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The third tale in The Blakes Sexy Tales. Hope you like it. The story has supernatural tag because of the ending.
It was a thursday afternoon at the Blake manor. Rafael, the patriarch of the Blakes, was talking to his friends through a voice chat program hosted in a server at the Blake manor.

"So, what's new, guys?", asked the patriarch, wanting to know what was going on.
Markus, Ricardo and Wesley were in the call.

Markus was Rafael's older brother. He worked at Buckinstone Ridge's Notary Office, and was a very competent scrivener in it.

Ricardo was the in-fact boss of Vipers, an organization founded by Rafael. He was a kinda cool guy and Rafael did give him the boss role because of how well they worked together during their heyday.

And Wesley, an older player in the team, became a XSquad coach for the organization's main team. Also a nice guy and played along with Ricardo and Rafael during their championship years.

"Hey, I heard that a speaker from Ebrington is coming for a speech at the United Nations building!", commented Markus.

"Whoa, really?", asked Wesley.

"Yeah, just saw the news a few minutes ago!", replied Rafael's sibling. Even though Markus was at work, he could watch news at the workplace's television set.

"Hey, Rafael! I remember when you told us what happened to Beatriz! That thing when you went to Ebrington with your family!", mentioned the boss.

"Yeah! I remember that!", said the patriarch, being reminded of when his wife, Beatriz, was kidnapped by a bunch of feminists and kept as captive.
At that time, no one wanted to help him rescue his beloved wife, so, he set out alone with his kids in tow to rescue her.

"Good time for revenge, don't you think?", asked Markus, trying to entice his brother into getting revenge.

"Yup! Good one! What's the plan?", questioned the patriarch.

"Well, we would need to intercept her! I know a place we can take revenge without being bothered! Just need to find a way to intercept her after she leaves UNE!", suggested Markus.

"Hm, I have a van we can use to pick her up! We pick her up after the speech when she is on her way to the hotel!", added Wesley.

"Good, then it's settled! The speech is tomorrow, at seven-thirty in the evening! Probably, she will leave the hotel at seven! It's a ten minute drive from the hotel she will be in to the UNE building!", affirmed Mark.

"Cool, everyone ready at ten to seven!", said Rafael. "But, there is one thing! I'm married and I don't want to cheat on my wife, I love her!", he finished.

"No problem, man! We can do it for you! We know how you love your wife and value your marriage! Don't worry!", commented Wesley, trying to calm the patriarch down.

In the next day, Rafael woke up normally and everything happened like usual at the manor.

His wife, a really beautiful lady named Beatriz, did her usual chores. She had brown hair and eyes and wore a pink shirt with bubbles in the sleeves and white knee-lenght shorts.

"She was scared as heck when she was kidnapped. What a horrible country. We decided to never go back there, not even a single time.", he thought, as he saw his wife passing by.

"What?", she said, calmly noticing her husband's gaze at her.

"Nothing! Just looking at how beautiful you're today, sweetheart!", he replied to Bia's question.

To her, that was both a compliment and a sign that she knew she was loved by her husband.

"Oh, honey! I love you too!", she commented, going outside.

Yes, he loved her. He loved his wife and his family. Rafael wouldn't risk everything he had, that's why he mentioned he didn't want to cheat on his wife.

Time passed and it was fifteen to seven.

Rafael knew they had a plan to enact. "Hm, I'm going out for some time!", he told his wife.

"What happened, honey?", she asked, noticing the sudden need to go out.

"I just got a message from Ricardo, I need to tend to some things inside the Gaming House! Probably it will be long! So, if I'm not back by eleven, put the kids to bed and go sleep!", he said, what she knew was an order.

"Yes, honey! I'll do as asked!", she replied, knowing that she had to obey her husband, as he was her protector and the provider for the family.

"Good, sweetheart! Now I need to go out!", he said, kissing his wife goodbye and leaving the manor.
Heating up for the next part. More later. Hope you liked this.
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Re: Sex 4 Revenge(gang rape, supernatural)
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Second part of this story:
He went to his car and drove it to a place the guys had previously marked to meet at.

A van was parked right in front of his car. And in the van, there were his friends.

"Hey, man!", saluted Wes.

"Hey!", Rafael greeted back. "Everything ready?", he asked.

"Yup! All equipment is here! Let's do this!", replied Ricardo.

All the guys went inside the van, with Rafael driving it and he drove around.

In a hotel was Cordelia Hawthorne, a speaker for Ebrington's Women Rights Cabinet. She had brown eyes and light brown, wavy hair. Had big breasts and a nice body.

"Today will be a big day. Hope something changes at UNE.", she thought, as she was getting ready to speak at the Human Rights event at the United Nations of Echaria building.

