, to receive them inside her... She didn't want to think about this. She repressed a sob of terror as she left the kitchen.

She brought loaves of bread, butter and a full jar of milk. An older nun made coffee for the soldiers. Bertrand drank with a trembling hand and Adèle came to him and gently kissed him on the cheek to calm him down.

Then came the long vigil.

At one point, there was a lot of movement among the trees directly in front of them. The Commandant told the nuns watching the sides and back to keep a very keen eye; he felt chances were high these movements were a diversion. Adèle remained posted at the same window; she aimed true whenever she had a neat mark of shadow. She estimated that if she hit home with each of her remaining bullets, she'd kill or wound some 20 men, which was probably close to a tenth of their numbers.

However, after two kills by headshot, the enemy grew wiser and avoided to show themselves to what they felt was a sniper firing at them. Humans are an extremely intelligent game.

Two hours later, some fires were seen coming ablaze all at once and emitting a large amount of smoke --- probably cedars or fir branches. The enemy opened volley fire on the convent façade, taking advantage of the smoke screen. Adèle aimed carefully and hit a soldier. Then she hit another. Her fellow defenders hit some others. After a few casualties, the enemy retreaded into the woods. They kept firing from the more distant range to keep the defenders restless. Adèle grew more and more concerned that their officer was still alive, although she had not spotted him.

Bertrand screamed "Merde !" (Shit!)

Lucien lay dead on the floor. He had been hit by a lucky shot between the eyes.

Then many crackling tam-tam sounds were heard. Adèle Blanc-Sec recognized the sounds of sabar drums ( Drums played by many hands. The encircling drums stopped playing. Then they started again, louder, then faded, then stopped.

Over the next three hours, this pattern renewed itself. First there were fires emitting a screen a smoke; then volley fire; then sabar drums. But no direct offensive advance against the defenders. It was clear they were afraid of snipers.

As munitions were running low, the Commandant ordered to stop firing. If he lured the enemy into thinking they were out of ammo, they might come out and launch an assault that would make them easy targets for their six lever-action rifles. They could then easily cut down a dozen of them before they reached the front door. It might even be enough to demoralize them.

There were no news of the Abbess. The Commandant assumed they were still working their heart out in the hope to finally clear their one route to relative safety.

Then came the alarm from the nuns keeping watch elsewhere in the building. MANY SOLDIERS WERE RUNNING TOWARD THE SIDES AND TO THE REAR!

At this exact same moment, the enemy launched all-out volley fire from the front, covering dozens of agile soldiers that ran for it to the front door! Adèle and the soldiers fired on the rapidly closing soldiers, who were easier marks than the more distant soldiers firing through a curtain of smoke. The Senegalese troops fired shots that weren't meant to be deadly accurate; their goal was to keep the defenders busy while other actions were carried on.

The Commandant swore. A lucky shot had hit him on the shoulder. The fast-running soldiers paid a severe blood tribute, but a good two thirds of them made it to the door. Ten seconds later, a very loud explosion was heard.

"Ils font sauter la porte à coups de grenades ! Merde ! Merde ! Merde !" (They are blowing up the front door with grenades! Shit! Shit! Shit!) Adèle swore. Then she saw a black face only three feet away from her, his face about level with the lower edge of the window, and his savage eyes looking up at her from beyond the broken window pane. She quickly moved and shot him at point-blank range, but then two other soldiers materialized, their faces even more evil-looking than the one she had seen on that box of Banania cocoa.

One of them raised a pistol at her. As Adèle retreated, several black iron balls landed on the floor where they exploded in a profusion of smoke. Smoke grenades! The windows were just large enough for a man to pass sideways, but the shards of sharp glass basically forbade this way of entry. They were running for the front door. Adèle understood that these men had run to the sides, and then alongside the wall to attack them from below the windows.

The Commandant ordered the soldiers to retreat downstairs, where they'd have perhaps 10 or 15 minutes to clear an escape route before the enemy forced them to surrender using tear gas. They were basically screwed!

Enemy soldiers were already entering the convent through the front door. Quick! Quick! Where the passageway made an elbow turning right, Adèle stopped, aimed and fired at the first couple of soldiers running after them from the entry hall. She then ran for the stairwell, where the retreating soldiers were hastily entering.

Simon ran past the heavy oak door to the stairwell; two look-out nuns were still behind and running toward them. Then a group of enemy soldiers overtook them! These men were part of a third attacking party who had blown the back door with grenades as well. Simon aimed and hit a man, then he hesitated, looking in horror at these young nuns already squealing in the arms of enemy soldiers.

Adèle called him as the French soldiers ran into the stairwell...

As Simon finally made up his mind and ran toward Adèle, three gunshots resonated through the passageway. Adèle saw Simon stopping, then he collapsed on the floor, looking and smiling at her as he fell.

"SIMON !!! SIMON !!!"

Adèle forgot where she was and dropped her rifle; she ran to Simon's prostrated form and held him in her arms...

Simon didn't stir nor spoke. He only looked at Adèle. He was trying to speak. She could have sworn he very gently whispered words of love... "Je t'aime Adèle..." (I love you Adèle...)

Then she was grabbed and lifted off Simon's large body by numerous enemy hands. She burst in tears and kept bellowing "SIMON! SIMON!..." as the grinning Senegalese soldiers began assaulting her clothes. They surrounded her with their crazy eyes sharply contrasting with their dark grinning faces. "Banania... y'a bon..." Adèle thought as the soldiers ripped her uniform and undressed her to the waist with unbelievable savagery.

The strength in their ripping hands froze Adèle with both horror and shameful arousal; she felt her suddenly exposed breasts suddenly swelling as enemy hands made contact with her hardening nipples while she kept bellowing "SIMON! SIMON!..."

She heard many confused sounds as the army of hands kept undressing her with barbaric urgency...

"Oh ça alors ! Elle ne portait même pas de soutien-gorge!" (Oh Jesus! She wasn't even wearing a bra!)
"Sa chemise n'avait même plus de boutons !" (There weren't even a button left on her shirt!)
"Je parie que les soldats avec elle se la sont farcie !" (I bet the soldiers with her have had their pleasure with her!)
"C'est notre tour ! Youhouh!!!" (Now it's our turn!)

"Nooon! Arrêtez ! Nous sommes les filles du Saint-Esprit... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" (No! Stop! We're daughters of the Holy Ghost... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

"Nohoooohhhhohhh... AAAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhaaaahhhaaaa..."

As the tumult of squeals, jeers and movement kept her mind whirling in confusion, Adèle Blanc-Sec kept bellowing "Simon! Simon!" She squirmed and wriggled, but her wrists and legs were firmly restrained by the mob, their powder-blue field uniforms highlighting their African features.

She was suspended above the floor amid a sea of grinning black faces with innumerable hands exploring her breasts and humiliating her face and hair. She kept wriggling and struggling, but there were fare too many of them and each of them was individually much stronger than her.

There were more enemy soldiers than she could count, but she intuitively knew that each and every one of them was going to have his turn inside her, just from the devil-eye way they were devouring her visible charms. Adèle Blanc-Sec suddenly realized that her insane luck had come to an end.

Through the spiritual curtain of her grief for her lost lover, Adèle vaguely felt many enemy hands cupping and pressing her captured breasts. Someone pinched a nipple. It vaguely hurt.

Adèle didn't scream. She knew this was pointless. Her only option now was to do whatever she could to minimalize the damage on her body. She kept crying and repeating Simon's name, stricken with unfathomable grief while her ears were filled with the soldier's jeers in French and Wolof. She braced, body and soul, for the unthinkable.

Hands roughly undid her belt and discarded her empty cartridge pouch and other small items she had been carrying; then they savagely pulled her uniform trousers down. A flurry of catcalls and wild exclamations filled the place as the soldiers found that she wasn't wearing panties, which had been ripped off by her own escorting soldiers the day before during their roleplay. Adèle Blanc-Sec knew they were discovering the dark-haired vee between her legs.

"AAAAIIIIIIIEEE!!!" Adèle screamed as they strained one of her ankles while pulling her boots off her feet with adrenaline-fueled strength. Then her trousers vanished from her white legs as she kept wriggling amid the mass of powder-blue uniforms and black hands firmly restraining her. She resisted with wicked adrenaline flooding her entire body, but these Senegalese men were in their post-battle rush!

She tried to kick her legs free; they spread them open. With a thunderous groan, a tall and well-built Senegalese Sergeant imposed himself between her legs and dropped his trousers. Adèle vaguely saw his large chocolate-brown dick amid the moving tumult and through the wet curtain of her tears.

He uttered a wild scream of joy as he pushed his cock into her entrance. "SIMON! SIMON! J'AI MAL!!!" (J'ai mal = I'm hurting) Adèle shouted as the large African man forcefully penetrated her. Then her soul-numbed body was raped.

She was drowning in a sea of African jeers, mixed with the shrill screams from the younger nuns that were sharing her post-battle fate. They all looked straight at her while defiling her breasts while she was mercilessly shaken by the burly Sergeant, who kept loudly grunting as he urgently raped her. He soon cummed, screaming his savage bliss against her face!

