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Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Note: This story has been removed due to you-know-what. I will repost here my version from another site, which is already 18+ proofread. I'm happy to contribute to this forum I have first started writing on and I hope it will make it past this sorry episode.

Note: This will be the first installment of my series inspired from Congo's Independence, 1960. For all of you who have interracial fantasies, especially our female members who daydream of being gangbanged by military black studs, this one is for you! I hope you will enjoy this ride in dark Africa.

Disclaimer: Rape in reality is despicable and wrong; the author of this story does NOT condone real-life rape in any shape or form. Rape in fiction can be a fun way to explore one's fantasies.

All characters featured in this story are at least 18 years old; the words "teenage" and "teen girl" or "maid" refer to girls aged 18 or 19 only.


Belgian Congo. July 1960. The Faubert and Oblin families live in Poto-Poto (former name of Kikwit), a town of around 10,000 population, among whom a population of 1,500 white citizens live. These Belgian nationals mostly work at the bank, the hospital, the school and other public services and facilities, the town being a regional hub.

Up until that point, life had been mostly good and easy-going for the Fauberts and Oblins.

Mr. Faubert had been a bank clerk for 14 years, since his post-war arrival in the town. He and Marcelle had married just before World War Two broke out. Marcelle had given birth to their twin daughters during the very last year of German occupation in dire conditions; Carole and Denise were now 18.

They were never able to have other children. Marcelle had a secret. One day, shortly after Belgium's liberation, Mr. Faubert was away; four American soldiers had broke in their home and gangraped her, which wasn't an overly rare occurrence. They messed her up so bad that this was the likely reason she was never able to get pregnant after this. She would never, ever tell her husband. She felt so much shame!

In spite of this, they were a close-knit family and would stick together rain or shine.

The Oblins were newlyweds. Mr. Oblin, 24, worked for the government in public services (he had done his military service in the Navy), while Jeanne, 22, was a dutiful housewife. They were working every night on having their first child; they had tried every room in their house. The dinner table was a favorite of them!

Gabrielle Janssens was living in a small house by herself. She was a school teacher and a journalist, and now that school was out, she was on summer holidays and busy working on a book about her experience in Belgian Congo.

In any normal setting, this would have been the time for summer leisure, provided one stayed wary of snakes. The Congolese countryside was a gorgeous, immensely vast land rich in mysteries.

But 1960 was a very different year. In Léopoldville, the capital city, the independence of Congo had been declared on June 30th. Very soon, social unrest spawned left and right.

On 5 July 1960, the black soldiers of the garrisons of Léopoldville and Thysville of the Force Publique, the army of the newly independent Republic of the Congo, mutinied against their white officers. The revolt would quickly spread throughout the Lower Congo and engulf the country in disorder, thus beginning the Congo Crisis.

In Poto-Poto, which was located in the middle of vast bushlands some 550 kilometers down the road East from Léopoldville, the Belgian nationals no longer felt safe.

The Force publique’s mutiny was spreading across the entire country! Violence had started to erupt between black and white citizens. The small white population had armed themselves...

On the night of July 7-8th, bands of Congolese youths had gone to the white neighborhood and had thrown rocks at the houses and done some vandalism. The young Oblins had taken refuge at the Fauberts's in their larger house. The men had rifles and on one occasion they had shot in the air to scatter a group of youths who had gone a little too close while throwing rocks at them and yelling anti-Belgian slurs.

Gabrielle had heard the young black men whistling and catcalling her, since they knew she was living in that house by herself. She had too much pride to allow her fears to get the better of herself. She spent the night awake and ready to defend herself with a baseball bat as she had no gun nor pistol. Thankfully, no one had broken in. But things could degenerate.

While she was standing watch, she had felt very much aroused, as she had a fantasy of being gangraped by a group of black men, taking advantage of her tight petite body and sticking their big African dicks deep inside her gap! Her wildest fantasy had her getting gangraped by many men in her classroom, right on her desk and in broad daylight --all this in plain public view! These fantasies had made her soaking wet deep down!

At one point during the night, she had fapped very intensely while thinking of herself getting gangbanged by these youthful Congolese! All of them with their huge black dicks! All inside her... One after the other... Utterly dominating her after she had so fiercely defended herself to the point of complete exhaustion and submission... Her girl fap session had ended with massive fireworks...

By the first light of dawn, Gabrielle had drunk a large cup of strong coffee, before packing her essential belongings and finding her car -- a 1950 Austin A40 Devon -- miraculously unscathed from the night of turmoil. She'd started the engine and headed straight to the Fauberts' home. Gabrielle, the Fauberts and the Oblins had talked of getting away to Léopoldville. She felt that now was the time to go.

As she got out of her British forest-green car, Gabrielle more ran than walked to the Fauberts' front door, yet the street was now calm and deserted. Jeanne opened the door as she heard the distinctive code... two fast knocks, one long and three fast ones... The two 22-year-old women looked at each other without words. Jeanne felt some weird attraction to this strong, independent journalist who looked so petite, delicate and feminine, standing only 1 m 55 (5 ft 1 in.) to her own 1 m 63 (5 ft 4 in.).

Jeanne had always thought she only felt attracted to men, yet she had sometimes found herself filled with a strange urge to kiss her and caress her nice perky breasts while stroking her warm-looking shiny dark hair, and perhaps touch her down south to see how her thigh gap was beneath her nice grey skirt... Gabrielle could feel this in Jeanne. She said Bonjour Jeanne! (hi Jeanne!) and smiled, her eyes accepting Jeanne's shyly longing gaze.

The two husbands sat in the kitchen and drank strong coffee. Mrs. Faubert greeted Gabrielle and civilly motioned her into a chair facing the men. The twin daughters were trying to relax in their room by listening to Denise's record of Paul Anka's Lonely Boy. Gabrielle heard the tune from the kitchen as she took a first sip from a steaming mug of coffee...

Their biggest fear was that mutinied soldiers might drive en masse to the town and sack the white-owned houses, as it already happened in Thysville and surrounding smaller towns. There were talks, from Bruxelles, of Belgian paratroops that were going to be deployed, but this would still take a few days—and no one knew exactly when and how these troops would to land.

These Belgian troops, once they'd be deployed, would no doubt protect the national road between Poto-Poto and Léopoldville, but they might be too late! The two Belgian families were going today, for they didn't want to risk being there when a full-blown battalion of Congolese troops would come into town and start to pillage, loot and...

As she listened to Mr. Faubert, Gabrielle mentally added "loot... and rape". At the word rape, she felt juices flowing down her vagina. She sure as hell didn't want being forcibly gangfucked for real, but the fantasy was a strong one for her! She kept quietly drinking her coffee on the Flauberts' dinner table, sitting between their twin daughters--black-haired Denise and hazel-haired Carole, who had turned 18 last April.

There could be another solution -- Gathering all whites in the school and keep a solid defensive position until the Belgian troops came. But... Would they be able to hold this position if mutinied soldiers came in very large numbers with tear gas grenades? If that happened, they would be quickly overran and made to surrender, and then...

Besides, it was rumored that a large black mob had stormed the school and other government buildings. They had gone on a rampage and ransacked the whole premises! It was also rumored that a dozen white folks had taken refuge there and fell into the hands of this out-of-control mob! These unfortunate whites had most certainly been subjected to the most humiliating and debasing violence!

“I... don't want to think about it!” Jeanne said. The idea of falling into the hands of hostile Congolese men and being... was unbearable for this well-bred woman who had grown up in a well-off colonial neighborhood in Léopoldville. In her thinking, black men were little more than apes and were fit for menial work.

After a quick breakfast, the two families quickly packed their most important belongings and scrambled in their cars--Mr. Oblin driving a brand-new beige Renault Dauphine 1960 and Mr. Faubert at the wheel of a deep-blue Peugeot 1956. They were more than thankful for having already filled up their fuel tanks and kept their cars inside closed-door garages.

As they left town, their three cars passed by a group of some 15 or 20 local youths, who threw rocks at them while calling them "sales Blancs !" and "cochons de Belges !" (filthy whites) (Belgian pigs)... Some of them called for their women... "Laissez-nous donc nous amuser un peu avec vos gonzesses !" (Let us have some playtime with your girls!)

They ignored the dents and scratches from the rocks on their nice cars, thankful that no windows had been damaged; they stepped on it, using their horns and forcing a few of them to clear the way, and left these black youths behind with their ominously raised fists in the dust, under the rising Congolese sun.

This was going to be a hot day and a very long drive... Some ten hours of bumpy dirt road in Congo bushlands! Hopefully, they'd be in Léopoldville safe by late afternoon. They had their gas tanks full and plenty of food and water, and the men had their rifles.

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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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The road was dusty all right! Now, the bright African sun was up and Congo's seemingly infinite countryside of bushlands revealed itself in Gabrielle's windshield every time she topped a small hill. She marvelled at the baobabs she saw, like heavy-set watchers standing on the horizon with their massive trunks and lighter branches raised up toward the sky... Many times, the bumps on the dirt road had her bouncing in her seat. In Africa, even a national highway was a wild drive!

Now and then, they crossed a village where people went by their lives as usual, some of them even waving at them.

Gabrielle's green car was following the Fauberts's blue Peugeot and she was herself trailed by the Oblins's small brand-new Renault. After about an hour or so, they had been overtaking another car, no doubt fellow Belgians, and Mr. Faubert had decided to slow down a little and keep following them at around 50 km/h (30 mph). They would be in Léopoldville a little later, but they prefered the safety in numbers.

After more than two hours, the car they were following made a short halt, and they decided to follow suit. The new car's occupants were an elderly couple they knew a bit, also fleeing the unrest in Poto-Poto. After the short halt to allow everyone to pee, stretch their legs and eat a small bite with some water, they climbed back in their cars. All good so far!

About three quarters of an hour later, they all slowed down as they passed two soldiers of the Force publique in a jeep parked in plain sight some 10 meters away from the road. In the backseat sat a man wearing what looked like an officer's uniform with a visibly paler face. He waved at them as they passed and motioned them to keep going.

Gabrielle felt safer at this sight -- two black soldiers driving a white officer meant these were proper disciplined troops. One of the Congolese soldiers waved and smiled at her -- his white teeth enhancing the blackness of his face -- as she slowly drove by... The jeep was parked on the right hand side of the road and Gabrielle was driving a British-manufactured car with the wheel on the right seat, so they had a perfectly clear view of her delicate features, the whiteness of her skin being enhanced by her black hair, which was itself made to look blacker against the pure-white blouse of light fabric she was wearing on this typically hot Congolese day.

She smiled and waved back at him.

Her vagina became wet again as she thought of a fantasy where she was forcibly pulled out of her car and gangraped by black soldiers like this one! She wouldn't ever wish this to happen for real... but what a rush! She had to fight the urge of pulling aside and having a quick, intense girl fap! She kept driving, feeling the bumps on the road almost like black hard cocks she was riding as they made her their plaything!

In the Fauberts' blue Peugeot, the twin daughters -- Carole and Denise -- were once more arguing about Paul Anka being Canadian or American...
"He's from Canada, it's written on the record... see!" said Denise with an emphatic voice, holding the record right against her sister's face.
"No! He's American! He's far too handsome to be a Canadian! He even looks better than Elvis Presley!"
"Ohhh! You're such a dumb lass!" Denise admonished Carole.
"And you're a dark-hair Jezebel!" Carole said in an angry tone -- she always called Denise a "Jézebel aux cheveux noirs" when she was angry at her.
"All right girls! Now cut it out!" Marcelle admonished her daughters.
"It's not me! It's her who..." Denise pleaded.

"Enough!" barked Mr. Faubert at the wheel.
"If you don't shut up, I'll let you, both of you, walk all the way from here to Léopoldville! Now, sit quiet like the good girls I know you are!"
"You wouldn't do this to us, daddy!"
"No... Of course not, my little sweet cake of honey! I wouldn't want you to end up married to some primitive savages from the land around here, but now stay quiet, will you?"
"Robert! Don't say such dirty things to our daughters!" Marcelle admonished her husband.

Robert Faubert kept driving silently. The thought of watching his daughters getting gangfucked by some black tribesmen gave him a most shameful and secret erection. He also thought about these soldiers he had seen in a jeep... Something was off. He couldn't point his finger at what it was, but something was uncanny in the way they had looked at them as they drove by...


Sergeant Moïse Loemba smiled as he listened to his scout leader in his walkie-talkie, of course communicating on their own radio frequency so these Belgians couldn't eavesdrop them using the radios in their cars.

They had spotted a small convoy... Four cars with pink gems! The best part was that the first car was an elderly couple they could let pass in plain sight of the three other cars, so they wouldn't be as wary. If they moved smoothly, they would easily catch them by surprise!

The Sergeant thought back of his elder sister, who had been raped by two drunk Belgian students in Léopoldville 10 years earlier. Now these white cunts would know how it feels to be on the wrong side of the fence! They used "pink gem" as a code word for a highly rapeable woman.

The three men in the jeep were actually scouts on a mission to spot the good catches for a full platoon of Congolese mutinied members of the Force publique, under the command of Sergeant Moïse Loemba, now acting as a full Lieutenant! He was even disguised as a white officer! The latex pale mask was quite uncomfortable to wear in this growing heat, ditto for the gloves he wore to hide his black hands, but he would fool the men into thinking he was a white officer commanding disciplined troops who were maintaining law and order along the highway...

The scout leader was similarly disguised and he was positive -- he had been mistaken for a Belgian officer. Their subterfuge was working! The one thing that was off was they wore gloves whereas the actual white officers rarely wore them under the sizzling African heat, prefering to grow a tan on their hands. When these target cars would show off in about 10 minutes, he'd make sure to stand at a distance with his hands in his back.

The scout team being visible like this was a risk, granted, but it could also pay off as a device to fool the Belgians into thinking they were in a safe zone controlled by non-mutinied troops. The Sergeant felt quite nervous... His scout leader had insisted on the fact these were very beautiful pink gems, especially the brunette who was driving alone in her green car! And there were two teenage girls in the lot! What a catch this would be!

Yesterday, on July 7th, a few Belgian refugees had passed safe before they had got to this position. Now they were ready! They had thought out an elaborate plan to trap some of these white scumbags! They wanted to catch them without risking getting shot at. An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of pain. Today the pain would be on the white side of the fence!


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Sergeant Moïse Loemba took his walkie-talkie again and called his "detour team", who were posted near a crossroads a few kilometers away. He told them to be ready; they would start to take the boulders off the road as soon as they saw the oncoming cars -- yes, there was a blue Peugeot followed by a green British-made car. This was an ideal spot, where boulders sometimes fell off an overlooking cliff and the drivers would simply turn left and use a winding trail that met back with the main road some 15 kilometers farther West, toward Léopoldville.

Only this time they had placed the boulders on purpose!

The "detour team" had put on workers clothes and set up a roadblock using their jeeps. These soldiers had been chosen precisely because they had previous experience as construction workers, so they looked pretty darn convincing. They had placed many large boulders where they could be seen from any car approaching from the East. It would look like there were a heck of a lot boulders to remove, but there were no rocks behind the jeeps. Sergeant Loemba would take another risk by having a military truck with some 10 soldiers climbing off to help the workers; he was certain that the upcoming Belgians would instinctively turn left without stopping upon seeing the soldiers, and he didn't think it very likely that they would turn back to where they came; refugees never did that.

Sergeant Loemba was proud of his elaborate trap. The rewards would be sweeter for it! He already had an erection just from thinking of the moment when he and his men would rip their women's clothes off! He was very curious about this little brunette his scout leader had spoken of so enthusiastically. He was pretty sure her breasts were milky white and extremely soft to the touch! "La salope blanche..." (the white slut), thought the Sergeant in wild anticipation!

Raping these salopes blanches was going to be so much fun!


Gabrielle noticed a sign indicating they still had 280 kilometers (174 miles) to go until they reached Léopoldville. The clock on her dashboard indicated it was five to ten in the morning. They would be over there by the end of afternoon. Slow and steady wins the race. The fuel gauge was still a little above the halfway mark, so there was nothing to worry about having to stop for gas.

The small town of Bukanga was some 25 kilometers further West. The countryside was generally flat. They were crossing a plateau covered with farmlands. They often passed huts where farmers lived.

A few minutes later, they climbed a rather steep hill that marked the entry into a hilly area. Gabrielle saw a warning roadsign for boulder falls, its red triangle making the sign impossible to miss.

Then, as she cleared the top of that steep hill with a cliff overlooking the road to her right, the Fauberts's blue Peugeot and the elderly couple's car in front slowed down, almost breaking. She braked too and she understood why. With her sharp eyes, she saw an orange sign for a "Déviation" (detour) pointing to a smaller local road to the left.

A little after this sign, there was a roadblock formed by two jeeps and workers were busy painstakingly rolling large boulders off the road.

She hoped the Flauberts would decide to take the detour and not wait, as it really looked like there were quite a few boulders. A military truck was even arriving from the opposing direction and some 8 or 10 soldiers were getting off to give these guys some help. Waiting would be so tedious and she didn't relish the prospect of them spending so much time near so many men and soldiers in the middle of bushlands, even though the men she was with had rifles...

At the wheel of his Peugeot, Mr. Faubert saw the elderly couple in their powder-blue Renault Alpine take the left turn. The sight of the military truck helped him making his mind and he turned into the winding trail after the Renault; he didn't want to get anywhere near numerous Congolese soldiers if he could help it. Things were tense to say the least these days...

They had been driving on the winding road, coming up and down small hills all the time, for a few minutes as they suddenly came upon a roadblock built up with two jeeps and a small fence and manned by five soldiers and a white officer, a tall and well-built man who stood at ease some distance away, his hands behind his back. He looked relaxed. He nodded at them as a way to say hello.

Mr. Faubert saw the soldiers greeting the elderly man driving the Alpine. They looked at his papers while two soldiers approached his car. He rolled down his window and was politely asked for his driver's licence. "Simple contrôle de routine, Monsieur !" (Just a routine check, Sir!) The black soldier was very civil.

In front of his car, he saw a soldier quickly removing the fence as the soldier near the Alpine handed back his licence to the elderly man, who immediately drove off through the now-opened gate, which was quickly placed back in place. That was odd!

In the next car, a very well built Corporal politely saluted Gabrielle and kindly asked her driving licence as his mate did likewise with Mr. Oblin in his Renault Dauphine.

Gabrielle couldn't help but notice how amazingly built this Corporal was. Under his beige uniform sleeve with the two chevrons indicating his rank, she could make out a very thickly muscled arm, and his shoulders were like cannonballs! He must have stood around six feet tall (1 m 80-ish) and he positively reminded Gabrielle of the heavyweight olympic weightlifer she had seen in Helsinki Games eight years earlier -- the black American who had won the 1952 Olympic Gold... she had trouble recalling his name. She had been 14 at the time, and her journalist father had taken her with him to Finland. She had been so thrilled. The massively built ebony weightlifter had made a very lasting impression on her!

She had gone backstage to congratulate him, and she had found herself overwhelmed by the desire to touch him... The 14-year-old Miss Janssens came very near him and felt his bulging upper arm, unable to fit her dainty white hands around this tree-trunk of an arm! Such arm belonged to a man who had just pressed 150 kilos (331 lbs) over his head using his arm strength alone! She had given him a quick kiss and felt all wobbly on her girly legs!

Daydreaming her teenage memories from 1952, the 22-year-old Gabrielle smiled at the Corporal. As she handed him her driver's licence, she touched his hand on purpose while looking at him! She felt her cunt going all wet underneath her grey skirt! She would love to take this man's shirt off and squeeze these ebony muscles! And then she'd go down on him! She was sure his cock was enormous; it was said that Congolese men had the biggest dicks in the world!

The Corporal grinned at her, and he didn't hesitate -- he boldly looked south and Gabrielle felt his gaze making out the shapes of her small, perky breasts. Ohh... This was so erotic!

Now Gabrielle was soaking wet! She also felt her nipples going erect under her light-fabric bra (a fine one she had purchased in Brussels just before her flight to Léopoldville).

In front of her, in the blue Peugeot, Mr. Faubert suddenly realized what was that something he had found off -- the man who wore a Lieutenant's uniform (two stars indicating this rank on his shoulder pad) was wearing gloves! He noticed this when the officer motioned at the elderly man to tell him he could go. This was so odd! Almost no Belgian officer wore his gloves under the heat of day in Congo, even during the present cool season. Gloves were almost never worn outside formal ceremonies. He had noticed the same thing on the officer he'd seen on the roadside some 15 minutes before... Two officers wearing gloves?! Impossible! Then he looked very minutely at the officer's face, and it hit him! This officer was wearing a pale latex mask! He noticed the bizarre small flaps around his ears, and there was even a small patch of dark skin just behind his ear under his beige cap... Holy shit! This man was no officer! He was a black Congolese soldier!

