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Dr. Roofie’s Advanced Biochem Class
« on: October 13, 2021, 11:10:13 PM »
Dr. Roofie’s Advanced Biochem Class

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  While I normally do lots of research for the stories I write, this one I’m taking several liberties with.  First off, I don’t know the exact amounts of different drugs needed to produce certain effects, and I don’t want to find out.  This is a work of fiction, and thus so will be the math.

The Author does not condone any of the actions performed in this story.  Most of this shit will land you in prison.  Don’t do it.  Except properly practicing the Scientific Method.  The world needs more of that.

This story is my entry in the October 2021 Story Contest, Tales from RavishU.

The following is an audit of BIO433, Advanced Biochemistry, offered at Ravishment University.

For most classes at RU, the names obscured the actual content. While there are many reasons for this, it made it difficult for the students to find the correct class to fulfill their educational requirements. No one signs up for International Microeconomics until they find out it teaches them how to get sex slaves across the border. Nobody enrolls in Indigenous Studies for the cultural heritage until they hear about the field trip of the gang rape on the reservation. Network Administration sounds boring until the professor hands out the syllabus listing the dates that students will learn how to hack into security cameras in the dorm halls. This is also true for Advanced Biochemistry, the date rape drug class.

Advanced Biochemistry focuses on the interactions of various chemicals on the human body. These interactions can influence behavior, enhance sensory input, cloud the memory, or cause physical reactions. This course, designed for upperclassmen and women, goes into explicit details on how various chemicals react with the body and each other. Students learn how to master those interactions for the best results.

The Biochemistry Department is chaired by Dr. Carl Von Roofenhausen. Following an ‘incident’ at his former place of employment, the doctor was relieved of his duties and generally blackballed through most of Academia. But this proved fortunate for RU, as his special skills and background fit a perfect niche. Along with his partner in the department, Dr. Genevieve Heyward-Barnes, they aspire to teach a new generation the joys of biochemistry.

The class is broken up into 4 major parts, each of which account for 25% of the student’s grade.

The first part is the lecture.  This part of the class focuses on traditional class time education where Dr. Von Roofenhausen and Genevieve Heyward-Barnes describe the various chemicals used in date rape drugs, how and why they affect the body, and what are the variables that a person must control for to achieve the perfect result.  Variables like Body Mass Index, recent exercise, food, and other imbibed chemicals have to be accounted for.  And it is up to the professors, affectionately referred to as “Dr. Roofie” and “Dr. GHB” to educate the students on how to handle them.  Too much of a drug, and the victim is completely unconscious for hours or could possibly die.  Too little and they’ll remember everything and fight back.  There is a sweet spot that the professors try to teach the students to work for, where the victim is still cognizant of their surroundings but won’t remember anything after sleeping it off.  The grading for this section of the class is determined through quizzes and tests.

The second part is the lab work.  Here, students are separated into groups and have to perform experiments in the class.  The lab meets once a week, and the groups are usually given multiple assignments throughout the year.  The lab assignments for the first two weeks are for the students to drug their lab mates and record their findings.  Each group will have one half of them drugged on the first week, and the second half drugged on the other.  It is up to the students to share their findings with each other.  The professors feel that it is important to be able to experience these effects first hand, so that in the future when they see these same effects in their victims, they’ll know exactly what to do.  While it is not encouraged for lab partners to play with or explore the bodies of those drugged during this experiment, it is not discouraged, either.  Sometimes, some of the best science comes from thinking outside of the box, even if it means putting your whole fist in her box.  After the introductory labs, students are each given volunteers to experiment on throughout the rest of the semester.  Most of these volunteers come from other local colleges under the guise of engaging in drug trials or sleep studies, though there are some students from other programs in RU that volunteer for extra credit in classes they’re struggling in.  The lab groups will often experiment with different chemical reactions and combinations to calculate the best result for them.  Once their volunteers are sufficiently ‘out of it’, the lab group will experiment on them to determine what reactions, if any, occur.  Afterward, they will interview the volunteers to see if there are any lingering aftereffects such as a feeling of tiredness, soreness in certain regions, weird tastes, or unusual dreams.  These labs will almost always build off of the lectures for the coinciding week, and cover one quarter of the student’s grade.

