Author Topic: The "Loving' Family (Complete, one shot)  (Read 1933 times)

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The "Loving' Family (Complete, one shot)
« on: January 20, 2022, 04:43:43 PM »
The author of the following doesn't condone any actions portrayed within the story. Rape, incest,  forcible confinement are crimes punishable by you having your freedom taken way from you by the legal establishment. lean the difference from a medical expert rather than a prison warden


Mom, me and dad

That was taken a month before ‘it’ happened, shattering my family, the Rogers, into despair. A cozy little vacation in Northern Ontario to celebrate mom and dad’s thirty- fifth wedding anniversary. When we first saw the bikers coming along the country lane I did my best to persuade mom and dad to come back inside before they were spotted.

I wasn’t prejudiced against bikers, but the dirty leathers. Bandanas and mirrored sunglasses were the classic looks of every biker gang on TV  and we all knew how they acted. Well this one was no different, before mom and dad were able to get inside the biker gang were on them, taking them hostage, forcing them up into the house where they found me after I heard them hitting mom.

“Leave her alone you bastard!” That was when two more bikers got me, stripping me as the two holding mom stripped her. Dad was tied up with the phone cord and tossed on the couch  and made to watch as the biker gang had their way with me and mom. As the last biker got off me and mom, we foolishly thought that they were done abusing us until they forced dad to get off the couch, strip and forced him to fuck my abused pussy as I was made to eat mom’s pussy.

Only after the three of us climaxed, were we tied up dad behind me and me with my face between mom’s legs. It was a day later when the rental agent came to the house and found us that we were freed and the real nightmare began. I don’t know what but something changed with mom and dad. Even with us freed, dad stayed close beside me, his hands sliding up and down my ass cheek while mom kept a hand around my shoulders, her other hand rubbing my arm in such a way that the ball of her hand rubbed the side of my breast.

As soon as possible I got away from them, and haven’t had anything to do with either since. Only when I got a text from mom, saying that grandma Rogers had died, did I make the mistake  of returning to where they were. Without even thinking what I was rushing headlong into, I went home  and that was where I learned for sure that mom and dad had indeed changed.

The house was in total darkness when I got there, I didn’t think anything of it, nor did I question why the front door was unlocked. As the knob turned in my hand and the door opened, I called out, ”Mom, dad, it’s me Lisa!” Nothing but quiet came back to me as I went in.  I had to wait for my eyes to adjust to the dark before I could make out anything in an assemblance of detail. As they adjusted there was mom in a wicker rocking chair pointing something at me.


“I’m sorry I had to lie to you Lisa, but you wouldn’t come visiting or accept any of your fathers or my calls, so what else could we do to see our little girl?” Mom got up and I could just begin to make out the shape of the gun my father kept in his bedside table. ”Now be a good little girl and do what mommy says and you will learn how much mommy and daddy loves their little girl!” Mom motioned me to the stairs, flicking the barrel of the gun in a motion saying that I was to go up the stairs.

Trembling “Why mom?, why are you doing this?” Up I went, seeing dad at the top of the stairs waiting for me, a gun also in his hand. As I make the landing he finally speaks.

“Lisa how could you treat your parents like you are”  Mom coming up to stand to block me getting back down the stairs “First you refuse to talk with us then you, make us go to this extreme to show you how much mom and dad love you!’  While he covered me, mom got close to me and began to take my coat off, draping it over the bannister before starting on my top and skirt.

The way dad was watching me  was really making me feel wrong. The words out of his mouth told me what they planned to do to me “Dad only wants to show his daughter how good it feels to him to love her!” Mom had me down to my bra and panties when Dad motioned me to go into the lit room  across from the opening of the stairs.

I couldn’t help but notice how the bed was already stripped of tit’s blankets and from each leg came a piece of bright yellow rope. Mom didn’t say anything as she pushed me further into the bedroom, while dad took over covering me ,mom got onto the bed like the bikers made her do that day. Memories of what occurred next came flooding back and I started to cry.

My tears didn’t do anything to my parents. My father waited until mom was on the bed, her legs parted showing us her pussy before he spoke again. “Now Lisa just like those nice gentlemen shows us up north I want you to lick your mother while I make love to you in that strange way they had us do!”

“But dad that wasn’t making love that them having you rape me!”

He slapped me across the face, “Now why are you lying Lisa, you know your mother and i have raised you to know that Rape is wrong” Pushing me towards the bed. “And I would never rape you, nor could anyone make me

“But dad they made you or the said they would  kill mom and me if you did fuck me!”

“I know Lisa but after a few thrusts I began to see how they said I would like it and for once a biker didn’t lie!”

I couldn’t believe the words my dad was spouting. How could he have enjoyed fucking his little girl? Even more, how could he expect me to let it happen again? I didn’t move until Dad pressed the cold steel of the barrel against the side of my head. Flashback to that time in the house came back and Once more I was trembling as I settled myself between my mom’s legs.

“Now Lisa, don’t keep your mother waiting!”

“Oh Lisa, make mommy feel like you did for those nice men!”

I couldn’t believe that I was once more about to do something taboo with my own mother or that my own father was going to use me sexually. While outright shaking, I extended my tongue out towards mom pussy lips as I felt the mattress behind me get pressed down. I felt the touch of the lips on the tip of my tongue and  how mom cooed at that touch. On my own pussy lips I felt something fleshy touch them and I envisioned my dad getting ready to penetrate me.

