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Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, or if such stories are illegal or regulated in your locality, please leave now.  We don't advocate rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a story, a work of literary fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. Persons who commit rape are despised everywhere. But these fantasies are permitted, so long as real people are not hurt, in the interest of furthering artistic and educational discussion.

All characters featured in this story are at least 18 years old; the words "teenage" and "teen girl", "slave girl/boy", "maid" or the Latin "virgo" all refer to girls aged 18 or 19 only.

Note: I'm reposting this entire two-part story for a friend of mine, who can't log in on the other site where I'm active. At any rate, I'm planning sequels that will come with a link to this story.



Chapter 1 --- A Noble Villa Gets Overrun & Sacked

A lot have been written about Spartacus and his thousands of freed-up slaves who instilled fear and terror into the Romans' heart in 70 B.C.... before their final destruction and death in battle or by crucifixion.

There is another, albeit much lesser-known such occurrence that took place under emperor Vespasian. It was of a much, much smaller scale, yet it was just as fierce and horrible for the Roman citizens who had the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I recall it from a past life I had...

It was the year 827 ab Urbe condita (since Rome's foundation in 753 B.C. = 74 A.D.) I was a slave boy at the time. I don't remember any of my parents. I only know that I am 18 years old and I speak the same Greek that is spoken in Athens. This knowledge grants me some privilege, as Claudia, the wife of my master, spends time daily with me so she can perfect her command of the Athenian Greek, which she and her husband view as the language of learning.

I don't entirely agree with them, as I find Latin to be an exquisitely refined language, especially when one reads their poetry from Horace, Vergil or Ovid.

We live in a villa in a remote countryside about 20 miles East from Tusculum, which is 16 miles South West of Rome. We are in a hilly country going into the Appenines. Most slaves work the fields and grapevines. Our master is rich, but not "Roman Patrician rich" if you know what I mean.

Tiberius M. Agrilus is the 40 year-old pater familiae. His wife Claudia looks like she is still 25, but I know she must be a lot older, since they have teenage twin daughters--Lavinia and Cynthia. They have only one younger son. Our master isn't very happy, for he hoped his wife would have given him more sons. He is sometimes quite awful to his field slaves. Porcius, the slave master, often reminds him that slaves who feel valued and respected are harder at work and more loyal to their masters. He doesn't listen much and prefers to feed his fragile ego.
That day began like any other. However, at the third hour (three hours after sunrise), we saw a group running toward the villa. It was a few neighboring families. They were in panic. They said there were dozens of revolted gladiators who were sweeping the countryside and recruiting all the slaves to follow them. There were rumors of another, even larger gladiator troop who had defeated the local garrison. We needed to prepare a defence at once, for they were likely to head our way.

Medus, a fellow Greek slave who was the Greek Master to Tiberius's young son, told me that if these gladiators came to assault the villa, chances were high that the field slaves--the most numerous group--would side with the invaders and turn against the few guards we had. The big issue for us would be what happened after: sooner or later, the revolt would be squashed by heavy reinforcements and all slaves, revolted or deemed to have revolted, would be put to death. If the villa fell, we needed to take to our heels and make our way to Rome, and then board a ship that would sail us back to our Greece and hopefully a free life.

As the day lingered on, Tiberius had Porcius reinforcing the main door and posting the most trusted men at the key spots. The villa had solid walls and a very sturdy door. The field slaves looked overzealous, as if they were deadly scared... or feigned to be so while in fact having other designs.

Two hours before sunset, the gladiator troop showed up. They looked far fiercer than I had anticipated. I had only heard about the ludi -- the fights -- in the arena, about a large Colosseum that was presently under construction, but I had never seen one gladiator in my life. Each one of them looked like they could single-handedly defeat several men, and I was told they were indeed used to execute criminals by having one of them slaughter several of them after they were given a "last chance" weapon.

They had made a battering ram with one large pine trunk. Our ten guards looked stoically at them as they took their positions; they had bows and arrows and as soon as the gladiators were within range, they started to fire, forcing the invaders to raise their sheilds as they kept advancing. A few of them fell as they were injured or mortally wounded. Far from being scared, the gladiators ran and while the guards kept firing arrows, the faster ones came within reach of javelin. Then one of the guards dropped from the high wall with a thud; a javelin had clearly transfixed his neck. I had never seen such wicked spear throwing! Another guard fell too, but he was still alive and I couldn't see where he had been struck, but he was obviously in great pain.

The field slaves manning the walls did nothing. Porcius yelled at them, but to no avail. Tiberius was white with rage and started to threaten the slaves with the most cruel punishment if they left their station. This was a huge mistake.

Upon hearing the battering ram BOOM! BOOM! against the main door, the field slaves turned against their master! They quickly overpowered the demoralized guards and then opened up the gates for the incoming gladiators.

I saw a huge monster of a man with blonde hair and the wildest beard I had ever seen. He had a sword that looked too heavy for me with both hands, but he wielded it one-handed with ease. He looked like their leader. "Now! he said. Now! Let's teach these Patrician pigs a lesson! Let's have some fun!"

I saw several field slaves seizing Tiberius, their master, and they started to beat him up! Upon seeing this, Claudia his wife screamed for them to stop, but she was brutally seized by slaves and gladiators who started to rip her clothes off. I had mixed feelings from this sight. On one hand, I felt sorry for her, for she was always so kind to me. Once, she had taught me how to properly kiss a woman in exchange for a Greek lesson. I liked this very much and found her very soft and sweet, both strange and exciting. On the other hand, I felt it very exhilarating to see her being stripped naked by the mutinous slaves. There was something so erotic about all this scene.

Upon hearing her screaming and protesting "NON! NOOOOON! NOLO! NOLOOOOOOO!" (NOLO = I refuse/Don't!) under the hands of the jeering men, the SCHRRRR! of the tearing fabric and the men's laughing as they revealed her youthful nakedness under the early evening sun, I felt my teen manhood get stiff and rising up. The sight was unreal, as she was even more beautiful than I had anticipated... What's more, her expression made it obvious that she was surprisingly enjoying being forcefully stripped off her vestimenta by her own slaves! ... Servis servitura! (She was going to serve the slaves!)

When I saw her naked breasts being touched, licked and cupped by the men, when I saw her wonderful legs, her butt and her bare feet, that's when I decided that I was going to HAVE her good and hard! Maybe she'd find some consolation in being close to someone she likes in such a horrible turn of events. I knew the men would probably let me and it would perhaps amuse them to see her raped by such a young fellow.

I knew that all the women and girls in the villa would soon be drowning under the revolted men's cum and nothing would prevent it! Strangely enough, this very thought made my erection even harder.


Note: In Latin poetry, Venus is usually described as "flava Venus", which means "blonde Venus"; this hair colour was highly valued in Italy. Many women dyed their hair golden and Gaul female slaves were highly prized in brothels. Blonde was exotic!
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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 2 --- Getting to know my matrona!

From within the villa, I heard teen girls screaming loud; the troop had found the twin daughters and were certainly stripping them BARE-NAKED and getting ready to give them their swollen dicks. Near the entrance to the villa, I saw another group seizing one of our neighbours's teenage daughters and getting her ready for some leisurely entertainment. I saw that she was very beautiful too as they quickly rid her of her white peplum and fine sandals...

Once they had stripped her naked, they bent her face down over a small garden table, and while she was screaming and protesting as the men laughed and called her berating names, I saw a monstrous gladiator, disgustingly fat, rushing at her while still wearing his helmet and some grotesque armour... Then, he quickly discarded his large shield, or scutum, and got rid of his cumbersome helmet and whatever he had over his pubic parts and produced a huge, rock-hard cock, on which he put some olive oil before brutally entering the Roman aristocratic teen...

I felt very much aroused as I saw the massive dick pounding the helpless, crying girl. He was obviously enjoying the forced coit, as he was profusely grunting like a wild animal ... HRRRHHH! HHRRRHHHH! ARRRHHH! And the poor girl kept screeming as the other men held her firmly in place. It was such a beautiful abuse! We were fucking their women and it was ...  God-of-War awesome!

I couldn't wait to have my turn on Claudia! I no longer cared about what was good or evil, I just wanted to have my dick in my master's wife, to fuck my matrona. So I approached the spot where the field slaves were having their sport with her.

One of them was now fucking her from behind. I couldn't take my gaze off her wonderful feet and started to masturbate. Oooh! This was soo GOOOD! Strange enough, she wasn't really trying to fight him off; she looked like she was somewhat aroused!? As she took the fierce pounding of her field slave, I heard her softly moaning.

The field slave pounded her faster and faster still... He was enjoying her humiliation, and her moaning too! NOW! he said! NOW... WHO'S THE MASTER, YOU FUCKING WHORE? AHHHR! RHHHAAH! OOH! YESS! YESSS! ....
Then he released his steaming load with a loud scream of victory... HHHHHHRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRHYAAA... WE'RE HAVVVINNGGGGH ... THRR.. WMEN! HHRRAAAHHH!

Then an African Gladiator took his place. All the unrealness of the scene fascinated me... this huge black cock fucking her mercilessly as she was now positively moaning... "AAaaaah!... Aaaaah! Aaaahh! ... Aaaah!... Aaah, they're RAPING ME! .... Aaaaah! ... Aaaah! ... NOOOO!... Aah, NOOO AH!..." Claudia's violated body was buffeted strong and hard by her happy Violator... His frothing saliva spilling down on her... Then the massive load of semen came with the loud grunting of the cut-in-half black man... And her feet! Her lovely little feet! Oooh! I was going to have her myself too!

As if they had read my thoughts, the field slaves noticed me. They motioned me in and presented her to me... My eyes drank her nakedness; I was too shy to meet her eyes, but she kept looking straight at me! She was so beautiful! The fact she was twice my age made me want to have her even more, and I felt my dick swollen and rock-hard, knowing that I was about to enjoy my ex-matrona, now a war booty to be used by all...

