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This story's last few chapters were salvaged just in time before RC vanished. RIP RapeCage.

Note: Since there is a new 18+ rule and I've updated this story quite a bit, it's worth republishing it here! This story contains sexual intercourse between humans and humanoid species such as Orcs, Ogres and gargoyles --- YEAHHH!!!

Disclaimer: This is fiction. Do not interpret it as anything else. This is a story with themes of non-consent, rape, reluctance, sexual manipulation, abduction and violence. The acts depicted in this story are criminal and are only acceptable in fantasy. If you are not interested in this type of story, please look elsewhere. Only read this if you are over 18.

All characters featured in this story are at least 18 years old; the words "teenage", "teen girl", "teenage witch" and other such teen-related words and expression refer to girls aged 18 or 19 only.


Rhogharnn felt an unbelieving sense of exhilaration! AT LAST!

It had taken him seven long years -- and countless occasions where he even risked his life -- to finally achieve his goal! Now he had done it! He had successfully gathered all the extremely rare -- and dangerous to find -- ingredients he needed for dispelling Eviane's powerful magical abilities. The charm would work for TWO DAYS!

Two days during which Eviane, as well as Lauriell her sister and acolyte, would be utterly powerless. The evil spell would not only strip them of their magical powers, it would also disable the magical screen that made their domain invisible and inpenetrable to whomever they didn't want in.

He had decided to capture them without any use of his own potent black magic, to give the white-magic sorceresses the supreme humiliation of getting captured by common brigands using their equally common tools.

Since he owed a lot to the band of brigands led by his half-brother Torin, and since he had strong voyeuristic kinks, he had given Torin and his men -- the Black Dogs Squad -- the nice job of capturing the gorgeous pair. The deal implied that they could use Lauriell all they wanted to right on the spot, but Eviane would be his for the priceless first sampling!

The beautiful magicians would be in their complete power for two full days! They'd see to it that even once they'd have recovered their powers, these magical cuties would never ever be the same again!


What Rhogharnn wasn't aware of was even better news for him.

On the fateful day that the evil sorcerer had marked for their carefully planned capture, Eviane and Lauriell were performing a very complex spell in order to summon a Sabrina, a teengirl who lived in Great Britain in the year 2020 and who had uncanny, yet undeveloped powers. Eviane knew that demons were trying to lure her onto the evil path and had decided to summon her, where she'd be able to protect and properly train her in white magic, before sending her back in her world.

It was early dawn on a fine October day.

Eviane and Lauriell had started the rites while it was still pitch dark. They were utterly absorbed in their delicate spell, unaware that Rhogharnn, Torin and the Black Dogs Squad were on their way...


Note: The two sorceresses are gorgeous, but Sabrina... She has something that makes her extremely rapeable!  >:D
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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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Sabrina felt all weird when she woke up, one hour earlier than usual. Once again, she had been dreaming of this sorceress, wearing a long black dress with a stylish shawl falling on her nude shoulders, for her dress revealed her entire upper chest area; the blackness of her clothes and her jet-black hair sharply contrasted with her pale skin.  She looked a few years older than she was, but since she was a sorceress, she could have been ages older! Her vibes were unmistakeably good and benevolent.

She kept telling her she was in grave danger. Her voice was soothing, profound and confident. She said she would wait for her today at the great oak tree.

She also had been hearing her voice while awake. This had proved embarrassing when she was at school. She was a student in a privileged college and lived in a nice neighborhood in North London. She had reached the Age of Dark Baptism on October 31st, two weeks earlier, at which time she'd had her Dark Baptism. She was a novice sorceress... living in 21st century UK!

Once she had her Dark Baptism, the teen sorceress was a virgin no matter what she did before; this was very powerful magic. This was why being a novice sorceress was the most dangerous time. If a demon took her virginity, she'd be forced to walk the path of Black Magic...

Demons are cunning. They can take the form of a very handsome boy who will seduce the young sorceress and then... She'll be his slave!

Sabrina had started dating Nick. What worried her, was that Nick was so perfect in every way. He was her dream boy! She knew she wasn't going to resist the urge of having sex with him for much longer. Nick was most likely the danger this full-fledged sorceress was warning her against.

Indeed, she had put Nick to a sure-fire test, and this was what worried her the most. On two occasions, she had tried to get him to walk into a church with her, and on each occasion, he had found an excuse not to go with her.

The first time, they had taken a stroll in a nearby historical site and walked passed an old country church with a peculiarly high belfry. It had been built so high, and on top of a hill, to be heard farther, as it had a bells that used to chime to warn the people against an invading army -- or to warn anyone from a danger for that mather. Many legends were made around these bells.

Sabrina had taken his hand and almost ran to this church, telling Nick how the view on the wide expanse of countryside must be breathtaking from up there! He had said he was afraid of heights, and no matter what she did or say, he had been adamant -- he wasn't going in this church. They had their first argument, but he somehow charmed her into walking on with him. As they walked away, Sabrina could have sworn she heard the bells chiming softly, as if a gust of wind had moved them enough for them to jingle their bronze voice.

A week later, that is only two days ago, she had invented a ruse to confirm her suspicion. She had told him that whenever she was starting to have genuine feelings for a boy she was dating, she HAD to go with him in a church so the two of them would light a vigil light. She said there was no way she would go "all the way" with a boyfriend without having done this little rite.

He had said he didn't feel ready for being this intimate yet, although on a few occasions, already, he had clearly been attempting to seduce and arouse her into full-blown sex.

Nick clearly had something to hide, and he clearly was allergic to churches. This was the best way to know for sure, since no demon could walk into a church without having his true form instantly revealed in the presence of God. In the French folklore she had read, the demon who was thus unmasked would vanish and leave a strong smell of sulfur behind him. As a witch, she knew that folklore carried far more truths than people credited them for. She was a living fairytale herself.

In spite of her serious suspicions, Sabrina was in love with Nick! When he was around, she felt wobbly on her legs! At night, she'd fap quite hard while imagining he was pounding her like a stud with her legs tightly wrapped around his naked body and urging him to fuck her faster and harder! She didn't want to believe Nick was a cunning demon. Any experienced sorceress would have immediately seen through Nick, but the word "experienced" and a teenage girl in love are two opposing poles.

She was indeed in grave danger.

She thought about this over her early breakfast. Since she was earlier than usual, she decided to take a stroll in a nearby cemetery, an ancient churchyard, where a 500-year-old oak tree was located amid a thick wood teeming with tombstones. It was even said this oak was 1,000 years old; it had indeed a mystical aura. This was unquestionably the oak that had been refered to in her dream.

Her mother was just getting up, her father in the bathroom shaving, as Sabrina put on her red overcoat and her favorite scarf -- a refined burgundy-red garment. She kissed her good-day, took her magical staff and off she went! She almost forgot and snatched her school shoulder bag, as she was going straight to school after her stroll.

The wood wasn't that far. It was a most pleasant walk on a fine November morning, watching the rosy morning sky, listening to the birds chirping or to the more ominous caws of crows.

The ancient oak was visible from afar. It overlooked all surrounding trees. It was tall, majestic with a seemingly infinite maze of twisting branches. The time of year being autumn, it had presently lost almost all its leaves and laid a carpet of dark bronze oak leaves all around its stem.

The dead leaves rustled under her dainty hiking boots as she got near the immense, venerable tree. Sabrina felt a presence. She felt the same good, benevolent vibes. She knew she was going to hear the same voice, a soothing, profound and confident voice, so powerfully feminine and commanding respect.

She suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of well-being and unfathomable peace. She tilted her head up and closed her eyes, letting all these white-magic vibes penetrate her being.

As she did this, a man present would have loved the sight of her youthful face being all lit by the morning light, the shadows of her delicate cheeks highlighting the paleness of her pretty features, with her slightly protruding chin that was so typical of witches. Her black hairband intensified the bright splendour of her blonde locks, and held in place her shoulder-length hair that were displayed in a laidback bob style that revealed her delicate, sensual ears.

Her red burgundy scarf and her crimson overcoat perfectly enhanced her natural looks. She was rather petite, standing no more than 5 ft 4 in. -- in all honesty, she stood 5 ft. 3 ½ in., but she always said five feet four out of pride! She had hoped she'd be five feet five like her mother, but this was unlikely to happen; she had been 5'3 since she became nubile.

As she felt the tranquill calm of the place, standing in front of the grand oak, Sabrina knew the senior sorceress was nearby.

She wasn't surprised when she heard her sensual, yet powerful and confident voice.

"Sabrina. Welcome to my domain! I am your protector and guide. I want you to trust me. Do you think you can trust me?"
"Y... Yes. But you have the advantage of me, Sister..."
"I am Eviane. I have trained and guided many young witches in the ways of white magic. I am here to guide you in the most important and dangerous stage of your young life. Of course, you are free to refuse my assistance and go to your life as before, but I must warn you... I know for a fact that a demon has entered your life in the form of a most perfectly attractive boy who looks like he is 18 or 19, but he is in fact eons old. I also know from experience that the vast majority of young damsel sorceresses eventually lose to the demon when left to themselves, even when they do know or strongly suspect who he is. Does that speak to you?"
"Yes. B... But, what do you require of me, Sister?"
"I am about to open a Portal between my world and yours. If you choose to accept my guidance, then you only have to step forward and pass through it. If you prefer to decline, then you can simply turn back and go home."


Eviane knew Sabrina's adventurous nature well enough to understand that suggesting her to "go home" was the best way to nudge her into chosing the other option. Which was actually her only safe option.

She was standing tall next to a bronze cauldron in which she had tossed the exact ingredients, in the exact order and precision that was required to open the Portal. She could see Sabrina as she stood near the other side of the forming Portal.

"Now!" she commanded to Lauriell, her assistant, who immediately cast two dove feathers into the cauldron. This was the last ingredient.


Sabrina saw some weird bolts of light forming around the oak's stem. The temperature quickly rose from an autumn chill to full summer heat. She quickly took off her burgundy scarf and undid the two uppermost buttons of the dark-blue dotted blouse she wore under her crimson overcoat.

Slowly, the bolts of light took the shape of a bright doorway. She saw something blurry on the other side. Then it got clearer. The young sorceress, the same she had seen in her dream, was there, standing tall next to a bronze cauldron. Beside her stood another young woman, also clad in a black dress and also with raven hair and pale skin, except she was wearing a crown of crimson flowers.

This other woman was no doubt her assistant. Sabrina felt without the shade of a doubt that she could trust them. She took a step forward.


Sabrina felt like crossing ages and centuries and unfathomable distance in this one step she took.

She found herself amid a vast clearing, standing near of Eviane and her acolyte. It was a bright summer day and she was starting to feel hot under her suddenly unseasonable overcoat. She felt sweat drops forming at her hairline and on some bodyparts underneath her clothes and undergarments; all of a sudden, her perky breasts felt sweaty under her bra.

"Welcome, my child!" said Eviane while waving at her with her dainty pale hand.

"Hail to you, Elder Sister." Sabrina answered, waving back with her even daintier hand, and then she politely nodded to Eviane's assistant.
"I am Lauriell, Companion to your Elder Sister, and I let my Elder Companion speak." said Lauriell, introducing herself and formally defining herself as Sabrina's superior and Eviane's assisting Companion, the title of Companion being reserved to confirmed sorceresses.

"Welcome to my domain, Sabrina." Eviane said in a warm, reassuring tone as she took Sabrina's hand.
"I am to guide and train you for the next two years, until you come of age and pass your Companionship."
"Two years?! But... But... What about my parents? What about college?" inquired Sabrina in a worried voice.

"Don't worry, Young Sister, once you are through with your training and a confirmed Companion in white magic, thus out of the reach of demons, I will send you back in your world at the exact same time and place when you first left. You will be a couple of years older, but trust me, you won't look a day older and none of your relatives will have the slightest idea that you had been gone for two long years."

Sabrina wanted to say something, but a gross-sounding man's voice -- a very powerful voice -- cut her before she could talk...


Eviane and Lauriell, as well as Sabrina, looked where the voice came.

Sabrina saw an evil-looking man, looking like he was about 50 years old and quite large and tall, wearing a long black gown and a matching black pointy hat, a very large and high pointy hat. His vile-looking facial features were ghastly pale and lost amid a silver gray forest of long hair and a very long beard. He had gigantic bushy eyebrows, all black. He had long yellowish fingernails and carried a large wizard's staff. His whole outlook was far from reassuring! His eyes shone with a cruel light and his facial expression conveyed total confidence and a sense of anticipated pleasure.

He wasn't alone. Next to him stood a very thickly muscled man, even slightly taller than him. This large man had olive skin and a black beard, with very mean-looking facial features, and his massive neck looked about as thick as an average man's thigh; it was planted so sturdily on his torso that it almost looked like he had no neck at all.

Even more worrying were the other men with them. Some eight or ten dirty-looking men wearing bizarre snout-shaped iron masks that made them look like humans with a dog's head. These masks were strapped in place around their head and also displayed dog's ears. They wore vests with short sleeves that were bizarrely adorned and very cheap-looking. The vests were unbuttoned and some of the men wore nothing under, so parts of their torsoes were uncovered; others wore a short tunic under their vest. All wore braccas with a simple rope for a belt. Overall, their garments had seen better days and were in fact looking quite filthy. They each carried a strange weapon made out of a cable weighted by one ball of hard wood on each end; Sabrina recognized bolas.

"GREETINGS, DEAR EVIANE!" repeated the evil-looking man while his ten vile-looking companions stood silent and looked intently at the three women from under their dog-snout masks. All of them were grinning and chuckling.

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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Sabrina looked at Eviane, who seemed positively shocked from seeing this tall wizard with these foul-looking men at the edge of the wood. She felt many gazes from these men sizing her up and saw surprise and astonishment on the faces of the wizard and the thickly muscled man with a black beard who stood beside him. She couldn't see the other men's expressions because of their bizarre dog-shaped iron masks.

Eviane's tranquill confidence quickly returned. She spoke with a very superior and commanding voice...
"RHOGHARNN! I don't know how you got here, but I do know that you are going to go away NOW! Or else..."

"Or else what?" answered Rhogharnn with a grin and a complete confidence that surprised Eviane.
"Or else you-know-what will happen to you and your acolytes! I suggest you leave now!"

Rhogharnn stood there and remained silent, looking at Eviane, sizing her up from head to toe. He greatly enjoyed hearing her speaking to him with her usual authority, unknowing that at this very moment, she was already utterly powerless and at his mercy! He looked at her up and down, eye-raping her with great delight and anticipation!

Eviane noticed this and became angry.

As she said this, she raised her one-foot-long wand -- sleek dark wood adorned with just one gem that looked like a sapphire -- then she picked one of the members of the Black Dogs Squad and confidently pointed her wand at him...

Avvvedda Kaddevra!

Nothing happened. Instead of the flash of ghastly pale green light and the unstoppable bolt that would have hit the man's chest and killed him instantly, her wand remained dud. She could as well have used any kindle stick.

She tried again...

Avvvedda Kaddevra!

Still nothing.

She heard Rhogharnn laughing. His laughing was both amused and sinister.
He nodded at Torin and the men all started advancing toward Eviane, Lauriell and Sabrina.

Lauriell raised her own wand, aiming it at Torin...

"Fulgggur IGNISsss!"

The fireball that she expected to materialize and hit Torin remained a fanciful hope. Nothing happened. She tried again as the men kept approaching ominously. Nothing?!

Eviane tried her wand a third time, with a less powerful and easier spell...


The man she pointed her wand at kept walking toward her instead of stopping in his tracks and dropping asleep.

"Wh... What's happening?! What's happening?!" Eviane was so astonished that she failed to realize the immense danger she was in along with her assistant and her new pupil.

The men were now dangerously close!

