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Disclaimer: Rape in reality is despicable and wrong; the author of this story does NOT condone real-life rape in any shape or form. Rape in fiction can be a fun way to explore one's fantasies. If you don't understand the difference between fantasy and real life, stop reading right now. This fiction story doesn't depict any sexual act with underage characters.

All characters featured in this story are at least 18 years old; the words "teenage" and "teen girl" or "maid" refer to girls aged 18 or 19 only.


It had been a rough day of marching for the 42 Senegalese soldiers that Lieutenant Bernard Faucher had taken with him for no apparent reason. The weather was cold; the terrain was tough, but the Alpine corps officer seemed to know exactly where he was going and they trusted him. They had seen how fierce he was in combat; they both feared and respected him. Besides, he had told them their hard day of march would be rewarded in ways they could hardly imagine. They were curious to see what that reward might be, and the man had always been as good as his word.

Morning had turned to afternoon, which had given way to the early evening of wintery snow and dusk. The snow-heavy firs were looking down on them as they marched on.

After a steep hill, Lieutenant Bernard Faucher stopped and gathered his negro platoon, ordering them to stand at attention. The last of dusk light fell on the black men's African features, their pouty lips, flat noses and shiny dark foreheads; all of them proudly wearing their cylindre-shaped red hats of wool and their powder-blue greatcoats -- they were France's colonial troops... Les tirailleurs sénégalais (the Senegalese light infantry).

Besides the Lieutenant, the only white man among them was Sergeant Gautier who stood in the rearmost file, smoking his proverbial pipe of oak.

They stood on a hilltop from where they had a commanding view on the small town of Dahn, in Rhineland Palatinate; the town was located in a steep valley about 85 kilometers north of Strasbourg and about 50 kilometers West of the Rhine Valley. It was December 1918. The Great War had just ended, and Elsässisch-speaking Strasbourg was to be reunited with France.

The December 24th sun was beautifully setting over Dahn...

The Lieutenant was standing tall against an already pitch-black backdrop. He looked at his men with his fierce eyes, his war-tired features and a moustache that reinforced the fierceness of his tall and strong figure. The two golden stripes indicating his rank only completed the respect he naturally imposed on the African men, who all knew how incredibly fast he could draw the pistol he was wearing in a large leather holster on his right side --- the pistol itself was a Luger P08 he had taken from a German Officer.

He pointed all the way up to a hill not very far off, perhaps a kilometer or two... He spoke to his men (we have translated his French for the sake of readability)...

"Soldiers! We have won the War! And as such we ought to enjoy its spoils! ... I see you are all looking at me with inquiring eyes. You are wondering why I have taken you on to such a hard-paced and hilly march this morning! Well, do you see this fir-covered hill over there?

"Well, at the top of this hill, there's a small castle, and in this small castle there are noble German officers who are thinking they are safe in their nice, warm cozy abode! These are rich people who did not share the hardships you've known in the dreadful trenches! They spent the war in comfortable desk jobs, but I guarantee you that you'll find them proudly wearing their Uhlan's uniforms!

"What's of more interest to you is this... These noble German officers have wives and they also have teenage daughters and beautiful serving maids! I know all of this because I've been around here undercover wearing civilian clothes and speaking German! Now... I know some of you have morals and are dead against abusing children... I give you my word of honour that none of the teen girls you'll see in this castle will be younger than 18 years old! I have made a very thorough inquiry! I know who these people are! I even know which girl I am going to pick for myself first!"

Now the Senegalese troops were all smiling. They joyfully set out for the last leg of their hard day's march, in spite of the climbing trail, for they now knew that pure paradise lay ahead of their black steps in the fresh snow!


Note: Not sure how long this site will stay up, but I'll nonetheless post this nice Christmas-themed interracial tale! One of the characters is a tribute to Mata Hari! I have a hunch that the Senegalese troops will find her very much to their liking! I hope she loves big African dicks! She's going to have them aplenty!
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The Dahnpfalz auf Tannen castle had been in the von Dürnitz family since the 17th century. Its towers and walls were now mostly in ruins, but the southernmost wing had been rebuilt into a cozy mansion in 1881.

Presently, the old clock was striking five and a nice warm fire of maple wood was burning in the antique fireplace, providing heat and leaving the cold night and the wolves outside! The guests and hosts alike felt a sense of comforting safety. They were between themselves for their private party; the rest of the world could carry on without them!

Herr Oberst Karl von Dürnitz and his wife Olga were hosts to two close friends and fellow officers --- the young Leutnant von Stierlitz along with his equally young fiancée and Major Otto von Rautenkranz, who had been working alongside Herr Oberst in Berlin, in low-stress jobs at High Command, where they spent the last four years dividing their time between administrative duties and going to the opera with their pretty wives.

Emma von Rautenkranz, the Major's wife, was a 33-year-old English-born woman who had fallen in love with Germany when she was a teenager and she had very gladly accepted to become the wife of a young, fortunate German officer back in 1903 when she was only 18. She was still dressing in the old Edwardian style, being a conservative, austere-looking woman by day, and a complete vixen to her husband by night, with her piercing blue eyes and her wonderful light-brown hair that she wore tight in a bun by day, and loose by night!

Olga von Dürnitz looked outrageously young for her 40 years! The people of Dahn were starting to think she was a vampiress, for her skin was still just as silky-soft and pure as the day her husband married her. Truth be told, the fresh air of these parts helped people retaining their youth up to a surprising age! There wasn't a single white lock breaking the raven charm of her black hair, shining under the warm living room light, their very night highlighted with a tiny goldband and an ostrich feather! She wore an expensive dress from Milan, adorned with jewerly, complete with a large pearl necklace and a wide décolleté that showcased the milky-white cleavage of a perky pair of orbs that bespoke of her husband's envy-inducing luck!

Leutnant Gherhard von Stierlitz was even luckier! He was freshly back from Rome with his fiancée... Carla Eco was an Italian dancer, singer and actress who looked remarkably like the late Mata Hari, the famous adventuress who had been so shamefully executed by firing squad as a spy a year earlier in Paris.

While Herr Oberst was entertaining his guest with fine wine and canapés before the main course that was being prepared in the kitchen, Carla was entertaining her fiancé and his aristocratic friends with a dance number she was performing semi-nude, wearing the same sort of outfit as Mata Hari in her prime years! She was a gorgeous young woman!

The heavy headband and jewelry she was wearing with her jet-black hair made her look like a new Cleopatra, and the pure-Italian softness of her lovely features wonderfully highlighted her faultless figure, her legs and feet being completely displayed along with her outrageously alluring hips, as she was only wearing a red loincloth attached to a jeweled belt! The gold lace she was wearing around her left ankle accentuated her seraglio look!

All men present looked at her barely covered charms! Their wives themselves weren't adverse to the idea of a later orgy in which they'd share their husbands with her... And themselves with the young, handsome Lieutenant in exchange!

As she danced and sung to the music of a violin played by the eldest daughter, Carla looked very intently at the Colonel's daughters! She loved both men and women, but she was presently longing for a girl's touch, and so she was presently making plans on how to smuggle herself in the room both girls shared while her fiancé would be sound asleep after the orgy she knew was to follow soon after midnight.

Herr Oberst's daughters looked lovely indeed! They were both wearing chaste white dresses that covered them right up to their necks. Frauke was the youngest one, at 18 years old, and she was Carla's favourite with her fresh white skin, silky soft and deliciously contrasting with her dark hair! Carla had most of all noticed her dainty hands, and she was dying to feel these small girly hands on her! And she had such a lovely face!

Esther, playing the violin, was the elder sister, probably 20 at the very most, for she almost looked younger than her sister! But who could tell the age of someone for sure? Carla was herself 26 and no one would guess! Esther had delicate features with light brown hair, and Carla knew from experience that once she'd had taken off her chaste white dress, youthfull girly treasures would be hers to discover in their milky youthful glory!

As she kept dancing close to the Turkish rug and felt its warm softness under the soles of her dainty feet, Carla smiled with sparkles in her Mediterranean-brown eyes. She looked forward to the night of warm sensuality that she knew would follow after an acceptable meal; she wasn't that fond of Germany's cuisine, but she sure loved the charms of the two sisters who stood in front of her, one of them playing suave notes from an Italian violin!


Note: Carla Eco's name is a tribute to Umberto Eco, the author of The Name Of The Rose, or rather Il nome della rosa. Carla's picture is actually a picture of Mata Hari, a truly beautiful woman who completely fascinates me.
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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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Carla had finished her suave dance number and took a warm spot near the fireplace, where she stayed in her semi-nude osé outfit and quietly listened to Esther's violin while sitting on the rug with her nonpareil legs under her supple body. Herr Oberst's eyes never left her wonderful feet; he totally looked forward to the night's adult games.

Esther was playing Kling, Glöckchen, the notes from her violin adding warmth and comfort to the already-gemütlich living room, while Frauke sang the 19th-century carol with her contest-winning soprano voice, the sounds from her voice charming the hosts and guests alike while the delicate forms of her figure, highlighted by her tight beltline, charmed all men present plus Carla...

Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling!
Kling, Glöckchen, kling!
Laßt mich ein, ihr Kinder!
Ist so kalt der Winter!
Öffnet mir die Türen!
Laßt mich nicht erfrieren!
Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling!
Kling, Glöckchen, kling!

Esther's violin and Frauke's soprano singing filled the room with a true Christmas-like happy cheer. Micheline, the only housemaid that had not been sent to her family for Christmas, was leaning against the door jamb and listening to the sisters while the goose was nearing its final cooking stage and all the other delicacies --- apple and sausage stuffing, red cabbage and potato dumplings --- were on the slow-burning stove.

In a corner of the living room, opposite where Carla was so beautifully sitting on the floor, stood a tall, massive Christmas tree that filled the room with its glistening magic and its fir scent.

Lotte then served some more mulled wine to guests and hosts. She noticed how Carla was looking at Frauke and she didn't like this at all. How shocking for her Catholic values! She signed herself as soon as she was back in the kitchen.

At 26 years old, Lotte had been a widow since November 1914, when her young husband had been killed at La Marne near Paris. Still a very beautiful woman, she'd had many suitors, but could never bring herself to become any other man's wife. Her Manfred had been such a wonderful friend, husband and lover all rolled into one! They had waited their wedding for five years and had only enjoyed each other for five months before the War called him away from her, his home-by-Christmas becoming a home-by-eternity.

Herr Oberst was a rather kind master. From time to time he forced himself on her, but he did so without unnecessary violence and kept this quite infrequent, which wasn't overly unpleasant. She even sometimes liked this manly warmth that she was painfully missing now and then. She of course knew deep down that it was wrong for a husband to take another woman than his wife, but the practice was so commonplace that it wasn't shocking nor even funny.

She was very protective with the von Dürnitz daughters and she would see to it that this Carla did not gain any opportunity of initiating them to the debauchery that was so blatantly showcased by her semi-nude outfit! She was a Jezebel! Probably a witch too, the virtuous country woman thought as she looked over the plentiful Christmas-Eve meal.


Frauke was singing Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht when clamours were suddenly heard from outside. Then a great many men's voices and footsteps clashed and echoed loudly in the entry hall as Herr Oberst sprang from his chair along with the other men. All the heads were turned toward the large entryway separating the main hallway from the living room. Carla let out a high-pitched laugh as she thought this was some sort of humorous game set up with numerous surprise guests.

It wasn't.

Leutnant Gherhard von Stierlitz was the first to notice the French officer leading a dozen negroes clad in powder-blue greatcoats and wearing their red cylindrical hats, all armed with rifles and bayonets! He quickly pulled out the pistol that never left his side and raised it toward the French officer, who was quicker than him and fired before he could ever aim!


The fireshot was deafening in the enclosed space. All the women present screamed in their shrillest voices as a large crimson circle appeared plump at the center of the young man's chest! The Leutnant didn't make a sound; he dropped his charged pistol and fell face first on the rug, dead as a stone.

Herr Oberst and the Major were quickly surrounded and made prisoners by the dozen Senegalese infantrymen, while even more black-faced soldiers were irrupting in the room, bringing the war and its unspeakable world of suffering and horror along with their unwelcome steps.


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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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This is a very interesting premise, and the pictures make it so much more easier to visualize. Thanks so much for this and looking forward to see how the story goes.

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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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This is a very interesting premise, and the pictures make it so much more easier to visualize. Thanks so much for this and looking forward to see how the story goes.

Thanks Fade Away!
Images become indeed a lot more important when the story is taking place a century ago!

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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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Carla didn't rush at the side of her mortally wounded fiancé, but she screamed out loud as soon as she saw the mass of African soldiers, realizing it was NOT a practical joke. Young Frauke was shrieking in terror, her terror-widened eyes looking straight at the foreign soldiers irrupting in her quiet life; Esther stood mute and frozen, looking at the invading soldiers with saucer-wide eyes, her violin gone silent in her left hand and her bow now lifeless in her trembling right hand.

As soon as they saw Carla in her semi-naked outfit, she found herself seized and grabbed by a pack of frenzied Senegalese soldiers; they quickly ripped off her gem-adorned bra, giving the Italian woman cause to let out a shrill scream of protest as her suddenly naked breasts danced in their perky splendour, the lovely mounds moving in a new dance of terror under the tawny light bathing the conquered living room.

"NO! VI PREGO! LASCIAMI! LASCIAMI... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" (NO! I BEG YOU! LET ME GO! LET ME GO... NOOOOOOO!!!) Her soprano voice was piercing, but nonetheless lovely to hear, perhaps even lovelier in this predicament.

Her wonderful breasts of tawny-lighted milkiness, with their nicely pigmented reddish brown nipples amid average-round areolas, delighted the multitude of black-faced soldiers, who all grinned and smiled at the prospect of soon taking their turns on this gorgeous woman, their eyes fired up with anticipation!

Carla's breasts disappeared under a forest of African hands while her jeweled belt and red loincloth were yanked off and forced to disappear by other hands, who soon began exploring the delicate bush of cunt hair of the screaming modern Cleopatra, whose heavy handband of jewelry also disappeared amid the mass of black soldiers!

They all started to laugh when she ordered them to stop...

And she told them they had no right...

The sound of her Italian protests and her lovely voice only aroused them more; they knew from hearing this that her whimpers would be delightful to hear!

Herr Oberst couldn't stop looking at Carla's gorgeous naked body amid all these savages, who were taking off their powder-blue greatcoats and getting ready to claim the reward for their hard day's march. The Major also stood beside him, restrained by three Senegalese soldiers and unable to take his eyes off Carla's perky assets...