I approached her, and I kissed her, just like she had shown me. I felt her tongue in my mouth and rolling itself around my own tongue. It was magic! Then I whispered in her ears that I was sorry things were like that, but I had dreamed many, many times that I was making love to her. Then, she confessed to me that she had sometimes dreamed that she was gang-raped outdoors by her own slaves; she felt ashamed at her being dishonored, but what was happening was inevitable. Then her wonderful alto voice whispered... "Take me, Kotalos! I want you inside me more than anyone else here, and that includes my cruel husband!"

I then moved down and started to kiss her breasts and cupped them in my hands as I kept licking them; I felt her hands in my black hair and heard her moaning. As I tasted her divine tits and felt her delicate nipple under my tongue, I heard some grunting around, and guessed that the men were masturbating as they looked on.

Then, she lay back against the wall as one slave took hold of her wrist, but she wasn't trying to break free. I stripped myself naked; I firmly took hold of her thighs and, with a feeling of utter wonder, I entered my rock-hard dick inside my sweet, sweet matrona!

Oooooh! It was so Zeus-damned GOOD! I WAS FUCKING HER! FUCKING-FUCKING HER! I felt the relative tightness of her cum-wet vagina as I pounded her while contemplating her maid's bust and wonderful hair as she was moaning loud and speaking my name... AAAAAAAH!...  AAAHH! ... aAAaaaAAH!... O KOTALOS! KOTALOS! HMMMMM!... HMMAAAH!... YES! TAKE ME... KOTalosss!... aaaaah!

Having her thighs against my sides as I pounded her forcefully gave me a sense of utter domination over her! I slowed down my thrusts a bit, so I could enjoy ravishing her as long as I could.... OOOH! HAAA! HHAAAHH! AH! YESSS! OOOH! OOOH! THIS IS SOOO SOO GOOD... HRRHAAH!

All of a sudden, my heart racing, my body sweating, my penis seized and I let go a forceful and steaming-warm load of cum! It came in two massive bursts that had me dying with ecstasy! OOOOOOOHHH! I'LL GIVE YOU A GREEK SON!

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 3 --- Claudia Gets More Loving Attention

As soon I had finished ejaculating inside Claudia, I stepped out and one big and strong field slave shoved his swollen, rock-hard shaft right against her mouth and ordered her "FELLA! ... FELLA!" (SUCK! ... SUCK!). Another slave held her wrists behind her hair as she looked at the slave's large, veiny dick in some kind of weird fascination; it seems that she was liking all this and forgetting all the horror of her dishonored predicament! Then the strong field slave forcedly entered her mouth and she willingly took his dick in her noble mouth and started to pleasure it with her lips, tongue and sucking action. The revolted slave then began to grunt and roar as she kept sucking him...

He accelerated further still, and then with a loud scream of joy, he exploded in a burst of cum inside her ladyship's mouth. As he exited her, a second massive burst of jizz flowed down her magnificient breasts. A laughing gladiator frictioned her semen-covered boobs so, he said, "it would be nice and proper for a Roman Lady". Then he took his turn and began raping her while calling her a "meretrix" (a whore, especially a high-ranking whore).

I loathed seeing my matrona being so shamefully debased and now I started to feel guilt. Near the villa entrance, they were still gang-raping our neighbour's daughter (a Flavinia, I think). They were holding her fast on a sturdy oak table, and Medus was forcefully thrusting his rod deep inside her while the men jeered and laughed and spilled wine on her white, dainty breasts so they could "taste the teen wine"... The wine gave a nice shine to her firm, girly breasts as they bounced in rhythm with her gang-rape and her now-faint screams under the evening sun.

Those feet! Those pretty, dainty feet! I was hypnotized by the teen girl's feet as her whole body rocked to-and-fro on the table while Medus was pounding her mercilessly, grunting and giving full sway to all his sense of exhilaration at raping one of these "haughty young ladies"...

An unstoppable sense of sexual arousal took possession of my whole being. I no longer felt guilt. I just wanted to fuck these pretty little whores!

I stormed inside the villa house with a cry of unrestrained triumph: "By Zeus, we'll have all their girls and women! ULULULULULULULULULULULULULU!"

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 4 --- Want To Enjoy Cynthia? Wait Your Turn!

As I entered the villa house with my dick dripping with ejaculated cum, I watched the gladiators and field slaves ransacking the whole place, throwing cups and bronze plates to the floor in the atrium (the large hall where visitors are received and business is done).

From both sides of the atrium, I heard shrill screams of girls and women being gang-raped. In one corner of the room, many gladiators were ruthlessly groping and debasing a panicked girl they were about to use on a small black leathered table...

This was a slave girl, but it made no difference to the horny men. The serving maids were going to get slammed and used just the same way as the noble ladies.

Then I recognized the loud, shrill voice of Cynthia--one of the twins--whom a group of field slaves had just found hiding behind a large statue. They placed the screaming girl on a low cloth-covered table, her back against the table as they savagely tore her delicate white peplum away to reveal the sort of white flax bra she wore over her delicately curved breasts... The men were all over her, jeering and roaring in triumph...
"NOOOOOOOOO!... NOO...PL...PLEAEASE!..." Cynthia was terrorized, sobbing and wailing and pleading and screaming at the top of her lungs.

Her dyed golden hair was a disheveled sea of tumultuous disarray as she wriggled amid her captors whose jeering faces were all familiar to her, which increased her insane terror clearly painted on her features and her wide-open hazel eyes with her delicate brown eyebrows, highly raised and reflecting her sense of utter panic!

Then my manhood began to harden anew as I watched a slave grabbing her flax bra with his hand, bronzed-skinned from the Italian sun and dirty from toiling in the vineyards, as the desperate girl kept screaming... Then, with a loud groan of victory, he violently yanked the fabric away and Cynthia's immaculate white breasts appeared in full view under the atrium-dimmed flow of evening sunlight... By ZEUS! HER TITS WERE SUBLIME!

I couldn't believe such pure, soft whiteness with such delicate pink nipples. I wanted so madly to kiss them and lick them! They were exactly shaped like her mother's but whiter, softer and even firmer!

Then, in a flash, the field slaves tore the rest of her peplum away from her, her flax underwear and her delicate leather sandals; all her clothes vanished as fast as a boat's weakened sail ripped from the mast under a praeternaturally strong wind. Then the men held her very firmly against the white table as the biggest, strongest slave of the group drove his almost-bursting hard dick against the virgin's tight entrance. The girl screamed in wild pain and shame and dishonor as the victorious dick made its way inside her now-bleeding vagina, as she kept sobbing and wailing. NOOOHOHOOOOHOOOOHOOOOO... AAARRHNOOOOOOOOAAAOOOOO!

The virgin rapist began to urgently pound her as she screamed and screamed... He pounded, and pounded away in forcefull and long, hard strokes as he grunted and roared out of sheer glee, a beastly glee he had no doubt anticipated from the moment he and the others found her hiding. WOW! I began to masturbate and my cock was hard again.

His teammates kept encouraging him as the girl was now silently weeping and the big man kept slamming her without any restrain. Then, all of a sudden, he jolted, mouth open, and he let out a beastly groan of utter satisfaction as he released his seed inside the noble daughter. HHHHAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHH... AT LAST I'M HAVING HERRRRRRHHHHHGGGHH...

As the second rapist seized Cynthia's immaculate hips and began to fuck her on the low table, I kept masturbating as I watched her girly breasts bouncing to-and-fro as she was pounded and pounded and pounded and silently crying.

As I masturbated, I recalled one time when Cynthia was walking along with myself and her serving maid out under the sun, near the grapevines. Several slaves were working there. As we were getting nearer, I sensed that the men were all looking sideways at Cynthia, whose delicate breasts were clearly shaped by the lights and shadows, and the men as well as myself could easily make out the shapes and the subtle dance of these girly boobs underneath her white peplum. As we passed by the slaves, I sensed some sort of... feeling... Some kind of erotic tension that grew by itself between Cynthia and all the men present.

Cynthia had blushed and quickened her pace, and as I was walking beside her, and discreetely peeking at her breasts, I had felt my dick grow hard as I thought of a scene where these slaves stopped their work, and then rushed at her like men possessed, and they tore her clothes off and savagely raped her one by one right there on the dirt and grass, and I joined them and took a superbly massive enjoyment in it! I forcefully ejaculated watching her bouncing breasts under the bright sunlight of the fields. Such was often my masturbating fantasy from that day on... And now... Now a group of slaves was owning and using this patrician's daughter like a novice whore in the atrium!!!


I joined in the group... They knew me and understood my want. We'd all had wanted to fuck this noble girl! And now we were having our way and NOTHING would stop us! O Zeus!

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 5 --- Cynthia's Ordeal

I inched myself closer to Cynthia as the bronze-skinned field slaves were having their gleeful way with her; one of them was forcefully pounding her. She was now faintly screaming and protesting... "Ahhhh!... Nol... Nolo!... Ahhh! .... Ahhh! ... Desi... Desinite! ... No! ... Ahhh! DESINITE... NOOOO!..." (nolo = I refuse / desinite = Stop this, you all!) At last, I got near Cynthia's bouncing breasts and I began to suck one of her girly tits. O ZEUS! I felt my teen-manhood getting rock-hard again!

I enjoyed and tasted Cynthia's wonderful boobs as the field slave kept raping her in utter triumph and savage satisfaction. Then he let out a muffled scream as he released his cum inside the noble maid. My cock got even harder upon realizing once more that this scene was actually happening.

Presently, some powerful arms lifted Cynthia off the table. They took her down on the tiled floor and quickly positioned her on all fours. Her virgin's creamwhite ass was offered for all to see. My dick was almost bursting with excitement and anticipation. Each one of us was going to have his turn... 