Eviane drew her dagger and poised herself to fight her enemies, which made Rhogharnn laugh in amusement; Torin was grinning too, and probably most of his men under their dog-snout iron helmets. In her pride, Eviane refused to accept that flight was now her only option left.

Sabrina tried her own staff, even though she could absolutely not cast any truly harmful spell, as she was still a novice. She shouldn't have bothered. Her staff remained dead in her dainty hand.

"RUN! RUN!... RUN!" yelled Lauriell, who took to her heels. Sabrina immediately turned and started running from the advancing men. Eviane suddenly came to her senses and finally started running, yet she kept her dagger in her hand and this slowed her down.

Rhogharnn could have used his magic to immobilize the three women instantly. He prefered to play cat and mouse and let Torin and his men capture them and give these haughty sorceresses the supreme humiliation of being captured by non-magical means. He loved the prospect!

He stood there and let Torin and the Black Dogs Squad going after them! It was so delicious to watch!

The Black Dogs Squad were specialists at capturing human beings. Kings and high lords hired them when they needed someone to be taken swiftly and effectively. They were second to none in the art of throwing bolas, a weapon made out of a cable with two or more weighted balls at the ends. For today's job, they were using light bolas that were meant to trip or slow down a running woman or child with the least risk of actual injury. They would have used slightly heavier bolas if they had been after a man. Professionals always work with the right tools for the job.

Eviane was the closest to reach. She yelped as the bolas entangled her running legs and she fell to the ground.

Lauriell stopped running and turned around as she saw that Eviane was in dire straits. She could not leave her like this. She drew her dagger, screamed at Sabrina to keep running and rushed toward the spot where Eviane, her legs still entangled by the bolas, was crouching in a defensive position, her dagger held high as she looked menacingly at the three Black Dogs who were closing in on her.

Lauriell was herself faced and surrounded by three Black Dogs, who stayed out of reach of her dagger, which was easy to do. They threw their bolas simultaneously, entangling her dagger-holding arm, gluing her legs together and striking painfully at her face, which made her wince in pain and drop her dagger. She was then seized and pinned on the long grass, screaming in despair and suddenly realizing the fate that awaited her... and Eviane.

Eviane was unable to disentangle her legs from the bolas and defend herself at the same time. If she stooped down to take the cable from around her calves, the three men surrounding her would immediately pin her on the ground. She could only threaten them with her dagger and delay the inevitable outcome.

Hopelessly, she kept guarding herself with her dagger against all three men, who clearly were making the fun last. As she saw Lauriell being pinned on the ground by the three other men, Eviane started crying. Now, her only chance was to be saved by someone or something... Sabrina... She prayed for Sabrina, hoping that she, at least, would escape capture. Eviane still wondered why on earth all her powers seemed to have vanished so suddenly. She had never experienced anything like that.

Rhogharnn smiled as he witnessed Lauriell's capture and Eviane's very last seconds of freedom.

"All right, make her surrender! Put her on the ground!" Rhogharnn ordered the men around Eviane.

The two men who still had their bolas swung their weapons to strike and hit her viciously with the wooden balls. One struck her dagger-holding forearm and she dropped her weapon with a yelp at the same time her temple was struck with another wooden ball. In spite of their lightness, the bolas still inflicted quite a bit of pain and it delivered good results...

Eviane buried her head in her hands and started sobbing and wailing as the Black Dogs seized their successfully captured game. She heard them laughing under their dog-snout masks.

Sabrina ran faster than she ever had, her cheeks all red and rivers of sweat streaming down her body as she was still wearing her overcoat in summertime. Soon, she would be forced to stop and take off her overcoat, but she didn't have that luxury. Five men were hot on her trail! 

As he ran after her among his men, Torin wondered... Who the hell is that girl?! She wasn't part of the plan at all. At any rate, Torin loved the way her blonde hair moved and quivered as she ran under the warm sun. He knew that dressed like she was, she wouldn't keep running at that pace for much longer.

Indeed, they were quickly gaining on her. Sabrina realized this. She saw a downhill trail that led into a thick wood of pines and cypresses and veered to her right to follow this path in the hope of finding a hiding place.

"If only I can get there, then I willyyYYYELP!!!" Sabrina yelped loudly as her legs suddenly stopped moving under her and she fell down hard on the hard ground.

Two of the Black Dogs had stopped and carefully aimed at the running teen girl. It was a very long shot. One missed. The other hit a bullseye.

Sabrina was stunned on the ground. Before she had time to recover and get back up to her feet, the men were upon her. Torin lifted her up like a feather and loaded her on his mighty shoulder like a sack of flour!

"Put me down!... Put me down!..." Sabrina screamed at Torin while harmlessly pummelling his thick back. Torin grinned as he listened to the music of Sabrina's despaired voice. Soon, she would start to cry upon realizing there is no escape.

Being so young and innocent, Sabrina didn't realize what these men were about to do. When she crossed the portal, Sabrina had felt like being suddenly inside a book of fairy tales. Be it that her mind expected that a prince charming would show up and save her, or be it any other scenario where she escapes against all odds, Sabrina kept yelliing at Torin and pummelling his massive back, but she wasn't screaming nor panicking. At that point, she was upset.

Torin felt this naive innocence in her youthful voice. He loved this! He had no idea of who this sweet girl was, but he did know what he was about to do with her! His large dick was already coming to life as he anticipated the boundless pleasures he knew he would soon experience! With HER!

It had been agreed first hand that the captive sorceresses were to be gathered and humiliated on the very same spot, so each would hear and see what was happening to the other. This was why Torin was bringing Sabrina back to the clearing where Eviane and Lauriell were already captives.

Eviane's heart sank when she saw Sabrina being carried over Torin's shoulder. She wailed...

"Say again?" Rhogharnn asked, truly enjoying the begging and despaired tones in Eviane's voice and wanting to hear some more of it.


"Ohhhhh... Eviane... Eviane... I'm not sure that's something very reasonable to ask. You see, my men have worked hard to do the job I've hired them to do. Don't you think they deserve a little... reward?"

"YOU BASTARD! FUCKING PERV!!! YOU'RE JUST A CREEP!!!" bellowed Eviane amid her flowing tears. She felt unfathomable guilt. If she hadn't brought Sabrina into her world, she would still have been in grave danger, but she wouldn't be about to... She didn't want to formulate the rest of her thought.

Rhogharnn replied using a falsely affectionate tone that sent chills down her spine...
"I know. I know. I am so many things when you speak to me, sweet Eviane. You are so beautiful, Eviane! You do realize, Eviane my dear, that you will soon have the carnal knowedge of my person, and I..."


"You'd be very surprised by the amount of pleasure that I could give you, sweet Eviane" saying this, he had gotten very close to Eviane, who now stood between two Black Dogs who restrained her arms.

She spat in his face. "I'D RATHER DIE!"

Wiping the spit from his face, Rhogharnn smiled at her. He contemplated her from head to toe, this time eye-raping her from up close. It had been agreed that he'd first sample Eviane while Torin would have Lauriell before anyone else. Sabrina's arrival had changed these plans.

Sabrina was now standing on her feet and restrained in Torin's iron grip. Torin stood towering behind her. She squirmed and wriggled as she tried to kick him, only succeeding at making Torin laugh. Then Torin stooped down and took a whiff at her wonderful hair, then he gently kissed the side of her neck...
"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU GROSS MAN!" Sabrina's eyes were searching the horizon for a knight in shining armour. There was no one.

Just from watching how his half-brother acted, Rhogharnn knew Torin now wanted to be the first man inside Sabrina. He nodded to the men restraining Lauriell in a way that indicated that they were free to begin enjoying her!

He turned to Eviane while Lauriell started screaming as the three Black Dogs began assaulting her.
"I think you will very much enjoy watching this before you get to know me better... Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Laughing, Rhogharnn seized Evianne, who squirmed and protested to no avail. He was immensely stronger than her.

He forced her to turn toward the spot where Lauriell, her loyal assistant, was presently having her gown ripped wide open by one Black Dog who stood facing her, while his mate firmly restrained her arms from behind and the third man pulled out his dagger.


Sounds of tearing fabric filled the entire place.

From where she was, Eviane could also see Sabrina, now screaming at the top of her voice--at last realizing what was about to happen--and getting ruthlessly pinned down on the grass, where Torin seized her lower legs and restrained them as he started to undo her hiking boots.

As Lauriell was firmly maintained with her pectoral undergarment exposed-- it was an assemblage of linen small bands that acted like a bra --, the third man swiftly and expertly moved his dagger tip under the undergarment and started cutting the fabric. Then, as only a few threads remained, he sheathed his dagger and after this, he grabbed the undergarment and brutally ripped it off, making Lauriell scream in shrill tones of shame and terror as her magnificent breasts were suddenly revealed under the bright summer sun!

Lauriell's breasts were perky and very nicely curved. They jiggled sideways as she wriggled in vain attempts to escape while the men all started cupping and squeezing her firm mounds of flesh. Contrasting with the black fabric of her wide-open gown, her boobs looked very bright and pale under the sunlight. She had very delicate pink nipples amid subtle and fading areolas. There were three dot-like birthmarks on the slope of her cleavage near her left side.

One of the Black Dogs quickly took off his dog-head helmet and, kneeling down, he feverishly engulfed one of her nipples and started sucking it very avidly.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Lauriell kept screaming as the men, having taken off their helmets, took their turns in tasting her breasts, their erections now raging. Normally, when they raped a common woman, they didn't bother with foreplay, but with LAURIELL...

Eviane wailed and sobbed, at times screaming and begging the men to stop, as she watched Lauriell and Sabrina getting defiled. Lauriell's plight was extremely painful to watch, but Sabrina's was far worse. It was her own fault! She had failed her!

Sabrina was also given the grace of a foreplay.

She was now screaming her heart out, filling the place with her echoing shrieks as the men took off her crimson overcoat. But they wouldn't strip her any further, although Sabrina kept screaming and frantically squirming while being firmly pinned with her arms held on either sides of her head.

Torin was struggling with the strings of her hiking boots. He had never seen such shoes in his life! It wasn't easy to undo the strings while Sabrina constantly wriggled and squirmed as she screamed and wailed, but at last, Torin undid the first shoe and then he violently yanked it off Sabrina's foot.

It was very well known among his men that Torin had a very strong foot fetish. They all knew that he'd spend a while sniffing, licking and kissing her bare feet before doing anything else. Many men surrounding Sabrina were willing to wait though, as the sight of this beautiful teenage girl, with her innocent look and her incredibly graceful features, drove them crazy with lust!

Torin eventually got rid of the second shoe. Now Sabrina was squirming and resisting and wailing with her feet in pink socks that were only ankle high. Torin feverishly peeled them off. He had no idea what these were, but he didn't care one bit at this point; he discarded Sabrina's socks and began sniffing her bare feet.

"STOP! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!... PLEASE... PLEASE!... LET ME GO! LET ME GO!!!" Sabrina begged and pleaded as she felt the coarse hair of Torin's black beard on the tender soles of her incredibly dainty feet.

Torin had never seen feet that were so beautiful! Nor feet that smelled so good with such delicate skin! She must have been member of a royal family -- normally, such feet could only belong to a girl utterly off-limits to the likes of him. Sabrina had small feet that were feminine from heel to toe. All shaped in subtle curves, all firm and fair skin with a rosy heel and skin that folded so delicately on her soles. Torin sucked all her toes, one by one. Now he had a raging erection!

Since she had been running in the summer heat in unseasonable clothes, Sabrina's feet were all sweaty. To Torin, they only smelled better for it! As he sniffed her feet, it was like plunging into a sea of female fragrances! Girly sweat tasted and smelled so good! He started licking, greatly enjoying the girl's pleading and screaming and sobbing. He kept licking her feet, feeling her toes on his cheek and then on his tongue... Then he rubbed one foot on his face, feeling the incredible softness of her delicate skin. She was so delicious!

Sabrina screamed in absolute terror when she saw Torin dropping his braccas and sticking out his massive erection. This was the first time ever that she saw a man's erect penis in real life. Torin's dick was absolutely gigantic! It was at least nine inches long and very thick at the base. His uncircumsized cock was all hard and eagerly waiting to invade Sabrina's pussy.

Once more though, she was "granted" some more foreplay time. Torin rubbed her small girly feet on his erect dick, greatly enjoying this as he felt his dick becoming harder than hard!
"No! No! No! No! No!...." Sabrina kept frantically repeating as she saw this horrific THING and felt it on her feet... "Please! I'M VIRGIN! I'M VIRGIN!" She begged.

Now Torin did what he always did just before raping a girl. Setting down Sabrina's feet, he moved down and up on her. Without warning, he grabbed her dark blue dotted blouse and savagely ripped it open... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sabrina screamed louder than she ever had in her life as the sounds of tearing fabric filled her panicked soul; one of the flying buttons lightly struck her cheek before falling somewhere in the grass.

Before Sabrina knew it, Torin's massive hand had grabbed her bra and brutally yanked it off. Sabrina heard Torin's savage grunt of satisfaction and felt the soft summer breeze on her suddenly bare breasts!

Sabrina had small, size-A breasts, but nonetheless perky and very arousing for a man's cock! She had vanilla nipples and pale areolas like many fair-skinned blondes. Torin contemplated the girl's breasts. Sweat beads were all over her modest orbs of girly splendour. Torin licked them with unfathomable delight. He normally wouldn't have done this, but this girl was so special!

Then his men firmly held the wildly screaming girl as Torin pulled down her dark tan pants, making a mockery of her leather belt and yanking everything down in one go, bringing her panties down along with the mass of folded clothes, lifting Sabrina's butt off the ground as he feverishly pulled her pants all the way off her lower legs, ankles and feet!

Sabrina was now naked on the grass, except for her wide-open blouse, her black hairband and her pink panties that were stranded on her lower legs. Torin ignored it for the time being, anxious to look at her cunt to see if the carpet matched the drapes.

He saw her naked cunt moving and dancing in front of his lust-filled eyes as the shrill-screaming girl kept squirming under the men's clutches. Sabrina had a luxuriant patch of soft chocolate-brown pubic hair, at the base of which he could clearly see her pale pink greater labia.


Sabrina let out frantic high-pitched shrieks and completely panicked, shaking her head sideways in a blur of frantic and hopeless refusal, as her slender pale legs were brutally spread open by the massively muscular man with a black beard and olive skin, his muscles all shining with sweat under the sun, his mouth open wide and his amber eyes wild with excitement... After liberally spitting on his dick to lube it minimally, he spread her legs again and advanced his lap to her virgin cunt and pushed his precumming cock against her tight entrance, using one hand to insert it.

Sabrina shrieked even louder and shriller, this time with pain in her voice, as Torin expertly pushed his wild-erect dick steadily inside her entrance, violating her pussy millimeter per millimeter, as he took his time and methodically forced open Sabrina's extra-tight vagina. It wasn't the first time Torin raped a virgin.

Sabrina began sobbing as she felt Torin was all the way inside her. His dick painfully stretched her vagina and induced searing pain inside the sobbing and shrieking teengirl as he began gleefully pounding her!

After making himself at home inside her with some deep dick thrusts, Torin lifted Sabrina's butt clear off the grass while two jeering Black Dogs kept their firm hold on her small arms. Kneeling and facing her where he had a commanding view over her small breasts that moved and quivered between the wide-open drapes of her torn dark-blue dotted blouse, Torin brutally pounded Sabrina by repeatedly driving her hips into his lap while thrusting his huge dick forward, impaling her violated pussy and raping her like a beast.

Sobbing, wailing and deflorated, Sabrina was shaken like the sail of a ship amid the tumult of a hurricane. Her breasts kept wildly quivering and jiggling as she frantically shook her head sideways in very rapid motions, under the dog-face masks of the men pinning her arms on the ground.

