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JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
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JC’s Rules to Hunting:  A Club of Chester County Offshoot (MF, M+F, oral, anal, rape, bond, drug, cons, viol)

Disclaimer:  This story contains multiple acts of sexual violence, stalking, and various crimes like breaking and entering and calling in a fake 911 call.  The activities in this story are not condoned by the author.

Author’s Note:  The story takes place in the Harbor City universe alongside The Club of Chester County and Pharma.  The actions and characters in this story tie in to those stories.

Jonathan Crenshaw had three great passions in life.  Tech, hunting, and sex.  He followed his passion for tech into a career in IT that, through some twists and turns, led him to a somewhat stable position working for a security company on their backend systems and also let him sustain himself with some freelance coding.  His passion for hunting led him to spend a lot of his free time growing up out in the woods, perfecting his tracking skills and techniques needed to subdue and overtake his quarry.  His passion for sex, well, his passion for sex started around puberty and has only grown from there.  It changed over the years, from just trying to feel some boobs to getting laid to taking what he wanted from women.  Combined, he’s used all of his skills to become, if he didn’t say so himself, a pretty good rapist.

Jon, or Jesus or JC to his friends, was a pretty good-looking man.  He stood a shade under 6 feet tall with long, dirty blonde hair, a matching beard, and blue eyes.  JC was skinny but defined.  He looked like how the old European masters depicted Jesus in paintings, hence the nickname.  As he approached 30, he had to take care of himself by watching what he ate and exercising more.  He preferred cardio and limited strength training.  He needed to be stronger than his prey, but not bulky.  Fortunately for him, this came relatively easy.  It also didn’t hurt that he was very selective about his prey.  At least nowadays he was.

JC’s first forays into hunting for sex came when he was in school.  He was never successful with the girls growing up in high school and being a bit of a nerd didn’t help growing up in a small school out in the country.  He’d have some small successes here and there and even got laid at Senior Prom, but for the most part he couldn’t wait to leave for college.  Ironically, that meant going to the large school in a dedicated college city about 20 miles away.  He was still close enough to live at home, but after some successful arguing with his family, they agreed to let him move to the campus to stay there.  That’s where his new passion began to flourish.

It didn’t take him long to reinvent himself at college.  He went from the nerdy guy with only a couple friends to one of the more popular kids on the dorm floor.  By the time the first weekend was over, he’d talked a girl at a party to coming back to his dorm room and they had sex.  She wasn’t super-hot but she was better looking than his high school girlfriends by a country mile.  His confidence only grew from there.  He spent a lot of time partying that first year, almost always hooking up with a girl.  Of course, back then the term ‘hooking up’ was just coming into wider practice.

He almost got into some trouble that first semester when a girl claimed that she was too drunk to give consent and accused him of raping her.  Her name was Tara, and she was a good looking brunette even after putting on the Freshman 15.  JC played it cool for the most part outside but the way she tried to smear him tore him up on the inside.  He fantasized about taking her by force, breaking into her dorm room and fucking her six ways from Sunday while she cried and begged him to stop.  He wanted to hurt her so bad, but knew that he couldn’t get away with it.  That was until one night at Kappa Omega.  Shortly before Thanksgiving break they had one of their parties and Tara was there.  She was getting pretty drunk when JC saw her talking to one of the brothers that he was friends with.  Tara was getting a little flirty, but JC knew that his boy didn’t want anything to do with her.  JC convinced him to take Tara upstairs and fool around with her while he gathered up a couple of the other brothers he knew.  His boy got Tara hot and bothered and left the room while JC and a few of his new friends, all wearing masks, came into the room and attacked her.  They each took turns fucking her, raping her pussy, mouth, and ass while holding her down and taking pics the whole time, telling her how much of a slut and a worthless cunt she was.  After that she known as ‘The Fratress’ while JC was pledged in the next semester. 

Tara wasn’t the last woman he raped in that house, not by a long shot.  Most of the time he’d just coerce them to perform or get them so drunk they didn’t know their name.  If he had something stronger, he’d use that.  His favorite was to give them some E and get them so hot and horny that they’d fuck a horse just to see how it feels.  There were times that he’d get two cute friends rolling on E and have them dyke out for a crowd, taking pics and video the whole time.

After a while, JC got a little bored with being a frat boy.  His grades were still good enough to graduate but the weekend adventures would get old quick.  There’s only so many times you can fuck an 18-year-old drunk girl before it gets repetitive.  When he felt like he needed a challenge, he’d go to the bars or other events around college.  That’s when he discovered how he could marry his childhood hobby of hunting with his obsession for sex.  His most daring move came one night when he followed some girls walking home from the bar and they decided to take a shortcut through the local park well after midnight.  JC stayed behind, watching and waiting for them to make a mistake.  One of the girls had to pee so she went looking for a spot behind a bush.  The rest of her friends kept moving, telling her to catch up.  JC saw the young woman lose her balance in the woods and slip, getting covered in the dirt.  After she peed, he made his move.  Before she knew what was going on, JC had her on the ground, her mouth covered, and her skirt over her ass.  He plowed into her hard and fast, pulling out just before he came.  The only thing he said was veiled threat, and lowered his voice to disguise it.  She got up and left, and he cleaned the scene, making it unrecognizable from the surroundings.  He never heard or saw anything about the girl or the assault on the news.

Eventually, JC graduated and left school.  He took a job at an office doing software development but hated the grind.  He left in the midst of a potential sexual harassment investigation when one of his older co-workers accused him of making lewd comments about him.  He swore he never did, but she was high up enough the food chain that her word was all that mattered.  He later heard a rumor that she’d done this a few times before and as much as HR didn’t want to let him go, rules were rules.  He was given a nice severance and a recommendation if he chose to leave on his own.  He took it.  He also took as much info as he could get on her from the company database and swore revenge on her, knowing that he’d make her pay one day.

JC bounced around, going from one tech contractor to another.  He hated this part of the business, but he made decent scratch and never stayed around long enough in one place to draw too much attention.  Plus, all of this movement gave him enough access to some prime targets over the years with little to trace it back to him.  It’s easy to burn a bridge when it only needs to last 3 or 6 months.  One of his favorites from this period was Amber, a blonde woman working in sales for one of the companies he temped for.  They had this holier-than-thou attitude that temps weren’t even people so he used this get to find out where she lived, worked out, and hung around.  He found out that she loved to run through a park early in the morning and would order takeout online twice a week.  He thought about taking her in the park, but the terrain didn’t help him out.  As he was trying to figure out the best way to take her, that’s when serendipity hit.  He ran into her one night at the club and followed her from there.  It took some work, but he was able to follow her on the train ride home and ambushed her near her apartment.  Several weeks of planning culminated in a few minutes inside of the tightest pussy he’d had in months.

After getting sick and tired of office life, he took a job with Red Briar Security.  He made the most of his tech work and enjoyed the part of the job where he went into the field.  Also, after a few weeks, he found out that he wasn’t the only pervert on the job.  He started working with a man named Steve who also had similar tastes in women as he did.  After a lot of coded talk over several months, he found out about this special club that Steve belonged to.  He was approached to join.  JC nearly tripped over himself to sign up.  The cost was simple, he had to offer a woman for a Club member to rape in exchange for one he could have, as long as he recorded the attack.  As much as he still wanted that bitch from his first job to pay, he instead offered up his sister Mary.  He didn’t lie, if she weren’t his sister he’d have fucked her years ago, and they weren’t on great terms at the moment.  She was going through another one of her phases where she blames him for some stupid shit.  A week later, he received a video of Mary getting fucked by a stranger in her own living room and the info for a woman named Leah.  He took his time researching Leah, making sure the information was accurate and that this wasn’t a trap.  It wasn’t.  A few days later, he broke into Leah’s house, surprising her when she came home with a stiff dick in her ass.

JC’s life changed after that.  Instead of mindlessly chasing profit and a higher salary, he now had a new purpose in perfecting his game and being the best hunter he could be.  The Club lets him practice his skills, as long as he doesn’t put them at risk with his side activities.  Over the following couple years, he’s managed to come up with several rules and techniques he uses for his women hunting.  He posted it one day on the hidden website’s forum, looking for discussion and input.

Rule 1:  Know your prey.  Learn as much as you can about your prey before you go hunting, not after.  Finding out that she has a boyfriend that lives with her is kind of embarrassing when you’re balls deep in the bitch.

Rule 2:  Understand your prey.  This is similar to Rule 1, but a little different.  You understand how they’ll react under stress.  Do they fight, flee, or fawn?

Rule 3:  Understand your tech.  The world is a very complicated place, and we all carry smartphones with GPS in them.  Don’t carry it with you on a mission.  Or at least turn off the location services and don’t auto-join networks.  Better yet, don’t carry any smart devices on your person during an invasion attack.

Rule 4:  Prepare for your environment and terrain.  Know what you’re getting into.  If trying to pick up a target at college, make sure you look like you belong in the college world.  If trying to pick up a target in the gym, act like you belong in a gym.  People will notice the different but ignore the strange and unusual.

Rule 5:  Don’t shit where you eat.  Avoid hunting where you work or live.  As tempting as it is to fuck that hot bitch from sales, know that the first suspects will be those with access to her, including you.  Don’t target your neighbor that you have to see every day.