Other soldiers seized all the women present in the room; Frauke's screams were deafening while her sister remained silent in her frozen terror as black men threw her violin against the large Christmas tree, signaling they were changing the plans for the holy night.

The surviving men were quickly strapped and firmly tied up to their chairs as Carla was restrained and none of her feet touched the rug while Sergeant Gautier, the only white man in the platoon beside his officer, told his men he would watch them teaching a nice lesson of humility to this snobbish Italian slut!

As he took his last breaths and his soul began leaving his body, Leutnant Gherhard von Stierlitz watched the mass of African men restraining Carla amid them with no part of her touching the floor, her body horizontal and her legs spread out while a tall and strong Senegalese Corporal stuck out his large veiny dick of dark brown veiny glory and urgently shoved it inside Carla's entrance; he mercilessly rammed it inside her as she shrieked in pain and her body began to shake and rock amid the moving mass and jeers of her rapists, while the Corporal began pounding her with barbaric savagery with loud grunts of triumph!





Lieutenant Bernard Faucher took a cup of mulled wine and poured the steaming hot liquid on Herr Oberst's face, making the man scream in pain... He spoke in German (translated for ease of reading)...
"Yeah, it hurts! But your face will heal, unlike the men who got disfigured in the trenches! YOU FUCKING SWINE! TONIGHT THE WAR CATCHES UP WITH YOU!"

He pointed at his daughters and added...


Olga von Dürnitz screamed her life out as black soldiers began assaulting her clothes; she kept looking at her poor daughters, now groped and forced-kissed into protesting silence by a horde of Senegalese troops.

Ignoring the father's and mother's protests, the French Officer walked straight at Frauke, slapped her hard and violently began tearing open the top of her white dress, quickly revealing her light corset, the busks of which were forced open by the raging soldiers, who made equally short work of the light chemise she was wearing underneath. Frauke's shrill screams were soul-piercing as they kept scrapping and discarding her teenager's garments, ragingly revealing her forbidden charms.

Still frozen in unspeakable terror, Esther was more urgently assaulted by the black soldiers holding her. The leading man violently tucked her dress and underdress all the way up to her waist, and while his jeering mates held the aristocratic daughter still, the African Corporal stuck out his large dick and after spearing himself between her forced-open legs, he savagely pushed his cock against her virgin entrance!

Now Esther was screaming with pain, her graceful eyes in tears and riveted on her tied-up father as she called him with complete despair and unmitigated terror in her voice and gaze!

Esther screamed in complete agony of pain as the grinning Corporal powerfully pushed his Senegalese dick deep inside her without any form of lubrication. Esther felt like the pain would completely rip her womanhood apart!

Thankfully, Esther was one of these maids who had a textbook hymen, so when her biblical door of chastity was burst open, some blood flowed and this eased the pain from the brutal pounding she was so suddenly being subjected to, her life instantly exploding in a thousand shards of destructed virtue that nothing would ever piece together again.

Esther's delicate features with light brown hair wildly bobbed amid the jeering black men as she was being raped fully clothed, under the horrified gaze of her ghastly-faced parents.


That loud roar of blissful delight belonged to the Corporal who consumated Carla's first rape as he powerfully shot two massive bolts of Senegalese seed that utterly flooded her snobbish Italian cunt!

Fate had allowed Leutnant Gherhard von Stierlitz to live just long enough to see this powerful cum discharge inside her violated fiancée. His soul left his body, but it was still so much attached to earthly things that it remained in the room and watched his own murderer, the French Lieutenant, opening wide Frauke's white chemise and pulling all her white garments down her shoulders, arms and waist, revealing the pure nudity of her virginal breasts...

"NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIINN!!! NEEEEIN!!!" Frauke shrieked and wailed while her wonderfully firm breasts danced and jiggled sideways as she vainly struggled amid her captors, her torso now entirely nude while a grinning soldier snapped her small golden necklace away from her radiant whiteness, all the men contemplating the subtle gold tinges her pale complexion took under the room's tawny lights. Frauke had average-sized breasts, very slightly pointy with vanilla-pale nipples and small areolas that completely blended with her radiantly pale softness. She had a small birthmark shaped like a brown oval in her cleavage. This pretty girl was going to be an amazing fuck!

This new roar of primitive contentment belonged to the Corporal who just finished deflorating Esther and was now leaving his place for a second Senegalese soldier, who resumed Esther's rape where his superior had left.

Lieutenant Faucher ordered his men to completely undress Frauke, as he wanted to rape her Eve-naked in front of her shamed father. Soldiers quickly untied and took off the noble maid's black shoes and pulled off her black stockings, revealing the intense whiteness of her alluring legs and feet!

Frauke was viewed as one of the county's most beautiful girls, if not THE most beautiful, and her rapists quickly learned why once they had finally released her magic nakedness free from all her garments and undergarments!

The French Lieutenant ordered an empty chair to be brought up near Herr Oberst. Frauke was made to kneel on that chair, her folded legs and her lovely little feet filling all nearby men with intense desire to rape her pussy! She was forced to bend over while kneeling on the chair. Then the Lieutenant stood behind her and having unzipped his uniform trousers, he stuck out his dick, lubed it with a nice dollop of French spit, and then he pushed it between Frauke's coral-coloured labia!

Frauke's butt was almost blinding with the pure intensity of her whiteness. The French Lieutenant groaned like a savage as the girl's virginal stiffness finally yielded to his frantic pushes and he blissfully felt his dick gripped tightly by the screaming maid's vaginal walls, which he powerfully pushed open and began raping her in repeated jabs, forcing his way deeper with every new stroke.

Frauke let out plaintive whimpers as her head bobbed and her black hair hung freely in moving waves of defiled grace; the large ribbon that had been adorning it had fallen somewhere amid the scuffle. The soldiers held her shoulders and arms while her father almost drowned in his own foaming spit as he vociferated empty threats while his wife was crying and getting raped by another group of soldiers who had opened her décolleté enough to see her tits jiggle, and had tucked up her dress enough for their big African dicks to access her motherly cunt...


The Gräfin (Countess) didn't answer; her naked breasts bouncing and her head bobbing amid her rapists, she wept and kept watching her daughters' gang-rapes.

The French Officer enjoyed every little second of this wonderful rape while he forcefully grabbed Frauke's soft sides, enjoying and gripping the wonderful curves between her thin waist and her much wider butt, which was nonetheless firm like two cheeses of intense teenage whiteness!

"TA FILLE A VRAIMENT UN BEAU CUL !" (YOUR DAUGHTER HAS A REALLY GORGEOUS BUTT!) Lieutenant Faucher told the vociferating father while he kept pounding Frauke, his relentless hipthrusts shaking her petite body nonstop as she whimpered on the creaking chair...

He was hypnotized by Frauke's butt crack! The line of shadow only intensified the blinding beauty of her lovely ass! Her pale butt so wonderfully blended into her equally lovely legs, and her feet! The French Officer loved a girl's feet! Frauke's were so perfect in their daintiness!

In front of Frauke, one of the soldiers presented his sizeable African dick, all swollen and full with dark veins bulging. He pressed his cock on her pretty face and threatened to kill her parents if she didn't open her mouth and started pleasuring him! He repeated his threat while forbidding her to bite as he shoved his dark shaft inside her gaping mouth! Then he began face-fucking her, initiating her to the art of fighting for her air with something really big repeatedly blocking her windpipe. His mouth wide-open with mouting pleasure, the soldier grabbed Frauke's dark-haired head and kept fucking her face! While his officer kept doggystyling her from the other end!

The Lieutenant kept raping her in regular strokes, slowing down a bit to prolong the pleasure! He scanned the room. Carla was presently receiving another load of Senegalese cum, and the contented solder was now replaced by Sergeant Gautier, who happily began raping her as well. Her naked figure almost completely disappeared amid the mass of negroes.

Frauke's sister was still fully clothed and gang-raped with her youthful face bobbing amid many jeering black faces. The Major's wife was being held bent-over and standing; she was also fully clothed; his men had tucked her dress all the way up and they were taking turns in raping her standing doggystyle from behind while she kept sobbing and whimpering with her torso horizontal and her vagina now a cum dump for his troops' entertainement.

The next room was filled with the shrill screams of a woman being defiled; it was no doubt the serving maid who was being given her fair share of festive attentions, with love from Africa. Christmas was for everyone!

Herr Obers't wife, the respectable Gräfin of the place, was now bare breasted and gang-raped amid another pack of his proud Senegalese light infantry! Her husband however was only watching Frauke's rape. He had a shamefully raging erection forming a clear bulge in the front of his uniform pants.

The Lieutenant tried to hold on, but he sensed it was no use. He accelerated his rape pace into a savage frenzy, grunting and groaning loud, then he powerfully ejaculated inside the noble teenage girl, right in front of her noble father!
"AH OUI ! VICTOIRE!!!! VICTOIIIRRREEE!!!!" (OH YES! VICTORY!!! VICTOOORRRYYYYYY!!!!) he shouted as he shot his hot bolts of gooey stickiness inside the sobbing and whimpering girl!

While he exited Frauke's terra femina and noticed that this virgin yielded no blood, the French officer screamed as he shot one last massive shot of cum which landed and formed a pool of warm jizz on Frauke's pure white buttcheek.

Then the soldier who had been raping her face added his own roar of triumphant bliss and Frauke's noble German mouth was utterly flooded with a gigantic Senegalese load of semen! The gooey sludge overflowed both sides of her mouth and spilled down on both sides of her delicate chine while the rape-frenzied soldier powerfully shot a parting rope of jizz that landed smack between her eyes and spilled down all over her nose and her right cheek, mixing with the tears of the sobbing defiled daughter... Such a beautiful sight!

Raping this noble German family was so much fun!

Now the respectable-looking Lieutenant stepped back and mockingly saluted the screaming and crying father. Now was the time to watch this noble daughter getting utterly whored by a bunch of his Senegalese soldiers!


Note: Carla's rape is a good example of how I "let the characters breathe"; when the Senegalese soldiers storm in the room and see a beautiful woman who's already semi-nude, they will rush at her, rip off her diminutive garments and start raping her right away. In doing so, they are also being very considerate to her dying fiancé, who gets to watch Carla being properly defiled before he takes his trip to Styx River.

The forces at work in this particular setting precludes any lengthy "theatrical" discourse, verbal humiliation and slow undressings. More stylish things may come later, but initially the rapes are very urgent and very intense -- these black men have marched the whole day through, and now... AT LAST...!

Note: Italian and German are beautiful languages to be raped in!
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Olga von Dürnitz had not been able to register the horror as the Senegalese infantrymen had brutally seized her. She didn't know it was possible to undress someone with such urgency; one of them had pulled a sharp knife and made short work of her dress top. Then, jungle-brown hands had painfully pulled her corset open, breaking the delicate busks with primal rage and power!

All these young men, most of them half her own age, were presently jeering and holding her almost horizontal amid them. They had unceremoniously tucked her dress all the way up against her hips and spread out her legs. Then, after some lewd comments about "la jolie touffe de Madame la comtesse" (Madame Countess's pretty cunt bush), the colonial soldiers had begun taking their turns in defiling the noble wife and mother!

Olga screamed and felt she was dying from the sheer outrage as her half-naked body was used as a fuck toy! She felt secretly aroused, nonetheless, from knowing her husband was only a few paces away. The noble German lady was utterly shaken in their arms, her head wildly bobbing, while each of them raped her with a vigorous Senegalese dick! She saw each young man grinning at her from his dark face as he pounded her and soon shot his load of cum inside her!

Olga heard the man's degrading roar at the same time she felt his filth spreading its disgusting stickiness inside her. It suddenly occurred to her that she could still become pregnant at 40 years old.

"Nein! Nein! Halt! Halt! Nein..." she shouted, knowing all too well that screaming "No!" and begging them to stop achieved absolutely nothing, except perhaps venting out some of her anger and self-hatred. Yes, Olga hated herself for allowing this to happen!

She was even more horrified by the gang-rape of her daughters, especially her youngest... Poor Frauke! Naked amid the forest of jeering men surrounding her, Frauke looked so pure and nubile as she was forced to kneel on a chair, then defiled by the enemy Officer, who pounded her doggystyle and finally screamed "Victory!" in French as he shot his load inside Frauke's destroyed virginity!

Esther's white dress was lost like a half-torn sail amid a dark gail of fury! Her honour was lost! Defiled and defiled, again, again and again! The mother looked at her like some aftertought, as she realized with horror that Frauke had always been her favourite, by far. Ugly truths emerged when such horrific events took place. Everybody involved was confronted to their true selves, and Olga was no different.

Olga couldn't take her eyes off Frauke being defiled by many Senegalese troops who whored and ruined her noble, spotless figure! She saw the monstrous lust in their eyes! She even saw the next man in line producing a horribly large dick. She distinctly saw that man holding his veiny bulge of African meat and guide it into Frauke's raped entrance; he then started to pound the wailing girl, holding her teenage waist and driving her smooth butt repeatedly against his lap, forcing her pure whiteness into his filthy powder-blue uniform!

Olga kept watching this horrible rape of her own bloodline, oblivious of her own repeated rapes. Through the noisy chaos of jeers and grunts and roars, Olga heard Frauke's rapist let out a loud scream of bliss when the man concluded with a frenzied rush of urgent pounding as he blissfully shot ropes of jism, telling her in French that he'd make her a very healthy brown baby!

The filthy black soldier was immediately replaced by another, equally dirty man! Another man also began raping Frauke's mouth, a dainty mouth that had never known anything other than a pricey flute and silver cutlery. Now, to her mother's unspeakable horror, Frauke had her young mouth filled with a disgusting lump of Senegalese meat that soon spewed a massive load of rancid-tasting seed!

Olga bitterly sobbed as she kept watching this horror! As Frauke kept kneeling on that wooden chair and was now complaining about her hurting knees, her numerous rapists kept enjoying her vagina and her mouth one negro after the other, smearing her noble face with their vile goo and filling her up with their stores of seed!

Olga made peace with her will to die and not see tomorrow. She envied the young Lieutenant who lay dead while his fiancée, Carla, kept being raped over and over and over again in the very same room!

In that pandemonium of a living room, the two noble husbands helplessly witnessed their wives being gang-raped, but they weren't really watching their wives' defilement.

Herr Oberst Karl von Dürnitz tried to stop watching his daughters being raped by concentrating on Carla's ordeal. Carla's feet and lower legs elicited a hard response from his manhood, but his eyes kept coming back to Frauke's lovely butt! His dick spoke loud and clear... Frauke's milky-white curves and legs and feet were the best fuel for his shameful erection! He was now unable to prevent himself from wishing to rape his own daughter! But he wasn't alone in secretly fancying the pretty teenage girl.

