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Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« on: March 05, 2022, 06:25:19 PM »
Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please leave now. We don't advocate rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a work of literary fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. But these fantasies are permitted, so long as real people are not hurt, in the interest of furthering artistic and educational discussion.

All characters featured in this story are at least 18 years old; the words "teenage", "teen girl" and "preppy/college girl" all refer to girls aged 18 or 19 only.


In this story, I'm exploring my foot fetish quite a bit! I don't know why, but when I see a well-dressed, respectable lady such as Mary Poppins and notice her dainty hands, I know she must have lovely feet and I'm dying to see, touch, kiss and lick them! And of course, fuck her good, hard and long! I love the erotic power in the scenes where she gets forcibly undressed; I hope I depicted them good enough for my dear readers! Mary Poppins is smoking hot!


Batman intro...

It can only be conjectured how the Penguin managed to take the plane to London incognito, but the fact was he landed at Heathrow and passed the security posing as a respectable businessman from Gotham City. His boys would be flying seperately to join him. The Penguin had access to almost unlimited funds and could have led a comfortable, worry-free live in New Jersey or Alaska, but he loved instilling fear and dominating. He was and remained in crime for the kicks of it.

His most powerful sexual kink was to violate and defile respectable female characters who were supposedly untouchable icons. This was the very reason he had taken advantage of a wave of violence sparked by the Joker in his homecity to take this nice pleasure trip. Such a young woman was on his twisted mind. She lived in a respectable suburb of London; she brought so much joy to the world that she didn't age physically. She remained as beautiful as her young readers and fans pictured her in their minds; such was her powers.

She could fly using an umbrella and she had an uncanny ability to bring out the good in everyone lucky enough to meet her. In 1941, that is two decades ago, she had been the first adult person on the crash site of a German bomber plane. The two survivors had drawn their pistols and were ready to shoot a couple of kids who had found them.

The poor kids were beyond frightened and thought they'd be shot down like dogs, but Mary Poppins talked the two airmen out of it. She made them remember who they were back when they were just 6-year-old boys growing up in the Weimar Republic, long before being indoctrinated by the Nazis. The two German airmen ended up bursting out in tears and realizing the error in their ways.

Mary Poppins, ageless and youthful, gave them further help. She spent two hours in these bushes, alone with the two well-endowed men, before they turned themselves in to the local people, who immediately hung them to the nearest tree, much to the heroine's chagrin and dismay. Mary Poppins wasn't always able to prevail, although most of the times she did. Truth be told, she was very tired physically after her time spent alone with these two unfortunate airmen.

The Penguin immediately made his chilling presence felt on Cherry Tree Lane. It seemed that a cloak of icy hate and despair had fallen on this place that was warm and cheery only days before.

Mary Poppins used her parrot-umbrella and flew over Cherry Tree Lane's many chimneys. She took a look around. She didn't like what she saw. Sitting on her timeless cloud, redoing her light make-up and taking another look around... she really didn't like what she saw. No Sir! The Penguin had just taken over the nice little antiques shop where England's most beautiful umbrellas were sold!

The Penguin and his henchmen had crossed the line! She needed to stop them!

Batman End Credits...
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2022, 07:10:07 PM »
The prospect of this amazing, never imagined before crossover, is delightfully demented. Never realized that Mary had it in her to rehabilitate Nazis via sexual healing. Shall the same hold true for Penguin and his boys? I suppose a spoonful of sugar will help anything go down her throat. >:D

Who knows? Maybe the Gotham Gang will corrupt her and show her that bad is better. Hope there are some groovy sound effects like Bop! Bang! Splatt!!! as the two sides interact. I know I'll be  sure to stay tuned in to this thread to see what happens next when Evil meats Good.
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2022, 03:45:50 AM »
Thanks for the comments, RexMundi!
It suddenly occurred to me that this actress was amazingly sexy! The penguin has a lot of stored up sexual energy; it will be very good for him to release it!
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2022, 06:03:47 AM »

The Jack's Umbrella & What-Nots shop had been a fixture on Cherry Tree Lane for at least 80 years! Sherlock Holmes himself had set foot there in 1890 when he was on the case of the theft of a top-secret document that turned out to have been rolled and hidden inside a common black umbrella.

The shop was full with a great many memories, and it wasn't a good idea to stay there at night, for mysterious shadows and eerie sounds could be seen and heard after the clock struck midnight. During the day, it was warm with lacquered wood and cheery with housewives gossiping and buying all sorts of things available in this store, that seemed to offer an infinite variety of mirrors, gloves, scarves and all sorts of baubles, from small lead soldiers to persian slippers; and of course it offered a plethora of umbrellas!

It had remained pretty much the same since Mary Poppins had first moved in the neighbourhood back in 1909. The old Chinese man who had first owned it sold it to a young Dutch heiress named Jacqueline DeWries when he retired in 1931. Jacqueline was operating the shop for the kicks of it, for she was rich enough to do without working. The 20-year-old beauty from 1931 was now a widow in her early 50s.

Jacqueline looked at least a decade younger. It wasn't eerie yet, but her hair was still jet black with not a single silver thread to be seen. People assumed she dyed it, but she didn't. She had been best friends with Mary Poppins --- the eerily young-looking Mary, who dropped by almost daily and often had a 5 o'clock tea with Jacqueline. It was rumored that from time to time, Mary stayed overnight in the small appartment where Jacqueline now lived alone in the second storey.

In the far wall of the shop, between a rack of umbrellas and a pile of leather coats mixed with travelling trunks and golf bags, there was the picture of a WW2 Major. Jacqueline's husband, whom she had married in 1935, had been killed in Burma in 1943 during a mission in Japanese-occupied territory.

Feeling very sorry for her loss, Mary Poppins had started adding some long-life liquor to Jacqueline's tea. This was considerably slowing down Jacqueline's ageing process. Any man who paid attention noticed that Jacqueline's bodyshape was nothing short of alluring under her austere shopkeeper's clothes.

Small, yet surprisingly deep and richly layered, the Jack's Umbrella & What-Nots shop had mingled scents of flowers, mothballs, old leather and lavender. Mary Poppin's praeter-natural joie de vivre had stamped the place with a happy cheer. Well... this was so until the Penguin came along.

The Penguin had quickly learned that this special shop was his prey's favorite place. As soon as his bunch of goons had joined him, he had set in motion his plan to take over the shop. It turned out to be incredibly easier than he had anticipated.

He had simply come at the very end of the day, after making sure Mary Poppins wasn't present. He had aborted the operation the previous day after seeing her dropping by for her customary 5 o'clock tea. The second evening was the charm!

The goal had been to lure Mary Poppins, alone, into a trap and to "welcome" her after some preparations. Also, holding up the place with Mary Poppins being present entailed too many unknown variables; the Penguin couldn't anticipate the effect Mary's powers would have on his men and perhaps even on himself. He needed to take Jacqueline alone at closing time, so he'd have the time he needed to set up all the necessary means to ward off Mary's powers.

What had first looked like the very first hold-up in Jack's Umbrella & What-Nots turned into some sort of home invasion and hostage taking. When the Penguin had flipped the door sign to show the "CLOSED" side to all passersby on the sidewalk of Cherry Tree Lane, he had taken out his icy-steel gun and pointed it at Jacqueline, who had reacted in a completely unforeseeable way!


"Quak! Quak!" the Penguin quacked in surprise, as he always did when taken aback or inconvenienced.

"Ohhh... You're making very interesting sounds, Mister?... euh... Mister Penguin?" Jacqueline replied. The name had naturally occurred to her from how the man was dressed.

The 50-something man wore a purple stovepipe hat and a black tailcoat, jazzed up with a purple bowtie matching his stovepipe and snow-white gloves that matched his classically pure-white shirt! His outfit, complete with a long black umbrella, a monocle and a long cigarette holder, gave him the overall look of some cartoonish penguin man. This effect wasn't by any means lessened by the man's bearing, facial expressions and his remarkable vocal habit of quacking.

Jacqueline felt a nascent arousal stirring up and quickly growing within her womanhood, as she saw this strange man approaching her, pointing his steel revolver at her with an air of satisfied domination in his facial features, smiling in some quaint twisted grin, his steel-grey eyes pointing straight at her. She couldn't keep herself from picturing him on top of her, fucking her and quack-quacking instead of grunting; she also wondered whether his monocle would fall soon or stay longer over his eyes during this imaginary copulation.

"What can I do for you, Sir?"

"This is not a hold-up! This is a hostage taking!"

As the Penguin said this, five men all dressed in black suits and wearing black bowler hats entered the shop. After asking the landlady for the keys and getting them, the Penguin quack-quacked his way to the front door and locked it. Then he closed the venetian blinds. As she found herself alone with the strange man and what looked like his henchmen, Jacqueline quickly became aroused. Were they going to gang-rape her? She hoped so!

The last time she had sex with a man had been a good twenty years before with her long-departed husband. Sometimes she stayed in the shop in the middle of the night and some male ghost came along, and she would then get down on her knees and suck his ethereal dick. The ghost would even cum some ectoplasm inside her mouth. Sometimes, a ghost would agree to take her doggy-style as she bent over the cashier counter. It could be fun and suprisingly intense, at times, but all in all, it lacked substance.

Now, she was alone with six men, who clearly had solid dicks of flesh! Perhaps this was her lucky day!



The Penguin was positively astonished by this development. He had been expecting to see a terrified, panicked shopowner. Instead, he was in front of a woman who displayed signs of arousal! She was constantly smiling at him and his men, and she stood tall with her chest out to make herself look bustier, sizing the men up and down as if she was appraising them for something she had in mind. He looked at her more closely.

She was wearing a light grey-purple shirt that came with a narrow belt and was worn over a black skirt that dropped to mid-shin -- a stylish outfit that came into fashion in the mid 1940s. Her long raven hair was all bunned up in a style that was also reminiscent of that decade. Like the shop she tended, she offered a throwback to decades that were no more. Suddenly, the Penguin became aware that this woman looked younger than he had given her credit for at first sight.

Her hair didn't show any sign of greying; not even one thin thread of white. And her breastshapes... They promised of firmness under a man's hand and mouth, and the rest of her silhouette was equally appealing to a man's eye. She reminded him of an American actress who had been a beauty queen from the late 1920s to 1940-ish and whose name he had forgotten...