I was about to lift my head away from mom’s pussy when her hands came up and gripped my head, one on each side, holding me in place. So as dad drove his thick cock into me, I screamed into mom’s pussy. Just like last time I felt like I was being split by something too big for me. Even after so many of those bikers has their turn to fuck me, none of then were as thick as my dad’s cock was.

Just like last time, each thrust from my dad pushed my head deeper between mom’s pussy lips, my tongue going just that much deeper into her pussy. The taste was vile as was the way dad was forcing his cock in and out of me. The worst thing that I don’t remember from the last time was how my pussy responded to dad’s cock taking me.
Like a little slut in heat I started to bounce my hips back to meet his forward thrusts. Nor do I remember mom moaning as I was forced to eat her pussy, but there she was “Oh Lisa no one but your father had ever made me feel like this before-e-e-e-e-e!”

Now more than ever I was confused, mentally I was appalled at what they were making me do, but physically I was loving that I was good or just as good as dad was. Even more confusing was when I cummed from the fucking dad was giving me. Minutes after I drenched his cock with my juice, he returned the compliment and thrusted deep inside and cummed in me.  Another thing that I never remember dad cried out “Damn Lisa you’re making me cum, little girl!” Then I felt him collapse so that his head was on my ass, as I laid there with Mom juices over my lower face and tongue.

I wanted to cry more but dad’s words came to me and All I wanted to do was flee and never return ever again “Oh Lisa this is how a family was meant to love each other. As I laid there tears streaming down my face, mom moved and I felt something smooth slide around my left wrist. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t try to get away, instead I just laid there as my right wrist and right ankle had something smooth slide around them.

Effectively tied to the bed, mom and dad got up and went out, probably downstairs. I had no idea how long they were gone before I heard movement in the room then the mattress indented and once more I was penetrated by what I could only hope was my dad’s cock and not mom with a dildo. Once again I submitted to the fuck I was receiving and came.

After that I was untied and turned onto my stomach and tied down once more. At two times dad fucked me and then what I considered the ultimate humiliation, mom finger fucked me to orgasm. Then the lights were turned out and I was to sleep with mom on one side and dad on the other. Sometime during the night, the knots loosened and

Without waking mom or dad I managed to get out of bed and out to the hall where my clothes were still on the floor. I didn’t bother with my bra or panties. Clad in my top and skirt I make my way downstairs, taking my coat with me.

I open the door and don’t bother closing it behind me. I make my way to my car and manage to drive off without waking the neighbourhood. I didn’t bother going home, I got on the road and made my way to the closest highway and continued to drive all night, only stopping when I ran out of gas somewhere on highway.

On the shoulder I sat there crying, eventually a group of vehicles drove behind me and two riders got off and came to investigate if I needed help. I didn’t respond to them nor to the police officers who came along next. Somehow the police officers manage to get me out of my car and into a hospital. I haven’t said a word to anyone since I was found.

Not even when my parents came into my room!

                                                                                                                  The End
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: The "Loving' Family (Complete, one shot)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2022, 12:21:18 AM »
Very powerful story! This is one fucked-up family!
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Re: The "Loving' Family (Complete, one shot)
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2022, 06:15:04 PM »
now that's my idea of how to cope with's not's therapy...!
been in therapy a few times. learned how to cope with my desires as we all do, but first you must understand your inner demons...talking helps..

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Re: The "Loving' Family (Complete, one shot)
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2022, 09:45:52 PM »
Damn, that is one hell of a story TGH.  It's one way to deal with PTSD.  Merit incoming.
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Re: The "Loving' Family (Complete, one shot)
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2022, 07:50:28 AM »
I’m speechless at this. Not your usual muses but I’ll agree it’s well powerful and sadly there are people so twisted. Like the confused thoughts Lisa had and it was well written in a way that both excites and appalls at the same time. Merit on its way xx

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Re: The "Loving' Family (Complete, one shot)
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2022, 12:11:50 AM »
I enjoyed this story and found it quite unsettling. Destiny can be too cruel. If not for the bikers coming that way that fateful day, Lisa's family most likely would have continued its mundane existence. Well, the bikers did in fact do so and the family's lives were irrevocably changed.

The attacks lit something dark within both dear old Mom and Dad and forced Lisa to flee from the scandalous love nest.Unfortunately a duped Lisa came back and  started to experience feelings akin to her parents' as they attempted to literally fuck her into submission.

Now she did escape in a last ditch effort to deny the growing feeling that the parents tried to instill within her. BTW Loved the dad redefining rape into lovemaking to mess with Lisa's mind. After all Daddy could never rape her.

Finally we have Lisa in the hospital struggling with the feeling that what happened with her parents was so wrong yet knowing that it felt primally right. It is telling that she doesn't report her parents for rape because she now knows down deep that they would never rape her.

I loved this short story. It was creepy and the scene when Lisa returns to a darkened home and happens upon her Mom would make a great horror movie scene. I rarely announce when I merit a story but, as a general rule, if I comment, a merit is a fait accompli.

Thank you for a kind of American Gothic story, TGH. Well done.