"Merde ! C'est un piège !" (Shit! It's a trap!) Mr. Faubert exclaimed and he was about to make a rush for it and drive his car through the fence -- too bad for the others he'd left behind, his family came first ---, but for the soldier who had been so civil to him moments before... This soldier was now pointing a pistol straight at his head! At the same time, he saw many other soldiers surging from their hiding places and encircling his car! They commanded him to step out of the car and surrender his weapons. The car was filled with his wife's and daughters' panicked screams!

Gabrielle was smiling and flirting with the handsome black Corporal and asking him if he'd be in Léopoldville sometime over the next few days, when this same Corporal became a fierce beast instantly!

He dropped her driver's licence onto the dirt and seized Gabrielle's white arms through her open window!

"Mais... mais qu'est-ce que vous faites ?! Lâchez-moi ! Mais lâchez-moi !" (But... but what do you think you're doing?! Let me go! I say let me go!) The Corporal ignored her pleas and painfully squeezed her arms as he forcefully started pulling her out of her car through the open window!

He was so strong while she was so petite and dainty! His hold on her arms made her wince in pain and she screamed "Nooooooooooo!!!" as he finished pulling her out of her green car with overwhelming ease!

As she tried to fight back and resist, she felt other hands grabbing her and realized she was surrounded by some five Congolese soldiers who started jeering at her. Looking around in panic, she noticed the entire place was now full of beige-uniformed Congolese soldiers who had rushed at the cars, and now the men were getting beaten up with rifle butts while the women were screaming at the top of their voices as men seized them and began assaulting their clothes!

Gabrielle felt her breath suddenly shut when the Corporal stooped down forced kissed her, at the same time she felt hands groping her breasts and other hands groping her butt and thighs... She heard them commenting...
"Toi, la petite salope blanche ! Tu vas voir comment on va te violer !" (You, the little white slut! You'll see how we're gonna rape you!)
"Ah... C'est une belle petite putain de Bruxelles qu'on a là !" (Ohh... This is a nice little Brussels whore we got here!)
"On va se la faire !" (We're going to buck her!)
"Tâter un peu de bites congolaises lui fera du bien !" (Some taste of Congolese dicks will do her good!)

All the men laughed, jeered and commented as they groped her, touching and exploring her all over her petite body. She felt one hand going under her grey skirt and groping her cunt, taking advantage of her wide thigh gap. Gabrielle realized in complete shock and horror that she was about to get gangraped right here and there by this pack of black men, somewhere amid bushlands, under the Congolese sun... and there was nothing she could do about it!


Note: Aren't those old cars convenient? No seatbelts, so a well-built attacker can grab Gabrielle's tiny arms and forcibly pull her out of her car! And since it's a British brand, she was driving her car on the right side to get immediately groped, stripped and gangraped on the roadside in Congo! I like the build-up in this story, which isn't overly long. This is only the end of the third chapter and Gabrielle is already getting groped by the mutinied soldiers. Now the real story begins!

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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Sergeant Moïse Loemba felt unfathomable relief as he quickly took off and discarded his latex mask! He felt the nice breeze on his now-free face skin and it felt so good!

His trap had worked wonderfully! Now these Belgian scumbags were in his power... and their women would taste what it's like being used by mutinied Congolese troops!

His walkie-talkie beeped. The detour team had quickly tossed aside the largest boulders, and for good measure they were placing a few of them to bar the entrance to the local trail where the Belgians had been trapped, so no one would come their way, as all oncoming cars would drive on and stay on the main road. The detour men would soon join in the fun! The scout team was also on his way. The scout leader just couldn't wait to taste this little brunette he had spotted in her green car. He'd settle for sloppy seconds by the time he'd arrive, but he'd still love to fuck her good and hard on the ground right beside her car!


Both twin daughters -- Cecile and Denise Faubert -- screamed in shrill panic as jeering Congolese soldiers stormed the blue Peugeot while Mr. Faubert was severely beaten up with rifle butts by two other soldiers! The women had locked their doors, but one soldier stooped over the driver's seat, grabbed Mrs. Marcelle Faubert and pulled her out, uncaring about the shift stick hurting her hip as he kept pulling while she screamed "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"

In the back of the Peugeot, the door windows were smashed and the doors quickly opened. "NON !!! Laissez-moi ! NON !" (NO! Stop! NO!) The teenage daughters screamed at the top of their lungs, calling their mom and dad, as they were mercilessly grabbed and pinned on the ground right beside the family car!

The black uniformed men holding Carole and Denise immediately started ripping their clothes off while jeering and commenting...
"Ah... On a de belles petites jeunettes ici !" (Oh... We have some cute little young ones here!)
"Oui, elles sont bien fraîches, celles-là !" (Yeah, these ones are perfectly fresh fuckmeat!)
"On va voir si elle a les seins bien blancs !" (We'll see if she has pure-white tits!)
"Ça doit être serré, ce petit vagin-là! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" (Her nice little pussy must be quite tight! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!)
"Ah... ça sera bon de les enfiler, ces petites gourgandines !"
(Oh... This will be quite something to fuck these little harlots!)

As Congolese men tore her black blouse open and quickly yanked her bra away in a snapping sound to reveal her still-firm and perky breasts -- quite a great show of C-size curves for a 40-year-old MILF -- Marcelle screamed and begged the men to spare her daughters!
"Non ! Non ! Laissez mes filles ! Laissez-les tranquilles ! NON !..." (No! No! Let my daughters go! Let them be!)

While she was herself quickly stripped naked by the mutinied troops, Marcelle heard clearly that her pleas were to no avail...

Denise let out a shrill soul-piercing scream, calling her father in frantic and pointless panic, as the soldiers savagely ripped her light-pink dresstop in three opposing directions, ripping it wide open all the way down to her belly button and for a fleeting moment, the Congolese soon-to-be rapists saw her chaste white bra before two black hands snapped it off! Black hands immediately cupped her snow-white breasts and began kneading them! They were all crazy with excitement and anticipation! None of them had ever seen a white girl topless before, let alone have sex with her!

Denise had now her arms firmly pinned against the ground and her virgin's A-sized breasts gave them a never-before seen teenage show, her firm pinkish nipples plainly visible amid her shredded and ruined pink dress, right there for all these negroes to see and touch and taste! She kept screaming as the men got even more excited and pulled her entire dress down with unstoppable force, yanking off her panties, her socks and her shoes all in one go and discarding it on the road dirt along with her destroyed good girl's dress.
"Ah... regardez-moi ce beau petit buisson de jeune fille !" (Oh... Look at this nice little young maid's bush of cunt hair!)... one of the men commented as they contemplated Denise's now-exposed black triangle of cunt hair and its stark erotic contrast against her ivory-white intimate skin.

A Sergeant spoke...
"Allez, c'est moi le premier qui la chevauche ! On fait ça par ordre de grades, les gars !" (All right! I'm first to mount her! We'll go by order of ranks, boys!)

Two men firmly immobilized Denise's arms against the ground while the large black Sergeant violently spread her thin white legs apart and laid down over her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!... NOOOOOOO!!!..." Denise kept screaming in shrill panic as she realized this Congolese man was about to insert his dick inside her and destroy her honor and virginity!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please Stop!!! STOP!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOO!!!..." Denise shook her head side to side in quick panicked motions as she laid down totally helpless and felt the man's large cock pushing against her slit!

"Allez la petite salope blanche ! On va te violer ! Ahhhrrrr... Tu va voir !" (Come, you little white slut! We gonna rape you! Ahhhrrr... You'll see!)

The negro Sergeant feverishly worked his dick inside Denise's slit and he grunted his utter satisfaction as he felt he was entering her! Denise screamed louder and shriller and in complete pain as her unlubed vagina was getting mercilessly stretched by the huge Congolese dick that was so brutally invading her virginhood.

She didn't bleed nor anything like most men would think, but the first sting of sharp pain was next to unbearable as the immense black dick was violently pushed all the way in while the man's weight pushed her down, almost burrying her into the African ground! She insanely tried to break free, feeling the other men's painful hold on her delicate wrists, her arms looking like the fragile porcelain of a shattered doll amid the forest of black arms and hands. Men assaulted her naked breasts as the Sergeant started to pound her, supporting his weight on his outstretched arms as he looked straight into her eyes while raping her, his immense dick thrusting and retreating as he was building and finding a rythm in this urgent rape of a white teen girl!

Denise screamed in unfathomable pain and shame! She felt beyond polluted! She was being raped by a NEGRO! No proper man would ever want her for a wife after this! She began sobbing and wailing... "PLEASE! STOP! STOP!.... Nooooooooooo!... Nooohhhooohhoooooo!!!"

The Sergeant raping her was now berserk! He had opted for a quick and intense cumming, so he was now frantically pounding her, feeling unathomable glee and satisfaction at raping one of their daughters! He loudly voiced his sense of blissful joy...

Carole had been pinned right beside her twin sister and similarly stripped, except she was only half-naked. The black soldiers had exploded her white blouse open and yanked her bra off in a snapping sound the same way they had done for Denise, but Sergeant Moïse Loemba had decided he was going to rape this 16-year-old girl first and he had such an overwhelming urge of raping her virginity that he had roughly peeled her plaid skirt all the way up to her waist belt, and then brutally snapped her white panties away to discover Carole's dark patch of cunt hair -- a luxuriant bushy brown spot, darker than her hazel-brown hair.

Sergeant Moïse Loemba had told her "Ça, c'est pour ma soeur !" (This is for my sister!) as he had dropped his pants, making Carole scream in terror as she saw his amazingly large cock of ebony flesh!

She only saw it for a fleeting moment, for she was pinned against the ground with her arms immobilized by jeering soldiers, who kept calling her "petite salope blanche" (little white slut) while Sergeant Moïse Loemba lay down atop her and quickly worked his cock inside her slit.

Carole's shrill scream of pain and defilement mingled with Sergeant Loemba's wild roar of bliss as he felt his long and large dick entering her incredibly tight vagina! He had her screaming even shriller as he forcefully pushed and stretched her vagina walls; in Carole's case, some blood accompanied the sting of sharp pain, and Loemba used this natural lubrication to ram her deeper and faster, using all his strength and speed and fury to increase his own pleasure with zero concern for the virgin girl whose entire body was shaken each time he rammed his big dick home.

Carole started to weep under the Sergeant's fierce pounding, now and then vainly calling her parents. He kept repeating "For my sister! For my sister!" as he pounded her deep and hard.

Beside her ordeal, the junior Sergeant raping Denise accelerated the pace even further as he was nearing his victorious climax! The black-haired teenager was now utterly shaken under him from the unbriddled force of her savage rape, as her small tits quivered wildly and she kept screaming "No! No! No! No!..." while shaking her head frantically and vainly trying to break free from her jeering captors. Her stretched vagina was in searing pain while her rapist was grunting and groaning and enjoying every second of this rape of such a tight little white virgin!
"Alors, la petite noiraude ! Tu aimes ça, une bite de Congolais ?..." (So, raven hair! Does the Congolese dick give you joy?" Then he laughed and groaned about the same time.

Lastly, feeling he was passing the no-return point, he frantically accelerated his pounding, sweating all over his half-naked body and looking straight at her eyes, her shiny black hair and then her bouncing small tits!... And he CUMMED! He roared, feeling the unfathomable sense of sexual relief from raping a WHITE GIRL!

He let out all his massive load of cum deep inside the cute little brunette! What an awesome fuck! He enjoyed his cumming to its very last droplet!

Denise sobbed and wailed and called her mother -- herself busy being raped -- as she felt her complete dishonour utterly consummated with this tidal wave of warmth that took complete possession of her forbidden sanctum! She was off-limits for these savage men! And now... She was worse than dead!

As her rapist pulled out his huge Congolese dick, the Belgian teen girl looked at his face with soul-dead eyes.

Then the next man -- a Corporal -- took over from where his NCO had stopped and Denise's ordeal resumed. She was once more shaken while pinned on the ground with her arms even more pinned by these beige-uniformed negroes who kept calling her a "petite salope blanche". In her mind, the song Lonely Boy by Paul Anka resonated as her head bobbed against the Congolese soil... The good girl who was listening to this record belonged to a distant past, to another life. Now she was in hell with her vagina filled with a savage's negro dick. And many more waited their turn!

As Sergeant Moïse Loemba kept raping Carole missionary style, he taunted her now-helpless father.

After beating them up, his men had handcuffed the two Belgian husbands to parts of their jeeps where they would have a clear view of their women's rapes!

Marcelle had been swiftly undressed and now a soldier was raping her standing doggystyle while others restrained her arms and kept her bent over in a perfect cock-receiving position. She was shaken from head to toe under the black man's savage assaults! This scene filled Mr. Faubert with horror, but the rapes of his daughters was far, far worse!

"Tell me Sir!" said Sergeant Loemba, "How does it feel to be now on the wrong side of the fence? How do you like watching us raping your daughters and your wife?" He had slowed down a bit so he could enjoy Carole a little while longer; she was so fucking tight!

Mr. Faubert threatened him very predictably. His threats added to Sergeant Moïse Loemba's pleasure as he kept raping his sobbing daughter. He utterly enjoyed the feeling of her nice slender thighs helplessly brushing against his wild flanks as he thrusted and retreated his huge fuckstick nonstop, raping the girl senseless!

Then he felt Carole's shoe on his buttcheek! This drove him mad! Sergeant Moïse Loemba had a foot fetish and he knew this girl would most certainly have deliciously beautiful feet. Unfortunately, in his urge to rape, he had left her white socks and leather shoes on! He decided to correct this. He pulled out and authoritatively told his men he wasn't done.

Laughing as Carole feebly tried to kick him while still having her arms pinned, Sergeant Moïse Loemba quickly pulled her shoes and socks off her nice little girly feet! Sergeant Loemba felt his raging erection intensify to a pleasingly painful coconut-hardness! Ohhh... These nice little white feet! The feet of a white girl! He kissed and licked Carole's dainty feet. She indeed had feet every bit as gorgeous as any pin-up girl!

Then, Sergeant Loemba placed her feet on either side of his head and forcefully re-entered her with a wild grunt, then he pinned her pure-white thighs beneath his dark arms and started raping her in the eagle's position! Knowing that the girl's feet were now pointing up in the air as she was getting negro-raped gave Sergeant Loemba an unstoppable rush of fulfilled lust!

He mounted her like a complete savage, enjoying the sounds of her sobs and wails as he pumped his giant dick deep inside her and quickly reached his orgasm!

Sergeant Moïse Loemba released his full load of Congolese semen deep inside Carole Faubert! He screamed his contentment as he shot his warm ropes of jizz!...
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRR!!! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnrrrrhhhhhhh... Ohhh la petite salope blanche!! .... Oh qu'elle est bonne !" (.... .... ... Ohhh, the little white slut!! Oh she's a real good one!)

Sergeant Moïse Loemba pulled out his dick from man's paradise, casting one last look on Denise's ravaged, cum-polluted black-haired womanhood before the next man took his place and started raping the weeping no-more-virgin Belgian girl.

Tied to the jeep, Mr. Faubert was now crying like a child.


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Note: This chapter is where things get hot for Gabrielle! I'm exploring the frontier between a willful hook-up featuring gangbang play and an actual gangrape.


As he pulled Gabrielle out of her green Austin A40 through the driver seat's window, toward the right side of the dirt road, Corporal Fabrice Kasongo enjoyed the plunging view on Gabrielle's cleavage and white bra, as she had already undone the top button of her short-sleeve white blouse to drive more comfortably on this long roadtrip...

Now the men came out of their hiding places and swarmed the three hapless cars! Gabrielle was surrounded and violently grabbed by jeering troops as Corporal Kasongo squeezed her in his powerful weightlifter's arms and force-kissed her, stooping down as she only stood 1 m 55 (5 ft 1 in.) to his 1 m 83 (6 ft.)... She tasted so fresh! It was the very first time he kissed a white woman and the wild rush of feelings fed his raging erection under his beige uniform pants...

He kept kissing the petite brunette, holding her protesting head with both hands while soldiers cupped and kneaded her small breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse... Others groped her butt... They were all getting wildly aroused by her tiny, feminine figure and her amazing scent as she wanted to scream, but couldn't because of Fabrice's kissing!
"Allez Fabrice ! Déshabille-moi cette salope blanche !" (Let's go Fabrice! Strip this white slut naked!)

Gabrielle had screamed and protested at the top of her voice and then kept screaming as her voice and breath were blocked by Fabrice's thick negro lips; he didn't dart his tongue in her mouth, not wanting to risk a bite. Her tiny body naturally reacted on its own to the multiple assaults on her mouth and curves by flooding her pussy with arousal juices and swelling her breasts under the Congolese men's hands.

A soldier exclaimed his pleasure as he felt Gabrielle's erect nipple through her garments... "Ohhh la belle petite salope ! Elle a envie qu'on la baise !" (Ohhh, the cute little slut! She wants us to fuck her!)

Gabrielle, terrified and resisting to no avail, heard all the mean laughing, jeering and commenting around her while the thickly muscled Corporal kept force-kissing her; she was so tiny and helpless in their arms! She was aware of all the entire place being filled with the white women's shrill screams and wails as the black men began assaulting their clothes and bodies while the husbands were beaten into bloody submission with rifle butts.

In the corner of her eye, she confusedly saw a grinning soldier wildly tearing off Jeanne's upper garments and savagely snapping her bra while his comrades firmly held her standing in front of him and restrained her vainly resisting arms... Jeanne screamed "NON ! Vous n'avez pas le droit ! Enlevez vos sales pattes, sales macaques !" (Nooooooooooooo!!! You have no right! Get off me you filthy apes!)

Jeanne Oblin kept screaming and protesting, her naked perky boobs now freely jiggling as she wiggled and squirmed in her vain attempts at escaping her raging captors... Her breasts were amazing with their delicate rosy nipples amid subtle matching areolas! They offered a show of almost-grotesquely classy erotism as they jiggled south of her white pearl necklace, swaying from side to side in their white firmness, all lighted under the bright African sun, as she desperately fought to no avail; her white skin was soon covered by black hands of soldiers amazed to be cupping and kneading the naked breasts of a white, normally off-limits woman... AT LAST! THEY WERE GOING TO FUCK THEIR WOMEN! IT WAS GOING TO BE SO FUCKING DAMNED GOOD!

All this happened within seconds as Gabrielle looked sideways to her right. Presently the entire universe closed in upon her in the form of a pack of jeering and horny Congolese mutinied troops!

She felt her fighting arms being solidly grabbed and held still on either side of her body as the black Corporal finally freed her mouth... Gabrielle screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" as the Corporal violently tore open her blouse, sending delicate buttons flying onto the dirt road. She immediately felt his unflinching hand grabbing the front of her bra and very easily yank it off while the Corporal let out a savage groan of satisfaction as he enjoyed this long-awaited moment!

Gabrielle felt more juices flooding her vagina as she realised in horror that all the men could now see her arousal-swollen breasts and erect nipples in all their perky whiteness! She heard all the men commenting on her gorgeous-looking tits...
"Ohhh, mais elle a de beaux nichons, cette petite salope !" (Ohh... She's got a nice pair of titties, the little slut!)
"Ah oui... une belle petite pouliche ça !" (Oh yeah... A fine-looking whore she is!)
"Tu va voir, salope belge, comment on va te violer !" (You'll see, Belgian slut, how we're going to rape you!)
"On va tous te passer dessus, salope blanche !" (We're all going to use you, white slut!)

Corporal Fabrice Kasongo was looking at naked white breasts for the very first time in his hard life! His dick was raging-hard to a point close to pain. He HAD to rape her... NOW! This cute brunette was so steaming hot, now that he looked at her swollen, pulsating breasts, lifted up and receding as the panicked girl was panting and vainly trying to break free.

Black hands immediately assaulted her exposed tits, dark skin on white skin, while Corporal Kasongo took off his uniform shirt, telling the other men he was going first in a commanding tone.

Gabrielle felt a mix of panicked horror, fascination, loathing and arousal as she saw the Cororal's ebony torso! This man had thick muscles all over and indeed boulder-looking shoulders -- he clearly looked like he too was capable of a 300+ pounds overhead press! What a stud! How disappointing it was to be getting raped by him instead of hooking up, which she would have very willingly done under more normal circumstances.

