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Ilhan Omar found all these rallies were a tedious affair. She missed her comfy home in Minnesota while her campaign bus was travelling through all these right-leaning country farms.

"These fucking uneducated morons!" she thought as she watched barns and houses passing through her bus window. Most of these farms had the Star-Spangled Flag waving under the increasing wind in a patriotic show of their proud American ways.

She sat in this comfy, air-conditioned bus with her close entourage. Mostly, there was a handful of attachés, mostly staunch leftist females, a handful of bulry bodyguards as well as two articling students in law, and last but not least, there was her niece Fatima, 22, whom she had taken with her so she'd get some first-hand experience of the political arena.

She had delivered a speech in Peoria, to help out her fellow Democrats win in Illinois, just like they had done for her last week in Minnesota. The convoy formed by her bus and three security 4x4 SUV's -- black, of course -- had taken the 155 Highway.

But they had been forced to divert their route and take the smaller country lanes because of truck drivers who were blocking the main highway in protest. They had gotten word that Ilhan Omar would be passing there and a bunch of them had decided it would be damned funny to make her life more unpredictable. They only disappointment in this was they wouldn't see Omar's angry face as she was told of the unforeseen change in travel route.

Thus, her bus was now travelling on this country road, headed for Springfields and now behind schedule. Ilhan spoke often about Allah's will. She loved it when His Will was according to hers. Now she had to watch all these redneck farms passing through her windows as her convoy was forced to travel at a reduced speed, for this was a bumpy road.

As if this weren't enough, there was now a tornado warning. At first, this F4 tornado wasn't headed for their area, but it had veered and was now making straight at Peoria; perhaps the tornado itself had an awareness of its own and it had felt that this pesky leftist needed a reminder that the world wasn't at her fingertips.

Suddenly, it was there. Ilhan saw it through her window -- an ominous mass of grey clouds, ominously shaped like a large inverted cone, kissing the fields and sending debris flying -- sometimes heavy objects -- wherever it touched down...

There was no large building nearby---only flat fields as far as the eye could see. The bus stopped and put on the air brakes. Omar heard the loud "PSHHHHHHT" noise as it did so, underscoring her sudden powerlessness in her time management.

Fatima was scared. She leaned against her 38-year-old aunt, who held her in her arms.

The tornado passed very, very close. The entire bus was utterly shaken. At one time, it felt like it was being pulled up from the road! Joy and Cindy, the two articling students, screamed with their shrill girly voices.

Then, at last, the bus was about to resume its delayed journey. But there was a new surprise in store for Omar... The three security vehicles had vanished. It was almost as if the tornado had caught and sent them flying away!

Omar considered asking the driver to turn back and return to Peoria, but she didn't want to show her fear in front of her young niece. Fatima was looking up to her and she wanted her to become a staunch advocate for Islamic women's rights just like her.

The bus drove on.

Some 10 minutes later, a large 18-wheeler truck was completely blocking the way in front of them. Omar noticed the cruiser of some local sheriff.

She had enough! She felt the overwhelming need to vent her frustration at someone, and this sheriff -- this redneck sheriff -- was the perfect time for it!

Her bodyguards tried to persuade her to remain inside the bus, but she just had to go out. They followed her as she angrily walked up to the sheriff and his deputy.

This sheriff was the typical country law enforcer. He wore a loosely tied up beige uniform, a white stetson hat with his six-pointed sheriff's badge on it and sunglasses. His deputy was a younger copy-paste version of his mentor.

"Welcome to Greenview county! I'm sheriff White, and you are?"
"Don't you watch television?" Omar answered him curtly as her panting bodyguards were finally catching up with her.

The sheriff didn't like being spoken to like this, especially coming from a migrant woman. He was a proud American. His ancestors had fought the War of Independence. His grand father had fought in Korea. He had an uncle whom he never met because he was KIA in Vietnam.

He had a hard time repressing his urge to slap her in the face. He replied in a calm voice...
"Of course I know who you are, Mrs. Omar. I was just trying to be civil. But I can understand you are a little irked by all these unforseen things. The tornado... the protesting truckers... Ohhh, if you excuse me, I got an important call to make!"

While Omar's bodyguards were arguing and trying to talk her into getting back inside the bus, the sherif made his call...
"Yes! That's her all right! She's right here, and if she's travelling with the persons she was seen with in Peoria, I thing we'll all gonna stay up and have a nice party all night long! You can come in right now and take her! I'll distract her bodyguards. ... Roger out!"


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Ilhan was still arguing with her bodyguards, who kept politely advising her to climb back and stay inside her campaign bus, when many beat-up pick-ups arrived from the north, sandwiching Omar's bus between them and the 18-wheeler truck that was blocking the highway.

From each passenger window, a redneck trained a good old American rifle at Omar's bodyguards, some of whom went for their pistols, but then the sheriff was right behind them and his magnum .44 had cleared leather...


The bodyguards turned around and saw that the sheriff meant business and he held a very compelling argument in his right hand.

While the redneck pickups stopped right next to the bus or surrounded Ilhan and her guards, they complied and let fall their gunbelts in the dust, except for one young enthusiastic would-be hero, who was about to draw on the sheriff...


Hearing the voice of reason, the recruit guard dropped his un-American Beretta pistol while the sheriff had his all-American .44 magnum pointing straight at his head, which he could blow clean off if he pressed the trigger...

The rednecks got off their pick-ups. Some of them kept the rifles trained at the guards while others properly tied them up. Other rednecks climbed inside the campaign bus and hijacked it. Omar heard Joy's shrill scream of terror when the hijackers said "Hello ladies! There's a small change in today's program!"

The sheriff put his revolver back in its holster and approached Ilhan. As soon as he stood right by her, he spat on her face and slapped her hard! She yelped and almost fell to the ground.

"Ilhan Omar! You are under arrest for being un-American!" he added, then he grabbed her and handcuffed her, before flipping her around and forced-kissing her as she tried to wrap her mind around what just happened!

"You taste good, Muslim bitch! (then he looked down at her breast shapes) I'm pretty sure the rest tastes just as great! Well... Perhaps we can make a proper American woman out of you! Ah! Ah! Ah Ah!"

The sheriff taunted her as his young deputy took his own turn in force-kissing Ilhan before getting her in the backseat of the sheriff's cruiser.

Getting on the backseat after Ilhan while his deputy took the wheel, he added insult to injury and once again forced-kissed her, this time groping her perky breasts and very much enjoying her intimate firmness!

Ilhan was in deep distress in deep redneck country.

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