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Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
« on: November 28, 2021, 06:22:45 AM »
Gang-rape, interracial (black on white + 1 Asian), vaginal, oral some anal, with some bonus lesbian action...

Disclaimer: Rape in reality is despicable and wrong; the author of this story does NOT condone real-life rape in any shape or form. Rape in fiction can be a fun way to explore one's fantasies. If you don't understand the difference between fantasy and real life, stop reading right now. This fiction story doesn't depict any sexual act with underage characters.

All characters featured in this story are at least 18 years old; the words "teenage" and "teen girl" or "schoolmaid" refer to girls aged 18 or 19 only.

Note: This story is the third installment of my series about the Declaration of independence in Congo and its immediate aftermath in July 1960. This installment is set in Congo's capital city, which was called Léopoldville back then.


Thursday, June 30th, 1960.

Today was a historic day for Congo!
It was a sunny, bright morning of deep blue African sky.
The Declaration of Independence was to be proclaimed and signed between Baudouin I, King of Belgians, and Kinshasa Joseph Kasavubu, the very first President of the newborn Democratic Republic of Congo!

After a review of the troops in Camp Léopold II, President Joseph Kasavubu was taken aboard a military jeep and escorted by guards on motorcycles for the short drive to the capital city. He arrived in Léopoldville waving a white-gloved hand at the cheering crowds with sharply disciplined gendarms solemnly saluting him.

He was slowly driven to the presidential palace, under constantly renewed cheers and applause. Once at the palace, he met and formally shook hands with King Baudouin I of Belgium as well as Patrice-Emery Lumumba, his Prime Minister.

They entered the palace together.

(From left: Patrice-Emery Lumumba, Joseph Kasavubu, and Baudouin I)

The crowds applauding and celebrating on the bright and sunny streets were almost all Congolese, but once inside the presidential palace, a good two thirds of the crowd was made up of Europeans; all formally dressed people from various national delegations, who were there to witness and recognize the historical event.

Before the signing of the Declaration, Prime Minister Lumumba addressed the crowd in an inspiring, optimistic speech, where he stressed out the importance of friendship and cooperation between Belgium and the new sovereign Republic of Congo. Among many other things, he spoke of the Treaty of Friendship, Assistance, and Co-operation between Congo and Belgium.

It stipulated that the Belgian civil servants in the Congo and the Belgian officers of the Force Publique would remain at their posts and receive compensation from the Belgian government. It also allowed for Belgian metropolitan troops to continue to garrison some bases until another agreement could arrange the installations' handover to the Congolese government. The text of the treaty had been hurriedly finished and signed the day before by Belgian Prime Minister Gaston Eyskens, Belgian Foreign Minister Pierre Wigny, Lumumba himself, and Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs Justin Bomboko.

Among the members of the Soviet delegation were three strikingly beautiful women who attracted a great many male gazes on their stylishly clad persons, including looks from the King himself.

Magda Makarova, 32 years old, was the second wife of the newly appointed Soviet ambassador in Léopoldville. She wore a sober black dress highlighted by a three-row pearl necklace, an outfit that emphasized the pure whiteness of her rich complexion and the wonderful lights of her blonde hair, which she wore formally tied up into a high bun. Her oval face was feminine and delicate; she was recognizable for her straight nose and narrow lips, but her most striking feature were her pale blue eyes.

The 55-year-old ambassador said he had married her for her spirit and her true-Soviet qualities, such as humility and sense of duty, but he fooled no one. The 5 ft 4 in. woman had a truly striking figure that promised of many late-night hours of bedroom delights, which was reflected by the ambassador's insomniac-pouchy eyes.

The dignified ambassador sat beside his wife wearing his formal black tuxedo. He had taken his first-marriage daughter with him. Tatiana had just turned 19, on June 22; she was born in 1941, on the very day Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa and invaded Russia.

Tatiana was a pretty brunette, standing 5 ft 2 in., with shoulder-length hair that were thrown back around her ears and fell in slightly curly locks of dark dreamy charms on either sides of her round face that displayed a bright porcelain skin. The youthfulness of her features was emphasized by her modest lipstick and lack of make-up. Constellation of lights gathered in her deep brown eyes that sparkled with curiosity and an active intellectual life. She was indeed highly educated and spoke five languages.

Nadia Solovyova sat right next to her. She was the ambassador's most efficient secretary. At 24, she looked so youthful she could easily be confused for Tatiana's younger sister, especially so given the fact that she was about her height. She wore more mature lipstick and some mascara, but this seemed to only emphasize the natural air of playfulness in her dark brown eyes --- a gaze to die for. She wore a perpetual light smile that made one think that her beautiful, teenage-like face was in perpetual joy and amusement.

Nadia's raven hair were almost as striking as her eyes. It emphasized the subtle hues of her pale-cream complexion and was worn in an all-thrown-back style similar to Tatiana that beautifully revealed her feminine ears and the nape of her neck, except Nadia had straight strands of black-magic shiny hair. She was truly gorgeous! And still single.

Also catching many male gazes was Daria Naumava. As she listened to Lumumba's speech, she smiled at him and sometimes would catch his gaze. The disciplined Prime Minister never faltered in his speech, even though he had got to know Daria very intimately two nights earlier.

She smiled inwardly as she remembered how it had felt to hold the Prime Minister's dick in her hand and take his throbbing cock inside her mouth! It had been the very first time she was cheating on her husband and also her very first time with an African man, so she wanted to do it with style! When he had forcefully cummed, she had swallowed it all and taken note of all the similarities and differences between her husband's taste and Lumumba's.

Daria was a rather tall woman, standing 5 ft 7 in. and displaying the darkness of eyes and hair against facial features so typically Slavic. Her face was a more mature version of Nadia's with a stronger jawline, yet features that were equally soft and feminine. Her dark brown hair were also all cast back and neatly tucked under a striped hairband. Her eyes with high eyebrows had the quintessential expression of Russian feminity.

The two other Soviet women, and young Tatiana, were all of a slender, petite build. Daria had somewhat thicker bones; her torso was rather slim and displayed perky breast shapes, neatly hidden under her emerald-green formal dress, but her hips were wide and curvy, albeit firm with not an ounce of excess fat. Before marrying, she had been a pilot in U.S.S.R.'s Air Force. At 37 years old, she looked at least 10 years younger.

Now and then during his long speech, Prime Minister Lumumba gave quick passing looks to Daria's eyes and also her hands. The Congolese head of government was positively fascinated with these pale hands that had so skillfully pleasured his manhood along with her wonderful mouth! After this fellatio from Heaven, she had sucked him hard again and they'd had incredibly wild sex! As he spoke to the august assembly, he still saw her again in his mind as she straddled him with her perky breasts jiggling up and down!

Daria sat smiling as she thought back of the orgasms she'd had as she rode Lumumba's massive dick! She had gleefully received his warm eruption of jism inside her Soviet womanhood, consumating the utmost in intimate international cooperation!

Patrice Lumumba concluded his speech and was meet with a thunder of applause. Then the Declaration of Independence was signed by President Kasavubu for Congo and Baudouin I for Belgium. A posh reception ensued.

This Thursday was followed by a long weekend of festivities that occurred in relative calm across the country. Most people chanted and made merry! The Belgian nationals were mostly hopeful that all would be well.

On Friday afternoon, Louis Armstrong, the famous American jazzman who was on a tour of goodwill in Congo, gave a well-attended concert on the grounds of the presidential palace!


Magda, Tatiana, Nadia and Daria were back in their hotel rooms along with the rest of the Soviet delegation. They had been informed that in a few areas of the city, some sporadic fighting was taking place between factions that were dissatisfied by the result of presidential election, and it was safer to remain in the hotel.

The four Russian women stood by in their seventh-storey balcony, leaning on the rail and watching units of Congolese troops parading on the street below them, walking proud under the African sun.

"Ohhh!!! They're all so handsome in their uniforms!" exclaimed Daria.

"Yes. As long as they are at a safe distance, I don't mind their presence. But I most definitely wouldn't want them any closer!" commented Magda, the ambassador's wife.

"Oh, Magda, Magda... You have no idea of what you're missing out on! Besides, variety is the spice of life!"

"DARIA! Don't say such naughty things near Tatiana!!! What you are suggesting is a... monstruosity!"

As she overheard, Tatiana started thinking and trying to imagine how it would feel, having a man's dick inside her. She had no idea as she had never experienced it. She pictured herself, newlywed in the arms of a handsome young husband!

Nadia, on the other hand, came closer to Daria and the two women began chatting together in whispers, laughing a lot between them while sipping their vodka.

Ten minutes later, Nadia had gone down and stood among the crowd, right behind the policemen, and got a very close look at these proud Congolese soldiers from the Force publique. She smiled at them as they marched in front of her, many of them looking back at her as they passed with their bayonetted rifles on their left shoulders.

With only her thin blouse and B-cup bra separating her breasts from their gazes, she felt her nipples hardening and her womanhood going wet down between her legs as she noticed that many of their gazes were lingering south and contemplating her teenage-like figure as they marched on.

Nadia pictured herself amid a bunch of them, taking their cocks inside her and receiving their hot spunk, one after the other! Ohhhh... So erotic! So forbidden! Yet so intense and hot! In spite of rumors of her being romantically involved with the ambassador, she hadn't had any hot action for quite a while and was really missing the warmth of a man. And the idea of letting herself be undressed in the arms of one such African stud was totally arousing!

She had her Zorki camera with her and took a few snapshots of them...


Note: This one is going to be quite interesting, and the scenario will be a lot simpler than my last installment (Mutiny in Thysville). Some of my long-forgotten Russian came back to the surface as I was writing my contest entry. Besides, these Soviet actresses that I used for pictures are absolutely gorgeous!
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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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Very nice set up. Can already picture them being slowly stripped and taken. I LOVE historical fiction.

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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Will wait until this one develops to make an opinion on it. You have given it an interesting beginning that is merit worthy!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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Very nice set up. Can already picture them being slowly stripped and taken. I LOVE historical fiction.

Thanks BARONR!

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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Will wait until this one develops to make an opinion on it. You have given it an interesting beginning that is merit worthy!

I don't think it will be a re-hash of Mutiny. The common element is indeed the mutiny, but the entire story is set in Léopoldville and involves entirely different characters, who are Russian women. There is a flavour of Cold War that is not seen at all in the previous installments. The newly formed Republic of Congo found itself caught between U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. One year after the coup in Cuba, any new State had few options other than taking a stance, either closer to America or closer to Moscow.

In this installment, none of the main characters are Belgians, except for the King, who only makes an appearance in the first two chapters. All the stage is taken by foreigners and Congolese. Soviet women make wonderful victims!

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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The long weekend had plenty of boring receptions.

The Soviet ambassador gave a large one on Saturday evening. The King himself attended, along with Prime Minister Lumumba, who didn't want to go initially, for some reasons, but his President had sent him there in his stead. Lumumba was with his wife; Daria Naumava was with her husband.