Then I saw Barbatus -- a huge, muscular albeit ageing African slave who was cleaning the stables and tending to the horses... Barbatus was now stark naked and his long dark-brown shaft was exposed in its full glory as he approached the helpless and sobbing Cynthia.

Two slaves had begun to kiss and lick Cynthia's ass and pussy. In a loud voice, Barbatus said "Get out of the way!" As he kneeled down and spat on his chocolate dick. "Ohhh! YESSS! You'll see, you little snob! I'm gonna fuck you! Long! Hard! And you gonna love this!" Then he began to work his way inside her destroyed virginity. She was very tight, as all teen girls are, but other men had already cummed inside her, so everything was lubricated enough.

"AAAAAHHHHRRR! ... OHHH! YESSSSSS!... OHH! NICE LITTLE ROMAN PUSSY! ..." Barbatus worked his long, veiny dick deeper and deeper inside her vagina, and he began to pound her in long, smooth strokes. Cynthia's body was so beautiful to watch as the slave took his time so he could enjoy fucking her longer and better (so I understood; I was still a neophyte). Her dainty white foot next to the big, gross and black body of the slave was a total turn-on.

I could full well understand how incredibly enjoyable this must be for the old slave. No doubt, he had watched Cynthia around the villa and had had secret fantasies with her, probably something like fucking her on the stable floor... Furthermore, I was completely fascinated at the sight of this long black dick violating the white maid from behind like a beast. It looked so unreal; so preposterous. Unreal, incredibly exciting, with a touch of guilt and tragic.

Then, Barbatus firmly took hold of her hips and picked up speed as he got more and more excited in his unfathomable lust for his master's daughter. As the field slaves cheered him on and kept masturbating themselves, Barbatus began to frantically pound the sobbing maid.

Suddenly, this mountain of a slave stopped for a second, like he was briefly rallying his strength, and then he pounded her again in very quick strokes, me hearing the white ass colliding against the dark-brown pelvis in very quick succession (smat! smat! smat! smat! smat!) all mixed with the girl's now-quiet sobbing... and then his body was seized by the Gods' delight and he let out an incredibly loud scream as he released a monstrous load of white African semen inside the noble maid... OOOOooo! By Zeus! This was so much fun!

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 6 --- Lavinia's Turn & Kotalos Takes Cynthia

While I was waiting for my turn to rape Cynthia, I looked around. In the atrium, the orgy's fury seemed to have subsided somewhat, but it was visibly picking up some new life of its own. Lust was feeding on lust, and many men felt the urge to rape multiple times! The men must have been sex-starved for some time, as they went after the poor girls with unrestrained savagery.

There were clamors of men echoing against the atrium walls, which resonated with the screaming loss of innocence and the suffering of mothers being raped in their body, killed in their honor and pride by knowing their daughters were getting used and owned the same way; They were the loudest-sobbing of them all.

At some distance, I could make out a group of gladiators who were having their way with Cynthia's sister Lavinia. They weren't identical twins: Lavinia had black hair like her mother's, but she had Cynthia's pure white, silky skin. The lustfull men were firmly holding her motionless on the marble-tiled floor and taking turns in urgently raping poor Lavinia, who kept screaming and begging them to stop at the top of her shrill, panicked soprano voice. 

In their urgency, they were raping Lavinia fully clothed with the bottom of her peplum tucked up against her waist so her slender legs were all visible in their paleness against the fierce flanks of her current rapist, who frantically pounded her with open-mouthed glee, forcing her to listen to his animalistic grunts. Then, one of the gladiators, a massive African man, suddenly grabbed the top of her peplum and ripped it off and then almost instantly yanked off the flax bands from her chest, brutally uncovering her perky breasts that were suddenly set free and jiggled wildly, exposed in their delicate whiteness to the pack's unrestrained fury!

Lavinia's tits were pure white with delicate pink nipples, just like her twin's. Presently her rapist forcefully shot his load of cum inside the violated virgin and quickly got up to let his mate take over and renew Lavinia's ordeal, which I knew was only beginning.

Closer to us, a group of tall and very strong gladiators had beaten up an equestrian citizen (I noticed his golden ring) and tied him up to a sturdy column, where they forced him to watch them raping his newly-wed wife, who was still a teen-girl. She was blonde, with that special type of gently golden fair skin. Her average-sized vanilla breasts were bouncing along with the pounding of her lost honor. These strong men were holding her in such a way that not a single part of her body touched the floor. They had her legs spread out, and each successive violator fucked her full-front, grabbing both her dainty ankles or legs and pounding her with a vengeful glee. She was half screaming, half moaning. It seemed that some of these noble ladies had secret fantasies with such savagely strong men.

I heard her violator letting out a loud victory scream as he cummed inside her, while I kneeled down and took a firm hold of Cynthia's super-soft hips. It was my turn!!!

My rock-hard battling ram worked its way without much problems inside her many-men's-cum-lubricated vagina. I felt myself almost dying with ecstasy as I started to ram her with my neophyte's dick. She was much tighter than her mother. I felt my erected dick swelling and throbbing inside her as she kept sobbing and wailing, while two jeering men kept holding her wrists. The sight of her petite, yet quite round and full bottom really brought me closer to climaxing. Then I closed my eyes and imagined I was out in the vineyards on that sunny afternoon... Me and all the other slaves had stripped her naked and we were mounting her like unrestrained beasts one after the other, and every one of us taking his time... AAAAAHHHRRR! ... YESSSS! ... BY ZEUS! ... CYNTHIA! ... CYNTHIA! O, DIVINE GIRL!

I kept pounding her in slower, rythmical thrusts. I systematically and methodically raped her. I started to feel a big undercurrent of Gods' Delight flowing within myself, from my mind to my loins to my dick... And I... Oooooh! All of a sudden the tidal wave of bliss came to the surface and I exploded inside Cynthia in a massive load of oozing jizz. I let out a climax-muffled scream "We won!!!" and felt my legs all wobbly as I exited my dripping penis out of her. O ZEUS, ARÈS AND ALL THE SATYRS! WHAT A FUCKING RUSH!!!

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 7 --- A Dying Man's Wish

My legs were wobbly from the blissful rush I had when I shot my cum inside Cynthia... I was about to get back up as I felt myself violently pushed out of the way. "MY TURN! MY TURN!" said a muscular field slave in a frenzy. He seized Cynthia's hips, inserted his hard wood inside her pussy and, ignoring the girl's wailing and pleading, he began to pound her with frantic fury, grunting to the same rythm as the frenzied ramming... "Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr Hrr..."

I had no sooner gotten back up than he already shot his full load of semen while continuing to pound her and grunting like a frenzied demon, until his gone-flacid dick forced him to stop. Then he got out and back up to his feet and another revolted slave took his place and Cynthia's pure white body got rocked and shaken again.

I went in a quiet corner, where I grabbed a cup of wine and started to eat some grapes, while contemplating the orgy, the intensity of which had started to wane. I was considering joining them for a while instead of fleeing to Rome right now; I wanted to taste the after-battle rush of storming a place… and taste some stranger's noble daughter!

The orgy kept going for the better part of the night. The men's lust and thirst for the masters' wives and daughters was long to fully satisfy. Most of them raped multiple times, as the after-battle rush is so intense that many men are able to maintain a full erection and keep at it for several cum loads. These gladiators were such studs! No wonder so many rich ladies in Rome would pay good money to have a couple of them use them as they will.

During the night, men ate and drank, got some sleep and then forced themselves yet again on the same maid or lady or a new one they wanted to fuck. I myself wanted to rape Lavinia, Cynthia's twin sister, but I fell sound asleep and only woke up with the morning sun. The atrium was now empty of women. I went out to see what was afoot.

The men were now plundering the place and gathering all the supplies they could get. Then I saw Porcius, the former slave master. He was being helped by two gladiators and the tall, massive blonde warrior I had first seen -- when the gladiators first entered the villa -- was talking with him. Many other gladiators were nearby and listening.

Porcius was a middle-aged man, balding with greying temples, yet still strong physically. He was bleeding from a sword wound in his lower left abdomen; I was now close enough to overhear what Porcius and the blonde German were saying...
"Yes, Roman, you have received a wound of Slow Death… You probably won't see sundown today. And we will grant your last wish."

The gigantic German ordered his men to bring one Lavinia over here. I said "I'll go with you. I know her!"

So I went back inside with the group of gladiators. What Porcius wanted as his last wish was plain as day, and I couldn't wait to watch beautiful Lavinia getting raped and fucked by the old slave master! … And this near the spot where her father had been beaten to death the day before.

The more beautiful captive girls and women had been brought in the cubiculi, where they had slept for a couple of hours. The rest of the women were up and attending to their slave duties; some of them ran away, but most preferred to stay and have food and shelter. Thus we went through the rooms and I quickly spotted Lavinia, who was still sound asleep. When the men woke her up, she just opened her eyes and let them seize her without offering any kind of resistance. She was completely silent and seemed dead in her sould while her body was still breathing.

"Come girl! said the senior gladiator. Your services are wanted outside! … This will be your first assignment as a fresh-new comfort girl!"

She looked at me with her soul-dead eyes…
I suddenly felt ashamed, but I still couldn't wait to see what was just about to happen.

Lavinia had slept as her group of rapists had left her: dead-hurt and naked except for her sandals.

The men walked her to where Porcius was waiting for her; the place was still covered with litter from yesterday's fighting. He was now lying down on his side, stark naked and he started to masturbate as he saw the pure white raven-haired teen being brought near him and ordered to lie down alongside of him. Lavinia obeyed and just lay there motionless, ready to let herself be used, as if only her body was there and her soul was gone. This, and perhaps also that she was learning that less resistance may mean a faster and less painful rape. All the men present, myself included, formed a circle around them. Porcius spoke to the large German, obviously the troop's captain:

"... Ooooooh... Thank You, Sir... It... It is something I had wanted to do for a very long time!"

