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Re: Pharma (Chapter 48 Posted)
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God to be a fly on the wall as they try to eat in a bait shop, hoping their table didn't have a view of the worm cooler! Really good to read of them all hooking up for some loving sex since we know what kind of sex is soon coming! Merit to be awarded when allowed!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 49 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Fortunately the bait shop side of the store has most of the live bait hidden from the diner's view.  Now that we've seen one half of Friday's story, it's time for the other half.

Chapter 49 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 49 Posted)
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Chapter 49(M/F, MMF/F, bond, ncon, setup)

For the last leg of the journey, Steve took over driving duties.  As good as Bubbles was with his truck over the last hour, she was a little skittish about parking something as big as a RAM quad cab with an extended bed.  This truck was not designed for small parking spaces.  It was designed for work, showing off how impressive it is, and distracting the rest of the world from the owner’s small penis.  Though in Steve’s case, he genuinely uses the vehicle for work and not penile enhancement.

It was about 4:30PM when they arrived at the hotel.  Sam checked in using the fake name he was given to use by Bob, Buderick Bundy.  Apparently Bob was a Married with Children fan back in the day.  After a smooth check-in, the three of them moved their luggage into the hotel.  One advantage to being in a hotel in the middle of the woods with ample hunting grounds nearby was that no one batted an eye at the veritable arsenal they brought with them. 

When they arrived in their room, they saw a little gift basket from room service waiting for them, along with fresh flowers in a vase.  The card was addressed to Bubbles, from Bob.  “I look forward to having the pleasure of hosting you and Sam on my yacht boat yacht tonight at 9PM.”  It was signed Bob and smelled like perfume.  Bubbles and Sam knew they were going to meet Bob for a business meeting, but this removed any hidden subtext from the operation.  9PM was late, and everyone was starving.  Since Steve didn’t have any perfume-laden invitations of his own, he decided to pick up dinner for everyone while Sam grabbed some extra supplies from the nearby shops.

Meanwhile, Bubbles stayed behind and touched up her hair and applied the temporary tattoos all over her body.  She knew the risk she was putting herself in tomorrow, and her best hope of getting away was disguising herself.  She’d have the pink hair curled up, the fake tats on her arms, legs, neck, and chest, and the green contact lenses.  Even if she used her real name, everything was so fake about her that she doubted they’d even believe Kim was her name when everything was said and done.  Still, if she did decide on a fake name, she’d need to settle on it and get into character before too long. 

Plus, she wanted to dress to impress for tonight’s dinner.  If this Bob character was half as charming as he was ruthless all those years ago, then she’d gladly fuck him.  She had done a little research on him over the last couple days about his actions in the past decades and he was an interesting character, to say the least.  It wasn’t that she was attracted more to men or women, but personalities and spirits.  She preferred women on a physical level more than men, but would sleep with men when the desire came up, there was something to gain, or there was a special connection.  Sam fit most of those checkboxes and they shared something special, but they also weren’t exclusive.  From what she’s learned of Bob, he can be charming and suave one moment, and a killer the next.  Literally.  To be so tied down to world while being above it at the same time, it excited her.

Yeah, she was getting laid tonight.  She just hoped Sam wouldn’t make things weird.  Then again, he can make weird pretty sexy.


‘What does one get when having a meeting with their first crime boss?  Are flowers appropriate?  Candy?  A fancy handgun?  A bottle of booze?  What if he’s a recovering alchy?  I should do some research.’  Sam had a hundred thoughts going through his head as he hit up the various shops around the resort.  They had their main supplies for the weekend, but he needed to make sure they didn’t forget anything.  Nothing like tying up four women to realize there wasn’t enough rope.  Which, he made sure to get enough rope.

Sam asked around as discreetly as he could to see if Big Bobby K liked to drink.  It didn’t take long to get a resounding yes.  Sam decided to get Bob a nice bottle of whiskey, a single malt aged 12 years.  It was expensive enough to show respect but not crazy expensive that a car would be cheaper.  A few hundred dollars for a bottle should do the trick.

Sam’s shopping cart looked like he was ready for a hunting trip.  Rope, zip ties, scissors, a tent, some extra socks, ammo, lighters, and the like.  Of course all of it was expensive, but that’s the price to pay for last minute shopping at a resort.


As Steve walked down the street by the resort, he received a text from Sam.  Joe and Mari would be in soon, and could he grab them something to eat as well.  After a little back and forth, he picked up a small party platter from Hook’s.  It was only after he had his hands full of food that he saw them approaching from down the road.

James and Tommy.  And a gaggle of others.  It was the women he’s supposed to rape tomorrow.

Steve turned on his heel and went the other way, as fast as he could.  He almost ran into a small family as they walked down the road, looking at the various sights and sounds.  When he slowed down a few seconds later, he turned to look.  Tommy was leading everyone inside of Hook’s.

Steve sighed.  A moment later, and he was busted.  He walked back to the hotel, food in hand.


Joe and Mari pulled into the parking lot a little after 7PM, rested and rejuvinated.  It’s funny how relaxing and fast a drive can be when there aren’t 3 kids in the back fighting or screaming or needing to pee every 20 minutes.  They arrived calm and happy.

It took a few minutes to walk to the hotel and their room.  When they arrived, they were greeted by an Asian woman with pink hair covered in tattoos.  They looked at each other, confused for a moment, waiting for the other to speak their recognized confusion into existence.

“Is Sam around?”  Joe asked.  He was pretty sure this was Bubbles in front of him, but wasn’t 100% until she spoke.

“Yeah, he’ll be back in a few minutes.  C’mon in.  Dinner’s on its way.”  Sam and Mari entered, and the door closed behind them.  Once everyone was in the room, they made their introductions.  Just as Joe thought, this was Bubbles.  Surprisingly, he hadn’t met her in person yet.  Sam and Joe were best friends for 20 years but it wasn’t until recently that Sam and Bubbles started going out in public with each other as a quasi-couple outside of their little circle, and Joe’s been super busy the last few months.  Now that everyone in the room was part of the Club, meeting each other wasn’t as frowned upon as before.

Sam returned a few minutes later and brought his supplies with him.  Steve must’ve been on the next elevator as he was hot on Sam’s footsteps, and a little panicked.  He told them that he almost ran into James and them by accident.  They agreed that except for Sam and Bubbles’s meeting with Bob, the rest would stay in or near the hotel for the rest of the night.  Besides, it would give them a chance to plan things out.


Bubbles and Sam made the short walk from the hotel over to the marina shortly before 9PM.  They were both dressed well, especially Bubbles.  While Sam wore a long-sleeved teal button-up with the cuffs rolled up and a pair of shorts and dock shoes he found from Tommy Bahama, Bubbles wore a fuchsia skater dress with silver pumps.  Her long pink hair was curled, and she looked every bit a million bucks.

“How you think this is gonna go?”  She asked Sam as they walked to the pier.

“Not a clue.  You know he wants to fuck you, right?”  Sam said, a note of concern creeping into his voice.

“Gee, ya think?  Never got that impression, not from the flowers or any of the conversations with him where he said he wanted to fuck my brains out.”  She was as sarcastic as she was beautiful.  Sam still looked worried.  They stopped before getting to the pier, Bubbles putting her hand on his arm then grabbing his hand.  “Listen, we’re all adults here.  If he’s half as charming as his reputation precedes him to be, I was probably gonna fuck him anyway.  Hopefully this is just a business meeting but if it gets out of hand, we’ll play it cool.  Besides, if you can get something out of this, he gets what he wants, and I get what I want, everyone wins.”

“And what’s that?”  Sam asked. 

Bubbles paused for a moment before responding.  “Three things from my bucket list.  Fucking a serial killer, fucking a really rich dude and fucking on a yacht.” 

Sam paused, and looked at her quizzically.  “What the hell else is on your bucket list?”

“Starting a riot, shit in the Grand Canyon, skydive naked, and trip someone during the running of the Bulls.” Bubbles saw the look on Sam’s face and comforted him.  “I’m kidding on that last one.  I don’t like running that far.  Hey, we still have us and will still have each other when this is over.  You’re not getting rid of me that easily.” 

“You’re awesome.”  Sam said to Bubbles.  It was the closest they’d gotten to saying ‘I love you’ since they became a quasi-couple.

Bubbles kissed him.  “You’re pretty good yourself.”  She checked his mouth for any lipstick, then did a quick check of her own with her compact before getting to the pier.  A tall, skinny man stood there blocking them.

“Mr. Mapleton, Ms. Park, welcome.”  They were caught off guard.  Bob had their real names.  The man opened a box lined with black felt.  “Please deposit your cell phones, smart watches, any electronics you have on your person.”  Sam put his phone in the box.  Bubbles followed with her phone and watch.  “Mr. Kuntzmann is waiting for you above deck.”  He motioned past him.  Sam and Bubbles made their way past him to the first and only boat docked at this pier, the Ballbuster Deluxe VIII.  Sam guided Bubbles as she climbed on board and up the step ladder onto the main deck.  One of Bob’s men unmoored the boat as soon as they were both on the main deck.

“Welcome aboard!  Grab a drink, grab a slice, and grab something to hold on to.”  Bob said as the boat lurched forward, heading towards the middle of the lake.  As they disappeared from shore, the only illumination was the half-moon above.  Bob stuck his hand out to shake Sam’s.  “Bob Kuntzmann, most people call Bob.”

Sam grabbed the hand and shook back.  “Sam Mapleton.”

Bubbles extended her hand.  “Kim Park, but you can call me Bubbles.” 

Bob took her hand and kissed it.  “A true pleasure to meet you.  Please, sit, grab a bite.  We’re almost to our destination.  I don’t like being too close to the shore when discussing business with someone for the first time.”  Bob said as he piloted the yacht.

Sam and Bubbles sat down, Sam still holding his gift of 12-year-old Whiskey.  “Wasn’t sure if I should bring anything, so I brought some whiskey.”

“Thank you.  Don’t know what you like, so I had the chef’s make a couple different pizzas.  There’s a Margherita, a shredded kangaroo steak and caramelized onions with balsamic glaze, and potato and prosciutto.  Highly recommend all three.  The kangaroo is a little leaner than beef, but works great on a pizza.  If you want to bust open that bottle, go ahead.”  Sam and Bubbles checked out the pizzas.  It wasn’t what they expected for dinner on a yacht, but they had very little previous experience to go off of.  Sam started with the kangaroo while Bubbles went for the potato and prosciutto.  Sam was impressed. 

“This is good.  Where do you get kangaroo around here?”

“The local zoo’s security is very lax nowadays.”  Bob said.  Bubbles laughed.  “Just kidding, there’s a farm nearby and they’re becoming a nuisance.  They’re all cute and shit until one of them decides to kick you in the dick.  I enjoyed eating that sumbitch.”  Bob stopped the boat, their forward momentum slowed to a crawl.  “Here we are.”  Bob said, turning off the engine.  He sat down next to them, and poured three glasses.

Over dinner, the three of them learned a little about each other.  Bob admitted to being a fan of Bubbles’s work on the Club’s site, while Bubbles admitted she became a big fan of Bob’s ‘early work’, according to the sites she read and such.  She had to ask if the stories were true.  “I haven’t checked if you’re wearing a wire yet, but they’re as true as you want them to be.”  Bob took a sip of his whiskey.  “Which, by the way, you aren’t wearing wires, are you?”

“Nope.”  Bubbles said.

“Not me.”  Sam replied.

Bob nodded.  “Good, hate to have to leave new friends out here if you were.  We’re at least a mile, mile and a half from shore so you’d have to be a world-class swimmer to get back.”  Bob cracked a smile that scared Sam and intrigued Bubbles.  “So, business.  I have an opportunity for you two.  Mostly Sam, but you might have a role in it too, Bubs.  How much have you been paying attention to the housing situation down in and around Harbor City?”

Sam almost coughed.  The housing situation was bad for regular people but great for him.  Rents were rising, property was flying off the market driving up values, and anything he offloaded was gone in a week.  The biggest problem was out of towners coming in and screwing things up.

“It’s pretty hot, but there’s too many groups from out of town buying up everything they can get their hands on.  Why you ask?”  Sam asked.

“I want to get in on some fresh projects in Harbor City, but my past disallows me from working down there.  I need a proxy.  I’d like those proxies to be you.”

“Us?”  Bubbles asked.

“Yes.  Once I found out who you were, I knew that we had some things in common, least of which is our…after school activities.  We’re both in the building business of sorts, we’re both used to getting our hands dirty to solve problems.  But where I can’t go, you have free reign.”

“And you need us to be your face down in Chester County?”  Sam asked, biting on another slice of kangaroo pizza.

“Exactly.  See, I pretty much own Hiawatha County at this point but I can’t do any work down South.  It’s a very long story.”

“Does it involve That Mother Fucker?”  Bubbles asked.  Bob raised his eyebrows.

“Yes it does.  James tell you about him?”

“A little.  He gave a quick primer on you after rumors started about an offering that was vetoed.  The rest I found on the web, put 2 and 2 together.”  Bubbles responded to Bob’s query.

“Let’s just say there’s many reasons I don’t work down there anymore, and That Mother Fucker is responsible for most of them.”  Bob said, pausing to take a sip of whiskey.  “So, terms.  You two and I work together.  Set up some companies to keep my name as far away from this as possible.  I provide most of the capital, you do the work.  The shares are split based off how much you invest in each project.  You don’t chip anything in, you don’t get much back.  We go close to halfsies, you get more.”

“What kind of projects?”  Sam asked.

“Mostly affordable housing, lower rent apartments, duplex conversions in nice neighborhoods, shit like that.  I want to put blacks and minorities in white neighborhoods, a little bit of reverse gentrification.  My old neighborhood was pretty much gutted by hipsters and NIMBY fucks that immediately destroyed the culture and flavor of the town.  They shut down the local shoe shop, turned it into a vegan bakery.  Also, there’s money to be had.”  Bob took another sip of whiskey before continuing.  “Mapleton Realty has a reputation for affordable housing so you expanding your footprint makes sense.  No one will really question an outside investor coming in to help you, nor would anyone doubt that you have the capital or ability to raise capital for a building project.”  Bob said, before taking a sip of whiskey.

Sam looked at him for a moment, his business sense flashing a warning.  “There’s something you’re not telling us.  What is it?”

