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Barista Girl
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Pt 1
Subjects: Kidnapping, stalking, drugging, rape, bondage


Thank god it’s 8:50pm, we close at 9:00. I’ll be out of here sooner than I know it
Toby thinks to herself glancing at her watch while she sweeps the floors.
Should I make myself a coffee and get some studying done tonight?
The door rings and a tall man with a trench coat steps through the door, his large collar covering his face from the minor storm stirring outside. Thunder rolls in the distance as the door closes behind him cutting off the ice cold wind breezing inside.
He makes his way to the counter and gives Toby a sweet smile.
“How’s your evening?” The man says with a charming cadence.
“It’s been a slow night but overall so far so good” Toby says, placing her broom aside to take his order.
“Good to hear.” he says, smiling again. Toby looked in his eyes and felt a warm sort of kindness, relieving for a customer at this time of night.
She smiles, “What can I get for you sir?”
“I’ll just have a small Americano, a little heavy cream and cinnamon please.”
“No problem, can I get your name?” Usually at this time of night she wouldn’t bother to ask but he had something intriguing about him.
“For Zeke” he said with intense eye contact, Toby for a moment couldn’t look away.
She smiled and began pulling the espresso shots necessary.
“That’ll be $3.86” she utterned, her voice on the edge of shaking, but she wasn’t sure why.
“Sure thing”  he said and handed her a five dollar bill, “keep the change,” and he sent her a subtle wink.
For a moment Toby was stunned by his flirty tone and seemingly kind charisma, “Oh thank you, sir!” and she forced a smile.
“Of course, honey.”
For a moment the nickname felt strange and uncomfortable but she quickly brushed it off as she’d been here far too long and was tired and quite ready to go home.
She finished his Americano and sprinkled some cinnamon on top and placed a lid on the cup.
“Zeke! Here you are.”
He smiled “Thank you, dear”
“Just so you know we do close in about five minutes.”
“Oh no worries, I’ll be out of your hair real soon.” and he gave Toby a mysterious wink.
Toby gave it no thought and returned to sweeping. The man sat down at the table closest to the door.
Why does he have to sit in right before we close?
She rolled her eyes and headed to the back to prep the mop before the doors locked. Right at 9pm Alyssa, her manager, grabbed the keys to lock the door and the front door rang again, Zeke had left.
Toby mopped, wiped down all the counters, stocked everything that needed to be stocked, and did the last few of the dishes that were left in the back. By the time she was done Alyssa came up to let her know they were all good to go and they closed up shop. Alyssa went out the front door to her car, Toby went out the back to walk the two blocks to her dorm.
Toby heard Alyssa drive off around the corner and all that was heard was the faint sound of thunder and the breeze of the storm paired with the faint sprinkling of rain.
Until something felt off.
It’s not even a ten minute walk, I’ll be fine
There wasn’t a sound of footsteps not breathing behind her or in the distance, she seemed alone on the street. But Toby felt sick with fear … maybe it was because of the storm.
I’m halfway there
She could see her building over the hill and Toby grabbed her keys to be ready to lock herself into her apartment as soon as possible.
Suddenly, as she passed an open alley there was a hand over her mouth. A tall figure pulled her towards them, holding her almost like a loved one would.
She began to scream until the man began petting her hair and shushing her like a mother would to her baby.
“You’re safe with me darling, no need to scream.” he pulled out a piece of cloth and held it over her face, she instantly felt warm and dizzy, then fell unconscious.

My mouth is dry, my jaw is tight, my muscles are tight, am I naked?
Toby’s eyes slowly opened with dread.
She found herself naked in a western bondage ball tie, ball gag in mouth.
Dark synth pop was playing.
She was moving.
She was in the backseat of a car.
Instantly without connecting anything she was tearing up, terrified for her life.
She found herself whimpering.
A hand suddenly was petting her hair again, “Shh sweet girl, everything is going to be ok. Deep breath, I’ll make this fun ok? Don’t even worry.”
Who is that? Zeke? From the coffee shop? But he was so nice.
“We’re almost there, my dearest. Just close your eyes.”
Toby could barely even begin to process what was happening. Some man she had just met and ordered an Americano from her was kidnapping her?
This didn’t make any sense and all Toby could do was keep crying and whimpering. Every whimper causes Zeke to respond in some demanding way in an effort to calm her down.
She could do nothing, completely restrained.
My jaw hurts, how long have I been tied up? Why am I naked? Did he rape me?
Before she knew it she had somehow dozed off again until she half woke up to being carried over Zeke’s shoulder. He kindly put her down on a clean bed, nicely made. The room was nicely decorated … for a little girl.
“You’re my sweet girl now,” He said, stroking her chin like a father would to comfort his daughter.
She was horrified and began uncontrollably crying and whimpering again.
“Don’t worry sweet girl, I didn’t rape you. I’ll wait until I brainwash you just enough that you’ll ask for it…”
He dug into her heart with eye contact. Toby couldn’t look away, tears still running down her face.
He took two pairs of handcuffs and cuffed both her hands to the headboard. Then opened the drawer of the side table. He pulled out a bottle of vodka.
Grabbing her by the chin, he forced her mouth open and forced it down her throat, “Sweet girl, don’t worry. This makes it fun and easy, you won’t even have to think.”
Toby coughed and choked, but he made sure at least a couple shots would make it into her little brain.
“If you’re good I’ll keep you here in this nice room … if not I’ll starve you in my basement … Call me Sir Ezekiel, sweet girl”
He gave her a kiss on the forehead and left her.

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Re: Barista Girl
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excellent  .love your work