Lavinia had her back to Porcius, who took her slender body in his arms and started to grope her breasts. Then he turned her head around and forced-kissed the now-obedient girl and ran his finger in her wonderful black hair. Then he started to masturbate again and got hard. He got his dick harder by stroking it against the teen's immaculate butt. He spat a full load of saliva in his hand and used it to lubricate his manhood, and then with a loud victory grunt, he entered Lavinia and started to fuck her sideways while caressing her delicate, petite breasts. Lavinia took his thrusts silently without resisting.

He pounded her softly, in a smooth rhythm, taking his time to enjoy his last fuck to its fullest measure; anyway, his wound wouldn't allow him to play it rough. The scene positively turned me on and I quickly took off my tunic and started to masturbate. Then, much to my surprise, as he kept enjoying her, Lavinia started to moan softly; it was barely audible.

It was as if some secret part within her had been aroused and was liking the way he touched and fucked her gently. Her body couldn't but notice the contrast with the nightmarish ordeal she had endured the previous evening and all night long.

Porcius kept fucking her and grunting and saying how satisfying it was to be fucking the teen girl.
"O! By Jove! Sweetest Lavinia! I have been... wanting to f... fuck you for quite some time!... Now, before I leave for the waters of the Styx, I'll give you my semen!"

Porcius was now on another plane. He was in deep pain, but he ignored the pang as he spent the last of his strength in gently ramming the noble maid and enjoying the softness of her skin, feeling her sandaled feet striking against his lower legs as she kept moaning feebly. So many dark dreams had come true on that fateful day. All the gladiators had the most sincere respect for this man who ignored the pain from his stab wound as he kept fucking her like a centaur.

Then, at last, he let out a final scream of gleeful triumph as he released a full-blown load of sperm. Some of it oozed out in a second burst on her butt as he exited her.

Then two gladiators helped Porcius to his feet and they took him away.

"He wants to die looking at the clouds moving through the sky and hearing the wind playing with the tree leaves!"

This explanation came from the giant blonde German. I hadn't noticed I was now standing next to him. He towered one full head above me. His upper arms were bigger than my thighs. I was still holding my dick, and some cum had spilled in all this excitement.

The German placed a big hand on my shoulder...
"And what are your plans right now, Sonny?" he said grinning, while I heard the men jeering and laughing as they gathered around poor Lavinia and started to rape her again, this time under the Italian sun.

I told him I wanted to become a gladiator, to become strong and fierce like his men.

"Well, Sonny, you're older than most of us have begun training, but sometimes a newly sold man turns out to be quite good. You never know..."
"So you're going to train me, mein Herr?" He seemed to like my attempt at his native language.
"Where I come from, we say Min Horr... We have to move fast and travel far south, so we can raid some more villas and pile up more supplies, steal more horses and keep moving. I tell you this in confidence. From looking at your young age and the way you raped your matrona yesterday, I don't think you're a spy, and besides it's way too soon for Rome to react and send spies... This afternoon, we're on the move again. We're the vanguard… I hope you're good at horseback riding! You'll be a messenger boy and a scout if you ride well enough."

Then, his hand still on my shoulder, he turned to his men and shouted:
"GLADIATORES, NOVU' DISCIPULU' HABEMUS!" (Gladiators, we have a new apprentice)

All the men shouted back at once "AVE!... SALVE NOVE DISCIPULE NOSTER!" (Salute!... Hail, new apprentice of ours)
They raised their right hand to salute me before resuming their business. These men had a clear code of honor. I was now one of them and I felt immensely proud. I was going to become a wartime gladiator! I wasn't the only one; I noticed that a few of them were my age.

I looked at them gang-raping Lavinia, a dozen of them on her. I felt immense pity for her and decided not to join them, and so did many other gladiators present; at one point, enough is enough. However, some of the dirty dozen went back in to fetch Cynthia so they could have both sisters. One suggested it would be a great idea to make them give cunnilingus to each other...

One day, I vowed to Aphrodite goddess of Love, if both of us survive all this and meet again some day, I'll ignore social conventions and take Lavinia as my wife and try to make up for what she was going through, at least I'd do the best I can. I realized that I was falling in love with Lavinia and I started to cry.

I went back to the villa and ate some olives and goat chese along with some of the finer wine, my first actual meal as a free man. I saw no sign of Medus, my fellow Greek slave who had planned to escape to Rome and then sail to Greece. He was most likely on his way.

Then someone discovered a naked body, floating face down in the impluvium. They got it out. It was a Patrician mother who had taken a small knife, cut her own throat and thrown herself in the pool. Fuck! This water won't be good now!

I helped my new companions building three pyres where they stacked the dead bodies. Once it was all done, our Captain said a short prayer to Pluto and we put the pyres ablaze. Fire of the night under the day's sun.

In the afternoon, a second gladiator troop arrived at the villa on horses and they immediately went inside to refresh themselves. Soon enough, I heard the screaming and protesting (… Ahhh! No! Not again! Please… Don't!) of the women from the cubiculi; they had found them; the noble ladies would taste some more gladiator dicks, and feel more of their strong, muscular bodies frantically pounding them with revengeful glee and hear again their grunts and screams of victory, and receive the warmth of their semen in their violated terrae feminae. They were to get used to their new duties as comfort women for the revolted slaves.


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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 8 --- Riding Through Desolation

Throughout the afternoon and early evening, we passed in front of a dozen villas the owners of which had fled with their family, lawful slaves and other belongings. Word had gotten around and the terrorized Patricians and Equestrians were all fleeing West to the walled city of Tusculum. Sooner or later, Rome would send a Legion to destroy us.

We were hailed by some wandering slaves, who were busy plundering whatever they could find in the deserted villas. Our main cohort would take care of the supplies and recruit some of the wandering slaves. We were not to stop until we spotted a proper target. Sadly, we saw some trees wearing a bad omen: slaves had been hung by fearful masters. This was most unusual: a slave doesn't come cheap and it's a huge waste of wealth to wantonly kill a slave. They must have been terrorized about a possible revolt within their very walls! And rightly so: farther south, we discovered some 20 slaves who had killed their owners and no doubt celebrated their newfound freedom by raping the wife and daughters.

Indeed, three of them were using and owning a teen girl. One was raping her while another was forcing his dick inside her mouth and the third one constantly attacked her breasts.

When they saw us, terror filled their eyes and they immediately took to their heels. The bunch of rapists were the slowest to react and we would have mowed them down if we had been Roman cavalry like they obviously took us for. We were left with the spoils: some other supplies for the main cohort, but there were bodies to burn, or else we would leave under a very bad omen; what's more, one of us saw three ravens flying due East... Another bad omen!

A more senior gladiator-horseman said: "Do you know a good way to dispell a bad omen? ... It's to have a girl, ideally a virgin, suck your cock dry! And we have this young one right here! No more virgin I'm afraid, but she'll do! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

As we began to dismount, the girl sensed we meant her no good either and started to run. I was a very fast runner and I quickly overtook her. I felt a strong rush of adrenaline as I ordered her sternly:
"On your knees, girl!... I SAID ON YOUR KNEES!"

The terrified girl did as I said while a group of gladiators was gathering around us. I raised my tunic and presented her my swollen dick.
"NUNC VIRGO! FELLA! FELLA OPTIME!" (Now teen-girl! suck! suck as good as you can!)

I seized her head, feeling the soft touch of her earth-brown hair. Ignoring her tears, I forced my cock inside her little girly mouth and I immediately felt utter bliss as she reluctantly began to suck my dick. I then grabbed her head with both hands and began to face-fuck her, going faster and faster still. As my pleasure mounted quick, I thought of Lavinia getting fucked sideways on the grass under the sun... Then without warning I oozed my semen inside the girl's mouth.

Then the others got naked and she had to suck each and everyone of them. The senior gladiator was laughing all the time as he watched the noble daughter take all the men's cum in her mouth and had too much to swallow and a lot of goo spilled down her throat and breasts!

Now, this was some good sport to end an afternoon of riding!

The women inside the small villa were screaming and getting some special attention; after being slave-raped, they were gladiator-raped.

Out of sheer curiosity, I went inside to see if these women were as beautiful as Claudia or Cynthia. My favorite-looking one must have been something like 20 or 22 years old. She looked like a woman, yet she still retained the firmness of a teenage virgo. She also had long jet-black hair and her cunt hair had been shaved clean like it befitted a noble lady... And she was positively moaning while being pounded fast and hard by a white-skinned gladiator who held her flanks as he kept frantically raping her with audible delight!

I especially loved watching her vanilla breasts bouncing along with the ramming and her loud moaning as her black hair was shaken in the waves of her dark-found pleasure in being gang-raped by all these strong and muscular men! I stood in line and waited my turn. She moaned and yelled out loud as the first man released his massive shot of jizz inside her. Then a second one took his place. A third. A fourth. A fifth... Then it was my turn!

I was discovering how erotic and exciting it was to fuck a girl older than myself! Oh man, did I love her nice little tits bouncing along with my fucking! OH YES! YESSS! I loss all sense of time and place as I rammed her forcefully with unrestrained joy as she kept moaning. I went into my head again: Now we have won their house and we are fucking and raping and ramming and enjoying their women and there is NOTHING they can do about it, no, they have to hear their wives and daughters screaming loud as they lose their honor for ever... and by Zeus it's so good to watch her bouncing tits and raven hair as we reverse all social order and what can't happen actually does happen and... O ZEUS!

I let out the loudest scream I ever had as I shot a massive load of cum inside this maid. O ZEUS, ARÈS AND HADÈS! WHAT A DELIGHT!!!