Adèle Blanc-Sec began sobbing in uncontrolled spasms under the men's collective hands as she felt the Sergeant's hot semen flooding her cunt.

"Simon... Simon... Ne les laisse pas me faire ça !" (Simon... Simon... Don't let them do this to me!)

The next man --- A Corporal --- took his turn and did his very best to pound her even more brutally than the Sergeant. She felt her swollen breasts wildly jiggling under the enemy's hands and eyes and saw their many faces in a rocking blur from her uncontrolled bobbing head.

Their lust-crazy faces were a terrifying sight! Their grin was ten times more nightmarish as the soldier quietly sitting and drinking hot cocoa on that box of Banania. They kept commenting on her being white and beautiful.

She closed her eyes, trying to mentally escape the horror as she cried over Simon's loss. The man banged her and continued banging her all the way through his climax; Adèle Blanc-Sec felt his thick ropes of jism inside her womanhood as she heard him uttering a beastly growl. A third man immediately replaced him and she was shaken once again amid the tumult of jeers and catcalls from the victorious attackers enjoying their war prize!

Adèle's face was distorted with searing pain as her rapist tore into her with his massive dick! This one was very thickly endowed. She heard some nearby soldiers chanting... "BAO-BAB!... BAO... BAB!" Her rapist had a nickname... the Baobab!

He had zero concern for her. He just firmly held her waist and slammed her repeatedly against his impaling dick until he growled and exploded inside her. Adèle felt the seed flooding her cunt as her grief-stricken mind was vaguely assaulted by a myriad of feelings --- Terror, horror, grief, pain tearing her vagina, satisfied curiosity about how it felt to be gang-raped for real, her ankle hurting since they so violently pulled off her field boots...

She heard his comment as he pulled out...
"Ah, ça c'est du vrai bon cul !" (Now, this is some serious good fucking!)

Another Senegalese soldier eagerly took his turn. Adèle clenched her little fists and braced for this new African invasion. It hurt a little less than the previous rape; her young body was adapting to the massive abuse she was being subjected to. She also felt that these men didn't mean to injure her as much as they meant to take their pleasure.

Through the thick curtain of her tears, Adèle made out the lust-distorted face of her rapist, unable to wrap her mind around the fact that she was being gang-raped by a mob of African men. She didn't feel much arousal. Her cunt was wet, but it was something like a mechanical reaction meant to diminish her pain.

The soldier soon concluded the rape with a nearly silent growl, but a very large load of semen. Then she was raped by a white officer. She knew it! She had missed him!

The mustached Lieutenant looked at her with a devilish grin as he savagely took his pleasure. Adèle felt almost nothing. She was numbed by her sorrow.

"Simon ! Simon !" she kept repeating, her head aimlessly bobbing. She received the Lieutenant's load as she heard his triumphant scream of delight. She could tell he greatly enjoyed raping her. She thought of Patmosis. Would the ancient mummy want her again after THIS? Of course he would. He would be very sorry... unfathomably sorry to hear about her ordeal, but he'd be there for her. Patmosis was a nearly perfect lover.

"Simon... Simon... Simon..." Adèle Blanc-Sec felt like she had been crying for hours, but it was perhaps only the fifth or sixth man who was raping her. She did the quick math; in such state of high arousal after a violent battle, the soldiers didn't pounded her for very long before cumming. It must have been about fifteen minutes, twenty at the most, since her life-altering rape had begun. Other men were raping the nuns nearby; Adèle heard their deafening wails.

She also heard a great many shrill screams coming from somewhere else, beyond the mass of her black-faced "suitors". They had captured the Abbess and her nuns downstairs after massacring the remaining defenders. Did she recognize the Abbess's musical soprano voice amid these screams? Adèle felt too tired to think.

Each new rape made her more numb than the preceding one. Sometimes, the man pounded her in a way that her body liked and she was then forced to whimper and even moan at times, making all these evil men laugh around her.

Then there was movement around her. They were taking her somewhere. She saw the upper jambs of a door passing above her; she was still horizontal and carried by a great many men. Then she felt a tabletop under her naked shoulder blades. She strangely didn't feel ashamed to be naked amid all these men. She most of all felt ashamed for the arousal this caused her to experience confusedly on top of the unsustainable grief and horror.

Her gang-rape began anew, African savage!

Adèle Blanc-Sec whimpered out of pain, sorrow and forced pleasure as each successive man pounded her with the kind of fury one only displayed after a life-or-death gunfight. She had no option left other than enduring the brutal thrashing while her back continually slid on the tabletop...

She was filled with Senegalese cum more times than she could count.

Men were pinching her chin and slapping her lightly in order to humiliate her while her head kept bobbing from the never-ending rapes. She heard their constantly renewed lewd remarks...
"C'est une vraie petite salope parisienne, celle-là ! Elle est vraiment trop mignonne !" (This one is a real cute slut from Paris! She's too pretty!)
"On va tous lui passer dessus ! Elle va en prendre, de la bite de Nègre !" (We're all going to bang her! She's going to take her fill of negro dicks!)

Adèle greatly feared that they were going to force her to give fellatio as well. For the time being, they probably found this too risky. As she thought of this, her naturally inquisitive mind became immorally curious about experiencing a Senegalese dick in her mouth. When she was in Egypt several years ago, with Aziz her faithful guide, she had thought of doing this with him, mostly out of curiosity, but she had decided against it, fearing he would ask for more.

Here sense of curiosity lasted a fleeting moment before being crushed under tons of grief. "Simon... Simon..." They were now flipping her over. Oh no! They were bending her over the table!

"Allez les gars ! Violez-la dans le cul !" (Let's go boys! Rape her in the ass!)

This time she screamed...

The pain started. A seemingly huge cock pushed itself inside her sphincter without asking permission. She felt burning pain as it seemed to her that she was being ass-opened by something as big as a tree trunk. Then, as she thought the pain was unbearable, it got a LOT worse. She screamed out loud as the Senegalese soldier forcefully rammed his dick deep inside her rectum!

Adèle felt him death-gripping her waist as he began to frantically ass-rape her, slamming her against the table with unrestrained abandon, until he screamed like a banshee.

As she felt the semen flooding her insides, Adèle realized her voice was broken from screaming so loud and shrill. Another man took hold of her. He mercifully raped her vagina. She almost welcomed his dick as a relief. Then she started to feel a sense of body arousal that quickly intensified. In normal circumstances, she greatly enjoyed being fucked from behind. Do what she will, she started moaning as she kept sobbing out of grief.

"Allez mon lieutenant ! Bourre-la !" (Let's go Lieutenant Sir! Fill her up!)

She confusedly acknowledged that she was being raped by the enemy commander for the second time. Raped by the man she had missed with her rifleshot. It was so shameful... She was experiencing pleasure from HIM! There was no way for her to stop the surging tsunami of primal delight that ran throughout her body and forced her to groan. Then she heard his animalistic growl of satisfied lust as he relieved himself!
"YYAArrrrrhhhhh RRRRRrhhhh!!! Oh que c'est bon de violer cette fille !" (Oh! This girl is a very good fuck!)

Adèle Blanc-Sec had no idea of how long she spent there, raped from behind by all these jeering men. On two more occasions, she learned the true meaning of pain as she was ass-raped again. At one point, she was screaming and begging the men to rape her vagina.

The Senegalese had won and she was paying the price with her body and soul. During her vaginal rapes, Adèle Blanc-Sec experienced several forced orgasms in this doggystyle position, as it reminded her of a fantasy dating back from 1912 --- In the Egyptian tomb, she had been captured by local soldiers who decided to take their pleasure instead of shooting her as a tomb raider. She was powerless to keep her body from betraying her grief. She was being raped by the Senegalese soldiers, and also raped by her own body.

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Chapter 6 --- The Abbess and her Soldiers

The nuns had begun to panic when the soldiers came downstairs and the medieval tunnel was still hopelessly blocked. They frantically kept removing boulders as the Commandant and his surviving men fired their last bullets.

Instead of coming charging down and taking inevitable losses to the French bayonets, the Senegalese tirailleurs threw tear gas grenades in the confined area. As they were caughing with their lungs in fire, the soldiers and the nuns heard the young nuns shrieking upstairs and the jeering men raping them along with Adèle.

The Senegalese simply waited them to come up, which they all did after two or three minutes, as it was simply intenable downstairs. The men were bayonetted and Lieutenant Bernard Faucher personally shot the Commandant through the head while his men grabbed the caughing and choking nuns, pressing themselves around the youngest and prettiest ones. The nuns who had remained downstairs were quickly fetched by men so eager to get them that they barely felt the tear gas.

The passageway became a full-fledged orgy of crowded forced sex. The austere walls resonated with cries and wails and surprisingly loud sounds of tearing fabric as the nuns' robes were shredded and ripped and torn off the women's bodies by a riot of Senegalese hands. Each of the youngest nuns was surrounded with black faces that looked every bit as frightening as "Friend Y'a Bon" on the Banania branded box of powdered chocolate.