Bob smiled that toothy grin of his.  “I knew I’d like you.  You smell something a little off.  Let’s just say that the money isn’t coming from me or my direct companies, but from alternative sources that…at some point in the process, we kind of lost the receipts.”

“It’s laundered.  You want us to launder your money into an investment so you can recoup it.”  Bubbles said in a flat tone.  He just nodded.

“Pretty much.  I’m doing all I can up here in Hiawatha county, but the real future is down in the city and Chester County.  White people are moving into black neighborhoods, pushing black people out.  They move out to the suburbs, and the Republican whites move further and further out until they hit the surrounding counties, including here.  I can control this place, but I can’t control Harbor City.  I don’t have a say in the matter.  You, you Sam, you have a say, you just don’t know it yet.  We’re gonna build affordable housing and make a fuckton of money doing it.  What’dya say?”  Bob stared at Sam, nodding along.  He waited for Sam to speak up, but it was Bubbles that said something first.

“There’s a lot of risk on all sides.  What’s the split?”  She asked, playing with the glass in her hand.

Bob smiled again, and pointed at everyone, going from himself to Sam to Bubbles.  “60/35/5 on a project with equal funding.  Ratio changes if I’m putting in all the money.”

“50/40/10.”  Sam replied.  He felt the first offer would be fair, but he knew the first rule of every negotiation was counteroffer.  Accepting the first offer insulted everyone in the process.

“55/35/10, but I want something in exchange for that extra 5%.”  Bob said, giving Bubbles a look that has gotten him laid more times than his lawyers would care to count. 

She leaned over, put her hand on his knee, and slowly let her hand wander up his leg.  “I think we have ourselves a deal.”

“Excellent.  I’ll have my lawyers start the paperwork next week and we’ll get the ball rolling.  To PKMS Development.  Or whatever you decide to call it.”  Bob raised his glass, the others raised theirs, clanking in cheers, before they downed them.


Whatever implications there were about how the night would go between Bob and Bubbles were replaced by action and activity.  Bob’s boat has two bedrooms on the lower deck.  In the bow is a king-sized bed, which Bob uses as his personal space when he’s on the boat.  In the stern was another bedroom, with a queen-sized bed.  After one more round of drinks and some heavy flirting then eventually petting and kissing and grinding between Bubbles and Bob, they headed down to his room.  Bob offered Sam the rear cabin.  “There’s some entertainment in there to keep you company.  Just in case this happened this way.  No permanent damage, I need to return her soon.”  The thought intrigued Sam, but he wanted to finish his glass before going downstairs.  He wanted to finish his drink before taking the chance of seeing his girlfriend fuck a crime boss.

In Bob’s bedroom, he and Bubbles stripped each other like it was a race.  Bob had found out a long time ago that money and power is a better cologne than Axe or Curve will ever make.  He peeled off her dress, admiring all of her tattoos.  She pointed out they were temporary, needed for tomorrow’s mission.  He stripped her out of her pink bra and matching panties, then kissed her all the way down her body and down to her freshly shaven vagina.  He kissed and licked her for several minutes, enjoying her intoxicating musk.  As she was on the brink of an orgasm, they switched into a 69 with her on top.  It didn’t take Bob long in that position to make her cum, and as soon she regained her senses, she mounted him.

“Tell me what it’s like.”  Bubbles said, moving up and down on Bob’s cock.

“What what’s like?”  He grabbed her hips, guiding her movements.

“To kill.”  The silence hung in the air, only separated by their heavy breathing.

“Only if you tell me what’s it like to rape your girlfriend.” 

This was gonna be the strangest pillow talk ever.

When Sam made his way downstairs, he wasn’t sure what to expect.  ‘Entertainment downstairs, need to return her.’  Sam figured that Bob might have had a call girl or escort in there, probably on standby.  What he saw instead was a beautiful naked young woman, handcuffed to the bed.  She had long brunette hair, a ring gag in her mouth, and the words ‘Fuck Toy’ and ‘Free Use Cunt’ written on her.  He saw a whiteboard with something written on it.

‘Hi, I’m Madelyn Kosar.  I’ve been very bad.  My parents aren’t being nice, but maybe if I’m punished, they’ll see fit to do the right thing.  Please, use me sir.  Or Ma’am.  They say I need to eat more pussy and ass to mouth to be a good girl again.  P.S. Use protection and wear a mask’

She looked up at him with fear in her eyes.  Sam smiled.  He could see a camera in the corner.  He knew the name Kosar from work.  They ran a construction business that specialized in building shitty, overpriced condos in poor neighborhoods.  He could see why she was here.

Madelyn thrashed around as Sam stripped and climbed in the bed, only wearing one of the masks by the bed.  He was on her and in her in less than a minute, savoring her cries and pleas through her gag.  He fucked her pussy just long enough to enjoy the feeling, but knew that the sign had a great suggestion.  He soon pulled out of her twat and started pounding away at her ass.  She cried a glorious cry.  Thank fuck they were on a boat in the middle of the lake.

As he pulled out of her ass, he climbed on the bed and grabbed her hair tightly.  The ring gag held her mouth open as he shoved his dick in her mouth, forcing her to taste her own ass as he came in her mouth.  After cumming, there was a knock on the door.  It was Bubbles, and she was naked.

“Hey, could we borrow your pet?”  She asked, looking sexy as hell.

“Sure, grab a mask and come on over.”  Bubbles and Bob both masked up for the camera, and all three spent the next hour degrading poor Madelyn.  She went ass to mouth once more and was forced to eat Bubbles’s pussy until the Asian woman came twice.  All this while being raped and abused by Bob and Sam.  Even out of all of it, the loudest screams came when Bubbles attached binder clips to Madelyn’s nipples and clit. 

They all enjoyed their fun thoroughly for that hour, until they returned to shore.  After all, they had a big day coming up.


“Really bro?  You have one of the best seafood places in the state, and you get chicken?”  Joe said as he had some of his chicken fried rice.

“It was part of the family meal.  For them family means that picky kids will be there, so might as well not even waste the good fish on them, give those little fuckers the nuggets and let’s put some chicken fried rice in there because perch fried rice isn’t that common.”  Steve said, drinking a bottle of water and typing on his phone.

“Would’ve been delicious.  I’d eat that.”  Joe said.

“Same.”  Chimed in Mari.

“So, let’s break this down one more time.”  Joe said, between bites of chicken fried rice left over from dinner a couple hours back.  “Just so there’s no confusion.”  He looked around the hotel suite.  It was a two-bedroom room with a spare couch and a chair.  He sat on the edge of one bed while Steve sat on another.  Mari, Joe’s wife, sat in a chair eating fried fish and French fries with some hush puppies and coleslaw. Steve had a similar meal to Mari’s.  After a finishing his current bite, he spoke.

“You two arrive and go full Karen on everyone, piss them off, tell them you have keys to the cabin and they’re in the wrong place.  You’ll call the desk and bitch but it’s not the front desk, it’s one of our guys.  They’ll call back every fifteen minutes.  When you don’t pick up twice in a row, that’s their clue to know shit’s started.  Work out your cover story and names yourself but stick to it.”  Steve said.

“We’re just Joe and Mary Parker.”  Joe said. 

Mari looked at him incredulously.  “Seriously?  Joe and Mari are using the aliases of Joe and Mari, and your grandmother’s maiden name?”

“Yep.  The best lies are built around the truth.  But this will work because we’ll be victims at first.  We go full Karen, piss off everyone, you come in, I try to go all hero, you, one of you, beat me up a little.  Someone needs to hit me in the forehead, somehow.”  Joe said.

“Why the forehead?”  Steve asked. 

Joe pulled a sliver of metal, no bigger than a dime.  “This.  I’m gonna blade.  Add a little color to their lives.”

“Really?  This shit again.”  Mari said.  “You haven’t done that in 15 years, and even then it was a bad idea.”

“The best way to subdue a crowd into submission is make it look like you hurt one of them bad.  I do this, those women will scream and cry.”  Joe said.

“Done what in 15 years?”  Steve asked.

“And you know who’ll get stuck cleaning up that mess.”  Mari said.

Joe nodded.  “Blading, bro.  I haven’t done it since I was wrestling.  Mare, I apologize in advance.  You’re gonna get messy.  Give everyone an excuse to strip.  Bro, if you haven’t told our people yet, don’t.  I want them to be shocked too.  The girls will see the fear in their eyes and get even more scared.  They need to appear as victims the whole time.”

“Like with Blaine?”  Steve asked.

“Yep.  Hey, you ever hear from him or about him?”

“Naw, he’s out of the loop.  I’ve only seen him log in once or twice in the last few months.  Been real quiet.  But what was that about you wrestling?  You’re what, 5’7” and maybe 160 pounds?”  Steve said. 

“Yeah, did it for a few years in my early to mid 20’s.  I was okay, but would never make it big because I’m so short.  It was a fun thing to do on weekends before the kids showed up.  I was in a few deathmatches back in the day, bladed to give the match some color.  That’s what they call bleeding in the ring.”  Joe said. 

“Interesting.  No superkicks.” 

“No problem with that, I’ll probably pull a hammy standing up too fast.”  Joe quipped.  Steve laughed, then he paused for a moment, looking like he had to say something. 

“What is it?  Spit it out.”  Joe could see the look on Steve’s face that this was going to be awkward.

“Well, if the plan is you two starting as victims, we’re gonna have to do some shit to you, get you two involved.  Can’t pussyfoot around on this.  You know this, right?”  Steve said, looking more at Mari than Joe.

“I know.”  She said, pausing on her late meal.  “I have to be…raped…to make it believable.  I won’t lie, it’s been a fantasy for the last few months, and this is the closest I’ll get to it with it being safe.  Just don’t go jackhammer dick in my ass, okay?”

“Will do.  Well, won’t do.”

“And let’s not make this awkward, either.  Whatever happens up here, stays up here.  None of this follows us home.  Got it?”  Mari said, putting her Mom voice behind it.

“Got it.  And Sam?”

Mari sighed.  “If it happens, it happens, same rules apply.”  She turned to her husband.  “No snide comments about fucking me.”  Joe nodded.  “Speaking of Sam, how long till they’re back.”

Steve looked at his watch.  It was close to 10PM.  “Probably not for a couple hours.  Pool’s open till Midnight if you want to go down and check it out.”

“Sure.  One question, how we getting the key to their place?”  Joe asked.  Steve pulled up WhatsApp and showed him a message from his phone.

“Interesting.  Confirmed that’ll happen?”  Joe asked.

“Yep.  But just in case, you got your tools?”  Steve asked. 

Joe nodded.  “Just in case I have my little lockpick set.  I’d rather have this taken care of tonight, though.  I’ll have it figured out when you give me the go ahead.”


As James laid in bed, catching his breath from a good root, his phone buzzed.  He grabbed it, then looked at the notification.  It was a WhatsApp message from Steve, direct to him.  James listened to Steve’s advice about not checking the group messages throughout the day, just in case something went wrong and he needed an alibi in a hurry.  But this was a DM from Steve.  He double checked to make sure that Bianca was still in the bathroom before opening it.

“All good for tomorrow but need one thing.  Key.  Can make it work without but having is better.”

James thought for a moment.  If they need the key, that means Joe and Mari were in, which means this was on.  If they had a copy of the key, they would waltz right in, unlock the place, and make themselves at home while everyone was out hiking.  It was a great plan, but if they don’t have a key, it’ll fall apart.  He typed on his phone.

“Will place spare key outside under golf cart driver’s seat in a few minutes.”  James sent the message.

James leaned up and grabbed his undies and shorts, then slipped on his flip-flops.  He grabbed his phone and his key to the cabin.  Knocking on the door, he got Bianca’s attention.  “Oi, gonna get a quick drink, back in a bit.  Want anything?”

“Nothing to drink, but can you get my bag from upstairs?  It’s the black carry-on.”  Bianca said from in the bathroom.

“Sure, no problem.”  James replied.  He exited the bedroom and walked through the first floor.  He didn’t hear anything from upstairs, but felt like he could feel something beneath his feet, like a loud speaker.  He shrugged figuring it was probably Tommy and Aislinn playing some noise from the theater to cover their fucking.  ‘Good for them.’  He thought as he stepped outside, propping the front door open behind him.  It shouldn’t lock him out, but just to be on the safe side, he slid a rock in between the door and post.  He walked over to the golf cart and flipped up the driver’s seat.  He placed the room key in the cubby hole under the seat, then took a picture.  As soon as he sent it along with a confirmation message, he deleted the pic and then emptied the trash on the phone.  James then went back inside, closing the door behind him.

He made his way to the spare bedroom upstairs and knocked.  No answer.  He opened the door, no one was inside.  Perfect.  He looked at the two bags on the floor.  Both were black carry-ons.

“Shite.”  He was about to dig through the first one to see who it belonged to, then he remembered an important detail.  One bag had a claim ticket attached to it from a flight earlier this week.  Since Aislinn just flew from Melbourne a few days prior, that was a pretty good clue whose bag was whose.  He checked the other bag, opening it.  Most of the clothes were sizes 8 and 10.  He had no clue what that meant, women use the craziest sizes for their clothes, but since Aislinn was a model he assumed she was tiny.  It was only when he found a sports bra that was 38DD that he knew this was Bianca’s bag.  He may not know pants sizes, but he knows a pair of big ole titties when he sees them.  And sucks on them.  He closed the bag and returned downstairs.  As he came back down to the first floor, he noticed that the stereo was turned off.  He stuck his head down the stairwell, expecting to hear silence.  Instead, he heard Aislinn moaning and Tommy grunting.  They were still fucking.  He thought for a moment but saw some movement coming up the steps.  A shadow.  James moved back to his bedroom doorway, keeping an eye on the steps.  Drew walked up the steps, phone in hand.  He passed the first floor entirely and went back up the steps to his bedroom.

James thought about what he saw for a moment.  Drew had snuck downstairs, turned on the TV, turned it off, then went back upstairs while his wife either bathed or slept.  All the while, he was holding his phone instead of keeping it in his pocket.  Why would someone go through all of those steps to play a game on their phone?  They wouldn’t.  They’d only go to that much trouble to cover something up.  As virile as Drew was, there was no way he went downstairs to listen to Tommy fuck Aislinn or join in.  He’d hear about it right away.  Playing the TV covered up the noise from Tommy’s room, anyway.  Then James thought about the time difference.  It was almost Midnight in the East Coast of the United States, so it would be almost 2PM in Melbourne.  The way he looked at his phone was a little off, too.  If it was a business call, he wouldn’t look at it like a long-lost lover. 