The third part is the final exam.  This exam encompasses all material covered throughout the semester and accounts for 25% of the final grade.  The exam traditionally is broken into three main sections.  Those are Chemical Traits, Delivery Methods, and the Problem-Solving section.  The Chemical Traits focuses on the makeup of each of the main drugs covered in the class, as well as how they interact with the body.  Using this knowledge, the students should be able to predict how to make their own drugs in the future.  Delivery Methods goes into explicit detail into the proper ways of introducing the drugs into the victim’s bodies, as well as improper ways and how to compensate for those.  Not everyone will have access to an alcoholic drink to spike so a person will have to improvise.  That improvisation will change variables like the amount of time the drugs will affect the victim, how much they need to imbibe, and how long until they take effect.  The third part is the Problem-Solving section.  This is the most creative part of the test, where the students will have to answer questions from each of the professors on various situations.  One of the classic questions that Dr. GHB likes to ask each year is her ‘Blood of Christ’ question.  “You are the priest in a church, and have targeted one of the parishioners to be your next victim.  She stands 5’2”, weighs 115 pounds, and partakes in communion every week.  She will be at the ‘Coffee with the Congregation’ event after the service, and she typically drinks one cup of coffee with cream and three sugars.  She will eat one Boston Crème donut if it is available.  Given this information, describe the best way to ensure that she is sufficiently incapacitated for you to have your way with her.  Justify your answer with proper examples.”  Previous answer examples included spiking the wine for the entire congregation, drugging her donut, preparing a coffee especially for her with GHB, and lacing one glass and giving it to her.  It came out a few years ago that Dr. GHB was a senior member in her church and was accused of drugging and raping one of her flock.  Nothing ever came of that case.

The final part of the grade is the Group Project.  This is an opportunity for the students to put into practice all of the skills and tricks they’ve learned over the previous semester.  They are usually split into teams of 4-6 people, but it isn’t uncommon for only 2 or 3 people to count as a group.  Their project is put into practice the various methods they’ve learned in the class, record them, analyze the data, and look for ways they could improve.  The students are free to choose anything they’ve covered in class and expand upon that.  The only restriction that the professors put on the students is that they don’t use other students in this class as subjects, especially during finals week.

Unlike most classes, the group presentation takes place after the final exam.  This is due to the amount of work usually required to accumulate the data, run control group studies, and prepare the presentation itself.

This previous semester, five groups each performed experiments and presented their findings.

The first group, from Dr. Roofie’s class, tested the effect that exercise had on how fast date rape drugs spread through the body.  The group decided that the best method to do this was to compare how long it would take for an athlete to pass out from being drugged under normal conditions and while they were working out. 

For their subject, they selected Jordan, the roommate of one of the girls in class who was behind on her rent for the month.  Jordan was a very cute, petite brunette woman who was an avid soccer and tennis player.  The methodology was simple.  The roommate would first spike Jordan’s water on a night where she was staying at home and would record how much of the drug it took for her to pass out.  The roommate would record these findings, along with some other ‘evidence’ of inebriation and loss of faculties.  Then, the roommate would spike Jordan’s workout water bottle with the same amount of drugs it took to knock her out while resting.  The group would time Jordan from when she first drank and how long it took for her to become intoxicated while running. 