It was a pandemomium of moving confusion with powder-blue uniforms mingled with black & white gowns, grabbed by Senegalese men... veils torn away from suddenly cascading hair... young perky breasts suddenly forced into display amid a tumult of wails and jeers...

There wasn't enough room in the passageway for so many men with so many captives. Doors to bedrooms were smashed open. Half-naked nuns were thrown on beds where they were urgently gang-raped by a throng of black soldiers! Most of the time, the nuns were still half-naked when the first conquering dicks forced their way inside them.

The soldiers gave themselves more trouble when they found a youthful novice. Then they savagely ripped off her full-white gown and made short work of her undergarments, before brutally deflowering them while the non-raping men covered their nubile bodies with their ever-exploring hands. Each of these maids was frozen in terror, shrieking in pain from the African dick tearing her virtue apart while a pack of crazy-white eyes devoured her alluring whiteness from a moving mass of black grinning faces.

Since these horny men couldn't wait to dip their chocolate-brown dicks inside such virginal beauty, the teenage nuns were kept standing and bent over, and then spit-roasted by no less than ten men each! Each of these poor girls had her dainty mouth full with Senegalese meat, struggling to breathe while her holy virginity was being so painfully destroyed, her hips constantly driven by jungle-strong hands... And then as soon as her mouth was filled with semen, the contented dick exited her mouth and was immediately replaced with another, sometimes even bigger and fuller.

All this amid a deafening tumult of jeers and victory shouts!

The refectory was also used as a makeshift brothel. Some of the older nuns were raped there by the victory-crazed soldiers. Not bothering with uncovering these women's busts, the men became positively turned on when they discovered their surprisingly beautiful legs and butts!

These older nuns, aged between 40 and 70+, were bent over on a massive oak table and very roughly raped by at least five men each, who all took their stride and pounded them with accelerating aggression before giving these older women a steaming load of young seed. Some of the old nuns actually enjoyed it.

The men raping the older nuns in the refectory had an amazing show to look at while they were relieving themselves.

The Abbess herself was carried in the refectory by more than a dozen celebrating demons. As the men had seized her in the passageway, she had seen a mass of soldiers pressing themselves around Adèle Blanc-Sec, whose naked figure was almost entirely hidden in the middle of the throng. She experienced a weird sense of revenge as she saw the scene. The enemy officer was currently raping her. She hated her so much for the trick she had played on her! Now she was paying!

The Abbess had been so enthralled by her feeling of revenge that she had almost forgotten that she was just about to share Adèle's fate. When it did hit her that she was going to get gang-raped by a great many African men, she felt frightened, but most of all, she felt turned on and became all wet in her cunt.

When they threw her on a table in the refectorium and disrobed her with incredible violence, the Senegalese men discovered her arousal-swollen breasts. The Abbess was a uniquely beautiful woman; anyone who had seen both her and the late Mata Hari usually felt that the Abbess was even more comely than the famous adventuress who had grimly ended up shot as a spy in Paris. 

The lucky soldiers felt these were, by far, the most gorgeous pair of tits they had ever seen in the flesh! This life-altering sight spurred them to completely strip the Abbess naked and enjoy her charms while also enjoying her cunt.

She only resisted half-heartedly as the men pinned her shoulders on the table, her arms on either sides of her. Her legs were held up straight as they savagely pulled her torn gown all the way up and past her feet before discarding all her clothes down on the black & white tiled floor. These tiles were from the early 18th century; the number of forbidden fucks they had witnessed or supported could only be conjectured.

The Abbess's nude figure was enough to make men precum from just contemplating her! She looked like an ancient nymph who had got out of Ovid's Metamorphoses and successfully made the transition from paganism into Christianity, morphing into an aristocratic-looking Abbess with long, cascading black hair that captured all the lights in the room as well as all men's secret desires! This Abbess was every bit as powerful as a black-magic sorceress.

A wild brawl erupted over who was to be first inside her! Most of the times, soldiers raped in descending order of rank, but this wasn't one of such times. Seeing the Abbess in the nude was too powerful a spell for the rowdy soldiers. Fists and punches were traded. Black faces got bruised and bloody, but none of these adrenaline-fuelled beasts went down. Each of these Senegalese men could have become a fairly good prizefighter. Almost a third of them could have given a professional fighter a run for his money!


The Abbess had spoken loud, her rich alto voice dominating the tumult. She had no more control over her urges. This nymphomaniac was getting impatient! After three minutes of watching the men hitting one another, and a Sergeant failing to restore any semblance of discipline, she had decided to use her charm to establish the rape order herself. Her body craved dicks! And this was going to be her very first time tasting Senegalese men!

As the first man drove his hard shaft inside her soaking wet pussy, she greatly enjoyed the surprise on the boy's face! This 19-year-old stud had expected her to be terror-dry; instead, he had easily impaled her womanhood! She wrapped her legs around him as he began to fuck her; she looked straight into him and moaned as she heard him groaning and felt his urgent thrusts inside her! Ohhhh... THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!

She smiled as she heard the lad's primal growl and felt herself being flooded with his life-giving jism! Then she called the Sergeant. He raped her in the same way, except he was more brutal and often pressed her breasts, inflicting her pain that added to her masochistic pleasure as she kept sliding and bobbing on the creaking table! She smiled! She began speaking crazy words while the Sergeant was gleefully pounding her...

"PRAISE THE... LORD! AFTER... aahhh... FOUR YEARS OF... hmmmm... DEATH, I AM NOW... NOWaaaahhhh... I'M NOW THE LIFE-GIVING VESS...EL...! I RESS... aaaaaahhh... EIVE THESE BRAVE MEN'S SEED INSIDE ME! I aooohhhh... GIVE LIFE!... AAaahhh... LIFE!!! I GIVE... MY N... NUNS FOR... THIS... HIGH... DUTY! I... AM A.... BRIDE OF... aahhhh!!! GOD! I AM A SERV... SERVANT OF L... LIFE!!!"

As she said "L... LIFE", the Sergeant failed to hold his spunk any longer. He screamed his bliss and powerfully exploded inside the Abbess, banging her while contemplating her jiggling breasts all through his blissful relief! WHAT A RUSH!!!

The Abbess was savagely raped and reverently worshipped at the same time. These young African men were fascinated and almost shy in front of this goddess of white splendour! None of them was able to last long before ejaculating. When she requested them to flip her around and invited them to sample her ass as well, she felt unfathomable pride! It turned out that the sight of her butt was so powerfully erotic that the men cummed even quicker! Even when they were having their second turns. All these men kept pinching themselves to make sure they weren't dreaming!

Each of the men who had taken their first turn inside an older nun rushed at the Abbess and raped her with crazy blood-shot eyes when their turn came up. Their wide-grinning face powerfully exhaled when they spewed out their slimy relief. The older nuns looked at the negro-worshipped Abbess with venomous jealousy, their eyes just as cold as old vipers, proving once more that Ovid was right in his book of mythology... Envy is indeed a poison for the soul.

As she was raped countless times, the Abbess smiled with a mischievous grin. There was another secret passage from her own study to the forest; they could all have evacuated the abbey well before the enemy's arrival, but deep down, she had wanted the abbey to fall into enemy hands. She knew full well that the tunnel from the cellar was hopelessly blocked. She also knew she was going to get gang-fucked with the added satisfaction of getting revenge over Adèle Blanc-Sec, who was now drowning in their cum amid a forest of Senegalese dicks!

Yet the Abbess feared she had bitten more than she could chew. Feeling her ass and vagina were getting quite sore, she used her charms to control the press of men into forming a line as she knelt down on the 18th-century old tiles, feeling the cold ceramic on her naked legs and feet as she began giving fellatio. She counted them all; 27 men! When she had pleasured the multitude, her face, hair and breasts were utterly coated with Senegalese cum.


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Chapter 7 --- A Hopeless Quest

Adèle was used, rape after rape, soldier after soldier. They thoroughly explored her body, fingering her vagina at one point and forcing her to moan against her will when they chanced to rub her clit the right way. She never imagined her body was capable of enduring so many forced intercourses. Most of the time, she went numb, but sometimes the forced pleasure resurfaced and hit her with a vengeance; her loud orgasms would detonate amid the men's waning jeers and grunts.

They mostly used her doggystyle, bent over the Abbess’s study desk, or facing them with her back pinned on that desk. She was exhausted. She let the Senegalese soldiers use her like a lifeless fuck doll. She tried to relax her body and did her best to spare her energy. She was in survival mode.

She heard them commenting on her body. They sounded really fascinated by her butt. "Oh, le cul d'une Blanche !" (Oh, a white woman's butt!) she heard many of these African men say. Some of them said they liked black women better, but they found it fascinating to get their hands on such an alluring white woman, one of their finest women, and see her in the nude!

"Too bad these white pigs aren't here to watch us rape their nuns!" said one of them.
"Oh, but this one isn't a nun. She looked more like an adventuress when we found her." added another.
"And now she looks like a fucking white whore!"
"Aaahhhrrr... Yes! Yes! Yes! Take this, you fucking white slut... UUhhgggggghhh!!!"
"Yeah!!! Youssuf, you really filled her up! My turn now!!!"