That’s when it all clicked into place.  Drew couldn’t sleep so he called someone, but didn’t want wifey to know.  If it was a bloke, he’d text them and call it a day.  If it was work, he wouldn’t use his personal phone for the task and he’d probably be more pissed than he was going back up the steps.  No, it was a woman.  Most likely a woman, James didn’t discount that Drew could be switch hitting nowadays.  It was someone that Drew has a thing for.  That’s why he snuck as far away from his wife as he could to make a phone call.  If he were texting, he wouldn’t need to turn the Tele on.

James shook his head in disbelief.  Not all was well in the Williams’s household.  Not only was Morgana screwing Tommy but it looks like Drew had himself a mistress of his own back home.  He’d have to tread very carefully, but this also gave him something over Drew, something he might need over the weekend.



It was after Midnight when Joe left the apartment.  Just as everyone returned from the pool, Steve’s phone buzzed with a WhatsApp message from James.  He stowed the spare key in his golf cart under the front seat.  That’s when he knew he was heading out late at night.  After throwing on his clothes, he went for a little walk around the marina and bars, looking for a way to get to Running Bear cabin.  Joe came up with a plan to walk or steal a cart or hitch a ride back.

It was even easier than he thought to get the cart.  All he had to do grab one of the many golf carts parked along the street with the keys in the ignition, take it down to the Running Bear and Sleeping Bear cabins, get the key from the seat of James’s cart, and return.  At least that was the original plan.

As Joe climbed into one of the golf carts, his heart skipped a beat when a group of drunks came over to him.  For a moment, he thought they were going to kick his ass for taking their cart.

“Hey buddy, give us a lift.”  The drunk at the front of the pack said, not waiting for Joe to say no.  They were already in the cart before he pulled. Out.

“Where to?”  Joe asked, realizing he just became their Uber.

“Smiling Moose.  YEAH!!!”  One of the drunks yelled.  The leader pointed in a direction.  “That way!  Smiling Moose!”

Joe drove.  He had no clue what a Smiling Moose was, nor where it was.  He drove halfway around the lake until he found a little bar called the Smiling Moose, then dropped everyone off.  He made $50 in tips when one of them gave him a $50 instead of a $20 and said “Keep it, you earned it.”  Joe thanked them and drove off, leaving before they noticed the issue. 

As Joe tried to get to Running Bear cabin, he was stopped again by another party of drunk people.  Once again, he Ubered them to another bar, this time called Tiki Taki Toe.  At least he was back where he started, and made another $20.  Joe had three more fares and an offer to go home with a woman who resembled an NFL linebacker before he could finally make his way to Running Bear.  By the time he arrived, all of the lights were off and there were no signs of life.  After a quick search of the cart, he found the key.  All he had to do was return back to the hotel.

Of course that was easier said than done.  These carts when fully charged and not driven like an idiot could easily go 100 miles.  This cart was nowhere near fully charged when he stole it, and the extra journeys around the lake sucked up most of the juice it had left.  Joe didn’t realize he was almost out of battery until he was about a mile away from the main part of the resort, still on the secondary paths to the cabins when the cart lurched to a halt.

Joe abandoned the cart on the side of the trail and walked the remaining distance back to the camp, trying to enjoy the nature but having a hard time.  He lived in the suburbs and the city.  He was used to hearing cars all of the time and traffic and the occasional asshole blasting their stereo.  He wasn’t used to the sounds of animals running through the woods around him.  When he was about a half mile from the resort, he saw a cart come up the trail from behind him.  They had room and he hopped on for the ride back to the bars.  Out of kindness, he offered to pay for their next round, but they insisted they all drink together.  One round became a second, then a row of shooters.  By the time he was finally able to get away from his new friends, it was close to 2AM and he was a little more than tipsy.  Still, he made his way back to the hotel, about the same time Sam and Bubbles made their way back to the room.

Mari was not thrilled about how Joe went out drinking and she was stuck in the hotel room with Steve.  He promised to make it up to her somehow, but first he just wanted to go to bed.

Saturday was shaping up to be a very long day.


JC left his girl’s place shortly after Midnight and drove across Harbor City to get back to his apartment.  After a quick shit and change, he checked his rape kit and made sure that everything was in place.  He wasn’t sure how he’d get it to the scene yet, but he’d figure something out.  By 1AM, he was on the road.  A stop at a gas station to fill up, get an extra-large coffee, and some of those little white energy pills that truckers use, and he was on the road.

From the wrong side of Harbor City, it’s closer to 4 hours to get to Lake Hiawatha, and at night it should be a little faster but of course, one of the Podunk towns that’s a glorified speed bump on the road decided that tonight would be the perfect time to have a DUI checkpoint.  By the time he saw it, he couldn’t route around it and had to go through it.  That added more time to his journey.

By the time he arrived, it was early.  Early enough that he grabbed some drive-thru breakfast and coffee.  He called Steve when he was in the parking lot, though Steve didn’t think he’d get in that late.

When he arrived, the early risers were getting up.  Steve made room for JC on the bed, letting him try to catch a few z’s before the festivities started.  Still, JC was wired and tired.  He forced himself to catch about an hour or two on a nap while everyone else was getting ready in the morning.  As he finally drifted off, he had one image go through his mind over and over.

Bianca screaming as he raped her.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 49 Posted)
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Well have to Say Bob sure brings a new meaning to "Seal The Deal!" Love the background information about everyone concerned in this deal!

Got to wonder if the missing golf cart if going to throw a monkey wrench in to the planned assault!

Rally eagerly awaiting the actual attack to see if Joe does goes ahead with the "blading" or if he's actually is going to get cut by one of the ladies of Drew!

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 50 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I've had a lot of fun building the story to this point, and we're finally getting to Saturday where everything kicks off.

By the way, I make mention of Harbor City's hockey team, the Whalers.  Now, did I invent an entire city and universe just so I could resurrect the coolest logo in all of professional sports, that of the Hartford Whalers?  Maybe.  Wasn't the main reason but it was definitely in the top 5.

Chapter 50 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 50 Posted)
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Chapter 50(MF,oral,setup)

Drew was the first to wake up Saturday morning.  Even after his late-night call to Celeste, he still managed to wake up before anyone else.  He slept in, which for him is about 7:30AM.  He liked waking up early.  It was his way of tackling the day head-on.  No waiting to see how the day would screw him, wake up early and catch it by surprise.  It’s why he usually went to the gym so early and worked so early, because he was already up.  As soon as he adjusts to a time zone, he’s ready to leave for work by 5:30.

They didn’t cover their plans for Saturday or Sunday, so no one decided what time everyone should wake up.  But, seeing as how everyone is an adult and more than capable of being awake before Noon, Drew took the initiative.  He would brew some coffee, make some eggs and bacon and Vegemite toast.  He figured that if anyone was still sleeping by 9, he’d wake them up.


Bianca awoke to the sounds of running water and the smell of brewing coffee.  The water came from the attached bathroom while the coffee came from the kitchen right next to the bathroom.  She looked around, and saw James in the bathroom, wearing a pair of gym shorts, brushing his teeth. 

James.  She slept with him last night, and it was great.  Best sex she’s had in a long time.  Only sex she’s had in a long time, so it wins by default but still great.

She leaned up from the bed, looking around.  She still had her clothes and swimming trunks from last night.  As she looked around for something else to wear, James spoke up from the room next door.

“I hope that’s your baggage I dragged in last night.  Otherwise Aislinn’s gonna be pissed.”

Bianca looked down, and saw her bag on the floor.  “Thanks.”  She said as she grabbed a couple items from it, a pair of panties, her toothbrush and toothpaste.  “How big is that bathroom?”

“Right big.”  James said.  She hoped that meant ‘big enough for two people to brush at the same time.’  She slipped on her underwear and went to check it out.  Sure enough, it was more than big enough.  She walked up behind him and hugged him, kissing him on the back of the neck.

“Morning Sunshine.”  She said.  He paused for a second, deciding whether to kiss her first or spit out the toothpaste.  The toothpaste won.  After spitting and wiping his mouth, he leaned over and kissed her before she started.

“Mornin’ B.  Hope ya slept well.”  James stepped to the side, letting her get a better angle on the sink.

“Good, you?”

“Like a baby.”  James said.

“Really, cause I didn’t hear any crying, didn’t see you wake up 4 times, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t piss the bed.  Cause that’s how babies sleep.”  Bianca said, getting James to laugh.

“Think Drew’s making brekky, he’s a good cook.”

“Brekky. That’s breakfast, right?  I’ll be there in a few minutes.”  She said.  James left the bathroom to let her finish.  They’ve seen each other naked but are nowhere near the ‘I’ll pee in front of you’ phase.


Tommy had the most amazing dream.  Whatever it was, it was warm and wet and on his cock.  Then he realized this this wasn’t so much a dream, but a wakeup call.  He opened his eyes.  The sheets were pushed all the way down past his legs and something brown was bobbing up and down in his lap.  It was Aislinn, and she decided to start the morning off with a little head.  He groaned, and she looked up.  She lifted her head and smiled.

“Bout time ya woke up.”  She didn’t say anything else, just climbed on top of Tommy and mounted him.  Fuck Folgers, THIS was the best part of waking up, a hot chick riding your dick.  They started with her on top, then rotated to missionary before finishing up in doggy.  The way she looked and felt, the way he filled her up, it was a great way to start the morning.

As they finished up, they saw the time.  8:15AM.  That’s when Aislinn realized she made a slight mistake.  All of her clothes except her swimming trunks were in her baggage upstairs, on the top floor.  She was in the bottom floor with Tommy.  Between them laid the kitchen, where Drew was almost certainly cooking and others would be there soon.
“Oi, mind if I borrow some shorts and a shirt?”  She asked Tommy as she headed to the bathroom to clean up.

“Sure.  Gimme a sec.”  Tommy pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and gym shorts, along with a plain black t-shirt.  He grabbed a black Harbor City Whalers shirt that had the sleeves cut off along with another pair of gym shorts and put them aside for Aislinn.  When she came out of the bathroom, he handed them to her.  They kissed quickly, realizing that morning breath still sucked even after a quick fuck.  “I gotta spare toothbrush, too.”

“You are bloody amazing.”  She said, looking up into his eyes.


Morgana felt like shit when she woke up.  Her stomach was spinning like a vinyl record and her head thumped like a bass drum.  She tried to think back to how many drinks she had the day before.  It was quite a lot, but spread out over time.  She didn’t usually get hung over from that.

She figured Drew was already downstairs.  That was confirmed by the smell of brekky and some small talk between Bianca and Drew and James.  Morgana threw on a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops, brushed her teeth, then headed downstairs.


This wasn’t the first time Aislinn had done the walk of shame, nor the first time that her family caught her walking home late at night or early in the morning.  This was the first time that it both happened, but it was the first time it was so blatant.

Aislinn and Tommy were the last two to join the table for breakfast.  Drew was wrapping up the last of the eggs and bacon, giving everyone a slice of vegemite on whole wheat toast along with their coffee and juice.  James and Bianca sat at the table next to each other, opposite Morgana who had a front row seat to them coming up from the basement.  She laughed, then shook her head. 

Drew was the first to say anything.  “Oi sis, I thought your room was upstairs.”  Aislinn walked past Drew and sat at the table.  Tommy was a few feet behind her, still wearing that ‘I just got laid’ grin.  As Tommy sat down, James asked a hockey question.

“So, didya see the Whalers game last night?”  James asked.  Tommy knew there was no hockey at this time of year.  It was early September; training camp was just ramping up and the regular season wouldn’t start for 6 weeks.  But Aislinn, who has never seen an ice hockey game in her life, had no clue what James was talking about.

“Huh?”  Aislinn said, grabbing a cup of coffee that was on the table and taking a sip.  She winced, realizing it wasn’t sweetened or anything.

“The Whalers game.  Musta been a helluva banga last night.”  James said with a grin.  Bianca was giving him a glare.

Aislinn thought he was talking to Tommy until she saw him talking directly to her, then looked down at the shirt she had on.  Harbor City Whalers, with a big H and W that turned into a whales’ tail.  She paused for a moment, then said the first thing that came to mind.

“Yeah yeah, great game.  They scored 3 last night.”  Aislinn said, reaching for the sugar.

“3.  3 what?”  James asked.

“3…runs?”  Aislinn said.  She saw Tommy shake his head.  “Baskets?”  Tommy shook again.  “Goals?”  He nodded.

“Is that a lot?”  James asked one more time.

Aislinn paused for a moment.  “Umm, depends on the context.”

“James, stop being a dick.”  Bianca said, playfully hitting him in the arm.  He laughed.

“C’mon, just havin’ a bit of fun.  Finally got proof that Tommy ain’t a puft, even if it meant Aislinn had to lower her standards to settle for him for the night.”

“Hey.”  Everyone else said in unison.  He looked around again, playfully.


“You really wanna go there?”  Tommy said, pausing to drink his coffee.  “Talking about how we spent the night?  Or just jealous cause you-“

“Okay, that’s enough of that boys.”  Bianca cut off Tommy.  “No one’s keeping score.”

“Speak for yourself.  I have a spreadsheet tracking the days when he’s happy.”  Tommy said, catching James off guard and getting him to laugh out loud.

“That’s kind of weird and a little bit of TMI.  But if I were you I’d mark the calendar.  Pro tip, next time give her the blank t-shirt and you take the one with the hockey team on it.  Or make sure to bring her luggage in your room.”  She winked at Tommy, making sure he caught the message.


The jokes about who screwed who continued on for a few minutes during breakfast.  Drew made some vegan French toast substituting maple syrup, flour, and almond milk for the eggs normally used for Aislinn and Morgana.  Tommy had a bite of Aislinn’s.  They weren’t half bad.  Might even call them pretty good or “right on banga.”  Morgana just had her coffee and vegemite toast.  She barely ate her French toast, saying that it wasn’t settling right.  Tommy and Drew finished her stuff.