Major Otto von Rautenkranz kept intensely watching Frauke's brutal gang-rape; he was as hard as a breeding stallion and secretly wishing his captors would let him partake! And he didn't feel much shame; he was a calculating man, and he felt that if he had a chance to fuck the cute teenager, he'd take her and shoot his cum inside her with unrestrained delight! At least, this would compensate partly for the dishonour of his wife, who presently disgusted him! How could she allow these savages to whore her like this?

Indeed, Emma von Rautenkranz was presently Eve-naked amid the black soldiers! They had used knives to cut at her clothes and used these cuts as starting vees to tear off all her garments, which they did with military efficiency combined with African savagery! All her bourgeois clothes were swiftly and brutally ripped off her. Soon, the Senegalese men had the 33-year-old English-born woman naked from head to toe and were feeling her white, forbidden curves!

They gang-raped her on the couch! One man kept Emma's arms stretched above her light-brown head of hair while others held her legs spread open, with her bare feet looking like beacons of pale flesh amid their collective darkness, while her rapist had his uniform trousers down and kept powerfully driving his impaling dick and destroying her English pride!

Other men kept violating her perky breasts with their hands while they eagerly waited for their turns. The rapist kept telling them that she was "une vraie bonne pute à baiser!" (a real fine strumpet to fuck!).

Emma had reverted to her native language. She kept begging them to stop this, but there was more, and this was why her husband felt such disgust for her!

"No! Stop this! No... Aaaahh!!! ... AAaaahhh... aaaaAAA... I'm a whore! No! They all take me with their... Hmm... Big African dicks!... Aaahhhh... Noo!!! Please, stop! No! aaaaaaaAAA... AAAaaaahhh... Oh... Oh... Oh... The big dicks!!! The... Aaaahhh, noaaah!!! Aaah no!!! Please! Don't! Ohhh... It's too much!!! Oh, I'm taken!"

Emma was gone wild! She was going through several extremes at once! These African hands on her naked breasts were enough to make her body run wild and take her right to the edge of an unimpeachable orgasm!

With profuse sweat running down her face, Emma kept receiving the black man's dick and soon heard and felt him discharging his load inside her! The warm seed spilling inside her was a trigger and she felt immensely ashamed, but there was no preventing it!

While the next man wedged himself between her legs and inserted his dick inside her cunt, Emma suddenly detonated in a salvo of high-pitched moans that filled her husband with chilling horror and disgust! Many nearby soldiers had a good laugh!

Emma, wife of a German aristocrat, was presently surrendering sexually to a bunch of African soldiers who had survived the slaughter in the trenches and were now enjoying their rightful booty! All this right in front of the said husband!

The next man raped Emma with even more frenzy! Emma couldn't stop a second orgasm from detonating inside her; she filled the chaotic room with her vocal surrender! Then, she kept whimpering in shameful pleasure as the man dumped his cum inside her, only to be replaced with a third man, this one a lot larger and with darker skin. He gave her his coal-black dick and forced another orgasm out of her before growling and spewing another load of Senegalese cum inside the aristocratic English-born woman!

Emma would spend the next three hours on that couch, being defiled and beyond defiled by African soldiers. The French military were quite successful with their politic of systematic humiliation at a very personal, in-your-face level.

As she was being gang-raped, Emma kept thinking about the accounts of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 she had read when she was a teenage girl. In the very beginning of the Zulu uprising, white settlements had been attacked, sacked and burned. There was no mention of raping, of course, but Emma had added two and two together, and read between the lines. She had taken the habit of intense masturbating sessions where she pictured herself as a teenage daughter falling in the hands of angry Zulu warriors, each of whom raped her with his immense black dick!

Emma's mind was presently running this wild fantasy over and over again; it had run amok and taken over Emma's senses! Her body was no longer hers! It was a piece of entertainment for the victorious men! She kept receiving all these African dicks inside her. Without realizing it, she was now wrapping her legs around her black rapist and whimpering like crazy, feeling all these black hands pleasuring her swollen breasts! The white woman was theirs to do as they will!

Young Esther kept being raped as they kept her almost standing among them, always face-to-face with her scary rapist! The improbable encounter both terrified and fascinated her! A man raised in wild Senegal and a maid living in a German manor shouldn't ever cross paths! But there she was, with his dick deep inside her! There he was, grunting his delight, getting the taste and feel of a white girl!

Esther was now past the initial shrieking stage, and she was trying her best to spare her energy. She let the men do everything they wanted. She felt horrified, of course, but she found there was something liberating in doing this!

They had used knives to cut through her clothes and free her breasts. She had asked them, in French, to please be gentle with her boobs, and felt horrified at herself for using such a vulgar word! Much to her surprise, the Senegalese men had smiled at her and did what she requested. They cupped and caressed her boobs in a way that was quite enjoyable in fact. To reward them, Esther had started to moan! And very cooperatively, she had herself opened up her legs for the next rapist!

The rapist had responded by being gentler in the way he rammed Esther with his dick. The Senegalese men had no intention of inflicting more harm than needed; they were all too happy to strip these white women naked and use them as their fuck toys for Christmas!

Most of these men were actually very tender and caring in their normal state. They loved women. These strong, healthy men were now very much intent on giving Esther as much pleasure as they could. Esther's gang-rape became surreal! It was beginning to look more and more like a consensual gang-fuck where the girl was moaning and cooing amid the pack of smiling men!

Esther knew French, and it made the surprise alliance easier. At one point, she even asked a man to kiss her.
"Embrasse-moi ! S'il te plaît ! Embrasse-moi !" (Kiss me! Please! Kiss me!)

"Why not?" Esther taught. There was no stopping the horror happening to her. She could as well find some way of enjoyment in it. And these men responded well to her demands. She was able to negotiate better rape conditions. She had never kissed a man, and presently, these men's dark, pouty lips were fascinating her. And besides, her mother kept watching Frauke and was ignoring her! Esther felt it would be a good way to get some revenge! Why not?

"Let's see what Mother will say if she sees me being a filthy whore to these negroes!" Esther thought as a well-built Senegalese man gently grabbed her head, turned it aside and pressed her face against his; he tenderly kissed her!

Shortly after Esther began sharing this kiss, the other man let out a long-enduring growl; he kept holding her slim waist and pumping his exploding dick inside the noble teenage girl as he shot his load!

Esther went further down that lane of shame; she became crazy in the middle of her horrific debasement.

After sharing kisses with several negroes, she negotiated a truce from being gang-raped and knelt down in front of a young recruit, still a teenager and most certainly a boy who had lied on his age to enlist. The kneeling noble maid took the teenager's dick in her dainty hand and engulfed it in her mouth! She pleasured him until he screamed and shot his load inside her mouth, then some of it on her face as she recoiled herself, curious to know what it would feel like to have a Senegalese lad splattering his seed on her German face!

Then, a succession of Senegalese privates enjoyed a German-girl blowjob. Before long, Esther's face was utterly covered with African cum! The filthier she felt, the more she wanted to further debase herself. And besides, the time she spent kneeling and sucking dicks was time her vagina was spared the relentless pounding she was already sore from. The noble maid was learning to navigate her new condition.

Frauke was hurt in her cunt, in her noble maid's honour too, of course, but most of all, her knees were killing her from being repeatedly raped while kneeling on that chair. A charitable soldier finally granted her request and shoved her down on the rug, where he proceeded to lay himself on top of her and rape her missionary style, pumping his dick very urgently until he screamed his delight and gave her teenage beauty a loving tribute in the form of a massive load of seed!

"Ah oui ! La petite Allemande !!!" (Oh yeah! The cute little German girl!) the soldier screamed while he blissfully relieved himself inside Frauke, who was now silently weeping and too exhausted to resist in any way, shape or form.


The servant maid had not been forgotten! In fact, a great many men had spotted Lotte as soon as they stepped inside the living room. The beautiful widow had looked at them with saucer-wide eyes and shrieked in terror, unable to move, frozen in terror!

They had grabbed her and taken her to the kitchen, where they had swept the table clear by sending bowls and flour down on the floor. Lotte had found herself violently shoved on the flour-covered table, where two men used knives to brutally cut through her clothes, before finishing the job by ripping and widening these cuts into flesh-revealing openings!

The young woman was too terrified to move nor scream. Unable to fathom what was happening to her, she felt a great many hands ripping off her tattered garments and swiftly stripping her naked! A dark corner of her soul was finding this intensely erotic! She was being stripped naked by a bunch of men who shouldn't even be allowed to look at her, and all this on the very table where she did her cooking every day!

She heard the horror from the living room; she heard the much-closer jeers and French-language comments. Their relentless hands were soon finished with stripping her. She even felt them violently pulling her shoes off! As soon as she felt the air and the men's gaze directly on her bare feet, Lotte lost control of her body!

She became all wet down there! Her mind was horrified. Her muscles were unable to make one single move. But her body was waiting for its first man's dick in years! If only Herr Graf had known... All he had to do to enjoy Lotte was to take off her shoes and touch her feet! Lotte's feet were the keys to her vagina!

Lotte didn't want to admit it, but having these savage men stripping her naked, and now touching her bare feet, had made her horny! Oh, this was so immoral! She tried to resist her own urges, but it was no use!

She yelped and moaned out loud when the first man entered her! She felt her breasts jiggling and being kneaded under many African hands while she was being raped on the table! The rape itself wasn't too painful since the man had found her already wet! The only thing that she feared was eternal damnation!

As she was being raped, the pious woman kept thinking of how sinful she was being for welcoming a man that was taking her virtue; he was using her sexually without being her husband, and this was bad!

The Senegalese men all worshipped her beauty! They turned out to be gentle rapists. Each man took his turn and pounded her in the way that seemed to make her the most responsive. At point point, Lotte let out a very liberating scream of sexual bliss while she cried over her sinful enjoyment!

Each and every soldier, usually a tall and well-built Senegalese man, gave her a manly dick of veiny splendour. Lotte felt every bit of their urgent relief! They kept banging Lotte on the table until all of them had emptied their loads inside her!

At the end of this round of forced sex, Lotte's naked splendour was covered with sweat, flour and Senegalese saliva and cum.

Lotte was so exhausted and out of her mind that she dutifully asked them whether they were hungry and wanted to eat something after this. She was so horrified at herself! She should have been screaming and protesting, but she had actually enjoyed being finally given dicks from such strong men. She had almost gone as far as wishing them a merry Christmas. Why was she acting like such a whore? It must be the War!

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Note: Scene of forced incest ahead.


The troops were now all sexually satisfied at the women's grim expense. The French Lieutenant decided that it was time to let the prisoners have a bathroom break. One by one, the utterly exhausted girls and women were escorted where they would relieve themselves from some burden. Since the noble ladies were watched the whole time, it proved to be a new, ill-smelling level of humiliation.

The male prisoners were left tied up to their chairs, where they ended up losing their remants of dignity in a rather gross manner. The youthful Leutnant was spared this disgrace, for he had been shot dead.

The French Lieutenant also gave orders to have meals served to every female captive. Since there wasn't enough prepared food for all the soldiers, the invading platoon rummaged the kitchen stores and their designated cooks started making something with dough and ham, which they found plenty of in storage barrels filled with brine.

The family's Christmas Eve dinner was served first and foremost to the girls and women. The Lieutenant said they had won that privilege for being good whores. The Senegalese men had reverted to their usual, cordial selves. Frauke and Esther found it completely weird to be suddenly treated like noble ladies by the very same men who had used them as cum dumps shortly before.

Once they had properly washed their hands and refreshed themselves, the women were ordered to put on some new dresses for dinner. Frauke loaned one of her dresses to Carla, who broke down and buried herself in her arm. Esther told her to get a grip on herself and be tough. She told Carla that the Senegalese men weren't entirely evil; they were quite reasonable and could be bargained with; she advised Carla to kiss them and ask them to be gentle; they would likely ease up on her.

Carla perfectly understood German. She felt soul-dead and unbearably humiliated. She hated these negroes! She wanted them shot! May they roast in Hell for eternity! No way she was going to be nice to them!

Once they were all dressed back and had quickly redone their hair to some degree, the ladies were attended to and served dinner by the Senegalese men, who were suddenly acting like humble servants!

However, Frauke noticed the Lieutenant's wicked smile and the fat Sergeant's grin; these were the only white men in this platoon, and their expressions clearly indicated that this was but a facade and a truce preceding further debasement. They were merely giving them some rest and food so they'd have some new energy for whatever was coming next. And this "whatever" wasn't cheering to her!

The soldiers had brought the male captives --- on their chairs --- in the large dining room, where the Colonel and the Major could watch their womenfolk being attended to. The young officer's corpse -- Carla's ex-fiancé --- was stripped out of his uniform and unceremoniously tossed outside for the wolves.

The women were given wine and time to "relax". Some Senegalese soldiers began singing songs from their homeland. Their exotic words in wolof sounded strange, exotic and terrifying, yet very strangely comforting to Frauke and Esther. Olga and Emma ate in silence, enjoying every second of this truce in spite of their sore vaginas. They knew more debasement was to come. Olga was no fool; she saw the way all these men kept looking at her daughters; they were using the truce as a way to reload their balls and lust!

Lotte ate her Schnitzels and Kartofelnpuree (pork schnitzels and mashed potatoes) right next to Esther, who gave her and Frauke the same advice she had given to Carla --- Be nice to the Senegalese men and they'll go easier!

Carla was simply disgusted at herself for having taken an "asino tedesco" as her fiancé! If she had listened to her father, she would have been safe in Firenze and blessed in her ignorance of whatever horrors were happening in these barbaric Rhineland castles! 

"Asini tedesci!" (stupid Germans) Carla kept whispering between sips of wine, while the three Senegalese singers kept entertaining their lovely hostesses.

The moustached French Lieutenant caught her words. Unfortunately for Carla, Lt. Bernard Faucher knew enough Italian to understand her words. He called two men to his side and whispered something to their ear. Grinning, the black-faced soldiers quickly went outside to go fetch something or someone as the Lieutenant chuckled while gazing at Carla's dejected figure. She was so beautiful in her white German dress! Her black hair caught the room's lights and delightfully contrasted with her bright skin.

"She's ready to be gang-fucked again!" the chuckling Lieutenant thought.

The women were beginning their dessert and coffee when the two soldiers returned. They were accompanied by two tall and heavy German men, whose faces looked both scared and cheerful. These were two overweight black-forest countrymen with pale skin and light-brown hair who attended the stables and grounds of their master's Dahnpfalz auf Tannen castle. None of them were married. They were very recently returned from the war.