"Mmmhh... N... Noo... St... oop.."

"What is she trying to say?"
"I think she's asking for more! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Hey, pour some more wine on her breasts; I want to taste her that way!"
"Great idea!"
"Oh, yeah! Our lovely guest is really having it! Not so proud now, eh?"

"Do you think she's more beautiful than your wife, Babacar?"
"Not a fucking chance, Moussa, but she feels real fucking good, and it's so good to be fucking their women!"

Adèle heard more men saying many other things about her. In a sense, she found it liberating, to know that her luck had finally let her down. However, she wished there had been fewer rapists. It would have been perhaps better if she had fallen into the hands of a few marauding Moroccans. With so many rapists, chances were high that they were infecting her with gonorrhea or syphilis. She was in a safe time of her month for pregnancy, but she'd be very lucky not to get a venereal disease. She had already been careless with her escorting soldiers, but now... Now they were likely to leave her with an infectious souvenir... if they didn't rape her to death.

Her cunt was horribly sore and painful. At times, she sobbed and cried out of pain. She was vaguely aware that she was in the Abbess’s room; she recognized the warm peach-coloured walls with the pricey Italian furniture that she remembered seeing when she observed her rival on that first night in the abbey. So long ago, it seemed.

She confusedly remembered passing out. She dreamed of black winged snakes constantly flying around her, encircling her, attacking her while she couldn't run away! The flying snakes all took their turns inside her; each one plunged its reptilian head inside her vagina and explored it as she screamed with pain and terror! It hurt so deep!

There was a large white snake; their leader! The one she needed to kill. She woke up just as this sickly pale snake was about to rape her with its head.

Some Senegalese men were waking her up, calling her Mademoiselle. Then, one of them kissed her. It completely surprised her; it was the last thing she was expecting from them. It was a very tender, affectionate kiss. The man gently caressed her hair and kept kissing her with his full lips, his African face sharply contrasting with Adèle's bright face. Adèle looked pure and beautiful in spite of her long ordeal.

"Je m'ennuie de ma femme au Sénégal..." (I'm missing my wife back in Senegal...) the man told her as he kept kissing her and caressing her hair and face.

He had a rather handsome face, with a flat and wide nose, but not overly wide. His dark-brown eyes were full of life and passion, and his skin was incredibly soft. Adèle had never felt skin so soft on a man.

"Please, let me rest... I'm... Tired... I'm so very tired..." she whispered between kisses.

She felt another pair of hands caressing both sides of her butt. She sensed that other man's tiredness too.

"Let me rest... Both of you, let me rest," she repeated.

Much to her surprise, the men listened. They were exhausted too. They had been on a forced march, they had fought the short, yet intense siege of the nunnery, and then they had indulged in gang-rapes in utter frenzy with zero consideration for their victims' welfare or their own. Their officer could expect an epidemy of venereal diseases in his men, but there was no helping it; the rush and lust and satisfaction from raping white women was just too intense! They all felt so intensely alive from doing this!

Every time they took their pleasure inside a German or French woman, they were saying "Here I am!" and "See, your women aren't different from ours!" Raping European women was extremely satisfying and liberating for these colonial troops. They preferred having their way with them and taking their chances with venereal diseases.

"Their officer..." thought Adèle. "These Senegalese soldiers are good men; deep down, they are good men. If I kill the head of the snake, this will probably end the mutiny. But poor men... They are missing their homes, and now it's too late! No matter what they do, the French Army will catch up with them sooner or later, and when they do, they'll make a grim example out of them."

But Adèle owed it to the nuns and the Abbess to stop this mutiny as quickly as possible. All these men were hurting the girls and women by raping them so ruthlessly and repeatedly. She needed to find a weapon, then she needed to find the French officer and kill him. This wasn't going to be an easy quest. Her body was hurting and aching all over!

They had all fallen asleep, with their rifles tightly strapped to their arms to prevent any attempt at stealing it. A couple of soldiers were asleep, reclining against the door. Passing there without awaking them would be impossible! But there was a way... the window... She had to try. At least, she had to try...

She quietly, and very slowly made it to the window, which was just large enough for her. This was extremely difficult to do, because her body hurt everywhere. She was bruised all over. Her cunt was a fiery furnace of throbbing pain. She needed medical attention, and soon! Just walking was very difficult. But she owed it to the nuns to try...

Near the window, on a nightstand, she found a white chemise that no doubt belonged to the Abbess. She put it on and it fit her perfectly; she grinned as she thought of her ex-rival-- they were both the exact same size and weight! She had a tender thought for her. If they made it out of this, she'd become friends with her. And hopefully, she'd persuade her to fit all of her windows with protective iron grids. The Abbess hadn't been keen on protection, as she unconsciously had been wishing for something to happen to her and her body.

Adèle managed to unclick the window with very little noise. She had a long experience with locks and conceiled doors. Opening that gothic window pane was very easy. Thankfully, the hinges had been recently greased, so she could open the window without any tool and more importantly, without much noise.

She let herself fall on the other side, trying to absorb the landing as best as she could and feeling the biting cold on her bare feet. Then, she realized that she had left the window open! She needed to climb back up and close it, otherwise the soldiers would feel the cold and wake up very soon.

The window ledge was a little higher than her head. She had seen Senegalese soldiers climbing on this quite easily, but when she tried, she found she had no strength left to manage it. She looked around, searching for something that she could step on and reach the window, but there was nothing.

The freezing cold was beginning to bite on her lightly clothed body. A sleeping gown was no winter cloak. She began walking as fast as she could, which was still really slow, toward the front of the abbaye, where she'd find the broken window and gain access to the room from which she had defended the place along with her escorting soldiers, now all fallen.

Painfully walking barefoot on the snow, her body severely aching, she finally reached the window she was looking for. It was broken and only guarded by a thick curtain the soldiers had placed there to keep the room warmer.

Here again, she found herself incapable of taking hold on the window ledge and powering herself up to gain access to the room where she had hidden the loaded crosbow. If her quest succeeded, that quarrel would be shot straight into the French Lieutenant's chest.

It proved an impossible quest. She vainly searched for something to step on, then yes... she found a big log of wood, but it was so heavy! She rolled it, slowly, with her failing strength.

As she placed the log standing under the window, she heard voices coming from her left. The soldiers! The cold breeze entering through the open window had waken them up! They had found her gone and quickly picked up on her trail in the snow.

They spotted her!

"La voilà ! C'est elle !" (This way! Here she is!)
"Ah, qu'est-ce qu'on va lui mettre, à cette petite snob de Parisienne !" (Ah... This little snobbish Parisian cunt! She's really gonna get it!)
"La salope blanche ! On va lui apprendre à nous faire courir dehors au froid !" (The white slut! We're going to teach her not to make us run outdoors in the cold!)

"Merde ! Merde !" (Shit! Shit!) Adèle whispered for herself with a hissing voice, as she quickly stepped on the log and rushed through the broken window, getting very lucky and going through the curtains and into the room while the shards of broken glass spared her soft naked skin.

Two Senegalese men had been dozing off near a fire. She woke them up when her exhausted body landed with a thud on the tiled floor and she yelped in pain. Adèle Blanc-Sec was a human being, although she was as beautiful as a goddess. Just making it to that room, after all the rapes she had endured, had been a superhuman effort. Now she had nothing left. She lay on the floor where she had let herself fall and she knew that she was getting recaptured and most certainly gang-raped again. The soldiers would make her pay!

She knew she had failed in her quest before she felt their hands on her.

The two soldiers who had been in the room rose up from the century-old chairs where they had been napping and rushed at the white woman that had materialized in front of them. Both men---one of average height, the other one a tall, muscular one-- had wide smiles piercing their dark faces with a row of white teeth as they reached her and put her up on her feet while the pursuing soldiers quickly climbed through the window and entered the room, where they surrounded Adèle.

"Aha... Tu es prise, ma fille !" (Aha... You're caught, girl!)
"Allez les gars, on va la violer encore !" (Come on boys! Let's rape her again!)

"Please," Adèle begged in tears. "Please... You're going to kill me... Please, stop..."

Adèle knew that these men felt a new rush of elation and excitement from the chase. She knew there was no stopping them. A forest of hands grabbed her and made short work of the thin gown she had "borrowed" from the Abbess. The ripping fabric quickly revealed her exhausted nakedness under their hands. The jeering soldiers instantly began exploring her exposed flesh and one man force-kissed her very roughly.

Then, she felt a finger inside her pussy and screamed in utter pain! Her vagina was fiery-painful from too much abuse; it was probably torn in some place.

"She has blood in her vagina!" a Sergeant said, his index finger glistening with her blood. "We can't use her vagina anymore!" he added.

"But... We want to... I mean, she must be punished! She fled!"

"Let's rape her in the ass!"

"Yes, her ass... We haven't taken her much there..."

"Sounds good!"

"Well... All right!" said the Sergeant, knowing all too well that there was no stopping these men from having their way with her. However, he decided on an act that might influence the men in doing something less harmful while still getting some sexual relief out of it as well as the unfathomable satisfaction of shaming and humiliating this white woman who thought herself so high above them!