The five henchmen had noticed all of the above a lot faster than their boss. Harvey, the foreman of the black-suited lot, was already looking at the Penguin with imploring eyes that said "Can we have her now, boss?"

"Milady! Let me introduce myself..."

The aforesaid Harvey smiled a mile wide as he heard the word "Milady". His boss only addressed a woman this way when she was about to get gang-raped by his henchmen. He used "Young Lady" when he wanted to claim her and be the first man inside her. Thus, when the Penguin said "Milady", it meant "Henchmen, you can have her!"

"I am Oswald Chesterfield, otherwise known as the Penguin! And these five nice fellows are my loyal henchmen! Do you have any backroom where we'd be more comfortable? I would love to get to know you better, Milady!"

"Ohhhh... I haven't been called Milady in a very long time; ages it seems! (she looks at the men, now closing in, and laughs nervously) Oh Sir, you're a true gentleman!... Yes, I do have such a room. If you would be kind enough to follow me, I'll lead the way..."

As she walked to the door leading into the small backroom where she did her accounting and stored some hardwares, Jacqueline felt a powerful jolt of excitement; copious amounts of juice were already preparing her vagina for the onslaught that she hoped was soon to follow.

The Penguin let all his five henchmen enter the backroom before him. Harvey whispered "Thank you boss..." as he passed by. The Penguin stayed outside. He closed the door and listened...

He quickly became disappointed, but the sounds were nonetheless arousing. Instead of the shrill screams and loud panicky protests he expected, he heard the woman being positively aroused and willing!

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhh... You're so strong!!!" (a clear ripping sound is heard)
"Hey Jim! Look at her titties!!!"
"Wow! Ohhh, she's gorgeous!"
"Her boobs are all swelled up! She wants this!"

"Ohhh God! It's going to be good! Pull her skirt off, Stanley!"
"Hey Harvey! Sounds like she really wants this!"

"Whether she wants it or not, as long as I get my dick wet, that's fine with me! AND I GO FIRST, AS USUAL!"
"Yes Harvey! You take her first! I'm second!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The Milady is screaming NO but she's playin' all right!"
"Oh Gee! What a broad! Look at her legs! I want to kiss and lick them right down to her feet!"
"Yep! She's a classy chassis!"
"As fine as any pin-up girl!"


As he heard all this, the Penguin felt his dick hardening, and soon enough, he unzipped his black tailsuit trousers and started to masturbate his raging erection, making small "quak-quak!" sounds as he worked himself into a nice solo session as he listened to his men gang-fucking the surprisingly stylish and spicy shop owner! The Penguin loved hearing a gang-rape and masturbating as he formed all the images in his head. He preferred his mental pictures to the real deal.

Presently, he heard Harvey obviously in the process of banging the lady...


It kept going, the woman was inaudible since her mouth was full with a henchman's dick. Harvey kept grunting and banging her, voicing his laudative comments as he clearly approached the climactic conclusion while the table was noisily squeaking!

Then, about a minute later, the Penguin heard a henchman growling loudly as he released his load of cum! He understood this was the one taking her mouth, since he heard her speaking right away.


The woman went silent again. She had a new dick filling up her mouth. The Penguin was now masturbating hard! Then he slowed down to make it last and give more build-up time to ensure a more potent finale!


This was the signature scream of bliss when Harvey emptied his sacks of cum inside the Milady! Clearly, this woman was a great fuck! She perhaps wasn't quite as sublime as Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy, nor as the 20-year-old niece of Commissioner Gordon, but she was a great fuck nonetheless!

The Penguin wasn't able to hold it any longer. He urgently opened the door, where Jacqueline lay on a wooden table, naked except for her pantyhoses; she had her arms outstretched and pinned overhead by a grinning henchman who was smiling down on her jiggling, pleasure-swollen breasts as Harvey was just finishing to empty his cum inside her and a third henchman was gleefully face-fucking her!

The Penguin rushed at the table as the two other henchmen made way for him. He held his ghastly pale dick right above Jacqueline's moving breasts, contemplating their alluring firmness and well-balanced size along with her nipples that stood up like nice little beads of brownish candy, wildly moving amid the fleshy-soft storm...

The Penguin frantically masturbated above her wonderful pale mounds, also taking a look at the lady's velvety black triangle of cunt hair, and he suddenly growled long and hard as he shot a blissfull load of steaming sperm, making a loud "QUACK! QUACK!" as he finished relieving himself! OOooooooooooooohhhhh, what a great relief!

Then he stepped back and watched the rest of his henchmen take their turns inside the mightily pleased Jacqueline, who would experience no less than three powerful orgasms as she was subjected to this collective thrashing!

The next henchman took her on the table the same way Harvey had, except his dick thrusts were sharper and a lot faster. She took the other man's load inside her mouth and swallowed all as she was banged hard on the squeaking table! The next goon was a taller guy who took off her pantyhoses and started by licking her bare feet, before flipping her over and having her bent over the table.

This position had Jacqueline moaning hard and loud as her clit was being rubbed just the way she loved most. Sometimes, Mary Poppins would use a dildo, but there was nothing like an actual man's dick! And this one was well-girthed and very hard! She took the man's wild boar's thrusts as she kept blissfully moaning. Soon, she was orgasming loud as she looked sideways at the Penguin with her face sliding on the tabletop.

As he kept pounding her, Jim couldn't believe how gorgeous her pale butt actually was! He took great delight in holding her nice supple waist and driving her alluring butt against his lap as he banged her with unrestrained abandon, again, again, again, again... until he roared out loud and let himself go! He spewed out all his young jizz inside that woman who was twice his age! Jacqueline's butt looked and felt the same as it did decades before! He kept gleefully banging her against the table all through his powerful cum release! These were the days where he loved his job.

Hearing the henchman's loud roar and feeling his copious load inside her greatly intensified Jacqueline's delight! She orgasmed again, filling the entire room with her loud groan of intense, wild and time-compounded carnal delight! This was the fourth load she was receiving inside her pussy or her mouth, and had taken the Penguin's spunk all over her breasts. She rejoyced upon realizing there was one fifth and last man.

This last man took her ass, but at that point, she was so highly aroused that it felt more enjoyable than painful. The rough session of doggystyle frenzy ended up with the fifth henchman looking up at the ceiling and screaming like a madman as he shot thick bolts of jism deep inside Jacqueline's devil's fuckhole!

Then, everybody got dressed again and Jacqueline treated them with tea and cupcakes. She was overjoyed when the Penguin announced her that he and his men would be staying in this place for a few days. Her bed was at their disposal.

Batman End Credits...
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2022, 10:52:51 AM »
I just love this. You have this comely woman,Jacqueline, who appears about to be subjected to a fate worse than death but like Brer Rabbit before her, she loves being thrown into that briar patch. Methinks she could fuck Penguin and his henchmen into submission but that would mean that Mary missed out on all the fun.

HistBuff, you are hitting on so many things I used to love in my younger days. Though I never saw it live, I absolutely adored the Batman tv series as well as Mary Poppins. Too bad Bert can't show up and and get a piece of the Poppins.

Then you added an actress from an Abbott and Costello film. I love Abbott and Costello movies. I doubt it's a coincidence that the very same actress was in one of the greatest Twilight Zone episodes ever, as the wife of Burgess Meredith.

Can't wait to see how Penguin circumvents Mary's powers.

This is very well written and hot and the subject matter just gives it that little something extra that makes it so damn enjoyable. chef's kiss So far it's amazingly light-hearted fare for this section.
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2022, 07:32:08 PM »
Thanks RexMundi!

I haven't seen Mary Poppins the movie in a very long time, so it would be good for me to see it again; she would sound more authentic when she gets to meet the Penguin and his goons!

The actress is Jacqueline deWitt, and when I saw her in that Twilight Zone episode, I felt that this reading-obsessed man was a little foolish not to set time aside to give his wife some loving attention! I forgot in my description to point out that she's a tall and leggy woman! I am myself about the age she was in this 1959 episode, and I would absolutely bang her on the regular if she were my own wife!

Thus far, it feels like a twisted, London-flavoured Batman episode with Julie Andrews and Jacqueline deWitt guest starring!
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #6 on: March 06, 2022, 08:44:09 PM »
Batman intro...

The Penguin knew he had to be ready in very little time. The previous night, he went hard at work while his goons were all enjoying second and third rounds of good hard fuck with Jacqueline, who had grown increasingly unwilling as the abuse and bruises were quickly amounting to something she clearly couldn't handle! The Penguin only THEN had started recording her cries and whimpers on his reel-to-reel tape recorder.

First thing in the morning, after his usual ice-cream breakfast with a cold coffee, he had touched everything with his dark umbrella, bringing about a gloomier atmosphere that echoed the dark plan he had designed for the sweet young woman he was targeting.

Mary Poppins was bound to call; she didn't drop by the previous day, and besides, people would very quickly start talking about the strange state of things at the Jack's Umbrella & What-Nots shop. He had himself opened it at its usual 9 o'clock time and stood behind the cash register, reading his favourite book, which he had authored himself. He had told the usual customers that he was a cousin of Jacqueline's, on a visit, and he was tending the shop "only for today" since Jacqueline was sick and in bed in her upstairs appartment.

Long experience had thought him that the closer to the truth a lie is, the more plausible it sounded and thus the easier it would hold water. The Penguin chuckled when he saw the few housewives gathering for their customary gossiping. A couple of these housewives were still in their thirties and obviously looked like they would be fun for him and his henchmen, but that would wait. He needed to capture Mary Poppins first.

Of course, none of his henchmen were visible. His henchmen had very strict instructions to guard Jacqueline and to remain unseen and unheard; much to Jacqueline's relief, they also had been instructed not to do anything funny with her, as the Penguin wanted them to be fresh and strong for Mary Poppins. Harvey, the leading man, never doubted the Penguin's word, and he gave his boss an evil grin when he was told how beautiful and rapeable Mary was.

To the gossiping customers, the Penguin looked like a benevolent man in his fifties, his dapper style giving him an aura of trustworthiness and respectability, and what's more, he was thoroughly familiar with all kinds of umbrellas. He could have made a fantastic shopkeeper! In early afternoon, he sold a set of lead soldiers -- five French grenadiers and five kilt-wearing Scottish infantrymen from Waterloo -- to a mother in her early thirties, who said she didn't have enough money with her at present, so she would come the next day to fetch her boy's birthday present.

