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The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage) - FINISHED
« on: December 07, 2021, 11:30:52 PM »
DISCLAIMER: This story is set in a self created universe, all characters in this story are fictional, as is the story itself. Use of real names is purely coincidental. This is the second story of The Blakes Sexy Tales series.
PART I: The Agreement

It was a friday night at Buckinstone Ridge University, where Julio Malta worked as a computer laboratory supervisor. Julio was twenty five years old, had a blonde hair and was sporty. The young man did like to go to the gym exercise his toned body. He was greeting people when he noticed a certain girl coming to the lab.

That girl was Hayley Harper. She had shoulder-lenght red hair and green eyes. Also, medium-sized breasts, along with a skinny body. Hayley was taking Media Production classes in the university.

Hayley was considered to be one of the most attractive girls in the place, along with her friend, Claire Baker.

"Hey, Hayley!", greeted Julio, looking at the girl.

"Hey...", she replied, not so polite, before sitting on a computer.

"Hm, why is she here? Let me see the time...", thought the young man. He looked at the lower right corner of the screen, where the clock was shown, and learned that it was seven-thirty in the evening. "Maybe she is skipping school then. What a opportunity".

Julio saw the opportunity to get to the girl. "Hey, Hayley!', he called the girl.

"What is it?", she asked, looking up from the PC she was using.

He then approached the lady.

The laboratory was empty. There were only Julio and Hayley inside the room.

"Look, I know you've been skipping class!", he said to her.

"What? I'm studying!", replied the girl.

"Really? Don't lie to me, Hayley! I know Media Production has its own computer room, which is in the third floor of this building!", he replied, not believing what she was saying. "You'd be studying in their own laboratory! And also, you missed basically four months of class, out of six months per semester!", he finished.

"But I...", Hayley stammered.

"Do you want your parents to know they are wasting money on your education?", asked the supervisor.

"No, please!", she pleaded to Julio.

"No? Ok, then! I want to meet you at this address!", he replied to her, giving her a piece of paper with an address that was two block from her house. "Be there by six-thirty tomorrow!", he finished.

"But, I have uni tomorrow!", she tried to complain.

"Really? Taking your four months of class absence into account, you already flunked this whole semester! There is no time to recover from it now! If you follow my instructions correctly, I'll let this go by without any hassle! Otherwise, I may, at any time, tell the headmaster office to call your parents and reveal everything!", he said.

"Ok, I promise! One time?", asked the girl.

"Daily meetings!", he replied.

"What? No way!", she said, refusing to do as asked by Julio.

Julio knew that he could keep Hayley in check by threatening her.

"Want me to call the headmaster?", threatened the computer guy.

"No, please! It's okay, I'll do as asked! Meet you at this place at six-thirty from tomorrow, right?", said the red-haired girl, giving in to the threat.

"Yes, exactly!", he replied.

But, Hayley didn't knew what the next part of Julio's request would be.

Also, the guy had vacation starting on the next day, so, he was free to do as he pleased.
There it is, the first part of this story. There will be four parts in total. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more.
Also, this time I took into account suggestions made in The Pool Trophy regarding readability. I too think this way is much more readable than walls of text.
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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage)
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2021, 12:24:14 AM »
Now the action really starts. First part was just an introduction. Hope you like it. This one has some name calling.

The next day, Julio woke up and went about his day. Remembering the meeting with Hayley at six-thirty, he went out at four in the afternoon to a hardware store he knew.

He bought a few items, such as chains, duct tape and a few meters of rope, in case he needed, along with padlocks to lock the chains.

The guy took the things home and went to the second floor in his house. The second floor had his bedroom, an additional bedroom and his office.

"Hm, these beds are perfect for something to do...", he thought, while looking at the beds in the secondary bedroom.

Some time later, at six-twenty-five, he decided to get his car and go pick up Hayley.

The guy went to the location where he asked to meet with her and waited a few minutes.

Five minutes later than the time, Hayley showed up at the place, which was a kind of abandoned parking lot.

"Is this the place?", she asked herself, loudly.

Even though the place was two blocks away from her house, she didn't knew that location very well.

As soon as he saw her, he flashed the car's headlights.

Hayley saw the headlights and moved to the car's passenger door.

"Hey, Hayley!", he greeted.

"Oh, hey, Julio!", she greeted back.