"I'm first!" The Sergeant barked with his utmost authoritarian voice. He was the highest-ranked man present and he meant to take charge. Sergeant Moustapha Diallo was a tall, broad-shouldered man who wasn't to be messed with! The wide scar of a shrapnel wound on his left cheek --- a souvenir of Chemin des Dames* --- commanded instant respect from the rank-and-file and officer alike. (*A disastrous offensive that occurred in April 1917 ---

Sergeant Moustapha Diallo ordered his men to take the naked white woman and lay her down near the fire, so she wouldn't be cold, for she was shivering from her run outdoors under the wintery moonlight. They laid her down on a thick, confortable rug, where the nearby fire bathed Adèle's bright charms with a moving play of tawny flamelight and shadows.

The Senegalese men all marvelled at Adèle's beauty. Even in her exhausted state, she was radiantly gorgeous with her alluring legs, her slim waist that emphasized the curves of her hips, her perky breasts... She was sparking a new surge of lust within them. They couldn't help it; her pale nakedness was so fascinating!

"I prefer our own women," said Babacar, "but this woman is a very good fuck!"
"Yes," Moussa added, "and raping their whores feels so good! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Then, Sergeant Moustapha Diallo let his rifle aside, took off his uniform coat and quickly undid and dropped his uniform trousers. He then straddled Adèle's torso, facing her, and let his dick rest on the tender skin between her tawny-lighted breasts.

The men around him came alive with vocal approval as they watched the Sergeant cupping and gently pressing Adèle's breasts. He began kneading them while looking straight into Adèle's eyes.

"Thank you..." Adèle whispered to Sergeant Moustapha Diallo, who understood that he was dealing with a highly intelligent woman. She was thanking him for doing his best to spare her as much pain as possible. He could very well be saving her life by doing this!

As Sergeant Moustapha Diallo kept kneading her boobs, Adèle kept looking into his eyes, feeling deep sorrow for him and the unescapable fate that awaited him. She knew that he would never see his homeland again. The French Army would see to this; they would catch up with them and toss them in a common ditch after a hasty Court Martial followed with a summarily done execution.

Adèle didn't find Moustapha's hands on her breasts repulsive. She liked the way he was caressing her; she could tell that he was being very gentle and he was sincerely trying to give her some degree of pleasure. She moaned and simulated some arousal; he smiled at her. His thick lips and whiter than white teeth were no longer terrifying. His strong face looked warm and tender to her now.

"Kiss me, Mister! Please, kiss me...I need warmth and affection... I may die tomorrow... Kiss me!"

Moustapha stooped down and did just that. He kissed Adèle, who had decided to offer this unknown man one last moment of happiness before meeting his grim end. What's more, she softened her own ordeal by doing so. Kissing him felt good. It was fascinating in fact. If she ever made it alive out of this predicament, she decided that she'd go spend some time in Egypt; she'd find Aziz, her former guide, and she'd have sex with him. African men offered a very unique thrill to her senses.

After sharing a long kiss with her, Moustapha resumed his former position, straddling her torso with his now-erect dick resting between Adèle's breasts, which he kneaded and started to press against his dick. He began to move it back and forth. He was now tit-fucking her! He heard and felt all the men watching his large dick moving between the pressed whiteness of her breasts!

Adèle felt the sensations on her breasts. She felt his exotic hands gently pressing themselves on her Parisian breasts, and her body reacted with surprising intensity. Was she going to orgasm only from mammal stimulation?! She could hardly believe it, but the sensations she felt were quickly intensifying and left less and less doubt about it. Soldiers had started masturbating around them.

Moustapha was now panting and grunting as he immensely enjoyed the massaging pressure from Adèle's firm mounds, which were forming a cavern of silky-soft skin enclosing his constantly moving dick.

"No... No!!! It's not possible! Black men, on me... Not possible! It's so... preposterous... Ooohhh... Ooohhh... Ooohhh, Oohh, Ohh, Oooh... Oh My God! No... No! No... Oh My God!!!!..."

Then, Adèle bursted out with a final "Oh mon Dieu !" (Oh my God!) and she screamed her forced bliss with an echoing soprano wind as she experienced her very first breast-induced orgasm.

Moustapha then growled and joined her in bliss...

His seed powerfully shot and landed on Adèle's chin, mouth and nose. Some of it reached her hair. The panting Sergeant got up to his feet, leaving his spot to a waiting Corporal with his long dick already ramrod straight.

The Corporal straddled Adèle's torso in the same exact way. He too wanted to try this. He had raped several women, and he had never given this a try. He gleefully tit-fucked Adèle and spurted out his seed, which added to Moustapha's deposit. Babacar was the second Corporal; he also took his turn by tit-fucking the white woman, and even though he preferred African women, pressing Adèle's tits tight around his throbbing dick and hearing her loud moans of forced pleasure gave him unspeakable elation, and he too ended up with a creamy flourish that further coated Adèle's face!

One after the other, several other soldiers did the same. Their spewed out cum collectively formed a humiliating coat of African goo that was now thickly covering Adèle's pretty features. Her nostrils were overwhelmed with the rancid smell.

Then came one of the two soldiers who had been dozing by the fire when Adèle entered the room. This was the tall, muscular one. He was well known and well liked. The troops began chanting and cheering for him...

"Sam-ba! Sam-ba! Sam-ba..."

Samba had a gigantic dick! Yes, most African men had only an average dick, and some even had a smaller one, but some of them really had that mythical big black cock!

He instructed the men to flip Adèle over and place her on all fours as he knelt behind her and spat a liberal amount of saliva on the palm of his hand, which he used to lube his cock. That cock was almost as big as Adèle's fist! The Sergeant reminded him to take her ass and not her vagina, using a stern voice. Samba nodded.

Samba was going to greatly enjoy this! In Senegal, his wife wouldn't hear of anal fucking. She allowed him inside her vagina all his content, so he couldn't really complain, and he had given her many children, but here in Germany... Here, he was on a mission to debase and humiliate white women, and raping them in the ass was a great way to achieve this.   

"Allez, la petite aventurière ! On va te violer dans le cul !" (Now, little adventuress! We're going to rape your ass!) Samba said loud for Adèle to hear as he powerfully took ownership of her protruding butt! He couldn't get enough of her soft, perky curves, so blinding in their whiteness! He also contemplated her gorgeous legs and feet, bathed in the tawny firelight, presently made more intense as a soldier just added a log to the fire.

Samba was a seasoned rapist. He took his time, knowing this would intensify his final delight. He teased Adèle's anal entrance by brushing it with his cock, which greatly magnified his own arousal while mentally torturing Adèle, who had no idea when the brutal pain would begin.

Then, Adèle screamed in shrill pain. Sergeant Moustapha Diallo pitied her, wanted to order Samba to stop, but he knew that in their present state of excitement, the jeering men would turn against him, and perhaps kill him, and then they would be fuelled by the high charge of adrenaline from massacring someone, and they would urgently and ragingly rape this poor woman to her death. It was better to stand by and nudge his men into a more gentle gang-rape. Yet a gang-rape was anything but gentle.

Moustapha heard Adèle's repeated screams. She looked at him with begging eyes. She wanted him to stop them from raping her ass!

Samba was now grunting like a rutting chimpanzee and greatly enjoying her anal tightness. He pounded her viciously with his gigantic dick, holding nothing back and driving her alluring butt into his dark-brown lap, holding her tight with his equally dark hands and taking a superhuman measure of pleasure from humiliating this white woman!

"AAahhh... NON!!! Arrêtez ! Arrêtez !!!" (AAahhh.... NO!!! Stop! Stop this!!!) Adèle kept begging and looking straight at Moustapha, who just stood there in silence.

Adèle was forced to endure the brutal anal rape. It felt like it was never going to end, but for Samba, it ended all too soon! Adèle heard his animalistic roar of triumph as he finally exploded inside her ass...

"Ah oui... Ah oui ! Le cul d'une femme blanche !!! Le cul d'une Blanche !!! Ahhh... C'est bon ! Ah, c'est bon... C'est b... (Oh yeah... Oh yeah! The butt of a white woman!!! Her butt!!! Ahhrr... This is good! Oh, this is good... This is g...)


Adèle welcomed the sound and feel of his cumming. She welcomed the polluting go, since it meant her anal rape was over. But the next man came. He too wanted to feel the tightness of her ass! This was the second man who had been inside the room. He was shorter, just of average size, but unfortunately for Adèle, his dick was very thick!

His mates encouraged him...

"Allez Assane ! Montre à cette Blanche ce que c'est que de se faire sauter par un homme du Sénégal !" (Let's go Assane! Show this white woman what it's like to get bucked by a man from Senegal!)

"Vas-y Assane ! Défonce-nous cette salope !" (Let's go Assane! Slam this cheap tart!)

"Allez, Assane ! Prends ton pied ! Tu vas voir, elle est très bonne, cette salope blanche !" (Let's go Assane! Take your pleasure! You'll see how great this white slut really feels!)