Earlier that day, Major Leonid Naumov of the Soviet Air Force had landed in Léopoldville from Moscow; he was on leave and would spend a week with his wife in Congo. As she met her 40-year old husband, who looked so sharp in his uniform and so handsome with his blonde hair --- his face almost as youthful as it was when he was fighting German planes ---, Daria had felt guilt for having cheated on him. At least, she didn't throw herself down to the rank-and-file.

Magda was the perfect hostess. She entertained the King with her wit and had the American ambassador warming up a bit to the Soviets. From the way her husband looked at her, one could tell he was very proud of his young wife; he was actually very impatient for all this evening to be done so who could have some alone time with her!

Magda was very fit for these social circles. She knew how to dress, she knew what to say and when, and how to say it. Everybody was friends with her and many men wished they were more to her. From the number of well-dressed white men and women chatting and drinking champagne and eating canapés, one would be led to think this soirée was being held in Europe rather than in Africa.

The Prime Minister, his wife and all other Congolese officials looked positively Europeanized in their tuxedos. They spoke almost the same French as in Paris, for most of them had studied in France or Belgium or Switzerland. Most of them were also able to hold a conversation in English. If they spoke lingala, it was between husband and wife or among close Congolese friends.

Young Tatiana was finding these functions absolutely boring and a waste of time. She just couldn't wait until it was acceptable for her to leave and have herself driven back to her hotel room, where her books were waiting for her. As the ambassador's daughter, she was introduced to countless dignitaries. The one person she had the most interesting conversation with was none other than Baudouin I, for the King was a thoroughly well-read person as it was fit for his station in the world.

Tatiana spoke flawless French. She told the King that she was in love with this language, but perhaps less so with the people of France. This had the King of Belgians laughing. Then they spoke of Italian literature, which was another language the teenage Moscovite was fluent in.

The King greatly welcomed these informal chats with such highly educated people as they were rarities; soon enough, he was dragged into yet another "important" conversation about state affairs. He cast one last longing look and smiled at Tatiana, with whom he had been able to be a young man again for a fleeting moment before becoming once more King Baudouin I.

A few lads tried to ignite some conversation with the pretty Soviet girl, but she found them boring and all too predictable. She wanted a young man who would sweep her off her feet by being both highly intellectual and very energetic, like their weightlifting champion Yuri Vlasov! Now, that was a MAN! He was 24 years old and looked like he had everything going for him --- thoroughly well-read, brilliant, witty, fluent in French and English, very handsome and of course strong as a bear. Too bad he was already married!

Tatiana, as she sipped some sparkling wine, approached Nadia upon noticing that her conversation with the son of a Congolese official had just ended. Nadia noticed Tatiana's air of boredom and knew she was just about to start, yet again, talking about her favorite topic...

"No Tatiana! Not tonight! I'm not talking about Yuri Vlasov with you, and I'm certainly not going to hear you recite me all the lifts he's done in the past year! He's going to represent us in Rome next September and that's enough for me!"

"But, Nadia... I feel so bored..."

"Hush-hush, little girl! The man of your dreams isn't showing up tonight! I've seen you with the King; he looks handsome and he isn't too old, even for a dievochka like you! But your father is watching each and everyone of your steps! What's more, you don't meet in secret with a King to become his mistress without some serious planning! ... Dear young one, I suggest that you quietly let yourself be driven back safe to the hotel. I will call the chauffeur and your two official chaperones myself!" (dievochka = youngster, for a girl)

"You... You're on to something! I can see it in your face!" Tatiana had a playful smirk on her face as she said this. As both girls spoke, a couple of Congolese fellows watched them, their eyes lingering a little south, and of course they had no idea of whatever they were saying in their lovely-sounding Russian.

"Maybe... Maybe not. Even if that be the case, I couldn't take you on it with me, because I need my job!"

On this, Nadia let the ambassador know that his daughter was ready to be driven back to their hotel.

"I hate you, Nadia!" the teenage girl playfully snarled as her official chaperones escorted her to the ambassador's ZIL limo.

"Have a safe trip back to your books, my young princess! Tomorrow you'll tell me all you want about your Prince Charming and I'll tell you about mine! Deal?"

Tatiana didn't answer; she threw a playful grimace at Nadia and left. Her heart sank as she found King Baudouin deeply immersed in conversation with the American ambassador's wife. She watched him more closely as she was walking past him; yes, he was very handsome! So youthful-looking for a 30-year-old man!

Then, the King's eyes caught a glimpse of her. He quickly excused himself to the ambassador's wife and spoke to Tatiana...
"You're leaving us already? ... What is your name, Mademoiselle?"
"... Tatiana... Tatiana Makarova, daughter of ambassador Igor Petrovitch Makarov. I am Your Majesty's humble Servant!" she curtsied to the King while looking him in the eyes and smiling in a subtly playful, almost impish way.
"The Honour is mine!" replied Baudouin I while he gracefully took and kissed Tatiana's hand.
Then he stepped closer and whispered to her ear... "I am flying back to Brussels this very night. This is such a shame! Promise me you'll come to see me if you ever visit Belgium; I'm afraid I can't arrange an official visit to the Kremlin on such a short notice without creating a diplomatic incident!... Tatiana, your perfume is divine! I will not forget..."

"Thank... Thank you, Your Majesty!" Tatiana said aloud, curtsying again as she took her leave, attracting comments on how graceful she looked and moved. She had done a few years of gymnastics and it really showed, even in the way she casually walked.

The King went back to his mundane conversation with the ambassador's old wife, his eyes constantly moving back to Tatiana's lithe figure as she walked away between her KGB-looking chaperones. In his heart, he wished he were a 20-year-old lad, free! Free to see this wonderful girl, who looked like she was 18 at the very most; so pretty! Sexually, though he had difficulty admitting this to himself, he preferred a pretty girl to a beautiful woman. He was to publicly announce his engagement to Doña Fabiola de Mora y Aragón, a 32-year-old beautiful woman. The King was often the prisoner with the heaviest chains in his own kingdom.

Baudouin I had left Tatiana's girly mind whirling with confused feelings. He gave her the impression of a prisoner who was enjoying a brief, ungodly enjoyable whiff of freedom. Yes, she would love to see him again! He seemed genuinely interested in her. She felt a jolt of thrill and pride... A King, wanting to see her again?! She was just a youngster! He could date gorgeous women! Then, she started to imagine how it would feel to kiss him. Then... How many girls lost their virginity to a King? Deep within herself, she started hoping that this privilege would be hers.

"But not tonight..." she sighed as she walked to the ZIL limo between her two bodyguards.

As she was being driven back, she found the streets were rather calm in Léopoldville. Once back in her bedroom, which was of course in the same suite she shared with her father and her stepmother, she picked up a French novel; she was at a chapter where the author spoke about the calm before the storm.

Then, after a couple of pages, she picked up Bram Stoker's Dracula and opened it randomly; she landed on the page where a fierce tempest is brewing off the coast of Whitby and a mysterious sailship has been spotted --- the sunset is grand, and painters go out on the jetty, where they set up their stuff and begin painting what will remain as the "prelude to the storm".


Very predictably, the ambassador was back with Magda a couple of hours later. Tatiana could hear his father grunting and groaning while Magda was lowly whimpering, as usual. She pretended she didn't hear anything, as usual. Equally predictably, her father wasn't up until noon the day after. Tatiana had breakfast at ten with Magda. The two of them got along well; Magda loved Tatiana's well-educated side, being herself from a very privileged upbringing. They were only 13 years apart, which placed their relationship in some grey area between daughter-stepmother and daughter-stepsister.

Daria was, of course, in her own room with her just-arrived husband, and it was well understood by all that the couple wasn't to be disturbed until Sunday afternoon. They needed time to talk about the weather in Moscow.

Nadia wasn't back at the hotel until Sunday evening. She was smiling a mile wide and looked very pleased with herself. She barely replied when Tatiana said "good evening" and made straight for Daria's door; she knocked and was soon inside. Tatiana came to the door and started listening as the two women were enthralled in a very animated conversation; the teenage girl listened with growing curiosity...

"... And you took it in your mouth?"
"... Oh yes! And it was so big! I was surprised to be forced to open my mouth so wide! But I took it all and began working him on all of his length, or at least I tried, and he was really loving it!..."
"... And then, after... You..."

"YES! I rode him! It was so wonderful, to have all this huge African pillar deep inside me! He was stretching and filling me up like crazy! And his hands... Ohhh his hands! He grabbed my waist so strong! And he drove me on his massive shaft! He made me bounce on him while I was getting rubbed just the right way inside... I tell you... I SCREAMED!... It was so GOOD!... And then after, I took him in my mouth again and gave him another nice round with my mouth and tongue! I sucked him until he splattered all his African cream over my face!... He told me he loved this very much and..."


Her father, positively fuming, was near the door with Daria's husband, all the six feet of him, blonde with a crew cut in his flawless Major's uniform. Both men had been talking while smoking a Cuban cigar. They had been laughing between themselves after the ambassador had observed they'd be perfect stereotypes for some American espionage movie.

Tatiana was gone in less than a second.

"It figures..." she thought while quickly walking back to her room. "So, Nadia had something going..." She thought of the tall, handsome Congolese man she had seen Nadia converse with. He was the son of some minister. He was indeed quite an athletic man! "Hmmm, Hmm... So, Nadia has got some serious fun on the side! And me, what did I get... boring lads and books! Well... My turn will come, I guess..."

Tatiana went back to her room and listened to some Linguaphone French record. As she listened to the familiar sentences and songs, the conversation she had just heard kept running over and over again in her mind. She tried to imagine how it would feel, having a black man's dick inside her... Or taking it in her mouth... She didn't have a clue, no matter what skin colour. Then, her mind wandered to the King. She found herself wishing she were with him and doing... THAT!

The idea of a white woman copulating with a black man was something she had forbidden herself to think of, up until that day. She had heard Magda saying they were ape-men, only fit to sweep the dirt on the street and not much else. It wasn't something she liked about Madga, but she wasn't entirely against the concept of keeping an acceptable distance between herself and these black men, not because they were black, but simply because she and them didn't have much in common.

She had a lot more in common with the King of Belgium! She started to think of which university program would allow her to spend time in Brussels... It didn't matter that the King was dating some Spanish princess. He had clearly expressed his desire to see her again... It probably wouldn't be a long-lasting romance, but oooh... It would be so wonderful, to lose her virginity in his loving arms!

Alone in her bedroom, Tatiana played the Linguaphone French record another time and fapped hard, thinking of the King! She pictured herself being taken right on the centuries-old floor of a large room in the royal palace, with her lithe legs wrapped around him as he powerfully ejaculated inside her! She tried to picture the mass of his dick drilling her tight vaginal walls, but failed to imagine the warmth of his semen since she had no experience of this.