"Nonsense!" the Penguin had replied. "Business is a matter of trust between nice people! You can give me a half pound now and take these home with you! You'll come by and pay the rest later; it's all fine!" He said this while smiling softly at her and looking straight in her hazel eyes, then a little further south, silently and quickly taking notice of her fresh fair skin and her modest décolleté, which only hinted at her lovely cleavage. The young divorced lady blushed and smiled back at him as she handed him the 50 pennies, her white day glove brushing the Penguin's same-coloured glove; the contact gave the woman a strange chill that ran right down her spine.

He watched and loved her shapely figure as she walked to the front door, all smiles after wishing him a good day -- a lovely British woman with light-brown hair and fair skin. Typical, but the typical British woman was always a lot of fun to have! As the door closed shut with it's small bells jingling, he noticed a small card left on the counter; the card said "Emma Watson. 225, apt. 2, Baker Street." It also had her phone number. He chuckled. Did she drop it or left it on purpose? Whatever she did, he was going to call.

The Penguin reajusted his monocle and thought back of his long-gone childhood days. He'd had so many wounderful solo games with the lead soldiers he had stolen from the neighbour's son...

His favorite game was to have his little soldiers outnumbering an enemy, represented by a handful of white pawns from his father's chessboard. After the pawns had been overwhelmed and killed, the small soldiers would turn their attention to the now-unprotected Queen! The soldiers surrounded the "screaming" Queen and they did SOMETHING to her, with the officer going first, followed with the Sergeant. At the time, he didn't understand what it was they did to her, except it was something that hurt the Queen while giving immense pleasure to the soldiers. Ah... Blessed days of his childhood!

As he thought of this, the Penguin grinned and kept reading his book. His black umbrella was already working its effect on the place, which now had an elusive feel of gloom and chillness. The Penguin was starting to feel more at home. He had his own powers, but these needed time to settle and take hold.

He was presently reading a book he had written himself, called Man's True Nature. The shop was perfectly quiet and empty of customers. The Penguin chuckled and quack-quacked a little when he reread one of his favourite pages...

"What trust can one give to mankind? The fellow who thinks that most people are all honest and goodwilled is living in a dangerous delusion. A man simply has to observe with his own eyes to see it. You come to a picturesque village of fishermen by the sea; it looks so cheerful and you may think all these brave folks live a happy, honest life, but if you could see all that takes place behind closed doors, you would understand how deluded you really are!

"And take a nice sunny street in Gotham City. You see a benevolent old man smiling and saying "Hi!" to a pretty college girl. You think he's being friendly and that's all, but my friend, rest assured that this so-called benevolent man would grab this pretty teenage girl and strip her naked if he had the chance to do so without consequences. And he wouldn't be content with merely contemplating and kissing the girl's wonderful nakedness --- a wonderful sensual experience that social order denies him simply due to his age --- No! If he could do so without fearing the lawmen, that old man would take his pleasure inside the girl and he would do so with unfathomable delight! And he would redo it as soon as he gets the opportunity again!

"It needs to be said that..."

The Penguin stopped reading as he heard the bells jingling, signaling a customer was there.

Looking up, he found himself staring at Mary Poppins as she was flipping the door sign to say the shop was "CLOSED". As she did so, Mary unknowingly gave the Penguin a perfect view on her beautiful figure as she was stooping down and handling the door sign. Contemplating her profile, the Penguin saw right through her long, dark jacket!

Mary was a rather tall woman, probably standing 5'7" or 5'8"; she had a slender figure indicating she had long sexy legs, all this very eye-pleasing, with clearly feminine curves on her hips. As she gracefully stood tall and turned toward him, he noticed her delicate breast shapes that were subtly visible under the thick fabric of her elegant jacket. She wasn't a busty woman, but she assuredly had firm orbs that would nicely fit in his hands!

Her white gloves underscored the petiteness of her hands, which hinted at the fact she had lovely feet too! These gloves of hers were weirdly echoing his own white gloves that he wore with his stylish tailcoat. The Penguin raised his purple hat and saluted Mary Poppins very civilly as he felt his dick becoming powerfully erect.

Mary Poppins looked straight at the Penguin, her arms folded and crossed in front of her lap, her parrot-umbrella sticking out to her left side; there was a definite air of grace and elegance about her. She wore a peculiar dark hat adorned with lively-looking cherries and daisies. Her hat offered a beautiful contrast with the spotless fairness of her thin face, which displayed a radiating prettiness. Her expression was more compassionate and caring than anything else, even now as she was upset, looking at the villain with subtle sparkles of ire in her lovely blue eyes.

Her hairstyle was simple and elegant. Her brown threads were separated in the middle and most likely kept in order behind her head in a French twist. The Penguin wildly anticipated the moment when he'd turn these brown threads loose and let her hair fall on her naked shoulders!

He longed to kiss her mouth, the daintiness of which was enhanced by her contrasting lipstick of a rather light red with a touch of peachy orange that matched the bright peach-coloured scarf that completed her style. She was so unique! So pretty! The Penguin liked a pretty woman a lot more than a beautiful one.

He felt like kissing her, but there was a motherly air about her that made the very thought seem like a physical impossibility. That's when the Penguin knew that Mary Poppin's powers were presently at work on him! This wasn't going to be an easy hunt, for he knew what she was capable of. Once, sometime around 1948, he had read about how she had talked a band of bank robbers --- all hardened jailbirds --- into turning themselves in to Scotland Yard, after spending a few hours alone with them. This was a deceptively powerful woman!

Taking his time to contemplate and appraise her, the Penguin was about to introduce himself when she spoke...

"Good day, Sir! What have you done with Jacqueline? Don't you feel ashamed of what you did?"

As she said this, Mary looked into his eyes and it felt like she could see right through him! Did she knew?! Then how?! The Penguin felt like a little boy caught stealing some candy in a shop by his angry mother. And the truth was, Mary was indeed old enough to be his mother, but she was blessed with perpetual youth. The Penguin took a stronger grip on his black umbrella; this fortified him and he quickly recomposed himself...

"Good day, Young Lady! Ohhh, Miss Jacqueline is fine! We had a jolly wonderful time together! Do you want to see her at present?"

"Yes, if you don't mind! I don't like to doubt the honesty in your kind words, but I'd love to see her... but we haven't properly introduced ourselves to one another. I'm Mary Poppins! And you are?" Her expression remained neutral as she spoke, with definite ire in her eyes, although she spoke very softly. Her soprano voice sounded so musical! It lifted the Penguin's heart with a happy cheer, and also lifted his hardening dick upon picturing how lovely her cries and whimpers were going to sound!

"Very pleased to meet you, Young Lady! I am Oswald Chesterfield, otherwise known as the Penguin! And I am at your service!" the Penguin said with a smile and an air of devilish wickedness he was hopelessly unable to entirely conceal. Mary looked at him sternly and spoke to him like the little boy he had once been...

"Cut the smiles and let's be straight! Show me where you're keeping my friend Jacqueline and tell me what you did with her! NOW!"

"Ohhh, my Young Lady... I feel so sad from having done this! Why can't I be a good man? Why? I wish I was a good honest man, Miss Poppins, but..."
"Stop it! STOP ACTING NOW! Do you really think I'm going to fall for such a cheap trick? I'm a lot older than I look, young man!"
"Quack! Quack!"
"What's this quacking sound?! What does it mean?!"

The Penguin couldn't keep himself from quack-quacking in delight as he felt his raging erection pushing the front of his pants. He held his black umbrella with hands crossed in front of him in order to hide the bulge that was now clearly visible below the edge of his tailcoat. Now that she was scolding him and looking down on him with such a haughty air of moral superiority, the Penguin felt an immensely powerful arousal! He knew it was going to be tough to keep his ideas clear. But he needed to. The success of his plan depended on it.

"Oh... It's an old quirk of mine I brought back with me from World War, I'm afraid! You know, I will never be the same again..."
"You served in the war? Yes, of course, you must have. Ohhhh... I understand, it must be difficult at times, poor... I mean poor men and boys who were so brutally snatched away from their quiet life to be forced through such a unspeakable ordeal! I'll spend time with you, later, young man, but now I'd like to see if Jacqueline is all right!"

Mary had been on the verge to say "poor boy", but she refrained in time. She felt her true age, and to her, the Penguin was indeed a boy; a boy who needed understanding. Maybe she'd be able to get to him and make him good again.

The Penguin chuckled to himself. He had struck a weakness in Mary Poppins, which he knew to exploit.

"Yes, yes, the war has been hard on me, like so many people! But it's better now... I'm just lonely, you know, I was never able to marry, but let's stop speaking now, and let me take you to Jacqueline..."
"Ohhh, Jacqueline, yes! Is she fine?"
"Yes, she's absolutely fine. And a very adorable lady!" the Penguin replied as he walked to the backroom's door, with Mary following him.

"She's right here!" he added as he opened the door to Mary.

What she saw appalled her and made her truly angry for one rare time in her life! The Penguin's five henchmen were sitting at a table playing cards, while Jacqueline was tied up and gagged, her sobbing figure utterly prostrated in a far corner. Behind her, the chuckling Penguin shut and locked the door. Mary Poppins was screwed! Was she? He hoped he didn't underestimate her powers...

Batman End Credits...
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
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This is great! At first, when I saw the title, I was scratching my head. Mary Poppins and the Penguin? What the heck is HistBuff up to? Then I began reading, and it came to me! Ohhhhh! THE Penguin! From Batman!  :emot_rotf.gif:  What an original idea!

This is a real fantastical treat. I wouldn't have imagined Mary Poppins and The Penguin together in a story in a million years! Maybe The Penguin and Catwoman or Batgirl, but NOT Mary Poppins! Going to really love where this story goes!
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #8 on: March 07, 2022, 08:50:00 AM »
Batman intro...

The five goons stopped playing cards and sized up Mary Poppins, appraising her from head to foot as she stood tall in front of them with her proud, confronting gaze; they all grinned. Harvey, the leading goon, got up from the table and said "Hello Milady!", then added...

"Well boss, you were right when you told us this broad was a really classy chassis! Wow!"

Harvey kept staring at Mary, who felt steam of anger coming out of her delicate nostrils. Yet she felt these men's stares on her, knowing they were all undressing her in their minds... She found that her body had already started responding to the intense sexual attention she was getting from these goons, who were dressed in black with a bowler hat. They presently wore no jacket, and just in case someone was in doubt about their line of work, they all wore a black turtleneck labelled G.O.O.N. in bold white capital letters!