Then the seventh rapist took my place as I got dressed again and went back outside. I had some bread and cheese in a bag on my horse, along with a pouch of wine and I needed some refreshment; I also needed to give my horse some oat. I gave him a carrot and gently stroked its mane. I was learning my new trade fast.

By the time the troop was done with the mother, her sister and her raven-haired eldest daughter, the sun was very low on the horizon and our captain elected to spend the night at the villa.

I was dog-tired and slept like a baby. I fell asleep to the moaning and shrill screaming of the two daughters being raped again and again, as well as the pleading of their aunt (who was about 30 years old) who kept bellowing "NOOO! YOU CAN'T! YOU CAN'T! NO-NOOOO-NNOOOOOOOOOOOO!..." I opened my eyes, and the last thing I saw on that day was four gladiators holding this aunt motionless and naked on a low table, her back against the wooden surface, while she had her thighs against the flanks of her rapist, who was firmly holding her hips as he raped her urgently. Next to them, our giant of a captain was quietly interrogating the sobbing mother.

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 9 --- Deep Latium

Next morning we built a pyre, prayed, and burned the bodies of the pater familas, his sons and the three servants who had died trying to defend their masters. Then we ate and we were on the move again... More hills, more abandoned villas and a few more dead slaves hung on trees.

We were entering a wilder countryside. Some ruins here and there, goats and shepherds at a distance were now the only signs of human presence. This was deep Latium.

I was riding up front in an eight-man party. A seasoned cavalryman -- a Parthian -- rode next to me and explained to me how to ride a horse in such a way as to spare my energy and the horse's strength. My inner legs and lower back were sore from yesterday's hours of riding, as it was the first time I was riding for so long. Parthians were simply amazing horsemen. They could eat and sleep on a horse! They could shoot a bow without dismounting... My new mentor had black hair and a thick beard that made him look fierce.

He carried a spatha, a long sword (much longer than a gladius) that cavalrymen used to hack down fleeing enemy infantry or strike at opposing cavalrymen. Catching my gaze on his sword, he pulled it out of its scabbard and said:
"This... Spatha. Long sword... It strikes at more distance than the gladius of the legionnaires. This one is not the usual model for horse fighting. The spatha for horsemen does not have a sharp point and it's only used for cutting. It is very good and deadly against an enemy who wears no armor, but not that much against heavy legionnaires who have great shields and wear lorica segmentata (armor made of interlocking plates). But this one I have here has a sharp point and a razor-sharp blade! It is just right for what we do now: we go on foot to attack villas. If I use it to fight on horse, I have to be careful not to have an accident by hitting my horse or my foot with the sharp point!... I'll show you how you hold it next time we stop to eat and rest the horses..."

As I had been told, our plan was to stay back in the hills. It was slower, but we were less visible and it was much harder for Rome to know where we were heading. Some of us were familiar with all the trails and river crossings. Some could hunt boars and less-dangerous game with spears and bows. Tusculum was too big a city for our small force, and it was far too close from Rome! Our goal was to reach Via Latina and then quickly make way South-East toward Campania, a rich province with lots of vineyards and villas and small towns to plunder... and thousands of slaves to turn against their masters! Besides, there was a very large gladiatorial school near Capua, and if these gladiators joined us, then we would become unstoppable like a second Spartacus army!

We were riding South, toward a spot where two small rivers met. We were to stop there and wait for the main cohort, and then we would attack a small town called Bivium, overpower the small garrison and... teach the rich Patricians a lesson they would never forget!

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 10 --- Attacking A Town

We set camp near enough from our target town of Bivium to easily send our most skilled scouts to spy it unseen, while being out of sight ourselves; as I was slender and very fast, they had in mind to train me for such a role, but as of now, I was too much of a neophyte to be on such scout duty. They would have me help set up the camp, employ me on such glorious tasks as latrine duty -- like any self-respecting recruit!

I was part of the vanguard because our Captain Zieghmunt (such was the name of that giant blonde German) had taken a liking toward me. Some gladiators told me he was into boys and recommended me to avoid being alone with him. However, my observation from the night before yesterday, when we raped the four women and girls on that small villa, was that he looked at the women rather intently, but didn't partake in the raping for some reason. And if he had wanted to rape me, he no doubt would have found an opportunity to avail himself of such pleasure -- at my expense, as I wasn't much into these things.

While we waited for the main cohort's first elements to arrive, some of us went boar hunting with heavy spears and they used the habitual technique of choosing a tight spot, fixing nets to some of the trees in such a manner that the fugitive boar would have no choice but to turn around and charge! That taught you courage and discipline! We didn't have dogs, but a few Samnites had some special skills for boar hunting.

I would eventually be on a hunting team, but right now, they wanted me to learn the basis of fighting with a gladius -- the short sword that was always used along with a shield. The gladius was not meant to be used by itself, as it has a short reach and without a shield, its user is very vulnerable against a longer-range weapon such as the spatha (long sword) or the retiarius' trident. Thus, I was given a gladius and a small shield and they would start to train me to fight as a Thracian. I was told how a Thracian looked like in all its arena glory...

My instructor looked more like this for now:

Given that we were now an army of revolted slaves, it was far more important to see things around us and be able to run and move fast without that cumbersome helmet.

Thus my training started. I was shown how to hold the gladius, and how to make an effective thrust. It was actually a wooden training gladius with a lead core, so it was double the actual weapon's weight. I got quickly tired and my right forearm was on fire before long. I thought I was going to be ordered to keep going, but no, he told me to rest for a while. He explained that you need to repeat the movement correctly over and over again and you must do so with the correct, precise technique while building speed... and you can't train these when tired. So you rest for a while, then go at it again, then rest for a while, so on so forth...

I spent the better part of the day practicing that same basic thrust and holding that heavy practice weapon as best as I can, while alternating rest and work. When I rested, he explained me a great many things about gladius use and maintenance. You never, ever allow your weapon to become ill-maintained. You never leave it anywhere unattended; it is your life! You are a fighter and a fighter is one with his weapon.

At one point, he had me trying these thrusts with my left hand. I had a very pleasant surprise; I had always known that I was somewhat ambidextrous, but not to the extent of using such a weapon for the first time just as well with both hands! My instructor also was surprised: "A true ambidextrous fighter!" He told me that in the arena, ambidextrous fighters wielded two gladii or any combination of gladius & spatha or any two special swords or cutlasses, and they were greatly prized as they were a rarity.

As my initiation took place in such a chaotic setting, my training had to be hurried up, so I would be usable as soon as possible. When the sun got lower on the horizon, he gave me my first taste of what is was like to be facing an opponent with gladius and shield. While I rested before this face-off, he explained how to carry the shield in front of me and showed me a basic parry meant to deflect a blow. He also told me that a shield could also be used for attacking or breaching the opponent's defence, but there was no time for this today.

So we faced off, and it was the most amazing experience I had. Once I had my shield and gladius and stood in front of my instructor, it all felt perfect to me; it instantly felt like I was born for doing this. I remember the surprise in his eyes when he quickly moved and thrust at me with the practice gladius. He no doubt thought he would hit me easily on my thigh under my shield, but I moved away just in time and I attacked him with a quick thrust almost simultaneously; he easily blocked my basic thrust, but he looked positively astonished. No one had tought me to move like this; it just felt appropriate and made sense to me.

We kept on sparring, and of course he hit me several times, and he moved lightning fast, but it was very natural for me to read his body language so I knew what he was up to. At one point, I almost hit him on his gladius-wielding forearm, but he moved back just in time, before disarming me with a very vicious thrust & twist. Then he motioned me to stop.

"Kotalos, he told me, it breaks my heart that your training has to be done in such a haphazard way, for it would be an immense pleasure for any lanista to train you and have you in his stable. But don't get cocky! This is brutal hard work! You have much, much, much to learn!... But I'll tell the Captain that we can let you use a gladius on our next assault, instead of a spear and dagger like we intended to; you'll still have the dagger as your last-ditch weapon. In this assault, I'll be next to you all the time... Never stray away! I will be your parastathene!" (Greek word meaning "one who stands beside"). You have now earned the right to know my name: "I am Euturpalus, and my ancestors were Etruscans!" Then he said something in a strange language I had never heard. He said it was Etruscan and it meant "May the Gods have you on their lucky side for ever!"

Then the hunting party came back with two large boars and some other smaller game, including one snake, and I helped with digging for cooking the boar meat without having an open fire that would give out our position to the militiamen in our target town. I made friends with some of the Samnites by speaking in their language, which I knew the basics of. Latium has the Latins, who speak differently as you move from one region to another, and then the Volsci, who have their own latin dialects, the Hernici, Aequi, Marsi, etc., and the Samnites, who have a wonderful language that sounds just as melodic as my Greek! One day, I told myself, I would teach Lavinia to say "I love you" in Samnite!

The scout team came back as well and gave their report. The town's low wall was being more heavily manned than usual, but it didn't look like they were fearing an imminent threat. Fugitives were heading West to the safer and bigger Tusculum and now we were far enough for small towns to have a sense of safety. They even reported some singing, as if they were having some kind of celebration or festival.

Then we ate, played some small games and talked some and told tales, before retiring for the night with the first picket watch. I was woken up in the middle of the night when it was my turn to stand watch. I stood my watch and kept a sharp eye and a keen ear. I also enjoyed the unfathomable silence and beauty! On that night, the sky was clear and I had a glorious view of the Milky Way...

Next morning, the first elements of our main cohort showed up. The two Captains shook hands by holding each other's arm and discussed their plan of attack with their lieutenants. Many more slaves, and some poor peasants and shepherds, had joined us and we were now more than a thousand men strong, about a quarter of us being gladiators. We were going to storm that small town!!!