The group presented their findings.  After 45 minutes of drinking water, it took approximately 100mg of ketamine for Jordan to completely lose focus of her surroundings, so much to the point that she never even once woke up as her roommate undressed her, ate her out, and fisted her.  After cleaning her up and moving her to bed, she began the second part of the experiment and spiked Jordan’s water bottle with the same amount of ketamine and alerted the rest of the group to wake up early and pay attention.  Though the roommate was sleeping, hidden cameras tracked Jordan’s progress through the morning as she dressed in a pair of spandex yoga shorts, a black sports bra, and tennis shoes.  After a couple minutes, Jordan was behind their apartment running on the trail.  Considering that she liked to run a 5k every morning, the group members were located strategically along her running path, which was provided ahead of time thanks to her Strava account.  The group waited as she ran.  It took Jordan 22 minutes to run her 5k.  As she finished, her water was still 3/4th full.  She finished the water bottle immediately after finishing her run as she walked back to her apartment.  The group followed behind.  Within a few minutes of arriving at her apartment, Jordan began to feel the effects of the ketamine and told her roommate that she “needed to lay down for a moment.”  The roommate marked the time when Jordan entered her room and when she was confirmed asleep.  It was at this time that the rest of the group came in to confirm that Jordan was in fact ‘knocked the fuck out.’  Dr. Roofie asked if that was a technical term, and the hall chuckled.  The group continued with their presentation, showing several minutes of footage gathered over the next few hours where each of the group members took turns having their way with the young woman.  The roommate rode her face while the 4 men in the group each took a turn fucking Jordan’s mouth, pussy, and ass.  Sometimes, more than once.  Once they were finished with Jordan, they cleaned her up as best as possible.  The roommate talked to Jordan when she woke up tired and sore all over, describing how she passed out after running.  Jordan remembered nothing following her run.

They were able to verify that it took less time from start to finish for the drugs to affect Jordan after she worked out when compared to her control experiment.  They surmised this was due to her chugging the water after her run in under two minutes.  Due to that speedy intake, she felt the effects more quickly than before.

The second group, from Dr. GHB’s class, wanted to compare the effects that alcohol had on the impact that drugs produced by using a pair of twins.  Under the guise of a study testing sleeping drugs, one twin would be given cranberry juice with 10mg of a GHB and Vicodin cocktail mixed in.  The other twin would be given the same amount of drugs, but it would be mixed with a shot of vodka.  The group would record their findings of how much it took each twin to get suggestable, intoxicated, and pass out.

The group selected a pair of twins from the neighboring art college who were looking to score a quick buck.  Cammy and Becky, aspiring actresses from nearby applied for and were accepted for the assignment.  They were each paid $500 for participating in the study.  Finding attractive twins studying acting willing to do crazy things for money was actually much easier than the group thought.  Securing the facilities for the sleep test were also a breeze as Dr. Roofie allowed the use of his personal study lab, as long as he “was allowed to witness the experiment.”  The twins were instructed to not eat any food for two hours before showing up and to bring sensible sleeping clothes, as this would be an all-night study.  Fortunately for the group, the twins did as instructed.

The twins were greeted at the door by Dr. Roofie, who gave the blonde bombshells an alias and told them that his graduate students would be handling the bulk of the work tonight.  Pizza was ordered for the girls and they had a meal before getting dressed in their pajamas.  As much of a cliché as it is, both twins wore matching sleepwear of a pair of pink and white striped shorts and a pink spaghetti-strap tank top.  Both of the twins had long, blonde hair and had bodies that didn’t quit.

After going through the questionnaire, the group decided to use Cammy as the control and Becky as the experiment.  Partly because Cammy started with a C, and also because Becky acted a little more like a bitch and two of the group members really wanted to pound her ass.

Cammy was given just the drugs in the cranberry juice while Becky was given the spiked vodka.  At the end of each hour, the girls were asked to answer a questionnaire rating how they felt, how tired they were, and if they noticed anything unusual.  Hour 1 was pretty calm on both fronts.  Becky noticed a significant drop in impairment in hour 2 while Cammy was just starting to feel sleepy and disassociate.  By the end of hour 3, Becky was barely staying conscious, and didn’t even notice the group members feeling her up or grabbing her tits.  Cammy was still awake, but was beginning to feel the effects with slurred speech and making distinct mistakes in her questionnaire.