Torin grunted with unrestrained abandon as he savagely raped Sabrina. She was so deliciously tight! Raping a virgin was off-the-charts good.

Then he ejaculated with a force that surprised him, in spite of his long experience in raping women...

He roared in a long-enduring animalistic scream of bliss as he shot several bolts of warm jizz deep inside sobbing Sabrina.

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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Rhogharnn blissfully enjoyed Eviane's sobs and pleas as he forced her to watch the rapes of Sabrina and Lauriell. Rhogharnn was an avid stone lifter -- he had been lifting stones of various weights daily since his early teens -- and he was immensely strong. Anyone looking at the thickly-muscled Torin next to him would think that Torin is stronger than his half-brother, but Torin knew better! Rhogharnn had extremely strong sinews and his decades of stone lifting had given him titanic strength from head to toe.

This is why Eviane could absolutely not stir in Rhogharnn's wince-inducing grip. He had no need of magic to immobilize her. She could only watch in horror as Sabrina got deflorated by Torin while Lauriell was sandwiched between two standing Black Dogs, one of whom was restraining her arms from behind, while the other one was facing and raping her after simply pulling her robe up to her hips -- she wore nothing underneath, not even an underdress, this being a hot summer day.

Both Black Dogs had put their helmets back on, so they'd give the raven-hair sorceress the impression she was being raped by dog-headed men. Other Black Dogs were waiting their turns and jeering at the half-naked Lauriell, who wept, letting out a shrill scream of humiliated despair, as she endured her rapist's pounding and his animalistic grunts... "HRRR... NRRH... NRHH... RRHHNN... RRHANN... NGHNN..."

Lauriell's rapist stood between her bare thighs, all bright in their whiteness against her rolled-up dress, while he was supporting her folded legs on his elbows and savagely pounding her, greatly enjoying watching her bobbing head with her eyes closed and her wildly jiggling breasts! They had ripped her black gown wide open and viciously pulled it down to her elbows, leaving her topless with her ruined robe acting like useless drapes over her flanks, the black fabric intensifying the sensual paleness of Lauriell's naked torso.

Lauriell's gorgeous legs were up on her rapist's arms and shoulders, fully exposed in their rich complexion as her entire body shook and quivered from the relentless pounding. Her summer shoes of leather were beautifully laced around her ankles and adorned with emeralds and black pearls; their summer lightness allowed all nearby Black Dogs to make out the erotic shapes of her feet. As her head kept bobbing, her long straight hair flew in a tumult of black shiny waves. Her red crown of flowers had fallen down and was presently threaded upon by a Black Dog.

She clenched her fists and whimpered under her very first lifetime rape, unable to wrap her noble mind around the UNTHINKABLE she was being subjected to, when the Black Dog's dick twitched inside her and she heard him bellow a beastly and long-sustained groan from under his dog-face visor as he forcefully shot several bolts of jism inside her violated pussy!

As he pulled out his contented dick, the Black Dog let her stand on her feet, leaning back against his mate restraining her from behind; he viciously pinched her chin and playfully shook her face, sarcastically thanking her for this wonderful play time and announcing her that he'd be back later to fuck her from behind.

All Black Dogs laughed and mocked Lauriell as the next man spread and lifted her legs once more over his shoulders and expertly inserted his eager dick inside her cum-dripping pussy. Before she knew it, Lauriell was once more shaken, raped and mocked at the hands of her vile captors. The most bitter part for her was that she had been captured without any use of magic and was presently used like a common whore by common brigands.

She didn't understand what had happened, how these men were able to penetrate their domain nor why her powers had suddenly failed her. From her bobbing head and through her wall of tears, she confusedly saw Eviane's horrified expression as Rhogharnn forced her to watch. The evil sorcerer was no doubt taking the time to enjoy his victory and torturing Eviane emotionally before he would assault her sexually.

The second Black Dog frantically mounted Lauriell and quickly reached his climax, letting out a wild scream of victory as he emptied his balls and dumped his steaming load inside the raven-haired sorceress. Lauriell felt the vile jizz flooding her womanhood and bitterly sobbed. THIS WAS TOO HUMILIATING! Raped by the Black Dogs Squad! Unspeakably unbareable.

As she kept being raped, Lauriell couldn't bear to look at Sabrina's brutal gangrape.

Sabrina kept wailing and screaming at the top of her now-tired voice. After Torin had deflorated her, she was put under much of the same treatment as Lauriell -- two Black Dogs restrained her and kept her up in place while a third man stood between her slender thighs and forcefully raped her as he watched her closed-eyes face shaking amid her flying hair as her body was rocked under the fierce and constant dick ramming; her small quivering breasts fed the men's erctions, as well as her feet moving wildly in mid-air behind her rapist's loins, and her quivering thighs brushing her rapist's flanks as she whimpered under her defilement.

Her present dog-headed rapist quickly felt his pleasure mounting as he pounded her harder and faster and grunting in a growingly loud vocal expression of sheer male sexual glee from raping the tight vagina of such a fine-looking girl! ... "Hnn... HNNnn... HHNNnnn.... HRNNNnnn... HRNNNNNnnnnn..." The Black Dog's grunts mingled with Sabrina's sobs and whimpers.

Sabrina was in complete pain and shock and mind-shattering horror as she felt and heard her second rapist releasing a massive load of cum inside her destroyed virginity. Then, amid all this unspeakable ordeal, it dawned upon her that her virginity had been taken, but NOT by a demon. Nick -- or whatever was the true Demon's name -- no longer had the power to force her into the path of black magic.

Perhaps this ordeal had. Amid her terror and fright, she also felt contempt and growing hatred for these men who took advantage of her smaller and weaker body. She vowed to kill them all as soon as she'd be powerful enough.

This was one speck of conscious thought she had before she was aware of being repositioned by the jeering Black Dogs. She tried to break free from their hold once again, squirming and wriggling with her declining energy, as they bent her over. One iron dog-faced man held her arms very firmly with her torso horizontal and her head looking down, while a second man firmly grabbed her hips as she also felt two or three hands stroking the intimate skin of her pale butt.

Then she yelped as she felt a man's cock brutally invading her cum- and juices-soaked vagina, the Black Dog's dick making itself home and stretching her youthful inner walls as the man began gleefully raping her standing doggystyle! Much against her will, her body reacted to the barrage of assaults by releasing juices inside her womanhood and making her petite breasts swell with mixed sensations -- not arousal, but some sort of primal, animalistic reaction that seemed to lessen the pain her body was presently under.

Her cheeks had gone red from the rush of blood as she was forced to look down with her torso horizontal and savagely shaken, this time from behind. The dog-masked man raping her contemplated her superbly tight butt with its delicate curves, all bright under the summer sun, its erotic power intensified by the fact she still had her dark-blue blouse on her back -- the dark blue fabric magnified the rich pale-cream complexion of her intimate skin and gave her rapists a very potent display of girly charms!

At that point, she was too exhausted to scream or protest. She whimpered and silently sobbed under the constantly renewed assaults.

Even better was the way Sabrina's young butt was shaken from the constant pounding and the "spat-spat-spat-spat" sound it made as it collided in quickly repeating succession against the man's lap! Sabrina suddenly felt the man gripping her hips painfully hard and heard his groan...


The Black Dog had groaned and shot his bolts of jizz inside the blonde novice sorceress. A full dollup of his cum spilled on her right buttcheek as he exited the girl's inner sanctum.

All this time, Eviane was forced to watch. She couldn't bear it!

"It's my fault! My own fault!... Poor child... Poor sweet child!" Eviane thought as she watched the Black Dogs gleefully taking their turns on Sabrina, while Torin was already preparing for round two.

Rhogharn then told Eviane it was her turn... Using a commanding tone!

"Noooooooooo!!! Please Don't!!!!... Don't!!!!... AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrNnnnnnnooooooooo OOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!..."

Eviane screamed shriller and louder than either Lauriell or Sabrina. Her wails were mind-piercing as Rhogharnn used his ungodly strength to roughly pin her against a large rock that stood flat and navel high. He bent her over the rock and swiflty pulled her black gown all the way up to her hips, discovering her absolutely magnificent legs. He found and quickly discarded a small hidden dagger strapped on her right thigh, mocking her for thinking she could pull this off on him, telling her he was going to fuck her harder to punish her from such insolence!

Laughing as Eviane vainly struggled to break free, Rhogharnn grabbed her small wrists and restrained them behind her back using only one hand. With his other hand, he forcefully bent her torso horizontally against the rock and then raised her gown over her naked butt -- as he expected, she wasn't wearing anything under it.

Then he rose his own black gown and inserted his rock-hard dick inside Eviane's long-dreamed-of entrance! Eviane let out a long, wailing shriek as she felt Rhogharnn's dick forcefully penetrating her until he was all the way inside. Then he started gleefully pounding her, raping her fully clothed and unable to see anything of her shaking butt since his own gown was draped over it. Yet he felt the blissful contact of her buns colliding against his lap and as he kept holding her wrists crossed behind her back with his left hand, he moved his right hand under his gown and onto Eviane's silky-soft butt skin, thus feeling her female rear-end curves as he raped her with unrestrained satisfaction!

Eviane was shrieking nonstop from physical pain, as Rhogharnn had entered her very suddenly with no lube, but most of all she was screaming and wailing her sense of complete debasement while her bent-over body was shaken to and fro from the horizontal plowing of Rhogharnn powerful hipthrusts.

He raped her vengefully, angrily! He had been dreaming of this moment for so long! Seven long years... For two days of absolute power over her! This was priceless. He blissfully listened to Eviane's humiliated screams and sobs as he kept raping her.

Then he felt the surging tide of intense bliss taking hold of his copulating body; he frantically pounded Eviane until he opened his mouth wide and let out a far-echoing scream of blissful relief as he shot his bolts of warm semen!

He kept fucking Eviane while unloading his jizz inside her, enjoying the relief to its very last drop, then reluctantly exiting out of her, at which point he felt an involuntary last rope of sperm spilling over Eviane's butt under the draped-over fabric of his robe.

It seemed to Rhogharnn that the fact that Eviane's body had remained covered throughout the rape had magnified the pleasure. Her moving long raven hair while her head was shaking from the copulating force had proved a very potent visual stimulation. Whatever it was, Eviane was an incredible fuck!

She screamed and wailed as he laid her down on the grass and proceeded to very roughly strip her, eager to enjoy her extremely pale nakedness. He had drunk a potion of LONG-ENDURING-STUD beforehand and was eager to rape her again right away, this time she'd be stark naked and down on all fours!

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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Eviane desperately flailed her arms at Rhogharnn as she found herself pinned with her back on the grass with him on top of her. He laughed while easily blocking her feeble attacks and slapped her twice, taking care of not hitting her too hard, as he wanted to keep her conscious.

Then he had an idea.

He started groping Eviane's breasts using both hands, releasing Eviane's arms in the process. She used the opportunity to do exactly what he knew she would do.

"Aha! Do you really think you could pull that on me?!" Rhogharn playfully scolded her as he seized her right wrist and twisted it, making her wince in pain and release the small dagger she had gone for under her robe.

Rhogharn immediately picked up the small bladed weapon and used the mithril dagger to cut the laces on the front of Eviane's bustier.

Then he threw the dagger away. "You won't be needing this now! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Making a mockery of her resisting, Rhogharn forcefully ripped Eviane's bustier wide open, suddenly revealing her full breasts, the sight of which took his senses by storm with milky-white sensual curves as they nicely jiggled sideways from the sobbing woman's squirming and jerking movements while she kept at her pathetic attempts to escape from under Rhogharnn.

The bustier did a nice sustainment job and its inside was made of silk, so she wasn't wearing anything under it.

"Ooh... Eviane! You're gorgeous! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! And you're all mine!"
Eviane's sobbing and groans of horrified despair answered Rhogharnn. She also felt anger at being owned by the man she loathed the most.

Rhogharn brutally pinned her arms on the ground and stooped down over her bust to fully take in the view from up close. Eviane frantically struggled under his grip as she felt the touch of his grotesquely luxuriant beard on her delicate boob skin. He kissed her left nipple and darted his tongue on it, titillating himself while taking all the time he needed to fully enjoy his prize.

This was his day.

Eviane's breasts were really something! Her skin was snow white and unbelievably soft. Her boobs were curvy, yet firm as they rested on her white torso like soft and supple mounds of feminine delight with her sharply contrasting nipples and areolas that danced like moving brownish pink apexes that tasted like a mix of rose petal and vanilla with a tinge of girly sweat under Rhogharnn's tongue.

"All right, I give up!" said Rhogharnn aloud, speaking to himself.

Giving up the idea of refraining from any use of magic in restraining Eviane, he swiftly casted a spell of Vinculum. Ropes materialized out of thin air and immediately coiled themeselves around her wrists and then around her waist, slithering with a life of their own, and tying up Eviane's arms against her flanks, as she kept screaming and protesting in vain.

No longer having to deal with flailing arms, Rhogharn fully and shamelessly indulged in a fantasy of his! He cupped and squeezed both Eviane's boobs in his hands, pricelessly enjoying this contact that spelled complete victory over that pesky nuisance who was always one step ahead of him!

Then he buried his face in her cleavage and started frantically licking her wonderfully pale and soft skin as he kept kneading both her breasts. He greatly enjoyed Eviane's nonstop sobbing as he very avidly engulfed one of her tits in his mouth and kept on kneading her moving and yieldiing mounds of delight as he sucked her tit!

SHE TASTED SO DELICIOUS! Rhogharnn was now living in an earthly paradise of girl's flavours and fragrances.

After enjoying the taste of his conquest, he raised his torso and dispelled the Vinculum, thus freeing her wrists, but he only did this to be able to easily take her robe off!

With unfathomable delight, Rhogharn forcibly pulled and peeled down Eviane's black bustier, discovering her soft toned abdomen and peeling further down as Eviane shrieked, sensing her evil enemy was about to uncover her most intimate bodypart!

Eviane's cunt was very hairy! A thick bush of black curly hair that looked darker than dark against the pale skin of her inner thighs. Eviane let out a far-echoing wail, rivers of tears flowing down her cheeks. She just couldn't take the realization that her body no longer had secrets for Rhogharnn, her arch-enemy.

Then he frantically finished taking her robe off, hurrying the folding black fabric along her firm and slender legs, all bright in their pure whiteness and then violently pulling all of it past her ankles and shoed feet!

After discarding her no-longer-needed black robe, Rhogharnn contemplated Eviane, naked except for her indigo shawl that was still draped on her shoulders and except for her light leather shoes, which were of the exact same style as Lauriell's. Rhogharnn got up to his feet and started to unfast the shoes. He wasn't as obsessed with feet as Torin, but he wanted to see Eviane completely naked.

Eviane's frantic wriggling compelled Rhogharnn to once more use the Vinculum spell. With her arms once again securely tied up against her flanks, he quickly unlaced and took off her shoes, admiring her wonderfully feminine pair of feet. Then he took off her indigo shawl and -- at long last, at the end of seven long years of work -- he had his first look at Eviane in her birth nakedness as she screamed, sobbed and wailed under the plight of her unthinkable defeat.

Wriggling and squirming with her arms immobilized against her flanks, she managed to roll over and make it to back up to a kneeling position, as Rhogharnn had stepped back to contemplate the naked young sorceress. Rhogharnn gleefully watched her slim waist blending in with her full widening hips and tight curvy butt as she twisted herself up to this kneeling position, unwillingly giving him a show of leggy lady!

After he had fully enjoyed the kneeling show, he squarely slapped her and she fell back on the ground. Again, her tormentor took care of going easy on her. He spared her so she'd have more energy to fully appreciate what he had in store for her!