Gabrielle screamed "NON !... NAON !!!... Arrêtez ! Je vous en prie, arrêtez ! ..." (NOOOOO!!!! ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please don't!!! Stop!!...) as the Corporal rushed back at her and violently pulled her waist belt along with her grey skirt down her slender, yet curvy hips, brutally revealing her white intimate flesh as the grey skirt was rushed down her legs while he lifted her feet off the ground to finish stripping her out of her skirt, which he discarded instantly on the Congolese dirt.

She was only wearing black panties underneath and it slid along with her skirt, and her slip-on black shoes also vanished in her savage undressing. All the soldiers wowed at the sight of her gorgeous legs and feet, their gazes almost blinded by such a plentiful erotic show of white charms! Each and every one of them was going to have his turn on her!

Now all the men had a clear view on her wet cunt, which was covered by a nice bush of starkly contrasting black hair! They also noticed the wide thigh gap between her whiter than white legs. They were all commenting on how they were going to rape this "salope blanche".

Gabrielle kept screaming, wailing and begging them to stop, then she presently felt a hand on her aroused cunt...
"Ohhh... Elle est toute mouillée la salope !" (Ohhh... This slut is all wet!)
"Ahh.. C'est une vraie de vraie salope de Bruxelles ça !" (Ohhh... This is a true slut from Brussels!)
"Allez Fabrice, viole-nous cette petite trainée !" (Come on Fabrice, rape this little bitch for us!)

The Congolese men cheered the Corporal on as Gabrielle tried to kick him from approaching... "NON ! Arrêtez ! Je vous en prie... NON !" (Nooooooooooo!!! Stop!!! Please Noooooooooo!!!)

Corporal Fabrice Kasongo laughed at her pointless kicking and he quickly managed to grab both her small ankles. He advanced on her while reinforcing her dominating hold on her lower legs and he let her bare feet resting against his ebony-muscled chest. The contact of Gabrielle's little feet sent a jolt of savage pleasure right down south to his almost-bursting erect dick! He loved women's feet, especially when she was petite! He was so amazed at this direct contact with a white woman's feet! Gabrielle's were very dainty, all rosy white and so perfectly feminine in every way! If they had hooked up, he would have spent a lot of time giving them his loving attention, but he had no time, for he was part of a pack of mutinied rapists!

His entire being became a monster of lust bent on one purpose -- RAPE! RAPE THE WHITE WOMAN!

While he kept holding Gabrielle's snow-white lower legs and shoved them over his shoulder using one mighty arm, he reached down and unzipped his uniform pants, producing his wildly erect dick which pointed up at Gabrielle -- it was a nine-inch long specimen of dark veiny Congolese meat!

Fabrice's pleasure intensified tenfold as he felt his dick touching Gabrielle's slender thigh while she kept struggling against the men who restrained her arms and kept assaulting her breasts... She was so utterly in their power! She was getting gangraped, she knew it, yet she was still trying to prevent the unavoidable, unthinkable turn of events!


Fabrice forcefully spread open Gabrielle's legs and speared himself between them, his giant swollen dick suddenly resting on her juiced up hairy cunt as she was being held in midair by the pack of horny black men, who now had her slender arms above her head while she constantly wailed and begged them to stop. Two soldiers were helping Fabrice in holding her legs while he took his cock and pushed it against her wet slit...

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!..." Gabrielle screamed at the top of her voice, unable to wrap her head around the unavoidable fact that she was getting raped by these men NOW!!!

The forced penetration came. Sudden. Brutal.

Corporal Fabrice Kasongo uttered a roar of exhilaration, with a tinge of astonishment, as his dick effortlessly rammed Gabrielle all the way to the deepest reaches of her vagina, his black cock knocking on her cervix and making her both scream in pain and moan in shameful, unstoppable pleasure sensations.

Fabrice grabbed Gabrielle's pure-white thighs and immediately started pounding her with no holds barred, like a jungle baboon, raping her urgently and almost angrily! Making her entire tiny frame shake like a light rag doll, sending all her shiny black hair flying wild around her shaking head as she kept screaming and begging them to stop. He kept calling her "petite salope blanche" (little white slut) while he grunted in his unadulterated copulating glee!

Gabrielle had never been so badly shaken! She felt utterly powerless and overwhelmed in the collective arms of these uniformed Congolese savages. Her head was bobbing and shaking as she protested, wailed, screamed and moaned all at once under the savage rape. Her vagina was stretched to its limit, all filled up by the Corporal's huge dick as it thrusted deep inside her and retreated in raging-quick succession!

She felt her body reacting with a life of its own. She was horrified, and bitterly disappointed that this wild fuck session was happening in such a grim context. She sobbed at thinking of how she would have loved to hook up with such studs in Léopoldville and willingly let them use her. Now it was completely different and not fun. She was being actually GANGRAPED!

The Corporal raping her had absolutely no regard for her well-being. He pounded her with all the strength and fury he could muster, feeling his pleasure rapidly mounting, his hands painfully holding the tender flesh of her thighs, her feet somewhere in the air behind his loins as she instinctively wrapped her legs around her rapist...

It lasted for ever! Gabrielle was in pain, feeling the grunting man's shameful precum, yet her bodily responses forced her to moan louder and louder in a crescendo of higher-pitched vocal female unwilling carnal reactions. She knew there was no way she could fend off her upcoming orgasm.

This Corporal was enjoying the rape so much! He didn't slow down one bit and was now all sweaty and very happy to be able to last so long! Ohhh, did he love this! "I am fucking a white woman" he thought within himself as he felt Gabrielle's tightness grip at his impaling dick, as he constantly retreated and slammed back all the way in!

Through her body's wild rocking and her head's bobbing, Gabrielle looked at his pleasure-distorted face -- his ebony features made him look like a fiend preying on a helpless girl and wildly enjoying this, his full white teeth enhancing the blackness of his face under the Congolese sun while he kept raping her senseless!

She felt positively surprised upon realizing she was still wearing her blouse, which Fabrice had completely torn open to make her rape-ready seemingly ages ago... The brutal pounding lasted and never stopped! Her entire body shook under the man's untamed strength as she felt her classy feminine self being shattered and destroyed all the while he used her like his whore!

"Noooo... No!... NOOOOO!!!... Ahhhh... NO!... OOOAAAhhhh..." Gabrielle kept screaming and moaning under the men's jeers as her body was seemingly raped for ever. This stud of a Corporal was a long laster! Too bad he was her rapist; if she could have helped it, she would have had him as her lover.

Gabrielle kept screaming.. "Noo, no... NO!... NO!..." but her tone had suddenly changed, as her No's were now directed at her own body. She knew all too well the surging tide was coming. A black man who started sucking and licking her left boob, while some other black hand was cupping the right one, was the straw that broke the camel's back...

As Fabrice kept raping and pounding her with unrestrained savagery, Gabrielle let out a long-lasting and far-reaching moan as a million time-bombs exploded all over her sweating body with a massive epicentre within her cunt and two additional epicentres atop her played-with breasts!

"Vous avez entendu ça, les mecs ? Elle aime ça, la salope blanche ! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!..."
(Did you hear this, mates? The white slut's loving it! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!...)

Gabrielle heard all the black men commenting and mocking her for her shameful show of unwilling pleasure as she bitterly sobbed. Why didn't they understand that this orgasm made the ordeal even more painful? It was something they were taking from her, and not something she had given them! Even in a rape roleplay, she would have been a willing victim. Here she was just gangraped by a bunch of mutinied soldiers under the bright sun of Congo, somewhere amid the countryside, while other white women and girls were being raped as well...

She sobbed and wailed as the Corporal kept pounding her in his rape frenzy. RAPE! RAPE THE WHITE WOMAN! She knew she was never going to be the same woman again. The Gabrielle she had known no longer existed... Long-gone was the teen girl who had swooned over this ebony-skin American champion weightlifter in Helsinki...
"Oh NO!... NO!..." she screamed as she felt a second upcoming orgasm.

It hit her even harder than the first one! She uttered a wild groan of female moaning that would have echoed throughout the entire place if the men around her hadn't been so loud in their cheers and jeers...

She was becoming exhausted from being so savagely used. Her entire body was wildly shaken under the overwhelming strength of the Congolese Corporal raping her, her head and long shiny black hair constantly bobbing against the men who were holding her still while cheering for Fabrice and encouraging him to rape this "salope blanche" good, long and hard!

Corporal Fabrice contemplated Gabrielle's gorgeous small breasts as they jiggled wildly, her pale erect nipples fully visible and dancing atop her small firm mounds, in a mind-boggling erotic show of violated whiteness between the white rags of what used to be a nice bourgeois blouse. The vibe he had felt from her when they had flirted told him she must have been in her early twenties, yet it still felt like he was raping a college-age white girl! Her entire body was so firm and tight! 

Fabrice was enjoying this so much! Raping this little "salope blanche" was so much fun! Later, he mentally noted while he kept raping her... Later he would rape her again, this time doggystyle. This young white lady had no doubt a gorgeous, pale-skin butt and he wasn't going to miss out on this!

He increased his pace and groaned in an increasingly loud vocal expression of savage contentment as he neared his climax. He intensified his pounding further, looking at Gabrielle's amazing hair as her long dark locks flew and waved from her wildly shaking head, and then he looked back at her jiggling breasts... He imagined her gorgeous white feet somewhere behind him as her naked thighs brushed his busy flanks... This was too much!!!

Corporal Fabrice Kasongo, of the Force publique of Congo, screamed like a complete savage as his giant dick exploded a massive load of cum deep within Gabrielle...

He couldn't believe how intense the cumming was! He felt two very large shots of warm semen bursting out of his exploding cock and utterly flooding the young white woman's vagina. Now she was Africanized all right!

"Alors, ma petite salope belge, tu aimes ça l'Afrique ?" (So, little Belgian slut, you like it in Africa?)

The Corporal laughed as he reluctantly pulled out his massive shaft, all dripping with cum!
"Ça ma petite demoiselle, c'est de la bonne semence congolaise !" (This, little Milady, is good sound Congolese semen!) One soldier commented right to her ear. Gabrielle suddenly realized she was raped in her critical ovulation time of the month; the realization and its unspeakable implications hit her like a full-size military truck...

Gabrielle bitterly wailed and sobbed, unable to fathom the true import of what had just happened... RAPED BY CONGOLESE SOLDIERS... DID IT REALLY HAPPEN?!... The thick stickiness deep inside her cunt and her sore vagina confirmed the unthinkable.

"Allons ! Pleure pas ma belle petite Belge ! Tu vas en avoir encore !" (Come! Don't cry my sweet little Belgian girl! You're going to get some more!)

The soldier who had thus mocked her was now stark naked with his erect dick pointing right at her as he lifted her feet off the ground and positioned himself between her once-again spread legs. Gabrielle soon felt his dick -- only eight inch long this time -- drilling and pounding her as the new rapist made himself comfortable, grabbing her thighs and ramming his Congolese meat home inside Gabrielle's tight vagina!

The other men kept cheering on while Corporal Fabrice Kasongo recuperated from the savage fuck by drinking from his canteen and watching this "salope blanche" getting used while many other soldiers eagerly waited their turn! She was going to take a shitload of Congolese dicks and cum!

Now Gabrielle knew the meaning of being a "salope blanche" deep inside Congo! While her petite body was once more utterly shaken under the force of her gangrape, head bobbing, small breasts jiggling and all, she wondered whether she would find the courage of writing a true account of this experience in her book about her stay in dark Africa.


Note: I confess... I had been binge-writing this story! Gabrielle is so smoking hot that I really couldn't wait to get at the chapter where she tastes her first Congolese dicks! Having her gang-raped like this is such a turn-on!

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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Jeanne's world was smashed and crashed upside down! There she was, a respectable woman of good standing, married and soon to be mother, raised in the one fashionable neighborhood of Léopoldville... Now somewhere in Congo's bushlands, half-naked and the sexual toy of a pack of negroes!

These ape men, barely humans, were now assaulting her bare breasts after tearing her nice dress open -- their thick negro lips and black hands on the delicate, silky-soft pale skin of her perky breasts that she always proudly showcased underneath a nice dress whenever she appeared in proper society next to her young and handsome husband. She had been so proud to be a nice, proper wife. She bitterly sobbed and shrieked her powerless anger as the pack of apes sucked and cupped and licked and kneaded her white proudness!

Now she was caught by these black savages! They had badly beaten up her handsome husband and brutally extracted her from their car.

She'd heard poor Gabrielle's screams of panic as other black soldiers began assaulting her next to her own green car; she'd clearly heard the sounds of tearing fabric as a tall and thickly built Corporal -- she'd noticed the two chevrons on his sleeve -- violently tore open Gabrielle's white blouse and immediately yanked off her bra, revealing the cute brunette's amazing small breasts under the bright Congolese sun!

Jeanne had a clear view on the scene, as she had been pulled out of their French car from the passenger seat, while Gabrielle was driving a British car with the driver's seat also on the right hand side.

This sight of Gabrielle's naked breasts -- quickly obscured by negro hands -- sent a rush of secret lust within Jeanne and juiced up her pussy, at the same time a black soldier fiercely ripped her dress-top open while another instantly snapped her bra off her perky breasts, which were immediately assaulted by black hands and mouths as the victorious mutinied soldiers commented on her pectoral beauty...
"Oh, mais dis donc ! Elle les a fermes, ses nichons !" (Oh... Look at this! She's got a firm pair of titties!)
"Un beau petit blanc laiteux, ça !" (This is a nice and sweet milky white!)
"Ce sont toujours les châtaines qui ont les plus beaux seins !" (The most beautiful boobs always belong to a lady with light-brown hair!)
"On va te cuisiner tout ça, ma belle dame ! Tu vas voir !..." (We're going to process all this, Milady, you'll see!)
"Ah... C'est de la belle salope blanche, ça !" (Oh... Such a pretty white slut we have here!)

Indeed, Jeanne's breasts were perfectly white with classic perky curves and delicately rosy nipples standing on tiny areolas... A joy to behold and cup and kiss and suck and knead and play with some more! And an amazing first contact for these negroes who had never ever been intimate with an off-limits white woman.

Jeanne kept loudly protesting and dreaded the soon-to-follow next stage where...

"NON ! NON ! Vous n'avez pas le droit ! NON ! Vous ne pouvez pas ! NON ! C'est impossible ! Impossible ! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON..." (NO! NO! You have no right! NO! You can't! NO! It's impossible! Impossible! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

Jeanne loudly screamed and begged and voiced how this couldn't be as the pack of men went for her dress, feeling they had done enough foreplay and it was high time to get down to business!

They pinned her back against the beige brand-new Renault Dauphine, held her arms still -- her tight little white-gloved fists clasped in pointless anger -- and crudely peeled up her long white dress and tucked it right up against her hip belt, then mercilessly yanked off her panties while she frantically shook her pretty light-brown head of hair, her neat bourgeois style quickly becoming dishevelled as she protested in shrill screams; their eyes feasted on her contrasting brown bush of cunt hair for a fleeting second before the first soldier had his massive dark-brown dick at the ready and violently pushed his Congolese cock against Jeanne's slit and had her groaning in shame and anger as he invaded her pink entrance!

The large Congolese Corporal uttered a loud beastly grunt as he rammed his hips deep between Jeanne's legs and entered his monster dick all the way inside her! He enjoyed very much hearing Jeanne's angry and shamed shrill screams and protests as he began savagely pounding her! Oh shit, he thought, this was so fucking awesome!

"JE VIOLE UNE BLANCHE ! JE VIOLE UNE BLANCHE ! JE VIOLE UNE BLANCHE !" (I'M RAPING A WHITE WOMAN! ... ...) the man screamed with unadulterated joy as he reaffirmed his hold on Jeanne's gorgeous white legs and kept violently pounding her, slamming her hard against the hood of the Renault car, where she was pinned, screaming and wailing with her arms restrained by two jeering black members of the Force publique! Her bourgeois white gloves now clearly signaled to the soldiers that they had smashed and destroyed all social boundaries and the sight of them enhanced their arousal and fed their animalistic lust! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE THE PRIVILEGED WHITE WOMAN!

"Alors ma petite dame, tu aimes ça, les bites de Nègre ?" (So, fair lady, how do you like negro dicks?) commented one of these two, before force-kissing her.
"Regarde-toi, sale trainée ! Après, tu iras t'en vanter dans les salons de Bruxelles !" (Look at you, filthy whore! After this, you'll go and brag about this in Brussels's fashionable lounges!)
"Tu es moins fière maintenant !" (Not so proud now!)
"C'est gros, une bite de nègre ! Habitue-toi ma jolie !" (Negro dicks are big! Get used to it, sweetie!)

The soldiers around her commented and taunted her, their white teeth illuminating their African faces as they laughed.

Jeanne's rape was physically painful, as her first rapist had zero concern for her; he pounded her with ruthless abandon as he kept screaming "JE VIOLE UNE BLANCHE ! JE VIOLE UNE BLANCHE ! JE VIOLE UNE BLANCHE !"...

The worst was the moral pain. Unbearable! Unfathomable! Jeanne couldn't wrap her soul-dying mind around this unspeakable nightmare! SHE WAS BEING RAPED BY BLACK CONGOLESE MEN! IMPOSSIBLE!...

Under her savage car-hood rape, Jeanne sobbed and kept lowly protesting "C'est impossible... Impossible..." as the soldier bucking her against the car hood quickly reached his climax...

Jeanne fell further down into the grim, black well of debasement as she heard her rapist loudly roar his utter satisfaction while she felt his huge negro dick exploding deep inside her bourgeois, marriage-owned vagina and she felt the warm tide of sticky evil flooding her womb...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... OUI ! La Blanche!!! La Blanche!!! NNNNNNNNNRRRRAAaaaaaaaaaahhhrgggg... Oh, PUTAIN ! LA VACHE !... OOooaaaAAHH..." (... YES! The White Woman! The White Woman! ... Oh God! Holy Cow! ...)

The Corporal greatly enjoyed the unfathomable relief -- its intensity multiplied by the fact he was doing this to a "salope blanche" -- as he thoroughly emptied his balls and dumped a massive load of African semen inside Jeanne...

"Alors là, elle est bien africanisée, cette petite salope belge !" (Now, this little Belgian slut is properly africanized!) the nearest soldier commented, before moving in as the contented Corporal pulled out his cum-exploded dick out of Jeanne. He resumed Jeanne's ordeal where the first rapist had left and very soon, Jeanne was once again savagely pounded and slammed against the hood of the Renault Dauphine where laughing soldiers kept her well pinned, her white-gloved hands still clasped in anger and only succeeding in enhancing her rapists' arousal.

Many more Congolese soldiers waited nearby for the unbelievable rush of raping one of these "petites salopes blanches" (little white sluts)! This day -- 100 years long for the victims -- would pass quite fast for the uniformed mutinied rapists!


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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The two beyond-unfortunate husbands were handcuffed and tied to a jeep, powerless and forced to watch the unthinkable unfold before their very eyes. The place was now bustling with mutinied black troops. There must have been some 30 or 35 of them!

Mr. Faubert was weeping like a child as he watched the Congolese soldiers defiling his beautiful daughters one man after the other, many negroes, some of them stark naked, standing in line to get their turn on either of these pretty white teens, who were both lying down side by side and taking one black dick after the other missionary style.

Mr. Oblin also wept as he saw a pack of these black devils surrounding his wife Jeanne and taking turns in raping her on the hood of their car. But one scene he couldn't get his eyes from was Carole's and Denise's ordeal. As he watched Denise's white legs brushing against her Congolese rapist as she was utterly shaken under his beastly pounding, Mr. Oblin felt a powerful surging erection growing underneath his pants!

Mr. Oblin had been secretely desiring his neighbour's daughters, especially Denise, and the unreal scene of the twin girls' collective rape woke up this evil, which now reared its ugly head in the form of a purple cock that pushed hard against his pants...

Both 16-year-old girls were now completely tired out and had quit resisting, realizing how pointless it was as they were so solidly pinned on the Congolese soil by jeering black men who were all so eager to enjoy their mutiny's booty! Each teen daughter had now taken at least three or four big black dicks inside them. Now they were women who knew how it felt to receive a man's warm shot of cum deep inside!

Amid her horror, Carole wondered if a white man's cum was as warm and thick as a black man's. She had been virgin up to that fateful day, so she guessed that Congolese men certainly had warmer and thicker jizz. Each rape was still very painful... These men had such monstrous dicks and her young vagina was so tight! But each successive rape seemed to get a little less painful; but these beasts were anything but gentle!

Perhaps her senses were being numbed as her entire being had shut down to all external stimuli as a means of protection, except for the constant rubbing of negro dicks against her clit that had spurred the release of arousal fluids. She realized this natural lubricant, this and each successive man's load of cum, was no doubt the reason her compounded gangrapes were getting slightly less hellish... Yet horrible all the same!