At last, the table was set for action! We were to spend the rest of the day building crude ladders and making ropes from any vine we could find. Our attack would be two-pronged. A first group, mostly slaves, would launch a big, noisy assault for diversion while the second group, all gladiators, would carry on the real attack: we would use the battering ram against their old, ill-repaired door while many others would climb on the wall... and then we would storm their town. Bivium had been chosen for the bad condition of its low walls and also because one of our leaders had a grunge against these people. We would strike just before dawn!

That night, I was so nervous I couldn't get any sleep. My first battle!

When the time came, we swiftly moved in and separated in two units: one 750-men strong for the diversion and secondary assault, and the elite group of 250 gladiators. And I was of the elite! That town had about 1,000 inhabitants, so we would be faced with about 100 militiamen, most of whom would be asleep.

We stopped at the edge of a wood about 200 yards from the town gate and waited for the diversion attack to begin -- our signal! As soon as we heard the wild clamour soon followed by the low note of a buccina sounding the alarm, my heart racing, I began to run as part of an assault group, Euturpalus running at my side. We were right beside the group carrying the small battering ram.

There were just a few enemy men on the wall near the town gate, as most of the others had been drawn by our diversion. Our goal was to quickly climb the wall and beat the door down and pour into the town before most of the enemy militia had time to take arms and organize. Thus, we had just a few javelins thrown at us, and they weren't well aimed as these men weren't exactly trained legionnaires and it was still grey-dark.

Before long, we had a dozen of our men on the wall and the door gave way... We rushed in the town and began to hack down every militiaman who opposed us. Two of them came rushing at us with their gladii drawn, shield up and murder in their eyes!

Euturpalus moved so fast my eyes could barely follow his motions. Before I realized what had happened, his gladius had severely cut the first man's weapon-holding forearm and killed the second man by thrusting his spatha tip in and out of his throat like a catapult. I didn't even had time to begin the fight!

We rushed toward some medium-sized palace in the center of the town, where the surviving militia was now retreating to make their last stand. All of a sudden, I felt a shock on my sheild; someone had thrown a javelin at me and it had glanced off it. I kept running.

"Let's go! said Euturpalus. We must not give them time to close the doors and rally! ... Victory is close at hand! YYaaaahhh!"

I, Euturpalus and some 100+ other gladiators came rushing at the palace entrance. They couldn't close it in time; we smashed the doors open and we stormed the place! We made short work of the men, no matter how angry and desperate they were. In a flash, there was one boy about my age in front of me and he meant to kill me with his gladius; I lunged at him with a vicious blow to his thigh and he fell to the ground, and then I struck him on the skull with my blade and struck again and again, until he lay motionless in a pool of blood... The fresh crimson had a bright hue under the early morning torch lights.

Now the men had surrendered, but for some reason, no quarter was given and they were all butchered unmercifully. I overheard one of our Captains talk about how they were going to pay back... The scene positively shocked me, yet I felt the most exhilarating rush I had ever felt in my life! It suddenly dawned on me that we were just about to own all their girls and women. This thought clashed with my battle rush and the two combined into one massive erection and sense of indomitable lust.

We began to invest every room of the building, which was richly adorned and had walls and a tiled floor made out of white marble. Most rooms were roofless at the center and the atrium had a large impluvium. The morning orange sun was now out in the sky and the still water reflected the white columns under a blue topaz sky. Suddenly I heard many women screaming in shrill voices of outraged terror! It came from an adjacent room.

"After the battle come the spoils!" Said a man's voice.

We poured into a large room that almost looked like a temple with all the columns lined up along the finely adorned walls. There they were, trying to hide behind a statue, under a low table or wherever they could in the main center room where the town's authorities had their audiences. With all the victorious gladiators rushing into one room after another all around the palace, they had naturally fled in the center room, where they weren't any exit left for them but two doorways through which scores of lustful gladiators came rushing at them! They were ours and the terrible realization of their hopeless predicament had them screaming at the top of their lungs!

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 11 --- The Sack Of Bivium, part 1

We came rushing at them like our lives depended on getting our hands on them. We didn't think nor pause; the post-battle rush of excitement was far beyond anything I could have imagined.

"DON'T LET ONE OF THEM DAMES GRAB YOUR DAGGER, KOTALOS!" said Euturpalus, before I lost sight of him amid the tumult of jeering men and panicked noble ladies.

They were all noble women and maids and noble-looking slave maids, running and screaming in a hopeless attempt at evading their fate, but do what they will, they were getting caught one after the other by a pack of lust-crazy gladiators! The only sure thing in their immediate future was dozens upon dozens of horny gladiators taking turns on them. The rest of our small army was no doubt raping all the town's women right now. They would drown in slave cum!


The scenes were all alike everywhere in the palace main room: a score of battle-sweaty muscular gladiators of all skin colors overtaking a white noble maid or lady and then brutally slamming her to the floor or on some low table; in a flash of torn fabric and white flesh and gladiator hands and muscles, they were very quickly stripped of their clothes and then raped urgently by a first man, usually the tallest and strongest of the group.

A noble lady was getting mercilessly ass-raped by an immensely strong African gladiator I knew from sight. Nearby another noble virgo, perhaps her sister, was getting vaginally raped and slammed bent over a table, learning what it was like to be the powerless spoils of war in a taken place!

I myself grabbed a teen girl in a gold-rimmed sky blue peplum. She had dark bronze skin with night black hair and dark brown eyes; she looked Egyptian. I barely heard or realized her shrill screams as I violently tore the top of her peplum to reveal some of her chest and the white fascia covering her East-Mediterranean boobs, as two fellow gladiators took a firm hold of her arms and began assaulting her breasts through her half-torn peplum. She tried to escape with all her diminishing strength, her back on a low wooden table, but it was no use.

Feeling my urgent arousal, I let out my erection in front of her terrorized gaze, then I ruthlessly folded up her short peplum dress and tore away her pubic fascia (sort of panties) and immediately tried to work my cock inside her pussy. As I was still a novice rapist and she was moving a lot, I had much difficulty finding her entrance. Then, all of a sudden, I felt myself entering her just a little: she was very tight and I hadn't lubed anything. She screamed in pain as I kept working myself in, little by little, thinking nothing but just YES! YES! WE'RE FUCKING ALL THEIR WOMEN!

Then she moved and my shaft got out of her. I grabbed both of her thighs full force and yelled at her "STOP MOVING! DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE!!!" She froze instantly; I released one of her legs and kept holding the other one as I used one hand to guide my still-hard erection to her entrance. I moved fast and entered her again. This time it was a little easier. As soon as I felt myself all the way inside her tight vagina, I grabbed both her legs under her knees and started pounding her with a rush of pure post-battle violence. Both of my companions held her arms and violently got rid of her peplum and fascia, so the pair of bronze boobs danced in front of me in their distressed glory as my whore kept screaming and wailing.

In the heat of the moment, I utterly enjoyed the girl's screams and sobbing as I rammed her in viscious thrusts; most of all I enjoyed watching her small girly boobs and her medium brown nipples bouncing with my raping fury. All of a sudden I felt an unstoppable surge of Gods' Delight and then I couldn't do anything other than shout a loud scream of victory as I let go my full load of cum. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRR RRR!

It had been quick, but so fucking intense! Panting and sweating, I moved out and one of my fellow gladiators took my place and her ordeal began again. I knew from experience that she'd have many more ravishers on her before the end of the day. She was a comfort girl from now on!

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 12 --- The Sack Of Bivium, part 2

The girl I had just shamelessly raped was a beautiful one, and other gladiators came to enjoy her after my two companions had their joy inside her.

Everywhere in the small palace it was women screaming in horror, jeering men screaming in delight as they released their loads of cum, high rooms with column-lined walls -- white marble contrasting with the scenes of devastation, spoiled honour and smashed furniture. The virgin girls had their first taste of gladiator manhood. Some of them ended up experiencing pleasure from being so forcefully taken by these studs!

Our victory was complete!

I got out of the palace, always wary for some surprise attack, and saw what was happening in the town's streets and alleys. Slaves had poured in and pillaged the richest houses. Many men's and boy's bodies lay down on the bloody dirt, under the now-bright sun.

Everywhere, victorious gladiators and slaves were chanting, drinking wine, counting gold coins and beating up tied-up men, who were forced to watch their sobbing wives, sisters and daughters being used and defiled repeatedly.

Inside the invaded rich houses, women and girls were screaming. It was now all too familiar to me: rich folks' wives and daughters being gang-raped by lustful slaves and well-built gladiators.

All of a sudden, I saw two teen girls running away from one such house. They didn't get far; they were intercepted by a bunch of poor scums who... weren't with us!? As they grabbed both maids and started jeering at them, I realized they were poor men from this very town who had kept themselves low during the short battle. Now they were set on having their way with these rich, privileged teens.

The girls were about my age as I could perceive from the firmness of their pure-white breasts as the bunch of dirty men tore their fine clothes off like a pack of hungry, grunting wolves, and the girls screamed at the top of their lungs "NOOOOOOOOOO! PLEASE... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! STOP IT!!!! STOP!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!"...

These six or seven nobodies were on both girls like starved wolves on helpless sheep. The fierceness of the undressing, the unrestrained savagery with which each girl was grabbed and held in place as a first rapist inserted his hard shaft in her pink-tight virginity... It was all so primal and intense that I felt my own erection returning to life. It was clear that they all had long dreamed of fucking these rich girls, just like our field slaves had had such luscious dreams with Lavinia and Cynthia back home, seemingly so long ago! And now... Now they had their time!!!

I focused my attention on the girl left, the one who had lost her fancy sandals to the brutality of the assault. As three men were holding her by the arms and legs, the leader of the pack was now working his dick inside her pink terra virginea. He grunted in loud victory as he felt himself all the way in and the poor girl screamed out loud in utter pain. Then there was the all-too familiar grunting of the man as he started pounding her savagely with his dirty hands cupping her girly boobs. HHHHRRR! HHRR!! HHAHHRR! HHRR! HHRR! ...