The group made sure to give Becky another drink as soon as hour 4 began, though by this point she was almost passed out.  It took a little coaxing, but they got the drink down her throat.  As soon as she finished it, Becky was moved to the bed where the group members stripped her and began having their way with her.  It didn’t take long for the first circuit of the group members to fuck the blonde bombshell.

As for Cammy, by the end of hour 4 she was getting sleepy and suggestible, if not outright intoxicated.  The questions in this hour changed a little and drifted to the sexual.  Also, since Becky was already unconscious, it was determined to increase the GHB in Cammy’s drink to 50mg.  Spiking a drink with that much liquid ecstasy sure helped her open up to a whole new series of questions.  What started as “How are you feeling” quickly accelerated to a one-woman version of Truth or Dare where she answered truthfully how she wanted to fuck each and every person in the room.  The conversation soon headed to her bed, where each of the men and women did exactly to Cammy that she wanted them to do.  Cammy confessed that she’d never had her ass eaten before or been fucked by two guys at once.  Both of her desires came true that night before she passed out.  As she was going to bed, she was given a ‘sleeping pill’ to help calm her nerves.  It was a Vicodin, to mask any pain she might felt when she woke up.

The group continued fucking the girls throughout the night, even allowing Dr. Roofie to partake, as a way to thank him for his help in securing the facilities for the night.

The group found out that adding alcohol to GHB greatly increased its effectiveness in delivering the drug to the body and amplifying its impact.  This is likely due to the depressive tendencies of alcohol.

The third group came from Dr. Roofie’s class, and wanted to explore whether or not a mixture of Rohypnol and Vicodin could work in tandem to cover any feelings of physical distress.  While this finding has been discussed in class several times, the group felt that they wanted to test this out on one of their members.  Dr. Roofie was quite surprised by this at first, but seeing how the student in question, a gorgeous athletic brunette named Riley, was struggling in the class and needed a great performance on the group project to pass the course, she reluctantly acquiesced.

Over a span of two weeks, each night she was given a mix of one of four drinks.  They were a plain glass of fruit juice, a glass of fruit juice spiked with 100mg Rohypnol, a glass of Rohypnol and Vicodin measured out to a combined 100mg, and a glass of Rohypnol and Vicodin measured out to 200mg.  After taking the prescribed drink, one hour would pass before the rest of the study group (5 guys and 1 girl) would arrive at her house and proceed to gang rape her.  This would last for three hours and would include multiple acts of double penetration, sodomy, ass to mouth, vaginal fisting, and forced vaginal and oral sex.  The group would make sure to perform the same type of actions night after night for the duration of the two weeks.  Each morning, Riley would fill out a questionnaire, asking how she felt in the morning, how much she remembered, what her thoughts were during the events if she did remember anything, and what her guess was to which drug combination she was given.  Photos and videos of the various rapes were shown on the large projection screen in front of the lecture hall, and Riley looked very disturbed by what she saw.

The group found that mixing Vicodin with Rohypnol did impact how much Riley felt and remembered in the morning, but it was more to do with the amount and not so much with the mix.  She tended to feel and remember more from the lower dose of roofies than she did from just the roofies alone, but the full cavity soreness was worse.  The group’s recommendation was that dosage required on the desired effect.  If they wanted the victim to be pliable and suggestable, they should go with a smaller mixed dosage.  If the perpetrator wanted no record of their visit, a full dose of both was suggested.

As they left the stage, Dr. Roofie asked Riley to come sit next to him.  She walked over with her head hung low and meekly sat down between him and Dr. GHB.  It didn’t take long for him to start molesting her.

The fourth group came from Dr. GHB’s class and were curious to see whether or not these drugs could be used with stimulants such as cocaine.  The group’s hypothesis was that combining different types of drugs would have the target in a preferred state of arousal and suggestibility longer than just using the date rape drug alone.  They would find a girl who dug cocaine, give her some coke laced with ketamine, and gauge her reactions.

