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Welcome, new readers! Welcome back fellow forum members! This is the second story of my Congo-1960 series.

Please note that this is a fantasy story. Rape in reality is despicable and wrong; the author of this story does NOT condone real-life rape in any shape or form. Rape in fiction can be a fun way to explore one's fantasies.

Thysville, Camp Hardy -- July 5th 1960.

Anne is listening to American pop music in her room along with her sister Juliette.

The room she used to share with Juliette is presently filled with the music of a ballad, Tommy Edwards's voice and his accompanying vocal group...

She loves playing this record. This is a gift she received from her father two weeks ago for her 18th birthday. Juliette, 20 years old, is now working in Brussels as a teacher auxiliary. Now that school is out, she has flown to Léopoldville, where her father, Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc, picked her up and drove her to their home in the officers' neighborhood of Camp Hardy, the largest garrison in Congo.

Camp Hardy is really a small military town where 3,000 black soldiers of the Force publique du Congo live along with around 100 white officers; the married military personnel, black or white, live there with their families.

As Anne listens to Love Is All We Need by Tommy Edwards, she asks a question to her elder sister...
"How does it feel to kiss a boy?"

Juliette smiles at her little sister, who looks so innocent with her youthful features. It is true; she's never had a date and never kissed.

Being two years older, Juliette did have some dates in her teenage years. She's begun to see a young man in Brussels, a very decent fellow who is teaching Latin; in his late tweenties and still a bachelor. She offered her best explanation...

"Well... It's like... I don't know... When you kiss a boy you really like, it's just SOOO wonderful! It's like the two of you become just one being! You feel the other person... You feel so incredibly close! It's... magic!"

"Ohh... It is this great?! Then I wish it will happen soon!"

"Oh, Anne! I understand how impatient you can be to discover love! But if there's one piece of advice your loving, caring elder sister can give you... And don't get me wrong, Anne, I'm not trying to be condescending... The best advice I can give my dear sister is to be sure that this boy you like is the right one! ... If you aren't really sure, then don't kiss him and don't let him kiss you!"

"But... How can I know if he's the right boy for me?"

"Trust your woman's instinct! You'll know! It will be a boy you just won't be able to stop thinking of! When you'll go to sleep, you'll close your eyes and imagine that he's holding you in his arms and he's kissing you! You know... a kiss, like we see in the movies in the happy ending!"

Anne was now daydreaming and no longer paying attention to what her sister was saying. She had a dreamy air and was looking away with the lights of a secret joy sparkling in her brown eyes...

"You have a boy on your mind, little sis!... Oh, Anne! Anne! I'm sure you have good taste and that boy must be charming and a very decent fellow!..." Juliette warmly puts her hand on hers as she says this.

"Well... Yes... I do have someone on my mind... Ohhhh... He's tall... and handsome! But he's so shy! Every day, I take a walk and make sure I pass in front of his house. At school, he was in my music class and my French class as well. But now, highschool is over for us and he havn't made a move yet! He's too shy! What a shame!"

Juliette sensed how her younger sister was anxious and worried that this relationship she was dreaming of would never materialise.

"Ohhh... Anne... Don't get upset... Wow! You really like him! Well... If you tell me who this handsome young man is, I can arrange for the two of you to meet! That's what sisters are for!" Then she stooped forward and kissed Anne on her cheek.

Anne's face blushed into a crimson of shyness that made her look even more youthful than she was to begin with.


While the two sisters were chatting innocently in their room, Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc was finishing his morning coffee and talking with his wife Béatrice.

He was worried. The day before, General Janssens, the commander in chief of armed forces in Congo, had spoken to the soldiers, and told them that military discipline came first, that it had priority over Congo's Independance, which had been proclaimed on June 30th.

"They want everything right now! We can't just take all Chief-Sergeants and make them officers without first giving them the proper training! Officers must be counted upon to take the right decisions in life-or-death situations!" Gilles complained.

His wife listened. They had been living in that garrison for the last six years. Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc was aide-de-camp to the full Colonel who was in command of Camp Hardy. The Force publique was Congo's military pride. It was a unified force of 25,000 troops from all Congo's ethnic and tribal groups!

Up to this day, he never had a shadow of doubt as to the men's loyalty to their high command and their white officers, but now that Congo's independance had been proclaimed... Today, he could feel it... Something was off.


Note: Capitaine-commandant (Kapitein-commandant) is a rank between Captain and Major in the Belgian Army.
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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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As Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc began his day of administrative duties, he felt that everything was normal and laughed within himself as being overly worried. His guts told him it was otherwise, but he tossed all this aside and carried on with his day.

When he got back home for supper*, his wonderful Anne was once again playing the record he had given her last Christmas -- another American record, this one released the previous year by the Delicates... Ronnie Is My Lover ( (* note: Belgians don't dine, they sup.)

Anne loved American music in spite of knowing little English. He peeked through her room's ajar door and saw her lying on her bed, eyes closed and trying to repeat all the lyrics. He knew that she only understood "Ronnie is my lover" and "Till eternity" and this was enough for the song to work its magic on his daughter's youthful heart!

He smiled! She was so much like him at that age! He remembered how anxious he had been to meet and fall and love with a girl... just like she was to meet a boy! Then, six months later, he had met his future wife -- a very alluring brunette who didn't seem that much enamoured at first, but against all odds, the relationship had endured and then blossomed into intense love and affection.

When he saw his pretty wife Béatrice, he took her in his arms and made her laugh by spinning her round in the kitchen. He did this sometimes. His wife looked very young for a woman in her early forties. He absolutely loved having sex with her! He also did his best to pleasure her like she wished.

Then it was all hands to supper. Gilles LeBlanc cherished these moments when they were just the four of them, eating their meal together as of old. He knew his daughters would soon leave to have a life of their own... and then he'll become a grandfather!

Times flew by so fast! Not so long ago in his mind, he had been the young Lieutenant, so very happy in his marriage, but taking part in such a grim and tragic affair. He had been at Dunkerke in 1940, and when Belgium surrendered to Germany, his Generals had received the order to march back home and leave open the entire left flank of the British Army in a heart-breaking retreat. Every man in his platoon had felt ashamed to leave their Allies like that.

Juliette arrived a little late for supper. She had been on a visit to Miss Christiaens, her former highschool music teacher with whom she had become friends. Miss Christiaens lived at the end of the street with a fellow young French teacher by the name of Virginie Longin. They had spent the afternoon playing the piano.

When she sat down to table after kissing her parents, Juliette said that the soldiers were not like their usual selves. They were all looking at her a little too intently and it had made her uncomfortable; this had never happened before.

As she ate her beef Stroganoff, Juliette began daydreaming. Something occurred to her for the very first time in her life -- the possibility of having sex with a Congolese man! It had taken shape as she felt the soldiers' unusual gazes on her as she walked down between the rows of officer's houses. Why couldn't she take a Congolese lover for the summer?

She knew for a fact that some of them found her attractive. There had always been this unspoken and taboo sexual tension between African men and white women. It was often called the Black Peril. She knew that some of her friends had secret, forbidden fantasies with these men!

Juliette began imagining herself kissing his robust, pouty lips... feeling his dark hands touching her, caressing her and discovering her intimate mounds of flesh underneath her bra... As she ate, she felt herself becoming aroused and wet under her panties. She couldn't wait to be alone and fap! She would pleasure herself while imagining herself being pinned against a wall with his thick, robust dick deep inside her! It would be torrid and fantastic!

She remained calm and mostly silent throughout the meal, which was unusual behaviour from her; she was usually chatty and lively. Her parents concluded that she was missing that young man she had been dating since last Spring. She probably was worried too, for he hadn't phoned her at all since she was in Thysville; not one phone call for an entire week! No wonder she ate silently! 


Things did not go well in Léopoldville! Not at all.

General Janssens had spoken again to the troops in the morning, since there had been more unrest during the night. He had ordered the arrest of a highly regarded Chief-Sergeant who had been encouraging Congolese soldiers to stop following the orders from their white officers.

The General had reiterated the primary importance of discipline, in a long speech, which he concluded by writing these simple words on a blackboard...

The General had meant that the same military discipline prevailed no matter the events in the political arena. The soldiers had to keep following orders. But it was misunderstood by many as meaning that nothing would change, that the black soldiers would remain unable to move up in rank higher than the non-commissioned ranks.

Trouble erupted in the capital. Some of the black policemen sided with the mutinous soldiers. White citizens got beaten up in the street. The violence was still sporadic, but something needed to be done and quick, lest this wind of revolt spread all over Congo!

In Camp Hardy, the second battalion was ordered to prepare and set off from Thysville to help restore order in Léopoldville. The Colonel was on a mission in Stanleyville, far away in this immense country, and a Major Lambert was assuming interim command of Camp Hardy. He phoned Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc and ordered him to lead this battalion.

