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The Lieutenant himself took some sleep in the early morning, and so did the Sergeant. His disciplined men kept things in order, the Senegalese Corporals proving themselves more than able to keep things going smoothly inside the fallen castle. They made sure no German woman was cold; they kept them warm.

Upstairs, Frauke and Carla slept in the same bed with Corporal Keba Lah providing them warmth and tenderness with his virile, naked body. In the living room, Esther slept near the dying fire while her gracious nakedness was snuggly held and cuddled by three naked soldiers. Each of the other women slept naked similarly sandwiched between Senegalese men.

Lotte was waken up the earliest. Now that the sun was up, breakfast needed to be cooked, so Lotte was allowed to put some clothes back on. In the kitchen, she was helped by a group of soldiers, led by a Corporal who made sure that none of the soldiers interfered with Lotte's cooking duties. The soldiers helped her and actually obeyed all of her instructions while they were preparing breakfast for everyone.

However, there was quite a stir outside. The Lieutenant's cautiousness with guard duties paid off. The guards in the stable had been playing cards and sharing coffee with the male servants when they spotted a group of soldiers. These soldiers weren't Senegalese. They were Moroccans, led by a young Lieutenant, white like all officers as the highest attainable rank for African men was Chief Sergeant.

The duty Corporal saluted the newcoming Lieutenant, whose face soon showed disappointment. They had planned to sack the castle and have fun with their womenfolk, but they found the place taken and now filled with whored and overused women! Tough break!

Lieutenant Faucher was soon waken up and came along with his Sergeant to greet his fellow officer, who was actually a Sub-Lieutenant and showed proper deference to the more senior officer, who took him with him inside the Baron's manor for a quick cup of coffee.

The young Sub-Lieutenant was quite aroused when he saw the white women, naked and lying down with Senegalese men, who had waken up and were already paying tribute to their beauty. They all had strong morning glory! He saw a beautiful, pure-looking German teenage girl with platinum-blonde hair being forcefully taken, down on all fours with the soldier powerfully bucking her from behind until he released his stored-up spunk, only to be followed with another equally endowed man who gave his African wamth to the German teenage girl, who was now sounding like she enjoyed this. The two officers grinned.

The living room and the dining hall similarly came alive with the morning orgy. The Sub-Lieutenant especially liked the sight of a nubile-looking girl with dark-blonde hair, whose delicate features indicated that she was probably one of the household's daughters. The Lieutenant told him so, as they both watched her breasts jiggling in plain sight while she was being held in place and savagely taken by the group of soldiers, the current rapist standing between her legs; the man kept grinning down on the noble-looking girl and advancing into her as he pounded her with unrestrained delight.

"This is Esther, the Baron's eldest daughter," said Lieutenant Faucher, who then went on and introduced the junior officer to the Baron himself. The German nobleman only nodded to acknowledge his presence. He was still tied up to his chair and only allowed to leave it under escort when he needed to use the bathroom.

While Emma and Olga were also providing some morning entertainment for the soldiers, the Lieutenant spoke to the junior officer...

"It is very important that the Germans, especially in the upper classes, feel the sting and humiliation of defeat! There's a farm not far from here, and we haven't been there. One of the male servants will guide you over there. It belongs to a Herr Meyer and I've been told he has three fine daughters, one of them already married and probably there with her husband on a Christmas visit. When you get there, make them feel the sting! Make sure the men watch their women being defiled! And make sure you are the first man inside the woman you will choose; you are the officer in command!"

The Sub-Lieutenant quickly finished his coffee and took his leave.

Minutes later, he was guided by all five servants on the way to the Meyer farm. The male servants all wanted to be there for the fun! They knew the Meyers and they knew how gorgeous the Meyer daughters were! They wouldn't miss this for all the beer in Germany. They had learned some techniques by watching the Senegalese men and were eager to put them in practice. The heavy snowfall had made the trail a royal bitch to use, but the men nonetheless made their way to the house they were about to invade and rob of its most precious asset --- German virtue.

In Dahn, no woman was safe! German virtue was smashed and hopelessly soiled under Moroccan boots! The proverbial German fathers were beaten down with rifle butts before being shown that no more barrier existed between African troops and their beloved wives and daughters!