Both men presently looked at Carla with unmitigated lust in their German-blue eyes. They stopped near the French Lieutenant, between the escorting pair of soldiers; they stood at attention and kept looking straight at Carla, who finally became aware of them and immediately began shouting at them in Italian, calling them "asini tedesci" among many other colourful adjectives with her proud, snobbish voice. She was recovering at a remarkable speed and was almost back to her former self.

The French Lieutenant had heard enough! He quickly got up, took two paces to come near Carla, then he viciously slapped the Italian actress with the back of his hand, sending her flying down her chair as she yelped in pain! Then her spoke to the footmen in passable German...

"This fine young woman said Germans were stupid; this is exactly what she had just called you in Italian. Now, she's all yours! Pick her up and use her as you will!"

"Noooooo!!!" Carla screamed as soon as she heard.

The two stable boys smiled and grabbed the noble-looking Italian woman. They picked her up from where she was prostrated on the floor and began groping her breasts and force-kissing her. Carla tried to scream and move, but she was very much exhausted and her screams were muffled by the men's constant force-kissing.

The Lieutenant kindly asked Esther to play the violin. He remembered seeing her with a violin in her hand when they had first irrupted inside the noble living room. A soldier quickly went to the living room and retrieved the undamaged violin from the Christmas Tree it had been thrown in the branches of. As soon as she had her violin back, Esther quickly retuned it and started playing while Carla was forcefully protesting against her new defilement.

The captives were all ordered to watch. The men on their urine-polluted chairs, and the women eating their cake, watched Carla begging the footmen to stop! Gustav, the tallest and largest of the two, brutally tore her white dress open, clearing a sudden vee of flesh where Carla's perky breasts moved freely, almost fully visible as they jiggled along with her movements, offering the occasional glimpse of a nipple against the loosely torn garments.

"No! Basta! Non toccarmi! Non toccarmi! Nooooo!" (No! Enough! Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Nooooo!)

A far section of the long table was swiftly cleared for the rapists. The footmen took the hint; they carried Carla's wriggling figure right on it. They then proceeded to finish ripping her dress off! They brutally pulled the tattered fabric down her shoulders, arms, hips and legs, calling her an Italian cum-slut as they violently discarded the white dress and feasted their eyes on her superb legs and feet.

Their horse-shit dirty fingers got acquainted with Carla's pussy, which used to be a well-preserved turf, where only the select few were allowed. The pair of peasants took their turns in quickly fingering her while Esther was playing the violin. Frauke began singing O Tannenbaum.

"Non avete l'diritto! Non avete l'diritto!... Noo!!! AAaAAhhhhh..." Tired of hearing her Italian babble, the German man who was fingering her dove deeper and began brutally exploring her far reaches, making her scream in pain as she violently shook her head, as if making this sign of refusal was going to stop her ordeal! The other man followed suit; he pressed down hard on Carla's breasts, adding to her pain and forcing her to sing her high-pitched version of O Tannenbaum with a nice Italian touch!

Carla's horrified gaze didn't miss the part where Gustav, the taller of the two footmen, dropped his trousers and showed her his granite-hard dick! He was of average size, but very well girthed. In his countryman's German, he said he had been dreaming of doing this from the very moment he had first seen her!

"And now, you fucking Italian strumpet," Gustav said in German, "you are going to know me better! Just relax, you're going to love this!" he added as he spread out her legs and wedged himself against her crotch while his mate was holding her arms stretched out above her lovely head, telling her that she was now being shown her true place in this world. Esther kept playing the violin. The Lieutenant asked Frauke to sing Heilige Nacht.

Carla's shrill screams filled the dining room; her screams of shame echoed against the lofty ceiling as Gustav pushed his cock inside her entrance. He brutally went inside with a groan of victory and started pounding her urgently, grabbing her alluring thighs and unleashing the full measure of his intense lust for this woman who was used to ignoring men such as him!

"Now... Now, you fucking snobbish cunt!... Now you're being taught!" he bellowed between his teeth as he kept urgently raping her, contemplating her jiggling breasts as the other man kept her pinned on the table while mocking her. Carla bitterly sobbed, her head wildly bobbing on the table as she was unmercifully raped.

Her own body added to her shame. The man raping her was thickly girthed and each time he was ramming his dick home inside her, his thickness was rubbing her clit in such a way that her young body readily started to respond. She felt her jiggling breasts swelling; her cheeks blushed from the rising fire, and the rape began to feel a lot less painful, at least physically.

The man kept grunting his delight, banging her on the table and calling her a fucking whore while the violin kept playing, adding a strange touch of class and making her debasement even worse. Carla felt these violin sounds were a further mockery aimed at her. She shut her mouth, trying to repress the moans of pleasure that her body was forcing on her.

Then, Gustav urgently accelerated his pace, grunting loud with his mouth wide open as he felt himself passing the blissful edge! Carla could no longer block the sounds! The accelerated pounding was too strong to withstand; she began moaning and groaning very audibly as a mounting surge of shameful pleasure took hold of her lovely figure, while Gustav looked down on her with crazy eyes and a nearly-demonic expression on his face as he finally let out a thunderous growl and abandoned himself to the all-encompassing joy of letting his artillery speak! He fired inside Carla's tight vagina and powerfully filled her up with bolts of German seed!

Gustav exited Carla, his legs pleasure-wobbly under him; panting, he looked at her black hairy cunt in complete fascination. Then Thomas, the second footman, replaced him. Since he had seen her perky breasts in their jiggling splendour during the entire rape, Thomas decided to flip Carla around. The weeping woman soon found herself bent over the table with her face flat on the tablecloth.

Thomas then avidly cupped Carla's exposed butt cheeks, feeling her teenage-like firmness and contemplating the heart-shaped curves that looked full against her tiny waist. What he told her had her screaming in terror...

"Since you said we Germans were asses, it is fit for you to take your punishment in this area!"

"Noooooooooooooo!!! Nooohhhhoooohhhhoooaahhh... NhhaaaaaahhhaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa..."

Carla shrieked like a screaming sow when Thomas's rock-hard cock entered her tight asshole! Esther kept playing the violin with Frauke singing. Thomas soon prevailed over the Italian's anal resistance. Carla shrieked in writhing pain as his large dick powerfully made its way into her deepest anal reaches.

"Ahh Ja!!!" the big, bearded German exclaimed as he felt his dick wildly expanding inside the hard glove of Carla's anal cave. He began raping her without any restrain, intent on punishing this snobbish whore! He tightly held her small waist and repeatedly drove her ass against his impaling dick! He banged her with glee against the creaking table, forcing her pretty face to slide seemingly forever on the white tablecloth!

He kept repeating "Ah Ja! Ja..." as he urgently used her doggystyle and stood behind her in complete victory! Carla kept groaning in loud pain as her ass was violated! She couldn't believe this was actually happening! She should have stayed in Italy! Carla's groans and sobs were delightful to hear for the German man punishing her, but also for Gustav and the French Lieutenant, who watched the scene with wicked satisfaction as the anal rape was soon brought to its loud conclusion...

"AAAhhh... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the stable boy growled loud as he blissfully exploded inside Carla's butt! He kept ramming her in pure delight as he flooded her lower intestines with a truly epic load of cum!

As soon as he was finished, the French Lieutenant got up and rushed at Carla!

He urgently opened his uniform trouser and fed his throbbing dick inside her vagina. Carla felt unfathomable shame as the French officer began raping her; she had felt like thanking him for sparing her the pain of a second anal rape! He was now "only" raping her vagina!

The Lieutenant was very noisy in the way he fucked her from behind...

"Ah oui ! Elle est bonne, cette belle petite Italienne ! Ahhh... Ça, c'est du vrai bon cul... Ah oui ! Ah, oui, ah, je la voulais vraiment celle-là !" (Oh yes! Oh, this cute little Italian girl is a good one! Ahhh... Now, this is some seriously good fucking... Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah, Ahh, I wanted her so bad!)

The table kept creaking under the violin sounds. Herr Oberst Karl von Dürnitz and Major Otto von Rautenkranz both experienced a raging erection from watching Carla's protruding butt as she was whored in such a debasing way!

"Du vrai bon cul ! Du vrai bon cul !" the Lieutenant kept repeating as he mounted Carla and subjected her to a relentless barrage of dick thrusts. He kept hammering her until his eyes became saucer-wide and he powerfully erupted with a loud growl! He emitted a double growl as he shot two massive ropes of thick jizz!

The fat Sergeant had already enjoyed her, so he said he would pass his turn while intensely looking at Frauke, who kept singing German Christmas songs in a hopeless effort not to think of the new horrors in store for her.

Then, the Lieutenant looked at his "chief host" and had an idea.

Karl von Dürnitz was untied from his chair and ordered to fuck Carla! He complied, after putting out some cheap acting when he pretended not wanting to cheat on his wife, making all men present laugh.

The wicked Lieutenant watched the scene as the German Colonel, wearing his uniform, stuck out his prick and was about to push it inside the bent-over Italian woman. The Lieutenant suddenly ordered him to stop.

"I have a better idea!" he said.

He swiftly ordered the men to remove Carla from the table and give her a blanket and a glass of mulled wine. Then he ordered his men to seize Frauke and bring her near her father.

The place exploded with the mother's and father's raging protests as the Lieutenant's evil intent was now clear. Frauke was squealing in the men's grasp! The two tall Senegalese soldiers actually had a hard time keeping their hold on her, as she was frantically trying to break free with adrenaline-fuelled strength. Her teenage shrieks filled the African men with a chilling stupor at the evilness of their officer. Was he going too far?

At the same time, these men were fascinated and filled with anticipation; they felt disgusted at themselves for anticipating such an immoral thing as a father raping his own daughter!

"If you don't do this, you'll watch your beautiful daughter having her breasts severed off ! It's your choice!" the Lieutenant warned him, using a tone that clearly indicated he was ready to carry out his threat.

Karl von Dürnitz knew his soul was lost when he watched his daughter screaming as the Senegalese men brutally tore her dress off and swiftly revealed her nubile nakedness in front of him. Frauke was a gorgeous maid! Many times, Karl had fantasized about her when he was fucking his wife. His dick was almost painfully hard as he contemplated Frauke's teenage breasts, hips, legs and cunt bush!

Esther was bawling amid men who were now restraining her. Their mother was battering her chest like some Roman-era mourner; she too was restrained by many men, forced to watch the unwatchable. Major Otto looked at the scene with unmitigated glee! He was hoping he was next!

Frauke was lifted off her feet and pinned on the table in Carla's spot. Karl gave in to his evil lust! Propping his daughter's legs up, he felt her alluring, silky thighs under his hands and sniffed her feet resting on his shoulders on either sides of his face. He told his squealing daughter that he would be very gentle and this wouldn't hurt at all.

Then, with a fiendish glee that would haunt him for ever, Karl von Dürnitz drove his cock inside his daughter's teenage pussy and began raping Frauke von Dürnitz. As he began pounding her, his eyes caught the large grandfather clock. The clock's hands indicated ten o'clock minus two minutes.

Frauke squealed and bawled and groaned and repeated "Vater! Vater! Nein! Nein..." during the short and intense rape. The clock struck ten when Karl von Dürnitz filled the dining room with a loud scream of bliss and powerfully ejaculated inside his teenage daughter! He didn't know a dick could explode so powerfully!

He detonated inside Frauke and felt his pulsating dick take charge of his body and soul as it blissfully shot huge ropes of semen! There was nothing he could do but scream while Frauke sobbed and wailed!

Karl's gaze met his wife's. For the first time ever, he saw murder in Olga's eyes!

His body was so taken with the post-ejaculation bliss that he barely felt his legs when the Senegalese men tied him to his chair again. Karl sobbed bitterly. He felt unfathomable sorrow and grief for Frauke's shattered virtue and for his ineptitude at protecting her. Most of all, he felt unworthy to keep on living.

This Christmas was to be written in virginal blood.

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Frauke remained pinned on the table amid the laughing soldiers; she was sobbing the last of her exhausted tears with her fater's cum spilling from her entrance and onto the white tablecloth.

The wicked French Lieutenant chuckled as he ordered the men to untie Major Otto von Rautenkranz, who directly rushed at the unfortunate teenage girl!

Not minding sloppy seconds or thirds, the aristocratic Major urgently dropped his pants and shoved his throbbing dick inside the squealing girl. He let out a thunderous roar as he felt Frauke's virginal tightness and began raping her with unmitigated delight, shamelessly voicing his satisfaction with grunts as he repeated "Ya! Ya! Ya..." and kept banging his best friend's youngest daughter on the creaking table!

Most of the soldiers were laughing. Some were appalled at this man's evil morals. Emma von Rautenkranz, his wife, kept calling his name in a vain attempt to make him snap out of his shameful frenzy, but it was no use!

Otto von Rautenkranz urgently raped Frauke, watching her nubile breasts jiggling on top of her shaken figure under the gazes of many Senegalese soldiers, some of whom had relieved themselves inside her during the initial sack of her father's manor.

The teenage girl's vanilla-pale nipples and small areolas bounced rhythmically under the dining room's tawny lights; their chaotic rhythm spelled her honour's doom as her father's best friend forced her to hear his animalistic grunts as he repeatedly rammed his dick inside her and imposed this fierce rhythm to her shaken body and her bobbing head.

"Ahh Ya... Ya!... Ya! Ya!... Yahrr..." Otto von Rautenkranz kept repeating while contemplating Frauke's moving breasts and pretty face as he thought of the many times he had seen and secretely fancied her. He no longer thought of his own wife's defilement; all that mattered now was his throbbing dick being urgently massaged by Frauke's tight vagina!


Otto's roar of delight resonated throughout the room as he suddenly released powerful bolts of his seed inside the sobbing, exhausted girl.

It felt like he was walking on a cloud when he pulled out of her.

However, he wasn't tied back to his chair beside the father and friend that now had nothing but hate and contempt for him. This hate and contempt came less from the fact he had raped Frauke and more from the shameless way he had done so.

The French Lieutenant himself was shocked and disgusted, and so were most of his men. He gave a quick order. Major Otto von Rautenkranz understood his French and began crying like a baby, his dick still outside of his uniform pants and glistening with fresh cum, as three soldiers seized him and took him outside, where they forced him to kneel down and summarily shot him through the head.

No one shed a tear as they heard the gunshot, not even his wife Emma, who quietly sipped her coffee. She made a decision --- when the Senegalese troops would start raping again, she'd offer herself to as many of them as possible to take some of the burden away from the two teenage sisters. The poor girls were utterly exhausted; the way they had endured all the punishment since the ordeal's onset spoke volumes about their German toughness.