She was soon going back to Moscow, then she'd spend a couple of months in her father's datcha near Sotchi, with Magda and her father on vacation. Then they'd all go to Rome and watch the Games. After that, her father would formally take his tenure as ambassador in Congo and she'll be furthering her studies in Moscow.

She liked Léopoldville. She had been most surprised upon learning that July was actually the least warm month of the year. The very air she breathed had something exotic and fascinating, but this wasn't her home. She felt she'd never bear it to stay in Congo more than a month; and spending the winter anywhere else than in Russia would kill her with depression! She loved Russian winters. She was like Snegurochka --- she was a daughter of Winter!


Monday, July 4.

The week began with more official gatherings and some museum visiting. Tatiana wanted to go out in the country for a safari, but her father felt this was too dangerous. Things looked calm in the country at first glance, but the 55-year-old ambassador was experienced enough to know that few things were more unstable than a country the day after its declaration of independence.

Indeed, a storm was brewing.

At Camp Léopold II, the main military base in Léopoldville, the white officers observed a high level of excitement among the Congolese rank-and-file. One non-commissioned officer began telling his fellow soldiers that since the Congo was independent they were no longer required to follow the Belgians' orders. At 5 PM, General Émile Janssens, commander-in-chief of the Force Publique, arrived and personally demoted him.

Three undisciplined soldiers were placed in a holding cell, though two were provisionally released by the Secretary of State for National Defence Albert Nyembo, who was informed of the incident. In the evening Janssens heard on a radio broadcast of the government's intent to set up a committee to reorganise the army. He was outraged that he had not been consulted.

Next morning, that is on July 5, General Janssens, in response to increasing unrest among the Congolese ranks, summoned all troops on duty at Camp Léopold II. He demanded that the Force publique maintain its discipline and wrote "before independence = after independence" on a black board to emphasise that the situation would not change.

That evening, the Congolese troops sacked the canteen in protest! General Janssens alerted the reserve garrison of Camp Hardy, 95 miles away in Thysville. The officers over there tried organising a convoy to send to Camp Léopold II to restore order, but the men over there mutinied and seized the armoury, forcing their officers and their families to take refuge in their mess, where they underwent a night-long siege.

On July 6, the first Belgian refugees arrived in Léopoldville with tales of horror! Some of the mutinied soldiers had driven off the Camp and started attacking white-owned homes in Thysville and the surrounding area. There was no safety for Belgians anymore!

Growing numbers of Belgian refugees started crossing the river from Léopoldville to Brazzaville as there were reports -- often inflated -- of many violent incidents in the capital. On that evening, it was said that many armed groups of mutinied soldiers were roaming the streets and looking for Belgians!

In fact, the violence was still sporadic, but the consequences were tragic indeed for some very unlucky white citizens --- there were indeed a few incidents where men got beaten up and their wives were seized and gang-raped in some back alley by Congolese soldiers!

However, the police corps had remained mostly loyal and some form of order would be restored the following day. Brussels was quickly scrambling Sabena planes to start evacuating their nationals while transporting their troops to protect the Belgian citizens.


Magda and the ambassador, as well as Tatiana and Daria, were extremely worried about Nadia. She had gone somewhere by herself on that Wednesday afternoon, regardless of clear instructions requiring everyone to stay inside the hotel, as the city was no longer deemed safe.

No one knew where she was.


Note: I've added some passages in this chapter to flesh out the bond of mutual attraction that takes form between Tatiana and the King. I had forgotten that a king can also be a character! It once was an overused trope, but today it's been so long in disuse that it's fresh again.
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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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Why do I have the feeling that Nadia was secretly meeting with a Congolese for some dark loving! merit to come from me when the time is up!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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Why do I have the feeling that Nadia was secretly meeting with a Congolese for some dark loving! merit to come from me when the time is up!

Thanks To-Get-Her!
I'm pretty sure there were indeed women form the various delegations who got busy in Léopoldville!

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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July 6. Nearly 5 P.M.

There was unrest in the Soviet delegation with a member gone missing.

Beneath their seventh-storey balcony, the street was getting somewhat noisier, sometimes with a group of soldiers chanting anti-Belgian slogans.

The ambassador and everyone else in the Soviet delegation were positively worried about Nadia. Did she really went off in spite of clear directions? This was so unlike her! He had selected her specifically for her efficiency and her discipline. He hard a hard time believing she had left the hotel of her own volition.

He started making calls. He checked with security agents posted on watch near the U.S. embassy. He also checked with the site where his own new embassy was still under construction. There was no sign of her.

Tatiana insisted to see her busy father. She didn't mind being told to leave him alone, and said that she had seen Nadia talking with the son of a minister during the Saturday night reception. This greatly interested the ambassador, who asked his daughter to repeat this information.

Since he wasn't that great in spoken French, he had Tatiana herself calling the house of that minister. She was answered by the voice of a young man; she asked if by any chance Nadia Solovyova was there; the young man answered no and promised to tell them if they had any news of that person.

The young man sounded perfectly calm and relaxed. Tatiana sensed that something was off. She replied...
"Look, if Nadia is with you, you MUST tell us! She needs to go back to her hotel room at once! The streets in town are not safe!"

The young man replied sternly...
"Look Miss, Nadia is not here. And this house is NOT the street! This house is perfectly safe! Have a nice day."

He hung up on this. Tatiana switched to Russian and spoke to her father...
"Father, the man I just spoke with said 'Nadia is not here'... He sounds like he knows her. We need to send agents to check on this immediately!"

"You're sure, Tatiana dear?"

"I'm positive! Chances are good that Nadia is there!"

"Nonsense! Nadia wouldn't allow someone to lie about whether she is or isn't there... We'll check other places..."

Tatiana took a deep breath and decided to speak about Daria...

"Father, Nadia has been seeing someone since last Saturday night... and..."


"... And Daria knows who she is seeing; he's the son of a Congolese minister..."


"MAGDA! Please, leave us. This is important!"

"Important? We're going to take the trouble to bring back this... this... negro strumpet; we... AAAAIIIEEEE!!!"

The ambassador struck his wife and thundered...

Mr. Igor Petrovitch Makarov was about to strike his wife again; she took the hint and cowered back into the next room.


Daria turned out surprisingly hard to find. The sky was turning to dusk and the ambassador was growing more impatient and angrier by the minute, while his security agents buzzed all around the hotel trying to find her, after assuming she had been in her room "talking about the weather" with her husband.

The ambassador remained fuming for almost an hour while everybody was at a loss as to her whereabouts. Her husband wasn't to be seen either. What was most puzzling was the fact that no one had seen them leaving the hotel, and besides, neither Daria nor her husband were the type to run amok against such a formal order. Even Tatiana, in spite of her natural intuition, had no idea where the couple was. If she hadn't been a virgin, perhaps she would have guessed...


"Ooooohhhh, Leonid! It's such a wonderful idea to bring me with you on the hotel roof!"

"Yes, my love, I thought you'd like to watch the African sunset from the highest building in this part of the city. It's 24 storeys high!"

Daria came closer to Major Leonid Naumov, who was wearing his best uniform for her. She gave him a long, passionate kiss. She felt so incredibly guilty for cheating on him! She wanted to make up for it...

She noticed some heavy iron object near the roof door. She walked there, picked up the object with surprising strength and placed it right against the door in such a way as to make it very difficult to open. She didn't want to be disturbed for the next hour or two...

Facing her husband, she took off her shawl and undid the striped hairband that was holding her black hair in her usual trim style, letting her long dark strands of magic silk falling loose against the background of orange-dusky clouds.

Then, standing tall in silence, she took off her stylish long-sleeved jacket and put it down over her discarded hairband and shawl, to prevent the risk of losing these exclusive items to a sudden gust of wind. She looked gorgeous, with her hair blowing in the wind as she solemnly unbuttoned her shirt while walking near her beloved husband...

She let him finish the last buttons and take off her shirt himself, since she knew he loved to undress her, and at this very moment, he was the only man who had her permission to do so. Oohhh... How could she cheat on such a handsome man! The sun of Congo must have hit her strong on the head for her to get so silly!

As he quickly undid her bra and started feverishly sucking and cupping her breasts, which were alluring and medium-sized, girly-firm with nice compact nipples standing amid rather large wine-red areolas, Daria felt a rush of juices flooding her womanhood as she started playing her favorite rape fantasy in her head!

"Ooohhhh... Leonid! Fuck me! Fuck me good and hard! I want you to play my Chinese pilot students! I know you can play three or four men just by yourself! Mhhhhhhhhhh... Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh, DA!!! I love your touch! HHHmmmm... So manly!!! Ohhh... these Chinese hands on their instructor!!! Forbidden! Hmmmm... But so GOOD!!!"

Leonid understood. They had acted out this fantasy many times over their seven years of marriage. He had met her in Korea, back in 1951, when she was a fellow pilot instructor for Chinese pilots. They were training them for the Mig-15 so they'd be able to fight and deal with the American pilots and their Sabre F-86.

Six months into their dating, she had told him of her dirty dream. She became incredibly aroused whenever she was in front of her Chinese pilot trainees and picturing herself getting gang-fucked by them! She had never actually acted on it, since she was far too mindful of her reputation, but the fantasy was a potent one! 

Thus, Leonid started telling her some short Chinese words that he knew as he kept undressing her. The fantasy implied that he kept his uniform and dominated her completely, stripping her naked and making her his personal sex slave.

As she stood, he undid her thin belt and pulled down her navy blue skirt, uncovering her sweeping curvy hips, her legs, her shins, her ankles, her pretty little feet, which he quickly freed from her shoes. She moaned hard, as she imagined herself, now barefoot and nearly naked in front of her own trainees.

Then she almost screamed when she felt her panties being roughly removed and the rooftop breeze was now blowing directly on her lush patch of dark cunt hair, and she delightfully sensed the male gaze on her most private parts. She was so deeply immersed in her game that she actually felt a tinge of shame and humiliation, just as if she were being forcibly stripped naked by the Chinese trainees in some remote place...

Leonid presently stood tall, dominating her from his 6'1 height. Looking down on his sex slave, he ordered her in crude Chinese to kneel down and start sucking his dick! NOW!

Feeling soaking wet inside her pussy, Daria obeyed! She took her husband's dick in her eager hand and looked straight up at him as she engulfed his hard cock and sealed it between her burning lips, picturing herself doing this to a lowly Chinese pilot trainee, the likes of whom the Party could by a dime a dozen!

As her head was bobbing back and forth and she sensed her master-captor starting to feel the benefits of her mouthful ministrations, his dick now fully coated with her spit, she closed her eyes while Leonid was telling her, in Chinese, to be a good girl, to shut up and keep sucking!

Ooohhh... She loved this so much! She heard him grunting loud and felt him growing big and rock-hard. She kept pleasuring him, working her mouth over his full veiny length as she also caressed him in slightly twisting motions using her right hand. Now that he was as hard as he could be, she was impatient for the next command! She was also curious to know which position he was going to choose. It was always different!