Drew mentioned how if they get a chance today, they should stop and get some more vegetarian food.  Tommy bought enough meat to feed a small army, but they were lacking in veggies.  This led to a discussion of what is and isn’t vegetarian, what levels of vegetarian the sisters were, and what they preferred.  Aislinn was pretty much a vegan, which meant no animal products by choice unless she was really high.  Morgana was a normal vegetarian, or lacto-ovo-vegetarian.  She’d eat dairy and eggs, but the only thing with eyes she’d eat is a potato.

They talked about their plans for the day.  The resort had a ton of things to do, but most everyone agreed that they should enjoy a nice, relaxing hike first before doing anything structured like going to the local race track or going horseback riding.  After breakfast they’d all get dressed for a hike and do that until later in the day, then figure out something from there.

As breakfast was wrapping up, Tommy offered to show everyone what he recorded yesterday.  “No, not that” was his reply to the cheeky comments about him and Aislinn.  He returned from his room with the camcorder he carried around yesterday.  He showed some footage of them driving around, hanging out for lunch, walking around, on the boat, swimming, at dinner, then coming back to the cabin.  He said he was going to charge up the camera and put a fresh SD card in it for the day.


As Tommy sat in his room getting dressed for the hike, a million thoughts went through his mind.  Was everything still on for the attack?  Should it be?  Was there any way to call things off?  How would he know things were on or off?  How stupid was this plan?  How many things can go wrong?  Why did he even come up with this in the first place?  Then he thought about Morgana and how much he cared for her, needed to be with her, yet couldn’t as long as Drew was in the picture.  In the past 6 months he’s gone from barely ever hurting anyone to being a serial rapist.  Then he started thinking about how many rapes are required for it to be a serial kind of crime?  A serial killer needs at least 3, otherwise it’s just a murderer with a hobby.  But did he have 3 attacks?  There was Morgana when he was drunk and high, there was Emma when he went a little too hard, then Thursday night with Madelyn.  There was no debate on the last one.  Then he thought about how crazy things have gotten and the last he heard or bothered to check was yesterday morning after finding out about Bianca showing up.  She didn’t deserve this.  Hell, none of them did.  But from where he sat, he had no other way to split up Morgy and Drew, short of orchestrating him cheating on her back in Melbourne, and Drew was too good of a bloke to do anything that stupid to her.

As he sat there fumbling with his shoes, someone knocked on the door.  “Oi, ya decent?”  It was Morgana.

“Yeah, come on in.”  Tommy said.  The door opened, and Morgana walked in.  He stood up.

“You alone?”  She asked.  Tommy nodded.  She locked the door behind her, then quickly walked to Tommy.  She wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug and kissed him.  “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Me too.  Well, I missed you too, I didn’t miss me.”  Tommy said.  She chuckled.  They sat down on the bed.  “What’s up?”

Morgana sighed, then just leaned on Tommy for a moment.  “I don’t know.  It’s just, like, everything at once is piling on.  Drew got a promotion, didn’t even mention it until after Aislinn was in the states cause he knew I’d get pissed about it, and I know he worked hard for it, and it’s a big move in his career, but it’s even more travel than now, and we didn’t even talk about it before he took the job.  Instead, he applied for it and got the job down in Melbourne.  Sure, he’s located here but he’ll be on the road so much.  I want to be happy for him, but I’m hurt too.  And I can’t even talk to him about it because we’re not alone long enough to go into things and Aislinn’s here now and I love her to death but she is pissing me off and hurting me so much but I can’t say shit cause if I do, she finds out ‘bout us.  Instead I have to try to hide how much it hurts seeing her traipse around in yer Whalers shirt.  Sorry, it’s just, been so much these past couple days.”

Tommy squeezed her.  “It’s okay.  I’d ask if you talked to her, but I could see how that could go over.  ‘Oi, stop fookin’ my mate, mate. Why?  Fook you, that’s why.’ Something like that?”  Tommy imitated her accent as badly as possible, making her laugh.

“I don’t sound like that.”  Morgana shook her head playfully.

“You do when you get upset.  Like I said, it’s one of those cute things ‘bout ya.”  He said, then leaned down and kissed her.  “If I turn down her advances, that raises a lot more questions.  Besides, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like your sister a little bit.”

“A little bit?  Really?”  She asked him.  He could see it was a trap question, but he couldn’t see any way to avoid it other than by rolling through it.

“Of course.  You know I’m trying to collect the whole set of Walker women, right?  Next up I’m asking out Grammy and Mum for a double date, I’m gonna dress up as two guys, go all Mrs. Doubtfire on this.”  Tommy laughed while saying this.

Morgana hit him in the leg.  “Cheeky fook.”  She breathed a little easier.  “Thanks, I needed that.  Now, you gonna tell me who’s better?” 

“Y’know, it’s too early to say, I don’t have a big enough sample size.  I might need another 20 or 30 times to make a fair comparison.”  As Tommy said that, Morgana’s widened, not expecting that answer.

“You mother foocker.”

“Sister fucker, technically.”  Tommy said smiling.  She hit him, a light and playful swipe.

“Shut up.  We should get going.  Everyone’s almost ready.”  Morgana stood up, bringing Tommy up with her.  She leaned into his ear and whispered.  “Just remember…”. She grabbed his dick through his shorts and squeezed.  “Even if she is better once or twice, I can prove I’m better in the long run.”  She kissed him long and deep.  He was getting hard in her hands.  “See ya downstairs, might wanna get that down ‘fore we go out.”  Morgana turned to the bedroom door and unlocked it, then left.  Tommy sat on the bed, trying to get his mind off of her and back on tying his shoes.

As he finished tying his sneakers, he seriously thought about logging in to the Club’s site and calling the whole thing off.  Then he remembered that he hadn’t checked WhatsApp for the last day.  Just as he grabbed his phone, he put it down.  He thought for a moment about Bob’s trip to the island, about the meeting at Steve’s house, and what everyone had gone through to get this going.  The last message he saw yesterday was right before Drew and the girls arrived.  Steve and Sam were on the fence because they needed backup, they couldn’t do this by themselves.  He couldn’t check the messages after everyone showed up, he hadn’t talked with James if he had checked, and as far as he knew Sam and Steve and Bubbles were the only ones coming up but if they were by themselves they were outnumbered and they’d back away.

If Tommy cancelled this now, then shit would hit the fan.  Best case scenario, James and the Club out him for raping Morgana in her sleep and having an affair with her.  They had the video.  Worst case scenario, him and everyone else here has an accident on the lake.  Tommy got the distinct impression that any fuckups on his part that put Bob at risk would end in a multiple homicide turned fishing accident.  James’s friend legitimately scared the shit out of him.  Hell, Bob almost made Tommy shit himself.  Plus, who knows how much Pedro knows.

Maybe there was still a way out of it, but Tommy couldn’t see it.  But he didn’t know if it was still on, and wouldn’t until it was too late.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 50 Posted)
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So James decides to have a little joke at Tommy's expense, wonder what James would have done if Tommy responded "So did you and Bianca enjoy going over the spread sheets last night through this morning?" Not going to comment on the HW jersey for who am I to say anything when I'm forced to look at a giant navy blue Maple leaf on a white background when it's common knowledge that Maple leaves are green not blue!
Still not sure how Drew's secret is going to come out, can't wait to learn that and of how the attack screws up. Why do i get the feeling that Bianca is going to possibly lose her live before all is said and done? Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 51 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Tommy definitely had that post-nut happy brain going so he wasn't as sharp witted as he could've been. 

Chapter 51 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 51 Posted)
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Chapter 51(MF,setup)

It was after 11AM when everyone set off from the cabin.  It was a little cooler than the day before but still summer weather.  The forecast called for mostly sunny with a high in the upper 70’s to low 80’s.  Still, it was chilly in the morning.  Aislinn borrowed a hoodie from Tommy, but by the time they set off it was already wrapped around her waist.

They had a few discussions about what was meant by the word hike.  Drew and Morgana originally planned on adventurous march through the woods and the rocky terrain, while Bianca and Tommy leaned toward the ‘walking in the woods’ definition.  James was good to go either way, and Aislinn stood off to the side and smoked a tiny joint while everyone talked.  In the end they went with something in the middle.  They would walk as a group down the main path but if there was something off to the side of the trail that they wanted to see, people were game to try that.

The group set off from the cabin, Tommy locking the front door behind him as he was the last out.  Morgana and Drew had a key, as did Bianca.  James said he left his behind, but Bianca had a spare.  There were more than enough keys to go around, so no one pushed him on where he left it.

Tommy had his camcorder with him, a little Panasonic 4K camera with a fresh 256GB memory card in it.  They weren’t even out of the parking pad and he was already filming.  He shot everyone in the party, going from the front to the back.

Morgana and Drew were normally the outdoorsy couple, but the last few months had taken a toll on them spending time together in Mother Nature.  As soon as they heard about a hike, they busted out their hiking gear.  Drew wore a white t-shirt designed to wick moisture away, a pair of khaki cargo shorts, grey socks that could easily be pulled up to his knees if the situation required, and hiking shoes designed to go over any terrain.  He wore a backpack designed for hiking and camping, and carried a collapsible walking stick.  He also had on a pair of sunglasses and a grey ballcap of the Harbor City Shorebirds, the city’s major league baseball team.  It does as much to protect his head from the sun as it does to cover his growing bald spot and receding hairline. 

Morgana wore her hiking shoes and socks like her husband, but opted for blue jean shorts and a black tank top.  She also wore a Shorebirds hat, which they got on free hat night when they went to see a game over the summer.  Her sunglasses were more fashionable than Drew’s wrap around Ray Bans.  Like her husband, she also had a walking stick but declined to wear a backpack. 

James was dressed like he was going in to the office for a light day of work.  He wore a dark green polo shirt and a pair of blue jeans.  If not for the sneakers instead of his work boots, he’d be ready for a day at the construction site.  He skipped the sunglasses, saying that there was more than enough shade along the tree line to stay out of the sun’s direct line.

Bianca dressed more for a trip to the yoga studio than a trip to the woods.  She had on very tight-fitting black yoga pants that accentuated her hips and ass, a white sports bra that struggled to hold her massive bosom in place.  Only a flimsy, white see-thru tee even pretended to provide any covering.  She wore a blue New York Yankees cap and gold-framed sunglasses.  When asked why she wore a Yankees cap instead of a Shorebirds cap, she said “I want to cheer for a team that’s won something in my lifetime.  Plus, I have a cousin that plays for them.”

Aislinn just looked like she was glad to be anywhere.  Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and her sunglasses covered her pretty eyes.  Tommy lingered the camera on her for a moment, catching how she looked.  She wore a maroon t-shirt that made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, and a pair of loose legged jogging shorts.  Around her waist she had a bum bag, or as the Yanks call it a fanny pack.  That threw her off cause fanny has a different meaning south of the Equator.  Aislinn wore her running shoes for the hike, appearing to skip socks.  She caught him looking at her, and smiled.  “Oi, like what ya see?  Gimme the cam, wanna get you too.”

Tommy handed her the camera.  Once she had it in focus, he stood there, looking goofy.  He wore his plain gray v-neck t-shirt from earlier, a pair of gym shorts, socks and sneakers.  He also sported a bum bag that he picked up from one of the shops by the marina.  His sunglasses provided protection from the sun and cover for the slight redness he had from hanging out with Aislinn smoking so much.  “How do I look?”

“Perfect, like you’re gonna get lost on your way to the first tree.”  Aislinn laughed.  Tommy chuckled as he reached for the camera.


The group made it maybe 300 feet when they saw a sign posted on the side of the trail.  Drew walked over to the sign and read it aloud.

“Due to scheduled system maintenance, the security cameras along the hiking trails in this area will be offline from 10AM to 2PM.  Any questions or concerns, please call the main office at the number below.  Hmm.”  Drew shrugged his shoulders as they kept walking.  Bianca saw the sign and was a little more curious.

“Why would they shut the cameras down on a Saturday of all days?  Isn’t this one of their busiest days?”

James shrugged.  “Probably some IT shite.  Y’know how fookin’ useless they are.  They probably coulda done it last night, but didn’t want to work on a Friday night.”

“Besides,” Tommy interjected from the rear, “all the drunks are still sleeping in.”

“Good point.”  Bianca said.  The group kept walking along the trail.


As the group continued to walk, Morgana and Drew put a little bit of distance between them and the rest of the group.  Once they were out of earshot, Drew leaned over towards Morgy a bit and spoke quietly.

“This is nice.  Nice and quiet.”  Drew said, looking at his wife.

She nodded.  “Yep.”  Morgana looked around the forest, not really paying attention to things.

“You okay, hun?  You barely ate brekky this morn and now you’re just…”

Morgana glared at him.  “Just what?”

“I don’t know, off.”  Drew was defensive, not sure if he was picking a fight by accident or just trying to see what’s wrong.

Morgana shook her head.  She thought about everything she said to Tommy, and how she was upset about Drew’s new job, but that wasn’t what was really bothering her.

“It’s, listen, we didn’t get a chance to talk about your new job, and now that you’re being backfilled by Ais it makes it all the more real.  There’s no going back on it, no changing your mind, it’s done.  We didn’t discuss it.  And yes, I know it’s a great step forward, but there’s a lot of travel coming forward.  Senior International Legal means a lot of travel all over the world.”  Morgana looked over her shoulder.  There was enough space between them and the rest of the pack that she moved off to the side of the trail.  Drew followed her.  She stood against a tree, on the verge of a breakdown.

Drew walked over to her and hugged her.  “I know, it’s crazy how fast it all happened.  The job came up so quick and the offer was there.  In two years, our house will be paid off.  I can then take a new position that is based here in Harbor City, or look for a new job where staying home is the goal.  The next couple years could suck, but it won’t last forever.”

“It’s not fair.  Okay, it’s not fair.  It’s not fair that you’re taking this position, and it’s not fair for me to ask you to give it up, and it’s not fair to Ais to give it up because she’s wanted to move to the states for years.  It’s not fair, none of it.”  Morgana cried as Drew hugged her.  After a moment, she leaned back and cleared her eyes.  “I’m sorry, this morning sucked a little.  I barely ate anything, only had some coffee and granola.  I’ve been a mess emotionally today and woke up sick.”