Rule 6:  Be prepared.  Timing + Preparation = Luck.  The perfect prey may walk right up to you, asking for a ride home from the bar but if you’re not prepared to move, it’s a waste.  That doesn’t mean carry your kit with you at all times, but be prepared.  It makes sense to keep some of those items in your car at all times.  Never know when you’ll need a change of clothes or a mask.

Rule 7:  Have a backup and backout plan.  Be ready to abandon ship at a moment’s notice and be ready to call an audible.  You spent a month planning the perfect gettogether with that bitch from sales, but now her sister decides to visit out of the blue.  Reschedule if you need to, or be prepared to include Sis in the events.

Rule 8:  Have a reason to be there that isn’t hunting.  Shit happens on a hunt, and sometimes Johnny Law shows up.  If he does and he asks why you’re in this neighborhood, have a good reason.  Tech support, lawn care, petition signatures, delivering a package, checking out the neighborhood cause you’re thinking of moving in down the street, have something figured out before the cop stops you.

Rule 9:  Carry light.  With the above rule, the best excuse falls apart if the cop stops you and finds your whole rape kit on you.  No one buying a new house carries handcuffs and a taser with them.

Rule 10:  Stay calm when getting away.  Don’t draw attention to yourself right after you commit a felony.  This is how most people get caught.

JC posted the rules and got a lot of feedback.  Most of it was good with some extra suggestions like how to use certain social media for different purposes and which ones track searches and show the users who searched for them, like LinkedIn.  They also suggested making dummy accounts when possible and only using appropriate dummy accounts for the right reason.  Like, don’t use a dummy for a high school girl when trying to find out about 40-year-old professional woman and vice versa, unless your dummy is friends with a mutual friend and it makes sense.  Also make sure your vehicle fits as well.  Don’t go riding into the woods with a Miata.

All of this was well and good, but one of the older members of the board wanted see him use these in practice, sort of a lesson for the other newer folk.  When JC asked for a target, the old man hooked him up with one.  He sent a picture of a young Indian woman named Mya and a couple pieces of info like where she worked and what her cell phone number was.  She was a petite woman with lighter brown skin, brown eyes and longer black hair that came down past her shoulders.  When JC asked why her, the old man said that she’d been a pain in his ass recently, and wanted her suffer.  The picture looked like it came from a workplace ID.  This was confirmed when JC checked out the email address and saw that it went to some software firm that specialized in contracting out developers fresh off the boat.  Using a couple old tricks he had, he was able to find out that she lived in an apartment complex that was mostly Indian by getting her phone billing information from a dark web hack database.  JC then used an old LinkedIn profile he had to check her out and see if they had any mutual friends.  His dummy account had a few in common and he used that to get more info on her.  This led him to TikTok and Instagram where he had other dummy accounts and a couple of those got through.  In her spare time she loved to watch movies and recreate Bollywood dance scenes.  He went further, finding out that she has a boyfriend back in India but since she moved to the states she’s been pretty lonely and started dating.  Her weekday routine is wake up early because family from overseas called, go to work, come back home from work on a bus, then either order dinner or make her own.  She currently lives alone, after taking over the lease from her old roommate.  JC came up with a battle plan.  It wouldn’t make sense for him to show up to her work or places she hangs out, he’d stick out like a sore thumb.  He knew he could get in the building if he dressed as a repairman, like the cable guy or something.  Once in the building, he needed an apartment number and a key.  He could pick the lock if needed, but would rather have a key as that would draw less suspicion, in case there were cameras in the hallway.  A non-destructive pick would take at least 30 seconds to a minute and a quick pick would destroy the lock.  He would keep trying to find the apartment number and her key, or some way to get the master key for the types of locks they had. 

He went to work on the apartment number first.  The building had 12 floors, each with 24 apartments.  That meant 288 apartments to start with.  The even numbers faced the street, and the odd faced the rear of the building, overlooking the tennis courts and playgrounds.  He discovered this from looking at floorplans online and reading reviews.  Her Instagram showed her bragging about how beautiful the view looked in the wintertime overlooking the playground.  Down to 144 apartments.  The first floor didn’t have any balconies, so that removed another 12.  She posted a video complaining about the noises from the neighboring apartments above and to the sides.  That meant no top floor, and the two ends were out.  42 more eliminated.  He drove through the complex one day, looking for any clues that might point to her apartment.  Going to the tennis courts, he couldn’t see the balconies on below the 4th floor.  That left floors 5-11 and the internal 10 on each floor.  70 apartments left.  Next was searching through the apartment listings on the website.  They listed the units available right away.  13 of them in that range were open for rent right away, so that left 57.  Next, he cross referenced the remaining numbers with whatever online records he could find.  Most of them had men on the leases, but that still left 21.  After laying out this strategy, someone on the Club forum asked him why didn’t he just check the billing address from the cell phone statement again.  He double checked it and saw that it was apartment 617.  He felt like a complete dumbass.

Now that he knew where Mya lived, the next step was getting in when needed.  Getting into an apartment building isn’t nearly as hard as most people think.  All one has to do is dress up like a delivery person or repair tech or handyman and someone will hold the door open for you.  Just throw on a hat or something to cover your face, and you’re free from cameras for the most part.  The hard part would be getting into the apartment itself.  If he had a copy of the key or even a picture of the key, he could make a copy and get in.  If he knew the type of lock, he could figure out how to pick it or get a master.  Fortunately for him, he picked up this info on his trip to the tennis courts and playgrounds.  All he needed to do was walk over to where some guys had dropped their keys while playing tennis and get some pics of their keys.  That was the easy part.  Getting dragged into a game of cricket on the tennis court because they were short a player, that sucked.  He was stuck playing cricket for almost an hour before he made up an emergency to leave, and he still had no clue how the game was played.  A little sleuthing online showed that they used a standard issue lock common for apartments built back in the 90’s and would be easy to replicate or pick.  Once again, he could’ve asked for help from someone else like the old man, but decided against it.  This was about his skills and cunning.  After a little reconnaissance to confirm that Mya lived in apartment 617 by checking the mailbox once he was inside one day, he was ready to roll.

The old man gave him a list of days that she applied for leave and work from home days, noting that she would be taking a weekend trip out of the city to do some sight seeing with some friends.  JC checked out the schedule and figured the best time to say hi to Mya would be Wednesday night.  She would be off Friday and working from home Thursday.  He wanted to use the element of surprise.  Breaking in while she was there was risky, likely leading to the cops showing up.  But if he was there before she got home, he’d have the advantage.

JC left work early Wednesday.  His supervisor Steve knew why, but the official paperwork listed it as a ‘self-care break.’  He wasn’t the only one he was going to care about.  He removed the magnets from his work and replaced them with some generic ones for Verizon.  He kept them from a previous job.  He also changed around the ‘How’s My Driving?’ sticker so that the number went to some old sex line chat.  He threw on some random Verizon shirt and hat and grabbed a fake vendor ID with his pic but someone else’s name.  His tool box had some basic tools on top to cover the real tools of his trade.  Electrical tape, a boxcutter knife, stun gun, a mask, gloves, some Vaseline, condoms, a spare shirt, some small rags and bits of cloth, and cameras.  He drove to her apartment building, parking his repair van down the street in a communal lot.  He carried an empty box for a router under his arm to make it look like his hands were too full to get to the buzzer.  One of the men who lived in the building opened the door for him and let him in past the security door.  The only hiccup came when the man came with him to the elevator and pressed the button for 6 before asking JC where he was going.
“8.”  The man pressed 8.  At the sixth floor, the other man got out.  JC took the elevator up to 8, then waited for a minute in the hallway before going back down to 6.  This would give that man enough time to get in his room and not pay too much attention to JC.

Back on the sixth floor, JC exited the elevator and made his way to apartment 617.  Just to be on the safe side, he knocked and waited while he fished the master key out of his pocket.  No response.  No one was home.  He opened the door.  No security, no movement.  Not even a fucking cat.  Good, he hated cats that weren’t his.  JC went inside and locked the door behind him, just like it was before.  No need to raise her suspicion before it’s too late.  The blinds were parted just a bit to let some light in.  As long as he wasn’t right in front of the door to the patio, no one could see him.  It was a small one-bedroom apartment with a small couch in the living room and a queen-sized bed in the bedroom.  He checked the mattress.  It didn’t squeak.  He’d set up the cameras in the bedroom, one on the dresser facing the bed and another up higher on the wall held in place with a suction cup mount.  He’d hide in the living room behind the door.  There was a small cabinet from IKEA right there to block the door from opening the whole way, and gave him plenty of room to ambush her. It was one of those 4x1 cube things, standing on end so it provided cover from the door.  After setting things up in the bedroom, he grabbed the electrical tape, a rag, the boxcutter, and his stun gun.  All that was left was to hurry up and wait.

Like Tom Petty said, waiting is the hardest part.  JC spent almost two hours waiting for Mya to come home.  He knew from the old man that set her up that she worked until 4PM and that it took her about an hour to get home on the bus.  Still, he had to be ready in case she caught a ride home from a coworker or went somewhere else or came home with a friend.  Fortunately for JC, none of that happened.