However, the three soldiers didn't come back by themselves. They had gone to the stables, where three house servants had been kept prisoners under a strictly rotating guard.

Hans Schmelling was a red-haired man in his forties who wore a beard. He was illiterate, had a very bad skin due to a childhood bout with smallpox. He was good with horses. Due to his ugliness and low status, he had lived in forced celibacy without much look with womenfolk, although he was a really nice fellow. He had come back from the war with a bad leg and was discharged from the military in late 1917. He secretly hated society and sometimes prowled the forest in search of a lone girl. He had been an unsuccessful suitor for Lotte.

Gerhard Müller was a 25-year-old fellow who was tall and lanky. He had a long, horse-like face that scared the children away. He was a great hand in the garden and was also very knowledgeable with horses. He too had tried his luck with Lotte, who did her very best to avoid him at all costs. He, however, had found some solace in the arms of the miller's daughter, but her father didn't want her to marry a horsefaced servant.

Peter Weiss, 53, was a carpenter by trade and the go-to repairman. Since the butler was away to visit family, he had also been acting as the butler. He had been smoking his pipe and quietly playing cards with Gerhard and Hans, while talking about his late beloved wife, when the Senegalese soldiers came for them.

The three male servants were positively shocked and appalled when they were walked in the dining room, where Frauke lay naked on the edge of the long table, sobbing amid a pack of black soldiers who were force-kissing her and constantly playing with her breasts and exploring her other intimate charms. Esther was crying in her mother's arms. Emma was sipping schnapps with a ghost-pale face. They also saw Carla, naked under a blanket and lying down like a lifeless lump in a corner of the room. Presently, one soldier knelt near her and the soul-dead woman was forced to pleasure the man's coal-black dick with her mouth.

Hans Schmelling couldn't look away from Frauke's naked figure. Esther was clothed now, but from the echoes he had heard earlier, it was very obvious that both daughters had been repeatedly raped by the soldiers. Hans felt his dick come alive as he pictured the scene in his head. He had always felt a strong, forbidden attraction to this noble teenager who was hopelessly out of his reach. He'd sell his soul to the Devil to spend a night with her!

Gerhard Müller and Peter Weiss looked at the scene. Their jaw dropped as they spotted Frauke in the nude. Esther's sobs filled them with a sense of horror and hopelessness.

Peter Weiss, the elder of the three men, and also the tallest one, looked inquisitively at the French officer. Did they bring them here so they could watch the women getting defiled and humiliated? It was an appalling prospect, but there was something powerfully erotic in it.

"Thank you for joining us!" the French Lieutenant greeted them in a heavily accented German. "You are curious to know why you here, isn't it?" he added.

The three servant men nodded instinctively, curious to hear what the enemy officer had to say in his not-so-great German.

"Well," the Lieutenant said again, "it is Christmas! You have worked hard all through the years! Now is the time for you to have a... a something you want to have! The masters of you will now pay you a nice bonus to your wages. This will be a payment IN KIND!"

The Lieutenant looked at the father and rapist, who began protesting in the strongest terms while his wife began bawling again, begging him not to add this insult to their already unbearable injury!

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" the Lieutenant laughed, then he spoke again to the servants: "Merry Christmas to you! Now come and get your Christmas present! Choose one daughter and do all you want!"

The Lieutenant now watched their reaction in silence. He wanted to know exactly how they were going to react; was he going to be forced to threaten them into raping their masters' daughters? He didn't think so. German nobility had remained so artistocratic and aloof; he couldn't wait to see all the secretly compounded resentment, and all the secret lust, being released all at once!

The three humble servants looked at each other. Then, they looked at Esther and Frauke. The dining room went deadly silent. Both daughters looked at the three familiar men, who weren't looking familar to them anymore; the two sisters were terrified of them! They remembered all the instances when they had felt these men's gazes on them, as it always happen in the life of a pretty girl when she spends her days in the same household as adult men.

The unspoken truths that were always lurking under the veneer of society, under the daily familiar things, were now revealed in their unescapable implications.

The men's gazes on Frauke and Esther had already spoken their decision. Hans Schmelling kept staring at Frauke's naked figure, but he was too shy to walk up to her. Gerhard Müller and Peter Weiss already knew they were going to rape, but they were hesitating between Frauke  and Esther. Frauke was so alluring in her nubile nakedness, but she looked utterly spent. Esther was fully clothed and looked much fresher; ripping her clothes off would be fun!

"Ah Ya!!!" Peter suddenly shouted as he rushed at Esther, whom he ruthlessly took away from her mother's arms. Olga screamed at Peter and begged him not to do this! She knew from recent experience that it was pointless begging; when a man is in such a state of high arousal, there is no stopping him!

Gerhard joined Peter and found a surprising, unspoken delight in hearing the girl's shril screams of horror as they started ripping her dress off her! Very soon, Esther's nubile pair of small breasts flashed out of the torn off garments! Peter and Gerhard were delighted to see this fantasy come true; Esther's suddenly naked breasts made them deaf to German morals and values. All they wanted was to savagely rape the teen daughter!

Esther was shaken silent in stupor as she saw the rape-crazy look on their face! It was as if the servants had been wearing a mask all through the day, and day after day, year after year, and now they had taken off the masks and revealed who they really are!

This attack on Esther acted like a signal for Hans, who almost ran to Frauke and quickly propped her legs up. He then started to lick and kiss the girl's feet! Hans was a foot lover, and doing this made his dick grow to a raging erection! Frauke just let him use her without trying to resist. Hans grabbed her ankles and rested them on his shoulders as he eagerly released his hickory-hard dick out of his dirty pants.

Hans quickly, feverishly inserted his cock between Frauke's coral-coloured labia while he kept the girl's feet near his face.

"Ahhrrr... YA!!!" Hans shouted as he felt his dick powerfully entering Frauke! He couldn't believe it! He was now inside Frauke! He was now fucking a noble German daughter! He wasn't only raping a girl. He was also raping Germany's entire noble society! And he greatly enjoyed it!

Hans started to give Frauke a full-on barrage of dick thrusts while he grabbed her silky-white thighs and kept her legs up and her feet on either sides of his face. The close proximity to Frauke's lovely feet intensified Hans's pleasure tenfold as he very gleefully hammered the teenage daughter!

"Ahh... YA!!! YAA!!! Hrrr, hrrr, hrrrrr... Das Mädchen! Das Mädchen! YA!!! Yaaa... Yaaahh..." (Das Mädchen = the teenage girl, the maid)

Hans emitted animalistic grunts and groans while the Senegalese troops and the French officer watched him raping his master's youngest daughter! Frauke was a gorgeous teenage girl and an amazing fuck!

He kept contemplating her dainty feet and her noble, Eve-naked body that relentlessly shook under his relentless dick thrusts. His entire lifetime of sexual frustration went into each and every dickthrust, which he powerfully hammered home inside the noble daughter! Frauke's black hair was a wavy blur that gave her bobbing hair an ironic touch of glamour. She whimpered as she endured the ordeal.

Soon enough, Hans felt the unfathomable relief!


Frauke felt the immense load of cum the ugly man savagely shot inside her. She had no more tears to cry. Her entire body felt numb from the repeated abuse. Yet, in a dark corner of her mind, she felt something erotic and arousing in the entire notion of being so intensely raped and fucked by such an ugly man; defiled by a man so far beneath her in the social order of things. This secret part of herself induced some measure of arousal within her womanhood.

Frauke's arousal juices mingled with Hans's vile semen.

Under the horrified, unbelieving gaze of Frauke's father, Hans pulled his sated dick outside of the raped daughter and directly fell down on his knees. Frauke's legs were now dangling at the table's edge. Hans grabbed Frauke's feet and bathed them in wet kisses as he worshipped her teenage beauty!

Everyone watched the surreal scene with some measure of secret or open arousal.

In the meantime, Peter and Gerhard had urgently ripped Esther's dress off and they were presently taking their turns inside her. Peter was the first man inside her. He was kneeling on the floor and driving his dick in repeated, blissful strokes while cleanly lifting her hips from the floor! Gerhard kept her tiny arms above her head using one hand, while his other hand defiled her small breasts that were freely jiggling under the constant pounding she was subjected to.

"Nein... Nein... Nein... Nein... Nein..." Esther repeated in leitmotiv while her head bobbed relentlessly on the floor and she was forced to feel Peter's large dick stretching and pounding her tired vagina!

At one point, Peter's arms got tired. He was forced to let Esther's butt down on the floor. He then finished raping her in the usual missionary style, with his servant's face breathing and panting right into her gloriously white cheek while she looked far high above, to some blind point in the tawny-lighted ceiling, as her head kept relentlessly bobbing under the never-ending pounding.

Esther found that being raped by her own servants was even worse than being raped by impersonal soldiers. She had known Peter since she was a toddler! It was so horrible! Esther had tears running down her face while she felt Peter's heavy pounding inside her as well as his breath against the side of her face!

The old servant was groaning and repeating her name... "Ahrrr... Esther... Esther... Hrrr... Esther..."

Then, she sensed him tensing up inside her and she knew the inevitable, unfathomable horror was coming!

"NEIN!!!" she screamed as Peter let out a loud growl and powerfully shot his seed inside her!

Esther remained lying down and polluted while she thought the rape was over. She took deep breaths and comforted herself by thinking that she had finally earned some respite.

But soon enough, she felt once again a man lying down on top of her.

"Gerhard! Nein!!!"

She was brutally reminded that it wasn't just Peter raping her. The horsefaced servant was now claiming his Christmas present and taking his turn inside the noble daughter!

Esther looked away, avoiding at all costs to see Gerhard's ugly face as he began pounding her. It was thankfully a very short rape. After only a handful of strokes, Gerhard bellowed an intense growl and released thick ropes of jism inside Esther!

Gerhard was pissed! He was having the time of his life, and now this... He had ejaculated before even making himself home inside the bitch! He slapped Esther on the face and called her a cheap slut and a fucking whore. Then, he assaulted her cunt by rubbing his hand on her bush, and he kept doing so until the girl's cries of pain and dismay gave way to moans and groans of a more sexual nature.

Encouraged by this vocal result, Gerhard invaded Esther's vagina with two fingers and began exploring her cum-drenched womanhood. Esther was now moaning frantically while the troops had a good laugh all around her. Esther couldn't help it. She was soon forced into a very potent orgasm and gave Gerhard an unfathomable satisfaction as he heard her shame-charged moans of forced bliss!

This greatly aroused him. Gerhard felt with wonder that his dick was already growing hard again! He once more set himself on top of Esther, and this time, it lasted a great deal longer and he had the chance --- at long last! --- to feel Esther's vaginal tightness and to enjoy this utterly forbidden sexual intercourse!

He powerfully raped Esther missionary style and he even won the privilege to feel Esther's smooth legs wrapped around him and to hear the girl groaning a second orgasm in his arms as she crossed her ankles on top of him and tightly clasped him inside her legs! Many Senegalese began masturbating as they watched this. Esther's girly feet were delightful to watch in this highly sexual position!

Then, Gerhard lost his sense of time and place. He looked straight into Esther's lovely face as he screamed his bliss and felt his dick exploding inside the teenage girl with unmitigated delight! The cum release was massive and life altering!

In the meantime, the two footmen who had raped Carla had recovered enough of their spunk and they were giving the troops a wonderful show by taking their turns inside Frauke, who moved along with their repeated strokes like an unresisting rag doll, only emitting feeble whimpers while receiving the dicks of these low-rank men.

Several Senegalese men felt the need to relieve themselves. Carla's services were once again called upon, but she was now too exhausted to be of much use. She had taken the brunt of the platoon during the initial sack and this had taken its toll. The black soldiers took Olga and Emma --- the mother and the Major's widow --- and they gleefully took their time to undress their surprisingly firm and youthful bodies!

Olga was bent over the table and raped doggystyle by no less than eight Senegalese men, who all smiled and called her a fine German slut as they filled her up with another plentiful helping of their African seed!

Emma found herself stark naked amid a bunch of eight or nine black-faced men, who kept her in a horizontal position with her legs spread out while a man savagely pounded her until he gave her a steaming rush of cum... Then, he was immediately replaced and Emma once more felt the intense ramming from another Senegalese dick while her head kept aimlessly bobbing amid a forest of dark arms holding her in place. Moans and whimpers were forced out of her savaged body.

Peter had decided to enjoy Esther a second time. This time, she was much more compliant. He had her down on all fours and took her doggy style. He greatly enjoyed the sight of her nearly juvenile butt as he kept slamming her! It was over too soon and was concluded with a very generous helping of middle-aged semen.

The clock struck midnight. The twelve metallic strokes resonated amid the men's grunts, jeers and growls and the women's whimpers, moans and groans.

It was Christmas!

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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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Awesome, awesome story! Strong historical and often untold premise.
So realistic with the use of real German, I think the rape of Frauke was just so detailed and erotic too. The thoughts of the Rapist captured in a way only a male writer could perfect! Excellent work and this needs more love much more love and it’s stories like this that make RU stand out as more than just a fantasy forum.
Merit and a few more Owed from me xx

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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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Awesome, awesome story! Strong historical and often untold premise.
So realistic with the use of real German, I think the rape of Frauke was just so detailed and erotic too. The thoughts of the Rapist captured in a way only a male writer could perfect! Excellent work and this needs more love much more love and it’s stories like this that make RU stand out as more than just a fantasy forum.
Merit and a few more Owed from me xx

Thanks Jess!
Glad you're enjoying this story!

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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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In Dahn, the good German people were all gathered in church for the Midnight Mass. Everyone was wearing their best clothes under their winter cloaks. Women wore their hats in church, while men all took them off as they entered the House of God and signed themselves with holy water on their foreheads.

The priest looked at the special bench in the front row --- the bench where only the Freiherr Dürnitz and his family could sit was empty. The Baron, Freiherr Karl von Dürnitz and his wife Olga had never been late for the Midnight Mass in two decades! Something was amiss.

Stefan "Little Goblin" said he had been up in the woods by sunset, and he had seen some French soldiers on their way up to the Dürnitz castle, but no one believed him. No one ever took the Little Goblin seriously. The 4 ft 11 in. hunchback was the official village idiot.

One would think that Stefan had never tasted women in his life, but it would be a mistake. The priest had a young niece living with him in the presbytery, and this niece knew something no one else did --- Stefan "Little Goblin" had a dick that was anything but little! She had tasted that dick and received it inside her many times over; she loved the way Stefan roughed her up! The priest was a sweet, tender lover, but Stefan was the rough rider! There was something wild, unbriddled in Stefan that made her lose her mind! She just prayed that she didn't get pregnant, in which case she'd say it was the deed of a wandering goblin; she wasn't the brightest of girls.