What they found, instead, was “a shitshow of epic proportions.”  The group described how their experiment went off the rails in a hurry.  Their plan was to have one or two women come over to a house party, do some spiked lines, and record things from there.  Instead, the party got out of hand.  They had a decent amount of coke for the experiment if one or two cokeheads showed up and all the Special K they would need to knock out a small college.  Instead, the one cokehead they figured would show up brought several of her cokehead friends.  And they brought their friends.  Pretty soon, the small house party grew out of control and became a block party when it spread to other apartments in the complex, then to the neighbors, and so on.  Pretty soon they ran out of coke but had more than enough Special K to go around.  The group had no way of keeping track of how much the cokehead girls were doing, what drugs they took, or what happened to the original party.  They were able to do field tests with ketamine and produced their findings after getting two of the original cokeheads, Veronica and Courtney, so “fucked up out of their minds” that they gladly put on a lesbian sex show for everyone. 

The study group addressed what went wrong, how it went wrong, how they would redo the experiment in the future, and why this went off the rails as much as it did.  To quote the group leader “Never trust a fucking cokehead to keep a secret.”

Dr. GHB appreciated how blunt they were, almost as much as she appreciated how deft Riley’s fingers were as she forced the co-ed to satisfy her.  Dr. Roofie made Riley jerk him off throughout the presentation.

Finally, the last group came from Dr. Roofie’s class and had the most ambitious experiment of all of the groups.  They wanted to see if it would be possible to take over an entire sorority house using only these drugs.  When asked why and how would it serve science, the leader of the group said “Because those bitches deserve it.”  Dr. Roofie disagreed, saying that they needed a better thesis for their experiment.  One of the brighter members of the group replied “We would like to put our knowledge to use in the real world by seeing how it could be used to facilitate group activities, and would members of the group react differently once they saw their roommates succumb to the effects of Rohypnol.” 

Dr. Roofie agreed that this was a much better thesis statement.  But he was still concerned that an entire sorority house might be too ambitious for these students.  After some research, planning, and considerable coordination, it was decided to work with one of the houses on campus during ‘Prank Week.’  Prank week was the week in the semester two weeks before finals where various Greek houses would trick each other.  Most of the time these pranks were benign, like letting farm animals loose in another house or pissing on them while they slept, but in the last few years two sorority houses in particular went to war.  Zeta Tau Alpha and Delta Delta.  It began a couple years ago when ZTA ‘kidnapped’ the boyfriend of DD’s president and ‘forced him’ to have sex with over 20 beautiful coeds.  They filmed this and presented it during the DD President’s graduation speech.  Since then, things have escalated back and forth, to where Prank Week has become an all-out war.

The group approached Stephanie, President of Delta Delta and offered their help.  After proving that they were not spies sent from ZTA, they proceeded to come up with a plan.  They would take over the ZTA Pledge Initiation Dinner.

The plan was simple.  The group would infiltrate the dinner as the catering staff and would spike several of the drinks and meals of the ZTA house.  Once ZTA realized that something was wrong, DD would enter, along with their twin fraternity Kappa Rho. Along with the group and caterers, the fun would begin.  DD had just one condition; the leadership of ZTA must suffer and witness their sisters being gang raped.  5 of the 30 women had to stay sober.

Getting in good with the caterers was easy.  The head of the on-campus special events catering company was an older man named Anthony, who loved to smoke, drink, and fuck.  He was a career chef who had a long line of hostesses, servers, and line cooks that he’s fucked over the years, so the chance to nail some ZTA tail appealed to him.  After Anthony finalized the menu and number of servings needed, the group went to work on finalizing the drugging plan. 

The plan was a little more complicated than first anticipated.  Since it was technically a school-sponsored event, they would have to abide by local laws for serving alcohol, so that ruled out spiking drinks.  Drugging the meals themselves was also ruled out, as this couldn’t be correctly controlled for.  This is when one of the group members had an idea.  They approached Anthony with a plan to offer sparkling juice or sparkling wine to the members as a celebratory toast.  The ZTA President, a young brunette named Cara, readily agreed.  After receiving confirmation, the plan was put in place to spike the sparkling wines and juices of everyone except the leadership.  Seconds and even thirds would be given if needed.