A full Moroccan battalion had taken the town! They had marched with the intention of sacking the town during Christmas night, but the heavy snow had slowed them down, but they had come with a vengeance in broad daylight!

The front doors were smashed open. A few men died while trying to defend their loved ones. Guard dogs didn't fare any better. Housecats all scampered away. The fathers and teenage brothers were ruthlessly beaten up, then tied up to chairs or crudely on the floor, where they were made to watch the unwatchable! The smiling, jeering Moroccan troops turned on the German girls and women!

Each house in Dahn resonated with the shrill screams of teenage girls being urgently stripped half naked, then raped by a horny pack of Moroccan soldiers!

Mr. Schweizer was unable to preserve the Jewish virtue in his house; he watched both his daughters being savagely defiled by the jeering pack of brown-skinned devils! Lea had been stripped topless and her torn dress was crudely tucked up against her tiny waist. The pure-face teenage girl was squealing amid the men, her arms held outstretched on either sides of her light-brown head of hair as she frantically shook her head in a token gesture of staunch refusal while the first man powerfully wedged himself between her slim legs and soon had her screaming in agony as he deflorated her, pounding her with all he had while grunting in shameless joy!

Lea's elder sister had been bent over the kitchen table and she was now taking the first in a long succession of Moroccan soldiers. The virtuous Jewish house was now echoing with shrill screams of destroyed virginity mixed with the barbaric screams of relief from the men. When Lea's first rapist --- a big moustached leather-skin man --- had screamed his bliss and relieved himself inside the sobbing girl, he was followed with another horny man, who also banged Lea and filled her up, then another man came, followed with another, and another, then another...

The young policemen who had just been back from duty were each brutally awoken and attacked in their bed, where their cute young wives were mercilessly gang-raped by Moroccan troops, who made short work of their night gown and took unmitigated delight in enjoying their German nakedness right in front of the powerless husband! If these wives turned out pregnant, now there was a chance that the baby turned out darker and faced with a life of social scorn.

Each house in Dahn where the troops found a rapeable woman was the theatre of such a grim scene. The entire town was raped. No girl was left a virgin. If Frauke and Esther had been there to see what the Moroccans did to some of their unfortunate peers, they'd say they had it easy in the hands of the Senegalese troops. Indeed, the Moroccans were particularly vicious in the way they abused the German girls; they enjoyed hearing them suffer and more often than not, they also raped their ass. Frauke and Esther were spared from Moroccan unspeakable brutality.

This day of horror would never be forgotten. The folks in Dahn would say "Weihnachtsvergewaltigungen" (the Christmas Rapes) to speak of this event, which would remain a taboo subject for generations to come.

The Moroccan soldiers remained in town for two long days and nights. The Senegalese had planned to march out sooner, but when the Baronness had learned about Dahn being sacked by Moroccans, she herself asked the Lieutenant to remain as long as necessary to protect the castle against these animals. She'd rather face occupants whom she knew than new ones who could prove worse. As a mother, she owed it to her daughters to minimize their ordeal as much as she could.

The Lieutenant said he wasn't sure, and gestured in such a way as to make Olga understand what he asked of her. The Baroness went down on her knees in front of the French officer. She unzipped his uniform trousers and took hold of his dick, which she then engulfed in her aristocratic mouth. She began giving him head. He rested his hands on her dark hair and gently caressed her head as she kept bobbing back and forth along his throbbing shaft, and kept at it until he twitched in her mouth and spewed his load deep into her throat!

The German Baroness swallowed the French semen, gagging as she tasted the bitter, rancid flavour of defeat.

"All right," said the victorious officer, "We will stay! You will of course keep us well entertained and fed, me and all my men! You can start by giving them the same joy as you've just given me!"

The Lieutenant was gesturing at a group of seven Senegalese men. The Baroness remained on her knees and pleasured each and everyone of them. She was left with a thick coat of semen covering her entire face.

The Baron was forced to rape Frauke several times over during the next couple of days; he eventually won the privilege of raping Carla, who had a great many occasions to curse in Italian and be angry at herself for leaving her country.