At a few minutes before 5, JC heard the door unlock.  Mya stepped in, looking far better than her picture.  She stood about 5’3” tall and was skinny, weighing maybe 110 pounds.  Her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail for the day and her makeup was very subtle.  She wore a baby blue button up blouse that was buttoned all the way to the collar and a small onyx and diamond necklace.  Her earrings matched the necklace.  Her black slacks did little to showcase her tight little ass, and the small heels served to make her appear slightly taller.  JC could see why this old man wanted to see her naked.  She went out of her way to hide her feminine charms.

Mya stepped into the apartment, not noticing JC hiding behind the standing cabinet.  Mya shoved the door closed behind her with her foot.  She dropped her laptop bag by the door and locked the door, back turned to JC.  As soon as she locked the door, she heard something move to her side.  Before she could react, a hand covered her mouth and she felt a sharp, searing, electrical pain in her side.  She screamed into the hand, which seemed to hold a rag.  She started to fall, but was caught by whomever or whatever covered her face.  As she tried to get her bearings, Mya saw that she was dragged back down her hallway.  Her legs and arms refused to work as the intense pain in her side filled her mind.  As soon as she was in the bedroom, she saw the reflection in her bedroom mirror.  A man, much larger than her, stood behind her wearing a mask and gloves.  Panicked anew, she tried to move but this time her feet started to work.  That didn’t matter as the man once again hit her with that zapper thing, causing her to screech in pain again.

JC threw Mya on the bed after the second shot from the stun gun.  They were in the bedroom now, in full view of both cameras he set up earlier.  Mya landed on her stomach and JC climbed on top of her, knocking the wind out of her.  He pulled her head back by her ponytail, stretching her uncomfortably.  She screamed, but that only served to let JC stuff the whole rag in her mouth.  As he held it in place, he pulled out the electrical tape and wound it around her mouth and head a few times, securing it in place.  He then grabbed both of her wrists and did the same, tying them together with the electrical tape.  He preferred using the electrical tape to the traditional duct tape as it didn’t leave as much residue and he had a ton of it lying around.  Plus, it acted more like a rope compared to the silver stuff.  He pulled her hands behind her back as he bound her.  He didn’t bother taking off her jewelry, he liked how it looked on her.  He rolled her over, getting a good look at her face for the first time.  She was crying, trying to focus on what was happening to her.  The look on her face as she saw JC, wearing a mask kneeling over top of her, was sheer terror.  He felt his dick strain against his pants and knew it was time to have some fun. 

He grabbed her shirt around the collar and pulled it as hard as he could, popping a couple of the buttons off.  They flew across the room as he pulled a second and third time, pulling her blouse apart and exposing her tight stomach and bra-clad breasts.  Her latte colored skin contrasted beautifully against her plain white bra, and her chest heaved up and down as she struggled to breathe with him sitting on top of her.  Her pleading mewls intensified behind her gag as he slid down her body, letting him undo her belt and pants.  After a little bit of shifting and struggling, JC pulled out his boxcutter and sliced the pants off of her, leaving her only wearing a pair of white panties underneath.  A couple slices along the side and soon they were gone.  A similar action on her bra straps and soon Mya was completely naked on her bed.  He took in the sight that lay before him.  Her small tits had large, brown nipples for their size and her bush was dark and thick.  From the looks of it, she either didn’t trim it up at all, or it’s been so long that it didn’t matter.  He shifted his weight to strip, and she squirmed a little.  Just in case she got any thoughts of trying to run into her mind, he slapped her titties a couple times, eliciting more cries.  This was a tip he learned from the Club a while back.  Slapping their face leaves bruises and causes people to ask questions, but hitting them somewhere that’s hidden, they’re more likely to hide the abuse and the attack.

JC stood up and took off his shoes, pants, shirt, and finally underwear.  He wanted Mya to see him strip completely down, let her see what he had waiting for her and what he was going to do her.  His hard-on bounced freely in front of her face, and he had a little extra fun by thwapping her in the forehead with his cock, a further humiliation.  He reached into his kit and pulled out his jar of Vaseline, some condoms, and another smartphone.  He jumped back up on the bed, moving her legs apart.  With his left hand he filmed her face, getting some closeups of her tear-stained visage as he molested her, toying with her pussy with his right.  He opened one of the rubbers and put it on his sheath.

“Smile for the camera.”  JC said playfully as he slathered a dollop of jelly on his cock.  A moment later, he filmed his dick at her pussy’s entrance, then back up to her face.  He caught the moment he pressed into her for the first time, her cries filling the apartment as he violated her.  He always loved this part, the moment of realization that they were being raped but there was still a spark of fight left.  He fucked Mya with slow strokes at first, picking up the pace as he went.  He filmed this first assault with the camera in his hand while he fucked her from a kneeling position.  He shifted after a few minutes to a more traditional missionary position as he felt the fight drain out of her.  A few more minutes and he was ready.

“I’m gonna cum, want me to take off this rubber?  Maybe knock ya up?  You want that, don’t you little bitch.”  JC loved saying that to his victims, put the fear of an unwanted pregnancy in them, even if the chances were low of it happening.  He only said that to get them to cry more.  It worked for Mya, she was begging and pleading through her gag for him to keep the rubber on.  “Oh, take it off?  Okay?”  She shook her head violently, almost giving herself whiplash.  He pulled out for a moment before plunging back in, condom still on.  As great as it felt to cum in a bitch that didn’t want it, he knew the smart play was to leave the rubber on, at least for the first round.  “Here I cum bitch, oh yeah!”  He said, focusing the camera on her face as he nutted in her in the condom.  He pulled out, seeing the rubber still in one piece.  “Look, I have something for you.”  He pulled the condom off, putting it to the side.

He laid on top of her for a few minutes, crushing her with his weight.  JC knew that normally after sex it would take him at least a half hour to recuperate, but there was a special thing about the eroticism of rape to him that helped him recover much faster than normal.  He found this to be common among the men of the Club, where a state of hyper arousal led them to recover faster and go for round 2 or round 3.  Of course, they would almost always pay for it the next day or two with soreness, but they each felt it was a small price to pay to indulge in a fantasy.

After about 10 minutes, he was ready to go again.  This time, he wanted to fuck her doggystyle.  As he stroked himself to hardness, he checked Mya’s pussy.  The only lubrication was what her body produced just to keep from being injured and the remaining Vaseline he used earlier. 

“Roll over, bitch.”  Mya barely comprehended what her rapist said before she felt the hands flip her over.  She was on her stomach.  Her hands were still tied behind her.  JC grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass into the air.  He put on another condom and slathered up his shaft before plunging in.  He savored the mewls she made as he fucked her again, slamming into her hard with each thrust, pulling on hips then moving his grip to her hair.  She couldn’t go anywhere, and the pressure on her scalp hurt as he pounded her.  He held on to her ponytail with his right hand as he grabbed the phone with his left, filming fucking her from this point of view.  He looked at the way her back arched up in an attempt to relieve the stress on her hair and head, the way her tight little ass cheeks bounced while he ravaged her.  It only took a few minutes for him to feel his next orgasm build.  This time, he took the condom off so he could feel how exquisite her love tunnel felt.  That much of a blast of sensations at once was almost too much.  He pulled her back by her hair, almost throwing her across the bed.  He slid out of her during the maneuver as she landed on her back, crying.  He climbed up over her, sitting on her chest.  He stroked his cock with his right hand, holding the phone with his left.

“Say cheese, bitch.”

He took video of busting his nut all over Mya’s face, his white semen leaving a beautiful contrast against her Indian skin.  The first Jet hit her in the forehead, the next one in her eyes, then her nose and her chin.  He made sure to get some cum on her necklace, too.  He wiped his cock off on her tits before he climbed off of her.  She laid on the bed, a complete mess.  She couldn’t see where he went, but it sounded to her that he went to the bathroom.

JC checked the time.  All of this so far had taken him to almost 6PM.  He couldn’t stay here too much longer without drawing attention when he left.  While it’s not uncommon for a cable tech to make a call after 5PM, any later and he’d be flirting with the sun going down.  He figured he’d have time for maybe one more activity, two if he played things right.  He wanted to fuck her ass and make her cum.  His reasoning was simple.  She had an amazing ass and nothing breaks a bitch more than making her cum while being raped.  Most women can take the rape as something that happens to them, but orgasming during the assault causes them to question everything and haunts them as a major violation of intimacy.  That’s why he loved doing it so much.

He checked her room, looking through her nightstand for any toys.  JC wasn’t surprised that she didn’t have any.  Mya seemed like a real ‘good girl’ and being fresh to the states probably hadn’t had time to even think of buying a vibrator.  Instead, he’d do this the old-fashioned way.  He dragged her to the end of the bed, pushing her legs apart as she laid on the bed, him kneeling in front of her.  The phone was placed in a spot where it kept her face in frame.  If he had more time, he might trim down her bush before starting as a further humiliation, but he’d work with what he had.  He moved his mask out of the way, exposing his mouth but still keeping it out of Mya’s view.  She didn’t have any fight left for this, but he still pushed down on her thighs as he moved in to lick her twat.  She tried to squirm away, but another slap to her tits changed her mind.  JC kissed and licked her pussy, looking for her clit.  He found it and assaulted it with an advanced oral technique as he wrote a book on her love bud.  Even in her current state, her body soon betrayed her as he drew her closer and closer to an orgasm against her will.  A few minutes of this and she was on the edge, unconsciously spreading her legs more for him to get a better vantage.  He varied the pace, increasing as her breathing came quick and ragged.  Another minute and he felt her convulse around him as he buried his face in her snatch.  He watched her belly rise up and down and heard the moans escape from her gag.  After she came down, Mya began to cry again.