The long-awaited Chinese word of command came down from up above. She answered "YES! MASTER!" in her heavily accented Chinese, probably mispronouncing it.

She was to simply lie down on her discarded clothes, which would act as a ground blanket, and he would fuck her missionary style! Oooohhh... He was so toughtful of her! This was a position where she felt his dick rubbing her clit in a way she always responded strongly to! He himself liked this vanilla position too...

His obedient wife, now a branded sex-slave, laid down stark naked on the impromptu ground blanket. Leonid contemplated her leggy figure, so alluring! And her feet! Her lovely feet... So ungodly arousing to his lust-filled eyes! He used to be atheist, like a true Communist, but since he met Daria, he had started to believe in God and Heaven! What a wife she was!

He gleefully laid himself down on top of his "pilot instructor" while fully playing his role and feeling his throbbing dick grow even swoller and harder as he inserted it inside her lovely wet pussy, deep deep inside her dark bush! He called her a whore in Chinese as he started pounding her!

She immediately wrapped her legs around him and very powerfully started to move her lap in such a way to make her receiving vagina move against his own impaling dick, doubling the rubbing and scoring high on the arousal scale! She began moaning like crazy as his "Chinese trainee" was "raping" her on the tarmac near a Mig-15!

Revelling in this "rape" and the loud grunting of her "rapist", Daria kept her long legs clamped around his body and felt the jolts of bliss increasing tenfold inside her every ten seconds! She loudly voiced her delight...


She screamed her orgasm in powerful notes that got lost into the darkening African evening sky as powerful timebombs exploded all at once on every inch of her body!


She took off a second time! The "Chinese trainee" was now heavily panting and frantically pounding her straight against the ground blanket. He was wondering whether he was ever going to cum when it suddenly hit him with a wicked vengeance...

It was so fucking GOOD! WHAT A RUSH! As he powerfully emptied his load inside Daria, Leonid was really into his role, picturing himself as a lowly Chinese pilot student, one of several lowly ones who got lucky enough to corner and GANG-RAPE their lovely, off-limits Soviet instructor, each one of them powerfully dominating her and dumping his massive load inside her!

Panting, unfathomably happy, Leonid let himself slide alongside his wife and tenderly kissed her while caressing her wonderful raven hair... What a lucky husband he was! He would never want any other!

"There are SEVERAL of them!" Daria playfully told him while gently stroking the tip of his nose with an impish look in her eyes.

"Come on, my Chinese Bull! Take me! Take me! I'll suck you hard again! But take me hard!!!"

And she did just that!

This time around, Leonid once again played a Chinese trainee and chose to enjoy her kneeling doggystyle. Daria had an IN-CRE-DI-BLE butt! All round in sweeping-wide curves, yet firm with no trace of excess flab! Just ample, round fleshy buns of a rich ivory-cream complexion that curved down and combined their beauty with her long legs and erotic feet to guarantee a potent erection for any man fit for the part!

Thus, the Soviet "pilot instructor" was taken by another "Chinese nobody" who grunted loud as he forcefully held her smooth wide hips and fucked her like a beast, enjoying the sight and sound of her ample butt powerfully colliding against his lap like a busy repeating flesh machine, its generous curves constantly deformed and reforming as the pounding kept on and on... Daria whimpered and kept moaning as she was being punished!

Once more, she had sufficient cause to scream "Da! Da! Da! Da! Da!..." before taking off in a full-blast orgasm; once more, she gleefully accepted a full load inside her as her "low-class rapist" blissfully relieved himself, feeling his dick taking a life of its own and shooting its hot content in several conquering bursts of "Chinese semen"!

The sun was long gone below the horizon, and the stars were twinkling high above them in the night sky, the Waxing Gibbous Moon rising above the Eastern horizon when they finally got dressed again.


Once downstairs, they were walking down the seventh-storey hallway, leaning close against each other, when they were met with Tatiana, who warned Daria and said her father wanted to speak with her, alone! And he wasn't happy at all!

Full of apprehension, Daria was met with an incredibly impatient and angry ambassador!

"WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU?! We've been looking for you all over the hotel!"

"You didn't try the rooftop! Your agents haven't been all that well trained! Actually, I'm glad you..."

"This is no time for games, Daria! Nadia is missing. We don't know where she is. So... Nadia has been seeing someone and YOU know who that someone is! She is probably WITH that special someone, so you are going to tell me right now who that person is!"

"NADIA... Missing?! Ooohhh... I'm so sorry, Sir!" Daria felt quite bad about this; she also started again to feel very guilty about her "African adventure", for it was she who had given her ideas that had led to this unfortunate situation...

"I'M WAITING! DON'T MAKE ME ANGRIER THAN I AM RIGHT NOW... I need to know where Nadia is! It's dangerous out there!"

Daria named the minister and his son.

The ambassador instantly understood that his daughter had been right in her intuition, yet again! He mentally slapped himself for not having sent someone over there earlier...

He gave quick orders. Minutes later, a car of Russian make was making for that minister's large house as fast as possible through the streets, sometimes passing by a group of Congolese people who shouted abuses at them. Once there, they were stopped by several police cars that had formed an impenetrable roadblock. The police refused them access, even after they told them they were Soviet diplomats with immunity and they had serious reasons to believe a Soviet person was in that house.

It was no use! The four security agents were positively outraged as they drove back to the hotel!

It took the ambassador many phonecalls and a couple of hours to get confirmation that a Nadia Solovyova (as her name had finally been identified by someone who read Russian characters) had been found "severely molested and half-conscious" and she had been taken to the city's central hospital along with her "Congolese boyfriend".

The ambassador felt tears welling in his eyes as he learned the sad news. He loved Nadia as if she were his own daughter! He wasn't as much of a racist as Magda, but deep down, he nonetheless felt shocked and somewhat scandalized to know for a fact that Nadia had been seeing a black lover. He was infinitely more worried about her health condition and her welfare.

He called the hospital. He told the doctor he was her closest relative present in the city. Upon hearing his foreign accent, the Congolese doctor told him that Nadia was in a stable state, but she was in shock and they would be keeping her for a couple of days, just to make sure there wasn't any infection getting worse. Yes, he could come and see her, but she was under sedatives.

Then, the ambassador called Prime Minister Lumumba and explained him what had happened. He asked for permission to come and fetch back Nadia from the hospital, so she'd be treated by his own personal doctor and she'd be safe in the hotel, surrounded by loved ones.

The leave was given and an hour later, in the middle of the night, the ambassador himself being driven by a three-car convoy with four armed agents in each car, went to the hospital and took Nadia safely back to her hotel room, where she was attended by Dr. Yuko Ksenija Zakharova, a Japanese-born Russian who had been raised in Moscow and was one of the finest doctors in U.S.S.R.

She was also a beautiful woman with a dark secret. She had added herself her middle name, "Ksenija", which is prnounced "Ksenya" like the passing wind and means "stranger, foreigner"... in the feminine form of course!

Nadia's state was stable all right. Dr. Zakharova found some definite lesions inside her vagina and gave her some antibiotics to make sure nothing got infected; thankfully, these wounds would heal up in a few weeks time. She also had bruises all over her arms, and on her thighs too, as if many people had grabbed and restrained her for a long while... It was clear that she had been brutally gang-raped.


Note: A special challenge for this chapter... Depicting a consensual scene between man and wife and making it work in a rape story!
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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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The consensual scene was portrayed perfectly, all that was missing was some light slapping. Maybe the inclusion of actual Chinese saying would have enhanced the story. Would love to read more into Nadia's gang rape, say told as memories to the ambassador or his daughter! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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The consensual scene was portrayed perfectly, all that was missing was some light slapping. Maybe the inclusion of actual Chinese saying would have enhanced the story. Would love to read more into Nadia's gang rape, say told as memories to the ambassador or his daughter! Merit awarded from me!

Thanks To-Get-Her!
Nadia is a gorgeous brunette with an alluring petite body, just as I like them!
I would certainly not miss the opportunity to have her gang-raped!

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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Note: This is the first actual rape scene for this story. For the first time in quite a while, I'm focussing on the woman's point of view.


Thursday July 7 --- 7:30 AM. Ambassador Igor Petrovitch Makarov phoned a General in Moscow about his concern for his family's safety in Léopoldville.

"I see your concern, Ambassador, but I've got reports that Belgian troops are about to arrive in the capital city to restore order and protect all white citizens, and in the different bases where troops have mutinied, negotiations are progressing. It looks like things are getting back to the safe side..."

"Yes, General... It looks like it, but this doesn't mean it IS. These things can change really fast, trust me on this. Now, General, if it were only me, I'd have no problem in staying, but there's my wife, there's my dear Tatiana! I am greatly concerned for their safety. I'd like to fly back to Moscow tonight!"

"Hmmm... Sorry Comrade Makarov; we can't get you a plane on such a short notice, but I trust your experience and I understand you perfectly well; I myself wouldn't stay there if my own family was with me. I'll see what I can do, but in all cases it won't be before tomorrow. I hope the situation stays on the good side..."

"I do to. And I am right into it! Mind you, I even got angry yesterday and slapped my wife!... Well, thank you General! Do the best you can!"

"Give your wife a good fuck and she'll forget this! I'll get you a Tupolev as soon as I get one! I won't let down an old friend! Take care, Igor!"

"Always nice talking to you, Misha!"

The Ambassador hung up the black phone and touched wood. In all likelihood, all was going to be fine and they'll all be safe aboard a Tupolev Tu-104 bound for Moscow by tomorrow afternoon. It wasn't only a problem of plane availability. The airport was getting very busy with all the Sabena flights being booked and scrambling to evacuate thousands of Belgian refugees.

By 10 A.M., Nadia was a little better. She had slept a few hours. She had some vaginal lesions, but any infection was being successfully treated by Dr. Ksenija Zakharova. Since Nadia wouldn't eat, she had her drinking a large glass of milk with honey and eggs mixed into it and some strong coffee. She gently persuaded Nadia to drink all, telling her she needed to get some strength back.

Tatiana was right there. She hadn't slept nor left Nadia's bedside. Now that she saw her abed and badly hurt, she realized how much she loved her. Nadia was really like an elder sister to her. Tatiana kissed her hand, held it and spoke to her softly while gently stroking her hair.

As she was finishing the glass of prepared milk, Nadia suddenly burst in tears and started to speak rapidly... Dr. Yuko Zakharova and Tatiana suddenly realized that she was telling the tale of what had happened to her yesterday.

Knowing full well that it was going to be a truly horrific tale, Dr. Zakharova wanted Tatiana to leave, but the latter wouldn't hear of it! She insisted to stay, kept holding Nadia's hand and urged her to calm down and recount her tale right from the beginning, telling and repeating her that what doesn't kill makes one stronger.