As she was once more laying on her back, he knelt in front of her and cast a spell of CLEANSE on her extra-hairy cunt, for he had no intention of tasting his own left-over cum. Then he viciously spread her legs wide open and plunged his large bearded hair forward and inside, landing his face against her black hairy crotch, where he started to perform the best cunnilingus he was capable of.

He wanted to know how that bitch sounded when she got off.

In the background, he heard Lauriell whimpering and feebly pleading in her now-tired voice as the Black Dogs Squad men kept whoring her, now each man going for his second round with her.

Sabrina was still screaming and squealing at the top of her lungs under her long-enduring gang-rape. Presently, Rhogharnn heard Torin bellowing a loud roar of unrestrained bliss as he no doubt ejaculated forcefully deep inside cute little Sabrina! But... Who was that girl actually? Never mind! He'd sort this out later. Now was the time of joyful celebrations!

Eviane's domain and tower -- normally invisible -- were located deep inside a haunted forest. Thus, they were very unlikely to be disturbed. They had two whole days to themselves!

As he tasted Eviane's innermost juices from her unwilling reaction to the darting of his wicked tongue on her clit, he thought of all the nice little surprises he had for her.

They were just getting started.

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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Eviane felt shamed and humiliated down to her soul's innermost core, as Rhogharnn kept busy with his tongue very (surprisingly) skillfully stroking her clit while his extra-hairy bearded face was buried between her smooth, shapely thighs; his coarse and long beard was mingling with her luxuriant cunt hair as he tirelessly stimulated (or teased) her woman's pleasure centers with his very experienced tongue. Rhogharnn was well-known for his cunnilingual prowess among the circles of black-magic witches.

Dead-against her will, her favorite fantasy flashed more and more in her mind as her juices flooded her pussy and her body reacted to Rhogharn's skilled ministrations. She loathed her whole predicament, and most of all felt shocked and horrified from hearing Sabrina's never-ending screams and wails as Torin and the Black Dogs kept taking their turns inside her... Yet there was an independent force doing wicked work within her body. It had her breasts swelling and her nipples hardening under the bright sun and the caressing summer breeze.

She kept begging Rhogharn to stop this. The sensations of carnal arousal multiplicated her sense of unspeakable debasement, but more and more, little by little, she was compelled to supress a growing urge to moan. She whimpered and kept protesting, yet she started to bite her lips more and more, doing her utmost to avoid giving her arch-enemy the satisfaction of hearing her tell-tale moaning.

In Eviane's mind, her most arousing fantasy had now overran the defeated castle of her mind...
        Eviane is a high priestess, head of a temple located in the outermost circle of Minas Tirith, the White Walled City. When the besieging army of orks battered down the main gate with their dreaded Iron Wolf Ram and stormed the outer circle of the City, Eviane and her priestesses had got stranded in the chaos. They had taken refuge in their inviolate temple, which was very soon swarmed and overran by a horde of fierce dark-armored Orks, who made short work of their eunuch guards!
         The sombre-skinned humanoid creatures all grin in the most hideous manner as they admire the booty they had found! Eviane and her young acolytes are all seized and brutally stripped half-naked by the Orks, who feverishly take off pieces of clothes and armor to freely give their big slimy dicks to the screaming priestesses so they can all benefit from them.
          High-Priestess Eviane finds herself amid a pack of Orks officers who take their turns in using her, greatly enjoying her squeals and the arousing sight of her shaken pale body as each of them relentlessly pounds her until he gives her his fullest load of Ork Cum!!!
          Eviane feels the nonstop pounding of the victorious invaders who fill up her vagina with their lust and fierceness. She knows -- from her experience with a half-orc lover she once had -- that Orks produce an astonishing amount of cum. What shocks her the most is the fact that she is positively moaning and aroused from sensing she is being utterly overwhelmed and dominated by a great many fierce and ugly humanoids who savagely rape her -- a defiled high priestess who thought herself as inviolable.
           While the Ork captain keeps raping her urgently with grunting satisfaction, his huge dark dick stretching and pounding her precum- and juice-soaked vagina, Eviane shamefully feels the unstoppable tide of her climax approaching with a nearing presence -- ominous, yet eagerly awaited -- while her breasts are presently coarsely assaulted by Orkish hands and tongues...

Eviane became confusedly aware of two Black Dogs men who had taken off their dog-snout helmets and were presently kneading and licking her swollen breasts while Rhogharnn kept untiredly performing cunnilingus, knowing from the profusion of juices that Eviane was nearing the breaking point...

She bit her lips hard, now unable to completely restrain her moaning, giving her attackers cause for intense satisfaction. Then she went off... HHHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NNOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MMMhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a  aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaahh  hhhhh...

At this precise moment, as soon as he heard her orgasmic long-sustained groan, Rhogharn stopped the cunnilingus and quickly laid over her; he expertly inserted his hard dick inside her drenched pussy and immediately began pounding her while the two Black Dogs firmly pinned her shoulders on the grass -- her arms being tied up to her flanks -- and watched her perky breasts quiver under the tumultuous storm of Rhogharnn's copulating hip thrusts.

Rhogharn raped her with vengeful anger and a blissful sense of victory!

Before long, he let out a wild, supremely fulfilled roar of consummated savagery as he exploded deep inside Eviane's highly aroused vagina and utterly flooded it with an epic load of jizz!

He exited her and got to his feet. Standing nearby, he gleefully watched as the two Black Dogs took their own turns in raping Eviane, who experienced two more forced orgasms under them! Each of them dumped a groaning ejaculation of plentiful semen inside the defiled sorceress, who was now their captive cum dump.

Raping Eviane was PRICELESS FUN!

The entire Black Dogs Squad had taken the potion of LONG-ENDURING STUD! Being skilled professionals, they had come fully equipped with the right tools for the job at hand.

The Black Sorcerer contemplated the extent of his triumph.

Eviane was lying down, rape-exhausted on the grass with rivers of fresh cum spilling out of her hairy cunt.

Lauriell was still being whored by an indefatigable pack of men wearing dog-face helmets, who were presently bending her over and making her scream loud with searing pain as some of them had decided to sample her back door. Rhogharnn couldn't help but notice how amazingly gorgeous Lauriell's pale white butt truly was!

Sabrina was now being repeatedly raped on all fours by Torin and the remaining members of the Black Dogs Squad. Rhogharnn watched her current rape with great interest. He started to masturbate as he contemplated Sabrina's cream-white butt as it shook and repeatedly collided with the lap of her rapist -- a beyond-satisfied dog-helmetted man who relentlessly pounded her with a frenzy that made one believe his very life depended on how hard and long he could fuck the whimpering teenage girl!

Sabrina's wailiing and screaming had now faded into quieter and subdued whimpers as she got more and more tired under the barrage of Black Dogs dicks impaling her in their raging succession. If it wasn't for the searing pain in her deflorated vagina, she'd be thinking she was simply having a nightmare.

Then the dog-face helmet wearing man looked up to the sky and let out a long-sustained howl as he shot his bolts of cum inside Sabrina! As he kept delivering his load, he feverishly held her petite waist and drove her soft hips into his lap while frantically pounding her as long as he could sustain the unbearable bliss.

"BRING HER OVER HERE!" Rhogharnn ordered the men raping Sabrina. It was high time he got better acquainted with this cute little one!

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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As the dog-face helmetted Black Dogs were carrying her near Rhogharnn as he had ordered, Sabrina watched with unmitigated horror the evil sorcerer, looking so tall, terrible and powerful with his gigantic dark beard, as he took off and discarded all his warlock's regalia. He soon stood stark naked and eagerly waited for her with his sizeable dick thickly planted amid a forest of long dark pubic hair with large overhanging balls.

They laid Sabrina down on the navel-height flat rock that Rhogharnn had so conveniently used to rape Eviane doggystyle while she was still wearing her wizard's robe. Two Black Dogs pinned and restrained the teenage British girl while Rhogharnn grew a powerful erection from this sight of her mind-bogglingly beautiful teenage body. His eyes feasted on the bright golden of her hair, the prettiness of her youthful face and the quivering of her small firm breasts under the summer sun.

"Ohhhhh... You are such a beauty!" Rhogharn said.
"TELL ME YOUR NAME!!" He said this aloud in a magically commandind tone, very suddenly.
"Sabrina." she answered immediately, startled and easily overpowered by Rhogharnn's Command spell.

"LAY STILL AND DON'T MOVE!" he magic-commanded her again. The vanquished teen sorceress obeyed without questioning him.

Rhogharn turned and looked at the spots where his men were presently using Lauriell and Eviane. Lauriell was still putting some feeble resistance and wriggling as yet another Black Dog was banging her standing and facing her while his mates were holding her still; Eviane was on all fours--her delicate arms still pinned against her sides by the Vinculum spell--and now Torin was kneeling behind her and raping her doggystyle with unrestrained abandon, grunting and slamming his huge dick inside her with unmitigated satisfaction!

Eviane's slim waist made her round pale butt look fuller and wider as it repeatedly collided against Torin's forceful hipthrusts, and this illusion was arousing without the use of any spell.

"These two don't need the Word of Command yet." Rhogharnn decided.

As he turned back his attention to Sabrina, he heard Torin powerfully ejaculating inside Eviane and voicing out his unfathomable satisfaction at doing so...

Rhogharnn knew how long Torin had dreamed of mating with Eviane. Torin would make good use of the Long-Lasting Stud potion and soon fuck Eviane again, and he would also sample Lauriell; it was inevitable.

Sabrina could not move from the rock she was lying on in the nude. She nonetheless felt unmitigated loathing and disgust for the large sorcerer who gazed at her nakedness from head to toe, but she could not disobey his word. She laid still and didn't move like he had commanded her to.

The Word of Command was a powerful spell that made the victim obey simple commands like "walk", "sit", "spread your legs" or "get down on your knees", "open your mouth", etc. As long as the caster didn't make the victim kill or injure him/herself, he could make him/her do any simple command he gave.

Some spells came in very handy when it came to forced sexual acts. Now that their white magic was dispelled for two days, Eviane and Lauriell were easy victims for this spell or any other Rhogharnn may wish to use! The only condition was that he didn't injure or kill them.

Among magicians, there were rules that were never broken. The only way a magic user could legitimately kill another was through legitimate combat where the other had a chance to defend him/herself. In case of a non-legitimate killing, the mana would get disrupted and all magic-users would instantly sense this; then all wizards would band together to hunt down and kill the rogue sorcerer.

If Eviane and Lauriell were easily commanded through magic, then it was even easier with young Sabrina.

Just for the kicks of it, Rhogharn used the Word of Command on Lauriell...

He ordered the Black Dogs to release her. Then as soon she was "free", Lauriell obediently knelt down where she was, facing the Black Dog who had just emptied his balls inside her cum-dripping pussy. Rhogharnn gave the next command..."OPEN YOUR MOUTH! NOW!"

Lauriell opened her mouth and waited there. If she felt loathing, it didn't show. The horror of that spell was that the victim was still conscious and aware, but had no other option than obeying the word of command.

Then the next Black Dog approached Lauriell and stuck his hard throbbing dick inside her open mouth, before grabbing her head and making her start to pleasure him. Her mouth stayed open without any attempt to close it nor to coil back her head, yet tears streamed down her horror-filled eyes as the Black Dog began face-raping Lauriell in loud animalistic grunts...

Rhogharnn now gave his full attention to naked Sabrina. He started by kissing her. He had not kissed such an innocent-looking girl in a very long while. He greatly enjoyed it, closing his eyes and very gently exploring her mouth. Much to her surprise, Sabrina discovered that Rhogharnn was an amazing kisser, exceeding by far anyone of the three boys she had kissed to this day.

Rhogharnn felt tears welling in his eyes. This strange maid reminded him of his first true love that he had met back when he was 15, which was so long ago! The girl was long dead, but he often thought and dreamed of her. They had been separated and driven apart before they had the chance of discovering sex together. They had only kissed and made out a little. Rhogharnn would go through his entire life wondering how it would have been to have sex with his sweet Marika. This was his big regret in life.

Marika had been a brunette and quite different from Sabrina, physically speaking, but Sabrina had the same air of pure innocence and there was also something in her features that summoned the memory of Marika in Rhogharnn's heart.

Thus, Rhogharnn kept kissing Sabrina while tenderly stroking her magnificent blonde hair. Sabrina vainly tried to fight the spell and get up to flee this vile evil man, yet she had to admit that he was kissing and caressing her in a way that was very pleasurable. It felt like he was genuinely in love with her!

"So sweet... So beautiful..." Rhogharnn kept whispering such sweet nothings to Sabrina as he kept kissing and petting her just as if she were Marika.

Then he went down and started caressing her breasts, very delicately, taking his time to enjoy her spotless softness... in a very arousing way. The tip of his fingers teased her hardening nipple. Then he gently kissed her other nipple, wonderfully surprising her, which wasn't that hard to do as she was very inexperienced in those sorts of things.

She couldn't resist. She had to lay still. Yet a part of her liked what Rhogharnn was doing to her. He gently, tenderly kissed, sucked and caressed her virginal breasts, and Sabrina's body reacted with a life of its own. Her perky breasts swelled and her nipples became erect.

As he saw this, Rhogharnn gently squeezed her gorgeous maid's boobs and sucked her erect nipples with unfathomable delight. Then he kissed her upper chest, her throat, her neck, lastly her lips... Then he whispered "Sweet Sabrina. I'll make love to you like no man ever did before."

As Rhogharnn's kisses went back down over her breasts, then further down on her slender abdomen and getting nearer and nearer to her womanhood, Sabrina felt a tinge of curiosity and unwilling anticipation amid the sea of horror and loathing.

When he started kissing and licking Sabrina's labia and began stimulating her clit, Rhogharnn found an already-wet and aroused pussy entrance. Sabrina's delicate brown cunt hair smelled like some sort of strange perfume; it had him once more wondering where she was coming from.

As he started performing a skillful cunnilingus, Sabrina bit her lip to avoid moaning loud. By Jove! He was stroking her exactly the way she liked! It was as if he was reading her mind... Ooooohhhhh... Ohhhhhh... Ohhhaaahhhh... There was no way she could repress her moaning any longer!

Within Sabrina, a growing part of her mind started to wish that this man took her womanhood with his phallus. Sabrina's morals rebelled against that animalistic part of herself; she had just been gang-raped by evil men and this evil man was only doing things to control her better, before raping her as well. She had this internal conflict raging on deep withing herself while Rhogharnn's tongue was sending echoes of unspoken bliss right down to the core of her womanhood.

Sabrina's moaning was delicious to listen to. Rhogharnn unmercifully kept at it, and Sabrina helplessly felt her body slipping away from all moral restrain and acting on its own as if her gang-rape had simply been a now-forgotten nightmare and nothing was to keep it from reaching the apex of climactic delight it was unstoppably headed for.

Rhogharnn felt Sabrina's pleasure juices squirting as she let out a long-sustained, high-pitched groan that reverberated throughout the mid-forest clearing as her entire body was taken by a powerful orgasm!

He kept using his tongue as Sabrina positively kneaded her own breasts, picturing herself in her favorite rape fantasy--she was the wife of a lord living in a castle, and a band of outlaws threatened to massacre the entire village; she came to them alone and offered herself, making their leader promise that he'd spare the villagers if he and his men spent the night with her. He accepts the deal! Soon, she finds herself stripped naked in their arms; they gang-fuck her, each and everyone of these low-status men! And she loves it! She lays down naked on the forest earth, under each successive man's relentless pounding, with her naked breasts constantly assaulted by hands and tongues. She orgasms several times, moaning and screaming loud as each of these studs unloads his cum inside her! She feels utterly debased and violated!

Sabrina moaned and screamed her carnal climax again, and yet again under Rhogharnn's skilled ministrations. She was all sweaty and panting.