Since the dinner was planned for the ZTA house, it took a little bit of creativity to set up the proper recording equipment for the night’s festivities.  Good science requires data.  Fortunately for the group, one of their members is also a film student and was able to offer his services to help record and edit the footage.  ZTA was thrilled to hear this and jumped at the opportunity.  Of course, this meant a couple more people to participate, but what’s a few more people at an orgy anyway?

The night of the meal fast approached, and the proper amount of GHB was calculated to work with one full drink of alcohol or two drinks of juice.  Still, even one would make a woman suggestible.  The dinner went off without a hitch.  The food was delicious, the women dressed in semi-formal attire, and the speeches were long and boring. 

The group played the video of the rest of the night, starting with the final speech and toasts.  Most of the girls in the crowd drank their drinks quickly and asked for seconds.  The catering staff, most of whom were the group members or ex-cons, gladly served the girls more.  The ZTA President, Cara, continued to drone on and on for another 20 minutes when she noticed that several of the girls started to doze off.  The leadership council, which sat at the head table, were still awake and went around the room trying to wake their sisters up.  No one budged.  Most were slurring if they talked.  The Treasurer, a blonde named Rhonda, drank some of one of the half-finished glasses of sparkling wine.  She didn’t notice anything but a few minutes later began to feel a little woozy.

Cara began to yell at the staff, but she had a bigger problem as Stephanie from Delta Delta entered, followed by her sisters, the brothers of Kappa Rho, and a few other people they grabbed off of the street.  Cara was in a world of shit.

Stephanie grabbed Cara and told her what was happening, and that she was going to enjoy this.  She would be raped last and worst, after watching every one of her sisters go through Hell first.  The brothers from KR cleared off one of the front tables (the catering staff cleared the plates before the speeches) and grabbed Cara’s little sister, Shannon.  Shannon wasn’t just her sorority little sis, but her real life one too.  Stephanie’s boyfriend, a big guy named Zeke, pushed Shannon’s dress up over her hips and pulled her panties off.  Shannon was barely conscious as he rammed his dick into her.

All throughout the room, various unconscious and semi-conscious coed’s were manhandled, stripped, and raped.  Some tried to fight back, but most were either out or too far gone to say anything.  25 young women being abused by fraternity brothers, the science group, the caterers, and the sisters at Delta Delta.  And this didn’t include the 5 ZTA’s that made up the leadership council.  They were being taken care of on their own.

The Philanthropy Chair, a tall blonde named Rhonda, was held down bent over a table by two of the DD’s while a caterer with tattoo sleeves ripped her panties off and fucked her in the ass, using EVOO as a lube.  He was chided by Anthony at the next table for “wasting the good stuff.”  Anthony and his sous chef were balls deep in Amy, a brunette with large tits who was the Secretary.  Her sister, Tammy, was the Recruitment Chair and was busy eating out one of the DD’s, much to Tammy’s resistance.  The Treasurer, Mindy, a spunky redhead, was being DP’ed by two DD’s with strap-ons while their boyfriends held her in place.

The gang rape continued for several hours, with everyone changing positions and locations.  After a while, each of the drugged girls were tied down to their dinner tables and their clothes ripped off.  They were bound to where they were all facing the front of the room where Cara, the ZTA President, was the center of attention.  As they were coming around, they saw their chapter President being fucked by three people at once, five minutes at a time, by everyone in the room who wasn’t a ZTA.  If that round of attackers didn’t cum during those five minutes, then they were free to fuck anyone else in the room.  A lot of them chose her little sister Shannon to finish off in, and they made sure that the two sisters saw each other’s torment.

It was daylight when the festivities finally ended and the DD’s and KR’s left the ZTA’s tied to the tables.  One ZTA was left to untie her sisters.

According to RU lore, this was one of the largest gang bangs in university history, possibly only rivaling the 1995 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament when RU hosted the opening two rounds.  Back then, all of the teams and staffs were fucked at least once and the losers were shown no mercy by the winners.