When he got to the troop transport trucks to take command, the drivers and soldiers refused to go! They wouldn't go even when ordered. Gilles LeBlanc felt the tension was at a breaking point!

To try to calm things down, he said he'd give the men another hour and quickly went back to his house. His one mission now was to get his wife and daughters to safety and warn his fellow officers! The soldiers were on the verge of mutiny! Some loyal soldiers also went to warn the officers.

He rushed back home and through the front door...
"Quick! Quick!" He told his astonished wife. "Take the girls with you and follow me! Hurry! There's not a second to lose!"

"What's going on! What's the sudden hurry?..."

"I'll say it just to you, but keep calm... The soldiers in the Camp are about to mutiny..."

Béatrice almost screamed. She became dead-frightened, but thought of her daughters and controlled herself. Half a minute later, they were all running uphill toward the officer's mess, a sturdy building that offered a decent position for defence.

A mob of angry Congolese soldiers came running and stormed the officers's houses only minutes after they were gone! The vast majority of the officers had taken a defendable refuge in their mess. A night-long siege began.

A few unfortunate officers were too late and were caught isolated amid their mutinous troops! They were disarmed, beaten up, humiliated and jeered at and finally thrown into the Camp's jail, where they received further beating up. Wives began screaming as frenzied Congolese soldiers began ripping their clothes off!


Léonie Descamps, the Colonel's wife, was among those unfortunates.

She became the widowed Colonel's second wife when he remarried in 1958. They had honeymooned in De Panne, a very popular seaside resort right next to the French boarder.

Léonie was the daughter of a cousin of his, thus marrying her was perfectly legal. When he had noticed this beautiful young lady was showing interest in him, the 50-year-old Colonel had jumped at the chance to relive an intense, youthful romance with this 22-year-old gorgeous blonde, now 24. She was mostly after the easy, comfy life she knew he could offer her; she also knew she could control him using her youthful charms.

The age-gap couple became the talk of the family. It was a lot easier to manage with him and his wife being in Congo while the rest of the family was in Belgium. His eldest son was a 25 year-old Lieutenant who was fancying his stepmother. He was serving in a paratrooper regiment and well on his way to make him a proud father -- and a cuckold in the bedroom.

When she learned about the sudden mutiny, it was too late! Throngs of angry soldiers were already running toward the Colonel's house, where she was by herself. She locked the door and frantically called for help on the phone.

The soldiers quickly smashed the front door open and she let out shrill screams of panic as they grabbed her and carried her into the master's bedroom.

Some 25 if not 30 black-faced Congolese soldiers poured inside the bedroom as Léonie -- shrieking and begging them to stop -- was tossed on the bed and they began to forcibly strip her out of her summer clothes.

These negroes were utterly fascinated with her pale skin and her bright golden hair. Black hands kept stroking her face and hair, and groping her breasts, while a Sergeant said they didn't want to hurt her, that they just wanted "to know her better" as they were all so very curious about seeing what was hiding beneath the clothes of a white woman.

Others were jeering at her and kept calling her a "salope blanche" (white slut) while two pairs of strong hands brutally ripped apart the plaid gilet she had been wearing for the cooler evening -- the same she had worn on their honeymoon in De Panne. Then they made short work of her white blouse, ripping it wide open as she screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

For a fleeting second, her bra provided a last-ditch cover for her intimate B-size perky breasts, which suddenly appeared in their pale ivory jiggling nakedness when someone yanked it off and mixed the sound of tearing fabric with her shrill screams and the men's jeering...

Léonie had them even more aroused by reminding them she was their Colonel's wife! It was like throwing oil on fire! They began calling her "Madame la colonelle" (Madam Colonel's wife) and brutally finished stripping her naked, pinning her arms on either side of her protesting head and pulling her shorts and panties all the way down her strikingly beautiful legs and feet!

Her intimate patch of golden hair danced atop her exposed cunt as she hopelessly wriggled and squirmed amid a forest of dark-brown arms and a tumult of lust-charged screams, jeers and racial slurs...
"Sale petite blanche ! Tu vas voir ce que c'est que des bites de nègre !" (Dirty little white slut! We'll show what negro dicks are all about!)
"Tu vas voir comment on va te violer, Madame la colonelle !" (You'll see how we're going to rape you, Madam Colonel's wife!)
"On va tous te passer dessus, salope blanche !" (Each and everyone of us will own you, white whore!)

They shouted many other things in Lingala, but she only understood what they said in French.

Léonie shrieked and frantically fought to free herself from too many men as an older warrant officer roughly spread her legs apart. He had already dropped his beige uniform trousers. Her eyes wide-open with sheer terror, the Colonel's wife looked at the Chief-Sergeant's huge black veiny dick that pointed in her direction, its cock hard and ready for her!

The 45-year-old NCO laughed, his full set of ivory teeth giving some sort of evil light to his grinning dark face, as he laid over Léonie and pushed his cock against her semi-dry entrance. All her limbs were hopelessly restrained and she could only passively endure the invading cock that made its painful way inside her unprepared womanhood.

The middle-aged negro pushed hard and rough and uttered a loud groan of victory as he felt himself all the way in! Encouraged by all his younger subordinates, Chief-Sergeant Ilunga began pounding the screaming and protesting white wife!

His eyes wide open with elation, he gleefully raped her in mighty strokes... As he kept raping her, he cupped and squeezed her firm breasts, feeling his throbbing dick grow even harder from knowing he was playing with his Colonel's wife while banging her!

She screamed in pain! He was hurting her breasts by putting his weight on them! He was hurting her womanhood! Most of all, he was utterly destroying her pride! She began bawling as tears started streaming down her cheek, her head bobbing and her breasts jiggling or painfully pressed under the relentless pounding...

Before long, Chief-Sergeant Ilunga let out a wild jungle scream and blissfully exploded inside Léonie in a powerful unloading of jizz!

She wailed in a long, plaintive banshee-like scream as she felt his Congolese seed polluting her womb. She just couldn't wrap her head around nor fathom the horror of what was happening to her right now...

Then the weight of this foul black uniformed man she knew by sight suddenly vacated itself from her battered body, only to be replaced by another man's weight and his strong manly smell. She felt the sting of a new pride-destroying invasion and once again, her Belgian vagina was plowed and stretched by a large Congolese dick while she heard the man grunting right against her cheek and felt his savage breath against her sobbing face!

Her body was reacting and urgently sending juices to ease the pain of this brutal gang-defilement, but nothing would ever put the broken shards of her soul whole again.

The Léonie Van Cutsem (her maid's name) she had known until that fateful 5th of July had just died in the arms of 30 mutinied Congolese soldiers.

Each of them would have his turn with her. Most of them would try her again in a different position. Placing her on all fours to take her doggystyle was a crowd pleaser! Léonie had such a gorgeous butt, but her most striking bodily attribute was definitely her legs and feet!

Many soldiers had an immense erection just from watching her legs and feet dancing in front of their lust-crazed eyes as she received their loads inside her, one soldier after another.

As she tired, her shrill screams morphed into submissive whimpers. At one point, she didn't need much restraining and simply let them use her as their obedient cum dump!

"Elle a un vrai beau p'tit cul, madame la colonelle !" (Madam Colonel's wife has a real cute ass!)
"Oh oui ! Ça c'est d'la vraie belle femelle !" (You bet! Now that's a real classy chassis!)
"Et elle est serrée avec ça !" (And she's so tight on top of that!)

They also realized that she was way too scared to think of biting them, so they began to try her mouth. When ordered to do so, she opened her mouth and silently wept as she began pleasuring the large brown shaft of veiny manhood she was presented.

Léonie had a strikingly pretty face and the Sergeant -- the same one who had told her that they wanted "to know her better" -- took unfathomable delight in watching this beautiful blonde woman, naked and kneeling in front of him, as she bobbed her head back and forth while holding his large dick in her dainty hand and skillfully sucking his brown dick exactly like she did for her husband every other day!

It felt so amazing for him to have his Colonel's wife coating his throbbing dick with her saliva! She was now the figure of complete submission to their mutiny!

The Sergeant soon screamed loud as he spurted out all his jizz inside Léonie's mouth! She swallowed some of it and found the taste surprisingly bearable, yet her predicament was morally unbearable. The soldiers commented her performance...
"Ohh... Mais c'est qu'elle suce bien, la colonelle !" (Ohh... Madame Colonel's wife is really a great cock sucker!)
"Elle a une vraie petite gueule à prendre les bites de nègre !" (She's got a real pretty face perfect for negro dicks!)
"Allez, encore la belle ! Mon casque a besoin d'un polissage ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah !" (Come on! Take this again, pretty face! My helmet needs some polish!)

Léonie wondered how she was going to be able to look at herself in the mirror as she received her second negro dick inside her mouth and started over. Before long, the man roared in delight and she received another cumshot, partly swallowed, partly landing on her pretty face as he pulled out.