Mary took a hard look at them. They were all broad-shouldered with an air of uncompromising virility; these men were men without trying, just like the cowboys in American westerns that got her so wet whenever she sat watching them in a theatre. The one who now stood right in front of her was especially virile and attractive to Mary! She found that her body wanted to feel his hands on her! But her head knew this was wrong, that these men were bad boys! Yet her body LOVED bad boys!!! Oooohhhhh, they were SO manly! So handsome too!...

The Penguin spoke...
"Yes, Harvey! She is! I'm always right, am I? GENTLEMEN! MEET MARY POPPINS, A VERY FINE YOUNG LADY!"

"All right, boss, she's yours first!" replied Harvey, who knew what "Young Lady" meant.

"I AM NOT FOR ANY MAN TO TAKE!" bellowed Mary Poppins in her most thundering soprano voice, her cheeks blushing with emotion and making her even more attractive, her body responding even more strongly from feeling all these men's gazes on her in this intensifying confrontation! "Oh no!" she thought as she felt rivers of juices flooding her womanhood. She had gone way too long without allowing her to be used by a bunch of bad boys, and now her body was craving it! She already knew she had lost.

Mary Poppins had a very solid Umbrella and she knew how to use it to defend herself! She could also teleport herself wherever she wished to be. The Penguin had indeed underestimated her powers! Normally, he and his GOONS would have been no match for her! She was so much higher above them! And her body wanted them to swiftly take her down and HUMILIATE her! Oooohhhhhhhh, this would be so GOOD!... But no! Justice must prevail!

Mary Poppins knew that the right thing to do was to teleport herself to Scotland Yard and have this Penguin and his GOONS arrested! At present, she wished she was at Scotland Yard right this very moment!

Now, all the GOONS got up from their chairs. Each had a black umbrella that looked solid enough to deal a good hit, and the five of them were menacingly closing in on her, while the Penguin was chuckling and quak-quaking in his twisted-minded contentment. She wished harder. Tried to wish even harder! To no avail! Do what she will, she still stood in the backroom office of the Jack's Umbrella & What-Nots shop!

The GOONS got within range of umbrella strike... Why wasn't she already at Scotland Yard?! "Ohhhh... I wish so hard I were in Scotland Yard!" But she had no more time to think! Harvey moved in to strike her with his patented goon's umbrella!!!

SWOOOSH!!! (Mary Poppins dodges, and counter strikes...)

WHACK!!! (Harvey is hit hard, his bowler hat absorbs some of the force and falls off his head, but he's still stunned and takes a few step back)

KA-POW!!!! (Mary Poppins deals a hard blow on a second goon's knee, making him scream with pain and drop his umbrella!)

Now the three remaining GOONS all move together, each man protecting the others, and they move in such a way as to trap Mary in a corner of the room.

Cornered, she stands in a defensive position between two large posters that say "Vote For Penguin!" She wishes so very hard she were at Scotland Yard, but while the three GOONS --- soon joined by Harvey who had recovered --- close all moving space around her and further corner her, Mary suddenly understands that she just can't teleport herself when her body really does NOT want be anywhere else!

Her body actually craves these men's touch! It wants to fall in their hands! She feels both terrified and elated, tears welling in her porcelain-blue eyes as she realizes she is now in dire straits! Her womanhood gets wetter as her body knows she's most likely just about to get captured!

SWOOSH-CLICK!!!! (Mary parries a blow from a GOON's umbrella)

WHAM!!! (Mary strikes the same GOON on the side of his face! He loses his hat and reels back and falls to his knees)

WHACK!!! --- Mary is struck on the arm as she tries to run through the GOONS to make it to the door, in a desperate attempt to flee and then call Scotland Yard. She fails! Two GOONS grab both her arms.

SLAP!!! SLAPP!!! --- Harvey stands in front of her and gives her two sharp slaps! Mary both feels a sharp pain and very intense sexual arousal from feeling Harvey's hand on her skin.

"AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEE!!! OOoooooooHHHH!!! NOOO!!! LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO!!!! I'M MARY POPPINS! GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF ME! LET ME GO!" --- Mary genuinely protests and tries to weasel herself out of the GOONS grip, but her body makes her intensely aroused from feeling all these manly hands on her! Her white-gloved hands make small fists of rage mixed with crazy excitement!

"QUACK! QUACK!!!" --- Seeing that Mary Poppins has been captured, the Penguin chuckles with wild anticipation. He quickly starts the reel-to-reel tape recorder that stands in a corner of the room. Then he feverishly starts to take his clothes off, starting by undoing his purple bowtie.

"aaaiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!! ... OOOOoooohhhh!!" --- Harvey slaps Mary again, eliciting the same combination of sharp pain and overwhelming arousing within her. This rough way of being dealt with really reminds her of the bank robbers from 1948 --- her last gang-fuck. She is clearly overdue for another one.

"Hey Stanley and Jim! Hold her still! I'm going to take off her scarf and her coat!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOO!!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT! I'M MARY POPPINS! I'M MARY POPPINS... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" --- Mary is now panicking and terrified, but her body completely goes wild below her superior morals; her breasts are quickly swelling, pushing away from her chest and stretching her bra beneath her respectable garments, with her nipples already hard and craving a man's hand and mouth! Her womanhood is soaking wet!

"This fancy orange scarf; a nice keepsake I'd say!"

RRripp, Rrripp, Rrrippp, Rrrrip!!! --- Harvey forces Mary's dark jacket open, breaking the buttons and sending them flying to the floor. Prostrated, tied-up and gagged, Jacqueline powerlessly watches the scene. Mary Poppins loses her hat in the scuffle.

"Hey Jim! Loosen up her hair! The boss wants her hair loose!" --- Jim undoes Mary's French twist behind her head and her brown hair flows down on her shoulders in shiny cascading threads!

"A lovely chocolate brown! Wow!!! And so shiny and silky!"
"Noooo!!! Let me go! Let me go! I'm Mary Poppins! I'm Mary Poppins! ... AAhhhhaaaahhhaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... rrrrhhhaAAAAAhhAAAAhhhAAAAAAaahhhaaaaaaa..." --- Mary Poppins, sensing her shrill soprano cries and pleas are all to no avail, starts to bawl as the men keep undressing her, albeit her body is now running out of control, on a life of its own, and it absolutely loves what's being done to her! It strongly anticipates the moment when Mary will be made topless in front of these virile GOONS!

"Take her jacket off, Johnny, help him Stanley! Yeah, that's it!" --- Mary loses her black jacket, her small bright-red bowtie appears, enhancing the pure-white of her respectable blouse. The GOONS discard it.

"Now this!!! ..."
SSSSShhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... --- Harvey brutally rips her white blouse apart, sending the red bowtie flying down to the floor and filling the room with sounds of tearing fabric and revealing Mary's cleavage and her chaste white bra defending her perky breasts! The ripped white curtains of her ruined blouse underscore the cream-white richness of her delicate complexion. Harvey's dick becomes granite-hard from the sheer anticipation of uncovering the girl's average-size breasts!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE DON'T!!! STOP! I'M MARY POPPINS!!! I'M MAR... AAhhhhaaaahhhaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... rrrrhhhaAAAAAhhAAAAhhhAAAAAAaahhhaaaaaaa..." --- Mary keeps protesting, her lovely gloved hands making small clenched fists of outraged whiteness while the GOONS laugh and jeer as they easily restrain her.

YARRHHH!!! --- Harvey furiously snaps Mary's bra away from her, instantly revealing the impossible sight! MARY POPPINS, TOPLESS!

"PLEAAEEASE!!! NOOO!!!! aaHHaaaHHaaa... rrRHHaaAAAAHHAAAAAAAA Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." --- Mary wails in spasmodic sobs and feebly bolts and wriggles between the grinning GOONS, making token efforts to save her face in front of her own soul, which is now very angry at her betraying body... She can't help it! Her body wants all their dicks inside her! She feels she won't even be disgusted at taking them inside herr mouth... Ohhhh... SHAMEFUL! IMPROPER! But it's going to feel so GOOD to be a woman again, after all... How old am I? Wasn't I born in 1883?

"I would suck this girl's tits all night long! Impossible!"
"Good God! Is she still a college girl?!"


"NOOOOO!!! YOU!!! NOT YOU!!! DON'T COME NEAR ME! DON'T!!! NOOOO!!! STOP!!!" --- Mary protests against the Penguin, who is now quickly approaching her, his monocled eyes looking right at her exposed breasts, which offer a highly erotic show of girly softness, with alluring curves matching her slender figure and very pale nipples standing hard on relatively small areolas, and she has two tiny birth marks just on the right side of her gorgeous cleavage.... Mary's naked breasts are now dancing and jiggling sideways as she keeps putting on her token resistance, panting hard in anticipated excitement and feeling her womanhood going completely crazy in flowing juices!

"Ahhhrrr! YES!!! Let's taste these milky delights!!!" --- The Penguin stoops down and cups Mary's breasts, admiring her pale nipples that stand in their full swollen size atop her enlarged breasts; all of it remains graceful and artistic-looking. There's never anything vulgar in Mary Poppins.

"NO PLEASE, SIR! DON'T! DOOOOOOOOOON'T!!! I'M MARY POPPINS!!! aaaAAAhhhAAAAAAAAAAhhhaaaaaaa...." --- Mary is positively panicking and bawling as the Penguin's face is now inches away from her naked breasts.
HRmmlnlnlll... Mmhhhhhnlllmmhhhh... ---  The Penguin gleefully sucks Mary Poppins's breasts, his raging erection pushing hard on his trousers. With his jacket and shirt off, he is now only wearing a white T-shirt, but he still has his hat on. He now takes his white gloves off so he can touch and feel Mary's wonderful firm softness. He should have removed them earlier, but in his crazy excitement, he had forgotten.

HRmmlnlnlll... Mmhhhhhnlllmmhhhh... AAahhh YES!! Even better than I thought! ---  The Penguin is kneading, caressing and avidly sucking Mary's breasts, greatly enjoying her teenage-looking splendour and amazed by the incredible silkiness of her pale skin!!!

"Ooohhhh, Sweet Mary! This was really worth the trip to London!"
"AAAAAahhhhh AAAawwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh... YOU'RE A MONSTER! A MONSTER!!!" --- Mary bawls and screams at the Penguin, using a very unusually angry voice, as he presently removes his trousers and takes off his hat, and then takes off his T-shirt. He keeps his suspended black socks and he puts his purple stovepipe hat on again.