Dr. Roofie asked the group several questions, all while forcing Riley to give him a blowjob.  The Dr. asked the group how did they feel their experiment go, and what did it bring to the world of biochemical science.  They answered that they felt it was a rousing success, and showed what could be done with these drugs at larger scales.  Riley gasped around Dr. Roofie’s cock as Dr. GHB fisted her.  He thanked the groups for their time and said that he and Dr. Heyward-Barnes had some important matters to discuss, so everyone should take a break for 30 minutes while they discussed the grades.  Riley looked up pitifully as he said, “Not you, you’re not done yet.”

After the break, the groups returned.  Riley returned to sit with her group, her skirt disheveled and her blouse now tied around her as the buttons were now scattered around the lecture hall.

The group project grades were revealed publicly while the individual grades would be disclosed privately after this session.  The worst group grade was a C- and went to GHB’s second group.  Their premise of testing the use of cocaine and ketamine together was promising, but as the project turned into a “shitshow” the group was not able to properly execute their planned experiment.  They at least put effort into explaining how things went off the tracks and what could be done better in the future. 

All of the groups breathed a sigh of relief.  If a C- was the worst, then that meant that everyone did at least as good as that.  The next group was Dr. Roofie’s first group, the one that experimented on Jordan the athlete.  That project earned a B-.  While the data collected was good, the scope of their experiment was small.  They only had one athlete that they drugged and used.  In the future, if they were to repeat this experiment, it was recommended that they use several athletes if possible.  Though, given the nature of the experiments and the general opinion of using humans as test subjects, certain restrictions made sense.

The next group project grade was, surprisingly, the ZTA attack with a B+.  While the faculty agreed it was one of the most impressive events they have ever seen, it fell outside of the scope of a standard science experiment and did not add much to the collective knowledge of the scientific community.  But they did earn their grade with sheer scale and audacity of the experiment.  As Dr. GHB said “We asked for an experiment, and you gave us performance art disguised as a how-to guide.  This would be an A in any infiltration class and will be talked about on campus for years, but it’s not what we asked for.”

The second highest grade in the class was Dr. GHB’s experiment with the twins.  They earned a solid A-.  The only thing keeping them from a higher A were some discrepancies in the questionnaires provided to the girls.  Becky was too intoxicated to give her answers on how aroused she felt, so therefore there was no baseline to compare Cammy’s answers to.  Also, increasing the dosage so quickly caused the results to skew towards suggestible behavior.  Those were the only nitpicks they had.

The highest grade went to Riley and her group for their in-depth experiments into drug combinations over two straight weeks of gang rapes.  They used built-in controls for their experiments, used a double-blind method of gathering data, and the sheer amount of abuse that Riley endured was to be commended.  In fact, the doctors insisted that everyone in the class congratulate Riley personally for a job well done.  The faculty made a point to inform the students that the lecture hall was reserved for the next 90 minutes and that the doors locked from the inside. 

Everyone took turns congratulating Riley.  They congratulated her in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass many, many times over the next hour and a half.  Often times two or more people congratulated her at once.  She was thankful when everything was over.  Very thankful.
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Re: Dr. Roofie’s Advanced Biochem Class
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With a title like "Dr. Roofie's Advanced Biochem Class" how could a person NOT want to read this story?  :emot_rotf.gif:  I'm not totally sure about Dr. Roofenhausen's and Dr. GHB's credentials as real doctors.
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Re: Dr. Roofie’s Advanced Biochem Class
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Re: Dr. Roofie’s Advanced Biochem Class
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Intoxicating! Riley seems a worthy winner and a sweet slut!  :-*

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Re: Dr. Roofie’s Advanced Biochem Class
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A creative idea for the topic, I can almost imagine the school's advertising brochure. Merit for the line "some of the best science comes from thinking outside of the box, even if it means putting your whole fist in her box."  :emot_laughing.gif:
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