Over time, as she went through the entire platoon from the NCOs to the lowest rank-and-file, she got used to the taste and her face and hair became covered with loads upon loads of Congolese cum!

As she pleasured them all, the soldiers kept commenting on her physical attributes. They all knew her by sight. They all had seen her walking down the alley with her uniformed husband in front of them, wearing classy clothes, her legs and breast shapes teasing their cocks with their out-of-bounds splendor!

Accursed white pigs! They would proudly display their wives in front of their very eyes, but woe betide them if they DARE think of having some hanky-panky with one of their precious women! This was why as soon as the mutiny broke out, some soldiers had started screaming "Let's get their women!"

They most certainly got Léonie! They whored her throughout the night until dawn! Same as all the other white women they would lay their hands on!

Soldiers drove out of Camp Hardy and began spreading terror throughout the entire area. Refugees started arriving in Léopoldville -- a two hours' drive away -- with tales of horror! The white population in Léopoldville began panicking and scrambled for the ferries across the river to Brazzaville.

The high command in Brussels reacted very swiftly. The following day, July 6th, they began evacuating the frightened white civilians with Sabena planes from Brazzaville airport. Each plane that flew to Brussels loaded with refugees returned to Brazzaville loaded with Belgian troops.

Back in Camp Hardy, Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc, his Major, the other officers and some loyal soldiers held their position good against the attackers, who finally began to negotiate in early morning.

The soldiers wanted the "bad officers" to leave and the "good ones" to stay with their families. They swore on their honour that these "good whites" had no harm to fear from them.

In Léopoldville, the newly arrived Belgian troops began restoring some form of law and order in the capital's streets, disarming the most violent groups of soldiers and policemen.

Major Lambert, who was in command at the officer's mess, received a phone call from the General in Léopoldville, who asked him if they wanted reinforcements. On Gilles LeBlanc's advice, he declined, saying that this would anger the mutinied garrison and they wouldn't be able to defend the mess; worse, the loyal soldiers might refuse to shoot at their brothers in arms and could even turn against them!

Thus far, no casualties had been taken, as the officers in their mess and the soldiers down the hill had spent the sleepless night observing each other without any assault being launched. If they saw new troops arriving and moving against them, the mutinied soldiers would become desperate and then launch a massive assault and then overrun the officers mess!

The negotiations lasted the entire day, during which time some of the mutinous troops began once more to rape the white women they had captured the previous night. This meant more black dicks for Léonie.

At last, some form of calm was restored in Camp Hardy. Léonie Deschamps and the other women who had been molested during this wild night of revolt and loot were all finally driven to Léopoldville to receive much needed medical attention.

Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc was suddenly made commander of Camp Hardy, since the soldiers had required that the Colonel and the Major be relieved of their command and replaced with LeBlanc and another Captain they had labelled as a "good officer". All in all, about half of the officers remained, or rather were forced to remain.

Gilles LeBlanc greatly feared for his family's safety and tried to evacuate them, but no white person was allowed to leave Camp Hardy. Then he knew that the white officers and there families were being kept as hostages!

What he found most disturbing and worrying was the fact that the officers labelled as "good whites" were precisely the ones who 1) had managed to take refuge in the mess, and 2) had a beautiful wife. The few bachelor officers were all let go with no exception. Civilian young women such as Miss Christiaens and Virginie Longin had also been labelled as "good whites".

The troops of Force publique du Congo were no longer to be trusted.

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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Love the Historical Context here!! Cannot wait to see what else is brewing...... Not to say that the Belgians didn't deserve ALL the Evil headed their way.....they DID!!!

Tony V.                  :police:

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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And so it begins in earnest. Great to see that a commanding officer's wife was the first one taken, most would have made it a female of opportunity! Really can't wait for the heart of the story to come to light! merit awarded from a loyal reader
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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Love the Historical Context here!! Cannot wait to see what else is brewing...... Not to say that the Belgians didn't deserve ALL the Evil headed their way.....they DID!!!

Tony V.                  :police:

Thanks Tony V.!
In my preceding installment of this series (Miles Of Bad Road To Léopoldville), I have a Congolese soldier mentioning the gang-rape of his sister by a bunch of whites and now he was doing the same to their women. The Belgians indeed committed a great many atrocities against the Congolese during the colonial period.

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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And so it begins in earnest. Great to see that a commanding officer's wife was the first one taken, most would have made it a female of opportunity! Really can't wait for the heart of the story to come to light! merit awarded from a loyal reader

With such a gorgeous woman cast as the Colonel's wife, I had the perfect opportunity to fire on all cylinders and play out this very intense and brutal gang-rape scene! I chose to describe the opportunity rapes in one short sentence, then went on with the detailed rape scene. What follows is mostly a developmental chapter, so it's great to give readers something to enjoy right now!

I don't want to multiply the detailed rape scene before taking the action to the main characters, since this would "water down" the climax.

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc was at a loss as to what to do!

He knew that all the officers' phone lines were listened to. He couldn't send any telegram since that was checked too, and he couldn't send a crypted message; he had himself trained his boys in crypting and deciphering messages and he had trained them well!

On this seventh of July, three Chief-Sergeants came to his office -- the ex-commander's office, whose wife was in hospital painfully recovering from her brutal ordeal before being flown to Belgium -- and they apologized for all the violence and brutality his men had done. They underscored that it was never their intention to hurt the officers and their families, but they felt a strong message had to be sent.

They solemnly promised that no more harm would be done to any white person in Camp Hardy, as long as the officers and white NCOs and civilian specialists showed their goodwill by staying with their families.

"I see. Then I take your word as it is, gentlemen!" was the interim commander's answer. Then he had them smiling by jesting...
"Gentlemen, I've heard that all Congolese soldiers were getting promoted by one rank with a corresponding raise in pay. Since this doesn't apply to me, I guess I'll still have to wait a few more years to become Major!"

He did his utmost to placate them and relax the tensed climate, being courteous and calling them "gentlemen", yet he knew that he, the other officers and all their families were actually hostages. But as of now, things could still deescalate. His biggest fear was Brussels sending a strong detachment of Belgian troops in Congo, as this would anger both Congo's government and soldiers; if that happened, any serious incident of fighting would stir renewed mutinies, and this time there would be no stopping the angry soldiers, who now controlled access to arms!

On the radio, Prime Minister Lumumba announced that he had dismissed General Janssens and that every soldier was promoted by one grade, effective immediately. He was doing his best to placate the troops. What he did not say on the air is that he had also dismissed the Belgian officer in charge of inner security (the Sûreté) and forced him into exile, precipitating a collapse of the organisation completed by the departure of most other Belgian personnel, who were all scared for themselves and their families.

On July 8th -- The situation in Léopoldville worsened abruptly in the morning, the city being virtually taken over by mutineers, now heavily armed, from Camp Léopold. This development had begun with a rumour that Soviet troops were landing at the airport with Belgian assistance; a group of Congolese soldiers who had gone to the airport to look for them returned to the city and started holding up cars and searching Europeans for arms.

By 9.30 a.m. soldiers had closed the port, preventing refugees from crossing to Brazzaville, while others occupied the telephone exchange and blocked the road to the airport. Soldiers on foot and in vehicles went through the streets apparently searching for Belgian officers, while a number entered two of the main hotels.

Another group of soldiers had been convinced that Lumumba had brought Soviet troops into the country to disarm the Force Publique. Angered by this, they stormed the hotel rooms of the Soviet delegation (which had been present for the independence celebrations) and it transpired that some of the Soviet female personnel members were raped.

Unrest was widespread in Léopoldville and in a growing number of areas. It was rumored that the Belgians were all arming themselves. This created incidents where Force publique soldiers went into some white-owned homes to search for concealed weapons, which was in turn the occasion for more incidents of anti-white violence and rape.

Belgian refugees started taking the road all across the country; they fled to Léopoldville to catch a plane or to neighbouring Rhodesia. Some unfortunate families were attacked* on the road, as the mutinied Force publique had set up road checkpoints in areas they controlled --- some families were thus trapped* amid mutineers on a deserted roadside somewhere in the immense bushland (* see note at the end of this Chapter). Thankfully, a good part of the Force publique remained loyal and very few black civilians partook in the acts of violence.

On July 9th, it was annouced that the Force publique's corps of officers was to be Africanized, with the following main conditions... a) the Force Publique would become a truly national Army, with a Congolese commander and officers; (b) the President would become Supreme Commander of the Army, and M. Lumumba would remain Defence Minister; (c) Belgian officers remaining with the Army would serve only as civilian advisers; and (d) the same conditions of Africanization would apply to the gendarmerie sections of the former Force Publique and to the police.