Denise kept weeping, sobbing and calling her father's name as each of these black devils of the Pit took his pleasure inside her brunette's cunt! They also greatly enjoyed touching and kissing and licking her small girly tits of white splendour! She had slightly puffy nipples which were almost brown due to the profusion of melanin in her body. Her skin was exceedingly soft to the touch and her ivory-white complexion was rich with a very subtle haze from the African sun.

Then she was "woken up" from her body-shaking and head-bobbing by the loud grunt uttered by her rapist as he very intensely ejaculated inside her, flooding her with the now-familiar sensation of warm stickiness filling up her youthful womb!

Her next rapist had another idea. He suddenly flipped stark-naked Denise over and positioned her on all fours.

Then, as Carole was also just freshly raped and exited from, they flipped her over as well and roughly pulled off her grey plaid knee-length skirt, which had thus far been savagely tucked against her waist-belt; they took great delight in pulling her skirt down, suddenly revealing the white nakedness of her teenage butt, then sliding the garment down her gorgeous thighs and legs and feet while she was held down flat on her belly. Then they positioned her now-naked body on all fours right next to her twin sister and amused themselves by comparing their butts side by side!

Their father yelled and cursed at them. It was so humiliating! These scums!

Which of these two fine white teenage girls had the whitest butt?

Each man looked at Denise's slender and tight butt curves, noticing the richness of her delicately hazed ivory white that still looked bright white under the very high noon African sun, the narrow line of shadow between her teenage buttcheeks sharply contrasting under this bright, almost-vertical sun.

Then they looked at Carole's ass, which was a little more curvy and presenting an equally rich ivory-white complexion that shone very bright under the high sun, only this time it was all whiteness with no subtle haze, and her in-between butt line of shadow was even more contrasting!

Carole won! She was declared the "salope blanche avec le cul le plus blanc du Congo!" (the white slut with the whitest butt in Congo). The prize was... One Corporal, with a wicked large dick -- a 12-inch monster of curved midnight-black Congolese meat -- He was designated to dish out the prize!

As grinning soldiers held sobbing Carole's arms in place, her elbows supporting her upper body so her butt was protruding with its delightful teenage curves, the Corporal knelt behind her and inserted his tropical monster dick inside her already-used vagina, which got ruthlessly stretched as he started raping her with unrestrained glee!

"Sales nègres ! Fumiers !" (Filthy negroes! Scumbags!) Mr. Faubert yelled and repeated at them, only succeeding in making black men laugh at him.

The Corporal gripped Carole's curvy slender waist and had her whole body shaking, her bobbing face driven almost into the ground on each of his giant hip-thrusts using his monstrous dick only halfway in, pounding her in frantic rhythm of shockingly contrasting black on white as he fully enjoyed the conquest and possession of this intimate white territory and openly mocked Carole's father, who could only yell and curse at him while powerlessly watching his daughters being negro-raped!

They were showing them what Congo's independence was about! Now they were having the white man's job, house, car, paycheck, and of course his women!

As he kept doggy-raping sweet Carole on all fours, the tall Corporal laughed and kept making fun of her defeated father...
"Alors, est-ce que le papa aime ça ? Hrrrr... Hrrrr... Tu aimes ça, voir ta fille se faire violer par les soldats nègres ? Hrrr.... Hrrrrr... " (How the daddy-o likes this? ... ... You like this, huh, watching your daughter getting raped by the negro soldiers? ... ...)

The mother, Marcelle, was far too busy with her own pack of rapists to be of any vocal assistance. One soldier after another was raping her standing doggystyle while others held her arms in check and another had threatened to kill her family if she wasn't obedient, so she was now giving him head while her rapist kept pumping his dick inside her from behind. She now stood stark naked amid them and her legs, butt and curvy hips -- not to mention her C-sized breasts with little round nipples -- gave a surprisingly youthful show. Each successive man was gleefully unloading cum inside her!

She sobbed as she relived her grim ordeal from 1944, except this time she was quietly repeating "Mes filles ! Mes pauvres petites !..." (My daughters! My poor babies!...) while each successive Congolese dick impaled and fucked her from behind like a never-stopping piston...

The monster-dick Corporal had Carole screaming loud in vaginal pain as he gleefully enjoyed raping her on all fours! Raping these "petites salopes blanches" (little white sluts) was so much fun!

The powerful Corporal intensified his ramming, slamming Carole to and fro like a rag fuck doll, making it look like Carole's naked body was shaken with electroshocks as she kept kneeling and taking the full force of the assaulting 12-inch rock-hard jungle stick!

He raped Carole frantically, his gaze all sucked in her shadowy crack between her ever-colliding buttcheeks, the whiteness being utterly polluted by his contrasting black dick pounding her nonstop, now going two thirds of the way in and making the girl scream in pain.

Finally the Congolese strong man looked up to the bright African sky and frantically screamed "AhhhRRRR... la p'tite blanche ! ... la p'tite blanche ! ... la p'tite blanche ! ... la p'tite blanche ! ... Ah Oui ! On la VIOLE ! YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHRRRRGGGGGGGG GGGGGGHHHHHHHHH..." (AhhhRRRR... little white girl... little white girl... little white girl... Oh Yeah! She's getting RAPED! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHRRRRGGGGGGGG GGGGGHHHHHHHHH...)

Losing control of his body, the Force publique Corporal screamed this and groaned loud echoing notes of unrestrained contentment as he felt the blissful release and dumped a big steaming load of Congolese semen deep inside Carole's destroyed white virginity!


Beside them, the next-in-line rapist had knelt behind Denise and inserted his nine-inch ebony stick as the "consolation prize" and then delightfully grabbed her gorgeous teen hips and began raping her with unrestrained abandon!

Carole wept and sobbed as the beyond-contented Corporal exited her, only to be replaced by a fresh black soldier, all smiling and inserting his big negro dick inside the teenage well-bred girl! Seconds later, Carole was once more screaming, protesting and frantically shaking her head and making her chocolate hair fly wildly in a dishevelled feminine show of shiny locks, all the while her entire body was shaken by yet another monster black dick, plowing forth and retreating with rhythmical steadiness!

Next to her, Denise was utterly shaken on all fours, her shorter raven hair flying around her bobbing head in quick sharb bursts as her hanging small breasts jiggled to and fro underneath her panting torso as the rapist, his black hands firmly holding her slender waist, was raping her vagina with unrestrained savagery, his mouth wide-open with glee with some frothing saliva spilling down, and his face looking all the blacker against the whiteness of his teeth!

The standing-by soldiers commented the rapes...
"Ces deux petites-là se font passer par les armes !" (These two little ones are really getting it!)
"Oui, la châtaine foncée est en train de se faire baiser dans le grand style !" (Yeah! The chocolate-brown hair one is getting royally drilled!)
"Elles se font africaniser par nos grosses bites de nègres !" (They're getting Africanized by our big negro dicks!)

Other nearby soldiers began chanting...

It caught on... Before long, all the 35+ black men were chanting, asking for more carnal bliss at the expense of these "salopes blanches"! Many of them were drinking banana beer, as they had brought several cases aboard their trucks. Some others were also eating Dabo Kolo (baked bread in small cubes; a tasty festive food).

By now, the "detour team" was long arrived. Most of them presently waited in line for a go with one of the teen girls -- as soon as they had stepped off the truck, they had spotted them and screamed "Ah... les petites trainées belges ! On en veut nous aussi !" (Oh... The little Belgian camp followers! We want a piece of them too!) and many others were waiting for Gabrielle, who was also a very popular choice. It turned out that Congolese men had some fancy for this sweet-faced brunette!


The scout team had also arrived in their jeep. Their leader, still disguised as a white officer and wearing his sweat-inducing pale latex mask, ran like a madman to the spot where Gabrielle was getting savagely gang-fucked, held up by a forest of black arms with none of her dainty bare feet touching the ground as she was shaken and rocked nonstop, her head bobbing, long dark hair flying and small breasts wildly jiggling under the Congolese bright sun! Each successive man violently shooting his bolt of African cum deep inside pretty Gabrielle! She was now exhausted and letting herself used as the fuck-doll she now was.

The scout leader rushed at her, with the two scouts running after him! As the current rapist was groaning and cumming inside Gabrielle, he yelled "We spotted her first! We have the right to claim her!"

It seemed to be a rule among them. All men cleared the way for them. The scout leader, the Captain in disguise (three stars were shining gold on his shoulder pads), feverishly grabbed Gabrielle's almost-naked whored body and quickly pulled off and discarded her ruined white blouse -- which she miraculously still wore after several rapes -- and then he motioned his two acolytes to open the driver's seat door, where he had stark-naked Gabrielle enter head first, so he had easy access on her mind-bogglingly pale and firm butt! Her butt curves were slender, subtle and delicately feminine and her crack of middle shadow added the critical touch of overwhelming erotic charm! Her wide thigh gap intensified the femaleness of her tight butt. The overall effect was a brutal urge to fuck her!

Many soldiers commented...
"Ohh... Regardez-moi ça !" (Oh... Look at this!)
"Oh putain ! Mais quel cul !" (Oh Jesus! What an amazing butt!)
"Elle a un beau petit cul, cette salope blanche !" (This white slut has got a nice little tight butt!)
"Ça c'est du vrai cul de Blanche !"
(Now this is a real white girl's ass!)

The "Captain", still wearing his pale latex mask over his black face and uncaring of the heat under the sun, quickly undid his pants zipper and produced a massive, veiny shaft of midnight blackness and feverishly went to insert this tropical stick inside Gabrielle's womanhood, then -- AT LAST!!! -- he... He cursed! Gabrielle was so much shorter than him that her cunt was too low...

Then he had an idea. He ordered Gabrielle to kneel on the driver's seat, telling her that if she didn't comply like a good whore, like a proper "salope blanche", then she'd end up butchered and dismembered on the roadside along with her friends!

Terrified and frozen into obedience, Gabrielle knelt on the driver's seat, the whiteness of her small legs and feet offering a very appealing contrast with the dark-brown leather of the car's seats. Then the pale-facemasked disguised officer grabbed her tiny waist and forced her to protrude her mind-boggling butt further up and back, where his huge erect cock brushed against the silky softness of her intimate rear skin.

While one of his subordinate scouts restrained her outstretched arms in fron of her, the "Captain" feverishly inserted his massive brown dick inside Gabrielle's entrance and with a wicked sudden hipthrust, he forcefully rammed it all the way inside her!

Maintaining his right leg slightly outstretched to keep the car's door wide open, and encasing her feet and lower legs in the gap between his own legs, he fiercely grabbed her slim waist and began raping her doggystyle in unrestrained, furious ramming thrusts, slamming her body inside her car with each wicked hipthrust, holding her tight by the waist and pulling her back as he re-entered her, then repeating and finding a rhythm and method to his rape madness!

On each of his savage thrusts, he contemplated her slender butt as it kept shaking and colliding against his lap with furious "smack, smack, smack" sounds. He greatly enjoyed Gabrielle's groans of pain and her wails of powerlessness as her body shook so violently that an observer would think she was being given electroshocks!

Indeed, each time he rammed her with his big Congolese dick, her body bolted forward inside her car, hear head meeting the chest of the second scout who was restraining her arms from the passenger side.

The car itself was wobbling on its suspension and from a distance, an observer could almost think the disguised officer was raping the car itself, for he was driving all his strength, speed and energy into each impaling thrust!

Half-way inside her green Devon A40 with her butt exposed outside, Gabrielle was raped with overwhelming savagery, her head shaking and her arms outstretched and firmly restrained in front of her by the second soldier.

The savage scout Captain -- who was actually a Sergeant in Force publique -- took unfathomable delight in whoring her, headfirst inside her car, just like he had planned from the moment he had spotted her, one hour before, as she drove by his jeep... As he fucked her, contemplating his contrasting negro dick plowing her vagina between the small moons of her tight butt, he thought back of this nice girl who had waved at him while driving by in her British-made green car, and now he had her naked in his arms and he was raping her with all the force and savagery he had!

In his mind, the two images -- Gabrielle wearing her nice clothes and driving her car vs. Gabrielle naked and getting raped with utter savagery -- imprinted themselves for ever like the two opposite faces of a coin.

He felt his dick getting swoller and harder -- almost to a painful degree -- as he urged himself to further speed and savagery. RAPE! RAPE THE WHITE WOMAN!!! MAKE HER FEEL FUCKED BY THE FIERCEST OF MOUNTAIN GORILLAS!

The Captain-in-disguise looked like he was some grotesquely white-face clown raping a beautiful actress! His mind was running a fantasy where he was a white Colonel raping his young niece who was staying over for a visit! He had actually witnessed something strikingly similar through a small window in Camp Hardy one year ago.

Gabrielle was so utterly shaken that she was starting to have a headache, her head rocking and bobbing nonstop... She felt numbed from the brutal pounding and the tidal wave of pain and savage clit rubbing happening inside her beyond-raped womanhood... She felt so ashamed from being bent over and forced-fucked by negroes!

"Ahhh... NO!!... NOO!!!... Arrhhh... Ahhh... NOOO!!!... STOP!... STOP!!!..." She kept pleading and wailing as the mad pounding went on unabated, as she constantly heard the "Captain" uttering animalistic grunting and calling her "salope blanche" and "fille de joie bruxelloise" (hooker from Brussels)...

Every second, Gabrielle's small white body dashed forward toward the passenger seat with unstoppable force, before her rapist ruthlessly pulled her back against his lap and then slammed her forward again, filling and stretching her sore vagina with his long and thick tropical dick. This went on and on and on and on. She heard her rapist's incessant grunting and she felt his insane lust communicating itself through his grip hurting her now-reddened waist!

Every second, she was driven headfirst inside the lap of the second negro soldier... She confusedly realized that he was now sitting on the passenger seat and holding her arms and shoulders, smelling the amazing scent of her dishevelled black hair and presently unzipping his pant to produce his eight-inch veiny chocolate stick!

Gabrielle realized what he intended to do!

She protested while her head and body were violently shaken all the time from her long-enduring rape. This "Captain" was quite a stud, she thought with grim irony as the second man's big black cock rubbed her quickly moving face...

The soldier repeated his superior's threat -- that she'd end up dismembered on the roadside if she didn't comply!
"Allez ma petite Belge ! Sois une bonne petite putain et suce ma grosse bite de nègre ! Allez ! Allez !" (Come on now, little Belgian girl! Be a good little slut and suck my big negro dick! Come on, let's go! Let's go!)

Then he grabbed her constantly moving head and introduced his big hard cock inside her ajar mouth, warning her that she'd really regret it if he felt any one of her teeth!

It wasn't easy for him to insert his dick inside Gabrielle's mouth, as she was so utterly shaken from her savage rape in progress, but he eventually succeeded. Then he immediately seized her beautiful raven head of hair and pushed it down, forcing her to take his Congolese dick deep to her throat, making her gag, all the while the scout "Captain" was raping her from behind, grunting and grinning his bliss under his grotesque-looking pale latex mask...

Gabrielle fought hard to keep breathing. Her entire senses were filled with the new rancid taste tinged with some urine, and her dainty sensual mouth was completely filled by the dark African meet she was now forced to pleasure.

The soldier on the passenger seat began to grunt and voice his pleasure as he intensified the face-fuck...
"Ah OUI !!! C'EST BIEN !... COMME ÇA, OUI ! AHHHH... OUI, c'est bien ! C'est bien !... Ahhh, elle apprend vite, la petite salope belge !" (OH YES! THAT'S IT! LIKE THIS, YES! OHHH... YES, this is good! Very good! Ohhh... the little Belgian slut is learning quick!)

The negro closed his eyes as he felt the blissful tightness of Gabrielle's mouth around his swollen dick! The darting of her tongue multiplied his joy! Gabrielle cried and sobbed, gasping for her breath as he feverishly moved her head up and down along his long hard dick, all the while her body was savagely shaken by her never-ending rape...

Her headache intensified from all this head-bobbing and shaking as she felt like she would spend her entire remaining life moaning and groaning in pain, all muffled from the giant dick filling her mouth... She felt... Africanized! Many times Africanized now! She wondered how on earth her skin still looked pure-white! She felt so utterly defiled and polluted!

As she felt the massive dick plowing her stretched vagina and constantly rubbing her overloaded clit, the entire interior of her car seemed to be moving in a blur -- brown leather seats and all... -- as her savage rape kept on and on... She no longer knew which day or year it was. 1952?! Helsinki?! Brussels in 1957?!...

Currently, Gabrielle's one and only universe was the soldier's lap and his huge hard black dick that was raping her mouth while the "officer" was raping her womanhood...

All her senses were confused and overloaded with far too many stimuli happening at once... Both her rapists constantly grunting and calling her "salope blanche"... The onlooking men chanting "BUCK, HER!... BUCK, HER!... BUCK, HER!..." (DU, CUL !... DU, CUL !... DU, CUL !...)... The other women's wails under their own rapists and all the other men's jeers and chanting... Most of all, the pain and soreness inside her overly used womanhood, the rancid dick taste filling her mouth, all intertwined with upcoming and unwilling orgasms as her body defended itself against the painful invasion with anything it found, no matter how immoral...

Then the scout Captain stepped up his already-mad pace and banged her in total rape-frenzy as he gorilla-groaned out loud and felt the unspeakable bliss of dumping his negro load inside a gorgeous white woman!... "HHUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNN!!!"

Gabrielle felt the massive load flooding her from behind as her body was slammed with the man's ultimate hipthrusts as he completely emptied his Congolese balls inside the pretty Belgian teacher-journalist!

Then, almost at the same time, she felt the second man's dick twitching inside her mouth and before she had time to mentally scream "oh non !" she felt the big black dick exploding deep inside her mouth as he frantically shook her head up and down to intensify his ejaculation!

With a loud groan of bliss, the Congolese soldier erupted inside Gabrielle Janssens's mouth in a geyser of warm and richly thick stickiness, flooding all her mouth and forcing her to swallow most of it to avoid suffocating...

Then the beyond-contented soldier exited her mouth and she spat out the left-over sperm, which spilled and pooled on the leather passenger seat while the soldier was getting out of the car...

The taste was gross, rancid and salty with some twinge of sweet flavor bordering on something like peanuts... She mentally compared this taste with the university professor she had pleasured after a class in the fall semester of 1957 -- as part of a personal experiment she had willingly subjected herself to -- and she concluded that Congolese cum tasted a little different than a Belgian's; the slight difference was a tinge of sweetness similar to coconut milk... Well... Perhaps her numbed mind was playing games with her...

Gabrielle had no time to rest!

She felt hands fiercely grabbing her ankles and violently and painfully pulling her out of the car, which wasn't too difficult to do since she weighed 48 kilos (105 lbs) soaking wet... which she was... She perhaps weighed a full kilo extra from all the cum she'd taken since the outset of her unspeakable ordeal...

She quickly found herself on the ground in the arms of the last of the three scouts, who immediately inserted his dick inside her cum-filled vagina and started pounding her missionary style with unrestrained glee as another soldier was firmly holding her arms pinned on the ground above her bobbing aching head while contemplating her jiggling perky breasts!

Looking up to her right, she saw the Captain-in-disguise, who was now recovering, his dick dripping milky semen, and with a case of orgasm-induced leg wobbliness... He had finally removed his mask and was pouring water from his canteen on his profusely sweating black face...

Her new rapist resumed the mad fucking, perhaps with even more savagery (!?) As her body and head were once more shaken with electroshock-grade violence, Gabrielle felt like these men were actually competing against one another to see who was the roughest in whoring these "salopes blanches".

Gabrielle had no idea these Congolese men could be such savages! None of her exes came even close! The prick she had dumped after a mere two months and who prided himself being rough looked like a meek boyscout next to these MEN!

Amid her horror, while her naked thighs brushed against the wild flanks of his fierce rapist, she heard a passing thought... "At least I am being raped by MEN!"

She had no choice but to endure the shaking ordeal, looking nonstop -- and from up close -- at the fast-moving black face, which was grinning with a full set of white teeth, the man often opening his mouth wide in his bliss and sending her his breath reeking of banana beer! Her entire field of vision was one black face with its features distorted by the pleasure he was taking from her, constantly drilling her and pinning her on the African soil as she was whored hard by the mutinied Force publique of Congo, who had found their "petite salope blanche" in her!

This rapist -- was it the fourth or fifth? She had stopped counting -- eventually cummed. HARD! Then his dick receded. The soldier who had been holding her arms while contemplating her moving breasts immediately replaced him.