She left the hotel and went to a car she rented for going to UNE. But, little did she knew that the main road to the United Nations building was closed off, which forced the girl to take a scary side street at night.

That street did prolong her drive to the building. There were no cars, but traffic was slowed down as the street also had construction work being done.

Then, an accident. A van hit her car hard, sending it spinning in the direction of a abandoned building.

Cordy hit her head hard on the driving wheel, falling unconscious.

Three masked men showed up, opened the driver-side door and yanked her out of the car.

"Good one! Let's take her!", said Markus, one of the masked men.

Ricardo was carrying the girl and put her inside the van. He tied her arms and legs, while Markus closed the doors.

"Let's go! Go, go, go!", said Wes, before Rafael hit the gas, speeding out of there.

A few minutes later, they were inside another abandoned building, on the outskirts of Buckinstone Ridge.

There was a ring on one of the walls. Markus used it to chain Cordelia's neck and keep her unable to escape. And also, there was a mattress.

It was a in-construction building that was abandoned, and was never restarted, making it a perfect place for some action.

"Masks on!", ordered Rafael, before everyone put their masks, including him. "When I wake her up, everyone refers to each other as D!
Understood?", he finished.

"Sure thing, D!", said Markus, joking around.

Then, Cordelia felt some slaps on her face and woke up. "Wake up, bitch!", she heard someone speak, as she opened her eyes.
"Where am I?", she asked.

"You're in hell, Ebrington whore!", said Markus.

"What did you call me?", she yelled, trying to rise up, before feeling the chain on her neck suffocating her. "Ow!", she screamed.

"Yeah, that's what you are, a whore!", replied Wesley.

"HELP!!!", she screamed, trying to get someone to help her.

"Too bad, bitch! No one around to help you!", said Ricardo.

"Let's see what this clothing hides! Strip her, R!", asked Rafael to Markus.

"Understood!", replied the older Blake, moving to the girl.

"No no no! Please, don't!", Cordy tried to plead.

"Do it, R!", said Rafael. "That's what you deserve, Ebrington whore! My wife was frightened after we came back from a trip to your country! All caused by your people!", he finished.

"What? What did happen to her?", asked Cordy.

"She was kidnapped and kept inside a cage! Not a single woman from the police departments lift a finger to help me locate her! This is revenge for what your people had done!", spoke the patriarch.

Cordelia felt her shirt being ripped off, showing her breasts covered by a white bra.

"Please, stop! How can I repay you for this?", said Cordelia, covering her breasts.

"Nice tits there! Don't you think, R?", commented Markus.

"Yeah, R! I'm just someone unknown to you!", replied the patriarch.

Then, Ricardo fully stripped the girl off her clothes.

Cordy was naked, completely naked and bound.

"Good joke there!", replied the patriarch to his brother's joke.
Second part of the story is here. More later.
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After the recent attack against this site, I hope I don't have to rewrite this.
They removed the chain from her neck and lied her down on a table, before untying her legs.

Taking the opportunity, Markus undressed and invaded her cunt. "Not a virgin, huh? Totally expected from Ebrington whores!", he commented, as he thrusted into her vagina.

"Liking it, whore?", asked Rafael, slapping the girl on the face.

"STOP! PLEASE!", she screamed, trying to free herself and getting one more slap.

"Yeah, the whore likes it!", commented Ricardo, before Markus pulled out.

Ricardo took his turn and thrusted into the girl's asshole.

"STOP!", she screamed, again.

And the one thrusting slapped her ass cheeks.

"Damn, even here you have been fucked already? You're a bitch in fact!", commented the one thrusting into her.

"STOP!", she screamed, another time. As, she felt offended by the names.

"Oh, poor whore hates catcalling!", joked Wesley.

Wes then thrusted into the girl's cunt after Ricardo pulled out.

Markus untied the girl's arms and forced them down on the table.

Wes decided to move and pushed her against the wall. There, he turned her around and started to thrust.

Her breasts were bouncing as the thrusts continued.

He used one of his arms to hold her arms up above her head and prevent her from reacting.

"Good choice, R!", said Markus, taking the lead to get into the girl's cunt after Wes pulled out.

"Please... stop...", she pleaded to Markus.

"Shut up, bitch!", he replied, continuing to thrust.

Until, they decided it was enough punishment. They tied her arms and legs again and chained her to the wall.

"So, what should we do? Leave her here?", asked Markus.

"Drop the bitch somewhere!", said Rafael.

"Hm, I know where we can drop her!", suggested Ricardo, whispering the location to his friends, and avoiding her ears.