In Camp Hardy, a Chief-Sergeant Bobozo was immediately promoted to Colonel and two other Chief-Sergeants became Majors. Thus, the same three NCO's who had come to Capitaine-commandant LeBlanc's office as subordinates two days earlier were now his superior officers, while he was now only civilian advisor who could as well show up wearing a suit and tie!

Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc, who had been at Dunkerke, made his utmost humility effort to take it in stride. He felt like the whole world he had known was collapsing under his feet! He just couldn't wrap his head around what was happening from one day to the next! He just wanted to go home in Belgium and keep his family safe.

Other officers did their best not to show it in front if their new coloured Colonel, but they were furious and outraged! Commanded by these monkies! What a farce! They hoped Belgian troops would come to Congo and squash this rebellion! Gilles LeBlanc reminded them that violence was not the solution here. Haven't they thought of what could happen to their families here in Camp Hardy, with only 55 white officers versus 3,000 black soldiers?

Their play was to bide their time until they could get the hell of here and take the first plane from Léopoldville. Didn't they understand that Congo was already lost? Violence had started to break out throughout the country; there was no trust anymore; no sense of safety! Most of the public servants had fled or were fleeing, leaving the entire State system hopelessly disorganized without anyone with proper training!

The only solution left for white officers was to leave ASAP! But all issues were under very tight watch, especially since Colonel Bobozo had taken over.

On the night between July 9th and 10th, two officers tried to get out of the camp by night and then run to Thysville, where they would phone friends in Léopoldville so they could come and pick them up. They set out with their two wives, a 20-year-old son and one 19-year-old daughter. It didn't work. The men and the lad were beaten up and then thrown in a platoon's barrack, where they were mocked and forced to watch 30-plus Congolese soldiers gang-rape both wives and the 19-year-old daughter; a night of horror!

Then the two officers, there face swollen from the rifle butts, were called in Colonel Bobozo's office. The black Colonel told them they were both reduced in rank. To which the still-proud officers answered that only the King's rightful authority had the power to demote them. Wrong answer! They were thrown in jail, where their defiled wives and daughter joined them, followed by a black platoon of Congolese troops for another brutal round of forced sex in front of the appalled officers!

They had to watch as the white women were grabbed by the pack of black men, who ripped their already-ripped clothes off their battered bodies to have another look at their blindingly beautiful breasts, butts, legs and feet as they took their turns in giving them more loads of their African semen, also taking the time to force them down to their knees, where they were made to give blowjobs to the entire platoon! Many cumshots were spurted out on the 19-year-old daughter's sobbing pretty face!

The mothers, oblivious of their own ordeal, wailed and cried for the poor girl! The 20-year-old son looked at her brutal gang-rape with tears flowing down his cheeks and a monster erection pushing the front of his pants.

Lastly, it got even worse, as the daughter was forced to pleasure her neighbour's dick, then his son, while each wife was forced to have sex with one another's husband. It needs to be said to their credit that the soldiers didn't force incest.

Gilles LeBlanc preferred not to tell his wife about this. She was scared enough as it was.

At the LeBlancs' home, Anne was too scared to stir out. Juliette had resumed her daily walks to and from the home of her former music teacher on July 8th. She was already missing playing the piano and her afternoon chats with Miss Christiaens and Virginie Longin.

On July 9th, about 1 p.m., she went out wearing her favorite dress -- a plaid sleeveless summer dress, with two tones of deep blue that highlighted her sparkling blue eyes, richly contrasted with her long dark hair and enhanced the brightness of her pale complexion. The fabric belt underscored her slim waist and her perky assets!

She wore leather loafers that revealed a great deal of her dainty feet. The hem of her dress was some three inches below her knees, so one could see the entirety of her alluring lower legs! She looked like a maturing young woman who still retained an air of teenage girl.

As she walked down the alley, a few soldiers were quietly sitting and smoking a cigarette. As she passed three of them, she felt their intense gaze sizing her up and down. They didn't catcalled her. Her gaze met their gazes... She felt both scared and incredibly excited! She smiled very subtly at one of them, her blue eyes into his dark gems for a fleeting second.

The black soldiers nodded very civilly. As she walked away, she felt their gazes on her! She heard them commenting in lingala, which she understood more than these men gave her credit for. Basically they were telling among themselves that she had a real classy chassis and they would absolutely love some alone time with her!

It sounded pretty much like things white boys would sometimes say of her in Brussels. Coming from these fierce-looking Congolese soldiers, these words sent a wild jolt of arousal right down her womanhood, where she felt herself getting soaking wet! She also felt her perky breasts swelling under her bra and the light fabric of her summer dress as another two soldiers watched her go by.

As she passed them, she also felt their gazes looking down her hair, her backside, her butt... her legs and feet! She felt her legs go a little wobbly under her as she started picturing herself with a Congolese lover, who would take her! Mount her like a beast! Who would discover her well-kept secret! And she would wrap her legs around him and feel his big throbbing dick drilling her senseless and...

Then she saw her father! He was looking straight at her.

She had never seen him so angry!

He took her by the crook of her elbow. She yelped. Then he forcibly walked her right back home. None of the soldiers intervened; the scene positively amused them and besides, they held this Captain in high regard.

"YOU MUST NOT GO OUT LIKE THIS! THIS IS TOO DANGEROUS! YOU'RE INVITING TROUBLE!" Gilles LeBlanc said, slamming the front door closed.
"FATHER! I'M 20 YEARS OLD AND I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYS... AIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!" she didn't complete her sentence. Her father slapped her hard! So hard she fell down the floor.

"GILLES!!!" cried her mother.

Gilles stood there, appalled at what he had just done. He looked at Béatrice, then at Juliette. Tears were welling in his eyes. He had never laid hand on any of his daughters!

Juliette got up and angrily walked into the room she shared with Anne, who was playing her records and reading magazines or books. She quickly packed her things and then she announced that she was going to stay down the street with Miss Christiaens and Virginie Longin.


It broke his heart to see Juliette look at him with such anger in her eyes! Then it occurred to him that if he kept telling her it was too dangerous, he would scare the heck out of her and his wife. The best course was to calm things down and let Juliette stay with them if she wanted.

"Well... I'm sorry Juliette! I'm really sorry! Things are all tensed up everywhere! If you wish to go stay with them, then go..."

His elder daughter was just too angry to answer. As Juliette walked through the door, her mother tried to defuse the tension...

Juliette didn't answer, but her mother knew her daughter. She had understood.

Once Juliette was gone, Gilles LeBlanc broke down and started sobbing in his wife's arms...
"You have no idea what's going on! You have no idea!..."

"Look, Gilles, she's just going to stay with them for a couple of days. I know my Juliette. She'll miss Anne. She'll miss me. And she'll miss you too! As I speak, she's on the verge of tears because she's upset you. You'll see, she'll be fine!"


Note: For a story of Belgians fleeing a mid-country town and getting trapped on the road, read "Mile of Bad Road To Léopoldville"

Note: This is mostly a developmental chapter; I'm simplifying an extremely complex course of events!
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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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When she showed up at their home with her suitcase in hand, Juliette was afraid she'd been unwelcome to stay with her former teachers, even though she had money to pay for her boarding and was perfectly fine with sleeping on the couch.

Martine Christiaens and Virginie Longin were actually delighted to be having her! They welcomed her companionship, all the more since Juliette was also into teaching; she had studied mathematics and history. They found her a nice quiet corner in the living room, with some light screening for her intimacy; it was no trouble at all!

Martine and Virginie were both in their mid- to late twenties. Martine was exquisitely petite with light brown hair and perky assets, her pretty face and her blindingly feminine frame being her most strking features. Virginie was a blonde and a glass-wearing library girl, looking like an unaccessible bookish woman, yet any connoisseur knew instantly how gorgeous she was with her clothes off; nerdy girls are never to be underestimated.

They quickly hit it off and had very interesting conversations... which revolved around men.

"You're sure? Well... A woman who does this here must keep it a top secret!" said Martine Christiaens.

"I know... It's never heard of here in Congo, but in Brussels it does happen. I know a girl who rented a room in my boarding house who had a black lover. She said the sex was absolutely fantastic!" Juliette spoke these last words with lustful fires lighting up her eyes.

"Well, my young lady, you better wait until you're back in Belgium to run your little experiment!" replied Martine.

"A well-bred lady must have her little secrets!" added Virginie with a playful smile at their new boarder.

"I know..." said Juliette with a sigh in her voice... "things are very different here, but it's wrong! It's wrong to forbid people to love one another because of the colour of their skin! In Belgium, a white woman can take a black husband; the law doesn't forbid it like here, although she'd still be shunned by her family... But I don't want to make a political statement out of it; I'm young and curious, that's all!"

"Young and curious are synonymous! Well, all I can say is our former pupil has grown up and she's doing quite well thank you!" said Virginie, kissing her on the cheek and holding her hand in a motherly way.