Then it started again... The infernal pounding with no holds barred... After a couple of minutes, he too cummed. HARD!

Then she felt herself being flipped over and quickly positioned on all fours. She recognized at once the untamed strength of the Corporal who had first raped her. He was now recovered... Now he wanted to have her from behind. So he knelt behind her and inserted his tropical dick while grabbing her wonderfully slender hip curves, and he then immediately started pounding her, impaling and slamming her as deep as he could with all his might! Each of his thrusts had her head bolting forward as she squealed and begged him to slow down... To no avail!!!

Then the Corporal had an idea... He paused his fierce pounding and grabbed Gabrielle's tiny wrists. Then he resumed her rape while pulling her arms hard toward him each time he rammed his dick deep inside her... He used his arms like reins on a mare and literally drove his big black dick right into her core as he kept savagely doggystyling her...

Gabrielle's head, turned sideways, was sliding on the dry grass with her white butt protruding up as the Corporal kept pulling her arms straight back while wickedly thrusting his hips and dick forward, all this in mad-quick succession...

Gabrielle kept squealing and groaning as her head slid sideways and her hair flew in black fast-moving waves...

At last the Corporal went into his final frenzy and upped even more his copulating tempo as he roared and blissfully released three massive bolts of thick Congolese sperm! He slammed her onto the ground as he exited her.

Then another soldier immediately laid down atop her, not letting her move and resumed her collective rape, this time going lazy doggystyle, just plowing her while laying down on top of her and supporting his weight on his arms, and fucking her from behind like a man possessed! He had a perfect view on her shiny black hair -- utterly dishevelled -- her slender white backside and her mind-boggling butt while he raped her good and hard!

By now, Gabrielle was exhausted and let herself being used like the subdued sex slave she had no choice to be, each and every dick thrust stinging her white woman's pride with a sense of complete destruction and debasement.

A little while later, she once more heard a loud, animalistic groan and felt the now-familiar spilling warmth of yet another cumload from a mutinied Congolese soldier!

Then another soldier took over. He was having his second turn on her... He cummed. Then another soldier came, and he too raped her very savagely on the roadside right next to her stopped green car...

The weirdest thing in her mind was that this so horrible predicament -- IF it hadn't taken place -- would have been something she'd fap to once safe in her plane taking off from Léopoldville! As she was driving her car "ages ago", a strikingly similar fantasy had formed in her mind. How cruelly ironic! Now she was getting it for real! And she got a LOT more horror than she had bargained for.


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Many successive rapists kept enjoying the sight of Carole's ivory-white butt and the tightness of her teenage pussy! Each new dick went to and fro, slamming Carole forward and retreating in quick succession as the girl's chocolate-brown hair was waiving wildly as she constantly shook her head in pain, shame and protest, her elbows now half buried in African dirt... Her dainty white feet dirty with dry earth under the bright African sun...

She had stopped counting how many times one of these black soldiers had groaned and dumped his steaming load inside her. And as if it weren't enough, she had to listen to her twin sister getting raped the same doggy way right beside her...

At one point, she found some surge of energy, turned her shaking head, and amid her dishevelled flying brown hair, she softly told her sister... "Courage, Denise!... Courage... Ce qui ne nous tue pas nous rend plus fortes !" (Hold on, Denise!... Hold on!... That which doesn't kill a woman makes her stronger! * "forte" is feminine form for "strong")

Shortly after this, Carole was flooded by yet another forceful release of Congolese cum as the soldier's dick exploded in a biblical unloading of warm stickiness! "Ohhhhhh... PUTAIN!!!..." (Ohhhh... Good Lord Jesus!!!) exclaimed the ejaculating soldier has he grabbed Carole's waist with all his might as he dished her his parting hipthrusts...

As his large brown veiny dick exited Carole's hole, some left-over cum shot out and spattered a generous helping of his spunk all over her Belgian milky butt-cheeks! The soldier enjoyed the view as he groaned out one last shot of jizz in a pure voicing of male satisfaction! He had Africanized this little Brussels slut all right!

Beside them, Denise was still on all fours, her raven-haired head wildly bobbing and her body shaking nonstop, her hands and knees deep in African soil as her beige-uniformed rapist kept holding her slim waist and contemplating her amazing butt as his contrasting black dick kept plowing her womanhood... As he had a foot fetish, he constantly looked down sideways to catch a glancing view of the soles of her feet, perfectly white and rosy against the brownish African soil... "A white girl's feet! Ohhhh... her pretty little feet!!!" The sight was feeding his raging erection and making him wild with untameable rape frenzy!

He kept pounding her hard, hearing her wails and high-pitched groans as Denise sunk further down in debasement on each of his mighty dick slam, her virginal butt colliding against his contrasting lap in very quick tempo as he presently grunted and groaned in a mad crescendo of louder and louder primal sounds...

Then he cummed! He couldn't believe how incredibly intense this was! He experienced one of his lifetime strongest ride of sex! He knew that raping this white teen girl would be amazing, but he had no idea it would lead to such an overwhelming explosion! As he cummed, it felt like he was being "cut in half" and nearly dying of bliss!

He screamed as he felt the warm shots of cum oozing out inside this "petite putain Belge" (little Belgian whore)!


From where he was tied up, Mr. Oblin had a raging erection from watching Denise getting used doggystyle by the pack of Congolese soldiers! He secretly wished he could partake in her rape! The dark part within himself would absolutely love to cum inside his neighbour's daughter.

Next to him, Mr. Faubert couldn't stop watching Gabrielle getting owned and used by the black men, who were now taking turns in raping her missionary style on the ground right next to her green car. They seemed to be intensely competing among themselves to see who was the most brutal and savage rapist! Each of their quickly succeeding hipthrusts sent waves of shock throughout Gabrielle's body, from her flailing feet to her flank-rushing thighs, all the way to her small jiggling breasts and her shaking raven head of hair... Watching her getting raped like this with her arms pinned down above her bobbing head greatly aroused Mr. Faubert.

It wasn't because he had been secretly wanting Gabrielle from the time she first arrived in Poto-Poto; sure, he found her quite attractive, but in fact, he felt an even stronger secret lust for Jeanne. The main factor here was geographical; his boner over Gabrielle was due to the simple fact that from where he was, Mr. Faubert had a clear view of her rough gangrape, whereas he couldn't see much of what these dogs were doing to Jeanne, as she was barely visible to him behind a throng of jeering black soldiers.

Now he was getting to see Gabrielle stark naked, and he was positively amazed by her slender pale curves, his gaze zeroed in on her legs and feet! The bit of jiggling breasts he could make out in the distance added to his shameful arousal. The very roughness of her rape, and the primal groans uttered by each successive negro as he cummed hard inside her, intensified tenfold his lust and raging erection!

Mr. Faubert perhaps let the sun go to his head! The rape of his daughters was perhaps driving him mad... He evilly decided he was going to RAPE Gabrielle or perhaps Jeanne at the first opportunity! He was going to RAPE! And CUM! And he no longer cared about the possible consequences; with this grim misfortune hitting him, he deserved some minimal compensation...

Strangely enough, and perhaps even worse, Mr. Oblin decided he was going to rape cute little Denise whenever he had the opportunity... In his wildest dreams, he was the one man in a threesome with both Denise and Carole!

Evil spawned evil. Nice people often did weird, sometimes evil things in extreme situations.


On her husband's Renault Dauphine 1957, Jeanne was now restrained -- with her white dress still roughly tucked up against her waist belt, still wearing her white gloves -- and bent over the hood as soldier after soldier raped her and cummed inside her doggystyle! Nothing was left of her former marital dignity as many successive Congolese Privates owned her! Now she was nothing more than a Belgian whore raped along with other "salopes blanches"...

At one point she was finally shoved onto the ground right next to where Gabrielle was now being raped on all fours by the superbly muscular Corporal, whose shirtless torso made him look like a black god of ebony!

Jeanne was firmly held by the wrists -- her white-gloved fists pointlessly clenched -- while she felt other hands violently pulling her dress down her hips, legs and feet, in one lust-filled motion of social-boundary smashing!

As she was finally stripped Eve-naked -- except for her white gloves, white pearl necklace and the light pink hairband that still hung up there in her dishevelled mess of light-brown hair -- she hoped that Gabrielle would notice her slender legs and dainty feet and that this sight would arouse her. A vain hope, given how utterly busy Gabrielle was with so many Congolese men taking their pleasure from her while calling her "petite salope blanche".

Jeanne too was a "salope blanche" in her own right! She heard the men surrounding her calling her that as a Corporal she recognized -- he was taking his second turn on her -- knelt in front of her and ruthlessly spread her legs as she screamed...

"Allons, la salope blanche ! On va te violer encore !" (Come now, white slut! You're getting raped again!)
"Oui ! Oui ! On la reviole !" (Yes! Yes! Let's rape her again!)
"Ahhh... C'est le pied ! Déshabiller et violer une Blanche !" (Ohhh... It's so great! Undressing and raping a white woman!)

She sobbed and wept as she heard all the men commenting and treating her like a piece of prime-quality meat!

Then the soldier, kneeling in front of her, lifted up her hips and loins clear off the ground, inserted his dick inside her brown-haired cunt and started to pound her by violently slamming her uplifted hips against his lap and thrusting his impaling dick deep inside the sobbing and defiled white wife!

Jeanne was held and pinned by the arms, her white-gloved hands clenched tight, her light-brown head of hair shaking in numb and tired protest while her perky breasts were jiggling, the delicately pale nipples dancing atop these moving mounds as her entire body was savagely raped and rocked and shaken by the Congolese Corporal who was defiling her for the second time!

He loudly voiced his victorious satisfaction...
"Ah oui ! Ahhh C'est BON ! Ah, c'est BON ! On les a arrêtés sur le bord du chemin ! AHHHHRRR... À présent on viole leurs femmes ! Ahhrrr... RHHH... RHHHHH.... RHHHH... Oui! On les viole ! Avec nos grosses bites noires ! ... Ahhhh... C'EST BON !..."
(Oh Yes! Ohhhh It's GOOD! Ohhh... It's GOOD! We've stopped them on the roadside! AHHHRRRR... Now we're raping their women! Ahhrrrr.... RHHH... RHHHHHH... RHHHHH... Yes! We're raping them! With our big black dicks!... Ahhhh... Oh It's GOOD!...)

Jeanne quietly sobbed under the savage copulating abuse. She had long quit fighting back. The pain resided and travelled all over her violated body... From the painful hold on her wrists to the mind-numbing bobbing of her head... It was more concentrated in her too-many-times used vagina...

But the worst was the moral pain and the humiliation! Raped by Congolese soldiers on the roadside! Whored by apemen!

Then the ejaculation came with the now-familiar groan and the unstoppable warm wave of semen deep inside her sanctum!

She kept sobbing, her white-gloved fists clenched as soldiers kept her wrists pinned on the ground, as the next rapist laid down onto her defiled white body and was soon raping her and forcing her to endure his banana-beer loaded breath and animalistic grunts while her tight 22-year-old vagina was once again completely filled by a giant African dick!

Then a new command came to her ears...
"Allez la Blanche ! Dis-nous que tu aimes ça, te faire violer par des Nègres !"
(Come now, White woman! Tell us how much you like being raped by negroes!)
"NON !" (NO!)
"Dis-le ! Sinon gare à toi ! Allez ! Dis-le ! Tu aimes te faire violer par des Nègres !"
(Say it! Or else beware! Say it! You love being raped by negroes!)
"NON ! C'est trop horrible !" (NO! It's too horrible!)
"Obéis, salope blanche ! Obéis, sinon toi et tous les autres, vous ne serez que des cadavres démembrés d'ici demain !"
(Do as we say, white slut! Obey, or else you and all the others, you'll be nothing but dismembered bodies come tomorrow!)
"Alors ! Tu le dis, oui ou non?" (Are you going to say it or no?)
The Corporal who had just spoken emphasized his words with a knife he produced and rested its blade on her rape-moving chest...

"J... J'aime ça..." (I... Like it...)
"Tu aimes quoi ?" (You like what?)

Finally, she said it, rivers of tears streaming down her cheeks as her head kept bobbing from her wild rape...
"J'aime ça, me faire violer par des Nègres !" (I like being raped by negroes!)
"Plus fort ! Dis-le plus fort !" (Louder! Say it louder!)
"J'aime ça, me faire violer par des Nègres !" (I love being raped by negroes!)
"Plus fort ! Plus fort !" (Louder! Louder!)

"Ouais... C'est bien ! Et maintenant, entoure ton violeur de tes jambes et croise tes chevilles au-dessus de lui, puisque tu aimes ça te faire violer par un Nègre !"
(Yeah... That's the way! And now, wrap your legs around your rapist and lock ankles on top of him, since you love being raped by a negro!)
"Allez ! Fais-le, salope blanche !" (Come on! Do it, white slut!)

Under the wild pounding she was subjected to, Jeanne reluctantly raised her legs and wrapped them around her rapist's sweaty loins and crossed her white delicate ankles atop his powerfully flexing ebony butt...

Knowing she had very beautiful legs and feet, Jeanne thought of Gabrielle and hoped she was seeing some of this. This was but a passing thought, an oasis of sexual pride amid an ocean of black despair.

The men cheered her on. They forced her to repeat that she was loving it! She obeyed, her soul sinking further down the drain of complete debasement...

Now, she was ordered to tell her rapist how she wanted Congolese cum inside her...
"Demande-lui d'éjaculer ! Dis-lui que tu aimes ça, recevoir du sperme congolais !"
(Ask him to ejaculate! Tell him you love receiving Congolese cum!)

"Je... Je veux que tu me remplisses ! Je... J... J'aime ça, le sperme congolais !"
(I... I want you to fill me up! I.. I... I love Congolese cum!)

All the men laughed and ordered Jeanne to repeat her new debasing sentence...
"Je... Je veux que tu me bourres ! Je... J... J'aime ça, recevoir le sperme congolais !"
(I... I want you to fill me up! I.. I... I love recieving Congolese cum!)

But their fun was cut short by the rapist's cumming. Having her legs wrapped around him as he drilled her tight vagina while watching her jiggling breasts and also hearing her voice asking him to fill her up... All this was way too much and the only next option for him was to...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR... Oh la femme blanche qu'on viole... Ohhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..." (................................... Oh, the white woman getting raped... ....)

The mutinied Corporal dumped his load of spunk inside the white-gloved Belgian lady, feeling like he was about to die from sheer bliss! He exited her, slowly stood up and felt all wobbly on his legs! Sipping from his canteen, he watched the next black man mounting Jeanne the same way he had -- and Jeanne being ordered to wrap her legs around this man too and cross her ankles the same way she had...

Jeanne kept being raped and forced to say how much she loved being raped by African negroes!

Her clenched white-gloved fists spoke volumes about how much she loathed the words coming out of her crimson lipsticked mouth.


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Note: The most important piece of advice I have for anyone thinking of writing a story is... Write something you enjoy! For me, interracial, black on white gangrape is a HUGE turn-on!


Some soldiers had Carole standing up to have a better view on her rather short legs -- small, delicate legs that started from dainty feet and ankles and widened up in firm, tight curves right up to Carole's almost juvenile-looking butt. The general effect was a blinding show of teenage white splendour which fed the dozen fierce Congolese erect dicks surrounding her!

They forcibly bent her over the blue Peugeot, where they discovered that the car's electric blue color perfectly enhanced her pale complexion! The short girl's nice curvy butt looked amazingly white with subtle ivory notes. Her extra-rich whiteness was even further intensified by the contrasting black Congolese dick that her next rapist was presently inserting inside her Belgian vagina.

She had gone to bed the previous night as an innocent virgin. Now she had taken many African dicks and she presently had her hips firmly grabbed on either side of her butt as one of the mutinied soldiers ruthlessly rammed his manhood deep inside her while pinning her against the blue family car.

The suspension started squeaking as he picked up his pace and started pounding her in a fierce orgy of unspeakable relief; he greatly enjoyed the humiliated tones in her father's now-tired protests and her mother's ever-more despaired pleas to "leave my daughters alone"... All this under the wild cheers and jeers of his mutinied mates urging him to even more intense rape frenzy!

Soon enough, he cummed hard inside Carole, uttering a wild groan of complete victory enjoyment. As he pulled out, he contemplated the fascinating contrast between his dark brown dick and the sobbing girl's white butt, the shadowy recesses of which offered a view on her polluted slit wherefrom he saw his own semen dripping down.

A complete victory over these Belgian pigs!

He himself had a female relative who had been victim of abuse at the hands of entitled white men, and so had pretty much every man he knew. Justice. They were at last getting some brutal justice.

A Corporal had an idea. "Let's have these two girls kneeling where their parents can see them clearly; where they will watch their daughters giving head to all of us Congolese men, so they can see who is in charge now!"

Everyone cheered.

Carole and Denise were walked to a spot mere feet away from the jeep their father was tied to along with Mr. Oblin. Then they were made to kneel down in their wonderful girly nakedness, each one in front of a standing Congolese man.

Marcelle was also made to kneel down, except she was positioned on all fours, where she would have to watch all of it -- One soldier was designated to hit her hard whenever she'd close her eyes or look away -- while one man after the other would be also kneeling behind her and fucking her doggystyle, for Marcelle had a surprisingly gorgeous butt for her age.

It began. The two negroes standing in front of the kneeling twin daughters stroked their chins and cheeks with their hard cocks. One of them was already precumming in his excitement. Denise recoiled in horror, but she squealed as her shiny black hair was painfully grabbed and she heard the man commanding her to suck! (Allons la petite ! Suce-moi la bite ! = Come on little girl! Suck my dick!)

Knowing they had no choice but to comply, Carole and Denise opened their dainty mouths and each took a large slab of Congolese pulsating manhood. They started pleasuring the pair of black men while Mr. Faubert was screaming racial slurs, calling them "sales nègres !" (filthy n***rs!") at the top of his lungs, almost not noticing his sobbing wife getting doggystyled right next to them!

He got silenced by a vicious rifle butt on his jaw.
"Ta gueule fumier !" (Shut up you piece of shit!) the soldier yelled.

Sitting beside him with his hands uncomfortably cuffed behind him, Mr. Oblin had a monster erection from watching Denise kneeling in her splendid nakedness and taking the entire black dick inside her mouth, her head bobbing to and fro as she kept pleasuring it in ample strokes, tears streaming down her tender cheeks as she silently kept at her job...

Then he felt someone was unzipping his pants. His shameful erection was thus brutally exposed under the bright sun...

"Hé les gars ! Regardez-moi ce qu'on a là !" (Hey mates! Check out what we got here!)
"Ah ! Ah ! Ah !... Ça c'est rigolo !... Ces messieurs aiment le spectacle !" (Ah! Ah! Ah! Ain't that funny! These fellows are enjoying the show!)

Hearing the plural being used and looking sideways, Mr. Oblin noticed that Mr. Faubert too was hard; his incriminating long white shaft was indeed protruding out of his opened pants in a show of gross indecency...

Mr. Faubert was crying and sobbing, feeling like he was about to die of sheer humiliation. He felt raped as his most secret desires were so grossly exposed in broad daylight. He wanted to convince himself that his hard-on came from watching his wife getting banged in front of him, but do what he will, his eyes were glued to the naked bodies of his teenage daughters who kept performing their blowjobs on the pair of negroes. And looking past them, he still had a clear view on the spot where throngs of black soldiers kept savagely raping Gabrielle and Jeanne.

His sense of arousal was even more shamefully spurred when the first soldier cummed. The soldier being serviced by Carole intensified his grip on her warm, chocolate brown hair and uttered a loud, long-lasting roar as he intensely ejaculated deep inside her mouth!

Carole had to swallow to avoid suffocating. She gagged and almost threw up from the rancid taste as the contented man exited her mouth and let spill some of his African semen down on her pretty face and further down on her perky white breasts. Watching his daughter's firm teenage breasts smeared with Congolese jizz greatly intensified Mr. Faubert's erection. He shed tears of immoral shame.

The next soldier moved right in and once more, Carole had her dainty mouth stuffed with a moving black dick, feeling the new rapist's grip on her hair as her head started bobbing once more...

Powerless to stop this, her father looked on, torn between his sense of failure at protecting his loved ones and his wild arousal fed and intensified by the view he had on his kneeling daughters -- naked, polluted, previously raped and whored, now giving head to these African scums!

Denise now had his "client" forcefully cumming inside her mouth. She too was forced to swallow, taking in the foul taste of his "coconut milk". As she gagged and struggled not to retch, a soldier commented...
"Alors, la fille belge, tu aimes ça, le chocolat congolais ?" (Tell me, Belgian girl, how do you like Congolese chocolate?)