When the Senegalese left, there was no honour nor dignity left in the von Dürnitz House. The Dahnpfalz auf Tannen castle had been stripped of all virtue. It was haunted with teen girls who used to be proud nobledaughters; now they were soulless ghosts of their former selves with no pride left.


The Moroccan battalion had left, finally.

The good people of Dahn were left in shock, despair and utter humiliation. Someone had to pay for this! They all needed something to vent their anger on! They began to speak of the Dahnpfalz auf Tannen castle. The Baron's castle had been spared the horror and humiliation, or so they said in their madness.

A mob organically formed and took the path uphill.

In the manor itself, the women and daughters were now dressed with proper, unscathed clothes and somehow tried to rally. They tried to remember who they used to be. Lothar was vainly trying to comfort Frieda, who was utterly broken and haunted with suicidal thoughts. The Weber twins were in a similar state of shock, but they enjoyed some form of social promotion, as the Baroness felt pity for them and began to treat them, and Frieda, as if they were her own daughters.

Frauke was in denial; she walked around the house and helped Lotte and her mother to tidy up the place, pretending that she was fine, yet all broken inside. Esther was abed and remained there like a lump of soulless meat. Since all the male servants had left, the Baron had to tend his horses himself. He actually preferred being alone in the stables and smoking a pipe than facing his wife's gaze. He remembered all too vividly the rapes he had himself inflicted on Frauke, his own flesh and blood! How was he going to live with this?

The male servants didn't dare go back to the castle. With the Senegalese gone, they didn't dare to face the Baron! He had seen them raping his daughters. They had gone to the Meyer farm, where they partook in the rapes. The Meyer daughters had been so delicious to fuck! But when the Moroccans left, what were they to do? The five of them fled and took shelter in the empty loghouse where Lothar had planned to spend the night with his beloved Frieda.

The angry mob walked unopposed all the way up to the Dahnpfalz auf Tannen castle. They were all men --- fathers, brothers and husbands who had seen their women defiled before their eyes. Some fathers had been forced to rape their own daughters. Sons had been forced to take their own mothers. The horror was such that a brother having been forced on his sister didn't sound that bad in comparison.

Someone had to pay! The aristocrats had enjoyed their unfair privileges for far too long! Let's all go to the castle! The men had raging erections pushing the front of their pants as they anticipated what they knew they were going to do with the Baron's teenage daughters! They needed the relief for their stored-up rage and frustration! Now, they had found a justification for the brutality and lawlessness they were about to inflict.

The Baron went out of the stables to meet them. He was unable to talk any sense into them. They didn't believe him when he told them that he had the exact same thing happening to him and his family.

"The Moroccans were never in your house!" someone said.

"You're a filthy liar!" said the mayor of Dahn, who had watched his beloved daughter and his own wife being used as common whores by twenty men from Marrakech.

A rock was thrown in the Baron's face, then all hell broke loose! A man took an axe and smashed the Baron's head open! His last dying thought was for Frauke.

The Baroness screamed and tried to protect Frauke as she saw the angry mob overruning the house! The mother and daughter were brutally separated by the men, whose face were frantic with rage as they made short work of their garments. Frauke spoke to the men by their first names as she knew all of them; she begged them to please let her go! Her voice only made them hornier! Men she had known from years were now telling her how they had dreamed of seeing her in the nude and use her!

With unfathomable delight and satisfaction, they tore off Frauke's dress and beheld her nubile breasts being suddenly displayed in their free-moving nakedness as the poor girl writhed and squealed in their grip, only a couple of paces away from the spot where her mother, the Baroness was similarly stripped by the horny mob! She found herself on the floor, pinned and savagely raped by the mayor himself!

Frauke was almost turned upside down as men pinned her shoulder blades to the floor while the first rapist took her as he stood and held her thighs as he banged her, groaning like an unchained beast as he pounded her until he powerfully released his load. Frauke watched her mother being gang-raped as she took countless men inside her; they kept her with her head down and legs propped up as they took immense delight in this brutal social reversal of power. The Baroness and her younger daughter were thus raped by no less then fifteen men each. All commoners who couldn't believe their luck as they shot their seed inside a noble cunt.