Dr. Zakharova closed the door after ordering her nurse that they were not to be disturbed for the next hour. Nadia told the entire tale of her ordeal in one go...


Wednesday, July 6...
Nadia discreetly left the hotel around 4 P.M and hailed a taxi. On her way, she saw a band of armed soldiers roaming the streets and stopping a white-driven car. She started panting, her petite body tensing and her heart racing; she forbade herself to think WHAT might happen if the taxi got stopped by soldiers and they decided to pull her out... At the same time, the images of herself getting gang-banged by Congolese soldiers were very arousing! She knew she was going to run this fantasy in her mind when the minister's son would be forcefully banging her and filling her up!

She made it safe to the Minister's house. The Minister was gone for a night-long session in the Cabinet; his son was there and they would have dinner with some friends, and then some alone time...

This was a large house with a heavy gate; a few policemen were there for added security, as there were some safety concerns due to factions being angry with the election results.

Once there, she and her black lover had an early dinner along with a group of friends --- two other couples, who left immediately after dinner.

At last! The two lovers were alone!

Nadia chosed not to call the hotel. She wanted her secret liaison to remain just that. She would report back next morning and face the ambassador's angry words. Besides, it would be her only time doing something so wild... But it was so GOOD... Being wild, just for once!

They began kissing; her lover started unbuttoning her blouse and kissed her pure-white upper chest, feeling an intense sense or arousal. Nadia's petite, perky body reacted strongly to this contact of dark flesh on her pale skin; her womanhood was getting properly flooded and preparing to receive her eagerly awaited guest!

There were sudden gunshots outside along with a growing clamour. The noises grew louder and nearer; further gunshots were heard. Both lovers froze in the middle of the living room. Nadia screamed as she heard a window being smashed! The house was under attack!

The black lover told Nadia to run upstairs and hide under a bed. He said not to worry; he would handle this crowd and all would be well. His voice still faltered a bit as he spoke while she took to her heels...

Nadia ran upstairs in panic, kicking off her evening shoes to move faster, her dainty feet making a hurried pitter-patter on the wooden floor; she was now barefoot, as she wasn't wearing stockings. She heard many loud shouts from downstairs... The house was being invaded by an angry crowd!!!

In full terror, she found a bedroom, closed and locked the door and threw herself under a bed. She heard men's voices coming nearer, then it occurred to her that she was "hidden" --- under the bed --- in the very first place where these men were going to look... And she had stupidly locked the door, clearly indicating someone was in the room! She couldn't stay like this.

She then remembered seeing a high armoire chest cabinet, where she'd be quite well hidden and much less likely to be discovered... and captured...

Her heart racing, she quickly got out from under the bed, quickly unlocked the door and --- trying to keep her calm in spite of her wildly racing heart --- she took a firm hold on the upper edge of the armoire... If only she could get there and hide behind the high curvy decorative façade, then she'll be s...

As she takes her leap in order to hook her ankle on this edge and then hoist herself up there, the door bursts open and many black men storm inside the bedroom, immediately spotting her! She's too late!

"AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! NIET!!!!... NIET!!!!!!!...." she shrieks in full horror and panic as the negroes --- all dressed in dirty civilian clothes --- grab her! She's screwed and she can't do anything about it... She screams in shrill notes of despair and powerlessness. She knows all too well the fate that awaits her...

"Hé les gars, regardez ce qu'on a là !" (Hey guys! Look what we got here!)
"Une Blanche !" (A white girl!)
"Le petit ministro se farcit une Blanche !" (The minister-boy is fucking a white girl!)
"NIET!!!!... NIET!!!!!!!...." (NO!!!!!... NO!!!!!....)

"Et elle parle drôlement, cette putasse ! C'est pas une Belge..." (And this little hooker speaks funny! Not a Belgian girl!)
"... Un beau petit bout de femme, ça ! Salut ma belle ! T'as un joli minois !" (A nice little cutie! Hello pretty! I like your face!)
"NIET!!!!... NIET!!!!!!!...."

"Je crois qu'elle est russe, cette fille..." (I think she's Russian...)
"Allez les gars ! On va la violer !" (Let's go boys! Let's rape that bitch!)

"Ah oui ! Ce qu'on va se la farcir, cette petite bolchevique !!! AH! AH! AH! AH!..." (YEAH!!! We gonna get some nice fuck-time with this cute little Bolchevik!!! AH! AH! AH! AH!...)

"NIET!!!!... NIET!!!!!!!.... OTPUSTITE MENYA!!!... OTPUSTITE MENYA!!!... NIAAAAAAHHHEEET!!!" (NO!!!... NO!!!... LET ME GO!!!... ALL OF YOU, LET ME GO!!!... NAAAAOOOOO!!!!...)
"Emmenez-la en bas ! Il faut que le petit ministre voie comment on va la violer !" (Take her downstairs! The little minister-boyscout needs to see how we're going to rape his girl!)
"On va bien rigoler !" (It's gonna be fun!)

"NIEEEET!!!!... NIEEEEEET!!!!!!!...."

Nadia, squirming with all her girly strength and quickly getting tired as she struggled, screamed and protested to no avail, was taken downstairs amid her too many assailants. Laughing and jeering, constantly calling her "white slut" and "rich little whore!", they carried her into the spacious dining room, where she was brutally pinned onto the massive table that they had just hastily cleared for action, carelessly throwing empty cups, pots and what-not onto the well-laquered floor.

"NIET!!!!... NIET!!!!!!!.... OTPUSTITE MENYA!!!... OTPUSTITE MENYA!!!..." She kept begging and protesting as her small body squirmed in panic as the mass of jeering men pressed themselves around her, surrounding her with their overwhelming mass of black manliness! They kept telling her that they were all going to take their turns inside her!

"NIET!!!!... NIET!!!!!!!.... OTPUSTITE MENYA!!!... NIET!!!!!!!..."
Hearing her screaming in Russian only fed their arousal and growing erections!

Her lover had been forced to sit on a nearby chair; he was tied up painfully tight where he'd be forced to watch his white girlfriend being gang-raped!

"Allez les gars ! On va enfiler cette fille !" (Come on boys! We're gonna gang-bang this girl!)
"Ahhhh... Ça va être du bon cul, ça..." (Ahhh YEAH... This is going to be some real good fucking!)
"Oh Oui ! Qu'est-ce qu'on va lui mettre, à cette petite catin russe !" (Oh Yeah! This little Russian strumpet is going to get a real thrashing!)

More rioters poured into the house, Nadia found herself on the large wooden table, surrounded with dozens of black men in dirty clothes! Countless hands began ripping her clothes off, their frantic energy increasing as more and more of her white petite body got exposed under this moving jungle of dark-brown hands...


She screamed, begged, began to bawl... called for her powerless lover's help... The crowd was mad! MAD WITH LUST! Raping this pretty girl in front of the Minister's son was going to be so much fun!

Her blouse is ripped apart in three opposing directions, in a loud sound of tearing fabric that fills up her soul with unfathomable horror, at the same time her senses are hijacked by many hands directly cupping and squeezing and kneading her breasts as she tries to remember when exactly her bra has been yanked off...

"NIET!!!!... NIET!!!!!!!.... OTPUSTITE MENYA!!!... OTPUSTITE MENYA!!!..."

"AAAaaaahhhh... Elle a de beaux petits nichons !" (OHHH God!... She's got real nice little tits!)
"Ooooh la vache... Mais elle est belle, cette fille russe !" (Ooooohhh wow!... This Russian girl is a real beauty!)
"Mâtin ! Il s'ennuie pas, le petit ministro !" (Gee! The minister-boyscout sure gets his fun!)

Then she vaguely realizes her skirt is being brutally pulled down off her legs and feet while other hands take a tour of her alluring legs, enjoying and commenting on the smoothness of her pale skin while another hand presses itself directly against her cunt through the thin fabric of her panties...

Then she hears someone yell in French "Allez ! Voyons voir sa toison !" (Come on! Let's see her bush down there!) and this same hand ruthlessly rips her panties off... Her loud shrill scream fills the entire room...

Many voices comment on her intimate spot of black hair; Nadia feels all the more humiliated as she perfectly understands their French...

"Ohhh... Elle en a du bouquet !" (Oh gosh... She's got a real nice bushy asset there!)
"Ça c'est de la belle touffe de Blanche !" (Now, this is some real white girl's cunt bush!)
"Toute noire, bien soyeuse !" (All black! All silky-soft!)

"Allez Jean-Maurice ! Vas-y en premier ! Bourre-la !"
(Come on, Jean-Maurice! You go first! Fill her up!)


She screams again as the first rapist happily drops his pants to let out his raging erection, her mind unable to fully register that she is about to get gang-raped by a mob of Congolese men, and brutally at that! Those same citizens that had been peacefully cheering the President of the Republic on June 30. Now she was being introduced to their darkest side.

Many arms forced her legs wide open and she frantically shrieked and called for KGB's help in Russian, as she felt this Jean-Maurice pushing his cock against her entrance. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see this black man who was painfully forcing himself inside her unlubed pussy, his massive erect dick forcing her walls open, deeper, deeper and deeper still as he grunted and thrust his manhood further down his paradise, which was her HELL!

Her screams were deafening as she started to wail, pinned on the table, her proud perky breasts constantly assaulted by all these jeering men and her soul overwhelmed under the crushing weight of her debasement.

She felt him powerfully taking hold of her petite legs and thrust his dick all the way inside her, making her scream in pain as the other men laughed, called her "salope blanche" (white slut) and kept pinning her on the table, her arms on either sides of her small torso as they played with her breasts nonstop...

This Jean-Maurice started pounding her, grunting like a gorilla as he did so gleefully and commenting on how tight she felt, while her pain-overwhelmed senses barely registered his words against the background of clamorous jeers...

"Ahrrrr OUI ! NHHH, NNHHH, NHHH, NNHH, HRRAAHHH... ELLE EST BONNE LA PETITE SOVIET !" (Ahrrr YES! ... ... ... HRAAHHH... Oh this cute little Soviet girl is a real good fuck!)

"Alors, la petite poulette de luxe, tu aimes ça te faire enfiler par le peuple ?" (Hey little rich courtesan, how do you like getting fucked by the people!)
"T'es moins fière maintenant !" (Not so proud now!)
"Allez Jean-Maurice ! Dépêche-toi ! Nous aussi, on veut la sauter !" (Let's go Jean-Maurice! Hurry up! We want to mount her too!)
"Ah oui ! On va tous lui passer dessus, la salope blanche !!!" (You bet! We're all going to take our turns on this white slut!)

Nadia, sobbing as she quickly got tired of shrieking, her head bobbing in the great many men's arms, her pretty face now bizarrely distorted by the searing pain, felt herself being savagely shaken on the table, her body naked in full display for this mass of lowclass negroes...