All the nearby men laughed and started making jokes about the Belgian's well-known love for chocolate.

"Allons ma petite ! Pleure pas ! On va t'en donner encore ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! ..."
(Come now, little girl! Don't cry! We're giving you some more! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!)

The soldier who had just spoken had his lap right against Denise's cute face. He grabbed her shiny black head of hair and stuffed her mouth with his big dick, ordering her to suck him as good as the best whores in Brussels and reminding her of the most gruesome death that awaited her if he felt any of her teeth.

Denise's girly head bobbed fast as she gave the man ample and quick strokes that greatly pleasured him. She was learning to play with pressure and really stroke a dick with a tight o-mouth lock. The man held her head two handed and made her move faster. Before long, he was groaning long and cummed hard, splashing his load of thick sperm inside her used mouth.

Then a third man took his place and Denise had to start all over, her face now smeared with Congolese semen. She and her twin sister thus lost any sense of when and where they were as they sucked dicks upon dicks, their entire universe being just that -- a big veiny dark fuck stick that eventually exploded in their mouth in a geyser of hot tropical jizz. Only to be replaced by another one, sometimes even bigger and juicier!

All this time, their powerless mother could only look on from her shaking head as she was plowed and fucked doggystyle by one contented soldier after the other.

Mr. Faubert kept sobbing and wailing his failure at protecting them, with the added debasement sting of his constantly fed erection exposed under the sun, a shameful erect state that he shared with Mr. Oblin.


Jeanne had lost count of how many men she had taken inside her. She was now left half reclining on the African dirt with African cum spilling out of her entrance, stark naked except for her earth-smeared white gloves and her white pearl necklace, her sexy slender legs folded under her slim waist and girly hips, with her wonderful feet clearly visible under her butt. Her whiteness offered a most erotic contrast against the brownish soil.

The erotic picture she offered was tenfold intensified by the half dozen men surrounding her with their black dicks, now flaccid and contented for the time being.

She was looking down and wondering how she was still alive after such unfathomable debasement. Gabrielle was still getting raped nearby. She endured it all in stoical silence. Jeanne felt a deep pang for her. She secretely wished that these men would force them to give a lesbian show, for this was the only immediate relief she could hope for.

Then she became aware of something big and fleshy gently hitting her face and a loud male voice gave her an order...
"Allez ! Suce-moi la bite ! Allez, au travail, la salope blanche !" (Come now! Suck my dick! Now, let's get down to work, you white slut!)

Looking up, she saw a tall black man -- all naked -- standing up with his lap right above her face. She discovered with loathing and horror that what had just hit her face was the cock of the biggest dick she had ever seen in her life!

A veiny overly long shaft -- something like 12 or 13 inches -- and outrageously thick, its base reminiscent of a baobab's trunk and his large, cum-filled balls hanging on either side of this monstrosity... All this horror in savage blackness of skin.

"Suck my dick! White slut!" the man repeated his command, his mates jeering and cheering while they drank banana beer.

Losing patience, the Corporal grabbed Jeanne's light-brown head of hair and stuck his immense wicked cock in her surprise-ajar mouth. He groaned as he force-drove his gargantuan dick deep inside, greatly enjoying the feeling of Jeanne's tongue and palate on his aroused cock!

Not waiting for her to obey, he began face-fucking Jeanne, driving her head to and fro along the farther two thirds of his mast of African manhood. He quickly became very hard. Jeanne's tongue unwillingly stroking his shaft was a bliss!

"MMMMrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Jeanne's scream of shrill horror was completely muffled by the oversized implement that utterly filled her mouth and barely allowed her to breathe, which she learned was only possible when the man was pulling back just before slamming his meat throat-deep again...

Jeanne felt utterly powerless as her head was thus forced to move back and forth, her tongue stroking the invading black leviathan, while she had to hear the man's animalistic grunts.

The ordeal lasted quite a while. At one point, she felt something very light stroking her thigh sideways. In the corner of her moving eye, she caught a glimpse of her dusk pink hairband; the last speck of her bourgeois class and style that was now discarded.

Between two rapes, Gabrielle catched the horrific view of a kneeling Jeanne with the tall naked African man face-fucking her and constantly shoving his monstrous dick inside her lipsticked mouth.

The man ordered Jeanne to take his dick in her hands. She complied, barely able to fit her small, white-gloved hands around the dark monstrous thing that kept on raping her face.

Gabrielle just saw it, not feeling much. She just felt so numb from the unmanly number of brutal rapes she had just been subjected to. As she looked on, Gabrielle remembered one time -- during the previous year -- where Jeanne was seating in front of her and eating a long hot-dog with Dijon mustard, both her hands holding the giant European-style sandwich while opening her mouth wide to take it in... She had looked at her from the corner of her eyes.

Now she also looked at her sideways as her mouth was forced to stay wide open and she was taking the giant African sausage which she also held in her tiny hands -- her white gloves giving a grotesque touch to the scene and highlighting the utter destruction of all social barriers.

Gabrielle half expected to wake up from this nightmare, snuggly buried in her fresh linen in her old Brussels flat. She had to positively convince herself that this scene was actually real -- Jeanne holding a grotesquely immense Congolese dick in her white-gloved hands, her pearl necklace glistening under the African sun as her head kept bobbing to and fro as the grunting man forced her into a never-ending blowjob.

Then it got worse.

The large African man let out a far-echoing roar as an immense load of cum exploded inside Jeanne's lipsticked mouth and loads of the slimy juice spilled out on both sides!

The man kept roaring as he pumped his emptying dick inside Jeanne's cum-flooded mouth! She kept holding the deflating staff as her head kept being forced to and fro along it. Her entire being was invaded by the gross, rancid taste.

She was forced to swallow a lot of that slime, yet a lot more of it spilled down her face and perky breasts, while her victorious face rapist kept uttering his wild roar of victory.

He pulled out and shoved her onto the ground, where he left her to retch from overwhelming disgust and horror. The shame of being subjected to this was but a passing thought; Jeanne mostly thought of Gabrielle, realizing in disgust that she was retching in front of her beloved Gabrielle.


Presently Gabrielle heard a very authoritative voice speaking to all nearby men...
"You're doing good, soldiers! But a real man can always do it better!... And, oh yeah! My scout leader was right... She's quite a cutie catch!"

Gabrielle realized the tall man was speaking of her. She felt his gaze all over her petite naked body. She looked at him. He was wearing an officer's uniform. His face was all dark; he had of course discarded his no-longer-needed pale latex mask. His negro face was a face of authority and command.

As she watched him walk near her, Gabrielle knew what was coming and braced herself.

Sergeant Loemba grabbed her with overwhelming strength and slapped her as he knelt down on top of her. Then he violently pinched her left breast...
"AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!" Gabrielle screamed in pain and tried to fight off her tormentor with a balled girly fist.

He took her feeble blow and laughed as he slapped her a couple more times before pinching her boob again, making a point of letting her arms free to strike at him again, wich she did just as he expected...

"I like it when they fight a little! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!..." said the Sergeant as he slapped Gabrielle some more. Then he spoke loud to his men...
"Now I will show you how you fuck a salope blanche! Watch and learn!"


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Sergeant Loemba loved the way Gabrielle looked naked. The way her small breasts jiggled sideways when he slapped her greatly aroused him. She had been heavily used already, but he didn't mind. He totally loved petite brunettes! He quickly undid his pants, knelt down again on top of her and took a firm hold of her slender hips.

Gabrielle didn't resist much as he inserted his large dick inside her; she was utterly exhausted and didn't want more slaps. She felt completely weightless as the tall Sergeant lifted her clean off the ground! Only her shoulders touched the dry yellow grass.

Then Sergeant Loemba started pounding her, driving his entire weight into her womanhood while pulling her hips hard against his lap at the same time, with as much force and agression he could muster. Then he backed off and very quickly pushed his dick forward again while pulling her viciously into his lap.

This forceful pounding happened in quick succession, the unusual factor being the incredible explosiveness of Loemba's pulls and thrusts. Sergeant Loemba had that special nervous power that allowed him to generate immense force in a very quick and short movement.

Gabrielle felt deeply violated by an overwhelming force that shook her entire body in mid-air with only her shoulders brushing the ground! She was shaken so bad that her jiggling breasts quivered almost in a blur while she looked up to the sky and confusedly saw blurry clouds against wildly moving afternoon heavens, as her head kept moving to and fro along with her entire small frame.

Each time Sergeant Loemba pushed his dick deep inside her, Gabrielle bounced against his lap and the force drove her shoulders hard against the ground. He was now ramming her like a piston with frenzied madness, all his might and power going into each of his very quickly succeeding dick thrusts! His mouth wide open in speechless abandon...

Gabrielle felt her legs wildly dangling on either side of the frenzied demon of strength that was raping her. She also swung her arms loosely as she felt so utterly overwhelmed by the immense fury of her rape. She felt powerless to fight back and stoically accepted her fate. She was a fuck toy in the hands of African troops.

She was badly shaken like a weightless doll as Sergeant Loemba greatly took advantage of her diminutive size and kept pounding her almost in mid-air like a complete berzerk, his mouth wide open with the intensity of his grunting fast-moving madness.

Gabrielle moaned loud as her clit was mercilessly rubbed and stroked by the fast coming and returning negro dick inside her stretched vagina.

Sweating profusely, Sergeant Loemba kept going and ignored the lactic acid starting to build up in his mighty arms. Gabrielle was light, yet holding her up like this for so long was bound to fatigue even the strongest of men.

For Gabrielle, it was the hardest fuck she ever had in her life, by a long shot! It was like being raped by an ogre! A dark-skinned troll! She moaned and groaned louder and louder, then she was hit by a fierce orgasm as her petite body kept being tossed back and forth along with the pistoning dick that kept drilling her vagina...

In her field of vision, the afternoon sky was a confused mess of blue and light blurry clouds as her head kept shaking. The fast jiggling of her breasts was almost painful at her nipples, yet it intensified her successive orgasms. Amid her mixed feelings of horror, carnal reflexes and helplessness, she felt a sense of sadness and disappointment as this was happening during a rape, and she would have loved to be fucked that hard during consensual play!

Sergeant Loemba had already raped one of the Faubert daughters, and he was in the ideal state for lasting long -- he could maintain a hard erection for quite a while and he was slightly desensitized so he could keep pounding Gabrielle hard without cumming too soon...

As he fucked her with the utmost frenzy, he thought of the nice-looking, independent young lady that had been driving her green car, handling the wheel and feeling the engine's power under her feet, and neatly dressed with the shapes of her small breasts teasing men's eyes from under her blouse.

Now she was lying down stark naked beside her stopped car and getting fucked senseless! In Loemba's mind, the two pictures -- Gabrielle neatly clothed at the wheel of her green car vs. Gabrielle naked, raped and shaken in his arms -- were two opposite faces of a coin.

The contrast greatly aroused him. He kept plowing her and driving his dick inside her while pulling her hips hard into him! He kept at it with unabated frenzy, ignoring his mounting fatigue and the heavy sweat drops streaming down his dark face as he kept contemplating Gabrielle's shaken petite body, her small breasts quivering and her wonderful black hair flying in shiny waves of powerlessness as her aching head kept shaking...

Gabrielle's shaken self was aching all over! Yet there were also pleasurable sensations as her body kept reacting with a life of its own. She lost count of the rapid-fire orgasms that hit her like a barrage of detonating sensual bombs under this barrage of crazy-strength hipthrusts.

Her rape was wicked and brutal's brutal!

Her rapist was in a class of his own.

Loemba gave all he had left in a final push for glory! He wondered if he was ever going to cum. Then he tried to imagine the view an onlooker would presently have of Gabrielle getting so savagely raped beside her stopped car, with her small legs dangling and her dainty feet somewhere in mid-air... her flailing arms as she was powerlessly shaken, her head bobbing on the ground and her perky breasts wildly quivering...

Then he imagined he was a tribal chief raping this Belgian girl amid his tribesmen with someone playing the tam-tam... It intensified. Everything became a blur... There was only his dick pounding her like a crazy piston and her legs dangling and brushing his sweating flanks as she kept being bounced against his lap and immediately pulled back in, all this sending waves of unbridled shock throughout her entire body.

Raped by SAVAGES! Her legs. Her feet!

Sergeant Loemba's mind eye caught a clear picture of Gabrielle's feet as she kept moaning hard under this long-lasting frenzy. This did it!

His climax came with a vengeance.

He roared out loud as his body slipped out of control. His dick spurted massive bolts of semen inside Gabrielle, and he kept plowing her hard, thrusting and pulling simultaneously, as he released his last shots of cum...

He felt his legs all wobbly under him; it was like getting cut in half by an immaterial blade of sensual bliss. He let himself fall on top of exhausted Gabrielle and force kissed her; he repeatedly smooched her while stroking her hair just as if they had been lovers in the aftermath of a wild fuck outdoors.

As he tasted and smelled Gabrielle, Sergeant Loemba felt a sense of sadness and disappointment; deep down, he felt it would have been so much better if they had been lovers. Normally, Sergeant Loemba was a very tender man who felt bonded to a woman he had sex with. Now he felt sad, knowing that he and this wonderful girl must soon part ways.

He quickly buried these vulnerable thoughts deep down in his secret garden as he reluctantly stopped kissing Gabrielle and got up to his feet. Yet he knew that he would never forget this fine young woman he just had shared this life-altering experience with.

Gabrielle was left panting on the ground, her cunt filled with Congolese cum.

She heard Jeanne squealing and begging them to stop. Men had watched their leader's sexual prowess and they had grabbed Jeanne to emulate his feat if they could. They had crudely washed the vomit near her mouth by pouring some banana beer and wiping it all off, then they had spread-eagled her in a proper rape position. Soon enough, Jeanne was shaking under unbridled rape frenzy for yet another round of forced sex!


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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With her vomit's foul taste lingering on her tongue and palate, Jeanne kept groaning under the gigantic forces of her renewed collective rape at the hands of "the sub-human savages" as she would call them since her childhood years in Léopoldville's white city.

Her head, naked body and soul were unmercifully rocked as each successive rapist gave his best shot in what was turning into an intensely fought contest for who was the most brutal rapist!

"Il faut les secouer ferme, ces salopes blanches !" (These white sluts; they need a rough shaking!)
"Tu l'as dit bouffi !" (I couldn't have said it better!)
"Alors la p'tite dame ! Tu aimes ça, les bites de Nègre ?" (Hey little damsel! Are you enjoying negro dicks?)
"T'en fais pas ma belle ! Tu vas encore en manger, du chocolat congolais !" (Don't worry my pretty! There's still some more Congolese chocolate on the menu for you!)
"Oui, avec du bon lait de coco ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah !" (Yes, this with good coconut milk! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!)
"Tout ça, juste pour toi !" (All this... just for you!)

The nearby men kept taunting her as several of them took their turns in giving Jeanne the roughest vaginal rape they were capable of.

She looked at them as they laughed and towered far above her lying violated and hurt body -- she was now hurting everywhere, especially inside her overused womanhood -- She heard their jeers and laughs and saw their full white set of teeth highlighting the blackness of their savage faces as they enjoyed their "party" at her unfathomable expense.

As her head painfully bobbed on the yellow grass, thoughts crashed inside her mind... Sentences she had said while sitting comfortably, white-well dressed in white-only places... "The Congolese people should be grateful; we bring them modern civilization; we educate them..." "In a good and orderly society, there are limits and boundaries for the well-being of all parties concerned..."

Sometimes, during a woman-only chat, some friend had subtly suggested the idea of copulating with a Congolese man. On each occasion, Jeanne had been utterly shocked. Her well-bred woman's mind wouldn't, couldn't possibly accept such a thing.

All her world kept shaking along with her headache and the blurry puffy clouds high above, as her white nakedness was reduced to a piece of African fuckmeat with the sole purpose of fulfilling the carnal lusts of a bunch of mutinied Congolese soldiers.

Every now and then, a primal grunt signaled a penile explosion and the release of yet another load of steaming negro cum... Deep inside her marriage-owned turf!

She felt she was about to die. Yet it kept on and on...


While Gabrielle and Jeanne were getting more Congolese dick than they could possibly handle, the 18-year-old twin daughters, Carole and Denise, had been pleasuring a dozen soldiers between them, right in front of their mother, who had to watch it all as she was being raped doggystyle by one soldier after another...

Right in front of their father and Mr. Oblin, whose shameful erections the soldiers had mercilessly exposed in broad daylight.

Now Carole and Denise had their pretty faces all smeared with thick African cum, this along with patches of slimy semen that had been spilled on their dark shiny hair.

After all the men had been properly pleasured by their teenage mouths and tongues, Carole and Denise were hoping for a relative break. Denise now really needed to pee. Even the worst debasement couldn't postpone such natural needs.

But it got worse!

A Chief-Corporal looked at Mr. Faubert and his erect dick, then at his daughters... And decided it would be a lot of fun to make the daughter blowjob her own father. The other man would get his girl job too.

"Les gars, on va faire une faveur à ces messieurs !" (Mates, we're going to do a favor to these sirs!)

He only needed a couple of gestures and every man understood, including the two men who were handcuffed and tied to the jeep with their dicks exposed in shocking masts of pale flesh.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! VOUS NE POUVEZ PAS FAIRE ÇA!!!... NON!!!" (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!! NO!!!) Their mother Marcelle yelled and wailed in horror, but she was slapped twice and told to shut the fuck up and let herself be used from behind like she was now used to.

The two girls screamed frantically and resisted as much as their exhaustion allowed them to, but do what they will, Carole was forced on all fours with her face right against her father's crotch. She was ordered to take his dick inside her mouth. As she refused, the Chief-Corporal took out a pistol and pointed it at Mr. Faubert's head. Then he reiterated his command... "Tu le suces !" (You suck him!)

Carole complied.

Denise was just as terrified as her sister when she saw the tall Corporal pointing the gun at her father's face -- her SOBBING father -- and she immediately obeyed, taking Mr. Oblin's hard dick in her right hand and gently pressuring it while she engulfed his cock inside her dainty mouth and immediately started stroking it with her small, agile tongue.

As he felt Denise's tongue stroking his dick, stroking it back and forth like she had done this all her life, Mr. Oblin couldn't repress a groan of bliss. He wished he could have gently caressed her black hair as she pleasured him, but he was still handcuffed to the jeep's front bumper.

Beside him, Mr. Faubert was bitterly sobbing as he felt his pleasure increasing against his will while Carole's mouth and tongue worked their magic on his manhood.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Mr. Faubert kept repeating amid his sobs as he felt his daughter's tongue sliding the entire length of his shaft while her mouth maintained a tight pressure on it. He couldn't keep himself from grunting as he felt a surge of animalistic bliss intensifying. He knew it would soon burst out of control. The thought of the outcome positively horrified him. He couldn't do anything about it.

Marcelle kept sobbing and vainly begging them to stop this, getting fucked from behind all the time by the jeering, victorious soldiers.

Next to Mr. Faubert, his friend and neighbor Mr. Oblin sounded like he was very much enjoying the blowjob Denise was giving him. Now he was rock-hard, his cock like a solid round bombshell that was about to burst. Denise kept going, using her tongue, her wonderful mouth tightness along with a slight twisting motion of her pressuring hand...

"Oh... Mais c'est qu'il aime ça, le gros cochon !" (Oh... But this branded pig is really loving it!)

The Chief-Corporal approached Mr. Oblin and whispered something in his ear...
"OUI ! OUI !" Mr. Oblin answered with a frantic "YES! YES!" to whatever he was proposing him.

In the meantime, Mr. Faubert kept saying how much he was sorry between his increasingly intense grunts. Suddenly his entire body seized up and he let out a wild groan as his dick violently burst inside Carole's mouth. He felt the shameful bliss of several shots of out-of-control jizz flooding his daughter's mouth.

"NO... NO... NO..." he said between his teeth as his ejaculation was spurting out of his unwilling self. His shame was amplified as he looked at Carole's pretty, cum-smeared face and realized this was one of his most intense ejaculations ever. It was all the more intense as it was completely immoral and forbidden.

The sight of his cum giving a sheen on his daughter's lips positively shocked and fascinated him.

A definite smell of urine rose on the premises. Denise had been unable to hold it and felt a most uncomfortable and shameful wetness on her inner thighs as a small puddle of piss formed below her kneeling figure. She kept sucking Mr. Oblin's dick as if nothing happened.

The Chief-Corporal asked Mr. Oblin again... "Are you sure? And you will comply?"
"YES! YES!" confirmed Mr. Oblin.