When she came over, Béatrice was overjoyed to be visiting Martine and Virginie, both of whom she got along well with. They had a lively chat, then Juliette played the piano and they all goofed off while her mother sang along with Martine.

This July 9th was a fine Saturday afternoon, with the weather neither too hot nor too cold as it is usually the case in July, which is the least warm month of the year in Congo.


Gilles LeBlanc returned to his office on that afternoon. With reports of violent incidents in Léopoldville, Thysville, Port Matadi and now a new mutiny having erupted in Elisabethville, the population in Belgium had started pressuring the government to send troops to Congo.

Gilles learned that a first battalion of Belgian paratroopers had landed in Léopoldville and two companies had already taken the country roads to dismantle roadblocks set up by mutinous troops while the rest disarmed mutineers in Léopoldville and restored order in the capital city. The flow of refugees resumed their crossing the river to Brazzaville.

Sabena airline established a nonstop airlift between Léopoldville and Brussels. Each plane left Congo full of refugees and returned from Belgium loaded with troops.

This was what Gilles LeBlanc feared the most, but he knew this was coming. He phoned to the General in Léopoldville, urging him to avoid any fighting and restore peace and order in a pacific way. He couldn't say more as he knew his phoneline was listened to.

He told the General that the situation was calm in Camp Hardy since July 7th. The General said there were many troops who had driven out of Camp Hardy and set up roadblocks to trap fleeing Belgians, in addition to their multiple acts of violence in small towns.

The General simply didn't have enough troops for all the unrest and disorders erupting everywhere. It's like every time he put out a fire, two no ones popped out! And protection civilians came before the military families. The General knew this and Gilles-LeBlanc knew this too; no Belgian troops would be coming to Camp Hardy and free them.

The General concluded the phonecall by promising to do his very best to put a non-violent end to these disorders. The Africanization of the officers corps did not suffice to calm down the troops; it was like a volcanu eruption; anger, a sense of injustice and frustration, accumulated over decades upon decades... It was all erupting and there was no stopping it.

On Sunday July 10th, Belgian paratroopers came to Elisabethville, where a mutiny had broken out and the vast majority of white civilians had managed to take refuge in a building, but they desperately needed help. Six strong companies proved sufficient to end the mutiny and restore order in the town without a shot being fired.

Elsewhere, things got more violent. Some mutineers drove out of the garrisons and began sacking white-owned houses, taking valuables and raping the women. Belgian paratroopers clashed with these mutineers, fireshots were exchanged and casualties were taken, mostly on the mutineers' side.

News of these clashes stirred more anti-white violence elsewhere. Gilles LeBlanc was right. You don't put out a fire by throwing oil on it. But the government in Brussels cared a lot more about its electoral base than a bunch of angry black soldiers in Congo, so they started sending a great many troops; they even called reservists back into active duty.

Prime Minister Lumumba was positively furious with this Belgian military intervention, which a described as an act of war and agression from a foreign country. Congo was now a sovereign State! He called for the immediate withdrawal of all Belgian troops.

NATO saw heated verbal exchanges between the representatives of Belgium and Congo. Belgium was accusing Congo of not being able to police its territory, so their Nationals needed protection in one way or another. Congo accused Belgium of sending troops to take its colony back by force!

In Brussels, the public was worried about the Belgian Nationals who were stranded amid all this warlike violence; many people in Brussels felt that the anti-white violence in Congo was now widespread and systematic, which it wasn't; violence only erupted at the local scale, but it in a great many different places and it sometimes got really nasty.

Belgian Navy ships were due to arrive the following morning at Port Matadi, which was the strategic seaside gateway to Congo on the westernmost tip of the country. Trouble and violence had erupted there too. Most of the white population had fled by Sunday July 10th, but for one reason or another, the Belgian admiral thought there were still a great many white people waiting to be evacuated and he had decided to dispatch two frigates there along with some transport ships.


Juliette had a restless night. She felt sad about her row with her beloved father. She also felt worried... Really worried! This was so unlike him! He must have been going through mind-boggling tension to be so strung up! Tomorrow was a Monday and he'd be working a long day; she decided to go see him in the evening and apologize for what had happened Saturday.

She tried to sleep, but her overexcited senses wouldn't cooperate. She felt loads of sexual tension throughout her whole body irradiating from her ovulating womanhood. She began to fap... She caressed her own breasts, thinking it was a tall, well-built Congolese soldier who was doing the touching! Hmmmm... That felt good!

She did it through her light camisole, then went under the fabric and pictured her imaginary black lover cupping and kneading her breasts. It felt so good! She was now drenching wet!

Then she heard sounds... She listened closely...
"... ooooohhh... ohhhhhhh... hrrr.... hhrrrr... oahh yes!... yes! ohhh yes! hrr, hrr, hrrr... ohh my strong bull! you fill me up, mhhhh yes! yes!..."

It was rather faint, but she could hear clearly. It first sounded like Virginie or Martine was fapping too, but it was so much more intense, and there seemed to be definite sounds of male grunting in the mix!

Juliette got curious. She got up and silently walked closer. It was coming from Virginie's room. The door was unlocked. She hesitated, but then she heard Virginie panting and uttering something wild with a mid-whispering voice...
"Ohhhhh, my black stud! you have such a big warm dick!!! ... aaaaaahhh yes!!... yes!!! yes!! Mount me! Mount me!!... ooohh, ooohhh, ohhh..."

Juliette was suddenly hit by a fire! She very carefully opened the door. It was a bright silvery night, with the Moon waxing Gibbous, almost still full. There was enough light filtering through the curtain for her to see plainly...

Virginie was copulating with a black man! She had a Congolese lover! Her?! She looked so classy and formal when she gave her French courses, always impeccably dressed with library-girl glasses and hairstyle, looking like a girl from the 40's... She was the last person whom she thought would do something so crazy!

Virginie was lying down under HIM; she had her arms above her head and she was holding the iron posts of her bed frame while her entire body was shaken from relentless pounding while the black man, presently kneeling, had grabbed her hips and was fucking her like a complete savage while maintaining her hips off the mattress and grunting like a jungle beast!

Juliette saw Virginie's perky breasts jiggling wildly under this overwhelming copulating force! Virginie orgasmed very intensely, biting her lip and trying hard not to make too much noise...
"Oooaaaahhhh... aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!"

Then the black man, all sweaty and panting, got tired in his arms and let her hips fall down on the mattress. He laid himself down on her and resumed the savage pounding as she wrapped her alluring white legs around his chocolate loins.

She kept moaning. He kept grunting. Juliette felt massively turned on by this scene; the man's muscular back was enough by itself to get her soaking wet! She had begun masturbating and was already building herself near a youthful climax.

Then the Congolese man lost his notions of space and time as his dick exploded inside the white French teacher!

Juliette watched both lovers as they panted and kissed in each other's arms.

She began thinking... She was dying to take this black man's dick inside her mouth, to make him hard again so he could then take her too! Her entire body urged for this! She was 20 years old and still a virgin! It was about time she had some hanky-panky of her own!

But no! she decided. It wasn't fair on Virginie to do this.

Juliette left the door ajar, used the bathroom and then quietly went back to her makeshift bed -- merely blankets on a thin mattress directly on the floor. She still heard them faintly. She couldn't sleep; she was so overexcited!

She fapped and orgasmed very powerfully, running the scene over and over again! She too bit her lip to muffle her unrestrainable moaning!

She had no idea how long she had been staying awake. There was nothing she could do; her body just refused sleeping. She began fapping again. Ohhhh... It felt so good! She caressed her breasts, picturing his manly black hands directly cupping and kneading them, skin against skin! Then she soaked her fingers in her mouth and began playing with her left nipple with her saliva-soaked fingers, imagining it was HIM! With his pouting negro lips!

Ooohhhhhhh... She kept caressing herself; she began once more fingering herself. She knew it was going to be a good one! Her entire body was craving for a big, juicy African dick!

She was now panting heavily! She pictured herself having several black lovers... An entire squad of soldiers in their barracks... They took their turns in fucking her senseless, making her orgasming a great many times over! All of them studs with big dicks! All mounting her like centaurs! ...

"ohhh... ohhhh, ohhhhh, mmhhhhhh!... mmhhhh, yes! they're all taking me!... mhhhhhh... I'm their white woman!... mhhhhhhh, ohh, ohh, ohhh, ohhhh..."

Then she had another all-powerful orgasm, and she finally fell asleep, wondering when the girl named Juliette would finally become a true woman.

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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Well it seem really hypocritical of Virginie to try to dissuade Juliette from taking or thinking of taking a Congolese lover for her own! Of course the old adage "Do as I say not what I do' comes to mind immediately!. Can't wait to see how Juliette feels about Congolese men after having a few of then rudely!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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Well it seem really hypocritical of Virginie to try to dissuade Juliette from taking or thinking of taking a Congolese lover for her own! Of course the old adage "Do as I say not what I do' comes to mind immediately!. Can't wait to see how Juliette feels about Congolese men after having a few of then rudely!