"I'll take a quick run over there and see!" said Lothar Beckmann.

This Lothar was a tall, strong 22-year-old war veteran, unmarried and fancied by several local girls. The handsome man had just returned from the war, unscathed, and he looked forward to pick one of Dahn's prettiest girls and start a family. He had just inherited a small fortune. He was up for grabs and the interested girls were being true bitches to one another!

Frieda von Brücke caught his gaze and smiled quietly as she looked down with her hands together in a prayer gesture. She pretended to be a God-fearing, virtuous daughter as she stood next to her father, who looked indeed like the proverbial German Vater with his greying beard and austere black coat.  Lothar knew this father would gladly give his teenage daughter to him; Lothar's life seemed to be so wonderfully arranged now that he had survived the war!

Lothar Beckmann left the church with his confident stride. His astrakan coat kept him warm and his fine, large-rimmed hat kept the snow away from his face. He walked under a heavy snowfall. About 100 yards away from the church, he slowed down his pace and watched the myriads of snowflakes gambolling in the midnight sky. It was the perfect wintery night! His heart was bouncing with joy in his chest. Oh, sweet Frieda! In six months, she'd be his wife living with him! He would fuck her every night and every morning! This prospect filled him with a happy cheer!

He recognized and saluted Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer, a Jewish family of very nice and honest folks who hurriedly made their way to church along with their two teenage daughters, one of whom would have greatly interested Lothar if she had been a little older. Lea was too young. He couldn't marry a 13-year-old girl, and her elder sister didn't stir any romantic interest in him. Nevertheless, Lea was a gorgeous girl; whoever would end up with her would be a very lucky husband!

"Frohe Weihnachten!" (Merry Christmas!) Lothar said to Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer as they passed near him. Lea looked at him very intensely and smiled at him with mirth in her eyes; Lothar was shocked; he didn't know Lea liked him this much! But no... She was too young and he didn't want to wait.

He suddenly heard the small, girly footsteps he knew would be coming after him. Frieda von Brücke had no doubt said she had forgotten something. She was now hurrying to his side. This was great! Lothar knew a small cabin in the woods, not far from the castle. It was presently empty, which made it the perfect place for spending the night with Frieda as soon as his errand at the castle would be done! This would be their first Christmas night together!

As the two lovers met and kissed amid the snowfall, other footsteps came their way.

"Hey! Lothar! Wait! We're coming along!" The voices belonged to two teenage girls running after them.

"Why! Why did they have to follow me! Why..." Frieda said between her teeth as she heard and recognized their voices. It was indeed two sets of footsteps that were approaching them.

The Weber twins, Sofia and Alissia, were easily recognized with their pale blonde hair, porcelain faces and doll-like blue eyes. It was next to impossible to tell them apart; men always joked and said that later, when they'll be housewives, the twin sisters would be able to switch places and go live with the other one's husband if they grew bored. Lothar found the concept interesting, but his mind was made up; he was going to marry Frieda, for she was the one he liked best. He'd leave the Weber girls to some other lucky men; he just couldn't bear the idea of seeing Frieda marrying someone else.

He gallantly hailed Sofia and Alissia Weber and took obvious visual delight in their pretty faces and platinum blonde hair. They both looked so pure, so innocent!

Frieda was jealous and fuming! She walked by herself a couple of paces in front of Lothar.

"Perfect," thought Lothar, "this will make her steaming up nicely for later. I'll somehow get rid of these twins and then off we'll go to this empty loghouse, just me and Frieda! She'll be all too happy to have me for herself and then... But her parents will be asking questions... Oh, we'll make up a story about the snow having been heavier up on the hills... Or better still, I'll tell them there was a pack of wolves and we found shelter at the castle. The opportunity is too good for letting it pass by!" Lothar thought again.

The four youths set out and walked the path that led to the Baron's castle, up on the high forested hill. Snow kept falling. The holy night was white upon white upon white.

The twins were a lively pair; they playfully joked and danced around Lothar while Frieda was quite moody. Once they were up on the hill, nearing the castle, the snowfall greatly intensified and they realized they could easily get lost. Lothar saw very faint lights that he knew could only come from the castle.

His plan for spending the night in the cabin with Frieda was ruined by the wheather. Lothat felt disappointed, but he'd nonetheless spend a lot of time with Frieda, as the Baron would certainly not allow them to go out again under such heavy snow. They were all spending the night at the Dürnitz castle.


In Dürnitz castle...

"Joyeux Noël, Mademoiselle... Ugh..." (Mery Christmas, Miss...) Sergeant Gautier said to Frauke as he gleefully kept raping the girl, who was now taking the punishment in complete silence and passive submission, still lying down on the diner table with no more need to restrain her. She had gone catatonic from the repeated and repeated abuse.

"YYAAARRHHHHHGGGGGGHHHH!!!" The middle-aged Sergeant growled his final delight as he relieved himself inside the Baron's youngest daughter!

"Ah... Elle est bonne, cette petite Allemande !" (Oh... This little German girl is a great fuck!) he commented as he gleefully exited his cum-soaked dick out of Frauke's obliterated virtue.

The French Lieutenant stopped the next man from using Frauke.

"She's too exhausted," he said to the disappointed soldier, before directing him to Lotte, who was presently stark naked and submissively mounting a black soldier who  lay on his back and kept bouncing her on his impaling dick as he watched her firm breasts jiggling up and down under the room's tawny light, her firm nipples acting like moving beacons of lust, while her beautiful face followed the repeated up-and-down pace with her wonderful hair flying and waving. The happy soldier kept telling his mates, in wolof, that this white serving maid was just as tight as the Baron's cute daughters! Germany was full of high-quality whores!

Lotte and Esther had not taken nearly as many dicks as Frauke and Carla. Olga and Emma were still good for some more distance; they were fully grown women and able to withstand more punishment. What's more, they were both doing their best to take more of the burden off the overworked daughters, especially Frauke, whose state had become very concerning for her mother.

Karl, the defeated father, remained prostrated on his massive chair, his figure like a statue of utter despair as he kept quietly sobbing; he was unable to take his eyes off the orgy in progress. He had quit trying to free himself from his ties. He felt dead inside.

The Lieutenant and the Sergeant had a talk while they watched Esther, Lotte, Olga and Emma getting gang-fucked by a string of ever-renewed Senegalese men, while other soldiers had plundered the kitchen and were feasting and drinking, and some others were on guard duty and eagerly waiting for their replacement. The male servants had been escorted back to the stables by the guards and were kept there until their fun services would be required for another "show".

In the meantime, the soldiers were devouring the food in the house, drinking the wine and making sure that at any one time, their four white sluts had their vagina, asshole or mouth filled with a hard slab of African meat! The German women were very thoroughly defiled!

The French Lieutenant greatly enjoyed seeing the Baroness having her face fully coated with slimy seed as the Senegalese soldier exited her mouth and spewed his load all over her aristocratic features, before another soldier grabbed the hair of the kneeling noblewoman and began face-fucking her as well.

Presently, Esther started squealing in pain as a soldier was raping her ass while another man was firmly holding her in place, bent over on the table; he kept taunting her, asking her how the young Milady found her new place in society!

Carla and Frauke had been sent upstairs and put into bed for some rest. They were guarded by a Corporal the Lieutenant knew he could trust; he knew the Corporal would probably take his liberties, but he'd go about it very gently. Lieutenant Faucher wanted to have fun and humiliate these haughty German families, but he wasn't trying to kill these girls. After all, he himself had a wife and three children back home.

"These German women are really tough!" Sergeant Gautier said.
"You bet they are! I can't believe how much punishment they can take! And our men are so horny!" replied the Lieutenant.

"Yep! But I think we should make a quick run in the near countryside and find some farmer's daughters. We are too many men with too few women. We are up to celebrate, and to celebrate long, good and hard, thus we need more women! We'll find some in the countryside; 38 men aren't enough to take this whole town. so we need to keep to the open country."

"You've said it as well as I would have, Sergeant! We should get the information we want easily. All we have to do is threaten the mother with taking a nipple off her daughter, and she'll tell us right away where to go to find more German pussy!"

"Perfect, Lieutenant! She'll be willing to tell us, because she'll know that bringing in more girls will ease the pressure on her beloved daughters! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

The overweight Sergeant, drinking wine with his unform shirt unbuttoned and revealing a good deal of his unsightly belly, walked over to the spot where the Olga von Dürnitz was presently kneeling on all fours and getting savagely banged doggy style by a very enthusiastic member of the Senegalese Tirailleurs, who kept saying that the mother felt even better than the daughter!

Kneeling near Olga's face, Sergeant Gautier spoke in French, knowing the noble lady would understand...

"Listen, German whore! Where can we find two or three more German girls or young women? Speak, or else..."

"... Go to the Meyer farm... The Meyer farm..." Olga cut him, trying hard to speak French while the soldier kept relentlessly pounding her from behind.

The soldier soon roared his delight and shot his semen inside Olga. Gautier asked her where they should go, but then, he knew all he had to do was to take one of the male servants as a guide. The male servants would know which farmhouses to hit. Since it was Christmas night, everyone would go back home after the Mass.

However, the Lieutenant realized that the heavy snowstorm prohibited such foraging for girls in the countryside.

But then, a panting soldier entered the dining room. His snow-covered shoulders indicated he was coming from outdoors. He directly spoke with the Lieutenant.

The sentries near the stable had captured a group of four German local folks --- a young man, and three girls!

"Trois filles ?! Ici ?!" (Three girls?! Here?!) The Lieutenant said, his jaw dropping with surprise.

"Emmenez-les ici !" (Bring them here!) he added.

As the soldier walked away to carry out the order, Lieutenant Faucher turned to his men and shouted...

"Hé les gars ! On a une livraison à domicile qui arrive !" (Hey boys! We got some in-house delivery coming!)

Soon enough, Lothar was escorted and walked into the stately living room, now a chaotic mess filled with orgiac scenes. He had been viciously beaten up while the wailing girls were being groped and force-kissed by the guards. He had a broken nose and his hands were tied up behind his back as he walked in between two tall and mean-looking Senegalese men.

When Frieda and the Weber girls were paraded in the room, still wearing their winter coats, the place erupted with a wild pandemonium of cheers and lewd whistles and jeers that left no doubt as to the fate awaiting these good, virtuous German girls.

All three of them shrieked in horrified panic as soon as they saw the four naked women being mounted by shockingly black men, many of whom were naked! Frieda, Sofia and Alissia frantically writhed and squealed in their captors' arms, lost in the middle of a forest of dark smiling faces and receiving a shower of lewd comments in French...

"Eh, la petite ! T'as déjà mangé de la bite africaine ? Ça va te faire du bien !" (Hey, little girl! Did you ever taste some African dicks? It will do you good!)

"Eh ben, dis donc ! Deux belles petites blondes toutes pareilles ! On va bien les africaniser, celles-là ! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" (Well, well, well, what do we have here! Two cute, identical blonde girls! We're going to Africanize them proper! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!)

"Allons, allons, ne pleure pas ! Tu vas voir ! Tu vas aimer ça !" (Come, come now... Don't cry! You'll see! You're going to love this!)

"Ah, mais ce qu'elles sont mignonnes, ces petites Allemandes ! Ah... On va les violer !" (Oh, these cute little German girls are so adorable! Ahhrr... Let's rape them!)

Then, the soldiers began chanting...

The good German girls were sobbing and desperately clinging to their winter coats as the soldiers surrounding them were force-kissing and groping them all over! Like the seasoned rapists they were, they took their time and greatly enjoyed the terror in the girls's eyes and the panic in their features as they looked all around them and realized no one was going to save them from being gang-raped by all of them, a wild pack of black, African men!

Lothar watched the scene, positively appalled! He began shouting angrily at the soldiers, only to be silenced by a wicked blow from the Lieutenant's pistol butt on the back of his head.

Lothar was enraged. Frieda's virginity belonged to him! He had been about to enjoy her for the first time on that very night, and now this! This wasn't fair! These men were going to take it away from him right in front of him! Men... They weren't men! They were animals! Ape-men! He was seeing the unthinkable unfolding before his very eyes! Proper German girls being stripped naked, then savagely raped by coal-black soldiers from Africa!

Then, he saw the prostrated father, the Baron, tied up to his chair and sulkily watching the scene. This man had seen his daughters raped under his very eyes! It must have been ever worse for him...

At the same time, Lothar couldn't keep himself from watching the blonde teenage twins and Frieda being tossed and force-kissed from one laughing soldier to the next one. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but a dark, despicable devil within him was looking forward to see Frieda getting savagely stripped naked, then gang-raped in front of him!

Frieda was bitterly sobbing and clinging to her coat as she felt countless hands exploring her girly curves. As she was being tossed about amid the men, she felt pouty negro lips pressing themselves on her lips and all over her spotless face. It was so disgusting! This couldn't be happening! She was having a nightmare and was going to wake up in her father's house...

"Nein... Nein... Ich bitte euch... Nein..." (No... No... I beg you all... No...) Frieda blurted amid her frantic sobs while the Weber twins were screaming at the top of their voice, lost in the same sea of African men. In the middle of this noisy, lewd throng, Sofia and Alissia kept looking at the soldiers who were naked, sans uniform, with their eager dicks pointing at them! The twin girl's terrified eyes carried secret lights of fascination as they gazed at these dark dicks.

"Nein Nein Nein... Ihr konntet nicht es tun! Ich bin Jungfrau! 'bin Jungfrau... Nein! Nein..." Sofia shouted at the jeering men with her girly-shrill voice.
(No No No... You can't do this! I'm virgin! I'm virgin... No! No...)

Her panicked words only made them hornier! Sofia's twin sister was shaking her head in dismay and also begging them to spare her virginity, with the exact same result!

Frieda was desperately fighting to break free, fighting to save her honour! Why? Why was this happening? Her life, so wonderfully arranged, the virginity she was willing to give to Lothar, now these black devils of the Pit were about to wrench it from her! These savages were about to take the most precious thing a girl had!

"Nein... Nein... Nein... Ihr konntet nicht! Ihr habt kein Recht!" Frieda kept repeating amid her frantic sobs.

Her German fell on deaf ears as the soldiers eagerly took bets between themselves in wolof. Did she had small nipples? Did she had small or wide areolas? Did she have a lot of hair down there? They all made their bets in their African tongue wile they were savagely pulling the wailing girl out of her winter coat.