"Ooohhhhh...?!" --- Mary expresses astonishment as she beholds the Penguin's torso. She never thought he would be this athletic! In spite of his 55 years of age, he displays a pro boxer's muscular chest and beautifully capped shoulders with softly visible abdominals. He clearly works out on the regular.

The Penguin is wearing ice-blue boxers with a pattern of small black-and-white penguins. He presently removes them, revealing a salt-and-pepper bush of pubic hair, sizeable hanging balls and a prodigiously long dick that is presently in full-raging erection!

"AAAahhhhhhhh... Nooooooooooooo!!!" --- Mary's porcelain-blue eyes are locked on the Penguin's surprisingly long and large manhood, all extended in ghastly pallor and cold-looking veins. It's so pale that one wonder's whether his cum is going to feel as cold as ice! Mary's "Noooo" betrays a peculiar emotion, something like sheer panic mixed with fascination and a tinge of excitement.


"NOOOOO!!! NOOOOO!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS! I'M MARY POPPINS! I'M MARY POPPINS!!! ... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! STOP! STOP!!!! NOO aaaaHHHAAAAAaaaaahhhAAAAA... rrRRhAAAAhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhaaaaa aaaaa...." --- Mary begs, screams, begs and wails, putting up a strong fight against the grinning GOONS who carry her to the table... Trying again hopelessly to break free, putting a fight to save face in front of her moral self, but deep down, Mary's body actually wants to get gang-fucked! As she resists to no avail, the GOONS send all the playing cards flying down and take great amusement in placing Mary's wriggling 5'8" figure down on the now-clear table! Harvey always love this moment.

"Jim! Pin her arms on the table so she doesn't move! You know how! Yeah! That's it!!"
"Stanley, help me take off her dress!!!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'M MARY POPPINS! I'M MARY POPPINS! YOU CAN'T!!! YOU CAAAAAN't!!!!! NOOOOOOOooohhhhoooo aaaAAAAAAa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." --- Ignoring Mary's shrill wails, Harvey and Stanley feverishly undo Mary's belt and swiftly take off her long navy-blue skirt, discovering her intensely feminine charms.

"Don't forget her shoes, Bob! The boss always takes them barefoot!!!" --- Mary feels an immense jolt of excitement as she hears this. She remembers the bank robbers from 1948. She had insisted they took off her shoes and socks as she always preferred to be gang-fucked with men directly touching her feet. She knew her feet were extremely beautiful and had the power to drive men completely crazy with lust! And now, her body wanted nothing other than men to overwhelm her and fill her up with their savage lust!

"Hey Ma'am! I love your feet!" --- Stanley says as he feverishly takes off Mary's right leather shoe while Bob is working hard at removing her other shoe, his fingers fumbling with lust! Mary feels an explosion of wild excitement inside her body as she feels her shoes falling off her feet, and men's hands touching and feeling them through the thin fabric of her black stockings.

"Let's pull off her stockings!..."
Snap!!! --- The suspenders holding Mary's stockings are snapped broken. Harvey and Jim pull Mary's stockings away from her pale legs and feet, in one swift motion that speaks volumes about their many previous collective rapes.

"Ooohhh Yeah!!! She's a cute one!" --- Jim marvels at Mary's beauty.
"Holy cow! Her legs are so hot!" --- Johnny, holding Mary's left ankle and caressing her bare foot, marvels at her long, slender and shapely legs, all displayed in their pale glory! Mary's legs are so beautiful they blow most pin-up girls out of the water!

"OOHHH... THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!" -- exclaims Harvey, contemplating Mary's bare feet.
"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!" --- adds Bob, also contemplating Mary's feet.
"I've never seen feet this beautiful!!! ohhh... She's going to be an INCREDIBLE FUCK!!!" --- concludes Stanley.

As the three foot fetishists among the GOONS contemplate Mary Poppin's bare feet, they start to make uncontrollable pelvic movements, their erections raging and their sense of elation skyrocketing! Waiting for their turn is going to be a VERY long wait...

SNAPP!!! Whiipppp... --- Mary's broken stockings suspenders make a snap sound followed with a whipping sound as Harvey powerfully yanks the undergarments away, leaving Mary Poppins only wearing her chaste white panties.
"OOOOOoooooooooooooooooohhhhh!!!" --- Mary's body forces her to yelp in excitement from feeling Harvey's virile hands taking the undergarments off her alluring hips! Her body can't bear the excitement of being displayed as entertainment for these GOONS, and her mind can't bear the shame.

"SHE'S ALL YOURS BOSS!" says Harvey.
"Nooooo!!!! I'm Mary Poppins! I'm Mary Poppins!!!..." --- Mary keeps struggling in her token fight; her pleas and wails are growing weaker. The men can tell that a part of her secretly wants them all inside her. It sometimes happens. They all remember the way Poison Ivy was screaming loud and savagely resisting, yet something tipped them off to the fact that she actually wanted this to happen; and Poison Ivy had experienced multiple orgasms in their arms!

"HHAARHHHHHHHHH!!! YEAH!!!" --- The Penguin, naked except for his purple stovepipe hat, his monocle and his suspended black socks, rushes between Mary's college-like legs and then he roars loudly as he grabs and savagely rips off her panties!
SShrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...  --- A sound of tearing fabric fills the room. All GOONS are rock-hard erected as Mary Poppins is lying on the table, in the nude! South of her spotless abdomen and her pristine-looking navel, Mary Poppins has a delicate bush of brown cunt hair forming a more or less large strip of darkness sharply contrasting with the wonderful paleness of her ivory-soft skin. The Penguin can see her entrance with her coral-coloured labia waiting for his big old dick!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'M MARY POPPINS! I'M MARY POPPINS!! YOU CAN'T! YOU CAN'T! YOU CAAhhhaaaaaaaahhhaAAAn'T!!! ... AAAAAaaaahhhAAAAAAAAAAAAhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA!!!..." --- Mary squirms as she's kept in place by the GOONS surrounding her around the table, while the Penguin pushes his cock into her entrance!

"HHHRRR!!! QUAK-QUAK-QUAK!!!" --- The Penguin utters a loud groan and even louder quak-quak-quak sounds of victory as he powerfully penetrates Mary Poppins, finding her soaking wet and readily making his way surprisingly deep inside her with his very first hip thrust forward! The Penguin's large dick is now stretching Mary's vagina!

"AAAAAAAHHH!!! AAAHHH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! YOU'RE TOO BIG! TOO BIG! TOO BIG!!!" --- Mary is naked and spread-eagled on the table, each of her limbs restrained by a GOON as the Penguin starts pounding her, making the table creaking under her modest weight. Mary is in pain and complains about his excessive dick size as her body is savagely rocked back and forth and her head is bobbing on the tabletop from the Penguin's powerfully repeated hipthrusts.

"YOU'LL GET USED TO ME, YOUNG LADY!!! HRRR, HRRR, HHRRR RHHRR HHRRR HHRRR HHRRRR QUAK-QUAK!!!..." --- The Penguin reassures Mary about her vaginal ability to adapt to his monstrous size, as he keeps raping her in grunting delight. He takes hold of her thighs and starts driving her into him against his impaling pillar! Younger girls such as Mary always quickly adjusted.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! --- The table repeatedly creaks while the onslaught continues. The Penguin pounds Mary Poppins, who presently surrenders to her body and lets the powerful sensations take hold inside her, feeling her swollen breasts jiggling wildly under these men's gazes, then feeling Harvey's hand on her left nipple as he delightfully cups her orb, greatly enjoying the soft yield and her underlying firmness!

"Ooooohhhh... Oooohhhh oooooooooooooohhhh!!!..." Mary Poppins moans out loud, her body aroused beyond all measure from feeling Harvey's virile hand on her breasts!

"HRRR HRRR HRRRR HRRR QUAK-QUAK-QUAK!!!" --- The Penguin gleefully keeps raping Mary Poppins, making his unspeakable satisfaction loudly vocal!
"AAAhhh... Ooohhh ooohhh OOOOhhhh OOOOOOOOOOOOhh!!!" --- Mary Poppins has long lost control of her body; she repeatedly moans out loud as she's subjected to the Penguin's barrage of dick thrusts, her vagina now adapting to the forceful stretch, and she's now feeling the inevitable orgasm approaching with dreadful haste!

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! --- The table repeatedly creaks. Mary Poppins's head is repeatedly bobbing with her warm brown hair sliding on the tabletop, while all the GOONS silently contemplate her, using one hand to hold her in place and the other hand to start masturbating or caress her breasts.

"HRRR HRRR HRRRR HRRR QUAK-QUAK-QUAK!!!" --- The Penguin gleefully keeps raping Mary Poppins.
"AAahhhhh OOOhhhh NOOOO!!! I'M MARY... POPPINS!! NOOO!! OOOoohhhhh OOOoohhhhhhhhhh AAAAAhhhhhhhhh aAAAhh No!! AAAhhh ooohhhhh!..." --- Mary Poppins shakes her head in token refusal as her entire body rocks and slides on the tabletop, a toy in the hands of the Penguin, who keeps contemplating her prize as he relentlessly slams her and ruins her virtue! The faces of Harvey and the other GOONS are a blur in her vision as her head keeps wildly bobbing under the overwhelming rape!

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! --- The table repeatedly creaks.

"AAAhhh!!! aahhhh!!! AAAAAAAAhhh!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I'mmmmmmmmmmm MARRRRRRRY POPPPPPPPP... IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNS!!! Oooooooooohhhhhh!!!" --- Mary Poppins is met with an all-encompassing orgasm as the Penguin keeps banging her with his unstoppable dick and two GOONS are constantly kneading her swollen breasts and Harvey is now kissing her neck and softly caressing her hair as Mary's powers make him feel very romantic. Harvey is falling in love with Mary Poppins.

"HRRR HRRR HRRRR HRRR QUAK-QUAK-QUAK!!! NNRRR YYRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDD GHHHHRRR!!!" --- The Penguin suddenly bolts and stands tall, looking straight down at Mary's jiggling breasts, while he loses his monocle and powerfully screams his unfathomable bliss as his dick finally explodes inside the defiled Mary Poppins!!!

"Oooohh..." --- Mary experiences an orgasmic aftershock as she feels the Penguin's massive load of cum flooding her respectable womanhood.