Then the Chief-Corporal ordered a soldier to free Mr. Oblin's hands as Denise was told to stop her fellatio.

Mr. Faubert's, drowned in his horrific cumming, saw a new layer of horror coming up as he realised what was about to happen between his neighbor and his other daughter... He loudly protested and shouted fould names and threats at Mr. Oblin...
"Espèce de sale fumier ! Je vais te faire la peau !" (You fucking piece of shit! I'll kill you!)

Marcelle also screamed at and threatened Mr. Oblin, who was now lying down on his back as two soldiers lifted Denise up and ordered her to straddle his lap.

Mr. Oblin had given in to his most secret desire while Denise was pleasuring him with her mouth. When the enemy leader offered him to free him so he could fuck the teen girl, he was unable to say no.

Ignoring her father's, her mother's and her sister's sobs, screams, name calling and threats, he inserted his immensely hard dick inside Denise's womanhood, greatly enjoying the sight of her black bush of cunt hair as he did so, and then he almost screamed out of sheer bliss as he entered her and felt her lovely tightness!

Mr. Oblin then grabbed Denise's slim waist and started making her bounce up and down on his lap, feeling the virginal tightness pressuring every tiny part of his aroused dick at once!

OH GOD! DENISE WAS SUCH GOOD FUCKING! The smell of urine and the wetness of her inner thighs were now completely inconsequential.

Time had stopped for Mr.Oblin. The young man was a mere six years older than her, but since he was a married man, he felt a lot older and knew what he was doing was incredibly wrong, but it was so fucking delicious!

He contemplated Denise's firm small breasts as they jiggled and quivered at the rhythm he imposed on her through his hands firmly holding her equally firm waist.

Under the constant threat of the Corporal's pistol, Denise obeyed and let herself being fucked by her father's friend, her black head of short hair bobbing under the sun as she kept riding his hard cock. Her juices mixed with his precum.

The men commented on how good a cowgirl she was. They mocked the parents, telling them their daughter could be a first-class whore in Léopoldville.

Mr. Oblin's entire being had turned into one dick. He felt the immense, unstoppable pressure building up as he kept contemplating Denise's jiggling breasts and shiny black hair along with the expression of despaired obedience in her pretty facial features, all the while her head kept bobbing, she kept silently sobbing and he kept selfishly enjoying the ride.

He enjoyed each and every second of the forbidden coit. With DENISE!!!

As she rode his cock, Denise tried to make the ordeal somehow more bearable by playing her favorite fantasy in her head. She was making love with her favorite singer -- Paul Anka... Riding his cock as he rocked her world into a jiggling, shaking bliss and making her feel like a complete woman...

This fantasy lightened up her burden a bit. Yet it fell short of alleviating her sense of unspeakable horror and the pain soaring throughout her petite body... It felt short by a mile!

Mr. Oblin screamed... LOUD... as he exploded into a geyser of erupting cum, shooting bolts of warm jizz inside Denise...

After the eruption, he remained motionless for the longest time, drowned in his post-orgasmic bliss, barely realizing that men were seizing him and lifting him up again as they handcuffed him back to the jeep's front bumper, beside Mr. Faubert who was looking at him with murder in his eyes. So did Mrs. Faubert, who no longer paid attention to the soldier relieving himself inside her from behind.

Denise's mind was assaulted with a flurry of mixed feelings, from the vague sensation of being made a "complete woman" to the horror of acknowledging the fact that all the other women in her group -- her sister Carole, her mother, Jeanne and Gabrielle -- were being gang-raped as well and even more badly abused than she was.

With Mr. Oblin's cum spilling out of her violated entrance, Denise was left there, on her knees, near her shocked sister, who was also kneeling. The two twin sisters moved closer, always on their knees, and fell into each other's arms as they bitterly sobbed and wailed in an effort to comfort each other in the face of such overwhelming horror.

The soldiers whistled and catcalled them, greatly enjoying the sight of two naked white teenage girls, kneeling and giving them such a wonderful show.


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Note: Trust me! I know where the story is going. I hope the ending has enough of a twist to be interesting... But the end isn't near yet!!!


"All right!" said Sergeant Loemba, who was back from his wonderful time with Gabrielle. He continued, looking at the two kneeling naked teen sisters... "Now that our two little novice gourgandines (sluts) from Bruxelles are hugging each other; now that we men are all getting tired from so much white pussy fucking, we'll watch the two little sisters make each other come!"

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Not this! Please!" protested the twin sisters very predictably.
"You... You're DEVILS FROM HELL!!!" yelled the mother even more predictably. The father was sobbing and looking at Mr. Oblin with both contempt and hostility. He promised himself that he'd exact revenge and rape Jeanne right in front of him! His dick got erect again from the thought.

"You heard me, white girls! Get down on each other and make some fireworks between yourselves! NOW!"

Very reluctantly, Carole stooped down, still kneeling, and started kissing Denise's left breast. She felt so ashamed and disgusted! She wasn't attracted to women at all, and even if she were, there was no way she'd be going intimate with Denise. She thought that sucking and caressing Denise's breasts would be a way to buy some time. She wasn't exactly eager to go down south and taste her cum-drenched pussy.

But the men grew impatient... "Enough foreplay! Go to town!" bellowed Sergeant Loemba.

"Let me take the lead, sister!" Denise said, understanding Carole's trouble. Denise had a tiny tinge of attraction for girls. Not that she was relishing this, but she knew it would be less loathsome for her. She motioned Carole to lie down on the ground on her back, with her legs half-folded and open so she had easy access to her cunt.

Then she went down on her. With the tip of her fingers, she gently pressured her sister's larger pussy lips and started stroking a circle around her entrance, then she tightened the circles and began to stimulate her smaller lips. She felt Carole reacting. She braced herself for the foul taste and stooped further down to begin using her tongue around her wet entrance. The taste was a lot fouler than she had anticipated. The compounded discharged loads of cum had a very vile and sickening taste that made her gag. But she heard Carole reacting and she kept at it, gently rubbing her clit with the tip of her tongue.

"Ooohhhhh... OOOoohhhh... Ooohhhhhhhhh..." Carole began moaning. She imagined herself getting banged outdoors by Elvis Presley, on the roadside in Tennessee after he picked her up hitch-hiking. She moaned harder and harder as she pictured the rock'n'roll star banging her missionary style right next to his Pink Cadillac.

"Ooohhhhh... aaaaAAAAhhhh... Ooohhhh... Elvis! Elvis!!... OOOOoohhhhhhhhhhhhh... Hhhhmmmmmmm..." Carole did her utmost to forget she was being forced into incestuous acts with Denise and she imagined her vagina getting stretched by the legend's relentless dick!

The onlooking soldiers verbally approved. Some of them cheered and applauded as Carole's moaning intensified. She was clearly approaching orgasm.

Their mother Marcelle was bitterly sobbing. Same as Mr. Faubert.

A soldier had Marcelle standing up to her feet and ordered her to start trotting naked around the blue Peugeot.
"Allez la maman ! Au trot ! Et plus vite que ça !" (Let's go mommy! On the double! Come on, we don't have all day!) The soldier slapped her naked butt to urge her on.

She began trotting around the blue family car. Gabrielle and Jeanne soon joined her. Some 20 men gathered around; they all cheered and catcalled as they watched the three humiliated white women jog around the Fauberts' blue Peugeot, while Denise was performing the forced cunnilingus on Carole, who was moaning and oohhhhing loudly and presently got hit by a very powerful orgasm from the titillating action of her sister's agile tongue.

What no one else knew, and it was Denise's secret, was that a nun at her school had been coaxing her into performing this on her for years. This was why Denise knew where and how to use her tongue.

"OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Ohhhh MON DIEU !!! ELVIS !!!! OHHHHHHHHHH OUI !!! PRENDS-MOI ELVIS !!!..." (Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh... Ohhhh MY GOD!!! ELVIS!!!! OOHHHHHHHHHH YES!!! TAKE ME ELVIS!!!...)

Sergeant Loemba ordered Denise to continue. Under Denise's relentless tongue and immorally acquired skill, Carole orgasmed again, again and again, groaning and moaning and calling Elvis' name!

All this time, Jeanne, Gabrielle and Marcelle had to keep trotting clockwise around the Peugeot, while two soldiers were using the car's hood as a tam-tam to play a tune from their Kongo nation repertoire. Other soldiers began singing a tribal song as they watched the naked white women jogging around the car.

Denise kept pleasuring Carole, who no longer knew where she was. It seemed that she indeed thought she was getting banged by Elvis Presley on some roadside in deep Tennessee.

Mr. Faubert and Mr. Oblin looked down in sulky, black-despaired silence. They were silently praying for making it out of this nightmare alive.

"All right! All right! Enough of girly action!" said a Corporal. "Now is the time for some more dicks for our most distinguished ladies!"

Denise felt herself being lifted off and separated from Carole, who barely noticed the transition from her twin sister's tongue to a huge Congolese dick that began drilling her womanhood as the soldier lying down naked on top of her began once more to pound the white teenage daughter.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! noooooooooooooooooo!!! ... AAAAAAAaaahhhh NNNooooooooooooo!!!" Carole suddenly began shrieking and wailing as she saw her rapist's dark face from up close as the man pounded her while looking down to contemplate the moving firmness of her quivering breasts...

In her head, the fantasy had brutally changed. She had lost control of it. As Elvis was fucking her, two cars had pulled over and stopped. A ruthless gang of black gangsters had emerged from the black cars. They had beaten up Elvis and were now taking their turns on her with savage and relentless abandon...

She had each rapist's face up close, the whiteness of his teeth highlighting the devilish blackness of his face as he sweated and panted, his features distorted with the savage spell of glee he was under as he kept frantically plowing her, keeping at it until he ejaculated and bellowed his groan of victory, only to be replaced by one of his mates. Then it started all over. It seemed that her sole purpose in life was to receive black dicks and African cum and it was going to be this way for the rest of her life. She suddenly felt a chill down her spine, as she wondered whether they were going to kill her after using her to deadly exhaustion.

Next to her, Denise was now also lying down on the ground, pressed down under a soldier who was banging her.

As some men felt their erectile function getting back on line, they walked to a free woman and used her as they will. The white man's women were now their property! They were celebrating Congo's independence by bursting their loads of seed inside these off-limits women! IT FELT SO DAMN FUCKING GOOD! Physically, morally and spiritually!

These white pigs had been abusing them for far too long.

Raping their women was SOOOO MUCH FUN! They couldn't get enough of it!

Gabrielle was now bent over and pinned on the blue Peugeot's hood as one of the tam-tam players got busy and rammed his coconut-hard dick inside her, grabbed her waist and began using her like the fuck doll she was, his mouth wide open and freely grunting in complete enjoyment of this doggystyle copulating!

Sergeant Loemba himself felt like going again. This time he tried Jeanne.

"Allez ma jolie ! C'est ton tour !" (Come on, pretty one! It's your turn!) he said as he forced her down on the ground and then forced himself upon her, holding her delicate wrists in his iron fists, pinning her arms on the ground, and greatly fascinated by the fact she was still wearing her white gloves, which were now completely dark with dirt.

"RRhhaaaRRRRHHH..." he groaned as he felt his dick entering Jeanne. He began fucking her, enjoying how incredibly tight she was. It felt like raping a young college girl! He looked at Jeanne straight in the face as he raped her, revelling in her silent weeping.

"Now is our turn to be owning you, Milady! HRRRR... HRRRRR... HRRRRRRR... HRRRR... Hmmm... Oh yeah! And I'm doing this right in front of her husband!"

He decided for a very intense and short fuck session, so he greatly picked up speed and frantically thrust and retreated his impaling dick, banging her like a fast-moving piston, watching her head wildly bobbing against the ground and feeling her body completely shaken and possessed under him.

As he was flexing his butt in quickly reversed advance and retreat action, his head bobbing to and fro, Sergeant Loemba felt the unstoppable surge coming. He braced for the climax with crazy anticipation. Suddenly he bellowed a loud roar as his dick exploded in spurting semen!

Jeanne received another Congolese load of cum that compounded her already unquantifiable debasement and the risk of getting impregnated with a dark offspring.

The scout leader decided to have another crack at Gabrielle. As soon as the tam-tam player had blissfully released his load, he took his turn on her, asking her if she missed him as he inserted his massive dick. He once more felt the magic tightness of the petite Belge's pussy while contemplating her firmly curved white butt slamming hard against his lap as he fucked her like an ox against the blue Peugeot! Gabrielle let out little sharp high-pitched groans under the unrestrained force of her rape, her white body utterly shaken against the shaking blue car!

He kept at it for a good while, before finally capitulating and indulging in a wild fit of sexual bliss as he utterly exploded inside the petite brunette, the contrast between her pale skin and his dark fuck stick driving him mad and multiplicating his sense of relief as he shot several bolts of warm seed inside beautiful Gabrielle.
"AAAhhRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr... La petite Belge... AhhhhhhhRRRRRR... AAhhRRRnnnnnnnnnn..." (... The petite Belgian girl... Yes! We're raping her! ...)

Marcelle was bent over on the hood's opposite side, so she had a close view on Gabrielle's plight. As both women were getting used, the older woman took Gabrielle's hand in hers and tried to bring her some tiny oasis of hope and dignity amid this complete nightmare of jungle rape!


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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After more than a half dozen Congolese soldiers of the Force publique had once again enjoyed her overused and over-sore pussy, Gabrielle was left lying down on the ground next to the blue Peugeot, while Marcelle Faubert -- equally overused -- was left on the ground in the exact same state on the opposite side of the car. Both women were utterly exhausted with African cum still spilling out of their entrance and onto Congolese earth.

Jeanne was flat on her back, panting, her cunt overfilled with semen and her soul-dead eyes looking at the afternoon sky. It seemed they had been stopped at this place a year ago and she was still there on the same day. Time went by very slowly to a rape victim whose ordeal was still ongoing. Jeanne had no doubt that the rapes would resume sooner or later, and probably sooner.

Denise and Carole were on the ground, sobbing in each other's arms. Their father and Mr. Oblin were silently looking down. Mr. Oblin now felt a huge sting of guilt from having raped his friend's daughter; he couldn't get himself to say anything to Mr. Faubert nor even to look at him. The repeated gangrapes of his own wife also greatly distressed him. Nothing would ever be the same again for any of them.

Sergeant Loemba and his men greatly enjoyed looking down at the violated white women -- naked and polluted in their complete debasement. It was incredibly satisfying for them, given the countless abuse they themselves and their friends and relatives had suffered for so long at the hands of the Belgians, who deemed themselves so superior.

The soldiers were eating lunch and drinking banana beer. Today was a day of great celebrating! It had been announced that the Congolese army was to become africanized and some black NCOs would be immediately promoted to an officer's rank, which would vary according to his years of service and merit.

Some 18-year-old recruits had quickly built latrines like they had been ordered to.

The prisoners were escorted to these latrines, which brought further humiliation for them, especially for the girls and women, who had zero privacy in their most intimate predicament.

MM. Faubert and Oblin were quickly tied anew to the jeep -- they were not allowed even a tiny bite to eat. They were given a few gulps of water and that was it.

On the other hand, the women were given soap and water; then the black men ordered them to wash themselves. Another layer of humiliation! The mutinied soldiers all watched Gabrielle, Jeanne, Marcelle, Denise and Carole washing their gorgeous pale naked bodies.

Their perky breasts were quite arousing to watch with a sheen of soapy water! The teenage girls were the most intently watched. Many men felt a rush of blood returning into a new erection as they contemplated Denise and Carole naked and wet from their dainty feet, up their slender teenage legs, softly and firmly curved buttocks and hips, slim waist with a smooth navel area, perky breasts with pale nipples and fading areolas, delicate arms and shoulders... all the way up to their pretty faces, the whiteness of which was powerfully highlighted by their brown hair.

Gabrielle was also getting a lot of gazes. It was clear that the men created new tension within themselves, letting their desire for her return so they could rape her again with renewed glee!

As Sergeant Loemba looked at Jeanne and Marcelle, he realized how lucky they had been to get their hands on such a nice stable of beautiful white women! Jeanne had been ordered to keep wearing her pearl necklace, as it perfectly symbolized the white bourgeois society that the mutinied troops had toppled. They were now gleefully raping this white society that had oppressed them for generations.

The women were offered food by their "admirers", but they were far too stressed to eat anything -- their stomachs were all cramped and they had an unfathomable ball of angor weighing heavily within them, weighing down each of their steps like some nightmarish spleeny glue; only Denise ate some of the offered food; she was fine for eating, but she felt unspeakable guilt and shame at her recollection of licking her twin sister's clit.

Then the five ladies were all ordered to go into their car trunks and their luggage and fetch some new clothes. They were to put these on and get dressed again!

Denise and Carole hurried to get into simple white dresses with navy blue dots. They had skipped underwear, and were scolded by a Corporal. They had to dress properly, with proper undergarments. However, they were required to remain barefooted; there were two reasons for this -- first, watching the women's feet enhanced the anticipation arousal in many men, including Sergeant Loemba, and second, it was basically impossible to take to their heels in a desperate run through the bushland -- if they did manage to flee in the bushes, they were sure to get captured by local tribesmen, some of whom were most certainly watching the scene from a safe distance at this very moment.

The Congolese men greatly enjoyed the pitter-patter of their captive white women as they walked around barefoot on the trail's dirt. They were all anticipating how they were going to rape them all again!

Jeanne took an old turquoise green dress and got into it. A Corporal told her, very ironically, that this dress became her very well and then he forced kissed her, before tapping her on the ass and reminding her of her new social status.

Marcelle put on a skirt that stopped only at the knee, thus letting her beautifully feminine lower legs exposed. She picked a bra that had a solid base under the C-size cups, a set-up that accentuated the curves of her breasts; she added to this a blouse that she left opened in such a way as to give a clear view on her cleavage, whereas her daughters wore dresses that were buttoned very high.

Sergeant Loemba looked at Marcelle and her daughter and laughed. Did this mother really think she was going to entice his men to choose her over her cute young daughters when the assaults would resume?!

The Corporal who had first raped Gabrielle, seemingly ages ago, was very moved as he watched the gorgeous petite brunette clad anew in her surviving grey plaid shirt and a new unscathed blouse -- this time a light blue one that perfectly showed the richness of her pale ivory complexion. He looked at her cock-teasing breast shapes, so firm and perfectly perky, as well as her wonderful shiny black hair that cascaded down to her shoulders. A perfectly rapeable white girl!

The Corporal remembered the moment he had first seen Gabrielle, who had flirted with him. He felt profound, unfathomable sadness at having met her in such a violent setting. He would have preferred by far to meet and date her, and offer her the pleasures of his manhood and body in the context of a fulfilling, soul-nurturing relationship. On this very moment, he knew that he would never forget her until his dying day. He also knew that when the assaults would resume, his urge to rape her would once more get the better of him -- actually, he was already picturing himself using her on a car hood with her delicate legs up and her wonderful feet near his face. Only thinking of Gabrielle's feet gave root to a powerful erection!

He nonetheless daydreamed of marrying her in a socially unthinkable union.

Then he was suddenly aware of a great commotion in the roadside camp. Was that the sound of a starting engine?!

He became aware of Gabrielle's green car moving and quickly veering into a swift u-turn. Then Gabrielle step her foot on the gaspedal and drove off past a large military truck as some soldiers were already scrambling and getting aboard the truck. In a few moments, the chase would be on!


At the wheel of her car, Gabrielle drove frantically, taking the winding trail as fast as she could and almost losing control during a very steep bend at the foot of a descending heel.

While she was getting dressed again, she had noticed something incredible -- her car keys had been left in the ignition! She had waited for the right moment. Then, as the men standing nearby were all looking away at Denise and Carole, she had quickly got on the driving seat and started the engine. She had almost ran over a young soldier during her wild u-turn. She knew that they would be really pissed off! She didn't want to think of what they'd do to her if she got recaptured!

Looking in the rearview mirror, she started and felt a jolt of terror as she saw the pursuing military truck, driving fast in a cloud of dust. Already hot on her heels! Under the sun of Congo, impassible baobabs stood and cast their afternoon shadows on the yellow grass.

Somehow, her car's A.M. radio had been struck open. The speakers resonated with the joyful tune of Gilbert Bécaud's Pilou-Pilou-Hé...