Thanks To-Get-Her!
Virginie is a type of nerdy blonde I find very exciting. Having her in a consensual scene with a black lover was a real turn-on for me. It also depicts the fact that, well... people go about living their life. They just don't hand around waiting to be raped! These women have no idea that very soon, they'll receive more Congolese cum than they can handle!  >:D

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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July 11th 1960

It was a little past 11 a.m. on the round clock in the office of Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc, former interim commander of Camp Hardy and now civilian adviser. He was presently on the phone with Général-major Albert Delu, commander of the Belgian expeditionary corps, the numbers of which were growing with each new Sabena flight landing in Léopoldville.

Their conversation got pretty intense. Two escort ships of the Belgian Navy --- the Georges Lecointe and the A.F. Dufour --- had arrived in the bay of Port Matadi and they had begun firing on mutinied gendarmes of the Force publique! Each of these small frigates had four 20 mm cannons and one anti-air 100 mm cannon that could also be used to fire on the mutineers.

"Sir! You don't understand! There are no white citizens left in Matadi! You need to pull those ships back! This Rear-Admiral has been misinformed. Tell these ships to stop firing, now!"

"Captain! You're not going to tell me or the admiral how to conduct operations! There are many mutineers ransacking white-owned stores and even white-owned homes! We can't just let them parade around like savages!"

"But Sir! There's no one left to be hurt in these homes and stores! It's only property damage. We'll send a column from Camp Hardy to calm them down. These ships aren't needed. Could you get me in touch with the Rear-Admiral?"

"I'm afraid that's not possible, Captain. The admiral is presently aboard one of these ships."

"What?! Why the hell does he have to be aboard?! The Captain can't do the job?!"

"Captain, I think that will be enough. If you want to send a column, that's fine, but you aren't giving me instructions! Is that understood, CAPTAIN?" he put real emphasis on LeBlanc's subordinate rank. "What a fucking asshole!" thought LeBlanc. He calmly replied, livid with rage...

"General, your family is safe in Belgium, and the same goes for the admiral's family. My family is here in Camp Hardy, where 3,000 Congolese soldiers could mutiny if they think that the Belgian Army is going to war with them! That's why I respectfully insist. Call those ships back!"

"That's enough, Captain!"

"Sir, I don't intend to be disrespectful. I simply state you the facts. I've been in this country for the last 15 years."

"Yes, of course, Captain. I'll reconsider."

"Thank you Sir!"

Gilles LeBlanc didn't put that much trust in this general and this admiral. If the Rear Admiral had seen fit to be onboard one of these two ships, that meant he wanted to see some nice fireworks. He needed to go higher up. He needed to call Brussels and pull strings with some powerful friends he had high up there.

He exited his office and went to the phone dispatcher. The cute young officer -- a Belgian woman around 25 years old -- made the call to the number he gave her in Brussels. He knew this was going to be "listened" to, but he was attempting to stop Belgian ships from firing on Congolese men.

Colonel Bobozo was looking for him.

"Sir," the Colonel said, "tell the men in second battalion to get ready! We are sending reinforcements with artillery to fire back at those ships." The newly promoted black Colonel had a long habit of addressing the Belgian officer as Sir.

"Sir, replied Gilles LeBlanc. I strongly advise against sending artillery. I'd recommend only sending troops to calm down the mutineers. I'm phoning Brussels to get someone above this asshole General to order these damned ships back!"

"Negative, Sir. We can't risk having our men shot at by these ships. Without artillery, they'll be sitting ducks!"

"Not if I pull the right strings in Brussels. Trust me, these ships will be ordered back. If you send the column with artillery, the Belgian observation planes will spot this; they'll see a threat for their ships and our convoy may get hit by an airstrike!"

"They wouldn't dare!"

"From what I've heard from this moronic General, they seem intent of having some fireworks today."

"THEY BETTER NOT!" the black Colonel said with an ominous voice.

"Sir, I'll get through my call in Brussels. You won't even need to send this battalion to Matadi."

"I'm sending the column right now, with artillery, and that's final! Make your call to Brussels; all the best if it works!"

Gilles LeBlanc was calling a Lieutenant-général he knew well for having fought alongside him in the Blitz in France and nearly saved his life when their company ambushed Germans near Dunkerke. This Lieutenant-général, comte Alexandre du Boys-Joly-Sainte-Croix, was a fifth-degree relative to the King.

He got through to this Count's mansion, but unfortunately he was on vacation in Nice. He tried to reach two other such top-brass connections, to no avail. Then he tried to reach Général Hervieux Merteens, Chief of Staff of the Belgian Armed Forces. He insisted that it was extremely urgent, that lives were at stake!

The second battalion was gone to Matadi. It was past 2 p.m. when Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc finally managed to reach Général Hervieux Merteens in Brussels. The General knew him by his first name; they had met three years prior at some government official function in Ghent, in castle Geeraard de Duivelsteen, where the Count had introduced him.

At quarter past 2 p.m., the trigger-happy Rear Admiral received, directly from Brussels, the order to IMMEDIATELY cease fire!

By this time, Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc had been put under arrest in Camp Hardy! At 10 past 2 p.m., he had lept from his office chair and immediately went to the Colonel's office to inform him that these Navy ships would finally be called back.

As soon as he was out of his own office, he was met with an enraged Colonel and four equally angry soldiers who trained their rifles at him immediately! The Colonel pulled out his pistol and thundered in a stern voice...
"Capitaine-commandant Gilles LeBlanc! You are under arrest! You will be escorted to the Camp's jails! The column we had sent has been hit by... HOLD HIM!!!"

Gilles LeBlanc had his hand on his pistol when two soldiers, dropping their rifles, rushed at him as quick as lightning while a third soldier hit him square on the head with the butt of his rifle.

Gilles LeBlanc would wake up in a cell packed with fellow officers that had been hit like him, with swollen spots on their faces to show for it. The white boys and other children had all been taken to the jails too. There was no sign of the officers' womenfolk.

He learned through other officers that the second battalion had been hit by an airstrike on its way to Port Matadi. They had taken casualties and had decided to return to Camp Hardy. Upon their return, they had shouted to their fellow Congolese soldiers that the Belgians were shooting them on sight!

A widespread mutiny had erupted all over the Camp! This time, no black troops remained loyal to their officers.

All the officers had immediately been put under arrest and thrown in jail. Most of them were sobbing, thinking of their wives and families stranded amid this hell!

A group of well-armed soldiers were in the cell, taunting and beating up several officers and officers' teenage sons. There was a barred window, where he could look toward the barracks.

Looking out that window, Gilles LeBlanc heard shrill female screams. At a distance, he saw a group of soldiers tossing a uniformed woman from one to another and taking turns in forced-kissing her. He suddenly recognized her --- it was the pretty phone dispatcher.

She begged them to stop, but they pressed themselves against her. Gilles heard her screams intensifying... "Nooooooooooooooo!!! Stop! Noooooooo!!!" The woman was suddenly topless and sobbing amid this pack of black hyenas who were about to use her as a piece of fuck meat!

Gilles refused to look any longer at the grim scene. He felt guilt, as the sight of this white woman's breasts outdoors, under the Congolese sun and amid her Congolese tormentors, was arousing him. He began sobbing, thinking of his wife, his two daughters... JULIETTE! ANNE!... BÉATRICE... A fellow officer and a friend held him and tried to comfort him, knowing there was no comforting from such an unspeakable horror.


Juliette was playing the piano with Martine singing alongside her, while Virginie was quietly reading a book. It was about twenty past 2 p.m. when they felt and heard loud voices and noises coming from the alley. People were shouting! Women were screaming in panic. What the hell was going on?

Virginie opened the front door and looked outside. She was immediately confronted by two soldiers who ordered her to go back inside...
"You must stay inside your house, Miss! Not safe outside. Something has happened. Stay inside! Lock your door and you'll be fine!" one soldier was grinning and looking directly at her breast shapes while his mate spoke. Their demeanour indicated that the were ready to use their rifles in case of disobedience.

Looking over their shoulders, Virginie quickly saw that the Congolese soldiers were going door to door; all the officers who had been home were being systematically arrested and taken away, often hit by rifle butts, while their wives screamed and were ordered to go back inside!

Virginie quickly obeyed. She closed and locked the door behind her, then she screamed in panic.


Martine and Juliette immediately rose to their feet and ran to the window. A group of soldiers was quickly gathering right near their front door. Similar groups were forming in front of each and every house where white families were present.

Martine started to cry in panic and frantically went into her bedroom to take her revolver. Gone! Of course! In the first mutiny, on the evening of July 5th, the soldiers had been through the whole place; it had taken two full days to tidy the house again. Their weapons had been confiscated!