"HHRRRRRRR!!! Quak-Quak!!! Hhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" --- The Penguin frantically pounds Mary all the way through his finale, losing his purple hat in the process; he deposits one last bolt of cream inside Mary Poppins before finally pulling out of her. As he takes his leave, the Penguin contemplates her long, alluring legs and runs his hand all the way down her thigh, her knee, her now-crossed lower legs, finishing with a caress on her lovely feet.

"MY TURN! MY TURN!" --- Harvey frantically swings into position between Mary's legs as he drops his black pants.
"Oooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!" --- Mary lets out a very emotional exclamation as she feels Harvey's strong hands taking hold of her thighs. She realizes her body has been wanting to be taken by this man's man since the moment she first saw him! Inside her white gloves, her little hands make small fists of frustration amid the grinning GOONS --- she regrets being pinned like this on the table as she now wants to caress Harvey's strong-looking chest.

Filled with the Penguin's load of sperm, her vagina is highly aroused and waiting for Harvey's powerful cock. Out of pride she still puts on some make-believe resistance... "NO!! NO!!! STOP! I'M MARY POPPINS!!! NO! IT'S IMPROPER!"

Batman End Credits...
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #9 on: March 07, 2022, 10:48:25 AM »
This is great! At first, when I saw the title, I was scratching my head. Mary Poppins and the Penguin? What the heck is HistBuff up to? Then I began reading, and it came to me! Ohhhhh! THE Penguin! From Batman!  :emot_rotf.gif:  What an original idea!

This is a real fantastical treat. I wouldn't have imagined Mary Poppins and The Penguin together in a story in a million years! Maybe The Penguin and Catwoman or Batgirl, but NOT Mary Poppins! Going to really love where this story goes!

Thanks vile8r!
The sexual fantasies with Mary Poppins date back to an evening I was 22 years old and stumbled on that movie. I thought Mary Poppins was really pretty and wished I was courting her! She was soon featured in my gang-rape fantasies -- as a respectable passenger on a ship crossing the ocean and getting captured by pirates, as a school teacher in a town captured by enemy soldiers, etc., etc.
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
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Very original and delightfully delicious Histbuff.

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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
« Reply #11 on: March 08, 2022, 09:22:20 PM »
Very original and delightfully delicious Histbuff.

Thanks JustJess!
I'm having a LOT of fun writing this detailed rape scene! Mary Poppins gets naughty from time to time! This is the 18+ version!
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
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Batman intro...

"OOOOooooohhhhh HARVEY!!!" --- Mary Poppins screams her rapist's name (which she overheard earlier) as she feels his throbbing dick entering her cum-filled pussy! With his black bowler hat and virile face, Harvey reminds her of the leader of a ruffian gang she had allowed to gang-fuck her back in 1917, when she was coping with her grief for Bert's loss --- Bert, whom she had romantic feelings for, had been KIA at Verdun. Giving herself to these ruffians and taking all their dicks and cumloads had been an unforgettably delightful experience; she was able to control the men so they didn't get too violent.

"OOOOOHHH, ooooOOOOOOHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" --- Mary moans out loud, making all other GOONS rock-hard as they hold, watch and/or play with her Victorian maid's body as Harvey begins gleefully pounding her on the creaking table!

"OH MA'AM! OH MA'AM!! OHHH IT'S SO GOOD!!!... OH YES! OH YES! NHR NHR NHR NRH NRH NRH..." --- Harvey vocally expresses his unfathomable delight as he experiences the tight gripping glove inside Mary's teenage-like vagina! As he powerfully pumps his dick inside her, he props her legs up and places her gorgeous little feet on his chest, where he can feel them and catch a whiff of Mary's girly scent. He runs his hands along her long silky legs of classic splendour!

"ooOOHHH OOHHHH OOOOOHHH HARVEY!! OOOHHH!!! OHHHHHH ooaaAAAAAAAHHHH..." --- Mary gets very high very quick as she feels Harvey's manly chest under the tender soles of her feet. She knows how powerful her feet are and she's noticed that three out of the five GOONS are foot fetishists, and the Penguin himself had left her with a loving caress on that dangerously attractive part of her lovely figure.

Creak Creak Creak... Creak Creak... Creak --- The table creaks in unison with Harvey's powerful hip-thrusts inside sweet Mary Poppins! Mary abandons herself to the delight taking hold of her entire body, under the heavy artillery barrage, as pleasure radiates out of her womanhood in pulsating waves of bliss. Mary loves having so many young men giving her all their attention at once --- the hands and mouths on her jiggling breasts, the hands caressing her legs and feet... Even the hands that tightly hold her small wrists have erotic power; she's TAKEN! OOOooooooooohhhhh...

"Quak Quak!" --- The Penguin greatly rejoices at watching such a lovely rape, although he's feeling a bit disappointed. He had hoped Mary Poppins would offer a much fiercer resistance. Well, nothing's perfect in this life! He makes a mental note to have her doggy-style later. The fun is only beginning. And he can do all he wants with her; she's so cooperating!

"OOhhh! HARVEY Ohhhh YOU'RE SO STRONG!!! ... PLEASE YOUNG MEN, PLEASE... OOOHHH!! PLEASE... LET MY ARMS FREE! I WANT TO HUG HARVEY! PLEASE LET ME WRAP MY ARMS AROUND HIM!!!" --- Mary forms this request as her lovely head keeps bobbing on the table from the relentless pounding...

"PLEASE MY YOUNG STALLIONS! I'LL WRAP MY LEGS AROUND HIM AND YOU CAN LICK MY FEET ALL YOU WANT!!!" --- Mary reiterates her request and offers them a reward. Bob immediately releases Mary's left wrist and Stanley stops sucking Mary's right breast. The two GOONS move down on her, catching a sight of Mary's dark bush of cunt hair while Harvey's dick keeps owning the place down below, and they take her lower legs out of Harvey's grip. This contact makes their dicks almost painfully hard; they're also quite flattered to be called stallions by such a pure-breed woman.

"DO AS THE LADY SAYS!..." --- Harvey takes Mary's side. He really wants to have her close in his arms and smell her hair's perfume; would she kiss him as he bangs her? She sounds like she would. He'd love this! Usually, he doesn't care one bit about the girl's feelings, but this time it's different. This fascinating young lady has a very peculiar power over him!

"QUACK?!" --- The Penguin is surprised by this new development. But his men deserve their reward, don't they? Besides, he greatly anticipates the amazing sight of Mary wrapping herself around Harvey, crossing her legs behind him and showing her lovely feet in delightful action! Ooohhhh... Her lovely feet! The Penguin becomes aware he's touching his flaccid dick.

"Come on Jim! You can suck her breasts and take her ass all you want later! Now it's my ride!" --- Harvey adds as the two remaining GOONS start to comply and move Mary into the position she required. Mary feels savage excitement at the prospect of getting fucked like this by this all-powerful stud!

"Oooohhh!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!! AAAAH!! OOOOOOOhhh HARVEY! HARVEY... mmMMMMHHH..." --- As soon as she's seated on the table's edge with Harvey's hands firmly gripping her butt, Mary feels his throbbing dick inside her again, Oooohhhhh SO DEEP inside!!! Mary loses control! She moans out loud and starts savagely kissing Harvey, wrapping her arms around him, caressing his hair and making him lose his bowler hat, while also clasping her alluring legs around him.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!!! --- The table loudly creaks as Mary and Harvey kiss fiercely while she's getting savagely banged with her arms and legs around him! She is LOVING this! Harvey feels his dick precumming in Mary's juicy depths as her tongue caresses his. Her hair smells truly amazing! Oooohhh, she's so feminine! Harvey is really in love now. He pounds her harder, feeling she responds better when things get rougher! 

"Quak-Quak!" -- The Penguin is masturbating. Bob and Stanley are kneeling behind Harvey and look like pilgrims worshipping a holy relic as they kiss, lick and caress Mary Poppins's feet!

"Ooohhh! Oohhhhh... Ohhh Harvey!!! OOH!!!... OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH aaaaaAAAAAA aaaaaAAAAAAAA NNooaaa!!! I'M MARY POPPINS YOU CAN'T AAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhh..." --- Panting, her whole body on fire, Mary lets out high-pitched soprano moaning sounds as she's hit by an all-mighty orgasm against Harvey's torso; she screams her bliss as her head leans on his manly shoulder; she feels his breath and kissing on her neck as he loudly grunts inside her! OOhhhh!!!

"Oooohhh OOOHHH NOOOOO!!! PLEASE!!! NOOOO!! OHHHHHHH... oOOOOOHHH YES! YES! YES! OOHHH THE BIG POWERFUL STALLIONS!! ALL INSIDE ME!! YES! YEs.... yyeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEsssssSSSS oooOOOOOH MY GOD! OOHHH MY GOD!!!..." --- Mary Poppins's deafening orgasmic screams fill the backroom, as Harvey intensifies his powerful banging, his hands hard on Mary's wide and soft butt as she gets even higher, right through the roof and up to the uncharted parts of Cloud Nine!

CREAK CREAK CREAK CREAK CREAK! --- The table is creaking urgently along with the urgent pounding Harvey gives Mary Poppins, who's now panting and breathless in his arms in post-orgasmic bliss. The Penguin keeps masturbating, hypnotized by Mary's lovely feet in full display behind Harvey's ever-flexing glutes, his white butt also in full display above his dropped pants.

In the far corner, Jim and Johnny untie Jacqueline. They are not going to remain idle and Jacqueline is right there for the picking! And she's also a great fuck! They'll have Mary later.

"HRN HRR HRR HRR HRR HRR AAAHRRHH... Oh Mary! You're so beautiful! Oohhhhh... Such a great fuck! aahhhrrr!!!... " --- Harvey whispers these words amid his wild grunts as he firmly holds Mary's butt and keeps banging her, feeling her arms and legs around him and his face against the nape of her neck amid the overwhelming fragrance of her loose hair! Everything's going crazy!

"HHHRR HRR RHHH RHHHH RHHHH RHHHH RRRRHHHH..." --- Harvey is wondering whether he is ever going to cum when his dick suddenly goes very stiff inside Mary Poppins, and...
"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRGGGHH!!! OOHHhh GEE!!! MARY!!!!" ---  Harvey's entire body goes numb as his granite-stiff dick powerfully erupts with an unstoppable burst of thick Yankee sauce, flooding Mary's Londoner cunt with a most unimpeachable load of cum from Gotham City!