JC was about to give her something to cry about.

He stood up and grabbed another condom, the Vaseline, and his phone.  He continued recording as he flipped her over, her ass bent over the edge of the bed.  He donned another rubber and slipped his dick into her twat.  He planned on using her juices for the next step but knew he’d need more.  Just as he was getting into a rhythm fucking her pussy, he slathered a generous dollop of the jelly on her asshole.  He smeared it on and around her ass.  Her screams and panic picked up as he pressed his finger into her ass, spreading the jelly around.  JC pulled his dick out of her pussy, then lined it up with her ass.  She begged him not to do this through the gag.

“What was that, please fuck my ass sir?”  She shook her head no.  “Well, if you insist.”  JC pushed into her puckered asshole, struggling to get his head past her anus.  It took a lot of effort, but he got it in.  He filmed his dick going into her ass.  Slowly at first, he got used to how her ass felt before he continued.  In between thrusts, he’d get her face in the picture, taking in the look of pain and disgust.  It took him a minute to get a rhythm going but soon he was fucking her ass.  He kept the pace up for a couple minutes as Mya cried on her bed, just wishing for him to stop.  He could’ve gone all night if he wanted, but he needed to finish up.  At some point while fucking her ass, he pushed at just the right angle to rip the rubber apart.  He fucked her ass with abandon at that point and didn’t stop until he deposited his final load of the night deep in her bowels.  As he pulled out, he saw the mess he was leaving behind and smiled to himself.  Mya just laid there on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably.

JC left her on the bed while he cleaned up and packed things up.  It wasn’t until this point that she noticed he had other cameras in the room.  As he took them down and packed things up, he also took her shredded clothes and put them in his toolbox.  He emptied the condom from earlier on her face, leaving even more of his spunk on her eyes, nose, and jewelry.  She kept her eyes closed as he got dressed, trying to get the cum out of her eyes with her hands still tied behind her back. 

It was close to 7 as JC was ready to leave.  Mya was a mess, still curled up on her bed.  He went through her stuff from earlier, taking pics of her ID, credit cards, and passport.  He also hid her cell phone in the fridge, just to fuck with her and give him a few more moments in case she didn’t listen to the directions he would give her when he left. 

JC had his stuff by the door to her apartment and double checked that he had everything.  The only proof that he was here was all over Mya’s face, and he was confident that not only would she not keep it, but she needed to get rid of it just to see what was going on.  He wore a generic work jacket over his shirt, one without any logos.  He still had his mask on.  He approached her, and pulled his phone out, recording her as he talked.

“Listen here, bitch.  Hey, I’m talking to you.  Look and listen.  I’m leaving in a minute.  You’re going to stay here and count to 100 before you try to free yourself.  I’m keeping an eye on you.  You get up too soon, I’ll come back and kill you.  You call the cops, I’ll come back and kill you.  You tell anyone about this, I’ll put this video I made of you up on the web with your name and address and send links to all your friends, family, and co-workers, then I’ll come back and kill you.  Got it bitch?”  Mya didn’t move.  He slapped her tits again.  She cried, then nodded.  “Good.  When you hear that door close, then you start counting.  And I can see your apartment from the street, I’ll know if you turn your lights on before you get to 100.  No funny business, or you’re a dead bitch.”  He was lying about coming back and killing her, but she didn’t need to know that.  He left her on the bed, hands still tied behind her back.  He made his way to the door and took his mask off and put his hat on right before he left.  She was still in the bedroom, crying.

The most dangerous part of the hunt isn’t the planning or the attack itself, but getting away with it.  It’s against human nature to walk away calmly after doing something so heinous.  The way a lot of rapists get caught is by running from the scene of the crime.  Nothing looks more suspicious than a man running when he shouldn’t be running.  Unless he’s dressed as a runner, most guys don’t run, aside from maybe trying to catch a bus.  That’s why it’s so easy to get caught.  Keep calm, keep cool, and don’t draw attention to oneself.  If the victim calls the cops, they’re on the lookout for a man acting suspicious, and nothing sticks out like a grown ass man running down the street.

JC made it to the elevator and out of the building without losing his cool.  No one said or did anything to him, and he kept his head down and out of the way of the cameras.  That’s why hats are a great thing.  Plus, they help hide his long hair.  A few minutes later and he was back in his van.  From what he could see as he walked past, the lights were still out in apartment 617.  Looks like Mya paid attention after all.

A drive across town and he was home.  A little setup with the VPN and he was connected to the Club’s website.  He uploaded the videos he recorded and sent the first copy to the old man that sent him Mya’s info.  As per Club rules, the person that gives the gift gets first dibs in watching the video before it goes public.  It took a couple days before the video went live across the Club as the old man didn’t get to it right away.  When he did check it out, he updated JC with what happened with Mya from work.  Apparently Thursday was a work from home day for her so she just stayed home but when he asked her how things were going during a meeting she seemed miserable.  The old man admitted to jerking off half a dozen times to her rape that day, then called her into a Zoom call where he talked about her performance and said she needed to do better.  She broke down and he talked about finding ways that she could improve her performance with some one on one mentoring.  He was going to get a piece of her ass himself, he just needed to apply the right kind of pressure.

End of Part 1
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Re: JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
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Part 2

JC always loved the hunt.  There was nothing he loved more than tracking down prey, using his skills to subdue them, then taking what he wanted from them.  One day on the Club’s forum, there was a vibrant discussion about whether or not one could acquire a target using nothing but an Apple AirTag.  Some people said it was possible, others said it was too risky, and a few others said it was just media hype and didn’t work.  JC said that he would try to put this to the test starting that weekend.  There was an upcoming comic convention and a friend of his was an artist that had a booth at the show.  These shows were no longer the collection of pasty neckbeard virgins living in Mommy’s basement but also it was a celebration of everything geeky.  That included some fine ass nerdy bitches cosplaying as everything from Sexy Velma to Sexy Spongebob.  Lots of fine bitches, a target rich environment.

That’s when he got the idea of how to make this work.  He could buy a 4-pack of AirTags for $99 and pair them to a generic iPhone that he used as a burner or dummy phone.  He was an Android guy himself but he used Apple devices when he needed to.  After a little research he saw a few ways these tags could work.  They were designed to be put in a backpack or a keychain or wallet so that when a person lost something, the tags would put out a Bluetooth signal that would be picked up by other iPhones and sent back to iCloud.  But if a tag was purposely put on a person or their stuff, they could be tracked.  Thing is, newer iOS versions have built-in defenses against the tracking.  That meant he’d have to tag someone using an Android phone.  The next part was getting the tag on them.  That wouldn’t be hard, he would make a little trinket or trophy or bauble and put the tag in it, then give the trinket to the girl as part of her swag bag.  He’d make some 3D models of Pokémon, probably Bulbasaur or Squirtle and give those to a few ‘special cosplayers.’ He also had to make some non-rigged models as well.  A little road trip after that to find where they lived or went to and then pay them a visit.  Just to be on the safe side, he made 12 of these models.  If it didn’t work, he was out $300.  If it worked, he’d be knee deep in nerd pussy.

The weekend of the convention came and he quickly figured out how things worked.  It was a 3-day event with people traveling from nearby towns.  Most of the exhibitors were there for the whole time, and the guests chose either a one, two-day, or full weekend pass.  The pass was a wristband and an associated badge with an RFID tag in it, just in case one or the other was lost.  During the first day, he noticed a few things off the bat.  Most of the out-of-towners had a full weekend pass, or at least multi-day.  If he wanted some local nerd pussy, he’d focus on the single day passes.  If he wanted to hook up with some out of towners, the weekend passes were the way to go.  Also, it was a heavier Android crowd than he expected, about half and half.  Unfortunately, that meant a lot of lost opportunities like the hot blonde that hosted a podcast on iPhones, but it wasn’t worth the risk.  It certainly helped that all iPhones look close to each other with the same camera layout patterns so he could focus on the women with cameras that looked a certain way.  It might sound like the range of targets was gone, but there were more than enough opportunities.

Another thing JC discovered was that he didn’t need to try very hard to get laid at the convention.  This was nerdy Coachella, and just being there with an artist was like having a gig on the side stage.  They got invited to several parties that first night.  This caused JC to change his strategy a bit.  Instead of figuring out which bitches to rape that night, he used the AirTags he gave out earlier in the day to see which parties to go to.  It worked.  They went to one party where he hooked up with a blonde he met earlier who was dressed as Sexy Deadpool.  At least he thought it was Deadpool, might’ve been Samus in a red body suit.

For Saturday and Sunday, JC focused giving the AirTags to guests with one-day passes.  By his logic, they were probably local which meant they’d forget him when the weekend was over and by the time he’d pay them a visit at home, he’d be just another stranger.  He gave out the remaining 7 AirTags, along with a few other fake statues he made.  Once again, Saturday night was spent partying and networking.  This time, he had a threesome with two girls that had way too much to drink and were more into each other than him, and were a little below his normal standards, but were still fun and good looking enough after a few drinks.  They were cosplaying as Slave Leia’s.  There was no way he was saying no to this.  On Sunday, everyone was exhausted from the convention and everything was packed up.  JC had an amazing time helping his friend out, and even got the contact info for a few new friends.