"Get in!!", the guy ordered to the red haired girl.

"NO WAY!!!", she screamed, not wanting to be taken to another place.

"Want that to leak, Hayley?", asked the brown-haired guy.

"No, I'll get in!", she replied, before he opened the door.

Julio opened the door for her, and Hayley sat down on the passenger seat.

As soon as she sat down on the seat, Julio picked a pair of leather handcuffs with a chain. He put her wrists on the handcuffs, pulled the chain up to raise Hayley's arms to above her head and locked the chain behind the seat.

Hayley's breasts could be seen moving when Julio pulled her arms up.
"What is this???", asked the redhead, annoyed due to being handcuffed.

"You're coming with me to my house, either you want it or not, Hayley!", he said, angry at her.
Julio then drove around with Hayley on the passenger seat, until he was four blocks away from his house.
At that moment, he decided to take a precaution and was thankful he brought another object along. He opened the dashboard storage panel and retrieved a blindfold.

"Please! Don't put that on my eyes!", she cried, to no avail.

"Shut up! You're mine, you have to wear whatever I ask you to! Remember our agreement!", he replied to her cries.
The blindfold was completely black, made in a thick material, to not let any light pass through.
He pulled the rear string, putting it on the back of the red-haired girl's head and positioned the front material on her forehead.

Looking straight at the girl's beautiful emerald-green eyes, he slid the cover down, covering them. "Good night, Hayley!", he said, as he left her in the dark.

He then drove home and parked the car in his garage, before closing the house's automatic gate.
Julio started to fondle the girl's breasts, by touch one, then the other, in a alternating manner.

"Julio! Stop! Stop touching my breasts!", said Hayley, feeling the touches the guy was performing.

"You're so beautiful tied up like this, Hayley!", he commented, still touching her breasts, but deciding to handgag her.

"Hmmph...", she moaned, as the guy pinched her breasts a little.

A few minutes later, he decided to loosen the chain from the seat.
Julio removed the seatbelt and, with a key, he set the chain loose.
But, as he knew the girl would react, he started to pull her out of the car by the chain.

Hayley was led inside a living room, and there were some stairs.

"Look, I'll help you up! But, don't try anything!", he threatened, before guiding the girl upstairs, step by step.

The computer guy then led the redhead to the secondary room and locked the door behind him, before removing the blindfold from Hayley's eyes.

"Strip!", he commanded, angry at her.

"NO!", she countered.

"I told you to strip, bitch!", he screamed. "Either you do that, or I'll rip out that uniform of yours! Your choice!", he finished, doing a slap on the back of her head.

Hayley knew he was getting angrier, and decided to comply to his request.

To allow her to undress, Julio removed the handcuffs for a brief time.

 She removed her blouse and pants, leaving the underwear.
The girl was wearing pink bra and panties. Without her clothes, the young guy could see all the girl's features, like her breasts.

"Nice breasts!", he commented, getting her arms again and cuffing them.

Hayley's eyes were tearing up by that moment. She never had such a situation on her hands. "Well, I had to agree with it. Otherwise, I'd be in trouble", she thought, seeing what was happening to her.

"Lie down!", ordered Julio, pointing to the bed beside them. "Now!", he rushed.

"But...", she tried to appeal to him.

"How many times I have to tell you, bitch? Lie down on the bed, now!!!", he yelled.

The girl then sat down on the bed's side and then lied on it.

He pulled the chain up, pulling the girl's arms with it and padlocked it to the headboard, tying Hayley to the bed.

After tying her up to the bed, Julio decided to start doing what he wanted. He pulled Hayley's panties down and removed them.

"What the hell are you doing?", she asked, seeing her panties sliding down her legs, revealing her clean hole.

"Oh, that's surprising! No bush? You take a good care of your organ, huh?", commented the guy, looking at the girl's vagina.
He then undressed himself.

As soon as Hayley looked at Julio, she knew what was going to happen to her. "NO! Please! Don't!", she screamed.

Julio mounted on her. "Got to shut you up!", he commented, picking up her panties. "Open wide!", he ordered.

Hayley did as ordered, knowing what he would do.

The guy then punched the redhead's panties into her open mouth, stuffing it.

"GHMMMPH!!!", she moaned really loudly, as she felt the panties entering her mouth.