In the kitchen, Lotte was grabbed and shoved onto the table. Her dismayed face and unbelieving eyes saw the familiar men who had turned crazy! It was as if they had thrown down their daily masks of civilized courtesy to show who they truly were! The pack of horny men showed her no mercy! They stripped her naked with even more savagery than the Senegalese had done and kept her pinned on the kitchen table as each and every man took his turn and urgently released his seed inside her!

Someone had to pay!

In the dining room, Frieda let out shrill screams of horror as men, whom she all knew by face and name, seized her and pinned her on the long wooden table. Lothar tried to talk sense into them, but he got severely beaten up; at least, he was luckier than the Baron. Frieda was urgently stripped out of her dress; her undergarments were destroyed by the angry men, who savagely pulled all the torn clothes down her hips and legs and feet, propping her legs up as they savagely unveiled her girly charms!

"I knew she had gorgeous legs!" said one man.

"Oh, yeah! Frieda von Brücke! I've always wanted to have her!"

"Please! Leave my daughter alone!"

"Come on, Mr. von Brücke! You can have her too! We won't say a thing!"

Frieda found herself naked with her legs propped up. Someone was licking her feet. In this legs-up position, she was raped by all these men in succession. She even recognized her own father's voice as he kept begging her forgiveness while he was pounding her, before utterly disgusting her down to her core as he let out a loud, long-lasting scream and blissfully exploded inside her!

More men came and obliterated whatever pride Frieda had painfully managed to rally after the Senegalese men's departure. On the floor, near the fireplace, Frauke and the Baroness kept receiving the peasantry's dicks giving tribute to their defiled beauty. Many men took a second turn inside them! A lot of them were unable to resist Frauke's alluring legs and lovely feet!

Carla was spotted in the living room. She screamed and begged as the mob forced her to reenact the same initial gang-rape as she had endured four days before. Once again, she found herself Eve-naked and forced to receive a great many dicks as she was gang-raped near the Christmas tree.

Someone found Esther's violin and played a serenade while Carla was cursing and panting under her gang-rape.

Stefan "Little Goblin" got lucky! When his turn came to enjoy Frauke amid the jeering mob, the 4 ft 11 in. hunchback held nothing back! He mounted the nobledaughter with intense savagery, screaming his grunts in her face as he banged her as if his very life depended on how hard he was bucking her! Frauke's pretty face kept bobbing as Little Goblin gleefully raped her and watched her delicate breasts jiggling in rhythm under his savage pounding. Then he exploded!


Stefan "Little Goblin" felt like he was going to die as his entire being became just one dick exploding and spewing a ton of stored-up spunk inside Frauke! Later, as he stood nearby and watched men taking their second turns inside the nobledaughter, it suddenly dawned on him that he too could mount Frauke a second time! He grinned and waited in line.

Herr Meyer had come with his elder sons. Someone had to pay! He took immense delight in raping the snobbish Italian cunt! His sons recognized and double-teamed Frauke, who was bent over and bucked from behind while her open mouth was violated by the other son. She knew them by their first name, but it made no difference; it felt even worse. She had overwhelming proof that the Meyer boys had been fancying her for years, and now they were brutally living out their dream. The anger was but a pretext to smash the social barriers and do what they had always longed to do deep down.

Esther was pulled out of her bed and similary whored. Her only satisfaction was that she didn't see nor heard her sister, her mother, Lotte and Carla being viciously gang-raped downstairs. She found that the good people of Dahn were even worse than the Senegalese. They were far worse! The Senegalese men had only meant to use them for sexual gratification. They had taken some care of them and made sure they weren't too badly hurt.

The good men of Dahn raped her angrily and as deep as they could. One of them decided it would be funny to rape the Baron's daughter in the ass. He had her screaming in agony the whole time. Other men followed suit. She ended up with a bloody ass, and she knew that the Senegalese soldiers would never had taken things this far. She realized with stupor that she was actually missing them. Her body was longing for their comforting touch and embrace.