“Like, how sick?”  Drew asked.  Morgana shook her head.

“Nothing too bad.  Felt like I was gonna vomit but was better after a couple minutes.  But as soon as I had brekky, it just didn’t taste right.”  As Morgana talked, she thought about things a little deeper.

“Did this just start today, or…?”

“No, it’s been a couple days.  Feel like shite in the morn, better by lunch, but just on edge.  I don’t know.  Did drink a lot yesterday, so maybe just a little hungover.”

“Probably.”  Drew let that hang in the air, refusing to recognize what being sick in the morning could refer to.

“Sorry for being-“

“It’s okay.”  Drew cut her off.  “I’ve been stressed out as well.  Everything with the move is nuts.  We finally get a chance to relax for a few days.”  Drew looked over his shoulder, he could see the rest of them catching up.  “Think we could lose them in the woods?”

She laughed.  “No doubt.  Too bad we gotta keep’em close.  They’d get lost in about 10 minutes, then have to send a search party for’em.  Try to sneak off for a bit, they’ll get lost and find a bear.”

“Yep.  Ready?”  Drew motioned for her to come back to the trail.

“Yep.  Luv ya.”

“You too.”  Drew kissed his wife, and the two kept walking down the trail.


James and Bianca walked down the path at a relaxed pace, hand in hand.  They could still see Morgana and Drew up ahead of them on the path.  They enjoyed the peaceful tranquility of nature.  The two oldest people in the cabin talked about each other, trying to learn more about the other.

“How’s Sophie doin’ on ‘er trip?  Phil get eaten by a gator yet?”  She chuckled at the thought of her ex becoming tomorrow’s alligator shit.

“She’s good so far.  They arrived at Disney yesterday and are off having fun, or at least that’s what Cathy’s posting on Instagram.  Probably had a couple arguments already, Phil bitched about the lines because HE’S too important to wait.  You know the type.  So, what about you, what does a single architect in his fifties do for fun?”  She asked, looking up at his face as he stood several inches taller than her.

“Me?  Nothing much.  I don’t get much free time with work.  I’m usually working on getting caught up with work and then setting up the next project.”

“Really?  What about movies or TV or music?”  She asked.

“Nothing.  I’ll listen to music on the drive to work, just put on a pop channel and that’s it.  Long drives I’ll listen to audiobooks but I don’t get too caught up in things.  I like a little bit of every music, but just a little.  I come off as an arse because I’m usually so strung up because I don’t have time to relax.”

“But you’ve been going at full speed for so long that you don’t have a slower gear and when people lollygag you’re like ‘get your ass in gear so I can get my shit done.’”  Bianca replied, understanding what James went through.

“Exactly.  I got a reputation of bein’ a major dick since I burn through PM’s like they’re kindlin’.  That’s cause most of them suck.  Twinkletoes is the longest I’ve had a PM in years, and he’s the only one I haven’t thought ‘bout throwin’ off a tower.”

“So Twinkletoes back there doesn’t suck at his job, and he’s saved at least two or three lives by not quitting?  Good to know, he probably deserves a medal.”  She looked over her shoulder and could see Tommy and Aislinn flirting behind them in the distance.  “Though, I think she’ll give him something else before the night is over.”

“What, like the clap?”

Bianca chuckled.  “Not that, but she’s got her hooks in him pretty good.  Maybe tonight he’ll take some advice and not leave her clothes two floors away.”  She turned her head and saw Drew and Morgana step off the trail and hug.  “What’dya think they’re sayin’?”

James looked at the pair for a moment.  “I don’t know.  ‘Oi, whatya mean this hat is drawing attention to my bald spot, it’s hiding it.’  ‘It’s hiding it like a big sign that says don’t look behind the sign.  Our kids will be bald because of you.’ ‘That’s not fair, I had hair yesterday, I grabbed a bunch of it out the shower and the pool’ ‘Oi, you’re so sexy, kiss me now! Not like that! No, like that! Yes, Captain Picard, make love to me on the trail now!’”  James did his best impersonations of the married couple, alternating voices between Drew’s deep baritone and a falsetto to match Morgana’s normal soprano range.  Bianca tried not to laugh, but failed.


Tommy didn’t know exactly how far they’d walked by this point, but his smart watch said it was a little over a mile.  Once they passed the mile marker, he relaxed a little.  Maybe the Really Useful Crew had called things off and since he couldn’t log in to the site or WhatsApp, he’d only find out when the weekend was over.  The Really Useful Crew.  That’s what he called them in his mind.  He tried figuring out where he heard that term, but for the life of him it just vanished.  It was one of those things that he’s heard a million times but just wasn’t sure where.

The plan that the Really Useful Crew came up with was to have Bubbles hang out within a mile of the camp, preferably within a half a mile, and they had a narrow window of 10 to Noon to execute this.  It was after 11:30 and they were well past a mile from the cabin by now.  It wouldn’t make sense if Bubbles was behind them.  It wouldn’t split the party and the surprise wouldn’t be the same.  When they came around the next corner and were a solid mile and a half from the cabin, that’s when he convinced himself that the mission was off.  He saw no sight of an Asian woman, no black hair no pink hair no green hair no bald woman.  Nothing.

He relaxed and sighed. He barely noticed that he and Aislinn were going so slow that they lost the rest of the party.  He was so relaxed he didn’t hear what Aislinn said until she poked him in the ribs.

“Hey.”  Tommy said, acting like that hurt.

“I was saying, I’m moving up here in a few weeks.  I could really use some help getting settled ‘round these parts.”  Aislinn said.

“What about Morgy?”  Tommy asked, and Aislinn shook her head a bit.

“It depends.  If Drew’s in town, they’re still tryin’ for a baby, so that’s takin’ up their time.  When he’s back in Melbourne, she’ll have time but it’s different.  They have work friends and married friends.  You’re single, you know single people.  Married couples in the burbs don’t go to the bar ‘til midnight, they drink in front of the tele, screaming at the news or footy.  Married couples soon have kids, and that means no more fun.  You’re still fun and great to hang out with.”  Aislinn said.

Tommy tilted his head a bit.  “Nice to know after 23 hours I’m still not boring.” 

Aislinn laughed.  As they continued, she saw another one of those ‘Cameras out of service’ signs.  “Oi, those cameras.  They’re gonna be down for a bit longer, right?”

“I guess so.”  Tommy replied, looking at the sign.  He turned back to Aislinn, who was already scanning for a little path off of the main path.

“So no reason for anyone to be watching the monitors back at the office?”  She had that cheeky smile as she grabbed his hand and pulled him toward a little clearing off the path.  Tommy had a pretty good clue where this was going.  Well, not the path, but her leading him off of the path.  This path led to Poundtown.


As the group rounded the corner of the path, Drew and Morgana came to a stop.

“Oi, you alright there?”  Drew yelled.  He saw someone sitting on the side of the path.  It looked like a woman with curly pink hair, sitting on a rock.  She wore a black hoodie that said Adidas on it and grey striped baggy workout pants.  To complete the Adidas sponsored ensemble, she wore pink sneakers with three white leather stripes on them.  Her clothes were covered in dirt and she looked a little distracted.

“Excuse me, miss.  You okay?”  Drew said, approaching the woman cautiously.  Morgana stood behind him, walking stick in hand.  She shifted her grip, holding it more as a weapon instead of a tool.  She motioned to James and Bianca to catch up quickly.

“Think so.”  The woman raised her head.  Her face was also covered in dirt as was her pink hair.  There was a little trickle of dried blood on her forehead.  She tried to focus on the people in front of her.

“Oh my God, what happened?”  Drew asked, kneeling down next to her.  Morgana waved James and Bianca to come up. 

“Oi, you lot, get up here.  Got someone hurt up ‘ere.”  Morgana called out to James and Bianca.  A moment later they arrived, James a little out of breath.

“What’s goin’ on?”  James asked.  “Who’s this?”

“I don’t know.”  Drew replied to James, but kept his gaze on the woman.  “What’s your name?”

“Kim.”  Her head slowly shook back and forth, like she was trying to calm the motion on a boat.  “Thanks, I’m…I think I’m okay.”

“You don’t look so good.  What happened?”  Bianca knelt down next to Kim, checking out her wounds and getting a good look at the woman.  She was young, probably early to mid 20’s, Asian skin with a clean complexion, and green eyes.  She had some visible tattoos on her neck, behind her ear, and on her hands.

“Who are you?”  The young woman asked, looking at Bianca.

“My name’s Bianca.  Tell us what happened.”  Bianca’s voice had a hint of tenderness mixed with a sternness that comes from dealing with an 11-year-old daughter.

“I was…I was on my way to friend’s cabin.  They were supposed to check in a couple hours ago but they texted and said they’d be late.  So I walked from the parking lot out to their place, but I got lost.  Next thing I know, I tripped and fell down the side of that little hill over there.”  Kim pointed at a nearby hill.  The others saw it.  It looked steep enough to hurt.  “Tumbled a little bit and here I am.”

“Did you hit your head?  You have some blood on your forehead.”  Drew said.

Kim looked at him, then checked her forehead.  There was a little bit of dried blood on it.  “Yeah, got a little shook up.  When I tried to stand, everything started spinning.” 

Drew looked at Bianca and they made eye contact.  They knew they couldn’t leave her alone out here by herself.

“Kim, do you have anyone you can call?”  Bianca asked.  Kim pulled out a smartphone from her hoodie pouch.  The screen was crushed, shattered into a hundred pieces.

“Don’t suppose ya memorized yer friends numbers?”  James said.

Kim shook her head briefly, then stopped.  “Nah.  If it’s not completely wrecked I could get the contacts off it with a laptop.”

“Where were your friends staying?”  Bianca asked.  Kim put the phone back in her hoodie pouch.

“Something Bear Cabin.  Starts with an S.  Snoozing, Snoring-“

“Sleeping Bear?”  Drew said.

Kim nodded her head.  “Yeah, that’s it.  Sleeping Bear.  They’re coming down from Humdinger but they hit traffic on the way.  Place is in their name, so I couldn’t check in for them.  They said they’d meet me there.”  Kim took a deep breath, then sighed.  “Great start to a vacation, huh?”  She chuckled to herself.

“Sleeping Bear’s the cabin that’s right next to ours, and you need to walk past ours to get there.  It’s about a mile from here, think ya can walk that far?”  James said.  Morgana gave him a look that screamed ‘Oh Hell No’ but Bianca and Drew knew where this was going.

“He’s right.  We can’t leave you out here by yourself.”  Bianca said, checking to see if Kim had any other injuries.

“Drew, over here.”  Morgana called her husband over to her, a few feet away from Kim.  Bianca grabbed Kim’s hands.

“Can you stand up?  On three.  One.  Two.  Three.”  Bianca grunted a bit on three as she stood up.  Kim stood with her, but then leaned against the tree behind her for balance.

Drew and Morgana whispered as James and Bianca checked on Kim.  That’s when he noticed something was wrong.

“Where’s Twinkletoes?  And Aislinn?”  He looked around.  They were nowhere to be found.

“Oi, son of a…”. Morgana caught herself.  “They probably snook off for a little in-and-out.”

“Shite.”  James spewed.  He looked like he was pissed.  “Can ya call’em?”

Drew shook his head.  “No, we don’t have our phones.  We left them in the cabin.”


“It’s a nature hike James, a chance to get away from everything.  I didn’t want work calling me when we were out and they’ve called Morgy’s phone to get a hold of me.”

“We just wanted one quiet walk away from the world.  Didn’t expect this.”  Morgana waved at Kim as she tried to maintain her balance.

“So what now?  She can’t stay out by herself, and we can’t leave Tommy and Aislinn to fend for themselves either.”  James said.  He had a plan, but wanted Drew to connect the dots.

“Okay.  You two,” Drew pointed at James and Bianca, “take Kim back to the cabin.  One of you stay with her, make sure everything’s good and that she doesn’t die or rob the place.”

“That’ll be me.”  Bianca said, continuing to check on Kim.

“That means James, grab our phones and bring them back and meet up with us.  If you can get a hold of Tommy and Aislinn, even better.  Figure we’ll probably see them on the trail in a few minutes but just in case they go all out, we’ll wait.  Then we’ll look for them if they don’t reappear.  They have to be somewhere over there.”  Drew pointed in the general direction from which they came.  “Each of these pairs has a key so that’s not a problem.  Should be back in a half hour or so.  We’ll keep an eye out for the lovebirds until then.”

“Where’s yer phones?”  James asked as Bianca guided Kim to the trail.

“On our nightstands, charging.”

“See ya in a bit.”  James said.

“Thanks, we’ll be here.”  Drew said, watching as James and Bianca walked this injured stranger back to the cabin. 

Morgana just shook her head in a mix of disgust, anger, and fear.  She was afraid of this unexpected occurrence on the trail, and angry at how her plans for a peaceful walk were ruined by a complete stranger.  But most of all, she was disgusted with herself.  She was within an inch of beating a complete stranger with her walking stick, just for being there.  Seeing a stranger on the trail brought back bad memories, memories of her assault on the jogging trail earlier in the summer.  The assault that she couldn’t tell her husband about but told Tommy about right away.


It didn’t take long for Tommy and Aislinn to find a secluded spot off of the beaten path.  As soon as they were out of view of the trail, she grabbed him and passionately kissed him.  He picked her up, Aislinn wrapping her legs around him as he backed her up against a tree.  She grunted into his mouth at the impact, but kept pushing him further.  She reached down, pushing Tommy’s gym shorts down, exposing his hard-on poking up in his boxer briefs.  Another second and she exposed his dick to the fresh summer air.

Tommy fiddled with her shorts, reaching in and sliding her panties to the side so he could finger her, but he’d have to move these shorts to give her a good fucking.  He set her down on her feet long enough to push her shorts down to her shoes.  She kicked one of the shoes off, letting her foot slip through the shorts leg.  Before she could pull her panties down, Tommy pushed the blue tanga-cut panties to the side.  In a few seconds, he was in her.  Aislinn gasped at the welcome intrusion.  She was beginning to fall for this dick.

He fucked her with quick, hard strokes, knowing they didn’t have much time before someone came looking for them.  He kissed her, enjoying how she tasted and how she moaned on the end of his phallus.  He pushed her shirt up, exposing her little titties.  No bra for her today.  Tommy grabbed her left tit with his right hand while he pumped away in her.