She suddenly became aware that she no longer laid on the flat rock. She was now flat on the soft ground with her back pinned on the grass, under the large man's weight, and he was banging her!

She felt Rhogharnn large dick plowing her in forceful thrusts, utterly filling her vagina. This time it wasn't painful at all. Again, it felt pleasurable, although she knew she was being raped by an evil man. But then again, Sabrina felt another unstoppable tidal wave of bliss coursing throughout her teenage body, which seemed to crave these sensations.

Instinctively, she wrapped her dainty legs around Rhogharnn as he powerfully pounded her with all his might, his mouth wide open and grunting "RRhhYEAH... RRhh... Yehhrrr... rhhYEahhh..." as he picked up speed and started fucking her even more forcefully as he felt his own climax approaching fast...

Any man with a foot fetish witnessing this improbable copulating would have had an amazing show, as Sabrina had crossed ankles and her wonderfully small and shapely feet were wildly dancing above Rhogharnn flexing butt as he furiously pounded her, seemingly driving her hard into the ground, and her pale thighs kept brushing against his flanks while her golden head of hair kept bobbing against the soft ground and she kept moaning and whimpering under this half-rape half-consenting sex.

Rhogharnn kept at it, frantically plowing Sabrina and feeling the amazing tightness of her wonderful vagina! He had started to wonder whether he was finally going to ejaculate when it came with a vengeance...

As he roared in his long-enduring verbal expression of his mind-boggling bliss, Rhogharnn felt like he was dying out of sheer pleasure as he shot several plentiful shots of warm seed inside the beautiful and mysterious teenage girl!

It was off-the-charts GOOD!

Rhogharnn remained lying over her, kissing her and caressing her, leaving his deflating dick inside her filled-up vagina, kissing her and tenderly caressing her hair, as Sabrina laid still and looked at the summer sky, her mind assaulted by a horde of contradictory feelings. She had no idea what to make of what she had just experienced. She had just been raped again, but this time in a profoundly different way.

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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Rhogharnn remained lying down for a while, naked on the grass and holding nude Sabrina in her arms, kissing her, stroking her magnificent golden hair and telling her all sorts of sweet nothings, deeply immersed in reminiscences of his own teenage years, back when his life was full of hopes of love and happiness without dark magic. Sabrina was stirring something in him that had remained dormant for decades.

Sabrina was still bound by the Word of Command and she had to stay still, yet she was astonished at this older man's warmth and tenderness; her mind loathed the evil sorcerer, yet her body liked his touch. He wouldn't stop caressing her from head to toe! At one point, he gave a lot of loving attention to her feet and lower legs and it had felt amazingly good! An unspeakably dark part within her soul actually longed for another session of sex with him; she shamefully repressed the thought.

While he was caressing Sabrina's soft feet, so wonderful in their daintiness, Rhogharnn understood why Torin had so intensely wanted to rape her first! Then he watched Lauriell still being surrounded and used by five Black Dogs.

Lauriell was still under the Word of Command that forced her to remain kneeling with her mouth open, except now they had her straddling one man who was lying down with his erect dick -- its hardness and durability enhanced by the potion of Long-Lasting Stud he had drunk beforehand -- and she was forced to ride his hard swollen cock while taking another man's dick inside her open mouth. Tears of shame, anger and sorrow kept streaming down her eyes as she was shaken by the man she rode, her beautiful average-sized breasts jiggling up and down from these hefty sex motions, now and then cupped by the man's hand, while her mouth was full with a Black Dog's dick as the man she was pleasuring was grabbing her moving head of raven hair and gleefully face-fucking her, his mouth wide-open in complete elation at being able to do this to the beautiful sorceress!

The Black Dogs had taken off their masks as well as all their clothes and equipment. Fifteen yards farther, Eviane was cursing threats at the remaining men who kept taking their turns with her, pinning her flat on the ground as each successive man pumped his dick inside her pussy like a berserk madman, in total rape frenzy! Once they'd be done with her, she was going to need a good healing spell from a cleric!

Lauriell was emitting unintelligible sounds as she was being constantly face-fucked while riding a hard cock. Eviane was screaming her threats loud, promising all of them a gory and very painful death once she'd be able to take her revenge. Now and then, the entire place resonated with a man's roar of utter sexual relief as he cummed hard and yet again unloaded hefty shots of cum inside a white-magic sorceress.

Rhogharnn stayed with Sabrina, treating her as if she were his girlfriend and behaving as if he were once again a teenage lover.

"Tell me, sweet Sabrina. Where are you from?"
"I'm from a place called England. I live in a big city called London, which is the capital of England."
"England?! Did you say England?! By Beelzebul! It's the land where lived the author of this world you are in right now. Once, when I was about 30 years old, I used a very powerful spell of Global Truthseeing, and I learned that a man named Tolkien had created this entire universe I was born in! It became such a wonderfully rich universe that it took a life of its own. This Tolkien lived in England."
"You mean... I'm in the universe of the Lord of the Rings?!"
"Ahhhh... You know the story of this epic war that ended thirty years ago! King Aragorn is reigning now in Minas Tirith along with the Elven Queen turned human out of love for him... But tell me, do you know why Eviane (Eviane's screams and cries of shame and threats were clearly audible as he spoke)... do you know why Eviane made you come here? Please tell me the truth, as I can help you go back to your world. I... I have feelings for you, Sabrina! Feelings I haven't had in a very, very long time... Please, tell me sweet Sabrina... (he kissed her very gently with loving affection)"

Sabrina found herself unable to hide anything from this older man who seemed so genuinely kind to her. She spoke...
"She has fetched me to complete my training as a sorceress apprentice. She did that to shield me from a demon who had taken the form of a very handsome teen boy to seduce me and take my virginity, which would have forced me to walk the path of black evil."

These last words gave Rhogharnn cause of concern. This demon will sooner or later find out what happened to Sabrina, and when he'll learn that her all-important virginity had been snatched away from her and lost to him forever, he will be mad with rage! He will cross a portal and exact revenge on whoever has taken her virginity... TORIN!

Rhogharnn knew right then that his half-brother was doomed. Unless... Unless he joined forces with another powerful warlock. But who? ... Zagor! Of course!

Yes! Between the two of them, they would be able to hold off the angry demon and negociate some compensation. Zagor would side with him if given something in return... Reluctantly, he realized that he would alas be compelled to share Sabrina with him. He knew Zagor's taste for teenage girls and that upon being presented with the three powerless sorceresses, Zagor was going to choose Sabrina over the two others without the slightest hesitation.

Zagor lived extremely well protected, in the middle of a maze inside a mountain called the Firetop Mountain. There were Orks and other creatures living within this maze. Giving Lauriell and Eviane as playthings for these creatures would be fun! The sheer humiliation and debasement would break them for ever! Even once they'd have their powers back, they would never ever be the same again.

While hearing the Black Dogs and Torin fucking Lauriell and Eviane to their full heart's content, Rhogharnn formed the plan in his head. He knew of a secret portal about three hours of walk away. This was the quickest way to the Firetop Mountain, which was actually a week's journey away from this haunted forest that laid on the fringes of the Five Shires.

They still had a little time left for further play.
"Sabrina... Sweet beautiful Sabrina! You remind me of a girl I loved very, very dearly when I was your age (he gave her some more tender kisses). Tell me Sabrina, in which position would you like to have sex? I want to make love with you again, and (taking a playful tone with an underlying note of dominance) I will take no refusal!..."

Sabrina remained silent, thinking it over. She had been utterly shaken under him and received his load while lying down on her back... The Black Dogs had raped her either facing her or doggystyle... She looked at Lauriell who was still riding cocks with her naked torso performing a shaking dance with her jiggling breasts under the bright sun... She knew her body would like to be on top like this, but she felt so incredibly tired and every inch of her body felt sore...

"Since I can't refuse myself to you, I will use the permission to choose you just gave me, Sir, and I will lie on my side facing away from you, so you can use me from behind and keep touching me like you're doing now. I... I know you're a rapist, but you're so strangely tender and affectionate... I... I am so confused... I really don't know what to say or think... So many things happening at once..."

"Rhogharnn will do it the way you just say. Rhogharnn will do his best to make your rape as enjoyable as can be! Rhogharnn loves women. Rhogharnn's love of women will be his undoing!"

Sabrina turned away from Rhogharnn so she was in a spoon position facing away from him, giving him a priceless view on the alluring curves of her slender hips and the smooth firm roundness of her pale butt while her half-folded legs completed this mind-boggling show of teenage nakedness.

She looked so... pure and aristocratic! Rhogharnn clammed his body against hers, feeling a tinge of deep sorrow as he became aware that there was no way he could claim her as his wife, which he found was a very cruel twist of fate. Why didn't he have met such a girl sooner in his life? Why? He felt so much at odds with this world who seemed to always be one step ahead of him and always mocking all his attempts at a happier, more fulfilled life.

This train of thought positively surprised him as he felt his erection grow hard from the contact with Sabrina's alluring butt. He kissed her on the nape of her neck while tenderly stroking her hair as he gently inserted his granite-hard cock inside the warm tightness of her teenage vagina...

As their bodies became one, Rhogharnn once again couldn't believe how good it felt to fuck Sabrina! She was the girl he had been wanting for so long... He gently cupped her right breast in his right hand as he began fucking her in smooth sweeping motions, rubbing her clit on every one of these long strokes, insisting more with friction nearer her entrance and using all his skill to give her as much pleasure as he could. He buried his face in her hair and kept caressing her right boob as he heard her first moans with great delight! Her hair exuded a powerful scent of vanilla tinged with frankincense and nutmeg with a dab of peach blossom.

Sabrina had decided to let go all resistance and just gave full sway to her body. Her womanhood was filled with myriads of pleasurable sensations as her clit was sending waves of bliss coursing through her entire body, making her breasts swell under the hand of the sorcerer who was half-raping half-fucking her with his large powerful body clammed against hers as they both moved like one being.

Her moaning intensified. Rhogharn's right hand softly moved down from her breasts to her tummy and then to her cunt, where his skilled hand applied just the right amount of pressure with the right rhythm to strongly stimulate her womanhood and she started to lose contact with her surroundings. As she felt Rhogharnn's big and hard manhood stirring more and more juices and pleasure within her woman's core, Sabrina's mind brought her all the way to her London college...
           There was a janitor, about 50 years old, who stood tall and had once been a handsome young man. Sometimes he would watch students pass by and look at them and smile as if he were still the alluring lad he had been decades ago. None of the girls smiled back at him. Sabrina felt somehow fascinated by this older man; she didn't know why. One afternoon, she had gone back to the girls' changing room to fetch some piece of cloth she had forgotten. She found him there mopping the floor as he knew at this time there wouldn't be anyone as the school day was over.
            He became aware of someone being there and he turned toward her. They both looked at each other. She could tell he was also gazing at the shapes of her body. She felt herself going all wet within her womanhood as she noticed the bulge forming at the front of the janitor's pants. He had excused himself and hurriedly left the changing room, leaving Sabrina almost panting with arousal! If only he had known... He actually could have grabbed her and she wouldn't have resisted! In the state she was in, she would have let him fuck her right there on the floor! She would have willingly taken his throbbing dick inside her and received his full load of semen! She would have given her virginity to this older man!

        As she moaned louder and louder, feeling her body completely overwhelmed by Rhogharnn's forceful copulation, she pictured herself in the spoon position with the 50-year-old janitor; they were both naked and she felt his hard dick forcefully plowing her virginal tightness as he groaned like a beast and forcefully pounded her while firmly grabbing her hips.

By now, Sabrina was completely shaken by the copulating forces, feeling the impaling dick moving to and fro in her deep female recess, his hard rod sealed by her wet labia as it kept moving up and down like a powerful piston! The man's groaning was now very loud as he frantically fucked her. Her clit was on the brink of exploding. All it took was one last fantasy! YES! Sabrina had something powerful to play in her head... A fantasy of interracial rape!
          She was on a journey in U.S.A., visiting New York City. She was quietly drinking hot chocolate and eating a pumpkin pie in a quiet coffee shop. Then, just like in the movie Pulp Fiction, there was a hold-up! "EVERYBODY FREEZE!" she heard a voice uttering. But unlike the couple displayed in the movie, the hold-up was being perpetrated by a gang of five black men! As everybody had their hands up and didn't dare to make one move, they noticed HER! One of them said "Hey! Let's have a little party! Why not?" Then she was grabbed and forcefully carried in a back room, where two of these black muggers took turns in raping her doggystyle, angrily pumping their dicks inside her wet pussy while constantly calling her "fucking white slut"! The man's dick kept pounding her like a heavy piston, unstoppable, relentless and completely overwhelming her world! ... Hmmmmm... HHHmmmm.... HHHNNNMMM... HMMMM...

Sabrina was completely gone! She could only scream in moaning ecstasy as every inch of her body powerfully exploded in simultaneous bursts of overwhelming orgasmic BLISS!!!

At this point, Sabrina acknowledged and accepted the fact that she was now a woman. Her childhood had just died in this powerful explosion.

Few moments later, Rhogharnn joined her in her bliss as he powerfully shot several loads of jism, revelling in this warm unloading and groaning all the way through this most powerful climax!

As he remained panting, his deflating dick encased and bathing inside her cum-flooded womanhood, Rhogharnn felt a bond had formed between them. This was no ordinary rape. There was too much involved in it.

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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As every partytime has an end, the extensive first rounds of pay-back rapes for Eviane and Lauriell came to a reluctant end as the effect of the Long-Last Stud potions started wearing off.

The two powerless sorceresses were naked and tied together and attached to a tree trunk so they didn't try any funny business. They were still Eve naked and had to endure the jeers of the Black Dogs squad who gave them some of their food as if they were pets.

On the other hand, Sabrina was helped by Rhogharnn into her surviving clothes. Her undergarments had been torn to shreds by Torin, but her pants were fine, and her dark-blue shirt had no buttons left, but she roughly knotted both ends just under her breasts, making a button-less shirt that exposed her tummy. Her red overcoat was intact and she put it on; it felt hot under this sun, but she also felt less vulnerable so she kept it on.

Rhogharnn found her black hairband lying on the grass. He picked it up and gave it to Sabrina, who immediately put it back on and quickly rearranged her magnificent blonde hair under the admirative gazes of Rhogharnn and Torin.

After the quick lunch, Eviane and Laurriel were escorted to their own abode, which was a small tower, three storeys high, in which all the magical artifacts were temporarily dead and useless; Eviane's Far-Seeing Crystal was lifeless without its usual teal glow. Both sorceresses were kept under very close watch and given new robes to travel in. Rhogharnn used a Search spell to make sure no objects were hidden in these garments.

Eviane donned an indigo dress in which she looked absolutely gorgeous and rapeable. Lauriell put on a dark burgundy robe that highlighted the subtle richness of her pale ivory complexion. They were not allowed to wear any undergarment.

Sabrina spotted a beige shirt that looked about her size and decided to discard her torn blue shirt and change. Without thinking about all the men standing in the same room, she quickly unfastened the knot under her breasts and took off her ruined dark-blue shirt. A few seconds later, she was wearing the pale beige shirt, and it beautifully underscored the rich honey undertones of her fair complexion. These few seconds that she spent topless with her firm small breasts and vanilla nipples quivering as she hurriedly changed shirts were enough to stir raging erections among all men present!

When they learned that Rhogharnn intended to take the captive women to Zagor's Firetop Mountain, Torin and his Black Dogs weren't too happy.
"This wasn't the plan!" argued Torin.
"I know, but SHE wasn't in the plan either!" Rhogharnn replied to his half-brother while pointing at Sabrina.