To hold the panties in place, inside the girl's mouth, the guy retrieved the tape roll he left close, pulled a bit of the tape and stuck it on her cheek. He then started to wrap it around her head, several times.

"GHMMMPH!!!", Hayley screamed, feeling the tape being unwound from the roll, with her panties inside her mouth.

He finished the wrap and raised up her bra, to see her breasts more closely.
"Now, it begins!", he announced, grabbing one breast in each hand and squeezing them.

"GHMMPH!!!", the redhead screamed, feeling her boobs being compressed, and tightly closing her eyes.

Then, Julio decided to really get things started. And for that, he inserted his dick into her vagina.

"GHMMMMPH!!!", Hayley screamed, being invaded by the guy, feeling his dick inside her.

"Oh, yes, Hayley! You're mine now!", he pronounced, while thrusting into her again.

She couldn't do anything, as she was bound to the bed and gagged by her panties and tape.

Meanwhile, the young man felt all the pleasure of having a girl for himself, while he invaded her.
And also, he thought Hayley was, in fact, a beauty at the university.
Some more thrusts and he decided to stop.

"GHMMPH!!!", she moaned, feeling that he stopped thrusting into her. "What now?", thought the girl.

Julio retrieved the blindfold and put it over Hayley's eyes again, leaving the girl in the dark. He then got more chains and looped them on the girl's ankles, before locking the chains to the bed's footrest.
The time was ten thirty in the evening.

"Damn, I hope he doesn't leave me bound like this.", she thought, trying to struggle against the chains.

A few more minutes later, Julio decided to untie the girl and give her a bath. He started by her legs and then unchained her arms from the headboard. And also, removed the tape and panties from her mouth.
"So, it's over for today, Hayley!", he said, leading her to the bathroom.
"Get in!", he commanded, ordering her to get into a bathtub that was in the bathroom.

The young guy then gave the girl a complete bath.

"Dress up! Now!", he ordered, telling Hayley to put on her clothes again.

The girl put on her bra, panties and uniform, piece by piece, while Julio enjoyed seeing the girl dressing herself.

With Hayley fully clothed, he chained her to the couch's leg.

"What now? You basically raped me!", she asked, blaming him for the rape.

"Well, you deserved it! Who told you to start such a scheme that would leave you prone to this?", he replied, going upstairs to the bedroom he kept her and retrieving the blindfold.

"And, of course, the victim blaming...", she started.

"SHUT UP!!!", the young man barked at her, ending the "talk" they were having.

After a few more minutes, it was eleven in the night. He knew he had to take his toy home. "Come on!", he said, unlocking the padlock from the couch leg.
Julio then led the girl to the car, and did the same thing he did on the parking spot.
He chained her arms to the back of the seat.

"No, not again!", she exclaimed, seeing the blindfold being put on her, and then covering her eyes.

"Yes, so you don't see the way to the spot!", replied the young man.

He revved up the engine and left the garage.

"Tomorrow, at six-thirty! Be there!", he ordered, as he approached the spot he was supposed to release Hayley.

"Yes, I understand!", she said, resigning.

"And be warned! If I know you told someone about this, I'll reveal to everyone what you've been doing! You know it can get you expelled from the university!", he said, after removing the blindfold.

Julio parked the car on the spot. He picked the handcuffs' key and unlocked the cuffs to let Hayley free. "Remember, meet me here tomorrow! Six-thirty, do not forget it!", he warned her again, before she opened the door and left the car.
With that, he closed the door and sped off.

"What a night. He is a bastard. To think that I'm all tangled in this mess. And I still have more meetings with him", she thought, as she walked home...
Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more soon!

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage)
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2021, 11:24:10 AM »
Interesting scenario that can be over really fast. All she has to do is go to her professor and confess. What is needed is some sort of physical proof that only he has to force her into submission.

Want to thank you for taking the advice from your first story to heart! Also noticed that you include a list off site to your stories. Are you aware that the same thing can be done here in the literature section in the "Authors and their stories" topic. That makes it even easier for lurkers to access your stories as it does our members.

Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage)
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2021, 11:38:04 AM »
Interesting scenario that can be over really fast. All she has to do is go to her professor and confess. What is needed is some sort of physical proof that only he has to force her into submission.