Then all of a sudden the seizure and the loud scream as he forcefully released his load inside the girl's soiled honor. I masturbated as I watched the second man taking charge where the first had left off. Again the wild grunting, the girl's screaming and painful sobbing... and then the beastly roar of triumph as she received her second cum shot of a young day with so many others in store for her. I masturbated harder as the third man entered the now-dead-eyed girl and did his thing the same way as the other, except that he was even quicker to burst his cum. The raping was so fast, furious and urgent! It was forbidden land, unbelievable, yet it was happening!!!

As the fourth and last of the rapists worked himself inside her, I kept masturbating and looked at what they were doing to the other girl: They had her on all fours and were taking turns in raping her from behind. Her ass was gorgeous and this was divine entertainment for these poor scums! The one who was on her was an old and hairy man.

The old scum was taking his time: he was licking the girl's butt cheeks with great delight as who oooohhhed and aaawwed with dripping saliva on the teen's white skin. She was sobbing and protesting, no doubt loathing the touch of the man's dirty grey beard on her ass. Then the girl screamed as he put his tongue in her pussy entrance and performed a short-lived cunnilingus, before moving out and exclaiming "Aaaahhhh! Quam bona ostrea! (Now, this is some fine oyster!)" Then he took out his granite-hard erection and ruthlessly rammed it inside her vagina and immediately started to pound her brutally, his foul mouth letting drip loads of frothing saliva as he enjoyed the rape in open-mouthed delight.
I felt immensely turned on as I heard the little quick "spat! spat! spat! spat!" of her butt rapidly colliding against the old man's hairy pelvis as he pounded her in an angry fury of quickly repeated thrusts.
I knew at once that he was seized with Venus' Delight as he screamed at the top of his lungs and let go a full load of steaming jizz inside the privileged maid!!! Seeing the old man's semen spilling on the teen girl's butt cheeks was so UNREAL! OHHH ZEUS! RAPING THESE LITTLE LADIES WAS SO MUCH FUN!

I couldn't hold myself any longer! I took out my dagger as the fourth rapist had just finished with the girl on the left. The four men with dripping dicks started to laugh as they watched me threaten the maid with my dagger: "On your knees, girl!... I SAID ON YOUR KNEES! NOW!"
She obeyed and got on her knees right in front of my erected dick.

She was looking at me with some sort of defiance; she clearly wasn't scared of my dagger, as she no doubt perceived that I couldn't really hurt her, and she was right: I was finding her so beautiful with her water-blue eyes! Our eyes locked together and something weird happened: she suddenly took my rock-hard erection in her hands and started to pleasure it with her tongue. I felt a massive jolt of pleasure as she engulfed it in her girly little mouth and started to suck me in long, ample strokes. I had taken enough risks for the day and I felt scared she would suddenly bite me, but it was SO FUCKING GOOD! I gently stroked her beautiful hair as I let her do her job. She placed one of her hands on my hip and I softly caressed her hand. I forgot where we were; she was so sweet!
As she kept blowjobbing me like she had done this all her life, I felt an unstoppable wave of pleasure surging out from my loins and taking possession of my whole being... I screamed out Lavinia's name as I cummed forcefully inside the maid's mouth...

OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH! IT WAS SO FUCKING INTENSE!!!! In two long, epic bursts, my loads of jizz oozed all over her face and down on her boobs... All panting and sweating, I dropped my dagger down and fell on my knees as a third, smaller load of cum slowly ebbed out of my young dick. My eyes were still locked in hers... She whispered between her cum-wet lips: "My... my name is Lavinia... how... did you...?"

The scums kept laughing and joking. They told me "Now, our turn young man!" One of them forcefully slapped the maid, who started sobbing and was frozen with fear.

She obediently opened her mouth and his veiny, cum-dripping cock was rammed inside, all the way to her throat as she gagged and the tears kept flowing down her cheeks. The man grabbed her head with both hands and started to face fuck her hard as he let out grunts and felt his pleasure mounting to a massive glee of enjoyment. This was the polar opposite of the gentle way I had let her keep on sucking me.

The other lady on the right was treated the same way by the old bearded man, who got mad as his erection couldn't hold out for the task at hand and the younger scums laughed at him. He moved his flaccid penis out of the maid's mouth, hit her hard in anger and cursed as the second man ordered her to pleasure his hard, swollen dick.

Both girls had to suck and swallow the second cums of all of these scums. One of them decided to rape again. Their day was just beginning: A group of ten slaves happened on the scene and the maids' ordeal began anew. I watched them as a bunch of them started to rape this other Lavinia; I couldn't keep my eyes off her virginal body and her wonderful, dainty feet as she had to endure one man's fierce assaults after the other's. At times, our eyes locked together again. Amid her tears and sobbing, I noticed some strange and strong feeling in them, but most of the time, her eyes went dead as she let herself be used as her rapists willed.

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 13 --- Lessons In Wisdom

I felt Euturpalus' hand on my shoulder, then I heard his voice:
"Don't get too sentimental, Kotalos!"
"I don't really think so, but thanks for the advice!" I said, grinning.

He punched me in the face.
"This is no laughing matter, Kotalos! Always keep your head and your thoughts in order! One moment of carelessness may cost you your life or the life of a brother in arms!"

My young pride was bitterly hurt after such glorious feats in debauchery. I unsheathed my gladius and raised it. With a quick flash of iron and an even quicker twisting blow, he disarmed me before I knew what happened.
"Never attack a brother in arms... But I will disregard the offence for this time. Now... Let's have a small gladius lesson together!"

For hours upon hours, Euturpalus taught me two new moves and other principles that he had me practicing tirelessly. Most of our cohort were plundering and hoarding supplies and valuables that they could take with them on our fierce marches.

Our burly Captain and the other leader -- a quick-witted Retiarius -- had sent scouts all about the country, to see if there were any Roman troops nearby. A few houses in town had caught fire and the smoke was clearly visible for a good 30 miles around. Both leaders argued from time to time. Our Captain had been against our attacking this small town, as by now, any Roman troops and all villas in our vicinity knew where we were. The local garrison was most certainly not strong enough to deal with 1,000 revolted slaves and gladiators, but they were sure to send fast messengers to Rome and Capua, and then... We'll have a full Roman Legion after us!

Our Captain's plan was very simple: to move into Campania and then pillage and recruit new slaves, before retreating into the Appenine Mountains to spend a hard winter on our supplies, and then next year, we would pass the Mountains and march on Italy's other side to attack unsuspecting towns and villas! By then, we would be stronger! The Retiarius, who commanded the main cohort, was pretty much of this opinion too.

At the end of the afternoon, I ate cena (dinner) with Euturpalus and other gladiators in a clearing near the town walls. Euturpalus told me about his childhood as a sold slave. Except for blurry memories, he didn't remember his parents, who had only left him their Etruscan language. He grew up training as a gladiator. He had fought a few times in the arena, always well enough for his life to be spared on the two occasions where he lost, both times to the same opponent: a wicked quick Retiarius.

Then he told me of many details important to any arena fighter. He described me one epic fight he had against this famous Retiarius...

He longed for the arena and he wasn't sure wether following this uprising was a good idea after all. "We're doomed! Sooner or later!" he said thoughtfully.
"Isn't that the essence of life after all?" I said, drinking some wine.
"Yeah... Very true."

Then, as the fruits and honeyed wine were served by the uglier comfort women, some of the prettier ones gave us a show as they had to every night since their capture in their villas. Cynthia and Lavinia were together in a Lesbian act where they comforted each other. Cynthia was quietly sobbing as she fingered Lavinia while kissing her foot and Lavinia moaned out loud...

I felt so helpless, having to watch her without being able to be WITH her! I would have loved so much to have her as my wife and fuck her every night! But the common rule was clear: no slave nor gladiator could take a "field wife" as all the comfort girls and women belonged to everyone. It made sense: otherwise, the inevitable jealousy among men would spawn quarrels and division and disruption. But what about fleeing to Rome and taking her along with me?

"Don't even think about it, Kotalos!" Euturpalus seemed to read in my thoughts. Well... I had spoken to him about Lavinia and he knew my feelings for her.
"If you make good your escape with her and two horses, even if these are good horses, the first Roman patrol or outpost you will run into will mean the end of your little adventure! Not to mention any band of brigands or loose scums you may encounter. The band of brigands will be better for you, as they would kill you quick and fast before gang-raping Lavinia. The Romans would crucify you and of course gang-rape Lavinia. It is much, much wiser for you to stay and pray the Gods to guide you out of this bloody nonsense!"

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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 14 --- Making Love In Latium

I left the cena and the lascivious shows and went back to our base camp, about two miles away in the woods. There was almost nobody except some old slave women who were tending the chores. Everybody was busy pillaging the town and celebrating; on that very day, many comfort women were left basically unguarded. A few of them fled; they were sure to find themselves alone in the wildnerness in a region they didn't know, and run into shepherds or brigands who would delightfully gang-rape them. The vast majority knew better.

I knew Claudia would be there in the base camp, as she never wanted to be anywhere near the scene where her twin daughters were forced into incestuous acts. I had been thinking of Lavinia, but I was longing for Claudia; her age had a strong effect of attraction on me.

I found her some distance away, quietly sobbing in the shadows of a large oak tree.
"Oooh! Kotalos!..."
She hugged me and held me in her arms; I held her tight and caressed her magic-dark hair; it felt so good to feel her body against mine! I could feel her breasts pressed against me.