Assane knelt behind Adèle, who was crying in pain, tears running down her cheeks. He raped her ass, doggy style, in the same way Samba had done, although he was more gentle and took his time. He raped her in a methodical rhythm, building slowly into a climax that he knew was going to be all the more intense for it.

Sergeant Moustapha Diallo was kneeling beside Adèle and gently caressing her hair, but a tall soldier came and knelt by her face. He gave Moustapha an angry look that said "On whose side are you, Sergeant?" Moustapha was forced to retreat and let the soldier abuse Adèle's mouth with a forced fellatio. At least, Moustapha had been able to spare her bloody vagina from further injury.

Adèle was double-teamed for several minutes, each minute feeling like an eternity for her. She screamed her pain in muffled sounds against the soldier's dick while Assane kept slowly and steadily raping her anally and building up a stored-up steam. The soldier raping her mouth kept asking her if she enjoyed being a fucktoy for negro soldiers. He said that deep down, all white women were dreaming of this, and she should count herself as lucky!

Adèle was stuck there, her mouth forced wide open and nearly choking with the big black lump of flesh filling up her oral recess, while being ass-raped by Assane, who was now beginning to grunt louder.

Then, the man twitched inside her mouth and let out a final growl of relief as he ordered Adèle to swallow his load of cream, telling her that all white women dreamed of tasting this kind of chocolate. Adèle felt the revolting taste as the thick jizz spilled out on either sides of her mouth, while tears of pain kept streaming down her cheeks from the unbearable anal rape. The dick was gone, but the pain and humiliation were still throbbing.

Finally, at long last, Assane filled the room with a detonating roar of victory as he shot a steaming load and utterly filled Adèle's ass with his semen.

"Ahhhrrr... Ça, c'est de la vraie bonne femelle !" (... Now this is some really cute female!) Assane commented as he got up to his feet.

The Sergeant finally prevailed and had his men easing up on their captive. Many of them took immense delight in masturbating on top of this humbled white woman as she lay down beneath them, and shot their thick loads all over her! Adèle felt she was never going to smell anything else than like Senegalese cum.

Then, at very long last, as all the men had left the room and were gone for breakfast, the Sergeant remained alone with the captive white woman, whom he had raped vaginally early on, then raped between her breasts more recently, and whose name he didn't know.

"Hold me!" Adèle asked with a feeble voice; she could fiel her vaginal injury getting more and more painful; she felt an overwhelming need for human warmth and comfort, and she knew this tall, strong man from Senegal didn't have much long left to live. She had no energy left to get up. Sergeant Moustapha Diallo picked her up. He sat on a chair and took her on his lap. He remained there for quite a while, holding her in his arms while she sobbed and suddenly began wailing while shouting "Simon! Simon!"

She would never forget Simon. Thinking of him had helped her find the fortitude to endure the unspeakable ordeal she had been subjected to. She owed it to him and to the nuns; she must find a way to kill this evil officer!

But right now, she was too weak to do anything. She found a most improbable source of comfort in the arms of an enemy soldier. Sergeant Moustapha Diallo was crying too. He had seen too much horror, witnessed too many tragedies, too many youthful lives cut short. All this madness had to end! He just wanted to go back home!

Then it occurred to him that he never would, that it was too late for this.

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Chapter 8 --- Settling The Score

It felt weirdly good to be in this man's arms. He was an enemy, a man who had raped her twice, but he was also a man who was missing his homeland and his wife. These men had been most certainly sex-starved. That demented officer had an easy time talking them into following him in his madness.

"I'm Adèle. Wh... What's you're name..." Adèle asked with her feeble voice.


"Moustapha, why did you do this to me and the other women? It really hurt us."

"I... I don't know. I'm sorry. It's just that... Well... It's plenty of different things all at once. Our Lieutenant told us if we followed him, we would be masters of the land and we could have all the women we wanted. Most of us were missing home, missing our wives. And... I don't know... The idea of having white women and using them as sex slaves sounded very fascinating to us. And... you are very beautiful, Miss Adèle!

"You see, Adèle, when we first came to France, they made it very clear to us that any white woman was off-limits. Most brothels wouldn't have us; only some of them catered to us, and most of the time, only African or Arabian women would take us. The white woman was something we could see, but not touch.

"And... When we got here in Rhineland, the officers told us we could take some liberties with the local girls, that they would look the other way. We took their words and many incidents occurred over November and December. I heard about a Colonel who invaded a nobleman's manor with some 150 of our men and proceeded to gang-rape the 30 or 40 girls and women that were attending this Christmas Banquet.

"Our generals have been as good as their word, but only partially.

"One day, two weeks ago, they came and randomly arrested ten Senegalese soldiers. They hung them to trees in front of many German people, to show them that they were punishing undisciplined troops. This got us really sore, and I see it now, it was easy for our Lieutenant to convince us that we could become our own masters. I see things clearly, only now that it's too late! We have been nothing but brigands! Brigands that would soon be hunted down and shot like dogs..."

Moustapha was right. Even if he fled and ran into the country, he'd never make it out alive. The local men would spot him and hunt him down, then they'd catch him and make him pay for the rapes of their daughters by torturing him before mercifully butchering him. And he didn't know the country well enough to just hide in the woods and walk to a neutral town, certainly not in winter. He was lost and he knew it. He would be much better off waiting for the French Army. They would court martial him and execute him cleanly.

Moustapha produced a piece of paper. He took a lead pencil and wrote a few words. Then, he found a winter coat some soldier had left and gave it to Adèle, so she could cover her nakedness and keep warm. The fire was dying under the chimney.

"Keep this paper, please. Would you mail it to my wife? These are my last words for her and our three young children. I'll stay with you and protect you from now on. I'll talk some sense into my men. If we arrest our officer, maybe the Army will show us some leniency."

Adèle nodded. She knew all too well that the Senegalese men couldn't count on the French authorities to show them any leniency. No matter what the black men did to make amends, the generals would make an example out of them. They couldn't have African battalions roaming out of control all over the countryside. The French Army was fine with humiliating the German, but within the realm of a controlled military force. The mutinied men had crossed the line.

However, Adèle would take whatever would keep her and the nuns from further harm. Her worst immediate fear was that her vaginal injury got infected and the medical care came too late.

She asked Moustapha to take her near the kitchen, where she knew there was first-aid kits. She needed to treat herself and other nuns needed treatment too.

Moustapha said that was risky. If men didn't listen and remained with the Lieutenant, this would be the end for both of them. He would be shot and she would be...

"That's a risk I'm willing to take," replied Adèle. "For your sake."

Thus it came that Sergeant Moustapha Diallo walked down the hallways with Adèle in his arms. The soldiers had now sobered up. They were no longer adrenaline-fuelled beasts. Many of these men realized the predicament they were in and their only option left was to arrest their own officer and deliver him to the French authorities as the mutiny's instigator, which he was.

When Moustapha entered the refectorium, where the Lieutenant was having breakfast among his most loyal men, he was leading some 25 men that were on his side and armed with loaded rifles. Many more men also understood the situation and sided with Sergeant Moustapha Diallo. The Lieutenant was left overwhelmingly outnumbered. He was arrested along with the handful of his staunchest supporters, and put in a room under the close guard of very trusty men.

Then, Adèle treated herself with some soothing ointment. She couldn't do much herself and had no choice but to wait until the Army came with doctors. The Abbess was unconscious; she'd had it even rougher than Adèle. She was lapsing in a coma. Most of the Senegalese soldiers were very sorry for what they had done. Many of them couldn't even look at the nuns they had so savagely gang-raped the previous night.

These Senegalese men were all Sufi Muslims. They felt that war had taken them so far and away from the spiritual purity and innocence they were supposed to strive for according to their faith.

When the first French battalion arrived at the abbey, they found the place in order with good discipline, manned by 120 Senegalese troops under the command of Sergeant Moustapha Diallo.

He greeted the battalion commander at the main door, with Adèle standing next to him.

"Sergent Moustapha Diallo, à vos ordres mon commandant !" (Sergeant Moustapha Diallo, at your orders, Commander Sir!) said Moustapha as he saluted the French officer, whose navy-blue képi was adorned with four golden stripes, indicating his rank was "chef de battaillon" or "commandant" (the equivalent of a Major).

"Commandant Joubert!" replied the newly promoted commandant, who had raided a nobleman's manor a month before as the aide of Colonel Ronchon, his father-in-law. He didn't return the Senegalese Sergeant's salute and looked at Adèle with suspicion and disapproval, as she was leaning far too close to this black man for his moral liking.

Adèle Blanc-Sec had donned her own winter coat along with her gloves, after putting on a gown that belonged to the Abbess. She looked like a nun who had broken her vows and had hastily clad herself with a civilian coat on top of her black nun's gown. She had just been able to eat some food. At one point, she had gone back to the front living room in order to fetch the crossbow and then kill the Lieutenant, but she had fainted and the soldiers had put her in bed, where she'd slept a few hours. She still walked and stood with great difficulty. Her vagina was killing her.

"Commandant," she said, "these Senegalese soldiers had come just in time to free us. They have killed all the men you see lying down under the trees over there." She pointed out the nearest thicket of trees where she had herself shot several of the besiegers the day before.