As he fucked her, she could feel that he was hitting her in all the right places, bringing her to the edge of a climax.  When he noticed her breathing change, he leaned in kissed her hard.  That did it.  She screamed in his mouth as she shuddered under his control, nearly losing her grip and falling off of him.  He held her against the tree harder, slamming into her as she came down and his own orgasm approached.  A minute later and he flooded her pussy with his juice.

They just stood there on wobbly legs for a minute, trying to catch their breath.  Aislinn kissed him again.  “A girl could get used to this.”  She laughed a little.  He smiled.


It was close to 15 minutes before they arrived at the cabin, the pace slowed by Kim’s apparent injuries.  Though, she did move a little better as they got closer.  Bianca kept talking with Kim in an attempt to keep the woman focused, and Kim asked a lot of questions about everyone she’d met.  Bianca found out that Kim’s friends had rented the cabin next door to them and should be arriving shortly.  Kim discovered that the young married couple was Drew and Morgana, and that two more were off in the woods somewhere exploring.  The intrepid explorers were named Tommy and Aislinn.  Kim also learned that Aislinn was Morgana’s sister and was moving to the states from Australia.

When they arrived at the cabin, Bianca opened the door.  Kim walked in after her, casing the place for anything that might jump out and attack them.

“Wow, this is a nice cabin.”  Kim said, as she walked to one of the recliners in the living room to sit.  “Sorry, mind if I…”

Bianca waved her to the chair.  “No, go ahead and sit.  I saw a first aid kit in the bathroom, let me get that.”  Bianca walked to the bathroom off of the bedroom in the first floor.

James stayed in the living room with Bubbles.  He knew who Kim really was and she knew who he was.  The fog stopped as she pulled a small phone from her pants pocket, much smaller than the smashed phone she showed everyone.  With a quick passcode and a couple buttons, she sent a text to her co-conspirators.  She slipped the phone back in her pocket before Bianca returned with the first aid kit.

“Here, I found this.  Let me see that scratch on your head.”  Bianca put on a pair of latex gloves and held a cotton swab in one hand and a bottle of iodine in the other.  She dabbed at the surface cut, and Kim winced at the cool, slightly painful touch.  “Sorry.”

“That’s okay.  Guess it’s supposed to sting.”  Kim said.  “If I didn’t say it already, thanks.  This means a lot.”

“You’re welcome.”  Bianca said, checking over the rest of the scrapes.

“You a nurse or something?”

“Something.   I have an 11-year-old daughter.  This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with a concussion.”  Bianca said.  This caused Kim to laugh a little.

James went upstairs and grabbed Morgana and Drew’s phones from their nightstands.  A moment later, he was back downstairs.  “I’m gonna return these phones to Morgy and Drew.  I’ll be back as soon as they find Tommy and Aislinn.”  He walked over to Bianca.  She stopped what she was doing long enough to stand up and give James a kiss before he left.

“Take care, don’t be too long.”

“That’s up to Twinkeltoes and his cock, isn’t it?”  James said before heading out the door.


James left the cabin, knowing full well that the plan was in motion.  He had no clue what Tommy was thinking. 

Correction.  He knew exactly what Tommy was thinking.  At least what he was thinking with.  For a man madly in love with one woman, he has no qualms about fucking her sister in front of her.  And that’s probably one of the things that pissed off Morgana.  The fact that her lover was fucking her sister and she couldn’t do a thing about it.

He made it maybe a half of a kilometer from the cabin when he saw a truck approaching.  It was a black 2018 F-150 King Ranch edition drive towards the cabin, and it was driving up the very narrow path that barely fit cars.  Only a douchebag would drive a King Ranch, let alone drive one to the cabin.

James nodded.  The next phase was on.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 51 Posted)
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Oh Morgana is already showing the signs of morning sickness, tracing the time line looks like Tommy may have a hold on her for at least the next 19 years! Love how Bubbles made contact with them, if no one knew any better they would believe that she had a concussion!

Well at least a part of Tommy realised that if the rape was off someone might as well have a good time in nature. Can't wait until they all find out that the rape was on!

Great way to get Bianca all alone with her adversary!

Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 52 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I've had a lot of fun planning this part of the story, and seeing it come together is satisfying.  We're very, very close to things kicking into another gear.

Chapter 52 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 52 Posted)
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Chapter 52(nosex,setup)

Bianca ran through the basic health checks on their new guest, Kim.  She was getting better but still acted a little groggy.  The scratches on her head and hands were superficial, and she should be right as rain in enough time for when her friends arrive next door.  Kim, for her part, just kept asking questions like where everyone was from and what they did.  That’s good, because it helps a person with a brain injury focus on something and keeps them from passing out.  But it wasn’t a good sign that she asked the same questions over and over, like what was everyone’s names and where were they from.  ‘Once her friends show up, they’ll need to take her to a doctor,’ she thought to herself.

As Bianca stepped into the kitchen to get a glass of water for Kim, she heard an engine rumbling, louder and louder as it approached the cabin.  She shrugged, figuring that it was Kim’s friends heading to the cabin next door, Sleeping Bear.  It was only when the rumbling stopped right outside in the parking pad that she thought something was weird.

“Hey Kim?”


“Did anyone see you along the trail before we came along?”

“I don’t think so.”  Kim said, her words slow and slurred.  Bianca wasn’t sure if Kim was telling the truth that no one saw her or they did and she didn’t remember.  Bianca looked around the kitchen for something to grab, just in case.

Just as she located the knife block, she heard a rustling at the door.  A key was going into the lock.  She sighed.  It must’ve been James or Drew or Tommy, and they flagged down a local to give Kim a lift to the local clinic.  The only people who had a key were those that belonged here.

That thought changed when a pair of strangers opened the door and rushed in, dragging their luggage behind them.  They were several feet into the living room before they even looked around, and even that was a quick pause as they dropped their luggage and made out like horny teenagers.  The man was blonde, maybe 5’7”, with a skinny build wearing a baby blue polo shirt, khaki cargo shorts, and sandals.  The woman was about 5’3”, a little on the chunky side with a short haircut to her brown hair that screamed that she wanted to speak to the manager, a white and black striped shirt, black yoga pants, and short red pumps.  She had a shawl on her shoulders, but the man removed that.  They were halfway to the steps when Bianca finally made a noise.

“Excuse me, but who are you?” 

As soon as Bianca spoke, the couple stopped fooling around and glared at her, pissed that she interrupted their private moment.

“What are you doing here, are you the help?”  The woman said, almost spitting the last part of that sentence at Bianca.


“Of course.”  The woman said, then raised her voice and slowed her speech.  “Are.  You.  The.  Maid?”

“Lady, my friends and I have this cabin for the weekend.  I’m not the maid and I don’t appreciate your attitude.”  Bianca looked at the couple, apprising the situation.  She knew a Karen when she saw one, and knew this wasn’t going to end well.

“No, you’re wrong.  This is our cabin, we have a key.  Leave before we call the cops.”

“I’m not leaving.  We were here first.”  A few seconds in and Bianca was already losing her patience.  She grabbed her phone and texted Morgana.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing?  I said leave, now.”  The short little brunette took a few steps towards Bianca.  As soon as she pressed Send, she stepped over to the knife block.

“I’m texting my friends, the ones who have the reservation for this place.”

“WE have the reservation.”  The woman was pushing Bianca’s buttons.  She’d walked forward, stopping at the bar ledge. 

The man, her husband from the looks of it, trailed behind her.  Bianca noticed something on his left hand, like one of those carpal tunnel braces.  He approached the bar, trying to keep his wife under control.

“Ladies, listen.  I’m sure there’s some misunderstanding here, let’s just find a way to work this out, okay?”  His voice was meek and shaky, like that of a man who was used to dealing with a certain kind of abuse over the years.

“I don’t see the problem; this woman is squatting in our cabin.”  The woman kept egging things on.  More than once Bianca eyed the knives.

“You are in the wrong cabin.  There’s 6 of us renting this place.  My friends are on their way back, they’ll be here any minute.”  Bianca did her best to keep her voice calm.  She could recognize how angry this woman was making her.  She turned to the husband.  “I’m sure there’s some rational explanation to what’s going on.”

“Yeah, you’re in our cabin ILLEGALLY.”  The woman interjected.  Bianca did not have ‘cut a bitch’ on her calendar this morning but was about to pencil it in.  Fortunately for her, the husband spoke up again, putting his left hand with that weird brace on his wife’s shoulder.

“Honey, let’s relax for a moment.  I’ll call the front desk, try to find out what happened, okay?”  The woman harrumphed in anger as he pulled out his cell phone.  While he did this, Bianca called James, then texted Morgana and Drew.  She didn’t have Tommy’s number but knew the others did.

Meanwhile, Kim slowly got up and slipped into the bathroom.  No one seemed to notice that she was in there, nor notice that her hoodie pouch hung a little lower when she exited the bathroom.


Morgana and Drew kept walking for a bit, before deciding to stop for a rest at an abandoned golf cart.  It was half on the path, half in the woods and looked like the last owner lost his temper on it and kicked it a few times.  They wanted to double back and find Tommy and Aislinn, but knew that would be a bad idea.  If they went too far back, say before the couple went off the trail, then they’d come back ahead of them and think everything was fine.  Instead, they sat in an abandoned golf cart that was hooked up to a portable battery pack.

Drew pulled a water bottle from his pack and took a sip.  He handed it to his wife, who took a sip then gave it back.

“How far back you think they are?”

Morgana shook her head. “I don’t know.  We were so far ahead they could be anywhere behind us.”

“Once again, she’s the free spirit.”  Drew said.  Morgy just nodded.  “Hey, you okay with them?”

She looked at Drew.  “Whatchya mean?”

“Yer mate bonin’ yer sister.  You okay with that?”  He asked.  Morgana shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah, I’m fine.  I think it’s the other way ‘round.  Besides, he’s yer mate, too.”

“I know.  She’d been askin’ ‘bout ‘im for a while, but now that they’re near each other, who knows.”  Drew said.

Morgana rocked her head from side to side.  “I wouldn’t put too much into it.  Her first time in the states and they’re both single, good looking, and on holiday.  If they continue things when she comes back in a few weeks, that’s a different story.”

“Yep…Hey, I was thinking, next trip back, I’ll bring some stuff for the house.  Maybe a Melbourne Storm sign for the bar, some stuff like that.”

“That’d be nice.  Thinking of doing the whole bar in purple and black too?  I’m not opposed to that at all.”

“I know.  There’s so much to do.  Also, which room do you want as your office, one of the bedrooms or one of the rooms on the first floor?”  Drew asked. 

Morgana thought for a moment.  “Not sure.  Which one you want?”

“I think I’d rather have the study behind the kitchen, unless you want it.”

“You can have it.  I might want one of the bedrooms upstairs to start, just not sure.” 

“Why’s that?”  Drew asked.

“When we have a kid, they’ll probably play in the family room the whole time by the dining room or in the library.  If I’m at home with them, I might want the library as an office but if not, I can use one of the bedrooms.  We have 4 of them and only the two of us so far.”  She said.

“So far.”  He repeated her last statement.

“It’s only been a few weeks of honest to goodness trying, so it could take a while.”  She said, grabbing his hand.

“Gotta say, I really enjoy the trying part.”  They both laughed at his comment.  Drew looked up the path away from the cabing, not seeing anyone.  “Oi, thinking what I’m thinking?”

She smiled.  “Probably, but not now.  We’ll start and that’s when everyone shows up.  Besides, that.”  Morgana motioned down the path.  She could just barely make out someone approaching from the distance, closing on their position fast.

It was James, and he looked like he was exhausted.  He was about 100 meters from them when stopped and nearly collapsed.  The couple got up from the golf cart and ran to James.

“JAMES!  JAMES!”  Morgana yelled, closing the gap to her friend in a under 15 seconds.  Drew wasn’t far behind her.  James took a knee, sucking wind.  “You okay?”

“Weird shit, cabin, get back, texts.”  James could barely speak, and handed the pair their phones.  They took the phones and helped James up, walking him over to the abandoned golf cart.

“Here.”  Drew handed James his water bottle.  James took several gulps.  He took another moment to catch his breath before he spoke.

“Bianca texted.  Something weird was going on at the cabin.  Some couple showed up, and are picking a fight with ‘er.”

“Like a fight fight?”  Morgana asked, grabbing her walking stick a little tighter.

“Not yet.  She said this new couple says they rented the cabin and they’re screaming at her.  I told her to stay calm and we’ll be there as soon as possible.”

“Shit.  We gotta go.  You gonna be good for a little bit?”  Drew asked James.  The older man nodded.

“I’ll catch up in a minute.  Just need to catch my breath.  They musta expanded the trail in the last few minutes.” 

Morgana chuckled.  “Sit for a bit then catch up.  We’ll let you know what’s going on.  We’ll also grab the lovebirds from their little nest and drag them back.  Might need some backup if things get ugly.”

“You expecting a fight Morgy?”  Drew asked.

“Expecting, no.  Hoping, no.  Preparing…”. She said as she squeezed her walking stick a little tighter.  The pair set off towards the cabin, phones in hand calling and texting Tommy and Aislinn.


As Tommy and Aislinn cleaned up after their little tryst in the woods, they heard buzzing from their bum bags.  She grabbed hers first and saw a slew of texts from Morgy, telling them to get back to the trail and head to the cabin.  She just responded ‘K’ and left it at that.  When Tommy grabbed his and read the messages, he wasn’t sure what was going on.  Everything was vague from Drew and Morgana, something about needing to get back to the cabin right away. 

He immediately went into denial mode.  They didn’t see Bubbles on the trail, so there’s no way this party could still be on, right?  He told himself that it had to be something else, maybe some billing issue and one of the staff needed to see him or one of the neighbors got drunk and shit themselves in the pool?  If they had neighbors, that would make sense.

By the time he tried to figure out what was happening and convince himself that something was going on that didn’t involve the Really Useful Crew, Aislinn was already back to the trail, waiting for him to catch up.


Morgana and Drew were double-timing it back to the cabin.  They must’ve been further away from the cabin than they thought when they rounded the corner and saw Tommy and Aislinn just making their way to the trail.  They quickly passed them, then waved at them to catch up.