She kept talking amid her sobs:
"Ooh... We are nothing now but whores... Whores for all to use! I feel so weary! I want to die!... I just don't have the courage to do it... And there is not much of a ... future for us now... Even if the Romans catch up with these bastards! ..." She cursed, yet she kept looking at me tenderly as her tears kept ebbing down her cheeks.
"... When the Romans squash this bloody revolt, we will be in their hands, and... My late husband had a friend who is a quaestor in the legions (quaestor = a high-ranking officer who inspects and administrates funds and supplies)... Rome WILL send a legion and with such an extraordinary context as this slave revolt with all legions farther away, there will most probably be cohorts of the Praetorian Guard in it, and they will gladly take the opportunity to plunder, pillage... and rape! I heard they are extremely cruel to women; if their fame is true, then we are... We are better off even as sex slaves to our former slaves!..."

Then she started crying louder as I held her and kept tenderly stroking her wonderful black hair and her silky cheek.
"Yes, I said, our predicament is pretty much hopeless... But there must be some way out of this... O Claudia... Don't cry! You're safe now; I'm with you! ... I ... have dreamed of you so much! ... I missed you!" I gently kissed her.
She kissed me back and before long, we were passionately kissing and making out.
"Oooh Kotalos! Your touch is so GENTLE! You're so sweet MEL MEUM!" (mel meum = honey)

We went farther away into the forest; I gently pushed her back against a large oak; she looked at me with desperate, yet intense fires of lust in her eyes... We kissed again and began undressing each other. She went down on me and I felt an incredible surge of pleasure as her tongue and sucking action made my dick all hard and swollen.

Once again, I felt an unreal sense of exhilaration as I lowered her peplum top and uncovered her still-virginal breasts under the early evening sun. She sat on some fallen tree trunk as I finished undressing her... She looked like some demigoddess who enjoyed eternal youth; O ZEUS! SWEET BEAUTIFUL CLAUDIA!

My manhood got harder still upon realizing that I was about to fuck her! I felt a supreme thrill of joy when it occured to me that it was the very first time I was going to do anything sexual while being alone with a woman... Just the two of us!

I took my time. I kissed her gently on every inch of her wonderful body. I felt her hands tenderly stroking my hair as I avidly sucked her tits and once again enjoyed the subtle fragrance of her perfect nipples. She kept whispering my name as she felt my touch on her. Then I slowly made her turn around and lie with her belly against the fallen trunk. She moaned as I went down her back, slowly, down her loins, slowly and then licking, kissing and caressing her girl's butt.

I heard her moaning louder as my tongue started to rim her entrance and then I started to perform a state-of-the-art cunnilingus. "OOOOOOHHHHH! .... OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!... O KOTALOS! ... OOOH! YESSS! KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING... AAAHHHHHH!"
I kept at it and added my hands and fingers as I went all around her asshole and kept caressing (now harder) her butt cheeks. She was now moaning without any restraint. The old slave women were probably hearing some of it... as if I cared! I kept at it for as long as it took for her to begin panting and moaning loud and then making some short high-pitched "aaahhh! aaahhh! aaahhh!" and then she let out a scream of ecstasy as she intensely climaxed.

Then I stood up and told Claudia that I was going to fuck her hard and good with my Greek dick.
"O YES! O YES!" She told me in Greek...

My manhood had gone somewhat soft during the cunnilingus, so I started to kiss and lick one of her incredibly dainty feet. To make my erection rock-hard, I stroked her foot with it, thinking of how the field slaves had brutally seized her and torn off her clothes back when our villa was overrun, so violently that she lost her delicate sandals and I could see her wonderful feet as they began to rape her... and the effect was immediate: a glorious Greek column of marble-hard flesh ready for some real fucking!

I grabbed Claudia's hips as I easily and forcefully entered her ladyship's vagina and started to pound her with absolute glee as she moaned out loud and called my name. As I fucked the noble lady in doggystyle, my entire being was intent on feeling the well-lubricated vagina walls against my swollen slave dick as I pounded her faster and faster still, grunting and whispering her name as she kept moaning and calling my name.

As I enjoyed fucking her and watching her hair bouncing along with my hip thrusts, her entire body in utter submission to my strength, I went into my head and thought of her in her noble attire, seemingly so long ago... I kept thrusting inside her offered terra femina and I was slowing down to make my pleasure -- and hers -- last longer!

She was so very tight for a woman nearing 40 years old! I fucked my former matrona in complete bliss, my dick going all the way inside her tight walls as she moaned out loud...
She was back to speaking Latin, as the pleasure was no doubt so intense that she forgot her Greek.

As I fucked her in long, rhythmic strokes, the only images I could think of were pictures of violence, raping and utter brutality. One image imposed itself in my thoughts: that big, tall and muscular African slave who raped Claudia from behind in front of her beaten-up husband --- my own ex-master --- as the field slaves looked on and cheered him on as they masturbated; I relived the unrestrained violence of her rape in front of the villa, I saw again the large dark brown dick pounding against her pure white butt, as Claudia moaned and screamed, and the black man's open-mouthed glee with the frothing saliva spilling from his ebony chin, as he...

There is absolutely no word to describe the power of my cumming as I released one epic load of semen inside my domina!!! I shot a second, and surprisingly long load of jizz that spilled out on her butt as my dripping Greek meat exited her.

We both stayed there, panting and motionless for quite some time, as the sun was setting, both of us bathed in a rich golden light as we enjoyed each other's presence. I wished we were in Arcadia at the dawn of times, when we would see rocks and trees crying out of emotion as Orpheus sang.


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Re: Gladiator Revolt! & Pontia's March (violence & gore, forced orgasms)
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Chapter 15 --- Scouts In The Hills

While everybody in our cohort was partying, drinking, playing and raping, Claudia and I slept together near the quiet base camp. We heard the singing, the music and the screaming at a distance as we fell sound asleep. The last thing I felt on that day were Claudia's body against mine and the scent of her hair, even blacker than the night.

I woke up in the first morning light. We shared a long kiss as we parted, dreadfully scared of what was to come, yet happy of this moment we had stolen away from the rest of the world. We had shared something erotic, intense, and it was also filled with love. It was wonderful! Now I knew the difference between fucking and making love. I wondered when would the next time be, if ever...

Euturpalus seemed impressed at seeing me showing up on time as I got my horse ready for the day's journey. He tried to hide it, but I could see in his eyes that he felt proud of his pupil. I said:
"All ready for the day, sir... and no one's getting cocky today!"

He grinned and gave me a friendly, and somewhat fatherly, pat on the shoulder. I also said "Salve" (Hi!) to Surima, the Parthian horseman who was instructing me on horsemanship, me and two other slave recruits we had picked along the way; in this growing force, I was already no longer the most junior man in the vanguard troop.

I was starting to love riding, now that my leg and back muscles were getting accustomed to it. Since you always need to use your knees against the horse's flanks to ride properly, the inner thighs get very sore in the first couple of days. Then you get used to it and it's no longer an issue.

During the halts, Euturpalus made a point of spending some time instructing me on gladius fighting. Surima promised me to show me how to hunt the boar with a spear... "to see what you're made of, Sonny!" he said smiling through his black beard, his deep brown eyes illuminating his light bronze skin, on a face that looked as mean as a battle cry.

We were riding on a high trail that was more or less parallel to the Via Latina. We had with us a few Samnites from this countryland, who knew those smaller trails. We only met one small military outpost -- a single tower manned by a few soldiers -- who seemed to shake with fear as we simply rode by. We let them be -- 100 of us -- as they already had seen the fire smoke from Brivium and sent a messenger. They had also already seen that our main cohort was heading southeast on Via Latina and had also sent messengers to bring these tidings to Rome and Capua. There was no need for losing time in assaulting the tower. Speed was of the essence. We needed to reach Campania, with its many smaller roads and villas and villages, where our movements would once again become unpredictable; the sooner the better. Our Captain was furious about losing three days to capture the town and the fact that we had lost our chance to arrive in Campania through the hills and swiftly capture many rich and unsuspecting villas.

The trail had many natural vantage points from where we could see Via Latina to a great distance in both directions. If there were Roman troops marching on us, we would know it soon enough, and this was precisely why we were riding well ahead of the main corps. We made out, some distance south, a column of refugees who had better hurry if they didn't want our main cohort to overtake them! We also saw the now all-too familiar sight of urgently abandoned villas with some trees ghastly adorned with hung men. One or two of these villas were filled with loud screams as the slaves had turned against their masters and were now celebrating with the usual course of killings, humiliations, drinking and singing, beating up and of course, raping. I no longer felt the urge to partake in such carnivalesque debauchery. I was growing old fast.

The sun shone bright in a still blue sky with few puffing clouds near the southern horizon. I thought of Claudia and her daughters, who sat in some carriage in the rearguard along with our baggages and supplies. Perhaps the other Lavinia -- the one with the water-blue eyes -- was travelling along with them; yes, she most certainly was, as she was one of Brivium's most beautiful teen girls.

Me, Euturpalus and Surima were part of the foremost group. It was early afternoon. We were quietly riding, always wary of anything unusual -- birds suddenly ceasing to sing, or taking flight out of fear; some small animal stopping in its tracks... -- when we heard something... It sounded like people talking at a distance; it was faint, yet distinctly human to my young ears. Me and another quick man dismounted and ran to a small vantage point, to see who was coming our way.

Much to our surprise, we saw two lecticae, each carried by four sturdy slaves. These were rich Equestrians or Patricians, travelling by the countryside with what looked to us like an arrogant sense of safety. By Jove and Pluto, what the Hell were they doing here?

These were lecticae that looked like those you often see in great cities, with one fat bastard carried by four poor souls, except these were larger models with two people sitting in each one. They were heading our way all right. My young eyes could make out that they were carried by eight large, strong and vastly muscular African slaves who were armed; there were two couples, one sitting in each lectica, and they were arguing about something.

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