It was time to see how his experiment went.  Logging on to a VPN and connecting to his dummy iCloud account, he tracked the 12 AirTags.  He gave 4 of them to girls with weekend passes and 8 to girls with one day passes.  He gave each of them a dummy name that he kept track of on his phone, along with who he gave them to.  2 of the 4 he gave to weekend passes ended up in the trash by Sunday night.  One of those belonged to a girl at the party on Friday night, where he hooked up with Sexy Deadpool.  That left 2.  One of those two was on its way to Humdinger while the last one was on the Main Shore in an apartment or bar.  The 8 that he gave out to single day passes were mostly in the area.  2 of them were out in the country but easily within a day’s journey.  2 more showed travel that put them in houses in the suburbs, 1 of them vanished, 1 was in a McDonald’s near the convention center, 1 in an apartment in Collegetown and the last was going all over.  He noted the addresses of where they were on a spreadsheet and kept tabs on them over the next couple days while he researched what he could.  JC admitted to himself that if this was a one and done, it would be much easier.  He wouldn’t have to track down each and every individual tracker and see who had which one.

JC immediately ruled out the tags out of the city.  He thought it was too much of a risk for a chance at some pussy.  Same for the tag 3 hours away in Humdinger.  Still, he’d look into them a little, just to see what popped up.  The ones in the trash were crossed off as well.  Over the next few days, a couple more were thrown away.  But they were in the houses long enough to give him an address.  The one in the McDonald’s just stayed there.  He crossed that one off as well.  It was probably sitting on the manager’s desk, distracting them from how much they hate their life.  That left the one on the Main Shore, 2 in the suburbs, one in the apartment in Collegetown, and one travelling all over the city.  He shared his findings with the Club every step of the way.

Right away he received a message from another member of the Club, asking him to remove the Collegetown apartment from the list.  He told JC that he owned the building and him hunting there could bring unwanted attention.  He did point JC to her livestream and said that once she moved she was fair game.  She was a brunette who hosts her own OnlyFans page and went to the convention to cosplay.  When JC saw her, she was dressed as Violet from the Incredibles.

The Main Shore apartment tag belonged to a blonde cosplayer named Holly.  She kept the statue with the tag for a couple days before she threw it out.  She was a cute, skinny blonde with a tight frame.  She lived in an apartment overtop of a vegan bakery.  From what JC could tell, she currently lived alone as she was between roommates and boyfriends at the moment.  He was going to check her out a little more.

The one travelling the city occasionally stopped for stretches at an apartment building in Ambrose.  Her name was Lily, a cute Asian girl who cosplayed as a bunch of anime characters JC had no clue about.  It looked like Lily was an Uber driver in her spare time and put Bulbasaur in her car for luck.  He hoped his luck continued and he’d see her again.
The last two statues were in the suburbs.  He crossed off one of them right away when he found out she was only 16.  As cute as she was dressed like Sexy Velma, she was too young to fuck with.  Club Rules, though she’d be fun to check in on in a couple years.  The other one lived nearby to JC, a little too close for comfort.  She too lived at home with her family.  He put that one at the bottom of the list.  Such a shame, too.  Mercy had some nice titties.

JC decided that he’d look into both remaining targets and see if he couldn’t give at least one of them a ride to Poundtown.  Holly was up first.  It didn’t take much to figure out her schedule, she worked in the vegan bakery downstairs during the day and was an OnlyFans streamer at night.  She advertised her site on the pegboard in the bakery under her gamer alias, and seeing as it was still there, it seemed like the owners were okay with it.  He blended in without having to change his look at all.  JC looked like a guy that would go to a vegan bakery.  He visited a couple times, getting a cupcake and a coffee each time.  Holly worked another station when he went to the counter, so he never spoke to her directly.  He did hear Holly and her co-worker talk about how Holly’s classes “were a drag and boring AF lol.”  He shook his head slightly at how old he felt hearing that.  Here was a grown woman talking like that in the real world.

He checked out her OnlyFans page and used a dummy account to get a show.  She streamed a few times a week and did get nude, showing off her pierced nipples.  She had bars going through each nipple and a small tattoo on her chest that probably meant something but he didn’t really give a fuck.  He figured out which apartment she lived in above the bakery and could get in unnoticed.  Her door had a basic deadbolt and door lock from the same company.  He didn’t even need to pick these locks, he had a master from another job and a quick pick.  There was no external security aside from the door to the outside world which locked at all times but not nearly as secure as the landlords thought.  The landlords also owned the bakery.

As tempting as it was to break in during her one of her streams and fuck her in front of a crowd, he figured that was a good way to get caught.  Instead, he thought about doing the ‘Interrupted Break In’ attack.  The Main Shore was a hip and trendy neighborhood, but it also had its fair share of break-ins, robberies, and assaults.  He would show up, break in before she would go online for one of her sessions, then have his way with her.  Just as he was preparing for this move, the unexpected happened.

Holly sat down at his table one day while he was eating his cupcake, planning how to rape her.  She recognized him from the convention, the “cute guy from one of the art booths.”  They talked for a bit, asking why he was in the area when he lived across town.  JC told her that he worked for a company doing IT nearby and every so often would stop in the neighborhood.  He found out she was 19, the typical art school anime nerd except for the fact that she also livecammed.  JC put on the charm, a little surprised that she’d be so upfront about it.  Holly said that she didn’t like to date in the traditional sense, but guys get possessive about women and her job was to be sexy on camera.  She’d dress up in various cosplays and if the money was right for the night, she’d either masturbate, play with some toys, or whatever felt right that night.  He asked her how much she made from this, and her answer surprised her.  She made more money than he did, and he made a good living.  After they finished their coffee, she asked him if he was busy.  He wasn’t.  “My place is upstairs, want to check it out?”  JC wasn’t used to a woman making the first move, but he wouldn’t complain about it, either. 

They went upstairs to her apartment, and she was aggressive.  By the time the door to her apartment was closed, she was out of her bakery work shirt and naked from the waist up.  He joined her, removing his shirt and helping her out of her jeans as they made out.  They moved to the bed and before she told him her last name, he was eating her out.  After he made her cum, she insisted on returning the favor.  The lithe blonde knew what she was doing with her mouth.  If she wanted to, she could’ve made him cum right then and there.  Instead, she mounted him and rode him cowgirl style on the bed, letting him suck on her tiny titties and play with her pierced nipples.  They fucked for 15 minutes in that first session, him bringing her to orgasm twice.  As he was about to cum, she made him pull out and cum on her face.  He had no problem with that, and coated her like a glazed donut. 

After the cleanup, it was during the post-coital cuddle that she confessed that she had an ulterior motive, if he was up for it.  She made quite a bit on her solo shows, but really made a lot on her girl-girl shows and guy-girl episodes.  Her last boyfriend quit on her a few weeks back and she needed a new stunt cock.  When she saw him hang around the store after meeting him at the convention, she took it as a sign that maybe she should talk to him.  She also surprised him by telling him that she had a couple cameras set up in the apartment for security but also to film any of her impromptu auditions.  “You weren’t some creepy stalker, at least I don’t think you were.  What’d ya say?”  JC was completely caught off guard, but decided that this could be fun.  He’d fuck this hot chick once or twice a month on camera, she’d pay him a little, and they’d hang out.

JC reported this to the Club.  They thought he was full of shit until he shared a couple videos.  The first was their initial fuck session.  The second was a clip from her cam show where she was dressed as Tifa and he fucked her while wearing a Cloud mask.  The members went all Zapruder film on it showing that yes, this was JC and he was fucking her.

But this raised some concerns that he hadn’t completed the task at hand.  Sure, he fucked a girl he tracked down from an AirTag, but it was more like a proof of concept.  He still needed another data point.

He needed Lily.

This was one a much tougher and simpler option.  He wouldn’t get close to her or track her down and learn all of her habits.  No, he was going to do this differently.  He’d use the AirTag to track her car, wait till he got nearby, then grab her.  Nothing difficult or fancy, no pizzazz in the plan.  The only difficult decision he had was whether to play the Passenger game or Rapewagon game.

Passenger was the game where he’d book an Uber using a fake ID and account, get her to drive him somewhere, then subdue her and take her there.  The Rapewagon game was grab her at a neutral site, throw her in the back of his van, take her somewhere, and fuck her brains out.  While the Rapewagon game was simpler, it left a lot up to chance.  If he grabbed her at a place with security cameras like a gas station or fast food restaurant, then someone would call the cops and they’d have his plate and description.  He could get around that with a fake plate, but that ran other risks.  The Passenger game required her to be on the clock taking fares.  One time he tried the Passenger game and kept getting dicked around when the woman refused to pick him up, leaving someone coming from across town to grab him.

He decided that the Passenger Game was the right play, and he’d throw in the ‘Picking up a friend’ variable as well.  If it didn’t work, he’d track her down and carjack her ass at night, taking her to the middle of nowhere then have is way with her. 

It was Thursday night when JC put his plan into action.  He had his workvan cleaned out and his equipment with him.  He had dummy plates on his van from out of state.  They used to belong to another windowless white van, just in case he gets stopped.  He had fake paperwork and everything.  He tracked her to a strip mall.  She drove a silver Honda Accord from the late 00’s.  She exited, wearing a grey button up shirt, glasses, a choker collar, and a pair of Adidas workout shorts.  She had a pair of tennis shoes on, looked like Adidas from this distance.  Her long dark hair was pulled back into pigtails and she wore a pair of round glasses.  Her body was amazing.  Her legs were smooth and toned, but not too muscular.  Her tits seemed to defy gravity as she walked, and from this distance they seemed at least a C-cup, maybe D.  He thought about his plan and when he would order a ride when he realizd he made a mistake. 