Want to thank you for taking the advice from your first story to heart! Also noticed that you include a list off site to your stories. Are you aware that the same thing can be done here in the literature section in the "Authors and their stories" topic. That makes it even easier for lurkers to access your stories as it does our members.

Merit awarded from me!
Haven't thought about the proof, need to think up something only he has, thanks for the advice. About the thread with the stories, I'm thinking about waiting until I'm more established as a writer here before creating one. Until then, you can use my offsite list, and my help folder for authors.
About the line advice(from the first story), I saw in my app that it's easy as heck to remove the blank lines, so it's easy to follow the advice and set it back to normal later.
The thing is that I already have part III written.

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage)
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No problem, just passing on information that was passed onto me when I started to write more and more!

The spacing issue can easily be controlled by making use of the preview button on the posting page. it gives you the exact view your page will have on anything you post and adjust it to suit you! Just remember to go back and hit the post button! (Something that I'm guilty about not doing!)
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage)
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Well, I was looking up part III and I think I can work it out about the proof:

In the next day, Julio decided to review some footage. He had secretly recorded the rape he performed on Hayley. The camera caught every moment, from the arrival to the bedroom, all the way to the ending.

"Holy shit, she is such a cutie. And there is more planned for today.", he thought, as he watched the whole video.

Then, he fired up the chat program where he and his friends met. The program had a server hosted by the guy's friend, Felipe. Turner, Julio and Christopher VPNed to it.

And, everyone logged in, using their cameras.

"Hey, guys!", saluted Julio.

"Oh, hey, man!", said Felipe.

Christopher and Turner also saluted the others.

"You seem happy, man! What's going on?", asked Felipe, curious on what was happening with Julio, since he was happy on camera.

"Oh, I raped Hayley last night! It was an awesome night!", told Julio.

"NO WAY, man! Really?", said the three friends in unison.

"Yeah! I have it recorded! Three and a half hours of footage!", he replied.

"DAMN! You're one lucky bastard! She is such a beauty!", commented Turner.

"She indeed is! Seeing her naked is such a nice view! But, there will be more!", clued the guy.

"WHAT??? MORE???", the three friends asked again.

"Wait, how did you get her, for starters?", questioned the older Blake child.

"Blackmail! I know something about Hayley that can get her expelled from her university!", explained the computer guy.

"Damn! So, what's the plan now?", asked Chris.

"For today, I'll spread cameras all over my house and put one in the car! Every little thing will be caught on camera!", replied Julio.

"So, there is a second time?", asked Turner.

"Yes, I planned three meetings with her! Each one I'll introduce something new I can think up!", explained Julio.

"Damn, man! You have to show this footage to us! Please!", requested Chris.

"Of course! I'll show it here on the following evening after the third meeting!", replied the young computer guy, ending the call.

At four in the afternoon, Julio went to the closest sex-shop to buy some acessories he would need.
At the store, he found a muzzle gag. "Hey, is there a transparent version of this muzzle gag?", he asked to the clerk.

"Yes!", replied the store clerk, with the young guy going to the store desk and picking it up.

He picked a few rolls of tape and a pecker gag.
At home, the guy stored all the materials in the wardrobe, going to pick them up if necessary.
Then, he spread cameras all over the house. All rooms, passages and external areas were covered by the cameras, even the bathroom. Some cameras were hidden in certain positions, like the bathroom and bedroom ones.

Two hours and twenty minutes elapsed, and Julio knew it was time to pick up Hayley again. He turned the cameras in the car on and left the house.

He waited for her to sit in the passenger seat and retrieved the chain with handcuffs from the back seat.

"Yeah, I know!", she said, showing her arms.

He cuffed her arms and rose the chain up to lock it at the back of the seat, like he did before.
"Okay, Hayley! You remember the rules, right?", he asked, before turning the car on.

"Yes, I do! Don't tell anyone about this, or you'll snitch on me!", she replied.

"And did you tell anyone like you promised you wouldn't do?", questioned Julio.

"Come on, let's get this over with!", she said, annoyed.

"Hayley! You're forgetting one of the rules! Answer my question!", the guy warned.

"N-No, I didn't! I know I'll be fucked if I tell anyone!", the young redhead replied.

"Good girl!", commented the computer guy, retrieving the blindfold from the dash panel.

In his car, there were small, but powerful cameras on the doors, rearview mirror and rear window, all with audio catching the action in real time.