"Ooohh YES! YES! Ohhh HARVEY!!! Mmmmmmmhhhh..." --- Panting and sweating, her body utterly out of control, Mary kisses Harvey as he finishes erupting inside her! She runs her hands all over his hair and tightens her legs around him, moving her pelvis against his lap to make sure she gets all his spunk to the very last drop. Oooohhhhh... She hadn't felt this way in 15 years! It's so GOOD to be gang-fucked again! So GOOD to let go this silly veneer of respectability and be a naughty girl for once!

In the far corner, Jacqueline has been untied and ungagged. She is now Eve-naked, down on all fours and getting savagely pounded doggy-style by a grunting Jim, who uses her long loose raven hair as reins to ride her better and make every dick-thrust count, while Johnny is kneeling in front of her and fills her mouth with his dick. He soon joins his fellow GOON in a duo of manly grunting as Jacqueline gets so nicely double-teamed!

Down on all fours, heavily pounded by Jim, who finds himself unable to keep this up for very long, Jacqueline's body looks amazingly youthful with her glorious firm curves, not to mention the nice round orbs of jiggling flesh formed by her overhanging breasts!

"HUHRR HUHRR HUHRR HUHRR HUHRR HUHRR Hu NIYUAAAAAARRRRR YYAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHH!!!" -- Jim concludes his urgent grunting session and forcefully spews a hefty load of spunk inside Jacqueline as he's roughly raping her doggy-style, his kneeling body almost toppling to the side from the sheer force of his climax.

"NNRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH!!!" --- Jacqueline's mouth is filled up with Johnny's jizz, and there you are! Another respectable London woman with her mouth full with sperm from Gotham City!

"CLEAR THE WAY BOYS!!! QUAK-QUAK-QUAK!!!" --- The Penguin gives a loud order. Out of sheer habit, Harvey reluctantly lets go of Mary while Bob and Stanley reluctantly stop worshipping her feet. The fast-approaching Penguin motions at his men and Mary Poppins is laid down on the table again, her breasts pushed out by her panting chest and her body steaming-hot from the multiple orgasms she just experienced.

"AHHHRRRRR!!! YESSSSSS!!! QUAK-QUAK-QUAK!! QUAK-QUAK-QUAK!! HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGRR NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH!!!" --- The Penguin shoves the winter-pale flesh of his massive long dick inside Mary's gaping mouth. He grabs her head and powerfully face-fucks the surrendered London woman and gives her another steaming load of cum from Gotham City as his dick explodes in her dainty mouth! His sperm overflows and the Penguin's slimy spunk mingles with Mary's delicate red-orange lipstick, which is already depleted from the wild kissing she shared with Harvey.

Will Batman be able to stop this out-of-control madness? Perhaps Mary Poppins wishes this to continue. She is most definitely a very extraordinary woman!

Batman End Credits...
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Re: Mary Poppins And The Penguin
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Her wonderful porcelain-blue eyes looking straight into the Penguin's ice-grey gaze, Mary Poppins swallows the gob of his cumload that didn't overspill out of her lovely mouth, which is the heftier portion; she blows him a kiss as she finishes swallowing. The Penguin is utterly transfixed and hypnotized by this surreal sight. He had never thought in a million years that Mary Poppins could be this naughty! He loved it, but he felt she had it way too easy... Yet something unfathomable inside him made him feel bad and evil at the mere thought of inflicting her pain. How strange!

As if she read in his thoughts, Mary pointed a moving index finger in the air while looking at him with a face that meant "Tut-tut! Don't be a little naughty boy!" She used the same expression as a school teacher scolding a grade-one child. The Penguin felt like he were a little boy caught stealing in a candy shop; he couldn't believe such a young-looking woman was making him feel this way. Wasn't he at least twice her age?!

"NOW, WHO'S NEXT? COME ON BIG BOYS! SHAG ME!" --- Mary Poppins invites the GOONS to shag her as she is lying down on the solid wooden table, in the nude and moving up her folded legs in such a way as to offer a gorgeous show of erotic splendour, her feet beautifully pointing up at the ceiling as she looks hard at Bob and Stanley!

"MY TURN!" bellows Stanley.

PAW!!! --- Bob punches Stanley in the face, who partially absorbs it by weaving like a boxer.
KA-POW!!! --- Stanley counter punches Bob in the face.
OOOOFH!!! -- Stanley follows through with a hard body punch!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! --- The Penguin laughs as he watches Bob and Stanley fighting over Mary Poppins.

"Oooohhh... HARVEY!! OHHH YES! TAKE ME! TAKE ME! OOOHHH... OHHHH... OOooooooooooooohhhh... Mmhhhhhhh aaahhh..." --- Mary Poppins gets vocal again as Harvey, hard again from watching Mary's feet show, shoves his cock inside her welcoming cunt for Round Two!

"Oh Shit! Harvey! You beat us to it again!" --- Stanley complains as he turns to look at Harvey, who is now positioning Mary Poppins's breath-taking legs over his shoulders and starts banging her with her feet on either sides of his head, feeling his dick powerfully swelling from her tight vaginal grip and from this facial proximity to her magical feet!

Bob gets up, massaging the spot hit by Stanley's body blow, but he no longer wants to fight; both he and Stanley watch Mary getting slam-banged on the creaking table, both of them hypnotized by Mary's jiggling breasts, her pretty face, her little white-gloved hands clenched in fists on either sides of her head, her long shiny brown hair, now completely loose and wild as her head keeps bobbing on the table, and most of all, her legs and feet, even more powerfully erotic than the pin-up girls painted by Vargas!

"YOU SHOULD HAVE SORT THIS OUT BEFOREHAND, BIG BOYS!" --- Mary looks at Bob and Stanley as she says this from her bobbing head in the middle of the relentless barrage of thrusts from Harvey.

"OOHHH... OOHHH... I'LL SORT THIS OUT FOR YOU! YOU GET ME IN ALPHABETIC ORDER! BOB'S NEXT!!! OHHH... OOOHHHH... MHHHHHH..." --- Mary adds as she keeps being fucked long and hard by Harvey, who's enjoying each and every second of this Round Two of consensually raping Mary! What's most bizarre for him, is the fact that he finds this even more satisfying than when he is using a totally unwilling girl. Mary Poppins's powers are not to be underestimated! The experience is actually life-altering for Harvey. As he's banging her, he starts questioning his own way of life.

Feeling they're going to have to wait for a while, Jim and Johnny double-team Jacqueline again. They reverse their roles and add an anal element to it. This time, Jim is grabbing Jacqueline's black hair and face-raping her while Johnny is raping her ass doggy-style! Jacqueline makes unintelligible muffled groans as Jim's meat explores her buccal inner space, probing as deep as her throat with his balls brushing her stylish lipstick and her nose amid his rough pubic hair. It's very hard to tell whether Jacqueline, a very experienced woman, is enjoying it or suffering; perhaps a little bit of both.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! ... --- The table keeps creaking as Harvey keeps thoroughly enjoying his second fuck with Mary Poppins!
"OOHHH! OOOHHH! OHHHH! HARVEY! MY BIG STALLION!!! OOOOHHHH... OOHHH!! OOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh..." --- Mary Poppins abandons herself to Harvey's manly onslaught! She folds her legs and once more feels the GOON's powerful chest under the soles of her girly feet; she loves being banged in this particular position!

"AAhhh AAAAhhhh AAAhhhh AAAhhh AAAhhh AAAhhh YES!! aaahhee Ma'am!!! Ooohhh... Gee-whiz!..." --- Harvey feels Mary's lovely feet on his chest, through his GOON's black shirt, and the added pleasure has him stiff-hard and precumming. He tries to slow down to make the experience last and perhaps give Mary enough time to orgasm, but it's too late!!!

"HARVEY! HARVEY! OOOHHH MY STUD!!! MY BIG DICKED STALLION!!! SHAG ME! SHAG ME HARD!!! YES! YES! YES! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH OOHHH MY GOD!!! OHHH MY GOD!! NOOOOO! I'M MARY POPPINS!!! YOU CAN'T DO THiiSSSSSSSSSSSs oooHHH MY GOD!!!" --- Mary loses whatever remained of her inhibitions as she's hit with a titanic orgasmic wave! Her high-pitched screams of delight echo all through the backroom. The Penguin is masturbating hard. Jim and Johnny are watching as they are double-teaming Jacqueline. Bob and Stanley are watching too. Feeling all these men's gazes on every inch of her body intensifies her off-the-charts orgasm.

"AAAGHHRRR MA'AM!! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRHHHHHH!!!..." --- Harvey, panting and sweating hard, delightfully feeling Mary's feet on his chest and watching her lovely tits and pale nipples jiggling in rhythm with his out-of-control ram-fucking, loses all control and growls long and hard as he spews several burst of steaming jizz! Fucking this respectable Londoner lady is simply FANTASTIC!

"COME ON BOB! COME AND SHAG ME TOO!" --- Mary orders Bob, who avidly rushes at her and starts kissing and licking Mary's glorious feet as soon as Harvey has moved out of the way.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!
--- The 100-year old table is creaking anew as Bob enthusiastically starts banging Mary Poppins using the very same position as Harvey!

"Ohhh! Ohh! oooohhh... Oohhh Bob!! Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Shag me harder! Mhhh Yes! Like this! Like this..." --- Mary Poppins half closes her eyes and rests her feet on Bob's chest --- he's also still wearing his black GOON turtleneck shirt and his matching bowler hat --- as she feels his dick drilling her tight cum-soaked depths. She's no longer restrained on the table, but she's nonetheless resting her arms on either sides of her bobbing head, pretending that a pair of GOONS are pinning her arms and jeering at her. It's so erotic!

"Noooo!! Please! I'm Mary Poppins! It's improper!" --- Mary Poppins uses a delighted tone that belies her words as the Penguin and Stanley come near her on either sides of the table, and each begins sucking one of her moving breasts. Mary smiles mischievously. She knows she's got them in the palm of her hand now!

"Aaaahhh UGH!!!..." --- In the corner of the room, Jim just shot his load of Gotham City sauce inside Jacqueline's mouth. He makes sure she swallows it all! Jacqueline silently obeys, fighting for every breath of air.
"Nnnnnnnnnhhhh AAahhhhhhrrrrrggh!!!" --- Johnny powerfully ejaculates in Jacqueline's anal depths.