She walked into a Chipotle restaurant, carrying a delivery bag.  Lily wasn’t an Uber driver, she was a Grubhub driver.

This threw his plans for a loop.  JC thought for a bit, going over his own rules.

Rule 1:  Know your prey.  He had the right type of job but the wrong job.

Rule 2:  Understand your prey.  She wasn’t dressed for a fight.  Hell, she was barely dressed for going out.  She was probably low on cash and wanted to make a few bucks.

Rule 3:  Understand your tech.  He tracked her using the AirTag, which was somewhere in her car.  She hadn’t discovered it yet.  He could still use it to track her throughout town.

Rule 4:  Prepare for your environment and terrain.  He planned on getting her to drive to an abandoned house he knows of.  Instead, if he’s driving he’ll take her to another one of his haunts.

Rule 5:  Don’t shit where you eat.  She wasn’t near his home town of Peachtree, which cuts down on preparation.  There’s a lot of windowless white vans between there and here.

Rule 6:  Be prepared.  Timing + Preparation = Luck.  For the carjacking plan, he’d need a mask, a weapon, and put the fear of God into her.  He had his stun gun and a gag, as well as a small pistol he kept under the seat.

Rule 7:  Have a backup and backout plan.  Ordering an Uber ride won’t work.  He’ll either have to nab her outside of her house or get her in between deliveries.  If his plans don’t work, he’ll have to abandon ship.

Rule 8:  Have a reason to be there that isn’t hunting.  Repair vans are pretty common.  He could easily say he was looking for a house for a repair if needed.

Rule 9:  Carry light.  His gear was in his truck, but he had enough to pull this new plan off.  It’s easy to travel light when everything needed is packed into the back of the RapeWagon Deluxe 3500.

Rule 10:  Stay calm when getting away. 

He had to think fast.  The strip mall was too risky.  Too many people would notice something, and she’d have an angry customer bitching about food that wasn’t delivered.  He’d follow her for a bit from a distance.  He didn’t know where she was going, but with the AirTag he could stay far enough behind to not directly follow her.  He knew that a drop off would take a couple minutes at most, and as few as a few seconds.  He would need a place to either grab her and throw her in his van or carjack her and make her drive where he wanted her to go.  He ran into all of the possible ideas in his head as he pulled up to Lily’s destination.  She didn’t stay long.  Within a minute, the time it took him to pull onto the street and look for her car, she had already stopped, dropped off the food, and left again.  She was about a mile away when he caught up with her.  He saw her climb back into her car, the food delivery bag completely empty and folded under her arm when he saw where he was and how to use this.  She wore a mask over her mouth and nose.  Likely a company policy.

Prepare for your environment and your terrain.

He used to live in this area.  Down the street was a park with some overhead lights in the parking lot but that was it as far as security goes.  The rest of the roads were dark and narrow, nowhere safe to pull over.  He had an idea.

JC reached into his glove box and grabbed a mask and put it on.  He made sure his hair was stuffed up under his hat.  He saw Lily’s Accord in the distance at a stop light.  He approached, slowing, slowing, but didn’t stop in time.  He bumped right into her car.  There were no streetlights anywhere.  Her car lurched forward after the van hit it.  JC got out of the car, acting apologetic.  Lily exited her car, furious.

“Dude, what the hell man?”  Lily approached, walking back to him.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you.  Are you okay?”  JC feigned compassion, something he’d learned over the years.  Lily rubbed her neck.

“No, I’m not.  How bad is it?”  She tried looking at the damage, but the quickly setting sun made that next to impossible to gauge.

“I don’t know.  I can’t see.  Hey, you from around here?  There’s a park right over the hill.  You can see it from here.”  JC pointed right past her.  He could see the park from here.

“Yeah that one?”

“Yeah.  We’ll go over there, check out the damage, and exchange information.  How about that?”  JC put a trusting tone into his speech.  Lily eyed him up and down, wearing a pair of khaki slacks and a black polo shirt with a Verizon logo on it.  She shrugged.

“Okay.  Just don’t hit me again while we’re driving.  In fact, you pull around and I’ll follow.”  Lily said.

“Deal.”  JC climbed into his van and gently backed up, then pulled forward.  He sighed when he saw that she followed him to the park.  It was less than a quarter mile from where he hit her car.  He backed his van into the spot, keeping the door facing the darkness of the adjacent trees and shrubs.  She pulled into a space two spots down, head first.  From how they parked, the damage would be shown under the overhead light.  She got out of the car, seeing the damage for the first time.  He looked at his, taking pictures with the iPhone he used to track her.

“God dammit, this is gonna fuck me over.”  The bumper cover was cracked and the fascia was damaged.  Some of the paint from the van carried over to her bumper.  She stood up and looked at JC as he walked around the van, opening the rear door.  He made sure everything for a quick snatch was within reach.  Lily walked around her car again, stopping at the passenger’s door.  She opened it, then fished her registration out of the glovebox. 

As she exited the car, JC was right behind her.  “Hey, what the-AAAIEEAH!”  She let out a brief scream before her mouth was covered.  Sharp, shooting, electrical pain erupted from her back.  Before Lily knew what hit her, her legs and arms went limp.  The only thing preventing her from collapsing onto the asphalt was JC catching her and dragging her to the fan.  Her eyes started to focus after a few seconds.  That’s when she fell onto something soft, like a yoga mat or a foam mattress.  She started to regain feeling in her hands, but not fast enough to stop this man from binding them.  Lily opened her mouth to scream, but something was shoved in her mouth.  She felt someone sit on her as her head was pulled back and whatever was in her mouth was secured.  She tried to kick him off, but another long zap of whatever that was earlier caused her to almost black out from the pain.  By the time she regained her senses, her hands were bound behind her, her legs were tied together with some form of tape, and her mouth was filled with something, like a gag of some kind.  Inside the ring was a rag.  The door was closed behind her, and the engine was running.

JC saw Lily go into the passenger side of the Accord.  She was maybe 15 feet from him.  He grabbed his stun gun and a rag and snuck up behind her.  He was a step or two behind her when she climbed out of the car.  She said something as she bumped into him, but he was already a step ahead of her.  He hit her with the stun gun in the small of the back as he covered her mouth.  He only had a second to catch her off guard.  She slumped into his arms as he caught her and dragged her over to the van.  After dumping her on the back, he bound her hands and inserted a ring gag in her mouth before she regained her composure.  JC shoved the rag into the gag to stifle her screams, then shoved the rag in there to muffle the cries.  At the first sign of struggling, he zapped her again with the stun gun, longer this time.  She went limp.  He finished tying her feet and legs together, then pushed her further into the van, allowing him to close the door.

Once the van tail door was closed, he went back to the front seat and rummaged through glove box for a couple things.  It was a Bulbasaur statue and a pair of black nitrile gloves.  He put on the gloves then approached her car.  She left the engine running and dropped her phone on the passenger seat.  It was still unlocked to his amazement.  He went into settings and turned off GPS tracking then went into the photos.  She took a couple of the van, including the license plate.  He deleted those and emptied the trash right away.  They hadn’t synched to the cloud yet, so those were gone for good.  He scrolled a little bit further.  There were quite a few selfies here, as well as some other videos.  She even had a couple nude ones she sent to someone named Kyle.  Probably a boyfriend or something.  He thought about leaving the phone in her car, but had an idea.  He pocketed it as he pulled out his iPhone.  He used his phone to find the AirTag.  It was sitting in the back seat, still in the swag bag.  He laughed.  She didn’t even know it was in her car this whole time.  Still, he grabbed the Pokémon with the AirTag and replaced it with one that didn’t.  Just in case the cops showed up and searched the place.  He saw her registration laying on the ground.  The car was in a man’s name, probably her father.  He found her license and a school ID for Harbor City Beauty School.  Lily O’Donnell.  He took a picture of all of them, then put the registration back in the glove box.  The ID’s were in a wallet attached to her phone so he put them back.  JC then turned off the Accord and took the keys with him, locking the car behind him.  He hopped in his van, started it up, and headed to one of his favorite places, the quarry.

Lily was just waking up from her stupor when the van lurched into gear.  She screamed into her gag and thrashed as best as she could, but she was trapped.  Fear and panic flooded her mind as she thought about what horrible things this man would and could do to her.  She cried, hoping that this nightmare wouldn’t happen, that this was maybe some sick prank from her friends. 

Meanwhile, JC kept Lily’s phone open as he drove.  He didn’t know how to unlock it so he had to keep fiddling with it to keep it awake.  Once he was out of the neighborhood and into more of the suburbs, he could pull off the road and investigate the phone a little better.  He used her phone and went to a website that loaded a trojan on her phone that would allow him to check in on it whenever he felt like.  He also made sure that her contacts were uploaded to the same site.  That way, if she told anyone what happened, he’d show them how much of a slut she really was.