He put the blindfold on the girl's eyes again and drove off to the house.

"So, what have you planned for today?", asked the redhead.

"You'll see once we arrive there, Hayley! For now, be quiet!", replied the guy.

After a while, he arrived home with the girl and parked the car in the garage, like he did the night before.

But, he went to the other side and opened the right side door. Instead of simply unlocking the chain and pulling her out, he had another thing planned.

He covered her mouth with his hand and started fondling, groping and squeezing the girl's breasts.

"Hmmph! Hmmph!", she moaned, while being touched.

A few more minutes passed, and he decided to unlock the chains and pull her out of the car.

All Hayley knew was that she was being led through the front yard for a few steps, and into the house.

Julio removed the blindfold and Hayley could see they were in his living room. "Now, I'll uncuff your arms! As soon as you are free, I want you to strip, completely!", he said, unlocking the cuffs from the girl's wrists.

Hayley stripped completely, as asked by Julio, throwing her clothes on the couch.

"I'll be sure to store these away for a while! Kneel down, with your arms at ninety degrees!", he said, while picking up Hayley's clothes.

The girl did as told, positioning her arms for what is called, a boxtie, and sitting on her knees.

The guy retrieved a short chain and used it to tie the girl's wrists on her back. He padlocked it, locking the chain on the wrists.
He then picked another chain and did one loop below and one above Hayley's breasts, tightened it and padlocked it to the wrist chain.
"This is called a boxtie, Hayley! It's usually done with rope, but I decided to use chains this time!", he said, before placing a piece of medical tape on her mouth.

"Hmmph!", she moaned, feeling the tape sticking to her mouth.

He then walked her to the dining room and pulled a chair, before pushing the girl onto the table.

"HMPH!!", she moaned, loudly, while being pushed.

The action left her ass and sex holes exposed, and Julio thrusted into her sex.

She moaned while he thrusted.

He thrusted until he felt his cum dripping from her sex hole.
"Good bitch! Made me unload into you!", he teased.

After a while, he decided to give her a bath again.
Julio took the girl to the bathroom, and made her get into the tub.
He washed every inch of her body, taking special attention on her breasts.

"So, you're going to let me go now?", she asked, after drying herself up.

"Not yet! As you see, your clothes are well stored away! Only at the right time that you'll get them back!", he replied, guiding her back to the couch.

The guy cupped a piece of tape on his hand and pressed it against her mouth, making her moan again. He then blindfolded the girl and forced her to lie on the couch, with her head on his chest.

"Hmmmph...", she moaned, lowly, while lying on the guy's chest.

"Be quiet, Hayley! You'll stay here until eleven!", he barked, ordering the redhead to shut her mouth.

Meanwhile, with the girl on his chest, Julio took the opportunity to fondle her breasts some more.

After fondling for some time, it was time for Hayley to leave again. "It's that time again, Hayley!", he started, while rising up from the couch and laying her chest and head on it.
He removed the blindfold from her eyes and the tape from her mouth and turned the girl around on the couch, so he could unlock the padlocks.
The young guy then retrieved the key from the living room table and starte to unlock the chains that kept Hayley as his captive.
He unlocked the chain on her chest, then did the same to the one holding her wrists.

"Now you have to dress up!", he ordered.

The red haired girl did as ordered and Julio took her to the car, where he did the same procedures, like chaining and blindfold.

He revved up the car, went back to the meeting place and undid the chains and blindfold, before releasing the girl to go home.
The thing is that, at the moment he picked her up for the "meeting", he didn't mention he was recording everything. Also, the guys that show up here are the same squad as The Pool Trophy. Story is in the same universe.

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage)(Finished)
« Reply #6 on: December 11, 2021, 11:26:08 AM »
Here comes the final part of the story.

In the next day, he woke up and started to get all the footage he got from the cameras and threw everything in his trusty editor.

Julio knew that he needed a harder grasp on Hayley, so he decided to go hard on her.

At six-thirty, he went to pick her up again.

"Hello, Hayley!", he said, as she approached his passenger door.

"Hey...", she replied, frowning, remembering it was one more night with him. The girl sat down on the passenger seat.

"So, you haven't told anyone, have you?", he asked, before doing the routine procedure on her.

"Of course not! Even though...", she started.