Then he explained to Torin that by taking Sabrina's virginity, he had brought a demon's wrath upon his head! And he alone wasn't strong enough to deal with a full-fledged demon; he needed Zagor's assistance. This of course implied that they'd have to share their spoils with Zagor and his Orks, but didn't they have their fun already?! Besides, a party of adventurers and thrill-seekers sometimes crossed a between-world portal to try their luck inside Zagor's maze, thinking they have what it takes to kill the mighty warlock and take his treasure. The fools!

In these parties, there were always some female members that the Orks would gladly share with the Black Dogs in exchange for a crack at Eviane and Lauriell. At any rate, the two sorceresses will be in a terrible rage once the two days will have elapsed and the Dispell-All-White mega-spell will expire and they'll have their powers back. Watch out! They needed to be thoroughly broken by being repeatedly gang-raped by Orks, Ogres and Trolls for the two nights and one day that were left in the mega-spell's time, so the two sorceresses would be broken and permanently weakened in their magical abilities.

To Rhogharnn, it was the wisest course of action, as he could not possibly deal with a pissed-off demon in addition to a pair of wrathfull sorceresses!

And he couldn't just leave Torin and his men to their fate and run off in his black tower with Sabrina. The demon would eventually find them and make them die in unspeakable pain and suffering, and Eviane and Lauriell would absolutely seek him and take back Sabrina from him, and he wouldn't be able to stop them by himself.

Thus, making an alliance with Zagor, utterly breaking the two white sorceresses and eventually striking some deal with the demon sounded like the best plan to follow given the new situation. Torin was built like an ox, but he was nonetheless an intelligent man. He agreed with Rhogharnn's plan. Besides, watching Eviane and Lauriell getting gang-fucked by Orks would be fun.

Once the plan was agreed on, Rhogharnn and Torin's Black Dogs set out and quickly marched on a trail going deep inside the darkest reaches of the haunted forest, along with their gorgeous captives, urging them on and hitting Eviane or Lauriell whenever they slowed down. Rhogharnn kept Sabrina near him, and whenever she slowed down, he picked her up and carried her in his mighty arms -- Sabrina marvelled at his strength; after experiencing Torin's arms, she knew for a fact that Rhogharnn was even stronger. A part of herself liked being in his arms, for it made her feel delicate and feminine.

The trail was dark under the shadows of magestically tall ash trees, elms, pines and spruces. A multitude of sprites, brownies and fairies lived in these woods, which were in fact teeming with them, but they were never seen, unless they wanted to be seen, very much like Eviane's tower, which normally was undetectable and impossible to locate unless she wanted someone to find it -- she sometimes did this when she looked through her Far-Seeing Crystal and spotted a man she found attractive for her or Lauriell, or for both of them.

Eviane and Lauriell knew all too well where they were headed and they didn't exactly relish it, so they tried to delay, etc., and got some bruises on their sides from men's fists. They didn't try to escape though, for they couldn't leave Sabrina alone with these men, and she was always walking right next to Rhogharnn when he wasn't himself carrying her.

Eviane the White Sorceress kept walking next to Lauriell amid her captors, her face hard with defiance and contained anger.


The haunted forest's portal to the Firetop Mountain was ill-famed. It was located in a very old, decaying tower where two Ogres lived. These Ogres were the guardians of the portal. Each of them wore a powerful talisman that made all magic useless against them.

The portal could only be opened by both of them on their own accord. And they HAD to be given something meaningful as a price for passing the portal. Eviane and Lauriell KNEW that their female bodies would be the meaningful price for this passing! Ogres were notorious for their lust for women.

Contrary to popular belief, they weren't that much into eating young childs unless they were desperately hungry. But they absolutely loved fucking human women; they often kidnap a child so the father would leave the house to look for his child, and then the Ogre would storm the house and rape the woman. Ogres hunted and had a thorough knowledge of mushrooms and all edible plants and beans.

Folk tales often exaggerate their size and strength. Think of a very strong man who stands 6 feet and weighs around 300 lbs, somewhat overweight with massive muscles. Then the typical ogre has about this physique, except he is one foot taller, which makes him 7 feet tall and 400 lbs. Ogres are scary and massively powerful, but they are NOT true giants. The size of their dicks is also often exaggerated. If the typical human male has a six-inch erect dick, then the typical ogre has a seven-inch erect dick. This being said, the ogre usually has a very strong and lasting erection.

Eviane and Lauriell felt their heart sink when they saw the dreaded decaying tower of dark granite. Rhogharnn kept Sabrina close to his side and stood amid the Black Dogs, hoping the pair of ogres would rush at Eviane and Lauriell and not notice Sabrina.

The fifteen humans arrived at the massive door. Torin rang the large wheather-stained brass bell that hung by the door. Only 10 seconds later, the door opened and Thigruff and Ozzdughh came out, their gigantic bodies completely obscuring the doorway as they walked out!

Eviane and Lauriell gasped as they saw their future rapists! Sabrina was positively fascinated at seeing live ogres! Before Rhogharnn could stop her, she took two steps to have a closer look.

The ogres looked very different from one another.

Thighruff looked very much like a human for he had ivory-peach skin, except he had very small eyes and really wide and large facial features, especially his mouth, and an ugly scarred and difformed skull; he was pretty much bald and sported a coarse light-brown ribbon of beard that delineated his massive jaw. He was wearing a crude wool shirt and a light leather-scale cuirass over it. He stood taller than the average ogre; Sabrina estimated his height at 7 ft 4 in.

Ozzdughh had stone grey skin and displayed a very muscular torso. He was a little shorter and looked brawnier than his mate. He had a very mean-looking face, an effect not lessened by his small and fierce-looking yellow eyes. Yet he was the last to walk out the door and stood in deference to Thighruff, who spoke with a very coarse voice...

"HAIL TO ZAGOR! TRAVELLERS, WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR US?" he knew what answer to expect as he eyed and salivated at Eviane and Lauriell -- he recognized the two famous white sorceresses and smiled a mile wide. Then he noticed Sabrina, who was looking straight at him in complete fascination; he smiled even wider!

"HAIL TO ZAGOR!" answered Rhogharnn. "We have these two sorceresses for you; I'm sure that two cumloads of playtime with these two cuties will do!"

"Two cumloads AND and optional third!"

"Done!" confirmed Rhogharnn.

"I am sure that Ozzdughh will greatly love to have Eviane, who we know by name and he's been dreaming of for years... But for me..."

"I'm sure that you will be absolutely delighted with this young blonde sorceress, O esteemed Thighruff!" said Rhogharnn, pointing at Sabrina. He had sensed that the taller ogre had noticed her, and since he knew that Thighruff loved to contradict people, he had offered Sabrina only to nudge him into choosing Lauriell. It didn't work.

"Delighted is not the word!" replied Thighruff as he sized Sabrina up and down, feeling his cock growing hard as he made out the shapes of her perky teenage breasts through the light fabric of her beige blouse. "There are no words to describe how Thighruff will adore uniting himself with this mysterious girl with hair the colour of honey!"

Rhogharnn felt his heart turn to water, yet he felt a nascent erection and realized he would be greatly aroused from watching Sabrina getting raped by this gigantic ogre!

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
« Reply #9 on: August 26, 2022, 06:31:46 PM »
Note: This will be my first ever ogre-on-human woman rape scene. I'm nervous, so I tell myself "relax and play ball!" Writing stories is a game.  :P


Thigruff approached Sabrina, who tried to flee but was quickly restrained by Rhogharnn and Torin while the other Black Dogs watched the scene completely mesmerized.

"COME HERE SWEETHEART" Ozzdughh bellowed at Eviane as he claimed her and almost lifted her off the ground with his one hand that grabbed her upper arm and made her yelp with pain. He literally made her fly through the entrance door and followed her inside the room. Soon, her shrill screams resonated throughout the room and out the door, along with sounds of ripping fabric and loud grunts as the stone-grey Ogre was urgently stripping Eviane naked.

Thigruff spoke as he towered a full two feet over Sabrina...
"Since you've brought us such rare items of carnal delight, we will allow you a very rare privilege; you will be free to walk in the main room and watch us using your girls!... (Eviane shrill wails of shame and anger were heard all the time) ... Now, take this young girl's clothes off! And do it slowly! I want to discover what I'm about to fuck!"

Sabrina immediately started sobbing as Torin began unbuttoning her beige blouse, soon revealing her nice modest cleavage as two Black Dogs firmly restrained her arms. Eviane kept screaming inside the tower (No!... No! You can't do this! I'm a sorceress! You... aaaahhhhh! nhhaaoooOOOO!!!! NOOOO!!!!!... Please NO!!!!...)

"AAaahhh... What a pair of girly boobs this cute one has! So firm and perky! WOW! This doesn't come by every week!" Thigruff let out these laudatory exclamations as Torin opened wide Sabrina's blouse, immediately giving the Ogre's small grey eyes an amazing frontal view on her girly mounds that softly pushed away from her petite bra-less torso, her vanilla nipples like tiny eyes of flesh looking out of the wide-open curtains of the beige blouse as her breasts slightly jiggled from her movements of panicked despair as she sobbed and pleaded "nnnooooo... nooooooooooooooo... Not an OGRE!... nnnnnoooooooooo... Please! I'll behave... I'll do anything you say... but nnnooooo... not this..."

(Eviane's shrill screams kept echoing from inside the tower... "aAAAAAahhh... NNNaaooooo... Too Big! Too Big! You're too BIG!!! NNNNNNNNOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHaaaa hhaaaaa...")

Unable to resist the urge, Thigruff crouched down and cupped one of Sabrina's A-size boobs in his immense and callous hand. Sabrina screamed out of utter shame, loathing and discomfort, for the Ogre's hand felt awfully coarse on the delicate skin of her teenage bust. In doing so, he placed himself in a very vulnerable position to the surrounding men, but he was familiar with Rhogharnn and the Black Dogs; they were almost buddies.

"HHHmmmm... Ahhh YES!!!" The tall Ogre covered Sabrina's naked breasts with kisses, which completely filled her senses with revulsion... "EWWWWWWW!!!". Sabrina closed her eyes, unable to look; tears profusely streaming down her vanilla cheeks under the late afternoon sun; Torin was now unfastening her hiking boots and feverishly freeing her wonderful feet, growing a full-on erection in the process.

Thigruff felt his massive erection pushing against the front of his smelly grey tunic, as he kept sucking Sabrina's vanilla nipple and caressing her opposite breast with unfathomable delight. This girl's skin felt just as smooth and smelled just as good as the skin of a royal princess! Her body scent was a kind of magic without mana!

More and more of the teenage golden-hair sorceress was revealed in the nude as the Black Dogs peeled her clothes off and away from her torso and limbs. Since she wasn't wearing any undergarments, she soon found herself naked and frantically sobbing amid the men and under the Ogre's loving attention.

Inside the tower, Ozzdughh was grunting like a beast while Eviane now only let out loud whimpers.

As he watched the elder ogre lustfully licking, kissing, groping and fondling Sabrina's nude figure, Rhogharnn felt a raging erection take hold of his entire being. He began to masturbate and so did most of the other men present, as they intently watched the gross foreplay while hearing Eviane's delightful whimpers as she was no doubt being raped by the grunting grey ogre.

"All right! 'nough foreplay!" Thigruff said suddenly and he immediately picked up Sabrina in his gigantic arms as if she were a sack of feathers.

The ogre carried the naked girl inside the tower's main room, followed by Rhogharnn, Torin and the Black Dogs, no one wanting to miss the show.

Once inside the torch-lighted, granite-walled round room that measured 20 feet across, Thigruff deposited nude Sabrina on a high table of massive oak. A few feet away, Ozzdughh was gleefully raping Eviane doggystyle -- he had quickly ripped all her clothes off and forced her to kneel on a high chair so her butt and cunt were in line with his nine-inch dick; she still wore her light walking shoes, their dark blue leather sharply contrasting with the milky white of her alluring legs! The tightly wrapped shapes of her dainty feet fed the erection of any foot-fetish man, especially Torin!

Eviane kept whimpering in rhythm with Ozzdughh unbridled copulating thrusts, her entire body brutally slammed against the table each time he rammed his huge grey dick deep inside her! Eviane's raven head of long hair slided sideways on the hard wood as Ozzdughh kept raping her urgently, his animalistic grunts filled with wild echoing satisfaction... "HNRRR... HNRRRR... HRNNNN... HRRNNN..."

Most Black Dogs frantically masturbated as they watched Ozzdughh's immense grey veiny shaft plowing Eviane inside out in unabated rape force! As he firmly held her slim waist with his huge grey hands, the milky-white moons of Eviane's butt slammed against Ozzdughh's grey lap in quickly repeated flesh-deforming shocks that echoed all through the room in furious "spat-spat-spat-spat" sounds! Her naked body looked all the whiter against the dark oak table she was constantly bouncing on.

Eviane's pale butt looked especially full and smooth in contrast with her slim waist; this hourglass moving display of pure feminine curves mesmerized the men and intensified their frantic masturbation!

On the table, closer to where Rhogharnn stood by and watched, Thigruff was taking a full tour of Sabrina's naked body! What a fine specimen of human girlhood she was! Restraining her arms using one hand, gleefully listening to her wails and sobs, he stroked her cunt with the other hand, then he felt her body seizing and jolting as he introduced his meaty finger inside her entrance.

Sabrina couldn't wrap her head around this unspeakable reality of being in a fantasy land with an ogre's finger inside her pussy! The ogre was very experienced with girls, and dead against her will, she felt blood rushing to her cheeks as her small breasts started to swell and juices began lubricating the inner walls of her womanhood as Thigruff kept stimulating her clit with a skill that greatly surprised her as it rivalled Rhogharnn's!

Do what she will, her coffee-shop fantasy imposed itself within her mind!

There she is again, in this New York coffee shop... The hold-up committed by a bunch of five gun-wielding blacks! All the customers and staff cower and don't even dare to breathe... Then they spot her! Before she knows what's happening, they urgently strip her out of her coat and forcefully yank down her pants and pull them all the way down her legs and feet, violently ejecting her shoes in the process, then they discard her pants on the tiled floor while one black's hand yanks off her panties and she hears the laughing muggers commenting on the carpet being darker than the drapes and the leader's authoritative voice uttering "ME FIRST inside that fucking white slut!".

They leave her shirt on as they pin her back against the table on which she was sipping her hot chocolate only two minutes before! They take turns in raping her on that table, pounding her hard and quickly cumming inside her, grunting loud as they shoot their bolts of Bronx-n****r semen deep inside her British teen vagina!!!

Sabrina starts to moan, juices flooding her youthful womanhood as Thigruff's finger works its magic. He keeps at it, greatly enjoying Sabrina's vocal elevation in high-pitched female notes of sexual arousal, while Eviane kept her busy whimpering under the grey ogre's relentless barrage of massive dick thrusts.

Sabrina absolutely couldn't restrain herself! Her mind loathed the freaky ogre, but her body completely embraced his coarse touch! She got off, sweating all over her teenage nakedness.

She is suddenly aware that her vagina is no longer being fingered...

It is now filled and stretched by Thigruff's massive dick that moves inside her sealed labias in quick frantic thrusts, pulling outward and right back deep inside her in wild, unrestrained grunting thrusts. Thigruff is now groaning with delight as he rapes her! Her entire being is utterly shaken, her wildly jiggling breasts are moving in soft gold tinges under the torchlights; they jiggle so hard that it's almost painful for her, while her head is constantly bobbing on the oak table under the savage rhythm imposed by her ogre-rape! She feels Thigruff's coarse hands clutching her waist as he keeps pumping his dick inside her, his gigantic mouth wide open in completely satisfied lust! Sabrina feels something wet landing on her tummy and realizes with disgust that the ogre's giant-open mouth is letting spill drops of frothing saliva as he obliviously keeps enjoying this savage rape!