“Oi, let’s go.”  Drew said.  Morgana held her walking stick in her hand, looking like she was going to use it as a weapon.

“What’s going on?”  Aislinn asked as her and Tommy struggled to keep pace with the experienced hikers.

“Got some texts from B, someone’s at the cabin sayin’ it’s theirs.”

“The fuck?”  Aislinn replied. 

Tommy nearly fell over when he heard that.  When he stopped, Morgy and Aislinn both turned to see if he was okay.  “Musta been a rock.”  He kept walking, but he knew that things were adding up in the wrong column.  He didn’t see Bubbles, so he assumed the mission was off, but the crazy shit at the cabin might be part of it.  They discussed this part of the plan but as far as he knew, it was off when the couple couldn’t make it.

They group arrived at the cabin in a couple minutes.  As soon as they did, everyone entered, with Tommy bringing up the rear.

Morgana and Drew were taking off their backpacks, approaching Bianca and two people that Tommy didn’t know, and Bubbles sat with her back to the rear of the cabin.

The reality struck him and he froze a few feet inside of the doorway.  The attack was on.


James sat for a moment in the abandoned golf cart, finishing the water bottle that Drew gave him earlier.  He was in good enough shape that he could’ve made the run without looking like he was about to die, but this helped push things forward.  He knew that Tommy would figure out that this was on soon enough, but that they were also too late to stop anything.  Bubbles was in position and if the play was still the same, armed.  They could overwhelm her with numbers, but Bubbles seemed like the type of girl to shoot the leader then move on to the next in line.  Assuming she even had real bullets.  They talked about using blanks, but Bubbles might need to shoot her way out if things went wrong.  He hoped things didn’t go wrong.

He didn’t know when he’d meet the group on the trail, but knew it wouldn’t be long.  He made his way back to the cabin, figuring that he gave everyone enough of a head start to get back to the cabin.  The whole op depended on timing.  Get back too soon, and the would-be robbers need a new plan.  Too late, and the plan is ruined.

James made it all the way back to the start of the path, just outside of view of the house, when he heard the familiar and distinctive sound that only one thing in the world makes.  The Ka-Chunk of a pump action shotgun being racked behind him.


Back in the cabin, things had deteriorated.  The woman was yelling at Bianca and Morgana about how they were in “her cabin.”  Reality had no sway on her as she threatened over and over to call the cops on Tommy and the crew.  The argument almost turned physical when the woman noticed Kim sitting by the table and made a comment about that “slant-eyed druggy whore” with her back to the rear door.  Drew had to hold Morgy back from beating the bitch.  There were a few more choice phrases thrown back and forth, and the woman found out the hard way that Aussies do not hold back on calling a woman a cunt when she deserves it.

It was Tommy and this new guy, Joe, that eventually stepped in and kept the argument from getting physical.  They talked in front of the group, trying to figure out what happened.  Both Joe and Tommy had keys for Running Bear Cabin, and the keys matched each other.  Tommy checked in on Wednesday with James and they had the room reserved until Monday morning.  Joe and his wife Mary had reserved the building back in June for the weekend.  Drew made a joke about their kid being named Jesus that went over like a fart in church.  Tommy reserved it later on but had the emails to show that he’d already received and paid for the cabin.  While everyone else was ready throw down, Joe called the front desk.  After calling and leaving a message with them to have a manager call them back right away, Tommy offered Joe and Mary something to drink.  Joe hesitantly declined, catching the side eyes glare from his wife.  Just as it became awkward, Joe’s phone rang.

“Hello.”  Joe said, putting the phone on the table and on speaker.

“Hello, this is Micah from HRM, I’m looking for Joseph and Mary Parker.”  The voice was male, and sounded a bit nasally.

“This is Joe.”  He said, leaning over the phone.

“Hi Joseph.  If I understand this right you’re in Running Bear with your wife right now, along with another party that is renting the cabin?”

“That’s what they say.”  Joe replied.

“Micah, my name’s Tommy, I’m the person that rented Running Bear for the weekend.” 

“Hello Tommy.  I’m assuming we’re on speaker?”

“Yep, there’s a bunch of us here, including two lawyers.”  Drew said from the background.

“Okay.  Here’s what I could find out.  Joseph, mind if I call you Joe?”

“Go ahead.”  Joe said.  His wife breathed angrily through her nose, and he shrunk down a little.

“Okay Joe.  Short version is that you had the cabin first but you were moved after Tommy called and reserved, and you should be at another cabin.  Tommy, there’s some notes in the reservation.  Did you call in or reserve online?”  Micah asked.

“I called in.”

“Who did you talk to?”

“Some guy named Bob, last name starts with a K, German sounding.”  Tommy said.  He could hear Micah on the other end of the line sigh.

“That explains it.  So Joe, I’m guessing that Tommy spoke to one of the senior people in the resort and they booked him into this cabin, and they bumped you to another.  You should be in Dancing Elk, but there was a maintenance issue with it yesterday.”

“What kind of issue?”  Mary said, the contempt dripping from her voice.

“Trust me, you’re glad you’re not there today, unless waking up to a backed-up toilet and leaking sewage is your idea of a good time.  But when Dancing Elk was closed out from the system, it reverted your reservation back to Running Bear.”  Micah said.

Joe nodded.  “I can see how that makes sense, but how do we fix this?”

“Can you give me 15-20 minutes?”

“Why?”  Mary asked.  Morgana rolled her eyes at the short brunette and her attitude.

“I need to find a new place for you.  It’ll take me a little bit to find a cabin on very short notice.  I might have to move a couple things around, but we will make this right.”

“You better.”  Mary said.

“We will, ma’am.”  Micah said.  This sounded like it wasn’t the first time he dealt with a Karen in the wild.  “If you two could sit tight, maybe make some new friends, then we’ll get this fixed.  Once I have a solution or two, I’ll call you back, then you come back to the main office and we’ll get this sorted out.”

“So about 20 minutes?”  Joe asked.

“About that.  I’ll call you back on this number.”  Micah almost sounded cheerful.  Joe was relieved to get a solution in place.

“Sounds good.  Look forward to hearing back from you.  Take care.”  Joe hung up, then sighed.  He looked at Tommy and shook his head, rubbing his temples.  “Tommy, mind getting me a glass of water?  I’m starting to get a headache.”  Mary reached into her purse and handed Joe a bottle of aspirin.  Tommy grabbed a glass from the cabinet and poured him a water from the fridge.  Joe popped a couple of the aspirin and washed them down.

“Well, that was kinda crazy.”  Drew said.  Mary ignored him, deciding to stew in her anger.  Morgana and Aislinn looked at Mary, like they were looking for an excuse to pull her hair out.  Mary returned the look.

No one noticed Kim sitting over at the dining table all by herself.  In all of the confusion and craziness of the arguing and phone calls, no one noticed her text on a small phone that was now in her hoodie pouch, nor did anyone notice that she seemed to be a little more attentive than she was just a few minutes ago.  They didn’t notice her stand up after Joe swallowed the aspirin and walk to the back of the room, in front of the door to the wrap around deck.

What they did notice was James opening the door, then walking into the cabin with his arms raised.  Then they noticed the three men with guns behind him.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 52 Posted)
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Damn I was hoping that Bianca and Mary was going to come to blows! love the way Mary kept harping about them being the rightful renters of the cabin! Ingenious method to for them into the cabin. like only one cabin would suffer a sewerage leak! Now with all the major players in place let the main reason for the story to commence! Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 53 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I seriously contemplated them coming to blows but that felt a little out of both of their characters.  Mari just likes to be the bully that gets her way and Bianca has an on/off switch.  She's either submissive in taking abuse or trying to kill someone.  Now that everyone's here, things can get down to business.  Though, it feels kind of sad to retire the setup disclaimer tag after this next chapter.

Chapter 53 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 53 Posted)
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Chapter 53(nosex,viol,setup)

It took a moment for everyone to register what was happening to them.  Just as the craziness with Joe and Mary Parker, actually Joe and Mari Collins, settled down the door opened and James was forced inside by three men in ski masks, camo shirts, and guns.  There was a brief moment of confusion as everyone in the cabin looked to the door and saw James, their tough and brutish friend, being forced into the cabin with his arms up in the air.  As soon as he was a few feet into the living room, he fell to the ground.  No, not fell.  Pushed.  Whatever was behind him pushed him and he barely caught himself from smacking his face off the coffee table.

The first one in the cabin to notice something was amiss was Bianca.  She’d just come out of the bathroom moments before the door opened.  As soon as she saw James hit the floor, she looked up and saw the first of the armed men pointing an AR-15 at her.  She screamed.

“NOBODY FUCKING MOVE!”  A second man yelled, this one holding a pump-action shotgun.  He scanned the room left to right, then walked to the right.  A third man stood back by the door, he had a pistol in his right hand.

Morgana screamed.  Drew tackled her to the ground, covering her with his body.

Aislinn immediately turned and ran to her left.  That’s when she heard the shot come from in front of her.  She jumped backwards, landing awkwardly on her ass then curled up into the fetal position.  It was only then that she realized the shot didn’t hit her.   She looked up through the crook of her elbow as her hands covered her head and saw who fired at her.

It was an Asian woman with pink hair.  The one Bianca and Morgana said they found on the trail injured from a head wound.

“Don’t even think about it, bitch.”  She said, pointing a pistol at her.  Aislinn curled up further, praying silently.

“I SAID NOBODY FUCKING MOVE!” The one with the shotgun yelled, this time pointing his gun at Tommy, Joe, and Mari.  “HANDS UP, ALL OF YOU!  I WANT TO SEE EMPTY HANDS IN THE AIR!”  The three near the kitchen raised their hands, all of which were empty.  He looked over to Bianca, who froze with fear.  Her phone was in her hand.  “PUT IT DOWN BITCH, NICE AND SLOW!”  Her hands shook as she placed the phone, face down on the kitchen counter.  “ON YOUR KNEES!”  Bianca fell to her knees, hands up in the air.  The man with the AR-15 trained it on her.

The three men and the Asian woman looked around the living room.  Everyone there was subdued.

“Anyone else?”  The man with the shotgun said, looking around the living room.

“That’s everyone.  Bianca was the last one coming out of the bathroom.”  Kim said, still pointing her gun at Aislinn.

“Keep the gunfire to a minimum going forward, we’re not trying to draw too much attention.”  The man with the shotgun said.

“Copy that.”  Kim replied.

“Any of them carrying?”  The one holding the pistol by the door spoke.

“Don’t think so.  Should check’em anyway, but don’t think so.  Bianca was taking a shit and didn’t have anywhere to hide a piece.  The three on the ground over here are Aussies.  If that fucking Karen was carrying she’d already pulled it on someone.  Her husband is a spineless little shit with carpal tunnel, and that Clark Kent looking mother fucker, I’ll check’em myself.”

“Good job, what do they know, what do we know?”  The man with the pistol asked again.

“I told them to call me Kim.  You met James outside, older man from Australia.  Bianca’s the mom of the group, was very trusting and very open.  Think those two are hooking up.  Morgana and Drew are the married couple huddled together on the ground, working down in Harbor City but from Melbourne.  Same with the sis, Ashly or Aislinn, some shit like that.  She’s fucking Tommy, the Clark Kent looking fucker.  Mr. and Mrs. Karen over there by the eat ledge are Joe and Mari Parker.  Tommy rented the place.  The Karens are here because some dipshit at the front desk can’t read a fucking email.  And Mari’s a racist fucking bitch, too.”  Kim said, keeping a level eye on the room.

“Really?”  Pistol man asked again.

“Yeah, called me a slant-eyed druggy whore.”  Just as Kim said that, she pointed her gun right at Mari.  Mari, for her part, looked away towards Joe.  “Keep your hands where I can see them, Karen, or the only manager you’ll be talking to is God.”

“Please don’t kill us, please don’t kill us.”  Mari muttered.

“Shut up.  Here’s what’s gonna happen.”  The man with the pistol spoke.  “My friend with the AR over there, he’s gonna check out this place, make sure no one is hiding.  Bianca, is anyone else in this place?”

“No.”  She said, her voice shaking.

“You willing to bet your life on it?”

“I swear, no one else should be here.”

“I heard a should in that sentence.  He’s gonna check the rest of the place, make sure we’re alone.  I hear him fire, we open fire on all of you.  Got it?”

“No one else is here, I swear.”  Bianca said, on the verge of a breakdown.

“Dave, check out the other rooms, basement first.  According to the web there’s a couple rooms down there, and a couple upstairs.”

“Got it Dave.”  The man with the AR said, dragging his voice down deep into the bass range.  He walked past Bianca, checking the half bath behind her, then doing a quick sweep of the bedroom and attached bath on the first floor, James’s room.  He came out of the room.  “Clear, going downstairs.”  He went down the steps.

Seconds felt like an eternity to the hostages in the living room.  They hoped and prayed that there wouldn’t be any gunfire from the basement.  Drew held on to Morgana for dear life, and she did the same.  Aislinn was crying on the floor, praying herself even though she wasn’t religious.

“Clear downstairs, heading upstairs.”  The man with the AR said, once again with a very deep voice.  He soon walked up the steps, then walked around the two bedrooms on the top floor.

Drew paid extra close attention to everything he heard and saw, and tried to run through everything in his mind.  ‘Two men called each other Dave, so they’re probably fake names, along with Kim.  Kim fired at Aislinn and missed from close range, so it was either a warning shot or shitty shot.  One man back by the front door, the one with the shotgun stood over them.  Jesus’s parents were back by the counter.  Tommy and James were pretty calm for the most part, but they’re Yanks and probably used to this shit.  The Fake Name Dave upstairs sounds like he’s wearing boots and shotgun boy definitely is.  How the Hell we getting out of this mess?’

“Clear upstairs, coming down.”  The deep voice from the man with the AR bellowed from upstairs.  A few more footsteps and he was downstairs with the rest of them.