"I'll leave the drop with you then, R!", said Rafael to the Vipers boss. "Take me to the GH, R!", he asked to Markus.

Markus drove his brother to the gaming house and returned to the location where the girl was.

Meanwhile, Rafael got in his car and drove home. he arrived after eleven thirty in the night. The patriarch got inside silently and went to the bedroom he shared with his wife, before goint to the bathroom and taking a bath. He then lied down and slept, all silently.

Back at the abandoned building, Ricardo was holding Cordelia, ready to put her back inside the van.

"Everything is ready, R!", he said, pushing the girl inside the van.

The guys drove off to their destination.

Twelve hours later, they arrived at Mount Maltane, a cursed location in Buckinstone.
"So, what do we do here?", asked Markus.

"We put our gas masks on and drive onto the mountain, but not in the main entrance!", said Ricardo, putting a gas mask on, before the others did.

Markus drove onto the mountain for a bit, until they reached a clearing with running water. The area had a high concentration of dypsometoxinyl, a doping drug. Just a little intake was enough to make someone fall asleep.

And then, Cordelia fell asleep.

"Wait, what?", asked Wes.

"That's because of the high concentration of dypsometoxinyl in the air!", explained Mark.

"Oh, understood!", replied Wesley.

At the dropoff location, they unloaded the girl from the van, left her in the clearing's grass and drove off.

They had a bath in a gas place and drove back to Buckinstone Ridge, while celebrating their act of revenge.

"So, what about the girl?", asked Wes.

"Well, either she will die there or be taken into the institute, which neither is our problem!", replied Ricardo.

"True, let's enjoy now!", commented Markus, while they drank some beer and enjoyed their day after their act.

Back at Maltane, a vine coiled around Cordy's legs and started to drag the naked girl through the grass and mud. It dragged, dragged and dragged, until the asleep girl reached a four-legged creature that was inside a cave.

The creature was stuck to the cave wall and it had a kind of view panel, which allowed to see inside what looked like the creature's stomach? Or the womb?

When Cordy was inside the cave, the creature moved from the wall and stayed on top of the girl.

Then, the vines coiled around her torso and legs again and started to pull her up. She went through a soft layer below the creature, until the girl was inside the creature.

And, the creature started to use the girl to gather energy for itself, while feeding her in a strange way.
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The creature moved back to the wall and started to treat its captive. It coiled vines on Cordelia's legs and arms. A tentacle with a suction cup was then stuck to her mouth and two more tentacles went on her breasts.

The creature was called Deynaclys, a parasite that only captured women and kept them on incubation for procreation.

After that, Deynaclys started to pull water from a waterstream that passed through the cave and used it to cool the captive down, as it was a hot night.

With the refreshing done, the creature prepared its defense systems with dangerous tentacles to kill other invaders.

A tentacle entered the girl's vagina and put special eggs in it, which hatch after a few days. The eggs, after three days, give birth to hatchlings, who helped the creature to guard its prey.

Cordelia was never seen again, and became a captive of the cave creature.
This is the final part of the story. Hope you liked it.
The revenge is due to a story in the main series, where Rafael's wife gets kidnapped. No one from police departments in Ebrington helped him locate his wife. Hence the revenge in the title.
Info about the creature can be found here:
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I have to apologize for missing this when it first was being posted. I've commented on all the other six so I can see why I missed this one!

Loved the logical build-up to this part. The idea that Rafael would kidnap Cordelia but not participate in her rape was inspiring to his devotion to his wife. Interesting was to dispose of her, once more very original!
Would have loved to comment part by part but in th long run, binge reading Part three was perfect to draw the read in even deeper A merit will come when allowed!

When I get around to it, I'll write

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I have to apologize for missing this when it first was being posted. I've commented on all the other six so I can see why I missed this one!

Loved the logical build-up to this part. The idea that Rafael would kidnap Cordelia but not participate in her rape was inspiring to his devotion to his wife. Interesting was to dispose of her, once more very original!
Would have loved to comment part by part but in th long run, binge reading Part three was perfect to draw the read in even deeper A merit will come when allowed!
Thank you so much, man. The creature that shows up at the end is this one. I wanted to do a kind of revenge story like this, specially kind of linked to the main series. Rafael is faithful to his wife, loves her and did this kidnapping as a revenge for what happened to her.
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Thank-you, well constructed, I loved the idea of the girl being consumed in the forest, perhaps another rape opportunity.

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Thank-you, well constructed, I loved the idea of the girl being consumed in the forest, perhaps another rape opportunity.
Oh, yeah. That's one theme I had a separate story for, but decided to introduce the creature in this one. I'm so glad you liked it.
Thank you so much.