Her vagina pounded nonstop by his pistoning pillar, she felt how extremely aroused her rapist was and heard him commenting on the beauty of her firm breasts, which she felt jiggling and constantly assaulted by countless hands; then Jean-Maurice suddenly let out a loud roar of satisfied victory as he blissfully shot massive bolts of Congolese cum inside her Soviet vagina...

"NNNNNNNNNNNHRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Ohh, c'est trop bon !!!" (.... Ohhh, this is too GOOD!!!)

She sobbed as she felt the warm gooey flood sticking everywhere inside her womb. She confusedly heard voices telling her lover that "this is how you properly mount a white whore!" and "now you need to watch more!"... "we're just getting started!"

Then a second black rapist replaced the first one and her nightmare began all over again... Her entire universe was nothing but shouting, pain, stretched vagina, kneaded violated breasts, loud groans as each successive man ejaculated inside her...

She kept sobbing, trying to relax as much as she could, letting herself be used like a doll and hearing the humiliating remarks about how she was getting compliant, how she was loving this!

Nadia quickly lost count of how many Congolese men shot their loads inside her.

At one point, she felt herself being lifted up on her feet and quickly bent over amid the throng of over-aroused negroes...

"Oooohhh, saperlipopette ! Avez-vous vu son cul !" (Ooohhhh, not true! Did you see her butt!)
"AAhhhh, non mais... Quel cul !" (Oooohhhh boy!... What a fucking nice ass!)
"Oh oui ! Elle a un beau petit cul, la petite gourgandine !" (Oh yes! This little hooker's got a nice little tight butt!)

She felt someone forcefully grabbing her tight smooth hips, and then she had a large dick deep inside her semen-full vagina as the man started grunting loud and gleefully pounding her standing doggystyle amid the jeering throng!

Nadia was utterly shaken as many arms held her in place; she had no choice but to endure the endless rapes, but then it got even worse!

Another man forced his cock inside her ajar mouth, threatening her to kill her lover, and perhaps herself too, like a dog if he felt any of her teeth! This man began face-raping her while she kept on being raped from behind, surrounded by dozens of mad Congolese rioters who overwhelmed her ears with their deafening roar...

All her senses were being overwhelmed and obliterated by her countless successive rapes.

Soon, she heard a loud, animalistic groan and she was forced to swallow a rancid-tasting load of jizz as her mouth-rapist gleefully ejaculated inside her. She gagged and spat out some of the Congolese cum as another man immediately shoved his own dick inside her mouth; she confusedly heard her vaginal rapist let out a final groan as he ejaculated inside her, feeling his hand frantically holding her hips while he shot a massive load...

As she was receiving this steaming load, Nadia realized her new mouth-rapist was really big and she needed to open her mouth painfully wide to take all his meat in!

Then, she felt something terribly big filling up and utterly stretching her womanhood. Were they raping her with some foreign object now? She turned her face as much as her mouth-slavery allowed her to, and in the corner of her eye, saw a mountain of a man, all naked with his overhanging flab disgustingly moving wildly on his immense chest as he was holding her lithe, graceful waist with his gigantic hands and began to rape her with his truly enormous dick!

She felt the pain! She wanted to scream a loud "NIET!" of horror, but her mouth was filled up by the other negro's dick and she could only utter "MFFFFFFFFHHH!" as her mouth-rapist kept on blissfully pumping his dick inside her violated mouth...

The giant negro who was raping her so brutally and painfully constantly spoke aloud in a language she didn't understand -- it was probably lingala. He grunted very loud and was no doubt greatly enjoying the rape!

Nadia sobbed, tears running down her pale cheeks, her pretty face utterly soiled and smeared with Congolese cumshots, as she realized that a real-life rape was something entirely different from the fantasy she had ran in her mind not so long ago, yet seemingly ages ago.

The rapists had zero concern for her own comfort, much less for her pleasure. The entire ordeal was pain, pain and more pain with an overwhelming sense of humiliation. The only variation was the notes of her unfathomable defilement.

She heard her lover crying like a child; she felt deep contempt, since he had stopped shouting abuses and verbally defending her, which was the least he could do! Instead, he was crying like the powerless manlet he truly was...

While she was being shaken by the giant negro raping her doggystyle, and also forced to take one dick after the other inside her mouth, Nadia felt ashamed for having taken this crying manlet as a lover. This was something that really hurt her Russian pride! Perhaps even more than her very rape. She had failed to choose a strong man! She had been mistaken in her judgement!

Then, Nadia was forced to listen to the animalistic vocal expression of the giant negro's utter contentment when his immense dick suddenly exploded inside her!!! He erupted in one truly massive bolt of oozing jizz...


"Elle est bien africanisée, cette petite salope riche !" (Now this little rich slut is Africanized real good!) someone commented.


The negro face-raping her shouted these words as he massively relieved himself clear of his compounded load inside her Soviet mouth! After dumping half his big load deep inside her mouth, he pulled out and splattered the rest all over her pretty face... Nadia felt a large dollup landing smack on her forehead and sliming down her nose...

It was so horribly humiliating!

His dick was immediately replaced with another. Amid all this roaring clamoring and jeering, Nadia confusedly noticed her new mouth-rapist was a teenager of perhaps 19 years old at the most. He was smiling with a full show of white teeth illuminating his black face as he forcefully grabbed her disheveled hair of broken raven dreams and began taking his turn in face-raping her, while yet another black man took his powerful turn inside her from behind...

It lasted forever!
Then one man decided to rape her ass. Although the jeering and shouting were positively deafening, Nadia screamed even louder as she discovered the true meaning of pain while a massive negro dick was pounding her up her ass!

She probably was dead and serving eternal damnation. All of a sudden, her repressed Christian instincts surfaced, almost exploded and imposed itself and dissipated her more superficial Communist upbringing, while her rectum kept being stretched in uncharted territories of PAIN!

Endlessly bent over and ass-raped, she was shaken amid countless ebony arms amid the jeering throng of men, her head endlessly bobbing with her black ruined hairstyle hanging and waving on either sides as she felt her firmly overhanging breasts being assaulted by some dirty hands from time to time.

"FILTHY NEGROES!!!" she loudly screamed in Russian as the trigger-happy teenager exited her mouth and fired an epic load that splattered her with hot steaming cum all over her face and hair!

Her ordeal went on, and on, and on...

"Hé les gars ! La police ! Filons !!!" (Hey boys! It's the police! Run!!!)
"Vite ! Vite !" (Quick! Quick!)

Nadia became vaguely aware of many noises and movements and shouting voices around her. After a while, her rapes resumed. Her body had got weirdly used to the rocking and pounding. It was in survival mode, saving as much energy as it could. She let herself be gang-fucked by the assembly of rapists.

She felt utterly polluted. Africanized!

At some point during her hellish ordeal, she became aware that her rapists were suddenly wearing police uniforms.


Thursday, July 7 --- 11 A.M.

When Nadia finished her dreadful story, Tatiana burst in tears and called Nadia "my lovely elder sister!" The doctor left both girls crying in each other's arms and reported to the ambassador that Nadia was getting better, but she needed rest and could only see female persons for the time being. She was in a state of shock and needed a pregnancy test. The ambassador understood, positively horrified.

He asked where his daughter was, and was relieved to know that Tatiana was comforting Nadia. He said his daughter had a gift for soothing her peers, and added that he loved Nadia as if she were his own daughter.

He repeated his strict orders, that no one was allowed to leave the hotel under any circumstances. He called Moscow again to ask for a plane that wouldn't show until Friday afternoon. He wished they were all in Moscow now!

In the bedroom turned into sickbay, Tatiana kept comforting Nadia, who was wailing and sobbing out her unfathomable pain in her companion's sisterly arms...

Tatiana kept telling her soft comforting words...

"It's over... It's over... Your little dievochka is here... You're safe now!"


Note: I had written the chapter in one go, as I often do when I'm feeling inspired. Now I've just reread it and checked the spelling and little things. Hope you enjoyed it!

Note: I've added a picture of Dr. Yuko Ksenija Zakharova at the end of the previous chapter. She's a beautiful Japanese-born woman in her thirties with a face and figure worthy of some loving attention!

Note: I have to give credit to GaggedKitty, Jessica_33 (no longer around, sigh!) and Roxxon for their immense talent in depicting rapes from the woman's point of view; there is no way I'd be able to write such rape scenes the way I do without having read their masterful stories.
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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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If Tatianna believes that everything was going to be alright, I have land in Texas to sell ;) Why do I see the hotel getting visited by many Congolese soldiers before anyone can get out to the airport! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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If Tatianna believes that everything was going to be alright, I have land in Texas to sell ;) Why do I see the hotel getting visited by many Congolese soldiers before anyone can get out to the airport! Merit awarded from me!

Thanks Graham!
Perhaps the hotel will be stormed, but the women will escape to the rooftop and be evacuated by helicopter!

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Re: Soviet Delegation In Léopoldville... Africanized!
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The situation improved dramatically in Léopoldville on that Thursday, July 7th. On the radio, Prime Minister Lumumba announced that he had dismissed General Janssens and that every soldier was promoted by one grade, effective immediately. He was doing his best to placate the troops, and this measure had some real effect. Negotiations were also finished with the successful release of “unharmed” Belgian hostages in many bases where the Congolese garrison had mutinied against their white officers and their families* [you can read “Mutiny in Thysville” for a detailed account of such a mutiny ---].

Furthermore, a large part of the city police had remained loyal and they did a lot to restore some sort of order, while there were not enough Belgian troops yet to make much of a difference even in the capital city itself. The Belgian refugees were still gathering in great numbers on the river bank to take the ferry and make for Brazzaville, which was the city on the opposite side of that river.

They no longer trusting the Congolese government to guarantee their safety; there had been far too many violent incidents and tales of even grimmer things being done to Belgian nationals. The white population in Léopoldville was melting like snow under the African sun.

Tatiana took some fresh air on the seventh-floor balcony; she saw there were very frequent police patrols down on the boulevard and the situation was returning closer to normal. She nonetheless felt some underlying current of tension and noticed that there were a lot less white pedestrians on the sidewalks.

She felt a profound sense of relief; soon, she would leave this chaos behind. She had overheard her father talking on the phone and knew they were most probably being flown back to Moscow tomorrow. After the atrocious ordeal suffered by poor Nadia, she couldn't wait to be back to her Russian home with fir trees visible from her bedroom window!

“Home sweet home, as the British say!” Tatiana whispered for herself, her face prettier than ever under the Congolese sun.

Tatiana suddenly felt homesick. She went to the kitchen and kissed Magda, telling her how much she missed eating genuine bortsch. Magda smiled; she was homesick too.

"To tell you the truth, dear Tanyushka, I don't think being in Moscow will be far enough from these black savages! I would go as far as Siberia and it won't even be far enough!" Magda said, her voice full of anger for what THEY had done to sweet Nadia. Tatiana kissed her on the cheek again and very softly stroke her blonde hair, in her uniquely soothing way...