"Even though? Hayley, you're in deeper than you think! I've always known something else about you! Something that can send you away to Mt. Maltane!", he commented, doing the cuffing and chaining on her.

"What? How do you know that?", asked the redhead, knowing what he was talking about.

"Let's say I have my sources! So, if you don't want to be sent there, do as told and accept everything I say!", he replied, getting the blindfold and covering her eyes with it.

"Okay, as you wish...", she replied, resigning to her fate.

Julio drove back to the garage, and instead of wasting time with things he did the previous two nights, he pulled her out of the car and walker the girl inside the house.

In the house, he ordered her to strip again and unchained her wrists.

Instead of stripping, Hayley removed the blindfold and started to run outside.

Julio ran after her and jumped on the redhead, catching her. He covered the girl's mouth and held her down on the ground.
"So, you tried to escape, Hayley! If you try this one more time, you can say goodbye to your university and everything you know as your current life!  If you don't want to go away, you have to obey me!", barked the young man.

"Yes, I'm sorry...", she cried. "I promise I won't do this again!", finished the redhead.

"Good girl! Now, rise up and go back inside!", the guy ordered, before the red-haired girl rose up from the ground and walked inside.

Inside, he ordered her again to strip and Hayley did as ordered, being naked. He ordered her to put her arms into ninety degrees like the last meeting.

The red-haired girl positioned her arms as told and her "master" chained her wrists together, before looping the same chain above and below her breasts and locking it back to the wrists.

"This is tighter than last time!", she complained.

"Quiet, Hayley! That's your punishment for trying to run! Now, follow me!", he ordered, asking the girl to follow him outside.

There, the computer guy pushed her onto a column that held the second floor's balcony and looped a chain, securing the girl to the column. He then got another chain and used it on her legs, to force the girl to spread them.

"Hey...", she started, before being interrupted.

"Shut up, Hayley!", he barked, finishing the binding to the column. He blindfolded the girl again and applied a muzzle gag, securing her mouth shut.
The muzzle had a panel that kept stuck to the girl's mouth and the straps made her unable to open her mouth to speak. The straps went behind her head and were locked by a padlock.

Getting ready to fuck the girl, Julio undressed himself. "So, it's our final night, Hayley! Let's enjoy as much as we can!", he declared to her.

Then, he invaded her sex. The guy trusted inside the girl's cunt.

"Hmmmmph!!!", she moaned, loudly, feeling his dick inside her again.

"That's what I like, Hayley! I like you reacting to whatever I do to you!", he commented, while still thrusting on the girl.

Then, started fondling her breasts, touching and moving them. He felt her skin bristling due to the fondles.
"Oh, never saw you getting bristled! Seems like you're enjoying it!", the guy said, feeling the bristle on her skin.

"HMMMPH!!!", she moaned, trying to complain.

Some minutes of thrusting later, he decided to try another thing. The guy unchained her from the column, but kept her arms chained and unchained her legs. "Turn around!", he ordered, with her complying.
He pushed Hayley onto the wall, making her breasts become pressed by it and started to thrust into her asshole.

"How do you like this, bitch?", he asked, even though he knew he wouldn't get a intelligible reply from the redhead.

And, while fucking her asshole, he fingered her cunt. "Feeling better, bitch?", asked the guy.

After a while, he decided to end that and go to the couch, forcing Hayley to walk beside him.

On the couch, the guy forced her to sit on her dick, and started to thrust in the red-haired girl.

He thrusted and thrusted, until he could unload all his seed into her. "Well, I think we'll have a baby!", he joked, once more eliciting a scream from her.

"HMMMMPH!!!", she screamed, loudly, into her gag, while sweat was dripping from her whole body.

"I see that you are tired, bitch!", he said, looking at the sweating girl.

Julio removed the gag and blindfold, and went to the bathroom, put Hayley under the shower and turned the tap, making the shower water fall on the girl.

As soon as he went into the bathroom, the bath camera started recording.

The computer guy, of course, removed the gag from her mouth, and pushed a wet cloth into her mouth.
"Don't spit, or I'll slap your ass hardly!", he barked.

He got a sponge and started rubbing it on her body, specially on and under her breasts, which, for him, were her most attractive areas, as she possessed nice medium-sized breasts.

The guy completely washed the girl with cold water. He then dried her with a towel and took her back to the living room, where he tied her legs to the couch's leg and went to his bedroom.