She went to look at a window with a view on the backyard. Two soldiers were there, fully armed and standing watch. They were trapped! They were screwed!

The three women held each other in the middle of the living room, weeping and trying to comfort each other. Juliette wept the most, as it suddenly hit her that these angry soldier were about to break down the front door and she was going to be forcibly deflowered and defiled by all of them!

Martine shrieked "NOooooooohhhhhhh!" and Virginie called her black lover's name "THIERRY! AU SECOURS!" (THIERRY, HELP ME!) and Juliette was bawling when they heard jeering men's voices starting to beat down the front door.

Then the door was smashed open and THEY WERE THERE! A great many of them!

They rushed at the three women and ruthlessly separated them!

They spotted Juliette's makeshift bed in a corner of the living room and took Martine there. Virginie --- squirming amid them and shrieking at the top of her high pitched voice --- was taken to Martine's bedroom; Juliette was wailing and carried to Virginie's room and shoved on the very bed where she had seen Virginie with her lover.

The house was filled with the women's shrill screams and sounds of tearing fabric as they ripped their shirts open with buttons flying easily under a moving forest of angry black hands! The Congoles roared and jeered in wild anticipation at the prospect of emptying their loads inside these gorgeous white women!

Juliette heard the soldier facing her groaning with beastly satisfaction as he tore open the delicate plaid fabric of her two-tone blue dress and revealed her white bra, which was immediately yanked away by another brown hand as she screamed and begged them to stop...
"NAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!!! ARRÊTEZ !!! NON !!! J'VOUS EN PRIE !!! NOOaaaaaahh!!!"

Amid all the jeering and triumphant roaring she was surrounded with, she could still hear the shrill screams from Virginie and Martine who were similarly getting dealt with in the other rooms.

Juliette SHRIEKED as they pulled her ruined dress top right down and off her arms and quickly undid her belt, then violently pulled and yanked the remnants of her torn dress right off her suddenly revealed legs and feet --- her loafers were long gone from her feet in this tumult of packed assaults.

The colored men felt their raging erection intensifying when their eyes met Juliette's legs and feet as her firm breasts jiggled sideways in panicked motions while she kept squirming under this forest of dark arms and hands --- all so blindingly white and beautiful!

"I love her legs!" said a Corporal to a smiling Private.

There were countless voices and grinning black faces surrounding her. She noticed some men already had their shirts off and were dropping their uniform pants! She shrieked in unspeakable terror when she felt her panties being torn away from her pale hips!

She heard the men laughing and commenting on her most intimate body parts...

"Oh ! Elle est bien la petite ! T'as vu ses seins !?" (Wow! She's a nice little cutie one! Did ya see her boobs?!)

"Regarde-moi cette belle touffe noire ! Ah Ah... On va la violer, cette petite salope blanche !" (Oh... Look at her nice patch of black cunt hair! Yeah... We're gonna rape this little white slut!)

"Eh, putain de Bruxelloise ! Tu vas tâter de la bite de nègre ! Ça va te faire du bien !" (Hey, Brussels whore! You're gonna taste some negro dick! It will do you good!)

Then she saw a tall, overweight man right in front of the bed, while she heard Martine's and Virginie's nonstop frantic screaming amid loud jeers of packed men having their grim fun with them.

"Sergent-chef Bobozo !?" Juliette said in astonishment; then she noticed he was wearing a Colonel's uniform. She remembered... The Army had been Africanized two days ago...

"Bonjour Mademoiselle !" Colonel Bobozo said, greeting her with a sardonic smile.

Then her eyes opened wide with horror. His pants were unzipped and his erect dick was jutting out in a glorious chocolate-brown column of veiny flesh with a fisty round cock ready for her! It was HUGE!

Juliette SHRIEKED frantically when the soldiers intensified their firm hold of all her limbs and Colonel Bobozo knelt on the bed right in front of her. Then he heavily laid himself down on top of her and forced-kissed her as he cupped one of her breasts and began squeezing it!

Relishing her frantic screaming and sobbing, he went down and sucked one of her firm nipples while kneading her other boob... He commented...
"Ahhhh, ce que c'est bon, les seins d'une fille blanche !" (Oh boy! It's so good to have a white girl's breasts!)
"Tu sais, Juliette, ça faisait déjà un bon moment que je rêvais de faire ça avec toi !" (You know, Juliette, I've been dreaming of doing this for quite a while!)

His men respectfully gave him time to get some foreplay. He had told them in advance that he wanted to be the first man inside Juliette and they had free licence to do whatever they wanted with the other women. He had been inquiring about Juliette's wherabouts for the last four days!

As he played with the sobbing girl's breasts, his large African erection intensified to an almost painful horn of hard wood!

Juliette couldn't wrap her head around this unfathomable horror! It had nothing to do with her fantasies! This man was way too old and fat! He looked disgusting! Nothing like the handsome muscly ebony men she had been fantasizing about...

She was hurting in her wrists and ankles, where the jeering men were holding her with a vice-like grip! The Colonel had kissed her without any tenderness and licked her, down her face and breasts, in such a vulgar, lewd manner! YUCK! His breath reeked with cheap cigar and brandy!

She kept wailing and shrieking and begging them to stop while frantically shaking her head on the pillow, in an ultimate gesture of powerless refusal, when the rape-crazy Colonel violently pushed his cock against her tight and mostly dry entrance. The Colonel's vulgar foreplay and his unattractiveness to Juliette had not done much to get her wet down there.

She knew this was going to hurt real bad!

Then the Colonel, his eyes wide open with elation, pushed hard between her labia and his monstrous dick began brutally stretching her vagina walls open!

Juliette's loud shrieks echoed throughout the entire house! The pain was far worse than what she had braced herself for! Then it got even worse as the Colonel went deeper and deeper with his impossibly large assault ram!

Juliette shrieked and shrieked, her mind losing all foothold on reality as her girl's soul was brutally crushed into countless chaotic shards, under one grim reality...

Colonel Bobozo let out a wild grunt of utter satisfaction when he felt himself deep inside Juliette...

Then he started pounding Juliette, raping her with no holds barred, forcing her to hear his gorilla-sounding grunts as he mercilessly deflowered her, lying down above her, almost crushing her under his massive weight, but supporting much of his bulk on his elbows so he could look down and watch her head bobbing and her perky breasts quivering under the relentless force of her brutal rape!


Colonel Bobozo loved every second of this rape! He felt her ungodly tightness! No doubt she was a virgin! He grunted like a maniac in rhythm with the frantic pounding... "nnhhrr, nnhr, nnhr, nnhhrr, nnhr, nnhr, nnhhrr, nnhr, nnhr, nnhhrr, nnhr, nnhr, nnhhrr, nnhr, nnhr..."

Juliette screamed nonstop with agonizing pain! He was too big! Too big! Nooooooooo!!! Too BIG!!! She felt like her vagina walls were going to burst open from the horrific strain that kept pistoning her destroyed virginity. She felt no blood though... Just mind-boggling PAIN!

The fat negro Colonel raped her urgently and with a vengeance! He soon felt himself passing the frontier of no-return and then his entire body seized as Juliette felt his immense dick twitching inside her tightly enclosed recess... Then Colonel Bobozo screamed like a banshee as he blissfully exploded and shot an epic load of cum!

Juliette wailed with soul-piercing shrill notes of despair as she felt the warm tide of semen flooding her womanhood. Then the Colonel gave her teenage-looking breasts a parting squeeze and got up from the bed.

He was immediately replaced with a Congolese Sergeant who resumed her ordeal in grunting and groaning horror surrounded with savage cheers and jeers.

She heard countless voices calling her "salope blanche" (white slut) as she was being raped missionary style while soldiers were firmly maintaining her spread-eagled on Virginie's bed.

The bead was creaking nonstop as her good girl's virtue was being utterly destroyed with power to spare! The second man mounting her let out a roar of carnal delight and erupted with thick liberating bolts of warm jizz inside sobbing Juliette!

She immediately found herself shaken again under a third grunting Congolese man, her head bobbing from the unstoppable pounding! Her warm tears streaming down from the unspeakable pain and horror.

Amid all this pain and horror, an ironic thought occurred to Juliette. She was a true woman now.


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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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Corporal Thierry Kasongo, one of the tallest and best-built men in Camp Hardy --- and Virginie's secret lover --- stormed into the invaded house and shouted at his men to stop this, that it was WRONG!

They shouted at him back, calling him a selfish, hypocrite virtue monger; they too wanted to enjoy the white women!

Then, Thierry stopped.

He had caught sight of Martine, now naked on all fours and getting raped doggystyle right next to her discarded torn garments! He looked at her pin-up-beautiful legs and feet... Her BUTT! So shockingly white! So mind-bogglingly firm in its nice round curves, now getting shaken and thrashed under the pounding of the Congolese soldiers who were taking their turns on her.