"I understand, dear machekha, but Nadia is doing better; I think with me near her she'll be her old self again!" Tatiana said, smiling in her youthful optimism. Magda gently stroked her cheek... (machekha = stepmother)

"Dear Tanyushka! (she gave her a quick kiss) So full of hope and so idealistic! I was so much like you fifteen years ago!... I shouldn't say this, but... I prayed the Lord last night, secretly, and with God's help, Nadia will indeed be well again... and in this case, God is a much better help than the Party or the Politburo!"

They both chuckled together as Mr. Ambassador entered the kitchen and kissed both daughter and stepmother; then some hotel staff came with lunch --- it was moules-frites, that is, french fries with mussels, a Belgian national dish. After what happened to Nadia, the Ambassador did all he could to make as if they were already back in Europe --- back in the civilized world...

As the young hotel chasseur was finishing serving the dishes, the Ambassador caught the young Congolese man looking at Tatiana's perky breast shapes, through the black sweater she was wearing over her white blouse.

This, coming on top of Nadia's horrific mishap, made Ambassador Igor Petrovitch Makarov more than sore. He was positively enraged! He repressed his urge to get up from his chair and punch the young negro; he quickly went out to the living room, leaving the hotel employee alone with Magda and his daughter --- but he knew whatever fleeting moment he would enjoy from eye-raping Tatiana would be short-lived and dearly paid for.

He quietly made a call on the private intercom. Then he blocked the door when the young employee finally exited the kitchen, smiling a mile wide with his proverbial white teeth illuminating his happy black face and then his expression quickly switching from voyeur-contented to positively worried... and then he became scared the shit out of his wits as he saw the entrance door opening and three tall, burly Russian security agents walked in the living room with a mean look on their face.

"Don't kill him, but give him a thrashing he will remember for the rest of his life!" the Ambassador ordered as the three bodyguards left his suite, carrying the terrified little teenager and silencing him with a hand pressed so hard on his face that his air supply was almost completely shut.

Three hours later, the young man would be found with a tumefied face, swollen and blackened eyes and lips, bloody all over, yet otherwise unhurt in some sort of small miracle. He'd be taken to the city's central hospital and treated in a room next to a Belgian Colonel's wife who had been very severely gang-raped in Camp Hardy; she was being flown on a Sabena flight that evening.

The young hotel chasseur was released from the hospital after a couple of hours. He quickly went to see his brothers, who were soldiers in Camp Léopold II and told them how he’d been mistreated by the Soviet delegation.


Tatiana then spent the afternoon reading Leon Tolstoï's War and Peace, yet again, sitting by Nadia's bed. When her "elder sister" woke up from her nap, she asked Tatiana if she could fetch her small record player and plug it right near her bed. She wanted to hear Katyusha. She said it would do her good...

Tatiana smiled at her beloved "big sister", who was really just as petite and short as she was, and kissed her before happily going back to her bedroom. She came back with what Nadia had asked for.

"Well, Nadejda, I think some music will do us both good!"

On this, she plugged the electric device to the wall and played the 45 rpm record which was labelled "Ансамбль Александрова", which meant "Ansambl Aleksandrova", better known as the Red Army Choir in the decaying Western Block. Of course, the song title was КАТЮШA (Katyusha)...

They listened to the song holding each other's hand and smiling at each other. Tatiana gently stroked Nadia's hand, feeling her love grow for her, with a definite tinge of attraction, which was more affective than sexual. The two girls had never been so close before. They played the record again; again; and again. It was wonderful!

However, there were suddenly some loud banging sounds from the wall between Nadia's room and Daria's. Nadia smiled and said, with an impish fire lighting her playful eyes... "Daria has a good marriage! She's a very lucky girl!"

Tatiana was so overjoyed to see this! She flung herself in her arms and said, tears flowing down her cheeks...

“Oh Nadejda! Now, this is the Nadejda I know!”

In the next room, the married couple was quite active! Since her beloved Leonid had landed in Léopoldville, Daria was all over him like white on rice!

They were playing an American record of their own, on their “Yunost” record-stack repeating player. The submersive music was playing, one Chine-themed record dropped after each other by the high-tech device...

While the records were playing, Daria was half naked, pinned on a small table, right against the wall, pressed hard by her husband's large, muscular body with her naked legs all wrapped around him and his throbbing dick drilling her as he was furiously banging her, grunting and making her scream her utter bliss while Doris Day kept singing Shanghai!


Leonid furiously pressed his lips on Daria's while she imprisoned him inside her powerful arms as he intensified his grip on her alluring thighs, frantically fucking her as he exploded and shot several bolts of steaming semen inside her, feeling the insane relief as Doris Day was finishing her tune...


Tatiana retired to bed early that night. She had gone through all sorts of emotions during the day. As she fell asleep, she was doing a great job at thinking she was home in Moscow. She was playing a gang-rape fantasy from War and Peace, where she pictured herself as the teenage daughter of a country aristocratic family that was having their manor sacked by a squadron of French hussars.

They were taking her inside the stables and had just ordered her to take all of her clothes and do as they say if she wanted her parents and siblings not to be butchered, but then she fell asleep, too tired to fap... But just before her body lapsed into unsconsciousness, she had a flash of that black chasseur who had been peeking at her breast shapes while serving lunch.

Then she had a nightmare. She dreamed of a horde of horrible black spiders that stormed her house in Moscow, killing her father and making Magda scream in loud shrill notes as they were doing something terrible to her. The spiders stormed her bedroom, quickly caught her in their webs and explored her all over her naked body with their filthy black paws...

She screamed as she awoke. What a horrible dream! She looked at her watch on the round bedside table... It was midnight. She got up, used the bathroom, then she was walking toward the balcony to clear up her mind and reflect on what that dream could mean, when she heard odd and unusually loud sounds from her father's bedroom...

It sounded like he was hurting Magda, for she was emitting sounds that were neither whimpers nor moans, or perhaps both at once, and her moans/whimpers were growing louder and more intense.

This was an old building and the bedroom door had one of these large keeholes. She had always forbidden herself to do such a thing, but now, after the incident where he had slapped Magda, now these odd whimpers... Her curiosity was too strong!

She quietly approached the locked bedroom door and peeped in. What she saw made her instantly recoiling out of shame and unease... What was she doing, spying on her father's intimacy? She shouldn't be doing that! But she had grown so curious about these things as of late... She took a deep breath and looked again...

Her father, a tall, large and slightly overweight man in his fifties, was kneeling behind Magda, who was herself kneeling and bent over the bed. They were both Genesis-naked and her father was presently forcefully and repeatedly thrusting his hips right into Magda's soft curvy butt while holding her soft tender sides and grunting loud and visibly greatly enjoying this! Magda kept on moaning and whimpering as she was wildly shaken against the bed, which was itself creaking and shaking too.

The Ambassador was giving his wife a really hard fuck!

Tatiana kept watching, feeling her womanhood going wet and her small perky breasts swelling in wild arousal! Almost without being aware of it, her hand went under her pajamas trousers and she began masturbating, her breathe growing louder and deeper as she kept indulging in her newfound voyeuristic pleasures...

Something evil deep within herself expressed the desire of feeling this large dick inside HER! Being slammed and rocked in such a powerful way... Tatiana moaned loud at the evil, incestuous thought, but violently tossed it aside, back in the dark corner of her mind whence it had emerged from, and started playing again her French Hussars gang-rape fantasy, moaning and panting as Magda was getting severely dick-thrashed!

Suddenly, the Ambassador greatly intensified the pounding and let out a loud yell as he forcefully gripped his wife’s pale hips and blissfully shot his hips straight against her buttocks. Tatiana saw her father roaring as his body gripped itself against Magda's... almost shaking as if he were himself struck by a bolt of lightning! Then he pulled out something out of Magda's rear end...

Tatiana almost screamed as she realized what it was... HER FATHER'S DICK! She had no idea her father had such a big one! Then she heard her father groan loudly as something thick and white powerfully shot out of his dick and splattered all over Magda's smooth-looking butt!

As the sounds grew quiet, Tatiana painfully bit her lips to repress her moans as her finger kept stroking her clit. Then there was a quiet knock on the front door... Who could this be at such a late hour?

The knocking was repeated... Two quick knocks followed with two longer-spaced ones.

She remembered... She had told Dr. Yuko Ksenija Zakharova to come and fetch her if Nadia needed her. She had told her she'd sleep with her bedroom door open so she would hear her knocking on the door. This timing in the knocking meant it could only be her. She wouldn't have opened the door to anyone else at this late hour.

Tatiana opened the door. It was Yuko all right.

"Tatiana? Are you well?" Yuko asked. Then Tatiana realized she was still panting from her intense arousal, and her cheeks were no doubt all flushed with red! She suddenly felt so ill-at-ease!

But Yuko simply smiled at her. It then struck her, in her altered state, that Yuko was a strikingly beautiful woman, with her jet-black hair, her Japanese features still youthful-looking in spite of her being 37 years old, and her skin so fascinating with its light-bronze hue!

"Y... Yes... I'm... f... fine... Nadiejda wants me?!"

Yuko nodded. She kept silent, standing in the doorway and looking at Tatiana. She was so beautiful! She was wearing her pajamas with nothing under, or perhaps just her panties; Yuko could easily make out her breasts; she noticed they were swollen and pushing her pajamas top away from her panting chest with small dots of shadow betraying her erect nipples so close underneath!

Yuko felt instantly aroused. She had been attracted only to women since she was 12. Ooohhh... She would love so much to kiss her, then unbutton her light garment and discover Tatiana’s wonderful, youthful breasts!!!

"WHO'S THIS?!" The Ambassador's head was through the open bedroom door and looking straight at the two women with a less-than-happy expression... But then his features softened as he recognized Dr. Yuko Zakharova...

"Oh it's you, Doctor... Is Nadia worse?... (turning his head inside the bedroom) It's fine, honey; it's only Dr. Zakharova..."

Dr. Zakharova told the Ambassador that Nadia wanted to sleep near Tatiana. If it wasn't any trouble for her, then...

"Oh, fine! Fine! Tatiana has such a wonderful effect on everyone she's with! Nadia will be well soon with her at her side! (he smiled at Tatiana) She is my greatest joy on this earth!"

Tatiana blushed crimson with embarrassment and felt like burying herself into the floor! She couldn’t un-see her father’s king-sized dick! And now she stood right before him, her womanhood still soaking wet...

Tatiana quickly grabbed her blue plaid dressing gown and very shyly took her leave from her father, realizing that she would never be able to look at him the same way she did before. Through her voyeuristic petty sin, she had lost a parcel of her innocence. The she started wondering if King Baudouin, or weightlifter champion Yuri Vlasov, had as big a dick as THAT...

Ambassador Igor Petrovitch Makarov gleefully returned to his marital banging session and forgot about everything else for the rest of the night.