"HRRRR... YEAH!... hRRR... hrrruhh... Ahhrr YEAH, Aahhhh... ohhh... THIGRUFF LOVES THIS! HAHHRRRR, THIS GIRL! HRRRR... YEAH!... hRRR... hrrruhh... Ahhrr..."

Sabrina's moans and groans mix with Eviane's whimpers as both women -- the sorceress and the apprentice -- are being savagely raped on the massive oak table. The ogres are having a beyond-wonderful day in giving these two paradise cuties such a nightmare to remember!

As she nears her unwilling orgasm, Sabrina folds and raises her legs, then rests her dainty feet on the leather scales covering Thigruff's chest. She's completely gone, moaning loud... "aaaaaaaaahhhh... aaahhhhh... aahhhhh...aaaaaaaaaahhhhh... AAAAAAhhhHHHHHHHHHHH..."

As she's hit by an intense orgasm, the torchlight-tinged show of Sabrina's feet displayed on Thigruff's bosom drives Torin mad with arousal. Torin frantically picks up his masturbating pace and then goes even faster and harder, and he quickly yells a loud "YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRHHHGGHHHHH!!" as he forcefully cums and shoots a far-reaching rope of jism that almost makes it to Sabrina's hair.

Their whimpers along with Sabrina's sobbing and moaning and Thigruff's wild grunting fill the room. Then Thigruff frantically fucks Sabrina as he powerfully cums! He opens wide his gigantic mouth and lets out a lasting echoing roar as he feels the crazy relief and shoots several bolts of steaming Ogre sperm in the far reaches of Sabrina's British womanhood!

Through her half-closed eyes welling with tears, Sabrina looks up at Thigruff's gross face with its features filled with blissful contentment as she feels his thick gooey semen utterly flooding her vagina! Like the Orks, Ogres are known to deliver massive amounts of semen when they cum.

"HRRNNN... Ohhh she's GOOD! SHE'S REAL GOOD!!!" said the contented ogre as he pulled out his eight-inch dick out of Sabrina, a full dollop of his light green cum spilling down his deflating cock as it exits Sabrina's semen-drenched entrance...

Beside them, Ozzdughh keeps plowing Eviane's cunt in indefatigable dick ramms as she keeps whimpering and colliding stomach-first on the table under his quickly repeated hipthrusts!

Many of the men who had been masturbating have cummed or are presently cumming as their eyes feast on Eviane's shaking butt and legs and shoed feet as she keeps taking the thrashing kneeling on the high chair under Ozzdughh's nonstop copulating frenzy!

At last, Ozzdughh's scream of blissful victory loudly echoes throughout the granite walls as he shoots rope after rope of warm jism deep under Eviane's shaking pale buttcheeks while he keeps powerfully slamming her on the oak table!

Half-dead, his legs wobbling in post-copulating bliss, Ozzdughh stayed leaning against Eviane's prostrated, exhausted figure, his massive grey hands on her alluring butt and hips, as he left his giant dick bathing in his own cum, a lot of which dripped down onto the chair seat in whitish green gooey drops. Eviane was such an incredible fuck! He still had a full hour and a half to do it again, a thought he greatly relished.

In all this excitement, Lauriell had been completely forgotten. She quietly stepped out of the tower and began running on the forest winding trail as the light was quickly declining under a gorgeous dusk-coloured summer sunset.

She was free!

She was mistaken. Two Black Dogs had gotten aware of her escape. They were now hot on her heels and ready to use their bolas.

Before long, they were gaining on her and soon enough, Lauriell's nice little jogging session through the forest came to a screeching halt in the form of well-aimed bolas suddenly entangling her running legs and she brutally fell on the moss-covered forest ground. She was half groggy when the two men grabbed her.

They pinned her on the ground, quickly tossed her robe up her waist and felt their pursuit-stimulated dicks further aroused into a raging erection as they saw the glowing whiteness of her thighs contrasting against the dark forest ground under the waning light of evening.

They took turns in raping her and held nothing back, going as hard and deep as they could to punish her for running away! At one point, the Black Dog man pinning her arms on either sides of her head violently ripped her dress top open to discover her wonderful pair of jiggling breasts, her darker nipples dancing atop mounds of moving flesh as milky white as the full moon that would soon be visible above the haunted forest.

These two rapes were crude, urgent and hurried, as the men didn't want to linger too long. There were ghosts and even more dreadful things walking around at night in these parts! And this was no fairy tale!

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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This first round left both ogres panting and reeking coarse humanoid pheromone-loading perspiration while Sabrina and Eviane were left sobbing on the table, to recover whatever forces they could for the next ordeal. They had overheard that the deal involved two cumshots, plus a third optional one. Verbal agreements were sacred.

"Does Ozzdughh want to swap girls?" asked Thigruff his elder.
"Ohhh... No thanks, Thigruff, I want to watch her boobs swinging under my fucking next!"

"Suit yourself, Ozzdughh-Ozzdughh. Then we'll change places. You take Eviane here and I take this teen girl and make her kneel on the chair so I will fuck her while watching her rear end! Ozzdughh likes this?" said Thigruff. Repeating the name of a fellow ogre was a mark of approval and respect, but coming from a human or any race other than ogre, it was a provocating insult. Many men lost their lives out of ignorance of this little cultural detail.

The orgres lifted and carried their wenches like they weighed nothing. Much against herself, Eviane couldn't help but sense a secret part of herself that felt very feminine from being carried with such overwhelming force. She felt some girly juices mixing with Ozzdughh's semen in her cunt.

Once he had Sabrina kneeling on the high chair where Eviane had been raped by his junior mate, Thigruff cupped her firm and pale gold-tinged buttocks in his hands, feeling the silky-softness of her teenage alluring rear curves and contemplating her shapely legs, folded as she knelt on the oak chair. Her lower legs and feet were clearly visible and this stirred Torin into a nascent new erection.

Thigruff stooped down and started kissing and licking Sabrina's superbly pale butt, feeling his second erection gathering and then he introduced his index into her cum-filled vagina and started expertly stimulating her clit, sending her mind right back to the New York coffee shop, where she pictured herself being bent over the diner table and used from behind by a second mugger -- a big, fat n****r who relentlessly slams her with his BBC!

As soon as he's laid down Eviane with her back onto the table, Ozzdughh cups and starts kneading her C-size breasts which form a pair of eye-catching fleshy mounds with alluring pale nipples amid slightly puffy areolas.
"Noooooooo!!! Please Don't! AAAAhhhh... Noooooooooooo!!!"
Eviane screams as Ozzdughh stoops down and starts sucking and kissing and licking her breasts, commenting on how fresh they feel and what a subtle vanilla-raspberry-peach-salty-sweat flavor they have! Ozzdughh keeps enjoying Eviane's bare breasts for quite a while.

Lauriell, her dress in shreds, passes the entrance door between her two captors/rapists, who are more than happy to have made it back without coming across any foul things. Before they close the door, one hears some unsettling noises coming from the evening darkness outside. They close the door and bolt it behind them.

Thigruff is presently running his giant calloused hands throughout Sabrina's soft backside while his erect dick is resting on her buttcheeks. Then he swiftly introduces his manhood and forcefully rams it deep inside her cum-lubed vigina and immediately grabs her hips and starts pounding her hard! Sabrina yelps under the sudden massive impalement and then starts to whimper as her honey-coloured head of hair begins sliding on the tabletop under the ogre-driven body-shaking copulating force. Her girly whimpers mix with his ogrish grunts!

Ozzdughh has violently spread wide open Eviane's alluring legs and pushes his large grey dick against the luxuriant bush of black hair covering her cunt and pussy. With a loud roar of triumph, he drives his throbbing shaft inside her and then grabs her thighs and begins raping her in unintelligible groaning guttural sounds of carnal joy!

He greatly enjoys the priceless show of Eviane's breasts jiggling, pale and full, yet firm and perky, atop her horizontal torso as her entire body is forcefully sliding up and down on the tabletop and her head bobbing as her thick raven hair comes alive in a tumultuous mass of dishevelled shiny waves of black onyx.

Eviane whimpers, utterly shaken and debased under the ogre's overwhelming power!

Sabrina is also whimpering as she presently gets repeatedly slammed against the tabletop while Thigruff plows and drills her with augmenting savage lust-driven abandon! Raping this young mystery teen girl was so much fun!

All across the room, Torin and the Black Dogs kept masturbating their erections fed by the double copulating show happening under their very eyes.

Since both ogres had already cummed once, they lasted a while and kept blissfully fucking Sabrina and Eviane, fully and relentlessly enjoying every and each second of this! Raping human girls was a favorite ogre sport.

Sabrina's alluring butt and Eviane's gorgeous breasts were a sufficient cause to the premature ejaculations of some of the masturbating men! The relief and shooting of warm intense jizz was nonetheless soothing!

Sabrina's moaning and whimpering suddenly quickly grew into a loud series of high-pitched groans as she hit another orgasm, still imagining she was doggystyled by a big fat n****r in New York!

All men present loved watching Eviane's pale thighs brushing against the grey flanks of Ozzdughh, who suddenly intensified his hipthrusts and then his body bolted and seized, before he once again screamed his bliss and elation and let go a new epic load of steaming cum inside the powerless sorceress!

Moments later, Thigruff bellowed a bizarre muffled guttural scream as he shot bolts of his spunk inside Sabrina!

On such nights, Thigruff and Ozzdughh loved their job!

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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Needless to say, it had been a VERY LONG day for Sabrina, Eviane and Lauriell. And it was an even longer evening for them. There is horror that frightens, and then there's horror that alters.

Momentarily left alone and forgotten by these men who were so highly turned on from watching the ogres raping Eviane and Sabrina, Lauriell was all curled up, cowering in a shadowy corner and using her torn garments to cover as much as she could of her deeply violated self. She quietly wept, feeling broken for ever in her pride and self-esteem.

Eviane was getting ruthlessly banged by the gigantic grey ogre on that oak table, her humiliated nakedness on display like a slab of meat, albeit nonetheless gorgeous and still giving her a tiny and shameful sense of female pride amid all this horror, for she could literally see and touch the wild arousal she was elliciting in all these vile men and ogres.

She felt she would never ever be the same again. She also vowed to avenge her fallen honour and especially Sabrina's. Then all her conscious thoughts and her fire for revenge were momentarily extinguished when Ozzdughh roared in his thunderous triumph and she felt the vile flood of his slimy stickiness utterly filling her with unfathomable filth.

Sabrina had been so completely enthralled when she first saw the pair of ogres -- as of yet, she had only read or heard about them -- and it was only when she found herself being the object of the bargain that she suddenly had realized she was about to get to know ogres better than she would have liked. Now she knew how foul and pungent their smell really is, and how it feels to be used by such an extraordinarily strong being.

She couldn't believe how much cum they could produce and was so astonished when she saw it wasn't milky white, but some sort of disgusting whitish green the sight of which made her feel like throwing up. From that point on, her biggest fear was being forced to suck an ogre's dick and to swallow HIS GOO! This terrified her so much that the risk of getting ogre-sodomized didn't even cross her mind!

Now she was naked and repeatedly slammed on that massive table for what seemed like an eternity in hell. Yet she felt a sense of wild excitement at taking such a beast inside her and from behind, copulating like animals. In her, the sense of loathing was dominant, albeit there was always a sense of dark arousal at play while her coffee-shop fantasy kept running in her mind in leitmotif. She even orgasmed a second time. And as she received Thigruff's massive semen load and heard his satisfied groan as he painfully gripped her hips, she knew that this day would always haunt her as an all-too-vivid nightmare. She thought of that handsome boy she had been dating and bitterly wept. Her virginity had been in store for HIM...

Then she realized that wherever they were going through that portal, whatever they were being taken to was nothing good for her.

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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"Ozzdughh-Ozzdughh", said Thigruff, "I'd like to have a piece of Eviane now; I'm sure she'll be a good use of my third and optional cum as price of passage through the Zagor portal!"

Eviane knew all too well that there was going to be a round three; what kind of ogre would skip on the optional cum in a bargain? She braced herself mentally for another session of being shaken and receiving ogre cum. Sabrina understood and started sobbing, but she didn't plea nor beg, as she knew this was completely pointless.

"All right, Thigruff-Thigruff! I know that you will want to taste Eviane's tits. Remember last year when we saw her at a distance and took care of staying hidden? You watched her breast shapes through her robe and talked about it ad nauseam for a good three weeks... Ah! Ah! Ah!..."

"Sure thing, Ozzdughh-Ozzdughh! (then he pointed at Sabrina) You'll like this young one; she is really tight! She probably was a virgin yesterday."

Thus, they swapped girls. Thigruff moved over to Eviane, who was lying down on the tabletop, her arms on either sides of her head and ogre cum spilling out of her fuck hole under the thick bush of cunt hair, the blackness of which intensified the milky-whiteness of her skin -- all this tinted in gold under the torchlights.

A servant maid had lighted two other torches, making the room brighter. She moved very swiftly and silently; a short petite girl about Sabrina's age with long hazelnut hair and wearing a simple brown tunic with her trim waist underscored by a simple rope she used as a belt. Once she was done, she quickly went upstairs without making a sound. She was as quiet as a ghost. The ogres acted as if she hadn't been there, and as for Rhogharnn and the Black Dogs, they knew better than harrassing an ogre's maid.

Ozzdughh ordered Sabrina to sit on the high chair. The sobbing girl complied almost immediately, knowing for a fact that resistance would increase her suffering. Once she was sitting facing the tall grey ogre, he seized her chin and made her look up toward his small amber eyes.

"You have a very cute mouth, girl! I think I should try it!"

Sabrina's eyes grew wide open with sheer terror; this was what she dreaded the most...
"Nooo! Not this! Please! I'll be a good girl and let you use me, but please don't cum in my mouth!"

"Oh, you have a choice in the matter", said the grey ogre, "... you have the choice between sucking my dick or getting ass-raped. What's it gonna be sweety?"

"..." Sabrina hadn't thought about that possibility. She quickly made her mind...
"I... I will... Take you... Take you..."

"Take me how, where? Tell me little beauty queen! Don't be shy!"
"I'll take you in my mouth..." She said and sighed.
"That's a good girl!" answered Ozzdughh, his huge grey dick flaccid and cum-dripping between his legs.

On the other end of the table, Thigruff had wedged himself between Eviane's open legs, not to fuck her right away, as his erectile power needed some rest to be back on line, but to enjoy her wonderful body!

Rhogharnn, Torin and the Black Dogs intently watched the arousing show -- completely ignoring Lauriell who was still curled in a ball and silently sobbing in her shadowy corner -- as Thigruff began to knead Eviane's breasts and Ozzdughh presented his eight-inch long and thick veiny grey shaft, gently seizing her golden head of hair and taking her nice little mouth toward his bulging cock! Having his dick so near her face started stirring a comeback to life in his flaccid appendix.

"Blow some air on my dick! Do it! Now!" commanded Ozzdughh.

Since there was no carnal contact involved, yet, Sabrina obeyed this low-commitment order. She formed a small "o" with her dainty mouth, stooped down a little and blew directly on his slab of ogre meat.

Sensing her warm air blowing directly on his private parts, Ozzdugh felt a nascent subcavernous bloodflow coming back to resurrect his dead meat.

"Open your mouth now! Take Ozzdughh's dick! Do it now."

Tears flowing down her cheeks, Sabrina opened her mouth and braced herself for the foul taste she knew was going to hit her when...

The ogre advanced his lap further toward her and introduced his hardening cock inside the teengirl's mouth.
"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" She immediately recoiled and gagged. The taste was FAR worse than what she had anticipated. It was so GROSS! And the sight of the light-green remnants of his cum coating his stone-grey cock was positively sickly. She almost retched. Ozzdughh didn't get angry.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! All the newbie girls react like this at first. Shannie was like this at first, but now she'd be able to give you fine lessons on ogre cock-sucking. If you stay here with us to become our sex slave, you'll be an expert in no time! Whether we keep you here or allow you to proceed depends on how good you suck me! Now get back at it and be a good girl! Suck Ozzdughh!"