“Find anything interesting?”  Pistol man asked.  The man with the AR whispered in his ear.  Pistol man nodded.    The man with the AR slung the weapon over his shoulder and walked to the dining room, grabbing a couple chairs.  “Okay.  We got a bunch of white people up from the city on vacation.  That means phones, wallets, watches, car keys, all the shit you got on you goes in a box.  My friend Dave will guide each of you to the living room.  You will take a seat and wait patiently.  If you try any shit, remember there are four of us with guns and eight of you.  You try to be a hero, someone else suffers.”  AR man continued dragging chairs over until all eight of them were in the living room.  He then grabbed a box normally used for some cute little knick-knacks and walked around the room, stopping before each person.  The man with the shotgun followed, keeping his weapon pointed at each person as they made their rounds.

“You first James.  You’re the closest.”  The man with the pistol said. 

James slowly stood up.  “I’m reaching into my pocket with my left hand and grabbing my phone.”  He said as he methodically reached into his pocket and pulled his phone out.  Once that was done, James took a seat in the first of the 8 chairs set up in the living room.

“Bianca, you next.  Grab your phone and walk over here.”  Bianca grabbed her phone off of the counter and walked on trembling legs over to the men.  She put her phone in the box, then sat down in the chair next to James.  She tried to avoid any looks from the men, but got the distinct impression that the man with the shotgun was staring at her.

“Ashley, whatever your fucking name is, you’re next.”  The pistol man said.  Aislinn was mumbling to herself and frozen in place until Kim came over and kicked her in the side.  She screamed.

“Get up you whiny cunt.”  Kim said as she jammed her gun into Aislinn’s side then grabbed her hair with the other hand, pulling her head up.  Aislinn screamed, but Kim pulled until Aislinn sat up.  “Get up bitch.”  Kim said, pulling Aislinn’s hair.  The Aussie woman could either lose a handful of hair or stand.  She stood, tears running down her face.  “Go over there.”  Kim pushed Aislinn towards the chairs in the living room.  She stopped a couple meters before the man with the shotgun.

“Where’s your phone?  Put it in here now!”  He barked at her, pointing a shotgun in her face.  She grabbed the phone with her right hand from her shorts and put it in the box.

“Sit.”  Pistol man pointed to the chairs and she sat next to Bianca.  She sat, looking like she was going to throw up, piss herself, or both.  “Drew and Morgana, you’re next, one at a time.  No funny business or you both die.”

Drew stood up first, holding Morgy’s hand as he helped her up.  The two walked over to the two men standing by the couch.

“C’mon.  Keys, wallets, phones, watches.”  The shotgun one spoke.  Drew pulled his phone out of his left pocket and put his Apple Watch in the box.  He pulled his keys and wallet from other pockets and put them in the box.  Morgana did the same with her phone.  Shotgun man looked in the box and saw Drew’s key fob.  “Mercedes, nice.  Sit down.”  He motioned with his gun to two of the chairs.  They sat down, holding hands and terrified.

“Tommy, nice and slow up here Superman.”  He began walking and made it past the eat ledge when Kim yelled from by the back door near the dining table.

“Over here, slowly.”

“What’s up?”  Pistol man asked.

“He’s the only one I’m not sure was packing heat.  I wanna search him.  Come over here.”  Tommy walked over to Kim, hands up in the air.  “Turn around.”  She commanded him and he did as she said.  She had the gun to the back of his head while she patted him down, then blatantly grabbed his dick.

“Find anything?”  Pistol man asked.

“Yeah, but no guns.”  She pushed him away, towards the men at the front of the living room.  Tommy stumbled for a bit, then stopped in front of them.  He put his phone and keys in the box, then sat down.

“You two dipshits, get up here.”  Pistol man yelled, pointing his gun at Joe and Mari.  They walked forward, Joe with his hands on Mari’s shoulders.  They stopped in front the men with the boxes and Joe put his cell phone, keys, and wallet in the box.  Shotgun man looked at Mari.

“Where’s your phone?”

“In my purse.”

“And where’s that?”  Shotgun man asked.

Mari couldn’t help but roll her eyes.  “It’s by the luggage.”  AR man, the one holding the box, saw the purse next to the luggage.  Mari was about to say something, when she felt a tap on her shoulder.  She turned, seeing Kim behind her.

“So I’m a slant-eyed druggy whore, huh?”  Kim backhanded Mari with her left hand.  As Mari fell back, Joe lunged for Kim, ready to hit her.  As he did, she raised her hand and hit him in the top of his head with the pistol.  As he staggered back, she hit him again.  Joe dropped to the ground, holding his face. 

Everyone around the room looked at the carnage unfold.  What they didn’t see was Joe grab a piece of black tape from the underside of his carpal tunnel brace that held part of a razor blade under it before they walked up to the front of the room and see him palm it in his left hand.  They also didn’t see him transfer it to his right hand on the ground, nor did they see him slide the razor across his forehead or put the blade back on his carpal tunnel brace.  And they also didn’t see him aggravate the wound his hands in the guise of feeling it.  They did however see the blood pour from his head as the man with the AR and the box dragged him to his feet and dump him unceremoniously in the chair. 

Mari screamed as seeing her husband busted open.  Kim pushed her down into the chair next to him.  Joe looked dazed, letting the blood flow over his face like a crimson mask.  Aislinn screamed as Joe lazily looked around the room at everyone.  Mari reached over, trying to stop the bleeding.

“Don’t you have a towel?”  She asked pleadingly.

“You got him in this mix, you fix it.”  The man with the pistol said.  Mari looked down at Joe’s shirt and pants.  They were already covered in blood.  She thought quickly, and removed her shirt, using that as a makeshift bandage, though when she removed it to see if he stopped bleeding, he was still going.  He looked like Ric Flair after an NWA World Title match back in the day.  Joe knew how it looked, he could see the terror on their faces.  Mari was going to do just a bad enough job trying to stop the bleeding to make it look worse than it was and prevent it from clotting.  That, and the aspirin he took a few minutes back would let him bleed out for at least 15 minutes without stopping, and the amount of blood was actually negligible.  He knew from his experience as a wrestler years ago that wounds from the top of the head look worse than they are and make a few drops look like a painting, and a few gushes look like someone is dying.

As Mari tried badly to stop the bleeding, alternately applying pressure with her shirt in her hand and releasing and wiping blood away, the group got their first good look at their attackers and what they could do.  The man with the pistol seemed to be in charge.  He was the shortest and fattest of the three.  He wore a button-up camouflaged hunting shirt and a pair of khaki cargo pants and a pair of slip-off boots.  The man with the AR-15 was taller, likely a shade under 6 feet tall and looked like he was in decent shape.  He wore the same shirt as pistol man, but jeans and older military boots or work boots that had definitely seen some travels.  He filed the shirt out better around the chest and arms, and blinked a lot under his mask.  The man with the shotgun was the tallest and skinniest of the bunch.  He was a little taller than Drew in his zip-up beige military boots, and his camo shirt was different.  Instead of looking like it was a hunting shirt, this camo was the digitized forest stuff the U.S. military has used for the last decade and a half.  He also had on the same camo BDU’s soldiers wear.  If it wasn’t for the lack of patches, he could pass as someone in the army.  Then there was Kim.  She hovered around with a pistol keeping an eye on them.  She had on a black Adidas hoodie where the logo and brand were in white, gray Adidas pants and pink Adidas shoes.  Her pink curly hair and green eyes were likely fake, but a couple tattoos could be seen peeking out from underneath her hoodie.

The man with the pistol kicked the hard-shelled luggage at his feet.  “Two questions.  One, whose shit is this in the middle of the floor, and whose truck is that?”

“The Karen’s.  They pulled up while Bianca was playing nurse.  Said they were looking forward to a romantic weekend away from the kids.”  Kim said.

“Is that so?”  Pistol man, or Sam to those that knew him, bent down to check the first of two bags.  He opened it.  It was clothes for both of them, including some lingerie and a few sexy pieces of apparel.  When he opened the second case, he whistled.  “Look what we got here.  You two must’ve been planning some kind of party.”  He opened it up for everyone to see.  The entire carry-on was filled with sex toys, bondage gear, cuffs, ropes, a couple chains, enough lube to grease down a slip and slide, and even a couple strap-ons.  As he dug through the case further, he found a couple cameras.  “Got ourselves some real auteurs here.” 

Mari said something under breath, and the man with the pistol heard it.  “What did you say?  WHAT DID YOU FUCKING SAY!?”  He slapped her hard across the back of the head, causing her to drop the blood-soaked shirt she was using to staunch Joe’s head wound.  He slapped her again and again as she tried to cover herself up.  “NOT ANOTHER FUCKING WORD!”  He walked over to the sex toy case and grabbed a pair of handcuffs from it.  He returned to Mari, and grabbed her left arm from her head and slapped the cuffs on her.  He pulled her right arm and cuffed it in front of her.  He looked at her.  She was crying and shirtless, covered in her husband’s blood and only wearing a red lacy bra above her waist.

He stepped back to admire his handiwork, then turned to the man with the AR, or Steve to his friends.  “See if this douchebag has any tools in his truck.  Rope, zip ties, tape, shit like that.  It’s a fuckin’ King Ranch so he’s probably never worked a day in his life, but you might get lucky.”  The taller man with the rifle nodded, then went outside.  The pistol man sat down in a recliner and rummaged through the box of phones and wallets.  The man with the shotgun, JC, walked around standing guard.  He paid particular interest to what Bianca was doing.

“If it’s money ya want, we can get ya money.”  Drew said.  He looked around, trying to see any way out of this without more pain and bloodshed.  He didn’t even like those two, but seeing them get beat like this, that’s too much.  “We can-“

“You can shut the fuck up.”  Shotgun man said.  He gave Drew a look that said ‘fuck around and find out.’  Drew looked around the room.  James was more or less in a daze, Bianca was terrified, Tommy looked like he was weighing something out, Aislinn was in the middle of a panic attack, and Morgana was shaking in her seat.  Joe and Mari, whatever their names, were finally quiet.  Joe looked like he lost a lot of blood and Mari was finally silent.  Shotgun man was alternating between standing guard and eyefucking Bianca.  The fat one with the pistol was looking through their stuff, and that Asian girl Kim was circling the room.  At some point she grabbed one of the cameras and was filming them.  When Drew made eye contact with her, he saw a look in her eye that scared the shit out of him.  He knew this wasn’t going to end well unless they found a way out of this mess.

The man with the AR returned, arms full of rope and zip-ties.  “Well, looks like Joe here likes to hunt.  Found some stuff for securing game to the truck.”  Pistol man said.  Drew noticed that AR man went out of his way to not talk.  Maybe he had a Mike Tyson voice that was instantly recognizable?  The Pistol man walked over to Joe.  The blood was still pouring from his forehead.  Surely by this point he had to be on the verge of passing out.  He pointed at Joe’s carpal tunnel brace.  “Get that shit off of him first.”  The man with the AR pulled the brace off of Joe, then grabbed his wrists and zip-tied them together.  Joe didn’t put up any fight.  Mari already had handcuffs on. 

Kim, or as her friends called her Bubbles, kept an eye on things from the back with the camera.  She put her gun in her hoodie pouch as she filmed the group.  She looked around and knew that things had to escalate soon.  Sam was doing a good job of quarterbacking the show so far, but needed to make a play call to get things going.  She walked over to him and whispered four words.  “Hero Play AR Drew.”  Sam nodded.  They knew each other well enough that all she had to say was 4 words to get her message across.  She walked around the room, making sure that Drew saw that she didn’t have her gun in her hand, and that it was awkwardly back in her pouch.  She saw Sam talk to Steve, who left the room for a moment with his gun.  Steve would unload the AR-15 and put an empty magazine in it, making it look like it was loaded.  Bubbles knew that her and Steve had blanks anyway, but they didn’t need to know that.  Sam whispered the news to JC, and he took his shotgun outside for a ‘smoke’.  JC didn’t smoke, but they didn’t need to know that, either.

The man with the AR returned from the bathroom and slung the rifle over his shoulder.  He took a handful of thick zip-ties and went around the room, starting with Bianca.  She cried as he secured her wrists.  James didn’t say anything as he was tied next.  Coming from the other direction, Pistol man secured Tommy’s wrists.  The AR man moved down the line.  Aislinn was next, and she freaked the fuck out when he grabbed her wrists.  She tried slapping him away, but he was much bigger than her.  Still, he was having a hard time with her.

That’s when he lost his balance, and the rifle on his back shook loose.

Drew had taken account of all of the changes in the last few minutes.  Kim no longer had her gun, instead she was holding a video camera.  The guy with the shotgun was outside having a smoke.  The fat guy put his gun down, and the guy with the AR fell on his ass.

He moved fast, acting on pure adrenaline.  As the man lost his balance, the AR fell toward Drew.  He reached out and grabbed it, catching it around the neck with his right hand.  He leapt to his feet, awkwardly trying to maneuver the gun.  Bianca screamed as Drew fumbled with the weapon.  He never fired a gun growing up, and had only been to a range once with a co-worker who let him fire a pistol and a .22 rifle that his co-worker gave to his 12-year-old son.  By the time Drew got his hands in position to use the weapon, the man on the ground was regaining his balance.  Kim yelled “OH SHIT!” as Drew held the rifle and pointed it at the man at his feet.

He tried to pull the trigger, but nothing happened.  Tried again.  That’s when the shot went off.  Everyone screamed, but Morgana screamed the loudest.  Drew didn’t fire, someone else did.

“Put it down, Drew.”  The man with the pistol spoke.  Drew turned, and his heart sank.  The man had the gun he just fired pointed at Morgana’s head.  “Put the gun down right now, or she dies.”  Drew hesitated for a moment.  “Too late.”  He said. 

Drew screamed.  “WAIT!”  He dropped the AR-15 to the ground, nearly spiking it.  The next thing he felt was something hit him in the side.  Then again and again.  Drew fell to the ground, Morgana screaming the whole time.  The man that was carrying the rifle was on top of him, punching him in the torso.  The door flew open as Shotgun man came in.

“What the fuck was that?”  JC said, pointing the shotgun in front of him, sweeping the room.

“Drew here decided he wanted to be a fucking hero.”  Sam said, holding the pistol he just fired in his right hand and Morgana’s hair in his left, pulling her to her feet.

“This one tried to be a fucking hero, huh?  Let’s show them what happens to heroes.”  JC said, as Steve kept punching Drew on the ground.

“Grab his bitch, he wants to be a fucking hero, she can pay the price.”  Bubbles said, a hint of glee entering her voice.
Always close the program you were running before exiting the holodeck