Emma and the Weber twins had managed to escape by the back door, but they were quickly overtaken. They were raped outdoors, feeling winter's biting cold on their urgently violated body in addition to the unfathomable pain of being forced to lie down and receive another round of forced sex. Sofia and Alissia recognized men who lived on their street; their everyday faces were presently distorted with an expression of evil pleasure as they gleefully took their turns and banged the twin sisters until they too enjoyed the delightful relief!

The male servants were found in the loghouse. They were accused of helping the Moroccans and were all hung at nearby trees.

The men of Dahn remained two days and two nights at the castle, where Frauke and Esther had ample time to become thoroughly intimate with most of them. They survived the ordeal and so did the other women. Sometimes, miracles happen at Christmas time.

Lothar said to Frieda that he nonetheless loved her, just as before, and he still wanted to marry her, but she refused. She clearly and vividly remembered the moment when Lothar himself, his face bloody with the beating he had taken, had partook in her gang-rape; she would never forget the sight of his pleasure-distorted face and the sound of his animalistic growl when he relieved himself inside her amid the jeering mob.

The Baroness took Frieda with her in the castle and treated her like her own daughter after learning that her own father --- who had himself raped Frauke --- was too shamed to speak to her again.

Lotte left the castle and married one of the Meyer sons. She became a good, devoted wife and a fine farmer's wife.

To protect the women of Dahn from further harm, the good mayor had an idea. The castle was converted into a brothel, where the Baroness, Frauke and Esther, Emma, Carla, and Frieda von Brücke would be kept under guard and entertain foreign troops, and local men as well. The French authorities helped financially; they also helped with the funding of an orphanage as many girls in Dahn became pregnant. The fall of 1919 saw a wave of brown babies in Dahn, same as many other towns and villages in Rhineland.

The Baroness herself had a healthy son with a dark face and pouty lips. So did Esther, who became shamed to the eyes of her mother, who treated Frauke with whatever remained of her long-lost pride. Emma eventually returned to England, where no one knew anything about her past ordeal. She was able to marry a doctor and lead a respectable life, albeit she sometimes took a young lover who could give her the rough sex her body craved for.

Carla went to Russia and hoped the Whites would win the war. She became the mistress of a general from a noble Russian house. She ended up captured by Bolshevik troops in a fallen town and saw her lover summarily executed along with other tsarist officers, then she and all the other aristocratic women became the plaything of an entire company of Red soldiers. She and the other defiled women were then all brought to Moscow and forced into prostitution for the Red Army. 

Lothar, after being rejected by Frieda, married Sofia Weber in the Spring of 1919 while she was pregnant. The young heir was uncaring of any gossip from people whose true face he had seen on that fateful day. He eventually moved to Munich and took both twin sisters with him; the three of them lived in relative happiness together in spite of the spiking inflation that struck the Weimar Republic and forced Lothar to work again for a living by 1925. Lothar would nonetheless miss Frieda for the rest of his life. He was killed in Russia in the winter of 1943.

In late September 1919, only five months after her wedding night, Sofia Beckmann had a daughter who turned out white, and Lothar accepted her as his own child although they had no idea who the real father was. Alissia had also been left pregnant, but she miscarried. The Weber twins had several other childs later, all from Lothar.

Lothar never saw Frieda again.

Frieda never married. None of the von Dürnitz daughters did.

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My, but you are a great writer!! Gets you a more than deserved merit from me…
Picking up on your epilogue… the rapes - very likely still going on in some russian Gulags, but starting about a hundred years ago with formale aristocrats, political prisoners, prisoners of war etc. might be quite a promising field to work on …  :emot_thedrool.gif: :emot_thedrool.gif:
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My, but you are a great writer!! Gets you a more than deserved merit from me…
Picking up on your epilogue… the rapes - very likely still going on in some russian Gulags, but starting about a hundred years ago with formale aristocrats, political prisoners, prisoners of war etc. might be quite a promising field to work on …  :emot_thedrool.gif: :emot_thedrool.gif:

Thanks Rainbow!
African men having fun with white girls is a huge fantasy of mine!
Yes, the one paragraph about Carla's fate in Russia could make a story on its own!