Rhogharnn was about to tell Ozzdughh that she had been promised to Zagor, who wouldn't be happy with them if they kept her in their tower, but he decided to wait and tell him this later if need be, as he didn't wish to interrupt and totally wanted to see Sabrina taking the ogre's dick in her small sensual mouth!

The beyond-foul taste hit Sabrina and engulfed her senses in snares of stench as Ozzdughh's stone-grey meat filled her mouth to capacity and he ordered her to begin giving him head and NOT recoil this time!
"If you need some training, we'll keep you here for a month, so give my helmet a real nice polish!"

Not relishing the prospect of becoming a sex slave for ogres -- although she was probably on her way to become slave to someone -- Sabrina began working Ozzdughh shaft, enclosing it snuggly in her tight mouth as she moved up and down its full length, slurping her tongue on the veiny network and dutifully cleaning the left-over greenish cum while fighting the urge to vomit. This was a cylinder of grey stench; the foulest thing she ever had in her mouth.

"Oh yeah!... You learn fast! YEAH! Keep going, keep going!... Good girl! Hrr... Good girl!"

As he saw Sabrina taking Ozzdughh's king-size weiner in her dainty hand as she kept giving him head, the men watching her -- especially Rhogharnn -- started masturbating again.

Thigruff, wedged as he was between Eviane's silky-white legs, had stooped down and he was utterly enjoying the taste, scent and smooth yielding feel of her fleshy orbs as he squeezed, cupped and kneaded one with his left hand and sucked her pale wine-red nipple on the one to his right. As he sucked her tit, he recalled the occasion he had observed her from afar, his gaze intently aimed at her wonderful hour-glass slender figure and the curvy shapes of her firm breasts he had been able to make out thanks to his eagle-like vision.

Now Eviane's tits were his to play with and enjoy! He freely indulged in his long-dreamed-of delight! His erection was slowly making a comeback. Eviane started once more to repeat her threats of gory vengeance. This aroused Thigruff, who cupped her boobs and kneaded them before burying his face between them and frantically licking them, making Eviane utter a "EWWWW" of disgust!

"So Milady is pissed off, eh? Well... Milady may speak loud angry words, but her breasts are naked and in Thigruff's hands! And Thigruff is about to fuck her good, long and ogre-hard!"

"NOOOO!!! Stop this! Get off me, you F... Freak! Thigruff-Thigruff!" In a surprisingly intense fit of hostility, she started pummeling Thigruff's skull with her girly fists, which didn't do much more than bouncing on his thick hide. But as he heard her repeating his name so insultingly, Thigruff decided it was time to teach her a lesson!

WHACK!!!... "OWWW!!!"
Eviane made a loud yelping sound as her head jolted to her right as Thigruff slapped her so hard she went KO for a full 30 seconds. When she came to, he had flipped her over and she was pinned belly-first on the high table, her legs dangling in mid air and her shoed feet some six inches above the floor.

Then she felt Thigruff's hard cock pushing on her asshole entrance...

"Too late, bitch! You should have known better!" said Thigruff, grinning as he forcefully pushed his dick inside Eviane's back door, making the room resonate with her screams of searing pain. Rhogharnn uttered a sigh of delight as he witnessed the scene. What a thrashing she was getting! This was well worth his years of hard work!

While Sabrina kept on giving head to a grunting and approving Ozzdughh, Thigruff began sodomizing Eviane, pumping his dick hard between her buttcheeks, his cock viciously moving up and down her rectum as she kept shrieking her life out!

In the shadowy corner, two Black Dogs finally noticed Lauriell and gave her some loving attention, enjoying the real deal instead of masturbating. Fucking the weeping sorceress on all fours proved to be very entertaining. For Lauriell, it was more sobbing, more humiliation and more Black Dog's cum! After them, Torin would come over, take off Lauriell's laced leather shoes and indulge in his foot fetish, before raping her with her feet on either sides of his head, using the eagle position and giving her a very forceful pounding until he powerfully ejaculated while screaming like a banshee!

While he was pounding Eviane's tight asshole, Thigruff played his favorite rape fantasy. He was an ogre in a small army of mercenaries hired by a ruthless baron. They had stormed the small castle of a lord who kept defiantly opposing this baron and needed to be taught a lesson. Now the victorious men were celebrating their successful assault in the classic aftermath of plunder and rape. As the lord prisoner watched helplessly, Thigruff ass-raped the castle's lady, slamming her against a massive oak table, trying to last as long as he could, but quickly failing as he cummed hard!

Thigruff contemplated Eviane -- the beautiful round shapes of her shaking buttocks!!! -- as he blissfully released his load inside her lower intestines. Painfully gripping her pale hips, he kept pumping his dick inside her ass as he blissfully shot his ropes of green whitish goo!

A few feet away, Sabrina was hand-twisting and cock-sucking her way closer and closer to her first facial ogre cumshot! Rhogharnn greatly anticipated the sight of this vile greenish ogre slime gushing out over this pretty teenage face of hers. He masturbated frantically over this thought.

"YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!... GOOD GIRL... GOOD GIRL... HRRAHH... YEAH..." Ozzdughh kept repeating, sensing himself getting ever closer to his climax.

Sabrina kept relentlessly working her magic with the tight wet seal of her mouth polishing the grey pillar of flesh with a coat of her saliva as she kept using her enclosing hand to stimulate and pressure it into further pleasure...

"HRRR... HRRRR... HRRRRRR... HHRRRRRRR.... HHRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHYYAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Ozzdughh's slimy cum suddenly bursted out his exploding dick, literally drowning Sabrina under a flow of extremely rancid and thick semen, most of which she was forced to swallow...

Then came the big moment Rhogharnn had so strongly anticipated! Ozzdughh pulled out his dick and spurted out a glorious rope of greenish white sperm that landed smack on Sabrina's pretty face in a perfect cumshot, all thick and gooey and slimey!

Rhogharnn and some other Black Dogs masturbated like berzerkers, their hand stroking their dick like a blurr; they quickly cummed very hard while filling the room with their groans of overwhelming carnal joy!

"WHAT A GIRL!" thought Rhogharnn.

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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As he put back his cum-dripping dick inside his foul-smelling bracaes, Thigruff told the Black Dogs they could have used Lauriell a lot more while watching them raping Eviane and her young blonde apprentice, adding that the cumming you get when you're fucking a girl while watching another being raped is crazy-intense! They would do well to remember this for the next time.

The Black Dogs and Rhogharnn were well liked by the ogres, who gave them an unusual treatment of favour.

After the ogres were done with consummating their payment in nature, Shannie their servant maid cleaned up their mess while the Black Dogs were civilly helping tidying up the room, mockingly smiling at Lauriell and Eviane as they passed in front of them.

Rhogharnn used a CLEANSE spell on sobbing Sabrina, who immediately felt fresh again with not a trace of cum inside her nor a speck of it on her! He also helped her getting dressed again, enjoying the ultimate views on her girly charms as he did so. Since she had been slowly and deliberately undressed, her beige blouse and other clothes were intact. She felt unfathomably pained and numbed, yet it felt better to be clean and wearing clothes; besides, she was hungry.

On the other hand, Eviane and Lauriell's were now once again wearing rags and torn remnants of what had been fitting dress for high-status and inviolate sorceresses. Both of them were now cowering in the same shadowy corner, snuggly holding each other and silently sharing bitter sobs of powerless shame and despair, looking like common whores trying to pass for the wizards they no longer were... for the time being. Lauriell was still barefoot; her lower legs and pitter-patter on the hard stone floor would no doubt be quite arousing for Zagor's Orks. They felt a sense of dread about what was in store for them, and rightly so!

The Black Dogs were the ogres' guests. The ogres themselves were perfectly civil with Eviane and Lauriell, encouraging them to eat and drink and trying to cheer them up with some jokes and chatting with them. Both sorceresses remained silent and sulky, unsurprisingly. Yet they were hungry and they ended up eating morcels of smoked ham along with some banik bread and pickled onions. They also drank ale, and never had found drinking ale that much quenching. They had been indeed very thirsty without realizing it.

Later, for dessert, Thigruff would offer them and Sabrina large pieces of cake with generous icing of honey; it was the sacred offering they always presented to any woman they had used. None of the men was offered such cake and none of the ogres ate it. They also offered a small piece to Shannie, thanking her for her precious services.

As portal keepers to the Firetop Mountain, Thigruff and Ozzdughh were well supplied by Zagor and his Orks, who now end then plundered or collected a "protection tax" from the nearby burgh lord, who preferred to pay rather than risking having his town and castle sacked by an army of orks.

The Black Dogs were offered some "firestone" blonde ale -- a most excellent strong ale brewed by dwarves that lived in a village called Stone-Bridge about a day's walk downstream from the Firetop Mountain. They were very professional and didn't drink much, but they of course each took a drink or two not to offend their hosts, whom they warmly complimented on the exceptional quality of this ale and all the food they were so generously given for that matter.

Sabrina sat at Rhogharnn's side and was basically treated like a queen; the ogres chatted with her and treated her as if she were Rhogharnn's girl companion. She was taken aback by the sharp contrast between her rapes and this veneer of politeness. Being curious in nature, she began asking the ogres many questions about their lives.

Thigruff warmed up nicely to the subject. Ogres were one humanoid race among many others. There weren't that many ogres, and they didn't live in large groups, often mingling with humans and finding employment as bodyguards or soldiers. More often living along with orks or by themselves. Ogres didn't marry per se, but males and female mated a lot whenever they met. Interracial breeding was very rare, albeit not impossible.

Rhogharnn told Sabrina he thought he had some ogre blood somewhere down his bloodline, and this might offer some explanation for his great strength, although he mostly acquired it through regular stone lifting. He even told Sabrina that Torin was his half brother and they were raised together by monks after their parents were killed by sorcerers.

He didn't tell her more, but he was astonished at finding himself revealing so much. This girl really had a special power over him. She made him feel young and happy. With her by his side, he didn't feel inclined on doing evil things; he even started to feel some empathy and compassion for Eviane. This wasn't like him at all! He reached under the table and gently held her hand in his. It felt so good!

Sabrina spoke to Shannie. She asked her where she was from. She said she was Thigruff's serving maid and the usual bedroom companion for the ogres. She didn't remember anything else. Or she didn't want to tell her more.

As if he were reading Sabrina's thoughts, Ozzdughh told her they had been sent this maid by Zagor as a gift for 10 years of lawful services. He used the opportunity to tell her -- in Shannie's presence -- that Shannie was a very good maid. Groups of adventurers sometimes came to the Firetop Mountain in hope of finding treasures and fame. Instead, they always found pain and death. There were usually female members in these groups and Shannie had been a member of one such group; a very young group whose members were all teenagers. She had been serving the ogres for the last two years.


Nick immediately felt something was off upon noticing that Sabrina didn't come to her class on that morning. She never ever missed class. He had phoned her parents and learned she wasn't at home either. No one knew where she was! By afternoon, her parents called everywhere... Friends, relatives... No sign of their beloved daughter. They called Scotland Yard.

Nick came to Sabrina's house and asked her mother when she saw her for the last time. What was she doing?

Sabrina had risen very early and gone out for a stroll.

The handsome-looking demon thanked her and went out, gathering all he knew from the girl and deduced she must have gone into the churchyard, probably near the old oak tree.

Once there, he sensed there had been some powerful magic at play. The most probable cause of Sabrina's disappearance was an inter-worlds portal. He sensed it was probably activated in that very place. He was powerful enough to reopen the portal, but this could only be done at 3 AM, the Hour of the Beast. In the meantime he would make sure Sabrina was truly gone from this world and ascertain in which world this portal led to. Then he would don a proper outfit to enter whatever world he would follow her into.


Once everyone had eaten and felt refreshed --- or at least a little less exhausted in Eviane's and Lauriell's case -- the ogres led Rhogharnn to the top of the tower, where they had a grand view over the murky mass of forest surrounding the tower in a sea of darkness, under the gentle silvery light of a waxing gibbous moon.

There was a stone doorway that led into thin air and looked like anyone stepping through it was going to fall down the tower.

The ogres bade them farewell.

One by one, they walked through the doorway and disappeared from Sabrina's view... Torin, three Black Dogs, then Rhogharnn and then it was her turn.

She held her breath and took a step into the portal. The moonlit sky instantly vanished from her view and she found herself following Rhogharnn in some torchlit stone vaulted chamber... A very large chamber...

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Re: White Magic Dispelled! (my other site's version)
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It was a large, dimly lit chamber of granite walls with alcoves. In each alcove stood the statue of a large gargoyle. Sabrina didn't have to ask whether these stone gargoyles could come to life and attack. She instinctively knew they could. This dark sorcerer was a well guarded warlock.

Rhogharnn had his arm around her shoulders. His contact didn't feel loathsome to her. It was even somewhat comforting. After being raped by the ogres, she had felt very sore inside her womanhood, then Rhogharnn had used a restorative spell and she was now much better. At least she could walk normally. She understood she had some power over him and could use it to her advantage.

She suddenly noticed the form of a tall man standing in front of them. It was the stone statue of a man dressed like a warlock. His hair formed a sharp point on his forehead, adorned with a thin headband. He had saturnine facial features displaying a gloomy, sinister expression. In her native world, he would have been magnificent as a movie actor cast as Dracula!

She started and repressed a yelp of fear as the statue's eyes suddenly came to life, becoming white globes of glowing light, which contrasted with the tawny reflection from the torches on the angular stone face that came alive with its hair taking a sharply contrasting jet black.

Then, the statue spoke in a deep bass voice...

The statue's voice sent chills of terror down Sabrina's spine -- as well as Eviane's and Lauriell's since they had been stripped of all powers.

Rhogharnn answered with an equally deep and sinister bass voice...

The statue-man remained standing in motionless silence. The Black Dogs stood still; they remained calm. Sabrina could tell they'd been there before.

About thirty seconds later, it spoke again... "WAIT HERE."

Then the statue shut down; its eyes became dark again and it was once more an inert stone simulacrum.

Rhogharnn told Sabrina to stay calm; it was always like this. He took advantage of the waiting time to gently kiss Sabrina and stroke her hair. He just couldn't get enough of her girly-scented golden locks!

Torin and the Black Dogs also filled the waiting time with some forced smooching and petting at Eviane's and Lauriell's expense. The two powerless White-magic sorceresses were thus reminded that their nightmare was far from finished. They knew with grim certainty they would have all the time needed to become experts at distinguishing between rape by ogres and rape by orcs.

After some time, echoing footsteps were heard. Then a man walked in the chamber. A tall man, dressed as a warlock and with a sharp point of black hair over his forehead, identical to the statue with the same gloomy, thin and angular face, except his eyes were human.

Zagor stopped at some distance and his hands suddenly glowed with menacing green clouds of light...

Rhogharnn took two steps away from Sabrina and raised his staff; a large globe of red light formed at its tip. Then both warlocks hurled their respective bolts of fire! The green bolt violently collided with the red one in a loud fireworks-type explosion!

Then both sorcerers laughed and ran into each other's arms.
"Zagor! You haven't changed one bit!"
"Rhogharnn! You still owe me these two bronze coins you stole just before the final trials!"

Torin walked close to Sabrina and explained (and took advantage of his being close to take a whiff of her hair)...
"They were together at the School of Necromancy. Rhogharnn graduated as the second best pupil on that year, and Zagor took the top honours; the tenth and last pupil was grabbed by the slithering basilisk living in the castle's caves and eaten alive as per tradition."

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