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Sister rape friend
« on: October 15, 2021, 01:16:31 PM »
This is my first story, I just joined you
This story has nothing to do with reality, but my biggest fantasy is a stranger raping my sister and making her a prostitute...

I live in Istanbul Umran, my name is erdinc, I am 20 years old. My sister Esra is 18 years old with long hair and a thin 55 kilos very beautiful girl. 3 months ago, my father and mother went to see my grandfather in the village because he was ill. We won't be coming to us for a few days, be careful at home, they advised us to do this and that and they left. I was bored of sitting at home so I called my friend Hakan. Our folks went to the village, I was bored at home, so I said let's sit down. he said ok after a while Hakan came. I said to my brother, I said bring us a coke. I went to the internet on the computer with Hakan. We were watching porn videos. Then my brother entered the room and brought our cokes. At that moment, my friend was staring at my brother. because it was summer and the weather was hot, my brother wore a low-cut straps and a mini skirt. There were no pantyhose underneath. My friend was looking at my brother's legs. While my brother was giving us our coke, his chest cleavage was slightly wider and my friend's eyes were wide open. Then my brother left the room and went to the other room. we got horny looking at porn sites on the internet. Then my friend said to me that there is no one, let's have a drink. the place selling liquor was far from our house, it took about half an hour on foot. I said ok let's go. "I'm tired, I'll wait here, you take it and come," he said. There was vodka and whiskey in our cupboard, but I didn't tell him that. I said ok I'll take it. I left the room and closed the door. I called to my sister in the other room, I'm going to go get a drink from outside, you take the empty Coke glasses out of the room, I said okay. I opened the outer door, grabbed my shoes and quickly entered the closet in my parents' bedroom. I did it to understand what my friend would do when I went out. I waited for a while. Then my brother went into the other room to get the empty glasses, my friend was too horny because he was watching porn. When he saw my brother like that, he couldn't stand it and wanted to do something to my brother because he thought I was out. My friend was stroking his dick over his pants and watching porn when my brother entered the room. my brother took the glasses from the room and grabbed my brother's arm as he left. He took a knife out of his pocket and put it to my brother's throat. If you shout, I will cut you, don't be quiet, he said. My brother was very scared. He tied my brother's hands behind his back. He tied it in his mouth with a cloth. took my brother to the horizontal. got on it. He started undressing my brother. there was fear in my brother's eyes, tears were flowing from his eyes. He couldn't shout because his mouth was closed and his hands were tied. took off my sister's skirt and panties. My brother started to flutter just as he was going to fuck his remaining dick. My friend slapped my brother twice. then he got up and started rubbing his big dick on my brother's tiny cunt. When he started to fuck his dick, my brother was struggling but he couldn't help it. tears were flowing from his eyes. At that time, when I looked at my brother's cunt, blood was coming from his cunt. my friend was ruthlessly fucking my brother's cries, ruthlessly. He was pumping my sister's pussy like crazy. I was watching the events through the door hole. this gave me pleasure. because my best friend was fucking my sister. I did not prevent this situation. After a while it emptied. He took pictures of my brother that way. He said, "Don't tell anyone about this incident, I will kill you." My brother was crying. I took the whiskey and vodka from the fridge. At that time, my friend untied my brother's hand and opened the cloth in his mouth. I pretended to enter through the outside door, opened the door, closed it back. Then I entered the room. My brother didn't have a mini skirt under him, he didn't have panties. There was blood on the bed. I left my bag on the floor. I went to my brother. You did what you were supposed to do while I was gone, now it's too late. Now I said that I will do it so that I do not resist this event. My brother was begging me not to do it. I said help me. immediately grabbed my brother's hands. I said tame. it was messy. My brother was crying. I said, I said I will not fuck the hole my friend fucks. I got behind him and spat my dick. I was trying to get into my brother's back hole. My brother was crying. I was loaded, I grabbed the waist, I put your head in, I wanted to squeeze it fast, I wanted to fuck it screaming and crying. My brother was screaming and crying but he couldn't escape. I was fucking fast and after a while I ejaculated in my brother's ass. Then we got dressed and my brother was crying. We told him not to tell anyone about this incident. My friend threatened him. my brother didn't tell anyone. continues now. My friend doesn't tell anyone because he has a secret. continues now.
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