"And we have captured the officer who started the whole thing," she added. "He's under guard and waiting to be court martialled."

"Lady," the commandant curtly answered. "It is not for you to decide who is to be court martialled! I will now have a word with this officer and hear what he has to say."

The commandant looked all around him and kept casting very suspicious looks at Sergeant Diallo and Adèle. Two men came back from inside the abbey. The nuns had all been gang-raped repeatedly.

"Yes," said Adèle. "And that's why we all need immediate medical attention! We need doctors and nurses! The Abbess is badly hurt! It's urgent!"

"Yes, of course," replied Commandant Joubert.

But the Commandant didn't show any sign of sending soldiers to quickly fetch doctors. Instead of this, he quickly had all the Senegalese soldiers disarmed and rounded up. He then went in to see Lieutenant Bernard Faucher, who said that his men had suddenly mutinied and kept him a prisoner while they raped all the nuns. A few white soldiers had died trying to defend him.

"This is not true! He's lying!" pleaded Adèle.

"Shut up, you negro-loving whore!" replied the commandant, stunning her with his suddenly hostile tone.

"I've seen enough!" he added.

The Lieutenant was freed. He smiled at Adèle with an evil grin. Adèle was being "helped" by a pair of grinning soldiers who were actually restraining her, while the Senegalese men were stripped of all of their rank insignias and separated by groups of eight to ten men. Then, each group was lined up near the thicket of trees and executed by a 30-man firing squad. The Commandant had tasked a young, obedient Sub-Lieutenant with the grim task of commanding the firing squad and make a post-shooting inspection, shooting any surviving man through the head. He was helped in this by a young Corporal.

Adèle was crying and calling the Commandant a murderer!

"These men have the right to have their day in court!" Adèle protested, restrained by the pair of soldiers, who started to grope her. "Don't you fucking touch me, you slime!" Adèle barked at the nearest man, a dirty-looking moustached man who reeked chewing tobacco and cheap liquor.

"All right!" said the Commandant. "I've heard enough from this negro-loving bitch! She needs to be taught some manners! Hey boys, I think she's speaking too many hot words! The lady needs some cooling off, so take her clothes off!"

"No! Let me go! No, I'm hurt... Please, no!!!" Adèle screamed and begged while the grinning soldiers --- white men --- began assaulting Adèle's clothes with rabid hands, their eyes burning with crazy lust!

The Commandant's order was music to their ears! These men were from the gutter. They were Parisians, but of the worst kind. They were nothing more than ruffians wearing a uniform. When they had first seen Adèle, they had instantly recognized the sophisticated Parisian women who would strut down the street and pass them without even noticing them, her alluring charms tantalizing their senses and reminding them with a bitter sting that such charms were off-limits for the likes of them. They saw this even though Adèle looked languid and a far cry from her best.

"Allez, Ronald, tiens-la bien. On va déshabiller cette salope !" (All right, Ronald, hold her fast. We're going to undress this slut!) said Private Martin Deschamps to his mate.

Both men took great delight in Adèle's screams of alarm as Martin gleefully pulled her green coat down her shoulders and arm, and Ronald helped him to pull it off her, revealing the black nun's gown she was wearing underneath. In the background, the first group of ten Senegalese soldiers was being shot by the firing squad.

"Now, Miss Adèle Blanc-Sec!" said Commandant Joubert. "I never thought I was going to have the pleasure of your company again, and much less in this particular context. Ahh! I'm going to really enjoy this!"

Adèle looked at him with astonished eyes, while Ronald firmly restrained her arms behind her back and Martin pulled out a knife. Did she know this man?

"Oh, you don't remember me, do you? Well, I guess you don't, but now you will!" said Commandant Joubert with an ominous tone. Then, to his men, he added: "Come on, you two, hurry it up! I can't wait to teach this bitch her place! And yes, you can have her after!"

"Noooooo!!! No!!! Have mercy! Please, don't!!!" Adèle begged with her tired voice.

She wailed and feebly tried to wrestle herself out of Ronald's grip, her small gloved hands balled into girly fists as Ronald easily kept his hold on her, laughing and smiling a mile wide as he took a plunging view above her shoulder; her small, perky breasts would soon appear in broad daylight! Ronald didn't want to miss this sight; his dick was pushing the front of his uniform trousers in raging anticipation!

There was no stopping these men! While another salvo resonated behind Adèle's back and yet another group of ten Senegalese soldiers fell dead on the wet snow, Private Martin Deschamps used the knife to cut through the robe's fabric and he quickly uncovered Adèle's breasts, which he found naked!

"Well well well, looks like our little Parisian slut has already entertained a few lovers... Black lovers!" jested the Commandant. "Well," he added, "we're going to teach her to fuck proper men of her own race! Come on, strip her naked and bend her over! I'm going to rape her ass!"

"You're fucking animals!" Adèle snarled. "They are better than you! You're human filth... No! Stop! Please! Don't..."

Martin did short work of her black gown using his sharp knife. Seconds later, Adèle stood Eve-naked except for her boots and her gloved hands. Her hair flowed beautifully in wavy brown locks, all shiny under the bright winter sun and underscoring the bright whiteness of her skin.

The soldiers all whistled and catcalled her while the Commandant moved in behind her, urgently undoing his trousers to let out his impatient erection. Inside the abbey, shrill screams were heard. The nuns were falling prey to a second cohort of rapists; these ones were white men; they were the brave soldiers who had defeated Germany. They took their pleasure using the already-hurt and defenseless women. Later on, when the doctors came, they'd all say that it was a miracle that none of them died of her injuries. Even the Abbess was eventually saved.

As he got fatally shot, Sergeant Moustapha Diallo witnessed Adèle being firmly held by two Privates while the French Commandant began viciously raping her ass, standing doggy style, while cupping her breasts.

"UUHHHH.... UHHHH... UHHHHHH.... UUHHHHHH... Aaahhrr, elle est bonne à monter celle-là !..." (... Aaahhhrr, this one is a really good mount!)

As he raped her, Commandant Joubert remembered all too well the humiliation Adèle had dealt him.

At the time, in 1916, he had been wearing a beard. He had met her at the museum and invited her for a drink. Things had gone well, and she had accepted his offer when he had asked to walk her home. Up to that point, he had been a perfect gentleman, but when Adèle had wished him a good night and made it clear that she wasn't even going to kiss him, the then-Captain Joubert had forced a kiss on her, only to be hit by a vicious knee in the groin and be left writhing in pain at her doorstep. She had told him to leave or else she'd call the police, and yes, she had a phone! She also had a pistol and it was pointed at him; the safety was off.

He had never seen her since. But now, he was raping her tight little ass, contemplating the beautiful firmness of her curves! Each time he rammed his dick inside her rectum and heard her groan of pain, he felt the utmost bliss of revenge!

"1916, Adèle... 1916... I walked you to your door... UHHHH.... UHHHHH... UHHHH... I walked you to your door; and you kicked me in the groin... UUUHHHH.... UUHHHH... OH, FUCK, THIS IS SO GOOD!!!... UHHHH.... UHHHHH... UHHHHHHHHHHH... And after this... UHHHH.... UHHHH... UHHHH... After this, I'm going to watch my men take their pleasure with you!"

Then, Commandant Joubert closed his eyes and kept driving Adèle's butt against his impaling dick. He was reliving the moment when he was raping the German Count's daughter! Oh God! This felt so beautifully delightful! Revenge!

He accelerated his pace and he was now ass-banging her in total frenzy under the grinning gazes of his men! He felt the massive surge building up inside him. He knew this was going to be an epic load of cum!

Adèle was now taking the anal punishment like a lifeless doll, groaning with acute pain. She was afraid that her life was going to end that way. Luckily for her, he didn't rape her vagina; he was using her relatively fresh butthole. Unfortunately, it was extremely painful. She felt his dick throbbing inside her, then he exploded!


The Commandant felt his legs become all wobbly under him as he powerfully relieved himself! He enjoyed this liberating moment of long-awaited revenge! He enjoyed it to the very last drop. And when he pulled out, he had the added satisfaction of shooting one last rope of jizz that landed smack on her backside. Seeing Adèle's skin glistening with his cum was priceless!

Then, he saw another priceless view. Private Martin Deschamps quickly dropped his pants and took his spot behind Adèle's alluring figure.

"Allez, on va te violer dans le cul, sale petite bourgeoise !" (All right, we're going to rape you in the ass, you filthy little bourgeoise!)

While Private Ronald Morlion held Adèle in place, his face grinning with joy, Private Martin raped Adèle's butt with a vengeance! Adèle represented all he hated in the rich and well-off people! He held nothing back! He heard Adèle's whimpers of pain with unmitigated joy. He roughed her up, watching her gorgeous butt repeatedly colliding with him! The only disappointment for him was that it was over far too soon! For Adèle, it had lasted far too long.

Then, it was Ronald's turn.

"J'ai bien envie de me faire sucer par une belle bourgeoise ! Ce sera bon !" (I really feel like having my dick sucked by a bourgeoise! This will be good!)