Soon enough, all three girls had their winter coats forcibly removed from them... "Oh, God! This is going to be good!" said a Corporal, his smile intensifying the devil-blackness of his cheerful face. The Senegalese troops couldn't believe their luck! They had just been delivered some fresh German pussy right on their doorstep!

The room was presently filled with sharp sounds of tearing fabric. Buttons flew and fell on the floor as Frieda's defenseless bodice was forced open. She had her arms outstretched on either sides of her while the top of her Christmas dress --- a velvety dark-green dress --- was destroyed in seconds by the army of African hands!

"NEIN!!!" the brunette shrieked as her chemise was cut open with a knife and other hands ruthlessly tore it apart... Many soldiers let out a groan of savage satisfaction as the saw Frieda's firm, teenage-full breasts suddenly moving freely and filling up their gazes with lust and wonder as they jiggled between the tattered ruins of her Christmas garments.

"NEIN!!! NEIN!!! NEEEIIIEEEEENNEEEEIIEEEE... AaaahhhhaaaaaahhhhhhahaaaahhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..."

Frieda's shrieks and wails were deafening! It was as if they were eviscerating her alive! They were actually doing the moral equivalent of it.

Lothar looked on as the horny Senegalese men urgently pulled Frieda's destroyed garments all the way down her shoulders, arms and waist. All of a sudden, Frieda's naked torso and fully exposed breasts flooded the room with visual erotic delight! Lothar felt rage and powerlessness, along with a strong erection coming alive from watching this forbidden, unthinkable scene --- Frieda's virgin-white breasts being groped, cupped and kneaded by their filthy black hands!

The Weber girls underwent the same fate! Their platinum-blonde hair were lost in this black sea of brown-fleshed jeers and carnal victory! The smiling black men took immense delight in knife-cutting and ripping all their buttoned garments off their nubile breasts! They soon uncovered their twin treasures of pure whiteness!

The Weber girls had very pale breasts that were rather small, yet perky, with nipples so pale they were barely visible, whereas Frieda had fuller breasts with brown nipples and areolas that offered an intense contrast against her milky skin; the erotic effect was greatly intensified by the jiggling movements and bounces as the girl frantically writhed in the black men's clutches.

The men were all extremely aroused by this new development! They didn't bother with further undressing the girls.

The Lieutenant was the first man inside Frieda, who shrieked in searing pain when the French officer pushed his cock on her virgin cunt. She bitterly wept and screamed and shook her head from side to side between the dark arms holding her shoulders as she felt the searing pain from the officer's dick, which mecilessly forced her virgin cunt open and powerfully inched its way inside her extra-tight vagina!

The French Lieutenant roared with unmitigated delight amid his men's cheers as he savagely pushed his dick home and felt the girl's amazing tightness! Oh, God! Raping these little German girls was so much fun! He was so completely turned on by the pretty brunette! She looked so young and innocent! And this appraisal further aroused him! He felt his hard dick further expanding against her tight walls as he grabbed her lithe waist and began raping her! He felt her slender thighs brushing his flanks as he took her virginity.

"Lothar! Lothar! Lothar!" Frieda screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks as the French Lieutenant kept raping her with unleashed savagery! She was raped urgently, her body almost horizontal in the middle of the soldiers as her rapist kept hammering her while standing between her legs and holding her waist.

Lothar could see the alluring paleness of her thighs brushing against the officer's uniform flanks as she kept screaming in shrill sounds of lost virtue! It was deafening, barbaric and deeply erotic all at once!

Before long, the Lieutenant screamed like a banshee and shot his seed inside the good German girl! Frieda groaned with utter disgust as she felt the sticky consummation of her rape polluting her! She had now lost what she had been saving for Lothar. "NEIN!!!" she shrieked, before letting out another long-lasting, defeaning wail that resonated throughout the manor!

"Hé... Elle avait du sang, cette salope !" (Hey... The bitch had some blood!) the Lieutenant commented as he saw some red coating his dick as he pulled out of her.

Then, Frieda was immediately raped by her first African dick! She felt she was going to die from the shame! The half-naked girl tried hard to wake up from the ghastly nightmare, her senses and her mind unable to accept that she was being defiled by African men, black men, who were holding her in place while one of them was making her scream in pain and shame as he mercilessly hammered more debasement inside her.

Before long, the Senegalese man opened his mouth wide and let out a grotesque roar as his dick exploded and gave the German girl a big load of African seed! He said something loud in wolof as he exited her. Many men laughed as the next soldier immediately grabbed her porcelain-pure legs and inserted his king-size dick inside her deflorated cunt. Lothar just couldn't stop watching the scene; he now had a raging erection.

Frieda had no time to rally. Another one of these black devils was raping her! The exact same scene played out. This man raped her even more savagely! He banged her with frenetic abandon, his face sweaty and his dark face O-mouthed with sheer ecstasy as he kept hammering her and going until he too met his flourish of delight and spewed another big African load inside her!

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRH!!!... Aaahhrrr... Elle est bien africanisée maintenant, cette petite salope blanche !" (... The little white slut is properly Africanized now!)

Lothar watched the succession of black soldiers raping his beloved Frieda with overwhelming arousal! His dick was rock hard and pushing his pants. He also watched the blonde twins undergoing the same treatment. Their small, nubile breasts kept jiggling amid all these jeering men, offering a shocking contrast of girly whiteness under the blackness of their rapists!

The twin sisters, half naked with their dresses savagely tucked up against their waist, had been laid down side by side on the floor. They had been allowed to hold each other's hand while the soldiers took their turns inside them. The German maids wailed and clung to each other's hand as they received a never-ending barrage of African-soldier dicks! They were both terrified and force-aroused by the incredibly animalistic lust they felt from their rapists.

Soon enough, Sofia and Alissia were no longer able to count how many black men had raped them. They were ruined! They were bitterly crying!

They saw all sorts of different faces, yet all dark, albeit to different degrees, ranging from milk-chocolate brown to coal black. All these faces looked intensely down on them with their features distorted by the savage pleasure they felt while roughly raping them on the floor!

Sofia closed her eyes and let her platinum golden head of hair slide on the lacquered floor as one man after the other used her as their collective cum dump. Alissia kept looking to her left; she gazed at Sofia's bobbing head and face while hers was bobbing the exact same way, under yet another African man who was raping her and relieving himself.

What was happening was unthinkable, yet it had been physically possible, and even shockingly easy for them to do! There were so many of them!

Time was passing by. It was a Christmas night none of the parties involved would ever forget. The men had been quite tired, but the arrival of these fresh girls had given new fires to their arousal! Frieda, Sofia and Alissia were systematically gang-raped by all the soldiers! When the guards were relieved, they rushed inside! They rushed at the fresh German girls!

Frieda found herself pinned on the dinner table, her legs propped up and her feet kissed and licked by the coal-black soldier who then proceeded to rape her in this leggy position! His scream of relief filled the room as he gleefully discharged his thick ropes of jizz inside the pretty girl! Then, another soldier, who had been masturbating as he watched her, immediately took over and raped her in the same position and with the same urgency!

This German brunette was so delicious to rape! Many men did her a second time! Someone poured wine on her breasts and licked them! This became a trend. The twin girls also had their breasts wine-flavoured and avidly licked by countless African tongues!

Emma, Olga, Lotte and Esther sat close together, Eve-naked, in a corner of a room. They watched the rape scene in silence. They all felt relieved to have these newcomers sharing their burden. In the state they were in, it was all that mattered to them. Their life had become a fight for survival and an equation of their energy left vs. how many men were abusing them. These privileged women were now reduced to a basic equation of how many dicks went inside them.

Another Senegalese soldier took his pleasure inside Sofia! He was kneeling; he lifted her butt clear off the floor. Holding her slim waist, he urgently drove her against him and gleefully hammered her with all he had! The shaken girl whimpered loud in the same savage rhythm, her breasts jiggling wildly and offering a twin show of girly boobs along with her sister who was presently undergoing the very same ordeal! After two hours of boring guard duty, these men were fresh and active!

The room was filled with broken German virtues, capsized social norms and projects of marriage being destroyed under a shower of jeers, grunts and screams of delight!

"Lothar... Lothar... Lothar..." Frieda kept repeating amid her whimpers as one soldier after another used her until he dumped his spunk inside her. She was now on the floor, stark naked and repeatedly raped in the missionary style. The fat Sergeant raped her too. The Lieutenant took her again, and this proved a painfully long rape. After lasting long minutes, the swearing and panting Lieutenant looked down at her with crazy-wide eyes as he felt the priceless moment where a man passes his point of no return...

He accelerated his pace to a frantic rape and kept pounding her all through his blissful relief as he screamed his complete and utter victory over Germany!

"NNNNNNNNNNNRRRRHH... YYAARRRHGGGGHHGHAAAAHHHHH... AaarrrrRRRhh... On a gagné !" (.... .... ... We won!)

He finished unloading his epic load of steaming porridge inside Frieda as the grandfather clock towering over them indicated that it was three o'clock minus one minute.

Filled with the officer's load, the ruined girl sobbed and kept repeating Lothar's name.

The Weber twins were presently Eve-naked and a mess of cum. They lay down on the floor like a heap of polluted girly flesh. The Senegalese men had at some point finished undressing them, and some of them had flipped them over to enjoy them doggy style.

The Lieutenant had noticed that Lothar and the dark-haired girl were engaged. He wickedly had Lothar untied and ordered him to pick one of the blonde girls and fuck her in front of his fiancée! If he didn't, then he'd watch and learn how a girl's boob could be severed using a sharp blade!

Lothar didn't need much prompting. He had a raging erection and looked at the twin girl's naked figures with shameful arousal. He chose one of the sobbing girls and tenderly held her in his arms. He had no idea which one it was. He kissed her and stroked her hair, as if the two of them had been alone on their wedding night.

He gently laid the blonde girl down and set himself on top of her. Soon enough, Lothar let out a wild groan of unmitigated satisfaction as he pushed his cock inside the girl's vagina. He began pounding her, kissing her and telling her how sorry he was for this. But the girl kissed him back and wrapped her arms and legs around him!

Sofia -- for it was Sofia -- positioned herself in such a way as to receive Lothar from an angle that sent powerful pleasure waves throughout her body! She started moaning under Lothar's forceful strokes. She crossed ankles on top of him, wrapping her pale legs tighter and offering a full-blast erotic show with her girly feet. Many soldiers began masturbating as they watched.

Sofia's moans quickly grew louder and more urgent. The girl was on adrenaline! Suddenly, she detonated and screamed her loud climax, filling Frieda's heart with hatred and envy, as Lothar joined her and powerfully shot his bolts of jizz deep inside her! He collapsed on her and showered her with unrestrained kisses.

The Lieutenant then commented on his youthful stamina. He was most certain that the young German fellow had enough spunk left to take the other twin sister as well.

Frieda was now standing and bent over, raped from behind by a series of soldiers who took their pleasure while watching Lothar with the blonde twins. Frieda felt a bitter sting of rage and hatred as she watched the other twin girl obediently going down on Lothar and starting to suck his dick! Himmel! That dick was hers!

Lothar didn't complain as he felt the magic seal of Alissia's mouth enclosing his flaccid dick. She licked his cock clean of cum and juices with slurping sounds. Before long, Lothar was growing hard again. Alissia held his throbbing shaft in her hand and began massaging it in addition to the work from her mouth and tongue.

As soon as he was hard enough, Alissia placed herself on all fours in front of him and waited for his cock. Lothar didn't complain either as he knelt behind the petite girl and took her doggy style with powerful strokes, giving her his all and shaking her through and through. At one point, he heard her climaxing. She let out a long-sustained groan of bliss as her face kept sliding sideways on the wooden floor.

Lothar lasted longer this time, due to moderate fatigue. This gave his cute forced partner the time to climax another time, and this second time was even more intense and longer sustained. Frieda watched the scene with rage in her heart while yet another Senegalese man was raping her from behind and shook her nubile body with his powerful hip thrusts, watching her alluring butt as he reached his climax and shot his load!

Lothar finally cummed inside Alissia. The climax had started like a weird sensation just below his navel, then it had snaked down and into his dick with increasing force before detonating and forcing him to scream out his joy as he powerfully exploded and gave Alissia a massive load of seed while he kept pounding his lap against the full curves of her teenage butt!


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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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Freiherr Karl von Dürnitz was hypnotized by Frieda's teenage butt getting repeatedly slammed by the naked Senegalese man who was presently raping her standing doggy style! The soldier presently growled and powerfully cummed. His large dick majestically exited the teenage girl and even more majestically spurted out a thick bolt of semen that landed smack on her firm butt!

The naked soldier then frictioned Frieda's butt with the fresh semen and lewdly told his comrades, in French, that the young lady's behind was now properly Africanized! Frieda was gang-fucked where she stood by a party of seven or eight men, who all took a second go inside her! She was making them so incredibly horny! The noble Freiherr was watching the scene with a massive erection!

The soldiers eventually got tired, even the ones who had been back from guard duty. At about four o'clock, the male servants were called back in and given their own turns inside the new girls!

Frieda, Sofia and Alissia covered their private parts with their hands, in a token attempt at reclaiming their long-lost dignity, when they saw the five men walking in. Gustav and Thomas, the two heavy-set footmen, then Hans Schmelling, Gerhard Müller and Peter Weiss.

All five men were known to the girls, who were in turn familiar to the servant men, who immediately felt aroused from seeing them in the nude! Four of the five men looked at Frieda with crazy lust in their eyes! Only Peter Weiss looked more at the Weber twins --- He felt a strong urge as he contemplated Sofia's legs and feet!

Frieda cast a pair of panicked eyes on her four passionate admirers! The four men walked slowly, steadily toward her while the soldiers formed a circle and watched the scene.

Frieda spoke to the men, her eyes in tears, filled with terror and despair and her voice hesitant. She looked intensely at each man as she called his name, moving her head and gaze quickly from one spot to another, like a frightened dove about to take flight to escape danger, except Frieda had no wings to flee with...

"Bitte... Thomas... Gustav... Hans... Gherhart... Ich bin echt müde! Bitte... Lasst mich alleine... Bitte... Nein! Nein!!!"
(Please... Thomas... Gustav... Hans... Gherhard... I am really tired! Please... Leave me alone... Please... No! No!!!)

She started protesting and squirming with tired voice and movements as the four low-status men rushed at her and seized her by the limbs! They soon had her spread-eagled on the floor. Gustav, the tallest and largest of the two footmen, stood tall above Frieda's pinned figure. He quickly dropped his stinky trousers and laid himself on top of the squealing teenage girl!

