Author Topic: My Dream Her Nightmare.Part Eight  (Read 1398 times)

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My Dream Her Nightmare.Part Eight
« on: June 20, 2022, 12:16:33 PM »
Rachel came back to the bedroom and  smiled at Morgan and then winked at me looking at my cock.
"Holy shit , I think your ready for another  fuck, how's do you  want her this time".

" On top , She hates it like that , my cock bangs her cervix every time. "

"Well what are you waiting for get on the bed I'm sure Morgan won't mind , will you Bitch ,and your better not scream , you'll be screaming later, but for now I want to hear you grunting and moaning in pleasure." 

I got on the bed , and watched as Rachel  helped Morgan mount my cock.

She wasn't gentle and pushed down hard on Morgan's shoulders.
 "Ok Bitch ,fucking rape yourself  , and it better be good".
Morgan started fucking me , moaning and groaning with every downward thrust as I thrust upwards.

Suddenly she shuddered and let out the loudest scream I'd ever heard .
I looked behind her .
Rachel  had put on her strap.on , I then felt it rubbing my cock through the walls of Morgan's cunt .

Rachel began pounding into Morgan's tiny asshole.

" Scream Bitch scream ".
And Morgan did scream , She screamed for 25 minutes as we pounded inside her .
Then she passed out ,
I withdrew my cock , but Rachel just kept pounding  away as she rubbed  her clit , then suddenly pulled  away .
She moved in between Morgan's legs , spread them wide apart, She removed the dildo and pushed about Ian inch inside Morgan's pussy.

She moved up the bed and straddled Morgan's face .

" Wakey wakey  sweetie. ".
Morgan  started to beg .
" Please please let me go now , I can't take anymore ,you've done everything possible to me, I'm so sore, my stomach and bottom hurt and ache , I promise I won't say anything about what you have done to me , please Rachel take me back to the campus. ".

" Yes but first you have one more thing, can you feel my dildo lodged in your pussy, well it's only the tip, now I'm going to move my pussy over your mouth , you will keep it open ,you will look up at me and don't you dare close your eyes, then I'm going to give you a taste of a woman's cum, you will gulp it all down ,do you understand me?.

Morgan looked at me her eye's pleading with me.

Morgan wimpered  "yes".
" Good if you don't swallow every drop ,that dildo is going in up to the hilt , it's exactly 8" long, and the birth is 3" , it will batter your cervix so hard  you won't walk for weeks"

Rachel moved over Morgan's mouth .
 "Open wide ".
Rachel started  rubbing her clit again, She punched her nipples , moaned and groaned, then climaxed .
" Morgan started gagging , and gulping , finally Rachel finished, rolled over and moaned again .
She pulled the dildo out of Morgan's cunt, .
 "Now go and shower ,get clean inside and out .
Then I'll take you back .
When Morgan returned Rachel was dressed, She threw Morgan's panties at her .
"put themhen on .

Rachel smiled at me ,I'll take her back now ,but don't worry you'll see her again soon .
She put a blindfold over Morgan's eye's then led her out of the room .
She shouted back at me.
" I'll see you later ".
I took a shower then  lay on the bed .

" I must have fallen asleep , I was woken by Rachel  sucking  and licking my cock ,She mounted me then began fucking like the devil  possessed. "
She  rolled off me and lay by my side .
 "Is she back now .
Rachel smiled , "No".but she will be soon, I called a few of the gang back to the shack, when I left all I could hear were screams." .

I've also told her to tell her mother that's she's  going to be having a weekend away., She is going to meet me at the back of the shack on Friday afternoon, She got to be wearing  a T shirt, and and a very short skirt ,no panties and no bra , She  going to pack her cheerleaders uniform and some sexy underwear ,because we are going to make a porn video.
 " I  sighed " I  doubt she'll come," .
Oh she will or her 14 year old sister will take her place . ".
We will have to wait and see .


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Re: My Dream Her Nightmare.Part Eight
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Welcum back