Lily felt the road change as the van pulled off the asphalt and onto something else, like stone.  She tried to see where she was, but all she could make out were locked tool cabinets and some random tech equipment.  It was dark, so she could only make out the outlines of what she saw.  After a few more minutes of slow driving over the rocks, the van stopped.  She wondered if she could move enough to escape, but she was tied at both the knees and feet.  Her hands weren’t moving at all.  If she could move, she’d try to bumrush this man as he opened the door.  Instead, she was trapped.

JC stopped the van in the quarry.  He thought about Lily in the back of the van.  She was clearly Asian but with an Irish last name.  Most likely Daddy liked a little kimchi on his potato.  He was far enough from everyone up here that she could scream her head off and no one would hear her.  He was still wearing the hat and medical mask from earlier, so he decided to change it for his ski mask.  He let the engine idle as he reached behind the driver’s seat and flipped on a couple switches.  The first turned on the lights inside the back of the van, illuminating the workspace.  The second activated the series of secret cameras he installed in it for occasions such as these.

Lily flinched as the bright lights came on, blinding her.  She lost her night vision, and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust.  Before they did, the back door of the van opened.  The man that kidnapped her stood in the doorway.  She saw him holding up a phone.

“Smile for the camera, Lily.  C’mon, don’t you wanna smile?”  She panicked at the voice, it was the same as the man that rear ended her.  And he knew her name.  She still couldn’t make out any details, but it was him.  He reached over and stroked her leg, feeling her bare skin.  “I think it’s time that we get to know each other better, Lily O’Donnell.  The man slid his hands further and further up her leg, reaching the top of the thigh before sliding them back down to her shoes.  He did it again, causing her to cry as his hand lingered near her butt.  She mewled into her gag.

“Oh, you want me to take your shoes off?  They too uncomfortable?”  She shook her head no, but he went ahead anyway, taking off her sneakers and her socks.  Next, he cut the electrical tape that he used to bind her feet and knees.  She looked for a moment for any gaps past him.  Before she could move, he was on top of her, rolling her onto her stomach.  He shoved her face down into the foam mattress, forcing her to turn her head or possibly break her nose.  He reached above her and opened a cabinet door.  In it was a that was a chain about 6 feet long and a pair of handcuffs.  He put the cuffs in front of her so she could see them.  She then felt her arms being moved and her hands cut free.  For a second she struggled, but that ended with a slap across the back followed by JC grabbing her arm and pushing it up the middle of her back.

“Don’t try anything stupid, or I’ll have to hurt ya, and I don’t wanna hurt ya Lily.  Do you want me to hurt you?”  He put more pressure on her arm, and she cried.  He released the hammer lock on her and put the handcuff on her left wrist in short order.  He did the same with her right wrist.  She was now chained up in the back of his van.

JC climbed off of her.  She pulled at the cuffs, seeing that they were attached to the van itself.  He thought about his next steps and decided to extend her torture a little bit before he fucked her.  He exited the van and stood at the doorway.  She curled up away from him, but could see him stand there.  He took off his shirt, throwing it in the back of the van.  He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them and his boxer briefs down.  She wanted to get away and keep him away from her.  He reached for Lily’s leg, but she tried to kick him.

She forgot about the stun gun.  JC didn’t.  He grabbed it and gave a quick shock to her leg.  She screamed into her gag again.  He then climbed into the van and grabbed her by the hair.

“I’m only gonna say this once Lily.  Try that again and I’ll zap you on the tit.  Any more outbursts after that, and I’ll fry your fucking clit with this.  Got it?”  She tried to nod but couldn’t.  He zapped her on her left boob.  She shrieked.  “Next one’s on the clit.  Do you want me to do that?”  She cried and shook her head no.  “Good.”  He hopped off of her and grabbed her legs.  JC dragged her to the rear of the van, her legs dangling out of the rear.  He jumped back on top of her, taking a good look at her and taking more pictures of her.  He pulled the cloth gag out of her mouth, leaving the ring gag in place.  He leaned down and kissed her cheeks as he began unbuttoning her shirt.  He could feel her shiver underneath him as he undid the last button.  He took another picture, showing her in her black bra.  He thought about taking the bra off, but thought she looked sexy as hell this way.  Besides, it doesn’t matter if her underwear survives the night.

“God, you are so sexy Lily.  I could see why Kyle likes you.  You suck his dick?”  Her eyes went wide.  Well, as wide as they could.  She might only be half Asian, but the eyes are from her mom’s side.  ‘How did he know about Kyle?’  She wondered as she saw his hard-on approach her face. 

“Nooa, pwea no.”  She could talk a little but couldn’t close her mouth.  She finally came to understand why this metal ring was in her mouth as this man positioned himself over her head and shoved his dick into her mouth.

“Use that tongue, bitch.  Use it.  Yeah.  You love this, don’t ya?”  JC slowly started fucking Lily’s mouth, feeling her try to move her tongue under this assault.  He went for a minute, kneeling on her shoulders and forcing a blowjob this way until he changed position.  He inverted, climbing over her to where his head was over her shorts.  He grabbed her shorts and panties at the waistband and in one go tugged them down her legs.  She unconsciously tried to keep them closed, but that only drew a slap to the hip.  He pushed her legs apart, getting a look at clean shaven pussy.

“Want Senpai to teach you a lesson?  I think so.”  JC leaned in and started eating Lily out while he fucked her face.  He assaulted her with vigor and wouldn’t stop until she came.  Every so often he’d forget to move his hips and she’d panic underneath him because she couldn’t breathe.  He loved the way she felt on him when she panicked.  Before he could come, he decided to stop fucking her mouth and make her cum.  He pulled out until he brought her to the edge, then he went back to assaulting her mouth.  JC wanted to, neigh needed to feel her moan and cry on his dick as he made her cum.  He got his wish, hearing and feeling the most excellent cries escape Lily.

JC pulled out and decided that it was time to take her pussy for his own.  He climbed off of her and stood outside of the van.  He lined up with his dick with her pussy and inserted himself.  She felt even better than she looked, and she was fucking beautiful.  He grabbed the camera and recorded him fucking her.  As he got closer, he pulled out and moved up her chest, and aimed for her head.

“Oh, here it cums!”  He blasted his nut all over Lily’s face, coating her forehead, cheeks, and mouth.  He put his dick back in her mouth.  “Lick it clean, whore.”  She did as told, and he was electric with the post-cum sensations on his dick.  He climbed off of her, wiping his dick on her belly.  While he was down here, he pulled her bra up over her tits and played with them.  He squeezed and sucked her tits until he was hard again. 

This time, he decided to really make her cry.  He rolled her over, her tits now on the mat and her ass up in the air.  He slid her shirt and bra up her arms before climbing back out of the van.  Once outside, he reached into the van and grabbed some lube he kept nearby.

“Lily, anyone ever take your booty to Poundtown?  Go driving down the Hershey road?  Give your chocolate starfish a sausage?  You know, anyone ever fuck your ass?”

“Nooo, nooo, nooo!”  Lily shook her head and cried as she looked over her shoulder behind her to see him grab a bottle of something and squirt it on her ass.  While he was prepping her ass for a good fucking, he took her pussy again, slamming the top of her thighs into the van’s bumper.  Once he got enough lube on and in her asshole, he pulled out of her pussy and pressed himself into her butt.  She screamed something fierce as he kept struggling to get in.

“Fuck you’re one tight little bitch.  Relax and it won’t hurt as much.”  He pushed into her a little further until he was completely buried in her ass.  Once in, he kept going until he built up a good rhythm. He fucked Lily’s ass for what must’ve been 20 minutes before he was ready to cum.  When he was ready, he held on for everything he had as he blasted his nut deep in her ass, taking pics the whole time.

When JC pulled out of her ass, he needed a rest.  He rolled her back into the van while he sat on the edge of the doorway.  He looked at the clock on the phone, it wasn’t even 10PM yet.  He could fuck her for another hour or two before he had to get back home.  But she didn’t know that.  He had a brilliant, sick idea.  He checked his cabinet for an item.  He pulled out a rabbit vibrator, one with the clit movement and the rotating sections in the middle.  He grabbed the phone and climbed up to Lily.

“You see this?  You’re gonna use this, and you’re gonna fuck yourself with it, and you’re gonna cum.  You don’t have a choice in the matter, Lily.  If you don’t, you don’t go home.  I could kill you out here and no one would ever find you.  I could leave you out here by yourself and you’d get lost in the woods and starve to death or get eaten by wolves.  But if you do what I say, I’ll take you back home.  Would you like that?  You want to go home?”  He stroked her hair as he talked.  She cried again, the fear of being left for dead or worse up wherever the hell they were frightened her.  She nodded. 


“Yes.  Yes what?”

“Yeth, I’ll be goo.”

“Beg me.  Beg me to let you fuck yourself.”

“Pweeae, wet me fuck me.  Pweae.”

“Call me Master.”

“Pweeae Ah er.”  Close enough with a ring gag.  JC stuck the vibrator in the gag.

“Get it nice and wet first.”  He fucked her mouth with it a few times before he handed it to her.  Each time he moved it in and out, he stared at the choker collar around her neck, highlighting her movements. 

She was still handcuffed so had to crawl up further into the van.  He stepped out, getting a good view of the action.  Lily took the rabbit and started exploring herself with it.  She knew what she liked but this was a different toy.  She flicked and fiddled around, figuring out the controls that worked for her.  After a few minutes, she started getting into it.  It took about 15 minutes, but Lily was able to bring herself to orgasm as she fucked herself in full view of this stranger recording her.  She felt ashamed, but shame she can live with.