Frieda felt so ashamed and polluted from being raped under such a low-status man. At least, now that she had past the initial shock of racial taboo, the Senegalese men looked more like conquering soldiers and there was something fascinating in being forced into intimacy by such exotic and savage-looking men, but Gustav... She was forgetting that Gustav had fought the war too; she was only seeing him as a man far beneath her in the social order of her world.

But now her world was shattered! With an groan of satisfaction that made Frieda cringe right down to her innermost core, Gustav pushed his hard cock inside her entrance and penetrated her cum-slimy vagina! He began pounding her and greatly enjoyed watching Frieda's sobbing face and her breasts quivering under his repeated strokes. Gustav took unspeakable delight in raping this girl who normally would never have allowed him anywhere near her!

"Aaahhh... Nein!" Frieda cried as she received Gustav's groaning eruption of jizz and felt all his gooey stickiness being let go inside her.

As soon as Gustav was gone, Thomas took his place. He laid himself on top of Frieda and began hammering her! Once again, the pretty teenage girl had to endure a rape under a man who smelled like stable horses. Thomas was more vocal in expressing his satisfaction...

"Hey Frieda! Hrrr, hrrr, hrrr... How do you like the ride?" he muttered amid his grunts as he kept raping her.

He forced a kiss on her mouth and listened to her sobs and her panting breath as he actively banged her.

"You thought you were so high above me, eh? Well... Take that! And this! And this too! You're just a snobbish, cheap tart! Yarrhh!!!"

At one point, he stopped talking and Frieda was forced to hear his disgusting groans and grunts, until she cringed with disgust as she felt his tobacco-stinking breath on her face and heard his revolting growl of bliss as he powerfully ejaculated inside her...


In the meantime, Peter Weiss, 53 years old, was offering quite a show to his captors! He was pleasuring Sofia, who was straddlng his chest so her pussy was right near her mouth, where his tongue had access to her entrance and her clit. Sofia was singing higher and louder at every stroke of Peter's expert tongue! As Peter performed the cunnilingus on Sofia, Alissia was using her mouth to pleasure his dick!

Once she got Peter's dick as hard and vertical as a flagpole, Alissia straddled him and guided his cock inside her! She began riding his cock as she started caressing her own sister's boobs from behind! Peter had explained to his young trainees that it would be best for them to be cooperative, that he knew that these soldiers would ease up on them if they acted like good girls.

Peter now reaped the benefits of his sound advice. Sofia looked up toward the ceiling and let out a wild scream as she orgasmed from Peter's oral ministrations and Alissia's hands on her breasts! Alissia kept bouncing herself on Peter's hard dick, feeling his throbbing manhood powerfully massaging her tight vagina!

Sofia felt Peter powerfully exhaling inside her vagina as he finally exploded inside Alissia!

In the meantime, Frieda had her arms stretched and pinned on top of her dark head of hair by Gerhard Müller, while Hans Schmelling, the red-haired man in his forties, was kneeling in front of her and savagely raping her by lifting her hips clean off the floor and driving her into his lap while impaling her with his dick!

Frieda was shaken between the two men like a small sail buffetted by a hurricane! Her breasts were urgently jiggling under Hans's urgent pounding! Hans had Frieda screaming as he vicioulsy pressed her breasts flat and used them as handles while he accelerated his pace to a frantic flurry of hip thrusts. His mouth was wide open with unmitigated ecstasy; he was spilling frothing saliva down on Frieda's face and breasts as he pushed and pushed and pushed his manhood deep inside her with out-of-control frenzy, yelling at her and threatening her whenever she closed her eyes.

Hans forced Frieda to keep looking at his face as he raped her! He knew his face was ugly due to his bad skin, thanks to a childhood bout with smallpox. Frieda watched in horror the pleasure-distorted face of Hans as he came to the final detonation and filled the room with his blissfull roar as he relieved himself and added to her shame by spewing his slimy contribution to her defilement.

Lastly, Frieda was raped by Gerhard Müller and forced to watch his long, horse-like face as he took his turn of pleasure inside her! Lothar felt overwhelmingly aroused from watching the unthinkable scene. Frieda realized that these white men were raping her with the same animalistic lust and urge as the Senegalese men had done. Gerhard's face had a type of ugliness that sparked something unforeseen within Frieda.

There was something that Frieda found fascinating in Gherhard's face! This mysterious something was turning Frieda on! In spite of her exhaustion, or perhaps because of it. Frieda suddenly got passed her shame. She morally blacked out from the excess of debasement and let herself go!

She wrapped her petite legs around horse-faced Gherhard, who also felt her arms around him and her kiss on and inside his mouth! Frieda had decided to pretend she was a whore; whatever! Her honour was lost anyway! She was surrendering!

Gherhard was now powerfully mounting her and Frieda was groaning and moaning loud and shamelessly! She tightened the grip of her legs around the horse-faced servant and crossed her dainty ankles, giving quite a show with her feet!

Many soldiers began masturbating as they watched Gherhard frantically banging Frieda, who was on the verge of orgasming! Gherhard was puffing and panting and grunting while Frieda kept receiving his strokes of vaginal impalement!

Then Gherhard suddenly let out a wild scream and erupted with his final relief, and at the very same time, Frieda let out a loud salvo of high-pitched groans! They had climaxed together!

Many Senegalese men were made horny again by this show; such was especially the case for the foot lovers among them. The soldiers with a foot fetish had grown another potent erection from watching Frieda's lovely feet as she was getting so beautifully pounded by Gherhard!

Thus, Frieda was "rewarded" for her outstanding performance by six Senegalese soldiers who all rushed at her and very urgently raped her again! Each of the successive man banged her on the floor with savage abandon until he powerfully cummed! Frieda's youthful body responded to their collective assaults! The teenage girl had no choice but to scream additional orgasms under them!

Last but not least, the Lieutenant mercifully let Lothar loose!

Lothar immediately took his place on top of Frieda, but she was so far gone that she didn't even realize it was him. She received him in the very same way she had received the white servants and the black soldiers! It didn't matter that much for Lothar, who at this point was more like an animal than a human. Lothar banged Frieda with beastly urgency, grunting like a rutting gorilla, and systematically pounded her until he screamed like a total freak and felt the unfathomable relief of his dick exploding!

"AAAhhhrrrrr Friedaaaa... AAAAaaarrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrGGHHR!!!!"

A few paces away, the fat French Sergeant was bucking Alissia by pinning her under him with her legs propped up and blocked under his shoulders, in such a way that the girl's feet were pointing straight up as she took the punishment from the middle-aged man, who soon growled and cummed with incredible relief!

The Lieutenant then let the Baron loose. Karl von Dürnitz went straight for Frieda's teenage butt! He swiftly pulled the girl up and bent her over the dining table. Then, he madly sodomized her! He made her scream with searing pain as he greatly enjoyed the anal fuck! It was so amazingly tight! Now, her butt was his! Frieda's butt had been tantalizing him over the last three hours! It was now being subjected to the rightful punishment!

The Baron raped Frieda's ass with a vengance!

The dining room resonated with a thunderous echo of unbridled fury as the German nobleman and father powerfully exploded and flooded the teenage girl's lower bowels with an all-encompassing flood of semen!

He fell down on his knees, exhausted and let a pair of soldiers tying him back up to his chair.

The clock struck five.


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Re: A Special Christmas in Rhineland (interracial, aristocrats to whores)
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In Dahn, the snow kept falling for most of the night. Frieda's father figured that she and Lothar were spending the night in the castle uphill as the Baron no doubt didn't want them to go back outside under such a heavy snow. There was no phone nor elictricity in von Dürnitz castle. This wasn't Berlin! The only working phone in Dahn was at the police station. The good German people of Dahn were celebrating Christmas night at home and going to bed after drinking much wine, too much in certain cases.

The two junior policemen on duty in Dahn kept themselves warm near the stove at the station. They wouldn't be bothered to go outside. There had been some report of French troops in the vicinity, but they would look into the matter in the morning. The two 20-year-old policemen drank their mulled wine and wished themselves the compliment of the season, each of them eager for their relief to come so they could go home and into bed with their lovely young wives.

Both men agreed. Their German women were the finest stock. They had both served in the same unit. One day, in a Belgian village, something weird had got in their commander's head and the company had gone from house to house and raped all the young women they found. Friedrich and Gunther didn't bring up this taboo topic, but when they spoke about German women and their own wives, both policemen had these unfortunate Belgian girls in mind.


Corporal Keba Lah loved his assignment. He had seen Carla and Frauke to bed. Carla had been so utterly exhausted that she didn't resist nor was she even aware of what he was doing when he strapped one of her wrist to the bed post. Then he had watched Frauke lapsing into sleep in spite of the cold bedroom. He had covered her nubile body with a sheet and a thick wool blanket, same as he did for Carla.

Keba Lah listened to the muffled noises and clamours coming from the dining room downstairs. His mates were getting some seriously great entertainment. He prefered the quiet of the room. He helped and escorted Carla or Frauke whenever she woke up and wanted to use the chamber pot. The girls were too exhausted to really mind his presence. Carla kept quietly weeping herself to sleep. Frauke was like a lifeless lump of girly flesh.

At one point, the Senegalese Corporal couldn't hold it any longer. He took off his uniform, stripped himself naked, then went under the sheets and pressed his body against Frauke's. The German girl didn't protest nor did anything to stop him. The only thing that Keba Lah noticed was her deeper breathing when his fingers found her slit and began stimulating her womanhood to make her wet. Frauke's backside was against his belly, as her nubile body was perfectly positioned for him to gently cup her breasts from behind.

Keba Lah caressed and stimulated Frauke exactly like he had done many times with his wife back in Senegal, before he was drafted by the colonial power who only viewed him as some extra cannon fodder.

"The Lieutenant is right. It's just as well that we get ourselves some compensation," Keba thought. "Too bad we can't do that to the French wives and daughters; they would deserve it a lot more than the Germans! That would teach them to take us away from our homes to go fight a war that wasn't ours in the first place! But, oh... yeah... This girl is really sweet to touch! She's a little too pale for my own tastes, but it's so much fun and thrill to be fucking their girls! And, oh... She smells so good!"

Keba's large dick was now powerfully erect and resting against Frauke's teenage-firm butt! The contact against her white flesh further fed his erection, which expanded to full-raging status! Now that the little German maid was wet down there, she was ready to be fucked!

Keba gently kissed Frauke in the nape of her neck, and told her in French that he was about to penetrate her. He kept telling her he was going to be very gentle as he delicately pushed his cock inside her entrance and slowly got once more acquainted with Frauke's virgin-tight vagina. When he was midway in, he began very gently pulling out and pushing in, in and out, in a slow, steady rhythm, his dick under the constant velvety pressure from Frauke's girly walls. The improbable black-and-white couple was now panting together.

Keba Lah kept gently caressing Frauke as he enjoyed her in a very quiet rape. Nothing was said. Frauke and Keba were breathing deeper and harder as the intercourse progressed, until Keba felt the unfathomable delight when he passed his no-return point. The all-powerful sense of relief forced him to open his mouth and he muffled his scream into Frauke's fragrant hair as he exploded and shot a massive eruption of cum!

Oh God! He was going to miss these cute little chicks!

After this, Keba Lah took Carla and untied her wrist. She began protesting in Italian as she thought the black man was going to rape her as well, but Keba Lah simply moved her from the other bed to Frauke's bed and watched the tender scene that followed as Carla took Frauke in her arms and the two naked women wept together in each other's arms.

Carla began tenderly kissing Frauke while stroking her hair. Keba Lah watched them in complete fascination. He himself urinated in the chamber pot, then kept on watching Carla and Frauke comforting and smooching one another.


Downstairs, Lieutenant Faucher was satisfied that the folks in town wouldn't come looking for the girls and had most certainly assumed that the Baron was being their host for the night, which was true in a very broad sense. He nonetheless maintained strict discipline and a thorough guard rotation to avoid being surprised in a not-so-military state of readiness.

"Monsieur le baron, je vous remercie pour votre excellente hospitalité !" the Lieutenant said to the prostrated German noble father, who had been a most proud specimen of his haughty kind only a half day before. (Baron, Sir, I thank you for being a most excellent host!)

"I think our host is honoured to have us as guests! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" said the fat French Sergeant as he drank half a glass of schnapps before dropping the rest on the Baroness's bare breasts. Then, he proceeded to lick it off.

Half of the men were now sound asleep. Soldiers had made a large fire and the captive women were required to remain naked and give the men a nice woman-on-woman love show.

Frieda kissing Esther elicited many quiet cheers from the tired soldiers. The two teenage girls offered a perfect sight of dual female nakedness as their slender curves were bathed in the tawny firelight. They did what the men ordered them to and kept kissing and caressing each other.

Olga and Emma were forced to perform a loving threesome with Lotte. Much to her astonishment, Olga found that she very much enjoyed Lotte's tongue on her nipples, and when she went further down and started stroking her clit, she found much relief in this act that she would never had allowed herself to indulge in under normal circumstances. Olga was being kissed by Emma while Lotte was pleasuring her down south. The men kept watching and quietly cheering.

The Weber twins were used as oral cum dumps. Some few Senegalese men still had some spunk left. Sofia and Alissia had to kneel down in the nude. They obediently kept their mouths wide open to accomodate the series of dark African cocks that came their way. The soldiers found much enjoyment in stroking their platinum blonde hair while enjoying their forbidden tightness as their young little mouths gave a wet seal of pleasure to their throbbing manhoods.

The standing men kept gently stroking their bobbing head as they watched the firelight playing with their nubile curves.

Sofia was ordered to hold the soldier's dick with both hands. It was prodigiously massive! Her dainty hands barely fit around it! Her mouth was beyond stretched as her head kept bobbing back and forth! She kept obediently pleasuring the victor's cock, which soon twitched and fired a rancid wave of semen! The man forced her to swallow! She gagged and struggled not to retch; then, the man pulled out and he tributed her facial beauty with a parting gob of seed that landed on the delicate bridge of her nose and smeared her right cheek! The soldier briefly rested his giant dick on her pretty face and contemplated the sharp, fascinating contrast.

Sofia had just enough time to spit out some of the semen out of her lovely mouth before the next soldier came. The man forcefully grabbed her head and utterly filled her mouth with his own meat as he began ruthlessly face-fucking her!

Out of the corner of her eye, Sofia saw her twin sister sharing her fate; Alissia kept receiving the conquering black dick inside her silent mouth as the smiling soldier kept imposing his steady rhythm to her lost innocence. Her pure-white face was presently adorned with small pools of fresh semen that glistened by the firelight.