He retrieved some clothes and dressed up again.

Went back down to the living room and picked her up on his arms.

"Let me go, Julio! Please!", she asked, crying.

"Quiet, Hayley! It isn't the time yet!", the guy replied, refusing her request to go home.

More time later, it was five to eleven.

"Almost there!", she commented, with Julio not caring.


Julio then retrieved a syringe he had ready.

"No, please! What's that?", she questioned.

"Just a little medication for you, Hayley! I think you have a cold coming on!", he commented, before stinging her neck with the needle and pushing the liquid in her bloodstream.

"No, I don't have any cold! Please, no...", she said, being interrupted by the medicine taking effect.

The medicine Julio injected Hayley with was one called dypsometoxinyl, a doping drug.

Hayley fell asleep on the young man's arms and he kissed her lips. "You're so cute!", he said, rising up from the couch with the girl on his arms.

He went upstairs and entered his office, where his desk with his computer was.

The guy unlocked the chains that kept the girl's arms bound and cuffed the arms to a on-wall desk support, behind a thin, diagonal ligament that connected the vertical to the horizontal part of the support.

He retrieved a roll of pipe tape, cut a piece and placed it on her lips, sticking them shut. He placed a few more strips and knew it was enough.

The next day, Julio went to his office and saw that Hayley was awake. It was about seven in the morning.

"Good morning, Hayley! Hope you slept well, my dear!", he said.

"HMMMPH!!!", she moaned, loudly.

"It's too early to be like this, honey!", he replied to her moan.

The guy edited the whole video. Hours and hours of editing. He took some time to feed the redhead that was under his desk while he worked and ate something for himself.

He continued editing, putting all pieces of what transpired during the meeting and exported.

A few more hours later, it was time to show the movie to his friends.
"Hey, guys!", he greeted.

Felipe, Christopher and Turner greeted Julio back.

"So, it's finally time to show it to you guys! But first, why don't you say hi to Hayley?", he said, picking up his camera and putting it in front of the redhead, who was still naked from the night before.

"Holy crap! She is naked!", commented Felipe, seeing the redhead naked with a taped mouth.

"Hmmmph...", she moaned, which was picked up by Julio's microphone.

"Yeah, she is replying!", joked the young computer guy.

"Cool, so, when is the premiere?", asked Turner.

"Right now!", said Julio, opening up the video file in his media player and placing it on screen so his friends could watch.

Two and a half hours of movie later, the chat returned.

"So, did you guys liked it?", asked Julio.

"Damn, man! That was hot as hell! Hayley is a hottie, congrats!", commented Turner.

"I'd have to agree, damn!", said Christopher.

"That bathing scene at the almost ending was nice, what a body she has!", interjected the young Blake.

"Yeah! She is nice! And I think she is pregnant! I unloaded a lot into her in two nights!", replied Julio.

"So, what was that blackmail about?", questioned Chris.

"Possession of outlawed media! I found she had a copy of a book that was banned here in Buckinstone!", replied Julio, saying goodbye and closing the chat.

"Isn't that right, my dear?", he said, looking at Hayley's beautiful green eyes...

Hope you liked reading. This is one of my longest stories with this theme.

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage) - FINISHED
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love it! Merit awarded

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage) - FINISHED
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Very nicely done, Yukito. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I highly enjoyed it. :emot_thumbsup.gif:
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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage) - FINISHED
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Very nicely done, Yukito. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I highly enjoyed it. :emot_thumbsup.gif:
Glad to know you liked it. You're welcome. I hope to do more with the theme.

love it! Merit awarded
Thanks, I'm so glad you like it. You have lots of great stories too, Dawn.

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage) - FINISHED
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Oh man this calls for a live tryst between the love, viewed by all his friends! Great concept keeping her after their last session! Opens either a continuation or a whole new story! Merit for me is the least I can do!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: The Blackmailed Bitch(M/F, blackmail, light bondage) - FINISHED
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Oh man this calls for a live tryst between the love, viewed by all his friends! Great concept keeping her after their last session! Opens either a continuation or a whole new story! Merit for me is the least I can do!

Hahaha, thanks. The whole story is 5k words long(according to yWriter. I thought about having Julio release Hayley, but, since lots of my stories focus on kidnapping, I thought that would be better to knock her out.
Thanks, I'm glad you liked the story.