Watching her do this at his command got JC hard again.  He waited until she was done, then decided it was turn for another round.  This time he fucked her doggystyle, using her pigtails as handlebars.  Lily’s neck wasn’t designed to bend this way, but JC didn’t care.  He fucked her with abandon, completely forgetting about where he wanted to cum.  After the first blast shot inside her womb, he couldn’t and wouldn’t stop.  She felt too good.  He finished, blasting his last few spurts deep inside her.  She cried when she realized what he did, cumming in her.  The fear of having his seed in her distracted her from the pain on her head.  He pulled out, once again telling her to clean his dick with her mouth.  She reluctantly did so.

JC looked at his handiwork.  Lily was a mess.  She had cum on her face, in her hair, a little on her tits, she had bruises on her legs, and her makeup was terrible.  She had cum leaking out of her pussy and her ass.  Lily looked amazing.  He took several pictures.  But it was time to clean her up.  He handed her some baby wipes and told her make herself presentable.  As she did this, he played with both his iPhone and her Android phone.  He set it to record the whole thing and the video was now on the cloud. He gave her back her clothes and she got dressed as best as she could while wearing handcuffs and a chain.  He got dressed and cleaned up.  As soon as she was mostly dressed, he moved closer to her.  He held her phone in one hand and the stun gun in the other.

“Here’s the deal Lily.  You will do everything I say going forward.  I have photos and video of you being my little whore.  If you try anything, I’ll kill you.  You tell anyone, I’ll show everyone you know how good of a little fucktoy you are.  I’ll put this video up on the dark web along with your address and tell every pervert in the area where they can come and get a piece of that sweet ass.  And they won’t be as nice as I am.  You go to the cops, I’ll hunt you down and finish the job, and kill your family too just for raising you.  Do you understand?”

“Yeth.”  Lily responded.

“Good.  I’ll know if you tell anyone about tonight.  Anyone asks why you didn’t respond to their texts, you were sick.  Got it?”  Lily nodded.

“Good.  I’ll give you this back when I drop you off.  But first, turn your head.  Now.”  JC raised his voice at the end when Lily hesitated.  He reached behind her head and undid the ring gag from around her head, and removed it, slowly.  She stretched her jaw a couple times.

“Turn back.”  She turned her head back, eyes pleading with him.  He reached behind him in a cabinet and pulled out a small bottle of water and a packet of pills.  He opened the pills and gave them to her.  She looked at them suspiciously.

“Plan B and some bottled water.  Take it, or I leave you in the woods.”  She quickly swallowed the pills.  He gave her some water, letting her finish the bottle.  “You might feel a little drowsy in a few minutes.  This bottle is laced with a sedative that if you drink the whole thing like you just did, you’ll be out for an hour or two.  You should still be able to drive home by the time we get back.  This is why you have to listen to instructions.  Do you understand.”  Lily again nodded her head.  “Good.  It’s fast acting but also wears off fast.  You’ll be back at your car when you wake up.”  JC left the van’s rear.  Lily looked at him with fear, but didn’t know what to say.  He grabbed the cloth gag from earlier and put it between her teeth.  Using a piece of electrical tape, he secured the gag in place.  As he finished packing things up, he saw that she was starting to get drowsy.

“Eh, what the hell, right?  Oh Lily…” JC climbed back up into the van, pulling her shorts down one more time.  She was too out it by this point to fight back as he fucked her one more time.  She’d barely remember this part, but she just looked so sexy that he couldn’t help himself.  He fucked her one more time in the pussy and another in the ass while she lay there on the mat.  He’d already cum in her so might as well do it again.  After fucking her while she was passed out, he cleaned her up and uncuffed her.  Instead, he tied her hands with electrical tape in front of her.

He sat in the driver’s seat, going through her phone.  He made sure that he had access to her device remotely and checked her messages.  Apparently, her roommate asked where she was, so JC pretended to be Lily in text and said she was working late and would be home before too long.  Her mom also texted a couple times, asking how she was doing.  JC said that Lily was sick and would text her tomorrow.  A thumbs up emoji was all that was needed.  He also spent some time finding any sexy videos or pics she had of her or her friends on the phone and uploaded them to his cloud server.  If she ever told anyone about tonight, those would be included in the info dump.

He was only 15 minutes away from the park where he left her car, but the drugs would start wearing off any minute now.  He drove out of the quarry and headed back to where the evening started.  It was well after Midnight by this point, so if she was still too messed up to drive home, she’d get pulled over for a DUI and the cops would think she was a junkie.  But he figured she’d be good to go by the time he got to the park and dropped her off in an empty parking lot.

JC was half right about that thought.  She was awake and alert in the back, but the parking lot wasn’t empty.  As he drove past, a cop car was pulling into the lot.  Instead of pulling in and explaining why there was a bound and gagged girl in the back of his van, he had to play it cool.  He drove down the street and around the block once to get a better vantage point.  The cop saw that Lily’s car was parked in the lot, but didn’t do anything else about it.  Instead, he sat in his car, likely taking a break.

Lily was in the back of the van, scared.  She couldn’t see what was going on and they were just sitting there.  That’s when he had an idea.  He grabbed Lily’s phone and made an emergency call.

“911, what’s the nature of the emergency?”  A woman’s voice came over the phone.

“I just saw a car swerve and hit a parked car on Battery Avenue and drive off.  A black SUV.”  JC said, sounding concerned.

“Was anyone hurt?”

“Not that I could tell, I don’t think.  SUV was all over the place.  1200 block of Battery.”

“What’s your name, sir?”

“Jim Smythe, S M Y T H E.”

“Thank you for your report, sir.”

“Thank you.”  JC hung up the phone.  As much as Lily thought about using this moment to escape, she didn’t dare try anything.  This man could kill her right here and now.  Still, she had a clue they were close to the park.  Battery Avenue was about 15 blocks away.

Just as JC guessed, they called the cop that was sitting in the park.  Since it was a low priority call, they didn’t turn on their siren.  JC put the van into drive and headed to the park.  He arrived in time to see the cop leave the park for Battery Ave.

JC parked the car far enough away from the Accord to not look suspicious, rear facing a clearing of trees.  He grabbed Lily’s phone, keys and a knife.  He opened the rear of the van, letting her out.  He quickly cut off the tape around her wrists and gag and gave Lily her stuff.  He grabbed her wrist before letting her go and pulled her close.

“Tell no one.  Got it?”  She cried as she pulled away and ran to her car.  He hopped back in his van and pulled out.  He was a few blocks away and returned to his vantage point overlooking the lot when he saw Lily leave about 20 seconds before the cop returned.  JC drove home, waiting until the next morning to upload the footage from van’s cameras and his phone.

A couple days later he shared the footage and his findings.  There were more than a few members that loved seeing Lily cry.  And JC proved that one could hunt down a target using nothing more than an AirTag and guile.  Now, if he could just find a way to get that bitch from work all those years ago.  He looked through his old records and dummy accounts, seeing what Bianca was up to nowadays.
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Re: JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
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This is awesome, and amazing to follow JC through this journey! Looking forward to much more!!

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Re: JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2022, 01:48:35 PM »
Great addition to the Harbor City universe.  I hope we get a story with JC and Bianca and then others too :)

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Re: JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
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Cannot believe I didn't see this before the second chapter..both are excellent. Merit cumming

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Re: JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
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Bloody hell, the guy is a detective or what? Loved the apartment hunting in the first part. And the airtag part was also awesome.
That apartment investigation was kinda detailed, I try to detail investigations when I do my kidnapping stories. Other than that, great story.

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Re: JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
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This is awesome, and amazing to follow JC through this journey! Looking forward to much more!!

Thanks Anklestrap.  I've got some plans for JC in the future.   >:D

Great addition to the Harbor City universe.  I hope we get a story with JC and Bianca and then others too :)

Thanks JV.  I don't want to spoil too much, but let's just say I'm a strong believer of Chekhov's Gun.  Don't introduce a gun in Act 1 if you don't use it in Act 2. 

Cannot believe I didn't see this before the second chapter..both are excellent. Merit cumming

Thanks Dawn.  To be fair I posted them back to back, but that means a lot coming from a writer of your caliber.

Bloody hell, the guy is a detective or what? Loved the apartment hunting in the first part. And the airtag part was also awesome.
That apartment investigation was kinda detailed, I try to detail investigations when I do my kidnapping stories. Other than that, great story.

Thanks Yukito.  I was halfway through writing all the work he went through to find the apartment before realizing he had it sitting in front of him the whole time.  I've lost count of how many times I've reverse engineered something or did something in the absolute toughest way possible when the easy solution was sitting right there.  I'd like to give a shoutout to Fbhkbki for the AirTag idea. 

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Re: JC’s Rules to Hunting: A Club of Chester County Offshoot
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Thanks Yukito.  I was halfway through writing all the work he went through to find the apartment before realizing he had it sitting in front of him the whole time.  I've lost count of how many times I've reverse engineered something or did something in the absolute toughest way possible when the easy solution was sitting right there.  I'd like to give a shoutout to Fbhkbki for the AirTag idea. 
Sudden realization, lol. Other than that, I really love writing investigations and stealth scenes.