Then, the filthy Private forced a kiss on Adèle, making her taste the stench of his tobacco-chewing mouth. Adèle's tears streamed down her pretty face as she was forced against this gross man's face. His breath was horrible!

"Allons ! À genoux, ma petite demoiselle !" (Now! Down on your knees, little Miss!)

Again, fate had spared her injured vagina. Adèle obediently let the man force her down on her knees. She feebly resisted and protested to buy some time. Her only hope now was to be saved by some general or some merciful superior officer that might come along in time. She thus needed to buy as much time as possible. She let the man lecture her about any attempt from her to bite him; if he felt her teeth, he'd cut off one of her breasts!

"Tu comprends ce que je dis ? Alors, suce, espèce de salle bourgeoise de merde !" (You hear what I say? Then suck my dick, you filthy-shitty bourgeoise!)

Adèle took the man's dick in her hand. She heard the men's jeers and catcalls. She heard the Commandant taunting her. She took her time. She began gently caressing the Private's cock. It had plenty of smegma; it smelled and looked disgusting! She only took it in her mouth when he swore at her and ordered her to do so. Then, she began pleasuring him with long, sweeping strokes, doing her best to build a very slow orgasm. The taste was horrible! Tears were running down her disgusted features as her head bobbed back and forth the man's fuck shaft.

The men around her were getting impatient. And there was a risk for a man to come behind her and use her vagina, which she knew would be unbearably painful, possibly lethally injurious. She started to go faster. She looked at all the men around her while she kept bobbing back and forth as she pleasured Ronald, who started to groan with delight as he caressed her hair.

She kept looking at all the soldiers as she whored herself for them. She did this to keep their attention and to make them jeer at her and call her a whore. As long as she kept their attention like this, they would be less inclined to want to rape her from behind while she gave fellatio.

Then, all her thoughts were cut short as Ronald grabbed her head and began to violently face-fuck her. She struggled to breathe as the man quickly reached his climax and let go a wild flow of semen inside her mouth, and then some more that landed smack on her pretty face!

"Now, this is something I'm really glad to see!" said the Commandant, who had been intensely masturbating the whole time he was watching Adèle giving head. He walked up to her and discharged a hefty load on her face!

"Oh, yeah! Now, that's cute! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" said the Commandant, who was beyond delighted at the sight of her face, smeared with glistening pools of his cum!

"La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid !" (Revenge is a dish better served cold!) Commandant Joubert said as he stepped back and watched a group of five men grabbing Adèle. They laid her down on the snow, using her discarded coat and gown as a blanket. She was now shivering from the cold.

The first man was about to take Adèle's vagina, missionary style, when a young officer ran to the Commandant. In a panting voice, he reported that Brigade General Lessard was on his way.

"He'll be here any minute!" the Sub-Lieutenant said with his nearly teenage voice, his eyes wandering on Adèle's gorgeous naked figure.

"Lessard... Not him!" the Commandant grumbled.

He quickly gave orders to his men. All the nuns had to be cleaned up and dressed in their gowns! And quickly! "This also goes for her," he reluctantly added, pointing at Adèle, whose face was covered with fresh cum.

The General was a staunch disciplinarian. Rumors also had it that he was gay; he was married, but it was notorious that his wife slept around and he never touched her.

The Commandant gathered his officers, while the last two groups of Senegalese troops were being executed. They all agreed, more or less willingly, to their commander's version --- Their own men had seen what the Senegalese men had done to the nuns and had wanted to massacre them with bayonets. They had managed to restrain them. Then, under overwhelming pressure from their men, they had formed a field court martial and collectively condemned all the Senegalese soldiers to be shot by firing squad, and the sentence had been immediately carried out.

They had just done this meeting when Brigade General Lessard showed up at the head of another battalion and a contingent of field doctors and nurses. The two stars* on his képi clearly indicated he had lawful authority (* There are no one-star generals in the French Army; the Brigade General has two, the Division General has three, etc.).

Lieutenant Bernard Faucher swore that the Commandant's version was the truth. He was all too happy to get away from this mutiny he had himself instigated. What a wild rush it had been! It had started with the rape of this Frauke von Dürnitz, the teenage daughter of a German Baron he had home-invaded on Christmas Eve. Then, it had been nothing but a fest of raping and looting, from village to village, house to house. His platoon had swollen to a large company, then to a half battalion, but he had also lost men to venereal diseases. He himself could count all his lucky stars since he hadn't come down with one.

He knew that his luck had run its course and he became wise enough not to push it.

He even heard the Commandant commending his bravery under mortal danger and telling the General that he was recommending him for promotion. He'd soon be a Captain. This meant a better pay. With a better paygrade, perhaps his estranged wife would accept to come back and live with him in Grenoble...

Adèle finally received the medical attention she so badly needed. Her vaginal injuries were serious, but nothing permanent. Fortunately, the infection was treated in time, but she'd remain weak for quite a while.


Adèle was housed and tended by her sister Agathe, married to a botanist named Andrej Zborowski and living near Versailles since 1913. Agathe kept telling her that now was her turn to take care of her beloved twin sister! She would never forget that Adèle had tended her for two years when she was in a coma following an unfortunate tennis accident.

In early February, Agathe and her husband had taken Adèle to the national funerals of the soldiers who had died while defending the abbey. But then, Adèle was shocked! There weren't eight coffins?! There were only seven, each of them covered with the colours of France... Commandant Michel Bourseault, Lieutenant Berthier, Léon, Louis, Bertrand, Jérôme and Lucien, but where was Simon's coffin?

"Is... Is Simon alive?" Adèle asked.

"Yes," Agathe answered. "But he is still in a coma and no one knows if and when he is going to come out of it."

"Agathe... I want to see him!"

Agathe looked at Adèle with utter astonishment. She knew her twin sister almost as well as she knew herself. She had seen the tragic change in her way of being. She knew that she had been repeatedly gang-raped by a great many men, and it was a miracle that she had survived the ordeal. Now, she heard Adèle speaking of this Simon with a tone she had never used for any other man.

Agathe understood Adèle's meaning. Adèle could just as well have said "I want to see my husband."

Agathe tenderly held her sister's hand and cried as the coffins were lowered into French soil and the honour salvos went off, scaring a flock of Parisian away in a sunny winter sky.

Simon eventually pulled out of his long sleep. Adèle came to his bedside every day, holding hands with him and reading novels aloud for him. She also read poetry, like Apollinaire or Verlaine. Adèle's voice was perhaps the best medicine Simon could have. The robust young man eventually rallied and was finally discharged from hospital in August, seven months after having been shot nearly to death.

Then, something extraordinary happened, something even more extraordinary than Adèle Blanc-Sec's adventures. Adèle Blanc-Sec got married!

The Abbess also pulled out of her coma. She praised the Lord that none of her dear sisters had succumbed to their wounds. Some of her young novices would never be able to bear a child if they returned to lay life, but they'd live. From that day on, the Abbess remained chaste. During her coma, she had seen the Afterworld, and the angels didn't look all that happy with her. She had given promise to Gabriel that she would mend her ways. The Archangel also found she was an amazing fuck.

She became good friends with Adèle, who paid her a visit in October, along with her new husband. Whether the Abbess remained truly chaste or indulged in a glorious threesome with Adèle and Simon is left to the reader's imagination.


In Paris, on a bleak morning of November 1919, the newspaper boy proclaimed the big news of the day...

"Extra! Extra! A French officer, Captain Bernard Faucher, was found dead in his home! Shot with a quarrel from a crossbow! Read all about this grisly murder! Extra! Extra!"

Two days later, he had a similar proclamation to make...

"Extra! Extra! A French officer, Commandant Joubert, was found dead in his office this morning! Shot with a quarrel from a crossbow! Read all about this grisly murder! Extra! Extra!"


In a Letter from Adèle Blanc-Sec Durand, wife of Simon Durand, to the Abbess of Roches-aux-Trembles...

"... Dear Abbess, the crossbow from the 17th century you were kind enough to loan me was a very interesting study. It has served a useful purpose. We will come to pay you a visit for Christmas, at which time we will give you back this most interesting artefact. --- Always yours. Adèle."


Note: I take this moment to remind the readers that this was a fantasy story. I don't have any pretense at historical accuracy. Rhineland was occupied by Allied troops, mostly French and colonial troops, from Nov. 1918 until 1923. There were most certainly incidents of rape, as it occurs anytime foreign troops occupy a country. German propaganda exaggerated things, and French authorites tended to hush things up. The truth must be somewhere between the extremes, and the reality is infinitely more complex than what I depicted in my story. In Rhineland itself, the colonial soldiers were described as "courteous and often popular", possibly because they harbored less ill-will towards Germans than war-weary French occupiers.

Some German women married a Senegalese or Morroccan soldier, or had a consensual relationship with such an African soldier. The far-right Germans in the 1930s used the derogatory term Rheinlandbastard (Rhineland Bastard) to describe Afro-Germans, believed fathered by French Army personnel of African descent who were stationed in the Rhineland during its occupation by France after World War I.
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