Her current rapist pounded her with urgency, like a mad tribesman! Grunting like a mountain gorilla while Martine whimpered and sobbed under the merciless, barbaric rape! Soon, the soldier looked up the ceiling and let out a savage roar of victory as he powerfully exploded his load inside the violated music teacher!

Thierry felt his raging erection. He no longer protested, although he had no doubt that at this very moment, his sweet Virginie was spread-eagled on her bed and savagely raped by one soldier after the other; he could hear her screams. Yet he stood by and waited his turn while another soldier took hold of Martine's conquered pale body and resumed her doggystyle ordeal.

Martine had been a strong fantasy of his for a long time! He often thought of her when he was fucking and pleasuring Virginie! NOW! Now was his chance to enjoy Martine!

When his turn came, Thierry took her doggystyle as well, greatly enjoying the irony from the fact that Martine, in her state of complete shock and horror, had no idea she was being raped by him...

Every inch of his negro dick enjoyed her tightness as he forcefully entered her. Then he raped her with no holds barred, feeling the yielding softness of her butt and hips as he kept forcefully drilling her. Her whimpers were delicious to hear! Soldiers, who knew her well, told her that she sung very well!

He didn't last long. He was so incredibly aroused! As he felt the end approaching, he screamed... "AHHHHRRRRRR... WE WON!!! WE WON!!!... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNRRRRRRHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..."

Corporal Kasongo's roar of carnal joy filled the entire living room as he shot bolts of warm African jizz inside the Belgian woman. She was such a savage fuck! It felt so great to be defiling their women! And it was just what these white pigs deserved!


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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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Anne's day had started like any other summer day. She had been reading books, both in French and Italian. After lunch, she had started to listen to her favorite American music records.

It was about twenty past 2 p.m. She was listening to Paul Anka's Lonely Boy and picturing herself kissing a handsome boy from her class --- her crush! (

As she listened to the song, she looked at a photo of herself from just a month ago, when they were visiting her grandparents --- on her mother's side --- in De Panne, on the Atlantic shore. Her grandmother had made her favorite cake to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. The photo showcased her legs and feet as she sat on a large beam looking at the rolling surf, smiling in radiant happiness as her dark brown hair danced in the wind!

Perhaps if she showed this picture to Louis, he...

Then she heard loud screams and clamours from the street.

Her mother, her face panicked, burst inside her bedroom...
"Anne! We need to get out of here NOW! Quick! ... Grab your shoes! You'll put them on later... HURRY!..."

The frantic clicking sounds of the mother's shoes on the tiled floor was followed with the youthful pitter-patter of Anne's bare feet as they rushed to the back door.

Holding her daughter's hand, Béatrice opened the door, got out and was immediately met with three soldiers who barred their route of escape in the backyard...

"Madame la capitaine ! Where do you think you're going? GO BACK INSIDE!"

With rifles raised in a menacing gesture, the three soldiers walked on the pair, forcing them to retreat. Each soldier was intensely looking at Anne's bare feet! They felt an erection quickly swelling inside their pants along with a rush of untamed lust taking hold of their entire being.

The two frightened women found themselves in the kitchen. They turned heels to flee through the front door, when it was suddenly smashed open and a great many Congolese soldiers poured inside!

Both mother and daughter shrieked as the men rushed at and separated them. The leader of the pack was a Chief-Sergeant they knew well, a Benoît-Jules Ilungo who had been promoted to Major two days earlier when the Force publique had been Africanized and nationalized.

Looking at Anne's terrified figure up and down and appraising her youthful perky assets, he barked his grim order...

"Hold the mother and make her watch! WE WILL RAPE THE DAUGHTER!..."


Béatrice screamed and wailed with a soul-piercing voice as she helplessly watched a pack of grinning soldiers take hold of Anne, who first looked at the grinning soldiers all around her, utter disbelief painted on her pretty face. Then, when the men closed in on her and seized her, she shrieked at the top of her voice, calling her mother repeatedly in frantic panic...

The Congolese Major nodded toward the table. They lifted shrieking Anne and carried her to the dining table, that was instantly cleared for action by a tall Sergeant, in a powerful sweeping motion of his arm that sent two pairs of empty cups and saucers down to the floor; the saltbox and pepperbox also fell on the tiled floor, like a pair of captured towers of wood.

Anne shrieked at the top of her voice and soul, calling her mom over and over as they pinned her back on the table and immediately ripped her blouse wide open, sending the light white buttons flying down as her powerless mother shrieked even louder...

"HHHHHHHHRRRRR..." The Major let out an immense groan of satisfaction as he violently yanked off Anne's bra, discovering her forbidden pair of teenage-firm breasts! Her small nipples quivered as if in panic atop her jiggling breasts while she frantically squirmed and shrieked and began sobbing, her being completely ripped out of its innocence and numb with the unspeakable horror that was befalling her.

The men left her ripped-open blouse on her. The Major felt his raging erection pushing hard against his beige uniform trousers as he violently tossed Anne's Navy-blue skirt all the way up against her waistbelt. Then he delightfully enjoyed her loud shriek of horror as he yanked away her panties.

Suddenly, Anne's legs and feet were in full display in their blindingly pale-skinned charms; her delicate patch of dark pubic hair danced on top of her cunt as she kept wriggling under the men's steel grip, each of her limbs utterly restrained by the jeering forest of men.

The blackness of her cunt hair intensified the whiteness of her virgin's hips, just like the darkness of her hair intensified the whiteness of her pretty face!

Both mother and daughter shrieked at their loudest ever when they spread out Anne's legs and the Major advanced between her captured thighs, unzipping his pants and freeing his unleashed erection!

"NOW WE'RE GOING TO AFRICANIZE THIS BELGIAN GIRL!" the Major thundered as he feverishly pushed his hard cock against Anne's entrance...

Anne's frantic shrieking only added to the men's ungodly arousal. The Major, his eyes wide-open with extreme elation and his dark face distorted in some sort of demonic rictus of wild anticipation, pushed his dick inside her stiff and dry entrance!

Anne screamed, this time in agonizing pain, while her soldier-restrained mother shrieked in unfathomable horror.

Anne's body and senses were assaulted all at once with an invading army of alerts and unspeakable pain as the immense invading THING made its way deeper and deeper inside her, racking her entire body and soul with pain as her womanhood was brutally forced open by this foreign column of advancing throbbing hardness.

With his dick only a third of the way inside, the Major began pounding Anne with short and angry jabbing thrusts, repeatedly forcing her virginity to surrender more and more terrain as he powerfully kept hammering his dick inside her like a nail repeatedly beaten, slowly but surely, into a very hard and stubborn plank...

Anne's shrieks were deafening!

Then something yielded within her. Anne felt the burning sensation of her hymen tearing and giving way. She heard her rapist exhale a loud grunt of unmitigated satisfaction as the blood offered a sudden, primitive lubrication and the Major blissfully felt his dick pushing all the way through!

He began gleefully pounding her with ruthless abandon, grabbing her slender waist and greatly enjoying her ungodly tightness while her pale thighs were forced to repeatedly brush against his flanks as he rammed her in repeated angry thrusts, utterly shaking her body on that kitchen table while her mother wailed and yelled and swore at them, calling them filthy negroes, as the dozen men present in the kitchen all jeered and commented on Anne's amazing beauty while they watched her being savagely deflowered!

Anne felt her upper back sliding on the table as her head bobbed along with the relentless pounding. The pain had now lessened some, thanks to the bloody lubrication and also thanks to her body who was very quickly responding by flooding her vagina with juices, as if her own body was somewhat less innocent than her spirit and it did its very best to ease her suffering out of pity for the poor girl.

The Major couldn't believe the tightness snugly gripping his manhood as he raped her and watched her white breasts jiggling in a shocking show of broken social barriers! The Congolese hands frequently touching or cupping her breasts underscored this utter fall of all white-established social order!

He screamed with unrestrained savagery as he powerfully exploded inside Anne! Anne sobbed and wailed and shrieked while the Major kept pounding her like a stud as he shot several bolts of warm jizz! He lost his senses and kept pounding her amid this intense relief! She kept screaming amid this intense horror!

In Anne's bedroom, the record player had long finished Paul Anka's A-side song; the vinyle record kept aimlessly turning, its inner surface marked for ever by the silent needle... damaged and never to be the same again.


Note: This part where the girl is brutally undressed and urgently defiled... So incredibly arousing! I was so eager to get to this scene where Anne meets with the mutinied troops! Anne's pics are from actress Ann Blyth.
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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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And now the main females were taken against their will. All that remain is for Mommy to be degraded in front of Gilles.  Can't wait to read what is to come and merit more!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Mutiny In Thysville! (interracial, black on white w, vaginal and oral)
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And now the main females were taken against their will. All that remain is for Mommy to be degraded in front of Gilles.  Can't wait to read what is to come and merit more!

As always, thanks for the comments!