"ooAAAAAHHH! THIS IS TOO GOOD! TOO GOOD!!! AHHRRR YYaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!..." --- Bob's will to last long gives out and he shoots all the Gotham cream he's got deep inside Mary Poppins! She smiles at him and looks straight at him with these porcelain-blue eyes of hers, her pretty face wearing a cheerful good-morning expression as she receives his load.

"ALL RIGHT NOW! OUT OF THE WAY, BOB! ... AND YOU MISS, FLIP OVER, I WANT TO LICK YOUR BUTT FIRST!" --- Stanley, now pants-less with his dick jutting out and pointing at Mary Poppins, feverishly advances and bends her over the table, which is narrow enough to allow the Penguin to stand on the other side and take her mouth with his large dick while Stanley starts licking her mind-boggling butt!

The other GOONS watch the scene, unable to get enough of Mary's beauty, as Stanley keeps kissing and licking her pale and wide butt, his face feeling the ungodly wonders of her firm curves! On the other side, Mary Poppins is dutifully giving the Penguin a Quak-Quak-inducing blowjob.

Stanley, running his hands and face all over the butt of Mary Poppins, feels his dick swelling to cartoonesque proportions. He stands up and inserts it where it belongs and he's completely taken aback by the gripping glove massaging his dick as he starts fucking her vagina, contemplating her magic butt and backside as she's bending over the creaking table and pleasuring the Penguin with her mouth. She most definitely has experience. "Perhaps she's older than she looks..." Stanley thinks.

Squeak! ... Squeak! ... Squeak! ... Squeak! ... --- The table squeaks while Stanley almost silently grunts, feeling Mary Poppins's trim and supple waist under his hands and banging in long, rhythmical strokes, trying his best to make it last.

"No! No! That's enough, lady!!! This stick is now hard and I'm going to punish you with it!" --- The Penguin pulls his polar-pale dick out of Mary's hot mouth; his gigantic phallus is at its limit in hardness and size.

Squeak! ... Squeak! ... Squeak! ... Squeak! ... --- Stanley keeps banging Mary Poppins, greatly enjoying the spoils of victory!
"Oooohhhh... Oooohhhh... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Stanley!!! Oooohhh My Strong-Strong Stallion!... Ooooooooohhhhh... --- Mary vocally approves of Stanley's throbbing dick as she's getting thoroughly shagged from behind, her pretty face sliding sideways on the tabletop and her white-gloved hands lying flat on either sides of her shiny-brown head of loose hair.


"Hey Boss! This Mary Poppins is really something!" --- Bob says to the Penguin, who is masturbating just enough to maintain his granite-hardness.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRR!!! WE'VE WON!!! YYUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGHHH!!!..." Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! ... --- Stanley furiously bangs Mary Poppins with unbriddled savagery and keeps the pace up and even increasing as he blissfully growls and erupts with an epic load of cum!

"Ooooohhhh! Ooohhh! YES!!! More cream! More cream with my British tea!!! Please More!!!" --- Mary Poppins says, as she feels Stanley's epic load of sperm filling her up.

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"Ooooohhhh! Ooohhh! YES!!! More cream! More cream with my British tea!!! Please More!!!" --- Mary Poppins says, with Stanley's epic load of sperm bathing her GOON-owned pussy.

"You want more, eh? More cream for your tea? Then have it, but with a litle Penguin Twist! HA! HA! HA! HA! --- The Penguin walks over to Mary Poppins as he says this, laughing ominously.

Taking advantage of the fact she's already bent over the table in the proper position, the Penguin takes his granite-hard dick and brutally pushes his cock into her asshole with a sinister laughter!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! STOP! STOP! NOOOO!!! STOP! IT HURTS! IT HURTS! nRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." --- Mary bolts and screams and begs and groans in sharp searing pain as the Penguin's immense cock pushes hard and penetrates her backdoor with no warning. The Penguin pushes deeper, ignoring Mary's pleas and suffering.

"HA! HA! HA! HA... Now that's more like it! Isn't it, my sweet young lady? ha! ha! ha! ha!" --- The Penguin is now holding Mary's arms crossed behind her back with one hand, his iron grip feeling almost superhuman-strong to Mary Poppins, who finds herself a prisoner in this chilling grip, her body bolting and jolting in searing pain, yet ridden and dominated all the same by the evil man!

"Hey Harvey... Don't you think the Boss is going a bit too far?" --- Stanley says to Harvey.
"Well... I don't know, Stanley... We had our fun. Now it's the Boss's turn..." --- replies Harvey.
"Well, WE didn't have any crack inside this Mary yet, and the boss's cheated us with our turn!" --- complains Johnny, not giving one look back to Jacqueline, who's lying down in a corner of the room, utterly exhausted, with Jim's and Johhny's cum spilling out of her mouth and asshole.

"Come on, Johnny, you just took this older raven-haired one..." --- adds Bob, patting Johnny on the shoulder while Jim silently watches his Boss brutally ass-raping Mary Poppins, who keeps screaming in utter pain with rivers of tears flowing down her sweet-lady cheeks.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! "NNOO AAaaaa HHHAaaaaaaa HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." --- The table creaks with a sinister sound, echoing the Penguin's laughter, while Mary Poppins is held in her bent-over position, and keeps weeping and suffering under the barbaric onslaught!

"HA! HA! HA! HA! NOW YOUNG LADY! NOW IT'S BETTER! HRRR... HRRR ... HRRRR..." -- The Penguin holds his icy-strong grip on Mary's wrists as he brutally pounds her ass while her weeping face has no choice but to slide sideways on the tabletop!

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! --- The table keeps creaking as the Penguin now silently rapes Mary's ass, making each and every one of his thrusts register home in her innermost anal depths!

"AAAAaaaaaaaahhhh NOOooooooooooooooooo!!! STOP! STOP! IT'S TOO MUCH! TOO MUCH! aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH... TOO BIG! TOO BIG! HHHrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" --- Mary Poppins keeps loudly voicing her immense pain and groaning as the Penguin's dick keeps ravaging her backdoor, again, again and again...

"NOW THAT'S BETTER, MILADY! ISN'T IT? HA! HA! HA! HA! HRRRR... HRRRR... HRRRRRRRRRRR... HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..." --- The Penguin intensifies Mary's punishment, making it very clear that he's enjoying torturing her just as much as she's hurt from it. He hopes the table is solid enough to withstand his increasingly brutal pounding...

"PLEASE! PLEASE! HARVEY! HELP ME! PLEASE BOB! PLEASE STANLEY!!! DO SOMETHING! PLEAAAS... AAAhhhhhhhaAA AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." --- Mary Poppins has managed to turn her head the other side, where she can look at Harvey, Bob and Stanley with imploring eyes, tears washing down her porcelain-pale face as she wears the expression of the worst pain and suffering...

"HRRRRR... HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... Save your breath, Milady, my boys won't help you. You're MINE now! MINE!!!..." --- After saying this, the Penguin looks up straight at Harvey, Bob and Stanley, giving them a cold, spine-chilling look that clearly spells "DON'T YOU DARE!" as he keeps brutally ass-raping sobbing Mary Poppins.

The five GOONS look at each other. Then they stare back at the ghastly scene in silence.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!... --- The sturdy table keeps creaking in a sinister sound.

"NooohhoooOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo..." --- Mary wails in unbearable pain.

"HRRR... HRRRRR... HRRRR nnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHR!!!" --- The Penguin stands ramrod-straight as his dick goes immensely stiff inside Mary's tight rectum and then he blissfully explodes in a geyser of Gotham-City spunk inside poor Mary Poppins! He makes sure she gets all her money's worth by keeping his pounding until his dick goes flaccid and he's forced to bail out.

"HAR... HARVEY?!" --- Panting from his efforts, the Penguin looks at Harvey with dibelief and then into the barrel of his own cold-iron revolver, which his leading GOON has just snatched from his discarded tailcoat. The four other GOONS watch in astonished silence, unsure what to do. Has Harvey gone crazy?!

"TURN AROUND BOSS! I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU, BUT TURN AROUND... NOW!" --- Harvey orders his former Boss, not wanting to allow him to stare at the other GOONS and call on their loyalty.

"TURN AROUND, I SAY!!! DON'T MAKE ME SHOOT YOU!" --- Harvey barks these orders at the Penguin, unbelieving his own voice! Then he catches a glimpse of Mary Poppins's face; she's smiling at him with an expression of relief mixed with mischievous satisfaction.

"YOU WILL REGRET THIS, HARVEY." --- The Penguin says in a blood-chilling tone, as he slowly, reluctantly turns his back to his former leading GOON.


The Penguin falls to the floor, knocked out cold, when Harvey strikes him with the revolver's butt. Then he looks at Mary Poppin's inviting butt, with the Penguin's seed spilling out of her abused hole, along with a small stream of blood.


With Harvey now in charge, Bob and Stanley readily obey and tie up the Penguin as good as they can make it. Bob has been in the Navy once, and he knows his way around with knots. The job is easy since the Penguin is out cold. Now, the Penguin lies unconscious in a far corner of the room, his polar-pale body naked except for his suspended black socks.

As Jim and Johnny take their turns inside Mary Poppins, who is actually making them "rape" her in the positions she chooses and only inside her vagina or her mouth, Harvey wonders what strange power has taken hold of him. He now regrets the evil life he has lead, and look forward to a brighter future. A future life with Mary Poppins!

"Hey! I found a record from the Crew Cuts! Remember that hit from ten years ago?" --- Stanley says enthusiastically, his eyes looking for and finding a record player in another corner of the room.

"Great idea, Stanley! Play it! We all need some cheerful music now!" --- replies Bob while Harvey watches Mary getting bucked on the table by Jim and Johnny, who gleefully give her all the rest of their spunk! Harvey feels himself growing hard again, his gaze mostly locked on Mary Poppins's dangerously charming feet! Yes! He's going to fill up her wonderful mouth and make sure she doesn't have any lipstick left!

The Crew Cut's tune fill the room with a happy cheer! (

Later on, Harvey is caressing Mary Poppins's wonderful hair as she's giving him an awe-inspiring blowjob; then, as he gleefully unloads his final burst of jizz inside her loving mouth, Bob and Stanley exclaim...


Indeed, while they were all having their wild fun with Mary Poppins and also Jacqueline, the Penguin has managed to undo his ties and vanish!

Batman End Credits...
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