Nadia wanted to hear Katyusha again while holding Tatiana's hand. Tatiana still felt very much aroused from what she had just seen; she wanted to be close to someone. As the music played, she started caressing Nadia's hand in a way she had never done before. She felt Nadia starting to be a little ill-at-ease and stopped doing this. But then she started again, and this time she went as far as kissing Nadia's hand and wrist...

Nadia smiled shyly at her and said... “Tanyusha... I love you, but I’m not really this kind of girl... Besides, I’m very tired... Please, just sit near me; it does me so much good!”

"Sorry, Nadishka... I... I... I was thinking about the King! You were right when you saw us together! I am very fond of him! And I felt lonely; sorry Nadishka!"

“It’s all right, Tanyushka! I like your touch a lot. It’s just that I’m... I don’t know... Ooohhhh, I need more rest!”

"I think Nadia needs to sleep." said Dr. Zakharova, who had been standing near Tatiana and looking at her the whole time.

"I think the Doctor's right!... Well, good night and sweet dreams, Nadiejda!”

“Good night you too, little sister!... Please, come closer Tanyushka...”

Nadia slowly made the effort and lifted herself from her pillow, sat on the bed and opened her arms wide... “Hold me Tatiana! I love you!"

“I love you too, Nadishka! I'll kiss you good morning tomorrow!... Sweet dreams!” replied the teenage girl.

Both girls were lost in each other's arms, Nadia feeling the soothing warmth of her "little sister" while Tatiana felt immensely happy to be so close to Nadia, perhaps even a little too happy! This was the first time she felt this way for another woman... What was wrong with her all of a sudden?

Nadia took a sleeping pill and was soon sound asleep.

Dr. Yuko Ksenija Zakharova was walking in the hallway with Tatiana until both stood in front of her door.

"I was playing cards by myself and drinking tea..." said Yuko, before adding "You look restless too... Would you like to join me?”

Yuko had come very close to Tatiana and was now gently stroking her cheek as she said this. She was looking at her so very tenderly with her midnight-dark Japanese eyes.

"She's so fascinating!" thought Tatiana, who felt Yuko's warm touch on her cheek and accepted her touch. She felt so incredibly aroused! She nodded. The two women found themselves alone in Yuko's room.

As she walked in Yuko's room, it suddenly occurred to Tatiana that if she wanted to share her arousal with someone instead of merely fapping by herself, Yuko was available and most certainly willing. Tatiana would have preferred being with King Baudouin, or with Yuri Vlasov, or perhaps even with Daria's husband, but a woman?!...

"Why not?" Tatiana whispered as she responded to Yuko's touch in kind... She very gently stroked the Japanese woman's cheek, closed the distance between them and kissed her!

Yuko responded with burning lips as all the stored-in passion she felt for young Tatiana were suddenly unleashed! She sweetly, artfully kissed Tatiana back! "Oh... Tatiana... Tatiana..." She softly whispered between two passionated kisses as she started unbuttoning the teengirl's pajama top...

"You can call me Tanya!" Tatiana replied, smiling playfully, as she enjoyed the thrill of having someone attractive about to uncover her naked breasts! She hoped her small schoolmaid’s boobs would be of Yuko’s liking...

"Shhhh... Not so loud!" Yuko whispered. "Sofia is sleeping next room... Sofia, the nurse... we share this small two-bed room..." Then she kissed Tatiana again while taking her into her own bedroom...

"You...mmmmhhh... you can call me Ksenija!... It's my... mmmmmhhh... My middle name... Call me Ksenya when you're doing this to me!... I love it! Ohhhhh... Tanya!... Sweet lovely Tanya!... I've been dreaming of this for so long!"

After closing the bedroom door behind her, Ksenija began undressing Tanya with feverish hands! One by one, the buttons got unfastened, and at last... At last! She opened Tatiana's pajama top to discover her wonderfully firm breasts, swollen in their perky arousal with erect nipples that were palely waiting for her Japanese mouth!

Tanya felt a wild rush of intense, off-the-charts arousal as Ksenija gently made her lie down on her bed and started sucking her breasts! She stroked Yuko/Ksenija's wonderful jet-black hair and felt another person's mouth and hands on her small schoolgirl’s breasts and nipples for the very first time! Her entire being was sucked into a mealstrom of unknown sensations!

“oooohhh, Tanya! So smooth! So pale and beautiful! Mmmhhhhhh.... Ooohhhh! It’s... Ooohh, GOD!”

Tatiana was panting and her entire body was now a fire of arousal and there was only one way it could be dealt with!

"Yuko!... Ksenya!... Please, go lower! Lower! I have such a heavy weight to get rid of... I'm almost 19 and I've never had sex! I wasn't planning for this to be with a woman, but tonight I... YES! ... YES!... Do all you want with me!!!"

Ksenija licked and kissed Tanya's abdomen in wild excitement, going lower and lower... Tanya was lying down on her wide-open dressing gown, her small breasts fully displayed between the curtains of her unbuttoned pajama, while the older Japanese woman was now pulling down Tanya's pajama trousers!

Tanya panted hard, and Ksenija panted even harder as she discovered with surprise that her youthful partner wasn't wearing any panties underneath! All of a sudden, Yuko's face was almost touching Tatiana's jet-black delicate bush; it looked all young and silky and stood watch over her virgin entrance...

Yuko/Ksenija then entirely removed Tatiana’s pajama trousers, discovering inch by inch the pale, subtly curvy silkiness of her teenage hips, legs and her amazingly dainty feet! She kissed her feet, licked her toes, before going back up to the black bush of Tanya’s soaking wet cunt!

Tanya started moaning hard as Yuko's tongue made contact with her juicing entrance! The 37-year-old Japanese-born Russian woman started performing the best cunnilingus she was capable of, and she had a LOT of experience in this!

Soon enough, Tanya was biting her lip trying not to moan too loud as she felt an unstoppable volcano was about to explode inside her young, novice body!

In her mind, the rape fantasy was playing itself... The French Hussars were taking their turns inside her, each of them mounting her like a horny stallion inside the stables in her own family's estate! She could picture each man’s naked buttocks powerfully flexing with each beastly thrust of his throbbing dick deep inside her violated virginity!

Tany was panting hard and moaning in an unstoppable crescendo of girly bliss...
"ooohhh, oohhh, oohhhh, oohhhhhhh,, aaaahhhh, aaaahhh, ooohhh, oohhh,..."

She pictured a well-endowed Hussar on top of her, banging her hard while grunting and groaning and calling her a "Russian whore" as he powerfully emptied his sack of cum inside her with a loud, conquering roar! ... "aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRR..."

"Oooohhh, ooooooooooohhhh, They're RAPING ME!!! All of them! THE FRENCH HUSSARS!!! THE ENTIRE CAVALRY SQUAD... SQUADRON... And they... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh... AAaahhhh... AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, ooohhh, oohhhh,,... AaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAHHHHHHHH... AAAahhh, but they CAN'T!!!! But they DO!!!!... yyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH H!!!!!!!!..."

Yuko/Ksenija finished the cunnilingus with Tanya panting and unable to wrap her mind around the sheer power of the orgasm she just experienced... SO UNGODLY POWERFUL!!!

"Now", she thought, "If it's this powerful with a woman, how incredibly more powerful it must be with a MAN!..."

Then the door opened. A third woman walked in. Yuko/Ksenija looked at her, with an alarmed expression on her face...

"Sofia... I... I can explain!" she said...

But Sofia didn't look angry or jealous. She spoke with the most wonderful alto voice Tatiana had ever heard...

"Ohhh, but I like Tatiana! I don't mind sharing you with her! Ksenija... You've known me for three years and you still don't understand how much I love threesomes? You silly! It's just that I won't have them with anybody... But with Tatiana... It's different!... Oooohhhh, look at her lovely breasts! So firm!!!"

Before she knew it, Tatiana had Sofia avidly sucking her breasts after litterally leaping on the bed and kneeling beside her! Then, after a while, she ordered Yuko/Ksenija to go get their favorite sex toy...

"Ksenija, go get the dildo! It's in my room! Tatiana will love this!"

As Ksenija obediently got up and went to fetch the wonderful toy, Sofia took command.

"Now, little young beauty! Tell me about your fantasies! Sofia wants to know! Sofia commands it!!!"

Timidly, and feeling very much aroused by Sofia's dominating attitude, Tatiana told her about her Hussars war-themed fantasy, which she had taken from Tolstoï's War and Peace, but then she changed her mind and came up with another fantasy that she found even more arousing!

She was the teenage daughter of an aristocratic family in 1918 and their house was invaded and ransacked by their own revolted peasants! They were hitting her powerless parents, calling them filthy royalists and telling them that they were going to teach them to fear and respect the people! They would watch them, the lowly Bolshevik peasants, gang-rape their sweet young Tatiana right in front of them!

The were going to Redden their White aristocratic daughter! Each and every one of them was to take his turn inside her!

Sofia answered with a playfully mischievous smile...
"Well, my little one! From now on, you call me Red-Master! I am the peasant leader, the Bolshevik! And me and my men, we are going to GANG-RAPE YOU!!! And it will be so much fun!!!... Your parents will be forced to watch all of it!!!! They will watch you becoming the cum-dump of the Red peasants!!! Ah! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!..."

Tatiana felt a wild rush of juices flushing her womanhood into a new arousal build-up! She looked at her "Red-Master". Sofia looked both beautiful and formidable! She had jet-black hair, like Ksenija, except she was of pure Russian stock with the pale skin, delicate features and long curly locks enhancing the mysterious vibe of her commanding being! Her eyes were dark orbs of hypnotyzing power; her smile was mischievous, mysterious, playful and sexy all at once!

"What took you so long?" Sofia asked Yuko/Ksenija, as she was back, holding the hard-rubber dildo, a dark thing that had the size and shape of a massive eight-inch long dick!

Tatiana understood that while Dr. Yuko Ksenija Zakharova was officially Sofia's superior, in private the order was turned upside-down and it was the nurse who was ordering the doctor around!

"Sorry!" Ksenija timidly replied, then added... "Will I get some of it for myself, after? Please! I want to be raped by the Hussars too!"

"It’s no longer the Hussars, you silly! Now it’s the Bolshevik peasants raping Tatiana, a young aristocratic maid! ... We'll see! You’ll get some if you behave, maybe! And I said MAYBE!"

It was clear that being dominated by Sofia was positively arousing for Ksenija. Tatiana was discovering and waking up to an entirely new universe! A universe exclusively feminine!

Sofia presently gave her an order!


Tatiana quickly obeyed, and swiftly took off her blue plaited dressing gown and her pajamas, before getting down on her knees and placing herself on all fours, with her hands and knees making small depressions on the bed’s grey blanket. Eve-naked, she waited for the Bolshevik Red-Master's "hard dick"!


Note: Don't tell me my characters don't look like Russian women! I took actual pictures of Soviet actresses and cast them in this story! I can't wait for the final climax!   >:D
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