Pilou Pilou Pilou hé,
Moi, j'attends le jour où j'irai
(I am waiting for the day when I go...)
Au pays qu'a un joli nom (in the land with the jolly name)
(Au pays qu'a un joli nom)

Tu me crois, ou tu n'me crois pas, (Believe me, believe me not,)
Mais tout est plein de mimosas (but it's all full of mimosas)
Au pays qu'a un joli nom (in the land with the jolly name)
(Au pays qu'a un joli nom)

À genoux...oux sur les mains, (On my knee...ees on my hands...)
Ou sur les mains peut-être bien, (Or maybe even on my hands)
À genoux...oux sur les mains, (On my knee...ees on my hands...)
Je me te le franchirai, le chemin ... (I'm going to make it, all the way through...)

Gilbert Bécaud's song added to Gabrielle's sense of dread and terror as she negociated the curves on the narrow dirt road, driving faster than she ever thought herself capable of...

She was quickly approaching the junction to the main road. Once there, she knew her 1950 Austin A40 Devon was faster than their WW2 khaki truck on straight lanes...


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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Driving her Austin A40 Devon almost like a racing rally pilot, Gabrielle got out of a bend, in a controled slide that had her gaining some distance over the pursuing military truck.

She could see the national road and the junction. She was so close to freedom!

Then she saw the boulders completely obstructing the way. The detour team had previously placed them there to prevent anyone from entering the local trail. It proved equally difficult to exit it.

Gabrielle had to break hard. She swerved to her right, thinking she could still pass using the bumpy roadside, but there was a ditch that was a lot steeper than she had reconned. She slid deep to the right and the front right side of her car struck the massive stem of a baobab.

She was stuck!

Her heart racing, she put the gear in reverse and stepped down on the gaspedal in an attempt to get unstucked and somehow making it out of the ditch and onto the cruelly near main road.

But the rear wheels spun in the soft earth to no avail.

The pursuing military truck was already stopping 10 yards from their prey.

Gabrielle had not one instant to lose. She quickly got out of the car and ran toward the main road in the tiny hope that there would be several oncoming cars with well-armed refugees or better still, an oncoming unit of Belgian paratroopers.

She felt stings of pain from the gravels hurting her bare feet as she ran away in her last-ditch attempt at making good her doomed escaped, knowing all too well she wasn't very likely to get any farther.

The road was desert, as it should be in all likelyhood. This wasn't the road from Brussels to Paris; this was inland Congo.

The dozen Congolese soldiers who had hopped in the truck easily overtook the hopeless pitter-patter of her barefoot running on the road dirt.

Gabrielle screamed and wailed, flailing her arms around as if she were going to fight them all off... The victorious pack of black uniformed men surrounded and seized her, lifted her off her feet and swiftly carried her away toward the truck.

The scout leader was with them. As the Sergeant in charge of the impromptu squad, he directed them to a spot where the bulk of their WW2 troop transport truck would hide most of them from any oncoming car approaching on the main road.

"Où est-ce que tu allais comme ça, ma petite dame !?" (Where do you think you were going, your little highness?!)
"Alors, tu nous as fait courir ! Tu vas nous payer ça !" (So, you made us run! You gonna pay for this!)

The men jeered and mocked her as they carried her to the designated spot. The Sergeant stood in front of her as soldiers firmly held her wriggling arms.

He violently slapped her, making her wince and shout out a cry. He slapped her again. And again! Her shoulder-long black hair sharply flew in wild waves of shiny tumult under the sun as her head violently twisted to one side, then to the opposite side, from the unbridled force of the blows...

"Petite salope blanche !" (Fucking little white slut!) the tall Sergeant called her, towering above her 5 ft. 1 in. petite frame.

He violently ripped her blouse wide open, without warning. Then he yanked off her white bra, taking great delight in undressing her topless with such unrestrained violence; his erection was already raging and pushing under his beige uniform trousers.


Gabrielle squealed in utter pain as he pinched her left nipple mercilessly hard, with a clear intent to punish her.

"Il va falloir la corriger, cette salope blanche !" (We'll need to punish this white whore!)

As she looked down, her dishevelled hair hiding part of her pretty face with its features distorted with dread and suffering, the Sergeant contemplated her bright pale complexion, which was highlighted by the contrasting light-blue torn fabric of her ruined blouse on either sides of her pale boobs.

He cupped her breasts and squeezed hard, greatly enjoying her renewed squeal of pain as well as the contrast of his dark brown hands holding her superbly white boobs. Doing this to an off-limit white woman was priceless!

As the soldiers kept their firm hold on her still-wriggling arms, while others taunted and groped her breasts, butt and legs, the Sergeant quickly undid and lowered his pants. He freed his enormous erect dick, which stood at attention and pointed at Gabrielle.

From Gabrielle's damaged car, men could faintly hear the radio playing the tune of Finger Of Suspicion by Dickie Valentine...

The crazy-aroused Sergeant felt an unstoppable urge to RAPE! RAPE THE WHITE SLUT! PUNISH HER! The sense of having absolute power over the fallen privileged woman fed his raging erection just as much as the sight of her naked breasts flanked by the shreds of destroyed blouse and her bare lower legs and feet... Her very whiteness symbolized her fallen social power. This was ungodly erotic to these black Congolese men.

Hearing her loud screams of protest with unmitigated enjoyment, he roughly pulled Gabrielle's grey plaid skirt all the way up to her waist and then -- with a loud groan of anticipation -- he tore off her black panties, revealing her wonderful patch of black cunt hair and the ungodly feminine gap between her delicate thighs! She was so fucking feminine!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!..." Gabrielle protested and wriggled her arms with her last hopeless surge of fight as the jeering Sergeant roughly opened her legs wide and quickly inserted his hard cock inside her entrance to cunt paradise!

Gabrielle screamed louder and even shriller, her despair echoing against the baobabs standing their indiferrent watch at a safe distance, as she felt the Sergeant's immense dick forcefully invading and filling her stretched vagina.

Then, as he felt himself all the way inside her, he grabbed her waist and began pounding her like a madman, putting all his brawn and weight into his hipthrusts, impaling Gabrielle's tight pussy in a relentless ramming.

Gabrielle's tiny body was now completely horizontal and utterly shaken, her arms held by soldiers at one end and the Sergeant holding her waist on the other end as he frantically raped her. Her naked white thighs wildly brushed against the rapist's flanks and further highlighted the racial contrast between revolted black soldier and fallen white woman.

Head bobbing and hair flying against the soldiers who held her arms, Gabrielle could only submit and endure the incredibly brutal pounding she was once again subjected to.

The Sergeant raped her angrily, making a point of ramming his enormous dick deep and painfully inside her and imposing a relentless tempo.

Gabrielle uttered short high-pitched cries as his unrestrained hipthrusts kept viciously shaking her from head to toe, making her firm breasts jiggle so rapidly that her pale mounds were almost a blur of exposed whiteness under the satisfied gazes of her black squad of rapists.

The Sergeant groaned louder, louder and louder still in an animalistic crescendo of pure male carnal contentment. He picked up his fury to an even harder beat and was now driving her hips hard toward him each time he thrusted his dick forward, raping her in total frenzy with his sweating head wildly moving back and forth above her jiggling breasts!

Gabrielle felt herself shaken and utterly taken right down to her core. Her womanhood was nothing but a shaken centre of pain and debasement.

She heard the Sergeant's roar and felt the now-all-too-familiar wetness of successful invasion as he violently cummed inside her...

The Sergeant felt like he was dying of bliss as he enjoyed the unfathomable relief of warm bolts of semen he shot deep inside Gabrielle! The hot pursuit had completely turned him on, but the actual rape had far exceeded his expectations!

Raping these salopes blanches was so much FUN!

He pulled out and gleefully indulged in voyeuristic pleasures as he watched the next Congolese man inserting his own dick -- equally massive as his own, if not even bigger -- and then starting to rape Gabrielle with a barbaric frenzy!

His mouth was wide open with exhilaration as he panted and said...
"Je ne l'avais pas encore essayée celle-là !" (I had not sampled this one yet!)

Gabrielle was once more shaken like a forgotten shirt on a clothesline during a hurricane!

The man raping her was positively screaming his blissful satisfaction...

Then the man was taken by a very sudden and violent ejaculation! He roared in a long-enduring scream of enjoyment as he shot several bolts of warm jizz inside their common white fuck doll...

He pulled out and was immediately replaced by a third man, who began raping her with the same vengeance and angry will for inflicting punishment as he savagely plowed her with his giant Congolese rape stick.

As Gabrielle was being raped with her body shaking horizontally and none of her touching the ground, she was closely surrounded by a swarm of negroes, who slapped her and kept calling her "salope blanche" and telling her how she was going to pay!

The third man cummed just as hard as the two first ones. Then a fourth rapist immediately took over and he was quickly done and dumped his load of semen inside Gabrielle.

The fifth one wanted to go doggystyle, so he had Gabrielle bent over, then he madly pulled down her grey skirt down her legs and frantically inserted his long, thick black dick amid the firm curves of her pale butt, the African sun greatly highlighting her whiteness of skin contrasting with the shadow of her butt crack and her rapist's dick.

This fifth one was Corporal Fabrice Mikumba, THE Corporal she had first flirted with. Presently, Corporal Fabrice was mad with a rape urge that had been fed by the act of pursuing her. It was him who had been driving the truck!

He greatly enjoyed contemplating Gabrielle's naked butt, which had the shape of an upside-down heart with her inter-thigh gap clearly visible. The fact she still had her light-blue torn blouse on her back only enhanced the erotic nakedness of her exposed butt! 

He entered his throbbing dick and felt an unspeakable rush of pleasure as he felt her tight vagina, beyond lubed by the truckload of cum she already had taken.

He firmly grabbed her hips and began pounding her with all his massive strength, putting her under a savage pistoning and making her black head of hair shaking like a tiny shrub in a blowing hurricane. Beneath her horizontally shaking torso, her small breasts were jiggling in some sort of overhanging blur of pure female flesh.

The Congolese stud was raping a gorgeous white woman -- one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen in his life.

He put all his might and fury into it. All the men who witnessed this incredibly savage rape agreed that this one was the most brutal rape witnessed thus far. He perhaps even outclassed Sergeant Loemba.

The Sergeant present -- the scout leader who had first spotted the refugee convoy -- watched with unmitigated glee, feeling his erection returning and starting to masturbate. He made a mental note to himself that this Corporal shall be recommended for promotion and for a citation of exemplary duty.

Corporal Fabrice screamed at the top of his lungs as his dick exploded inside Gabrielle and released torrents of African semen inside the Belgian nice girl!

This "salope blanche" was the real deal! WHAT A FUCK SHE WAS!

They would use and reuse her, defile and redefile her until the sunset.

They thrashed and punished Gabrielle for her escape attempt!

With their huge Congolese dicks. With unbridled savagery.


Three soldiers who stood some distance away became aware of the sounds of someone trying to start a car engine. They saw a white Peugeot at the side of the main road some 50 yards away. One of the men became frantic. There's a nice young woman in that car! There's a pink gem! A pink gem!!!

This man was a 17-year-old recruit with very sharp eyes. He ran to the truck and quickly took his rifle. No self-respecting soldier ever goes anywhere without having his weapon at hand -- this is one of the first things they teach you in bootcamp.

Other soldiers did likewise. Word quickly got around that there was a stalled car only 50 yards away with a pink gem in it.

Inside the car, the young Belgian wife was screaming "Démarre ! Démarre !" (Come on! Come on!) as her husband was frantically trying to ignite the dead motor. He had noticed the truck and something strange that was going on behind it, and he had stopped to take a peek. Then as he had wanted to quickly drive away, the carburetor betrayed him.

His wife saw the half dozen soldiers running toward the car and alerted him. He went for his rifle, which was on the backseat, but it was too late!

The mutinied soldiers smashed the car windows broken and quickly forced the doors open and pulled out the unfortunate couple! The man was beaten to a pulp with rifle butts by the jeering troops who mocked him and called him a "white pig". The woman had got out of the white Peugeot and fled toward the bushland, but of course she had been very quickly overtaken and captured by the laughing men, who told her husband they were going to have a lot of fun with his cute young wife.

The captured young couple was then quickly half carried, half walked to the spot where the rest of the squad was giving Gabrielle the most brutal thrashing of her life.

The husband was very swiftly tied to the truck's rear bumper and forced to sit uncomfortably where he would watch his wife getting brutally gangraped.

As the Congolese men took a longer look at the newly captured pink gem, they whistled and catcalled. They couldn't believe their luck! This woman was an almost perfect look-alike of Princess Paola of Belgium! She had the same golden blonde hair, the same aristocratic allure and the same rich complexion of skin as the fabled princess!

Her husband cried "NADINE ! NADINE !... Sales fumiers !" (Nadine! Nadine!... You fucking bastards!). He kept powerlessly yelling at them as a handful of lucky soldiers surrounded the gorgeous blonde woman, who let out shrill screams of protest as they started groping her breasts and butt through her fine summer clothes.

They were going to have so much fun with her! The savage Congolese troops were about to humiliate and strip naked a woman who perfectly personified the oppressing Royal regime they had mutinied against.[/color]


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Re: Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville (interracial, some incest)
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"Ohhh... Saperlipopette !" (Ohhhh... Holy shit!)
"Non mais ça alors !"
(No kidding?!)
"Regardez-moi ce qu'on a là !" (Hey, look at what we have here!)
"La princesse de Belgique en personne !" (The Princess of Belgium herself!)
"Allez les gars, déshabillez-moi ça !" (Let's go mates! Undress that bitch!)
"Votre Altesse royale demande des bites de nègre !" (Your Royal Highness requires negro dicks!)

As they saw Nadine, all the men swarmed around her, commenting on her aristocratic looks, mocking and jeering and calling her "Your Royal Highness", while her husband kept yelling racial slurs, most often calling them "sales nègres" (filthy negroes).

Nadine intensified her sobbing and wailing as the black soldiers playfully tossed her around among them, so each one could get a proper whiff at her "royal hair perfume". Most of them used this opportunity to force kiss her.

She dreadfully knew this foreplay wouldn't last that long as she kept hopelessly asking the beige uniformed soldiers to stop, only succeeding in making her black-faced captors laugh and grope her harder.

Then someone said...
"Voyons voir si elle est blonde de partout !" (Let's see if the carpet matches the drapes!)

All at once, the Congolese men started brutally undressing the screaming and panicking young blonde...

Loud noises of tearing fabric and her frantic screaming filled the entire baobab-overwatched area as they ripped her white blouse wide open and jerked off her matching white bra, whistling as they discovered her magnificent pair of firm B-sized breasts with vanilla nipples amid pale fading areolas that danced atop of her suddenly exposed jiggling mounds of pale girly flesh as she wriggled and squirmed amid the rape-crazy negroes!

It was such a beautiful abuse. Brutal and barbaric.

The shrill screaming noble-looking blonde was then laid on the ground and the men swiftly and feverishly pulled down her navy blue skirt right off her slender legs and ankles while someone was finishing baring her feet. Her legs were strikingly beautiful in a mind-boggling display of vanilla-white softness. Actress Grace Kelly, now married as Princess Grace of Monaco, had such legs!

The Sergeant in charge immediately yanked off her light blue panties to expose her moving cunt as "Her Royal Highness" kept squirming and shrieking in dire protest!

Nadine's cunt was all pale skin covered with a delicate patch of dark blonde pubic hair that indeed matched her delicate eyebrows! The soldiers laughed. Her husband yelled at them and bitterly sobbed.

He kept bellowing racial slurs and also kept sobbing while repeating "Nadine... Nadine... Oh non !"

Gabrielle realized that they were completely forgetting her. She quietly rose to her feet. Strangely enough, she took a moment to admire the gorgeous sunset as evening displayed its dusk roses and infinite shades of gold and bronze over the vast expanse of African countryside.

If she could only make it to the military truck... Perhaps they had left the keys in the ignition... It was her only hope.

A pair of brutally strong hands shattered her plans of far-fetched escape.

"Where do you think you're going?" Corporal Fabrice playfully asked her as he brutally shoved her on the ground and forced her to lie flat on her belly. Then he himself laid on top of her, quickly and expertly inserted his powerfully hard erection and began raping her, this time in the lazy doggystyle.

As he kept brutally raping Gabrielle while lying flat on top of her backside and greatly enjoying the scent of her wonderful black hair as she silently let herself be used with that roughness she was growing accustomed to, Corporal Fabrice looked up and watched Nadine, presently lying on her back, stark naked except for her wide-open torn blouse, with her arms pinned on the ground on either side of her golden hair of head, as the kneeling Sergeant lifted her hips off the road dirt and began brutally raping her with absolute delight!

As he began pounding her hard, the Sergeant kept calling Nadine "Your Royal Highness" while all men around them jeered and urged him to make this white whore feel how its like to be on the wrong side of the fence!

Nadine frantically shook her bobbing head, adding despaired movement to her wailing protests as she was rocked and shaken under the brutal pounding force of her savage rape!

The nearby men all eagerly waited for their turn on her; even those who had freshly raped Gabrielle felt a powerful return of their hard-on! The prospect of defiling this young white wife who looked like the Princess of Belgium drove them mad with wild lust and anticipation! Today was an incredible day none of the concerned parties would ever forget.

The Sergeant kept pumping his dick inside Nadine; he was now silenced by the overwhelming demands of his oncoming climax. He felt it coming like an all-powerful surging tide within his loins.

Then it came. Ungodly powerful!

The Sergeant roared in a long-lasting echoing scream of bliss as his big Congolese dick exploded in torrents of spurting jizz inside the wailing and sobbing young housewife.

Her blonde hair and aristocratic looks only added to the Sergeant's unrestrained glee as he kept thrusting his cumming dick inside her violated pussy, delightfully enjoying his epic unloading to its very last droplet. He had properly taken possession of and africanized the blonde-carpeted premises.

Then he reluctantly pulled out of Nadine and got back up to his feet, smiling a mile wide in a wicked display of white teeth lighting up his black face, while a Corporal replaced him and laid down on top of the wailing princess look-alike who kept begging them to let her go in a nigh-pitched voice of wailing despair...

Nadine was once more shaken under the grunting and defiling force of her gang rape, this time in the arms of an open-mouthed Corporal who let spill frothing saliva on her face as he delightfully enjoyed the ungodly tightness of her "Royal" vagina!

He pumped his black dick inside her blonde cunt like a well-oiled piston engine, doing his utmost to last as long as he could in this European pale-skin paradise on Earth, watching her extra-pale nipples dancing on top of her quivering perky breasts as he kept savagely pounding her. Her pussy was so tight. It was so fucking good!

Then he cummed very forcefully and dumped a massive load of African semen inside "Her Royal Highness". He was quickly replaced by a third black soldier, who pounded her even more savagely until he cummed too, before being replaced by another rapist... then another... and another... The entire squad was going to own her.

Nadine, her wrists hurting from being constantly gripped and pinned by jeering soldiers, felt like she was to have her pussy stretched by a savagely pounding black dick for the rest of her life. She was no longer resisting nor screaming. She tried to manage her remaining energy while her head kept bobbing on the ground as her entire body shook under the ever-lasting and relentless rapes she was subjected to.

She heard her husband constantly shouting slurs at them, calling them "sales fils de pute !" (filthy son-of-a-bitches!) "sales fumiers !" (filthy scum!), "salopards !" (bastards!) and many other such names. At one point, he shut up after she vaguely heard a soldier telling him to "shut the fuck up" and then "Take this, you white filth!"

Nadine suddenly realized she was on all fours.

Her body was shaken like crazy by a soldier who held her gorgeous hips and watched her pale round butt repeatedly colliding against his lap as he furiously enjoyed her doggystyle! Her "Royal Belgian Highness" was getting properly africanized!

Her legs and butt and her nice little feet were amazing to look at for the revolted Congolese men. Her pure white nakedness fed their raging erections and kept them coming back for more!

Her pale flesh looked even paler under the fading dusk light. The black soldier kept raping her like a grunting beast, then he suddenly screamed loud as he blissfully released his load!

"Ohhh, la salope blanche ! Oh putain !" (Ohhhh, the white slut! Oh Lord Jesus!)

Raping this gorgeous blonde housewife was SO DAMN GOOD!

The next rapist took over. Nadine would spend a lot more time getting raped on all fours, many men using her twice in unbelieving satisfaction! The very unusual, extreme and violent setting gave them a very unusual sexual resilience.

Whatever dignity and aristocratic allure Nadine had was long lost. Now she was the whore of a squad of mutinied members of the Force publique celebrating Congo's independence by taking possession of a white man's wife. By whoring a "salope blanche"!


Note: I really enjoyed depicting this rape of a blonde wife. Pretty sure I'm going to quietly reread this chapter and fap! Brunettes are my usual kink, but as they say, variety is the spice of life. Oddly, this was my first time ever using the expression "Let's see if the carpet matches the drapes".